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Volume 16 Issue 03 MARCH 2011

What’s Inside … Steward Committee’s Re-

Daerim Community 19th Anniversary 3 election of Officers
Extract from Doug Copp's Article on the
Triangle of Life’ ······························ 3
Landbank—Korea Post Tie-up ·········· 3
Unlear so you can Learn ··················· 4
HFCC Volunteers’ Basketball Season to
Commence ····································· 5
Likhaan ········································· 6
Touched by an Angel ······················· 6
Appeal of the Filipino Workers and Ko-
rean Employers under the Employment
Permit System (EPS) and the Filipino Or-
ganizations in Korea ························ 7
Assurance of Salvation? ··················· 8
Karunungan ··································· 9
Members of the Steward Committee in a Bible Sharing session with Bro. Edison Pinlac, HFCC
Korean Labor Minister holds Dialogue
President, before the election.
with Ambassadors of Labor-sending
Countries ······································11 By: Sis. Neneng B. Costorio At isang BIBLE sharing din ang ginanap ng
naturang committee sa parehong lugar. Ito ay
Bagong Bayani Awards ···················11
Ulat Komunidad ····························12 I sang re-election ng officers ang ginanap
noong Feb. 20, 2011 sa 3rd floor ng Philip-
pine Center. Ang mga napili ay para sa tatlong
dinaluhan ng mga opisyales at miyembro ng
Steward Committee. Ito ay ipagpapatuloy
Announcements ·····························13 bawat pangatlong Linggo ng bawat buwan.
position: President SONIA PERMEJO, Vice Inaanyayahan ang lahat ng mga miyembro na
Frequently Called Numbers ·············14 president VICTOR at Secretary NIDA DIZON. makilahok sa gawaing ito bilang paraan ng
Congratulations po sa mga napili. pagaaral sa salita ng DIYOS.
Daily Mass Readings (ORDO) ··········14
Birthday Greetings ·························14
Computer Literacy Class Office (Powerpoint, Movie Maker and Pub-
lisher) which means students already have a
2011 Begins
Public Speaking with Spiri- background on computer basics. The lessons
By: Ma. Teresa Solis they will learn on this class can be used not
tuality (Part 1)
By: Lyn C. Laurito T his year‘s Computer Literacy Class (CLC) only for the church but also for their personal
began last March 6, 2011 at the 3rd floor lives. CLC will be held every Sunday at 10 am
of Philippine Center. About 12 students at- until 12 noon and will end in July.

T he Lectors and Commentators of Hyewha-

dong Filipino Catholic Community organ-
ized a Public Speaking Seminar entitled ―Public
tended the class. Students are volunteers of
HFCC, Daerim Community and PPFI.
Aside from IT Comm members, Noel Joseph
Alvarez and Benjie del Mundo, both members
Speaking with Spirituality‖. The said seminar CLC is one of the projects of IT Committee of FEWA/Sulyapinoy, volunteered in teaching
was one of the prerequisites for the installation (ITComm). It aims to utilize computers donated on this class.
by Woori Bank. ITComm will focus on teach-
ing church volunteers who are willing to learn More Filipinos in South Ko-
of the group‘s members. The PPFI‘s Lectors
and Commentators also attended the seminar. It
started at around 9:30 in the morning and ended and share what they learn after the course. Les- rea Deported due to Fake
sons will be more on programming in Microsoft
at 4:30 in the afternoon at the 3rd Floor of the
Philippine Catholic Center.
Sr. Angel Libron was the Resource Speaker
for the day. She led the opening prayer asking
2 2 March 2011 – Philippine Ambassador to
South Korea Luis T. Cruz reported to the
Department that an increasing number of Filipi-
for His guidance and officially started the semi-
nar. She began with a story of two men who nos are being deported from South Korea for
delivered the same speech. The first man deliv- using assumed names.
ered with utmost perfections with the way he
The Assistance-to-Nationals Unit of the Em-
pronounces. The diction and even the voice
tone were perfect. When he was finished the bassy is handling ten cases of Filipinos detained
audience applauded him with admiration. The by the Korean immigration this month for using
(Continued on page 9)
(Continued on page 4)

One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 1
Page 2 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 03
Daerim Community TRIANGLE OF LIFE’
19th Anniversary
M arch 20, 2011 11:30 AM
nagsimula ang banal na misa
M y name is Doug Copp. I am the Rescue
Chief and Disaster Manager of the
American Rescue Team International (ARTI ),
world since 1985, except for simultaneous dis-

the world's most experienced rescue team. The The first building I ever crawled inside of
sa Don Bosco Salesian, pinangunahan
information in this article will save lives in an was a school in Mexico City during the 1985
ni Father Willy Jesena CSSR. Pagkata-
earthquake. Every child was under its desk.
pos ng misa ang lahat ay nagtungo sa earthquake.
Every child was crushed to the thickness of
Youth Activity Hall ng nasabing sim-
I have crawled inside 875 collapsed build- their bones. They could have survived by lying
bahan, para sa pananghalian. Pinag-
ings, worked with rescue teams from 60 coun- down next to their desks in the aisles. It was
saluhan ang mga pagkain dala-dala ng
tries, founded rescue teams in several countries, obscene -- unnecessary.
mga volunteer at mga bisita. Nagka-
and I am a member of many rescue teams from
roon din ng Raffle Draw, mga palaro at Simply stated, when buildings collapse, the
many countries. I was the United Nations ex-
pa-contest. Ang lahat ay nagsaya. Bi- weight of the ceilings falling upon the objects
pert in Disaster Mitigation for two years, and
lang pagtatapos nagbahagi si Father (Continued on page 7)
have worked at every major disaster in the
Willy kung paano naitaguyod ang
Daerim Community at ang mga masa-
sayang alaala. 4:00 ng hapon natapos L A ND B A NK – K O RE A PO S T T I E - UP
ang programa, ang lahat ng masayang
nagsiuwian. T he Land Bank of the Philippines partnered city or province in Korea can now directly send
with the Korea Post as part of the Philip- funds to beneficiaries in the Philippines.
pine Government‘s effort to provide safe, af-
Korea Post has 8 regional headquarters and
fordable and accessible fund transfer systems
2,800 post office counters all over Korea servic-
for Overseas Filipinos in Korea.
ing recipients in all banks in the Philippines
Through the LANDBANK-Korea Post part- thru LANDBANK.
nership, Filipinos and other remitters from any

Volume 16 Issue 03 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 3
Stew and she told me that my advice worked same to you and extend it to your family in the
UNLEARN SO YOU CAN well because when she started preparing Ko- Philippines.
LEARN rean food, her husband really became nicer. I
Adjustment should be on the early stage so
smiled after reading the message. We are not so
Sharon Yasis-Kim close but until now we exchange messages, she we (I include myself) can adapt easily. When
asked about the specific adjustment to make,
O ne day, one Filipina approached me. She told me that in these days; she is receiving more
money from her husband as allowance and the first thing that comes to my mind is the
said she was suffering from a very strict food. Appreciate Korean food and learn how to
husband since the day she arrived here in Korea sometimes sends some for her family in the
Philippines. I was not aware that my playful make it. Preparing food for your husband will
6 months ago. She said that she could no longer affect your Korean husband‘s attitude. I ob-
live with that kind of man and wanted to run advice will do such wonder. That time, I just
wanted to share with her my experiences as a served this from a Filipina who has been mar-
away. Aside from being strict, her husband is ried for almost 20 years in Korea. She is living
not also giving her money for her allowance. Korean spouse here in Korea.
quietly and happily with her son and husband.
She asked for my help. However, I refused to I suggest for those newly-married Korean After seeing that, I decided to prepare Korean
the idea of running away, of course, because I spouse to be ready to embrace the culture be- food as one of the ways to show my love and
do not know her situation. Instead, I asked in- fore doing anything they want here in Korea. care to my husband too. I noticed that when I
formation about her and her husband thinking UNLEARN SO YOU CAN LEARN. Do not started to learn and prepare Korean food, he
that I could give her other advice. expect that what you learn in the Philippines became more kind to me. (^^kinder than be-
I know I could not give her the perfect solu- are the same here in Korea. Do not expect that fore).
tion but I was hoping I could lessen her wor- our Filipino culture is applicable in this coun-
try. You will be totally stressed if you insist to I hope some Filipinas will reflect on how
ries. Upon hearing her stories I recalled my they treat their husband. I know that some Ko-
own hardships in Korea. Based on what I ex- do the Philippine way. Of course, our identity
as a Filipino is important but not DURING rean husbands are hard to deal with but I am
perienced, I shared to her the strategy that I also aware that most women do not consider
used to make my husband better in treating me. THE LEARNING PROCESS for KOREAN
SPOUSE. Of course, if you can do both culture thinking what might be their fault. If you are
I told the Filipina not to run away since Ko- while in Korea, that will be better. But, we caring and kind to your husband, you can get
rean husbands are kind. I asked her what kind know that most Korean men who get Korean the same treatment from him. It goes to other
of Korean food she can cook. She told me that spouse from other countries are not ―so young‖ relationships. LUKE 6:31, ―Treat others the
she has been here for only less than a year so anymore. They have a conservative view about same way you want them to treat you.‖ It is the
she cannot cook any Korean food for her hus- everything including the role of their wife. Golden Rule, isn‘t it?
band. So, I told her that when you start cooking I thank SAMBAYANAN for the space they
Korean food and give it to your husband, he I agree that most of the problems are rooted
in the culture. But culture cannot be taught. It give to let people know stories about happily
will surely love you more. And about the married Filipinas. Stories of abuses and heart-
money, I told her not to expect him to give her should be experienced and learned.
breaks between Filipinas and their Korean hus-
money, instead try to save money so her hus- Some Filipinas expect that life here will be bands are all exposed in the media. It hurts the
band will know that she can take care of money more enjoyable than in the Philippines. In our image of other Filipinas here in Korea who are
well. It is a strategy that I think will make her culture, women are respected as woman and happily married. While true reports of abuse
husband trust her more when it comes to mothers. In Korea, everyone has a role in the should be reported, success stories should also
money. I wanted to talk to her more but I did society. And the role of women here is to take receive the same amount of exposure particu-
not have enough time so I gave her my number. care of the husband and the children. So if you larly between Filipina and Korean husband.
It was a simple advice in a short conversation. expect to earn money to send to family in the Most Koreans do not know that most successful
After a week, I received a message from her. Philippines, please do not do this immediately marriages (intercultural marriages in Korea) are
She told me that her husband bought her favor- after arriving or at the early stage of marriage. between Korean men and Filipina.
ite food and she was thankful for my advice. Korean men are naturally kind. If you are tak-
She said that she learned how to cook Kimchi ing care of your husband, he will surely do the

(Continued from page 1 - Public Speaking ...) the listener may see God in every word he/she our Lord‘s Baptism, Ascension, Epiphany,
says. She also reminded the group that the per- Feasts of Mary, Feasts of Holy Angels and
second man delivered his speech with gentle- sonality of the speaker matters a lot to the lis- Feasts of Saints except martyrs. Red (charity) is
ness and every word was carefully uttered and tener. Be sure to be in proper attire and stand used during Passion Sunday, Good Friday,
when he is done no one applauded him because with confidence but not in a boastful manner. Pentecost, Feasts of the 12 Apostles and 4
they were crying for they can feel every word Evangelist and Martyred Saints. Green (hope)
She explained also about the Liturgical Cal- is used during Ordinary Time and Purple/Violet
and was deeply touched by what he had said.
endar (includes the Liturgical Year, Cycle, and means charity, expectations, penance or purifi-
With the story mentioned, Sr. Angel pointed Colors) which starts on the 1st Sunday of Ad- cation is used during Advent and Lent and
out that you can be a good speaker or orator but vent and ends up to the celebration of Christ the
worn also for funerals.
a good speaker is the one who can convey the King. Liturgical Calendar is a tool or plan to
message to his listeners. A good speaker is the remind the Catholic to reflect on the Birth, Life, The Readings in 3 Year Liturgical Cycle
one who can touch someone‘s feelings and can Death and Resurrection of Jesus. As we all comes from the Gospel of Matthew (A), Gospel
lead his listeners to look into their inner selves. know Liturgy is the Holy Mass and public wor- of Mark (B), Gospel of Luke (C), and the Gos-
And that the listener can see through you and ship and the 1st Liturgy was celebrated by Je- pel of John is in between the three Gospels. Sr.
will listen to you with utmost interest until the sus during the last Supper. Liturgical Calendar Angel said that Easter is the Feast of all Feasts
end of your speech. She said, being a Lector has four (4) seasons) namely; Advent, Lent, because Jesus has risen and redeemed mankind.
and Commentator you are tasked to proclaim Easter and Ordinary Time.
the Word of God. And this task is Holy. It is She ended her talk with the same story she
not just coming up on stage and reading your Liturgical Calendar has two (2) cycles, Sun- narrated at the beginning of the session and
assigned piece and that‘s it! There‘s more into day Cycle follows three Year Cycle, A, B and with a challenge to everyone to choose from the
C and 2 Year Cycle for Weekdays, the Year 1 two given examples. She gave enlightenment to
(ends in odd numbers) and Year 2 (ends in even some of our queries and everybody went home
A Lector must be well prepared, meaning, numbers). The Liturgical Colors used are white, with full of new knowledge imparted by Sr.
he/she has read in advance their assigned red, green and violet/purple. White (purity and Angel Libron, S.Sp.S. The Closing Prayer led
verses/piece and understands clearly by heart joy) is used during the season of Christmas and by Sr. Angel ended the seminar.
what message he/she wanted to convey so that Easter. It is also used during the celebration of

Page 4 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 03
H F C C Vo l u n t e e r s ’ B a s k e t b a l l S e a s o n t o C o m m e n c e
T he members of the HFCC Sports Commit-
tee have finished formulating the 2011
HFCC Volunteers‘ Basketball Season. In a
enforced to determine the placement of the
meeting conducted on 20 March 2011, the TEAMS
Sports Committee, chaired by Mr. Mike Rule #1: Teams shall be classified according
Panlillo, finally submitted the proposal of the to their WIN-LOSS records, namely:
basketball games to Fr. Alvin Parantar, HFCC
Chaplain. 1. Two (2) points for each game won;
Male HFCC volunteers are divided into four 2. One (1) point for each played game lost,
(4) teams designated by the colors blue, yellow, including games lost by default; and
white, and red. 3. Zero (0) point for each game lost by forfeit.
BLUE Team members: Juven Cacabellos NOTE #1: Default games are scheduled
(AS); Jhun Garcia (DC); Dayo Malabanan games that were played by competing teams
(DC); Raymond (CS); Fr. Alvin Parantar , MSP but did not complete the regulation and/or
(Chaplain); Ed Aquino (MM); Sherwin Pentino overtime period for reasons that a team or
(AS); Jhun Valencia (DC); Joel Tavarro (PP/ both teams could not continue to play. The
LM); Ronnie Silva (PP); Vel Cielo (PP); Arnel following rules shall apply:
Maramot (PP). A. The defaulting team losses the match and
YELLOW Team members: Dan Panti (DC); awarded one (1) point as stated in Rule
Rodel Pantig (MM); Nato Macayan (DC); Abel #1 – 2.
nated venue and at the designated time
Nombrado (AS); Theo (CS); Edward Orpiano B. The competitor of the defaulting team
will be declared winner and awarded two
(MM); Ben Gutierrez (DC); Dhan Habana (PP/ will be declared winner and awarded two
(2) points as stated in Rule #1 -1.
LM); Joel Buesa (PP); Tony Sacapanio (PP); (2) points as stated in Rule #1 – 1.
Jhun Guerrero (SC); Rommel Dumay (DC). C. The final score of a forfeited game will
C. The final scores of default game:
be twenty (20) for the winning team and
WHITE Team members: Ronald (AS); Joel 1. If the score of the defaulting team is zero (0) for the forfeiting team.
Petallana (AS); Gil Hizon (MM); Ariel Epino less than the score of the winning team
(CS); Edison Pinlac (LM); Orly Tungala (MM); Rule #2: In case of two or more teams having
when the game is terminated, the
Elrey Mawal (MM); Alex Datugan (DC); Jeof the same point classification:
scores of both teams shall be consid-
Ymasa (DC); Don Balayo (PP); Arnold Alo ered as the final score of the default 1. In case of a tie between two teams, the ―win
(PP/LM); Rommel Dumay (DC). game. over the other‖ rule shall apply; and
RED Team members: Manny Cuevas (LM/ 2. If the score of the defaulting team is 2. In case of a tie between three or more teams,
SC); Rolly Pinlac (SC); Erwil Bautista (DC); greater than the score of the winning the ―quotient system‖ rule shall apply. The
Luchie Papio (SC); Fr. Arvin Mosqueda, MSP team when the game is terminated, the ―quotient system‖ rule will be limited to
(Asst. Chaplain/SC); Gideon Fallarna (SC); final score of the default game will be those team involved. Games involving other
Erik Odvino (MM); Albert Decillo (DC); Dante two (2) for the winning team and zero teams shall not be included in the computa-
Agcaoili (DC); Jimmy Villaflor (PP/LM/IT); (0) for the defaulting team. tion.
Vito Berendez (PP); Rodel Prudente (PP). NOTE #2: Forfeit games are schedules 3. If the teams are still tied after all the above
LEGEND: Altar Servers (AS); Daerim com- games that were not played by competing steps have been followed, a ―drawing of
munity (DC); Church Steward (CS); Music team when a team or both teams failed to lots‖ will be used for the final placing. The
Ministry (MM); Prayer Partners (PP); Lay Min- show up at the designated venue and at the method for the ―drawing of lots‖ will be
isters (LM); Sports Committee (SC); Education designated time. The following rules shall determined by the commissioner or by the
Committee (ED); Lectors and Commentators apply: competent local authority.
(LC); IT Committee (IT); A. The forfeiting team losses the match and Rule #3: FIBA rules will be imposed for any
The game format will be a single round-robin awarded zero (0) point as stated in Rule other matters not stated above.
elimination. Two games will be played per #1 – 3. For more details and other game rules, con-
season (see game schedule). The following B. The team that showed up at the desig- tact any member of the HFCC Sports Commit-
Rules on the Classification of Teams shall be tee.
(Continued from page 11 - Bagong Bayani ...) b.Have excelled in his or her work as an artist ing requirements must be submitted with the
abroad thereby earning recognition, adula- duly accomplished official nomination form:
a.Must have initiated or has been sincerely tion or honor for Filipino artistry and talent. An endorsement letter signed by the nominee‘s
involved, whether in the country or abroad, 4. Capt. Gregorio S. Oca Achievment Award employer; A photocopy of passport; Profile of
in community or socially relevant services a.May come from the seabased awardees of accomplishments; Photocopy of awards or cita-
or activities aimed at either helping or ex- the year (individual) tions (if available); 7 (2 x 2) colored photos;
tending assistance to fellow workers or their Copy of employment contract.
families, or promoting the Philippines as a b.Has epitomized any of the achievements of
Capt. Gregorio S. Oca The official nomination forms may be ob-
business or tourism destination; tained from any of the following offices: The
b.Have selflessly offered his or her time, 5. Blas F. Ople Award para sa ―Natatanging BBFI Secretariat, Ground Floor, Blas F. Ople
skills and/or resources, in collective or per- Bagong Bayani‖ - This is highest and most Bldg. Ortigas Ave. cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong
sonal capacity, to engage in such commu- prestigious Bagong Bayani Award and shall City, Philippines; Philippine Overseas Labor
nity services or activities that are beneficial only be given to the most outstanding OFW Office (POLO) or may be downloaded from the
who have been nominated, qualified and
to the people; or POEA/BBFI website at www.poea.gov.ph
excelled in at least two (2) of the above four
c.Have performed heroic act or deed, or have categories mentioned above.
saved life or property, the performance of SECRETARIAT
Who may nominate? Nominations may be Employment and Welfare Office
which is beyond the normal call of duty.
made either by: The employer; The deploying Ground Floor Blas F. Ople Bldg., Ortigas Ave.,
3. Bagong Bayani Award for Culture and the recruitment or placement agency; Industry As- cor EDSA Mandaluyong City
Arts sociations; Co-worker/s; or Other reputable 1501 Philippines
a.Have worked or have been involved in the individuals or institutions. TEL NO. (632) 722-1165 FAX NO. (632) 724-3646
promotion, preservation and development WEBSITE: www.poea.gov.ph
Requirements for Nomination. The follow- E-MAIL: bagong_bayani_awards@yahoo.com
of Filipino culture and the arts overseas; or

Volume 16 Issue 03 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 5
ni Fritz Abucay
PAGLISAN Nang una kitang makilala at matagpuan
ni Lea Wenceslao ni Michael B. Balba
Dito sa Korea, mahal kong kaibigan
Akala ko‘y maging tunay ang samahan
Naalaala ko kung paano nagsimula Sa muling pagsapit ng mahal na araw,
Iyon pala ay isang saglit lamang.
Pagsisilbi sa Diyos at sa aking kapwa Dapat gunitain Kanyang kabanalan,
Pagod man ay hindi ko inalintana Ang pagpapasakit na Kanyang nilaan,
Tuwing magkikita tayo pag linggo
Paglilingkod, walang katumbas na ligaya. Sa araw na ito huwag kalimutan.
Sinasabihan mo ako ng I LOVE YOU
Sobrang tuwa naman at galak
Sa piling ninyo ay naging masaya Ang sariling buhay ay Kanyang inalay,
Ang nadarama ng abang puso ko.
Mga mabuting aral nang kayo‘y kasama Upang mailigtas ang sandaigdigan,
Mga tawanan natin at maging sa iyakan Tao ay tinubos sa'ting kasalanan,
Pero di ko akalain kaibigan
Sa aking gunita ay hindi napaparam. Kaya nararapat Siyang papurihan.
Sa isang hindi pagkakaunawaan
Na napakababaw ang kadahilanan
Pangyayari sa buhay ay hindi kontrolado Tayo ay magsisi dapat na magtika,
Bigla kang tumalikod sa ating samahan.
Problema‘y dumarating, nasusubok tayo Ating pagsisihan ating mga sala,
Pagtitiwala sa sarili, minsan ay nalilimot Ang pagkakamali na ating nagawa,
Noong una lungkot ang aking nadarama
Paano magsisimula kapag tayoy nabigo. Dapat na piliting ito'y maitama.
Iniiyakan ko ang iyong ginawa
Taimtim akong nagdasal sa tuwina
Mga kaibigan ko at mga kasamahan Sa gabay at awa ni Hesus na banal,
Na sana'y makayanan ko ang iyong pagkawala.
Na sa puso ko‘y labis na pinapahalagahan Piliting tahakin ay ang tamang daan,
Asahang hindi malilimot kailanman Sa araw na ito magsising lubusan,
Hanggang isang araw napagtanto ko
Magandang alaala‘y nakaukit sa isipan. Taimtim na manalangin kay Hesus na hirang.
Wala na ang lungkot sa aking puso
Napalitan na ng pasasalamat sa iyo
Paalam sa inyo….. at sa aking paglisan Ngayon ang panahong dapat na magnilay,
Nang dahil sa pagtalikod mo sa pangako.
Mga alaala ng ating pinagsamahan Ating mga sala dapat pagsisihan,
Umaasang lahat tayo‘y magkikitang muli Si Hesus na nagligtas nitong sanlibutan,
Natunton ko ang daan tungo sa kapayapaan
Sa tamang panahon tayo‘y magwawagi. Taos pusong panalangin sa Kanya'y ialay.
‗Yan ay ang taimtim na pagdarasal
At buong pagtitiwala sa Poong Maykapal
Maraming salamat sa iyo kaibigan.

talked about so many things including her life. judgment and persecution, Sis Angel comforted
Touched by an Angel But my friend knew that time that she‘s not her with compassionate words of wisdom...Her
Sis. Mel ready to unleash everything. During that time, tears overflowed as she finally felt the bliss of
all she wanted to do was to find peace and sol- being free from her so called ―past‖.
I have a story to tell and it‘s all about this old ace from someone she never knew but who will
friend of mine whose visit to the convent be willing to listen and understand. Little did
gave her a chance to meet face-to-face with an she know that God has been preparing more for
I believe that most of us have our own stories
of a "wounded past." Some have had their clo-
Angel. sure and some unfortunate ones were not able
to let go but kept on dwelling on their pasts. Let
My friend told me that she was so burdened My friend was totally clueless of what to do us remember that God is a forgiving God. He
and confused with her life. She felt empty as that she asked Sis. Angel for enlightenment. does not set records of wrongs but is always
she was left behind by the people she loved. Sis. Angel not only gave my friend enlighten- ready to forgive. All we have to do is to accept
Despite her knowing the way to the light, she ment but has allowed her to travel back in time God‘s forgiveness and live our lives according
was lost along the way. Ashamed and bothered when she was still a six-year old girl, who at a to His will. Sinners that we are, it is sometimes
of what she has done, she had continuously very young age had so many issues in difficult to do such that we need to seek help
crawled unconsciously in the dark. What she life...Issues that actually existed even before from someone who could help us accept that
never knew was that the light she tried to evade she was born. Through the guidance of Sis. we are sinners but we are forgiven.
is following her, right behind her back... Just Angel, my friend saw the pattern of her mis-
waiting and longing for her to turn around...and takes and shortcomings in her decision to take Always pray and ask for the guidance of the
journey with it. Holy Spirit. That friend of mine is enjoying her
the narrow-path journey towards the light...
new life now, free from any hurt caused by her
One fine Saturday morning, she decided to go Though my friend left the convent that day past. She can smile now. Her smile, which radi-
to a convent, not knowing why and what's in with a smile in her heart, she still felt a wound ates from within, not only reaches her lips, but
store for her. She just stood outside the gate of left on her soul. A wound that is, perhaps, reaches her eyes, her heart and her soul.
the convent contemplating...and then finally the caused by guilt and regrets of what she has
door opened and a warm welcome came upon done in the past. Thus, my friend met with Sis. Unknowingly, God has led my friend to the
her... a beautiful being, Sis. Angel. My friend Angel again. But during the second visit, she Holy Spirit convent...to be touched by an An-
easily opened up to Sis. Angel and they had was already ready to reveal everything. Without gel.

Page 6 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 03
Appeal of the Filipino Workers and Korean Employers under the Employment Permit
System (EPS) and the Filipino Organizations in Korea
06 March 2011 needs to include a procedure that is more suit- In view of the foregoing, we humbly submit
able for workers seeking reemployment in Ko- the following specific propositions: Foreign
Mr. Jung, Bong Su rea after the completion of their legal stay un- workers who have completed a full sojourn of
Assistant Director six years, or four years and ten months as the
der the EPS.
Ministry of Employment and Labor case may be, will be exempted from taking the
Foreign Workforce Policy Division We, further, believe that some of the current EPS- Test on Proficiency in Korean; exempted
requirements for employment in Korea may not from the age ceiling requirement; must submit a
Dear Mr. Jung: be necessary for a foreign worker, who has certificate of re-employment and/or letter of

W e, the undersigned, Filipino workers and

Korean employers under the Employ-
ment Permit System (EPS), and members of
legally worked in Korea for 5 or 6 years; who recommendation from the last employer; and a
already learned Korean language and culture;
who have developed and mastered working
medical certification.
Filipino organizations in Korea, appeal to the skills in Korean factories and industries, and Finally, your Honourable Office may also
office of the Foreign Workforce Policy Divi- who have gained the trust of their Korean em- consider the reduction of the waiting or lay-off
sion of the Ministry of Employment and Labor ployers. Strict age requirement and the nor- period from six months to one month, follow-
(MOEL) for kind assistance so that measures mally long procedure of application for this ing the previous regulation on the mater, as
that facilitate orderly re-entry of foreign work- group of workers would entail a great loss for such; re-employment shall not take place until
ers, who have finished 6 years or 4 years and the Korean small and medium size businesses. after the lapse of one month from the date of
ten (10) months period of stay in Korea under the worker's last departure from Korea.
We, therefore, respectfully appeal that the
the Employment Permit System (EPS) may be current implementing regulations of the Act on We, the undersigned, firmly believe that the
implemented. Foreign Workers‘ Employment be reviewed so Korean government remains vigilant in re-
We fully acknowledge that the Act on For- that an Upgraded Procedure and Set of Re- sponding to appeals for improvement to further
eign Workers‘ Employment and its amend- quirements may be applied to the above- strengthen the Employment Permit System.
ments brought forth greater benefits to the for- mentioned type of foreign workers who are
seeking reemployment in Korea. Signed by: Filipinos in Korea
eign workers. However, we also believe that
the current system for hiring foreign workers
(Continued from page 3 - Extract from Doug ...) down on the floor, next to the bottom of the bed easily survived by getting out and sitting or
during an earthquake. lying next to their vehicles. Everyone killed
or furniture inside crushes these objects, leav- would have survived if they had been able to
ing a space or void next to them - NOT under 5) If an earthquake happens and you cannot get out of their cars and sit or lie next to them.
them. This space is what I call the 'triangle of easily escape by getting out the door or win- All the crushed cars had voids 3 feet high next
life'. The larger the object, the stronger, the less dow, then lie down and curl up in the fetal posi- to them, except for the cars that had columns
it will compact. The less the object compacts, tion next to a sofa, or large chair. fall directly across them.
the larger the void, the greater the probability 6) Most everyone who gets under a doorway
that the person who is using this void for safety 10) I discovered, while crawling inside of
when buildings collapse is killed. How? If you collapsed newspaper offices and other offices
will not be injured. The next time you watch stand under a doorway and the doorjamb falls with a lot of paper, that paper does not com-
collapsed buildings, on television, count the forward or backward you will be crushed by the pact. Large voids are found surrounding stacks
'triangles' you see formed. They are every- ceiling above. If the door jam falls sideways
where. It is the most common shape, you will of paper.
you will be cut in half by the doorway. In either
see, in a collapsed building. case, you will be killed! Spread the word and save someone's life...
TIPS FOR EARTHQUAKE SAFETY 7) Never go to the stairs. The stairs have a The entire world is experiencing natural ca-
1) Most everyone who simply 'ducks and different 'moment of frequency' (they swing lamities so be prepared!
covers' when building collapse are crushed to separately from the main part of the building).
The stairs and remainder of the building con- 'We are but angels with one wing, it takes
death. People who get under objects, like desks two to fly'
tinuously bump into each other until structural
or cars, are crushed.
failure of the stairs takes place. The people who In 1996 we made a film, which proved my
2) Cats, dogs and babies often naturally curl get on stairs before they fail are chopped up by survival methodology to be correct. The Turk-
up in the fetal position. You should too in an the stair treads - horribly mutilated. Even if the ish Federal Government, City of Istanbul , Uni-
earthquake. It is a natural safety/survival in- building doesn't collapse, stay away from the versity of Istanbul Case Productions and ARTI
stinct. You can survive in a smaller void. Get stairs. The stairs are a likely part of the building cooperated to film this practical, scientific test.
next to an object, next to a sofa, next to a bed, to be damaged. Even if the stairs are not col- We collapsed a school and a home with 20
next to a large bulky object that will compress lapsed by the earthquake, they may collapse mannequins inside. Ten mannequins did 'duck
slightly but leave a void next to it. later when overloaded by fleeing people. They and cover,' and ten mannequins I used in my
should always be checked for safety, even 'triangle of life' survival method. After the
3) Wooden buildings are the safest type of
when the rest of the building is not damaged. simulated earthquake collapse we crawled
construction to be in during an earthquake.
Wood is flexible and moves with the force of 8) Get near the outer walls of buildings or through the rubble and entered the building to
the earthquake. If the wooden building does outside of them if possible - It is much better to film and document the results. The film, in
collapse, large survival voids are created. Also, be near the outside of the building rather than which I practiced my survival techniques under
the wooden building has less concentrated, the interior. The farther inside you are from the directly observable, scientific conditions , rele-
crushing weight. Brick buildings will break into outside perimeter of the building the greater the vant to building collapse, showed there would
individual bricks. Bricks will cause many inju- probability that your escape route will be have been zero percent survival for those doing
ries but less squashed bodies than concrete blocked. duck and cover.
slabs. There would likely have been 100 percent
9) People inside of their vehicles are crushed
4) If you are in bed during the night and an when the road above falls in an earthquake and survivability for people using my method of the
earthquake occurs, simply roll off the bed. A crushes their vehicles; which is exactly what 'triangle of life.' This film has been seen by
safe void will exist around the bed. Hotels can happened with the slabs between the decks of millions of viewers on television in Turkey and
achieve a much greater survival rate in earth- the Nimitz Freeway. The victims of the San the rest of Europe, and it was seen in the USA ,
quakes, simply by posting a sign on the back of Francisco earthquake all stayed inside of their Canada and Latin America on the TV program
the door of every room telling occupants to lie vehicles. They were all killed. They could have Real TV.

Volume 16 Issue 03 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 7
Assurance of Salvation?
T here are few more confusing topics than
salvation. It goes beyond the standard
question posed by Fundamentalists: "Have you
Jesus Christ and his blood shed at Calvary is up when compared with the way things really
eternally secure. He can never lose his salvation. work—either in the everyday world or in the
No personal breaking of God‘s or man‘s laws Bible.
been saved?" What the question also means is: or commandments can nullify that status."
"Don‘t you wish you had the assurance of sal- Regarding the issue of whether Christians
vation?" Evangelicals and Fundamentalists "To deny the assurance of salvation would be have an "absolute" assurance of salvation, re-
to deny Christ‘s perfect redemption," argues gardless of their actions, consider this warning
think they do have such an absolute assurance.
Ewin, and this is something he can say only Paul gave: "See then the kindness and the se-
All they have to do is "accept Christ as their because he confuses the redemption that Christ verity of God: severity toward those who have
personal Savior," and it‘s done. They might accomplished for us objectively with our indi- fallen, but God‘s kindness to you, provided you
well live exemplary lives thereafter, but living vidual appropriation of that redemption. The continue in his kindness; otherwise you too will
well is not crucial and definitely does not affect truth is that in one sense we are all redeemed by be cut off" (Rom. 11:22; see also Heb. 10:26–
their salvation. Christ‘s death on the cross—Christians, Jews, 29, 2 Pet. 2:20–21).
Muslims, even animists in the darkest forests (1
Kenneth E. Hagin, a well-known Pentecostal Tim. 2:6, 4:10, 1 John 2:2)—but our individual Can You Know?
televangelist from the "Word Faith" wing of appropriation of what Christ provided is contin-
Protestantism, asserts that this assurance of Related to the issue of whether one can lose
gent on our response. one‘s salvation is the question of whether one
salvation comes through being "born again":
"Unless one is born anew, he cannot see the Certainly, Christ did die on the cross once for can know with complete certainty that one is in
kingdom of God" (John 3:3). Though much of all and has entered into the holy place in heaven a state of salvation. Even if one could not lose
Hagin‘s theology is considered bizarre in Prot- to appear before God on our behalf. Christ has one‘s salvation, one still might not be sure
estant circles, his explanation of being born abundantly provided for our salvation, but that whether one ever had salvation. Similarly, even
again could be endorsed by millions of Evan- does not mean that there is no process by which if one could be sure that one is now in a state of
gelical Protestants. In his booklet, The New this is applied to us as individuals. Obviously, salvation, one might be able to fall from grace
Birth, Hagin writes, "The new birth is a neces- there is, or we would have been saved and justi- in the future. The "knowability" of salvation is
sity to being saved. Through the new birth you fied from all eternity, with no need to repent or a different question than the "loseability" of
come into the right relationship with God." have faith or anything else. We would have salvation.
been born "saved," with no need to be born From the Radio Bible Class listeners can
According to Hagin, there are many things again. Since we were not, since it is necessary
that this new birth is not. "The new birth is not: obtain a booklet called Can Anyone Really
for those who hear the gospel to repent and Know for Sure? The anonymous author says the
confirmation, church membership, water bap- embrace it, there is a time at which we come to
tism, the taking of sacraments, observing reli- "Lord Jesus wanted his followers to be so sure
be reconciled to God. And if so, then we, like of their salvation that they would rejoice more
gious duties, an intellectual reception of Chris- Adam and Eve, can become unreconciled with
tianity, orthodoxy of faith, going to church, in the expectation of heaven than in victories on
God and, like the prodigal son, need to come earth. ‗These things I have written to you who
saying prayers, reading the Bible, being moral, back and be reconciled again with God, after
being cultured or refined, doing good deeds, believe in the name of the Son of God, that you
having left his family. may know that you have eternal life, and that
doing your best, nor any of the many other
things some men are trusting in to save them." you may continue to believe in the name of the
You Can’t Lose Heaven?
Those who have obtained the new birth "did the Son of God (1 John 5:13).‘"
one thing necessary: they accepted Jesus Christ Ewin says that "no wrong act or sinful deed
can ever affect the believer‘s salvation. The Places where Scripture speaks of our ability
as personal Savior by repenting and turning to to know that we are abiding in grace are impor-
God with the whole heart as a little child." That sinner did nothing to merit God‘s grace and
likewise he can do nothing to demerit grace. tant and must be taken seriously. But they do
one act of the will, he explains, is all they not promise that we will be protected from self-
needed to do. But is this true? Does the Bible True, sinful conduct always lessens one‘s fel-
lowship with Christ, limits his contribution to deception on this matter. Even the author of
support this concept? Can Anyone Really Know for Sure? admits that
God‘s work and can result in serious discipli-
Scripture teaches that one‘s final salvation nary action by the Holy Spirit." there is a false assurance: "The New Testament
depends on the state of the soul at death. As teaches us that genuine assurance is possible
Jesus himself tells us, "He who endures to the One problem with this argument is that this is and desirable, but it also warns us that we can
end will be saved" (Matt. 24:13; cf. 25:31–46). not even how things work in everyday life. If be deceived through a false assurance. Jesus
One who dies in the state of friendship with another person gives us something as a grace— declared: ‗Not everyone who says to me, "Lord,
God (the state of grace) will go to heaven. The as a gift—and even if we did nothing to deserve Lord" shall enter the kingdom of heaven‘ (Matt.
one who dies in a state of enmity and rebellion it (though frequently gifts are given based on 7:21)."
against God (the state of mortal sin) will go to our having pleased the one bestowing the gift), Sometimes Fundamentalists portray Catho-
it in no way follows that our actions are irrele-
hell. lics as if they must every moment be in terror
vant to whether or not we keep the gift. We can
For many Fundamentalists and Evangelicals lose it in all kinds of ways. We can misplace it, of losing their salvation since Catholics recog-
it makes no difference—as far as salvation is destroy it, give it to someone else, take it back nize that it is possible to lose salvation through
concerned—how you live or end your life. You to the store. We may even forfeit something we mortal sin. Fundamentalists then hold out the
can heed the altar call at church, announce that were given by later displeasing the one who idea that, rather than living every moment in
you‘ve accepted Jesus as your personal Savior, gave it—as when a person has been appointed terror, they can have a calm, assured knowledge
and, so long as you really believe it, you‘re set. to a special position but is later stripped of that that they will, in fact, be saved, and that noth-
From that point on there is nothing you can do, position on account of mismanagement. ing will ever be able to change this fact.
no sin you can commit, no matter how heinous, But this portrayal is in error. Catholics do not
that will forfeit your salvation. You can‘t undo The argument fares no better when one turns
to Scripture, for one finds that Adam and Eve, live lives of mortal terror concerning salvation.
your salvation, even if you wanted to. True, salvation can be lost through mortal sin,
who received God‘s grace in a manner just as
Does this sound too good to be true? Yes, but unmerited as anyone today, most definitely did but such sins are by nature grave ones, and not
nevertheless, it is something many Protestants demerit it—and lost grace not only for them- the kind that a person living the Christian life is
claim. Take a look at what Wilson Ewin, the selves but for us as well (cf. also Rom. 11:17- going to slip into committing on the spur of the
author of a booklet called There is Therefore 24). While the idea that what is received with- moment, without deliberate thought and con-
Now No Condemnation, says. He writes that out merit cannot be lost by demerit may have a sent. Neither does the Catholic Church teach
(Continued on page 10)
"the person who places his faith in the Lord kind of poetic charm for some, it does not stand

Page 8 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 03
na ito o di kaya¡¯y ang kanyang mga magulang. ni Jesse ang siyang magiging hari. Maging si
Hinirang at Sinugo Maging ang mga Pariseo ay nahati rin ukol sa Jesse ay nabulag din sa pagaakalang si David
Ika-4 na Linggo ng Kuwaresma (Abril 3, kanilang pananaw sa bulag na nakakita. Ipina- na nagpapastol sa parang ay hindi kabilang sa
2011) tawag at siniyasat pa nila ang mga magulang ng maaaring piliin ng Diyos. Kung sino pa ang
dating bulag. binalewala, siya pa ang hinirang ng Diyos na
— Fr. Paul J. Marquez, SSP maging hari ng Israel.
Para sa bulag na nakakita, si Hesus ay isang
M apanglaw na labis ang nagdaang Linggo
dahil sa mapinsalang bagyo. Naglam-
propeta. Dahil sa kanyang binitiwang salita,
itiniwalag siya ng mga Pariseo. Ito ang gagawin
bong ang dilim sa buong paligid subalit sa araw
sa mga Hudyong mananalig kay Hesus bilang
―Panlabas na anyo ang tinitingnan ng tao
ngunit puso ang tinitingnan ko,‖ wika ng Pangi-
noon. Si David na ninuno ni Hesus ang siyang
na ito nagsimula nang sumikat ang araw. Sa Mesiyas. Itataboy at ipag-uusig sila at hindi Hinirang ng Diyos Ama para maging Hari ng
tabing-kalye, may isang bulag na may hawak tatanggapin sa sinagoga. Katunayan, ito ang Israel; si Hesus naman ang Sinugo ng Diyos
ng karatula na ganito ang nakasulat: ―Tulungan
nagbabagang isyu noong isulat ni Juan ang Ama para maging Hari at Tagapagligtas ng
po ninyo ang bulag.‖ ebanghelyong ito. Layon niyang palakasin ang Sanlibutan. Maging mulat nawa tayo sa katoto-
Dumaan ang isang lalaki at naghulog ng loob ng mga Hudyong itinitiwalag sa sinagoga hanang si Hesus ang gumagabay sa atin tungo
barya. Napansin niyang kaunti ang barya sa dahil nanampalataya sila kay Hesus. sa liwanag at gaya ni Hesus, sikapin nating
loob ng tabo. Lumakad siya ng ilang mga hak- tumingin sa puso ng ating kapwa at hindi sa
Hinanap ni Hesus ang bulag na ngayo‘y na-
bang saka nagpasyang bumalik sa bulag. Ki- kakakita na. Naparam na nga ang bagyo. Na- panlabas na anyo.
nuha ng lalaki ang karatula at may
isinulat sa likod niyon at ibinalik ito (Continued from page 1 - More Filipinos ...)
sa bulag. Kinahapunan, muling du-
maan ang lalaki at napansin niya na fake identities. The Filipinos are workers under
puno ng mga barya at mga perang the Employment Permit System (EPS), the
papel ang tabo ng bulag. Alam ninyo government-to-government hiring mechanism
kung ano ang isinulat ng lalaki sa
between the Philippines and South Korea. Last
karatula? ―Wala na ang bagyo pero
year, ten other Filipino EPS workers were re-
hindi ko pa rin makita ang liwanag.‖
fused entry by the Korean immigration because
Sa ebanghelyo, isang taong ipinan- of assumed identities and passport forgery.
ganak na bulag ang kausap ni Hesus.
Hindi humingi ng tulong ang bulag Despite having valid visas and successfully
kay Hesus marahil sapagkat nahirati complying with all the requirements for deploy-
na ang bulag sa kadiliman. Isinilang ment through the EPS, the concerned Filipinos
siyang bulag at wala siyang ideya were sent back to the Philippines after South
kung ano ang karanasan ng taong may Korean immigration officials established that
paningin. Nagkusa si Hesus na padi- they had previously entered South Korea using
latin ang bulag. Lumura siya sa lupa,
a different name.
gumawa ng putik at ipinahid iyon sa
bulag. Pagkatapos, sinabihan siyang South Korea uses a database system that re-
pumunta at maghilamos sa tubig ng cords the photos and fingerprints of foreigners
Siloe. entering or leaving the country.
Makahulugan ang pangalan ng The Philippine Embassy also reports that
lugar kung saan matatagpuan ang
some Filipino nationals have married Korean
deposito ng tubig. Ang kahulugan ng
Siloe ay ―Sinugo‖. Kung matalas nationals using their assumed identities, result-
lamang ang pang-unawa ng bulag, makikita ing in serious consequences to their marriages
niyang ibinigay ni Hesus ang lugar na iyon kakakita na nga ang bulag ngunit hindi pa rin and visa statuses.
bilang hudyat kung sino ang nagpagaling sa niya nakikita ang liwanag. Patuloy siyang
aakayin ni Hesus tungo sa liwanag. Ipapakilala Those whose identities were assumed by other
ni Hesus ang kanyang sarili sa bulag na na- Filipino nationals will similarly face problems
Si Hesus nga ang Sinugo ng Ama at sa gi- kakita bilang Anak ng Tao, ang Panginoon at when they later decide to travel, marry or en-
nawa niyang pagpapadilat sa bulag, sinindak Mesiyas! gage in other activities that will require strong
niya ang dilim. Naparam na ang bagyo subalit proof of identification.
hindi pa rin masilayan ng maramig mga tao ang Sa Unang Pagbasa, may pagkabulag ding
liwanag. naganap sa simula ng pagpili sa binata na The Philippine Embassy reminds all Filipinos
magiging hari ng Israel. Inutusan ng Diyos si to use only valid documents. Those who falsify
Sa simula't simula ng kuwento, nahati ang Samuel na pumaroon sa tahanan ni Jesse para
mga kapitbahay at ang mga nakakakilala sa pahiran ng langis ang hihirangin ng Diyos bi- documents or assume the identity of others,
dating bulag. Hirap silang tanggapin na nabi- lang hari. Iba ang batayan ni Samuel sa batayan whether by theft or with the agreement of the
yayaan ng himala ang isang ipinanganak na ng Diyos. Nagkamali si Samuel nang pitong other party, can be held criminally liable for
bulag. Para sa kanila, makasalanan ang bulag ulit sa pag-aakalang isa sa pitong anak na lalaki their actions.

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Volume 16 Issue 03 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 9
(Continued from page 8 - Assurance of …) onment and in the defense and confirmation of ble certitude of our own salvation, as many
the gospel" (1:7). The fact that the Philippians Protestants will admit. There is the possibility
that one cannot have an assurance of salvation. performed spiritually by assisting Paul in his of self-deception (cf. Matt. 7:22-23). As
This is true both of present and future salvation. imprisonment and ministry showed that their Jeremiah expressed it, "The heart is deceitful
hearts were with God and that it could be ex- above all things, and desperately corrupt; who
One can be confident of one‘s present salva- pected that they, at least in general, would per- can understand it?" (Jer. 17:9). There is also the
tion. This is one of the chief reasons why God possibility of falling from grace through mortal
severe and remain with God.
gave us the sacraments—to provide visible sin, and even of falling away from the faith
assurances that he is invisibly providing us with There are many saintly men and women who entirely, for as Jesus told us, there are those
his grace. And one can be confident that one have long lived the Christian life and whose who "believe for a while and in time of tempta-
has not thrown away that grace by simply ex- characters are marked with profound spiritual tion fall away" (Luke 8:13). It is in the light of
amining one‘s life and seeing whether one has joy and peace. Such individuals can look for- these warnings and admonitions that we must
committed mortal sin. Indeed, the tests that ward with confidence to their reception in understand Scripture‘s positive statements con-
John sets forth in his first epistle to help us heaven. cerning our ability to know and have confi-
know whether we are abiding in grace are, in dence in our salvation. Assurance we may
essence, tests of whether we are dwelling in Such an individual was Paul, writing at the
end of his life, "I have fought the good fight, I have; infallible certitude we may not.
grave sin. For example, "By this it may be seen
who are the children of God, and who are the have finished the race, I have kept the faith. For example, Philippians 2:12 says,
children of the devil: whoever does not do right Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of "Therefore, my beloved, as you have always
is not of God, nor he who does not love his righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but
brother" (1 John 3:10), "If any one says, ‗I love judge, will award to me on that Day" (2 Tim. much more in my absence, work out your own
God,‘ and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he 4:7-8). But earlier in life, even Paul did not salvation with fear and trembling." This is not
who does not love his brother whom he has claim an infallible assurance, either of his pre- the language of self-confident assurance. Our
seen, cannot love God whom he has not sent justification or of his remaining in grace in salvation is something that remains to be
seen" (1 John 4:20), "For this is the love of God, the future. Concerning his present state, he
worked out.
that we keep his commandments. And his com- wrote, "I am not aware of anything against
myself, but I am not thereby justified [Gk., What To Say
mandments are not burdensome" (1 John 5:3).
dedikaiomai]. It is the Lord who judges me" (1
Likewise, by looking at the course of one‘s Cor. 4:4). Concerning his remaining life, Paul "Are you saved?" asks the Fundamentalist.
life in grace and the resolution of one‘s heart to was frank in admitting that even he could fall The Catholic should reply: "As the Bible says, I
keep following God, one can also have an as- away: "I pummel my body and subdue it, lest am already saved (Rom. 8:24, Eph. 2:5–8), but
surance of future salvation. It is this Paul after preaching to others I myself should be I‘m also being saved (1 Cor. 1:18, 2 Cor. 2:15,
speaks of when he writes to the Philippians and disqualified" (1 Cor. 9:27). Of course, for a Phil. 2:12), and I have the hope that I will be
says, "And I am sure that he who began a good spiritual giant such as Paul, it would be quite saved (Rom. 5:9–10, 1 Cor. 3:12–15). Like the
work in you will bring it to completion at the unexpected and out of character for him to fall apostle Paul I am working out my salvation in
day of Jesus Christ" (Phil. 1:6). This is not a from God‘s grace. Nevertheless, he points out fear and trembling (Phil. 2:12), with hopeful
promise for all Christians, or even necessarily that, however much confidence in his own sal- confidence in the promises of Christ (Rom. 5:2,
all in the church at Philippi, but it is a confi- vation he may be warranted in feeling, even he 2 Tim. 2:11–13)."
dence that the Philippian Christians in general cannot be infallibly sure either of his own pre- NIHIL OBSTAT: I have concluded that the materials
would make it. The basis of this is their spiri- sent state or of his future course. presented in this work are free of doctrinal or moral errors.
Bernadeane Carr, STL, Censor Librorum, August 10, 2004
tual performance to date, and Paul feels a need
to explain to them that there is a basis for his The same is true of us. We can, if our lives IMPRIMATUR: In accord with 1983 CIC 827
confidence in them. Thus he says, immediately, display a pattern of perseverance and spiritual permission to publish this work is hereby granted.
"It is right for me to feel thus about you all, fruit, have not only a confidence in our present +Robert H. Brom, Bishop of San Diego, August 10, 2004

because I hold you in my heart, for you are all state of grace but also of our future persever- Source: http://www.catholic.com/library/
partakers with me of grace, both in my impris- ance with God. Yet we cannot have an infalli- Assurance_of_Salvation.asp

In 2011 (8 hours) 40-hour work week 44-hour work week
(209 hours) (226 hours)

All the business and workplaces 4,320 won 34,560 won 902,880 won 976,320 won

Probational period within 3 months 3,888 won 31,104 won

applying Surveillance or intermittent job after
reduce employer obtained an approval from 3,456 won 27,648 won
wage the Minister of MOEL (20% by

* Application period: Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2011 Employer’s responsibilities provision lower than minimum standard, sub-
1. Notification responsibility (1 Mil KRW pen- contractor and contractor have joint liability
* Applies to all the business and workplaces alty) - Employer has to post ‗Minimum wage on it.
across the nation without any regional and oc- guideline‘ or inform employees in a proper 4. Pay responsibility more than minimum
cupational difference. and efficient way wage - (If violation happened, 3yrs jail con-
2. Contents - Minimum wage / Payroll items finement or less than 20 Mil KRW penalty
* Exceptional cases: family business hiring ony not included in minimum wage / Type of are sentenced, Class differential applicable.)
family members, housework employees, and workers not applicable for minimum wage Employer has to pay more than minimum
seamen and ship owners. Low work capability announcement. salary and are not allowed to reduce the level
due to mental or physical disability (limited to 3. Joint Liability with contractor - If subcon- of wage level.
the companies of MOEL permitted). tractor pays less salary than minimum * In case wage is set lower than minimum, the
amount since the contract made between wage in the contract become invalid and noti-
contractor and sub-con contains Labor Cost fied minimum wage should be paid.

Page 10 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 03
Korean Labor Minister holds Dialogue with Ambassadors of Labor-sending Countries
By: Philippine Embassy

S eoul, 18 March 2011 - Philippine Ambassa-

dor to Seoul Luis T. Cruz reported to the
Department that Korean Labor Minister Bahk
Jaewan met with Ambassadors and representa-
tives of 15 labor-sending countries this morn-
During the meeting, Ambassador Cruz men-
tioned that 1,680 Filipino workers and 308
Korean employers submitted a petition to the
Korean government, recommending improve-
ments to the EPS regulations. The petition
seeks the following amendments:
1. Waiver of the retaking of the Korean Lan-
guage Test and other requirements for workers
who have returned to the Philippines, but who
wish to return to Korea under the EPS scheme; dressed together with other Korean government ployment Permit System (EPS), which includes
agencies, such as the Ministry of Justice and the Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Sri
2. Extension of the age limit , which is 38 Korean Immigration Service. Lanka, Bangladesh, Mongolia, Timor Leste,
under the existing MOU; Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Nepal, Philippines,
During the meeting, Director General Han Kyrgiztan and Uzbekistan. The hiring of non-
3. The extension of the stay of workers be- Chang-hun announced that for 2011, Korean
professional foreign workers is aimed to fill the
yond the prescribed maximum of four years and will increase the quota of foreign workers to
vacancies in the manufacturing, agriculture and
10 months; and 48,000. The figure is arrived at based on the construction sectors, which are normally
number of workers whose contracts will expire
4. The reduction of the waiting period of six shunned by Korean workers.
in 2011 (35,000) plus the number of undocu-
months before a former worker can return to
mented workers (13,000). He warned, however During the last six years, the Philippines sent
Korea for a new sojourn.
that countries with a high rate of undocumented a total of 26,217 EPS workers to South Korea.
Minister Bahk said that the issues raised workers ―will be subject to suspension of re- A total of 1,250 have completed their contracts
would be considered by his Ministry, and that ceiving process or rejection of the MOU re- while another 6,452 will finish their contracts
―some of them would be accepted in the fu- newal.‖ this year.
ture‖. He declared, however, that the matter of
Beginning 2004, Korea signed bilateral labor Source: http://www.philembassy-seoul.com/
extending the stay of foreign workers beyond ann_details.asp?id=407
agreements with 15 countries through the Em-
the prescribed tenure would have to be ad-
recognizing the significant contributions of ing qualifications, may be nominated for pre-
OFWs; qualification:
2. Recognize the extraordinary and exemplary  Must be or have been an OFW for at least two
deeds, acts, life, services and contributions of (2) years;
OFWs towards their employers, fellow work-  Has no past or present criminal or derogatory
ers, their families and communities; record;
3. Honor the Filipino workers worldwide and  Must be of good moral standing, or has re-
their families for their distinct role in promot- ceived recognition from past or present em-
ing the integrity of the Filipino workers, and ployer for exemplary behavior or outstanding
in nation building. service; and
CATEGORIES OF AWARDS. There are  The employment contract must have been
five (5) award categories, an innovation intro- processed by the Philippine Overseas Em-
duced in the 2005 Bagong Bayani Awards to ployment Administration (POEA).
BAGONG BAYANI FOUNDA- allow the recognition of specific contributions Specific Criteria per Category
TION, INC. of OFWs corresponding to the different areas of
their involvements. Likewise, the Awards open The following specific criteria must be very
BAGONG BAYANI AWARDS itself to as many nominees as possible. The satisfactorily met to qualify for any of the five
(5) awards categories:
T he Bagong Bayani Awards (BBA) is a
national search for the country‘s out-
standing and exemplary Overseas Filipino
highest honor is the Blas F. Ople Award para sa
Natatanging Bagong Bayani, which is awarded
to the most outstanding and exemplary OFW
1. Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Em-
Workers (OFWs). The awards seek to recog- who satisfies all the requirements of other a.Must have earned the respect, trust and
nize and pay tribute to our OFWs for their sig- awards criteria. The five (5) categories are: confidence of his or her employer, superiors
nificant efforts in fostering goodwill among 1. Bagong Bayani Award for Outstanding Em- and co-workers;
peoples of the world, enhancing and promoting ployee b.Has proven his or her competence by being
the image of the Filipino as a competent, re- 2. Bagong Bayani Award for Community and promoted in status or in rank, or awarded
sponsible and dignified worker, and for greatly Social Service citation or recognition for distinguished and
contributing to the socio-economic develop- outstanding performance of his or her work
3. Bagong Bayani Award for Culture and the
ment of their communities and our country as a duties and responsibilities, which in turn
whole. contributed to the growth or well-being of
4. Capt. Gregorio S. Oca Achievement Award the company he or she works or have
The BBA aims at providing proper recogni-
tion to deserving nominees, thus setting up 5. Blas F. Ople Award para sa Natatanging worked for;
examples for others to emulate, and for the Bagong Bayani c.Manifested love for work, concern for the
country to be proud of. AWARDS CRITERIA. company and his or her co-workers;
OBJECTIVES. The Bagong Bayani Awards General Pre-Qualifying Criteria 2. Bagong Bayani Award for Community and
aim to: Any Filipino working overseas, whether land Social Service
1. Provide a nationally established system of -based or sea-based, and possessing the follow- (Continued on page 5)

Volume 16 Issue 03 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 11
Doty Hospital - 42-5 Eung-am-dong, Un- PER HOUR 1. Birth certificate ng batang bibinyagan
pyeong-gu, Seoul 122-906, tel. no. (02)385- 2. 2X2 ID pictures (2 pcs)
1477 The rate will apply to all the business and 3. Application form (kumuha sa center)
Joseph Clinic - 423 Yeungdongpo-dong, Ye- workplaces across the nation for one year from
January 1st, 2011. Kailangan ipasa ng mag-asawang magpapa-
ung dongpo-gu, Seoul 150-030, Mon.-Fri. 1pm- binyag ng anak ang ―application form‖ at su-
9pm, Tel. No.(02)2634-1760 The Ministry of Employment and Labor de- mailalim sa ―interview‖ sa Catholic Center
Raphael Clinic - inside Tong Song High cided to confirm the minimum wage per hour isang linggo bago dumating ang takdang araw
School, every Sun. , 2-6 pm. at 4,320 won for the year 2011 and plans to ng binyag.
National Medical Center– Dongdaemun Tel. promulgate it as of August 3, 2010.
Ang mga magulang, ninong at ninang ay
No. 2260-7062 to 7063 This is after the Minimum Wage Commis- bibigyan ng katekismo sa binyag na ginaganap
Seoul Medical Center– Gangnam Tel. No. sion concluded to raise the minimum wage per tuwing ika-10 ng umaga, araw ng linggo
3430-0200 hour by 5.1% from 4,110 won this year to (mismong araw ng binyag). Tanging ang mga
4,320 won on July 3, 2010 (refer to Labor To- pangalan ng mga nakadalo ng katekismo ang
MIRIAM COUNSELING day No. 704) and the Ministry made the rate mailalagay sa Baptismal Certificate. Ang bi-
public for ten days from July 9 to gather differ- lang ng mga ninong at ninang ay hindi dapat
CENTER For Migrant Women ent opinions but didn‘t receive any objection lalabis sa dalawampu. Ang lahat ay pi-
50-17 Dongsoong Dong Chongrogu Seoul from the labor and management sides. nakikiusapang isaisip ang angkop na pananamit
110-809 near Maronnier Park. Tel #(02) 747- para sa okasyon.
2086 E-mail: kcwc21@jinbo.net (KCWC) The rate will apply to all the business and
Office hours: Mon-Fri. 11 am-5 pm Sat. day workplaces across the nation from January 1st
to December 31st, 2011 without any regional
off Sun. 3 pm-6 pm Activities: Emotional/
and occupational difference. However, it does-
spiritual counseling Woman’s rights and
labor issues Korean language/culture study n‘t apply to family business hiring only family NAGPAPABINYAG
members, housework employees, and seamen
(men and women are welcome).
and ship owners. Tinatawagan ang pansin ng lahat ng mga di
pa nakakakuha ng Baptismal Certificates ng
As the rate is set at 4,320 won per hour, daily kanilang mga anak.
MIGRANT CENTERS minimum wage is 34,560 won (8-hour work),
monthly minimum wage is 902,880 won and Maaari ninyong kunin ang mga ito sa Catho-
Guri Pastoral Center 031-566-1141 976,320 won under 40-hour workweek and 44- lic Center tuwing linggo sa ganap na alas 9:00
Ansan Galilea Center 031-494-8411 hour workweek respectively. The minimum ng umaga hanggang ika 12:00 ng tanghali, at sa
Suwon Emmaus Center 031-257-8501 wage only includes basic pay and fixed allow- ganap na ika 4:00 hanggang ika 5:00 ng hapon.
Friends Without Borders Counseling Office ances which are paid regularly, but overtime Maliban po lamang sa tuwing ikadalawang
032-345-6734/5 pay, annual and monthly leave allowance, lingo ng bawat buwan. Makipag-ugnayan po
Gasan, Song-uri International Community housing allowance, meal allowance, etc. are not kay Rebeck Beltran (010-8671-2761) o kay
031-543-5296 included. Edison Pinlac: (010-2906-3109) o sa kahit na
Uijungbu, Nokyangdong Migrant Center sinong Lay Minister.
On the other hand, the minimum wage can
031-878-6926 cut down to 90% of the normal level for a pro-
Masok Chonmasan Migrant Center bationary worker. It can further go down to
031-593-6542 80% for workers of surveillance or intermittent KAILANGAN SA
Bomun, Seoul Foreign Workers‘ Labor Coun- job such as a security guard, janitor, facility
seling Office 02-928-2049/924-2706 PAGPAPAKASAL
manager, etc. after their employer obtained an
approval from the Minister of Employment and 1. Birth Certificate ng mga ikakasal
MGA IMPORTANTENG Labor. 2. Status of singleness from Census
PAALAALA (notarized)
Mga kailangang dokumento sa paga-asikaso ng (see page 10 for more details)
3. Parents‘ consent as proof of singleness
mga reklamo tungkol sa sahod:
HFCC Volunteer Invitation (notarized)
1. Pay Slip or any other proof of payment of Inaanyayahan po ang lahat ng interesadong 4. Baptismal Certificate for marriage purposes
salary maging volunteer sa mga sumusunod na grupo. 5. Confirmation Certificate for marriage pur-
2. Daily Time Record (DTR) if available, or
CHOIR - nangangailangan po ng miyembro sa poses
self-made record of daily work attendance
specifying Regular Working hours, Over- Alto, Soprano, at Tenor. Makipagugnayan la- 6. Passport (xerox copy)
time, and Night Differential. mang po kay Ate Ely Torres 010-8061-9143. 7. Pre-Cana seminar na gaganapin bago ang
3. Labor Contract ALTAR BOYS - Makipagugnayan lamang po takdang araw ng kasal. Makipag-ugnayan
4. Bank Book/ Passbook kay Bro. Rebeck Beltran 010-8671-2761. po lamang sa Catholic Center para sa sched-
5. Alien Card and Passport ule.
IT Committee - Makipagugnayan lamang po
kay Matet Solis o kaninuman sa IT Committee
Paanyaya: Ang lahat ay inaanyayahang email at sambayanan- SA LAHAT NG MAY E-9 VISA
ibahagi ang kanilang mga talent sa itboard@yahoogroups.com Para Po sa lahat na may E-9 VISA, may tatlo
pagsusulat ng mga kuwento, sanaysay, SAMBAYANAN Newsletter - nangangailan- pong tanging dahilan upang payagan kayong
karanasan at pagninilay upang ilathala gan po ng manunulat sa News, Feature, at Re- makalipat ng kumpanya. Ito po ay;
flections. Pati na rin po sa photojournalist at
sa babasahing ito. Ipadala lamang ito sa layout. Makipagugnayan lamang po kay Doc 1. Kayo ay dalawang buwang hindi pinasasa-
email address na ito: sambayanan- Ems 010-5160-2928. hod
2. Kayo ay pisikal at verbal na sinasaktan, o
edboard@yahoogroups.com o sa CHURCH STEWARD - Makipagugnayan po di kaya‘y
emelyabagat@yahoo.com. kay Ate Nida o kaninuman sa mga Steward. 3. Bankrupt o lugi ang kumpanya

Page 12 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 03
Guidelines on Dual Citizenship How to Apply for ePassport
Recently, South Korea passed the dual citi- issued Birth Certificate, for applicants born Schedule an Appointment starting 15 July
zenship laws and will take effect in January abroad; 2010. Only fifty (50) ePassport applications
2011. Former Filipinos who have become natu- 6. Marriage Certificate for married women;
will be entertained per day.
ralized citizens of South Korea are advised to
prepare the necessary documents so they can 7. Certificate of Naturalization in a foreign Call the APPOINTMENT HOTLINE
apply for retentions and reacquisition of Philip- country; NUMBER 010-9385-0535 ( from 9:00am to
pine citizenship when the law takes effect. 8. Foreign issued passport; 5:30pm M-F) OR you can send an email to
Dual Citizenship FAQ epassport@philembassy-seoul.com and give
9. The taking of an Oath of Allegiance (in pre-
your full name including middle name, date
The Philippine Embassy in Seoul wishes scribed form) before the Consul General.
and place of birth, your old passport number
to inform that Petitions for Retention and Re- 10.Fee of US $ 50.00 and US$ 25.00 for each
and mobile number in Korea.
acquisition of Philippine Citizenship may be dependent. (Payment can be made in Ko-
filed at the Embassy pursuant to Republic Act rean Won) Requirements:
No. 9225 otherwise known as the "Citizenship  Old Philippine Passport and a photocopy of
Retention and Reacquisition Act of 2003" and 11.The Petition together with the supporting the passport data page, last page showing the
Memorandum Circular No. AFF-04-01, "Rules documents plus a copy of the Oath of Alle-
giance is forwarded to the Commissioner of name and signature of the signing officer,
Governing Philippine Citizenship Under Re-
the Bureau of Immigration; and the page with the date of last entry to
public Act (R.A.) No. 9225 and Administrative
Order (A.O.) No. 91, Series of 2004" issued by 12.The Embassy shall issue an Order of Ap- Korea
the Bureau of Immigration. proval, Copy of the Oath of Allegiance and  Passport application form
Who are eligible? Identification Certificate (IC)  Remember your Appointment Reference
All natural born Filipinos who have lost their What are the requirements if minor children Number
Philippine citizenship due to naturalization as a are included in the Petition?
 ePassport fee – US$ 60.00 payable in cash
citizen of another country may file a Petition The petitioner may include in the application only.
for Retention and Reacquisition of Philippine children of minor age (i.e., less than 18 years
Citizenship on their behalf and that of their old) as dependents. The petitioner must include Procedure on Date of Appointment:
unmarried minor children below 18 years of the following: Step 1:
age.  Original and two photocopies each of the  Check your name on the list of applicants
What are the requirements for retaining or following documents. The original docu- with appointment
reacquiring Philippine citizenship? ments must be shown to the Embassy for
 Complete all information on the passport
Requirements to become eligible verification
application form
 Birth certificate of each dependent. If the
1. The applicant must be a former natural born Wait for your name and number to be called
Filipino; dependent was born outside of the Philip- 
pines, the Report of Birth issued by the Phil- at Window 4
2. Loss of one's Philippine citizenship must be ippine Embassy or Philippine Consulate in  Submit the application form and present your
due to naturalization in a foreign country; the country where the child was born. old Passport and photocopies
The dependent/s of the principal who are re-  Old Philippine passport of each dependent
taining or reacquiring their Philippine citizen-  OPTIONAL : If you wish to avail of the
ship must be a) minor, and b) unmarried and  Certificate of Korean Citizenship of each courier service, get a courier form and write
below 18 years of age dependent your name and complete return address. Get
 Korean passport of each dependent a copy of the courier form. Payment will be
Procedural Requirements made upon delivery of your ePassport. Have
1. Complete the Petition for Retention and Re-  Four (4) passport-sized colored photographs your old passport canceled by the consular
acquisition of Philippine Citizenship; of each dependent. The photograph must be
recent (taken within the last three months)
2. The Petition must be made under oath; and have a royal blue background. The pho- Step 2:
3. The Petition must contain the applicant's tographs should not show applicant in sleeve-  Go to cashier and pay the exact amount of
latest address; less or revealing attire and eyeglasses should
US$ 60.00 in cash. No check may be
be removed.
4. Four (4) recent 2" x 2" photographs of the accepted
applicant/s (front view over royal blue back- Processing Time :
 Keep your receipt and show it when you
ground); The Philippine Embassy will accept all re- claim your ePassport in person after 6 weeks.
5. Philippine issued Birth Certificate, for those quirements and submit application for evalua-
tion by the consular officer. Once approved, Step 3:
born in the Philippines, or; original copy of
the Report of Birth (filed with the appropriate the Oath of Allegiance and will be scheduled  Go to the encoder for encoding of data,
Foreign Service Post) and copy of the foreign within 5 working days. picture taking, taking of thumb marks and
digital signature. Applicant should be in
decent attire. Both ears should be shown
Exemption from re-entry permit
 Keep your receipt of payment and bring your
The Philippine Embassy was informed by the enter and depart from Korea without a re-entry old passport for cancellation to claim your
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Korea permit for one year within their permitted pe- ePassport. You can also authorize a
on the notice by Korea Immigration Service, riod of stay on visa. If the period of stay is less representative to claim your passport by
Ministry of Justice regarding exemption from re than one year, the exemption is valid for the giving authority at the back of y o u r
-entry permit for foreigners upon arrival and duration of the period of stay. In the case of claim receipt.
departure from the Republic of Korea. permanent residents (F-5), their exemption will
remain valid for two years after their departure
According to the Korea Immigration Service, It takes about six (6) weeks to process the
the re-entry permit system has been revised to ePassport as the approved applications are
provide convenience for foreign residents in The exemption on re-entry permit takes sent to a central processing facility in the
Korea. effect on Wednesday, 01 December 2010. Philippines.
Filipino residents of Korea with valid pass- Atty. Felicitas Q. Bay
ports and alien registration cards, are free to Labor Attache

Volume 16 Issue 03 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 13
F R E Q U E N T L Y C A L L E D N O S . SAMBAYANAN is prepared and
Phil.Embassy Education (Bobby) 010-4664-6896 published monthly by the Archdiocesan
(Labor Office) 3785-3634/3785-3624 Youth Ministry (Weng) 010-5821-7799 Pastoral Center for Filipino Migrants which is
(Consular Office) 796-7387 to 89 ext. 103 IT Committee 010-4220-1422 being administered by the Mission Society of
(Hotline) 011-273-3657 Lay Eucharistic Ministry (Rebeck) the Philippines under the auspices of Seoul
Philippine Airlines 774-35-81 010-8671-2761 Archdiocese.
Fr. Alvin Parantar, MSP 010-4922-0870 FMAA (Norma) 010-2408-1554
Sr. Miguela Santiago 016-706-0870 LRC (Mhar) 010-8683-3826
Edison Pinlac (Pres/JPC) 010-2906-3109 CWI 010-6871-0870
Bro. Jimmy Villaflor (VP) 010-2572-8515 Mokdong Immigration Processing
(Detention) Center 02-2650-6247
El Shaddai (Bro.Henry/Avel) 794-23-38
Hwaseong, Suwon Immigration Processing
Masok (Gil Maranan) 010-5822-9194 (Detention) Center 031-355-2011/2 ARCHDIOCESAN PASTORAL
(031) 593-6542 Chungju Immigration Processing CENTER FOR FILIPINO
(Detention) Center 043-290-7512/3
Taerim Community (Dan) 010-8684-7897 MIGRANTS
Yang Seung Geol 011-226-9237
Worship Ministry (Ely) 010-8061-9143 115-9 Songbuk-gu, Songbuk 1dong, Seoul,
Han Suk Gyu 010-5348-9515
Recreation Ministry (Mike) 010-2762-9906 South Korea 136-020

Telephone Number:
Sunday: Cycle A 2011 March-April Weekday: Year 1 (070) 8161-0870 or (070) 8161-0873/74
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1/APR~3/MAY, 8/MAY~31/MAY
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6M 720,000 700,000 740,000 720,000
1M 440,000 440,000 440,000 480,000
15D 460,000 440,000 520,000 500,000
7D 420,000 400,000 460,000

Inc-Mla Pus/Mla Inc-Cebu
1YR 780,000 760,000 900,000 780,000
6M 740,000 720,000 840,000 740,000
1M 640,000 620,000 720,000 640,000
15D 560,000 540,000 580,000 580,000
7D 520,000 500,000 560,000 560,000

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Volume 16 Issue 03 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Page 15
Int'l Women's Day - March 6, 2011

Hyehwa Church - Ashes on Foreheads - March 13, 2011

Hyehwa Church - Lenten Recollection - March 13, 2011

Page 16 One community living up the Gospel through the service of the Lord and our fellow men Volume 16 Issue 03