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Road Construction
> Licomont® BS 100 for bitumen modification
in road construction
What can be achieved with Licomont® BS 100

> Incorporation into the bitumen as well as the mixed mineral

> Protection of wearing parts during production of mixed material
> Energy-saving production of mixed materials; short mixing time
> Improvement of the adhesion of the bitumen on the mineral
> Considerable decrease of transport and paving temperature
> Reduced heat radiation and vapour generation
> High compacting degree during construction (cohesion)
> Good deforming resistance at high temperatures
> Lower tendency to form wheel tracks
> No increased risk of crack formation at low temperatures

Licomont® BS 100 to improve the Physical Properties of Bitumen and Asphalt

Licomont ® BS 100 Bitumen 70/100 Bitumen 70/100

+3 % Licomont ® BS 100

Viscosity < 50 215 170 The bitumen becomes

at 150 °C [mPa·s] plate less viscous
and cone Viscometer

Needle penetration 3 75 55 The bitumen becomes

at 25 °C [1/10mm] harder

Drop point 141 – –


Softening point – 53 94 The bitumen stands

[°C] higher temperatures
Problem: Permanent increase of road loading

> Enormous increase of traffic; especially of

long-distance haulage
> Increase of super-single-tyres on trucks
> High surface pressure
(warehouses, container terminals, permanent increase
of axle pressure, slow driving trucks)
> Highly increase of allowed axle load (today up to 12 tons)
> Permanent increase of allowed laden weight The new super-single-tires form wider and deeper sinkings
than earlier wire types did.
(today up to 60 tons)

Solution: Modifying of Bitumen respective Asphalt

As was already mentioned, it’s possible to modify the bitumen. The modification gives more hardness to the asphalt
to prevent sinkings in the road. There are basically two types of additives for modifying bitumen:

High molecular (polymers)

> EVA (e. g. Elvax® from Dupont)
> Licocene®/Polymers (Clariant)

Low molecular modification

with Amide wax
(e. g. Licomont ® BS 100 from Clariant)
Hardness of the Asphalt – Influence of Licomont® BS 100 on the
Depending on the Temperature Hardness of Bitumen

The resulting benefits are:

Hard > Very good coldness-stability – no frost damages
> Excellent deformation resistance at higher temperature
> Avoidance of wheel trucking
> Improvement of processing parameter

-30 0 30 60 90 120 150
Temperature °C

Bitumen 70/100
Bitumen 70/100 + 3 % Licomont BS 100

Bitumen Modified with 3 % Licomont ® BS 100 Unmodified

- 30 °C to + 30 °C Hardness higher than without modification
+ 30 °C to + 90 °C Hardness nearly constant Hardness of (amorphous) bitumen
+ 90 °C to +120 °C Hardness / viscosity decrease drastic Decrease linear during warm up
over 120 °C Viscosity lower than without modification
Tracking Test with Bitumen 70/100 - 20.000 Overruns at 50 °C

To have not only laboratory results,

a test track was build up. The pene-
tration depth in modified and non- 8

Penetration depth (mm)

modified Bitumen 70/100 is shown in
this diagram. 6

Pouring asphalt Carrier layer Grit mastic Asphalt binder
asphalt (SMA)

Bitumen 70/100
Bitumen 70/100 modified with Licomont BS 100

But not only the absolute values of the

penetration depth show the positive 8
effects, also the development of the
Penetration depth (mm)

penetration compared to the number 6

of overruns show the outstanding
stabilization of bitumen with Licomont 4

BS 100.

0 4000 8000 12000 16000 20000

Bitumen 70/100
Bitumen 70/100 modified with Licomont BS 100

After a short period of deflection there is no further penetration of the modified bitumen while the
penetration of the non-modified bitumen goes on and on.

On balance the result was:

Licomont® BS 100 should be used in any

cases where high stability and life
span of the asphalt road is especially
important. Without modification With 3 % Licomont® BS 100
12.000 overruns 20.000 overruns
Please note
This information is based on our present state of knowledge and is intended to provide
general notes on our products and their uses. It should not therefore be construed
as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for
a particular application. Any existing industrial property rights must be observed.
The quality of our products is guaranteed under our General Conditions of Sale.

® = Trademark of Clariant registered in numerous countries.

Edition: November 2007

Exactly your chemistry.


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