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Challenges and future of e-tourism in Malaysia

E-tourism has grow rapidly in Malaysia recently. E- tourism has become an

important issues globally. With the exist of e-tourism, Malaysia has become one
of the world important destination. In 2009, Malaysia made it into the top 10
most visited countries' list. Malaysia's tourism website has been described as a
model of e-tourism by a United Nations body. Internet and electronic device
become more and more common in Malaysia. But, there are challenges to build
e-tourism in the whole country. Dr Supachai said there were still challenges to
meet in building e-tourism capacity at regional and local levels in order for local
communities to be competitive in a globalised economy. (the star online)
Although e-tourism is very popular, but it only used by the major city in Malaysia.
Lots of rural area are still lack of ICT. Besides, promotional campaigns in are
mainly needed lots of financial support, due to a lack of substantial financial, are
not able to conduct e-tourism product in short period. Government needed to
support them with financial to promote their tourism. Besides, the advance of
eMediaries(e.g. on-line travel agents, portals) has become a threat to the
traditional eMediaries (e.g. GDSs and Viewdata). This will affect the tour operator
for their traditional way of doing tourism businesses. New eMediaries has their
cons while traditional eMediaries has its pros. Therefore, there must be a balance
between the eMediaries and traditional eMediaries.
E-tourism was responsible for the Asia-Pacific region becoming one of the
fastest-growing areas for international tourist arrivals and the number one
destination by 2020. (the star online) In future, tourists will become more and
more familiar to the ICT world and using e-channel to travel to Malaysia. Malaysia
will become more successful in e-tourism compare by now. E-tourism will bring
more convenience to the tourists and brings income to the country. As the
statement for e-tourism in anytime and anyway, Malaysia still have a long
distance to acheive the goal.

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