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Very short answer type questions:

1) What is internet?

Network of Networks.

2) Name the path over which a message travels.

Transmission Medium

3) Which topology requires a central controller or hub?


4) Which topology requires a multipoint connection?


5) Which transmission mode involves communication between

Computer and a keyboard?


6) In which topology a break in cable stops all transmission.


7) Communication between a computer and a keyboard involves ______________



8) A _______ connection provides a dedicated link between two devices.


9) In the original ARPANET, _______ were directly connected together.

Interface Message Processor (IMP)

10) A ________ is a set of rules that governs data communication.


11) In a ________ connection, three or more devices share a link.

12)_______ is the protocol suite for the current Internet.


13) The process-to-process delivery of the entire message is the responsibility of the _______

Transport Layer

14) The _______ layer is the layer closest to the transmission medium.


15) Mail services are available to network users through the _______ layer.


16) As the data packet moves from the upper to the lower layers, headers are ______


17) Why was the OSI model developed?

To facilitate communication between different systems without requiring changes to the logic
of underlying hardware and software.

18) The physical layer is concerned with the movement of _______ over the physical medium.

Bit Stream or Raw data

19) When a host on network A sends a message to a host on network B, which address does the
router look at?

IP Address

20) To deliver a message to the correct application program running on a host, the _______
address must be consulted.

Socket Address

21) The Internetworking Protocol (IP) is a ________ protocol.

Unreliable and Connection less

22) Ethernet uses a ______ physical address that is imprinted on the network interface card

6 byte (48 bits)

23) A port address in TCP/IP is ______ bits long.

16 bits

24)_______ data are continuous and take continuous values.

25) The Nyquist theorem specifies the minimum sampling rate to be_______.

2 times maximum frequency contained in the signal.

26) In QAM, both ________ of a carrier frequency are varied

Amplitude and Phase

27)_______ cable consists of an inner copper core and a second conducting outer sheath.


28) In fiber optics, the signal is _______ waves.


29) What is the major factor that makes coaxial cable less susceptible to noise than twisted-pair

Outer Metallic Conductor (Shield)

30) In an optical fiber, the inner core is _______ the cladding.

Surrounded By

31) When a beam of light travels through media of two different densities, if the angle of incidence
is greater than the critical angle, _______ occurs.


32) A parabolic dish antenna is a(n) _______ antenna.

Unidirectional Antenna

33) Radio waves are omnidirectional . T/F


34) In _______, the resources need to be reserved during the setup phase; the resources remain
dedicated for the entire duration of data transfer phase until the teardown phase

Circuit Switching

35) The _______ address in the header of a packet in a datagram network normally remains the
same during the entire journey of the packet.

Destination Address

36) In Datagram switching there are no setup or teardown phases. T/F


37) Which error detection method uses one's complement arithmetic?

38) In cyclic redundancy checking, what is the CRC?


39) The divisor in a cyclic code is normally called the _________.

a) Degree b) redundancy c) generator d) none of the above


40) In ________ framing, we need a delimiter (flag) to define the boundary of two frames.

Bit Oriented Protocol (Page 309)

41) ______ Control refers to methods of error detection and correction


42) The Simplest Protocol and the Stop-and-Wait Protocol are for ______ channels


43) The ____ Protocol has neither flow nor error control.


44) In the _____ Protocol, the sender sends one frame, stops until it receives confirmation from
the receiver, and then sends the next frame


45) Both Go-Back-N and Selective-Repeat Protocols use a _________.


46) The maximum throughput for pure ALOHA is ________ per cent

18.4 %

47) In pure ALOHA each station sends a frame whenever it has a frame to send. T/F


48) To avoid collisions on wireless networks, ________was invented

a) CSMA/CA b)CSMA/CD c)either (a) or (b) d) both (a) and (b)


49) The _______ layer of Ethernet consists of the LLC sublayer and the MAC sublayer

Data Link Layer

50) The minimum frame length for 10-Mbps Ethernet is _______bytes.

64 bytes
51) 10Base5 uses thick coaxial cable. T/F


52) Fast Ethernet has a data rate of ________Mbps


53) In Ethernet addressing, if the least significant bit of the first byte is 1, the address is?


54) In the Ethernet frame, the _______ field contains error detection information.

a) CRC b)preamble c)address d) none of the above


56) IEEE has defined the specifications for a wireless LAN, called _______, which covers the
physical and data link layers


57) In IEEE 802.11, the MAC layer frame has ______ fields.

58) What is ICMP

Internet Control Message Protocol

59) What is source route

60) What is a DNS resource record?

61) What is virtual channel
62) What is traffic shaping
63) What is Gateway-to-Gateway protocol
64) What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)
65) What are the types of Transmission media
66) What are the possible ways of data exchange
67) What is MAC address
68) What is Bandwidth
69) Name some routing protocols?
70) Name all the ATM Layers.

71) Which layer in ATM protocol reformats the data received from other networks.
72) In data communication ATM is acronym for _____________

Asynchronous Transfer Mode

73) Which layer in protocol has 53 byte cell as end product.

74) What is socket address.

Combination of Port Address and IP Address

75 ) Name the timer used by TCP

76) UDP and TCP are __________ layered protocols

77) UDP needs the ________________ address to deliver the user Datagram to the
correct application program

78) The sourcre port address on UDP user datagram header defines_________

79) The ______field is used to order packets of the message.

80) The _________field is used for error detection.

81) HDLC is an acronym for__________

Highlevel Datalink Layer

82) The HDLC _______ field defines the beginning and the end of the frame.


83) Address field of a frame in HDLC protocol contains the address of the _______


84) What is present in all HDLC control fields.

P/F (Poll or Final)

85) The shortest frame in HDLC protocol is usually ________frame.

S frame (Supervisory Frame)

86) What is traffic descriptor?

Qualitative values that represent the data flow.

87) What is definition of bursty data?

When the user send Variable data rate through T1/T3, it called Bursty Data.

88) Name the policies that can prevent congestion?

Open Loop Policy

- Retransmission
- Window
- Acknowledgement
- Discarding
- Admission
Closed Loop Policy
- Back Pressure
- Choke Packet
- Implicit Signaling
- Explicit Signaling

89) Name the techniques to improve quality of sevice?

90)_________traffic features sudden data rate changes in very short period of time.

91)___________Traffic shaping method gives a host credit for its idle time.

92)___________closed loop mechanism to alleviate.

93) What is user agent ?

94) The purpose of MTA is________

95)_______field in MIME header describes the method to import the data.

96) HTTP has similarities to both _____& _______.


97) A request message always contains __________.

98) Before a message is encrypted it is called__________.

99) After a message is encrypted it is called__________.

Cypher Text

100) A cipher is________________.

Encrypted Text or Message