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+t our best ever. ject today! Your essent ero 2) / 2 feo gui Fresh flowers Mires eee eee Enjoy a perfect @ _} spring day Tos : VOU stitch? ‘e want to fill every issue o Collection with projects you love. To help us to do this, please share your views by filling in this questionnaire. to Cross Stitch Collection Us still very early in the year to go mad with flowers, so we are starting with a simple, stylish study of a daffodil on page 14, which should keep us gardeners happy until the first real blooms show: Dog lovers will be thrilled with the exclusive chart from DMC of wildlife artist Pollyanna Pickering’s golden labrador on page 38, anid we also have a splendidly smart cushion featuring four medieval style wild animals ~ gorgeous, but not for the faint hearted. Of course, you can’t fail to have noticed that all the high street space taken up by Christmas cards has made way for St Valentine’s Day... but save your money. Turn to page 41 for our pretty collection of cards to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. ‘The romantic theme continues on page 60 with a review of some of the latest romantic kits ~ we've made sure there's something for all tastes. Now if your New Year Resolution was to spread the word about cross stitching, turn to page 59 to find out about National Stitching Week and how you can get involved in teaching friends to stitch, Happy stitching! Below isa lit of che projects inthis issue Please tick the boxes to let us know which are your favourite and least fvourite designs: Then fil ou ¢ coupen and return the questionnaire to us ~ the first 10 we receive will win a special prize. ‘Country villnge seen, p& Really ike“) Quite ike Dorit tke Daal, ots Really ike C1). Quite like ©) Dont tke Medieval wild animal cushion, p20 Really lke] Quite ike Ci Dont ike Gites for friends picture, p25 Really tke "1 Quite ike) Dont tke Periwinkle trinket pot, p28 TD Realy tke 5 Quite ike Ci Den’ tke Gardening doll, p32 [Realy ike 5 Quite ike i Dene like Golden labrador, 938 Realy ke 5 Quite like Done tke lentine’s cards, pal Realy ke Quite like Ci Deni ike Spring window, pas CH Realy ke Qui like) Don lke Fun flower teddies, p54 1 Really ke 0) Quite like Dente like Plant pot friends, p66 1 Realy tke Quite ike) Don ike (eatin Lewis, ater ‘Any other comments you'd ike xo make about rogaine? | ame ae 26 hy rssh 3 P5 Now's the time to book your = tickets to Stitch 2003. We've planned ea some really exciting competitions, ‘events and displays for you, and it's looking set to be our best show ‘ever Turn to page 68 for detalls of how to join us at this premier stitching event. ‘How long have you been reading Cross Stitch Collection? Pease rein yur coupon by 12 Febrnry 2003 Cross Ste Cllection 30 Menmauth St Bath BAL Tin om od ay Ke do me om (Sainte tebc loc neo SUL ea Due a oe Cs oe COLLECTION me Placer Your stitching stories, photos and requests Top wildlife artise Pollyanna Pickering tells us about her travels to far flung places and the inspiration for her superb pedigree dog designs Find out how you can join in the first ever week-long celebration of stitching plier focus ve with Joan Pollen’s mail order button company Talisman Buttons 74 Cross stitch classics We admire DMC Rose Fairy during the most antic month of the year 54 Flower teddies of buttons a (Our expert Shirley ‘Toogood guides us through the wonderful world of buttons and beads, all perfect for embellishing your stitching, We bet you'll want to add them to ev 70 § Our four-step guide to stitching and finishing your designs, plus technical index. If you're a beginner this is all you need to get started aa Ty ae Weel "BIG 536 p64 ; WEEKEND WORK Send off for ast [0 tinish> Aitych steadied, Head op tavieg, \ i 4 Ldaclap Alcina] Project index © Cotswold village sei 44 Elegant daffodil stud 20 Medieval animals cul 25 Perfect gift for a frie! 28 Periwinkle trinket pot 32 Molly the gardening | 38 Golden Labrador 41 Pretty Valentines can 46 Fresh springtime 54 Fun flower teddies 3 66 Piant pot friends 32 Molly the dolly [I G Cotswold village scene Sandy Littlejohns This romantic design indulgently combines pure imagination with hazy childhood memories. For me, rows of white cottages with windows flung wide are the epitomy of endless summer holidays. There's something so innocent and rural about small cottage gardens boasting chaotically colourful flowers. | can just imagine children’s tummies rumbling at the smells wafting from a busy village bakery and dashing happily past temptingly stacked fruit displays outside a greengrocer's store. Dreams of days gone by... and why not. SRE ea SN 4 CS bs Po wal Cy yi There's nothing like a big project to get your teeth into! Sandy Littlejohn’s idyllic rural scene will keep you busy Sandy’s stitching advice... This is one of the best projects | have ever similar, so my tip isto use a thread stitched. It’s especially important ro start in organiser, and there are some vertical cross the centre it make sure youve enough fabric stitches. See the gulde to these stitches on {or finishing. There was no one tricky thing 10.1 actually did the backstitch as I went although some of the shades were very along, using long stitch where necessary, SOLLECTION ie ; ing aa i an | {Project guide SKILLS LEVEL Intermediate - fractional cross stitch ‘ebadkstiteh ‘horizontal and vertical crass stitch ‘part one of thvee ‘TIME TO STITCH approx 80 hours for each section ps oa “This romantic design 1 combines pure imagina | chil van Mia Shopping List | For the whole desiga: |4HPI aida ~ 38x94cm, white stranded cotton ~ as listed In iuiar 1 Tapestry needle ~ se 24 Frame loatha f6ctben Se Collect the set srr ig mood Thigeal dnign coven cre secon ne Loz wadding ~ cut to fit the we're sure you'll want to start right away, we've aperture size given the centre section of the chartand listed SD Siesline= Mabie seal sa the colours you'll need for this portion. The two follewesne enchnt Anchor side sections with their keys will appear in the 2ahass Pa aad 1, nero ie of Colac she March (9) Aer (9) kes The mae uk dei conan al he trend rede 0 yo it med alc tm hare etm order the pack. SSestrestaist i pala HH & rol blue COLOUR ¥ Medium pe Dark brown Dark 72003 Retna 4 38 762 % 8 ras, at wheels Indy oes DMC ‘window leading shop a he and apron 8 thatch edge, horse, cae man, ay horse hnness es as ANCHOR — oo — Bae — 64 long — 267 fon — BB ladys — Bn horse hares — 403 horse eye an 1088 Hsia tt I How to start The fist thing todo is measure and mark the fabric with tacking ble oj well with double checking before you sa ti J] With a tong horizontal design like this one iti ing in msi calle sig ba fine which sa wonden 1s the fabric between bats. DMC, Coats Cra Company all supply these frames. Check the youu. You wl need one tata wor Bieksticeh Some of the backstitch devia are better when worked a long stitches. These inelude finer details lke the horse's hamess an the panes of glas in the store window, Add your long: afer you have pressed y This helps com tole Ire you to gee the tension right. aida because a vertical eros stitch ‘s worked over to stan vertically but only ote 8 To work them on aide you will, have to push your n rc RB Firstly, Llove your magazine which I've been reading for well lover two years. I was drawn to it because of a free cross stitch kit of a small cottage which was attached to the cover. When I finished it I entered itin the state fai, and won a ribbon. These days you don’t offer these kits as often. I miss them, please can you bring them back? Karen Bell, Tennesse, USA Cathy: Recently we've been trying out lots of ideas for cover gifts or added value items. The most popular of these are the ‘xiant pull-out chaets, allowing us to feature designs which would ptherwise be too big to it into the magazine. Similarly there are the Share your stories, questions and stitching achievements with us. Write to us at Cross Stitch Collection, Future Publishing, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BAI 2BW. Or e-mail: cathy lewis@fururener.co.uk 1 frve mounts we've been puting, issue 74, The kit was called “Toccata in Green’ also by 1s any to enter and you could onthe back cover toenhance “Serenade in Pink’ and was 30 Heritage and gave ito my bea lucky winner! your stitching, And we do sill lovely I litched the mother. Thank you again for ‘occasionally have cover kits~in matching design Sa"\, thegiveaway and fora Giant wildflower fact look out for pretty primroses was to \\ great magazine too. want to show you the first ‘asa card on the next issue. With thriled co win | Ea List, Austria large project I've made. I liked this variety we im to suit as Bose" | Cathy: We' glad you the design from the moment 1 many tastes, abilities and design Vosgn | /_ liked the prize Eva. It looks saw it~ it was totally different sizes os possible, as well as like your matching frames from anything I've stitched ofering something excing an and mounts set the designs off before. Altogether it measures new in every issue perfectly 'm sure your mother nearly 1.Smx7Sem and it took me likes them too, Turn to page 18 five months to finish, though fox 1 for more giveaways inching. some ofthat me I stiched for 1 just wanted to say thank you "Moonsvatchers’, whichis one of between 10 and 12 hours a day very mich forthe Heritage the latest designs by Valerie Helena Blancuacr, Belgium Stiteherat giveaway Lwon in Pfeiffer for Heritage Stitchcrat, Cathy: Wow! T have never seen a single flower study so big, ox 0 faste | e Orient A Tate Short enmpttnin nT ‘Collection and I'm vrting to tnank you and 38) wtas almost overwholmad with Joy, especialy 28 Te only been stitching for a short time, Of allfve ‘Boars ABC Sampler for my two Young tent at sting an et at every possible moment. Thank you aga! Borbara Knowles, Birmingham cof these and the full a ‘Coats Crafts UK on 01328 Giant Hogwoed can grow up to 2m so this one fs aost este # COLLECTION 1 ISTITCHER ofthe MONTH yeaa Elegant ladies 5 { in writing to fell you about two designs ! ‘which I stitched and then, surprise, saw them both featured in Collection in issue 81, 1 stitched ‘the ‘Henry VIII Sampler’ for my husband's niece for Christmas and ‘The Quiltmaker’ three times, ! was doing the first for ‘myself but a friend who saw it loved it so much that I gave it to hheras.a 60th birthday present. | decided to stil it again for ‘myself and mount itin a firesereen, and the third time for my ‘sisterin-law. At the moment I'm stitching another challenging. design called ‘Winter Queen’ by Mirabilia. Who knows, it may rop up in Colfectiont Thank you for your magazine ~1 can’t ‘wait for itt go on sale every month. ‘Sarah Rogan, Cumbria i ‘Cathy: Well Sirah, to have stitched these gongeous designs once ‘yoitld bean achievement but you've just proved that is alse Pomsibloenjoy stitching a piece several kines, impressive, How marvellous and well dene for finishing it so quicily, Helena, iragon fant I recently stitched this dragon design which I bought as a chart from an American website called wueweathiescupboard.com. thas a superb fantasy section. This particular chart is called Cormye and when finished measures 38\74em, stitched on ISHPL aida, 1 spent two years working it, and really enjoyed it because the whole background is solidly stitched. Also I like the dramatic shading, especially on the rocks, Rachel Wallis, Scunthorpe Cathy: Congratulations on hing Rachel. hops our exclusive fantasy dragon by Jennifer Aikman-Smith from Canada in the last issue, though that particular design maller than your giant piece! If you missed it tum to p back issu know if you've had \y letters about the new Venus stranded cottons, but T thought Vd let you know What I thought. Atjust 30p a skein I invested in a few to try them out. I stitehed a number of Christmas cards and was very pleased with the way the threads performed. The Fgyptian cotton has a wonderful texture and doesn't fluff up, ‘Only time will tell how it ‘over the years, but I'm convinced and will be switching over. With 6f $00 or so colours, it seems extremely go Jacqui Armitage, ofa ematl Cathy: Thanks for your nments Jacqu war what stitchers realy think © Its always good hear your glowing report To try he Venus stranded cotton for ourself ask your local stitch shop, cud Unfortunately 1 was confined to my house for two weeks back in April and had no do. However my daughter lent ime some back copies of Collection and I decided to stitch the ‘Nature's Year’ series by Julia de Medeiros to make a wallhanging. I stitched several of the months and my hanging was soon taking shape but, although my daughter had thought she hhad all the back copies for the year, we could nat find the cha for January. b able to track down a copy of this final chart and I've just finished ‘my wallhanging, It did take a while all in all, but 'm very pleased with the result and it was. lovely project to do, broidery to )LLECTION & pretty to look at and holds many enjoyable memories, Pamela Eoans, Cardiff Cathy: Is an accomplishment to be proud of Pamela, Julia's designs are really spec you've come up with a beautiful method of displaying your stitching. We'll be featuring miore of Julia’s pretty creations later on this year so do keep an eye out for ther, Stitching a verse is @ tovely idea, especialy when it's one that means 2 lot to you. Happily, you don’t need a computer or any special equipment to achieve great resuits. The trick is to have patience and get ready for plonty of rubbing out until the design fooks just right. All you need is a basic charted alphabet to copy from, graph paper, a pencil and rubber. The biggest decision is choosing the style of alphabet — whole stitches or backsttch, plain or Illuminated and so On. | think I's best to let the poetry speak for itself and keep the colour palette to a minimum, Choose from a book or a chart like our flower teddies on page 56. Start planning out the paem on the graph paper. checking the spacing between letters and words. The amount of space varies and is-a case of fidcling to see what looks right. To ‘work: out the best poshioning you could draw out individual words, cut them out and then glue them separately on another sheet. When finished, work out how much fabric you need by divicing the stitch count by the number of holes per inch (HP!) This Is the design size so ‘add around six inches to both the helght and wicth to eliow for mounting. You're now ready to stitch your poem. c ats to receive it.I think I may even Tove the cross stitch classic be one of your oldest design which you featured on subscribers ~ I'm 871 p74 of the Christmas issue, Audrey Wardell, Edgbaston number $5, Istitched the “Three Cathy: I'm glad you liked our Bird Watchers’ by Dimensions choice ofa classic eross stitch last year and it’s hanging in my design Audrey, and well done to hall It was a bit ofa challenge have added that personal touch and Leven decided toamend —_to your stitching, Ir you'd like to the design slightly. Ichanged nominate a design which you the colour of the kitlens’ eyes think is a classic, just wrlte to us from blue to green and yellow athe usual ad to match the eyes of our own, moggies. Thanks for a super magazine, I'm always so glad Post free reader ads and, M requests here by wr to us at the usual address. Chart search “To Groatest Love’ ty Bulla, discontinued, seen in issue AG. r \ sa) ae nee ‘Mrs Lane, 62 Stafford Road, ‘Croydon, Surrey CRO 4NE [Mrs P Jenner 18 Adelaide Road, Paterson, 124 Enfiold Ra, Hunt End, Redditch, Worcs B97 SNF ts PBoton frogs Haven, 8 lose, Murow, Cambs PE23 4H i ith it “Millennium Sampler’ European ‘version by Craft Collection, i} Mrs P ‘O'Neil, 22 Daimally Close, | ee i at Back issues ; ford: Cross sinehConecton | ties roattn Ha Karen Davies, 20 Eimwood Drive, Ati Daan Ds ra i fackiasuns nos 25 anaes | Ir Guy 494 High Steet, i ‘Shpenny Handley: Salsbury, ‘Wiltshire SP5 SND ee Mrs Baroara Day, 44 Roberts ‘Aven, Hoppers Crossing, tora 9029, usta. Correction Iniatun 67, pee 58, we thpt Needlenose’ Fit Cats cesign ig £1499. The ‘actually £34.50 rp, Tel: 0 set20a aa ey i # COLLECTION Susan Bates My inspiration came from a book of 17th century botanical prints. The drawings which show the whole plant, were made when botanists were trying to understand the workings of plants and were busy cataloguing all the known natural world. I wanted my design to be simple, strong and vertical. perfect for a narcissus. | also wanted the flowerheads to be fresh and spring-like so I referred to a gardening book, choosing the shape we all most often think of when we think of daffodils. Fresh sprin flowers This botanical study of a daffodil by Susan Bates shows one of our favourite flowers at its most elegant Be Ko Shopping List | 28HPI Annabelle evenweave = 46x36em, white | Stranded cotton ~ 18 colours, as listed in the key ‘Tapestry needle ~ size 26 8 Frame ~ wooden, with a 28.5x18em aperture 8 Mount — butter yellow, with a 24x13.5cm aperture 8 2oz wadding — cut co fic the aperture size More about... | daffodils and narci : 4 me for this group of flowers irrespective of the size and | colour ofthe trumps Qnractionals ty 2%, Amazingly, there are over 25000 varieties ca Sl %¥ available in all shapes, colours and sizes. 30% This sen does comain gute a yg, They are named after the god PAS ber of frciona oie | $6 Geecte legend, who fel int smote roundel shape. Using eveneave own reflection in a stream, Transfixed, he was | fabrics mak ‘easier= see p70 for cur | turned into a flower to live there forever by the ‘ctching guide ~ but fou prefer oath | gest of the gods, who feared he would starve ‘on aida, try a wing more pointed needle ie ‘af, The cut flowers are best displayed on their to plc the centre of the aida blocks [8 own as the sap is toxic to other flowers Stitching the design This design was stitched because of the fractional stitched part of the leaves, stitches.The use of an first and then the lefe hand for us by May evenweave fabric helps to flower. Then I finished the Postlethwaite make it easier but this fabric top and moved down, ‘This is a striking design with {quite ‘slubby’ with natural good tip is to sort the fresh, vibrant colours, exture so care isneeded. threads frst as there are | found ic fairly challenging | started in the middle and several close shades, (Proj roy ject guide SKILLS LEVEL Intermediate ‘factional stitches se bacistteh ‘French knots TIME TO STITCH approx 35 hours Nardssus Farbune Ser cienes Forbune EBBE 8 4 DMC BOP DIE ») Ho) ge nee etna See ee eo ee ee ee ee ee ee ee iS ae Sie eae oo eee eee au ae oe oe ee 2 gee SS eee oe ee ree oe oe ee oo a ee Soo oe eee oe eee i ee ee ee = oe oe eee eeoee . a Sa Sean oe ee aes ce 2s laesc age ane aie Pree ere ee Ne a oe eee ed NT sqacis| i ove Tue aL Goer Pel ena peeks address indicated or Rcerecra Collection 88, 29 Denes Bath BAI 2DL. Gees you do not Rens PRE offers from Pesan MA er I Oa ea eet) Ory EUR id date of: Mate liteye Fb Pas) ogi ela pA) $ COLLECTION # Dream cottage This dreamy kit called "Thatched Costage in Spring’ is by Abacus Designs. Ie is supplied with |4HPI aida and costs £22.95 (+41 pBp).To order call Abacus Designs on 01629 760900 or sive away, so send a postcard (with your email details if possible) to CSC8B Cortage giveaway, ‘Abacus Designs, I Lime Grove Walk, Matlock, Derbys DE4 3FD. In case you don’t win, Abacus is offering lucky Collection readers 10% off all purchases to celebrate 10 years in business... “Moonwatchers! (code VPIIW592) is one of the latest signs in che best-selling range by artist Valerie Peiffer for Hericage Stccheraft-The atmospheric scene of grey herons surrounded by swirling reeds is worked on either |4HPI aida or 28HPI evenweave. Fe measures around |0xSin and costs £1850 (rrp). Foner tLe Information, local stockist detals or a free catalogue contact Heritage Stitcheraft on 01889 575256. We have eight kits to give away so send us a posteard marked Moonwatchers, indicating your fabric preference. Just Send @ posecardE SII" SMd @ po secax 1e [Neweon is this pame of ths cute character whotl be familar to readers of our sister tile QuickBEosy Cross a ‘Stich, where he shot to stardom, Now Anchor has a i Selection of kts featuring this adorable litle bear‘Love Sy) You’ (NLI3) is just one of che new designs in che 1-97 range. ts priced around £6.99 (trp) and is worked on IIGHPI cream fabric, measuring 15x|0cm so you'll easily finish it in time for St.Valentine’s Day. For your local stockist detals and Information on the full range of Newton's Law designs call Coats, ee a aL tes ge ie (Clk ein ets 0 us marking your entry Newton's Law. ib eS ust send @ postear Wo DMC Gold Concept Suntieey The Gold Conept is DMCs anoeraeurtieas _- Wall bOX — 9), storage problems. With its unique method of Here's an original idea for i storing stranded cotton skeins on stitchbows in ‘Other cross stitelt clubs in the Midlands Kinsbuty Sewing Club meets every Tuesday, Ispm during {erm times only at Kinsbury Road School, Erdington, Bieminghamn, For more details call Alice Green on 0121 3505971. Hiolbeach Craft Club meets on the fourth Tuesday of each ‘onth at Holbesch Uniied Soeal Services Club, Hotbeach, Lincé. For information contact Pat Waters on 01406 371763, ‘Tiukad Siitchers ~ meets every otter Wednesday, 7.309.30pm al Fdgevsood Leisure Centre, Hucknall, Notts, For futher information call Debby Pownall on 0118 9533230. t eee eee COLLECTION 25 Every month, for the next year, Maria Dia will design a perfect present for you to give to family or friends so look out — for our Year of Gifts collection. We'll have solved all your gift- | giving problems! 66 Forget birchdays and anniversaries: some of the best aes are given for ‘ther reason than the face that you real tke someone. If you haven't told | your best friend how much you appreciate then for a while, seeh them this fun litle design, They'l b thrilled to bits! 9? , Coty Saat dont (ort that it’s Mother's a Day next month... and here’s “To | the perfect present i @ COLLECTION: 3786 7 “3057 50 3859 3857 tines and dens ise a ar TOL MLL Best friends | Make sure your best friend knows how special they are and stitch this fun picture by Maria Diaz. £1 think that telling your friends how much they mean to you isa very special thing. After all, we often Tean on our friends for support so in good times it’s great to make sure they feel appreciated. It can be hard to say in words 0, 0 on, find time this month to stitch this jolly picture! > ||| MADEIRA. COLOUR 2402 White 004 Dark blue oni Dark red ond Madiom red 2605 Ligh rod 2208 Dark sand 2207 LUghe sand 1013 Medium blue 2504 phe blue 2314 Flesh 914 Dark brown 1913 Medium brown 1912 Light brown 1914 Dark brown Shopping List 26HP1 Zweigart Annabelle— 30x30em, cream i: Stranded cotton ~ 13 colours,as listed in the key | tie Tapestry needle ~ size 26 tf Frame ~ rectangular, with a 16x1Sem aperture sh 2oz wadding ~ cue to fie aperture size Extra treat... make a gift tag Add a gorgeous finshing touch to your gift with a specially designed tag Wrapping a present can be one of the bost parts of gift-giving, with pretey paper, ribbons and bows to decorate ‘your gift. Were making it even more fun by giving you a specially designed gife rag ‘with every single design in the great gifs series.All you have to do is cut ic out ‘and follow the simple making vp instructions in our step-by-step guide, og Gul out tietay shape carefully along, the dotted lines. IF you tke to itch the tiny heart shape to moun in the ta sks Begin hole css tacks we 10. I then cut out the small beart to oem an aperture. The heart fs into the aperture when steed on AHP aida (or 2811 ‘evemvivave) or you Could use a finer fabric ike 16 oF 18H. >P Simpy fold the two halves of the ag shape together and stick with plve or doublesded tape, Ifyou're mounting stiching i the ‘ag, dom forget t6 ada tnis in te ‘sandwich’, You may aso like to insert piece of card asa middle stiffening layer, Trim the edges to make sure they are really neat and ada cord made from stranded cotton. Now just dd your heart= {elt message tothe bak, d ® COLLECTIO ero = t Shopping List IBHPL white aida ~27%7em Pl white avenweave ~ 2lxsem ‘t@ Stranded cotton - 4 colours 2s ied in the key {Metalic thread ~as liste n foley £ Tapestry nec - size 26 st Stiff plastic canvas ~ 7 mesh, 7.5m ste 2oz wadding ~ 4.5x4.5cm St Sewing thread — white o& Sewing needle ae Materials pack OFFER IF you cant wait to gee started, youll be delighted to know that Meg Evershed is offering a special materials pack to Collection readers with everything you'll need priced just £6.95. For more details and to order, contact The Nutmeg Company 44 Gravel Road, Bromley, Kene BR? SPF, tel: 0208 462 1149. Stitching the periwinkles Sich he nop sds onde strand for both the cross stitch and backtiteh.L Peeler noni ad Ibe ona tea of ching Siivccknesicher spe The Bcc and hp al wl ion nl of DMC 340 light mauve, and the rest is worked in DMC 367, dark green aS Periwinkle trinket pot Have a go at three dimensional cross stitch and make Meg Evershed’s delightfuly pretty trinket pot. It’s easy and you'll have a useful ornament too! Introducing Meg and 3D stitching, yg thro elon opp ee pili fae scechers who want to taka things further Given uniiced ine, ttythngs posible ones you work eu how fo jon diferee plot together at deren angles. andthe box includes al he ils youll ead cesar raking up yur ewm pot and bone I lumped for a peiwilde ower because love ks sci ay sap Thine realy works wal in eroat sch ven though tin The slvr hight Ive added show thet mealies canbe ued effctialy without arking back to all the gle of Christmas| Het think es oo ke elena moting dew. Perec for this ene of yea ifyou want tobe deren you could avays add afew sed bends to he espn for evan greater three dmanilonaliy You could Ine the rowin periwinkle ble ari, o even replace the pale bie Borders IBF Ke perm hr erey youre and hoow hat you are Suching something seul hae wot aka up precious wal space” BRE meena dig ts rade by wering on tmbrldery‘n the abr then mourn he fabri onthe paste cars pieces and sewing te pleces together Tun to pages 30 and 3I for’ “sand lol Elp-y-ctapguldeon how co make up tis rec pot Mag Brera rune The Mutrg Cermpany spedelang Whee nasloral ng For tere lfermation and hs fi Megs ae ree in near The Nutmeg Company 44 ci fad, Bromley, Kent y RO oP ce 0208 4621109, eatin Keepsake bom Make-up box ‘SKILLS LEVEL Intermediate ‘fractional eras stiches rebackstteh metallic thread TIME TO STITCH approx 18 hours plus making up time Cutting out the plastic canvas “To make this box lok neat and fit together propery, che plastic canvas shapes snust be cur out exactly ight: Even just a tiny bit coo large or small can make the whole project wrong, so take enreat this sage. To make one box: For the lid and base eut two squares, 45x4.5em For the lid vim cut four rectangles, 4.5s1em For the box sides cut four rectangles, 4,5x2.22m For the box lining cut four rectangles, 42.9, Assembling the trinket box For clarity, blue lining fabric has been used for photography Begin with the lid and stitch the extra fabic, Use che same method wadding tothe plastic ld piece, _joim an cover the box sides stretching it to fit and trimming so that Cut the lining eveoweave fabric i does not go beyond the edges, into pieces, First cut to squares Place the embroidered lid om top, each slightly Laeger than the base and old the exces fabric to the top. Then cut a strip slightly larger underside and use matching sewing than the sides ofthe lid. Press a Sram thread to lace the cross stitched top to Seam around all che edues. the lid. Ths s done by fasening the Lay the plist pieces fr the box thread to one side of the fabric overiap—OMtining ina line and join with tape and eontinuing to stitch tightly hick as you did before. This will fom che and forth unel the two edges are laced rim fr che lid to rest on. Cut piece of together. Repeat forthe oppenite ses. lining fabric about 3em longer and Sem “Turin the coeners, trimming ‘vider to cover this inet lining. Sitch exces fabric avy and witch tothe lining squares tothe inside of che smitre neatly. Note that this wil alle base and top, hiding all dhe lacing, cgretiy ling be Tne hebn, (7S th a ly of ait fabric to the plastic canvas hase inthe inside of the lid sides, stretching same wey, omitting the wadding, the fabric slightly so that it will oe ag Lay the lid sides ina long Kine und! at che inner corners, join wih stall pieces of sticky Lace the lining fabs e the plastic tape. Lace the embroidered lid sides ieces forthe inside, folding the around itas you did for the top and fabric to cover the top edge to a depth base. When they are formed intoa ° of about 2.5em as ir will he wen above square the corners will tke up any the sides ofthe box. Don't mire the Blue tng fabrics sutehed to ‘the i ard the sep malig, lip the rim is thn actached (steps 6 and 9) comers bur tum the ends of the fabric over the plastic before lacing around the bottom edge. Ladder stitch the hase to the sides. the top and bottom edges, J] Testor stout oy pfs by ining he sie ‘over the inner tim. Aim ro ‘edges ofthe lid sides and the box keep the side seams in ine when sides, matching the eros stitched using the box. pattems atthe seam. Stitch the side seam ofthe inner lining so tha the lacing is onthe outside and the fabric shows on the inside, Ladder stitch the lid top o the lid sides {Oyster nite ene box sides with laced edges facing each other and the bottom edge of the lining section about 3mm above the bottom edge ofthe sides. Slip stitch the rim tothe sides ‘This pretty trinket por will make a gorgeous decoration on any ‘dressing table ‘ith ts soft colours and usta touch of sparkle, OF course witha litle care in ‘measuring you could easly adape che design scaling it up to make a larger storage potThe individual mouis used on the ld or other parts of the design are versatile enough vo be used in many other ways too like cards, gf tage oF ‘ly mos ail dary edging to a hanky Using waste canvas. gardening doll, Greenfingered Molly is a perfect friend to rest your weary limbs with after a busy time in the garden Sue Cook Date, The tre nc gut int a i: i. | §¥ will need, plus # Lem hem allowance. You Shopping Lise | eases This design is based on (6-208 Hardanger—#2x28an,)*#Cheath es re you sn ching a favourite doll of wie i ‘ti Stranded cotton ~ 28 | mine. She had no name seed s | and was known simply th Tapestry needle ~ size 24 | as Ragdoll, but she was th Brass charms -Trowall,code. | ee Be CCHATAT and Seed pate. code | loved every bit as mucl CHATS rom Hancox Available | as my other dolls. All Hoimptil oalerd ences | | in sé or by mall order trom Counery_| J affection sh Cross Stitcher, see below: } received meant that she se White felt — 28%42em, as | frequently needed her backing fabric Tips on... ‘ Toy stuffing ~ one bag should brown woo! plaits be enough fil your gardening | attaching a charm renewing. I recall my dol cushion ag, Uo seisdeutuentlegesanctonen moeeE Reece 1 Sewing needle and thread | SYS jurctum, Nase wverl ys hu the boop to attach it secure outfits for her. When strimereennmnnemet stp Choc yr ov nite hans Finest Cathy asked me to NS Minar hava get selection we: O13 ; Sse aa ud Pan Date Cpe 1573 design a gardening Ase roe mraldbscorscsak mascot | knew Ragdoll would be the perfect Stitching the design inspiration. So here she is comple aiid ‘Thi design worked over ewo thread of 28 usualy stare wth the * was stitched — Hardanger makes it loop method, | thought the cotton dress and brown for us ‘equivalent to working on _back of my work looked far woolly hair —a memory | by SuiYin Li IIMPLalda,but ges amore scruffy than usual! im happy to share! | Ths isa fairly large design so. central hole to help with As itis worked on white | Lbegan in the centre and working the fractional fabrie with lots of pale worked outwards.td say stitches. [found i ust as shades, | made a big effort ro EE | thacmos stitches would bo ex ous aa. fox hap my hands en. My | able to tackle this project easier, For me the trickiest most useful tool for this, ' successflly.The fact that it's bit was using three strands, project was a thread sorter. “All the attention’ my Ragdoll... received meant” that she ~ SKILLS LEVEL Intermediate *lractional stitches MY backtitch ab add charms 4 cay to make cushion TIME TO STITCH appre 50 hours, plus making up tine need for this project directly fy The Country Cross Stitcher. Sen cheque or postal order for 95p for y charm pack which includes one of the trowel and seed packet cl and includes post and packaging; 19 Bedford Street, We Bedfordshire MK17 OP mos ysTUY 0} pos0y> sep s9p15 19811 ages Buryoe paw BESSEBRRREREEE Ritep oman eChiAR Sent ame Cl SKILLS LEVEL Intermediate ‘s whole cross stitch ‘half erss stich sebacksttch TIME TO STITCH approx 100 hours, “Dogs sit still a lot longer than some of the wild animals I draw” Pollyanna Pickering CE This gentle chap, designed by Pollyanna Pickering for DMG, must be one of our favourite dog breeds of all. Stitch bim now to remind you of a best friend... (One of the golden rules when stitching Shopping List 2 2UHEI iio seine animals faces is that you do not have evenweave ~ 48x50cm, biscuit, | faery for counting errors. Every stitch code 715 = is counts to capture this lovely dog's noble expression so count carefully ‘working in good light and if you need to tnpick, go ahead. les worth it to get it just right, especially on the backstitching There isa very small amount of backstitching around the head and ears which has the effect of bringing the design into focus, Some of the stitches are long being worked over several threads, so study the chart carefully. The paler areas of shading use quite a number of very close shades, so work in very good light if you can. The park and stitch technique may help, keeping a couple of needles on the go. th Stranded cotton ~ 36 colours as listed in che key Tapestry needle ~ size 26 Frame — with a 32x34em aperture, wooden 8h 2oz wadding ~ cut to fit che aperture size Technical tips si, Bocuse ITEP! evrweave le very Ee ie ichnko so ogra sontonl polrtr when, you counseling the, Int the fb you count lang. on do prefer to worker a then HPL wl work fe, The threats fire tnt abe ea Fi ib pled weet wr Rare will help you to keep even stitch tension. Pollyanna Pickering One of the great things about dogs is that they can sit still for a few minutes and are a lot more accessible than some of the rare wild animals | usually design, like polar bears and wild cats, | have worked on a serles of pedigree dog designs for probably 30. ‘years and although | now no longer take on private commissions, | know just how much pleasure dog owners get from my paintings. | live in Derbyshire, great dog, walking country, but sadly replacing our last dog will have to wait for-now as my work is taking me away from home so much. | Jopes ‘ssuiisap Suysoy}a1q wuUEdyjog 2x0W! Jo s]reIOp 20} OFOTTSZ 9TTO 4 OWA 380 “con Arenagay ‘gg onssr ‘g¢ aed ‘ourzesew ‘qp Uy azv suononaysur Sunysans pue opin apafoad ay, -9sn Jo asva 20} Aar{ 949 Poppe [pur suons9s anoy oruy wey aup ands ancy, ayy “soiders yp >yoeq Suxpung ‘ourzesieur ay: ‘uicay 12649 94p axouio4 A||myoae> Es OF, snd Ayres aipsnoaey ano jo 9u0 4 Bupyeu ‘aqeso] 2pus8 si} 405 paaoy wayo a40u: ‘1 shep asaup_ nq worueduon s,aruny [nyasn ve sar Aqqeuonmpesy, p>9pr0d sopeaqe uapyo® ‘aq paamade says 4 “sop souttpod soy jo ued sim cosje sey SuHD91 ‘euuedyjog ysHze ‘s1e9 pple pur saroq sepod Suupnyour semtue pps snosssuep voy0 pue aie] Jo sSunuyed z0y 203 wmowy 389 Supsayrig vuuvkyog say Jo 10d ase v auods ose sey Bu yess agp pq Fespeg ‘uuesjjog asnuv ‘ae pss pur sxvoq aejod wouy as0yp axp aaowsr Syn} Serpnppur speuue plas snoza8uep way, ssyod Ajyusy aypinoaey ano jo 940 ay Rupjeu pu afi] yo sfunuted soy 05 umoury 159 Suuayoig vuuvkyog Kq JWG mosy *sainqwass ajquas Meet one of Britain’s most popular wildlife artists, who travels the world in search of inspiration for her fabulous paintings About three years, but I've never done any cross stich in my life! I started when DMC contacted my publishers and asked if they could licence my work. I'ma wildlife artist. Most of my work is about travelling to study endangered animals. I work a seven day week, so sadly [haven't yet found time for stitching although I'd like to have a go. Thave two major exhibitions a year and several other exhibitions in galleries around the world, plus my work is used con calendars, greetings earls and lots of products like collectors’ china plates. 1¥'s aan enormous business, we export to 73 countries worldwide and have three full time staff and two part time, but Vm the only one who paints. For my latest book called ‘On top of the world’ [travelled to the (R464 Canadian high Arctic. My personalassistant dnd! | managed to get.a flight as | far as we could and then set off on dog sledge. Some nights we slept on the ice and in igloos at temperatures of ~40°C. Conditions were incredibly 4 COLLECTION ® severe and I was trying to sketch polar bears, drawing in pencil as my watercolours would have frozen. I could ‘only work for 10 minutes before putting on four layers of gloves again. One of the worst things was having to live on raw frozen caribou or seal meat - and I'm vegetarian. [certainly wouldn't have missed the experience for the world but it was very tough, T think it was travelling into a very remote part of China where I managed to get a job working in a tiny panda hospital rearing a baby panda. My assistant and I were the first two western women to go to this area of China. It’s so remote and very different but it was such an incredible experience to bottle feed a baby wild panda, The project was a success ancl he was set free after we left I've done a series of pedigree dogs over about 30 years and I've drawn dogs for the Guide Dogs for the Blind catalogues. DMC wanted to convert some, including the labraclor to cross stitch It’s a bam owl flying across a landscape. Part of my painting is printed on the fabric. I's late evening in lovely shades of blue with all the tiny lights in picked out in gold. It looks stunning so I was really thrilled with i. Making your own Valentine’s cards is a boon for stitchers so lous. 3 ited inthe key a rd Ga a Aellection mrmiticent” ees. ° aaercie retty Valentines === oe CCresans on 0/992 781900 | 202 wadding cut ro the |" sperire se > Ma SKILLS LEVEL All levels ‘hole cross tte hadkstteh ‘French bros -#varlegated threads ‘metalic teads TIME To STITCH appro four hours each COLLECTION & a White 002 2402 White a, =m = a = oo = fea} =o = rotatrotebue,nbbon pn heart and leteing French kits in one strand 5 oo 744 301 olla Dark yellow. 2 large tue ower centres foe reper eetece cer ene rer one Seer enero co 2 & Ces GN Jacky Davis 1am a great outdoor person so | was thrilled when Cathy asked me to g0 ahead with this design. I've mainly used soft colours, trying to give the impression of a slightly frosty, dewy morning, with the sun coming up clear and bright. There's a hint of new growth in the ploughed field and a little greenery on the tree, but it’s the daffodils that really bring the design to life. They are strong and bright, and you can almost smell their unique perfume. | am pleased with its contemporary feel and | hope you enjoy stitching this piece as much as I did. | A fresh view | springtume In the first part of a new seasonal & put 7 &, & xR aa SCITCS series, Jacky Davis welcomes the spring with a breath of fresh air By Shopping List | eh 28HPI Zweigart Quaker evenweave ~ 52xS2em white 8 Stranded cotton ~ 25 colours, as listed in the key i Tapestry needle - size 26 % Frame ~ with a 21x2lcm aperture, ight wood 8 2oz wadding — cut to fic the aperture size citer) 2] oaef Framing tip... ‘sts the re ina series of matching eve plan wo dp you ey framers ofr dscoune for bik ying so RR yourmy evn pl up a good barn ea en Jacky’s stitching tips... ‘To begin with | marked the from there. By stitching each the unstitched areas. As usual centre of my fabric with window pane in turn then |_| stitehed all the cross stitch tacking lines.| could then found I could keep the before moving on to tackle start stitching with the tension in my stitching more the backstitch. | found it middle window pane.After _even.Also it means no helpful to work methodically, that | completed the top shadows of threads would finishing all che backstitch of panes and worked down _ show through the back of each pane in turn, [COMLECTION) Project guide ‘SKILLS LEVEL Advanced ‘whole cross stitch ‘horizontal and vertical cross stiches sbacksltch ‘TIME TO STITCH approx 50 hours More ideas ... ; stitch a springtime greeting See See ee "Pe atieehed ane of eae anes: 1308, Light green: cain — : = Se Se 2 ee Se - eee oe ne — Se ae oe Spring window fact box | ston ean a the Sead color ated nh ey More ideas ... pretty springtime wildflowers you like Jackys delicate taste of spring complete with golden daffodils, then we'ee sure tis gorgeous design in the latest issue of nuff’ Cros Stich, The In issue 30 of Jane fn sile now Your stitching ep ow- (oa. “hf jolge! -|-]- ou =} folele! [ove Oe [oyel- (scr foe =Jo}aioje |<) -foln fol lolaleta Whole cross stitch The entire design is worked in whole cross sich and no quarter or three-quarter fractionals are used. When ‘working on an evenweave fabric like the Quaker cloth Jacky has used, whole stitches are worked over two threads. Turn to page 70, {for our beginners guide if youve never tried evenweave before Horizontal and vertical cross stitches These stitches are easy to work on evenweave fabrics and are used in designs where a gradual curve i needed lke for the sun in the centre ofthe top window pane.A vertical cross sich is worked over ‘wo strands vercily but only one sideways as though Its squashed to make asim stitch Horizontal eross stich ssirilar in chat iis stieched over two threads sideways and only one thread vertcally to make & Poel deeieeela oer) 10.8! -(S}oL ola) (a) + Olle [7] Backstitch in one strand adds definition to the design, which is especially useful in areas lke the trees and the tralis fencing, Simply follow the chart carefully, Jacky has used smal backsiches to detail the head ofthe daffodil in the foreground. These tiny stiches are worked over ‘one thread on top of the cross stich fora softer finish while achieving the characteristic filly effect of the daffodils trumpet. Shading CColour is used to great ceffoct in this design Jacky has chosen much stranger, bolder shades for the foreground of the picture and cleverly achieves the feeling of sane with paler, more delicate tones further away Sort out your threads before you begin to stich Use a thread organiser to ‘make sure you always stitch withthe righe colour and avoid having to spend vime Lunpicking mistakes, guide to... Spring window ele eI zh Cross stitch in one strand When designers want to get a real sense of depth in 0 4 design another technique hich they use I ross stitch sing one strand. This aes a paler defnkion and fo creates the effect of perspective, Jacky has dove this for the ploughed fe