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Season 1 episode 1

Useful words and word combinations
accomplishment – достижение magnificent – великолепный
acquisition – приобретение, Master's (degree) – степень
поглощение магистра
asset – достояние, что-либо ценное mean – грубый, подлый
arrogant – высокомерный meaningful – значимый
chic – шикарный, модный medication – лекарство
cognac – коньяк movers and shakers – влиятельные
disease – болезнь люди
disgusting – отвратительный nauseous – чувствующий тошноту
elevator – лифт obesity – ожирение
engagement – помолвка; назначенная previous – предыдущий
встреча, договоренность punishment – наказание
fabulous – невероятный, потрясающий refinement – усовершенствование;
floral – цветочный изысканность
founder – основатель sick days – больничный
fragrance – аромат; духи specialty – фирменное блюдо
hick – деревенщина, провинциалка spreadsheet – электронная
ignorance – невежество, незнание таблица
ignorant – невежественный success – успех
junior high – средняя школа treatment – лечение; обращение
in the midst of sth – в разгар чего- unfortunate – прискорбный

to enhance – улучшать, усиливать to insist – настаивать

to apologize – извиняться to invent – изобретать
to expect – ожидать to offend – обижать, оскорблять
to expand – расширять(ся) to promote – повышать в
to get to know – узнавать; должности; продвигать
знакомиться to prove – доказывать
to get pregnant – забеременеть to sniff (perfume) – нюхать
Phrasal verbs
to come back – возвращаться
to go up – повышаться, подниматься
to hang around – бездельничать, болтаться без дела
to look forward to sth/doing sth – ждать чего-либо с нетерпением
to look like – быть похожим на
to kick in – вступать в действие
to put up with sth/sb – терпеть кого-либо/что-либо

Fake it till you make it – притворяйся до тех пор, пока не получится
For a reason – неспроста
Good effort – хорошая попытка, отлично постарались
If I may be so bold - если позволите, осмелюсь сказать
I'm gonna be sick – меня сейчас стошнит
I'm sorry if I offended you – извини, если я обидела тебя
Makes sense – все ясно, логично

behind someone's back – за спиной, тайком
by all means – конечно, пожалуйста
for the heck of it – ради смеха, просто так, от нечего делать
it's a long story – это длинная история
to change one's mind – передумать
to go to waste – пропадать даром
to have the world at your feet – весь мир у твоих ног
to step into someone's shoes – заменить кого-либо, занять чьё-либо место
to step on someone's toes – задевать чьи-либо чувства, обижать кого-либо
to take pride – гордиться
to take something into consideration – принимать что-либо во внимание,
учитывать что-либо
with all due respect – при всем уважении
Before watching
Task 1. Match the words with the pictures
pregnant Master's degree success arrogant
floral to apologize fragrance obesity
cognac elevator sick days to sniff
Before watching
Task 2. Fill in the missing letters and translate
the words and word combinations
m_v_rs and sh_k_rs in the mid_ _ of sth
p_nishm_nt f_ _nder
a_ _uisi_ion ign_r_nce
r_fin_m_nt m_ _ningf_l
spr_ _dsh_ _t tr_ _tment
to _nv_nt un_or_ _nate
to pr_mo_e to _xp_ct
to pr_ve to g_t to kn_w
pr_vi_ _s to g_t pr_gn_nt
s_ck d_ys to ins_st
chi_ to ap_l_gize
as_et hi_ _
eng_g_m_nt j_ni_r h_gh

Task 3. Match the synonyms

1) accomplishment a) magnificent
2) to enhance b) achievement
3) to sniff c) illness
4) fabulous d) to improve
5) disease e) to smell

6) medication f) cruel
7) mean g) sick leave
8) sick days h) perfume
9) fragrance i) medicine
10) to invent j) to create
Before watching
Task 4. Match the words with their definitions
a) to make someone upset or angry
1) arrogant
b) a person from the countryside who is considered to
2) disgusting
be stupid and without experience
3) hick
c) believing that you are better or
4) nauseous
more important than other people
5) obesity
d) to increase in size, number
6) specialty
e) extremely unpleasant
7) to expand
f) a product that a person or place is known for
8) to offend
g) the fact of being extremely fat, in a way that is
dangerous for health
h) feeling as if you might vomit

Task 5. Complete phrasal verbs with prepositions and

match them with their translations
around back forward like in to up with

a) быть похожим на
1) to come _ _ _
b) терпеть кого-либо/что-либо
2) to go _ _ _
c) возвращаться
3) to hang _ _ _
d) вступать в действие
4) to look _ _ _ _ _ _ _
e) повышаться, подниматься
5) to look _ _ _
f) бездельничать,
6) to kick _ _ _
g) болтаться без дела
7) to put _ _ _ _ _ _
h) ждать чего-либо с нетерпением
Before watching
Task 6. Translate the idioms
1) Behind one's back
2) By all means
3) For the heck of it
4) It’s a long story
5) To change one's mind
6) To go to waste
7) To have the world at one's feet
8) To step into someone's shoes
9) To step on someone's toes
10) To take pride
11) To take something into
12) With all due respect

Task 7. Read the definitions and match them with

the idioms from the previous exercise
1) to be proud of something 7) have many interesting and
2) used for saying that the answer exciting opportunities; be very
to a particular question would be successful or famous
long and complicated 8) used as a polite or formal
3) make a decision about way of saying that one
something that is not the same as disagrees with someone
the one you first had 9) to do something that upsets
4) without one's knowledge; secretly or offends someone
or deceitfully 10) to be unused
5) to take control of a task or job 11) used to give permission
from another person 12) without any purpose except
6) to bear in mind for fun
While watching
Task 8. Fill in the gaps with the following words

Fake it till you make it floral taking into consideration

spreadsheet stepping into my shoes gonna be sick
nauseous pregnant expands sniffing sick days
promote weird to step on your toes go to waste

a) Right here, under "Movers and Shakers." "Chicago-based Gilbert Group

1)_____________ international portfolio with acquisition of French luxury
marketing company "Savoir"".
b) I am here to prove that a master's in French does not 2)_____________.
c) - I don't want 3)_____________________.
- You're not. You're 4)_____________________.
d) - I'm gonna use that. Oh, that smells really wei...
Does that smell 5)_____________ to you?
- No, just 6)_____________.
- But... I'm 7)___________________.
e) I have some crazy news. Madeline's 8)_____________.
f) Well, so did she. Until she got completely 9)_____________
10)_____________ this perfume she was planning to 11)_____________.
g) And just to explore the idea, here's a 12)______________
I made for the next year. Weeks when you might be able to
come to Paris, times I can come back to Chicago,
h)_____________________ vacation and 14)__________________.
i) - Unless I missed something, you don't speak French.
- 15)______________________.
While watching
Task 9. Are the following statements true (T) or false (F)?

1) Emily’s apartment is 521. T/F

2) The building is very old. It doesn't have
an elevator. T/F
3) In France, first the first floor, then the second
floor, and so on. T/F
4) Emily feels like Nicole Kidman in Moulin
Rouge! T/F
5) She has got all of Paris at her feet. T/F
6) Gilles Dufour suggests going to the cinema
together. T/F
7) He gives her his number in case she falls in love with him. T/F

Task 10. Put the letters in order to make words


1) That is our _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . We take a lot of pride. (sycateilp)

2) Well, perhaps from the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ food. (dussingtig)
3) True, we are in the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of an obesity epidemic. In fact, Merck
was one of our biggest clients. They make a diabetes drug that we marketed
the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . (msitd, hcek otu fo)
4) So you create the disease, then you treat the disease, and then you market
the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of the disease. (tratnemets)
5) All of the brands we market here, from perfume to cognac to couture, are
all to do with beauty and _ _ _ _ _ _ _. (renefetmeni)
While watching
Task 11. Complete the sentences with verbs in a correct form
(tenses/verb patterns) (11:20-13:10)
1) First, let me apologize for _ _ _ _ _ _ English.
(to speak)
2) I did Rosetta Stone on the plane, but it
hasn't _ _ _ _ _ _ in yet. (to kick)
3) For those of you who haven't _ _ _ _ _ _ me,
I'm Emily Cooper, and I'm so excited _ _ _ _ _ _
here in Paris. (to meet, to be)
4) I'm looking forward to _ _ _ _ _ _ to know each and every one of you
and, likewise, having you get to know me. (to get)
5) But Americans invented it, which is why I hope _ _ _ _ _ _ a valuable
member of your team by _ _ _ _ _ _ an American point of view to your
fabulous French clients. (to become, to add)
6) - How long do we have _ _ _ _ _ _ this?
- Well, until she _ _ _ _ _ _ to leave. (to put up with, to decide)

Task 12. Choose the correct option (13:15-20:45)

1) Emily really feels like she could be a big boss/asset/problem there.

2) Her neighbor is French/Spanish/Italian.
3) The office opens at 8:30/9:30/10:30.
4) Mindy went to junior high in Shanghai/
5) She works as a nanny, and she is teaching
her kids Mandarin/Korean/English.
.6) French people are mean behind your back/to your face.
After watching
Task 13. Describe the characters
(their appearance, personality, work)
After watching
After watching
Task 14. Answer the questions
1) Why did Emily go to Paris?
2) How did her boyfriend react when he found out the news about Emily’s
business trip?
3) Where does she live in Paris?
4) How was her first day of work?
5) Who is Gabriel? How did they meet?
6) Who did Emily meet during her lunch break?
7) Why did Mindy come to Paris?
8) Why did Emily’s colleagues call her “la plouc”? What does it mean?
9) What was Emily talking to Luc about?

Task 15. Questions for discussion

1) What three things are you looking forward to in 2021?
2) What do you need to take into consideration when you are going on holidays?
3) What is your greatest accomplishment?
4) Have you ever done anything for the heck?
5) What do you think about people who are always changing their minds?
6) Have you ever stepped on someone's toes? How did you feel?
7) What was the most disgusting dish you have ever tried?
8) What is the best way to achieve success in life?
9) Will your Bachelor’s/Master’s degree go to waste?
10) Name top three ways to fight obesity.
After watching
Task 16. Create your own sentences using new vocabulary
After watching
Task 17. Explain the meaning of the following phrase:
«You live to work. I work to live».
1) What’s the difference?
2) Which one is better?
3) Which would you choose?
Task 1. Task 2.
movers and shakers in the midst of sth
punishment founder
acquisition ignorance
refinement meaningful
spreadsheet treatment
to invent unfortunate
to promote to expect
to prove to get to know
previous to get pregnant
sick days to insist
chic to apologize
asset hick
Task 3. Task 5. engagement junior high
1)-b) 1) to come back – c)
2)-d) 2) to go up – e)
3)-e) 3) to hang around – g) Task 8.
4)-a) 4) to look forward to – h) 1) expands
5)-c) 5) to look like – a) 2) go to waste
6)-i) 6) to kick in – d) 3) to step on your toes
7)-f) 7) to put up with – b) 4) stepping into my shoes
8)-g) 5) weird
9)-h) Task 7. 6) floral
10)-j) 1) To take pride 7) gonna be sick
2) It’s a long story 8) pregnant
3) To change one's mind 9) nauseous
Task 4. 4) Behind one's back 10) sniffing
1)-c) 5) To step into someone's shoes 11) promote
2)-e) 6) To take something into consideration12) spreadsheet
3)-b) 7) To have the world at one's feet 13) taking into consideration
4)-h) 8) With all due respect 14) sick days
5)-g) 9) To step on someone's toes 15) Fake it until you make it.
6)-f) 10) To go to waste
7)-d) 11) By all means
8)-a) 12) For the heck of it
Task 9.
1) False. Emily’s apartment is 501.
2) True.
3) False. In France, first the ground floor, then the first floor, then the second
floor, and so on.
4) True.
5) True.
6) False. He suggests having a coffee together.
7) False. He gives her his number in case she changes her mind.

Task 10. Task 11. Task 12.

1) specialty 1) speaking 1) asset
2) disgusting 2) kicked 2) French
3) midst, heck out of 3) met, to be 3) 10:30
4) treatments 4) getting 4) Indianapolis
5) refinement 5) to become, adding 5) Mandarin
6) to put up with, decides 6) to your face

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