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1> Believe in the guardians angels, They believe in You and they are forever By your side.
2> All of our tomorrows are in the seeds we plant today.
3> May today you find your heart grateful and your spirit touched with grace.
4> We are here to learn, to teach, to nurture and to care.
5> Feelings deeply is a way of reflecting. It becomes a most beautiful habit.
6> In our every single moment there is significance. Let your dreams take flight.
7> To believe, can become the most passionate treasure we possess, of it is to trust in the miracle of
8> Spend not a moment on regret. Our journey is made richer by all that has come before.
9> People who see the beauty in those around them, cause beautiful things to happen.
10> Beauty can be found in beginnings as well as in ending, for they are each a part of life’s journey.
11> All you need to be is you. Your true self shines with more beauty than your eyes can see.
12>The secret to life is knowing that beauty and great wisdom can be found in the simplest of
13> In the garden of life, we plant seeds, nurture them and trust that flowers will grow.
14> Life will always bring us celebrations, jubilations and seasons of joy.
15> The moon smiles in the heaven and quietly hides all the tomorrows like a secret.
16> Love is all around us, it is in the light of the moon, in the laughter of the child and, in the private
songs our hearts sings.
17> Wake up every morning with the thought that something wonderful is about to happen.
18> We are searchers, the silent music makers, the follower of dreams.
19> Give unconditionally, rekindle your soul and your life will feel new and full of promise.
20> We are never alone in this world, for we are all connected by heart strings and hope.
21> Learn the language of the heart and say the words. They may mean more to someone than you’ll
ever know.
22> The heart hears the whispered meanings between the words and it understands those that are
left unspoken.
23> Time and distance have no meanings in the matter of the heart.
24> When we believe in ourselves, we can make anything happen.
25> Catch the wind, chase the rain and touch all your tomorrows.
26> To accomplish great things we must not only dream but also believe, not only plan, but also
27> Let nothing hold you back from exploring your wildest fantasies, aspirations and dreams.
28> Every person you meet has a lesson to teach. Let your spirit be open to life’s hidden message.
29> Beneath a bright and shining sky, let us share in the wish for peace on earth.
30> Now is a time, when our heart feel close to heaven. It’s a time when love fills our lives with
comfort and joy.
31>There is no such things as loving or believing too touch.

1> Take this day to live out a dream. Imagine, create, believe.
2> May the angels bless you what your heart’s desire.
3> Believe in magic, because life is full of it, believe in your dreams only then you will have the
power to achieve it.
4> In this wondrous life, there are champions of hope whose very existence bring light into the
5> Much music is found in dreaming, and the tickets are free for each dance.
6> To dream is to understand the power of faith and to trust in the capacity of believing heart.
7> Friendship wraps itself around the heart like a warm blanket of care.
8> Faith is born deep within your soul. It grows stronger through the light of love and the soft rain
of tears.
9> When you dream, you will discover who you are and what you can do.
10> Heroes are those who strive through life’s steep climb and never give up.
11> In every ordinary day there are a thousands of moments and miracles will happen so enjoy
every moment.
12> Share a good thought today. A simple word, in kindness spoken, can change the course of a
13>Dare to dream, then watch what happens.
14>In each and every moment of life there is a hidden gift. Blessed are those who find it.
15>From sunrise to starry night, let your heart be open to joy that awaits you.
16>Take time to imagine more. Your imagination can take you to faraway places only the heart
can see.
17>Life’s road, born of wonder, is an endless journey of dreams and new beginnings.
18>Love is a gift, a teacher of beauty and grace that changes our lives forever.
19>Believe in the music of your heart. Love always comes to those who give it.
20>Life is a gift whose value increases with each mountain we climb and each new star we reach
21>Take today to do something your heart has always dreamed of.
22>The words we most want to say are difficult to find sometimes. Their journey begins deep
within the heart.
23>Faith shows us, that each new dawn can be the morning of our lives.
24>Let us look to the earth and to the heavens, and remember how much we have to be thankful
25>Real friends are forever, they walk with you and your dreams, through every step in time.
26>Embrace every beginning. Change brings wisdom to the heart and soul.
27>Take this day to celebrate the beauty of a dream you love.
28>The sweet caress of life can be found in shared moments of laughter and love.
29>Only you have the power to unveil the light within you and share it with the world.

1> Life is too brief to let its gifts pass you by. Listen to your heart and do that which makes you
2> As the beauty of each sunset marks the passage of time, every sunrise holds the promise of all
that is to come.
3> We reveal who we are by how we are willing to give.
4> The heart of humanity is found in the little known kindness of others.
5> Each new day brings its own special wisdom, and the landscape of life becomes richer.
6> Believe in the dreams you‘ve always wanted to come true, and give them a chance to be true.
7> Take this day to celebrate the beauty of a dream you love.
8> Memories are postcards from the heart. They tell of the many roads we have travelled and the
many people we have loved along the way.
9> Beyond the cloud, behind the rain, there are thousands of rainbows. One is on its way to you.
10>Our dreams can take us to faraway places, but only our hearts can bring us home.
11>Dreams are like seeds germinating underground, sure to sprout in their search for the sunlight.
12>There is no wisdom greater than kindness.
13>Into our lives come sweet memories for us to gather and to keep.
14>Be open to all your possibilities, possibilities can be miracles, believe in miracles.
15>Someday beyond our tears and all the world’s wrongs, there will be love, compassion, and justice
and we shall all understand.
16>True love is born of songs and promises and the kind of music only two hearts can hear.
17>When we embrace time and think of it as a friend, we realize the golden moments it offers just for
18>Find childlike wonder in the seasons. Laughter and play invite happiness into our lives.
19>A friend is someone who takes time enough to listen, who shares laughter, tears and dreams.
20>If you doubt you can accomplish something, then you can’t accomplish it. You have confidence in
your ability and then be touch enough to follow through.
21>The curtain of night gently rolls itself into the day, for it is always morning somewhere in the
22>Let the power of love guide you and soothe the place inside your heart where tears are born.
23>To believe in love is to bring the stars within reach.
24>Sharing time together creates the sweetest harmonies.
25> Our time on earth is woven of infinite moments, each with its own exquisite beauty.
26>Value your capabilities and talents, for they are what make you achieve your dreams.
27> Be positive, dream big, concentrate on what makes you happy and build yourself up.
28>In those rare moments when we slow down, we are given the chance to contemplate what really
matters our lives.
29>No matter where life’s journey takes us, we’re all connected by the same beautiful sky.
30>As the heavens shine down upon the earth, we are all embraced by an infinite love.
31>Through the eyes of love, the whole of life’s meaning can be found.

1> Love can make your dreams reality.
2> The tenderest of all ties are those spun between two hearts.
3> For those who are willing to believe in their dreams, life is a precious gift in which anything is
4> Sometimes it seems easier just to stay where you are than to make a change. But your heart
owns the key that can unlock any door.
5> Our hearts hold the memory of everyone we’ve loved. Our tomorrows hold all that we dream of.
6> We all seek truth. Yet sometimes what we understand is that, it is not always necessary to
7> During the holidays distance has no meaning. With those we love, we are always close at heart.
8> Some people bless us with the passing whisper of their wisdom and make the sky more
beautiful to gaze upon.
9> The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
10> With each of us there are wings. Let your spirit take flight.
11>Love is the magic that gives the heart wings.
12>Take time to explore the untraveled paths and secret gardens of this sweet life.
13>There is always time enough to love.
14>Take time to share. Words spoken from the heart are always remembered.
15>Friendship can move even the heaviest of hearts to sing.
16>When someone cares enough to love us in our perfectly imperfect form, they bless us with a
rare kind of joy.
17>Our lives are defined by the choices we make. listen to the voice of your heart.
18>Take time to plant seeds of hope in the hearts of those around you.
19>As you travel through a busy life, take time to enjoy the small gifts each day has to offer.
20>Remembering where we come from can help us see more clearly where we’d like to go.
21>Hope is a beacon that will guide us safely through the storm.
22>The earth sings in blue skies and wild flowers. May the joy of its song fill your heart.
23>Miracles are all around us, and everything on earth is part of the wonder of life.
24>We are surrounded by love and joy, if only we can open our hearts to receive it.
25>Savour the beauty of life’s moonlit voyage and believe that every moment brings the promise
of a new beginning.
26>Hope is that one single star you can always find in a dark and cloudy sky.
27>Faith is a hand to hold when we lose our way.
28>Let the warmth of a golden summer sun, renew your faith in life and in the miracle of each
season’s arrival.
29>Life is precious. There is no time to leave important words unsaid or a kindness undone.
30>What each of us becomes is fashioned from the stardust of our dreams.

1. Give what you have to give. Small acts of care and grace can mean more than you ever
dare to think.
2. We are often unaware of the strength and courage that live within the human spirit.
3. Life is a miracle, wrapped in beauty and sweet surprises.
4. Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
5. Life is garden of loveliness, filled with wonder and beauty, where quiet wishes come true.
6. Make a wish. Your wishes are waiting.
7. Life holds the promise of miracles.
8. Today in all your days to come, believe in your heart that everything is going to be all right.
9. Make time for peaceful reflection. close your eyes and see your dreams coming true.
10.Welcome life’s changing winds, for change can be a miraculous gift.
11.Everyone on earth has the right to be loved, to be nurtured and to reach for a dream
12.Cherish this day. Love and special blessings abound.
13.The big secret life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your dream, you can turn it into
reality, if you are willing to work hard.
14.There is a special place inside each of us that takes our dreams by the hand and helps to
lead us where we need to go.
15.Rekindle your soul and your life will feel new and full of promise.
16.Our hopes are born anew when reflected in the heart of another.
17.Taste from life’s simplest joys, for they bring sweet pleasures to the heart.
18.Everyone we have ever loved, becomes a part of who are now. Time never takes the
precious things away.
19.Dare to dream and be a dreamer, for dreamers see tomorrow.
20.Trust in the promise of time and you’ll see that the heavens hold wonderful surprises for us
21.Dreams are the pathways to all of our tomorrows.
22.Our lives should never be measured by the richness of our success, but by the wealth of our
23.The guiding spirit within us all is love.
24.Destiny is ours to create. It is a living master piece designed by the heart.
25.Happiness is not a matter of having all the answers, but of listening closely to the questions
of the heart.
26.Some people give without asking and remember every kindness. Perhaps this is love in its
purest form.
27.Embrace the gift of new tomorrows, for hidden within each of them are moments which will
not come again.
28.The sun, moon and star are the caretakers of our dreams, let your spirit be free to soar.
29.Following a dream takes bravery, the strength of conviction, but most of all, a believing
30.Your dreams are yours, accept that not everyone will approve of your choices.
31.Taste the beauty and anticipation of each new morning, as it awakens the heart and warms
the soul.

1> Whatever you dream, you begin it. Boldness has genius and power of magic in it.
2> Love is a gift from heaven, not a single one of us can escape its touch.
3> Love is everything. It is the reason we are here, and the wonder we take with us
whatever we go.
4> Determine your tomorrow by the choices you make today and you’ll live a life of joy and
5> Always believe in yourself and your dreams.
6> Take time to blend in the special joy and excitement that only the holidays can bring.
7> It doesn’t matter whether the dream is real, only that it has been dreamt at all.
8> That which we loved as a child will remain with us always, for the heart never forgets.
9> Look to the skies and the stars will guide you. Look to your heart and you will always
know the way.
10>Friends touch our lives in deep and wondrous ways. With their wisdom, they help us to
view life as a magical journey.
11>Time is a stairway, the soul climbs on a pathway to the stars.
12>To believe in life’s gift, is to keep hope burning bright.
13>The power of faith and the strength of hope are always there to light your way.
14>Years go by and love grows more with each memory we make.
15>Dreams are as real as we believe them to be. Follow your heart wherever it leads you.
16>Welcome life’s changing winds, for change can be a miraculous gift.
17>Embrace sweet memories of past times and carry bright hopes for all that is yet to
18>We all know fear. It is the starting point on our path to courage.
19>Within your mind and heart are the keys to open any door.
20>Sweet is the silent sound of our dreams.
21>Time is a gift. We are unaware of what sweet miracles may come.
22>Take a moment to remember how special you are, and how lucky the world is to have
you in it.
23>When we discover that the sharing of feelings connects us all, we fell less alone and a
part of the circle of life.
24>Gathered leaves wear coats of endless colors, each one painted by time.
25>Some people quietly make difference in our lives and will always be our heroes
26>There is no unimportant day. Each gives us a chance to dream a new dream.
27>Some of life’s promises may not come true, but morning always comes and behind each
cloud the sun is still shining.
28>Nothing is more beautiful than a believing heart.
29>The heavens hold a lifetime of tomorrows, of joyous surprises and of new chances to
love and to be loved.
30>Love with all your heart, and your life will be blessed with wishes come true.
1> When we cherish time, we cherish the very soul of the world.
2> To have shared love’s dream is to have danced among the angels.
3> From the wings of a starlit night, hope is born, each holds the precious seed of a new
4> Compassion is the gift that enriches not only our own journey, but the journey of everyone who
crosses our path.
5> Underneath the winter, a seed filled with beauty begins its journey up through the earth to
become another miracle.
6> The passage of time brings the grace of experience and the beauty of life’s dream.
7> Like the golden sun that warms everything in its path, kindred souls warm our hearts and help
us to remember what is truly important.
8> Creativity and imagination are part of the wonder sprinkled around us.
9> Give thanks for life’s challenges. Every sadness teaches us to know true happiness.
10>Our journey is a never-ending exploration of the magic and mysteries of the heart.
11>There is nothing more important in life than to love and to be loved.
12>Sharing time together is no little thing, for others help us touch upon our feelings and our
13>Be unafraid to take chance. our lives are woven from the choices we make.
14>We who measure time into seasons know that each season encircles all others and each give
its gifts to the earth.
15>Love is the light within you, that can never be put out.
16>There is a magic when each seasons spills over into the next, and we are made aware of time
and it’s wonder upon earth.
17>A friend is someone who holds you close through sunshine and through storm.
18>May you discover time for unread books, unsung songs, and the long-lost friends.
19>The human heart is the cradle that holds our dreams. It is a nurturing place for the spirit
20>If we imagine rainbows in the middle of darkest storm, then we can believe in hope.
21>May your heart find time for simple joys today.
22>Some people come into our lives and quickly go, some stay for a while, leave footprints on our
hearts and change us forever.
23>Laughter is a greater gift when shared with those we love.