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270. After giving blood asa donor, a A. Increaseof renalplasmacurrent. 277. Durirg an experimentthe pro- which resulted in the consider:rblein-
student felt thirsty. The increasedse- B. Increase of systemarteriotony. cesses of energy formation in the epi- creaseof circulatory blood volumt'. Con-
cretionof what biologicallyactivesub- C. Increase the permeability
of of the theliumof renal tubuleswereblocked. centration of what substancewill be in-
stancestimulatedit? renalfilter. As a resultof it diu resisincreased by a creasedin the rabbit's blood tht'secon-
@ AngiotensinII. D.Increaseof glomerularcapillary factor of fou r. The decreaseof what ditions provided?
B. Aldostcrone. f iltration coefficient. index is the most possiblereasonfor 6, airial natriurctic factor.
C. Erythropoietin. @ D"rr"ut" of the oncotic Pressure polyuria? B. Rennin.
D. Adrenaline. of bloodplasma. A. Glomerularfiltration rate. C. Aldosberone.
E. Noradrenaline. @. Reabsorbtion of sodiumions. D . A n g i o t e n s i nI I .
274.A personhasa decreased diure- C. Secretion of polassium ions. E. Adrenaline.
27l. During an experimenta dog un- sis,hypernatremia, and hypokaliemia in D.Renalbloodflow.
der anestheticwas injectedwith vaso- bloodplasma.Hypersecretion of u'ltat E. Secretionof urea. 281. During a laboratoryexamina-
pressin.As a result of that the quantity hormonecan be the reasonfor such t i o n o f a 5 4 - y e a r - o l dt n a t t i t w a s d e t e r -
of urine decreased. What influenceof changes? 278. As a result of long starvation m i n e d t h a t i n u l i n c c l t ' a r a n c ei s 1 2 0 m l
glomerularfiltration rate of a person per min. What indcx of this matt meets
vasopressin causcdit? @ Aldosterone.
of water.
A. Decrare of the re'absorbtion B. VasoPressin. increased 6y 20 %. What is the credi- the norm?
B. Irmase of the reabsorbtionof sodium. C. Atrial natriureticfactor. ble reasonfor the changeof filtration @. Glorn.rular filtration ratc.
D. Adrenaline. in the mentionedconditions? B. Tubular reabsorbtion.
@ In"r"ur" of the reabsorbtionof water.
D. Decreaseof the reabsorbtion
of calcium. E. Parathormone. A. Increase of the permeabilityof re- C. Tubularsecretion.
E. lncreaseof the reabsorbtion
of calcium. nal filter. D.Renal blood florv.
275. During the laborator)'research E. Increaseof systemarteliotony. E. Renal plasmacu rrent.
272. A transplantedkidney reactsto the presence of glucosewas detectedin @. D".."or" of ihe oncotic pressure
painstimulationsby the stopof urinary the urine of an 18-year-old patient, of bloodplasma. 282. A man of 3.5 had had the flu
excretion.What is the reasonfor this u'hileits concentration in blood plasma D.lncreascof glomerularcapillary complicated by the affcction of tlre CNS.
reaclion? rvas normal. Violation of what process fi ltration coeff icient. His day's amount of trrine consitlcrably
of antidiu- is the mostpossiblereasonfor this state?
Q!. Increaseof thc secretion
E. Increaseof rer-ral plasmacurrent. increasedafter the discase.Whiclr of the
retic hormone. A. Secretion of insulin. cerebral departmentsrvasthe most llrobab-
B. Decreaseof the secretionof anti- B. Glomerularfiltrat.ion. 279. A long abuseof potassium pre- ly affected?
diuretichormone. C. Tubularsecretion. parationsby a personresultedin the in- A . S p i n a lc o r d .
C. Influenceof the parasympathetic 6. Tubutut reabsorbtion. creaseof potassiumconbentin blood B. Mesencephalon.
part of the nervoussystem. E. Secrelionof glucocorticoids. plasma.The changeof secretion of what C. Prosencephalon.
D.Influence of the sympatheticpart hormonewill it cause? D. Metencephalon.
of the ner\roussystem. 276. APersonhasa decreased diuresis @ In.."ur" of aldosteronesecretion. @ Diencephalon.
E. Decreaseof the secretionof corti- as a result of increased secretion of va- B. Decreaseof aldosteronesecretion.
cotropin. sopressin. The increase of what index C. Increaseof vasopressinsecretion. 283. In an experiment on itn ani-
stimulates the secretion of vasopressin? D. Decreaseof vasopressinsecretion. m a l b y o v e r s t r e t c h i n g o f a t r i t r m s b y
of E. Decreaseof rennin secretion.
273. As a result of long starvation @. Osmoticpressure Plasma. blood the decrease of the reabsorb-
glomerular filtration rate of a person E. Concentration of sodium. tion of sodium ions and water in re-
increasedby 20 %. What is the credi- C. Volumeof circuiatoryblood. 280. During an experimenta rabbit n a l t u b u l e s w a s c a u s c d .T h e i n f ' l u e n c e
ble reasonfor the change of filtration D.Oncotic Pressureof Plasma. $as intravenouslviniected 300 ml of o n k i d n e y s o f w h a t h o r m o n e s c a n i t
in the mentionedconditions? E. Concentrationof Potassium. isotonicsolution of sodium chloride. be explained by?