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Compliance Matrix for Technical Proposal

Requirement n Section Title Page
Factor 1: Technical and Management Capability - Subfactor 1A: Management and Technical
Provide a narrative of the management and II.A Approaches and Methods to 13
technical approach the contractor proposes to Delivering Patient Appointing
accomplish the requirements of the PWS. The Services
technical approach shall address the method for
accomplishing the basic contract and task order
PWS requirements
Also address the technical approach in providing II.B Multi-facility Delivery of Services 32
patient appointing services to multiple CONUS
medical treatment facilities
Describe the offeror’s technical approach in II.C Centralized, Decentralized and 33
providing services from a centralized location (i.e. Combined Location Service
call center); from a decentralized location (within a Delivery
single military treatment facility); and from a
combination of centralized and decentralized
The management approach shall address II.D Techniques, Tools and Practices 35
management techniques, tools and practices the for Quality and Timely Delivery
offeror will use to ensure quality and timeliness
performance of all required services throughout the
life of the contract
Address the offeror’s understanding of the type of II.E Understanding of Services and 36
services required and the necessary qualifications of Personnel Qualifications
contract personnel
Include a list of proposed key personnel and their II.F Key Personnel 39
respective positions with regard to this contract
Describe the management approach to cover II.G Unscheduled Absences 41
unscheduled absences
Describe the management approach to retain II.H Employee and Subcontractor 41
employees and/or subcontractors with minimum Retention Strategy
The offeror shall provide information about II.I Personnel Accreditation 43
experience, education, background, and licenses as
well as any additional applicable
licenses/certifications, in order to demonstrate the
ability of personnel to comply with the requirements
of the solicitation
If partnering with another contractor, state the II.J Subcontractor Roles 44
capacity in which this partner will serve in the
management of this contract
If the offeror does not have the requisite II.K Building of Skills for Delivery of 44
experience, in providing patient appointment Services
services, then provide a plan that fully describes
how the offeror will obtain the necessary
management skills and resources needed to provide
the required services.