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Я обманываю даже хромых, чтобы они заступились за меня

Хэй Мао Ни
Ни 黑猫 睨 睨
Художник (ы)
2019 г.
Статус в COO
166 глав (завершено)


Третий молодой хозяин дома Гу, Гу Е, обладал деревянным характером, заикался,

не мог вспомнить ответа после того, как ему десять раз говорили, не осмеливался
протестовать после издевательств, считался позором высшего общества. . Его
отец в приступе гнева отправил его на новый год обратно в старый загородный
дом. Но неожиданно он вернулся новым человеком, через полгода тестирования
в лучший вуз столицы с самым высоким баллом во всей школе.
Весь светский круг был шокирован!

Получив его письмо о согласии, семья Гу искала Гу Е в течение трех дней и,

наконец, нашла его под скромной эстакадой. Гу Е, который обычно молчал после
избиения, устроил стойло, наступив на нескольких хулиганов под его ногой, и
продавал рисунки, в то время как он кричал: «Защиты экзорцизма! Талисманы
безопасности Гуаньинь! Оберег от зла для дома! Антигоблинские и демонические
талисманы! …… Суперпродажа оберегов и талисманов! Если у вас правильная
карма, 88 на подопечную! Не проходите мимо! »

Он посмотрел себе под ногу и с ухмылкой сказал: «У меня есть особые

талисманы« Отказ от зла », думаю, вам нужно по три».

Смиренно небо, земля и воздух, если ты не подчиняешься, давай сражаться и не

болтаем, гроссмейстер по сверхъестественным искусствам. Полированный
мерзавец, зверь в человеческой одежде, маньяк, балующий жену, чернобрюхий

Chapter 1 - Based on my calculations, you’ve been cuckolded

Just after New Year, AnXian Town that was located in the Northwest of H City held a
temper fair as per usual. It’s a bit livelier this time around as there was a little immortal
in town who can calculate your fortune and was especially accurate.

It wasn’t until 9 o’clock that a teenage boy appeared. He took out a banner with the
words “Fortune Telling” written on it and put it on the table then slowly sipping on a
cup of milk tea he was holding. This young man was handsome, with beautiful peach
blossom eyes and long eyelashes paired with fair skin, his eyes appeared deeper than
normal people and it was both black and bright. 
As soon as he arrived, people who had been loitering nearby immediately surrounded
him and formed a long queue.

“Little Immortal, try see my fortune, anything’s fine.” A robust-looking big brother with
big eyes and thick eyebrows came up to curry favor with him. Before he could sit
however, Gu Ye waved his hand and said : “Go away, your family is in harmony and
you’re in good health. What fortune do you want me to tell?”

As soon as he heard this, the big brother left happily as if he had just won a lottery.
“Tch!” A young man wearing expensive brand clothing stood out from the crowd, his
handsome face was full of disdain. He looked at the big brother as if seeing a fool, and
as if wondering if this village was full of idiots to even believe something like this.
An old man in the front heard his disdainful tongue-clicking turned around and
persuaded : “Believe it, lad. This young man is the most famous Little Immortal
amongst all the villages in the vicinity.” 
At this moment, Gu Ye just happened to look up and glanced at the young man’s face.
He then looked at the girl beside the young man and his lips curled up in a smile. You
really are something to have achieved this level of scum-ness.
Only then did the young man see how Gu Ye looked like in full view. His breathing
immediately stopped upon the sight of Gu Ye’s smile. He was originally a well-off player
who would eat both men and women and he only came to this god-forsaken place to
get girls. He didn’t expect that there would be a boy here in this shabby town who was
even more beautiful than girls. Seeing as this young scammer didn’t seem that old, Luo
Jun Kun immediately had an idea. If he couldn’t get to sleep with this girl, this boy
would do.

Gu Ye knows what the young man thought with just a glance and was really amused.
With this body he was reborn in, this son of a bitch might not be able to afford playing
with no matter how much money he has. This body belonged to a full-fledged young
master of a rich family from Beijing, the Gu Family, that is well-known throughout the
country. He’s only here because his father sent him here to reflect on himself.

Several people in the front of the queue were driven away before it was finally the
young man’s turn. The girl who had her arms wrapped around his was very happy,
“Little Immortal, when should we get married to have a blissful life together for a
hundred years?”

Gu Ye picked up the milk tea from the table and slowly took a sip. He took out a
WeChat QR code from his pocket and handed it over roughly.

The man glanced at the QR code then his gaze fell on Gu Ye’s face again. That
arrogance, tsktsk.. While smiling as he transferred the money, he leaned closer and
said : “Can I add this little mister on WeChat? I’ll look for you again when we’re
inspecting the Feng Shui of our new home.”
Gu Ye looked at the amount of money he transferred. It was 50,000.

As soon as Gu Ye looked up, the man raised an eyebrow at him meaningfully. 

The girl next to him was done. Tugging on her boyfriend’s sleeves anxiously, she asked :
“Jun Kun, why did you give him so much?”

Luo Jun Kun dotingly replied : “It doesn’t matter. As long as it’s for my baby, I’ll spend as
much as I want.”

“What did you say?!” Luo Jun Kun was instantly incensed. How could he say that after
taking his money?!
The girl was no better. Pressing down her anger, she asked with a frown : “Master, are
you sure? You didn’t look at our palms nor did you check our characters. How can you
say my boyfriend is no good?”
Gu Ye remained unhurried as he explains : “You can see from his face that he’s a typical
miserly person and is cursed to be without a wife and child. The tip of his eyebrows are
too short and they’re also messy. He must be unable to get along well with the peers in
his family and is also unfilial. You must have heard of this, right? Moreover, he’s also a
standard three long and two short life, and the tip of his nose is blue which is a sign of
soul separation. In the future, if he doesn’t accumulate good virtues and deeds, and
properly helps the souls of the children he aborted find peace, he will definitely not be
able to live beyond 36 years old.”
Finished, Gu Ye waved the two away and motioned for the next people in line.

The man’s face turned ugly. The weather is cold yet his forehead was drenched with
sweat because the fortune teller was right! 
Yet the girl’s eyes right now were full of anger, focusing on Gu Ye : “You swindler!
Cheater! Return our money!”

Gu Ye shook his head. Everyone in this world who went to fortune tellers wants to hear
good news. But as the saying goes, out of ten people who were born in the year of the
sheep, nine would not live good lives. How can there be so many people who would
live such smooth lives without ups and downs in the world? “Within three steps from
here, you will get the news that someone is pregnant with your boyfriend’s last child. If
this child is also aborted, then your boyfriend will really die without descendants.”
The girl pulled her boyfriend forward to argue but unexpectedly, her boyfriend’s phone
rang after just two steps. Even if she didn’t believe Gu Ye’s words, she still felt
uncomfortable after hearing Gu Ye say so much. So when she heard the ringtone, she
naturally paid a lot of attention to it and looked at the screen intently. At this moment,
the girl’s face suddenly changed.

The message reads : Kun-ge, I’m pregnant with your child. Are you happy? 
The man stared at Gu Ye as if he’s seeing a ghost. Sure enough, this fortune teller is so
surprisingly accurate.
“Luo Jun Kun, you son of a bitch!” The girl reacted and slapped the man, maddened to

Luo Jun Kun was in a daze, he didn’t even respond when he was slapped. This fortune
teller got even this thing right. So when he said that he wouldn’t be able to live past 36,
was that true? He’s 28 years old this year!

With the girl’s slap, a number of young guys quickly rushed in. These people were the
girl’s brothers and cousins. In the countryside, almost everyone was related to
everyone else. When they see their sister being cheated by a bastard, they will beat up
that bastard. During this chaos, Gu Ye stood up and began to pack up. Seeing that he’s
about to leave, someone stopped him and said : “Don’t go, Little Immortal. It’s still early
now so please do two more fortune telling.” 
Gu Ye smiled then shook his head : “No, someone is already here to pick me up. That’s
my last divination here. I’m going home.”

At this moment, a luxurious business car stopped on the roadside. A beautiful woman
wearing a small red jacket came out and was accompanied by a boy around 16 years
old. As soon as Mrs. Gu saw what Gu Ye was doing, her mind immediately buzzed with
anger. This  Lao San, not only did he not repent, he even dared to engage in feudal
superstition and even deceive people!
Their family’s Lao San was the disgrace of their rich family. He was both cowardly and
dumb. His father spent a lot of money to get him into a key high school and he also
didn’t spare any penny to hire a tutor for him. He’s in his third year now and still
managed to score last in the previous exam. He was also blackmailed by petty thugs
for half a year and kept his silence about it for the whole time. Not only that, he didn’t
study during the holiday but instead spent his time learning Feng Shui and even dared
to set up a Bagua Array in his bedroom, as if he can pass the exam this way.
His father’s blood pressure went up from anger and he was sent to their hometown in
the countryside to have remedial classes and also to reflect on himself. His father didn’t
even want to see him in the New Year. 
“Gu Ye! You even dare to scam villagers, let’s see how your father takes care of you!”
Mrs. Gu said this while keeping her voice down. Unhappily rolling up the cloth on Gu
Ye’s stall and stuffing it into his pocket as she was afraid he would be busted just a
second later and that someone would come settle accounts with him.

Gu Ye said with an innocent air : “If he kills me, then you will lose a son. You can’t get
another one at this age, ah.”

Gu Ye didn’t say anything wrong about his stepmother. Mrs. Gu was from humble
origins yet she still managed to be Mrs. Gu, showing that she’s a person with means.
However, she’s not a big villain or something like that. It’s just poverty that makes her
greedy so she made a lot of small schemes. Especially after having her own child.

But the original Gu Ye was raised by her from his childhood, after all, so she couldn’t
bear to kill or maim him. Thus, Mrs. Gu’s usual scheme was to use this third child’s
stupidity and disobedience to highlight her own son’s cleverness and obedience. She
often used pillow talk to influence Father Gu, making Gu Ye’s butt suffer from his old
man’s beating. 
Mrs. Gu was stunned by what Gu Ye said, and only then did she realise that Gu Ye had
changed quite a lot. Since when did this stuttering kid get so sharp with his words? His
gaze was also more lively, he’s not dumb anymore? Only after that did she react and
her face turned red. Who the heck is too old to give birth?!
Gu Ye then fishes out some small changes from his left pocket he had left after buying
milk tea – he still had 50 cents — and stuffed it all into Mrs. Gu’s pocket. His tone was
very filial : “Your son made some money. I’ll buy a chicken to make soup to nourish
your body.”
Holding the money, Mrs. Gu stomped her feet angrily.

Gu Ye looked at the boy standing next to Mrs. Gu. He then smiled and beckoned to the
young man with his finger : “Lao Si, come here!” 
From his birth, the original body lacks one mortal soul so he was timid and had a dull
personality. No one was willing to play with him when he was a child but this younger
brother of him didn’t disdain him. He stuck to him and will always come whenever he
called. Perhaps being influenced by the memories of the original body, when Gu Ye saw
the boy, he felt close and familiar.
Hearing his third brother calling for him, Gu Yang immediately went over happily like a
big Alaskan Malamute : “Brother, you really can do fortune telling? Why are you so
different now?”
Patting the fourth child’s head, Gu Ye said quite meaningfully : “Yes, your brother
became the disciple of a particularly powerful teacher. So you don’t have to go to
school in the future. Follow me set up a stall under the overpass and we will strike it big
and get rich as we approach the peak of our lives with each passing minute!”

When his mother was giving birth to the original Gu Ye, she suffered postpartum
hemorrhage and couldn’t be rescued. It was really inconvenient for Mr. Gu to take care
of three children while managing his company at the same time so he married the
current Mrs. Gu and Gu Yang was born three years later. 
Gu Yang’s identity was quite tricky in this family so Mrs. Gu began to plan for his son.
However, this child was quite silly. Already at this age yet he still didn’t know how to
plan for his future. He only played and didn’t do well academically either. He even ran
after his big brothers everyday, so his relationship with his brothers was good.

Gu Ye took a closer look at Gu Yang’s face. This child was a typical ‘fool who has the luck
of fools’. He can’t learn but he will be able to live a life full of wealth and will prosper
from the dividends from his brothers. He will live a good life until he’s old. Therefore,
Gu Ye’s words for him were : Kiddo, no need to study, it’s not suitable for you.

Unexpectedly, Gu Yang actually believed him and immediately nodded, particularly

interested : “Okay, Okay! When shall we go? Let’s just go tomorrow! Shall I wear a Taoist
robe and pretend to be blind?”
Hearing this, Mrs. Gu was even ready to beat Gu Ye to death : “He’s not good at
studying in the first place, only knows how to play and you still tell him to not work
hard and profit through other people’s toil!”

Gu Ye shrugged, palms up : “I’m telling the truth. You as well. Don’t wear red too much
in the future, the more you wear it the poorer you get.” 
Like the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, the human body also has
the same principles. Mrs. Gu’s main element was metal, her forehead was full, ears just
right, her features were delicate, slender hands, straight waist and fair skin. People with
this type of face usually will have a rich life once they’re adults. Unfortunately, she likes
red too much. Her clothes, nails and lips were all red. Red is fire and fire restricts metal.
This is why she lives a rich life but has no money in hand and can only rely on her
“You…” Mrs. Gu thought that he was deliberately annoying her. She then thought, Wait
when we go back, see how your father cleans you up!
Completely unaware of the disharmony between his mother and big brother, Gu Yang
looked at them back and forth then asked with a puzzled expression : “Mother,
Brother, is it not cold standing here? Let’s go home.”

Mrs. Gu gritted her teeth in anger, you foolish child! 

Gu Ye raised his hand and motioned to them : “I still have something to take. Let’s go
back to the old house first.”

After settling down in the capital, the Gu family still haven’t forgotten their hometown
and built a two-storey building there. The family will return here during the QingMing
Festival every year to worship their ancestors. The original Gu Ye was sent here to
reflect on himself but he accidentally fell and lost his life as a result. And Gu Ye, who
shared the same name as the original, fortunately got his body.
As soon as Gu Ye woke up, he found that although the original Gu Ye has a short life
and will die young, he should still have more than half a year left. There was a remnant
of evil spirit left on his body and this was the reason for original Gu Ye’s untimely
death. Gu Ye looked at his fingertips. He had scraped off the same evil spirit on both
Gu Yang and Mrs. Gu, and they were even more serious than the one on the original
Gu Ye. It seems that there’s something happening with Gu Family in Beijing.
Back in the old house, Gu Ye led Gu Yang to the living room and said seriously : “See?
These are all the foundation your brother has gathered for you from all over the place.
Let’s take these spoils down and bring them back home.” 
Shockingly, the wall was filled with embroidered banners! They even came in varying
sizes and patterns!
“Wow! Brother, you’re so awesome! As good as the second brother and eldest brother!”
Gu Yang clenched his first in surprise, at this moment, Gu Ye’s image has risen to 18
meters tall in his heart.
Mrs. Gu, who was a few steps behind, came in to take a look. She then gasped in anger
as she thought, These two imps! If these things were taken home, their father will break Gu
Ye’s legs!

Chapter 2- This child is unreasonable!

Mrs. Gu was very angry, this damn third child was worse than his two elder brothers!
The first son and the second brought home all kinds of certificates of honor, trophies
and scholarships! And what did the third child have? Motherfxxxing “Thank you”
“Little Fairy, God of Heavens, descended to Earth and saved my family with his
fortune telling! This Wang Tie Zhu from Wang Village kneeled in gratitude!” 
“Serving the people with utmost care and compassion, helping the people with
passion as deep as the sea, thank you Master Gu for curing my 18 years ghost
shaving! Li Er Qian from Li Family sincerely offered his thanks!”
“Serve the common people and establish trust. Hand in hand, build a harmonious
society! Thank you for finding my grandpa’s grave for me! Thank you very much
from Liu Fu Gui of Liu Family Business!”
“Accidents are merciless but people are compassionate. Help from the heart
brings true joy, thank you Little Immortal for helping my daughter-in-law in
finding her partner after years of being a widow!”
The two brothers moved fast, in just a short while, they’ve already removed the
banners from the wall and put it in their bags before Mrs. Gu could stop them.

Gu Family was engaged in real estate business, the boy’s father Gu Decheng also has a
big reputation in the domestic business circle, known as a real estate tycoon. On the
internet, there’s an exaggerated urban legend, saying that out of ten buildings in China,
three were built by the Gu Group. Because of his wealth, many netizens jokingly called
Gu Decheng ‘Daddy Gu’. When they marry their wives, their houses will be built by Mr.
Gu. That’s money, very valuable!

Mr. Gu Decheng, 60 years old, had a smooth sailing life. His only headache was Gu Ye,
his stupid third son who always made people worry.

Now, this stupid son not only did he not self-reflect, he even cheated the villagers with
backwards superstitions.. After seeing half a car load of banners he took home, Father
Gu angrily picked up a golf club and said : “If I don’t break your leg today, I’ll take your

Gu Ye jumped more than a meter high, dodging the gold club while happily saying :
“Dad, we share the same surname!”

Father Gu almost choked on his breath, his next words were blocked by that and he
couldn’t find the words to refute hence making him even angrier : “You still dare to talk

On the side, while Mrs Gu was secretly rejoicing in her mind, she anxiously said : “Lao
San, quickly admit your mistake to your father. You’ve only stayed in the countryside
for a few days and now you already dare to talk back to your father. Do you want him
to have a heart attack?!”

Mrs Gu’s words added the fuel to Father Gu’s ire : “What’s with these foul tricks you’ve
learned? I don’t expect you to be as successful as your brothers. Even if you don’t do
big things, just entering a second-rate university and learning some good skills after
graduation is enough. But look what you’ve done, you actually use feudal superstition
to deceive villagers! And you also dare to talk back to your parents now!” 
The more he talks, the angrier he gets so Father Gu keeps chasing Gu Ye around with
the golf club while Gu Ye agilely steps on the table to dodge. Even if Father Gu was
healthy, he was in his 60’s after all, he can’t catch up with the vigorous 19 years old Gu

“You still dare to run!” Father Gu was surprised. That Gu Ye has the wit to hide now? He
also knows to dodge?

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Gu Ye said : “If I don’t run, you will lose a son!”

Father Gu almost laughed at the remark but suppressed it. Hating iron for not
becoming steel, he asked : “You’re like this, you can’t do anything without relying on
others, you can’t even pick up trash later in your life. Do you want to rely on fortune
telling and cheating people to make a living?” 

Father Gu’s blood pressure immediately sky-rocketed. There’s no helping this son, better
to beat him to death!
Gu Ye felt helpless, telling the truth will also get beaten? Are all fathers this
unreasonable? While hiding, he reads his father’s fortune : “You’re a bit more irritable
lately. Is business not going well recently? It’s because our home’s Feng Shui is bad.
That lion at the gate has a problem, it’s losing money! It will be fine if you fix it early or
you will lose a huge amount of money in three days!”
Gu Ye just wanted to prove his skills with facts, I didn’t lie, I really can do divination! 
The fact that Gu Ye still wanted to use feudal superstition to convince him made Father
Gu’s blood boiled and he swung the gold club even fiercer. Gu Yang who had just
returned from the kitchen, nibbling on egg pancake was shocked and he hurriedly
flung himself and grabbed Father Gu’s arm, yelling : “Dad! Do you want to kill my
“P klii xlii tlw abvjs, P klii tjnf cb remt rbc!”
“Dad! Even a vicious tiger will not eat its cub! Hit me instead, I’m strong!”

“Happy? I should be happy that he knows to talk back to me now?” Father Gu angrily
slammed the golf club on the table, the sound was scary, and in fact, the impact of it
hitting the table hurt Father Gu’s hand.

“You spoil him too much!” Father Gu finally concluded.

Mrs Gu felt bitter but couldn’t say it, but shouted in her mind, “When did I spoil Gu
Ye?” She couldn’t refute nor could she say she wasn’t really good to Gu Ye, it’s inevitable
to have differential treatment when raising two children. But the late first wife’s first
two sons were excellent children, while she raised the third and fourth one who often
failed exams. If you think about it in this way, it seems that the problem was really on
Back in his room, Gu Ye watched the backyard full of chaotic air and secretly calculated
how to change this house’s Feng Shui. There will be no help coming from his father
who wanted to beat him just now. Sigh, having a father is really exhausting!


The next morning at breakfast, Father Gu who was quite lethargic asked grumpily :
“Where are those two brats? Why don’t they come down for breakfast?”

The driver who was waiting at the door was about to speak before Mrs Gu answered,
effectively cutting him off, “They went to cram school. They left earlier in the morning,
they know they need to study.”
The driver was about to speak again but stopped after receiving a hint from Mrs Gu
and could only close his mouth helplessly, thinking, Madame spoils the children too
much. She would protect them even in this thing? 
In fact, Mrs Gu really has no way around this. If Gu Decheng found out what the two
boys were up to, Gu Yang would surely be beaten as well. Gu Ye brought his brother
along when he did bad things, she had no choice but to cover for them.

After breakfast, Father Gu went to the company. In the car, the driver wanted to say
something but hesitated. After some thought, he pulled out a small paper bag from his
pocket and said : “Third young master gave this to you, hoping that you…will stay safe.”

Taking it, Father Gu opened the bag then said angrily : “This thing is useless!”

Inside the bag was an amulet with a ghost-like writing scribbled on! 
Father Gu angrily crumpled the amulet in his palm into a ball shape and was about to
throw it away when a phone call came. He picked up his phone instinctively and the
crumpled ball of amulet fell into his pocket as if by chance.

Arriving at the company, his secretary reported : “Mr Gu, we just received a notice
regarding the right for the construction of the Winter Olympics venue we are bidding
for. There are some problems now and we are waiting for the verdict.”

Father Gu frowned. The right to the construction was a fixed thing already so what
happened in the middle? The other day as well, the land to the north of the city has
already been agreed to be sold to him but now the owner wanted to renegotiate.
Father Gu was inevitably tired of this. Everything went against him recently and the two
kids at home also made him worry unceasingly.

Unexpectedly, there’s more bad news coming. Before long, the secretary with a solemn
face reported : “Mr. Gu, there’s trouble in the shopping arcade. Someone is about to
jump off a building!”
Gu Decheng stood up with a cold expression, puzzled. Of all streets to commit suicide,
why this one? His third son said something yesterday, that he will lose a lot of money in
three days and today, something had already happened. Most merchants were
concerned about Feng Shui and the likes, and now that things have turned sinister, it
will be harder to sell the properties there. It cost him a lot of money to buy a large
piece of land in such a valuable location but now that it can’t be sold, there will be a
problem with the capital turnover. 
Gu Decheng arrived at the mall an hour later but he was too late. That person had
already jumped.
Around, many people were there to watch, “This is the third time this month, isn’t it?
This street is too wicked. Rumor has it that accidents started three months ago and it
will happen three times every month.”

“This is so weird. It won’t be because the building company did something bad and now
the spirit is coming for revenge, right?”

“I don’t know. It’s such a big street, who knows what happened when they built it.”

The secretary’s expression also turned bad while persuading the director with a small
voice : “Director Gu, why not ask a Feng Shui master to see? Maybe there is something
evil involved here.” 
“What Feng Shui master?! Those are all nonsense!” The most taboo word for Gu
Decheng right now is “Metaphysics Master”. As soon as he heard it, the image of the
banners his third son brought back made him have the urge to hit Gu Ye.

At that moment, someone suddenly shouted, “Be careful!”

Gu Decheng felt an evil kind of wind blew behind him and just as he felt cold and
turned around, he saw a truck sped past, heading right over to him. The people around
cried out in alarm and Gu Decheng’s pupils contracted and he stepped back in a reflex
but he tripped over the divider. A thought flashed in his mind, I’m finished, I’m going to
die here today.
Just when everyone thought it would be another tragedy, the truck suddenly turned
right and passed by Gu Decheng. 
The crowd only returned to their senses after a few seconds of silence.

“That was too dangerous! You must be really lucky to survive that!”

“God must be watching, there’s nearly another tragedy!”

Gu Decheng touched his pocket. Just when the truck was about to run him over, he felt
his pocket grow hot and then the truck immediately turned right after. Pulling the stuff
out, he saw that it was the amulet Gu Ye gave him this morning. But now, the amulet
was burnt and only a third of it left. 
Gu Decheng suddenly thought of his third son’s words. Thinking carefully, it all had
come true. And he was struck with a thought, maybe that little brat really can fortune
Back in the car, Gu Decheng calmed himself down for half an hour before asking the
driver: “Where is Lao San?”

The driver stuttered : “Madame says…”

“Say it!” Looking at Mrs Gu’s face this morning, he knew that those two little brats must
be up to no good. 
After some cross-examination, Gu Decheng went to the ‘cram school’ where Gu Ye and
Gu Yang were supposed to go. He decided that no matter what Gu Ye was doing, he
would calmly talk to him.

He found his two sons under an obscured overpass. His third son Gu Ye calmly sat on a
small stool and in front of him was a plank covered in white linen cloth of which a lot of
amulets were spread on. Behind him was a white banner with a flamboyant calligraphy
which reads : Fortune Telling!

Looking at the side, Father Gu almost fainted in fury.

His youngest son who was usually normal was now dressed in a phony Taoist
robe complete with a Bagua chart on his chest. Wearing sunglasses while holding a big
sign post that has a badly hand-drawn little monk wearing a Buddhist robe with
a Jiāshā draped over his shoulder. Surrounding the drawing was a writing that reads :
Ancestral-skill of Exorcism and Expelling Evil, able to see Feng Shui and Yin and Yang
matters, able to discern the Five Elements Bagua, picking a name from Five Elements,
fortune telling from characters, seeing future prospects, curing frightened young
children who lost their mortal souls that they turned into a fool. Double price for grave
digging, muah~ 
At this moment, Gu Decheng put away the idea to “calmly talk” with his sons and pulled
out a golf club from under his seat.

Chapter 3- I’m going to summon grandpa’s soul

Mr. Gu didn’t know how he got his two sons home. He was so angry that he didn’t even
have the strength to lecture them. Sitting on the office chair, he looked wearily at his
sons, couldn’t even utter a word.
Gu Ye also didn’t know what to say. He’s afraid that if he says just one word wrong, it
will instead fuel the old man’s ire. 
Gu Decheng was an old-fashioned and a conservative man. He follows the rules and
does everything single-mindedly. He doesn’t believe in metaphysics which was
shrouded in mystery and obscurity. Especially since Gu Ye’s original soul was doing
things blindly by researching materials he bought from Taobao. This being the case, it’s
really hard for Gu Ye to convince Gu Decheng that he can really do fortune telling.
After 15 minutes of silence, Gu Decheng took a deep breath and looked at Gu Ye who
was relaxed and calm with a complicated gaze then said : “How do you know that my
business is not going well recently?”

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, “It must not have been like this when the house was first
built. Grandpa must have hired a skilled Feng Shui master. The gate has Bai Hu
Formation to guard against evil and on the inside is Azure Dragon Moon Guarding
Array so that the family will be safe for generations. Unfortunately, no one cares about
these things once he’s gone. That beast statue has lost its teeth so evil spirits could get
in and the array is destroyed. The Feng Shui that was set up no longer has its original
Gu Ye thought this was logical, but Gu Decheng felt a headache trying to understand
this kind of ‘logic’. Knocking on the table, he said, “Speak clearly!” 
Tch, no culture, what a dreadful thing. Helplessly, Gu Ye said : “In a word, our home’s
Feng Shui is passive. It leaks money and attracts evil spirits, over time, it will lead to
Father Gu’s expression was cold. Can you not talk about death so casually?
As soon as he saw his father’s face was not right, Gu Ye quickly remedied : “There’s
really something wrong with the home’s Feng Shui. Grandpa came to me in my dream,
saying that when he came here before, it was not like this.” Desperate, Gu Ye added, “I’ll
summon his soul, you can ask him yourself.”

Seeing Gu Ye pinching his fingers in the gesture for counting in divination, Gu Decheng
instantly felt the flame of anger rushing up from his heart to his head. With a cold
expression, he picks something up from the table without looking and wants to beat
Gu Ye’s ass : “You even dare to use your Grandpa as a shield, you unfilial son!”

Gu Ye immediately starts to run when he sees things are getting bad.

Gu Yang, who had been kneeling on the ground for the lecture, also followed suit once
he saw his brother run.

Father Gu who had just taken two steps but already couldn’t see his sons’ figures was

Mrs. Gu nervously grabbed the thing in her husband’s hand and held it carefully in her
arms then said boldly, “Cheng-Ge, if you are angry then just use words. Don’t beat the
Father Gu slapped the table angrily, “Being too kind of a mother is not a good thing!
You dare to protect them! I still haven’t settled the account with you yet for covering for
them this morning!”
Mrs. Gu was so frightened that she almost cried. She saw the jade ruler that was worth
millions and it would be a pity if it breaks. That’s money, ah.
Gu Ye looked back and saw that Mrs. Gu being lectured. He stopped running and
shouted, sounding aggrieved: “Mother, save me!”

Father Gu looked at his wife in anger, “You still dare to say you didn’t spoil him? He’s
nineteen and still goes to his mother when he’s in trouble. It’s too shameful!”

Mrs. Gu who got innocently blamed, cried angrily. Gu Ye this little asshole! 
Gu Decheng believes that Gu Ye used his grandfather who has been dead for many
years as an excuse because he’s afraid of being beaten. Unexpectedly, he had a dream
that night which effectively turned his cognition upside down.

The next morning, Father Gu got up early and went to the gate of the villa, then
carefully observed the stone lion’s teeth. The statue on the right side of the gate which
was left outside in the wind and rain has a crack in its mouth. The two teeth on the
inside had fallen off. It didn’t look like it was damaged naturally, more like it had been
chiseled off.

Gu Decheng then went to the garden and found that his home had changed a lot. He
has been busy with work and hasn’t had a good rest at home for a long time. The
oldest son was busy developing in the foreign market and it was going well so he won’t
come back to take over the company in the meantime. The second son started an
entertainment company when he was still in university and that company was also
developing rapidly. He couldn’t pass him the business either for the time being. The
third and the fourth son…Father Gu rubbed his forehead, let’s just work for a few years

“Also three months ago. Madame thought it looks good and this space is empty anyway
so she ordered the people to place it here.”

Gu Ye placed his hands behind his back and walked towards his father, then
whispered, “Did Grandpa talk to you last night?” 
Ge Decheng was stunned for a moment. Last night, he dreamt of his father who has
been deceased for more than a decade. It didn’t go well.

Gu Ye smiled and continued : “The formation guarding the family house was obviously
created by someone with real ability. Every piece is essential to the formation. The
stone lions at the gate are a zhènsha formation. This villa is too big and our family is
too small. It’s not good to buy such a big house because it lacks liveliness. In order to
prevent the house from getting chaotic, that Feng Shui master set up Bai Hu formation
at the gate and those two stone lions are the key of the formation. So something wrong
must have happened with that lion.”
Gu Ye then pointed at the white elephant, “That one is certainly an auspicious item, but
it’s also a fierce beast. The Azure Dragon Moon Guarding Array could keep peace and
wealth but its centerpiece, the fountain, has been changed. With the combination of
such a fierce beast at home, if it’s not for the fact that our family is lucky, something
really bad would have happened.”

Watching his father’s face that looks like he’s reshaping his three views and has yet to
recover from this attack, Gu Ye continued with a smile : “Actually, I suspect that
someone wants to harm our family. The Feng Shui formations wouldn’t be broken this
fast otherwise.” 
Gu Decheng calmly asked, “Is that what your grandpa told you?”

Gu Ye seriously made a gesture with his fingers, “I’ll summon grandpa’s soul for you.”

Gu Decheng was angry but also found this situation funny. Relatively speaking, his third
son has changed so much. He didn’t like to speak previously and if you ask him
anything he would just say ‘Em’. He often locked himself in his room to study Feng Shui
and whatnot. He didn’t dare to say anything to his parents even when he was bullied.
And now, he would sincerely advise Gu Decheng and would also hide when he was
about to be beaten, which was a good thing.

Gu Ye walked around the white elephant and said, “Uncle Li, bring me a hammer.” 
Gu Decheng also followed, “There’s something wrong with this elephant?”

“Whether there is or not, I’ll know it once I see it.” Gu Ye took the hammer from the
gardener and shielded Gu Decheng behind him. He then smashed the hammer on the
belly of the white elephant and that hollow part broke to pieces. From the belly of the
white elephant, a charm with ghostly writing on it fell out. Gu Decheng’s expression
instantly went cold.

The facts were in front of him and he had to believe it.

Mrs. Gu heard the news and rushed out to have a look. As soon as she arrived, she saw
Gu Ye smashed a hammer onto the belly of the white elephant that a friend of hers
gave her. She was about to speak up then saw something fall out of the said elephant
statue. The yellow rune paper was a little old and the cinnabar with winding and curved
writing looked like coagulated blood. Out of nowhere, Mrs. Gu could feel ruthlessness
and evilness emitted from the charm. Even under the warm sun, Mrs. Gu felt cold and
had goosebumps. 
Mrs. Gu immediately backed away several steps and asked, grossed, “What is this? Why
does it look so evil?”
Gu Ye held the charm and asked in reply, “Mom, who gave you this thing?”

“It’s from Hu Yu, Li Sheng Kai’s wife.”

Gu Decheng said angrily, “Didn’t I tell you not to mingle with his family? Li Sheng Kai’s
history of making his fortune is not clean.” 
Mrs. Gu lowered her head, knowing that she has been cheated, “That’s him, but his wife
is good.”

In the capital’s elite circle, Mrs. Gu was lacking in good interpersonal relationships. It’s
not that she did anything bad, but the real elites looked down on her status as the
second younger wife. She wasn’t born in a rich family and her family has no
background. She was young and beautiful and also dressed flamboyantly everyday. Gu
Decheng is 60 years old and she’s 17 years younger than him. For this reason, the
eldest and second son rarely go home to avoid scandal with their stepmother. Other
people thought she’s such a show-off and Gu Decheng’s head is green . All in all, the
rich and noble women in the circle wouldn’t mingle with her. Hu Yu, Li Sheng Kai’s wife,
has no such thoughts. She does what she wants and over time, Mrs. Gu treats her as a
real friend.
Gu Ye was speechless. Mrs. Gu treated Hu Yu as a friend but that woman might not
have the same thought. This thing not only serves to rob their business, but also their
family’s lives. Gu Ye drew something on the back of the charm twice and it seemed to
come to life. It twisted and shook several times before turning into earthly yellow,
motionless and dead.

Gu Ye hands the charm to his father, “Zhaosha Funeral Gate Charm . You get what it
means just by the name.” 
Mrs. Gu was also scared by this, her face turned pale before she got angry. She
stomped her feet severely and exclaimed, “That little bitch!”

Gu Decheng originally wanted to lecture his wife but before he could open his mouth,
he was amused by her actions. “Okay, okay, don’t talk about this matter to anyone else,
I’ll handle it. As for others,” Father Gu glanced at Gu Ye, “I’ll leave it to you. After this,
play less with these kinds of things and study hard!”

“Okay, dad~ Love you dad~” Gu Ye made a salute with a smile. Gu Decheng stumbled,
his lips raised slightly for only half a second before he forced it down and recovered his
serious expression then calmly walked away.

After going to the company, Gu Decheng called his secretary. Pointing at the map, he
asked, “Li Sheng Kai wants this land?” 
“Yes, Mr. Gu. He wanted to build a mall.”
Gu Decheng said coldly, “You go and smooth things out with our connections, say that I
want this land. In addition, find someone to enquire about that Jin Street he’s been

The secretary asked tentatively, “What does Mr. Gu mean?”

“I want to make his family unable to even drink porridge.” Gu Decheng looked at the
planning design and suddenly remembered that his wife and Hu Yu had a meal
together when the auctioning for the land beside the government building was held
that day and an accident occurred on their way home. He hurried to the hospital
before going to the auction right after but that land fell into Li Sheng Kai’s hands. Now
that he thought about it, this thing must have been planned by the other party. 
Gu Decheng’s face turned even colder. This time, it’s all thanks to his third son that he
managed to figure it out.

At this moment, his third son was re-arranging the Feng Shui at their home and the
beautiful Mrs. Gu went out, wearing a small red dress with her handbag.

Gu Yang shuddered, “Mom, are you not cold?”

With a sneer, Mrs. Gu proudly said : “No! Mom is going out for a bit. You two should
pack up your things. School starts tomorrow, right?” 
“Yes, ma’am!” Gu Ye nodded obediently, he felt that Madame Gu was particularly
murderous right now.

Gu Ye was right. Mrs. Gu went out to meet up with Hu Yu. This woman was also in her
forties but was born in a rich family. Unfortunately, just a few years after she got
married, her father’s family began to decline. Now, she just took care of her husband
and son and has nothing else to do. Since this was the case, she will go to some beauty
treatments and play mahjong to pass her time. She also takes good care of her
appearance. If Hu Yu’s temperament was akin to an empty valley orchid, then Mrs. Gu’s
was a fiery rose.
The two met at a coffee shop they often patronized. Hu Yu looked at Mrs. Gu’s dress,
covering the disdain in her eyes, then said with a smile, “Why did you ask me out

“Something happened at home!” After Mrs. Gu sat down, she let out a heavy sigh and
said, “Lao San bought some books about Feng Shui and the larks, as if he could gain Yin
and Yang eyes and pass his exams.” 
Hu Yu covered her lips and chuckled, “It’s hard for you. That Lao San of your family, ah.”
Hu Yu shook her head and looked at Mrs. Gu in sympathy then whispered : “If I were
you, I would have strangled him. It’s really taxing.”
A trace of anger flashed in Mrs. Gu’s eyes and the corner of her lips curled up which
was then quickly suppressed. Silently following the other woman’s farce, she said :
“Well, he’s not my son, after all. I can neither scold him nor beat him.”

Hu Yu looked around, carefully observing Mrs. Gu’s eyes and said in a whisper : “Say,
your son is soon to be an adult. Don’t you think about him?”

Mrs. Gu was shocked, then pretended to be puzzled : “What do you mean?” 

“Are you stupid?” Hu Yu said, with a tone that sounds as if she was worried about her
friend, “Gu Yang is only 16 this year and your husband is 60. In case he had an accident
one day, his properties will be divided into four. The two eldest sons in your family, you
know how they are, right? With those two, how much can you two get? If it were me,
with how stupid Lao Son is, why not…” Hu Yu winked at Mrs. Gu, “Then, there will be
one less competitor. Say…Ah!!”

Before Hu Yu could finish, Mrs. Gu stood up angrily and grabbed her hair then slapped
the woman’s face with her other hand. Hu Yu was stunned with that one slap, “Even if
he is a loser, I raised him when he’s still shitting and peeing in his pants! I’m a
stepmother. Yes, I admit that I’m partial but I’ve raised him for 18 years. Since he calls
me ‘Mother’, then he’s my son! You mean little bitch, how dare you instigate me to kill
my son! You wanna die?!”

It was said that the first wife was dignified while the second wife was arrogant. At the
beginning, when Gu Decheng took a fancy to Mrs. Gu, it was also because she was a
shrew. She can act coquettishly yet able to handle matters on her own. Those women
with soft or weak personalities couldn’t even take care of themselves let alone help him
take care of his family and children. Hu Yu was also a lady of a great family but she has
never met such a bold lady. She had no room to resist and was slapped several times
in succession by Mrs. Gu who also added some scratches to the injury.

The waiters in the cafe were also frightened. When they came, Hu Yu’s make up was
spent and her hair was a mess. She had a long bloody mark on her neck, crying with a
runny nose, full of tears.
Mrs. Gu huffed proudly and her red lips spat : “Bah!” She then turned around flexibly in
her high heels then left. 
She asked that woman out today just to beat her up, nothing else. That Old Gu in her
family was obviously making a big move and revenge should be executed gradually and
thoroughly. But she couldn’t stand it. She didn’t expect that woman to be so brazen
that she would say such a thing once that topic was mentioned. Having found the
reason to beat her, Mrs. Gu wiped her hands, took out a recording pen from her bag
then smiled slightly. That woman looked down on her too much, does she really think
Mrs. Gu was just a bimbo?

Mrs. Gu directly posted the recording in her circle of friends and made a threat : Hu Yu,
you little bitch! If I see you again, I’ll trash you.
The fact that Mrs. Gu beat Hu Yu up was spread all over the circle in just a short while
along with the reason. Many ladies looked at Mrs. Gu with admiration. Although it
won’t be good for their image to beat people up and scold them, Mrs. Gu’s actions were
satisfying to watch. Soon, Hu Yu’s reputation as a poisonous woman spread out and
countless ladies kept away from her.

Gu Decheng wanted to deal with Li Sheng Kai but couldn’t find the reason to justify it.
He can’t say Li Sheng Kai used some evil charms to curse his family to death. Li Sheng
Kai was at a disadvantage because his business was a small one compared to the giant
of the Gu Family. If he trampled the other party to death without giving a proper
reason, the other small businesses will feel threatened and afraid of his family. With
those slaps, Mrs. Gu directly delivered the reason to Gu Decheng; Instigating his wife to
kill his son, that’s enough for a reason! 
Li Sheng Kai was also flustered. After taking Hu Yu home, he looked at her
embarrassing appearance but didn’t feel bad for her at all. Instead, he gave Hu Yu a
slap : “You stupid woman! Li Family will be destroyed by you!”

Thinking of her bad luck today, Hu Yu cried heavily, paying no mind to her image.

In turn, Li Sheng Kai was upset by her cries and shouted angrily : “Stop crying!” His gaze
was icy cold and a ferocious light flashed in his eyes, “Go find that master again. I want
Gu Decheng’s life!”

Chapter 4- Encounter with the School Bully

When Mrs. Gu came home, Gu Ye and Gu Yang were packing their bags. Ever since they
entered high school, they had been living in the dormitory and were only allowed to go
home once a month for three days. Therefore, they packed a lot of things.

Mrs. Gu checked their bags and went to the kitchen to fetch packs of jerky, fruits,
bread, and all kinds of snacks to stuff into her sons’ bags. 
Gu Ye looked at his bag and whispered, “I think brother got more than I did.”
“Really?” Gu Yang was puzzled. He was about to fish the snacks out from their bags to
compare when Mrs. Gu slapped his hands off angrily and awkwardly stuffed an extra
pack of jerky into Gu Ye’s bag. “There’s only half a year left before the college entrance
exam. Eat more and study hard.”

Satisfied, Gu Ye held his bag and smiled. “Thank you, Mom!”

Upon hearing the word “Mom”, Mrs. Gu’s expression became complicated. Looking at
Gu Ye’s satisfied expression, the corner of her lips curled up in a smile, and she ruffled
Gu Ye’s hair roughly. “Study hard! Don’t let people say you’re stupid!” 
Gu Ye nodded, still smiling. “Un!”

“Oh, right. Have you completed your winter holiday’s homework?” Mrs. Gu’s expression
was soft, appearing very kind and motherly. Gu Yang’s expression, however, changed
after hearing the question.

His mother’s face immediately became displeased. “You didn’t do it?”

Gu Yang scratched the back of his head. He’d been busy playing around. Homework…
what’s that?

“It’s fine if you didn’t do it.” Gu Ye patted his younger brother’s head and solemnly
comforted him. “You, silly child, simply have a fool’s luck. Studying is a dead end,
anyways. Even if you study, you won’t do well, so you might as well give up. I’ve already
calculated, and I predict that your teacher won’t scold you for forgetting to do your
homework this time.”

Elated, Gu Yang instantly raised his head.

Mrs. Gu immediately became displeased and reprimanded : “It’s already enough if you
don’t study well yourself, but don’t pull your brother along with you!”

Gu Yang actually bought five lottery tickets before returning home, and the lottery
draw just happened to be that night. After dinner, Gu Yang devoutly held the lottery
tickets above his head and prayed, “Grandpas and Grandmas on both sides of the
family, please bless me!” Once he finished, he snuck a peek at the door. Finding
nobody, he whispered, “Third brother, bless me!”

As a result, he really won! 

Gu Yang was so excited that he pounded on Gu Ye’s door. “Brother! I won! I really won!
It’s the third prize! Fifteen thousand yuan, ah!”

Although their family was quite rich, the children’s allowance was strictly controlled. It
was impossible for Gu Yang to buy luxury goods with the money his father gave him. If
he wanted to buy an expensive toy, he needed to apply for it in advance and do chores
to earn extra pocket money. 15,000 yuan wasn’t a small amount for Gu Yang, so it
made him so happy that he felt like he was walking on air. He didn’t even want to sleep.

Gu Ye, however, was about to take a bath before going to sleep. Opening the door, he
stared at the overly excited child and yelled, “Shut up! Go to sleep!”
The excited Gu Yang was scared by the outburst and dejectedly left with the lottery
Mrs. Gu, who was on the first floor, raised an eyebrow. He really won? Then, is it true
that wearing red clothes has been suppressing my fortune?

The next morning, Mrs. Gu wore a little yellow dress, quite different from her usual
color of choice. Her feet pitter-pattered as she walked happily from the kitchen, holding
two bowls of noodles. Seeing the two brothers coming downstairs, she said gently,
“One bowl per person. I made sure to add two eggs so that you’ll have a good memory
and score a hundred marks on each subject.”

Gu Ye said, “Mom, we can’t score a hundred marks no matter how many noodles and
eggs we eat. Receiving full marks on an exam relies on one’s IQ, after all.” 
Mrs. Gu : “…Shut up!”

After Gu Ye sat down, he looked at Gu Yang’s bowl before complaining, “Mom, I think
the egg in Brother’s bowl is bigger than mine.”

Mrs. Gu’s lips twitched. “Nonsense! All four eggs are the same size this time!”

Gu Ye was satisfied. “Oh, I was mistaken.” 

Mrs. Gu: “…..”

Little bastard, hurry up and go to school so that you can bother other people instead of me!
Before leaving, Gu Ye placed a charm in the mouths of the two stone lions at the gate
and, under Mrs. Gu’s gaze, got into the car with a smile of expectation.

Gu Ye is a senior and Gu Yang is a sophomore. Both attend the same school but don’t
share the same campus. Gu Yang got off the car before they reached the north gate of
the school, and happened to meet an acquaintance. He lugged his large suitcase and,
like a dog released from its leash, happily ran off. 
Gu Ye shook his head with a smile and turned to look at the school before narrowing
his eyes slightly. Even without entering the school, he could feel a current of vigorous
Yin and Yang. Since ancient times, schools have always been built in places with
heavy Yin Qi, and it was necessary to use the students’ Yang Qi to suppress the Yin Qi.
Therefore, having some Yin Qi at a school is normal. However, this school’s Yin Qi was
evidently abnormal as it concealed swirling red Yuan Qi and black Sha Qi within.
When the car arrived at the north gate, the driver stopped and helped Gu Ye take out
his luggage from the trunk. “Third Young Master, I’ll leave your things in the
guardroom. After you have lunch, remember to take them back to your dormitory.”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “Okay. Thank you.”

The driver was slightly shocked. He didn’t expect that Gu Ye would be able to smile so
brightly. Under the sun, the youth’s beautiful eyes curved like a crescent moon from his
smile, while his long eyelashes cast a faint shadow on his fair face, making his lips
appear redder and teeth whiter. He looked very handsome. 
Influenced by his smile, the driver gestured to Gu Ye with a clenched fist and happily
said, “Third Young Master, jia you!”
Gu Ye nodded and carried his luggage into the school. Right now, he had no choice but
to take the college entrance exam again. Why is life so difficult?
Several students, who stood at the window in the corridor watching the gate, saw him
as soon as he entered.

“Tell Boss that the stupid young master came!” 

“This stupid imbecile even dared to rat us out to his father, causing Boss to be locked
up during the entire winter holiday!”

“I guarantee that if Boss really wants to teach him a lesson, he will surely become docile
and obedient.”

As soon as Qian Zhen heard his lackey’s report, he grinned and said, “That
motherfucker! He still dares to come to school!”

Qian Zhen used to be a notorious bully in Wu Middle School. The school was famous
for its high enrollment rate into prestigious universities in the city, but there were still
students with failing grades. Qian Zhen was the leader of those students. He frequently
fought, smoked, drank, and was also a playboy. As long as it wasn’t related to studying,
he would do it. 
He was a local and was also from a rich family, so ordinary students didn’t dare
provoke him. A rich second-generation like Gu Ye can in fact fight him and even easily
step on Qian Zhe, but after being bullied constantly for half a year, the already timid
and frightened Gu Ye didn’t dare to say anything. However, Gu Decheng still found out
and stormed to the Qian Family with a vengeance. As a result, Qian Zhen was locked up
under house arrest for the entire winter vacation. Qian Zhen was originally scared of
Gu Ye’s father, but upon seeing Gu Ye come to school, the anger he had bottled up
over vacation suddenly erupted!

When the students heard Qian Zhen’s words, they all sympathized with Gu Ye. Gu Ye
was sure to suffer this time under Qian Zhen’s extreme hate.

Gu Ye arrived at the sixth classroom according to his memory but was instantly
surrounded by several boys as soon as he entered. Raising his eyebrows in confusion,
his collar was suddenly grabbed by a tall student before he was dragged out of the

“Gu Ye, you have the audacity to snitch to your father! Haven’t you thought about how
we’re going to make the second half of your school year a living hell?!” Qian Zhen
dragged Gu Ye to the toilet and ferociously pressed him against the wall. He was half a
head taller than Gu Ye, and looked extremely vicious and fierce. The lackey who came
in with him was also tall, burly, and seemed aggressive. 
Realizing that he had encountered bullying, Gu Ye unexpectedly started giggling to

Chapter 5- Gu Ye Seems Slightly Evil

Encountering bullying for the first time in his life, Gu Ye chuckled to himself. Rolling up
his sleeves, he sneered, “Rather than worry about the second half of my school year,
you better worry about yours.”

Three minutes later, Gu Ye returned to the classroom under the bewildered stares of
the other students.
A few moments later, a disciplinary teacher went to use the restroom. As he opened
the door, he saw two male students naked and unconscious, tightly embracing each
other. Seeing their vulgar, pale-white bodies on the floor, he closed his eyes in disgust. 
The discipline teacher almost spewed out blood, shouting, “Indecent! Highly improper!
Are you guys crazy?! You guys must be crazy!”

He blocked the entrance and called Class 6’s homeroom teacher, Teacher Yu, over.

Teacher Yu was nearly fifty years old and had been a teacher for decades, but he had
never seen such brazen students. Qian Zhen and Hu Mingming were famous
delinquents in the school. They often bullied their classmates and disrespected the
teachers. Even the new female teacher had already been angered to tears several
times. Teacher Yu knew that these two students were not easy to manage, but he
never expected them to do something so insane.

After shouting at them a few times and seeing that they still didn’t wake up, Teacher Yu
directly poured cold water onto their faces. “Wake up! This is outrageous! Don’t you
have any shame?!” 
Qian Zhen groggily woke up and instantly saw the furious expressions on his classroom
teacher and the disciplinary teacher’s faces. Then, he looked at Hu Mingming, who was
still sprawled on top of him. The teacher’s anger didn’t faze him, but it was Hu
Mingming’s indecent position that gave him a start. “Fuck! What are you playing at?!
Why are you naked, Hu Mingming!”

Turning to look at himself, Qian Zhen was stupefied. What the fuck happened? He only
remembered dragging Gu Ye to the toilet, trying to avoid the surveillance to beat him
up, then… then he didn’t remember anything.
“You two put on your clothes first.” Face pale, Teacher Yu exasperatedly said : “Teacher
won’t discriminate and look down on two boys being together, but you should not do
such things at this age! This is a school! A place to study! How dare you…” Teacher Yu
kneaded his painful forehead, angered to the point of speechlessness. He felt as if he
was about to faint.

Understanding the teacher’s meaning, Qian Zhen immediately became angry. “Old Yu,
what do you mean? Me and him? I…” When Qian Zhen turned around and saw Hu
Mingming’s flabby flesh, his stomach suddenly churned.

The discipline teacher’s anger flared after hearing his disrespectful attitude toward his
homeroom teacher and commanded, “Qian Zhen! Call your parents! We have to talk
about you and what type of student you are!”

Hu Mingming, who just woke up, was also disgusted and frightened. While putting on
his clothes, he desperately tried to explain : “Teacher, you got it wrong! It’s Gu Ye who
framed us! Gu Ye, that son of a bitch!”

Teacher Yu laughed mockingly. “Everybody knows that Gu Ye is honest and wouldn’t

even dare to speak loudly. How can he do such a thing? You want to fool us? You really
don’t want to admit your mistakes?! Call your parents immediately!”

Good things remain unknown, but bad things will spread thousands of miles over. The
news that Qian Zhen and Hu Mingming were discovered naked and embracing each
other in the restroom soon spread all over the school. The delinquents in the school
were stupefied. It turns out that Zhen-Ge and Ming-Ge were actually in this kind of
The two’s parents bowed in thanks while cursing their sons in their minds.

Qian Zhen, however, was unsatisfied. “Teacher, are you blind? It was obviously Gu Ye’s
work. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, his father angrily kicked him. “Shut up!” 
Qian Zhen clenched his fist, glaring at his father with indignation.

Teacher Yu was greatly dissatisfied with Qian Zhen’s attitude. “The school had already
checked the surveillance video. There were only the two of you forcibly dragging Gu Ye
into the bathroom. Since you claim that it was Gu Ye’s doing, you should know how he
did it, right?”

Qian Zhen opened his mouth, yet he had nothing to say. He had no recollection of what
After being reprimanded, Qian Zhen and Hu Mingming went to the cafeteria for a meal
and received countless probing eyes from the students. They cursed Gu Ye endlessly in
their hearts.
When Qian Zhen spotted Gu Ye eating nonchalantly in a corner, his eyes turned red
from rage. “It must be Gu Ye’s doing, that son of a bitch!” 
“We can’t make any more mistakes or we will really be expelled.” Hu Ming Ming
reminded him with a whisper.

Qian Zhen glared fiercely at Gu Ye, saying, “Wait until we get out of school. I’ll teach him
a lesson then!”

For the first time ever, Qian Zhen didn’t sleep in class. Glaring at Gu Ye’s back hatefully,
he began calculating how to teach him a lesson.

At the end of class, a short boy came to Qian Zhen and said, “Zhen-Ge, I heard Gu Ye’s
younger brother is also studying in our school as a first year.” 
At this moment, Gu Ye, who was about eight tables away from them, suddenly turned
around and gave them a smile. Gu Ye’s face was exquisite and his peach blossom eyes
with black pupils were as clear as jade. Before, Gu Ye’s personality was dull and there
was nothing to note about his face. But now, even if he smiled, his eyes were dark and
frightening. The group of delinquents immediately felt a chill run up their spines, filling
them with goosebumps.

Still grinning, Gu Ye calmly predicted, “In the next month, you will have bad luck. Try to

“Fuck you!” Qian Zhen had never been threatened before. Usually, it was always him
who bullied others, so when Gu Ye provoked him, he impulsively wanted to beat the
boy up, regardless of the consequences.
In the next second, however, the 180cm tall Qian Zhen fell flat onto the ground, causing
his nose to bleed. Everybody else was stupefied. What the hell?! Since when did Gu Ye
become a  crow’s mouth  ?!
Qian Zhen’s lackeys rushed up to help him get to the infirmary to stop the bleeding, but
just as they were about to walk out the door, a basketball suddenly flew towards Qian
Zhen’s head out of nowhere. The ball hit Qian Zhen squarely on the head and bounced
several meters away from the impact. It was obviously thrown with great strength. 
“Fucking hell! Who? Who threw that?!” Hearing Qian Zhen’s shouts and curses of anger
in the hallway, the whole class’s gaze on Gu Ye became awed and a little fearful. This Gu
Ye is a little evil!

After the evening self-study session, Gu Ye went to his dormitory and found that the
bed he left empty had already been tidied. Standing under the bunk bed was another
classmate of his, smiling shyly. The boy had a baby face and was quite short. Coupled
with that smile, he appeared even younger.
Gu Ye didn’t know the boy’s name, so he just nodded slightly as a greeting. To be
honest, even if he had the original soul’s memory, the original Gu Ye didn’t even
remember what his classmates looked like. 
“Xia Xiang, why are you, a top student, coming to our dorm?” Wang Kai, one of the boys
in the dorm, looked at the newcomer with hostility and even a hint of fear. The
students in this dormitory were usually those with average or low grades but were not
mischievous. The teacher purposely arranged them in this manner to accommodate
Gu Ye. Gu Ye looked at the other students in the dorm and found that they shared a
similar sentiment, which was a bit strange. Is this the so-called hostility from learning
slags towards a learning master?

Xia Xiang was embarrassed. With his head down, he explained in a whisper, “The
original dorm was inconvenient so I moved.”

This reason was obviously fake, but Gu Ye was too lazy to care about a group of
children. Picking up his stuff to take a bath, he went out. At this time, Wang Kai also
followed suit. After leaving the dormitory, Wang Kai advised, “You better stay away
from Xia Xiang.”

Wang Kai was a little surprised by Gu Ye’s response. In the past, Gu Ye would only reply
with “Mn” and nothing else, but now, he would actually ask questions. Looking at Gu
Ye’s eyes, Wang Kai was even more surprised. Gu Ye seemed to be a bit different from
before, but boys were generally carefree, so Wang Kai didn’t care too much. Looking
around to make sure there was nobody nearby, Wang Kai whispered, “His eyes are
different from ours. He can see what we can’t. Many people know this.” Wang Kai then
added, dissatisfied, “I don’t know why he moved to our dorm. Is our life going to be full
of surprises next?”
Gu Ye asked seriously, “By ‘what we can’t see,’ do you mean ghosts?”

“Shh!” Wang Kai quickly shushed Gu Ye as if they were speaking about a taboo. “Don’t
say that word. Our school used to be a mass grave. Be careful with what you say.”

From what Gu Ye could tell, this boy was well-built and also quite tall. He was a healthy
young man, so he didn’t expect this boy to be so timid. “What are you afraid of? If those
things dare to come, just take off your pants and pee on them. Virgin boys’ urine can
ward off evil spirits.”

Wang Kai : “…” 

Is this really Gu Ye? This is clearly a madman!

At the same time, a middle-aged man with a mustache in the shape of an inverted V
wearing a weathered Taoist robe was in a square courtyard holding a talisman while
chanting. Li Shengkai and his wife were standing near the wall, staring at the man with
beads of sweat on their foreheads. After offending Gu Decheng, the Hu Family had no
chance of escaping unscathed. Hu Yu had made a grave mistake, and now the whole
aristocratic circle knew that the Li Shengkai couple had offended the Gu Family. No one
wanted to help, so the couple had no choice but to try and kill the Gu Family. First on
the list was Gu Decheng!

When the puppet with Gu Decheng’s name written on it was thrown into the brazier, a
meter-high fire immediately erupted and a blue light emerged from the twisted fire.
The scene was strangely demented, but Li Shengkai’s eyes brightened. As long as Gu
Decheng died, half of his family would collapse. Gu Decheng’s two promising sons, Gu
Sen and Gu Lin, couldn’t fight against him. As for Gu Ye and Gu Yang, he automatically
excluded them in his calculations. 
Just when he thought that his wish had been fulfilled, the top of the flame flattened in
an instant as if something was pressing down on it. The flame that was originally one
meter tall became shorter and shorter, as if it was getting smothered. A bad
premonition suddenly arose in Li Shengkai and his wife’s minds. The Taoist master’s
expression wasn’t good either. He sped up his chanting with a tight expression, and his
fingers gestures also increased in speed. The flame struggled unwillingly under the
pressure, but it was futile.

At this time, a small golden light in the shape of a human figure emerged from the
mouth of the stone lion at the gate of Gu Family’s house. Grabbing the black shadow
that was approaching the gate, the figure tore the shadow in half.

At the same time, the brazier cracked with a banging sound!

“Blergh!” The Taoist master spat a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground, his face
“Ah! Fire! Fire!” Li Shengkai and his wife were frightened by the sparks flying around
and ran out regardless of the well-being of the Taoist master. In a blink of an eye, the
courtyard caught on fire and the Taoist master also crawled toward the door, face pale.
Before he could reach the door, however, a beam collapsed and fell on his head. The
famous master’s eyes rolled upwards, and he was knocked unconscious on the spot.
Inside the raging fire, the puppet with Gu Decheng’s name laid quietly on the ground,
surrounded by an invisible barrier, keeping it intact. Gradually, Gu Decheng’s name on
it disappeared, and the puppet soon turned into ashes.

Gu Ye sensed that the charm he left at home was activated, so he made some gestures
with his fingers and started to calculate the events. The corner of his lips gradually
curled up in a smile. People in their line of work aren’t allowed to harm people.
Otherwise, they will be condemned by the heavens.

In the middle of the night when all the students were already asleep, a strong Yuan
Qi gathered to form a dark ghost in the back field of the school. The ghost came to Gu
Ye’s dorm and stuck to the window like a gecko. Someone pulled the curtain close
before going to bed but didn’t do it properly, leaving a finger-wide gap in between the
curtains. There were a pair of red eyes staring greedily at Xia Xiang, whose bed was on
top of Gu Ye’s.
Gu Ye quietly opened his eyes and looked at the window. No wonder there was Sha Qi
and Yuan Qi hidden in the school. There was actually such a big treasure hidden in this

Ch6 - I fucking told you to not be excessive!

Xia Xiang had obviously noticed that he was being stared at. As he curled himself into a
ball shaking like a leaf, the bed shook alongside him. Gu Ye was worried that Xia Xiang
wouldn’t be able to hold back his pee and it would be Gu Ye who gets showered as his
bed was the bottom bunk. Getting up and walking slowly toward the window, Gu Ye
said in a joking manner, “Sister, it’s so late now. Are you not going home to sleep?”

The ghost backed away a few steps and instinctively felt that Gu Ye wouldn’t be easy to
deal with. “Who are you?” she asked vigilantly.

Gu Ye answered seriously, “The successor of communism .”

The female ghost immediately felt that she had been fooled. Her hair fluttered
menacingly as if blown by wind, revealing her bloody face. Her scarlet eyes stared at Gu
Ye fiercely. “Boy, I advise you to mind your own business.” 
Gu Ye yawned lazily, looked at the pitiful ghost lady, and said softly, “You should also
not be too excessive.”

Gu Ye’s attitude heightened her apprehension, but she couldn’t let Xia Xiang, this
delicious big cake with a pure Yin constitution go. Reluctant, she tried calculating the
probability of killing Xia Xiang and escaping under Gu Ye’s watch.
Gu Ye sneered, made a gesture with his fingers, and a faint purple flame appeared.
“You don’t want to leave, so you want to be my pet, right?”
Gu Ye’s hand gesture was a ghost-controlling technique forbidden in Taoism.

The female ghost was instinctively afraid of the fire. After hesitating for a few moments,
she turned around and ran.

Gu Ye clicked his tongue and regretfully sighed. He just wanted a group of cute pet
servants, it’s best if they looked beyond the norm. If nothing else, this one sure is ugly.

At this moment, Xia Xiang poked his head out from under his quilt, sneakily staring at
Gu Ye with a fervent gaze.
Gu Ye paid no attention to him. Wrapping himself in his quilt, he rolled over and
continued to sleep. Outside, the lingering Yuan Qi and Sha Qi rustled like the wind. The
ghost was still wandering around. She must have died unjustly. Otherwise, she
wouldn’t have that much Yuan Qi on her, and she wouldn’t be attacking people without
The next morning, Gu Ye exited his dormitory with books in hand, planning to head to
the classroom to study.

After morning class, Gu Ye went to the cafeteria alone for breakfast. As soon as he
went in, he was stopped by Xia Xiang and two boys. Xia Xiang offered him two meat
buns and a bowl of Eight Treasure Congee (Laba Porridge). 
Gu Ye raised an eyebrow. “What do you want?”

“Please eat.” Xia Xiang’s voice was low, like a little rabbit. It looked like he was being
forced to act as a spokesperson for the two boys. “Thank you for helping me last night.”

Gu Ye smiled and walked past him to buy food for himself. “It wasn’t for you.”

After buying some meat pies, Gu Ye found a seat and Xia Xiang sat beside him. Holding
two big meat buns, he whispered : “I know that in your line of work there’s a rule that if
you help others, your fortune will be affected. And if it’s serious, your lifespan may
even decrease. You guys will usually charge a certain fee for the people who need help
depending on the severity of the situation to make up for your personal losses. I beg of
you, please help me, and I will pay you accordingly.” 
Gu Ye was in a good mood because of the delicious pie. “Boy, you sure know a lot, even
the rules.”

“Well, my family often looks for masters.” Due to his physique, he was often scared stiff
or haunted by ghosts when he was a kid. Throughout his life, he had seen plenty of
capable masters, but Gu Ye was the first one who could scare off a ghost with just a
hand gesture.

Gu Ye said with a smile, “Let’s see how much money you can pay.”

Xia Xiang’s eyes brightened, and he held up two fingers : “Currently, I can only give you
2,000 yuan. How much do you want? I will ask my mother to transfer the amount to
you next month.” 
The two other students didn’t expect Xia Xiang to directly pay 2,000 yuan to Gu Ye, so
they tugged at his clothes anxiously to show their disapproval. However, despite his
timid look, Xia Xiang was very stubborn and wasn’t deterred at all.

Gu Ye was amused. “Okay. Tell me, how did you get entangled with that lady?”

“It wasn’t me. It was these two. They played Pen Fairy and called her out. I never
expected that she would come for me. She has been following me for the entire winter
vacation, all the way to when I changed dorms.” Xia Xiang was desperate. He didn’t
provoke the ghost at all, but ghosts just seemed to like him anyways.
Gu Ye took a sip of his porridge and said in a serious manner, “Isn’t she beautiful? She
loves you deeply as well. You’re simply blessed, ah, lad!” 
Xia Xiang wanted to cry. “I don’t want this kind of blessing, ah!”

While Gu Ye sympathized with Xia Xiang, he was also secretly delighted. The boy had a
pair of Yin and Yang eyes coupled with a pure Yin constitution that was a great tonic for
ghosts. However, Xia Xiang didn’t have the ability to protect himself. It was quite the
wonder to have survived until now.

After finishing his meal, Gu Ye pulled Xia Xiang’s arm and drew a charm right on his
skin, saying, “If you see those things again, chant this in your heart : Accompanied by
the Emperor, what spirit dares appear?? Tian Gang stirs the heavens, binding evil far
and near.”
Xia Xiang repeated the mantra a few times in his head before asking curiously, “Is that
“It’s a spell. When chanted silently, ghosts and spirits won’t be able to approach. Your
2,000 yuan is only enough to buy this charm. It will last for two months.”

Xia Xiang looked at his arm excitedly. He believed that he would be safe as long as he
shared the same dorm with Gu Ye, and with this charm, he would no longer be afraid
to go to the restroom at night. He would no longer have to hold his pee!

“Erm, could you help them settle…”

Gu Ye had already stood up, wanting to go back to the classroom. He didn’t even spare
a glance at the two boys and said, “Forget it. They reap what they sow. They can go
accompany the other ghosts dancing cha cha this evening or I will feel bad for that
lady.” Gu Ye continued, sounding cold : “It’s fine if you, yourself, have a death wish, but
don’t drag others down with you.” 
The two students were viciously scolded and couldn’t help swearing under their
breaths. They also resented Xia Xiang a bit for bringing up the issue of the Pen
Fairy. This is too much!
Lin Zihao, one of the students, looked at Xia Xiang as if he were a fool and quipped
sarcastically : “Are you stupid or does your family have a gold mine at home? You really
want us to give all of our pocket money to him, huh!”

Liu Yiwen also added : “He’s obviously cheating you. What ghost repelling charm, I can’t
even see anything. Is it like the Emperor’s new clothes?”
“He must be lying. He can’t catch ghosts at all. He’s just some rich kid and a learning
slag at that. I don’t know how his personality changed over the break, but if I were him,
I would’ve already been recruited to several famous universities already. And you still
want to believe him? Liu Yiwen, let’s go. We don’t have the leisure to waste money.” 
Liu Yiwen also agreed with Lin Zihao but felt his words were a bit too much. He looked
at Xia Xiang apologetically with a gaze that implied “You take care of yourself” before
following Lin Zihao.

Xia Xiang munched on the meat buns with a taut expression. His family was indeed
rich, but he never flaunted the money he had. As a matter of fact, the copper coin that
prevented the woman ghost from entering the dorm in the first place was bought by
his father from a famous master at a great price before winter vacation. Otherwise,
they would’ve already died. He spent his money to protect their lives. Why should
people despise him for being a rich second generation?


Later, in the dead of night, a dark shadow slowly creeped toward the dorm that Xia
Xiang previously lived in. In the other dorm, there was Gu Ye protecting Xia Xiang. Who
would dare take that risk? She couldn’t act rashly and could only go back and settle for
the second best. The two people who summoned her before were Lin Zihao and Liu
Yiwen. After she fulfilled their wishes, their contract was established. Following the
rules of trade, she should be able to take their lives at any time. 
She wanted a corporeal body. She wanted someone to be bound as a spirit in her
stead so that she could step out of this school and find that scum to avenge herself!

After several attacks from the ghost, the copper coin guarding the door lost most of its
power. The ghost reached out with her black nails, instantly snuffing out the weak
white light protecting the dorm, and stormed into the room under three people’s
horrified scream. She then grabbed Lin Zihao’s hair and yanked him upward.

“Ah!!!” Lin Zihao cried out in pain, covering his head in horror while kicking his feet and
struggling desperately. He felt sharp nails digging into his scalp and blood flowing
down his cheeks. The smell of blood was so thick that he didn’t know whether it was his
own blood or the female ghost’s. He was scared shitless. “Help! Help! Let me go! Help
me! Zhao Pengyu, help me!”

The female ghost leaned close to Lin Zihao, taking a sniff and squinting her scarlet eyes
in pleasure. She had no face, and her only distinguishable features were her eyes and
mouth. Her wounds varied in size and depth with pale, white bone showing through
the deep ones. There was also some rotten flesh along with dripping blood, and it can
be clearly seen that she was badly mutilated during her death. Even without the dorm
lights, the cold moonlight and street lamps outside were enough to allow a clear view.
The visual impact was not something that ordinary people can bear, and Lin Zihao’s
eyes rolled back with fear before fainting. 
Liu Yiwen held his head in horror and his body trembled in fear. He had lost his will to
struggle and even the thought of running away made him so scared he almost peed his
pants. How could he have the courage to save Lin Zihao?
It was the other student who saw that Lin Zihao was about to lose his life and was filled
with sudden courage. Swinging a chair and smashing it on the ghost, he jumped up and
scolded fiercely, “Motherfucker! I’ll take you on!”

People’s Zheng Qi can usually overcome ghosts’ Qi, which is one of the reasons why
ghosts generally won’t provoke police officers and soldiers. Zhao Pengyu’s sudden
burst of courage and him smacking the ghost with a chair made the female ghost
pause in her actions. She then became completely enraged. Letting go of Lin Zihao, she
scrambled madly at Zhao Pengyu.
Zhao Pengyu was so scared that he immediately wanted to run away. When he got to
the door, he found that the door wouldn’t open no matter how hard he tried to pry it
open. It was like the door had been welded shut. Furthermore, the noise here was
extremely loud, but the rest of the people in the dorm didn’t have any reactions, as if
they were deaf. Zhao Pengyu’s heart went cold as he thought to himself : He wouldn’t be
that unlucky tonight, right? He, Zhao Pengyu, 19, died from an act of bravery. He fought
against evil spirits to save his moronic classmates. Come on, this epitaph sounds stupid! 
In a blink of an eye, the ghost pounced on Zhao Pengyu. Grabbing his neck, she said,
“Since you’re so nosy, then I’ll kill you first.”

Zhao Pengyu’s height was 180 cm, but he was being held up easily by the thin female
ghost. He couldn’t even struggle and could only bulge his eyes in pain. They were
already bloodshot from the lack of oxygen. Zhao Pengyu’s gaze turned toward the
ground where the shivering Liu Yiwen was. He looked like he had no intention of
helping him, which in turn plunged him deeper into despair. The last thought that
came to his mind was that he really let his parents worry about him too much since his
childhood. He didn’t realize until he was dying that he had done too many fucking
things that angered them, especially his mother. What a shame…
When Zhao Pengyu was about to lose consciousness, he heard a loud bang. The
dormitory door was kicked open by someone from the outside, and in an instant, a
figure dashed towards him. With a miserable shriek, the female ghost was beaten
down and kicked to the wall, hitting it sharply. The area where she was hit was
scorching black and smoking, leaving her face even more deformed.

The figure who rushed in raised his leg with a blank expression. He was wearing cotton
pajamas that had a cute sheep print with two horns. He looked absolutely adorable,
but the next second, he kicked the female ghost’s face violently and angrily scolded : “I
fucking told you to not be too excessive! People are sleeping, you know! What time do
you think it is now?! Do you want me to teach you how to read the time, hah?!” 
It was Gu Ye, who hadn’t had a good night’s sleep for two days in a row.

Ch7 - No money, no talk.

What the fuck! What a fierce guy!
Zhao Pengyu realized that he had just been saved. Taking a deep breath, he crawled
away from the female ghost. When he saw the face of the person who had just come
in, his chin almost dislocated from shock. “…Gu Ye?”

Gu Ye’s cold gaze swept over Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen, who were lying on the ground.
He hadn’t slept well for two days and was in a bad mood. “People who are rescued
never call their benefactor by name to show respect. You should call me ‘Papa’

Zhao Pengyu : “….Dude, are you a chuunibyou? Or is this your second personality?” 
Gu Ye’s current personality was completely different compared to what he normally
saw at school.

Gu Ye scanned Zhao Pengyu’s face and said, “You were born into a wealthy family. One
of your ancestors was a military general, and your grandfather was also in the army.
Your father started a business while your mother was from an even more wealthy and
powerful family. She also has her own company, a typical strong woman. Because she
didn’t have the time to take care of you during your childhood, your relationship with
her isn’t very good. You want to oppose her, but to put it bluntly, you always end up
getting beaten instead. You almost died when you were four, and your mother almost
lost her life saving you. You probably forgot about that. You will soon have a blood
disaster, but once you pass this hurdle, you will become a great figure in the future. If
you can’t, then you’ll be a hopeless case.”

Zhao Pengyu grabbed the stool in front of him and held it tightly, as if the stool was the
only thing anchoring him to reality. Gu Ye basically got everything right.

Gu Ye’s eyes narrowed. “Give me money, and I’ll tell you how to avoid the disaster.”

Zhao Pengyu took out his money hurriedly. Gu Ye had just saved his life so he believed
everything he said.

Seeing him being so generous, the corner of Gu Ye’s lips curved into a smile, improving
his mood. “Don’t cross bridges in the near future.”

Zhao Pengyu nervously asked, “And then?”

“If you don’t cross any bridges, nothing will happen. If you do, then something will
definitely happen.” Gu Ye then stepped on the female ghost, pasting a charm onto her
head. Seeing the ghost’s tragic situation, Zhao Pengyu swallowed back the words he
was about to say. 
At this time, Lin Zihao finally woke up. Realizing that Gu Ye was really capable and not a
liar, he crawled over with tears and held Gu Ye’s leg. “Gu Ye, please help me! She’s
really going to kill me!” Lin Zihao touched his face, and feeling the blood that had dried,
he was even more frightened. Firmly holding onto Gu Ye’s leg, he was like a man
drowning at sea with only one wooden plank to save his life.

Zhao Pengyu asked curiously, “Don’t people like you treat money like crap?” 
Gu Ye sneered. “Even families fight for money. I’ve seen a lot of people who love
money, but I’ve never seen anyone who loves shit.”

“Pfftt!” Zhao Pengyu couldn’t hold back his laughter. Gu Ye had rushed to save him
when he was about to die, so he wasn’t a bad person. However, his tongue was truly

Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen could only fork out most of their money with trembling hands.

“Not enough.” Gu Ye looked at them coldly. “Give me all of your pocket money.” 
Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen took a look at the female ghost, whose gaze was fixed on them.
Painfully parting with their money, they said, “But if we give all our money to you, then
our meal for this month…”

Zhao Pengyu couldn’t stand it anymore. He grabbed their wallets and took out all the
money inside, angrily saying : “You’re about to die, and you’re still reluctant to pay?
Doesn’t the school have a system that allows poor students to earn some pocket
money? Go do chores, and you will be paid five yuan a day. Eating some baozi and
pancakes for a month is more than good enough. It’s just right that you can learn a

Gu Ye put all of their money into his pocket and said, “Did you guys do well on this
year’s final exam?”

The two’s pale faces suddenly turned red with embarrassment, as if they had been
discovered doing something they shouldn’t. 
Zhao Pengyu was shocked speechless. These two wanted to know the exam questions
in advance, so they summoned the Pen Fairy, and this was how they scored highly in
the end year exam!

Gu Ye was too lazy to talk to them. Taking off the charm pasted on the ghost’s
forehead, he said, “Sister, let’s talk.”

The other three couldn’t bear looking at the bloody face of the female ghost. In the
future, the word “Sister” would leave a psychological shadow on their psyche.
The female ghost lay crumpled in the corner after being beaten by Gu Ye. While
resentfully staring at the boy, she didn’t dare to move as she was also scared by the
charm Gu Ye held in his hand. 
Gu Ye sat down on the stool Zhao Pengyu handed over to him and crossed his legs.
“What’s your name? How old are you? How did you die? What made you so unhappy?
Let’s talk about it.”

If it wasn’t for the season, Zhao Pengyu would have volunteered to fan Gu Ye, seeing
his domineering attitude.

After a thorough questioning, everyone present ended up sympathizing with the

female ghost. It was too depressing!

The ghost’s name was Wang Qianqian, a local. She had graduated from the
Performance Arts Department of a famous university seven years ago. Originally
someone with a bright future, she suddenly found herself pregnant. Her boyfriend
then was a year older than her, studied Vocal Music, and had already entered the
entertainment circle at that time. He was a fresh artist who looked good and could sing
and dance. He participated in a singing competition, was very popular, and also had a
bright future. 
Wang Qianqian, blinded by love, resolutely decided to give up the opportunity to
appear in a drama to marry her boyfriend and give birth to the child. She also decided
to take care of the child with her boyfriend’s parents. However, when she told him
about her idea, she never expected her loving boyfriend to turn his face and refuse to
get married with her. He even told her not to give birth to the child. The reason was
quite simple. He was in a period of rising popularity. If his fans knew that he was
married and even had a child, it would be a great blow to his career.

Wang Qianqian naturally disagreed. As her belly was getting bigger, her boyfriend
continued to avoid her, causing her to feel greatly betrayed. As an orphan, Wang
Qianqian longed for familial warmth. She also loved the man dearly, so she didn’t
hesitate to threaten him cruelly, saying that if they didn’t get married, she would
expose him and let his fans know what kind of a person he truly was. What she didn’t
expect was for this remark to ignite the killing intent in him.

She underestimated the man’s pursuit of fame and wealth, also her position in his
heart. It was a quiet night when her boyfriend invited her to Wu Middle School, which
was still under construction at that time. She was brutally stoned to death.

He then proceeded to pour sulphuric acid, destroying her body while Wang Qianqian
was still futilely struggling for life. 
Wang Qianqian had no family, so no one reported her disappearance. All the while, Wu
Middle School continued to be built. No one knew that there was a nearly destroyed
corpse buried underground, and the workers continued the construction as usual.
Thus, a tragedy was hidden for seven years.
With her resentment, Wang Qianqian couldn’t reincarnate, and with her hell-bent on
revenge, she turned into an earthbound ghost, unable to leave the place of her death.
It was only until Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen played Pen Fairy and summoned her that she
could come here. Originally, she could only remain within 10 meters from her body’s
If Wang Qianqian wants to leave the school, she has to kill someone and let their soul
be bound in her stead. In fact, she took a fancy to Xia Xiang in an instant. Her plan was
to eat Xia Xiang, kill Lin Zihao to replace herself, and leave the school to get her
revenge. It’s a pity that Xia Xiang always had something on him as protection and later
ended up moving into Gu Ye’s dormitory. She had no choice but to change her goal to
Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen.

After listening to her story, Gu Ye said sympathetically, “You really are quite pitiful.” 
There were celestial masters who actually sympathized with ghosts! Wang Qianqian
looked into Gu Ye’s eyes suspiciously and found that he really was honest. She also
realized that Gu Ye was not like the other celestial masters she had often heard of.
Courage suddenly shot up, she reasoned : “I helped them realize their wish in exchange
for their lives.”

Gu Ye seriously praised her, “You only planned to take one of their lives. You really are
a businessman with a conscience.”

Wang Qianqian nodded earnestly. “Yes.”

Her eye socket that didn’t have much flesh to begin with suddenly failed to function,
and her eyeball fell, rolling on the ground before finally stopping at Gu Ye’s feet. 
Eyeballs that fall must be picked, ah. Can’t ask anyone else to pick that up. That would be
rude! Wang Qianqian instinctively crawled over to pick up her eyeball.
“Argh! Argh! Argh! Argh!!!” The three boys behind Gu Ye screamed like crazy. Liu Yiwen
peed on the spot while clutching the chair’s leg and sobbing loudly.

Picking up her eye, Wang Qianqian went back to the wall and pressed her eye back to
the socket and said apologetically, “Sorry.”

The people present : “…” 

Gu Ye touched his ears, upset. This group of wastes, it’s just a falling eyeball. Isn’t it
common courtesy to pick up your own eyeballs?
“Gu Ye, help! What should we do now?” Lin Zihao tugged at Gu Ye’s trousers tearfully
and whispered, reminding him to stop talking and just kill her! Quickly destroy her soul
to pieces!

Gu Ye swatted the hand on his trousers off and said to Wang Qianqian with a smile : “If
you let them go, I can help you with your revenge. The little one needs to come out too.
His Yuan Qi is heavier than yours.”
There’s still a little ghost baby?! 
The three students subconsciously shifted their gaze to the female ghost’s
stomach. Oh, right, she was close to her due date when she died, but now her abdomen is
flat. They once again panicked and huddled at Gu Ye’s side, hating the fact that they
couldn’t crawl into Gu Ye’s arms. Gu Ye’s side must be the safest!
“Hihihihi~” A string of shrill laughter turned the three’s scalp numb, giving them
goosebumps. Lin Zihao turned towards the direction of the laughter in panic and saw a
black fog slowly climbing out from his own quilt. Because the room was dark, they
couldn’t see the appearance of the ghost hidden in the dark mist. They could only
vaguely see that its limbs were deformed, its head was particularly big, and it had
scarlet eyes along with a big mouth that seemed to be able to swallow anything.

All Lin Zihao could think about was that he had just slept in that bed. Had the ghost
been there the whole time? Thinking that he might have held the ghost in his arms, he
was so scared that he fell to the ground, legs tightly clamped together with a stream of
warm liquid flowing. He was scared to the point of peeing his pants. How could he
sleep in the future? Whenever he sees this quilt, he will be traumatized!
Even though he saw that his mother had been beaten, the ghost baby didn’t have any
intentions of helping. He didn’t know much about human nature. Feeling the aura on
Gu Ye, his mouth suddenly opened as big as a basketball, and he instantly pounced on
Gu Ye by instinct. The black surging Sha Qi on him smelt of blood, and the ghost kid’s
bloodthirsty appearance made Gu Ye frown : Is it okay to just gobble people up? 

Ch8 - Come here, there’s been a kidnapping, ah!

Frightened by the ghost child, Zhao Pengyu and the others loudly screamed, “Fuck!”
and scrambled to hide behind Gu Ye. Simultaneously, Gu Ye languidly raised his hand
and, just like playing volleyball, smacked the ghost to the ground before cradling its
head. Under the horrified eyes of everyone else present, he started patting and
soothing it. “Don’t make a racket, behave.”

The ghost baby was instinctively scared by the slap. He timidly looked at Gu Ye. Seeing
that he was smiling and had no intention to hit him again, the ghost baby carefully
reached out toward the hem of Gu Ye’s trousers, trying to act like a cute child.

Gu Ye bent over, picked him up, put him on his lap, and continued stroking his head
while praising him. “You’re lovely, but we have no fate. Otherwise, I’d make you my
number one servant.”

Zhao Pengyu almost knelt down to Gu Ye while simultaneously backing away two
Wang Qianqian anxiously explained, “This kid doesn’t understand anything. He’s just a
baby who died in the womb, so he has a lot of grievances which were naturally formed.
He has never hurt anybody, so please don’t take him away, Master!”

Gu Ye grinned and patted the ghost baby’s head. “I can see that.”

Seeing that Gu Ye really had no intention of harming him, the female ghost asked
tentatively, “Will you really help me?”

Gu Ye nodded. “I have never lied to ghosts.”

Liu Yiwen asked in a whisper, “Is it really okay to help ghosts?”

Zhao Pengyu agreed with Gu Ye. “Scum should receive retribution for their actions.”

Lin Zihao frowned, clearly disagreeing with this. “It’s not good to help ghosts harm
people. She’s already dead anyways. Gu Ye, hurry and eliminate her. She’s too

Gu Ye’s eyes narrowed. One could see from his attitude that he did not have a good
opinion of Lin Zihao’s personality. “In fact, it’s actually normal for her to choose you first
as prey. Evil beings always instinctively seek soil that breeds evil.” 
Zhao Pengyu also understood the underlying meaning in Gu Ye’s words. He hadn’t
realized before, but he did feel that Lin Zihao was becoming stupider by the second. “Is
that scum innocent? Can’t you see these two lives he snuffed out with his own hands,
ah? Or, are your two eyes merely decorative light bulbs? Weren’t ghosts originally living
people too?”

Lin Zihao was rendered speechless by Zhao Pengyu. Keeping his head down, he didn’t
dare say a word.
Gu Ye stood up with the ghost baby still in his arms and snapped his fingers, removing
the restriction placed on the female ghost. He then fished out a small porcelain
bottle from his pocket and said to the female ghost, “You hide here first. I will take you
to him at the end of this month.”

With his big head leaning forward, the little ghost also curiously looked at the bottle. Gu
Ye lifted him up and put him into the bottle first. It’s better to put this one in first, just in
case. If the little one ends up biting someone, he will have no choice but to discipline him.

“You guys can sleep peacefully from now on.” Gu Ye yawned, shooing them away as he
Looking at his back, Zhao Pengyu really wanted to kneel down and call him “Dad.” Gu
Ye was so awesome! He also wanted to change dormitories, leaving these two fools to
go to Xia Xiang and Gu Ye’s room.

When Gu Ye returned to his dorm, all of his roommates were still sleeping soundly as
the spell he cast was still functioning. Xia Xiang was still in deep sleep, probably
because he hadn’t had a good night’s rest for a long while. Gu Ye placed the bottle
under his pillow before lying down and drifting into slumber.

The next evening, Gu Ye calculated the location of Wang Qianqian and her son’s
remains while munching on a pastry and found that it was at a hill near the wall on the
west side of the field. In fact, it was just a small mound of soil, sand, and gravel left
behind after the construction finished. After many years, the mound was full of weeds,
rendering its original shape indeterminable. The students jokingly called it “the school’s
peak.” When free, some students will climb the mound and stand at the top to view the
scenery outside of the school. Nobody knew that a corpse lay underneath that mound.

Perceiving the presence of their remains, the porcelain bottle in Gu Ye’s pocket shook.
Gu Ye then stroked it soothingly, saying, “You’ve already waited for seven years. What’s
a month more?”

The bottle immediately ceased moving. Throwing the last bite of the pastry into his
mouth, Gu Ye then took a napkin and wiped his hands. He was about to go back when
he suddenly felt a rustling wind behind his head. Tilting his head, a basketball whizzed
past his ear and hit the ground, bouncing several meters in the air after the impact. It
could be seen that it had been thrown with great strength.

Gu Ye frowned and turned to look. A stocky boy who looked like a ruffian grinned with
his teeth bared, apologized with no guilt whatsoever, “Sorry, my hand slipped.” 
Gu Ye sneered and threw a mocking look at the student before leaving. He had no
interest in arguing with fools.

“Didn’t you say that Gu Ye became smarter? Why is he still the same fool?”

“Who knows? He was raised by his stepmother. Who knows what he was fed while
growing up.”

“Maybe his stepmother’s milk is poisonous? Hahahahaha…” 


Gu Ye was already a few steps away, but when he heard this, he stopped and turned
toward the boys. Directing a piercing glare in their direction, his eyes were icy cold and
his emotionless black pupils were like an endless abyss. The boys taunting him
immediately went silent, their next words stuck in their throat. Realizing that they had
been intimidated by him, the boy who threw the basketball at Gu Ye earlier took the
lead, angrily retorting, “What the fuck are you looking at? You wanna go?”

Gu Ye scoffed. “At least I have a stepmother. On the other hand, you, you don’t even
have one, orphan.”
Si HongXing immediately saw a sea of red after hearing the word “orphan” and rushed
toward Gu Ye, fist ready to punch. “My parents are alive and well, you fucking stupid
bastard. Who the fuck are you cursing at?! 
Gu Ye grabbed Si HongXing’s wrist and used his shoulder as leverage to flip him over
onto the ground. Under the surprised gaze of the other boys, he stepped on Si
HongXing’s chest heavily and laughed fiercely, “You want to play school bully with me?
You think I’m stupid?!”

Gu Ye was enraged. When the original Gu Ye was still alive, he, a young master of a very
wealthy family, was bullied by a group of delinquents to the point that they dared to
laugh at him and call him a fool. Moreover, they even dared to throw a basketball at his
head. Even if he wasn’t a fool, he surely would’ve become one after being smacked in
the head with a ball like that.

The boys accompanying Si HongXing were frightened by Gu Ye’s cold eyes and his
sharp skills. Si HongXing was half a head taller than Gu Ye, so where did his strength
come from?

Gu Ye’s cold gaze swept among them before asking, “Who’s next? C’mere!” 
“What are you doing? Are you guys fighting?” At this time, the security guard who had
been patrolling the area saw them shouting at each other and the bullies immediately
realized that they were in trouble. Like a group of sheep chased by wolves, they ran
away swiftly. Gu Ye pursed his lips in mockery and also followed suit, deliberately
stepping on Si HongXing’s stomach forcefully before doing so.

The security guard rushed over and saw Si HongXing, the only one who hadn’t left, lying
on the ground and clutching his stomach. This boy had a track record of being late to
school, and he often snuck out during class. The security guard frowned and glared at
him. “Are you fighting again, Si HongXing? I’ll report this to your classroom teacher!”

Si HongXing got up and said flatteringly, “No, no, no, we were just playing. They’re my

Si HongXing could only bear the pain with gritted teeth while pleasantly appeasing the
security guard. Taking advantage of the fact that the security guard’s expression eased
a bit, he quickly left. Cursing Gu Ye in his mind thousands of times, he vowed that he
would teach that brat a lesson. Just you wait, Gu Ye! I will definitely kill you once I get the
chance to! 
As soon as Si HongXing turned the corner, he was stopped by Qian Zhen, who then
swiftly draped his arm over Si HongXing’s shoulder and asked him darkly, “I heard your
cousin is a real gangster?”

Si HongXing asked defensively, “What do you mean, Zhen-ge?”

Qian Zhen then said, “I want to teach Gu Ye a real lesson. I can’t do anything to him at
school, but if your cousin agrees to help, money is not a problem.”

Si HongXing hesitated. A small sparrow flew over his head and a lump of shit fell,
smacking onto Qian Zhen’s nose with a drip. 
Qian Zhen’s expression was cold as he wiped the excrement off his face. He then asked
through gritted teeth, “Well?”

Si HongXing said, “…O-okay, I-I’ll ask for you.”


When Gu Ye went back to his dormitory, he found that his roommates had changed
Xia Xiang was sitting on the top bunk bed, swinging his legs while munching on bread.
Seeing Gu Ye, he offered him some. “Want something to fill your stomach?”

As a teenager, Gu Ye was constantly looking for something to eat. Taking the offered
bread, he tore off the packaging and asked, “Who’s the new guy?”

Xia Xiang smiled and answered, “Zhao Pengyu. He fooled Wang Kai and Ma XiaoJiang
into moving to our previous dorm, saying that he feels safer living with you.”

Gu Ye grimaced. When Zhao Pengyu returned to the dorm with a basketball in hand,
everybody else was wearing a sweater except for Zhao Pengyu, who was drenched in
sweat and wearing thin sportswear. He pushed open the door and enthusiastically
greeted, “Yo, Gu Ye, you’re back? Lemme introduce myself, I’m your new roommate,
Zhao Pengyu.” 
Gu Ye tore off a big chunk from the bread and stuffed it into Zhao Pengyu’s mouth. “If
you want to live with me, then you must keep quiet, thank you very much.”

Zhao Pengyu smiled with stuffed cheeks, his eyes implying : Don’t worry, I will be quiet!
After the lights were turned off, Gu Ye lay down to sleep, only to see Zhao Pengyu
sitting up on the opposite bed. “I’m so hungry! Do you want to eat some pig trotter? I
have some.”
Gu Ye sighed. This is a young master who can’t keep his mouth shut. His days will be quite
lively in the future. 
The job of students in their senior year of high school was to study, study a bit more,
and study again. In such enriching and busy days, three and a half weeks passed
unknowingly, and suddenly it was already the end of the month. After the second
morning class ended, Teacher Yu went into the classroom and knocked on the table,
drawing the attention of the students who were excited at the thought of going home.
“Students, now that the two weeks course is over, you should’ve already recovered
from your excitement during the winter holiday break. From next month onward, it will
be our last sprint before the college entrance exam. The banners have all been
completed. I’ll hang them up for you later, so you can go home and study. Don’t slack
off, the most important period of your life is just around the corner! As the saying goes,
hard work pays off. So if you don’t go the extra mile, the overall result of Class 6 will
always be at the bottom. I believe that none of you are stupid. As long as you work
hard, it will definitely pay off. Jia You!”

“Ooh!!” The students of Class 6 excitedly carried the bags they had brought with them
before class started and rushed to leave the classroom.

There was a bus waiting for the students at the school gate. Private cars were not
allowed to stop at the school gate in an effort to control traffic, so the students who
were going home with their parents had to walk to a parking lot a kilometer away from
the school.

Gu Ye stuffed the porcelain bottle containing the ghosts into his bag. As he walked, he
thought of buying some more porcelain bottles tomorrow and some other materials
for daily spell use. Just as he walked out of the classroom, his eyelids twitched and he
suddenly had a bad premonition. Generally, when one’s right eyelid twitches, it means
bad news. However, he decided to ignore it because, as the saying goes, doctors don’t
self diagnose. The same goes for fortune tellers; It just doesn’t work. 
Immediately after Gu Ye left the school, a gangster stopped him in his path. “You’re Gu
Ye, right?”
Gu Ye shook his head, looking innocent, “No.”

The petty gangster then checked the photo on his mobile phone and happily said, “Our
boss invites you for hot pot. Care to join?”

Gu Ye still shook his head, “No.”

“Tut. Well, I’ll show you something.” The minor gangster showed his mobile phone
screen to Gu Ye and played a video. Gu Ye’s lips twitched. His little brother, who was
quite blind, had already been tricked into following these guys. Squatting in the middle
of a group of tattooed ruffians with his hands clutching his head, he looked pitifully at
the camera. Gu Ye was very familiar with the people behind Gu Yang. One was Qian
Zhen, whom he had taught a lesson to, and the other was Si HongXing, whom he had
beaten up. Both of them looked at Gu Yang mockingly and maliciously. In short, if Gu
Ye refused to go, then Gu Yang will surely suffer. 
Gu Ye sighed helplessly before saying to the small gangster, “Lead the way.”
Chapter 9 : Kneel down and sing to “Conquered”
Zhao Pengyu left the school with his bag slumped over his back. Glancing towards the
school gate, he saw Gu Ye being taken away by some gangster. After hesitating for a
moment, he followed behind because he felt uneasy. 
Gu Ye was taken to a road construction site with a signboard that read: “Construction
ahead, no trespassing.” It was a known fact that it often rained here, and sometimes
the water would overflow, affecting traffic. Therefore, the government would start
construction on the drainage pipes before the rain season. Since it was close to school,
the construction work was conducted after school hours when students were in their
dormitory instead of the class building as not to affect their studies. Since there was no
one around during the daytime, it was convenient for these gangsters to use this place.

As soon as Gu Ye arrived, Qian Zhen’s eyes darkened and he viciously sneered, as if he

couldn’t wait to skin Gu Ye alive.

His hatred toward Gu Ye was immense. There were always people who were so used to
bullying others that when it was their turn to be taught a lesson, they can’t accept it.
They would then feel that they had been shamed and disgraced and they wouldn’t be
satisfied until they enacted their revenge. Qian Zhen had bullied Gu Ye for two years,
and after being completely humiliated by the boy, he felt that everyone had started
looking down on him and mocking him behind his back. Most young people were hot-
headed and wouldn’t think of the consequences. Their minds were full of revenge.

Gu Ye just gave him a slight glance before looking at the hoodlums with hair dyed red
and yellow. He then asked with a smile, “Yo, is this a feather dusters conference?” 
“Pfftt!” Gu Yang couldn’t hold back his laughter, and Qian Zhen kicked him angrily. “The
fuck are you laughing at?!”

Gu Ye’s expression immediately turned cold.

Yang Jin, the eldest of these hoodlums, took a look at the fair and slender Gu Ye before
spitting disdainfully at Si HongXing. “You can’t even beat this bamboo pole? Don’t
fucking call me cousin ever again, you worm!” Yang Jin was tall with thick eyebrows and
a fierce face. His voice was deep and he spoke with a rough accent, making him
particularly intimidating when he started to scold people.
Si HongXing smiled flatteringly. “Cousin, he’s really strong.”

Qian Zhen picked up the rope that Yang Jin had brought for them and said, “If you don’t
mind, I’ll tie him up and take him away while you guys talk. I’ll make sure to drag him
through the street today!”
“Okay, Master Qian. As long as you pay, your wish is our command.” A dozen of petty
gangsters stared at Gu Ye like he was a lamb to be slaughtered. They didn’t think Gu Ye
had the ability to resist.

Gu Ye put his bag on the ground, flicked the tip of his feet, and a crowbar with the
length of two meters and the thickness of a fist flew up. Grabbing it, Gu Ye smacked it
onto the ground without a word, and with a bang, the area where it hit cracked.

All the punks present were stupefied as they collectively went, “Fuck!” If that was aimed
at a person, that person’s bone will break, ah! What’s more, that crowbar wasn’t exactly
light either, yet this weak-looking student could swing it like it’s nothing. Was he
possessed by Hercules‘s spirit or something?!
Gu Ye raised the iron crowbar, like it was a sword, to his front and said coldly, “If I were
you, I would call my parents and tell them to come back, or else you will be an orphan
by tomorrow.”

Si HongXing really wanted to curse, “Fuck you.” This Gu Ye actually dared to curse his
parents to an early death! 
Qian Zhen couldn’t stand still anymore and reminded the gangsters, “Catch him and I’ll
add another 20,000 yuan!”

Gu Yang took advantage of their distraction and jumped up before giving Qian Zhen a
big kick. He had heard the rumor of Qian Zhen’s tryst with another boy. His brother
had become more beautiful as he grew up, so Gu Yang thought that Qian Zhen wanted
to do something dirty to his brother. Why else would he want to tear his brother’s
clothes if that wasn’t the case? The fourth young master was furious. He picked up a
stone from the ground and decided that if Qian Zhen dared to do anything, he would
kill this old rogue Qian Zhen with that stone!

Gu Ye was not happy with Gu Yang’s action, so he gave the boy a kick to the ass, “Don’t
After being kicked, Gu Yang’s rationality returned, and he sensibly picked up his
brother’s bag and stood aside, not daring to make even a peep.

Yang Jin smiled. “This young lamb really is protective of his calf, huh.” 
The corner of Gu Ye’s mouth twitched. “If you had a family, wouldn’t you also cherish

Yang Jin’s face grew uglier with each word because Gu Ye had gotten everything right! 
“You can do fortune telling?” Yang Jin’s face was getting paler by the second. Like Gu Ye
said, he had been mixing in the streets for around six years, so he had also heard
rumors about celestial masters. It was said that if somebody accidentally offended
these masters, that person would be cursed and would die without even knowing the
cause. The particularly petty masters would even curse your descendants.
Gu Ye ignored his question. “You already know if I can do fortune telling or not in your
heart. Now, I’ll give you two paths to choose from. Be a good citizen, and you’ll be an
outstanding person in five years. Otherwise, continue making a living like this, and
you’ll be stabbed to death in five years.”

Yang Jin took a deep breath. The weather was cold, but his back was drenched with
cold sweat from fear.
“And you.” Gu Ye pointed at another young gangster with yellow hair. “Your elder sister
is going through premature labor and her life is hanging by a thread. Your sister is like
a mother to you, so what the fuck are you still doing here? Hurry and go to the

The young gangster’s pupils shrunk with fear at this remark. “What happened to my
Gu Ye was too lazy to look at him and pointed to another one. “There’s nothing
shameful about raising geese with your father in the countryside. Is being a gangster
the type of glory that you want?”

The young man’s face also changed. This student actually knew what his family was
making a living off of.

At this time, the yellow-haired young gangster hung up the phone with a pale face and
said, “Boss, I-I’m taking the day off. My sister fell down the stairs. She’s in the hospital.”

Every gangster present knew that this young man was raised by his sister, and saying
that she was like his mother was pretty accurate. Everyone looked at Gu Ye in shock,
fear growing in their eyes. Is this boy an Immortal Taoist?! 
Si HongXing’s complexion wasn’t pleasant either. If Gu Ye could truly fortune tell, then
his parents…Thinking of this, he immediately picked up his bag and ran to a public
phone booth like crazy. He couldn’t care less about the fight.

Seeing that the atmosphere suddenly changed, Qian Zhen glanced at Gu Ye and
hurriedly said, “He’s lying to you! He’s a scammer! Help me beat him, will you? I’ll pay

“Shut up!” Yang Jin wasn’t stupid. He knew who he could and couldn’t afford to offend.
Under the vicious stare of Yang Jin, Qian Zhen, who was just a high schooler, was

Qian Zhen hadn’t expected this to happen. The situation was obviously favorable to
him, so how could it suddenly turn like this? 
Gu Ye chose this moment to smack the crowbar to the ground again, but using more
strength this time around. With a bang, the asphalt that had already hardened formed
a huge crack.
“Are we done yet? Do you want a controlled fight or just a simple brawl?” Gu Ye asked
with a cold expression while leaning his weight on the crowbar.

“No, no, no, we’re not fighting!” All of the petty gangsters were scared by Gu Ye’s
divination abilities, not to mention his strength. Their courage had been thoroughly
extinguished. Why should they fight this guy? If they were really beaten up by Gu Ye,
the least they could escape with was a broken bone. In the worst case scenario, they
might even die! Furthermore, after they die, they might even be refined into ghost
puppets! Only crazy people would fight against Gu Ye.

Yang Jin was also discouraged by the display and rubbed his hands, saying appeasingly,
“No, no, you misunderstood us, Young Sir. We were just playing around. We are a
group of peace loving people, so how could we fight? Fighting is against the law!” 
Witnessing the whole process, Zhao Pengyu chuckled, feeling that he had been worried
about nothing. How could Gu Ye be bullied by petty gangsters if he could beat up
ghosts? Seeing that things were going well, Zhao Pengyu rode his bicycle away,
smirking all the way.

Gu Ye noticed him and turned to look at his direction, the corner of his lips curling up
into a smile. “It’s good that you’re not going to fight. If there’s nothing else, then I’ll take
my brother away now. I’m sure we’ll meet again later, somehow.”

The group of petty gangsters said in a flattering tone, “Brother, take care and travel

“Goodbye, Brother’s lil’ bro!” 

“If Young Sir ever wants to mix in the streets someday, don’t forget to contact us, ah!”

Yang Jin angrily beat the back of his younger lackey with his fist and said, “What
motherfucking mix in the streets? You’re going with me to the construction site to
move bricks tomorrow! We’re gonna make clean money!”

Gu Ye, at this time, was pinching Gu Yang’s ear and asked, “Are you stupid?”

Gu Yang grit his teeth in pain while covering his ears and shouted, “Brother, I’m wrong,
I won’t listen to other people anymore. Let my ear go, ah! Let it go! It’s going to fall off!” 
Gu Ye sneered, “It would be good if it fell off. We can pickle it along with your eggs. It’s
not like they’re useful to you, anyway.”
After watching Gu Ye leave the place, Yang Jin turned to Qian Zhen who had claimed
that the boy was timid, stupid, easily frightened, and wouldn’t dare to make a sound
even when beaten. Qian Zhen had said that if they ganged up on him, he would pay
them 20,000 yuan. Now, the Young Sir wasn’t even close to Qian Zhen’s description,
and he really wanted to beat this swindler up! Thinking of Gu Ye’s words, he kept his
impulse in check and didn’t make a move. “You fuck off now! You even dare to offend
such a master, be careful or you will be cursed to death one day!”
Qian Zhen was very depressed. People his age were usually quite arrogant. He was
taught a lesson by Gu Ye last time, so he had wanted to get his revenge this time. As a
result, everyone treated Gu Ye as if he was some kind of great immortal, and even
money was useless against him. Qian Zhen was quite desperate. Gu Ye is poisonous! It’s
better to stay away from him!
When they got home, Gu Yang couldn’t hold back and told their parents about
everything that happened today as they ate lunch. He focused on how powerful his
brother was. Like a Shaolin monk, his brother could use a stick as a weapon and
knew Baguazhang, Southern Fist, Northern Kick etc., just like in a blockbuster movie.
Listening to his story, Mrs. Gu angrily smacked the table. “This is kidnapping! They need
to bear legal responsibility! Do you think I’ll let them go just because the college
entrance exam is around the corner? No way in hell! Were you two hurt?”

Gu Ye stuffed a spring roll into his mouth and shook his head, acting like an obedient

Mrs. Gu then calmly said, “It’s good that you’re not hurt, but they dare to bully my son?!
Gu Yang quickly flattered her. “Mom, you’re becoming more and more powerful now.”

Gu Ye smiled. His stepmother’s greatest strength was her protectiveness toward her
sons. Meaning, she could pettily scheme against Gu Ye, but others absolutely can’t. Gu
Ye sincerely praised her. “Mom, you really are a man of steel! Love you~”

Mrs. Gu : “…”

Who the fuck is a man of steel? Keep your mouth shut, brat! 
Gu Ye appeased her. “Don’t worry about it. They wouldn’t dare to find trouble or make
a mess with me now. I’m not a child, I can’t report to you everytime something
happens. What would people say?”

Mrs. Gu said coldly, “That’s true but it’s not that simple.”

Gu Ye shrugged with his arms spread and smiled. “It’s alright. Well, if I can’t handle it
one day, I’ll just ask you for help again. You’re fierce and brave, invincible on the
battlefield. You can— Hiss! Mom! Mom! You’re going to tear my ear off!”

Mrs. Gu was very pleased. “Who’s fierce now? You dare talk nonsense again?” 
“Dad! Dad is the fiercest person in our family! You’re not fierce at all!” Gu Ye covered his
ear while suspecting that this was an intentional payback because he had pinched Gu
Yang’s ear earlier today.

After lunch, Gu Ye went to his room to sleep, but Gu Yang quietly crept into his room.
“Brother, don’t sleep yet. When did you learn to fight? Teach me.”
Gu Ye sighed. “Kiddo, what you need the most right now is IQ.”

“I don’t like studying,” said Gu Yang. 

Gu Ye said solemnly, “Not studying, IQ.”

“What do you mean?” Gu Yang tilted his head, puzzled. Glancing down, he saw a
porcelain bottle placed beside Gu Ye’s pillow, and his hands quickly moved. A moment
later, he was already holding the bottle, completely distracted. “Brother, this bottle is
very unique.”

“Well, the things inside are even more unique. Do you want to listen to the story of this
bottle?” The corner of Gu Ye’s lips curled up into a smile while he narrowed his eyes to
hide the bad intention reflected within.

“Definitely!” Gu Yang was instantly hooked and pulled the big rocking horse placed
against the wall next to Gu Ye before sitting on it in one go. 
“This story is not free. You have to accompany me out tomorrow.”

“Okay!” The fourth son then proceeded to clap like a seal.

Three minutes later, Gu Yang threw the bottle and jumped in fright before shaking his
hands. He could see the goosebumps on his arms. “Ah, ah, ah, fuuuuck!”

Gu Ye just smiled while watching Gu Yang jumping around and didn’t forget to remind
him, “Take this bottle with you tomorrow. Your big brother will take you along to do
something exciting.” 
Gu Yang was about to cry. “Can I not go?”

“No, my lovely Young Red-Scarf Pioneer. I know you want to tag along!”

In Gu Yang’s world, there seemed to be a law. Even if you don’t want something, if your
big brother says that you want it, then you definitely want it! Gu Yang really wanted to
kneel in repentance.

Chapter 10 - First Encounter

Gu Ye took Gu Yang to a relatively empty street. There was a shop selling wreaths and
funeral clothes at the other end of the street. Its back door faced a hospital, but the
business was still quite good. Gu Ye walked to the door and watched the familiar shop
with a complicated emotion deep in his eyes.
“Brother, this kind of shop is somewhat unlucky. What do you want to buy that you
have to come here, ah?” Gu Yang didn’t want to get off the taxi.

Gu Ye dragged him out. “Wait here for me. I’ll take you to eat delicious food later.”

“Oh.” Gu Yang stayed put at the door. 

Gu Ye entered the shop and shouted, “Shopkeeper, is there a small box of 1081
The shopkeeper was an old man, and hearing Gu Ye ask about the best item in his
shop, he lifted his thick eyelids and glanced at the boy momentarily before becoming
disappointed at what he saw. He stood up slowly and walked equally as slow to the
nearest counter, saying with a hoarse voice, “There was a young man who liked to buy
this cinnabar, but unfortunately…”

“If there’s fate, then you might meet him again.” Gu Ye said with a smile.

Instead of continuing with the topic, the old man shook his head and handed the
cinnabar over. “Lad, you look bright and have a handsome face too. You also know to
buy the good stuff. What sect are you from?”

“I don’t know, Master never told me.” Gu Ye pointed to several other items and said
with a smile, “I’ll have to trouble you to pack one of each of these as well.”

“You have good eyes, all of these are quality items.” The old man smiled and wrapped
everything up, “It’s exactly 3,000.”

Gu Ye paid, put them into his backpack, and made Gu Yang carry everything when he
got out of the shop. That kid was eating a lot recently and was growing at the speed of

“Brother, what did you buy?” Gu Yang felt uneasy at the thought of buying anything
from this kind of shop. 
“Things that ghosts like,” Gu Ye answered seriously.

Gu Yang immediately felt a shiver down his spine. Running around carrying those things
on your back, aren’t you afraid of attracting ghosts?!
“Just kidding, I’m just scaring you!” Gu Ye took his brother to rent two shared-
bicycles and said with a smile, “Let’s go. I’ll take you to eat delicious food. Let’s eat our
fill this afternoon for our work later.”
Gu Ye then took Gu Yang to the other side of the hospital where there were several
small restaurants. “This place’s beef noodles are good.” 
Gu Yang looked up and saw a big sign board that read “Beef King,” on it was a cow
painted with two horns, along with a big bowl drawn on the far right of the sign board.
The shop looked very affordable with an atmosphere of normal day-to-day people, and
Gu Yang wondered how his brother who rarely went out knew about this place.
It was lunch hour at this time, so there were many people in the shop. It took them
both a while to find a seat in the innermost place, and Gu Ye shouted with a smile,
“Boss, two bowls of beef noodles with extra beef and eggs each!”

“Only 25 yuan a bowl.” Gu Ye handed a pair of chopsticks over to Gu Yang. “Quickly


Gu Yang marveled at such a worthwhile bargain before pulling his bowl of noodles
before him. After tasting it, he raised his thumb to the owner and his wife with his
cheeks full and praised, “It tastes great!”

Seeing that the brothers were both polite and good looking, the owner’s wife smiled
and served them an extra small helping of cold dishes.

Gu Ye kept his head down and ate his noodles silently with a smile. The familiar taste of
the noodles stimulated his taste buds, and Gu Ye felt his heart clench, somehow. 
He was an orphan and had been in an orphanage ever since he could remember. He
was adopted by his master when he was six years old, and from then on, he would get
up early in the morning and go to bed late at night with his master everyday. He had to
learn Taoism after school, and when he was tired and didn’t want to learn, his master
would scold him. Once, he ran away from home in a fit when he couldn’t stand it
anymore and got lost. When he became hungry, his master found him and spanked
him before taking him to eat. That was the only time his master had ever beaten him,
so Gu Ye remembered it vividly. Later, when his master passed away, he would go eat
noodles whenever he missed the old man.

While Gu Ye was immersed in his feelings, there was a pop at the door followed by a
shocked “Ah!” and a woman’s scream right after that.

Gu Ye looked up and saw a bit of Sha Qi flashing past, and his eyes darkened.
Something bad must’ve happened!
An elderly lady at the door shouted exaggeratedly, “Boss! Your shop’s sign board fell
down on people again!” 
Panicking, the boss and his wife ran out, and the entrance immediately became noisy.

“What’s going on with your shop? This has happened several times already! Did you
encounter evil spirits or something?”

“Let’s not talk and go to the hospital now! This big sister’s head is bleeding!”

“Please, someone help me take her to the hospital first!” 


The shop owner ran back into the shop with a pale face, took some cash, and hurriedly
went out again. His wife looked at the big sign board that had fallen dispiritedly and
silently wiped her tears. All of their hard work in these two months were in vain yet

Gu Ye shook his head. The back of this shop was facing the hospital. In general, any
premises that faced buildings like hospitals, slaughterhouses, funeral parlors, prisons,
garbage dumps, red light services and the like will cause their owners to suffer
bankruptcy through unlucky “coincidences.” Besides, the shape of the window’s awning
was not right. In Feng Shui, it was often said that “evil has a form.” The awning’s shape
was sharp on both sides. Were it not for both the owner and his wife being good
people and always treating others with kindness, they would have been the ones to
suffer. The window hadn’t been like this when he came here before. He didn’t know
when it had been changed.
Gu Ye ate his fill, wiped his mouth, and took out fifty yuan to settle the bill. The owner’s
wife squeezed out a smile that looked more like a crying expression and said, “Is it
delicious? If it is, then come here often.” 
Gu Ye nodded, took out the last gourd he had on him, and handed it over to her. “The
shape of the awning should be changed to a flat one. The sharp design should be
scrapped. Hang this gourd on the window facing the hospital in your kitchen. Don’t seal
the window, and things like this shouldn’t happen anymore in the future.”

The lady asked in a surprised tone, “How do you know there’s a window facing the

That window was only for ventilation purposes. They were the ones who had made the
window, and it was extremely small. It couldn’t be seen from the outside.

Not wanting to explain, Gu Ye put the gourd on the other side of the table and dragged
Gu Yang out with him. He had to buy some gourds in the afternoon, or he wouldn’t be
able to play with ghosts anymore. 

The brothers took the entire afternoon to buy all the things Gu Ye wanted, and in the
evening, they took a taxi to a stadium and experienced what was called “a wave of
humans” as soon as they got off the taxi. Both sides of the entrance were crowded with
hordes of girls holding up sign boards and shouting like crazy. Even the cold weather
couldn’t dampen their enthusiasm. Both Gu Ye and Gu Yang were trapped inside the
wave for a few moments.

“Little brothers, I didn’t expect you guys to also be Rui-Ge’s fans! You guys arrived just
at the right time!” A very beautiful girl went up and enthusiastically put a big and
elaborately designed sign board into the brothers’ hands. “This is a bit heavy, so you
guys hold it carefully, okay. Come and cheer with us! Rui-Ge is the best in the world! Jia
You! Jia You! Jia You! Rui-Ge has to take proper care of himself!”
Gu Ye’s face went cold. He didn’t know what these fans would think once all of their Rui
Ge’s previous actions were revealed. 
Gu Yang who was squeezed by the crowd and was ill at ease. “Brother, did you find the
wrong person?”

Gu Ye’s expression remained cold. “You don’t believe in your brother?”

“No, no, no. I believe in you!” Gu Yang quickly shut his trap.

At this time, an MPV slowly stopped under the guidance of the security personnel, and
Gu Ye could feel his ears slowly turn deaf under the screams of the crowd. 
A young man dressed in a low-key gray parka got off the car and waved to the fans
before saying in a gentle manner, “It’s so cold, you darlings all need to be careful so you
won’t catch a cold. For those who don’t have tickets, you need to go home, don’t wait

Gu Ye saw the girl who had previously talked to them cover her mouth, and with tears
shining in her eyes, said, “Rui-Ge is so kind and warm. I’m so moved!”

Gu Yang straight-forwardly asked, “Your mother also always reminds you to wear more
layers. You’re not moved by that, tho?”

The girl immediately turned to Gu Yang sharply and said, “Are you really Rui-Ge’s fan?
You’re not a fake fan here to make trouble, are you?” As soon as her words fell, the
people around them instantly stared at the brothers with an unfriendly gaze, looking as
if they would attack them the moment Gu Yang answered affirmatively. 
Gu Ye held the sign board with one hand while pinching Gu Yang’s ear with the other.
“My brother isn’t sensible, please don’t mind him. I’ll take care of him.”

After being dragged out, Gu Yang immediately felt as if he had escaped a calamity.
“Popularity really is terrible. So many people have been duped by Li Rui.”

Gu Ye sneered, smiling coldly with his pair of inky black pupils looking as if he could see
through the world’s mask. “You should know, just because you know what someone
looks like, it doesn’t mean that you know their heart. Ghosts and spirits are
unfathomable, but people’s hearts are even more baffling.”

Gu Yang, who had been squatting on the ground, looked up towards his brother’s
profile. For some reason, he felt that his brother, who he was so familiar with, seemed
to be so distant at the moment. 
At this time, the fans who had tickets were already inside the stadium. Looking over in
their direction, Gu Ye said, “I don’t want to wait and only enter when the concert is

“Then you’re going to let that ghost sister go in by herself?”

“There are too many people here so the Yang Qi is strong. She won’t be able to hold
Gu Yang couldn’t think of another idea. “Then what should we do?” 
Gu Ye pointed to a fence and said with a serious tone, “You squat down and let me step
on you. I’ll send her in through this window. When we get back, I’ll buy you
some tanghulu.”
Gu Yang : “…”

He suddenly got the feeling that his brother only brought him along today just for him
to carry bags and be a stool.

Gu Yang knelt on all fours by the wall and said, “Then hurry up. It’s dark already. Mom
will definitely kill us if she has to call us home.” 
“I know.” Gu Ye agreed. Just as he stepped on Gu Yang’s back and was about to climb
up, he felt a strong ghostly presence approaching. It was so cold that Gu Ye could feel it
freezing his lungs. He immediately turned around warily and saw a luxury-type sedan
coming from afar. The car was shrouded in Zi Qi, and the top was covered in
an auspicious cloud with countless Rui Qi streaming around it. This was an extremely
rare aura, the Imperial Aura. But what was even more shocking was the ghost general
in armor sitting on the roof. The ghost was tall and burly with a ghost mask covering his
face and a broadsword bigger than an adult in his hand. His temperament practically
screamed danger.
The dense, ghostly spirit and the purple Imperial Fate from the car owner were
perfectly integrated. Gu Ye’s eyes widened in shock. This was the first time he saw this
kind of strange destiny in his life!

Gu Yang followed Gu Ye’s gaze and yelped in shock, “What the fuck! That’s a
discontinued Maybach, ah! It costs more than ten million yuan! Dad fancied this car,
saying that its sleek design with black paint reflects luxury and stability, which shows
not only the owner’s wealth but also their good taste. Unfortunately, they stopped
making it! Dad can only buy Rolls-Royces and he didn’t have an appetite for several
days after that.”

Gu Ye was not in the mood to listen to his chatter, so he said in a rare serious tone,
“Lao Si, this kind of person is like God’s son, the son of destiny. Even ghosts and deities
wouldn’t dare to provoke him. If you happen to run into him in the future, do not
offend him.” 
Gu Yang smiled bitterly. “Brother, can you get off my back first before lecturing me?”

Gu Ye laughed and apologized. “Sorry!”

Gu Yang was helpless. You say so brother, but you’re still distracted.

If there was anyone from the business circle passing by, they would certainly recognize
the owner of the Maybach. He was the famous financial genius of the country, a rich
young man who was also the youngest on the Forbes’ list of rich people and the heir of
the Yu Family, Yu Ze. This young man, who was only 26 years old, created a miracle
when he returned to China three years ago. In only half a year, he elevated the
crumbling YeHong Technology Corporation to the peak. Now, he’s the leader of the
domestic electronics industry, his company has also entered the world market. 
Yu Ze was wearing a white shirt with his hair meticulously combed back. From his
cufflinks to his collar, every detail showed his perfectionist personality with a sense of
indifference and solitude. Even the small mole on the outer corner of his eye failed to
bring any liveliness to his temperament. In other words, his whole being was practically
shouting “stay away!”

Just as Gu Ye was peeking into his destiny, Yu Ze happened to glance his way and saw
Gu Ye stepping on his brother to climb the wall.

The secretary standing beside him also saw this and lamented, “Yet another high
school student who doesn’t learn well. His parents raised him so well, yet their son is
climbing a wall to chase a celebrity.”

Yu Ze turned away and said in an indifferent tone, “It’s their freedom.” 

The secretary smiled and said, “You’re different, Mr. Yu. You’ve always been brilliant. By
the way, do you really want to take that road? I heard that there have been many
accidents there recently, and some people have said that it’s haunted.”

“Oh, there are ghosts in this world? Why haven’t I seen one?” sneered Yu Ze.


Small theater : Your long awaited Gong.

Yu Ze : “There’s no such thing as ghosts in this world.”
Gu Ye looked at the roof of his car : “Of course, of course, you’re absolutely right~”
Yu Ze : “…” 

Chapter 11 - Justice always prevails

After the “Son of Destiny” left, Gu Ye took out his little porcelain bottle and let the ghost
sister with heavy ghost qi and her ferocious son out.

“Haih, what a lovely child.” Gu Ye couldn’t stop himself from patting the ghost child’s
After staying with Gu Ye for nearly a month, Wang Qianqian and her son lost a lot of
their Sha Qi and were able to maintain a rational mind. The little one seemed to have
developed a bit of human conscience and now won’t bite at the sight of another
human. Held by his mother, the ghost child looked pretty docile. Gu Ye sent the pair
into the building through the window, and the ghost child grinned happily, displaying a
row of sharp teeth.
Gu Ye once again patted his head. How adorable! What a good child who doesn’t even eat
In order to protect the mother and son pair from Yang Qi, Gu Ye offered to give them
an amulet free of charge but was refused by Wang Qianqian. Instructing her son to
bow to Gu Ye, she then disappeared with her kid in tow right after.

Gu Ye sighed. “This sister is quite ruthless.”

Gu Yang was curious. After hearing about the tragedy of her life, he had never dared to
look at the female ghost. Covering his eyes, he asked, “What do you mean?”

“It means that she wants to have her perfect family of three and doesn’t want to
reincarnate.” Gu Ye chuckled and pulled his younger brother up. “Justice might come
late, but it’s always there. You should bear this in mind : As long as you’re alive, heaven
is always watching.”

Gu Yang listened obediently. At this moment, he felt as if his brother was really an
immortal! Especially when Gu Ye said things he couldn’t understand, he sounded super

The concert had been going on for an hour. Li Rui went to the bathroom to change his
clothes, and when he was washing his hands, he looked at his face covered with bright
makeup in the mirror. Even the heavy makeup couldn’t cover the dark circles under his
eyes when viewed closely. Pinching in between his eyebrows, he forced himself to relax
and adjust his state as soon as possible.

At this time, a dark shadow suddenly flashed behind him. Li Rui frowned and turned
around, wondering which paparazzi dog or sasaeng fan was so obsessed to follow him
into the bathroom. Not seeing anybody, Li Rui turned back calmly while cursing in his
mind. But what he saw in the mirror caused him to be so horrified that he took a few
steps backwards in shock. There was a small black shadow that looked like a child on
his shoulder, grinning at him.

Li Rui’s breath was stuck in his throat and he tried to run out of the bathroom in
fear. There’s a ghost, ah! Unfortunately, before he could get out of the bathroom, he
tripped and fell to the ground with a loud thud. It was so painful that Li Rui felt as if his
face had been deformed and he was falling to his death!
Frightened, Li Rui said with a trembling voice, “Little ancestor, we have no grievances in
the past and no feuds to talk about currently. Why are you attacking me? Say what you
want, I’ll burn it for you!”
“No grievances in the past, no feuds currently?” A ghost with long hair silently appeared
in the mirror. With strong irony in her cold voice, she said, “Li Rui, don’t you recognize
us mother and son?” 
Hearing the familiar voice, Li Rui looked at the ghost’s corroded face with features so
deformed that one couldn’t even differentiate between the nose and the mouth. This
face had appeared in his dreams many times, waking him up at midnight.

“Qianqian, you’re…Qianqian?” Li Rui finally reacted and scrambled towards the door,
screaming, “Ghosts! There are ghosts, ah!”

The bathroom door slammed shut with a bang right in front of Li Rui’s agent and
assistant, who were following him.“Rui-Ge has diarrhea? Why is he staying so long in
the toilet? He still has songs to perform.”

“Li Rui, open the door. Why did you lock the door?” 
Li Rui heard the voices outside and frantically tapped on the door. However, the people
outside seemed to be unable to hear it. The more he continued to bang on the door,
the colder he felt. Turning back, the little ghost had already exposed its true malevolent
nature. Baring its teeth at him while giggling, it approached closer and closer before
clinging onto his neck. “Daddy, hug.”

Li Rui saw the ghost’s mouth open widely and held his head in fear. “Don’t come over!
Don’t come over! Qianqian! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to kill you! Forgive me!”
Li Rui was so frightened that he almost collapsed, spouting excuses incoherently. “I also
regretted it deeply over the years, forgive me! It wasn’t easy for me to get to where I am
right now, it really wasn’t easy! I burned paper money and all types of things for you
every year, you should have received it, right?! I love you! You love me so much too,
you’ll let me go, right?”

Wang Qianqian looked at the man that she once truly loved from the bottom of her
heart. He still said the word “love” like it was nothing. She couldn’t help herself from
sneering. “What you love is your fame. You can rest assured that us mother and son
will always be with you, even if you fall into the abyss.”

Li Rui’s agent noticed that it had been ten minutes, yet Li Rui still hadn’t got out. When
he called and received no answer, he was afraid that something might have happened
inside, so he found a security guard to open the door. Once the door opened, they saw
Li Rui lying on the ground, motionless. The agent rushed to his side and put his finger
under his nose before letting out a sigh of relief. “He just fainted.” 
The assistant quickly carried Li Rui out to the doctor for treatment.
It was only halfway through the concert, yet Li Rui had suddenly fainted. The agent had
a headache. Looking at the unconscious Li Rui, the agent thought about what to do
next, but suddenly, his artist opened his eyes before sitting up straight, scaring the
people near him.

“Are you okay? Were you too tired?” The agent was concerned. “Can you still go on?
Hold on for another two hours, I’ll give you a day off tomorrow. Go get some rest.”

Li Rui turned to his agent and nodded mechanically. 

The agent frowned, not at ease. They can’t let the fans out there wait. He patted Li Rui
on the shoulder encouragingly and pushed him to the side to change clothes. “If you
can’t do it, just say so. I’ll figure something out.”

After he went up the stage, Li Rui acted as usual and everything was normal. He sang
another song which aroused the fans’ enthusiasm, screaming as if they wanted the
ceiling to be turned upside down. The agent was relieved and let out a huge sigh, but
out of the blue, Li Rui suddenly knelt on the stage.

The agent’s heart thumped loudly and he nervously stood up. The whole stadium was
quiet, not knowing why Li Rui was kneeling. Even if he wanted to thank the fans, he
didn’t need to kneel down like that.

“I’m a sinner.” Li Rui firmly said with his deep and magnetic voice. “I killed my fiance and
son. I will turn myself in.” 
Everyone present : “…”

The agent cursed under his breath and directed the still stupefied assistant to rush
onto the stage : “Drag him down! Is he crazy?!”

The audience went silent. After the shock, shouts of “Impossible!” swirled crazily
around the room. The fans wished they could rush up to the stage and force Li Rui to
stand up and stop making such a distasteful joke. The venue was chaotic for a while
with the security personnel unable to do anything.

The reporters hiding within the fans also reacted quickly, clipping the video of the
scene that had just happened and excitedly spreading it online : Big news! Li Rui, the
singer, admitted to murder at his concert! 
Soon, similar stories made headlines, and in just a few minutes, the whole internet was
dominated by the explosive news, crashing many servers. In recent years, Li Rui had
done a lot of good deeds like donating to welfare institutions every year and acting
very kind-hearted toward fans like a warm gentleman. How could such a person
commit murder?

Many fans didn’t believe it, and even when they saw the video, they still denied it. The
fangirls claimed that the video had been faked or it had been some sort of prank. Even
if Li Rui did kill someone, that person must’ve been in the wrong and should’ve died.
Their Rui-Ge was such a good person, he absolutely couldn’t do anything wrong!

After Gu Ye and Gu Yang returned home, they were reprimanded by Mrs. Gu who
pulled on their ears and locked them in the small dining area where they were told to
eat while reflecting on their actions.
The brothers ate the four dishes along with a soup that their mother left for them,
closed the door, and scrolled through social media gleefully.

For Gu Yang, the behavior of some fans was incomprehensible. “These fans are
somewhat crazy. They actually believe that even if Li Rui really killed someone, that
person was doomed and Li Rui was right to do so.” 
Gu Ye sneered. “The more they act like this, the angrier Wang Qianqian will become
and the one who will suffer is Li Rui. What’s more, Li Rui himself confessed, so the
police won’t leave this matter alone either.”

Sure enough, the next morning, a variety of news sites reported that Li Rui had been
arrested on the grounds of murder. He had actually taken the liberty to confess himself
at his concert in front of so many people, and interrogation was in order.

However, things didn’t go as smoothly as Gu Ye had expected. Li Rui suddenly backed

away and said that he had been talking nonsense and that he hadn’t killed anybody at
all. His agent also helped him white-wash, saying that Li Rui had been too tired lately
and was suffering from serious depression. When he has episodes, he would often
have hallucinations and would fall in a trance and be completely unaware of his
actions. There was evidence of these claims, and coupled with his agency manipulating
public opinion, the police that arrested Li Rui in accordance with the law was made into
a villain. The public backlash forced the police to let the male singer go. Seeing these
remarks online, Gu Ye’s anger burst. He took out a pair of scissors from the drawer,
took out a piece of rune paper, and cut the paper into a human shape.
That night, the police received a peculiar phone call. The caller reported that there was
a female corpse at Wu Middle School : the corpse of the pregnant woman Li Rui killed
five years ago, to be precise. The report was concise, even down to the details on how
Li Rui had murdered her. 
How can a stranger know these details so clearly? The police immediately traced the
call to a phone box but only found a small paperman on the ground with a red dot on
its forehead.

“There’s something I want you to see.” Captain Li Dui showed the paperman to a friend
of his who was a metaphysician of the Xuashu Society. “Why do I feel that this item is
from your line of work? Can you find out who controlled this object? He’s vital to the
There were always things that couldn’t be solved by normal means, which was why
there was a secret institution that the government refused to admit existed —— The
Xuashu Society. This institution had strict regulations : they would help people solve
mysterious events, periodically help with case investigations, and provide evidence that
couldn’t be found through high-tech means. Because they didn’t do anything malicious,
the relevant governmental departments chose to turn a blind eye to their existence.
Captain Li’s friend was a member of this institution.

The man took a careful look at the paperman and said, “The technique is very similar to
a person’s. He’s the only one who can control rune papers to this extent.” 
“Who is it?”

The middle-aged friend of Captain Li lamented, “A genius spell master. He’s a young
man but too wayward. As long as he thinks it’s right, he will do it regardless of anything
else. He would often disregard regulations, and he would even dare use forbidden
spells. He became an outlaw at a young age in the circle.”

Li pointed at the paperman. “This is his work?”

The middle-aged man shook his head. “That’s impossible. He’s already dead. He died at
a very young age.” 
Captain Li wondered, “An outlaw at a young age? Is this a compliment or discrediting
him? What did he do?”

Chapter 12 - Karma is a cycle, and this Great Lord will spare

no one

“He saved a city full of people, simultaneously stepping on the face of the Xuashu
Society in the process.” The middle-aged man’s expression was complex and ugly, as if
he was forced to swallow a mouthful of flies. Just one look at the paperman reminded
him of Gu Ye, making his balls ache. “You’re an outsider so don’t ask. It’s not him
anyways. You take your time to figure out this case.” After he finished saying this, the
middle-aged man stood up and left. His actions indicated that he didn’t want to talk any
further about this matter.

“Achoo!” Gu Ye sneezed loudly.

“Brother, someone must have praised you for being handsome behind your back.”
With time passing by like water, tomorrow would be the start of school and Gu Yang,
who didn’t do his homework, raised his head and gave a thumbs up to his brother with
a serious attitude.
Gu Ye smiled and patted the child’s head. “Little flatterer, it’s useless even if you praise
me to the sky. Do your homework yourself and cover me, by the way.” 
Gu Yang : “…”

Wang Qianqian’s remains were dug up that night, but it didn’t cause a commotion as
there were no students around at that time. The forensic team found Li Rui’s hair on
her body and the DNA result also proved that the child was his. When the picture of
Wang Qianqian’s corpse was thrown at Li Rui’s face, he finally couldn’t bear it and broke
down before pleading guilty.

The truth soon came to light. The reporters who were concerned with this case soon
wrote a report and posted it. The fans were suddenly enlightened to the truth and
were dumbfounded, especially the fangirls. They had been stupidly and deeply
enamored with a murderer for seven years! A murderer! That child was already nine
months old when the woman was killed, how could he do that?!

However, there was more exciting news following that. Two days after his arrest, Li Rui
started having drug withdrawals. He actually took drugs! Murdering Wang Qianqian
had put a huge psychological pressure on Li Rui, so he took drugs in order to relax. This
made netizens even more disgusted. What a hypocrite! Go to hell with your national idol
or whatever! Murder! Drugs! What else do you not dare to do?!
Li Rui needed to take legal responsibility for his actions and it was an unchangeable
fact. With solid evidence against him, no one would sympathize with him. Before the
whole thing went down, he had also confessed his crime in a state of delirium at a
concert. Netizens wrote this down as him exposing his deep dark secrets while being
under the effect of the drugs he was taking. Only the people who handled the case
knew that there was actually another person who secretly helped them quickly solve
this case.


The night before school started again, Gu Ye was packing his stuff when he felt three
ghosts approaching. He stopped his actions and looked out the window. He saw three
ghosts being halted by a golden light emitted at the gate. It was Wang Qianqian and
her son. The last ghost seemed to be a suspended soul, not far from death : Li Rui. 
Wang Qianqian saw Gu Ye standing by the window and she stopped trying to force her
way in. She bowed deeply at Gu Ye, while also holding her son’s back to do the same.
Then, they left with Li Rui’s soul in tow, chained by his neck. From a distance, they
looked like a mother and son taking their dog for a walk.

Gu Ye watched their retreating backs and nodded slightly : A family of three should be
neat and tidy.
Early next morning, the song king, Li Rui, once again made headlines. His name had
occupied the major news sites lately, losing to none no matter how many splashes the
other stars made. Unfortunately, this was the last time Li Rui would ever make big
news because he committed suicide last night!

There were also some rumors that Li Rui’s death was exceptionally horrendous. It was
said that he bit the artery in his arm and wrote a confession on the wall with his blood,
bleeding to death. 
As we all know, the arteries are not like the other veins which could be seen clearly
through the skin. How much flesh did he need to bite his way through before getting to
the artery? This suicide method was quite high-end!

This matter has already concluded and what’s waiting for Gu Ye next is returning to
school. Master Gu was going to take a mock exam soon and he placed last in the
previous exam. If his score was still abysmal this time around, the great Master Gu will
definitely be beaten.

Gu Ye and Gu Yang’s breakfast was still the “100 Marks” hand-made noodles by Mrs.
Gu. After taking a look at his beautiful young stepmother, Gu Ye raised his eyebrows
and asked, “Mom, you’re going to start a business?” 
Mrs. Gu was surprised, “You can see that? Your father has made some moves against Li
Shengkai’s business lately. They were in a lot of trouble, so Hu Yu wants to sell her
shops. I think if she sells it at a low price, I’ll buy it and kick her while she’s down. Oh
dear, I don’t know why their family got really unlucky recently, nothing goes well for
them. Li Shengkai isn’t old but he’s already going bald. You know, like
the Mediterranean?”
Gu Ye was speechless, he certainly was not interested in any sort of Mediterranean

Mrs. Gu’s expression suddenly changed and she happily held Gu Ye’s face and kissed
his forehead. “Lao San, please calculate for Mom. Can I make money if I open a beauty
Gu Ye took a piece of tissue paper and rubbed the lipstick print off his forehead
roughly while staring a bit disrespectfully at Mrs. Gu. 
Mrs. Gu’s nicely trimmed eyebrows raised and she asked, discontentedly : “Why are you
rubbing that off disgustedly for? I dressed you when you were still wearing crotchless
pants. When you were a child and shit all over me…”

“Mom!” Gu Ye covered his face embarrassedly, “You can make a fortune, you will
definitely make a fortune!”

Mrs. Gu was satisfied, “That’s good, then. If I don’t make money, you can make a wealth
gathering array, give me a treasure bowl, or something along those lines. We can make
loads of money every day.”
Gu Ye was once again rendered speechless. Does she think he’s Magic Brush’s Ma
Gu Yang looked at his brother with sympathy. Brother is done for, Mom had already
regarded him as a cash cow.

Returning to school, Gu Ye strode to the classroom with his backpack as per usual.
Unfortunately, he was stopped again just after he entered the school gate.

The students around looked at Gu Ye sympathetically, what a miserable guy. Gu Ye had

already offended the No. 1 school bully, Qian Zhen, before and now was stopped by
the No. 2. His small body was like a Barbie doll going against a Titan that was Si
HongXing. Gu Ye couldn’t even take a slap from him. 
However, what happened next was a big surprise for everyone present. Si HongXing
bowed deeply to Gu Ye and proclaimed, “Thank you for saving my parents! From now
on, you will be my elder brother and my life will be yours to command! If Qian Zhen
troubles you again, I will fight him for you!”

The students around gasped, What the hell?!

Wanting Gu Ye to be his boss, is Si HongXing crazy? Can Gu Ye smoke, drink, punch
perm his hair, go clubbing, pick up girls or even fight in a gang?
Gu Ye stared at him for a few seconds before seriously saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t need a
younger brother nor do I want to form a gang. I only have learning in my heart.” 
Si HongXing : “…”

“Pfftt!” Someone from the crowd was amused by the word “learning” that came out of
Gu Ye’s mouth. It’s just so funny, weirdly enough.

At this moment, Qian Zhen walked into the gate with the few of his underlings that he
had left. The students around them backed several steps away in fear. They were
worried that Qian Zhen would suddenly attack Gu Ye. If that happened, Si HongXing
would step in and if they fought, they might get dragged into the fight between the two.

What happened next defied everyone’s expectations. Qian Zhen looked slightly startled
when he saw Gu Ye before turning his head away and pretending not to see him. He
even trotted faster when leaving. 
Everyone else : ???

Not long after that, the news that Si HongXing had become Gu Ye’s underling spread all
over the school. What’s more, Qian Zhen had changed his usual bully demeanor, hiding
when he saw Gu Ye. This meant that the boss of Wu Middle School is now Gu Ye? That
idiot Gu Ye?!
For a while, Gu Ye became quite the miraculous existence in the whole school. Gu Ye
distinctly felt gazes on him wherever he went, as if he was walking like an Abnormal
After morning self-study, Zhao Pengyu happily dragged Gu Ye and Xia Xiang to have a
meal together. Ever since they moved into the same dormitory, the three hardly
“Gu XiaoYe, I talked about you to my grandfather. When summer vacation comes, you
must go visit him if he invites you!”
“Who’s your grandfather?” Gu Ye asked with a lack of interest.

Zhao Pengyu answered with, “Head of Yu Family.”

Gu Ye’s eyes widened in surprise, “That Sir Yu?” 

“Shh!” Zhao Pengyu stuffed a tea egg into Gu Ye’s mouth to shut him up and nervously
said, “Stop there. I just want to be a normal rich second generation!”
It wasn’t strange that Zhao Pengyu was so careful about it. The reason being that Yu
Family was too powerful and influential, not only in the business circle but also in the
painting and calligraphy circle. A lot of people from all walks of life, even the
metaphysics circle, respected the head of Yu Family. Once it was known that Zhao
Pengyu was his grandson, his life might not be as peaceful as it was now. What’s more,
this guy was Yu Ze’s nephew who’s a legend in the business circle. Yu Ze built a
business empire by himself. Mentioning Zhao Pengyu, who never got more than a
passing mark in his exams, and Yu Ze’s name in one sentence was too embarrassing.

Gu Ye thoughtfully and solemnly nodded, “Don’t worry. As long as your grandfather

invites me, I will definitely go.”

When his Master was still alive, Sir Yu had helped him a lot. It might be a small thing for
the old man, but for him and his master, it was a boon. Sir Yu doesn’t lack anything, but
Master reminded Gu Ye before his death that if the old man needs anything, Gu Ye
must help him, it was his responsibility. As a man, one must know how to be grateful
and have a clear conscience. 
Xia Xiang said with his cheeks puffed, “Before you can even think of summer vacation,
you must take remedial lessons first. I’ll make a study plan for you. You must do at
least five sets of questions in the practice workbooks every day, I’ll keep an eye on both
of you all the time.”

Zhao Pengyu was puzzled, “What’s wrong with you? What’s got you all worked up?”

Xia Xiang pursed his lips but didn’t explain. He then said awkwardly, “Think about it,
when you go out for visits during summer vacation and some people ask you how your
exams went, how do you want to answer them? In addition, we will consider which
university we will go to according to this mock exam’s result. The teacher will give the
corresponding recommendation at that time.” Xia Xiang looked at Zhao Pengyu and Gu
Ye seriously and said in a very concerned tone, like a mother hen, “Do you want
Teacher Yu to recommend you guys a technical school and learn how to drive an

Gu Ye leaned on the back of his chair and lazily said, “I don’t mind. I can do some grave
digging with an excavator.” 
“You, you, you!” Xia Xiang pointed his fingers at Gu Ye angrily, his cheeks puffing up.

After a long while, Xia Xiang still didn’t come up with anything to say. The little rabbit
gritted his teeth, then took a big bite of a pie, and chewed on it angrily.

In fact, when he went home this time around, he told his parents that a powerful
classmate gave him a charm that was far more effective than what those masters gave
him. When his parents knew that the classmate he talked about was Gu Ye, they
scolded him and seriously told him to stop befriending the boy. According to their
words : “You must have been cheated! What a big joke, if you’re friends with that Gu
Family’s third son, your studies will only get worse! He won’t get into a good university
so he will rely on his parents’ money until old age! Do you want to become a waste like
him too?!”

Xia Xiang was so angry with his parents and had a cold war with them for a while. In his
mind, Gu Ye was not stupid. He must have deliberately not studied before. 
Gu Ye supported his chin with his palm, looked at the pie with red bean fillings, and
asked with a concerned attitude, “Is it delicious?”
Xia Xiang paused his chewing before answering, “…Not bad.”

Gu Ye stood up happily, “Then I’m going to buy one too.”

Xia Xiang : “…” 

With this kind of friend, who needs an enemy?!

Even though Xia Xiang was angry at Gu Ye’s apparent lack of interest in studying, he still
brought the learning materials to Gu Ye after class. “You can go through these first, I
will help you with anything you don’t understand.”

The whole class was curious. Even if Xia Xiang has always been in the top 10 students
of the whole grade, can he really improve Gu Ye’s IQ?

Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen also came over at this moment, “We can also help you with
your studies.” 
Gu Ye picked up the materials Xia Xiang gave him and looked at the two who had just
come over before suddenly smiling, “Are you afraid of me?”

The two quickly shook their heads, “No.”

Gu Ye smiled. They both knew that Li Rui’s death had something to do with Wang
Qianqian. As people who were in the know, what would they think at this time? Gu Ye
looked at Liu Yiwen, who didn’t dare to look at him, before his gaze fell on Lin Zihao
and asked meaningfully, “You haven’t done anything that you need to apologize to me
for, have you?”

Lin Zihao’s expression suddenly changed, “No, of course not.” 

Chapter 13 - Saving a white-eyed wolf

Saving a white-eyed wolf

Gu Ye smiled. “Not now, not necessarily so later.”

Lin Zihao awkwardly smiled. “How could I do such a thing? You think too much.”

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and didn’t make any further comments. Flipping through the
information sheets that Xia Xiang had given him, he promised, “I’ll take a good look at
them, but you don’t have to accompany me when I study. I will certainly get good
results this time, I promise.” 
“I believe in you!” Xia Xiang replied with a sunny smile.

Lin Zihao and Liu Yiwen felt as if they had lost face. From Gu Ye’s attitude, it was clear
that he didn’t have a good opinion of them. When Li Zihao left, he cast a sarcastic look
at Gu Ye. This guy, where did his confidence come from? He actually dared to say that he
would get good results this time? Him, who has been a study slag for ten thousand years,
saying that? Does he intend to get help from the ghosts he enslaved?
Lin Zihao was not the only person who thought this, as the entire class also thought
that Gu Ye was promising the impossible. Gu Ye always ranked last in the whole grade.
Even Qian Zhen, who always slept in class, scored better than him every time, and it
was always Gu Ye who dragged down their class’ average score.

Two girls advised him, “Gu Ye, I think it’s better to let Xia Xiang tutor you. He’s very
smart and his grades have always been good.”

“Yeah, Liu Yiwen and Lin Zihao are not bad either. They ranked in the top ten in last
year’s final exam. You see, you can improve more if you ask them for help.”

Seeing the students kindly advising him, Gu Ye didn’t retort but just smiled. The two
girls also felt helpless. Gu Ye had changed a lot since the last holiday and he was more
eye-catching now. Furthermore, he often smiled and appeared cheerful. Girls wanted
to talk to him now, but for some reason, they always felt alienated and couldn’t come
close to him.

When Lin Zihao returned to his seat, he thought of Gu Ye’s gaze on him and opened his
drawer after a moment of hesitation. Hidden inside it, under his textbooks, was the
thing he had prepared in advance. He was a little afraid of Gu Ye.

Seeing that the mock exam was getting closer, the students put their minds on
studying and no longer cared about Gu Ye’s studying problems. Finally, exam day
arrived and Teacher Yu mobilized the students’ enthusiasm accordingly before the
exam started, saying things like if they do well in this exam, it will be the foundation for
their development later in their life. Gu Ye looked at his naive classmates with numb
eyes, wishing he could brandish a broadsword or something and cut these bitches for
being too gullible. He also thought that it was fortunate that Teacher Yu had chosen
this profession. Had he been an MLM promoter, people’s lives would be finished. 
After the motivational speech, the students booted up their tablets according to the
teacher’s instructions. There were around three thousand students in their year and
the examinee numbers were not arranged according to their classes. Gu Ye’s number
was 2000, Xia Xiang was 0009, and Zhao Pengyu was 1338. Their numbers were
arranged according to their performance in the last exam.

Zhao Pengyu was amused when he saw Gu Ye’s examinee number. “Hahahaha! You’re
still behind me even after adding all thirty classes! This time, you’re in the group of
study slags, but rest assured, you’re the best looking study slag among all the study

Gu Ye dissed him in return, “A person who will go through a peach blossom

disaster still want to mock other people?”

“Fuck! Dude, don’t do this, man!” Zhao Pengyu suddenly felt scared. “Is this true? Don’t
scare me, ah! I don’t even have peach blossoms, how could I have a peach blossom
disaster? Wouldn’t that mean I’ll be impotent later?” 

Xia Xiang appeased him. “You don’t even have any peach blossoms at school, so what
are you afraid of? You better focus on the study sheet I made for you, the exam’s

Zhao Pengyu was rendered speechless. The world of study tyrants is terrible. Life is not
important, exams are the most important thing! 
The next day, Gu Ye went to Class 30, his examination room. Opening the door and
stepping in, the examinees in the room who were as rowdy as chickens about to be
slaughtered suddenly became quiet.
Gu Ye looked at these people and said cheerfully, “Yo, all acquaintances, ah.”

They were of course Qian Zhen, Si HongXing, and whoever was left of their cronies.
Recently, Qian Zhen had been acting low key and in turn, Si HongXing had stepped up
his game and became the No. 1 bully in Wu Middle School. Just now, these two gangs
had been discussing how to cheat on the exam when Gu Ye entered, causing their
expressions to instantly change. 
Si HongXing immediately stood up. “Boss, here, I’ve wiped your seat clean!”

Si HongXing took someone’s uniform and wiped the table with the number 2000
spotlessly clean and pulled out the chair before gesturing to Gu Ye like a servant. “Boss,
please have a seat.”

After hearing about Gu Ye from their boss, the rest of the cronies were all in awe of him
and started calling him “Big Boss”. “Boss, I heard you like milk tea. I’ve been holding
onto this for a while, but it’s still hot.”

Gu Ye took the milk tea and squinted his eyes while walking toward his seat in the last
row. He then sat, and like the moon surrounded by stars, the other students encircled
him. Qian Zhen and his gang just watched them, afraid of making eye contact with Gu
Ye, this crow’s mouth. 
Soon, the bell rang and two fierce-looking male teachers came into the classroom with
papers in hand.

Seeing the problem students in the room, their faces turned colder, thinking that if any
of these students dared to break the rules, they would surely throw that student out of
the room by the neck like chickens. It had to be noted that the teachers had a deterrent

Mr. Ma said seriously, “The first exam is Mathematics. No whispering and no

unnecessary movements are allowed. After you get the paper, keep your heads down
and answer the questions. Answer the ones you can and for the ones you can’t, either
move on to the next question or just draw a circle.”

Gu Ye suddenly remembered the original Gu Ye’s test papers were full of circles. It
turns out this was what happened. This teacher is really something! 
After getting the paper, Gu Ye kept his head down and started to answer the questions
seriously. In his previous life, he was a science student and he had done many of these
questions before. While focusing on the paper without raising his head, he had already
answered half of the exam, and Teacher Ma noticed that his behavior wasn’t like
before. Turning around and walking near Gu Ye, the teacher was shocked to see him
answering all the questions correctly!
Mr. Ma looked at Gu Ye’s problem solving for the multiple choice questions, and it
turned out to be a standard step-by-step calculation formula. The writing was very neat
and good-looking. Just from a glance, one could tell that he had been practicing
calligraphy. He then compared Gu Ye’s writing from before and was shocked. Could
someone change so much in such a short period of time?

“Can I have this calculation paper when the test is over?” When Gu Ye was about to
hand in his exam, Teacher Ma came to Gu Ye and asked.

Gu Ye nodded. “There’s no use in me keeping them anyway. If Teacher wants it, you can
have it.” 
Mr. Ma smiled and encouraged him, “Continue to work hard for the next exam!”

The paper was sent to Gu Ye’s homeroom teacher, Mr. Yu. “That Gu Ye from your class
is really a crouching moron hidden badass. See how neat his answer sheet is, he will
surely get full marks on this paper.”

“Really?” Teacher Yu excitedly put down his cup and put on his glasses before taking a
look at Gu Ye’s test paper. Happily, he said, “This kid, why didn’t he show such talent
before? He’s like a changed person this month, sensible and hardworking. I hope that
his effort will bear fruit. The college entrance exam is around the corner, and it’ll be the
first big challenge of his life.”

A young female teacher who was also in the room joined in and sighed, “I heard he’s
Gu Decheng’s son, is that true? Having a stepmother isn’t easy for children, either.” 
Hearing this, all the teachers present felt like they “understood” something. The life of a
child in a rich family wasn’t easy. Only when they’re about to take the college entrance
exam would they show their true ability. Mrs. Gu was forced to carry the blame without
her knowing.

After the exam, the third year students had no time to nervously wait for the results as
they still had countless worksheets to be done and not enough time.

It was only by the end of March, the time for another holiday, that the results finally
came out.
Instead of only being distributed by the teachers via their students’ report card, the
results would also be posted on the bulletin board. This was simply a form of public
punishment for those who didn’t do well. When he knew that the results were about to
be announced, Xia Xiang couldn’t stop himself from nervously rubbing his hands. “Gu
Ye, let’s take a look too!”

Gu Ye smiled, unperturbed. “My fortune tells me that I did well.” 

Xia Xiang : “….Be a bit more serious, will you?”

“I’m very serious. You don’t have to take a look. You’re in the top five this time.”
Xia Xiang’s eyes brightened, but he still wanted to go and confirm the news. At this
moment, someone suddenly shouted downstairs, “Number one is Gu Ye! Gu Ye! That
idiot Gu Ye!”

The third year students’ campus boiled up instantly. Countless students popped their
heads out the windows like mushrooms after the rain and looked at the people
downstairs. “Really? What the fuck?! No way in hell!” 
“No way! If Gu Ye can pass the exam, even pigs can fly!”

“No way! If Gu Ye really got the number one spot, I will eat shit live!”

“I will do a fucking headstand while shitting! This must be a mistake!”

No one believed that Gu Ye would score first in the exam, and even Xia Xiang had his
eyes widened in shock. But after a moment, he cried out happily, “Gu Ye! Number one!
You got number one! Excellent! You’re not stupid, they’re the stupid ones!”

“Gu Ye got first place on the exam?” Zhao Pengyu heard the news when he returned
from playing basketball. He happily sprinted to where Gu Ye was before sitting on Gu
Ye’s desk and saying, “Treat me. You have to treat me to a meal after the holiday!”

Except for his two roommates, the other students couldn’t accept the results. “I can
accept it if it’s anyone else, just not Gu Ye!”

“Yes, Gu Ye was so stupid before yet he got first place this time. There must be
something wrong.” 
“Why don’t you go and ask the teacher to display his exam papers.”


Zhao Pengyu heard all the “Gu Ye is so stupid” comments around him and immediately
became angry. “When Gu Ye doesn’t do well on the exam, you call him stupid. When he
does well on the exam, you say that there must be something wrong. Well, since you
guys are so smart, why don’t you get first place then?”

Seeing him so irritated, Gu Ye pulled his hand and said softly, “It’s fine. They will shut up
Zhao Pengyu was still indignant. “Just do as you did that night and beat them up!”

Gu Ye said in a carefree manner, “There are many ways to shut them up, but things in
this world won’t always go as we want them to. Won’t we just exhaust ourselves trying
to explain it to them? It’s better to spend that time on the people we truly care about
rather than wasting it on them.”
“Fucking hell! Are you Buddha?”

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and brought his hands together in a prayer before saying
devoutly, “I have Buddha in my heart.” 
Zhao Pengyu then retorted, “Big bro, you’re a Taoist, man! Won’t your master scold you
in your dreams or something?!”

At this time, Lin Zihao found out that his rank had dropped more than 300 places,
making him very uncomfortable. When he saw Gu Ye’s name on the top spot, he felt a
stinging sensation the longer he stared at it. He didn’t believe that Gu Ye could truly do
that well in the exam. If he was always this smart, then why was he always at the
bottom of the rank in the previous exams? Thinking of Gu Ye’s ability, Lin Zihao was
instantly convinced that Gu Ye didn’t study at all, but instead used a ghost to tell him
the answer. Doing that would only take him minutes, after all.

Even if Gu Ye did save him, he had also already paid him 800 yuan! 800 yuan! That was
all he had! Lin Zihao looked down on Gu Ye from the bottom of his heart, and now that
Xia Xiang was also close to Gu Ye, he also looked at Xia Xiang with the same regard.
Rich second generations are a rich second generation, after all. If he wasn’t rich, how
could Xia Xiang hire a tutor and thus score really well every time?

The more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Lin Zihao left the crowd with a
tight expression and a clenched fist. A few minutes later, he went to Mr. Yu, who was
about to go to class and announce the results. With a gloomy expression, he said, “Mr.
Yu, I want to talk to you about Gu Ye. There’s something wrong with his exam results,
he cheated. Gu Ye cheated using a special means.” 

Chapter 14 - Don’t walk on a bridge on rainy days

Upon hearing something about cheating, Teacher Yu’s already serious expression
became even more severe. “You and Gu Ye weren’t in the same examination room, so
how could you know that he cheated?”

Seeing the teacher’s displeased expression, Lin Zihao was slightly nervous. “He used a
special method. Not only do I know about this, but Liu Yiwen, Xia Xiang, and Zhao
Pengyu all know about it as well.”

Teacher Yu frowned. “You need to have evidence.”

“He must have used some abnormal means. If you ask him to retake the exam, then
you’ll see.” 
“That means you have no evidence?”, asked Teacher Yu with raised eyebrows.

“I know, I…”, Lin Zihao gritted his teeth and whispered, “Gu Ye can control ghosts. He
must have some ghost-catching equipment in his bag, and I’m sure you can find them if
you check. The ghosts must have told him the answers on the exam.”

A serious old scholar like Teacher Yu would never believe in ghosts or gods.
“Nonsense!” As soon as Lin Zihao finished speaking, Mr. Yu angrily scolded him. “What
year do you think this is? Ghosts and gods are born from people’s imaginations, and
various phenomena can always be explained scientifically. Even if they’re unexplainable
now, they will be later as technology improves. If you don’t understand these things,
then you should read more books. How can you still believe in feudal superstitions
when you’re already a high school senior?”

“No, Mr. Yu. You have to believe me. Gu Ye really can control ghosts! He often has a
little bottle in his pocket, and there must be a female ghost in that thing. He also
helped ghosts kill people. If you don’t believe it, you can check his dormitory and bag.
There must be something there.”

Mr. Yu’s expression became heavier and his gaze on Lin Zihao was like looking at a
wretched palace concubine before he took out the paper Gu Ye used for calculations
on his Mathematics exam. “Look at this. The teacher who oversaw the exam in Gu Ye’s
examination room collected it. You can see from the calculations that Gu Ye truly
worked on his answers by himself. How can there be any ghosts?”

Lin Zihao couldn’t believe it when he saw the calculation process on the paper. There
were several questions he couldn’t solve that Gu Ye did. “He must have had a ghost
possessing him during the test!” The more Lin Zihao thought about it, the more certain
he was that he was correct. “He’s not able to do these questions at all normally, so how
can he answer none of them wrong during the exam?”

Seeing that he was still unrepentant, Mr. Yu angrily slammed his mug onto the table.
“Lin Zihao!”

Lin Zihao was frightened and shivered as if a basin of cold water had been poured on
him, instantly calming him down. Cold sweat dripped from his forehead and he didn’t
dare to make a sound. 
Teacher Yu lectured him with a disappointed tone, hating iron for not becoming a steel.
“Considering your record, I’ll let this slide, but don’t talk nonsense in the future. I know
you can’t accept that Gu Ye did better than you in this exam, but you can’t slander
people. If you have the time to meddle in Gu Ye’s affairs, it would be better to spend
that time caring about your own business. In just three months, you’ve fallen more
than three hundred places. If you go on like this, will you even be qualified to take an
exam? You can’t even pass two quizzes!”
Hearing this, Lin Zihao’s complexion turned pale. “I’m sorry, teacher! I w-will study

Teacher Yu said with a helpless tone, “Go.”

Lin Zihao regretted his impulsivity. He should have found evidence first before going to
the teacher. Teacher Yu wouldn’t believe a one-sided accusation. 
Going back to the classroom in a daze, Lin Zihao sat in his seat. The students around
him thought that the teacher had called on him to lecture him on his performance in
the exam, so they all comforted him. “Don’t think too much about it. Next time, you will
perform well. You still have a chance.”

What the paper contained was information pertaining to the death of Song King, Li Rui,
and Gu Ye’s involvement. He intended to sell this information to a newspaper company
to earn some money, but he had been late and missed the bus this morning and didn’t
have time to submit it. He put it in his school bag for the time being.

Lin Zihao saw something faintly on the back of the paper and nervously turned it over.
It was a chibi drawing, depicting a student who was about to take the college entrance
exam. However, while using the bathroom before the exam, his exam ID fell into the
toilet and he wasn’t let into the exam hall. Lin Zihao was confused, but the words
written in vigorous calligraphy made his pupils shrink. 
With astonishment, he read : From Gu Ye!

Gu Ye knew?

Lin Zihao suddenly remembered that Gu Ye had asked him earlier if he had done
anything to apologize for. Then, Gu Ye had also said that it was not now but not
necessarily so later when he denied it. So not only can Gu Ye catch ghosts, but he can
also see the future?

Lin Zihao looked at Gu Ye in horror. Coincidentally, Gu Ye also looked back at him and
grinned. The slightly upturned corner of his lips was so miniscule that it wasn’t even
frightening, yet Lin Zihao felt his scalp go numb as he pictured Gu Ye’s image while
catching the ghost. 
Gu Ye raised his index finger and placed it on his lips, making a shushing sound before
turning back around and no longer facing him. This frightened Lin Zihao even more. Gu
Ye was basically telling him to keep his mouth shut and not to talk nonsense with other
people. It meant he knew everything. That drawing wouldn’t be a curse, right? Will he
really miss the college entrance examination? Lin Zihao almost went crazy at the
thought. He hurriedly tore up the papers and threw them into the trash can with cold
sweat all over his body.
“Gu Ye, I’m…I’m sorry!” Lin Zihao summoned up the courage and went to Gu Ye’s desk
after class to offer him a sincere apology. He was afraid that he would miss the college
entrance exam as depicted in the drawing and afraid of Gu Ye’s punishment for his

Gu Ye looked at him before spitting out a sentence with a smile. “Go away.”

Gu Ye had just finished his lunch when a classmate told him Teacher Yu was looking for

Gu Ye found the teacher’s office after asking around and saw Teacher Yu, who was
wearing a pair of glasses, reading a paper. Seeing him, Teacher Yu looked up and said,
“Gu Ye, sit here.”

Gu Ye obediently sat down, looking exceptionally docile.

“I looked at your calculation paper. Your progress was so great that the teachers all
think it’s incredible. Even your writing is so beautiful now.” Mr. Yu stared at Gu Ye’s eyes
and said seriously, “I will give you a few more questions, can you do them?” 
Gu Ye nodded in a well-behaved manner. “Yes.”

Mr. Yu took out a sheet with new questions that he had prepared in advance from his
drawer and handed it to Gu Ye who then took it and began to write. It didn’t take him
long to finish the questions.

Mr. Yu looked at the answers and his eyes showed joy. His serious expression morphed
into a smile. “Good, very good! Gu Ye, work hard from now on!”

After a while, Mr. Yu posted Gu Ye’s examination papers along with his calculation
papers and the set of questions Gu Ye just did under his supervision on the school
bulletin board to prove that Gu Ye got first place on the exam this time around solely
by relying on his own ability. 
This time around, the whole school went into a frenzy, and those who had said that it
was impossible were collectively slapped in the face!

Many teachers told their students, “There are no stupid students, only students who
don’t work hard! Gu Ye must have taken advantage of the winter holiday to study while
you guys were going out to play! Someone who has always been at the bottom of the
rankings became first on the rankings in one fell swoop, so inspirational! Open your
eyes and see! Learn from this example!”

A lot of students secretly went to observe Gu Ye, wondering how he studied to improve
his grades in such a short period of time.
Gu Ye now felt that he was not just a strange creature, but a strange creature with a
panda head. Now, even when he went to the bathroom, there would be people paying
attention to him. Sorry fellas, I don’t want the attention. 

The holidays finally arrived and when he went home, Mrs. Gu rushed to him and
excitedly asked him before he could even take off his shoes, “Lao San, did you get the
first place on the exam? First place in the whole school?”

Gu Ye nodded tiredly. “How did you know?”

At this time, Gu Decheng also came down from the second floor with joy in his eyes.
“Mr. Yu called me and said that you’ve made great progress.” 
“Yes, yes, yes. The teacher praised you a lot!” said Mrs. Gu happily, “Your father didn’t
go to the company today just to wait for you to come home, so he could reward you!”

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, and when he saw that Gu Decheng was holding a thick red
envelope, his eyes instantly brightened.

“I will study hard, make persistent efforts, and will definitely achieve good grades next
time too!” Gu Ye turned serious and bowed deeply to his parents. “I’m sorry to make
you worry before.”

Mrs. Gu was startled. Why is he being so melodramatic all of a sudden? How

Gu Decheng originally wanted to lecture him to not be too proud. Unexpectedly, his
son was so sensible that he had to swallow the words he was about to say. Putting the
thick red envelope in Gu Ye’s hands, he said seriously, “Our family rule is that if you get
the highest score on science or mathematics papers, the reward is ten thousand yuan.
Getting first place on the exam is another ten thousand yuan. If you can still get first
place next time, I’ll double the amount.”

“Thank you, Dad!” Hugging the red envelope tightly, Gu Ye happily ran upstairs.

Seeing his brother getting a thick red envelope, Gu Yang scratched his head. “That, I
also improved my ranking by three on this exam. Do I get no red envelope?”

Before Gu Decheng could speak, Mrs. Gu already beat him to the punch. “”I’ll reward
you with an extra helping of drumsticks.” 
“Hehe.” Gu Yang happily carried his bag and ran upstairs with joy.

Mrs. Gu sighed silently. What else can I do? This silly child is satisfied with only an extra
helping of drumstick. Don’t you see how thick your big brother’s red envelope is? You can
buy a truckload of drumsticks with that!
Back in his room, Gu Ye opened the red envelope and saw the fifty thousand yuan
stacked inside. Gu Decheng really was worthy of the title National Father.
Gu Yang, who had quietly followed him asked curiously, “Brother, how much did Dad
give you?” 
Gu Ye beckoned the child with his index finger and watched Gu Yang obediently come
over like a large husky. Pulling out a dozen red bills and putting them in his brother’s
hands, Gu Ye whispered, “Take it and buy that console you like. Don’t let Mom know.”
Because if Mrs. Gu knew, these red tickets will definitely be confiscated, just like when
he won the lottery before.

Gu Yang immediately rushed up to hug Gu Ye’s leg. “Brother! I will make money when I
grow up! I’ll make money and give it to you!”

Gu Ye patted Gu Yang’s head and wanted to say: Don’t be silly, my child. You won’t make
money in this life. Just wait obediently for the dividend from the company. 
At noon, Mrs. Gu and the cook lady made a lot of dishes together, and Gu Decheng
happily drank a small cup of wine. Gu Ye looked at his father’s glabella and said with
concern, “Take a good rest at home today, Dad. Don’t go to the company, it will rain
heavily soon and it will be dangerous.”

Gu Decheng looked out the window. The sun is shining brightly, what rain?
Because Gu Decheng nearly had a car accident the last time, the still shocked Mrs. Gu
immediately advised, “No matter whether it will rain later or not, we have a happy
event today and you’ve already drunk wine. If there’s nothing important at the
company, then don’t go today. It’s not often that you get to rest at home.”

Persuaded by his wife, Gu Decheng said after hesitating for a bit, “Okay, then I won’t
Unexpectedly, it really did rain in the afternoon, quite abruptly so. After it rained the
whole afternoon, an event was reported in the evening news. Because of the rain, the
tunnel flooded, causing more than a dozen vehicles to be trapped inside. Firemen
rushed to the scene, and fortunately, there were no casualties.

Looking at the time and place stated in the news, the tunnel just happened to be the
one Gu Decheng always took when going to his office. Mrs. Gu was terrified when she
saw the news and said, “Oh my God! Lao San is really divine!”

Gu Decheng could barely mask the surprise and fear in his eyes before saying with a
calm expression, “What nonsense. It’s just a coincidence.”

Mrs. Gu didn’t pay attention to her husband’s attempt at feigning calmness. “No, I have
to make Lao San calculate when I will get rich.” With that, she left hurriedly to search
for Gu Ye. 
At this time, Zhao Pengyu finally came out of the internet cafe. The college entrance
examination was around the corner, so his mother banned him from playing with his
computer and mobile phone. He couldn’t stop himself from running to the internet
cafe first thing in the morning. Unexpectedly, it started raining in the afternoon for a
long time before stopping. In his hurry to get home, Zhao Pengyu took a shortcut with
his mountain bike and rode like crazy. It was dark at this hour, and there were not
many pedestrians on the streets. Zhao Pengyu suddenly saw something golden in front
of him and rode over to see. Surprisingly, it was a red embroidered bag with some gold
Zhao Pengyu picked it up. The cloth was quite worn out and there was a dragon and
phoenix embroidered on it. It looked like something used by the people in the 1980’s
for their marriage. Zhao Pengyu opened the bag to take a look and was shocked, “What
the fuck! So much money?! Wouldn’t the person who lost this money be losing their
minds now?”

The kind-hearted young man stood there waiting for half an hour, but no one came to
search for the bag. Seeing that it was getting really late, and if he didn’t return home
soon, his family would be worried, so Zhao Pengyu simply put the bag in his arms and
planned to take it to the police station later.

What Zhao Pengyu didn’t notice was that, just as he passed by, the road that had been
blurred by the rain revealed a concrete cast column. This was an old bridge that had
been deliberately hidden after being abandoned. 

Chapter 15 - Life, hanging by a thread

The next morning before dawn, the two brothers living on the third floor opened their
doors at the same time. Gu Yang was carrying a very stuffed school bag and quietly
followed Gu Ye down the stairs and into the garage.

When Gu Yang was about to open the door, Gu Ye grabbed his collar and pulled him
back. “Let me draw a talisman first.”

“Okay.” Gu Yang obediently stood aside, watching Gu Ye draw something invisible in

the air with worshipping eyes.

The waiting driver : “…” 

As soon as they got in the car, Gu Ye said, “Don’t move out until six o’clock, not even a
minute early. I’m going to be rich today.”
The driver was speechless. No wonder the boss always wanted to beat up this son of
his, He too would feel the same if this was his son. Last night, the third young master
came to him and asked him to send the young master to a place. He thought that there
was an urgent matter, but the third young master was actually planning on scamming
people with feudal superstition. The third young master was going to take the college
entrance examination soon. Doesn’t he know how important that is?
Two minutes later, the driver started the car and asked, “Third Young Master, Fourth
Young Master, where do you want to go?”

Gu Ye gestured with his fingers and calculated. “Drive east and stop under the first

Gu Yang excitedly opened the zipper of his bag and said to Gu Ye, “Brother, look! I’ve
perfectly prepared for the trip!”

Gu Ye leaned over to take a look and was amused. “You got a new Taoist robe?”

“I ordered a new one last night. This is it.”

Gu Ye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, so he just praised his brother. “You’re so
“Hehe.” Gu Yang put on the newly purchased Taoist robe and took out a pair of
sunglasses from his backpack before putting them on. “Brother, how about I pretend to
be blind? Don’t we need to examine the customer’s bones later or something?”

Gu Ye refused. “No, only scammers would do such things. We don’t need to do that.”

The driver’s expression was stiff, worried that these two brothers would be beaten
when they returned home later.
After driving east for half an hour, they finally saw an overpass. The driver watched as
the two brothers got out of the car before asking anxiously, “Third Young Master,
Fourth Young Master, how about we just go back now?”

Gu Ye calmly waved his hand and said, “No, we’re fine here.” 

It was just after dawn, and in addition to some cars, there weren’t even pedestrians on
the street at this hour. Setting up their stall, Gu Yang wondered, “Brother, will someone
really come for fortune telling? Isn’t this place a bit too obscure?”

Gu Ye looked at the luxury car around two hundred meters away from them and
smiled. “Didn’t one just arrive? Just at the right time, too.”
Gu Yang looked back suspiciously and believed that the person wouldn’t necessarily
stop by. 
In the blink of an eye, the car was already approaching them and sped past them. Gu
Yang wanted to say to his brother that he had made a mistake, but unexpectedly, the
car suddenly slowed down after more than ten meters before gradually stopping at the
side of the road and slowly reversing.

Gu Yang’s eyes widened and he gaped in his shock. His brother was truly an immortal!

He Yunyi was the boss of a leather shoes processing company. His business has always
been good with an annual income of several million yuan. Early this year, he received a
large order, but just when his career was about to take off, a fire broke out at his
warehouse a few days ago, burning all the goods. If he couldn’t deliver the goods
according to the agreement, he wouldn’t be able to pay for the breach of contract even
if he sold his whole factory. He Yunyi was desperate and had no choice but to visit the
bosses of several factories to ask for their help with the supplies. He had been doing
this for a week but still hasn’t found a manufacturer who would agree to help him.
Filled with despair on his way back, he saw the two teenagers under the overpass.

When He Yunyi got out of the car and saw what the two were holding, he instantly felt
as if he had swallowed bitter medicine but couldn’t express how bitter it was. Still, he
couldn’t help but smile. “You are still setting up a stall in this weather. You’re very
Gu Ye smiled, “What we’re waiting for is a person who has fate with us. How about it,
brother? Care to have your fortune told?”

He Yunyi smiled bitterly. “Even if the divination works, I still have to work hard.” He took
out 300 yuan and gave it to Gu Ye, who was obviously the older one of the two. “Both
of you are well-dressed, so you should have a good family. Do you have some troubles
at home? This 300 yuan should be enough for you guys to eat for two days. Go to your
relatives or friends for help. Don’t neglect your future while you’re still young.”

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes. “You need this more than we do.”

He Yunyi was stunned. Gu Ye looked at him with a smile. With his eyes that were darker
than normal, it made He Yunyi feel as if he was looking right into his mind. He couldn’t
help but feel a tremor running through his heart. He was clearly well-dressed and
driving a luxury car, but how could this young man know he’s short of money? Did he
really meet an expert? He Yunyi’s expression turned serious before asking, “Little
Brother, how much is it for one divination?” 
Gu Ye looked at the man and said, “Seeing that you’re now down on your luck, I’ll
charge 3,000 yuan. You will get rich half a year later, so at that time, you can pay me
30,000 yuan.”
He Yunyi’s expression was still calm, but he couldn’t stop himself from asking, “How did
you know that I’m down on my luck?”

Gu Ye answered with, “I didn’t.”

Gritting his teeth, He Yunyi emptied out his wallet and the amount was exactly 3,000
Gu Ye took the money and put it in his pocket before saying, “Looking at your face, the
color of your Yin Tang isn’t bright. Your good luck has and will only last for three years.
Hold out your palm for me.”
He Yunyi was shocked. His luck was really good starting quite some time ago, and if he
counted the days, it was exactly three years!

Gu Ye took a look at his palm and said, “Your house has had a fire before.”

He Yunyi was once again shocked. This is too accurate! 

Gu Ye chuckled. “Shareholders share fortune with each other, which sometimes, is a
blessing in disguise. If you believe me, then go east-ward, and you will surely be able to
reverse your situation. If this divination is correct, please pay me the rest of the money
three months later. I will set up a stall again here during summer vacation.”

Nodding with his jaw clenched, He Yunyi said, “Thank you, Master, for your advice!”

At the end of his rope and with nothing else to lose, He Yunyi got into the car and drove
east. All the way east!

Gu Yang patted Gu Ye’s pocket, and his eyes behind the sunglasses were bright.
“Brother! Can fortune-telling bring this much money?” 
Gu Ye patted his head with a smile. “Silly boy. We naturally charge the rich more.”

“Didn’t you say that he’s poorer than us?”

“But he will have a lot of money in the future. Lots of it.”

After making a small fortune, the two brothers found a place to eat breakfast. As soon
as they swallowed the last bite of their meal, they were dragged into the car by Mrs. Gu
and to her newly bought beauty salon. 
“Check the Feng Shui for Mom. Change this place to a treasure bowl so that I will make
money every day.”

Gu Ye was speechless as he looked at the store. “Mom, the Feng Shui here is already
very good. Why do you want to change it?”
Mrs. Gu said with disgust, “That bitch Hu Yu owned this place before and asked for
someone to check the Feng Shui. It makes me sick looking at it, so I want to redecorate
the place.”

Gu Ye smiled with consternation. “Okay, I’ll set up a wealth gathering array for you.
Move this shelf to the wall and put a fish tank here. You need running water, and layer
the bottom of the tank with fine sand and some water plants. Sand can gather and
store energy and water can carry the energy. This way, customers will continue to
The shop manager following Mrs. Gu was shocked. She didn’t expect that the Feng Shui
master the new owner had invited was so young and apparently her own son, at that.
After receiving a hint from Mrs. Gu’s gaze, she quickly noted it down and didn’t dare to
neglect even a word.

Gu Ye also pointed to a partition in the southeast direction. “The southeast symbolizes

a wide spread of wealth, There’s a problem here. Change that flimsy screen to
something much more sturdy.”

Mrs. Gu solemnly said, “I’ll put a wall here directly.”

Gu Ye once again at a loss for words. “As long as you’re happy.” 

Mrs. Gu was pleased. “Take a look and tell me what else needs to be changed. We’ll go
to the next store after this.”

“Mom, how many stores did you buy?” Gu Yang was surprised.

“Ten or so.” Mrs. Gu said haughtily with her chin raised, “Hu Yu sold them at a low price,
so I bought them to piss her off. I have the money, anyway.”

“Isn’t it Dad’s money?” Gu Yang said with doubt. 

“No!” Mrs. Gu slapped Gu Yang’s back, displeased. “This old lady is rich!”

Gu Ye felt exasperated. This silly child, why are you telling the truth? Are you asking for a
Following his young mother running around all day long, Gu Ye arranged the Feng Shui
of all the stores she had just bought, and by the time he finished, it was already dark.
Looking at the time, Mrs. Gu directly booked a private room at a hotel for dinner and
called Gu Decheng. “I will eat dinner outside with our two sons. You can eat by

Gu Ye and Gu Yang were having a good time eating a sumptuous dinner. For Mr. Gu,
after spending the day outside working hard, he returned home and found that his
wife was not there and so were his two youngest sons. Sighing heavily and looking at
the dishes served by the maid, he took a sip of the soup and felt that it was tasteless. 
Without intelligence, how could she become the lady of the Gu household? She has to
act unreasonably once in a while to remind Gu Decheng that this family couldn’t
function without her. Mrs. Gu, who didn’t want to go home early, kept adding
vegetables into Gu Ye’s bowl. “Eat more or your brother will be taller than you at this
rate. You won’t grow up if you don’t have enough nutrition.”

Holding the bowl, Gu Ye said with an unperturbed tone, “I feel like my younger brother
had eaten my share of nutrition when I was a child…”

“Nonsense!” Mrs. Gu blushed and shoved a shrimp into Gu Ye’s mouth. “You were born
prematurely. Your mother also faced complications when giving birth to you, so you
almost died. You were born less healthy than your brother. I’ve worked very hard to
raise you healthily.”

“I know.” Gu Ye smiled. “I’m just teasing you.” 

Mrs. Gu : “…”

Eat more so that you can shut your mouth, little brat!

When school started, Gu Ye arrived early and inexplicably felt that his surroundings
were a bit quiet. Looking at Zhao Pengyu’s seat almost unconsciously, he found that
the boy who usually came early hadn’t arrived yet. 
At this time, Xia Xiang came in hurriedly and said, “Gu Ye, Zhao Pengyu seems to be
very ill.”

Thinking of the boy’s supposed disaster, Gu Ye started a divination and his expression
instantly changed. “Not good! That guy is dying!”

At this time, Zhao Pengyu’s life was hanging by a thread.

Chapter 16 Gods kill Gods, ghosts kill ghosts

In a private hospital with a quiet environment and tight security, Zhao Pengyu laid
quietly on a bed, looking as if he was asleep. The Zhao Family was in a crazed state.
This hospital was theirs and the doctors here could be said to be second to none in the
country. Still, they couldn’t figure out what Zhao Pengyu’s illness was.

Even Zhao Pengyu’s mother, a very powerful woman, was distraught at the moment.
With a pale face, she said to her husband, “Is there something wrong with the thing he
picked up last night? I want to find a Master to see if there’s anything wrong with it.”
Her husband frowned. “Even the doctors don’t know what’s going on. What’s the use of
looking for a Master? Don’t delay the treatment of our child with these mysterious
practices and whatnot.” 
Mrs. Zhao pursed her lips and struggled to come up with an answer for a bit.
Remaining focused on medical treatment was the logical thing to do, but for some
reason, her intuition told her that the thing her son picked up last night was dirty and
that there was definitely something wrong with it.

At this moment, a young nurse came up to them, holding something in her arms. Mrs.
Zhao anxiously asked, “Nurse, did the doctor figure out the illness?”

The young nurse respectfully said, “The doctors are still discussing it, and I believe they
will have an answer soon. In addition—,” The nurse paused before handing them
something wrapped in a white pillowcase. “We know that you’re worried, but this kind
of feudal superstition is really useless. We should believe in science.”

Mrs. Zhao opened the wrapping with a puzzled expression before immediately turning
to her husband, who was equally as surprised as her.

It was that thick pouch of paper joss money! Their housekeeper had already thrown it

When Zhao Pengyu brought the pouch home last night, Mrs. Zhao had already felt that
there was something wrong with it, so she had told the housekeeper to throw it away
since it looked ominous. Maybe someone had wanted to sweep a tomb or something,
and they dropped it in the rain. It was just that these joss paper money looked too
much like RMB bills that Zhao Pengyu mistook them for one. It was dark at that time
too. But how could this paper money that had already been thrown away be here right
Zhao Zhifeng asked the nurse with a cold expression, “Nurse, where did you find this?”

The young nurse saw the couple’s face and finally realized that something was unusual.
She answered with a pale face, “Under Young Master Zhao’s pillow.” 
Zhao Zhifeng went to the bodyguard at the door and asked, “Who went in yesterday?”

The bodyguard shook his head and answered seriously, “No one was allowed to enter
other than the doctors and nurses.”

“Check the surveillance cameras to see if there was anyone who snuck in!” Zhao
Zhifeng commanded angrily.

The result was, no one had! 

The couple looked at each other and saw the strangeness and severity of the situation
in each other’s eyes. After throwing it away last night, Zhao Pengyu became feverish
and was sent to the hospital. The doctor couldn’t figure out what the illness was, and
now, the pouch that their housekeeper had thrown away magically appeared under
their son’s pillow. Mrs. Zhao’s expression sank and her hesitating mind turned firm. “I’ll
find a Master to take a look at him.”

Zhao Zhifeng’s expression was ugly, but he still had a hard time believing in such a
supernatural occurrence. “I think someone is deliberately playing a trick on us. Let’s
check first, and then we’ll talk.”

“Let’s be as efficient as possible. We’ll find a Master to take a look, but we won’t delay
his treatment either.” Mrs. Zhao refuted strongly. “You stay here and tell the doctors to
quickly check on him. I’ll go find a Master.”

“Yes, there’s no easy way to solve this. Even if we saved his life, his soul will be
incomplete. He will either have severely diminished mental capabilities or be vegetative
for the rest of his life.”

Mrs. Zhao trembled, and she took a deep breath before saying in a voice that still
couldn’t hide her tremor, “Even if he becomes vegetative, it doesn’t matter. Just save his

The people looked at each other and could only try it with gritted teeth.

Wang Minghai, a famous respected Master in the metaphysics circle said, “There must
be a medium for this sort of bond. Did the Young Master pick up something?” 
Mrs. Zhao tiredly pointed at the pouch full of joss paper money, “He picked up this

Wang Minghai’s expression instantly turned ugly. “This object has a strong Yuan Qi!”
“The Sha Qi is too heavy!” Other masters also followed with their eyes wide in shock.
A female psychic medium Master was present and she suddenly felt a horrifying
presence. Her body shivered, her complexion turned pale, and her features twisted in
pain before falling to the ground. She then proceeded to scratch the floor with her
nails, breaking them and bled all over the floor. The Masters all around her were
surprised, before the one nearest knocked her out with a hand chop to her nape. 
All the Masters’ expressions changed, and Mrs. Zhao asked nervously, “What

“Zuo Yun can sense and feel a ghost’s experience at the time of their death,” Wang
Minghai said with an ugly expression, “The ghost died too painfully and their
resentment is too heavy, so Zuo Yun was affected.”

Wang Minghai took out a dagger made of copper coins, bit his finger, and smeared his
blood on the dagger before using all of his strength and stabbing the dagger upwards.
After being stabbed a few times, the joss paper money on the table shook, and a black
mist rose from it before rushing fiercely towards the copper coin dagger. Master Wang
shook his hand and the dagger flew towards the black mist before being scattered by
the force on the ground.
Wang Minghai’s complexion turned as pale as paper.
The other Masters’ expressions were grave. Their expertise was not suitable for this
situation, and now that the Gui Qi was so heavy in the daylight, they dared not act
After seeing these Masters off, Mrs. Zhao also invited other Masters. But after hearing
what happened to both Zuo Yun and Wang Minghai, they also didn’t dare to act.

For several days, Zhao Pengyu was transferred to other hospitals three times. His
family also invited some doctors from abroad, but he still didn’t wake up. His parents
were desperate. Noon on the third day, the doctors told them that if Zhao Pengyu still
couldn’t wake up in the near future, even if he’s lucky, he would forever remain in a
vegetative state, but if he’s not lucky, then his parents need to be mentally prepared.

Mrs. Zhao finally broke down and burst into tears, covering her face with her hands.
Her lips were bloody as she bit them. If it was possible, she would have used her own
life as a substitute for her son’s, but it was impossible!

At this moment, Gu Ye was asking Xia Xiang with a smile on his face, “My lovely boy
scout, have you ever lied?” 
Xia Xiang shook his head with a confused expression.

“Then my lovely boy scout, will you come with me and be a messenger of justice to save
the lost lamb on his way in the Yellow Springs?”
Xia Xiang was frightened by Gu Ye’s gentle tone and also got goosebumps from it. His
intuition told him that this matter wasn’t a good one. “…Tell me what you want me to

Gu Ye said in a serious manner, “You go to Teacher Yu and say I have a 40-degree fever
and that I need to be excused from school for medical treatment. Stay out for a while
and then go back to school, and say that the doctor gave me an IV.” 
Xia Xiang : “…”

Ten minutes later, Xia Xiang took a taxi with Gu Ye to the hospital. Having been a good
and obedient boy for the past eighteen years of his life, Mr. Yu had never doubted Xia
Xiang and approved his request on the spot. Frowning guiltily, Xia Xiang asked in a
whisper, “Is Zhao Pengyu really seriously ill? We should have come earlier.”

Gu Ye answered with a helpless tone, “Even if we came early, we won’t necessarily be

allowed to see him.”

With his face, who would believe that he’s a capable Master? If he didn’t make a good
impression, he would be treated as a child playing around and be directly thrown out. 
Gu Ye was right. After hearing the bodyguard reporting his arrival, Mrs. Zhao really
didn’t believe that Gu Ye could save Zhao Pengyu. He was too young, after all. But right
now, as long as there was a ray of hope, Mrs. Zhao would try anything. After someone
brought Gu Ye in, Mrs. Zhao saw Gu Ye’s appearance. He had red lips with shiny white
teeth, and when he smiled, his peach blossom eyes were dazzlingly bright. This was not
the image of a Master.

She sat beside her son’s bed dejectedly and clutched Zhao Pengyu’s fingers before
saying weakly, “Little Master, please take a look at him. The doctors said he won’t live
past tonight if he doesn’t recover.”

Zhao Pengyu’s face was pale and his lips were blue. His glabella was black with a faint
red line, which was constantly emitting Sha Qi. Gu Ye didn’t say a word but instead took
out half-used incense stick from his pouch and lit it. He then held it in between his two
fingers and left it on Zhao Pengyu’s glabella where it stood steadily without any help.
Seeing this, Mrs. Zhao’s eyes widened in surprise and asked, “This is…?” 
“Soul-summoning incense.” Gu Ye answered with a smile. “I knew that he would have a
disaster prior to this, so I protected his soul with a talisman, and now, I’m calling his
soul back using this incense.”

As the incense burned, small amounts of ash fell, and the smoke was inhaled by Zhao
Pengyu through his nose as he breathed. After a few seconds, his breathing grew
smoother, and even his lips regained their color.

Mrs. Zhao was so shocked that she didn’t know what to say. Such a huge surprise had
hit her when she was at her most desperate, and she didn’t know how to react. She
wanted to be happy, but she was afraid to be disappointed again. “This— Can he be
saved? Can he really be saved?”

Gu Ye smiled. “Of course. Gods kill Gods, ghosts kill ghosts. As long as I want to save
him, no one else can do anything about it.” 
Mrs. Zhao stood up in her excitement and asked, “He won’t lose his mind or become

Gu Ye was amused by this and said, “Of course not. What rookies told you that? You
should file a complaint against them.”

Mrs. Zhao covered her mouth while looking excitedly at Gu Ye. Those so-called
“rookies” were famous Masters. Was Gu Ye really capable or was he just bragging,
though? She didn’t think she could stand another disappointment.

Right at this moment, Gu Ye reached out and slapped Zhao Pengyu on the forehead.
“Wake up! It’s time to eat, Teacher Yu is calling already!” 
Under Mrs. Zhao’s expectant gaze, Zhao Pengyu opened his eyes. Before he could
recover his thoughts, his mother had already rushed over and hugged him while
sobbing, letting out all the despair and fear she felt during this whole ordeal. Zhao
Pengyu was a bit confused since he had never seen his mother crying so desperately
like this before he finally reacted and comforted Mrs. Zhao. He then turned to Gu Ye
and said emotionally, “You saved my life again.”

Gu Ye smiled and said, “There are more things to do. Waking up doesn’t mean this is

Mrs. Zhao, who had just called her husband, stood up and asked confusedly when she
heard this. “Why is it not over?”

Gu Ye felt sorry for all the parents in the world. If he said even one word denying the
rescue, Zhao Pengyu’s mother would collapse. 
“Don’t worry. Let’s take this one step at a time.” Gu Ye then asked, “Did he pick up any
suspicious objects? Take it out and let me have a look.”

Mrs. Zhao quickly sent someone to fetch the pouch while Zhao Pengyu pulled at the
hem of Gu Ye’s cloth. He was having a mental breakdown. “I’ve been having this dream
where I’ve married a wife and she has been chasing me ever since. I can’t escape from
her even after running to the ends of the Earth. You have to save me, Gu Ye. I’m still a

Gu Ye sneered. “Oh? Well, you are a giant child.”

Gu Ye said this so casually that Zhao Pengyu almost cried. “Be serious, ah, will you!” 
Gu Ye pulled up a chair and sat with a very neat posture. “So, did you marry her?”

Zhao Pengyu quickly explained, “No, I was able to run away. If I didn’t play basketball all
the time, I would have been caught by her!”

Gu Ye seriously asked, “Is your wife beautiful?”

Zhao Pengyu replied solemnly, “No idea. I was more focused on running away, so I
didn’t pay attention.” 
Gu Ye couldn’t hold back his laughter and said happily, “That’s a pity. Why didn’t you
take a look? Maybe she’s beautiful.”

Only then did Zhao Pengyu react. Gu Ye was teasing him with these questions. He got
up from the bed and begged, “Gu Ye, no, Daddy Gu Ye, save me! I will really die this

Watching from the side, Mrs. Zhao finally cracked a smile while her tears were still
flowing down. A ray of light had finally shone after these dark days.
Gu Ye ignored him and said, “She wanted a husband, so she posted the ads all around
and you picked it up. You look good, your family’s rich, you’re at the right age, and
you’re also educated. She likes you and you have also received the betrothal gift, what
can I do?” 
Zhao Pengyu became anxious. “I didn’t agree to it, ah! This is marriage fraud! I barely
passed all of my exams! Educated, my ass!”

Gu Ye suddenly approached him and looked at his neck. There was a pink mark there,
causing Gu Ye’s expression to darken, “Didn’t you enter the bridal chamber with your
wife? Didn’t you already make children? Sorry, I can’t help you.”

“No! I’m still a virgin, I swear!”

Gu Ye said with a tone full of implication, “You… You’re such a waste.” 

Zhao Pengyu : “…”

What exactly did you want me to answer? You’re just having fun at my expense!
Having amused himself enough, Gu Ye said, “Okay, I’ll write down a list of some
materials, please prepare them. The ghost you encountered is not a common one. Her
Sha Qi is very strong, and it’s going to take a lot of effort to solve it.” Just as he finished
saying this, the door opened and two people came in.

One of them held a pouch. It was Zhao Pengyu’s father. 

The other wore a suit, was tall, stood with an upright posture, and had beautiful facial
features. The mole on the outer corner of his left eye and his slightly anxious gaze
softened his temperament a little, but he still exuded a sense of alienation. As soon as
he showed up, Gu Ye was stunned because the aura of this man that no ghosts and
deities dared to provoke was very similar to the God’s son he had encountered on the
evening of a certain scum’s concert.

Gu Ye’s eyes brightened. With him here, saving Zhao Pengyu would be a piece of cake!

Chapter 17 - Introducing Mr. Yu, whose three views were


Zhao Zhifeng hugged his son emotionally before handing over the pouch to Gu Ye.
“This is the thing Zhao Pengyu picked up. We didn’t dare to burn it as a Master said that
his soul would also burn along with it.”
Gu Ye chuckled. Those Masters seemed to at least have some skill. If it was not for his
soul-protecting talisman, Zhao Pengyu’s soul really would have flown away.

Gu Ye threw the joss paper money to the ground, picked up a fork from the table, and
fiercely stabbed the stack of joss paper money, which immediately let out a hissing
sound. A few wisps of black smoke emerged and tried to stop his actions, but Gu Ye
sneered before making some gestures with his fingers. A lightning bolt appeared out of
nowhere and cleaved the stack of joss paper money, and the smell of blood emerged.

Mrs. Zhao nervously advised, “Master Wang Minghai also tried to destroy this thing, but
it backfired. You must be careful!” 
Gu Ye’s lips curled up into a smile and said, “Why should I? It’s no use trying to fight me
anyway, so what it’s doing right now is futile.” The moment Gu Ye put some strength
into his hand, the fork went straight into the stack of paper and black blood
immediately flowed from it. At the same time, Zhao Pengyu’s breathing also became

A dark torrent of wind suddenly gushed in, and the paper flew up in the ward. The
strangest thing was that as soon as it got near Yu Ze, it immediately avoided him.

Seeing this, Gu Ye immediately thought : As I expected! No matter how fierce the

ghosts are, they will never dare to provoke Yu Ze. Having made a decision, Gu Ye let out
a purple flame from his hand and quickly burned the joss paper money. No matter
how it struggled, it couldn’t escape Gu Ye’s flame, and the young man coldly spoke,
“Either you piss off or I’ll make you disappear. I don’t follow the bullshit rules of the
Xuashu Society.”

It was dark and the torrent of wind was still swirling about, but it didn’t dare to get
close to Gu Ye. After struggling for a few rounds, the dark wind turned into the
silhouette of a person with a withered, dark, and thin appearance. Its pair of gray eyes
viciously stared at Gu Ye. The thick Gui Qi made the temperature in the ward drop
several degrees.
Everybody present was so scared that they almost screamed. Zhao Pengyu was
suddenly full of strength and jumped up from the bed to protect his mother. However,
his legs were shaking, and he didn’t dare to look at the ghost. This was the first time he
had an emotional entanglement with the opposite sex and it left a huge trauma on

Yu Ze looked at the ghost indifferently before examining her and looking downward…
Yup, there’s no shadow there.

Unwilling to give up his world beliefs, he looked at the walls but didn’t see any holes
from where a projector could be.
Gu Ye pointed at Zhao Pengyu and asked with a smile, “You’re not leaving immediately?
Is it because you fell in love with this one?” 
A glint of light flashed in the ghost’s dull grey eyes.

“Let Zhao Pengyu go and I’ll send somebody exactly the same to you. As for your
injustice, someone will help you solve it. If you continue to pester him, then… Hehe.” Gu
Ye chuckled with a cold expression. This ghost had already taken revenge against her
murderer, but as soon as she roped in innocent people and started harming them, her
actions crossed his bottom line.

The female ghost looked at Gu Ye and the auspicious cloud surrounding Yu Ze, and her
expression turned bad before she took two steps back and disappeared in a cluster of
wind, leaving the joss paper money scattered on the ground.

Everyone present stared at the place she disappeared from with their jaws dropped.
None of them could recover from the shock. Mrs. Zhao’s face was pale while Yu Ze was
the only one with no expression. After seeing phenomena that couldn’t be explained
scientifically, a trace of complex emotion finally appeared in his expression. 
As if nothing had happened, Gu Ye said, “Okay, you can burn this joss paper money
now. She won’t come back.”

Zhao Pengyu pinched his nose, “Why is it so smelly?”

“Your wife has already given you a betrothal gift and brought you back as her husband.
Now that you’re backing off, wouldn’t she be vomiting blood from anger?”
Zhao Pengyu really wanted to cry. Don’t say the word “wife”, he wanted to pee, ah! 
Gu Ye glanced at the Gui Qi permeating in the room and said, “Open the window to
ventilate the room. Quickly buy the things I’ve written down.”

Yu Ze nodded affirmatively with a cold expression. “But I couldn’t figure it out.” 

“Pfft!” Gu Ye has never met such an interesting person before, so he couldn’t hold back
his laughter. Yu Ze frowned upon seeing Gu Ye’s unconcealed amusement before
shaking his head helplessly. The happenings around him really had no scientific
explanations after all.

The materials Gu Ye had asked for arrived after a while and Gu Ye took them to the
balcony, sat there, and began to fold some paper.

No one in the ward dared to disturb him, so they just quietly watched him. Gu Ye had
his head down with a calm and serene expression, doing his own thing in an orderly
manner. Gradually, the atmosphere in the ward became peaceful and quiet from the
earlier horror, as if that scary event happened a long time ago. Gu Ye had an aura
about him that was quite peculiar. When he was quiet, the air around him would also
be peaceful. Zhao Pengyu lay down again at this time, feeling drowsy.
Looking at the stack of papers and other things around Gu Ye, Yu Ze went over and
asked in a deep voice, “Is there anything I can help with?” 
His voice was magnetic and slightly cold, which was in line with his temperament : So
gentlemanly that one could not find any fault, but still gave off a sense of alienation.

Gu Ye raised his head before pushing the paper he had folded forward and said with a
smile, “If Mr. Yu touches every single one of them, they will be invincible.”

Yu Ze : “…”

Gu Ye smiled. “I’m not joking. Mr. Yu has a very rare destiny and often does good
deeds. On top of that, you are blessed by the Heavens and no ghosts or deities dare to
provoke you. If you touch these things, they will have your trace and no evil being will
dare to get close.” 
Yu Ze raised his eyebrows slightly. “Will it save Pengyu?”

“Yes.” Gu Ye nodded.

Yu Ze stopped talking and started to touch the paper Gu Ye folded one by one. His
movements were slow and elegant, and his expression was solemn, as if he was
performing some kind of ritual.

Gu Ye’s lips slightly curled upwards in a smile, thinking that this was really good. This
man, who has the rare Imperial Aura and a temperament that alienated everyone, was
surprisingly very concerned about his family. He’s a philanthropist too, judging from
the golden light on him. No wonder Mr. Yu would choose Yu Ze from the many
youngsters in the Yu Family as his heir. 
At this time, Yu Ze’s secretary suddenly sent him a text message, reminding him : [Mr.
Yu, I heard that the reason why Li Rui’s case was solved so quickly was because
someone was secretly helping with the investigation. During the concert that
day, that young Taoist was also there. Was he really chasing a star?]
After Yu Ze read it, he glanced at Gu Ye and with a cold face, he asked his
secretary : [Are you a paparazzi?]
The secretary’s heart felt heavy. This was his boss reminding him that this Young
Master was a godly character and he should stay away.

Half an hour later, Gu Ye glued the folded paper together and shaped it into a half a
meter tall human form. He also looked at Zhao Pengyu. “Mr. Zhao, Mrs. Zhao, I need
blood from your ring finger. Two drops will be fine.” 
Hearing that his parents’ blood was needed, Zhao Pengyu protested, “Why my parents’
blood? It’s my fault, so use mine.”

Gu Ye sneered and said, “Because your blood comes from your parents. Only their
blood can be used as your substitute. Remember not to let anyone like me take your
blood in the future. If they have bad intentions, you wouldn’t even know how you died.”
Being rebutted, Zhao Pengyu fell on the bed like a defeated penguin.

After taking the blood from Zhao Pengyu’s parents, Gu Ye evenly smeared it on the
paper doll’s eyebrows. He then took cinnabar from his pocket, closed his eyes, and
took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, his temperament became
extremely solemn. The moment the tip of the brush fell, it lightly fluttered on the paper
doll, and a substitute was successfully created. “Close the curtains and turn off the
After the ward went dark, Gu Ye drew a circle beside the bed, threw the paper doll
inside the circle, drew a symbol in the air, and pointed his finger at the middle of the
doll’s eyebrows. A faint golden light lit up, and a green flame immediately engulfed the
paper doll right after. This strange scene made everyone’s scalp feel numb, and they all
retreated back a few steps on reflex. This strange event made them feel that this thing
was dirty.

The paper doll disappeared in the green flame, and Zhao Pengyu’s face regained blood
at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. “I feel that my body is not as heavy
anymore. Does this mean I’m good now?”

As soon as Gu Ye nodded, Zhao Pengyu immediately grabbed the hem of his clothes
and said, “From now on, my life is yours.”

Gu Ye swatted Zhao Pengyu’s hands off his clothes and said, “Then you should study
hard. You should improve your rank by at least 500 places in the next exam next
month so that you can accompany me to the same university.” 
“What?” Zhao Pengyu chuckled awkwardly, looking as if he misheard it. “What did you

Gu Ye smiled nicely. “If you can’t improve your rank, I’ll send you to marry the little

Thinking about his performance in school, Zhao Pengyu asked in despair, “Can you

“No way.” Gu Ye cut him off before Zhao Pengyu could finish his words and then looked
at his parents. “His Yang was damaged, so he should get plenty of sleep for the next
two days. Leave the curtain open to let the sunshine in, and things should be fine.” 
Mrs. Zhao worriedly asked, “That thing won’t look for him again?”

Gu Ye shook his head. “No, and I have to go back to school now. Xia Xiang is still waiting
for me.” Gu Ye looked at his watch, waved towards Zhao Pengyu, and turned around,
wanting to leave. However, before he could exit, Mr. Zhao stopped him. “Young Master,
please stay!”
The moment Gu Ye turned around, a cheque was stuffed into his hand. He looked at it
before smiling. The Zhao Family was really generous; they actually gave him five million
yuan. Gu Ye returned the cheque and said with a smile, “Zhao Pengyu is my friend.”

Before Mr. Zhao could say anything more, his wife pulled him back. Looking at his wife,
he understood what she meant. Mr. Zhao looked at Gu Ye with a smile and admiringly
said, “Yes, the life of a friend should not be measured with money. I was too hasty.” 
As a knowledgeable man, Mr. Zhao could see that Gu Ye valued his son’s friendship and
was not the type of person who could be tempted by money. He specifically visited
Zhao Pengyu because he was his friend, and he refused the money without even
blinking. This was a kind and righteous young man. His son was lucky to have Gu Ye as
a friend.

“I see. Then come to our house often if you’re free. Your Auntie’s soup is delicious, you
can try it.”

Gu Ye thanked Mr. Zhao with a smile and walked out the door, followed by another
man who said, “I’ll send you. There’s something I want to ask for your advice.”

The man was Yu Ze. 

Even though he was facing a high school student, Yu Ze was still able to say the words
“asking for advice” so formally. One could easily see Yu Ze’s character just from this.
With his lips slightly upturned, Gu Ye said, “Then I’ll trouble Mr. Yu.”

After getting in the car, Gu Ye took a look at Yu Ze’s face again and thought that it was
incredible. This man was the most amazing person he has ever seen.

“Mr. Yu is very lucky.” Gu Ye couldn’t help but say with a sigh.

Yu Ze didn’t think so. “The people in your line of work all say that I’m doomed to die
alone with no offspring and that my life won’t be complete. How is this lucky?” 
Gu Ye laughed in reply. “Do you believe in destiny?”


“That’s good, then. If you don’t believe in destiny, you can always believe in yourself.”

This was Yu Ze’s first time hearing a metaphysics master say that he didn’t believe in
destiny. Yu Ze subconsciously glanced at Gu Ye and found that the latter was smiling
with squinted eyes. Gu Ye’s pupils were dark like black jade, deep, and somewhat
mysterious. However, the pureness and straightforward nature of his couldn’t be
hidden. This was a person who didn’t like to beat around the bush. Yu Ze’s perpetually
cold expression finally eased slightly, and the corner of his lips curled up into a faint
smile. “Can you tell me about that woman?” 
Gu Ye looked out the window and said, “That bridge has a problem. There’s a person
who was buried in the foundation and painfully died. Mr. Yu wants to check it out?”

Yu Ze nodded. “Pengyu almost died. Naturally, I want to find out what happened.”

“I don’t know the specifics. I just used a substitution technique to have a puppet take
Zhao Pengyu’s place. I’m about to take the college entrance examination and have no
time to handle these sorts of things. I promised her that I would seek justice for her,
and I also hope to enjoy a summer vacation at the same time. Now that Mr. Yu wants
to check the matter, you really saved me quite the effort.”

Yu Ze shook his head. “It’s Pengyu’s trouble to begin with. We shouldn’t leave
everything to you.” 
The look in Gu Ye’s eyes turned more appreciative. “Then I suggest you start with the

“Are you sure there’s a body?”


“Thank you.” 
Seeing the man confirm the matter and thanking him solemnly, Gu Ye was quite happy.
This man was very interesting.

The car stopped at the door of a hotel, and Gu Ye tilted his head in confusion. “Huh?”

Opening the door, Yu Ze said, “The school’s cafeteria shouldn’t be serving food at this
time. I’ll send you back after a meal.”

Gu Ye touched his stomach that may or may not have gurgled all the way here and said
with an awkward smile, “That…Thank you.” 
In fact, Yu Ze’s materialism and scientific beliefs had been shaken by this event.
However, he never expected that after following Gu Ye’s advice to start his
investigation, the result would completely overthrow his previous beliefs.

When the Zhao Family saw the result of the investigation, they all fell silent. The only
thing that they could say was that human nature is truly complicated.

There are three evil deeds among society: Dragon binding, living foundation, and
human sacrifice.
The protagonist of this story is a girl who was sold by her parents to be the foundation
of a bridge for money. 
Chapter 18 - Why does having a daughter mean you’re losing

Thirty years ago, the capital had a water conservancy project that required construction
of a bridge. When they set the last pile for the bridge, it wasn’t stable. The construction
company tried every method to stabilize it but nothing worked. This was the last
section of the bridge left, how could they hand over the bridge if the pile was faulty?

At that time, people’s mindset was still relatively backward. The constructor invited a
Feng Shui Master to take a look, and that Master said that breaking the soil there had
disturbed the Earth Deity and River Spirit. To solve this, it was necessary to build a
living foundation by sacrificing a person.

A living foundation is built when a living person is offered as sacrifice and sealed into
the pile. In this case, it means a person will be sealed into the concrete column while
they’re still alive. Such a cruel practice, where do one search for a sacrifice? If even one
step went wrong, they could get indicted in a murder case.

It was at this juncture that someone gave them the idea to search for a sacrifice in the
remote mountain area villages. 
The person in charge of the construction was immediately moved by the idea. If they
buy someone from the remote mountain area far from the capital, no one would
notice the missing person. So the person in charge found a poor family with five
children in the mountain.

The family was so poor that even three meals a day were not a guaranteed luxury. As
soon as they heard that the amount of money they will gain for selling one of their
children would be enough for the entire family to live off for several years, they
decided to sell their second daughter whom they disliked. They wanted to send their
three sons to school. Their eldest daughter will be able to get married in two years,
after raising her for so many years it was time to get some returns on the bride
price.The remaining children were all sons and will be the continuation of the family
line. They were treasured and cannot be sold off.

The second daughter was 18 years old, with a mole on her forehead, and was not fond
of talking. This kind of dull personality was really not popular with people. She didn’t
even have a matchmaker interested in arranging a marriage for her. From the look of
things, she wouldn’t fetch a high bride price even if she gets married, so it was better to
sell her off for some extra money. The middleman said they’re buying a girl to marry
her off with a fool, so the girl’s parents didn’t even hesitate to take the money and kick
her out of the house.
Just like this, an 18-year-old girl was sealed into the concrete pile by a black-hearted
constructor, and amazingly, the bridge was really successfully completed after that.

However, strange things started happening ever since. First, the workers died one after
another and the people who walked on that bridge often had accidents. The
constructor realized that something must have gone wrong and went to find the Feng
Shui Master but found out that man was a fraud! The Feng Shui Master had heard of
such a method in passing and simply proposed it as a solution. He didn’t know that
they would really take a human’s life. He quickly ran away in fear.

A few days later, the constructor also died in a tragic manner at home. Everyone who
was involved with the live sacrifice met a tragic end.

Gradually, the rumor about the bridge’s evil nature spread and many people dare not
take the bridge. Later, the abandoned bridge was filled up as no one used it anymore,
and there had been no accidents since. As time passed, except for the local elderly, no
one knew that there was a bridge there.

Just as the family’s life was getting even better, strange things started happening.

First, their little grandson hit his head when he was pushed down the stairs. After he
recovered from his head injury, he was locked in the cabinet. He was so traumatised
from the incident that he nearly became a fool. The child said those things were done
by a ‘big sister’. The family was shocked by his description of that ‘big sister’ because
she sounded like the second daughter whom the parents sold away many years ago.

Soon after that, more strange things happened. Flower pots fell from out of nowhere,
the sound of people laughing in the middle of the night, the gas stove lit up on its own,
and the chopping board suddenly got covered in blood. All the children in the family
said they saw a young girl doing it.

At this time, the old couple were both afraid. They suspected that something must have
happened to their second daughter after they sold her away. Maybe she had lost her
life and came back for revenge. They asked a Master to take a look. That Master said to
calm her anger, they needed to have a ghost marriage for her and let her live a good
life in the other world. And the husband should not be a deceased man, but a living
one. It would be best if he was a good looking lad close in age. These all lead to Zhao
Pengyu, who found the pouch. In fact, when he found that pouch, someone had been
observing him the whole time. 
Yu Ze was quite petty. Someone nearly cost his nephew’s life, how could he let this
slide? He immediately found someone to deal with this matter. On the same day, the
road was closed, and the bridge was excavated. They found that there was indeed a set
of human remains inside the foundation. After examining the remains, they concluded
that this was the skeleton of an 18 years old female.
The police quickly joined the investigation and unearthed this tragic case that had been
buried for thirty years.
The constructor and the workers who were involved in this case had all died. It was said
that the Feng Shui Master who proposed the sacrifice had also died a few years after
the bridge was built so they couldn’t make a convict a dead man.

That Master who proposed the dumb idea for ghost marriage on the other hand
couldn’t run away from his crimes. The girl’s parents are also still alive. Human
trafficking even when they are your own daughter is still a crime. So the old couple was
escorted to the police station for questioning.

The couple made use of their old age to stir trouble for several days. They pretended to
faint so they got sent to the hospital, and after recovering, they were brought back to
the police station. After being shuttled back and forth like this a few times, they ended
up back in the hospital, exhausted. 
The police came to their ward and handed the investigation results to them before
saying, “Do you want to read the process of your daughter’s death yourself or do you
want me to read it for you?”

The couple were both reluctant to listen. The old woman no longer pretended to be
sick but tried to reason instead, “She’s our daughter who I gave birth to and raised.
Who would want her to die? But if I don’t sell her, my three sons would starve to death.
Don’t you think she should contribute to the family that raised her? Now that we all
have a good life, she, that unfilial daughter, came back to torment my little grandson.
Our Liu Family only has that one little grandson, the seedling that will continue our

Hearing this perverted reason, the police officer held down his anger and said, “Then
you should identify the body and bring her back for burial.”

“That won’t do.” The old man was unhappy, “We have rules in our hometown.
Daughters can’t enter the ancestral graves; it will bring bad luck. Find her an in-law. She
has been dead for years, we don’t want much, just 20,000 yuan is enough as a bride
The police officers in charge of the case got so angry that he temporarily stopped the
questioning to leave the room. He breathed in some clean air outside the ward to
prevent himself from going ballistic.

No one saw that after the officer left, a dark shadow leaned against the wall. Its dull
grey eyes quietly stared at the two old people in the ward. Before long, two lines of
blood flowed from its eyes.

Gu Ye, who was at school, felt his heart jump wildly. He pinched his fingers to calculate
the situation and his expression instantly changed. After class, he immediately went to
a public phone in the school, “Zhao Pengyu, give me your uncle’s phone number.
Something went wrong.”

Zhao Pengyu had already been discharged from the hospital. After resting for several
days, he had already recovered and was packing his stuff to go back to school. Hearing
Gu Ye’s obviously anxious tone, he ran to the window and shouted, “Uncle, Gu Ye wants
to talk to you!” 
Yu Ze, who already had one foot in the car, stopped and turned around after hearing
this. Zhao Pengyu was confused by this. Since when did his uncle become so tolerant?

“This is Yu Ze speaking.”

As soon as he heard Yu Ze’s voice, Gu Ye hurriedly said, “Mr. Yu, the ghost girl might
have been stimulated by something. I can sense that she is going out of control, and
the possibility of her harming innocent people is high. You have the Zi Qi, she’s afraid
of you. Can you go to her house and check on the situation?”
Yu Ze’s expression darkened before he calmly said in response to Gu Ye’s expectations,
Gu Ye let out a relieved sigh, “Thank you! Sorry to trouble you! Ah, I have to go to class!
Goodbye, Mr. Yu!”

Hearing the dial tone after the call being hung up in a hurry, Yu Ze shook his head
helplessly. After leaving the house, he immediately made a phone call. “Find out where
Liu Qiao’s parents are and what have they just done.”

Right now, only her biological parents can stimulate Liu Qiao. After his staff reported
the old couple’s deeds to him word-by-word, Yu Ze made another call. “Find the Liu
Family’s little grandson and bring him along with his parents to me.”

Yu Ze’s thinking was quick and accurate so he immediately grasped Liu Qiao’s thoughts.
Liu Qiao was hurt by her parents’ words and had lost control. Right now, she wanted to
kill the little grandson her parents loved so much. But he had been taken away and she
had no way to approach him as she was afraid of Yu Ze’s Zi Qi. In her anger, she went
back to the hospital and stared at her parents who were lying on the bed, pretending
to be sick. Her pupils were already dyed red with blood. 
Why do her parents treat her like this? Because she’s a girl, therefore she was naturally
a money-losing proposition? From a child till adult, why did they never care about her?
Why can’t she get praised no matter what she did? Why should she be sold for the
betterment of the whole family? Don’t they know how cold the cement was? That
feeling of being suffocated slowly, it was very excruciating. Don’t they know that she’s
making such a fuss just to hear them say they regretted what they did to her? That was
all she wanted but why can’t she ever get what she wants?

Liu Qiao slowly approached her parents, until she was in between their beds. She then
reached out and covered their mouths and noses, watching as they struggled to
breathe and tried to escape her hold. But they could do nothing. Their faces distorted
in pain, much like her expression before her death. The corners of her lips gradually
curled up into a strange smile. Undeniably, at this moment, she was very happy.

The next day, the nurse who was on duty found the two patients dead on their beds.
After forensic examination, their cause of death was ruled as asphyxia. The strange
thing was, when the surveillance was checked, there were no visitors whatsoever in the

The good thing was, Gu Ye never sensed Liu Qiao’s ghost anymore after the old couple
died. The Master who proposed the absurd ghost marriage had also received his due. It
was a calm period and Gu Ye concentrated on his studies for the college entrance
As soon as Yu Ze got involved in this matter, the whole incident spread quickly in the
high society’s circle. Gu Ye, an 18-year-old child, actually solved a problem many
famous Masters couldn’t. The Third Young Master of the Gu Family got his brain cured
after visiting their hometown. Not only did he get first place on an exam, but he could
also do fortune-telling now?

The high-society circle felt this was too magical, no, it was simply impossible! It was only
after hearing rumors that Zhao Pengyu’s parents paid a visit to Gu Decheng that they
believed the news about Gu Ye and they were really shocked by this. Did the third son
of the Gu Family hide his ability for 18 years? How could a child have such a deep
mind? What did Mrs. Gu do to him that made him turn out like this? Without her
knowing it, Mrs. Gu, the stepmother, was carrying the blame.

Meanwhile, Gu Decheng was actually worried about another thing. Many people said
that Feng Shui Masters and fortune tellers would more or less had something missing
in their destinies. Now that Gu Ye was working in this line and getting better and better,
will it have an impact on his future? No matter how he thought about it, he can’t feel

“We can’t let him do this kind of thing anymore later.” Gu Decheng said, worried, “Let’s
choose a course for him at the university that doesn’t have anything to do with this
As the stepmother, Mrs. Gu didn’t have the right to make decisions for Gu Ye so she
said, “How about discussing it with Lao Da and Lao Er first? Didn’t they say they will
come back when Lao San and Lao Si are on holiday?”
Gu Decheng pondered for a while before saying, “No, let Lao Da take him abroad. No
one in other countries would believe in this thing.”

Thinking of Gu Ye’s rebelling personality, Mrs. Gu subtly hid all the fragile ornaments in
the house. Gu Ye certainly won’t obey his father’s arrangement and when Lao Da and
Lao Er come home, he would dare to fight against the three of them. At that time, the
house would be chaotic. After some thoughts, Mrs. Gu also hid things that can be used
to hit people. Better safe than sorry.

Chapter 19 The younger brother provides home, door, service,


   On the third day after Gu Ye returned to school, Zhao Pengyu

went back to school alive and kicking, chatting to Gu Ye about
everything his Little Uncle did, "My Little Uncle said thank you for
your clues. He owes you a favor."
Gu Ye smiled slightly, "If you can find out, it is his merit to return
your wife's justice. I didn't do anything to help. Moreover, he believed
my words and saved an innocent child. I should thank you. He is
   Zhao Pengyu's head hurts when he hears "daughter-in-law", "I
don't want to marry a daughter-in-law anymore, so please forgive
   Gu Yeyu encouraged him with earnest heart: "Then you can find
a good family and marry, you will be old if you don't marry."
   Zhao Pengyu has the urge to knock Gu Ye down and give it a
hammer, "I will marry you, do you want it?"
   Gu Ye stood up and crossed his hands with his hands, with a
look of disgust: "Ugly rejection, thank you."
   Zhao Pengyu was laughed by everyone, and chased up heartily,
"Gu Ye, do you know Feng Shui, can you help me see it?" 
   Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Your parents said?"  
"Yes indeed."
   "I want money this time."  
"Okay, my younger brother provides services, services, ancestral
fortune-telling, feng shui reading, five-element gossip...cutting hair
and braids, professional treatment of infertility, cell phone film and so
on." Gu Ye said nonsense seriously. Zhao Pengyu collapsed and
covered his face, "You are more serious!" 
   Gu Ye looked at him with the eyes of a white-eyed wolf, "How
can you say that your savior is not serious?"   
   Zhao Pengyu collapsed, "Dad, please shut your mouth, thank
   "Okay, damn it!"
   Zhao Pengyu gritted his teeth, constantly reminding himself that
if he beats his savior, he will be condemned by God!   
   took another business, Gu Ye returned to the classroom in a good
mood. Just after sitting down, several classmates gathered around,
"Gu Ye, how do you do this? Can you tell me about it? Please!"
Since Gu Ye took the first place in the exam, teachers and classmates
have paid special attention to him. Gradually everyone believed that
Gu Ye was really good at studying, and Gu Ye was not arrogant or
arrogant. Generally, he would tell him questions. . The most
important thing is that he looks good and girls are willing to talk to
him. Gradually, Gu Ye's popularity became better and better, and
some boys were secretly jealous of him. When he saw his smiling face,
he couldn't get jealous anymore. However, Lin Zihao had always been
popular and studied well before, but after Gu Ye's "curse", his grades
have been declining, his personality is getting more and more weird,
and his popularity is getting worse.
   In the words of the girls in the class, who is not a young man
anymore? Who do you show your face to, sister is not you Ma Ma!
  The good thing is that Lin Zihao saw Gu Ye and went away. He
didn't have the guts to cause trouble anymore, and Gu Ye didn't
bother to care about him.
   Gu Ye, like other senior students in high school, is faced with
reviewing materials every day. The college entrance examination was
getting closer and closer. Gu Ye watched the classmates running to
eat, and holding a small note in his hand to recite the question. Gu Ye
also felt the pressure. Into the intense learning atmosphere.
  Si Hongxing and the others saw Gu Ye doing this, they were all
angrily trying to be strong. They grind their guns. The boss is like this.
The younger brothers can't fall back, can't take one book, can't take
two books, or take three books. It's really impossible to learn a craft,
open a shop, develop into a company, and hire those who have
learned well to be employees in the future!
   The whole school is an atmosphere of studying well, and even
the school tyrants have started to learn. Teacher Yu always feels very
relieved. This is the last group of students he taught before retirement.
He hopes that they will all achieve good results without regret.
  Until the day of the holiday, the classmates took a sigh of relief.
Teacher Yu came to send out a few lists to each person, "After I go
back, I will discuss with my family and I will apply for the college
entrance examination." 
   Gu Ye stuffed the list into his school bag, and already had an
idea about his future plans.
   When leaving school, Zhao Pengyu reminded: "I will pick you
up tomorrow morning and come to my house to see Feng Shui."   
   Gu Ye waved his hand with a smile, indicating that he would
never forget. After walking for more than a thousand meters, I finally
got in to pick up his car. Just as Gu Ye sat down, a figure rushed over
behind him and grabbed Gu Ye's neck, "Wow, haha! Tailing Nine
Palaces, Taiyi Shoufang, Baishen Mori, the evil devil, you must not
come in person! Too old gentleman, anxious as a law! I accept!"
   Gu Ye rolled his eyes and slapped his backhand on Gu Yang's
forehead. There was only one sentence: "Are you stupid!"
   Gu Yang leaned in hehe, "Brother, did what I learned just now
look like?"
   Gu Ye nodded perfunctorily, "Like like an image, like a second
   Gu Yang felt wronged and put his head on Gu Ye's shoulder,
motionless. The child has suffered a severe blow to his mind and
needs comfort.
   Gu Ye was amused, and helplessly rubbed his brother's head,
"It's all so big, why are you acting like a baby?"
   Gu Yang's eyes widened and his face was cold, "Where did I act
like a baby? How come my masters act like a baby?!"
   Gu Ye nodded perfunctorily, "Yes, yes, my brother, I never act
like a baby. I will pass by the figure shop for a while, and I will buy
you a mech figure."
   Gu Yang excitedly jumped in the car, "Okay! My pocket money
has been spent! Brother, you still have it!"
   Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry. Gu Yang's typical dog hole couldn't
hold a nest. He could spend as much money as possible.
   At this time, the uncle driver said, "Three young and four young,
the young master came back yesterday and bought a lot of gifts for the
two of you. I saw a life-size Transformer inside."
"Wow!" Gu Yang wanted to go to heaven happily, "It was for me! I
called my eldest brother and he promised to buy it for me!" Gu Yang
thought for a while, his face suddenly became serious, "It's broken, I
forget Now I want a present for my second brother, I want a new
   Gu Ye smiled, so this kid doesn't need to learn at all. As long as
he keeps this pure, his brothers can keep him full for the rest of his
   After returning home, Gu Yang rushed out of the car like a small
wild horse, shouting happily: "Big brother! Second brother! We are
  Compared with Gu Yang's excitement, Gu Ye, his own brother,
walked slowly with his schoolbag on his back.
   On the lawn of the back garden, there is a rockery made of
marble. Next to the rockery, there is a set of tables and chairs made of
marble. Two young men with similar eyebrows are playing chess.
Hearing Gu Yang's voice, the two looked over at the same time and
both laughed.
   "The fourth one has grown a lot taller." The eldest brother Gu
Sen is 26 years old this year. He is a little more mature and looks more
like his father Gu Decheng. He is slightly stern and looks calm and
calm. He already has the temperament of a mature elite.
   Gu Lin, the second child, is 23 years old and just graduated. He
looks more similar to Gu Ye. He looks like his mother. He has
handsome eyebrows and beautiful peach eyes. He looks romantic and
affectionate when he smiles. When the corners of his mouth were
slightly provoked, he looked like a big, temperamental man, but he
did not look like an amorous person with the grace of an aristocratic
boy. Only those who knew him knew that this noble son dared to
open an entertainment company when he was a college. He is
absolutely ruthless because he accounts for half of the entertainment
industry at such a young age.
   "It would be good if the third is half as lively as the fourth." Gu
Lin looked at Gu Ye who was walking by Shi Shiran, and said softly,
"This year, give him a birthday."
   Gu Sen hesitated and frowned, "I'm afraid he can't accept it."
   Gu Ye's birthday coincides with his mother's memorial day. His
mother died of dystocia after giving birth to him. In the past few
years, the family was busy sweeping the tomb, and I couldn't
remember to celebrate him. Later, I wanted to give it to him, but he
didn't want to. The whole family felt that Gu Ye's somber
temperament was also blamed on them for caring too little, which
prevented him from having a normal childhood. Now that he wants
to make up, Gu Ye has grown up and is too late.
   In the blink of an eye, Gu Yang ran to his eyes. Both the elder
brother and the second brother treated him like a child, rubbing his
head in a mess with each hand. Gu Yang was quite beautiful, and
asked concerned: "Big brother and second brother, where is my gift?"
   Gu Sen winked at the assistant who was standing not far away.
The assistant knew it quickly and quickly found someone to push the
gift over. A two-meter-high bumblebee made Gu Yang jump up
happily on the spot.
   Gu Lin smiled and said, "All the gifts I bought for you are in
your room, and there is the laptop you want."
   When Gu Yang heard this, he was happily spreading out on the
entire lawn, watching Gu Ye twitched the corners of his mouth, just
wanting to tie a rope to the bear boy, let his mother move back, let
him be honest and quiet! Don't wave!
   The brothers looked at Gu Ye again, the smiles on their faces
became more cautious, and there was a little caution in their eyes,
"The third child, I heard that you have taken the first place in the
school twice and performed well."
   "Is there anything you want? Tell your brother, I bought you a
mobile phone, a computer, and a few game consoles. They are all in
your house. Go back and see if you like it."
   Gu Ye chuckles, it's not easy to be an elder brother, "Thank you,
eldest brother and second brother, for costing you all."
   Gu Ye smiled, Gu Sen and Gu Lin were stunned, because they
had never seen Gu Ye smile like this since they were young.
   Gu Sen and Gu Lin immediately felt relieved that Gu Ye was
finally able to be like a normal person. Buying gifts can make him
   Early the next morning, the two security guards carried two
large bags and delivered them upstairs, knocking on Gu Ye's door.
   "The Third Young Master, this is a gift bought by the eldest
young master, this is a gift from the Second Young Master."
   Gu Ye's eyes lit up, and he squeezed the corners of his mouth
and asked the little brother to send him into the house. After the other
party had left, he closed the door, took the scissors, and opened it
with a smile. The smile on his face cooled down in a second.
"Five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation",
"College Entrance Exam Compulsory Questions", "College Entrance
Examination Sprint 50 Sets", "College Entrance Examination Help",
"College Entrance Examination Review Plan Key Points", "College
Entrance Examination No. 1 Scholar Plan Key Points", "Mathematics,
Physics and Chemistry Students Brush Question Dogs" "...There are
more than fifty copies in one set. Those two parts are multiplied by
Gu Ye put down the scissors with a face of indifference, and the
corners of his mouth twitched. The eldest brother and the second
elder brother definitely bought it in the bookstore closest to home, and
the overbearing president said the same thing: "Give me one set of
review materials for the college entrance examination.unit!"
  As an overbearing president, shouldn't he buy some tall things
for him? Or just plug him a big red envelope. Who would want this
kind of information?
When going downstairs for breakfast, Gu Ye saw Gu Yang wearing
the latest jersey sitting on the sofa with the latest mobile phone next to
him, the latest laptop in his arms, and the latest backpack with the
zipper open. Several of the latest game consoles, just like a wealthy
tyrant, are stunned, feeling that life has reached the peak. Thinking
about the study materials in his room again, Gu Ye suddenly felt that
he had received a fatal blow, and his heart ached.
   Madam Gu looked at her stupid son with complicated eyes, and
she was even more unhappy when she saw Gu Ye coming downstairs.
   Gu Sen and Gu Lin are really good to Gu Yang. From childhood
to big, they give everything Gu Yang wants, but they never give Gu
Yang study materials. There is a word called "drowning", she
sometimes wonders, did the two brothers deliberately do this, trying
to raise Gu Yang and abolish it? Thinking about the attitudes of the
two brothers on weekdays, it seems that they are not very similar. In
short, Mrs. Gu is in a complicated mood.
After breakfast, Gu Yang was still playing in the living room. Mrs. Gu
quietly came behind her son while no one was there. She hated iron
and steel and pinched his two or two necks, and whispered: "Don't
take advantage of your elder brother. The second brother came back
and went to find them to get into the relationship. What would you
do for yourself?"
Gu Yang grinned in pain, and reluctantly said: "I'm not going. It's
better to find my third brother to play with them. They play with me
and train me so that I can study hard. Yes, when my eldest brother is
angry Dad seems to be like Tyrannosaurus rex. When my second
brother was angry, he squinted his eyes and looked good, but his aura
was scared to death. My second brother is Godzilla in the coat of
beauty, oh oh~~ oh!"
   Madam Gu is so angry that she just wants to beat her son, this
fool! Whoops! Do you wait and expect the youngest to tell his fortune-
telling to give him money? Do you really want to count on the boss
and second child without his father?
Gu Yang didn't understand the mood of being a mother at all. He
clutched his neck and suddenly changed his face. "Actually, my third
brother was scary when he was training people with cold face. It's not
Tyrannosaurus or Godzilla. It's a cat who might bite people. ?Fox?
Forget it, it doesn't matter, he loves me anyway."
   Madam Gu rolled her eyes angrily, "Can your brother compare
with the fox and the cat?"
   Gu Yang thought for a while, "Why not? Both look good, foxes
and cats are also the same species, they all have fur."
Madam Gu couldn't help it anymore and slapped her son on her back.
"There is a fart, you are a stupid kid, one canine and one cat. If you
don't learn, you can't even distinguish the species. You are stupid,
angry. I'm dead!"
   Gu Yang didn't bother, he still played the game happily, and
made Mrs. Gu angry and left in half a minute. Such a silly son, can't
get it!
At this time, a luxury car stopped at the door of Gu's house. One with
sunglasses and a handsome face showed his head from the window.
He asked Big Brother Gu who was called to go to his father's company
to see the situation: "Excuse me, this is Master Gu Ye Gu. Home?"
   Gu Sen looked cold, Master? What master? When did the
youngest get such a title?

Chapter 20 I'll call back when I'm in a hurry

Zhao Pengyu looked at Gu Sen's face and didn't pretend to be

compelled. He took off his sunglasses and got out of the car. He
looked at Gu Sen and Gu Ye's eyebrows, which were somewhat
similar. Student Ye, came to play with him, brother, is Gu Ye at
   Gu Sen looked at him, Zhao Pengyu was seen tightly all over,
feeling inexplicably that he was a bad boy who induced his brother
not to learn well.
   Gu Sen didn't bother to care about a child, "It is Gu Ye's home,
but there is no master."
"Hey, I'm playing around, Gu Ye's nickname, Master Gu." Zhao
Pengyu smiled awkwardly, and said that he had to find an excuse to
ask Gu Ye to come out. His family didn't seem to like him doing this.
   Gu Sen took another look at him, and saw that he really didn't
look like a bad boy. This allowed the security to send Gu Ye a letter.
   After calling out Gu Ye, Zhao Pengyu complained with fear,
"Your big brother is terrible, I seem to be a rich second generation
who doesn't know anything about it."
   Gu Ye looked at the sports car he had driven, dragging his chin
and said deeply, "You are not like a rich second generation, like a little
white face raised by a rich woman.
   "You can get it! You will feel uncomfortable if you don't run on
me for one day!" Zhao Pengyu opened the car door and stuffed Gu Ye
in, "I will abduct you someday!"
Gu Ye leaned back in his chair lazily, his slow tone was like reading a
text, with no feelings at all, but it sounded extraordinarily irritating,
"Ah, help, kidnapping, abduction, this thug beat me Comminuted
fracture all over..."
   Zhao Pengyu twitched, "Dad, shut up!"
   Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and said, "Okay~ Oh!"
   Zhao Pengyu just wanted to beat him, what is it that maintains
the friendship between them? I want to strangle him every minute!
   Seeing that Zhao Pengyu was driving, Gu Ye asked uneasy: "Do
you have a driver's license?"
   Zhao Pengyu proudly said: "Of course, I went to the exam when
I was eighteen."
   Gu Ye still pinched his fingers and forgot. After calculating that
there will be no accident between them today, he said: "Okay, you can
  Zhao Pengyu, what kind of experience it is to have a friend who
can count on it!
   After arriving at Zhao's house, Zhao Pengyu's parents welcomed
Gu Ye very warmly. They put out several plates of fruit snacks and so
on. It didn't look like they were inviting him to come to see Feng Shui.
They just found an excuse to invite him as a guest.
   Gu Ye said embarrassedly: "Let's take a look at Feng Shui first."
   "Look," Father Zhao stood up, "Uncle will take you to see and
ask your aunt to prepare lunch for today's noon. Pengyu will go with
him and entertain your friends."
  Zhao Pengyu felt inexplicably that Gu Ye was born. He was sent
by his parents to charge up the phone bill when they were engaged in
activities in the communications company.
Gu Ye simply walked around Zhao's house and said with a smile:
"This villa must have been seen by a skilled Feng Shui master when it
was being built. I have nothing to change, only one point for Mr.
Zhao's reference. Feng Shui I think that there are trees in the
northwest of the villa. Trees represent the beginning of all things, but
trees cannot be higher than the villa. The trees are higher than the
villa, and the boy in the family is prone to trouble. The tree should be
very short when it was planted. Now it is bigger than the villa. Taller."
   Zhao Zhifeng recalled that this was indeed the case. When the
villa was built, his father-in-law asked someone to show it to him.
Feng Shui also said that the tree should not be too high. After so many
years, he didn't believe it before, so he forgot it. Now that Gu Ye
mentioned it, Zhao Zhifeng remembered it, and immediately thought
of Zhao Pengyu's accident. He was also suspicious, wondering if the
child had the accident because of this tree.
   When my father's heart was overwhelmed, he told the
housekeeper: "Now find someone to plan this tree and plant a small
Gu Ye chuckled, "Don't worry, just change another tree when you
have time, and nothing else. You and your aunt often do good deeds.
Both are blessed people. Sometimes it is better to believe in yourself
than to believe in yourself. The fate of those who often do good deeds.
It will never be bad."
"Okay, uncle took it down." Zhao Zhifeng happily took out a bank
card prepared in advance from his pocket, "This million is money for
feng shui. After you read it, I feel at ease. I am. I have inquired, your
business has rules, saying that if the general owner wants the family
to ruin or die out, the husband will not collect the money? I don't
know, anyway, I won't give you too much, the market price."
   Gu Ye squinted his eyes. This is a market price that can only be
obtained by a first-class master, but this is true.
  The rules of a fortune teller are three receipts: the rich pay more,
the poor pay less, and you have to pay.
   Special circumstance three will not be collected: Those who have
died will not be collected, which is the saying that no money will be
collected from the dead. Those who are unavoidable in a disaster will
not be accepted, because even if they tell the other party, they can't
escape death. Those who have no luck in this life will not accept it,
because the other party is about to decay and will lose their own
However, Gu Yeye didn't follow the rules very much. He still felt
more emotional. He would accept it if he was willing to accept it. If he
didn't accept it, he would not accept it. After he made money, he
donated several million to charity. Make up for it with merit.
  Speaking of this, Gu Ye didn't refuse, but took it and smiled and
said, "Then thank Uncle Zhao."
Gu Ye had to eat lunch at Zhao Pengyu's house. They could see that
the two were unwilling to owe favors to others. They saved Zhao
Pengyu without asking for money. This made them feel uneasy. If
they don't eat this meal, they don't know what to do later. How can I
return him? As a result, Gu Ye was forced to support this meal.
   Zhao Pengyu was jealous, "I suspect that you are my mother's
   Gu Ye squinted his eyes, "Don't worry, I will look back and give
you a good supplementary lesson. After your grades are raised, my
aunt will treat me better."
   Zhao Pengyu is speechless. He thought that Gu Ye would say
that his mother liked him, but he didn't expect to like Gu Ye more.
This unreasonable player made him want to shout: Who will take this
After taking Gu Ye home, when Zhao Pengyu wanted to leave, Gu Ye
pulled open his car door and pressed Zhao Pengyu's shoulder with a
serious face, "Brother don't go, my eldest brother and second brother
are back, and they gave me so many gifts. I can't use them. Give you a
   Zhao Pengyu still felt embarrassed, but Gu Ye discovered it with
his conscience and gave him a gift.
   Not long after, the two subordinates came out carrying a box and
placed it on Zhao Pengyu's car. "Master Zhao, my third son said, let
you go home and take it apart."
   When Zhao Pengyu saw that the box was so big and heavy, he
hummed a little tune and went back, thinking that there must be a lot
of good things inside. After returning home, Zhao Pengyu couldn't
wait to take a look at it, "Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and
Chemistry", and then, "Five Years of College Entrance Examination
and Three Years Simulation", I don't need to read the following, it's all
this, Zhao Pengyu's face is green. I'm so caught up in Gu Ye's routine,
I swallow dung and kill myself!"
   Mother Zhao was about to go to the company. When she heard
her son yell so, she was shocked at the door and asked in disgust,
"Are you disgusting! What way of death!"
   Zhao Pengyu collapses and covers his face, and has no love.
   Gu Ye went home and slept in the afternoon. When he got up in
the evening, Gu Sen was sitting at the bar, watching the college
entrance examination volunteer list he brought home.
   Gu Ye went over, poured himself a glass of ice water, and was
drinking it. Gu Sen suddenly asked, "I heard that you are doing
fortune-telling recently."
   Gu Ye heard that the tone was not right, and drank his mouth
water, and happily replied, "Well, just do it casually. It's just fun. My
vocation is to study hard."
   He looks like this, and he doesn't look like a prank in the second
phase, Gu Sen's expression is slightly slow, "What do you think about
the university you apply for?"
   Gu Ye found a stool and sat down, but he couldn't do it well,
"Just stay in the imperial capital."
   Gu Sen frowned, "There are better educational resources abroad."
   Gu Ye took a bite of the ice, chewing crunchy, "Don't go."
   "I can't get used to the food there."
   Gu Sen looked at Gu Ye's serious expression, almost exasperated.
The reason for seeing a ghost is as reasonable as God.
   "I can buy you a house, hire a Chinese housekeeper, and if you
want, you can take a nanny at home." Gu Sen felt that Gu Ye was still
young and could not make plans for his future, and tried to make
sense to him.
Gu Ye shook his head and said with a serious face: "Big Brother, it's
fine in the Imperial Capital. I can go home four times a month. When
there are five Sundays in a month, I can come back five times!" Gu Ye
Seriously stretched out five fingers, telling facts, and presenting
evidence, "I can come back to see my old father, eat beef noodles made
by my mother, and see our mentally retarded brother, and someone
can help me wash my clothes when I leave. Take away a lot of snacks,
the thief saves money."
   Gu Sen's forehead buzzed, and he looked at Gu Ye's small mouth
babbling. It sounded reasonable at first, but in fact it was all crooked,
and only felt a headache. Brother Gu took a deep breath and calmed
himself down, "You go to school abroad with me. I will try my best to
satisfy you with these. It's really not good. You can live with me."
   Gu Ye didn't worry, and said slowly the biggest reason why he
didn't go: "Big brother, I will miss home, I miss my parents."
   Gu Sen is so speechless that he can't coax it anymore!
   "How old are you, looking for your parents?"
   Gu Ye put down his water glass, and under the expression of his
elder brother angrily trying to punch him, quietly moved out of the
bar area, "No way, I'm still young." After speaking, he lifted his long
legs, swish! It's gone.
   Gu Sen helped his forehead, and understood why their old man
didn't want to talk about life with the third child by himself, so he sent
him to talk about it. He only feels his head hurts now.
Gu Lin stood at the armrest on the second floor, dragging his chin to
watch the excitement, and couldn't help but feel happy. "My dad is
afraid that he will be condemned for too many fortune-telling, so I
want you to take him abroad, but now the third child is obviously
unwilling , Can you still kidnap him?"
   Gu Sen thinks about the old man's temper, it's really possible.
   Gu Lin smiled and said, "If you make him embarrassed, are you
afraid that he will conjure our mother?"
   Gu Sen: "......"
   After Gu Ye returned to the room, he took the application form
that the teacher had given to him, and quickly wrote three wishes:
Imperial Capital First University! Imperial Capital First University!
Imperial Capital First University!
   Gu Ye still feels unsafe after finishing writing. A powerful person
like his dad might tamper with his volunteer book, or tie him up and
plug it into the plane. Now that the eldest brother has united the front
with the old man, the second brother still can't tell which camp it is.
This family can count on... Gu Ye's eyes turned, there is a way!
   Gu Ye hid the volunteer book and went downstairs secretly, with
only three words in his heart: hehehe.
   At this time at Zhao Pengyu's home, Zhao's mother asked her
friend: "That little gentleman is back, isn't there always something
going on in your house recently? You also said it's very evil, should
you ask him to see it?"
   Mrs. Zhao did not expect that her recommendation would once
again excavate the dark side of human nature and save a family of
four friends.

Chapter 21 Someone Wants Their Whole Family To Die

Mrs. Zhao's friend was named Wang, and Zhao Pengyu kept calling
her Aunt Wang. Aunt Wang's family background is average, and the
birthplace of Mrs. Zhao is very different. But the two of them
magically played together when they were in college. They have
maintained a close friendship for so many years. The main reason is:
this aunt Good character! With a kind heart, I told my friends that I
was just a carefree female man, a female man who could stab at both
sides for a friend. Later, they were married well, both of them were
very capable and the family had small assets. I've been living
smoothly, but I don't know what's going on recently, all kinds of bad

After Mrs. Zhao's reminder, Aunt Wang knew who she was talking
about, "Will that little gentleman do it? Is it really the third young
master of the Gu family? Gu Decheng's son?"

"Yes, it's very god, so many masters couldn't save my son's life. Gu Ye
saved Pengyu as soon as he came. This child is not like the legend at
all. His eyes are fascinating, and he looks good with a smile. Speak
politely." In any case, in Mrs. Zhao's view, Gu Ye's whole body is
good and perfect.

Aunt Wang is still a little bit suspicious, "But before so many people
have said that his brain is not good, how can he pinch it?"

"Before, I want to get my father's attention. After all, his father is too
busy to take care of him." After all, rich and powerful people, there
are a lot of twists and turns inside, and there is a child who pretended
to be a fool for more than 20 years Well, the richer, the more people,
and the more complex the family, the more things are going on in the
family. Mrs. Zhao is not a person who likes to inquire about gossip.
She looks at people and only trusts her own eyes. She has never seen
the wrong person for so many years. "Anyway, this kid is credible. If
you believe me, I will look for him. If you don't believe me, even if
you don't believe it, you have to ask if you are free if you want to
invite him."

As soon as Mrs. Zhao said this, her friend had no more doubts, "Okay,
I believe you, you can help me ask if he can come, money is not a
At this time, Gu Ye was lying at the entrance of the study, looking
pitifully at Madam Gu, who was studying. Recently, Madam Gu
started to learn to do business, and the beauty shop she opened really
made money. This made her more and more motivated. Gu Ye
afternoon Sleeping enough, I ran to interrupt her study and annoyed

"Mom, I have something, I don't know if I should tell you or not." Gu

Ye lay at the door and stopped talking.

When Mrs. Gu heard that he was so embarrassed, she couldn't help

but stop what was in her hands, "What's the matter? Short of money?"

Gu Ye wandered into the study, and then closed the door closed,
looking aggrieved.

Mrs. Gu couldn't help standing up, "You can't do anything bad, right?
Did you make your father angry?"

Gu Ye pursed his lips, "I recently watched my dad's face and found
that he will have a good luck in the past year."

Mrs. Gu felt a little in her heart, "Impossible, your dad is sixty!"

"But he doesn't look that old, he still has money!" Gu Ye took Madam
Gu's hand with a look of anxiety, "Mom, you can't let your guard
down. Are there still few rich old men who marry new daughters in
their sixties? I know my dad is not that kind of person. He is so
devoted to you, but he can't stand up to the vixen! I don't want a little
mom, I'm nineteen. If there is a stepmother who is a few years older
than me, my brother and I will The school can't stand up."

Mrs. Gu's breath was suffocated, and when she thought that she was
green, the soul of violence instantly rose by two meters, "Who dares?!"

Gu Ye sank his face, filled with righteous indignation, "Nowadays,

many girls do not want to find a job after graduating from college.
They specialize in being mistresses for old men. The methods are
endless, and they do everything they want. Saying that you have
amnesia, do you think it is terrible?"

When Mrs. Gu thought about it, her face gradually became hard to
look. I did hear a lot of such rumors. Some old men are shameless, not
only raising a little girl, but several. The old man in their family, even
though he is sixty years old, has no gray hair, looks like a handsome
uncle, has the demeanor of a mature man, and is also very rich, which
happens to be the goal of girls who do not learn well.

Gu Ye squinted his eyes and continued: "If something like this really
happens, who can take care of you? My elder brother doesn't go home
once in half a year, can my second brother take care of it? He hasn't
eaten a few bites of your food, and I You raised my brother. We will
support you when you are old. Whoever dares to bully you and us
will do it!"

Mrs. Gu was taken aback by Gu Ye's sudden confession. This sentence

really stuck in her heart. Everyone who was moved wanted to hug her
son, "If you say this, Mom won't worry about getting old." She was
actually early I have considered this issue. When they are old, Gu
Decheng must have gone earlier than her. Her son is a stupid child
who can't be helped, so he knows to play. The eldest and second child
are definitely the best mixed, but unfortunately they don't have much
affection for her, and the meeting etiquette is perfect, in fact, they are
very distant. If Gu Ye treats her well, the eldest brother and the
second child care about the face of their younger brother, and will not
leave her wife alone.

At this point, Gu Ye really didn't lie to her. After all, she was raised by
Mrs. Gu. Even if there is no blood relationship, Gu Ye would not be a
bastard not to care for Mrs. Gu. As long as Mrs. Gu doesn't harm her,
she will endow her for the elderly. The duty of an adopted child.

Now, Mrs. Gu was moved by what Gu Ye said, she squinted her eyes
and wondered how to beware of vixens, "You really counted that your
dad has a good luck for the past year?"

Gu Ye nodded, "Fortune tellers can't lie." He added: But my son will!

Mrs. Gu sank her face and said vowedly: "Okay, mom knows, he is a
good son of mom."

Gu Ye was guilty of being praised, and knelt down to his mother in

his heart, and silently promised that when you get old, I will give you
countless of your favorite small coins.

At this time, Gu Ye saw Madam Gu's face and suddenly found

something unusual. After seeing what it was, Gu Ye twitched his
mouth, saying no! So bloody?

"What's on my face?" Mrs. Gu covered her face, and she was a little
scared when she was seen by Gu Ye. Since knowing that Gu Ye will
count, she only wants to listen to the good, not the bad.
Gu Ye said solemnly: "Mom, you will get rich this year."

Mrs. Gu picked up the corner of her mouth when she said something,
alas, she was suddenly uncontrollable and happy.

Gu Ye went on to say: "Unfortunately, you have a peach blossom."

Mrs. Gu's heart jumped and she became anxious, "Can you still live
this life?" Her husband has a good luck, and she has a good life, and
she wants to live well.

Gu Ye asked her with a distressed look: "Don't talk to a strange man.

He doesn't really like you. He was arranged to get you off."

Mrs. Gu "understands in seconds", her eyebrows stand up, and her

domineering expression: "Want to pit my money, die this heart!"

Gu Ye smiled, Xiao Mom was too cooperative, he still thought about

spending a little more talking, but she didn't expect that she thought
about money, so she was anxious.

"Just pay attention to it." Gu Ye quietly opened the door, "I'm leaving.
If you meet him, remember to tell me, I will fix him."

Mrs. Gu sneered proudly, "Don't worry, your father has no chance to

find you a little mom, no one can cheat my money away, your mom
will always be your mom."
Gu Ye went out the door, turned his head blankly, and took it out of
his pocket. Just when Madam Gu thought he was going to take out
something to give her, Gu Ye squeezed two fingers, with a serious
expression on his face. Be careful, "Mom, come on, love you."

Mrs. Gu: "..."

This bear kid!

Gu Ye almost couldn't hold back when he turned his head, and he

was happy to speak out. My little mom was so coaxing. After tonight,
my little mom will definitely not let him, an ally, go abroad in order to
keep her position as Mrs. Gu. When the wind blows in his ears, his
father will hesitate, because his father's only weakness is that his ears
are soft in front of his wife. As for the evil peach blossom, it is actually
a bad peach blossom. Since opening a beauty shop, Mrs. Gu has been
getting better and better. She looks good and has money. It is
inevitable that many people want to hook her. It's amazing now.
Whoever gets close to her just wants to lie to her for money, so the
little mom will tear him up.

Thinking of the stability of the family and the happy life after small
days, Gu Ye returned to his room in a good mood, jumped on the bed,
and laughed out loud with a pillow: perfect!

At this time, the phone buzzed under the pillow. Gu Ye took out a
glance. It was Zhao Pengyu's. There were four missed calls. Gu Ye
quickly answered, "Sorry, I didn't bring my phone with me just now."

"Fuck! I thought you were taken away by a female ghost!"

Gu Ye was speechless, "I am not you."

"Stop, don't quarrel, let me tell you something serious, will you be free
tomorrow? I have an aunt, I want to invite you to see Feng Shui, her
house has caused a lot of trouble recently."

Gu Ye picked up the "Swiping Question Dog" on the bedside, and said

with a deep expression: "When you have time, you have to pay for it.
When you have more space, you have to see how much you give."

Zhao Pengyu told his mother directly: "You say hello to my Aunt
Wang in advance. Gu Ye is doing charity recently. He needs money
and a lot of money."

When Mrs. Zhao heard this, she immediately took out her mobile
phone to send messages to her friends. I couldn't help but muttered
his son: "Look at Gu Ye, then at you, alas."

Zhao Pengyu is heartbroken, what happened to him? Say it!

Zhao Pengyu and Gu Ye made an appointment to pick him up at his

house at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning, and accompany him to see
Feng Shui at Aunt Wang's house. No one thought that something
happened to Aunt Wang's house just this night.

In the last three months, Aunt Wang's house is really unlucky and
bloody mildew. First, her husband's business suffered successive
losses, and then his son was hit by a flower pot and lay on the hospital
bed for half a month. The girl went to climb a mountain with her
friend, but also encountered a landslide and almost left her life there.
The terrible things continue one after another, and the trivial matters
are not mentioned.

They also asked a lot of gentlemen to show them. They also spent a lot
of money to change their homes. It worked for the first few days, but
something happened within a few days.

On the night of the appointment with Gu Ye, her husband suddenly

failed the brakes on the way home, and the car flew off the bridge. If it
weren't for the crowds around, the firefighters came in time and died.

The next morning, Aunt Wang couldn't help calling Madam Zhao,
and urged in a crushing voice: "When will the little gentleman come?
Come and see me quickly, which bodhisattva did I offend? It's so bad
luck possession!"

Gu Ye received a call urged by Zhao Pengyu. He also knew that life

was at stake. He had to get up in a daze, only to find that he was the
latest one in the family. The whole family has the habit of getting up
early to exercise, and Gu Ye suddenly felt that he was like a salted

Gu Decheng looked at Gu Ye with complicated eyes for a while,

remembering what his wife said last night, and sighed leisurely. The
eldest son is far abroad, and the second son does not often go home.
There are two children beside him. If one is driven out, he may not be
able to touch anyone. In the future, he also wants to be full of children
and grandchildren, and does not want to be an old man alone.
Gu Decheng couldn't help but called Gu Ye who wanted to run to his
side, "Listen to your elder brother, you don't want to study abroad
with him?"

Gu Ye nodded obediently.

"Why, tell the truth."

Gu Ye hesitated for a while, and smiled, "I don't have the ambitions of
the big brother and the second brother, nor their business talents. The
future of the Gu family can be left to them. I just want to go home
often to see you. After all, you too It's over sixty, and it's about to

Gu Decheng did not expect that Gu Ye would say such a thing, and
almost moved his mind to say whatever you want. After calming
down, he still had a cold face and said to Gu Ye like a strict father:
"You stay You have to engage in those feudal superstitions in China,
so it is better to go abroad to experience it with your elder brother. I
am still young and I don't need you to be filial around."

Gu Ye smiled, "But, your eyes tell me, don't leave~ stay~ can't leave
the old father!"

Gu Ye's language is naughty, like Erkang's keeping the crape myrtle,

which is particularly exaggerated.

Gu Decheng blushed and suffocated: "...Fart!"

Gu Ye exaggeratedly jumped back and said in shock: "You can speak
dirty words! It's terrible!"

At this moment, President Gu wanted to beat his son again, and Gu

Ye ran away when he looked down. Gu Decheng was so angry that he
lost his temper at all. The corners of his mouth curled up, he shook his
head helplessly, and said with a smile, "This bear kid!"

Before breakfast was over, Zhao Pengyu came to the door. He was
scrutinized by Gu's eldest brother when he wore the same clothes as
Er Kuo Xiao last time. Flat glasses, pretending to be like a
schoolmaster. Gu Decheng looked at him familiarly, and
subconsciously glanced at him more. Zhao Pengyu immediately
revealed his identity. Gu Decheng had already met his parents, they
were all well-mannered people. According to the Zhao family's tutor,
Zhao Pengyu should also be a good boy. When Zhao Pengyu said
seriously about asking Gu Ye to study together, Gu's father didn't
think much, so he let Gu Ye go.

After leaving the house, Zhao Pengyu took off his glasses and asked
in a whisper, "How is it? You guys are pretty good in disguise."

Gu Ye pondered for a while, how likely is his father to not beat him
when he knows he was cheated? The answer is: zero.

Gu Ye was heart-stuffed and didn't want to praise him.

Two hours later, I finally arrived at the community where Aunt

Wang's home is located. This is a high-level community with a quiet
environment. The entire community is a small building with six
floors. The two floors are one household. Generally, there are three
households, although it is not as good as Gu's With such a big villa as
the Zhao family, it can be seen from the residence that Aunt Wang's
family is also considered rich.

Zhao Pengyu whispered in the elevator: "Aunt Wang's husband was

in a car accident last night and his life was almost gone. Aunt Wang
collapsed last night. The relationship between the two of them is
better and their tempers are good."

Gu Yecong entered the elevator, his face was cold, "Does Aunt Wang
live on the third floor?"

Zhao Pengyu looked at Gu Ye as if he looked at a fairy, "This can also

be calculated? Buddy, you are so amazing!"

"It's not a count, it's a look." Gu Ye's tone became colder and colder,
and he said solemnly: "This dark suffocation, it's not a feng shui
problem, it's a curse, someone wants their whole family to die. "

Chapter 22 Don't persuade, do it!

Zhao Pengyu knocked on the door of Aunt Wang's house and saw a
slightly blessed aunt. Gu Ye's face was getting colder and colder, and
he was vaguely angry.

With this strong black spirit, if he comes two days later, the house will
be destroyed.  This is not a natural formation at all, it is because his
colleagues secretly spoiled him.  Gu Ye hates this kind of person the
most. He doesn't have the ability to deceive people and owes it to
others. If he has the ability, he owes him to death.

Judging from Aunt Wang’s face, Zhao Pengyu is right. This aunt is a
kind person with a straightforward temperament and is very
righteous to friends.  But her eyeballs are slightly convex and the
bridge of her nose is uneven. This shows that this aunt is not very
good at dealing with the relationship between friends. Kindness
makes her easy to trust her friends and easy to be deceived by people
around her. That's why she has the situation today.  .

"This is the little gentleman your mother said, please come in soon."
Aunt Wang didn't sleep all night, her face was pale, and her hair was
a bit messy. She had just come back from the outside and she didn't
even have time to take off her coat.  He hurriedly invited the two in
and arranged for a nanny to make tea for them.

Zhao Pengyu pulled Auntie Wang onto the sofa and sat down,
"Auntie Wang, don't be busy. We all just ate and are not thirsty. Please
sit down and rest. How is your uncle now?"

"Fortunately, it's just a broken arm." Aunt Wang felt rejoiced in her
aftermath. "I rushed down from such a high bridge and didn't want
his life. God blessed him."

Taking advantage of the time they were talking, Gu Ye had already

surveyed the lobby of this building, and the furnishings made him
feel painful.  At first glance, I saw many masters to see this messy
aura. The master asked to put a bottle, the other master asked to put a
mirror, and some Taoist runes were painted on the steps upstairs. 
Just like an altar, the house is built like this, it can attract ghosts even
if nothing happens.

Looking at Aunt Wang again, when the black energy in the family
burrowed into her, it was blocked a lot by the light from a thing on
her neck. This is the reason why all the people in her family have
troubles, but she doesn't.

Gu Ye asked directly: "Aunt Wang, can I see what you are carrying on
your neck?"

"Yes, it's just a small Buddha statue." Aunt Wang took the pendant
from her neck and handed it to Gu Ye. "It's not a valuable thing, it's a
relic left to me by my grandma. I wore it when I was young."

Gu Ye didn't take it. "It saved your life. You have a relationship with
the Buddha. After this is over, you remember to go to the temple and
put incense sticks."

"Oh, okay!" Aunt Wang was stunned before reacting, and she quickly
put this thing on her neck, and promised: "When you look back, you
must give incense to the Buddha and Bodhisattvas and donate incense

Gu Ye picked up the corner of his mouth slightly, no longer talking

nonsense, "Your husband's ancestor was a shipbuilding business
along the coast. He started his family thirty years ago and came to the
mainland to make children's toys, right?"
"Yes." Aunt Wang was stunned by Gu Ye's remarks. Her husband's
ancestor was indeed a shipbuilder. After he came to the mainland, he
never mentioned it. It's all decades ago, this little gentleman.  It can be
counted, so amazing!

Gu Ye continued: "Your family is loyal and has never done bad things.
It is said that when the number of lives is not over."

"What do you mean?"

"Meaning, someone wants the life of your family of four, your son is
unlucky, your daughter is unlucky, your husband is not doing well
recently, and something went wrong yesterday. If you do the math,
you probably lost 10 million in these three months.  It’s a multi-
million business, the family is already in debt."

Aunt Wang's face changed, her expression panicked, she was all in!

It is true that the turnover at home is no longer open. In order not to

affect the business outside, no one has told this.  This little gentleman
also counts, it's amazing!  God's weird and terrible!

Gu Ye smiled, "Aunt Wang, do you believe me?"

Speaking of this, Aunt Wang said nervously: "Believe! Little Mr. Speak
up if you have something to say."

"The letter is good, now call your daughter and ask her to come back
from Dongwai."
When Aunt Wang thought that her daughter knew that her father was
in an accident, she rushed back overnight. She told her that she was in
a taxi just now. According to her daughter's temperament, she must
go to see her father first.  From the airport to the hospital, just walking
from the West Outer Ring Road, Aunt Wang felt a little bit in her
heart. She shivered with fear when she thought that something would
happen to her daughter. She took out her mobile phone and called her

When her daughter Hang Siwen heard that she suddenly changed her
way, she said helplessly: "I will be at the hospital in 20 minutes, and I
will have to detour for another hour."

Aunt Wang was so anxious that she almost cried, "Girl, listen to my
mother, take a detour! You must go to the East Outer Ring!"

Hang Siwen was tired, "Did you hire a fortune teller again? How
many times have I told you! Those gentlemen are all deceptive, and
we must believe in science."

"Listen to my mother, take a detour!" Aunt Wang was also angry,

"This little gentleman can really count, even your father's ancestors
can count things clearly, don't talk nonsense with me, make a detour!
Your mother won't  Will hurt you!"

When Hang Siwen heard her mother hung up in the taxi, she was so
angry that she slammed her phone into her bag, "It's all this time,
what's the detour? It's really a medical emergency."
The driver's master was also happy, "How many real fortune-tellers
are there in this era? Those so-called gentlemen who come to your
house and take a look can figure out what your family is doing from
the details, deceiving old men, old ladies and families.  housewife."

"Isn't it?" Hang Siwen said angrily: "Such liars should be caught for

The road to turn to the East Outer Ring was already reached while
speaking, and the driver's master asked one more question: "Then you
can't turn it?"

She was almost at the hospital as she watched. Hang Siwen hesitated
and became discouraged, "Forget it, listen to her, and detour,
otherwise she will find out and make her angry."

The driver's master happily took a detour and made another 200

Immediately after the taxi turned the taxi, he heard a piercing crash
behind him. The driver looked in the rearview mirror and turned his
face pale in horror, "Fuck!"

Hang Siwen also looked back and saw what was happening behind
him, his eyes widened in horror, and his body was cold.  On the road
they were going to go on, a tanker truck hit the fence on the side of the
road, and the front of the car was already on fire.  The two drivers
jumped out of the car, spurting fire extinguishing agent frantically.

Imagine if they were walking on that road, they would definitely be

hit by the car. Don’t say what they were hit by then, if they caught
fire, they would soon be burned to the oil tank.  , I don’t even have
much time to put out a fire.

Both people stopped talking and were silent for a full five minutes.

The driver's master finally broke the silence, "Well, girl, you can scan
me and add a friend, the master where your mother invited, turn
around and tell me."

Hang Siwen swallowed in shock, "Yes."

Aunt Wang called her son again because Gu Ye told her not to let her
son go east this month.  There was a problem with the family's
business. Aunt Wang's son went out a few days ago for the purpose of
working capital.  After hanging up the phone, Aunt Wang felt uneasy
in her heart, fearing that if any child would not listen to her,
something would happen.

Gu Ye waited for her to relax, and then asked, "Who did you give to
your birthday?"

"Birthday," Aunt Wang thought for a while, "I have a friend who is
leaving. A friend who grew up with me, but it is impossible to have a
relationship with her. Before she was leaving, my family was very

"A person's aura will constantly change with the outside world. It is
normal to have bad luck occasionally. Don't always complain. The
more you complain, the weaker the aura."
"I did complain a few words with that friend. She said that she was
going to worship God and asked us for a peace sign. I gave her the
birth date character." Aunt Wang firmly believed: "It must have
nothing to do with her, she can't  It hurt me because we both grew up.
Her family is poor, and I often help her. I even found someone to
open her flower shop."

Gu Ye smiled and didn't persuade him. He pointed to a lot of messy

things in the house and said, "Throw it away, not that the more
furnishings, the better."

"Okay, throw it all away in a while, you can change it as you say."
Aunt Wang has already regarded Gu Ye as a true god.

"Can I go and see you upstairs?"

"Yes, upstairs is my husband's and me bedroom, as well as my

husband's study room and tea room. Come with me."

After the three people went upstairs, Gu Ye rubbed his eyes with a
strong suffocation.

Zhao Pengyu didn't open his eyes, he couldn't see anything, and
asked concerned: "Did you sleep well?"

Gu Ye shook his head, his eyes were a little uncomfortable.  He looked

around upstairs, his eyes fixed on the pot of fortune tree standing in
the corner. This tree was already as tall as a person, with lush
branches and dark green leaves squeezed into a ball, and it was well
Gu Ye squatted down, only to see the flowerpot hidden by the leaves.

Seeing Gu Ye stopped here, Aunt Wang felt uneasy when she thought
of Gu Ye's previous question of her Bazi, "This flower was given by a
friend who is going to leave my family with Bazi. Is there a problem?"

Gu Ye smiled, rolled up his sleeves and hugged the potted flower

directly. Just as Aunt Wang was surprised that he was struggling with
his strength, Gu Ye directly threw the flowerpot to the ground. With a
"pop", the flower  The sound of broken basins, a strong nasty smell of
blood filled the entire living room.

Aunt Wang covered her mouth and watched Gu Ye pull it twice. He

pulled out an oil-paper bag from the soil and opened it to reveal a
blood-red talisman paper, which is not very auspicious.  There was
also a piece of paper in it with the birthdates of her family of four.
Seeing this, Aunt Wang was completely stunned, her eyes widened,
and she shivered in disbelief. The handwriting is so familiar.  .

Gu Ye clicked on the piece of talisman, and glanced at Aunt Wang

who couldn't believe her eyes, "It has the same effect as the mourning
talisman, but it is more poisonous than that. This thing can't make
your whole family die, and  A talisman that can absorb the good luck
of your family and transfer it to the caster himself."

Aunt Wang's face was pale and her eyes were faintly red. She felt very
cold, and her whole body trembled. At this time, she only suffocated
one sentence: "Why? Why is this?"
"The things between your friends are beyond my control. I want to do
something else." Gu Ye sneered while pinching the talisman. "Things
that can't be put on the table are quite poisonous."

Zhao Pengyu supported Aunt Wang, and felt that people's hearts
were unpredictable and chilling. He bowed his head and asked
squatting Gu Ye, "Do you want to destroy it?"

"Of course, I have to do something about the bastard who draws this
kind of harmful spell." Gu Ye squinted his eyes, his voice getting
colder and colder, "He probably doesn't know that there is still my
neuropathy in this world, so  Fighting evil with fierceness, coursing
death, hard life, life and death depend on your own ability."

Zhao Pengyu was startled by these words in a cold sweat. Isn't this
just hard work?  Fighting!

Chapter 23: Is He Still Alive?

Gu Ye took out the small box he carried with him from his pocket,
took out a small cinnabar pen from it, squatted down, drew a circle on
the ground, and placed the talisman paper in the center of the circle.

I got up and took a step back, and drew a slightly smaller one.

Get up again and paint again.

Zhao Pengyu watched from the sidelines, and found that Gu Ye’s
arrays were gradually decreasing, getting smaller and simpler, and
asked inexplicably: "Gu Ye, what are you doing?"

After Gu Ye finished drawing the last circle, he stood up and hooked

his finger.

Zhao Pengyu walked over, "Need help?"

Gu Ye took his hand and pulled off the hat on the other end of the
cinnabar pen, revealing a small needle point.  Before Zhao Pengyu
understood what he wanted to do, his fingers hurt, "Fuck! What are
you doing?"

Gu Ye's serious explanation: "Every formation needs a drop of blood.

You are stronger than me, and your yang is definitely stronger than
mine. Your blood is better for you."

Zhao Pengyu raised his eyebrows, "I think you are simply afraid of

Gu Ye was dismantled and didn't refute. He pulled Zhao Pengyu into

a circle and dropped a drop, then pushed him away, "Keep away and
don't get in the way."

Zhao Pengyu grinds his teeth, so what kind of harm is this!

Standing in the smallest circle, Gu Ye squinted his eyes, and a sneer

evoked at the corner of his mouth, "Yangming Dakui, Yuanji
Wenchang, Yin Jing Tai Chi, Tai Shang Xuan Ji, listen to my orders,
return to your position!"

As soon as Gu Ye’s words fell, a middle-aged man who was sleeping

in bed suddenly opened his eyes more than a hundred kilometers
away, stared at a pair of mung bean mice, got up in disbelief, and
opened a purple color on the table.  In the box, a black line appeared
on the talisman paper inside, and a wicked cold light appeared in his
eyes. He immediately picked up the long sword made of copper coins,
picked up the talisman paper, and made gestures while chanting.

The talisman paper followed his chanting, like a spinach that had
sucked up enough water, and it stood straight in an instant.

Gu Ye tilted his head and sensed something. The corner of his mouth
twitched slightly, and he took another step forward. Standing in the
next circle, he drew a few simple strokes with a cinnabar pen,
"Feigang sucks, ten thousand ghosts, one hundred ghosts  Follow my
orders and return to your place!"

The middle-aged person feels gloomy and gloomy around him, and
he feels like he is in a quagmire. The aura is getting less and less, and
he has difficulty breathing when he is depressed.  The yin wind under
his feet was getting stronger and stronger, he hurriedly read and
jumped, freed his hand to burn a magic rune, poured the ashes into
the water, and drank it without being sick, so that he felt better.

Gu Ye pursed his mouth and took another step. Seven-star battle is

stronger than one step. Step by step, he makes the opponent feel
pressure, pulls into the abyss of despair, and destroys the opponent's
will step by step. This kind of game is fun to play.
Zhao Pengyu watched Gu Ye mutter something unintelligible every
step he took. The blood-red talisman paper had gradually turned
yellow. As Gu Ye approached, he trembled at every step, as if he was
afraid.  This is extremely weird.

The middle-aged man just took a breath and suddenly felt something
pressed down on his head. He felt the ghostly spirit above his head,
gritted his teeth, crawled under the table, took out the mahogany
sword he had treasured for a long time, and exhausted all his energy. 
Stabbing up, the force above paused, and the middle-aged man’s eyes
were filled with joy, and the hope had just risen. That power suddenly
increased several times, as if something was hitting it straight down.
The peach wood sword broke.  The middle-aged man let out a scream,
his right hand twisted unnaturally, and it was broken.

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth was hooked, and his footsteps still didn't
stop. Until the sixth step, Gu Ye stopped and tilted his head as if he
was feeling something. Zhao Pengyu didn't dare to disturb him, for
fear that something would happen to Gu Ye.  It's hard to explain to
Gu's family.

Gu Ye paused for more than ten seconds, then suddenly smiled, "For
the hard thing, Lao Tzu has never lost." He finally raised his foot,
stood in the last formation, and stepped on the talisman paper. "Four 
Sheng Youyi, followed by the Qisha, the Five Emperors, the Demon,
and the Eight Caves, take refuge. The heavens and the earth axis, the
heaven and the earth soldiers, listen to my orders, return to their
position, and punish them!"

As soon as the last two words fell, a gloomy wind blew up in the
whole hall. In the morning, Zhao Pengyu and Aunt Wang who were
onlookers felt a chill.  Gu Ye stood there quietly, with no wind in his
hair, a pair of dark eyes, and a faint smile with a certain ambition.
With his exquisite face, it was as if some evil spirit came to the world,
a bit evil inexplicably.

The middle-aged man who cursed directly vomited blood and fell to
the ground, his limbs were twisted unnaturally, and they had been
broken into several pieces. He looked at the piece of talisman paper,
vomited two more blood in horror, rolled his eyes and fainted.

Gu Ye picked up the charm, took a lighter from the table, and burned
it on the spot. He told Aunt Wang, who was still in shock, "It's best
not to go out these days and listen to the Diamond Sutra.  Owed, give
it to me when you have money."

Gu Ye called Zhao Pengyu, "I'm leaving, go eat something delicious,

and I'll give you a king's eight soup to replenish your body."

Zhao Pengyu reacted and ran over, pinching Gu Ye's neck with both
hands, "I am not that delicate!"

"Then you will kill demons and demons with me in the future and be
my mobile blood bank?"

"You want to be beautiful! Is this solved?"

Gu Ye glanced at Aunt Wang, "She can only solve the rest by herself.
Maybe her friend just took a fancy to her life and wanted to take away
her good luck, but she didn't expect to find someone vicious. 
Warlock, the other party wants the life of Aunt Wang's family to
achieve his own secret."
"That warlock, how is it now?"

Gu Yesong shrugged, "Not important."

Zhao Pengyu is speechless, it doesn't matter what the hell is it?

When the two came to the elevator, they happened to meet a girl in
her early twenties who came back with a bag on her back. Zhao
Pengyu was happy with her teeth, "Oh~ the freshman sister is back?"

The girl glared at him irritably, scolded "little bastard" secretly, shook
the backpack on her shoulders, and almost shook Zhao Pengyu's face,
leaving with her unique personality.

Zhao Pengyu is embarrassed, "The temper is still so big!"

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Aunt Wang's daughter?"

Zhao Pengyu spread his hands, "Yes, I also forgot how I offended her
when I was a child, and kept calling me a little bastard."

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Maybe you were naughty when you were a
kid, and you have forgotten what you did."

Zhao Pengyu scratched his head, but he was really frustrated.

Hang Siwen knocked on the door, and Aunt Wang relieved from the
shock just now, opened the door to see that she was a girl, and asked
in surprise: "Why did you come back so soon? Didn't go to the

"A detour from the east, close to home. My father called me and said
that he was okay, but his arm was broken. I will come back to see you

Aunt Wang looked at her daughter and her face was not good, and
she said concerned: "Why is this little face like this? I'm sick?"

Speaking of this, Hang Siwen hugged her mother's neck in fear,

"Almost, you have no daughters. Fortunately, I listened to you. By the
way, what about the master? I have to worship him."

"Master is gone, counting the time, you should have foreseen it at the
elevator door."

"I only saw Zhao Pengyu abducting a beautiful boy."

Aunt Wang was helpless, "That little beautiful man is the master you
are looking for."

Hang Siwen's shocked bag dropped, "The face is so small! It feels


Aunt Wang is helpless, where is the focus of girls now?  Boys at this
age are all tall and thin.
The two mothers went to the hospital together to see Mr. Hang and
confirmed that there was nothing wrong with him. Aunt Wang called
the driver and went directly to a flower shop.

Entering the door of the flower shop, Aunt Wang closed the door at
will. The lady proprietor of the shop is a pretty classical-looking
woman. She is slender and dressed in a blue cheongsam. When she
sees Aunt Wang rushing towards the door:  Why are you here at this
time when you are free?"

Aunt Wang was cold, waiting for her to come to her side, raised her
fleshy hand, and slapped her up, "I'm not free, I should be in the
hospital at this time!"

Aunt Wang is chubby and strong. The lady boss’s thin body was
slapped and slapped by Aunt Wang. She almost lay on the ground.
She covered her face and looked at Aunt Wang in shock, her eyes
seemed to say, are you crazy?  ?

Aunt Wang looked at her innocent face and wanted to tear her off her
anger, "How have I treated you all these years? Your parents have no
money to treat illnesses, I will lend you! You have no place to live, I
will help you rent a house!  If you want a flower shop, I will rent my
shop to you at a low price to help you get your contacts! That's when
you were bullied when you were a kid, and I helped you get back.
Why did you harm my whole family?"

The lady boss fell with tears, and said aggrieved: "What are you
talking about? How could I harm you?"
"I don't need your sophistry. You write that character. I have seen it
since I was a child. It has been more than forty years. We have been
for more than forty years!" Aunt Wang reddened her eyes, "I'm here to
tell you.  I opened this store for you. My storefront, I took it back. I
will send someone to check it at noon tomorrow. You bring your
flowers and leave it to me."

When the boss heard that she was recognized, her face suddenly
disappeared, and she subconsciously caught Aunt Wang, she didn't
dare to let go of the childhood she had always relied on, but she
couldn't find an excuse for a while.

Aunt Wang shook her aside in disgust, opened the door, and took the
pot of Fortune tree she gave from the driver. Now the flowerpot has
been broken by Gu Ye, and there is a fishy smell on the soil left by the
roots, "This potted flower  , Pay you back. I can’t call the police on the
grounds that you cast a spell on my family, but I can keep watching
you from now on. For the remaining fifty years, you must be cautious,
otherwise, if there is no chance, I will give  You create opportunities to
make atonement for your sins."

The boss’s wife is finally scared, and her future life will be cut off.
How will she live in the future?  The proprietress rushed up and
hugged Aunt Wang’s leg and cried: "Meijuan, I admit my mistake. I
am fascinated by ghosts. This thing is all feudal superstition. How can
it work? I'm just jealous of you doing so well, I  It's so bitter, obviously
I grew up together, I look better, study better than you, why did you
marry better than me? I just didn't want to drive for a while! I just
want your good luck, I miss you  That kind of life!"

Aunt Wang only felt cold in her heart, "What should I do when you
want me?"
"You...I will treat you as well as you were to me!" The lady boss cried
and pulled Aunt Wang, "Looking at the love for so many years, you
forgive me this time, I will no longer be feudal and superstitious.  ,
Never jealous of you anymore!"

Aunt Wang just thought it was funny, "Feudal superstition? I thought

it wouldn’t work? Let’s not say it’s useful and useless. It’s your heart
that makes me sick. Where is your face and ask me to forgive you? I’m
so kind to you.  Okay, it makes you think you should take away all of
my things." Aunt Wang raised her foot in disgust, but did not
withdraw. The driver coldly pulled the lady boss away.

Aunt Wang wiped her wet eyes and said indifferently: "There are too
many poor people, but you can't be poor. I have already informed
your husband that you will go back with him and live your life well."

"No! No! He'll kill me! Why are you so cruel?!" The lady boss cried
with rain and covered her body, she rushed to Aunt Wang madly, and
was pulled by the driver in the middle.  Open, push aside.

Watching Aunt Wang arrogantly walked away, the proprietress

climbed forward two steps with both hands and feet, but still did not
touch the corner of Aunt Wang's clothes. She covered her face in
despair, and she was shaking all over.  Compared to the lack of
financial resources and the shock of her home, she is more afraid of
her husband.  It was a demon. He would pester her like a tarsal
maggot, suck her last drop of blood, and live in domestic violence
every day. She managed to escape. She couldn't believe that Aunt
Wang would treat her this way, too.  I dare not think about how to
live in the future.
Trembling, took out her mobile phone and found Aunt Wang's phone
number. She wanted to pray for another chance.  It's right that she
wants her to live like that, is she wants to exchange life with her, is it
wrong that she wants to live a good life?  Didn't her Wang Meijuan
appear in front of her well?  Obviously nothing happened, why do
you treat her this way?

It is a pity that the phone call cannot be made, she has been blocked,
and the friendship has completely broken.

The lady proprietress went back to the flower shop and cried, her
heart bounced, and she dialed a string of numbers, "Hello? Master, the
spell was discovered last time, is there any remedy? You promised
me, as long as I give you money  , Give you her birth date, you can let
me absorb her good luck and live a good life, what should I do now?
What should I do!"

"What should I do? Cold chanting, this guy can hardly protect
himself, how can he save you?"

The voice of this idiot was obviously different from the master I saw
last time. The lady boss asked vigilantly: "Who are you?"

The other side earnestly said: "Superman instant noodles."

Two young men in black trench coats were in the small fortune teller’s
shop. After hanging up the phone number of the proprietress, they
looked at the fortune-teller’s miserable lack of personality, and kicked
him disgustingly, “You can’t die.  , You have a hard stubble, you are
so stupid, we are from the Academy of Arts, please come back with us
for investigation."

It made a colleague seem serious, "He can't hear you anymore, and the
other party didn't want his life, but the lesson is quite ruthless. You
can't eat this business anymore."

"It deserves it! Look at the things he raised. He used life to raise the
kid, and then sold the kid to make money. He has several lives in his
hands. Hey? What is this?" The two were at the altar.  They found a
cracked spell on the board. What they were surprised was not the
viciousness of the spell, but the current appearance of the spell, as if it
had been crushed by something, full of golden veins.  This result can
only be hardened by very fierce things.

The man who claimed to be the instant noodle superman became

serious, "The man who cleaned him used this method. Do you feel

His colleague carefully put up the spell, "Take it back and give it to Lu
Yun for identification. There may be other descendants in his school."

"Don't people of that group have the same personalities?"

"Then, the management will have a headache."

Chapter 24 I'll be cool as soon as I count

Early the next morning, Gu Ye got up early to wash, took his
schoolbag and luggage downstairs, put them in the lobby, and then
went to eat.

This breakfast is not "100 points noodles" but dumplings. According

to the wife of the caregiver, "Leave the dumplings and go home to
noodles. This is a dumpling. If you eat it, you will get out."

Gu Ye quietly glanced at the bowl of his younger brother, and then

looked at his bowl, as if they were contrasting.

Mrs. Gu's heart was tense, and she was afraid that Gu Ye would say
nonsense that "the dumplings in the bowl of the younger brother are
bigger than mine", which caused Gu Decheng and the boss and
second child to feel uncomfortable. Gu Ye took a look at her face,
smiled and dragged his brother's bowl to his side, and gave his own
to his brother, "My mom is eccentric. You have opened dumplings in
your bowl."

Gu Yang blinked and really believed, "Really? Mom, why do you only
love my brother and not me?"

Mrs. Gu couldn't hold back the corner of her mouth and picked it up,
disgustingly said: "Because your brother studies better than you, you
stupid, you don't have a brain when you eat too much."

Gu Yang looked dazed, "Mom, you are really mom."

Mrs. Gu gave her son a sneer.

Just after eating, the servant came to the entrance of the restaurant
holding a long brocade box, "San Shao, a middle-aged woman just
gave you a gift."

Gu Ye wiped his mouth, took the box in the family's puzzled eyes,
and quietly opened a slit in the eyes of his father's scrutiny. After
seeing what was inside, he immediately closed it.

"Mom, give you a gift for Mother's Day." Gu Ye changed hands and
gave the box to Mrs. Gu, smiling: "Take it back to the room and look
again. Don't be snatched by my dad."

Mrs. Gu happily took it, and took a look away, her face faintly, and
then she was happy, and hugged it tightly in her arms, "Mother took
this gift, you won't want to go back again."

Gu Ye's meat hurts, so he still has to keep smiling, "No."

Inside is the bank card sent by Aunt Wang, and I don't know where I
got the money, and I paid his debts. What's more pitted is that there is
actually a pennant! The old man in his family originally saw the
pennant's blood pressure surge upwards, but now he is still trying to
prevent him from going abroad for fortune-telling. How can he dare
to take it out this time? !

Gu Ye pulled the suitcase to school in pain, and Mrs. Gu happily put

him in the car and asked him to take good care of himself, not to catch
a cold and not to be thin~ Who is his son, he has long been left behind.

Gu Ye sat in the car and shook his head, a woman who is a fan of
money, it is terrible!

Once back to school, everyone's concern is which school to apply for,

and a good relationship gathers together to discuss what is their first
choice, what is their second choice, and the reasons, just like a house.
Little ducks, no one is idle.

The class leader stood up and shouted: "Students, teacher Yu asked

the students who arrived to submit the volunteer form first! Come to

Xia Xiang took out his form and came to Gu Ye, "Have you decided
where to go?"

Gu Ye took out his own to show him, the especially neat "Emperor
Capital First University" really has a soft spot for it.

Zhao Pengyu leaned over and took a look, "Fuck! This is the leading
university in the country, and it can be a shining ancestor, but the
score is too high." He glanced around, no one was near them, and
then whispered: "You two. Conditions, not to study abroad?"

Gu Ye whispered: "Don't go, there are so many rich people in

Emperor Star, and fortune tellers make money."

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang are speechless. The reason is simply,
"What if I fail to pass the test?"
"That's just right. Take my brother to set up a stall under the overpass.
Daddy, the sponsors, should take care of my business."

Xia Xiang took a pen on Gu Ye's desk and wrote in the empty first
choice column: Imperial Capital No. 1 University, "Believe in yourself,
you can do it, fight it."

Gu Ye hooked the corner of his mouth. Xia Xiang is really

contradictory. He looks timid, but he has a strong opinion. He doesn't
rush about anything. Look at Zhao Pengyu's, all three grids are
empty, it seems that I have no idea where to go.

Zhao Pengyu hesitated, took the pen in Xia Xiang's hand, and calmly
wrote his first choice as: The First University of the Imperial Capital,

I ran over and asked if the monitor who had finished writing saw
Zhao Pengyu's wishes, and then glanced at him with wide eyes, as if:
Are you crazy for your grades and five scums?

Zhao Pengyu grinned and said twice, "People must have dreams,
what if they are realized?"

Gu Ye took a close look at Zhao Pengyu's eyes and patted him on the
shoulder with a smile, "Make up the lesson. Last month, I have
advanced 500 people. This time I will advance 800 people and get to
the top 300 of the school. The last monthly exam, the top 50, was
almost done by the college entrance examination."

Zhao Pengyu waved his hand and said nothing, and went back to
study the materials.
At noon, Teacher Yu called Gu Ye to the office, "The first choice is
okay, and the second and third choices are not changed?"

Gu Ye insisted, "No change."

"So confident?"

"It's not about being confident, it's about cutting off all your back

Teacher Yu has never seen such a stubborn one, "Why?"

Gu Ye coldly said, "Because I am close to home."

Twitched at the corner of the teacher's mouth, and persuaded: "I won't
delay if I change my first choice later, the teacher is for your good."

Gu Ye nodded, "I understand, but I don't want to go to other schools."

"Let's do it, you can go back." Teacher Yu told Gu Ye to leave and sent
a message to his parents: "Your child has reported three of the same,
do you parents know?"

After receiving this WeChat message, Gu Decheng really hesitated,

whether to directly change Gu Ye's wishes. As a father, as long as it is
for his own good, he doesn't mind being a bad person and making Gu
Ye hate him. How many years does he have to live? Gu Ye's life has
just begun.
Just when he was hesitating, Mrs. Gu shook his head at him and
persuaded him: "Forget it, the child has finally lived like a normal
person. Just follow his mind and want him to be Expansion for you?
Our family's money will be enough to support him for a lifetime.
Besides, if you send him away for three or five years, can you not let
him come back for a lifetime?"

Madam Gu hesitated, but still cruel, took out the bank card that Gu Ye
gave her and put it on Gu Decheng's desk. "The third child went out
the next day of the holiday and saved a family of four. It was sent by
them. Thank you letter and these remunerations. I checked it and
found that there was 1.8 million in it. He called me at school and
asked me to donate half of it to charity and give you a blessing. Leave
the rest to me, It's a gift for Mother's Day." At this point, Mrs. Gu
wiped her tears while she felt a pain in her flesh. "How can a child do
good deeds, how can there be any retribution? It's easy for me to raise
him so much? I just sent it away, not thinking about my feelings about
being a mother. They all said that my stepmother was not caring, and
when the child left, others didn't know what to say about me. Should I
not tolerate him or what?"

The more I talked, the more aggrieved, Mrs. Gu was originally a little
acting. She had to keep Gu Ye behind for her own sake. Unexpectedly,
she said that she moved sincerely, and the more she cried, the more
aggrieved. A stepmother is not easy to be a stepmother, and it is not
easy to raise a child. She was only in her twenties when she raised Gu
Ye and had no experience at all. Gu Ye's body is weak, she is afraid
that even if she does not do well, the Gu family will be upset by
raising the child. In the end, she had no right to speak.

When Mrs. Gu cried, Gu Decheng also felt distressed. Thinking of the

smile on Gu Ye's face, he felt relieved, "Well, don't send him away,
listen to your wife. You have the right to speak, and I didn't say not to
let you. Comments."

Mrs. Gu's eyes were red from crying, and her nose was red, and she
began to be arrogant and petty, "Then you leave my son!"

"Stay, stay!" Gu Decheng couldn't help her, so he immediately called

teacher Yu, "The first choice is not changed, the second choice is
changed to Huaxia University of Science, and the third choice is
changed to Huaxia Renmin University."

These two schools can be ranked in the top five in the country, and
they are also very famous in the list of Ming schools in the world.
Moreover, they are both in the north and relatively close to the
imperial capital, satisfying Gu Ye's desire to go home at any time.

Teacher Yu gave Gu Ye's aspirations and gave it to him again, "This is

what your father meant. When filling out the volunteer form online,
you should write it according to this. You can't write the same for all

Gu Ye squinted his eyes and took a look, and happily raised the list
high, "Thank you teacher, thank you mom! You won!"

Teacher Yu: "..."

I don't understand what the child thinks.

After that, everyone was studying like crazy, and Gu Ye also felt the
pressure, leaving other things behind, just to go to the Imperial
Capital No. 1 University closest to home and study hard.

Let alone Xia Xiang, where did Gu Ye go, he tried hard to learn in
order not to be with ghosts.

Zhao Pengyu also went crazy. He was too bad and needed more to
make up. He didn't play the ball anymore. He only slept for five hours
every night. After turning off the lights, he had to learn with a
flashlight. The information sent by brother Gu Ye, It really comes in
handy, and I will write one in a few days. To everyone's shock, Zhao
Pengyu talked about each question and he would draw inferences
from one another. He would do two things of the same type, and
basically plenary session. His grades were like those of a rocket on the
Internet. His smart brain made many good students jealous. .

Teachers of all subjects are so angry that they want to beat him. Why
didn't you learn before you were so smart? Where is your IQ used? !

Gu Ye returned on behalf of Zhao Pengyu, "It was used to commit a


Zhao Pengyu did not even have the strength to resist.

Finally to the end of the month, Zhao Pengyu lost a few catties, and
his monthly test results shocked the whole school. As Gu Ye said, he
advanced 800 in one breath, making it the top 300 in the school.

In this way, the last two crazy months are over, until the eve of the
college entrance examination, the senior high school will take a day
off. Go home and pack things, go back to school the next afternoon,
and go to the examination room in advance.

When Gu Ye arrived home, the eldest brother went abroad again, and
the second brother returned to the company. The house was quiet. Gu
Ye lay down and slept for a full 12 hours before being called by Mrs.
Gu to drink soup.

Looking at the time, it was already past ten o'clock. Gu Ye looked at

the sky outside and asked worriedly, "Where is my dad? I haven't
come back at this point yet?"

When it came to this, Mrs. Gu became angry and complained

distressedly: "Busy, there is a cocktail party tonight. I drink and drink
at such an old age. The blood pressure is the same as a balloon, but it
only rises but does not fall."

Gu Ye frowned, "Give me an address, I'll pick him up, don't really

drink too much."

In the circle of businessmen, the seniority is based on economic

strength, and the richer is the boss. There are people who flatter Gu's
father wherever he goes. When they came, it was hard to save face,
and if you accompany someone to drink a sip, dozens of people can
drink him faint.

A middle-aged entrepreneur found him holding a wine glass, and

chatted with him, "Mr. Gu is not only capable of himself, but also a
very good tutor. The two eldest sons are both dragons and phoenixes.
Needless to say, I heard that the third child is here. The school is also
among the best, and has worshipped a very powerful master, saving
many people."

What Gu Decheng likes to listen to is that others praise his son, and he
is also happy to hide here and chat, drink a few drinks, and as he
speaks, there is a mocking voice asking directly: "Can you please Gu
Sanshao jump up? The rope counts, how to guard against villains?"

Gu Decheng didn't need to look back to know that it was Li Shengkai.

Now the entire Li family has been completely transformed into an
empty shell by him. He doesn't know where the courage comes from,
so he dare to provoke him here. Gu Decheng's face was cold, and with
a victor's posture, he said condescendingly: "If you want to guard
against villains, you just need to cover your face when you go out."

At first, Li Shengkai didn't understand what Gu Decheng meant, but

the person next to Gu Decheng almost uttered aloud. General Gu
meant that Li Shengkai was a villain. He covered his face when he
went out and everyone else had to guard him.

After Li Shengkai thought about it, he cursed with a dark face and
sneered at Gu Decheng's "showing" his son's attitude, "I don't know
any master who can teach fools so well?"

Gu Decheng understood, his face instantly cooled down, and he was

about to attack, a cold voice said indifferently: "Mr. Li still has time to
care about how to raise Gu's children, it is better to care about

When everyone heard this sound, they were shocked and turned their
heads. They saw a tall, handsome but unsmiling young man who had
come behind Gu Decheng. He was wearing a white shirt with a collar
and cufflinks. The cool gray used makes his handsome look unkind.

It is Yu Ze.

Even if Yu Ze was young, everyone on the scene did not dare to look
down upon him. What kind of temperament he was, and the people
present could understand a little bit. I did not expect that the
indifferent and famous young man would directly give birth to Li
Shengkai. Anyone who discovered what was happening here closed
their mouths and quietly observed the developments here, for fear of
accidentally causing trouble to themselves.

Yu Ze passed by Li Shengkai expressionlessly, picked up a wine glass

from the plate that the waiter was holding, and signaled to Gu
Decheng: "Mr. Gu, we meet again."

Gu Decheng happily clinked glasses with him, but it was also a little
surprised that Yu Ze would be nosy, "I thought you would not come."

"There is something wrong with the company temporarily. I'm late."

Yu Ze calmed down and jumped directly to the topic. "Mr. Gu taught
his son well. Gu Ye saved my nephew's life a while ago, and took
good care of him. My family has always I am grateful."

"Yes, it's incumbent to save friends." Gu Decheng's mouth turned up,

feeling at ease. He looked at this young man with admiration, envious
in his heart, Yu Ze could support a business empire at such a young
age, but none of his sons wanted to succeed him.
The atmosphere has just eased, and a smiling voice said lightly: "Yo~
Sir, let me count, you have been suffering from bad luck in the past
few months. Is it okay to wear a wig when you are so young?"

Gu Decheng laughed angrily when he heard this familiar voice. His

third son, the hardest to discipline, didn't know how to get in. He was
pinching his fingers, standing in front of Li Shengkai solemnly, and
fortune-telling the other party, "There are too many bad things. Don't
walk at night at night, it's easy to bump into ghosts. Little three, four,
little five go to sleep, easy to impotence. I will pinch and count, oh,
you have two children out there, my wife is so blessed, like a
mother !"
Gu Decheng had a calm face and wanted to stop this little bastard
from engaging in feudal superstition in front of so many people.
Before he went out, he was stopped by Yu Ze. "I suddenly felt that he
was like this, very interesting." Yu Ze paused. He paused, staring at
the smirk on Gu Ye's face, his eyebrows curled slightly, and the
corners of his mouth curled up, "I want to hear what he wants to say."

Gu Decheng had a headache, and this little villain had no good words
in his mouth. He absolutely regretted it.

Today, Li Shengkai brought his wife. After all, it was a formal

business reception. More than half of those who brought his wife. His
business was taken over from his father-in-law, and if his wife came,
he would be able to win some face. When he heard her husband
messing around outside, Hu Yu's face became a little uncontrollable.

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Madam, don't change his face in a hurry. He

is a traitor. Your father should be alive. He is not in good health. He is
a villain. Did you bring him back? You started his family? Didn't you
use the three abuse methods less, do you still think that your father is
suddenly ill and really is in bad health? Have you never used the
method of being condemned by the gods?"

"You bullshit! Where did you come from, bullshit!" Hu Yu turned his
face immediately. She had met Gu Ye before, but Gu Ye had changed
so much that she didn't recognize it for a while.

Gu Ye curled his lips and was amused, "Wild boy? You didn't say that
when you let my mother kill me."

Gu Ye's sentence, everyone present understands it, this is the third

child of the Gu family. When Hu Yu induced Mrs. Gu's remarks, Mrs.
Gu's words were put on the circle of friends. Many people present
knew about this. They didn't make any comments. The look in Hu
Yu's eyes would be different.

Hu Yu became angry from embarrassment and couldn't quibble, his

face pale in anger.

Gu Ye sneered, "How your father is sick, you can find someone to

check it, and you will definitely have no relationship with the man
next to you."

The people present really heard that it was Li Shengkai who started
his business with his father-in-law and his mother-in-law. In the end,
he smashed the old father-in-law and all the shares went to him.
Although there is no evidence, people who know this business can
tell. It happened, so Gu Decheng told Mrs. Gu that this person's
family history was not clean. Only Hu Yu loved his deep love and
didn't know anything.
Li Shengkai was watched by so many people, and he panicked and
said in embarrassment: "Gu Decheng, this is the son you taught. What
kind of place is this, dare to come here to be wild!"

When he was in a hurry, Gu Decheng didn't want to worry about it.

The old god was watching them, and had a drink with Yu Ze before
drinking another one.

Li Shengkai's angry eyes were red.

Compared with Li Shengkai's anger and depravity, Gu Ye calmly

said, "I'll forget it again. You have a mistress who is pregnant with
someone else's seed, but now the surname is Li. That's amazing! How
much money did you steal for your bastard Madam, why don't you
have a snack too, he used your father's lands to raise his lover, and the
lover gave him a green hat. Your family's relationship is disturbed."

Hu Yu's face was even more ugly. She knew that her husband had
raised a woman outside, and had cried and made trouble. Later, her
husband also broke off the relationship with that woman. Why is she
getting involved with the child again? It is said that the third child of
the Gu family will count, he now counts the nose and eyes, really?

Unnaturally, Hu Yu's eyes looked at her husband a little uneasy and

speculative, and he took this to heart.

Li Shengkai glared at Hu Yu, "You believe this kind of nonsense!"

"Tsk tusk tusk," Gu Ye chuckled lightly, "I will know how many
bastard things you have done after you count it. Is your tax evasion
and tax evasion hidden? Who dares to cooperate with you? A hero, he
is not afraid of death or sacrifice, and he dares to contribute all his

Li Shengkai finally brought in a few people who reluctantly wanted to

cooperate with him. At this time, they looked at each other, tax
evasion? Gu Ye saved the grandson of Yu's grandson, this matter has
been spread long ago, if Gu's clan's old third is okay, if it is counted,
the cooperation will have to stop.

Li Shengkai squeezed the wine glass fiercely, wishing to poke Gu Ye

to death with the glass.

Gu Yehao asked in his spare time: "Are you trying to beat me? It's
really an old cat room to sleep. It's passed from generation to
generation. Your son must be relative. This is still certain. He dared to
play campus violence when he was in junior high. You beat your
classmates into vegetatives. You gave half a million to settle the
matter. After your son kills and sets fire, you will be able to pacify? If
the upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is crooked, what
kind of spicy-eyed seeds are born?"

All the people who watch the excitement around are fascinating
characters. If you want to see the family style of a family, you can tell
from the children. Li Shengkai taught the children to be like this, but
you can imagine that parents are not good at them. .

Li Shengkai's face really couldn't hold back. With so many people

guarding him, he really couldn't do anything to Gu Ye. He was
trembling with his mouth. If his eyes could kill people, he would have
delayed Gu Yeling eight hundred times.
Gu Ye gave him a cold look, and finally sent him a sentence: "You
must be cold."

If he hadn't gotten the sorrowful talisman to make a ghost, his original

body should have half a year's lifespan. Although it was a mistake, he
came into this body and got a big deal, but Gu Ye still felt that "he"
was being bullied. Going back without revenge makes me feel

Gu Ye directly skipped Li Shengkai, walked up to Gu Decheng, and

asked with a smile: "Let me see first, is this old gentleman drinking
too much?"

Gu Decheng laughed and cursed, "I'll give you a skin!" Gu Decheng

was in a good mood and introduced: "This is President Yu, a young
and promising leader of the young generation in the business world.
If you can have one tenth of him, I will burn it. The fragrance is high."

Gu Ye regrets, "Forget it, the Bodhisattva will not receive your


Gu Decheng opened his mouth, choked back what he wanted to say,

and just wanted to hit the child.

Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze and smiled: "Mr. Yu, I still owe you two

meals." He sighed from the bottom of his heart. From the facial
features to the figure to the temperament, every detail makes people
feel perfect. But picky, his father wanted him to become Yu Ze, so he
couldn't do it, he just wanted to lie down.

Yu Ze picked up the corner of his mouth slightly, "How do you say?"

Gu Ye stretched out his finger to explain to him, "You invited me to
have a meal that night. The next day I asked you to run for two

Gu Decheng grabbed him behind Gu Ye and scolded him: "Naughty!

Mr. Yu is busy, how can I have time to eat with you?"

"Yes," Yu Ze, with a gentle face, took out a business card, "You decide
the time and place. Just let me know one day in advance."

Gu Ye took it over in a daze, a little dazed, is the chief executive so

easy to talk?

Gu Decheng helplessly said: "Don't pay attention to him, his child has
a temper, and he is not used to it."

Yu Ze smiled slightly, "He is very sensible."

Gu Decheng glared at Gu Ye and reminded him not to mess around,

and don't really ask people to have dinner.

Gu Ye had already put the business card in his pocket with ecstasy,
and the business card was still stained with purple, so he went back
and bought the lottery ticket.

Seeing that it was almost midnight, the business banquet should have
ended. Gu Decheng took Gu Ye, and after a few words of greeting
with a few old friends, he left. When he walked to the parking lot, Gu
Ye looked at his father bitterly. The old man was really unreasonable.
When he went out, the big boss asked him to make a fortune. Forget
it, the old man wouldn't let him collect money. How could there be
such a loss-making business?

Gu Decheng glared at Gu Ye back, "Are you Uncle Lin teasing you, do

you really dare to count?"

Gu Ye pouted his lips, "I dare to count when the king of heaven

Gu Decheng had a cold face, and was about to take the opportunity to
educate him and let him know what to say on what occasions,
especially in this kind of business circle, who are two-faced people
who smile at you on the surface, but can stabbing you behind, and
talk a lot. Will suffer. Without saying a word, a middle-aged man in a
black shirt walked over, "Hello Mr. Gu, I learned from the profound
arts, and I have been waiting for the two for a long time."

Gu Decheng frowned, "Xuashu learned what to do with me, and my

son won't be a Taoist priest."

"You have misunderstood," the member of the Xuashu Academy

quickly explained, "I just want to ask a few questions."

Gu Ye asked with a look of disgust: "The Xuashu Academy is not my

father, why should I answer the question? Ugly rejection!"

People from the Xuashu Society: "..."

This toothache has nothing to do with Gu Ye, and he didn't believe it
when he killed him.

Chapter 25 Mr. Yu, are you here to play?

To say that Gu Ye is a pure master who doesn't want to pay attention

to you, Gu Decheng is hostile to the Xuashu Academy, "I don't care
what you do, my son will not have anything to do with you in the
future, stay away from my son."

The members of the Xuashu Society stood awkwardly on the spot, not
knowing where they had encountered the mold of this big man.

Arriving in the car, Gu Decheng told Gu Ye sternly: "Xuashu Society,

it sounds like an underground organization engaged in feudal
superstition. If you dare to be a Taoist priest, I will break your leg."

"Good dad, listen to your dad." Gu Ye took out his mobile phone and
found the most popular variety show now. He promised to be very

Mr. Gu wanted to hit the child again, "How do you recite the rules of
the disciple, you can recite it for me."

Gu Ye sighed and turned off the video, "Don't delay your parents'
response, don't be lazy about your parents' orders, parents must listen
carefully, and parents must obey. Dad, I'll kneel and listen to the
Gu Decheng calmed down, "How did you know that Li Shengkai was
evading taxes? It was calculated?"

"In the line of fortune-telling, after seeing through the secrets,

personal speculations must be added."

"My brain is not working well, I can't do this job?"

"Yes, it is."

Gu Decheng was amused, "Why didn't you see that you were so smart

Gu Ye said solemnly: "I was scared of being beaten by you before, so I

don't dare to waver."

"Then how can you toss so much now?"

"Now I know that you are reluctant to kill me."

Gu's father was speechless and made sense.

At this time, Gu Ye glanced at the window, his eyes lit up, and
suddenly asked, "Is the car in front Li Shengkai's?"

The driver glanced at it and said, "Yes, this can also be counted?"

"It's the same aura, stop, I'll go down."

Gu Decheng looked at Gu Ye's busy work with a cold face. He wanted
to stop him. Thinking about it, it seemed that it had been a long time
since he had been sitting in a car with his son, and it hadn't been a
long time to see Gu Ye being able to make requests so naturally. .

Gu Ye circled around Li Shengkai's car, patted the front of the car with
a smile, and returned to the car with a smile, "Let's go."

The driver looked at the corner of Gu Ye's smile in the rearview

mirror, and didn't dare to ask more. He always felt that San Shao
smiled badly.

On the second day, it was reported that Li Shengkai encountered a

ghost hitting a wall on the way home, and wandered around the outer
ring road for most of the night. He found his way only after dawn.

After Gu Ye made such a fuss, many people in the circle asked if Li

Shengkai was really evading taxes, especially those who wanted to
cooperate with him. They all checked with someone. Although no real
evidence was found, they were investigating Still found some
problems. Cooperating with Gu Decheng under the pressure to offend
Gu Decheng is inherently risky. Now the other party may break the
law. Who wants to take the risk? For a time, numerous orders were
cancelled, and the stock fell all the way to the bottom.

Immediately afterwards, Li Shengkai was reported, and he had

offended many people over the years. I heard that Gu Ye calculated it,
and they would rather trust him to report him, and the relevant units
began to investigate his tax issues.
Li Shengkai turned his head in sorrow, but unfortunately, one of his
little lovers secretly raised his child and went to the house. Knowing
that Li Shengkai had an accident, she was afraid that she would have
no money for the rest of her life. She was also a lover and gave birth to
him. Why did he send another vixen abroad whenever something
happened, let alone not give her money!

Hu Yu was also mad and slapped Xiaosan. He didn't expect that

Xiaosan was not easy to provoke. He pulled her hair and pushed her
to the ground, and kicked fiercely.

It happened that Li Shengkai's son Li Peng went home, and when he

saw Xiao San dare to beat his mother, he rushed up and beat Xiao San
to his head. Li Shengkai wanted to protect the little lover, and angrily
pushed his son away, making his son knock his head on the table,
making a big bag.

When Hu Yu saw this, he also understood that this day is impossible,

"Divorce, you must divorce! Everything you have is given by my dad,
it is mine!"

"Do you dare?!" Li Shengkai blushed, "If I kill you, I won't divorce

"If you have the courage, you will kill me!" Hu Yu straightened his
neck, and with his son by his side, he became tough.

Li Shengkai looked at the mother and son who dared to rebel against
him. He also hated him. He picked up an object from the table
without seeing what it was. He smashed it over, "I'll kill you bitch
"Ah!" With Hu Yu's scream, the atmosphere suddenly cooled down.
Hu Yu fell to the ground, his eyes stained with red blood and the floor
was red.

"Mom! Mom!" Li Peng trembled his hands and picked up his mother.
He yelled for a few times without responding, and his face turned
pale. "What are you doing in a daze, call an ambulance!"

Xiaosan didn't dare to make a fuss anymore. He slid away with the
child. Li Shengkai was also scared. He subconsciously took out his
mobile phone and just pressed the three-digit number 120. He
suddenly thought of something, but he did not press the dial button.

Li Peng was holding the blood on his mother's head anxiously. He

called his mother several times without any response, and his body
became colder and colder. He looked up at his dad in fear, "What are
you doing? Save my mother!"

"Son, your mother may not be able to save it." Li Shengkai squinted,
grabbing his son's shoulder with one hand, and the strong veins
bulged out. If Hu Yu is dead, she will not divorce him, nor will her
family wealth Be divided away. In this situation, Hu Yu's death is best
for him.

Li Peng looked at his dad in shock, as if he didn't know the man in

front of him, and he didn't care about the pain on his shoulder, "Are
you trying to watch my mother die? She can be saved! If you don't
fight, I fight!"
Li Peng took out his mobile phone to call an ambulance. Li Shengkai
pushed his son down, grabbed his mobile phone, and threw it to the

"You are crazy! You are crazy! You murderer!" Li Peng was only
fifteen years old. For the first time in his life such a big blow was
when his father wanted to kill his mother. Li Peng was already in a
panic and wanted to escape, but he was firmly held back by his father.
Looking back, his father's eyes were red, like a lunatic.

"If you tell it, you will not only have no mother, you will also have no
father, let alone a good life in the future. Dad promises you that he
will send you to study abroad when you pass this difficult time, and I
will give you whatever you want. ."

Li Peng cried and shouted, "I want my mother, can you give it?"

Li Shengkai looked red and touched the stone lion that had smashed
Hu Yu just now, and his eyes flashed fiercely, "Are you obedient?"

Li Peng was so scared that he trembled all over, nodded tremblingly,

and cried: "I listen, I listen, Dad, I listen to you, I listen to you

Li Shengkai just let go of his hand. At this moment, Li Peng suddenly

jumped up. After all, he is a fifteen-year-old boy who often fights, and
his explosive power is still there. Li Shengkai was suddenly pushed to
the ground and he did not react. Li Peng had already ran to the door.

Li Peng cried and shouted: "Help! Call an ambulance! Call an

Unfortunately, when the ambulance arrived, Hu Yu's body was
already cold. The doctor regretfully said, "It's too late, even if it is
three minutes earlier, there is still help."

Li Peng put the fucking body away expressionlessly and gave his
mother a plastic surgery. He didn't even look at Li Shengkai. He ran
away from home when the Li family was in trouble.

Soon, the police came to the door and said, "Your son said you killed
his mother. We need to investigate."

"This wicked man!" Li Shengkai did not expect that his son dared to
sell him when he went out.

The evidence is conclusive. Li Shengkai was arrested that day and he

really responded to Gu Ye's words.

The Li family is completely finished.

After the incident spread, Gu Ye's name became louder in the circle,
spreading falsehoods, and the more it was spread, the more evil it
became. He also said that a few words about him would have broken
a company. Even at a young age, after so many incidents, I would
rather believable and untrustworthy, and would not offend all of
them. Even the business with Gu Decheng became smooth.

There are more people who want Gu Ye to calculate feng shui, but
unfortunately they can't get the number in the line now, because
Master Gu is going for the college entrance examination.
The people in the profound arts department are also very troubled. If
this Gu Ye and that Gu Ye are really related, they must get him into
the department in advance, and take good care of his temper. Make
land. It's a pity that Gu Ye is Gu Decheng's son. President Gu is
inexplicably hostile to them. It is not convenient to get close to Gu Ye.

Many masters of the Xuashu Academy also chatted privately, "This

kid is quite capable of grabbing business, which school is it?"

"I don't know, I never heard that such a small child has such a strong
spiritual power, and he is still in school."

"How can Gu Ye's talents be so high? This year, Mr. Yu is hosting a tea
party, will he invite him?"

"In the name of the old man, anyone can get it. This is an old national
treasure that can be stomped in the entire China, and the business and
entertainment circles can follow. Coupled with the success of the heir,
the Yu family will develop better and better. He has to give face when
he speaks."

"Old man Yu is also very interesting. Every July has to hold a tea
party. Those in our circle are invited to identify antiques. What is his
real purpose?" The young people who joined the club soon, and
several old people were happy, "Why? Choose truly talented people
to change his young son's fate. Yu Ze's luck, ordinary people have
gained a little, and will be prosperous and wealthy for a lifetime.
Unfortunately. The extremes of things must be reversed. From the
moment he was born, he was calculated to have no children and
grandchildren. The life of the nine-five-year-old is all in this life.
The young man thought about it for a while and said enviously: "...I
think I can change my life with him, I don't want offspring, the life I
think about is rich."

The elder ridiculed: "Would your parents not kill you?"

The young man stopped talking. This is the fact. Young people don't
care if there are children, but old people don't think so. Therefore, Mr.
Yu always invites people to go there every year. This year he really
wrote an invitation to Gu Ye, which is now on the old man's desk. .


Gu Ye was carrying his schoolbag, and the old god was standing at
the door waving goodbye to his parents, "Don't worry, everything is

Mrs. Gu rolled her eyes. What is the relationship between test scores
and fate? "You take the test well, and check it a few times after you
finish the test. From today on, don't eat messy things. Make sure you
don't get sick when you go to the test room tomorrow. After the test, I
will pick you up at the entrance of the test room. !"

"Good, good~" Gu Ye slammed the bag on his back, "I remember it!
After the exam, please give me a few days off. I'm going to go out."

Gu Decheng wants to tell me what kind of wave you are doing. Give
me peace of mind, and Mrs. Gu will hold her husband, "Now what he
says is what he says, let him go to the exam without any pressure."
Gu Decheng can only bear it.

Gu Ye climbed into the car and left with a smile. Dad agreed with him
if he didn't object. After the exam, he went out and had fun, and then
went to the mountains to sweep the grave for his master.

It must rain for the college entrance examination! This is the iron law!

A large group of parents are holding umbrellas and guarding at the

school gate like mushroom soldiers. They are more anxious than the
students on the battlefield. It is really pitiful for the parents of the

The students who did not take the exam with their parents followed
Teacher Yu to have lunch, and went to a nearby hotel to rest together
to prepare for the afternoon exam. Gu Ye went to the bathroom after
dinner, and when he came back, he heard someone flicker on the side
of the wall: "I am the senior of your last term. I have someone from the
Education Bureau. I already knew the topic. As long as two hundred
yuan, I can give you the answer.Do you want?"

Gu Ye was amused, and his heart said what age is this, how can any
fool believe such nonsense?

At this time, I heard a girl whispering: "Really? Can I give it now?"

Gu Ye was stunned, really!

"I can't now. I can only give you the answer five minutes before you
enter the examination room. It depends on your ability to memorize
it. I gave it to you in advance. The risk of you leaking it out is even
greater. Cause trouble?"

The girl hadn't even heard that this was a lie to her. She thought she
was wise and asked: "What if I give you money and you don't give me
the answer?"

"Then you find the police to arrest me, you add me a WeChat, I will
never run."

Gu Ye almost couldn't listen anymore, and went around to see how

bitch the liar looks like.

The liar had just made a fortune, and he came over to watch Gu Ye
and wanted to fool him, "Little handsome guy, I have the answer to
the next question, do you want it?"

Gu Ye said coldly: "If I buy it, what should you do if you send me a
bunch of random answers? The college entrance examination papers
are not sent down. Who knows if you gave the right answer? If I say
that I have a bad memory, you are justified."

Seeing that he didn't take the bait, the liar continued to fool: "If I lie to
you, you can go to the police station to call the police!"

Gu Ye sneered, "I was cheated to buy the answer for the college
entrance examination, right? For two hundred yuan, do you think I
will let the teacher know about this? Then I will not be able to hide the
secret strictly? You? I kill 800 of these liars who deceive little fools a

The girl who was cheated at this time also realized something was
wrong, "Liar! You pay me back!"

"Who liar, how does the little girl talk? I tell you, it is legal
responsibility to frame someone!"

After all, she is a little girl who has never been in contact with society.
The girl didn't expect this liar to be so shameless. She was so
frightened by the other party's momentum that she took a step back
and dared not speak.

Gu Ye grabbed the liar's collar with one hand and dragged it to the
toilet in a few steps like a dog, pushing him against the wall with one
elbow, and he couldn't move, "Give her the money back, or feed you
shit. "

The liar was frightened by Gu Ye's vigor, and he quibbleed while

paying back the money: "Give it, I really don't lie, I really have the
answer, why don't you believe it?"

Gu Ye curled his lips, dragged the liar out forcibly, and handed it over
to the police on patrol.

The girl caught up with Gu Ye and said gratefully: "Classmate, thank

"The ears are soft, eat a bite and gain wisdom." Gu Ye threw the
schoolbag on his back, waved his hand without looking back, and left.

The girl chased him two steps behind him but failed to catch up. She
regrettably took a picture of him from the back. Hopefully, goodbye.


Early in the morning of the second day of the college entrance

examination, Lin Zihao clutched his stomach and rushed into the
toilet. The graffiti Gu Ye gave him was a nightmare, and he was afraid
that it would be fulfilled during the college entrance examination.
Yesterday, he didn't dare to eat more for a whole day, so he was
afraid that he would eat too little. He was too hungry when he came
back. He asked his mother to make him a bowl of noodles and added
a little bit of his usual favorite. Peppers. Unexpectedly, because I was
hungry for too long, my intestines and stomach were fragile, and I
had diarrhea when I was stimulated by pepper.

Lin Zihao hated him and thought to himself that this must be Gu Ye's
curse on him!

Before going to the examination room, Lin Zihao ran to the toilet three
times, and he almost collapsed, his parents were anxious.

Seeing that the time was running out, Lin Zihao tightened his belt,
rushed out of the toilet, put his schoolbag on his back and ran out the
door. His parents also hurried to catch up, no one saw Lin Zihao's
admission ticket, still lying on the table.
The result can be imagined. In the first exam, Lin Zihao failed to enter
the examination room, and his parents collapsed on the spot.

Lin Zihao muttered bitterly with red eyes: "Gu Ye must have cursed
me, Gu Ye cursed me long ago! It's Gu Ye!"

After this test, Gu Ye followed Teacher Yu and a few classmates as

soon as Lin Zihao rushed up, "Gu Ye! I want to kill you!"

Before he rushed to his eyes, the security guards stopped Lin Zihao,
"What's the matter with you, a student? You can't commit a crime if
you fail the exam."

"Gu Ye, did you curse me if I lost my admission ticket? It must be

you!" Lin Zihao struggled like crazy, just rushing to beat Gu Ye.

Several of the classmates in their class were speechless, "Lin Zihao, are
you sick? You didn't bring the admission ticket yourself. What does it
have to do with Gu Ye?"

Teacher Yu blushed with anger, and he was extremely disappointed

with Lin Zihao in the past six months, "Lin Zihao, why are you having
trouble with Gu Ye?"

Gu Ye shook his head. He thought that Lin Zihao was in trouble, and
this time he would definitely not be able to pass the entrance
examination of his favorite university. The painting he painted before
was just to scare him. Lin Zihao is jealous, narrow-minded, and
doesn't know how to be grateful. If it wasn't for Zhao Pengyu, an
innocent person to be implicated, he would not bother to control
them. If this person has changed his temperament, he may not have
this trouble. Unfortunately, his nature is hard to change.

Lin Zihao's mother was also surprised by her son's behavior. She ran
to hold her son and asked in a panic, "Zihao, what's wrong with you?
Your admission ticket was not lost. Your father found it for you. You
put it on the table. How can you blame others for failing to get it?"

Lin Zihao was stunned, "The table, on the table?"

"Yes, it's on your desk." His mother cried and persuaded: "It's okay if
you didn't take the exam this year. You can review it for another year
and take the exam next year. You can't help thinking about it."

After such a disturbance, the eyes of the parents and students around
Lin Zihao looked like crazy. Lin Zihao couldn't bear it, pushed his
mother away and ran away. Lin Zihao was not there for the afternoon
test. Anyway, it takes a year to review if you don't take the exam. Lin
Zihao is so high that he can't afford to lose this person.

After the college entrance examination was over, more parents were
waiting at the gate. Because it rained yesterday, the sky was washed
out especially clean today, the sun was shining brightly, and the hot
people were bubbling oil, and a mushroom umbrella was once again
held up at the school gate. As soon as Gu Ye left the school gate, he
saw the girl who looked like her who had just returned from the
Sahara Desert. Gu Ye was amused, walked over with a smile, and
praised: "Even if it is a mushroom, you are the most beautiful one
inside. ."
"Oh, you bear boy, hahaha," Madam Gu slapped Gu Ye on the
shoulder happily, "You can talk, hahaha!"

Gu Ye grinned in pain, and quickly grabbed his opponent's hand,

"Mom, there are so many people here looking at you, and the news
came out after a while: Shocked! Why is it so vicious that a wealthy
stepmother beat her stepson in the street?"

The smile on Mrs. Gu's face is really possible. When she came, she had
noticed that some reporters had taken pictures of her. I don't know
what those people said about her. Maybe they said she was making a
show again. She didn't bother to think about the bad things, and
asked Gu Ye with concern: "How was your exam?"

Gu Ye smiled and said: "I have done everything I know, let's go home,
I want to eat a good meal, and then have a good sleep."

Gu Ye slept again the next morning, and only got up at noon for
dinner. Mrs. Gu was not at home. Gu Ye went downstairs and made a
cup of milk tea by herself. The nanny aunt came over and asked him,
"Sir, what do you want to eat for lunch?" Chinese food or Western

Gu Ye shook his head uninterested.

The nanny aunty smiled and asked: "The sea cucumber that the chef
bought today is not bad, do you want to eat sushi?"

Gu Ye still shook his head, still not interested.

The nanny aunt tentatively asked: "Then, Thai food?"

Gu Ye drank all the milk tea and stretched, "I want to eat spicy spicy
and stinky tofu."

Aunt Nanny: "...This, we can't do it, but we can learn it!"

Gu Ye smiled, "Then I will definitely not do it at noon today. I'm out

to eat. You don't care about me and don't tell my mother."

Mrs. Gu has been preventing her children from eating outside. Gu Ye

was almost unable to hold it back, so she called Zhao Pengyu and Xia
Xiang to the snack street. The three broad young masters, one of them
holding a bowl of spicy soup, eating a round belly, sweaty, and while
sitting and resting, Gu Ye unexpectedly received a call. Seeing the
electric display, Gu Ye blinked. With eyes, he asked seriously: "Zhao
Pengyu, if I invite your brother-in-law to eat Mala Tang and stinky
tofu, will he come?"

Zhao Pengyu looked at the IDD as Yu Ze, and sneered twice, "My
brother-in-law has a habit of cleanliness, and he is almost abnormal in
some aspects. Hero, you can try."

"Hello, I am Yu Ze." Yu Ze's cold voice came, like a glass of sake in

summer, and Gu Ye suddenly felt a lot refreshed.

Gu Ye smiled and narrowed his eyes, "Mr. Yu has something to do

with me?"

"Have you received the invitation?"

Gu Ye wondered, "What invitation?"

Zhao Pengyu reacted first, "It must be an invitation for the July Tea
Party. All the masters in your profession are invited to play together!"

Yu Ze heard Zhao Pengyu's voice and said in disgust: "Shut up."

Zhao Pengyu immediately fell silent.

Gu Ye understood, "I am eating out now, and the invitation should be

at home."

Yu Ze asked: "Come to play?"

"Okay." Gu Ye agreed in one gulp, squinting his eyes and

enthusiastically invited: "I'm eating mala Tang and stinky tofu
outside. Will Mr. Yu come to play?"

Yu Ze: "..."

Chapter 26: Selling Girlfriends for Money

The other side fell silent without accident, as if entangled or not

coming, Gu Ye endured a smirk, "I'm kidding you, I invite you to
dinner. I definitely won't come to this place."
Yu Ze probably didn't expect Gu Ye to be joking with him. After a
pause, he chuckled: "I will have a meeting later, I can't go, I will invite
you to eat dessert."

Gu Ye looked at Zhao Pengyu, your brother-in-law is so kind!

Zhao Pengyu shook his head like a rattle, using two paws to hold Gu
Yeerkang's hands, indicating that his brother-in-law was not so good,
he had suffered countless dark losses when he was a child, and the
farthest path he had traveled was his brother's routine. Too many are

Yu Ze really did what he said. After a while, someone sent a box of

desserts. There were all kinds of desserts, and the portion was not big.
It was just right to taste. Gu Ye was surprised, "He actually knows
where we are."

"It should be the location of my body." Zhao Pengyu used a fork to

pick up the dessert boxes and check them one by one, turning his face
aside, for fear that something would spurt from the dessert and hit
himself with creamy froth.

Gu Ye and Xia Xiang didn't have so many thoughts. They took one
and started eating. This dessert didn't know where to order it. It
tasted better than the ones sold in the market. The cream melted in
your mouth, and the ice was cold. It tasted great. . Zhao Pengyu saw
that they were eating well, so he dared to eat.

Xia Xiang asked: "Your uncle is really good to you, just you are a
"No, I am the eldest. My second aunt's family also has twins, and my
third aunt's family also has a little cousin. When I was a child, no one
took care of me. I often lived in my grandfather's house. My uncle was
only seven years older than me. He treated me every day. Monkey
teasing, maybe for this reason, he likes me the most." Zhao Pengyu
had a deep face, and he almost believed what he said.

Xia Xiang spit out mercilessly: "He didn't want you to talk just now."

Zhao Pengyu: "Don't say it! People are hard to dismantle!"

Gu Ye smiled and took another one. He didn't like dessert very much,
that is, tasted something fresh. Today, I ate more of the rare ones.
After eating and drinking, the three of them went to the nearby video
game city and played games for an afternoon. When they returned, it
was already past five.

When he got home, Gu Ye saw the invitation on his desk and couldn't
help but admire him. The word Mr. Yu can be framed and cherished.
The handwriting is vigorous and powerful, with dragons and
phoenixes, without decades of knowledge, momentum and
knowledge. Cannot write such a word.

At dinner in the evening, Gu Decheng asked Gu Ye: "I heard you

received an invitation from the Yu family?"

Gu Ye was not impatient or impatient, and calmly said: "Master

invites me to appreciate antiques."

Gu Decheng was happy, "Yes, I invite you to this tea party. It should
be the reason why you saved Zhao Pengyu. It's not bad to see. The Yu
family has a rich cultural heritage. Father's calligraphy and painting
are national treasures. You should talk less, listen more and watch
more. Learn more."

Gu Ye nodded obediently. The way to survive in this family is: Dad is


"Take your invitation," Gu Decheng paused, and said solemnly: "Take

me to see."

Gu Ye asked unreasonably: "You won't cut those words out and store
them, don't cut all the holes for me."

Gu Decheng's face was dark, "Am I that kind of person? How could I
snatch my son's things?"

After appreciating Yu Lao's words, Gu Decheng comfortably placed it

at his hand, pressed it with his elbow, and continued to eat. Gu Ye
curled his lips, you don't want to grab it, you just take it away.

Mrs. Gu rolled her eyes and put a shrimp in Gu Ye, and asked,
"Would you like to take your brother to see? It was summer vacation."

Gu Decheng sighed and asked disapprovingly: "What are you going

to do with a child?"

Gu Ye didn't care, "You can take him there and play with Zhao
Mrs. Gu shrunk her neck as her husband saw her, "Isn't this going to
join in the fun, to have a long experience? If you don't go, don't go."

At this time, Gu Ye Mingzhe didn't say anything, and when he was

full, he withdrew to his room and began to pack his things.

Early the next morning, when the nanny asked Gu Ye to come down
to eat, he found that he had left a note on the table and the person had
disappeared. The nanny aunt looked at the words written on the
paper, clutching her small heart, and rushed downstairs, "It's not
good! Sir! Madam! The third master ran away from home!"

"Run away from home?" Mrs. Gu was taken aback. Wasn't it all right
last night?

After reading the letter Gu Ye left him with a cold face, Gu Decheng
slapped the table angrily, "As soon as he became an adult, his wings
became hard. Come, let me get him back!"

"Don't don't!" Madam Gu hurriedly stopped. After reading Gu Ye's

words, she knew that he just wanted to go for a walk, and she
hurriedly gave her husband a favor, "The child has finished the
college entrance examination and wants to go out to relax. He is not a
kid anymore. You just let him go."

"You are still used to him, he dares to run away from home today, and
he can dare to run away with the girl tomorrow!"

Mrs. Gu can't laugh or cry, she thinks too far, "To put it bluntly, you
just don't want your child to grow up."
Gu Decheng asked angrily: "Up to now, you are still protecting him.
How much have you benefited from him?"

Mrs. Gu snorted and murmured unhappily: "Is it easy for me to be a

mother? I don't protect him and say that I am not good to him, and it
is my fault to protect him. What do you want?"

Gu Decheng was slapped by the last sentence. If this goes on, he will
have to make trouble again. Mr. Gu sighed deeply, "How a kind
mother is to lose! You just get used to him, I'm going to the company!"

Mrs. Gu hurriedly sent a message to Gu Ye: "I will come back after
playing for a few days, or else your dad will send someone to arrest
you, I really can't stop it."

After seeing it, Gu Ye replied: Good~ Ma Ma, I love you~ I love you~

Mrs. Gu sent him a string of bits and pieces, and Gu Ye could imagine
how speechless the expression on Xiaoma's face was when she saw it,
and couldn't help but enjoy herself first. Gu Ye rode in the car for a
day and a half before arriving at his destination, a small town with
mountains and rivers-Wufu Town.

This is a small town formed by the union of several surrounding

villages. There is a river outside the town. From the mountain, the
town is embraced by the river, like a paradise isolated from the world.
In fact, the news in this small town is not so closed. Many young
people in the town go to work in the city. The living standard in the
town is pretty good.
This small town is the hometown of Gu Ye's master, Shao Fuxian.
Before he died, Shao Fuxian asked Gu Ye. He had no other
requirements, so he hoped to take him home for burial. Gu Yeba took
the old man's ashes back through the mountains and rivers, found a
feng shui treasure, buried him, and lived in this small town. for a

An old aunt saw the direction Gu Ye was going, and asked with
concern, "Young man, are you here to travel in town?"

Gu Ye smiled and shook his head, "I'm going home, auntie, did
something happen to Daliucun ahead?"

Auntie looked at him in his dress and did not look like a person from
the village. She kindly persuaded him: "If you are not in a hurry, come
back in two days. Many people have died in Da Liu Village. The
funeral is messy."

Gu Ye thanked the other party for the reminder with a smile, and
continued to walk in. When approaching the entrance of Daliu
Village, she found that a large shed was built at the entrance of the
village. Under the shed were a few large coffins. Several rows. Gu Ye
tilted his head and looked at it carefully, his expression dignified, how
many people died all of a sudden, even holding a collective funeral?

In this kind of small village, every household is a little bit related. For
the seven aunts, eight aunts, three aunts, and six uncles, there is
something to do in the countryside, and everyone is involved.
Generally, a bunch of paper money is placed at the door of a dead
family who is related to this family by blood. When Gu Ye entered the
village, he found that almost every household had put up a bunch of
papers, and it was really rare for the whole village to hold funerals.

He felt uneasy as he left, until he came to the place where he lived

before, Gu Ye pushed open the unlocked door in a complicated mood,
and found that the yard was full of weeds. Gu Ye immediately
regretted it. He shouldn't have come back by himself. Instead, he
should come back with the gardener to change the hair style of the
green grass.

At this time, someone at the door asked: "Who are you? Where did
you come from?"

Gu Ye turned his head and saw a middle-aged man who was not tall,
had dark skin, and was a little thin, shouting happily, "Uncle Guan

"Are you?" The other party was dumbfounded by him, and I didn't
know who Gu Ye was for a while.

Gu Ye reacted. He changed his body now. The people in this village

no longer knew him. He smiled and said, "My brother Gu Ye has
something to do. Let me come back to sweep Master's grave. My
brother mentioned you to me, Guan Ting. Uncle, the neighbor uncle
who is good at repairing the house."

"Oh! Gu Ye's junior," Liu Guanting smiled honestly when he heard Gu

Ye praise him. He didn't mean to be xenophobic to Gu Ye. "He
actually let you come back by yourself. This life The ground is
unfamiliar," Liu Guanting glanced at the yard and said disgustedly:
"There is no way to go, you wait, and my uncle will make the yard
neat for you later."

After a short while, the uncle came back with a big shovel and
smoothly leveled the grass in the yard. Gu Ye was really embarrassed,
so he stuffed the other side a sesame oil chicken that he bought on the
road. He said that the brother had asked him to bring it and he would
give it away.

Uncle Guan Ting was embarrassed to accept it, and enthusiastically

asked Gu Ye to eat at their house. Gu Ye declined, and by the way
inquired: "Uncle, what happened in our village?"

The smile on Liu Guanting's face faded when he mentioned this, and
he took out a cigarette, lighted it, and took a suffocated. After a long
time, he said: "It's miserable!" After that, Liu Guanting calmed down
and began to say, "It's the rainy season. The rain is heavy and the
water is rushing. The river has washed the bridge in the town. Many
people in our village are working outside on the construction site. If
you promised someone's project, you had to do it. In the village,
someone who could row a boat pulled out the old boat at home and
used it to carry people across the river. It was fine for a few days at
first, but the day before yesterday, the boat capsized." Guan Ting The
uncle sighed, "A dozen of them were detained under the boat. Anyone
who can swim has nothing to do. They came back alive in the end."

There were also a few buddies who grew up with him. The more they
talked, the more uncomfortable they were. Liu Guanting wiped away
his tears and picked up the big shovel for weeding, "Uncle is going to
help dig the grave pit. If you have something to do, go to your house
to find you. Auntie."
Gu Ye sent the other party out, listening to the cries of the whole
village, he sighed long and sighed that things are impermanent.

Gu Ye checked the circuit, and it was all right. There are pots and
pans at home, and they can be used after washing. When it was dark,
Gu Ye took out the food he bought on the road from his backpack. It
was hot and he was eating. He heard a cry outside, and there were
many people shouting and yelling, as if something really happened.

Gu Ye hurriedly spread the pie, shaved off the meat on the chicken
legs, put some cucumber shreds, rolled it, rolled it, and went out to

Surrounded by the crowd, a middle-aged aunt was framed by two

women. She was already crying and couldn't walk. She was being
dragged along and cursed: "Li Dahai! You are so desolate! You are
inhuman! You won't There will be a good end! You can sell all your
daughters and daughters! You are not afraid of your daughters
looking for you in the middle of the night! Pity my son, nothing left,
why didn't you think of raising you when you jumped down!"

The surrounding villagers followed sympathetically and scolded: "It's

too conscientious. I sold my girl for money!"

"What's the matter, Liu Chao is suffering, and it's no use to catch it,

Gu Ye walked behind the two aunts and asked in a low voice,

"Auntie, what's the situation?"
Sometimes looking good is to take advantage. When my aunt saw Gu
Ye's red lips and white teeth, even if she was not from her own
village, she still babbled to him: "This son Liu Chao and the girl from
the neighboring village Li Cui grew up together with their childhood
sweethearts. The two of them graduated and worked outside
together. This time they said they were back for engagement. They
just caught up with the boat to go home. When the big wave hits, the
girl fell off first. The boy is a waterman, in order to save the girl, also
Jumped down. Unexpectedly, the boat capsized and he was buckled.
If he didn't save the girl, the child might survive."

Another aunt also came over, "The boy family feels that the two
children are in a good relationship and are dead, so they will have a
vaginal marriage for the children. The two children will be buried
together, and they will be able to be together in the next life. I can
imagine that when I went to discuss this matter today, the other party
regretted it."

"It is said that a car came from the city in the middle of the night last
night and gave Li Dahai 50,000 yuan, and he bought Li Cui's body
that night. Now it's hard to find a girl for a yin marriage. want."

The aunts get together, gossiping can dig out the ancestors of the
other eight generations, and there is a red-eyed aunt who wipes her
tears and said: "I heard that the family who bought that girl is the
richest man in the county and opened a coal mine. The big boss of, the
family is rich. His son was shot a few years ago and he is a murderer."

"Oh! Li Dahai is really sad! This kind of person can also ask for
money, and he is not afraid of retribution. Will he be at ease when he
sells his girl's money?"
Amidst a group of sighs and anger, Gu Ye suddenly felt a ghostly air.
He looked over vigilantly and saw a young man in his early twenties
standing on a hillside not far away. He looked at the woman who was
framed home with a pained expression, the black air above his head
became more and more intense, Gu Yegang wanted to chase it, and
the ghost was no longer visible.

Gu Ye calmed his face, pinched his fingers to calculate, and cursed in

his heart: lie down!

Chapter 27: The Battle for the Bride

That new ghost is undoubtedly the son of this woman. The Liu Chao
that several aunts said, Gu Ye chased to the mountainside behind the
village, "Liu Chao, come out by yourself, don't you just want to find
your wife? I can help you."

The surroundings are quiet, and there is no intention of any ghost to

come up with it. Gu Ye smiled and said: "If you don't come out, your
wife's hall will be over. In another half an hour, no one can help you."

"Who are you? Can you see me?" The ghost finally floated out of the
hiding place and looked at Gu Ye defensively.

"I'm Gu Ye, just the Gu Ye in front of your house." Gu Ye looked at

him, and Liu Chao's eyes were already red, and the black ghost on his
body was not like a normal new ghost, and it was about to darken.
Become a ghost. Gu Ye counted into the future. Once Liu Chao
became black, many innocent people would die. However, his wife is
more fierce than him, who is an invisible boss.
Liu Chao looked at Gu Ye, "Are you Gu Ye the fortune teller?"

Gu Ye said deeply: "The Gu Ye you mentioned should be my senior,

and I am also Gu Ye."

Liu Chao was a little confused.

Gu Ye smiled, "My brother said, "I will find a younger apprentice

named Gu Ye, and another apprentice named Gu Ye later. If anyone
provokes us in the future, let him be like stabbing Gu Ye's nest.
Grandpa Gu is jumping everywhere. ."

Liu Chao finally had a bit of joy on his face, "I heard from my family
that Gu Ye is very powerful, and Gu Ye is a little fairy!"

Gu Ye squinted his eyes to see that the black energy on his head had
not changed any more, and then he was relieved, "I know, I can help

Liu Chao said excitedly: "I can repay you as a cow and a horse. I will
be a ghost servant. You can let me do anything. Cui Cui is very
courageous, and she must be scared now. I want to save her. "

Gu Ye wondered, "Is love something that can make people so crazy?"

Liu Chao categorically said: "Yes."

Gu Ye understands that love is what makes ghosts become mentally

"Well, give me her birth date."

Liu Chao thought for a while, and was slightly embarrassed, "I don't
know exactly. She is a rabbit, and her birthday is the third day of July.
She should have been born at noon. She said that people who were
born at noon were bold, but she was very courageous. timid."

Gu Ye turned the perpetual calendar backwards and settled, "It's

probably enough to know, do you have her stuff? Hurry, time is
running out."

"I have it in my family!"

Gu Ye pulled out his legs and ran home. Liu Chao was a new ghost.
He hadn't learned how to float faster, and he couldn't catch up with
Gu Ye's two legs. Gu Ye squeezed a decision with disgust, and a gold
thread was tied to Liu Chao's body, dragging him to run like a kite,
and ran to Liu Chao's house in two minutes.

At this time, the mourning hall of the Liu family is still there, and Liu
Chao's body has been buried, and will be cremated tomorrow. There
is also a phoenix coffin next to it, which was obviously prepared for Li
Cui, but unfortunately, it is empty now. Liu Chao's mother was sitting
next to the coffin, tears as if crying dry, sitting there motionless,
looking straight at the portrait of her son, his eyes were dull, as if he
had lost the goal of living.

Liu Chao cried out uncomfortably: "Mom!"

His mother didn't respond. Liu Chao still wanted to call. Gu Ye
tightened the thread in his hand and dragged him to his side, "Stop
calling, she can't hear him."

Seeing the stranger Gu Ye, the villagers who helped nearby came and
asked: "Are you?"

Gu Ye didn't have time to explain to the villagers, and went straight to

the topic: "I am Gu Ye's younger brother next door. I saw Liu Chao
just now. I have a few words to tell Liu Chao's parents."

The villagers immediately felt a bitter cold. Gu Ye is very famous in

their town. He can count on it, and he also looks at Feng Shui and
chooses Yin House, which has solved many problems for the villagers.
Seeing that this young man didn't look like a liar, if it was his junior, it
would not be surprising to see ghosts.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Gu Ye's words fell, the woman who was

sitting in front of the coffin stupefied just now suddenly rushed out of
the room like she was alive, and grabbed Gu Ye's shoulders with both
hands. With red eyes, he asked: "My son is back? Did you see my son?
What did my son say? Is he unwilling?"

"Yes," Gu Ye's shoulder hurt when he was caught. He pinched the

acupuncture points on his aunt's wrist with both hands, relieved her
strength, and comforted him: "I'll help him grab his wife, aunt, you
have to help me."

"Help! Definitely help!" Aunt Liu pulled Gu Ye into the room, "Say,
Mr., what can I do?"
Gu Ye sighed again, should it be said that the folk customs are simple,
or that it is pity for the parents of the world? When the mother felt
bitter, she could fight for her son even if she had a slight expectation.
She believed what a stranger said.

"Your son said that there are things Li Cui used in his room, and I
want to use it now."

Aunt Liu hurried to find her, and she found it.

Liu Chao's father came back with a haggard face after finishing his
work outside. He also had a shaved beard. He hadn't shaved for two
days, and his temples were all white. Listening to Liu Chao's fucking
explanation, the uncle just thought for a while, "Okay, let's do what
the little gentleman said, just ask for peace of mind."

"Don't worry, I'll let them send your daughter-in-law back." Gu Ye

closed the door, and drew a soul-stuck formation next to the coffin,
placed the girl's used things on the paper, and wrote the birth date on
the paper with a cinnabar pen. on. Gu Ye never took the usual path.
When someone asks for a soul, he just sticks to it.

The green light quietly lit up in the circle. After the wildfire struggled
a few times, a ghost bride wearing a red dowry quietly appeared in
the circle!

Standing behind Gu Ye, Liu Chao rushed in surprise. At this moment,

the ghost bride raised her head, her eyes were red, and she stared at
everyone in front of her spitefully. Her wedding dress was red as if
she was stained with blood, especially when she saw Liu After Chao's
portrait, a bloody mist filled the surroundings, and Liu Chao was shot

"Cui Cui!" Liu Chao looked at the vicious female ghost in shock, "Is it
Cui Cui? How did you become like this Cui Cui?" Seeing the lover,
Liu Chao took two steps forward despite the danger, distressed. "Cui
Cui, I'm Liu Chao, Cui Cui, take a look at me!"

Hearing Liu Chao's call, the ghost bride turned her head slowly, her
red eyes, and after seeing that it was Liu Chao, her body stiffened for
a while, and then rushed past like a red arrow and hugged Liu Chao.
Crying, "Liu Chao!"

Gu Ye watched the thick blood mist on the girl's body fade away bit
by bit, and Liu Chao's black spirit faded, and finally he was relieved.
Liu Chao was full of grievances, he couldn't ask for it, and he had to
be stimulated a little more to become black. The girl was sold to a
stranger by her biological father, and her grievance was heavier than
that of Liu Chao. Her temperament had changed drastically, and she
had a murderous heart. Once killed and stained with human blood, he
was even more crazy than Liu Chao.

But I still have to make a complaint, it is terrifying that love has such a
magical power!

A pair of young couples who finally met again hugged each other and
performed a lively love story. Gu Ye interrupted them, "Don't cry, I
want to cry for a while. Come on, the bridegroom, first Worship the
heaven and the earth, let's snatch the relatives tonight, and go to
worship your mother-in-law and father-in-law tomorrow."
Liu Chao's parents couldn't see the soul. When they heard Gu Ye's
words, they all looked at the soul-stuck formation. Liu Chao his
mother carefully asked, "My son is back? He is back?"

Gu Ye sighed, and said that now that he has reached this point, let the
two poor old people feel comforted. He drew twice in the air with a
cinnabar pen, "Tianeye, open!"

Liu Chao's parents looked at the scene in disbelief. The old couple
wanted to rush their son with excitement. Gu Ye stopped them one by
one, and pulled them to the chairs to sit down. "Calm down! Are we
trying to get in touch with each other? Don't you understand? , Li
Cui's soul will be bound over there."

The family of four dare not cry anymore, and honestly listen to Gu
Ye's arrangements.

"Worship your parents, thank you for being a matchmaker. This is the
end. Knocking your parents." Gu Ye wrote the two birthdates
together, burned the talisman paper, and persuaded: " If the
grievances are gone, go to reincarnation and reincarnate. I will love
you two for three lives."

I worshipped heaven and earth here, but the one that bought Li Cui
was dumbfounded. The man in charge of this matter has put together
Li Cui and a person named Xiang Lei's birthday horoscopes, put the
incense in them, but couldn't light it. The husband looked at the Li
Cuiling card in confusion, and suddenly found that there was a red
line on the card, "Eh? No, this girl has a marriage contract. This
marriage cannot be done."
"What kind of engagement?" A chubby woman in her fifties, wearing
a gold necklace, gold earrings, and a gold bracelet, looked at a very
upstart woman and asked anxiously: "We've inquired, this girl will
follow It's better for me. I'm not engaged. If we didn't buy it in the
middle of the night, this person wouldn't be able to grab it."

Mr. read it again and said with certainty: "It's not that I'm dazzled,
this is that there is a marriage contract. If a woman does not marry a
second husband, we can't do it here if we don't get married."

The woman was anxious, "What's the matter with the family?
Cheating money! No, this marriage must be done!" She rubbed her
legs, pulled her husband in panic, and asked in a low voice, "Is this
gentleman disgusting? If you don't have enough money, give him a
red envelope. I'm afraid that this marriage will fail, and that unfilial
son will hit me in my dream again."

She has been dreaming for several days, and her son said that it is too
bored to be alone in the ground, and he wants a daughter-in-law. He
dared to beat and kick her in his dream. Looking for someone to burn
his paper wife, he made a fuss about not wanting, and came to find
her in his dream. Finally met a suitable big girl, this thing must be

At this time, no one saw it. A black shadow lying on the roof gave the
spirit card angrily, turned and flew towards Da Liu Village.

Gu Ye had other arrangements in the middle of the night. It was just

after ten o'clock, and he was about to rest for a while, and he would
get up again at eleven o'clock. He didn't expect that just after lying
down on the roof, he skipped a ghostly ghost. He had been on the
road for more than a day, and he was also tired. After a long time, he
went out and took a look, his mouth pursed.

A fierce-looking middle-aged ghost viciously kicked the new ghost

Liu Chao, pinched Li Cui's neck and dragged it out like a dead dog,
without any pity. After all, Liu Chao was newly dead, and he had
never done anything bad before his death. He had only grievances
and no evil spirits. He got up and rushed up despite the pain.
However, he was not the opponent of the old ghost at all. He was
caught by his hair and pressed on the ground, and his soul was
thrown. Has become transparent.

Li Cuicui saw his lover be beaten like this, and the suffocation that
had disappeared from his body once again condensed, the blood mist
was filled, and the eyes became blood red, "Why, you all forced me?
Why, don't you let us?"

Seeing Li Cui's evil spirit getting heavier and heavier, Liu Chao
shouted in worry: "Cui Cui! You can't reincarnate if you lose your

"I can't be with you, what kind of womb do I have? What

reincarnation? What kind of person?" Li Cuicui grabbed Xiang Lei's
wrist, her body floated, and a strong suffocated aroused a storm of
blood and blood red wedding dress. Hunting.

"Oh? You slut, dare to resist me!" Xiang Lei said viciously: "I ate him
so that he would never be able to give birth!"

Seeing this, Gu Ye picked up a brick from the ground, rushed to

"bang" and slapped the opponent's forehead, angrily, "You're not
afraid of breaking your dog's teeth! Eat! I'll do it if you don't open
your mouth for a while. Damn you!"

Chapter 28 She doesn't marry, you marry!

Xiang Lei was a wicked person when he was alive. He was sentenced
to death because of the extremely bad circumstances of rape and
murder. After he died, he is not a thing. In the past few years, he has
not rarely bullied the lonely ghosts around him, and even eaten
ghosts, so his spiritual power is so strong.

The beautiful daughter-in-law who finally got it is close to the lips and
flying. Xiang Lei came to snatch someone in a rage, and regardless of
whether she had a marriage contract, he wanted to take it away. From
childhood to adulthood, he gave everything he wanted at home, and
there was nothing he couldn't get. Xiang Lei was always domineering.

However, I never expected that there is another person here who is

worse than him!

Xiang Lei was taken a few steps back by this brick, and he had to let
go of the bride in his hand, and looked at Gu Ye with trepidation. At
this look, he was stunned.

The young man in front of him is not very old, has red lips and white
teeth, and is beautiful and delicate. Now because of his anger, his face
is a little red, and his white skin can be broken by blows, and he looks
even more beautiful than the bride. Xiang Lei was originally a
bastard, but Xun Su didn't remember the lord. When he saw Gu Ye,
he became emotional, pointed to Gu Ye's nose, and said excitedly:
"She won't marry, you marry!"

Gu Ye laughed angrily, and gritted his teeth and squeezed out:

"You're afraid that you don't want to lose your soul!"

Just now Gu Ye just wanted to beat him innocently. He didn't even

have a spell. Xiang Lei didn't know that he had completely pissed off
Gu Ye. He just looked at Gu Ye, his face and body are good-looking,
the more you look, the more satisfied you are, "Don't think You can
resist me if you learn a little bit of Taoism. When I was alive, no one
dared to provoke me. I have eaten several Taoists like you!"

"Heh!" Gu Ye sneered, took a cinnabar pen from his pocket, and drew
a few times on the brick. The golden aura instantly covered the entire
brick. Gu Ye weighed this weight in his hand, feeling that he would
take advantage of it, without saying anything, rushing up and patted
his face directly.

When Xiang Lei saw the golden light emitted from the brick, he was a
little worried. This golden light was formed by the power of merit.
Ghosts were afraid of this sun and sacred thing. Xiang Lei
subconsciously raised his arm to block it, but Gu Ye did not expect Gu
Ye. This brick was just like the sacred artifact for lowering demons
and eliminating demons, his arms were like crab legs blocking a car,
smashed forcibly. Jin Guang passed through his arm all over his body,
and even his soul trembled, and Xiang Lei screamed with pain,
scaring away the wild ghosts who wanted to see the excitement.

Ordinary people couldn't hear his ghost call, but Gu Ye could hear
him clearly. The sound was so unpleasant. It stabbed people's
eardrums. Gu Ye directly put the brick into the bastard's mouth, "Shut

Xiang Lei's teeth were swayed by Gu Ye, and he wanted to kill Gu Ye

in a rage. Gu Ye's face was cold, and he moved his fist directly,
making punches like punching sandbags, "I've killed someone! Fuck!
I've eaten a ghost! I'll let you go!"

The dark ghost spirit on Xiang Lei's body was punched by Gu Ye,
with golden light on his fist. His soul trembled when he hit, and he
screamed, as if his soul was about to disappear in the next second. The
ghost was broken up abruptly. Every time he wanted to gather
together again, Gu Ye made him feel desperate when he was about to

The young couple Liu Chao and Li Cui hugged each other and looked
at Gu Ye playing ghosts. They were trembling with fright. Especially
when Gu Ye raised his fist, they always wanted to step back, for fear
of being swept by the golden light. Get a soul out.

Gu Ye stopped his hand until the ghost spirit on Xiang Lei's body
could no longer gather, and grabbed Xiang Lei's hair with one hand,
dragging Xiang Lei into his yard like a broom, watching the couple
still Without following up, Gu Ye stared at the door angrily, "You two
come in for me."

Liu Chao and Li Cui were frightened and hurried to follow, and
closed the leaky wooden door of Gu Ye's house.
Gu Ye threw Xiang Lei's ghost to the ground like mud, stepped on
him, moved a horse from the house and placed it at the door, and sat
there with a murderous look.


The accused Liu Chao trembled.

"You go to your wife's house to make trouble, and her whole family
can't sleep because of the trouble. Just let them be scared by any
means." Gu Ye drew a talisman. "This talisman can enhance your aura
and make a big fuss. Trouble, understand?"


The accused Li Cui hid behind Liu Chao in fear.

Gu Ye twitched the corners of his mouth. How could he scare

ghosts? !

"You go to this mentally retarded house to make trouble, will you

cheat the corpse?"

The young couple looked confused and didn't understand why Gu Ye

arranged this way.

Gu Ye looked at them as if they were mentally handicapped, and he

wondered how the Internet said that people in love are not high in IQ,
"They are all ghosts, don't you deserve the word haunted if you don't
make a noise? To make a noise, make a noise, make them scared. Send
Li Cui's body back as soon as it is light. Whether it can be sent back
tomorrow or not depends on how you two are having trouble

"Oh! Got it!" The couple finally understood, and flew out like an
arrow from the string when Gu Ye's eyes threatened with "What is the
ink stain, do you want to be beaten?"

Gu Ye looked at Xiang Lei again, and squeezed a decision with

disgust. This kind of bastard, it's better to let him fly away.

At this time, there was a squeak, the old wooden door was pushed
open from the outside, and someone stood at the door and whispered,
"Is anyone?"

Gu Ye frowned and was interrupted by the unexpected guest. It made

him feel very upset. Two men in black shirts came to the yard and
saw Gu Ye and Xiang Lei's ghost lying in front of him. The young
man who walked in front couldn't hold his breath for the first time,
"What's the matter with you, why did you catch him at home? We
have been looking for him for several days! Did you steal the soul of
that female ghost? of?"

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows and was dissatisfied with this statement,

"What is snatching? The young couple wanted to be together. They all
said that they would rather demolish a temple than a marriage. Your
master didn't tell you the truth?"

The boy is said to be so speechless, it seems that this is the truth.

The middle-aged man said with a sullen face, "Then there is no help
for ghosts. It is the rule of the mysterious world to help people not to
help ghosts. The more you help, the more entangled you are. Didn't
your master tell you this truth?"

Gu Ye looked at their faces and was amused. "You are his master, no
wonder your apprentice doesn't speak his brain well. You are not very
good at being a master's brain." Gu Ye pointed to lying on the ground,
his soul Xiang Lei, who has already been beaten, said, "It's this
mentally retarded person who has gotten into trouble. The marriage is
all over. He came to grab someone. Those of you who have learned
profound arts have long eyes and feet on the floor? Don't

Gu Yezhan's face was red, the little apprentice wanted to have an

attack but couldn't find a suitable reason. The more he thought about
it, the more he felt that Gu Ye was right. He looked at his master and
said dullly, "It seems that this ghost is really wrong. ."

"Shut up! The point is not right or wrong, but rules!" The middle-aged
man scolded his apprentice, "Rules are rules!"

Gu Ye snorted, "Good children are taught and abolished by you like

this. Children, I tell you, humans and ghosts are the same. You must
learn to judge for yourself whether it is a bastard or a ghost. You are a
bastard when you are a bastard. If you want to beat a bastard,
whether he is a man or a ghost?"

The boy was dumbfounded by Gu Ye. After thinking about Gu Ye's

words, his eyes suddenly brightened. Since he entered the Taoist
circle, everyone told him to abide by the rules, or he would be
condemned by the heavens. Today Gu Ye opened the door to the new
world for him. It turned out to be like this! so cool!

When the middle-aged person looked at the little apprentice's eyes, he

wanted to find a piece of tape to seal Gu Ye's mouth. This is simply a

"You are looking for this thing, here, catch it!" Gu Ye was happy, lifted
his foot, and kicked Xiang Lei at the feet of the master and apprentice.

The middle-aged man saw that Gu Ye wanted to shake his hand and
quit. This ghost is so evil that he can only let his soul fly away. Who
wants to do something like this? "There is an unwritten rule in our
profound arts circle. Don't worry about it. If you want to manage it,
just keep it to the end. Now that you have done it, we won't

"Don't, you are a serious department, I am a passerby." Gu Ye smiled

at the corners of his mouth, spreading his hands together, and said
cheerfully: "It is the business of your Metaphysical Society to deal
with these things, but you are paid. Yes. For example, it's the dad who
saves people. I save people easily. At most, it's a wild dad. You are the
real dad."

The middle-aged man blushes and stamps his feet in anger. What
kind of pro and wild father? I feel scolded!

After Gu Ye finished speaking, he moved his pony into the house and
closed the door. He was too lazy to talk nonsense with them, and
went back to bed to sleep. Tomorrow, he has to go shopping for the
old man and go to his grave. He is very busy.
The two masters and apprentices reluctantly took Xiang Lei's ghost
and took them back for processing. The little apprentice looked at the
door closed by Gu Ye, couldn't help but ran over, leaned on the crack
of the door and whispered: "My name is Luo Huai, what is your

Gu Ye squinted his eyes and said, "Gu Ye's junior, No. 2 Gu Ye."

"Master! He is that Gu Ye's younger brother! That Gu Ye who saved a

citizen of the city with a forbidden technique! So handsome!" The little
apprentice jumped around his master excitedly, "My idol! How

"Shut up! That's a taboo in the circle. He doesn't abide by the rules and
often uses forbidden techniques. You are not allowed to learn from

"So handsome!"

"Shut up! Don't mention that name!"


At this time, Li Cui's house is more lively than here. After selling his
daughter, Li Dahai has heard a lot of rumors, knowing that the
neighbors are scolding him, he is considered famous in the town.
Many old people said that he would get retribution. Even his
daughter-in-law cries every day that she will hate them. In the past
two days, Li Dahai was a little suspicious. Hearing a little movement
in the middle of the night, he got up to take a look.

Tonight, the sky was extraordinarily dark, and the air seemed to be
different from before. Li Dahai was tossing about and couldn't sleep,
always feeling that something was peeping at him.

Suddenly, there was a "pop" in the living room, and there was a
sound of something being broken. Li Dahai held back his fear and
turned on the light to take a look. The family portrait he had
previously photographed had fallen to the ground and broke into
several pieces. Li Dahai shook his heart, and said to his heart that the
girl really came back?

Suddenly, the light went out!

In the room, if you can't see your five fingers in the dark, the invisible
things make people feel even more terrifying. Li Dahai tremblingly
asked: "Cui Cui? Is that you Cui Cui?"

With another "pop", Li Dahai almost sat on the ground in fright, and
then the things in the room flew up on her own, and fell to the ground
with a "pop", Li Dahai held his head in fear, frightened She shouted:
"Girlfriend, don't make trouble! Don't make trouble! I have no other
choice. Your mother and I have raised you so much. If you say
nothing, you will be gone. I can't find a way to earn some coffin

There was no movement in the room. Li Dahai thought Li Cui had

listened, and wanted to persuade him. At this moment, with a scream,
the table at home flew out, and then the sofa stood up again.
Compared to just now, he " "Girlfriends" are even more fierce.

Li Dahai almost urinated in fright, squatting in the corner tremblingly,

when the light suddenly turned on again.

"What's the matter?" Mother Li Cui turned on the light, and the little
daughter came out from another room, watching the house was in a
mess, and asked her husband who was squatting in the corner angrily:
"What do you want to do if you don't sleep at night? ?"

Because the husband sold the eldest daughter, Li Cui's mother had
serious grievances against her husband, and she didn't want to sleep
with him in a room.

The youngest daughter is also the same, full of contempt for her dad's
eyes. When the sister made money while alive, her father used to
smoke and drink. When the sister died, he didn't even let go of the
body, which made her feel completely chilled.

"Cui Cui is back! Cui Cui is back!" Li Dahai crawled to the door
tremblingly. He couldn't stay in this room anymore. He was scared,
really scared.

"If you don't do anything wrong, you are afraid of what my sister will
do?" The little girl is also a sharp tooth, her mouth is poisonous, "My
sister didn't say to take you away."

When Mother Li Cui heard her daughter came back to make trouble,
she whispered with red eyes, "Cui Cui, are you complaining about
your parents? Your father is not a human being!"
At the cry of Li Cui's mother, the light went out again, and the whole
family was shocked. Then, the light was turned on and off, and it
flashed back dozens of times. Li Cui's mother could not hold it
anymore. I burst into tears, "Mom knows that you are wronged,
Cuicui, stop making trouble, let your dad pay back the money
tomorrow, take you back, let you go to Liu Chao, let's stop making
trouble, okay?"

After Mother Li Cui said this, the light did not flash again.

After a while, Li Dahai realized that he was really okay. He stood up

tremblingly, and squinted at his wife, "Send the money back? What do
I spend? When will I make 50,000 yuan? "

The little girl said with a cold face: "If you sit at home and eat and
wait to die, you won't earn 50,000 yuan in your life."

"I..." Li Dahai was speechless, and the temper that the little girl said
suddenly jumped up. He slapped up and wanted to hit someone,
"You eat something inside and out! What you eat and wear now is
given by Lao Tzu!"

"My mother gave it to me! My mother made money for cleaning up

the house!"

"I beat you to death!"

I was watching and making trouble again. At this time, the TV set in
the house suddenly flew up and smashed towards Li Dahai. Li Dahai
was so scared that he staggered on the ground, and the TV stood on
top of his head. Next, almost didn't shoot him to death.

Li Dahai was so frightened that he didn't dare to move, holding his

head like a quail.

At this time, Sister Li Cui pointed at the wall, her eyes widened in
shock, "Mom! Look!"

There was a line of conspicuous words written in bright red blood on

the wall: Mom, divorce, you will live better without him.

Seeing this, Li Cui's mother was sitting on the ground with her face
covered, crying in disintegration. Indeed, she and her little daughter
will have a better life without this delicious and lazy man. When the
daughter died, she couldn't worry about her. What else could she not
let go of, why bother about other people's eyes? This marriage must
be divorced.

It is lively here, and the Xiangjia where Li Cui is located is directly


Because the bride sat up from the coffin!

The people in the shed were all scared to pee. The gentleman who
invited him to the house took a look and found that he didn't have
any red envelopes. Frankly speaking, he couldn't control this matter.
He hadn't learned how to fight zombies, so he ran away. Xiang Jia was
in a mess, so scared to find someone at a high price to send Li Cui's
corpse back overnight, is it okay to cheat the corpse? Who dares to ask
for such a wife?

So just at dawn the next day, a hearse stopped at the door of Liu
Chao's house. After unloading a phoenix coffin, it turned the front of
the car and drove away at a speed of 180 steps.

Gu Ye slept until noon and just saw the cremation car coming out of
Liu Chao's house. He watched them walking away together,
shrugged, and finished a merit. He yawned, changed his clothes, and
went to town.

Ordered three dishes, one soup, and a half bowl of rice in a restaurant.
Gu Ye stretched out when he was full, and went to the Wreath Shroud
Store to buy a sack of Mingzhi, a pig, and a pig. Niu, a horse, a two-
story building, after thinking about it, he pointed to the mahjong
machine standing in the corner, "Well, give me one too."

The boss's eyes were so subtle when he saw him, he still wrote it in his

Gu Ye smiled and asked, "Boss, can I get home delivery if I buy too

The uncle boss doesn't know what he's happy about. Generally,
people who come to buy things here are crying. The first time I see
such a happy customer, I am a little bit uncomfortable. "The house is
in this town. If you buy more, we can give Delivery."
"Well, this, this, and this, give me a copy of Master! Huh? Those eight
chicks, also give me a copy of Master!"

The boss's uncle twitched his mouth, and said to his heart that it was
unlucky that the master accepted such an unlucky apprentice and
gave him eight beauties. Isn't this a beating?

"The exquisite workmanship is ordinary, exquisite is precious, five

hundred one, eight is four thousand."

"All the best, the best!" Gu Ye held his chin and looked around in the
shop again, and suddenly snorted, "Boss, that tractor, you can also
bring me one."

When I think of his master driving a tractor, there are a group of

beautiful girls sitting in the car, and the black smoke pops up as soon
as I put the gas on it. Thinking about that picture, it's beautiful!

When the head of the investigation team of the Xuashu Society found
Gu Ye, Gu Ye squatted at his master's grave and gave him a beautiful
girl and a tractor. After seeing what he burned, the group leader The
expression on his face is quite wonderful.

Chapter 29 My brother ran away with a man!

Gu Ye knew who the person standing behind him was and why the
other party was looking for him. He still calmly burned the big
beautiful girl and the tractor to the master, and said to his master:
"Although it is not Qingming but not 15th, I I feel that your elderly
don't care about these rules. Just treat it as receiving the courier and
when you receive it. I haven't dreamed of you for a long time, and I
don't know if you have been reborn. It would be a shame if you
reborn. Beautiful women are precious."

The corners of Qi Zong's mouth standing behind Gu Ye twitched


Gu Ye burned everything. It was dark. He stood up, patted the dust

on his hands, and looked at Team Leader Qi, "This gentleman, I have
been waiting for a long time."

Qi Zong coughed, and recovered from Gu Ye's muttering, "Hello, I am

the leader of the investigation team of the Xuashu Society, Qi Zong."

Gu Ye tilted his head, "Is something wrong with me?"

"Are you the second apprentice of Mr. Shao? As far as I know, Mr.
Shao has only one apprentice, and that is Gu Ye."

"Yes, because I didn't collect it when the master was alive. It was
collected by my senior brother. By coincidence, I am also called Gu
Ye." Gu Ye smiled, "My senior said, and I will accept a disciple as Gu
Ye in the future. "

Qi Zong's breath was suffocated, and Gu Ye caused them headaches.

Now many young young people who join the club are Gu Ye's fans,
and they all think his lawless temperament is very cool. Now there is
another Gu Ye's younger brother, who is like He is just as lawless and
has the same name and surname as him. It hurts to think about it.

"I found here to ask if you want to join the Xuanju Academy." Qi Zong
seriously threw out an olive branch. "We have many colleagues
discussing academics together, learning from each other, and helping
the people deal with unknown and dangerous events. There is a
salary every month, as well as five social insurance and one housing
fund. Now you are the only one left in your school. Metaphysics has
declined, and everyone is together, and there is also a care."

Gu Ye waved his hand, "No, no, I think Mr. Qi misunderstood. I don't

need to organize, learn from each other, and don't need others to take
care of it." Gu Ye straightened his back and said proudly, "My father is
Gu Decheng. My father has money, my father has money."

Qi Zong is at a loss, knowing that his father is rich, and knowing that
his father does not want him to enter the metaphysical school, so he
chases here. Gu Ye is still young, but very capable. It is a pity that
such a talent allows him to grow freely. And this temperament, no
matter if it is the next Gu Ye in the future, he dared to snap the face of
the entire Profound Art Realm when he was stimulated.

"The words are over, goodbye Mr. Qi."


"Don't follow me!" Gu Ye chilled his face for a second, and pointed at
the other party and said solemnly: "Otherwise my master will crawl
out of the coffin and take you away in minutes."
Qi Zong: "..."

I can't talk anymore!

Gu Ye endured a smile, copying his jeans pockets with both hands

and stepping on his white sneakers. He wandered away, and he was
able to jump twice when passing by a small dirt pit. He was an alive
and innocent boy who didn't care about the world. Qi Zong had a
temper and couldn't grow up. In the end, he shook his head
helplessly, and a sense of powerlessness rose all over his body.

Gu Ye returned to the village, packed his backpack, burned some

papers in the yard, and said to the empty yard: "You little poor people
who have nowhere to go, it's okay to live in my house. The grass is
shoveled, so don't let the dust fall in the house."

A breeze rose in the yard, and he circled Gu Ye a few times. The

corner of Gu Ye's mouth formed a beautiful arc, and he nodded,
"Okay, see you next time."

Early the next morning, Gu Ye picked up his backpack, the door was
not closed, and he quietly left the village alone. Standing at the
entrance of the village, Gu Ye yawned. Gu Ye's eyes were dark. Last
night he dreamed of his master, and he went back to the days when
he lived in the alley in the capital city when he was a child. The old
man chased him for the night with a stick. After running eight streets,
Gu Ye was tired and didn't want to walk. After pinching his fingers,
Gu Ye raised his hand and stopped the taxi, "Go north."

The driver master was puzzled, "North? Where do you stop?"

Gu Ye leaned back lazily on the seat, closed his eyes to sleep, "Go all
the way north, don't turn your head back, no matter where you go, I
have fortune in the north."

The driver master stepped on the accelerator silently, saying that this
young man looks good, but his brain is not good.


It's been several days since Gu Ye ran out. Mrs. Gu saw that he was
crazy and didn't mean to come back. She sent him a message: Come
back soon after playing enough, your father wants to send someone to
arrest you again.

Gu Ye took a photo of a small road with a rural atmosphere,

surrounded by weeds and larvae, and sent it to his little mother:
Mom, when you are old, your son will take you here for a tour. Is it

Mrs. Gu answered in seconds: No, thank you!

Gu Ye secretly posted to Moments: This little old lady really doesn't

know how to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Madam Gu wanted to blacken this unfilial son when she saw the
name "little old lady". What she didn't expect was that she really liked
Gu Ye. Mother Zhao looked at her son's phone screen curiously and
smiled. "From the perspective of Gu Ye's attitude, it can be seen that
Gu Ye's mother is still good to him, not as bad as it is said outside."
At this time, there was another little heart under Gu Ye's dynamic.
Zhao Pengyu's eyes widened, and he stood up in shock, shocking the
talking mother Zhao.

"Mom! Tell the truth, am I my brother-in-law's nephew, he even gave

Gu Ye a thumbs up? He has never liked me!"

Mrs. Zhao was also very surprised, because Yu Ze has been very
mindful since he was a child. He doesn't know what he thinks if he
doesn't say it, and it is not lukewarm to communicate with people.
Who would have thought he would take care of Gu Ye's circle of

"Probably, you look ugly." Mother Zhao couldn't find a suitable

reason, so she could only explain it to her child.

Zhao Pengyu angrily replied to Gu Ye: The same world, the same

The reason why Gu Ye chose to wander in the countryside is that the

environment is good, pollution-free, and the pace of life is slow, so he
can reduce pressure. Second, there are many weird things in the
countryside. Not only can they find fun, but they can also help the
people solve their problems, which is also a merit. When he was
young, his master told him that to practice, the mind should be
cultivated first, and the mind should be cultivated among the people.
Only by staying close to life and understanding the various aspects of
life can you know how to be grateful and know who needs our help.
Gu Ye carried the bag and played for a little half a month in Madam
Gu's life-threatening serial call. It wasn't until Yu Ze called him and
asked him if he had something to do. Gu Ye finally got his grades out,
and then he went home slowly.

Entering the house, Gu Ye handed the schoolbag to the nanny, raised

his hand and said with difficulty: "Turn on the air conditioner to 18
degrees, and give me a cup of strawberry-flavored shaved ice, thank

Mrs. Gu saw that his hair was growing, and she was disgusted with it,
"After running for so many days, I haven't tanned you anyhow. I look
at it and you can get pigtails. How did you live outside."

Gu Ye fell on the sofa, flattened himself like a salted fish, and said
with a smile: "There is no way, whoever raises it, my mother looks
good, I can't get tanned, so I can kill Matt. The looks are all beautiful."

Madam Gu stared at him for a while, unable to hold back the corners
of her mouth, slapped Gu Ye on the shoulder happily, "Oh, you bear
kid, hahaha~ Sister Wang, tell the chef to make a few more at noon
today. Food, Xiaoye likes to eat beef, and then fry a steak! I look thin,
so I have to make up for it."

Gu Ye grinned in pain, took the shaved ice that the waiter handed
over, and smiled too, my mom was so good!

When eating at noon, Gu Yang also came back with his schoolbag.
The bear boy was invited by a group of girls to play the claw machine
after school in the morning. The results were rich and he carried
several strings on his back. Seeing his brother came back, Gu Yang
jumped three steps in excitement, and the dolls behind him swayed
from side to side. They were colorful. Gu Ye wanted to sigh when he
saw it.

"Brother! Where did you go to play? Take me next time! Take me!" Gu
Yang leaped on Gu Ye's back and put his arms around Gu Ye's neck,
smirking and trying to push his brother down.

Gu Ye sighed, this bear kid has grown fast recently, and his dystocia
seems to be the shortest of his brothers. This kid dares to rebel now,
and will he have it in the future? Gu Ye shook his body, avoiding the
force of Gu Yang's pounce, kicking under his feet, which happened to
be on the acupuncture point of Gu Yang's ankle. The bear kid squatted
on the sofa, and Gu Ye pressed him firmly with one hand. "Small, if
you have a chance to take you there, you can't be scared to pee your

"Who is afraid of who is a dog!" Gu Yang struggled, pulling his neck

and yelling. Gu Ye suppressed him again with violence, adding a leg,
and pressing Gu Yang's legs straight, followed by someone who was
crushed on the ground. The little tortoise fluttered like a turtle, but
couldn't turn over.

Gu Ye didn't expect that Gu Yang's words were serious, because he

really led Gu Yang to catch ghosts during the summer vacation and
reminded him: "You said, whoever is afraid of a dog is not allowed to
retreat. As a result, Gu Yang hugged his arm "Wang" all the way, and
Gu Ye no longer wanted to lead him out of the house.

After taking a nap at noon, Gu Ye took a bath, changed his clothes,

and went downstairs.
Gu Yang followed Gu Ye secretly, "Brother, where are you going?"

Gu Ye said without looking back: "I have something to go out. I don't

have to wait for dinner. I shouldn't come back for dinner."

Gu Yang asked vigilantly: "Who are you eating with? Girlfriend?"

Gu Ye turned around helplessly, "What girlfriend boyfriend's, kid,

don't guess."

Gu Yang curled his lips and ran to the top floor attic. He took out his
binoculars and looked out. He saw a familiar luxury car parked in the
shade at the gate. A young man in a white shirt was standing by the
car, estimated to be one meter tall. Above eighty-five, a pair of big
long legs and a straight back. He just stood there quietly, full of aura.
Look at the face again, as handsome as the model on the poster. Gu Ye
went out and greeted him with a smile. The other party raised his
hand and shook it slightly. It was regarded as a greeting, and his
gestures were elegant and handsome. Gu Yang saw his brother get on
the other side's car. It's so sour. I don't know when his brother made
such a friend. This kind of person can deceive children at first sight!

Gu Ye got in the car, and Yu Ze said: "Does anyone in your family be

hostile to me?"

"It should be my brother, kid, I don't know what's wrong." Gu Ye

smiled on his face, but admired in his heart, this man feels terrible and
keen, and he can feel hostility from such a distance. Is this still a
human? Getting closer, Gu Ye clearly felt the ghostly spirit on Yu Ze.
It was daytime, and the cool ghost would not appear, but he could
still feel that the other party was protecting Yu Ze. Gu Ye was very
surprised, why would the ghost general choose to follow and not see
his Yu Ze? Come to him and be his number one elf!

Seeing that Gu Ye didn't speak, Yu Ze took out a game console from

the drawer, "Do you want to play?"

Gu Ye took it and saw that it hadn't been opened yet, "You won't buy
it now."

"You may be boring on the road at your age." Yu Ze's voice was so
soft that people couldn't feel how caring, but Gu Ye was hooked by
the warm corners of his mouth. He and Yu Ze hadn't actually said a
few words. He didn't know the other party's temperament, but from
the face, Yu Ze was not a person who would take the initiative to care
about others. On the contrary, he should be indifferent to death,
except for his family, there should be nothing to make him worry

"Mr. Yu actually doesn't have to keep thinking about how I saved

Zhao Pengyu. He and I are buddies. I am happy to save him. You
really don't need to pay the debt." Gu Ye took apart the game console
and found a comfortable posture. Sit down, I have attributed Yu Ze's
goodness to him to Zhao Pengyu's affairs, "What do you think Yu Lao
asked me to see? Is it about the tea party?"

"No." Yu Ze looked helpless, "Someone gave him a painting, and he

said there was a problem with the painting, and I want to see my
Gu Ye smiled and it was not easy for Yu Ze. He didn't believe in
ghosts and gods at all, but his father believed in this. Every year, he
invited the master to gather together at home.

The old house of the Yu family at this time, the study is full of
valuable ancient paintings, a beautiful landscape painting, a beautiful
woman in a red dress, holding a pipa, holding a red paper umbrella
from a stone stool under a tree Shang stood up and flew to the tree

As soon as the attendant cleaning the study came to the side of the
painting, he swallowed nervously, looked at the painting boldly, and
threw the feather duster away in shock: "Sure enough! That woman
moved again! Young master one! She will move when she is not at

Chapter 30 Gu Ye: I'm going to fall in love with him!

Gu Ye got off the car at the door of Yu's old house, took a look at the
courtyard, and exclaimed: "What a treasured place of feng shui that
gathers water and hides dragons."

Yu Ze opened the door, and an old man wearing a cyan Tang suit
with gray hair greeted him with a smile and said, "Master is back, is
this?" Seeing Gu Ye who was blocked by Yu Ze, the old man was
taken aback. Yu Ze took someone home for the first time.

"Gu Ye, the master I invited. This is Uncle An."

Gu Ye said hello with a smile: "Hello, Uncle An, Mr. Yu invited me to
come and see the painting."

"Is the master who saved Master Pengyu?" Uncle An was surprised:
"You are really young and promising, Master Gu, please come in

Gu Ye smiled awkwardly. Why is he young? The first time he heard

someone compliment him with this word, others said that he was not
doing his job properly.

Stepping into the gate, crossing the front yard, entering the Chuhua
Gate, and then entering the inner courtyard. On the left and right are
the east and west wing rooms. Several people hung lanterns at the
door. Yu Ze looked back at Gu Ye, who was half a step behind him.
"This is my father's study room. Even the east and west rooms are
filled with books and Calligraphy and painting."

Gu Ye sincerely praised: "Yu Lao is erudite, and books are normal."

Gu Ye got more and more admired, and sighed in his heart that the
Yu family deserves to be a scholarly family. All the buildings are
antique, from stone tables, stone stools to wooden carvings in the
corridors, which all demonstrate the master's cultural accomplishment
and rich family heritage. Moreover, to have such a large courtyard in
such a place close to the center of the imperial capital, the value of this
courtyard must be at least several hundred million. The most rare
thing is that there is a layer of golden light above the Yu family, which
is the virtue of doing good deeds. The Yu family is so rich but so low-
key to do good deeds, which shows the nature of this family.
After walking a few dozen steps forward, I arrived at the main room,
"Tibetan wind gathers water, Siling town house, good fengshui! Mr.
Yu, standing on the roof of your house on October 1st, can you see the
military parade? Gu Ye sighed with emotion and whispered gossip,
very curious.

Yu Ze tickled the corner of his mouth and smiled and said, "You can
go up and have a look later."

Gu Ye glanced at him puzzledly, can he be so casual?

Yu Ze nodded, indicating that it doesn't matter, just go if you want.

Gu Ye smiled and shook his head. It's not good to wander around
other people's houses, it's too rude.

Gu Ye was taken to the backyard by Yu Ze, and when he stepped into

the door, he found a familiar figure squatting by the pool. Gu Ye
slowed down and walked over to take a look. He just wanted to kick
the girl off, "You lack virtue!"

A pool of koi in the pool looked silly. Zhao Pengyu was fishing in the
koi pond with a fishing rod.

"Oh~ Daxianer is here!" Zhao Pengyu smirked, "I will go fishing

tomorrow, try the fishing rod in advance."

Gu Ye was speechless, so he said that he lacked morality.

Zhao Pengyu raised his head and asked, "Are you going with me?"

Gu Ye said with interest: "Go, go together tomorrow."

"I heard that you went to experience life in the folk, how about it, you
didn't get a tan?"

"No one with a high IQ can get tanned."

Zhao Pengyu touched his face and rolled his eyes speechlessly. He
was tanned after playing.

Yu Ze looked at the watch on his wrist and said to Gu Ye: "You take a
rest here, and someone will call you later."

Gu Ye nodded, "If you have anything to do with Mr. Yu, just go ahead
and don't care about me."

Yu Ze tickled the corner of his mouth, "Okay, by the way, do you

want to eat the dessert from last time?"

Zhao Pengyu raised his hand, "Eat!"

Gu Ye is not a hypocritical person, "eat!"

"There is a pastry room in the back photo room. Let Pengyu ask for
what you want."
Gu Ye grabbed Yu Ze by the sleeve, smiled and curled his eyes,
"Thank you."

Yu Ze was slightly startled, and Gu Ye immediately let go, with a

smile on his face that made people unable to guess what he meant. Yu
Ze looked at his wrist and left without saying anything.

Zhao Pengyu looked unlovable, and only dared to complain when Yu

Ze left: "I seem to be your nanny."

Gu Ye looked at the purple qi remaining on the tips of his five fingers

with emotion, "Your brother-in-law is good at taking care of others, a
warm man!"

"You..." Zhao Pengyu's eyes were full of plain words: Are you crazy? !

Gu Ye was too lazy to take care of him, happy to take out his mobile
phone, log in to the game, and smashed the hero egg that he had not
dared to smash for a long time: Congratulations to the player, "The
thief I'm running fast" smashed the S-class hero Nuwa.

"I'm awkward!" Zhao Pengyu threw the fishing rod away enviously
and hatefully, "What kind of shit luck is this! This hero can add one
more life to the player to bring the player back to life after death! I
want it too! "

Gu Ye looked at the purple qi that had been used up on his fingers,

and made a secret suggestion: "Then you go and touch your uncle to
see if you can get lucky."
"I don't dare! He has a habit of cleanliness! You just caught him and he
didn't throw you out," Zhao Pengyu stretched out his paw angrily,
"Can I touch you for a while? Are you lucky?"

Gu Ye grinned disgustingly, "Go away! Brother is European now, and

Europeans don't want to talk to you."

Zhao Pengyu: "..."

This friendship will end sooner or later!

After resting for a while, Uncle An came to look for him, "My master,
please go to the wing room."

Gu Ye put down the cherry blossom jelly that he had eaten half in his
hand, followed Uncle An to the East Wing, and found out that there
were several other colleagues here. After Gu Ye sat down, he saw
some familiar faces on the other side, and was amused, "Oh! See you
again! Where is your little apprentice?"

When the person on the other side saw him, his face was not very
good, and he said with a sullen face: "Luo Huai is still young, not
suitable for this kind of scene."

It was the master I met in Daliu Village.

Gu Ye Quandang couldn't hear the hint in the other party's words,

"You are right, it's really small, and you don't learn well, you have to
Huai Xiangguo's face blushed instantly when he was shocked by these
words. Doesn't this mean that he can't teach?

Uncle An put the half of the jelly on the table, as if he hadn't heard the
conversation between the two, and said kindly: "You continue to eat,
the master and the young master are talking, come here in a while."

Gu Ye smiled and thanked him, and started eating on his own. The
masters present all looked at him, and there was no lack of scrutiny in
their eyes. Those who could come here were people with faces and
faces in the circle. However, the young face of Gu Ye received such a
courtesy, and it was really unclear about him. Huai Xiangguo also had
to shut his mouth and endure it.

The old gentleman on the table next to Gu Ye took a sip of tea and
tentatively asked, "I don't know where the little gentleman studied?"

Gu Ye took a bite of the jelly, smiled and curled his eyes. Humans and
animals harmlessly said, "No school, no school, just mess around."

This is obviously a lie. The old man didn't tell him when he saw him,
and he stopped asking.

Huai Xiangguo said lightly: "He is Gu Ye's junior, also called Gu Ye."

"Gu Ye?" The expressions of the people present changed, some were
surprised, some regretted, and some were disdainful.
Gu Ye smiled and said: "Yes, my name is Gu Ye, and my father is Gu
Decheng. I need to change Feng Shui at home someday. Please go, my
father has money."

Huai Xiangguo was blocked in one breath and his face flushed.

The old man next to Gu Ye sighed, "Your brother is good. In fact, this
technique does not need to be so clearly distinguished in terms of sect.
There is also no need to distinguish between right and evil. As long as
you don't do bad things and use the right place, It's good. Gu Ye's
death, don't you understand it? The profound arts academy should
also be reformed. The rules and regulations have trapped people to
death. This is the real reason why this industry cannot be passed on."

Everyone present did not dare to speak, bowed their heads and
listened quietly to the teachings.

The old man looked at Gu Ye's eyebrows again, and said with a smile:
"The young gentleman is good at him, and he doesn't stick to the
trivial. This is a good thing, but this temperament has to be tempered
a bit, which offends people. You must know that it is easy to hide with
a gun, but it is difficult to shoot with a secret weapon. Defense."

Gu Ye put down the jelly in his hand, stood up, owed his body to the
old man, and said respectfully: "Thank you for your advice."

Elder Tang was surprised, "Do you know me?"

"Acknowledge, the respected seniors in the profound arts circle are

completely different from those hypocrites who seek fame."
Elder Tang shook his head helplessly, and he was not afraid of
offending others.

Behind the screen, nearly seventy years old, Yu Lao, who is already
gray-haired, couldn't help but smile when he heard Gu Ye's words,
"It's quite funny that you brought this kid back."

Yu Ze Leng looked disgusted: "Much better than those you were

looking for."

As soon as Mr. Yu appeared, everyone in the hall stood up.

Gu Ye has been listening to others calling Yu Lao Yu Lao, thinking

that this old man is an old-fashioned and old-fashioned man, who is
more old-fashioned than his dad. He didn't expect that he was an
elegant and handsome old man with a smile on his face and looked
quite Kindly. Looking at Yu Ze, who was standing next to him, Gu Ye
understood that Yu Ze's growth like this really didn't depend on his
mother's genes, and the old man's appearance was extremely high.

Yu Lao simply said a few words to everyone. After everyone sat

down, he said: "A friend gave me an unknown ancient painting.
Today, I invite you all to let the masters help me look at it. This girl is
Not alive?"

If others dared to say such a nonsense about being alive, everyone

present had to laugh and give him two words: fart!
As soon as Yu Lao said this, everyone present became serious, "Is it
possessed by a spirit body? It is impossible for the person in the
painting to survive."

"Let's get that painting out, and everyone will take a look."

When everyone saw the ancient paintings packed in glass boxes, they
all praised: "It's so deep! The lines are clearly layered and the colors
are bright and colorful. The most rare thing is that they are so well
preserved. Huh? There is no signature?"

"There are grievances on this, and it's unclear, I'm afraid it was not
dug out from the ground?"

The painting is just here, and everyone present can feel resentment,
but they can't see that the people on this painting will move by
themselves. Old Yu turned his head to look at the coldly disdainful Yu
Cho, who was hiding away.

Yu Ze coldly said, "Don't ask me, I can't see anything."

Yu Lao pointed to the door, "Then please go out first. Ghosts and gods
dare not breathe when you are here."

"Puff!" Gu Ye couldn't help but laughed out. It's no wonder Yu Ze

didn't believe in ghosts and gods. His aura really couldn't see any
strange things. When he was there, ghosts and gods didn't dare to
come out.
Yu Ze helplessly watched him smile, but there was a little resentment
in his eyes.

Gu Ye immediately gave the other person a look that I understand

you. It's not easy for old men. They become old men when you grow
up, and old men are not reasonable.

Yu Ze went out with a calm face.

The curtains were closed, the whole study was darkened, and the girl
in the painting remained motionless. Yu Lao said to everyone: "Next, I
can only ask gentlemen to show their magical powers. I have no other
meaning. I just want to know why, who can Check it out. When you
leave, you can go to the second floor and choose one of my
calligraphy and paintings to take away."

Gu Ye was still lacking in interest just now, and his eyes widened at
this moment. These are all Yu Lao's calligraphy, these are all
treasures, old are valuable!

Except for Mr. Tang, everyone else was eager to try and was
obviously moved by the remuneration that Yu Lao said.

"If she doesn't show up by herself, she can only be forced to come
out." Someone has prepared a magic weapon to take advantage of it,
like a warrior who removes demons and defends the way.

Gu Ye walked over from the back and pushed the person away.
Regardless of everyone's gaze, he put his hand on the glass box,
closed his eyes and felt it carefully.
The young man wanted to speak, but Yu Lao gave him a "hush" and
signaled to be quiet, not to interrupt him. The young man could only
endure it, looked at the magic weapon in his hand, inexplicably felt
like a joke.

Two minutes later, Gu Ye opened his eyes and asked Yu Lao: "As long
as you can figure out the reason, right, there is no need to kill her."

"Yes." Yu Lao nodded appreciatively, "I just want to know the reason."

Gu Ye smiled, "There is indeed a spirit attached to this. She is

imprisoned in this painting. She wants to go, but can't get away. She is
also a poor person."

Yu Lao was interested and said: "Oh? I would like to hear the details."

"A thousand years ago, a local corrupt official wanted to send a

birthday gift to his boss. He heard that his boss loved painting and
calligraphy. He didn't know how to do so, so he asked a scholar to
ghostwriter. This scholar is arrogant, so naturally he would not listen
to him. So he sent someone to arrest the scholar's family and
threatened him. The scholar had no choice but to paint." Gu Ye looked
at the woman in red in the painting, "The scholar painted a woman
from the dust, pretending to be a good daughter, secretly went out on
a date and waited in the mountains. The scene of the sweetheart,
insinuates that a corrupt official becomes a bitch and has to set up an
archway. In the end, nothing can be waited for and nothing can be
Yu Lao suddenly realized, "No wonder this painting has no
inscription and no signature, the scholar is disdainful."

"How do you know so clearly?" The young man who was pushed
away by Gu Ye just now asked in a bad tone: "Who knows if you are
making up stories to bluff people."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, hesitated, "Because I am smart and I am

talented, I will empathize, can you?"

The young man stared at Gu Ye with envy and jealousy. He really

didn't have this kind of talent. "Then you still didn't explain why she

Gu Ye's face turned cold, "This is also a tragedy that exterminates

humanity. In order to make the painting never fade, the corrupt
official added corpse oil to the paint and specially prepared it with
secret methods."

The expressions of all the people present changed. In ancient times,

there were indeed many things that extinct humanity, and there were
also many people who used people as sacrifices. I didn't expect to
encounter this kind of thing in this painting.

"For a thousand years, this painting has not changed a little for a
thousand years. The girl in the painting feels human emotions and
gradually gains spirituality because of long-term contact with objects
taken out of living people, plus being surrounded by grieving body
oil, She can't escape, she can't go if she wants to." Gu Ye asked
seriously: "Can you not feel her despair?"
Very good, Gu Ye understood from their expressions, they couldn't
feel it.

"You talent..." Gu Ye didn't want to go on. Everyone knows the

meaning, it's too good!

After being scorned by Gu Ye, the young man wanted to get it back,
"This matter is easy to solve, just get rid of this spirit."

"It won't be enough to get rid of it." Another master is still kind-
hearted, "The world is not where she should stay, it is better to send
her to reincarnation. It is not easy to form spiritual consciousness, and
reincarnation is the greatest kindness to her."

Gu Ye smirked, "Why did you decide for others? Have you

considered this young lady's opinion?"

"There is a difference between yin and yang. She can't live in this
world. This is for her good."

"It's better to ask this young lady, what does she think." Gu Ye
stretched out a finger and gently squeezed the glass twice. "Miss, if
you don't show up again, they will kill you. ."

In the attention of everyone, the woman in the painting finally moved.

The beautiful woman in red put down the things in her hands and
bowed to Gu Ye Yingying. Every movement was beautiful and
pleasing to the eye.
Gu Ye pointed to her and asked everyone, "Look, you're so sensible,
do you guys bear the heart to kill others?"

There was an old man with earnest persuasion: "She is a spirit and not
a human. If she has the chance, she can cultivate into a demon. Not
doing bad things now does not mean that you will not do bad things
in the future. Letting her reincarnate will not kill her. Tempted by her

Gu Ye sighed, "Master, if you want to reincarnate, you have to ask the

person involved, Miss Sister, do you want to reincarnate?"

The woman in the painting shook her head. The spiritual sense she
had finally acquired, if she reincarnates, then she will no longer be

Gu Ye squinted his eyes, "Can you play the pipa?"

Even though the person in the painting did not understand why he
asked this, he nodded.

"Then can you sing and dance?"

The person in the picture nodded again.

"Can you come out and give me an umbrella when it rains?"

The person in the picture was stunned and nodded again.

"Can you help me get takeaway when I'm hungry?"

The person in the painting didn't understand what the takeaway was.
Thinking about errands, she nodded again.

Gu Ye snapped his fingers, "Okay! It's you! From now on you will be
my number one elf. I saved you from the painting, and you served me
for eighty years, how about?"

Gu Ye's remarks immediately caused an uproar, "You are crazy,

raising ghosts and raising spirits is forbidden!"

Gu Ye ignored them at all, took out a small porcelain vase, took out a
cinnabar pen, and drew a charm on the glass. The beauty in red finally
got out of the charm and was put into the porcelain vase in the blink
of an eye. Gu Ye curled his mouth, clenched the porcelain bottle, and
looked at everyone provocatively, "It depends on my mood."

"People are different in spirit, you kid, don't do evil for yourself!"

"Crazy! If you don't listen to advice now, something will happen

sooner or later!" The several masters present shook their heads and
sighed, as if they had predicted that Gu Ye would be killed by this
woman in the near future.

Gu Ye looked at Lao Yu and Lao Tang, who had not spoken, "Is this
problem solved?"
Yu Lao looked at the painting and said regretfully: "Oh, if the person
is gone, the soul of this painting is gone."

Gu Ye smiled, at this time the old man was actually distressed by his

"It's a good fate to meet," Yu Lao took the key to open the glass cover,
took out the scroll inside, rolled it up and put it in the box, "You take
away the man, take the painting away."

Gu Ye asked anxiously: "Then, can I pick one more and take it away?"

Old Yu was amused, "I'm happy today, I am very pleased to pick two
more." Yu Lao attached to Gu Ye's ear and whispered: "I secretly tell
you that there is one of the most precious things hidden in it. Baby,
most people can't pick it out, it's up to you."

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "I'm really welcome when you say that. My dad
likes your words so much. He will soon be his 60th birthday. I came
this time and wanted to ask you to give him his birthday. Gifts, I
didn't expect to make a lot of money! Hahaha~"

"Okay, go pick it!" Yu Lao patted Gu Ye on the shoulder, and Gu Ye

went upstairs in the eyes of everyone who wanted to bite people with

After the other masters were invited to the tea room, Mr. Tang said: "I
didn't expect to pick for so long, and finally picked one with aura. Not
sticking to the rules, knowledgeable, and courageous, it seems to be
able to resist pressure."
Yu Lao nodded and smiled: "Unfortunately, it is too small to convince
the public. It will be useful in a few years. In order to pick someone
for you, I have three paintings for nothing."

"You can get it," Elder Tang said while touching his beard, and the old
god said: "Obviously you like the child and are willing to give it away.
I don't know you yet?"

At this time, Gu Ye had already strolled around Yu Lao's study. He

could see the aura in the calligraphy and painting. Yu Lao's words
were magnificent, and each one was worthy of being collected and
wanted. After strolling around, Gu Ye didn't find the baby Yu Lao
said. He walked to the window and just saw Yu Ze standing outside
the door. Gu Ye stood upstairs and shouted: "Mr. Yu!"

Yu Ze raised his head, and saw Gu Ye beckoning to him with a smile

on his face, beckoning to come!

Yu Ze paused, and he really went up.

Gu Ye asked in a low voice: "Old Yu said that there is a baby hidden

in it. Can you tell me which one is the baby?"

"He even told you this?" The corners of Yu Ze's mouth twitched, "has
anyone said that your temperament is very likable."

Gu Ye waved his hand, "No, there are many people who say that I am
sad and crazy."
Yu Ze frowned, and said dissatisfied: "That's because they are stupid
and ignorant."

"Yes, I think so." Gu Ye raised his hand and motioned to Yu Ze to give

a high-five, which was really the same as the hero.

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's face in front of him, slightly lost. At this time,

through the window, the setting sun has shone, and Gu Ye's white
cheeks are dyed with a thin layer of powder in the sunset, and his
long eyelashes flicker like two cute little fans with his brilliant smile.
Obviously he looks exquisite like a doll, but his temperament is like a
glass of extremely strong wine. The coward dare not approach it, and
the one who dares to taste will get drunk first.

Yu Zegui reached out his hand in a mysterious way, and fulfilled Gu

Ye's wish. He lightly patted him with the palm of his hand. Seeing Gu
Ye's happy look, he smiled, "The baby he said is what he thinks is a
baby. Others seem to have no value at all."

At this time, Gu Ye's eyes suddenly fell on the painting in the corner,
and he couldn't look away at once. This painting is obviously one size
smaller than the other drawing papers. Before the inscription, it was a
thick and bloody broken sword inserted in the devastated desert,
surrounded by wind and sand, and the sky was blank. This broken
sword is left here, it should give people a sense of desolation, but the
feeling of this painting is domineering and leaking, and the sharpness
of the other is coming, even if it is broken, it is still not restrained.
Edge. Gu Ye suddenly thought of the ghost general sitting in Yu Ze's
car. How similar was the feeling this painting gave him to that ghost
Gu Yeqing couldn't help touching the painting, "This painting is so
handsome, what kind of mind should the person painting this
painting have? I'm going to fall in love with him, this! I want this!"

Gu Ye was excited to move the stool and climbed up to take the

painting off. He had already admired Yu Lao and decided to look for
Yu Lao again later, begging him for a word.

Yu Ze raised a finger and poked Gu Ye's waist twice, "This is my

sixteen-year-old graffiti. It's not valuable. You really want it?"

Chapter 31 Hello, Brother Ghost General!

Gu Ye stood stiffly on the chair, raised his hands with a blank face,
and his fingertips trembled, "Isn't this all Yu Lao's masterpiece?"

Yu Ze put one hand on the chair and held the chair steady. "The so-
called baby, is this one. That year, for his birthday, I forgot to prepare
a gift, so I painted this for him temporarily, and he hung it up as a
baby. "

Gu Ye was shocked. Yu Ze must have been influenced by his father,

and he painted so well! I really can't see that the deserted Yu Ze can
have such a mind when he was sixteen. This person's appearance is
too deceptive.
"That, the sentence just now... doesn't count." Thinking of the sentence
he had just said, Gu Ye explained embarrassingly, "I thought it was all
works by Yu Lao."

Yu Ze's eyes darkened, and he asked faintly, "Which sentence?"

Gu Ye said twice, I can't say that I fell in love with you. Looking at the
expression of Yu Ze, it seems that he didn't care at all. Gu Ye was
relieved immediately. Normal gentlemen should not be so sensitive.
He took the painting off and jumped directly to the topic, "Nothing,
can this painting be given to me?"

Yu Ze grabbed the emotions that no one could understand under his

eyes, "You like it, just take it away."

Gu Ye smiled and curled his eyes, "I like this one the most. Can you
write a few words for me?"

Yu Ze rejected it disgustingly, "It's so ugly, this painting has no

inscription value."

Gu Ye looked at it again, and really couldn't agree with Yu Ze's

aesthetics, "Where is ugly? So handsome! Please give me the
inscription, thank you!"

Yu Ze reached out and pulled him down from the chair, without

There is nothing that Gu Ye wants to do. There is no way to finish it.

How could it be possible to let Yu Ze go like this, pull the other's
sleeve to the desk by the wall, "Please write me a sentence, it's a

Yu Ze was unmoved, "You have taken three paintings, and you still
have to pay?"

Gu Ye pushed Yu Ze on the chair, shamelessly, "It's the old man who

looked at me and rewarded me, it doesn't count."

Yu Ze lost a smile, "You are clever, you can see it."

Gu Ye pointed to his own eyes, "Brother Monkey is really eye-

catching, I can see if others wait to see me."

Yu Ze was teased and laughed directly, "It is a good skill, I want to

know, so many paintings, why did you choose this one?"

"Because Broken Sword is very imposing, it feels like me. I was

abandoned by thousands of people, so I am still standing here strong,"
Gu Ye asked proudly, "Looking at the entire world of profound arts,
who else? Gu Ye put the pen into Yu Ze's hand and urged him:
"Anyway, you don't understand if you ask, write it!"

In the face of this pair of longing eyes, Yu Ze reluctantly picked up the

pen and dipped the ink, "What to write?"

Gu Ye seriously said: "If you write that Gu Ye is number one in the

world, everyone else is shit!"
Yu Ze just wanted to put down the pen.

"Huh? Don't let it go, write it quickly! You must also write your name
on the signature, and you must have the date."

In the voice of Gu Ye's urging, Yu Ze sullenly wrote the second

second sentence. After finishing writing, he helped his forehead. Gu
Ye patted his shoulder to comfort: "Mr. Yu is a good word, arrogant,
dragon and phoenix. I will go to Tianqiao another day. If you set up a
stall underneath, you will sell the words, and we will definitely get

Yu Ze imagined the scene with a calm face, and put down the pen
with a cold face, and never wanted to pick it up again.

Gu Ye smiled happily, put the painting on the table, and admired it

again, feeling that this painting not only has the temperament of that
ghost, but also miraculously lined his life. He Gu Ye is dead, but so
what, he is still alive and kicking now, good deeds are done too much,
God can't bear to accept him.

The painting was placed on the table like this. Gu Ye went around in
the study again, and finally chose a magnificent poem, Yue Fei's "Man
Jiang Hong", Yu Lao's madly cursive writing of heroism, Gu Ye felt,
His father will definitely like it.

Zhao Pengyu had just picked up the character and found it while
eating an ice cream. He saw the picture on the table at a glance. After
looking at the inscription, Zhao Pengyu's tongue couldn't be
straightened out of shock, "You... Uncle, you Are you mad?"
Yu Ze lowered his face and said sternly: "Swallow what is in your
mouth before speaking."

Zhao Pengyu quickly wiped his mouth, "I mean, did you have a
fever? You even wrote this to him!" Zhao Pengyu was in a
complicated mood and didn't know how to describe his feelings. He
hesitated for a moment, and suffocated: "You... ...You are so naive!"

Gu Ye rolled his eyes, "You know what a fart!"

Zhao Pengyu found a seat to sit down. He really didn't understand

why his brother-in-law pampered Gu Ye so much. He simply
refreshed his three views and had no bottom line.

"Gu Ye, I heard that you took that female ghost away, what do you
want to do?"

"It's not a ghost, it's a spirit. She agreed to be my little elf. Her
characteristics are good-looking, good at singing and dancing, and
also playing the pipa. In the future, she can develop laundry, cooking,
courier delivery, and takeout." Gu Ye carefully put "Man Jiang Hong"
into the box, and put the broken sword in the box, thinking about it
for a while to ask Yu Lao, since it is his treasure, why should he
remind him to find it and take it away? Can't figure it out.

Yu Ze stood by the window and didn't know what he was thinking.

When he heard this, he asked without looking back: "Is there a spirit?"
Gu Ye waved his hand and said regretfully: "No, if she can practice
and become a real entity, it will be a hundred years later, or she will
have a big chance. I take her with me, and I don't want to see her
being destroyed."

Zhao Pengyu shuddered when he thought of Gu Ye carrying a

spiritual body like a female ghost with him, "I am cold when I see

Gu Ye still said: "People like you don't understand."

When Zhao Pengyu saw Gu Ye holding the painting in his arms, he

suddenly remembered, "I seem to have seen this broken sword on the
painting, eh? Uncle, isn't it the one that was placed in your study

Gu Ye's thoughts were instantly hooked, "Is there a real thing?"

Yu Ze turned around, "Do you want to see?"

Gu Ye has a hunch that this broken sword is definitely related to the

ghost general. Now that it is getting dark, the ghost general should
also show up, "I want to see the real thing. Is it convenient?"

"Let's go." Yu Ze turned around and left. Gu Ye was stunned. Yu Ze

was really good at talking, "Mr. Yu wait a minute, I'll go and tell Mr.
Yu separately."

Yu Ze said with a gentle face: "Waiting for you in the car."

Zhao Pengyu hurriedly raised his hand, "I want to go too!"

Yu Ze coldly said, "No, you don't want to."

Zhao Pengyu: "..."

Gu Ye hurriedly found Yu Lao. The masters were gone. Yu Laozheng

and Tang Lao were drinking tea. Seeing Gu Ye holding three
paintings, he smiled and asked him, "Which two did I pick? Let me
see. ."

Gu Ye smiled and opened the scroll. When Yu Lao saw Yu Ze's

words, he laughed "Puff", "You really have the ability to let him write
for you, and I let him write for me, but he doesn't write. "

Gu Ye smiled and said, "Because I'm shameless enough, I will be


Yu Lao chuckled, "How can you be so self-defeating? This is your

ability. I really want to know what Yu Ze was like when he wrote this

Gu Ye thought about it for a while, smirked, "It's probably because

you have nothing to love."

"That must be very exciting." Yu Lao drank a sip of tea happily,

"Speak, come to me not only to say goodbye."
"Yes," Gu Ye put the painting away and asked seriously, "I don't
understand. You have always cherished this painting. Why do you
want to give it to me now?"

Yu Lao looked at Gu Ye with a smile, "Because I think you have a

destiny for this painting, I know you will love it. I hope you will not
change your original intention even if you encounter setbacks in the
future, and gentlemen will prefer to bend. Aura, even if it is broken,
you must have the belief in killing the enemy. Yu Ze was able to draw
such a momentum at the beginning, which made me very happy.
Now he has learned to constrain his edge, and I seem to see him as a
young man in you. "Old Yu said regretfully: "It's only a pity that now
he has grown up, and I can't guess his mind, alas."

Elder Tang gently intervened on the sidelines: "Does he have this

temperament if he is not a kid? You didn't guess through."

Yu Lao pressed the teacup on the table with a look of resentment,

splashing out a few drops of water.

Gu Ye almost came out with joy. He understood the meaning of the

two old people, and thanked them sincerely: "I understand what you
two mean. Thank you for the teachings of the two seniors. No matter
what happens in the future, I will not change my original intention.
As for temperament , I will listen to Mr. Tang and try my best to
change it."

Elder Tang said with satisfaction: "That's good, your brother is too
rigid. There are many ways to save people. He chose the most extreme
way. When the whole world of profound arts was helpless, he used
his life to give He slapped the entire profound arts world and used
the forbidden arts to save the people in the city. His death made me so
sad, and I knew that the profound arts world needed reform,
otherwise, even if it passed on, it would be deformed and unhealthy. "

Gu Ye obediently said: "I will cherish my life in the future, don't


Saying goodbye to the two highly respected seniors, Gu Ye went out

and got into Yu Ze's car silently. After sitting down, he hugged the
painting in his arms, feeling a sense of bulging in his heart, and it was
unspeakable. He was wondering, did he choose to end his life in that
way because he was too lonely in his previous life, no family, no
friends, after the master died, he lived alone without a goal? If you
choose other methods, can it be saved? Unfortunately, there is no if.

After Gu Ye got on the car, he remained silent for a while. Yu Ze saw

that Gu Ye was still immersed in his own world and took away the
paintings in his arms.

Only then did Gu Ye react, reflexively hugged him tightly, and Yu Ze

pressed him back, telling him not to let go, "The two old men told you
about life?"

"Well, after saying a few words, I feel quite touched," Gu Ye touched

the painting in his arms and smiled bitterly. "There are some things
that no one ever said to me after Master passed away. "

"Your master?" Yu Ze grabbed his eyes to explore, "Didn't your master

have passed away for several years?"

Gu Ye knew that he had made a mistake, and turned to look out the
window, "Yeah."
Seeing that he was reluctant to talk more, Yu Ze temporarily pressed
this doubt to the bottom of his heart, and jumped to the topic, "What
do you want to eat tonight, I will take you home after dinner."

Gu Ye turned around and said with a smile: "You choose. Last time I
said I owed you two meals. I will treat you tonight."

Yu Ze thought for a while, "Then find a quiet place."

Gu Ye nodded without comment.

At this moment, Gu Ye suddenly felt a familiar ghost. He looked out

the window in surprise. A black mist came in front of him in the blink
of an eye. The brutal ghost swept the car outside the window and
looked through the ghost face. Gu Ye clearly caught the opponent's
eyes, a pair of black pupils, chilling. Gu Ye was full of spirits and
beckoned in surprise, "Hi! Hello!"

The ghost will not expect anyone to see him, so he flew more than two
meters away vigilantly, always keeping this distance, looking at Gu
Ye in pairs, staring at him carefully, as if to see through Gu Ye's soul.

Gu Ye put down the painting, pressed his excited hands on the glass,
leaned over and asked excitedly, "Big Brother Ghost, can you hear
me? Is this glass too soundproof?"
The driver was taken aback. His body was tight, and cold sweat broke
out on his forehead. He said that this master had too much heart, and
it was the first time I saw someone talking to that kind of thing!

Gu Ye was still trying to chat with this mysterious elder brother. At

this time, his head was clasped by a hand and turned back to the

Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze with a dazed expression, is it okay to get

started directly? When is he a watermelon?

Yu Ze coldly said, "Don't talk to strangers, it's dangerous."

Feeling that the ghost will sit on the roof of the car again, Gu Ye just
wanted to poke the roof of the car with the decorated box. Seeing Yu
Ze staring at him with an ugly expression, Gu Ye thought for a while,
but still had no intention of messing it up. This may be a kind of shock
to the invisible, so let's find another chance to strike up a

Half an hour later, I finally arrived at Yu Ze's home, a high-end

community close to his company. Yu Ze was afraid of noisy, so he
bought a three-storey small building alone in the villa area, and he
lived on the second floor. Everything else is empty. As soon as Gu Ye
entered the door, the corners of his mouth twitched. He didn't know
what to say for a while. This is home, this is the office, and there is no
breath of life. And it's too clean, and it makes people afraid to step
Entering the door, Gu Ye sits on the corner of the sofa, and when he
sees that the table is clean, his face can be seen, and he dare not move
anywhere. Yu Ze is not like a person, like a fairy.

Not long after, Yu Ze took out an old big box, which was about 1.3
meters long and 30 centimeters wide, and placed it on the table.

Gu Ye rubbed his hands and opened the box. A suffocating air rushed
toward his face. It was the broken sword painted by Yu Ze, exuding
the same breath as the ghost general. Seeing the ghost staring at him
defensively outside the window, Gu Ye smiled, "I'm just curious, I
don't mean anything else."

Yu Ze looked out the window, "Are you talking to me, or to someone I

can't see?"

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry. Yu Ze's thoughts were too close. From

what he did just now, he guessed that there was something he
couldn't see outside the window. Gu Yegang wanted to say, have you
ever heard of the guardian spirit? I saw the ghost outside the window
shaking him. After shaking his head, Gu Ye knew, "I tell you, how can
anyone else?"

Yu Ze looked out the window suspiciously. For a moment, Gu Ye felt

that he and the ghost general were looking at each other. The sharp
eyes made Gu Ye secretly startled. Fortunately, Yu Ze was really
invisible and didn't find any doubts. Can only give up.

Seeing the real thing, he still couldn't talk openly with the ghost
brother, and Gu Ye didn't force it. After having dinner with Yu Ze, Yu
Ze was sent to the door of his house. After Gu Ye got off the car, he
stood at the door and asked, "Would you like to sit at my house?"

Yu Ze smiled and said: "Next time, it's too late."

Gu Ye thinks about it, "Then be careful on your way."

Yu Ze tickled the corner of his mouth, and said cheerfully: "We will
make an appointment next time."

Gu Ye nodded in response, holding the picture scroll and watching

the other's car go away before entering the house. Gu Yang was
watching TV in the living room, and when Gu Ye came back, he
snorted unhappy.

Gu Ye glanced at him puzzledly. He didn't know what kind of nerve

the bear kid committed, and he was about to go upstairs holding the

Gu Yang was unhappy, "Brother, didn't you see that I was unhappy?"

Gu Ye has just stepped up two steps, so he doesn't know why, "I can
see it."

Gu Yang raised his hand and wanted to slap the table. He raised it
high and didn't dare to take the picture. He asked aggrievedly: "Then
why don't you ask me why I am upset? You always asked before!"
Gu Ye endured a smile, "At that time you were young, and now you
are so big. Isn't it normal to be unhappy? I can't interfere with your
human rights."

Gu Yang turned off the TV angrily, and couldn't hold back anymore,
"You don't take me when you go out to play! You took me
everywhere you used to go! That man, who is that man? How can you
talk to people in society Make friends? What should I do if I get

Gu Ye shook his head dumbfounded, "You want to hang out with me

for a long time. Okay, tomorrow I will go fishing with my friends and
take you with me."

Gu Yang's stomping is not playing, the point is being cheated by

people in society! But if he could take him out to play together, he
forgave him this time.

Mrs. Gu came down from upstairs and said, "He is not allowed to go
anywhere. The final exam is coming next week."

"Oh, it's about to take the exam," Gu Ye looked at Gu Yang's

eyebrows, "Puff! He may not have a good exam this time. Mom, you
have to be mentally prepared. It's very bad!"

"You..." Mrs. Gu angrily pinched Gu Ye's ear, gritted her teeth and
said: "Don't tell this kind of thing! Don't tell!"

Gu Ye nodded obediently, "Well, I won't say it later."

Mrs. Gu let go of him angrily, her heart was so cold, it was so bad
before, what's worse! She winked at Gu Ye and said weakly: "Your
father is angry. He said that you would run out when your wings
were hard. He wanted to wait for you to eat with you for dinner, but
you didn't come back, so hurry up and coax him."

Gu Ye went upstairs helplessly, picked out the "Man Jiang Hong",

coaxed the small ones, and then coaxed the old ones. It is not easy for
him to do it every day.

Pushing open the door of Dad's study, Gu Ye put the painting in front
of Gu Decheng, who was cold-faced and angry, "Here."

"What is it?" Gu Decheng frowned and looked disgusted.

"You'll know when you open it. I wanted to wait two days for your
birthday to give it to you. Now, let me give it to you in advance. I'm
going to make this trip today to get this for you." Gu Ye didn't worry,
rely on it. On Dad's table, holding his hands, smiling at the other
person, curious and faceless.

"This is something you can't ask for if you have money, are you sure
you don't want to watch it?"

"Huh, what can be a good thing. For this, I won't go home?" Gu

Decheng opened the box angrily. He couldn't hide the curiosity under
his eyes. When he saw the scroll, he moved a little more carefully.
When he opened it, Gu Decheng stood up. I got up, "This is...this...that
written by Yu Lao?"
Gu Ye pursed his lips and said jokingly: "Yes, today I went to Yu's
house and did a favor to Yu Lao, just to beg you for a birthday
present. Are you still angry with me?"

"Who is angry?" Gu Decheng didn't know how to do it. He was afraid

that he might have torn up the picture. "Who told you that I was
angry. How can I be angry if you are so filial? Oh, this word is so
beautiful! "

Gu Ye smiled, "It's okay if you don't get angry. I'm tired, so I went
back to wash and sleep."

"Go go." Gu Decheng didn't look up, holding the picture scroll with
joy, looking for a place all over the wall, wanting to hang it up,
admiring it carefully, and being angry and forgetting it.

Gu Ye shrugged, and this one was also quite coaxing.

Going back to the room and taking a shower, Gu Ye wiped his hair
and went out of the bathroom. Suddenly, he felt a ghost gas coming.
He walked a few steps to the window and saw a dark ghost raising a
two-meter long knife and slashing it. He shattered the guard array he
had set up at the door, and rushed to him in the blink of an eye. Gu
Ye's face sank. Just when he opened the window, he was about to
curse. The ghost stood outside his window sill, his hoarse voice was a
bit embarrassing, "Sorry, I have used my strength."

Gu Ye: "...then next time, tap on it."

There was an awkward silence for a while, and Gu Ye couldn't hold
back anymore, "You don't follow Yu Ze, come to me at this time,


Gu Ye was anxious, "Then you say it!"

Chapter 32 Naked/run for thousands of years

Gu Ye died speechlessly. What's wrong with this elder brother, who

has come so far, is it okay to pretend to be dull gourd?

Brother Gui Jiang hesitated for a while, and handed Gu Ye a bell, "Call
me when you need help."

Gu Ye looked at the bell, and the power of the soul was pinched. No
matter where it was shook, the ghost would be able to hear it, giving
him a talisman. Asking someone to give gifts in advance, this
operation is fine, Gu Ye accepted it with a smile, "What then?"

The ghost will solemnly said: "Two things, one, I cannot tell the Lord
my existence."

Gu Ye twitched the corners of his mouth, "Lord? This is called...how

many years have you died?"
"It's been too long, I forgot."

Gu Ye is speechless, okay, this reason is also possible, "Why don't you

tell him?"

"He will not allow things that he can't see and cannot control to stay
with him."

Gu Ye frowned, is Yu Ze this character? Looks very gentle. He

wondered, "Then why are you following him?"

"The Lord has saved me three times, and I will protect him for the
third time."

Gu Ye had a look on his face, and said with emotion: "Well, I

understand, I will keep a secret for you. What about the second

The ghost will pause for a while, hesitatingly ask: "Can you lend me...
some money?"

Gu Ye: "Puff!"

As soon as the ghost looked at Gu Ye, he smiled, gave him a fist,

turned around and wanted to fly away, Gu Ye hurriedly stopped him,
"Big Brother Ghost! Wait a minute!"

The ghost turned his back to Gu Ye, but stopped obediently.

Gu Ye took out the cinnabar pen and talisman paper from the drawer,
drew a charm to hide the spirit of the ghost, and handed it to Brother
Ghost outside the window. I really don't know how he was so
ostentatious that he was not caught by someone who learned the
profound arts. .

"I will burn the money for you tomorrow. Don't worry, everything I
promised you will be done."

Brother Gui Jiang hugged Gu Ye again and flew away quickly with
his broad knife, embarrassed to stay for a second. Gu Ye thought for a
while, and the few times he saw him, it seemed that apart from the
mask, he had been surrounded by a black ghost. Why has this eldest
brother died for thousands of years? In other words, this eldest
brother has never been worshipped, and the poor even have no

Fuck! Streaked for thousands of years!

Gu Ye must repay his gratitude even if he runs naked, and Gu Ye is

immediately full of admiration for Brother Ghost.

After closing the window, Gu Ye inserted a piece of paper in the bell,

made the bell dumb, took off a string of beads from his wrist, tied the
bell and the beads together, and put it back on his wrist, looking at the
match. It was quite harmonious, and the corners of the mouth were
picked up with satisfaction, and then the young lady in the porcelain
bottle was released for a chat.

"I don't know what your name is yet."

"I don't have a name." The beauty in red stood aside with a soft face,
her voice was gentle and pleasant, quite like a Jiangnan woman.

Gu Ye thought for a while, "How about it's called red bean? When I
saw you, I thought of the word Acacia red bean, which is very

The beauty in red bowed, "Red beans thanks the owner for giving the

Gu Ye sighed, that was the master just now, and this was the master.
He got a toothache when listening, "If you want to follow me, call me
Master. If you have a place you want to go, I can help you too."

Hongdou shook his head and insisted on his original idea, "If I don't
go, I have nowhere to go in this world, just follow the young master."

"Okay, then." Gu Ye didn't persuade him. Looking at this seductive

beauty, he was so obedient, and his eyes were clean and transparent,
and he was not tainted by the world. He was only grateful. Thinking
about that big brother ghost who ran naked for thousands of years to
repay his favor, Gu Ye felt a little uncomfortable. "The ghost still
knows the knowledge of grace, and puts the two words of
benevolence and righteousness in his heart, even if I don't dare to
forget the reincarnation, why do I see so many ungrateful people? I
have watched a lot, and a little doubted life."

Gu Ye originally sent it with feelings. He didn't think about what Red

Bean could say. Unexpectedly, Red Bean intimately persuaded:
"Everything in the world has yin and yang, and there is good and bad.
Maybe the young master can see the secret of heaven, just for Find
bad people for God and punish bad people. There are many beautiful
sides, you don't touch them often."

Gu Ye blinked in surprise, "Azuki bean, what you said makes sense,

it's rare that you have such an understanding." Gu Ye took off the
string of beads from his wrist again. "It is said that this is my mother's
relic. The Taoist monk gave it to her, Red Bean, you can try to attach it
to this Buddhist bead."

Hongdou obediently turned himself into a wisp of blue smoke and

really attached to it.

Gu Ye smiled and bends his eyes in surprise, and he brought back a

lonely spirit in the painting. He did not expect to have such a high
level of comprehension and is also connected with the Buddha. "Red
beans, I will buy you some Buddhist scriptures tomorrow. You can
recite the scriptures when you are fine. Self-cultivation."

The Buddha beads emitted a red light, and then as usual, Gu Ye

smiled, lying on the bed looking at the beads and bells, and fell asleep

At six o'clock the next morning, Zhao Pengyu called to wake Gu Ye

and summoned him to assemble and go fishing! Gu Ye got up with a
look of sleepiness, and said that if he couldn't catch any fish today, he
would kick Zhao Pengyu into the water.

When he arrived at the reservoir, Gu Ye rented a fishing rod and a

deck chair and fell asleep directly by the water.
Zhao Pengyu disliked him, "You are here to fish, not to sleep. Can't
you catch what to eat at noon?"

"Who said I didn't catch it?" Gu Ye lazily watched Meiren's sister

sitting on the pony, holding his fishing rod intently. Gu Ye yawned
and said confidently: "My fish will know how to do it." Climb up and
down the fishing rod and jump into the bucket."

Zhao Pengyu rolled his eyes and believed in your ghost!

It didn't take long for the fishing rod beside Gu Ye to lift up by

himself, and a big fish was pulled out of the water by himself and
snapped into the bucket.

Zhao Pengyu, who was on the side, jumped up in shock, "Fuck! Gu

Ye! What kind of magic did you use?!"

Gu Ye lazily supported his chin, unscrewed the juice on his hand, and
handed it to his mouth. Gu Ye took a sip and said moved: "Maybe I
look good. Fish love me."

"Bah!" After Zhao Pengyu finished pooh, he suddenly thought of the

spirit body that Gu Ye had taken away. It was a spirit, not a ghost,
and could come out during the day. Could it be... Zhao Pengyu
couldn't help shaking his body when he thought of this possibility.
Come on, I refuse to share a dormitory with you."

Gu Ye smiled, "I want to apply for off-campus accommodation at the

university because I want to take my darlings with me. Do you want
to bear the rent together with me?"
"I reject!"

"Come on, hero~"

"Dad, let me go!" Zhao Pengyu felt chilly when he thought that he was
carrying a bunch of things he couldn't see.

Gu Ye sighed regretfully, "Can I only live by myself? Alas! The rent

near Imperial Capital University is expensive."

Zhao Pengyu was speechless, "You show people Feng Shui, and you
make a lot of money at a time, but still can't afford the rent? You still
think about which major you want to study."

"My dad fulfilled my wish when applying for college. I plan to listen
to him as a major, and study business management with you."

Zhao Pengyu got serious, "Yes, it is impossible for your dad to let you
keep fortune-telling."

Gu Ye shook his finger, "No, no, I just comfort him, I learn everything
the same, I have to go to the stall under the overpass."

Zhao Pengyu: "...I didn't say the previous sentence."

Classmate Zhao Pengyu is the kind of person who can do well as long
as he wants to do it. Before he came, he read the fishing manual in
advance and hooked whatever fish he wanted. He really caught a lot
of fish. The two ate two of them at noon, and brought back more than
twenty. The two divided them by bags, and each took a large bag back
to their mother. The smell was so heavy that the taxi master wanted to
refuse to take them.

When Gu Ye got home, Gu Yang had already gone to school, and the
house was extremely quiet. Mrs. Gu was pacing in the back garden
with the scissors alone, and when she saw the flowers that were not
pleasing to the eye, she clicked the scissors and stuffed it into the vase.

Gu Ye handed the fish to the nanny and asked in confusion, "Mom,

who made you angry?"

Mrs. Gu angrily cut a whole rose flower bald, gritted her teeth and
said: "I want to have a dog!"

"Raise it."

"The best-looking, most expensive one!"

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "What excites you?"

Mrs. Gu was angry when she thought of it, "That old woman Duan
Ying has a small dog, and she's with me!"

Gu Ye understood it right away. I don't know which dog raised by the

noblewoman shocked my mother. It was probably embarrassing. My
mother was holding a grudge. Gu Ye suggested: "Then don't raise the
most expensive one, you should raise the most lethal one, raise a big
wolf dog, and let him give you another one."
"Good idea!" Mrs. Gu's eyes were cold, "I want to raise a huge dog!"

That night, braised fish, squirrel fish, stewed fish, fried fish, steamed
fish, a table of fish was placed on the table, rows of dead fish eyes, Gu
Ye looked numb and regretted it, why did he bring the trophy back?
After a few simple bites, Gu Ye took out the bag of Ming coins bought
during the day while everyone in the family was eating, stole an iron
basin in the kitchen, and ran to the rockery and pulled the paper from
the bell. Come out, rang the bell, "Brother Ghost, here comes the

Not long after Mingbi was lit, a ghostly figure came to Gu Ye's side,
and was suppressed by Gu Ye's charm. This ghost brother is not so
public now, but from a visual point of view, it is still showing. Great
impact. With long black hair, a big knife more than two meters long,
and a mask with a grimace, it looks like a squatting and emotionless
murderous god.

"I will give you some clothes in the past, some ancient and some
modern ones, you pick them yourself." Gu Ye threw those clothes into
the brazier, looked up at Brother Ghost with a smile, his eyes filled
with appreciation. He likes the other person's affection and
righteousness, "If you need it in the future, you can come to me."

The ghost will have a low voice, "Thank you!"

Two words short, seem to weigh ten thousand catties.

Finally, Gu Ye threw the bag into the brazier. At this time, the security
guard at home noticed that there was a fire, so he ran to look
nervously and found that Gu Ye was squatting here to burn paper.
The security guard asked in a complicated mood: "San Shao, you Why
is this?"

Gu Ye said with a serious face: "Hush! I'm sending a courier to my


The security guard paused and ran away.

Gu Ye was wronged, what did he say? What are you running!


Early the next morning, someone pulled a cage with a cart and sent
the puppy that Mrs. Gu wanted. The people in the family were busy
building a kennel and greeted the little black dog out of the cage like a
little prince. Gu Ye looked interested in the past, and the corners of his
mouth twitched. His little mother bought a Great Dane.

Gu Ye looked at his little mother pinching her waist, with a look of

superiority that the old mother had already won, and asked curiously:
"Mom, what kind of dog is that dog with you?"

Mrs. Gu looked disdainful, "Haha, just a Teddy."

Gu Ye looked at the Great Dane that was already a Teddy in the cub
stage, admiringly gave his mother a thumb, "Enough!"
After wandering around on the lawn for a while, the puppy began to
run around mischievously. His big black eyes blinked and blinked,
and he looked clever. Mrs. Gu named it "King of Dogs". It can be seen
that she has high hopes for its future combat effectiveness.

Gu Ye held the ball and teased it for a while. The King of Dog had
already known Gu Ye, so where did Gu Ye go. He was teasing the dog
at home. The security guard called him: "Sir, there is a woman at the
door, saying that it is your classmate Xia Xiang's mother, and I am
looking for you in a hurry."

"Xia Xiang?" Gu Ye frowned. From Xia Xiang's reaction, it can be seen

that Xia Xiang's family didn't like him. It should be a repulsive
attitude. His mother came to find him in person. What happened?

As soon as Gu Ye arrived at the door, a well-dressed woman hurried

over and asked with red eyes, "You are Xia Xiang's classmate, Gu Ye?"

Gu Ye nodded, "It's me."

In the next second, Xia Xiang's mother knelt down to Gu Ye, "Little sir,
please save my son! My son is dead!"

Gu Ye was so frightened that he jumped to the side for more than a

meter, avoided the kneeling, and helped Xia's mother up with the
security guard. "Auntie, don't worry. Speak slowly, what's wrong
with Xia Xiang?"

Xia Xiang's mother cried: "Xia Xiang's brother went to the ghost house
with his classmates on an expedition. In the ghost house, he fainted.
He came back and stayed unconscious. Then Xia Xiang followed him
and couldn't wake up. Now both brothers are here. Lying in the
hospital. Xia Xiang's eyes can see dirty things since he was a child. He
must have seen something that made it like this. I heard that Zhao
Pengyu was rescued by you. Please save my two sons! "

A mother who was about to lose her two sons was emotionally
broken. Gu Ye comforted him: "Calm down first. Xia Xiang is not
short-lived. I showed him that he can live to 80 years old. Let's go

At this time in the hospital where Xia Xiang was located, the two
masters collapsed and refunded the money to the Xia family. "It's not
that our brothers can't be saved, they really can't be saved." The older
one took off his hat and said brokenly: "Look, they got this! My
junior's clothes were also cut, and his body was full of fist prints."

The master's hair is like a tender grass that has been gnawed by cows.
On top of the shiny head, there are only a few sparse hairs that are
still alive. There are some hairs on both sides of the ears, but they are
also uneven, obviously. I can see that the technique that shaved his
head is really bad. After being spoofed all night, they really can't
stand it!

Chapter 33 Night Visit Ghost House

Gu Ye came to the gate of the hospital and just saw two young men
with ugly faces. Xia Xiang's mother hurriedly stopped the car when
she saw it, and ran down and asked, "Two masters, how is my son?"
The elder said, "I'm sorry, elder sister, please be clever!" After saying
that, he flung off and walked away.

Mama Xia's body was stunned, and she looked at Gu Ye's eyes more
cautiously, like seeing the last straw that could save her two children.

Gu Ye sighed, pitying the hearts of his parents, he couldn't hold back

this look.

A few minutes later, Gu Ye saw Xia Xiang and Xia An in the same
ward. Xia An is two years older than Xia Xiang, and she seems to
know a lot more physically than Xia Xiang, lying on the hospital bed
is exactly two sizes older than Xia Xiang. Gu Ye saw the grandparents
sitting next to Xia Xiang, and then looked at his father who was sitting
alone between the two brothers. He couldn't help but squinted.

Seeing Gu Ye, Xia Xiang's family all stood up and asked nervously, "Is
it Mr. Gu Xiao?"

Gu Ye nodded and held out a finger, "I only have one request. No
matter what I do for a while, don't talk, don't disturb me."

Grandma Xia Xiang nervously asked, "Mr., can my grandson be


Gu Ye's mouth twitched, "Which one are you talking about?"

The old lady said nervously: "The two grandsons must be saved."
Gu Ye smiled and said, "If your grandson hears these words, he
should be very happy."

The Xia family was taken aback, and what Gu Ye said seemed to have
something in it. Before they could come over, Gu Ye had already gone
to see people. He looked at Xia Xiang first, and pointed his finger
between Xia Xiang's eyebrows, "I have been dragged away, and I can't
call my soul back. This hapless boy, yes How did you live so big?"

Mother Xia's nervous face turned pale, she just wanted to speak, and
thought of what Gu Ye said just now, she closed her mouth tightly
with tears in her eyes.

Gu Ye looked at Xia An again, his face lightened slightly, "My brother

is okay, he only lost his soul, and I can wake him up in a while,
Auntie, you can talk."

Mom Xia came up and asked, "What about Xia Xiang?"

Gu Ye smiled, "Auntie, do you really not love your eldest son?"

Mother Xia was anxious, "How come?"

"Your family gave me the feeling that the boss is not important, and
the second child is the treasure. Have you ever thought about the
feelings of the boss in your heart?" Gu Ye looked at the boss's face,
"Xia An has not studied well since she was a child. He is inferior to
my younger brother everywhere, he is rebellious, disobedient, and
dislikes Xia Xiang even less, right?"
The expressions of the Xia family changed, and Gu Ye was right.

Mother Xia wiped her tears and said with red eyes: "The palms of the
palms and the backs of the hands are all fleshy. How can it not hurt?
Xia Xiang has been in poor health since he was a child, and his eyes
are like that. Our whole family is afraid of what he will get If he was
killed, he would be more concerned about him. It may be because of
this that the boss has resentment, is becoming more and more
disobedient, and unwilling to communicate with us. We are also
responsible for this incident."

Xia Xiang's father also regretted, "If we care more about him, we won't
let him become what he is now. If he doesn't go out with that group of
friends, he won't have today."

"Wait for Xia An to wake up, you can communicate with him, I think
he is a responsible person, just lack of love." Gu Ye held a piece of
talisman paper in both hands and asked for Xia An's birthday. Folded
into four squares, pressed against Xia An's head, "Xia An? Xia An?"

After yelling twice, Xia An didn't respond, and Gu Ye frowned. "It

shouldn't be, unless he doesn't want to come back."

"I don't want to come back?" When the Xia family heard this, they
were nervous to get together. Mother Xia directly cried out, "Are you
angry with us and don't want to live anymore?"

As soon as he heard the cry of being a mother, Gu Ye's head hurts,

"You calm down! I think there is another possibility." Gu Ye looked at
Xia Xiang, who had lost his soul and soul, and it had been two days.
This piece of sweet pastry has a stable breath, and it hasn't been eaten
all. There is definitely a reason, "He should be with Xia Xiang,
otherwise Xia Xiang will not just lose a soul and a soul."

"Is he protecting his younger brother?" At this point, Mama Xia

started crying again, and Gu Ye helped her forehead. He liked the
sensible type of Mama Zhao, and the kind of his little mother who
made others cry when she was wronged. A woman like Mama Xia is
not good, but he can't handle it. Gu Ye squeezed his forehead,
"Auntie, don't cry. It's easy to find them. Do you know which ghost
house Xia An went to explore?"

Father Xia comforted his wife and asked her to go to the side to calm
down. He shook his head and said, "We are not quite sure about this. I
will ask his classmates."

When the other party called, Gu Ye tilted his head and looked at the
ward. From the moment he walked in, he felt something peeping at
him. Just now, he felt more obvious. There is not just a ghost here,
there are several!

Gu Ye sighed and said faintly: "A place like a hospital is where yin
and yang meet. No wonder you dare to get out during the day.
Trouble, close the curtains and close the door."

The Xia family obediently followed suit. This ward was a special
ward, and the curtains were shaded and sunscreened. After being
closed, the entire room was dark, almost as dark as it was dark.

Gu Ye walked to the shelf in the corner. There was a small vase on the
top floor with a few pink fake flowers in it. A sneer appeared at the
corner of Gu Ye's mouth. He picked up a cinnabar pen and drew in
the void. A red line went into the vase. Inside, the next second will
pull out the dark things of the day. Gu Ye shook his hand and threw it
on the ground. The black shadow turned into a villain in the blink of
an eye. The little thing was about to struggle. A cinnabar pen had
already been poked on his head. Gu Ye said with a cold face, "Don't

Feeling Gu Ye's killing intent, the group of black shadows was so

scared that they trembled and did not dare to move.

After seeing what this dark shadow was, Gu Ye's eyes widened in
surprise, "Child?"

The ghost image shrank into a ball in fright, and was scared enough
by Gu Ye's ferocity just now.

Gu Ye frowned, his eyes fell under the bed again, crouched down,
reached out and took out a little black man from under the bed, and
drew twice in the void with a cinnabar pen. In order to prevent him
from escaping, Gu Ye still tied him. Put it at the root of the wall.

Gu Ye pointed at them and frightened: "Squat for me, don't move!

Who will spank who will do it!"

The two little ghosts were frightened by Gu Ye, as if they were not a
human being, but a big demon who could eat people.

Looking at them, Gu Ye's expression gradually became serious. He

thought that he could play the master as a ghost like that, he was very
strong, and he did a lot of evil, and he was ready for a battle. He
didn't expect to take out the souls of two children. What surprised
him the most was that these two children were physically incomplete.
They should have been incomplete when they were alive. It can be
said that it is a coincidence that one is like this. Why are both of them
like this?

At this moment, Gu Ye suddenly felt a chill on the back of his head,

and a biting cold air suddenly struck him. Gu Ye looked back
abruptly and saw a strange red light flashing from the air outlet of the
air conditioner. Gu Ye lifted the cinnabar pen, The red line flicked
over, tied the kid inside, and dragged it out directly. This kid was
obviously bigger than the two. His left arm was deformed, his teeth
were fiercely bared, and he wanted to rush to bite Gu Ye. Gu Ye
grabbed the back of his neck with one hand, drew a red line to tie him
two more times, and pressed it against the wall.

Seeing him, Gu Ye suddenly had an unknown premonition in his

heart, that he was also physically incomplete.

"Azuki beans, get me back the two who ran away." As soon as Gu Ye's
voice fell, the buddha beads on his wrist flashed a red light, and
disappeared in a blink of an eye. After a few breaths, the two little
black men were also picked up by the red beans. Tied with a red
thread and pressed in the corner.

Five little ghosts squatted at the root of the wall like carrots. Gu Ye
looked at the souls of these five children with an ugly expression.
They were all physically weak!

At this time, Xia Xiang's father finished the phone call, and his voice
trembling said: "Little sir, I just asked the family of two Xia An
students. They said that after returning, their children will be the
same as Xia An. Unconscious."
Gu Ye calmly said, "No need to ask, it is more appropriate to ask

None of Xia Xiang's family could see these little ghosts. The more
invisible things, the more weird they felt. They all stood pale in the
corner by the window, afraid to speak. Gu Ye looked at them, and
reluctantly took out a porcelain bottle, took all these little ghosts away,
stood up and said, "Tonight I will go to the ghost house to find the
brothers. Now I seal their souls. They His condition will not get
worse, just wait for my news."

The Xia family gratefully sent Gu Ye out. Gu Ye asked for Xia Xiang's
father's mobile phone number and kept it for backup. As soon as he
left the hospital, Gu Ye received a message from Zhao Pengyu: I heard
that Xia Xiang had an accident. Did you go to the hospital?

Gu Ye: At the First People's Hospital.

Zhao Pengyu replied in seconds: Stay still, wait for me to find you!

Half an hour later, Zhao Pengyu went to the door of the hospital in
sweat, found Gu Ye who was eating popsicles, and asked anxiously:
"What's the matter? Is Xia Xiang saved?"

Gu Ye shook his head and gnawed his mouth to calm down.

Zhao Pengyu was scared, "What's the situation? You can't save it?"
Gu Ye said faintly: "Brothers Xia Xiang are still saved. I will go to the
ghost house tonight to solve the problem. They should wake up
tomorrow morning."

"go by yourself?"

Gu Ye nodded, "It's okay, I'm used to going all alone."

Zhao Pengyu was not relieved, "I will go with you. If there are ghosts,
you will deal with them, and people will come to me to block."

Gu Ye was enthusiastic in his heart, and patted Zhao Pengyu on the

shoulder, "I can go by myself. You are not in this business. Some
things are scary."

"Then find a friend who travels with you to go with you!"

Gu Ye smiled awkwardly, "Okay, I'll look for it in a while."

"Looking for a fart, you just don't see it." Zhao Pengyu also knows Gu
Ye's temperament. He seems to laugh at everyone, and there is no
distance. In fact, it is difficult for others to enter his heart. He keeps
distance from everyone. He and Xia Xiang should be Gu Ye Weier's
friends, not friends who can say anything.

Zhao Pengyu also bought a popsicle at the entrance of the hospital,

and said while eating: "I'll accompany you. I bring equipment. Didn't
you say that I have a strong yang energy? When there is something
wrong, I will stand forward and be a guard. Fu is invincible!"
Gu Ye curled up his mouth, "If you want to follow along, please
follow, thank you."

Zhao Pengyu smiled and thumped Gu Ye's shoulder, "Thank you,

who made us buddies?"

Gu Ye asked for a leave of absence from his family first, and at about
ten o'clock in the evening, he took a taxi to the address he asked for
from a few brats. This is a very ordinary alley, and the people who
live in it are also very ordinary. Walking from the entrance of the alley
to the deepest point, there is a half-old courtyard house. When the
two got out of the car, Gu Ye raised his head and glanced at the sky
above the courtyard. The bad premonition became stronger and
stronger. Gu Ye reminded: "Let's be careful."

"I'll go up first." Zhao Pengyu was tall and thought he was much
stronger than Gu Ye's small body. He walked over without fear, and
pushed the door open. "Huh? This door turned out to be false!"

Zhao Pengyu took out the flashlight he prepared in advance from his
backpack and shone it directly in front of him. When he saw what was
posted on the door, his scalp was numb with fright, "Look, Gu Ye,
what is that?"

There is a gossip picture hanging directly above the door. It is drawn

from a yellow bottom plate and blood-red cinnabar. From a distance,
the cinnabar looks like solidified blood, let alone in the middle of the
night, even during the day. People feel panicked.
"Ghost town, it's not that nobody lives here, it's something
inhumanity who lived here!" Gu Ye's eyebrows were cold, and he was
already murderous.

Zhao Pengyu looked at the record on the phone, "I checked the
information on the gossip forum in the afternoon. This ghost house
was built in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of
China, and it has been taken care of. It has only been abandoned in
recent years. The rumors of haunting have been since then. It hasn't
been broken. Look at the house number, count from the front yard,
from 001 to 022,023, here it is directly 24, one zero is missing."

Gu Ye was puzzled, "Why?"

Zhao Pengyu couldn't laugh or cry, "That's why it's weird! It is said
that there are often children's crying in the middle of the night."

"Children?" Gu Ye pursed his mouth, his eyes cold again.

The whole yard was quiet, and under the moonlight, the gossip chart
exuded a long red light, as if it was pressing something hard. Gu Ye
took out a written talisman paper from his pocket and said to Zhao
Pengyu: "I want to destroy the things in this town house, so that I can
find Xia Xiang's soul. Some unnatural things may happen in a while.
Stay closer to me."

"Don't worry, I've been mentally prepared for a long time." Zhao
Pengyu sneered and took out two wooden swords from his bulging
backpack. There were holes in the middle, and they could be inserted
together to become a complete sword. Take out my big sword, and I
will cut anyone who provokes me!"
Gu Ye looked at the body of the sword, the three words "Peach Wood
Sword" were written plainly, and immediately gave him a thumbs up
admiringly. Zhao Pengyu is upright, and the ghosts avoid him by
three points. Although he was deceived, this wooden sword is
actually a common poplar tree. As long as he has sufficient
momentum, he can still fight ghosts.

After Zhao Pengyu set up his posture, the talisman paper in Gu Ye's
hand flew by itself and floated towards the gossip chart. It seemed to
be light and powerful, but when it came in contact with it, it made a
"bang" and gave out a purple light. The red, bloody color darkened.
Zhao Pengyu cursed excitedly: "Fuck! It's so awesome! This is the
same as making a movie!"

Gu Ye is speechless, and when he gets excited, swear words are okay?

With his eyes closed, he felt the haunting spirits pouring up from all
directions, and raised his hand to point to the house beside them,
"There! The breath of strangers!"

As soon as Gu Ye ran, Zhao Pengyu carried a peach wood sword with

his bag on his back, and ran in immediately, almost hitting Gu Ye's
back. The room was empty, like a warehouse, with some white things
in front of them, all in a section, and I couldn't see what they were.
Zhao Pengyu took a flashlight and turned his face pale.

"Don't be afraid, this is fake." Gu Ye walked over, picked up a human

arm, and shook it at Zhao Pengyu. "The plastic one should be
removed from the model."
Zhao Pengyu's breath stuck in his throat finally eased, and he cursed
fiercely: "Neurotic! Put these broken models here to scare people!"

Gu Ye took the arm over and "photographed the fracture."

Zhao Pengyu wants to scold the street even more, "What are the man-
made, full-fledged destroying models doing, and making them so
realistic! Hey? You see, is it mostly children?" Zhao Pengyu found the
problem, "Why destroy child models? ?"

Gu Ye sank his face and said, "Frighten the child. If you don't behave,
this is the end." After Gu Ye finished speaking, he suddenly sensed a
soul running from outside, and he stood up and chased after him.

Zhao Pengyu caught up from behind, "Is it Xia Xiang?"

"I don't know." Gu Ye ran a few steps, and saw a dark shadow
blinking into a room. He seemed to be holding something in his arms.
He followed and ran over, opened the door, and came head on. Gu Ye
was taken aback by the bloody human face, and he took a step back
subconsciously, and then looked in front of him, it turned out to be a
bloody mirror with his own face.

Gu Ye dragged the mirror off in angrily, slammed it to the ground,

and went up again to make a foot, "Red Bean, you smashed all this
scaring stuff here!"

The red beans floated out and looked at Gu Ye's desperate look with a
smile, and said gently: "Okay."
Gu Ye immediately felt that his violent temper was suppressed, and
sister Hongdou had the power to soothe people inexplicably. Seeing
Hongdou found a lot of these things from the house, Gu Ye was
amused. "How bad is it that you have done so much to be so afraid of
ghosts knocking on the door?"

"Gu Ye! Come!" Zhao Pengyu whispered outside the door. Gu Ye

went out to take a look. The other party had already pried open the
window next door. Inside was a bedroom with many small beds, all of
which were bunk beds. Little children have lived."

Gu Ye crawled inside first, "Go in and take a look."

The two jumped in from the window and bypassed the small beds.
There was a small door in the innermost part. When they opened the
door, they were shocked. Zhao Pengyu was even more frightened and
jumped on the spot, "hastily!!! Ah ah ah!!!"


Zhao Pengyu's face turned pale and pointed to the scene in front of
him, "Hey, don't you call the police, do you keep it for the New

It is not the living room at all, but a big grave pile. Who would repair
a grave in the living room! Looking at the edge of the tomb, a dozen
tombstones, large and small, were piled up together. Zhao Pengyu
didn't dare to look at it. He gave Gu Ye a flashlight, holding a wooden
sword in both hands, and was always ready to fight with others.

Gu Ye took a flashlight and squatted down and watched, "This tomb

belonged to a large family in the Qing Dynasty. It is a family. This
tomb was built by the descendants of this family. Later, it was
converted into a residential area and the descendants bought it. The
house is built."

Zhao Pengyu's hands trembled, "Who told you?"

Gu Ye chuckled lightly, "It's written on this tombstone."

Zhao Pengyu still feels weird, "If you are sick, build the grave in the
house! There are traces of people living around this grave bag. Are
you crazy to sleep here?"

At this time, another black shadow flashed by, and Gu Ye pointed at

the black shadow: "Hongdou, grab him!"

Zhao Pengyu's face turned pale, "Who is Red Bean?"

Gu Ye patted him and comforted: "Don't be afraid, no one here can

hurt you. You have been living with your brother-in-law for so many
days, and you have been stained with purple air. What are you afraid

Zhao Pengyu looked at himself, "What kind of purple gas?"

"It's a kind of baby that you don't know how to use with you. As long
as you know, ghosts don't dare to approach you."

As soon as Zhao Pengyu heard this, he straightened up his chest. Just

as he wanted to make a big push, he heard a "da da da" sound from
above his head. As soon as he raised his head, there was a villain
hanging on the beam of the room, dangling back and forth.

Zhao Pengyu took a deep breath, and the courage he had just plucked
up almost drew back in terror, and he would call the police when he
took out his mobile phone.

Gu Ye took a photo with a flashlight, and said calmly: "There is no

lifelessness, it is a doll."

Zhao Pengyu was really annoyed, "I'm sick, what are you doing with
the puppet?!"

Gu Ye looked at his expression and regretted it. He shouldn't have

been brought here. For him, the everyday things are all frightening to
ordinary people.

Zhao Pengyu looked at Gu Ye in admiration, and felt a little bit

painful, "My buddy, what kind of training have you received since
childhood, why are you not afraid at all?"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "If you get used to it, it will be fine."
Zhao Pengyu feels even more sympathetic to him. He is not
accustomed to this kind of thing, and he still believes when it is

At this time, the doll on the beam suddenly fell by itself and fell to the
ground. A pair of blind eyes, looked at them directly, and then

Zhao Pengyu really didn't believe it this time. "This puppet is quite
realistic and will blink his eyes."

"Emmmm..." Gu Ye's complexion was not embarrassing to say that

just now, this baby was silly.

Zhao Pengyu stabbed the doll with a wooden sword. He just wanted
to complain that this is a complete one. Unexpectedly, the horror
came. The doll stood up straight, and after turning around 360
degrees in place, Da Da Da ran away.

Zhao Pengyu is full of thoughts: ran away...ran away...ran away...

After nineteen years of living, Zhao Pengyu has never suffered such a
fright. Even if the ghost wife came to the door, he has never been so
scared. Classmate Zhao Pengyu became furious. He chased up with
the speed of grabbing the ball. He jumped up and kicked the doll
directly. "Everyone dare to scare Lao Tzu! It's not over!"

Gu Ye Fue, he actually made such a violent friend, it was terrible!

Chapter 34 Extremely Tragic Tragedy

That doll probably did not expect that someone not only was not
afraid of him, but could also come up and beat him ferociously, lying
on the ground staring at Zhao Pengyu dumbfoundedly for five
seconds, and then rolled in Zhao Pengyu's fierce eyes The body,
hands and feet are crawling away, and the thief crawls quickly.

Zhao Pengyu caught up with angrily and stepped on the ground with
one foot. "You scared me and want to leave. I don't want to lose face?"

Gu Ye hurriedly pulled him away, took the doll's arm, lifted the doll
from the ground, and patted the dirt on his body, "You are gentle with
him, he is still a child."

Zhao Pengyu sneered, "I'm still a baby!"

Gu Ye was speechless, "I know, you are a giant baby, he is really a


Zhao Pengyu made a cut, expressing his deep disdain for this kid.
After discovering that ghosts can be beaten, Zhao Pengyu's aura
instantly jumped to 18 meters. Now he is like the God of War, just
wanting to fight with the ghost.

The puppet was frightened by Zhao Pengyu, and cried out with a
"wow" voice. The voice seemed to be squeezed out of the throat. It
was heavy and muffled, but it was strangely harsh, making people
buzzing in their heads. But it sounds like a child. Zhao Pengyu was
dumbfounded, "Fuck it! Milky baby!"
Gu Ye rolled his eyes, "I told you it was a child, you don't believe me!"

At this time, I heard the voice of a little girl singing: "Ten villains are
eating together, one choked to death and nine are left. Nine villains
stay up late, and one overslept has eight. People go to play, one is left
there and there are seven left. Seven villains are cutting wood, one is
cutting himself in half and six are left..."

In such a strange environment, such a clear ballad is sung in such a

quiet courtyard. She is still a young girl with an immature voice. I
want to know that no girl will come here in the middle of the night.
Zhao Pengyu became nervous, "What the hell? Singing ghost?"

Gu Ye frowned, "It sounds like a horrible nursery rhyme."

The nursery rhyme is still singing, getting closer and closer to them,
and it becomes clearer and clearer, "Six villains play a beehive, one
was stung by a wasp and five are left. Five villains entered the
hospital, and one was left behind. There are four remaining. Four
villains go to the beach, one is eaten by sharks and three are left."

Zhao Pengyu was scared of goose bumps by this weird nursery

rhyme, "Is this ballad implying something? How can it not be easy to
die?" He looked around and said vigilantly: "How do I think this place
is a bit like... Where children are raised illegally."

Gu Ye looked at the crying little ghost in his hand, and said with a
calm face: "Yes, the ghosts here are all children with incomplete limbs.
I asked those little ghosts, they are all kidnapped children. Some were
kidnapped. They dug their organs and died on the spot. Some had
their bones broken many times, causing their bones to grow deformed
and sent to different places to beg. Those who couldn't support it all
died here. It's better to say that this ghost house is terrible. Said it is
the human heart, using this somewhat horrible house to do utter

Zhao Pengyu's face cooled down, and he cursed angrily: "These

beasts!" Looking at the doll in Gu Ye's hand, Zhao Pengyu couldn't
help patting the dust on the villain, "Sorry, kicking hurts." No?"

The little doll didn't expect Zhao Pengyu to apologize to him, but the
crying finally stopped, twisting his body uncomfortably, still trying to

Gu Ye took out the small porcelain bottle from his pocket and pulled
the little ghost's soul out of the doll. "When the matter here is
resolved, I will send you to reincarnation. Can you tell me which ones
you caught? Where is the individual?"

The villain struggled with fear and did not cooperate at all. Gu Ye had
no choice but to stuff him into the bottle.

At this time, a red shadow flashed in front of him, and Hongdou came
back carrying a kid, "Master, caught it."

The child was holding a little rabbit doll in his arms. Gu Ye clearly felt
the breath of life in the rabbit. In the past, he snatched the rabbit and
took out the stuffed soul. It was a stranger's. Young, looks about the
same as Xia An. The man burst into tears as soon as he came out, "Oh
my God, I dreamt that I became a plush toy!"
Gu Ye kicked the opponent coldly, and said disgustedly: "You are not
dreaming, you are dying! A ghost house for fart hunting! Where are
your classmates?"

"I, I don't know!" The man looked around in horror, "Why am I here?
Didn't I go home?"

Gu Ye held his head upset and said, "Seven spirits protect life, three
sanctuary, go back!"

The man disappeared in the blink of an eye. When the little man saw
that his toys were gone, he cried out with a "wow". Gu Ye picked him
up and stared and frightened: "Where are the few people you caught?
You? If you don't say anything, I'll..." The child's eyes are hollow.
Even if he can't see his eyes, he can still feel his fear. Gu Ye frightened
a few words and couldn't say anything. He held the child in his arms.
Patted lightly, and coaxed: "Okay, don't cry, don't you just want toys?
Brother buy you a car."

Zhao Pengyu couldn't see anything, and was anxious, "Why can't I see
it, let me see!"

Gu Ye clicked on his eyebrows and opened his eyes to see the tragic
situation of the child in front of him. Zhao Pengyu couldn't care about
being scared anymore. He only felt an evil fire in his forehead, "These
beasts, catch They were not shot eight hundred times!"

At this moment, a little girl in a red dress came out the window
silently, staring at them with blood-red eyes, staring at them without
blinking, her little red mouth moved, and the weird nursery rhyme
began again. "Three little men walked into the zoo, one was captured
by a big bear and there were two left. Two little men basked in the
sun, one died from heat and only one remained. One little man felt so
lonely, and there was no one left after he hung up. Ha ha ha ha... ha
ha ha ha... not one left, all dead."

Gu Ye looked at the window, and the little girl looked at him with a
smile on her lips. A pair of shallow dimples on her face were so cute
that they looked strangely strange now. At this time, the window
slammed shut, and all the light in the room was the flashlight in Gu
Ye's hand.

"Gluck..." A crisp laughter continued from outside the window. It

sounded innocent, and full of resentment when listening carefully.

Zhao Pengyu pushed the window nervously, and found that it was as
if it was welded, not moving.

Gu Ye sighed, "Children, the most powerful thing here is you, right?

You stuffed the soul of the people who entered this yard into the

"Gluck..." A string of sweet laughter came out the window again, "All
dead, all dead, not one left, all dead!"

Gu Ye crossed the tomb bag and walked to the locked door, "Little
girl, do you think this can trap me?" Gu Ye lifted his foot, kicked the
door with one foot, and screamed, the whole wooden door He kicked
them all out.
The little girl was so scared that she flew out so far, Gu Ye rushed out
to chase her. Unexpectedly, after seeing the scene in the yard, Gu Ye

In the yard, I don't know when there will be so many more children,
but there are more than 30 children. Depending on the height, they
range from three or four to seven or eight. Each of them is physically

I have seen too many tragedies in the world, separation of life and
death, and too many moral decay and loss of humanity. Gu Ye
thought that he had become a hard-hearted man and had become a
perfect bystander, able to face various things rationally. But now, he
suddenly couldn't restrain his heartache, nor could he restrain his
impulse to kill the scum.

"Gu Ye, these children..." Zhao Pengyu couldn't continue, saying that
the criminals were beasts, and they were all insulting beasts.

Several of the children were holding the worn-out rag dolls in their
arms. Gu Ye already felt the souls hidden in them, and now he was
reluctant to snatch them from the hands of these hard-working
children. Gu Ye knelt down under the hostile gaze of the children, and
released the little ghosts he had caught. Seeing that they were safe and
sound, all the children were about to move, trying to surround
themselves, but were afraid of Gu Ye. Dare not come.

"Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you. The police will take you home and
bring you back to Mom and Dad. There will be no bad guys in the
future." Gu Ye spread his hands and said with a smile: "Look, brother.
There is nothing in it, and it won't hurt you."
The little girl in a red skirt stood quietly in front of Gu Ye, watching
him smile at them, without stepping forward, and doing nothing. She
didn't believe Gu Ye very much.

Gu Ye reached out to the little girl and asked with a smile, "Do you
want to go home? I will help you."

The little girl looked at Gu Ye's eyes and took a tentative step forward,
and found that Gu Ye hadn't moved, and then took a small step
forward, little by little, before moving to Gu Ye's eyes, reaching out
her hand, and gradually approaching Gu. Ye's palm closes. Just when
she was about to catch it, the little girl showed a dark sneer at the
corner of her mouth, and a cold ghost went directly to Gu Ye's eyes!

The speed of this kid is too fast, no one thought that she would
suddenly turn her face, and there was such a cruel move, Gu Ye
conditionally raised her hand to block it, but it was too late, and her
eyes were already feeling the cold ghost. At this moment, the Buddha
beads on the wrist emitted a dazzling golden light, and the little girl
was instantly flew out by this golden light. Gu Ye looked at this bead
in horror, and when he looked up again, he saw the little girl's spiteful
face, "Liar! You are all liars! All are liars!"

"I don't want to do it with you, it doesn't mean that I won't hit the bear
boy!" Gu Ye stood up, a little angry, but more angry at those who lied
to this child, how many nightmares such a small child experienced
before he changed. No one believes it anymore?
Gu Ye walked over, and under the little girl's bitter eyes, he reached
out and hugged her up, "You will be honest with me, and I will take
you home."

The little girl widened her eyes and felt the temperature in Gu Ye's
arms. She tilted her head back in disbelief and looked at Gu Ye's
bright black eyes. She was so close, she could clearly feel these eyes.
What kind of tenderness is buried under her eyes, it seems to be really
different from the people who lied to her with the gentle mask before.
The little girl asked defensively: "Why are you helping me? Do you
want to take off my clothes like those uncles?"

With this sentence, Gu Ye breathed, feeling that his heart was grabbed
by something, "No," Gu Ye held the child tightly with a cold face,
fingers trembling, "I just want to let those people Scum to die."

At this time, in the yard next door, someone quietly called: "Brother
Long, two people came in next door. They opened the door. They
must have found something. What should I do?"

"What can I do? What else can I do?" The popularity on the other end
of the phone was ruinously said: "Stoned to death, car crashed to
death, roped to death, I don't care what you do, I must make them
shut up forever. Otherwise, it's us who die! How the hell do you look
at the yard, how did you let people in? So did those people two days
ago, how did you get in!"

The young man was sweating coldly and said nervously, "I clearly
remembered that I locked the door, and it was locked inside. I don't
know how they opened it!"
"You will explain to me later, if you stop them, I will bring someone
there soon."

"Okay Brother Long, I will go to Brother Long immediately."

Gu Ye hugged the little girl and returned to the house with a tomb
bag. "Are your bones buried here?"

"Yes." The little girl still had a defensive attitude, and didn't do
anything to Gu Ye because she felt that Gu Ye was too powerful and
she couldn't beat it.

Gu Ye turned over the tombstones at the base of the wall and saw a
coffin that was not tightly covered. The flashlight shone through the
gap. Gu Ye pursed his mouth and couldn't bear to look again.

Zhao Pengyu came over, "Gu Ye, call the police, we can't dig out their
remains here, let alone, there are too many." Zhao Pengyu's voice was
trembling when it came to the last three words.

Gu Ye calmly said, "Let's find Xia Xiang and them first, little girl, we
can exchange terms." This little girl will not let go of wariness without
exchanging terms. She always feels that he is unruly. Gu Ye said
straightforwardly: " The few people you caught the other day are
released, and I will help you go home. There are my friends in there,
and his parents are waiting for him to come home."

The little girl said defensively: "Two of them have already run away,
and I can't pay you back."
"Run?" Gu Ye had a bad feeling that the two brothers Xia Xiang ran

Zhao Pengyu also has a headache, "Isn't this adding chaos?"

"Red beans are looking for them, they can't get out of this yard." Just
after Gu Ye finished speaking, a big grizzly bear rag doll holding a
small green dinosaur, got out of the wood at the root of the wall with
difficulty, and ran over quickly. As soon as they came out, all the little
ghosts in the yard looked over and found the little dinosaurs in their
arms. All the little ghosts rushed over with excitement like chicken
blood. The bear looked at this posture and was so scared that he
hugged him tightly. The dinosaur flew away.

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, and he pointed to the running cloth bear: "Xia

Xionghua looked back, and with this meal, the little ghosts caught up
with him and rushed up to grab the little dinosaur in his arms. This
little dinosaur is like an addictive candy to them, everyone wants it.

Zhao Pengyu ran over with a wooden sword, and said fiercely, "Get
out of the way! Whoever grabs it will not send him home!"

The little ghosts were frightened and quickly dispersed, forming a

circle, looking at the bear lying on the ground as if looking at the
sweet pastry.

"Are you Xia An? We're here to rescue you, where's your brother?"
Zhao Pengyu twitched his mouth, and couldn't bear to look directly at
this torn bear that exposed cotton.
Little Xiong looked down at the little green dinosaur that was held in
his arms and also pulled out of cotton.

Zhao Pengyu twitched his mouth and stretched out his hand, trying
to touch Xia Xiang like this, but Xia An kicked his hand on the back of
his hand, and seemed to be quite temperamental.

Zhao Pengyu raised his hand helplessly, "I'm sorry, I won't touch it,
your brothers' tempers are too different."

Xia An anxiously pointed at the next door and then at the door,
anxiously dancing and dancing, Zhao Pengyu was puzzled, "What do
you want to say, say it!"

Gu Ye ran over, clasped Xiao Xiong's head with one hand, and pulled
Xia An's soul out. Xia An's first words were: "I fucking told you to run
away! Someone is here! With a gun!"

As soon as these words fell, a dozen people wearing masks rushed in

at the door, and they locked the door with their backhands. The little
devil who was present saw them and jumped around in fright. Gu
Ye's eyes were quick and quick, he picked up the little dinosaur that
fell on the ground, pulled Xia Xiang's soul out without stopping for a
second, grabbed his brothers, stuffed them into the small bottle
rudely, and ran into the house while pulling Zhao Pengyu. in.

At this time, I can see the psychological quality of the wealthy young
master. Zhao Pengyu calmly took out his mobile phone to call the
police, and explained clearly where he was, who was outside, what
weapons he had, and reminded him: "Here is We found human bones
in the child's body."

When the little girl heard that Zhao Pengyu called the police, the
police arrived immediately. The defensiveness was not so obvious.
She squatted between Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu, looked back at the red
bean standing behind Gu Ye, thought about it, and caught it. Gu Ye's
clothes corner.

"Are you afraid of them?" Gu Ye felt the little girl trembling, and said
softly: "Don't be afraid, do you want them to pay the price, do you
want to breathe out?"

The little girl's eyes lit up, "I think."

"Very good," Gu Ye smiled, sitting cross-legged on the tomb bag,

picked up the cinnabar pen, and drew a charm on the girl's eyebrows,
"You bring all your children into this bottle, and then you can watch
it. It's a drama."

"Gu Ye," Zhao Pengyu frowned, "the police will be here soon. If they
die, it is easy to suspect that you used mystery to harm people."

"It won't die, it will only make their souls disabled. Being a livestock
in the next life is also a disability. Let them feel it again, what it's like
to go to hell." At this point, Gu Ye smiled and said with a smile. :
"Don't worry, I have experience."

Gu Ye picked up the cinnabar pen and began to write and draw in the
void, "I can't make them so cheap, even if it is a death sentence, it can't
redeem them for harming so many children." Gu Ye's eyebrows were
cold, and his fingers were drawn Break, squeeze out two drops of
blood, "Gather ghost formation, summon a hundred ghosts, gather
hungry spirits, gather together!"

As soon as the word "Qi" fell, a gloomy wind rose in the room. Zhao
Pengyu saw a group of evil spirits with green faces and fangs
suddenly appearing in this gloomy cabin. His head buzzed and he
was scared to nothing. Gu Ye nodded a finger between his eyebrows
and closed the yin and yang eyes. Zhao Pengyu took a deep breath,
and before he came over, the rapid footsteps had reached the door.
Zhao Pengyu threw the wooden sword and picked up a small
tombstone. He didn't even notice what was written on the face. He
walked to the door in two steps, and as long as the opponent came in,
he would take his turn to shoot the other person's head.

Gu Ye smiled on his lips, "I don't need you to make a move," he

waved to the ghosts, "Keep them for their lives, and leave them as
they please."

Several criminals who had found the door were also shocked when
they saw this room, "It's not really haunted in this room. The ghost
town seems to be broken and it doesn't shine anymore."

Another fiercely said: "What are you afraid of, how can there be
ghosts? Even if there are, you are not afraid of being alive. What are
you afraid of when you die?

That person was right to think about it. He kicked open the door with
a bold kick. Standing outside, he saw a handsome young man sitting
on a grave bag. Next to him was a little girl in a red dress, smiling and
watching. Against them. Seeing the little girl's face clearly, he was so
scared that he took two steps back, his voice changed, "There is a
ghost, there is a ghost!"

Gu Ye raised his mobile phone and pressed the camera function. He

trembled and looked terrified. "Ghost? You just do a lot of
wickedness. You're so bad. If you don't do bad things, how can ghosts

Zhao Pengyu didn't realize what Gu Ye was doing for a while, buddy,
you changed your face so fast!

The group of starving ghosts found that the sacrifices had been
delivered to the door by themselves, and rushed up in the wind,
grabbing the souls of these people and dragging them out. The pain of
being stripped of the three souls and seven souls is no different from
skinning. Several criminals can't see anything. When this happens
suddenly, they all screamed with their heads.

Zhao Pengyu plucked up his courage, pointed at his eyebrows, and

signaled: You can open my eyes again.

"Ghost! Ghost!" The screams came and went, and Zhao Pengyu
opened his eyes again and saw a ghost screwing off a soulful arm and
eating it, regretting it on the spot. The scene that happened
immediately made his face turn green, and the evil spirit stretched out
his long nails, took out the soul-born intestines, and swallowed it
directly. Zhao Pengyu felt sick and wanted to vomit, and he did not
want to look at it with his eyes.

In Gu Ye's footage, I only saw these people go crazy, writhing

painfully on the ground while yelling ghosts, until one of them lay
motionless on the ground, and the other people's struggling
movements became less, Zhao Pengyu asked nervously. : "Did you

Gu Ye shook his head and said in fear: "I don't know, who knows why
they are crazy, they said they saw ghosts," Gu Ye said, his voice
tremblingly asked: "Did you see it? We won't be real here. Is it a

Zhao Pengyu opened his mouth in shock, buddy, your acting talent is

Zhao Pengyu understood at this time, what did Gu Ye mean when he

said he has experience, and he can only act with him, "What do we say
when the police are here?"

Gu Ye trembled with fear, and cried when he spoke, "We are here to
explore, and when we found the corpse under this stone, people came
to chase us outside. We are victims. Tell the truth."

Zhao Pengyu swallowed, and quietly gave Gu Ye a thumbs up,

buddy, you can play a "Self-cultivation of the Actress", which is
absolutely popular.

He also understood that Gu Ye's video was leaving evidence for

himself. How could he ignore the performance that he should
cooperate with? Zhao Pengyu slapped his thigh with excitement,
"Fortunately, you recorded this video, which proves that we really
didn't touch them! Fuck! Look, that person is still holding a gun,
Gu Ye tremblingly asked, "We won't die."

Zhao Pengyu comforted his friend intimately, "No, the police will be
here soon, listen! The siren!"

Gu Ye cried with emotion, "I won't accompany you to ask for this kind
of game anymore. If I play it again, I will die! Uncle police come and
save me!"

Zhao Pengyu gritted his teeth and squeezed out three words: "...I'm

Another soul was dragged out by evil spirits, and this one was even
worse. One person dragged one part, and he just broke it apart. A
ghost hugs a part and starts chewing. For a starving ghost, this is all
delicious food that can fill the stomach. Looking around, the soul of
this person is about to disperse, Gu Ye closed the video, and flicked a
magic talisman over to protect the soul of the other party. The fear on
his face was gone. He smiled lightly and said: "Friends, you can Eat
their bodies, make them physically weak, please don't eat their
spiritual sense, they have to go to court soberly and stand trial."

These starving ghosts looked at the talisman in Gu Ye's hand with

dread, and obediently let go of the food in his hand. They found that
Gu Ye's expression was not good, and they invariably stuffed the
gnawed soul into each other's body, indicating that we are really real.
Stop eating.

Zhao Pengyu dared not look at it anymore. Gu Ye smiled at the

hungry ghosts, and drew the magic charms. Watching them
disappear, his eyebrows overflowed with fatigue.
"Gluck...hahaha..." The little girl saw this scene, clapped her hands
happily, and started singing the nursery rhyme that was not left.

Gu Ye looked at her and rubbed her head distressedly.

The police finally arrived. They had prepared for the worst. The two
young men had been kidnapped by criminals or killed. After rushing
in, they saw a dozen people lying on the ground and two more.
Sitting on the ground, the high school student shrank himself into a
ball in fright.

"Uncle Police! Help!" Gu Ye Xijing ran over and grabbed a young lady
in plain clothes, "They all say there are ghosts, they are all crazy!"

The police saw that he could still run and scream, and he was relieved
of his carrying heart. He quickly called the doctor to check on them,
and then arrested the people who were lying on the ground. The
young lady comforted him gently: "It's okay, we are here, don't be

"The insurance for this gun is open. It's too dangerous." The police
officer in charge of the site survey looked scared, "You two are really

Gu Ye pointed to the door and said nervously: "Sister, there is the

corpse of a child inside, the corpse!"

People from the police team hurried to investigate with a forensic

doctor. Unexpectedly, the digging was done overnight.
In such a tragic case, the entire police station was dispatched. When
the children were digging, they were digging with tears. When they
didn't have enough tools, they started digging, and their fingers were
worn out. A policewoman with a child broke down and cried on the
spot. When the body was finally counted, everyone's eyes were red.

Thirty-eight corpses, all of them children under the age of eight!

Chapter 35 How about opening a room?

Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu were taken to the police station. The police
checked their videos and did not see what they were doing. As a
result, the two of them were only severely criticized, "Not going to
bed in the middle of the night, visiting the ghost house, looking for
excitement, this time excitement, if something happens, don't your
family members feel sad?"

Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu were holding a bucket of instant noodles.

They were also really hungry. They were eating and being trained.
They said sorry to the police uncle when they confessed their
mistakes. They were very religious.

Sister Jinghua next to her was afraid that they would not have enough
to eat, so another person gave a ham sausage.

At this time, the guard called the captain, "One of the two high school
students is the son of real estate tycoon Gu Decheng, and the other is
the nephew of Yu Ze, the chairman of the international electronics
industry. Now Gu Ye's second brother and Yu Ze come to pick them
up in person. Now, can I take them all?"

The uncle of the team leader looked at the two bear kids who were
holding the instant noodles and drank all the soup. He didn't know
what they were good for for a while. The instant noodles can be eaten
so much. How does it look like a rich second generation? The rich
second-generation car racing to pick up girls and losers, these two rich
second-generation find ghosts in the middle of the night, and the
uncle is helpless.

Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu put down the instant noodle box at the same
time, and nodded very well.

Too good! It is a clear stream among the rich second-generation bear

kids! The uncle captain eased his expression and told them: "This
matter must be kept secret, otherwise it will cause panic in the outside
world. After the case is investigated, we can make it public,

The two people still nodded obediently, no matter what the other
said, nodding was right.

"Okay, let's go when you are full."

Gu Ye yawned and walked out to find Zhao Pengyu was still

daunting, and urged: "What's wrong with you? Want to stay?"

Zhao Pengyu looked ugly and said: "My parents are on a business
trip, and I have been living with my grandfather's house recently. The
person who came to pick me up... is... my uncle?"
Gu Ye nodded, "It should be."

Zhao Pengyu clutched his chest, feeling sad that he was already cool.

After the two of them went out, someone in the police station said: "I
checked the information. I heard that Gu Ye can pinch and count, and
can also channel spirits and catch ghosts. Those scumbags are now
like this. related?"

The police officer who said this was immediately trained, "Don't talk
nonsense, what age is this? You are feudal superstition! What we have
to do is to follow this line and bring all criminals to justice. Send these
scumbags to court, let them plead guilty, and try to follow suit! Rather
than worry about whether the students who discovered this matter
will be evocative! If you understand it, hurry up and investigate the
case, even if you don't sleep, you don't have to eat. Pull out all the

The call to the soul was revealed. All the staff were involved in the
investigation. The policewoman who was in charge of sorting out the
report took a report. "Some of the dozen or so criminals woke up and
they all shouted that there was a ghost, and their bodies There are
problems, some arms can't move, some legs can't move, and no
problems are found during the inspection. It seems to be a
psychological problem."

"From a psychological analysis, this kind of thing can also be

explained. After living in such a house for so long, guarding a big
grave every day, and killing so many children, I have a ghost in my
heart, and I feel that these children are seeking revenge on them. It
can be explained."

In this way, Gu Ye and Zhao Pengyu were washed out in vain.

However, the people at the Profound Technique Society have found

the problem. After they learned of the matter here, they quietly
investigated it. An old man said angrily: "This is a forbidden
technique in the Profound Technique Realm, gathering ghosts. He
dared to control ghosts and hurt people! If this Gu Ye didn't care, he
would be like his senior brother, lawless!"

Several young people did not speak, and some even thought that Gu
Ye did a good job. He did not speak, but the expression on his face
was very happy.

The old man saw a young man sitting on the table, who was not very
obedient to the rules, and directly caught the typical example, "Xie
Cheng, do you think he is doing it right?"

Xie Cheng smiled and said: "No, I didn't say anything, I will go to the
scene again to check whether the group of children are reborn."

Seeing that the momentum is not good, Xie Cheng jumped off the
table and flashed people quickly. His partner also followed and said
with a sullen expression: "The upper echelons of the learning now are
very resistant to Gu Ye, and the management is getting more and
more deformed. I really don't know what it will develop in the
"Then disband, and Superman is fearless. I really want to quit and do
what I want."


At the door of the police station, Gu Ye saw the second brother and
Yu Ze standing one to the left and one right at the door, and then
looked at Zhao Pengyu, who was honestly like a quail, moving slowly
and hard. After thinking about it, he still walked towards Yu Ze and
smiled. Said: "Zhao Pengyu has helped me a lot. I am honored to have
him as a friend."

The implication is that please let him live!

Yu Ze coldly looked at them without saying a word. There was no

expression on their faces, but it was unexpectedly stressful. Gu Ye
smiled awkwardly, and quickly apologized, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't
have told him to venture out in the middle of the night, it was my

Zhao Pengyu hurriedly said: "I took the initiative to follow up. I
pleaded punished. I will make three high-numerical materials when I
go back. But I don't think I made a mistake. Next time he goes out, I
will follow."

Gu Ye is speechless, this silly boy, don't pretend to be a man at this


Yu Ze watched Gu Ye keep winking at Zhao Pengyu, and said coldly

to Zhao Pengyu: "Go back and write me a report on the cause and
effect, and hand it to Secretary Liu tomorrow morning."
"Okay!" Zhao Pengyu felt relieved, taking advantage of Yu Ze not
changing his mind, he hurriedly avoided five steps away.

Gu Ye took a peek at him standing on the other side, and looked at

him with a smile. He couldn't see what he was thinking, and asked
with a guilty conscience: "Well, if Mr. Yu is free these past two days, I
want to treat you to something. A big meal."

Yu Ze squinted his eyes, "Do you need my help?"

Gu Ye twitched the corners of his mouth, this man is too smart!

Yu Ze's complexion softened, "Are you afraid tonight?"

Gu Ye shook his head, "It's okay."

"Go back and have a good rest. I will have time after 6:30 in the
afternoon, and I will listen to your story when the time comes."

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "Okay! Contact WeChat."

"What to contact?"

Gu Ye pursed his lips when he heard the ridiculous words behind his
ears, and Gu Lin was already behind him. For Gu Sen, Gu Ye felt it
was easy to deal with. His elder brother had a dad, a bit serious. Gu
Ye couldn't understand the second brother who likes to smile, who is
like a fox. "Just eat together, second brother, why are you here?"
"I'm not coming, do you want dad to come? Are you afraid to raise his
blood pressure and be admitted to the hospital?" Gu Lin smiled at Yu
Ze, and Yu Ze nodded at him, and the two of them also I didn't mean
to communicate. One person took one and got into the car.

Gu Lin sat next to Gu Ye and said with a smile: "I will keep my family
a secret tonight. Only this time, I will dare to take risks in the future,
ha ha."

Gu Ye was full of spirits, guarding Gu Lin, "Brother, are we close?"

"It's a dear, I can't watch you die!" Gu Lin's mouth twitched, but it was
obvious that he was angry, "If something happens to you, how can my
eldest brother and I explain to our deceased mother?"

Gu Ye lowered his head, guilty of not daring to take up this topic,

after all, he is not the original.

"Since I went home last time and saw you have changed so much, I
realized that I cared too little about you before. I was at school and
didn't have time to care about you. Now I have time. You thought I
didn't care about anything you did recently. You know?" Gu Lin
looked at him with a smile, "Too naive kid."

Gu Ye twitched the corners of his mouth, and the kid said that he
didn't want to talk to the big fox.

"When did you have such a good relationship with Yu Ze?"

Gu Ye was helpless, "Brother, I feel like I was caught by my parents in
my early love. I just got mad and met."

Gu Lin sneered, "Yu Ze has a temper with your high school student?
You are not stupid. Just ask the elder brother who was with him."

"Oh." Gu Ye lay aside and said tiredly: "Brother, you will train me
tomorrow, I'm too tired."

Controlling a hundred ghosts is very emotional, and seeing so many

tragic deaths of children makes Gu Ye really tired. After seeing such
things a lot, he had only one thought in his mind: everything goes by
the wind, the world is not worth it, how to live freely in the future.

Gu Lin couldn't bear to train him anymore, so he took a blanket and

covered him, and took him back to his residence directly.

Sleeping in the comfortable guest room, Gu Ye still couldn't sleep

well. When he closed his eyes, they were all incomplete children.
There were too many negative emotions, which made him feel
uncomfortable. He always felt that it was cheap. The scumbags still
wanted to do something. He couldn't come out with this breath, and
he felt uncomfortable. This caused Gu Ye to get up early in the
morning, sitting on the sofa in the hall with a tired face, in a daze.

After Gu Lin got up, he frowned when he saw him like this, "What do
you think?"
Gu Ye said deeply: "I'm thinking about how to make a toy doll with

"If you can, but still want to be a tailor?" Gu Lin smiled and said,
"Let's see how many scores you got in the college entrance

"Ah! It seems that the results are coming early this morning! I forgot
to check it!" Gu Ye wakes up all of a sudden and hurries to check the
results online.

Gu Lin also paid attention to it. When he saw Gu Ye's achievements,

Gu Lin was shocked, "It's so amazing!"

Gu Ye's comprehensive science score is 300 points, mathematics only

lost 1 point, 149 points, Chinese 135 points, and English 145 points. In
the second half of the year, he also won the first prize of the National
Olympiad. Give him 20 points, and his score has reached 749 points! It
is only one point short of the full score of 750, which is

Gu Ye was also happy. He took the exam forty points more than in his
previous life! It is useful to review it again!

"This year's science champion is definitely you," Gu Lin happily

rubbed his brother's head, "take this report card and go home. I will
definitely not get scolded."

Gu Ye was moved, "Second brother, you are so smart!"

"Of course, this is experience."

Gu Ye clenched his fist with a serious face, and said very seriously:
"Brother, if I do something that makes my father unhappy in the
future, if he beats me, I will come to you. You think you are more
experienced than the older brother."

Gu Lin had a smile on his face, "Don't even think about it!"

Gu Ye had already made a unilateral decision. After breakfast, he

should return the spirits of Xia An, Xia Xiang, and some of his
classmates. After a while, Xia Xiang called and said weakly, "Gu Ye,
My brother and I, thank you and Pengyu."

Gu Ye had already taken a taxi to a plush toy store. Knowing that the
other party was awake, he was relieved, "The days are still going on.
In the next four years, let's have fun together."

When Xia Xiang heard this, he suddenly realized something, and the
corners of his mouth twitched, "Well, in the next four years, let's wave

After Gu Ye bought dozens of plush toys, he became worried and

brought these things home. The family must ask him what a boy was
buying these things for. It is not easy to hide them. He has to find a
way to move out. Up.

In order not to let the family suspect that he has any special hobbies,
Gu Ye gave these dolls to the security guard at the door and told them
that they were to be sent to the children in the mountains. Please help
him to collect them for a few days. The eldest security guard thought
of his phrase "Send a courier to a friend", and his expression was very
tangled when he received it.

Gu Ye asked Mrs. Gu as soon as he entered the door: "Mom, is my dad

coming back for dinner at noon?"

Mrs. Gu pouted, "All other children come in and ask dad, what about
my mom? You know your dad."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "I asked my dad for money."

Mrs. Gu blinked, and immediately changed her face, "If you want
money, I will call your dad and ask him to come back to eat."

In just one morning, Gu Ye's photo has been exposed online: shock!
This year's science champion looks like this!

These reporters are also good enough. Gu Ye went to the toy store to
buy dolls in the morning and was photographed by them. As soon as
this post was released, the Internet immediately became lively, and
many people were screaming, "Little brother, looks good." Debut!

The girl's heart, the science champion, went to buy a doll!

Are you so talented and have such a high-profile appearance, so let

others live?

Immediately there will be a battle against famous schools across the

country. Who will find the grass in the school? Let us wait and see!
Immediately afterwards, Gu Ye's identity was also exposed: it turned
out to be the third son of real estate tycoon Gu Decheng! Looks, rich,
and talented, countless netizens joked that this is a life that many
people can't envy!

Gu Ye's score also shocked everyone who knew him. What was the
situation in his previous studies? Looking at his current test scores,
even teacher Yu, the head teacher, found it incredible. Gu Ye
completed a counterattack from the bottom to the highest peak in the
past six months!

This is the last student taught by Teacher Yu, who actually taught the
recorder with the highest score in the national science champion.
Teacher Yu was pleased to call Gu Ye. Congratulations and tell Gu Ye:
"Several famous schools have already contacted the school. If you
want your contact information, this is to grab someone. You can
discuss it with your family. Plan ahead."

Gu Decheng had heard the news at noon. He seemed to be several

years younger with joy. He walked with wind and his waist was
straighter than usual.

Gu Ye sat opposite his dad and asked with a cunning face: "Dad, what
are you going to reward me this time?"

"I heard that you don't want to live in university?"

Gu Ye nodded vigorously, but didn't expect the opportunity to come

so soon, "I like quietness. I learn better outside than in the dormitory."
"Okay, I'll let someone go there to get you a house tomorrow." Father
Gu, who is in a hurry, asked excitedly: "How big is it, dad buy it for

Gu Ye happily stretched out a finger and said humblely: "One

bedroom is enough."

"Promise!" Gu Decheng scolded with a smile: "Your father is a real

estate agent. Buying you a one-bedroom apartment is not afraid of
others' jokes! Buying you a two-story loft with a loft, if you live alone,
200 square meters is enough."

"Thank you Dad! Love you Dad!" Gu Ye wanted to hug the old man
twice. It is so cool to have a rich dad! Gu Ye hit the iron while it was
hot, "Dad, Yu Ze said to eat with me tonight, can I go?"

Gu Decheng waved his hand, "Go go, you've grown up, and we won't
be too restrictive about making friends. You can make more friends
like Yu Ze."

Here the father is kind and filial, the more Mrs. Gu looks at it, the less
it feels, and the more it feels like Gu Ye said that Gu Yang had a bad
exam this time. Of the four brothers, the stupidest became Gu Yang,
how will he live after this?

Gu Yang returned from the exam that afternoon. Mrs. Gu asked him
how he was doing in the first sentence. The child was full of
confidence, "Anyway, fill in all the blanks, no problem! Don't worry!"
Mrs. Gu just wants to kill him, the point is not to fill in, it is right or

Gu Yang is still beautiful. I heard that his brother was the number one
in science this year, so he went to Gu Ye to play happily. But before
entering the door, he was sent downstairs by Gu Ye saying "Your
brother wants to sleep." The ball goes to the dog king to play.

When Gu Ye woke up, the silly boy had already played well with the
dog. Gu Ye drank coffee and looked at the silly boy's eyebrows. The
corners of his mouth twitched uncontrollably, and he asked
concerned: "Brother, Have you handed in the answer sheet?"

Gu Yang is very determined: "I have done it, I must have done it!"

Gu Ye asked in a complicated mood, "Then, is your answer correct?"

Gu Yang scratched his head, "It should be right!"

"What about your name, have you written it?"

Gu Yang worriedly asked: "Brother, what's wrong with you? Are you

Gu Ye twitched his mouth and patted the child on the shoulder, take
care! This mixed doubles is impossible to run.
After drinking the coffee, Gu Ye went back to take a shower and was
about to go out. The security guard at the door called him: "San Shao,
someone from the Xuanshu Academy is looking for you, saying that
there is something to ask you for verification."

"Xuanshu Society," Gu Ye snorted, "Wait, I'll go later."

After deliberately grinding for more than ten minutes, Gu Ye blew his
hair before going out. The weather is very hot in the evening now. The
people of the Xuanju Academy got oil on their heads, and they were
not in a good mood. When they saw Gu Ye, they were refreshed and
wandering out. They pressed angrily and asked, "We are here. I
would like to ask about the courtyard house on the 24th, did you use
the ghost array?"

Gu Ye looked innocent, "What?"

This time there are two middle-aged people who have been in this
industry for a long time. They are relatively stable and have not been
impatient with him. "Our people have found obvious evidence that
you used something that academia forbids to use. And hurt people."

Another said: "The scumbag really deserves to learn a lesson, but you
can't use ghosts to hurt people. The manipulation of ghosts has long
been banned."

Gu Ye was innocent, "I didn't do it. Why did you say that I did it? The
police didn't say anything."

The two of them had a halting expression, and their faces were not
pretty because of Gu Ye's refusal to admit it. "Leave aside this
question for the time being. What about the children? It's impossible
not to leave a soul, is it in your hands? "

Gu Ye took out his mobile phone angrily, filled with outrage, "I want
to call the police uncle, you guys are crazy! What age is this, still
dying! I'm tui!"

The two middle-aged people were so angry that they ran for nothing
in this hot day and didn't ask anything. Sure enough, Gu Ye was not a
normal mess!

At the headquarters of the Profound Technique Society, the good-

tempered Elder Tang was also losing his temper, "Why are you
sending someone to find Gu Ye? You represent the law? You wrote
the laws of the Profound Art world? You can't live without mixing
with you. Will you go down?"


"To shut up!"

Xie Cheng wanted to say that you were careful about having a heart
attack. As soon as he spoke, he was scolded by Mr. Tang, and
everyone present was afraid to speak. Xie Cheng is a close disciple of
Old Tang. Old Tang loves him the most. He doesn't have a good face.
Who can persuade him?

"If you are a little bit bloody, just rectify your name for Gu Ye! He is a
hero, why can't he be mentioned in the world now?" Old Tang
pressed his chest angrily, his heart beating pounding.
At that time, a Miao wizard extracted viruses from corpses and added
Gu worms to create a gu worm that could transform a person's corpse
after death. Unexpectedly, the worm mutated and reproduced in large
numbers. It can poison people and turn corpses into walking corpses.
If they can't be wiped out, the entire Huai Xincheng millions of people
will turn into walking corpses. At that time, it is not an exaggeration
to say that it is the end of the world.

In the entire profound arts world, people with a little conscience went
to Huai New City, and they were helpless after using all methods. It
was Gu Ye who used a forbidden technique that was forbidden in the
entire profound arts world to summon a heavy rain, and then use the
blood of his whole body as a guide to sacrifice his life to the heavens
and integrate his merits into the heavy rain. This heavy rain lasted
three days and three nights. So that the entire Huaixin City will be
wiped out, millions of people are safe and sound, Gu Ye is a hero of

But Gu Ye is not a member of the Xuanshu Society. He usually works

against the Xuanshu Society. He uses forbidden techniques to save
people and makes the mysterious world feel like he has been beaten.
Even to prevent newcomers from learning Gu Ye and not following
the rules, no one is allowed to mention him. Ye's name, what about
conscience? For the so-called face, my conscience has fed the dog!

Like his brothers, Gu Ye's brothers did not seek fame and gain, did
not like disputes, did not tell him, did not avenge the world, nor did
they avenge the society. They did good things to save people. Starting
to trouble Junior Brother Gu Ye, there is only one left of Shao Fuxian's
school! Still want to die? The Profound Magic World that is said to be
connected with Qi and develop together? doing and saying is
Elder Tang looked at this group of people and stood up extremely
disappointed, "I, withdraw from the Xuanju Academy, you toss
slowly, I am old and can't toss anymore. President Jing, maybe, you
were originally elected as the president. It was the biggest mistake of
my life."

Jing Lianzhong's face was pale, "Master!"

"Old Tang!"

"Master Tang!"

"Don't Don't Want Elder Tang!"


The people present panicked and hurried to stay, but Mr. Tang turned
a deaf ear and left without looking back.

Xie Cheng, who was leaning at the door, took a look, and bowed his
hand to the president of the Xuanshu Society, "Brother, Master is
gone, I have to serve his old man, I will withdraw too."

"Resolve the inheritance!"

Jing Lianzhong yelled with a sullen face, and Xiecheng turned his
head and smiled brightly at him, made a goodbye gesture, ran two
steps to catch up with Elder Tang, and left with a smile.

Gu Ye didn't even know that Elder Tang, because he had withdrawn

from the Xuanju Academy, talked about the children with Yu Ze
when he was eating. Yu Ze's face was always cold, although he didn't
speak, his eating movements were very slow. Behind him, he put
down his chopsticks with a sullen face, and stopped eating, obviously

Gu Ye was not in the mood to eat either, and put down his chopsticks
and said seriously: "These children have incomplete limbs, and they
will be disabled in the next life. They are formed by the day after
tomorrow, not by nature. They can change their lives. I want to
borrow the purple gas from you. Let these children return to normal.
Mr. Yu, are you willing?"

Yu Ze sullenly, ordered some of the meal that Gu Ye had only eaten a

few bites, "I'll promise you when I'm finished."

Gu Ye suddenly felt that the breath he was holding in his heart was
much smoother, and smiled and picked up the bowl, "Then where
shall we go in a while? Find a hotel nearby?"

After Gu Ye finished speaking, he was happy first. What he said

seemed to be inviting the other party to open the room.

Seeing him smile, Yu Ze finally tickled the corner of his mouth, and
said gently, "Go to my house."
"It's not so good, I heard Zhao Pengyu say that you don't like others to
enter your residence."

Yu Ze took another sip of the soup, and said in a faint tone: "Others
can't do it, you're fine."

Gu Ye widened his eyes and asked curiously: "Why?"

Yu Ze put down his spoon and looked at him quietly with his chin.
His slender index finger touched the mole at the corner of his eye, and
his phoenix eyes narrowed slightly. He couldn't tell whether he was
joking or seriously saying: "Look at you."

Gu Ye put down his chopsticks, pulled the stool and moved to Yu Ze's
side, raised his hand and patted Yu Ze on the shoulder, happily said:
"Hahahahaha, you have a vision! I also think I am the most pleasing to
the world!"

Yu Ze didn't tensed, the corners of his mouth twitched, and the look
in Gu Ye's eyes was a little frustrated.

Chapter 36 Sexuality Is a Problem

When I arrived at Yu Ze's house, Gu Ye took off his shoes and did not
dare to step on, the warm white floor, and the clean reflections!
Yu Ze looked back at him puzzledly, as if asking, why didn't you
come in?

Gu Ye moved a small step forward, and saw that there were still a
pair of slippers on the shoe rack. Gu Ye took them to put them on,
"Your house is too clean, I can't bear to step down. How many times
do you wipe it a day?"

The corner of Yu Ze's mouth evoked, "Just once."

"Awesome!" Gu Ye admired him very much. After tidying up his

room twice a day, he could make it messy like a doghouse.

Yu Ze took two glasses of water and said faintly: "This is a place to


Gu Ye smiled and felt a little bit empathetic, living alone, the house is
just a place to sleep, there is no one waiting to go home, what kind of
home? After drinking saliva, Gu Ye took out two small bottles from
his pocket and started to do business. "I brought all the children. Their
souls are too weak. They will be hurt when they appear in front of
you. The breath is hidden."

Yu Ze sat opposite Gu Ye, "Yes."

Gu Ye rubbed his hands, "Then I will do it."

Yu Ze watched Gu Ye approach with scorching eyes, his tone was still
faint, and he couldn't hear any emotions, "Come on."

With that said, Gu Ye feels inexplicably embarrassed, always feeling

that he is molesting the other party. This face of Yu Ze really has the
desire to make people flirtatious. Throwing away all these messy
thoughts, Gu Ye first opened his eyes to Yu Ze, and then temporarily
suppressed the purple qi on Yu Ze with a magic talisman, and looked
at him like a normal person. Then he picked up a porcelain bottle and
said softly. Said: "Children, come out."

More than a dozen strands of black smoke floated from the mouth of
the bottle, turning into a villain, gathering together in horror, looking
around. Gu Ye drew a spell on this bottle. They couldn't feel the
passage of time in it. They only felt that they went in and out, and
changed to a strange place. This made the children very scared.

Gu Ye looked at it, and the little girl without a red dress released all
the little ghosts in the other bottle, and waved to the little girl headed,
"Sasha, come."

The little girl didn't move, she stared at Yu Ze beside Gu Ye

defensively, her red eyes staring at him coldly, with murderous intent
hidden in her eyes. Gu Ye walked over in distress, squatting down
and smilingly said: "Don't be afraid, I ask him to give you some good
things, help you grow arms, grow hands and feet, and you will be like
normal children in your next life."
Sa Sa hesitated for a moment, leaned over, and put her arms around
Gu Ye's neck. The look in Yu Ze's eyes was still defensive, as if she
was looking at a decent scum.

Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze apologetically, "This kid has suffered the most,

so don't rest assured."

Yu Ze expressionlessly looked at the little ghosts who had stood

several rows in his living room, and then looked at the little girl Gu Ye
was holding in his arms. Her expression became even more stiff, and
he said, "There are ghosts in the world?"

Gu Ye pointed to the group of children, "Aren't you watching?"

Yu Ze took a deep breath and couldn't help pinching his eyebrows.

Gu Ye apologized and patted Yu Ze on the shoulder. Mr. Yu's three

views have completely collapsed tonight. It is hard for him to be so

Putting Sasa on the sofa, Gu Ye squatted down and helped her tidy up
her little skirt, "My little princess, come on, let your little friends line
up, one by one."
Sasha still believed Gu Ye who rescued them, waved her little hand,
and directed the little ghosts: "Stand in line, you come first."

The child named is still the one hiding in the doll to scare Gu Ye. He
has healthy limbs, but he has no eyes. The child walked in front of Gu
Ye, looked at Gu Ye with hollow eyes, tilted his head, and looked

Gu Ye touched his head with pity, took Yu Ze's hand, placed it on top
of the child's head, extracted the purple qi from Yu Ze's body, and
moved it to the child's body little by little. After this child was reborn,
with the blessing of the purple energy representing the luck of heaven
and earth, he must be a healthy person and no longer be blind.

Yu Ze didn't feel any discomfort when he was evacuated from Ziqi,

but Gu Ye grabbed his hand and touched the poor child. He turned
his head and saw Gu Ye's face close at hand, this big boy who is
usually carefree and active, his eyes were tender and sad, and he
could see clearly.

Two minutes later, Gu Ye rubbed the child's head happily, "Okay,

next one."

"Is this all right?"

"Yeah." Gu Ye smiled at Yu Ze's eyebrows. Normal people were

drawn away with so much purple qi. They were already possessed by
bad luck, and their forehead turned black. Yu Ze was still auspicious.
His life, good. No one dare to be jealous.

At this time, Gu Ye felt the corner of his clothes grabbed, and Gu Ye

lowered his head. Sasha was hanging on his body, staring at Yu Ze
with an uncomfortable expression.

Gu Ye didn't know, so he comforted: "Don't make trouble, girl, you

have to be the last one."

Sasha sullen her face and did not let go. She still stared at Yu Ze
defensively. Gu Ye had no choice but to let her hold her and call the
next child over.

One by one, one for two minutes, more than an hour for more than 30
children, Gu Ye kept taking out Yu Ze's purple energy and giving it to
the children. At first it was fine, but by the last few, his face was pale.

Yu Ze frowned, "I won't do it tonight, I'll talk about it tomorrow."

"No, I don't think you will be free tomorrow night." Gu Ye smiled and
shook his head, "I'm fine, there are three more. I can sleep at ease if I
send them away."

In the end, each of the three children, Gu Ye spent several more

minutes, and in the end only one salsa was left. Gu Ye leaned weakly
on the sofa and squeezed his forehead that was stinging like a needle.
His spirit has been exhausted, and now he can't do anything.

Sa Sa sat beside Gu Ye, put her arms around Gu Ye, lowered her head,
and did not speak.

Gu Ye reluctantly evoked a smile, and asked softly, "Little princess,

it's time for you, I take a sigh of relief, and I will send you away.
When you go there, I will send you toys."

Sa Sa is bulging her cheeks and is quite assertive, "I won't go, I don't
want to reincarnate now."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Why?"

Sa Sa raised her head and said seriously: "When will you have a baby?
When will I be reborn."

Gu Ye was amused, "Silly boy, if I don't marry a wife, you won't be

reborn forever?"

Sa Sa urged him: "Then you marry one now."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "Now you can marry one and you can't
have a baby right away, silly girl, there is nothing to miss in this
world. You should immediately forget what happened in this life,
reincarnate, and grow up happily again. You wait for me I can't wait
any longer, because I like men and I won't marry a wife and have

Sa Sa's eyes widened in astonishment. She couldn't accept this fact for
a while, and she was so frightened that she didn't move.

Gu Ye nodded, that's it.

It took a long time for Sa Sa to accept this statement, and then

thought, "Then I still don't want to reincarnate, when will they die?"

There is a bit of resentment in what I said.

"When sentenced, they will all die." Gu Ye said lightly, with a smile on
his mouth, but his eyes were darker than before, "Such a beautiful girl,
don't look at those dirty things, don't Think about it, you want to be
beautiful, happy, don't let the dirt stain your eyes. Okay," Gu Ye sat
up, "I'll take you away, Mr. Yu..."

Gu Ye hadn't finished speaking yet. Yu Ze grabbed his hand. Gu Ye

was stunned. He didn't expect that the other party already had
experience. He said gratefully: "Thank you!"

"You are welcome." Yu Ze looked serious.

Gu Ye put purple qi on Sa Sa, hoping that this girl can vote for a good
person in her next life and be a carefree little princess. In Sasha's
resentful eyes, Gu Ye was cruel and forced her away. After the
delivery, Gu Ye fell on the sofa with a splitting headache and no blood
on his lips.

Yu Ze frowned and looked at Gu Ye with concern. He had no

experience in taking care of others and didn't know how to start.

Gu Ye said pitifully: "I want to drink a drink, iced."

Yu Ze hurried to get it. As soon as he left with his front foot, a ghost
appeared in front of Gu Ye, and his hoarse voice said solemnly, "I can
take them all away."

It is the ghost brother.

Now he is not covering his body with a dark ghost, but wearing the
black Hanfu Gu Ye burned him. He is tall and thin, with a gloomy
murderous look in his eyes. When holding a big knife and saying to
take people away, Gu Ye came up with a word in his mind: One knife
is a kid!

Gu Ye shook his head feebly, "No, to wait for them to be sentenced,

they must confess their guilt in front of the public, and to let people
with this kind of thinking know the end of the evil, they must also
have an explanation to the child's parents. I don't want such an

Brother Guijiang coldly said, "I understand."

"Big Brother Ghost, do you have a ghost market?" Gu Ye squinted his

eyes. "For example, the servants we sent over, the paper-tied ones,
you can exchange or trade in the market if you have enough."

The ghost will think about it, "I saw other ghosts bought it."

Gu Ye smiled, "After a while, I will give you some of it. You can sell it
to the evil spirits and become a slave for some money."

Ghost Jiang immediately understood what Gu Ye meant, and after

nodding in response, he hid in the dark again. Gu Ye finally couldn't
hold it anymore, and closed his eyes tiredly.

Yu Ze searched the refrigerator and found only a bottle of soda, which

was not too cold. When he awkwardly chopped the ice, put it in the
drink, and returned to the living room, Gu Ye was already asleep.

Yu Ze just held the water glass and stood in front of Gu Ye and looked
at him for a while, until he heard Gu Ye's gentle breathing, Yu Ze put
the water glass down and called Dad Gu.
When I heard that Gu Ye fell asleep at Yu Ze's house, Gu Decheng
embarrassed and said, "This kid hasn't slipped away. How can he stay
outside? I will send someone to pick him up."

"No," Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's face and said slowly: "He has fallen
asleep. Today, he saved 38 children."

Gu Decheng anxiously asked, "He went to save someone? Is he


Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye in a deep sleep, and there was a little softness

in his eyes, "No, I'm tired."

"That's good," Gu Decheng breathed a sigh of relief, "please take care

of him, it's hard work."

Yu Ze said calmly: "Uncle Gu is polite, goodbye."

Gu Decheng raised his eyebrows, and Yu Ze used to call him Mr. Gu,
or Mr. Gu, who had been unfamiliar with him before, and he changed
his mind afterwards?
Mrs. Gu kept listening with her ears stunned, and when she saw Gu
Decheng put the phone down, she said, "No, what's the matter of
sleeping in someone else's house? Or pick it up."

Gu's father didn't care, "I believe that Yu Ze's character will not lead
him to damage."

"It's not a question of character! You said, Yu Ze is already twenty-six,

and normal people have to have girlfriends, right? Our second child
often has scandals, although it is those actresses who deliberately
rubbed him against him. However, Yu Ze doesn't even have a lace
news, don't you think it is weird?"

Gu Decheng praised: "That's because he handled it well, and the

second child is not reliable."

Mrs. Gu is still a little bit worried, as mothers are all sensitive, and she
always feels unsure in her heart.

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's sleeping cheeks, raised his hand, and gently

touched Gu Ye's face, his deep eyes half-squinted, still unable to hide
the power in his eyes. Thinking of Gu Ye's perverted but kind little
temperament, Yu Ze couldn't help but hooked up the corner of his
mouth, bent over to pick Gu Ye up, and returned to his bedroom.

A few minutes later, Yu Ze hugged a quilt and went to the guest

room. After calculating the success rate of making the bed, he
returned to the living room with a cold face, and fell asleep on the
sofa blankly.

The next morning, Gu Ye got up and went to the living room with a
confused look. Seeing Yu Ze lying on the sofa, he immediately became
sober. How did he switch positions with Yu Ze last night?

Gu Yezheng was embarrassed and reluctant to think deeply, the

doorbell rang, and Yu Ze slowly opened his eyes, sat up, and said to
Gu Ye, "Good morning."

Gu Ye blinked, "Okay."

Yu Ze went to open the door, and Secretary Liu was shocked to see
that Gu Ye almost dropped the early in his hand, and hurriedly
passed the early to Yu Ze. Secretary Liu lowered his head, covered his
gaffe, and took out a pair of shoes from his pocket. After wearing the
set, my heart has exploded. He didn't sleep well after receiving the
call to bring two early copies last night, and spent the whole night
wondering which little fairy confuses the cold general Yu, he didn't
expect it! It turned out to be a man! Looking at Gu Ye's familiar face
again, Secretary Liu felt that it was indeed a fairy.

Yu Ze put the meal on the table, "I will take you home after breakfast."
Gu Ye pinched his fingers and settled, "No, I'll take a taxi myself and
go under the overpass." Seeing Yu Ze's puzzled expression, Gu Ye
smiled and said, "Someone came to give me money today."

Yu Ze: "..."

As a good decathlon secretary, Secretary Liu has put on his gloves

and started to clean up. Upon hearing Gu Ye's words, he asked in
surprise, "This can be counted?"

Gu Ye smiled, "Yes, you have a water problem today, um... don't

touch hot and cold water."

Secretary Liu lowered his head and said that he was so talkative and
asked himself a disaster.

Gu Ye was eating, and suddenly thought of what happened last night,

he explained: "By the way, I lied to that little girl last night. I didn't
take advantage of you. Don't worry."

Yu Zeshou had a meal, and the steamed dumplings he had picked up

were put down again.

Gu Ye just wanted to ask what's wrong, so he heard "Ouch", he and

Yu Ze looked at each other, walked quickly to the kitchen, and saw
Secretary Liu holding a water glass with embarrassment, and the
crotch of his pants was full of water.

"Master Gu, forget it, it's too accurate." Secretary Liu squeezed out
such a sentence embarrassingly, her face flushed, and she was very
thankful to hear Gu Ye's words and took a cup of water at room
temperature, in case it was hot or ice water... ...It hurts to think about

Gu Ye didn't know what to say, so he could only give the other side a
sympathetic look.

When I went back to eat again, Gu Ye found that Yu Ze seemed to be

angry because the other party had eaten all his favorite steamed
dumplings with three fresh stuffing, wiped his mouth
expressionlessly after eating, and pushed him a portion of beef and

Gu Ye ate slowly, confused, why? No one offended him!

He Yunyi did not hesitate to drive for more than four hours and drove
more than 800 miles, and finally came to the imperial capital again. He
came to that early morning under the overpass where he met Gu Ye
and Gu Yang.

After listening to Gu Ye's words, he went all the way east and found a
factory by chance. After some discussions, the director took out all the
inventory and asked him to deliver the goods first, and come back to
make up the money, saving his processing. The factory also saved the
jobs of hundreds of workers.

He Yunyi is not only grateful to the boss, but also grateful to Gu Ye

who pointed out the direction. He originally planned to wait here for
a few days, hoping to find Gu Ye. After all, Gu Ye said that he would
be here during the summer vacation, but he didn't say which day the
summer vacation was. Unexpectedly, when he got out of the car, he
saw that there was a long line up at the position where Gu Ye was,
and the young faces surrounded by him, wasn't it the little gentleman
he was looking for?

"There are ten not to be buried in the Yin House. Every violation of
one will bring harm to children and grandchildren. Your face is
painless and disaster-free. The location of the ancestral tomb is no
problem. Why do you want to move the tomb?" Gu Ye looked at the
face of the aunt before him. Don't understand.

The aunt smiled embarrassedly, "Isn't it said that burying a feng shui
place can bless future generations to make a fortune? The ancestral
grave in my hometown was found casually."

Gu Ye sighed and said slowly: "You, don't worry about eating and
drinking, your children and grandchildren are full of people. It's a
blessing that others can't get if they want. You want to break the
blessing of future generations, don't you think?"

"It's the same reason." The aunt nodded in agreement, "Then you can
test me again and see if my son can be promoted this year?"
Gu Ye stood up, smiled and said, "No, today's ten hexagrams are

"Where is it? Am I the ninth one?"

Gu Ye pointed to He Yunyi, who was standing at the back of the

crowd, "That old customer made a reservation three months ago."

Seeing that the people were all gone, He Yunyi stepped forward and
said excitedly: "Mr., let's meet again!"

Gu Ye smiled and said, "I know I didn't misunderstand the wrong

person, and you will come back and give me the 30,000 yuan."

He Yunyi laughed and hurriedly took out his wallet and took out a
card with a password written on the back, "This is 60,000 yuan, thank
you for your advice."

Gu Ye took it and squinted his eyes. "It's more than 30,000 yuan, hey,
there is no reason to return the money when it comes to my hands. I'll
give you another piece of advice. After three years, don't let your son
get near Sham Shui Po ."

He Yunyi was full of excitement. His son is only one year old and he
likes to play in the water. The little gentleman reminded him of this,
could it be... He Yunyi was scared into a cold sweat, "Thank you,
gentleman for pointing, thank you!" He wanted to pay again. Gu Ye
smiled and picked up his horse, waved his hand, "You don't need to
give it anymore, it's enough, your hardest time is over, it's up to you
to do that in the business field, just stick to the present. With the
original intention and development with quality, the future can be

With Gu Ye's words, He Yunyi, who was still a little lacking in

confidence, immediately straightened his waist and was confident.

Gu Ye took the money, went to a mobile teller machine, took out

200,000 yuan from his account, and transferred them to Hope Primary
School. He has transferred money to this account countless times, and
he has learned everything he is familiar with. He has forgotten the
other accounts that need funding, and he has to check it.

When I returned home at noon, it happened to be in time for dinner.

Gu Decheng concerned and asked: "What did you do yesterday? Why
did you save people? Isn't it dangerous?"

"It's not dangerous," Gu Ye spread his hands and said with a relaxed
expression: "I just saved it easily and ran a few laps."

Gu Decheng was relieved, "It's okay, don't be a bad guy, first protect
yourself. You can talk to Yu Ze, and you have to learn from others."

Gu Ye didn't take it seriously, and was still complaining about the

three fresh steamed dumplings that had been eaten. "I can't do
business, and he can't fortune."

"How much money can you make fortune-telling? Are you planning
to do fortune-telling for the rest of your life?"
"It's okay to feed myself in this life, and it's boring to earn too much
and not spend."

"You will get married in the future, let the girl follow you to set up a
stall under the overpass?"

"I may not be able to make a home, and no one will follow me."

When Gu Ye said this, his parents were stunned, "Why?"

Gu Ye touched his chin, and said deeply: "To be honest, I don't know
if I like men or women, or maybe I like ghosts. As long as I look good,
I might like it. I don't know what species it is."

Gu's father immediately felt that his blood pressure was going to rise.

When Mrs. Gu saw that her husband's expression was wrong, she
quickly winked at Gu Ye and told him to shut up, "The child is still
young. It's a bit early to talk about this. When I have time to fall in
love in college, I might find a girl I like. That's right. Many schools
called today, but I refused. If I listened to my son, I went to the
Imperial Capital First University, which was close to home."

Gu Ye smiled and bent his eyes, "Thank you mom!"

"You are the best behaved. When your brother is on vacation, I want
to stay with your grandma for a week, so go too."
Gu Ye's expression paused. The youngest mother was born as a
farmer, and her parents contracted a mountain to grow fruit trees. She
also had a younger brother, who had always been called Uncle. How
should I put it, the family members are honest and duty-bound, and
their hearts are not bad, and they are not bad to him, but they are not
his own after all, which is somewhat embarrassing. When someone
talks as a family, what does he mix with?

"I'm so old, so just don't follow."

Mrs. Gu was worried, "Then you are at home by yourself?"

Gu Ye nodded, "I will eat with my dad in the morning and evening. I
can ask the nanny and aunt to cook for me if my dad does not come
back at noon. If I don't want to eat, I can also go out with my
classmates. ."

Gu Ye didn't want to go, and Gu Yang naturally didn't want to go.

Madam Gu angrily picked up her son's ear, "You have to go! Just
leave after hearing the results."

Gu Ye gave my brother a look that you asked for happiness in every


Soon, Gu Yang's results came out, and he forgot to write his name in
the Chinese test paper, and scored 0. 52 points for normal math. 68
points for doing English normally. Physics, chemistry, biology,
geography, history, and politics do not exceed 60 points, ranking first
in the whole year. When Gu Yang returned with a single grade, Gu Ye
knew that the child was cold.
Sure enough, his little mother wore high heels and chased Gu Yang
with a feather duster for half an hour. At the end, she couldn't run
and let him go. She was angrily sitting in the living room and wiped
her tears, "I'm afraid it was not a fool! You! Are you stupid!"

Gu Yang squatted at the door and whispered: "Can you blame me? I
don't want to take the exam? I think I did it right, but the teacher
won't give me points."

Mrs. Gu was angrily and barefoot trying to beat him, Gu Ye rushed

over, pulled his mother, earnestly persuaded: "You almost got it, he
still has a beating waiting, you just show mercy."

When Mrs. Gu heard this, she wanted to cry even more. She was
distressed and angry. There was nothing she could do. She turned
around and cried with Gu Ye in her arms, "Mom can't live this day.
When Mom gets old, Mom will count on you! Brother, this trash is

Gu Ye endured a smile and patted her on the back, "Well, well, when
you are old, I will provide for the elderly, and I will raise it!"

Gu Yang sat at the door heartlessly, spitting out: "The mothers are all
made of water, and they love to cry."

Gu Ye glared at him, this silly boy, how much do you want to be


After a while, Dad Gu came back. The first thing he did was to ask for
Gu Yang's report card. Seeing the horrible gambling score, Dad Gu
looked around angrily, and touched the feather duster that Mrs. Gu
had used.

Standing on the second floor, Gu Ye was lying on the fence, watching

the domestic violence in the hall, exhaled expressionlessly, and went
back to sleep.

On the second day, Gu Yang, who had been beaten in mixed doubles,
went to his grandma's house. Gu Ye took a deep breath with the dog's
head and took a deep breath. Without Gu Yang, he felt that the whole
family was peaceful and well.

Gu Decheng took a document and called Gu Ye: "This is something

from your second brother. You can give it to me."

"Huh?" Gu Ye grabbed a hand of the dog king's ear. He still wanted to

set up a stall, and the task came again.

Gu Decheng said solemnly: "It's very important. You must hand it

over to your second brother."

"Oh." Gu Ye reluctantly took it over, "What's the company name of my

second brother?"

Gu Decheng said irritably: "Yuming Media & Entertainment

Company! You are really a real brother, you don't know what your
brother is doing."

"I'm sorry!" Gu Ye stooped to apologize, and his attitude of admitting

mistakes quickly caught people off guard. He walked out of the house
quickly afterwards, and didn't give his father any chance to preach.
He sent a message to his second brother, asked for an address, and
called a taxi. On the way, Gu Ye felt something was wrong no matter
what he thought. What documents need to be delivered by him
personally, and must he hand them over to the second brother
himself? Gu Ye looked at the file bag, but did not see anything
abnormal. What was the old man's idea?

Gu Ye subconsciously pinched his fingers and settled, and the

expression on his face was distorted after calculating what happened,
and there was only one sentence in his heart: I'll go! Dad is also a fox!

Chapter 37 The Entertainment Circle Is Really Exciting

Gu Ye took a taxi and came to Yuming Media Entertainment

Company. The security got the news in advance that Mr. Gu's brother
was coming. After hearing Gu Ye's identity, he put him in, gave him
directions, walked straight, and went to the lobby. Someone received.

Gu Ye nodded secretly, his second brother was thoughtful.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Gu Ye arrived in the lobby, she was stopped
by the lady at the front desk, "Hello, are you the artist who signed up
recently? This building is the office building of President Gu, you can't
go in."

Gu Ye shook his head, "I am not an artist, I am looking for your boss."
The receptionist at the front desk apologized and said: "I'm sorry, Mr.
Gu is very busy. It's not what you can meet. You want to be an artist. I
have a few business cards of agents here. You can take a look and you
can submit a resume."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "Miss Sister, you are new here."

The girl had a pause, and the thoughts in her heart were all written on
her face. How do you know?

At this time, a woman in her early thirties, wearing professional attire,

ran over anxiously and apologized: "I'm sorry, the newcomer is not
sensible. I am the supervisor in charge of reception. I will take you
up." Angrily glared at the girl who was blocking the road, and seemed
to want to go back and clean her up.

The girl who stopped Gu Ye looked at this scene with a helpless

expression, and reacted nervously and said: "I'm sorry, I'm really
sorry, I don't know your identity."

Gu Ye smiled, "You don't know who I am now, right."

The girl shook her head nervously, her face flushed, "This is my first
job, so, I don't have the price for sight, sorry!"

Gu Ye sighed, and faintly sent the other party: "Miss Sister, your
colleague, you are not honest."

The girl subconsciously glanced at the intern who was standing

behind the counter and was answering the phone, and she
immediately understood. The security at the gate was able to put in
this long person who looked like Mr. Gu, and it was impossible for
the front desk to receive notice in advance. The other party didn't
notify her and told her not to let anyone go up, which was to offend
this young master. I have long heard that the two of them can only
stay one. Once this case is left, can she, who has just graduated and
has no background, can keep this job?

Gu Ye shook his head speechlessly, saying that it was indeed the

entertainment industry. From the front desk, he started to intrigue
and play new scheming. How muddy and dirty is the water in the
circle? Just think about it!

Following this supervisor into the special elevator, Gu Ye looked at

this person's face, and remembered the face of the girl who was sitting
at the front desk answering the phone. Gu Ye knew it. The girl who
stopped him must be cannon fodder, because the two are related.

Gu Ye didn't kindly remind the girl about anything. Simple-minded

people are not suitable for mixing in this business. It is better to leave
as early as possible, or you will suffer a big loss.

When he arrived at the president's office, he opened the door, and Gu

Ye saw Gu Lin looking at him with a smile. His expression looked like
a big fox. Gu Ye suddenly had the urge to escape, bit the bullet and
walked over, and handed the folder to Gu Lin, "I wonder, what is the
important thing? Dad sent me to run like this. I I counted a div on the
road, guess what did I count? The thieves are exciting!"
Gu Lin picked up the file and looked at it. Then he asked along the
lines: "Then tell me, what's the result." Looking at the expression, this
file does not seem to be very important.

Gu Ye pinched his fingers, and said solemnly: "Dad learned that you,
the Tang monk, is going to be entangled by a fairy. I hereby send me
to help you cast down demons."

Gu Lin was stunned, and then laughed, "If you can, you can also kill
demons and demons. The fairies that can capture your brother have
not yet been born."

The secretary brought a glass of soda and a few small snacks on the
table in front of Gu Ye, reminding Gu Lin: "Mr. Gu, there are still five
minutes left. The meeting is about to start."

"Okay, I'll go to the meeting first, don't go back at noon, I'll take you to
dinner." Gu Lin stood up, the secretary immediately helped him get
his notebook, Gu Lin walked to Gu Ye, stopped and squeezed On Gu
Ye's face, he said with emotion: "My kid, I really grew up."

Gu Ye squeezed a peanut bean and wrapped it with crab roe. It

looked like a snack for children. Seeing it looked like a strange bean,
he threw one in his mouth and said with a smile: "No, I've grown up.
You are old."

Gu Lin was amused, poked Gu Ye on the back of the head like

punishment, and left the office quickly.

Gu Ye was standing by the window, eating snacks, and wondering

how likely he was to catch the "fairy". It was not until half an hour
later that Gu Ye was almost finished eating snacks, and then he heard
a rush of footsteps in the corridor. sound.

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows. The "fairy" should have heard that

someone from Gu's family came to the door.

Sure enough, the open door of the office was suddenly pushed open,
"Where is Gu Lin? Don't try to avoid me!"

The person who rushed in wore a long pink dress, with black hair
hanging down from his waist, a pure face, delicate features, and white
and tender skin that could be broken by bombs. She is one of the
hottest popular actresses nowadays, with a lot of traffic. Because of
her innocent temperament, she is honored as the head of the new-
generation jade girl, the goddess in the hearts of countless men. Gu Ye
also knew about this woman. Ling Ruyue should be her stage name.

"Sister Ling, Mr. Gu is really going to a meeting, don't make trouble,

don't make us embarrassed, okay?" The security guard who was
catching up all the way looked embarrassed and didn't dare to really
stop him. At that time, he panicked and avoided, and his attitude
became more cautious.

"Who are you?" Ling Ruyue looked at Gu Ye standing by the window,

her eyes widened, as if she didn't know there was an outsider, she
was taken aback.

Gu Ye squinted his eyes, leaned against the window, eating peanuts,

and squinted his eyes with interest, as if the "fairy" was very good at
acting. He smiled and said, "Guess?"
Gu Ye's face is not inferior to idol niche, and he is young, his facial
features are slightly immature, and his temperament is cleaner and
purer than those in the circle. In addition, he has a kind of indifferent
temperament, and he doesn't care much about everything, which
gives him a kind of mysterious mystery. This temperament is the most
attractive. At this time, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised,
like a smile but not a smile, lazily leaning against the window, each
expression hanging on the niche in the circle.

Ling Ruyue looked at Gu Ye carefully, and then thought about the

news about the science champion on the Internet. She narrowed her
eyes and immediately knew that Gu Ye couldn't cope with it. Her
expression immediately changed, "Are you Gu Lin's brother? Excuse
me," I have been so emotional recently."

Gu Ye looked at her flat belly and didn't speak.

Ling Ruyue smiled, and said shyly and timidly: "I'm Ling Ruyue, your

Gu Ye stuffed a peanut into his mouth. It tasted like chicken, and it

was crunchy after chewing, but there was no expression.

Ling Ruyue looked at Gu Ye helplessly, but a bit of anger flashed

through her eyes. Children at this age could easily get fans of her, and
it was the best time to deceive her. Not only was the look in her eyes
by this hairy boy not amazing, but instead With a bit of a joke, Ling
Ruyue couldn't help it. But after all, it's an actor. She pretends to be
innocent or very similar. She embarrassedly said, "Since Gu Lin is not
here, I will come back later."
The security guard was obviously relieved. Who knew that Gu Ye,
who had not spoken all the time, suddenly waved, "No, it's all here,
let's talk together."

Ling Ruyue gave a sneer at the corner of her mouth, turned her head
and touched her stomach subconsciously, and said with a gentle
expression: "No, there is still a chance another day."

Gu Ye inserted the straw into the soda cup, took a sip, pulled a stool
and sat down, slapped a plate, and said with a smile: "You can be at
the door, anyway, I can say something soon Finish. Are you

Ling Ruyue suddenly showed a little pink on her face, nodded lightly,
and said shyly: "Yes, Gu Lin's child."

The staff passing by outside took a breath of shock. Ling Ruyue didn't
come to Gu Lin once, and was rejected every time. Many people in the
company knew that she liked Gu Lin, and always thought that she
liked Gu Lin. She is unrequited love. I didn't expect the news today to
be so exciting. Is she pregnant? Do you want to marry into a wealthy

"You said, you are pregnant with my brother's child, hahaha..." Gu Ye

seemed to hear the big joke, and he slapped the table while laughing,
and all the melon seeds jumped up. He is obviously a virgin. You said
that the child in your stomach belongs to him. Are you stupid as our
Gu family? You can marry Gu's family with just a child?"
People passing by don't want to leave at this time, so they quietly
stopped to listen to the gossip. It's too bloody. Today's melons are so

Ling Ruyue stiffened all over, and her fingers pointing at Gu Ye

shook, "You...you are talking nonsense!"

Gu Ye drank another sip of soda, patted his chest and stopped

laughing. Every time he counted those who didn't like to listen, he
would say nonsense. Can these people change the word? "Just like
you, you still dare to play this set, do you want me to calculate it for
you? I'm pretty accurate."

"You talk nonsense! I don't allow you to insult me like that! Insult my
child!" Ling Ruyue's eyes flushed suddenly, and a line of tears gently
slid down her pretty cheeks, crying beautifully and not artificially,
pure and pitying. This makes people who watch the excitement feel
distressed. They are all pregnant and have to be treated like this.
There is a young master in it, and the goddess is too pitiful.

Gu Ye stood up, walked slowly to the door, and said as he walked:

"Ling Ruyue, her stage name, her real name should not be Ling, her
eyelids were cut, her chin bones cut off, and outsiders set a pure and
lovely girl, a pure female, practical I have made eight boyfriends in
Shanghai, and at the most, I maintain bedclothes with four men at the
same time."

Ling Ruyue was stabbed at the door by thunder and looked at Gu Ye

in shock. She didn't realize how to deal with it for a while. It was only
after ten seconds of silence that Ling Ruyue recovered from her shock
and found that someone was watching her. The pure face was
stubborn and unyielding, and the humiliated eyes made people feel
sad, "You...you! Nonsense! Even if you don't like me, you can't insult
me like that. I came from a poor background, but I also have
backbone. !"

Gu Ye sneered, "How many boyfriends you have, it is indeed your

freedom. The number of abortions is also your freedom. You have set
up a personality for yourself to deceive ignorant fans, that is also your
freedom. "Gu Ye walked up to Ling Ruyue's eyes step by step, looking
at her pitiful appearance, coldly, and said in disgust: "But if you throw
away your newly born daughter, it is not your freedom. You are
breaking the law."

"You nonsense!" Apart from this nonsense, Ling Ruyue didn't know
how to refute it. She squeezed her fists tightly in a panic, forgot to
squeeze her pretentious tears out. Looking at Gu Ye's dark eyes, she
seemed to be staring Looking into the abyss, her ears seemed to ring
again that late night, and the helpless and pale cry of the child made
her tremble.

Hearing this, several staff members who wanted to listen to gossip

glanced at each other and ran away. Sometimes, for gossip, small
melons can be eaten, but large melons have indigestion.

Gu Ye sneered, "Am I saying nonsense that you know in your heart

that your offspring has only one daughter who is abandoned by you,
and the child in your stomach cannot be born."

Ling Ruyue nervously covered her belly, her face pale. Now she can't
even tell you nonsense. She had miscarried too many times before.
The doctor had told her that it was difficult to get pregnant. It was a
miracle to be pregnant this time. Marry into the rich with this child. If
this child cannot be kept, then her dream of being a rich man will
come to nothing.

Gu Ye pointed to the top of his head, "Look up to the sky, who has the
sky spared? You are exhausted, and you will be punished."

"No," Ling Ruyue took a deep breath and was forced to do so, but
calmed down. She looked at Gu Ye sarcastically, "Even if you don't
like my sister-in-law, you can't look down on the child in my stomach.
At your age, you have such a vicious mind, let's just wait and see."

Gu Ye shrugged, "Okay, I said that not only will you not be able to
marry into my house, Xingtu will be like a fly lying on the glass in the
future. The future is bright, but there is no way out for you."

Ling Ruyue clenched her teeth tightly and turned to leave. At this
moment, Gu Lin just came back. Ling Ruyue looked at Gu Lin
desperately, and the tears in her eyes fell, "Gu Lin... "This call of
hesitation and cessation is better than a thousand words. It is like
seeing the only reliance, calling a thousand times.

Such a woman can easily arouse a man's desire for protection, making
people want to rush over and hold her in his arms and protect her.

It's a pity that Gu Lin is not an ordinary domineering president, nor

an ordinary man. He doesn't play that kind of routine at all. He
looked at this woman blankly, with only one word: "Go away."

Ling Ruyue collapsed and covered her face, tears streaming down her
fingers, "Gu Lin, you are so cruel."
Gu Lin laughed instead, "Renuous? Whose child is in your stomach,
you know it in your own heart, I haven't touched you."

"No, no, no," Gu Yeerkang said, "She doesn't even know who this
child belongs to, because there are too many men."

Ling Ruyue suffocated her breath, wiped her tears and stared at the
two brothers in resentment, and left with a look of despair.

Before she left, she was still acting. Gu Ye was almost overwhelmed
by her acting skills. There was an urge to search the Internet for the
plays she had played, and to worship.

Gu Lin glanced at the security guard, "Go and get the resignation
form by yourself, even a woman can't stop it. What use do you want?"

The security guard said anxiously: "It's not that I don't stop, but this
woman pretends to be the president's wife, and said that she is
pregnant, I dare not stop."

The secretary standing behind Gu Lin gave him a wink, and now he
can get a resignation form and get an extra month's salary as a
pension. If you say one more word, you won't get a penny.

The security guard could only endure the grievances and hurried
away. When he reached the corner, the security guard glanced back at
Gu Lin. Gu Lin just happened to look over, and the corner of his
mouth was picked up, winking. The security guard understood,
nodded invisibly, and chased Ling Ruyue downstairs. This secret
action was not even noticed by the secretary who was with Gu Lin.

Gu Ye returned to the office, grabbed a handful of melon seeds, and

said disgustedly: "Brother, you are so weak, you were calculated by a

Gu Lin helplessly said: "This is a bit evil. It happened in the

commercial bureau. I didn't drink much at all. I didn't know why I fell
asleep. I woke up with her. It's not. She kept talking about her belly.
The children here are mine."

Gu Ye smirked, "I think you have money and beauty, and you are the
best picker." Gu Lin glared at him, and Gu Ye quickly changed his
mouth, licking sunflower seeds with a serious expression, "No
wonder Dad asked me to come to you.Older gingers are more spicy."

Gu Lin shook his head, "He got the news quite quickly, but I don't
need to care about it. I will check the matter out and dare to put me
down. Huh, maybe I think I'm too young." Gu Lin squinted and
looked pretty. With her peachy eyes, the smile at the corners of her
mouth is getting colder and colder, "I keep her here, but I just want to
pull out the person who instigated her. If you have such a toss today,
she should not be able to hold back her anger. One piece, I will treat
you to delicious food at noon."

Gu Ye withdrew the stool back, "You smile like a fox, terrible."

"Tsk," Gu Lin was angrily grinned, "Four brothers, we two look the
most alike. When you say me, look in the mirror, kid."

Gu Ye subconsciously touched his face. Does it look like?

The secretary who arranged the minutes of the meeting smiled and
said, "Don't doubt the three young masters, your eyes and nose are
the most similar."

Gu Ye held the juice in despair and drank it, looking like he was going
to be overwhelmed by surprise. Gu Linqi could not laugh or cry, he
could only read the information.

Gu Ye drank the soda and asked interestedly, "You want to do a

variety show."

"Yes, the domestic programs are too boring, I want to do something

exciting, mentally, physically, and teamwork."

Gu Ye picked up a pile of information, opened it and looked at it, "The

staff is quite comprehensive."

There are acting sects, flow niches, being red stars, and last year's

"Yes," Gu Lin pointed to the actor, "I'm considering choosing him as

the soul of the group. Among these, I will choose five more."
Gu Ye pointed to the photo of the actor, and said seriously: "I don't
recommend using him. Look at his face. Tiancang is fanatic and
Xuanwu forks. He is a fanatic. Now he is beautiful and beautiful. He
will not be popular for a year. Up."

"Listen to you, just change one."

Gu Ye pointed to a few more, "These few can absorb money, and these
two newcomers can dig them over, and they will become popular in
the future."

"Listen to you." Gu Linquan should make his younger brother happy.

No one thought that Gu Ye really said it. Six months later, the actor
was ruined because of his derailment in the marriage and his personal
settings were destroyed. And the two new recruits who dug over have
become popular all the way, marching into the front line in one fell
swoop, and become the company's cash cow.

Gu Ye went to dinner with Gu Lin at noon, and Gu Lin invited him:

"Dad won't go home at noon. If you are alone, just come and find me."

Gu Ye nodded, "Thank you brother."

"I heard that the fourth child returned to my grandma's house, and I
knew I would buy something for them to take back."

Gu Ye smiled, "I still have a chance next time."

When my brothers talk together, I can still hear that there is a gap
between the second brother and the young mother. After doing the
math, the younger mother walked in, and the eldest and second elder
brothers all remembered things, and the hearts of the people were all
fleshy. At that time, it didn't take long for their mother to die, they
must be awkward. They have lived in school since elementary school
again, and they really don't have much affection. But the two elder
brothers did a good job. They weren't close or outside, and they were
good to Gu Yang.

Gu Lin watched him hold the spoon and asked him, "What do you

Gu Ye smiled and bent his eyes, "I am very happy to be born in such a

Gu Lin didn't expect Gu Ye to suddenly say such a sentence. After a

daze, he said with a smile: "Stupid boy, what are you thinking about.
After eating, you come back to the company with me. I still want to
invest in movies and TV shows. You can give it to me." Calculate."

Gu Ye raised his eyebrows, "Are you paying?"

"Brothers also want money?"

"Brothers must also settle accounts."


"Then I will go."

The two brothers had just decided on the afternoon mission. Gu Lin
received a call from the public relations department, "Mr. Gu, Ling
Ruyue committed suicide on the live broadcast, saying that he was
abandoned by the scumbag. Now the Internet has exploded, and they
are all guessing the scumbag. Who is it. Now that someone has led to
you, I don't think this direction is right."

Chapter 38 In order to marry a rich family

Hearing that the fire was about to burn on his head, Gu Lin was not in
a hurry, so he asked in a leisurely manner: "She didn't say who
abandoned her?"

The Minister of Public Relations hurriedly said: "I didn't say it


Gu Lin squinted his eyes, "Then don't worry about it, she might not be

The public relations department is already gearing up and ready to

fight a tough battle. After listening to Gu Lin's tone, the nervous heart
instantly relaxes and has the backbone. "Good President Gu, I will
closely monitor the network dynamics. Report to you at any time."

Gu Ye stretched out his thumb, second brother is smart! This woman

steps on several boats, her purpose is to marry a rich family, but no
matter which rich family it is.
At this time, a young man who was a little familiar found him and
gave Gu Lin a USB flash drive, "Mr. Gu, after she went out, she called
a person named Mr. Xu. I found out that he was the CEO of Dingnan
Entertainment. Xu Shun, there is a video call."

Not surprisingly, Gu Lin curled up the corners of his mouth, but

smiled coldly, "I know, she doesn't dare to toss like this."

The young man said again: "Immediately afterwards, she called a

wealthy businessman engaged in real estate." The young man also
had a strange expression, "Forcing marriage."

"Puff!" Gu Ye almost spit out the soup. This "fairy" was so anxious
that he was forced to marry the couple one day?

Immediately afterwards, the young man said, "Finally, she called a

rich second-generation generation, and said that she was pregnant
and forced to marry. The video of the call is in it."

Gu Ye looked at this young man in admiration. This method was

amazing. Only then did he recognize the other person. The young
man turned out to be the security guard. Now that he has changed his
clothes, he looks quite stable. Gu Ye was shocked. "Are you so
exciting in the entertainment industry? Security guards are all so good
at acting?"

The security guard said embarrassedly: "The three young masters are
polite. I was a mercenary abroad and engaged in investigation."

Gu Lin squinted his beautiful peachy eyes, "Too naive kid, do you
think your brother does not have a few capable people in his hands,
can do this step today? Silly boy, no matter what time in the future,
you have to keep it for yourself Don't even tell the person you trust
the most. Remember?"

Gu Ye nodded vigorously, remembering that, I don't know if I need it.

After all, he doesn't like to play tricks.

Gu Lin filled a bowl of soup, drank a sip, and said slowly: "Let her
make trouble, not only will the public relations department not stop
her, but also help her make headlines, and everyone who makes
trouble will know. If she doesn't pull me out, just Watch who will
jump out and end the scene. If you dare to get involved with me, put
the video of the call on her, and let everyone have a wave in the hot

"Ok, I understand."

Gu Ye had only one sentence in his heart: The second brother is really
a fox, so how many people need to be served in one pot, cunning and
ruthless enough. However, he likes it!

Ling Ruyue has too many fans. I have done marketing before. If I
don't have anything to do, I'll be able to get someone to fry C P, and
I'm looking for someone to wash myself for nothing, and call the other
party not to pull our goddess to hype. No appointment, many angry
youths were brainwashed. Especially the youngsters who are in love
at the beginning, are being coaxed around, treating her as the lover of
their dreams, and looking for someone more than her.

Suddenly, Ling Ruyue posted a video on Weibo and talked about her
experience in tears. She was unmarried and pregnant, but the other
party said she would not marry her at all. She was traumatized so
much that she could not live anymore and wanted to leave the world
Tell the fans who love her, Ewha is so pitiful to cry with rain.

The Internet exploded in an instant, and many people wanted to lift

the knife and chop off the scum.

Fans have called the police, and some have persuaded her: don't cry
the goddess, two-legged donkeys are hard to find, and some people
with two legs are! We can't commit our own lives for a scumbag! You
are so beautiful and young, you will have the chance to meet a man
who loves you in the future!

If he doesn't marry you, I will marry you! That scumbag, who do you
say he is, I will kill him!

I want to know who the irresponsible scumbag is, ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Tell me who he is and expose him! ! !


When the fans were going crazy, Ling Ruyue posted another Weibo:
Stop talking, I don't want to disturb his life anymore, let me and my
child leave this world quietly.

Fans are crying: Don't be so stupid, the goddess! Who is that man,
come out and say something!

If you dare to do it, you must be the one who is in charge!

I heard that the goddess and the boss of her company have been very
close recently. Has the goddess been under unspoken rules?

Is that Gu Decheng's son, Gu Lin, known as the national husband?

Sure enough, the rich second generation has no good things! Scum to
die! A dead account book!

It turned out to be Gu Lin! Is there any evidence?

I have a sister who is an employee of Yuming Media Company. She

saw the goddess approaching Gu Lin many times, but Gu Lin never
saw her.

Fuck! This scumbag! Goddess, don't think about this scumbag! He

will definitely get retribution, and the whole family will die!


The Internet became more and more turbulent, and some people
helped her to make a headline. Ling Ruyue swiped on Weibo and
watched the fans cry for her and made her crazy. She sneered the
flames of war on Gu Lin. He sent a message to someone: Mr. Xu, Gu
Lin must be trying to suppress public opinion and wash himself
away. I will give you the opportunity. Don't forget your promise to

Immediately afterwards, Ling Ruyue sent the same message to two

people, completely copy and paste: I didn't expect them to be so crazy
that they misunderstood Gu Lin. I'm so angry, the child is not Gu
Lin's, it's yours! No one can insult my love for you. You can don't
want me, I can't die for unknown reasons.

This message was sent out, and within a few seconds, it all replied to
her: Don't say it! I have to divorce my wife first, I will give you five
million living expenses first, baby you believe me, you are my true
love, how do I live when you die? Wait for me, wait a few more days!

I'm discussing with my parents, isn't it just getting married? Are you
making trouble like this? Just get married when you get married and
register tomorrow, so stop making trouble! If you tell it, where will
my parents save their face?

After reading it, Ling Ruyue replied in unison: I can't wait any longer,
my belly is getting bigger and bigger every day, and I can't shoot
movies anymore. I can't hold back this kind of underground love.

Baby, I have already paid you the cost of living. Give me two more
days. I promise to divorce and marry you!

Get married! Knot! My parents agreed, I knelt down for you, you are

Ling Ruyue looked at these two pieces of information and pondered

secretly. She had given up on Gu Lin's kind of carelessness. She didn't
eat hard and soft. The other party really didn't have a skin close to
her. The child was definitely not Gu Lin's. This road was unworkable
and she had to give up regretfully.
Ye Hongwei really loves her, but he has a wife. Like a tigress, his wife
is horribly violent, and it will take several months for him to divorce
his wife.

Wan Zirui is a second-generation ancestor, and it's not that she can't
do without her. But he is still young now, she can hold on completely,
and inherit the family business in the future, she can also stand firm in
Wanjia. Moreover, this young man is so foolish that he can get
married recently.

Ling Ruyue touched her stomach and couldn't help calling the
attending doctor, "Doctor Sun, can this child be born smoothly?"

The other side replied: "Your uterine wall is too thin. To be honest,
you no longer have the ability to protect your child. I am afraid that
when the number of months is old, the uterus will rupture if you are
slightly stimulated, and then you will also be in danger. My
suggestion is to induce labor as soon as possible, and if you want a
child, you can do an IVF."

Ling Ruyue's eyes sank, "Those three months ago, was this child

"No guarantee." The doctor apologized: "You should be mentally

prepared for the possibility of miscarriage at any time."

"I see." Ling Ruyue gritted her teeth, hung up the phone, and directly
sent a message to Wan Zirui: I will wait for you to come to me and get
the certificate tomorrow. For the sake of my child, I don't want to wait
Wan Zirui replied: You wait, I will find you now, you give me peace
of mind!


Gu Ye was also watching the internet fuss. Seeing that this group of
deceived fans was going crazy for Ling Ruyue, he gave a speechless
sneer, "Ling Ruyue broadcasted live in this way, but he dared not
show up in the live broadcast room. This is very telling. What do
these people think, directly cursing our family to die a household
account book? This can increase fans? A group of keyboard guys who
don't know anything also came out to curse, who told them to dump
Ling Ruyue's is you?"

Holding a cup of coffee, Gu Lin said in a hurry while reading the

information: "Do these keyboard sprays have a brain?"

Gu Ye thought slightly, and raised his hand to admit his mistake: "I'm
sorry, they didn't!"

At this time, the secretary hung up the phone, "President Gu, someone
attacked our company's network."

Gu Ye applauded, exhilarating, "So amazing, so exciting!"

Gu Lin also laughed, "If you can give them to the police, you can
directly call the police. I don't think I can blame anyone."
Looking at the artificial work on the Internet, Gu Lin watched that it
was almost time, "It is fun to put out the video of her forcing someone
to marry someone, and everyone can play together."

Gu Ye was cheering on the sidelines, "We are forced to marry three at

the same time a day. Now, it's lively."

Ling Ruyue hasn't moved, and the fans' mentality is about to collapse.
He scolds Gu Lin's family for not having a good life, scolds the
goddess of injustice, scolds the police for stupid inaction, and wants to
become a justice messenger to destroy the world. At this time, the
official blog of Yuming Media and Entertainment Company released a
message: Our company's contracted artist Ling Ruyue has
misbehaviour, which seriously affects the company's public image.
Here, our company terminates the labor contract with her. Attach a
video at the end.

"Will you marry me or not?"

"What about the child in my stomach?"

"When did you divorce your wife?"

"When will you tell your parents about our relationship?"

"Wan Zirui, the child in my stomach belongs to you!"

"Ye Hongwei, the child in my stomach belongs to you!"


Originally, I tried to brush on the official blog. I wished that the

official blog was paralyzed, the brush closed, and the fans who used
the account book of Gu's death were confused. What happened?

Every sentence of the woman in the video shows that this innocent
national goddess is a peerless scheming bitch. As a mistress, she has
nothing to do with Gu Lin. Fans are dumbfounded, what is going
on? !

Technology synthesis? The video is faked? Someone deliberately

hacked my goddess?

Before this group of fans could react, the official navy army, who had
already been unable to hold back, got on board: she was slapped and
slapped, she played several times today, and now she still treats you
as grandsons!

The joke is really a joke, it's all stupid!

The fans reacted and cried: impossible! How could my goddess be

such a person? impossible! The person on the video is definitely not
her, so how can the bitch person be my goddess?

Are you dumbfounded? It has nothing to do with Gu Lin. It's

impossible to scold someone with a household registration. Does your
face hurt?
Isn't Ye Hongwei that engaged in real estate? He was married long

Fuck! Mistress! The world's first bitch! Ling Ruyue!

Stop it, my goddess must have been cheated! She is so simple!

Yes, so simple and so bitch, who else?

Come on the keyboard man, take out the momentum to scold Gu Lin's
family! Why are you not moving now? How about wiping your face?
Was beaten and bleeding?


When the navy was busy with the rhythm and the original fans were
so confused that they had nothing to say, someone broke the news:
Ling Ruyue really went to Gu Lin in the morning, but he didn't get
any benefit, because the Gu family was also there. In one sentence, the
third young master of the Gu family, who broke a wealthy family, is
also the number one in science this year. He gave Ling Ruyue a
fortune, saying that she had abandoned a daughter, and Ling Ruyue
was confused at the time.

Fuck! Three are forced to marry a day, why is she so anxious?

San Shao said that she could not give birth to this child, maybe
because she was afraid that she would have no bargaining chips?
I want to know that my private life is so messy and there are too many
abortions, so I am afraid of habitual abortion.

What the hell? Can this also be calculated?

What's the stubbornness of one hexagram to break a wealthy family?

The representative for class sums up!


The comments on the Internet can be said to be reversed in an instant,

and Ling Ruyue is also dumbfounded. This is completely different
from what she planned! Shouldn't it be Gu Lin who is busy washing
white, Dingnan Entertainment gets what she wants, and will agree to
her request, take the opportunity to poach her away, pay her
liquidated damages, and give her the coveted role? What is the
situation of direct cancellation of contract?

She was still a newcomer at the beginning, and she was trained by
Yuming Media and Entertainment Company. So when she signed the
contract, her liquidated damages amounted to tens of millions, and
the company only paid her 100,000! What's her worth after being

What frightened her the most was that as soon as this video was
exposed, her dream of marrying a wealthy family with this child was
broken. Who would marry her?

Ling Ruyue held her head, her mind was blank, and she was horrified
not knowing what she should do or how to restore her reputation. At
this time, the phone rang.
Ling Ruyue nervously picked up the phone without seeing who it
was. She tremblingly answered, and cursed over her head and face:
"Are you a stupid? I'll let you haunt him! Let him be scandalized and
careless. Company business! You fucking commit suicide for me!
Make it known to the whole Internet! Why are you in a hurry?"

Ling Ruyue subconsciously touched her stomach, she was anxious

because she was afraid that the child would not be able to keep it, and
she was afraid of losing the bargaining chip. If the child is gone, and
she will become infertile in the future, which giant will still want her?
She had to use this method to force a man to come out and marry her,
and let the other person see Gu Lin's fate. If she didn't marry her, she
would be ruined.

Now, all the dreams are broken, Ling Ruyue cried and asked: "Mr Xu,
you promised me, as long as I entangle Gu Lin, you will dig me away.
Now, this matter..."

"You are so hacked, what did I sign you for?" The opposite person
said angrily: "It's best not to be photographed when you call me. If it
hurts me, you just die!"

"Hello? Mr. Xu? Hello?" Ling Ruyue cried in despair, listening to the
busy tone on the phone, "What should I do?"

At this time, another phone call came in, "Who is the child in your
stomach? How many men do you have?!"
"I am not, I don't." Ling Ruyue's eyes flashed, nails digging into the
flesh, to calm herself down, "You have to believe me, the video is fake,
the sound is synthesized, and someone hurt me! You have to help

"Help you? Oh, do you think I am being taken advantage of? You are
too poisonous, I really want to divorce my wife, you woman, it's too
scary, don't contact me anymore."

"Hello? Hello!" Ling Ruyue shivered, found Wan Zirui's phone

number, and after dialing, the opposite said: "I'm a grassy man! Bitch!
Think of me as the third grandson!"

Ling Ruyue sat on the ground coldly, holding her mobile phone, her
mind went blank. At this time, there was a knock at the door, and
Ling Ruyue looked at her blankly, "Who?"

Angrily said outside the door: "Your agent!"

If it were normal, Ling Ruyue could definitely hear that the voice was
strange, but she was in a trance, she was struck now, got up from the
ground, walked to the door tremblingly, a glimmer of hope in her
eyes again, yes. There are agents who can save her, maybe, she still

After opening the door, the knocking on the door was a slightly fat
middle-aged woman, with a square face, hanging eyes, a jeweled look,
and heavy makeup on her face. It was not a good talker at first glance.
There was a sneer at the corner of her mouth, and she grabbed Ling
Ruyue's hair, "Is it your fox who committed suicide live and forced
my husband to divorce me? If you grow up like a fairy, you give me
another bitch!"

Ling Ruyue will also act. In order to maintain her pitiful character, she
pays attention to weight loss on weekdays. She is thin like a paper
man. Who is the opponent of this fat woman? She was holding her
hair and pressing it on the wall to curse, she had no resistance.

The two tore a few times, Ling Ruyue became nervous and frightened,
coupled with such a big shock, she felt a pain in her stomach,
clutching her stomach and screamed, "Tummy, my stomach."

When the woman saw her pretending to be, she slapped her viciously,
"I didn't touch your belly, don't want to touch me!"

There was also an older sister who was about the same age as her who
came with the woman. She looked like her friend. Seeing the blood
flowing from Ling Ruyue's legs, she quickly reminded her: "She didn't
pretend, she really had a miscarriage. !"

The woman was also cruel, "It's a miscarriage because it's so simple.
This fox doesn't know how many abortions he had before! Don't even
think about giving me this pot! Call an ambulance and follow her to
the hospital. I will give her flowers. Money, treat her!"

Before the ambulance arrived, Ling Ruyue's community was bustling.

The reporter had been watching her a long time ago and was waiting
to film this big news. Now that she has been troubled by the lady, she
has found an opportunity. The ambulance rallied and followed the
ambulance to the hospital. Live shooting all the way, all exposed.
The doctor rushed to rescue her, and a series of examinations had to
give the lady who sent her to pay the money. The eldest sister
announced the results to reporters as soon as she got the test results, "I
said I didn't touch her stomach, and when the police came, you have
to testify to me, habitual abortion! The uterine wall is thin like a fish
bubble. If I don't touch her, she will have a miscarriage!"

As soon as this video was posted on the Internet, Ling Ruyue's fans
collapsed and their faces were swollen. Thinking of what she had said
before, it was as disgusting as swallowing a plate of flies.

Gu Ye watched this internet farce and said sarcastically: "This circle is

so lively, I really want to give people a clue."

Gu Lin didn't stop him, and while criticizing the report, he said, "This
is the case in this circle. If you don't have a snack, you can't get mixed

"Second brother, I will use your official Weibo."


"Swearing." Gu Ye's eyes widened. "They scolded so fiercely, wouldn't

it feel uncomfortable to go back without scolding?"

Gu Lin shook his head with a smile, "Okay, you can go to the PR to
"Oh!" Gu Ye jumped up from his seat and wandered to find the public
relations department. After a while, the staff of the public relations
department sent such a Weibo with trembling fingers.

Yuming Media & Entertainment Company's official Weibo: Today,

my father gave you three trigrams. First, Ling Ruyue was miserable in
the second half of her life, and she had nowhere to depend, so she
could only make a living by picking up the tatters. Second, Dingnan
Entertainment Company will go bankrupt within half a year. Third,
curse my family for the death of a household register. I remembered
your notebooks. You will run into ghosts when you walk at night, and
you will weigh it yourself when you go out. Do not accept apologies,
do not accept rebuttals! --Gu Ye.

The official blog was silent for three full minutes, and then it
exploded: Who is Gu Ye? Go crazy with him!

The creator of the record with the highest score in the college entrance
examination, the three young masters of the Gu family, is the third
young master who can defeat a wealthy one!

I wipe it! Is this a prophecy? What's the relationship with Dingnan

Entertainment? I smell the gossip!

It's too ruthless! What the hell? It was just a misunderstanding before!
Who knew Gu Lin was wronged?

That's right, just wash it for him. How can you scold someone? The
rich second generation is amazing? nausea!
Don't be too ugly upstairs. Are you disgusting when you scold
someone for death? Let's not say that Gu Lin was wronged, even if it
is true, what is wrong with the whole family?

Fuck the little brother is so handsome, I like this temperament!

Walking and hitting ghosts!

After half a year, is Dingnan Entertainment cool or not?

My little husband said: It's dawn, let Dingnan Entertainment go



The entire public relations department was shaking hands. Seeing Gu

Ye's beautifully eating melon seeds, they wanted to go to Gu Lin's
door and knelt in a row, begging your Majesty to please go! Dare to
play too! No one dares to be so stubborn on the Internet!

Not surprisingly, this Weibo did not have to be read by someone, and
it was made headlines within minutes. Some people scolded Gu Ye
for being ignorant. The rich second generation cursed the common
people by relying on their family background. Some were stunned by
Gu Ye's temperament and applauded him. If you support him, you
will be so stunned. The whole family will wipe their mouths and they
will be done. Next time they have something to do, they will spray
manure. They are used to them!

After Gu Lin received the complaint from the public relations

department, he reluctantly pulled his brother back, "Kid, so naive?"
Gu Ye nodded, "I'm still young."

"You are a talent."

"Many old men who walked with me said that I was a ghost!"

Gu Lin couldn't laugh or cry, he was quite proud.

Gu Ye pulled a stool and sat down. "The reason Dingnan

Entertainment does this to you, is there a conflict of interest?"

Gu Lin smiled and said, "Xu Shun is not a few years older than me.
Seeing that I am developing well, I can't hold my breath.
Unfortunately, I am too young." Gu Lin squinted his eyes and said,
"That handle, keep it for later. use."

Gu Ye secretly said, "Give me a list of his artists, with photos."

The secretary quickly brought it to him.

Gu Ye put the photos of the two companies together, only identifying

the photos but not the people. "Among these newcomers, this is the
only one who has aura, and the others are all arranged according to
the same model. It turns out that nothing can be seen. ."

Gu Lin immediately said: "Then let them mix at the bottom."

"This, this, and this, try to sell it to Dingnan Entertainment."

The secretary reminded: "This has great potential. It has been very
popular recently."

"It doesn't matter, it must be sold, and something will happen soon.
This, this, and this, if you dig it up, you will be able to become a
talent. If you take it away, you will have to cause trouble within two

Gu Lin nodded, "Listen to you, I want to see if you are so accurate."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes and said, "You only need to wait half a year
to know. If I am accurate, do you want to ask me to be a consultant?
Ten million a year is enough."

Gu Lin couldn't laugh or cry. This is still a financial fan. "If you keep
counting like this, will you lose your life?"

Gu Ye assuredly said: "No, I will do good deeds and will not be

detrimental to myself. Now I will draw a salary from the bottom of
Dingnan Entertainment, so that they are all troublesome artists, and
see how he toss."

The secretary looked at the similar faces and similar expressions of the
two brothers from the side. They all squinted a pair of nice peach
eyes, and they shuddered when they gathered together secretly to
calculate people. He's seen the Gu family's boss, too, and he's a deep-
hearted one. When he comes back, the three brothers get together.
Who dares to provoke him?
The brothers worked secretly all afternoon. That night, Gu Ye took his
second brother home. After dinner, he went back to the room and
went to bed early, leaving the second brother to be dragged by his
father to talk about life. Early the next morning, Gu Ye went
downstairs and heard his father's arrogant reprimanding son:
"Naughty! Can this kind of joke be made casually? Hurry up and ask
a reporter to clarify, nonsense!"

Gu Ye wondered what happened after he fell asleep last night. Why

did the second brother provoke his old-fashioned father?

"Hahaha..." Gu Lin looked at the screen of the phone and couldn't

help but smile, making Gu De sincerely want to beat his son.

Gu Ye ran over curiously, "What's the matter? Have fun again?"

Looking at the screen of his second brother's phone, Gu Ye's mouth

twitched, "This group of paparazzi is so idle!"

I don't know how it was spread on the Internet, saying that Gu Lin
likes men, and he brought his little lover into the company. He ate
dinner together at noon and took it home to see his parents in the
evening. After spending the night together, he did not go out. They
said they had noses and eyes, and shot them both from the back.

The most speechless thing is that Gu Lin boarded the official Weibo
and officially admitted: Yes, the little lover who has been raising for 19
years is getting bigger and bigger. How do you look at how good you
are, don't be ready to move.
The melon-eating audience all believed it and were shocked. Fuck,
this is an admission! The official announcement! Out of the closet!

Gu Ye was also amused, "Brother, don't do this, you will really get

The public relations department is going crazy, and ask Gu Lin's

secretary what is going on? What is this all about? You can't let the
boss and Xiao Wangye touch Weibo in the future! These brothers are

The secretary was also tired, "Who knows who the boss is talking to,
quickly dispel the rumors!"

The public relations department was busy all morning before

suppressing the matter. The two brothers were exposed to the front
and they looked quite alike.

No one thought that this photo gave Gu Yequan countless fans, and
many young girls left a message: Four years later, he just graduated
from college and could get married, and wait for my husband to grow

The excitement here is not good. Ling Ruyue's affairs have also come
to fruition. Without the protection of the company and brokers, the
entertainment reporter cleans up Ling Ruyue's background all night.
Ling Ruyue, formerly known as Zhang Chunhua, is 27 years old this
year. She had a puppy love in junior high school and a love triangle in
high school. She started living with her boyfriend in college and had a
child. Now she is five years old in an orphanage. Rumors have had an
affair with many directors and producers in the circle.

Nowadays, the name Ling Ruyue is evasive, because they are afraid of
getting caught up with her and being dragged into the water. Those in
the circle who don't like to make trouble pretend not to know and
avoid the limelight. Those who were not afraid of troubles stepped on
her foot to show that they were not familiar with her.

Secretary Liu, as a secretary who likes to watch gossip, especially likes

to share with his boss, "Mr. Yu, Master Gu actually relied on his face
to make a fan. He was nineteen years old and he was waiting for him
to grow up when he was formal. The little girl nowadays is really
unreserved, so call her husband now."

Yu Ze remained cold, and didn't know what he was thinking.

Secretary Liu is used to it, and the boss is so lazy to talk to him.

"Gu Ershao is quite interesting, saying that he is the little lover he

raised, but he also made the unruly person hide away hahaha."

At this moment, Yu Ze raised his eyebrows, and said uncomfortably:

"Not serious!"

Secretary Liu was taken aback, and for the first time he heard his boss
respond to his gossip news. But when I thought about it, I came to
understand that the boss has noticed all those who are cautious about
having a snack machine. The brothers and sisters are just joking,
which means that they are not serious and can't stop the jealousy.

Gu Ye was really stimulated by the gossip, and wondered, will he

really have an object in the future? After all, when his master was
alive, he was always worried about his life-long events, saying that he
had high eyesight, except for himself, it was difficult to look at others,
and his fate was too late.

On a whim, Gu Ye took out the hexagram plate to calculate a

hexagram for himself, "Tian Ling ordered Di Ling Ling to give a
daughter-in-law, is it okay? I beg Grandpa Yue to tell me if I can find a
daughter-in-law in four years of university. ?"

As we all know, fortune-tellers generally don't know what they are.

Gu Ye shook it three times, but the pointer on the hexagram plate
didn't move. Gu Ye sighed and got used to it, "Forget it, there is no
such thing as old age."

Unexpectedly, as soon as these words fell, the pointer on the

hexagram turned frantically, Gu Ye's eyes widened, and he got up
from the bed in shock, "Mom!"

When the pointer fell, Gu Ye was stunned. Will he meet his destined
person tomorrow?

Male, female, male, female, human, ghost? ? ?

It's heaven! He is not sure about the species himself!

The author has something to say: Bystander: The Gu family brothers
are too scheming! terrible!

Gu Yang: Hey (?▽')

The three brothers look at the fourth: emmmm...Oh!

Chapter 39 Yu Ze: What does your father like?

After watching his father leave in the morning, Gu Ye took the pony
and went out. Although I calculated that I could meet my destined
person today, what kind of species the destined person is, Gu Ye
didn't know, so I could only meet by chance.

Gu Ye's face can attract attention wherever he goes. He found a lively

place in the pedestrian street and put down Mazha and sat there.
Many young people who shopped looked at him. There were really a
few people around, but they were all watching the excitement, and no
one asked him for fortune-telling.

Gu Ye looked at this, and then looked at that. Among the bustling

crowd, none of them seemed to be related to him. The simplest
reason: not good-looking!

An aunt saw him from a distance, took out her mobile phone and
looked at the photo on it. After confirming that it was Gu Ye, she ran
over in surprise, "Mr., are you the little gentleman who was in Jitong
Street two days ago?"
Gu Ye nodded. This aunt is definitely not a predestined person, she is
older than the young mother.

The aunt seems to have been looking for Gu Ye for several days, "I
heard people say that your calculation is accurate. Little sir, can you
help me figure out where to find the lost things?"

Gu Ye looked at the aunt's hand, smiled and asked, "Did Auntie lose
the wedding ring?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Aunt Gu Ye was able to calculate this accurately, and
she said all the time. "I took the ring off and washed it a few days ago.
I turned my head and couldn't find it. This ring has followed me for
thirty. For many years, I can't find it for a while, I'm just like I'm
missing the soul. You'll figure it out for me, is five hundred yuan

Bystanders looked at this aunt's eyes as if they were a fool, and this
young one has a good-looking face. How can he look like a master?
What age is this now, and anyone still believes?

"Auntie, you'd better go home and look for it again, don't believe this."
A young man next to him couldn't stand it and reminded him.

The aunt waved her hand, "You don't understand, this little
gentleman set up a stall in another place before, so the calculation is
The onlookers were speechless and did not leave, looking at the liar
Gu Ye cheating money.

Gu Ye didn't feel annoyed, and handed the hexagram plate to the

aunt, "just dial it."

The aunt did what she said and looked at Gu Ye nervously. Gu Ye

saw that the pointer was pointing, "The hexagrams are different
hexagrams overlapping, shake the lower hexagrams to the upper, the
upper hexagrams to rede, the red to the joy, the lower hexagrams to
shake, shock To move," Gu Ye smiled, "Auntie, not only did you not
lose this ring, but you have been following you. Touching your own
pocket, did it happen to fall into your own pocket?"

The aunt hurriedly touched her pocket. After she touched something,
she had a handful of surprise on her face. She took out a gold ring.
The style was a bit old and it looked like it was a few years old. "I
really found it! Now! Thank you, sir! I wore this dress the day I lost
the ring!"

Gu Ye smiled and put the money given by his aunt into his wallet,
and the eyes of the onlookers immediately changed. The look in the
eyes of the aunt was: This is a childcare!

Gu Ye looked at the people around him again, and said to his heart
that there is no young and beautiful girl who is asking him for

At this time, four or five young ladies in their early twenties gathered
around, and a short-haired man asked heartily: "Little handsome guy,
you can calculate for your sister, can your sister and boyfriend get
engaged this year?"

Gu Ye sighed, "Girl, you don't have a boyfriend, who are you engaged

Several girls were taken aback for a moment. They were looking at Gu
Ye's good-looking appearance and came together to play with him,
but they didn't expect to be counted out.

The other girl blinked, took out her phone, and showed him the man
on the screen, "You will count it for me, when will I get married with

Gu Ye's mouth twitched, "This man is your uncle, what are you two
getting married? Sisters, can you stop teasing me?"

Now, the faces of the people around have changed. Does this little
gentleman really count? For a time, many girls gathered around,
looking for him as fate. Gu Ye looked around. The girl who didn't
make him feel the throbbing heartbeat was already determined that
the destined person was not here.

After busying for a while, Gu Ye's wallet was already swollen, and he
said that there are no women who are destined, and a man is fine. Gu
Ye drank his mouth, and when he was looking around, a man really
came over and said, "Little brother, you count it for me. Which
number can I buy to win the lottery?"

Gu Ye shook his head, this cliff is not a predestined person, because it

is not good to see.
"You guys don't get mixed up, you won't win the lottery in your life,
so it's better to work hard."

The man became unhappy, "How do you say it? You little witch, do
you believe it or not?"

Gu Ye sighed, why are people unwilling to listen to the truth every

time he tells the truth, he said faintly: "You have bad luck, you will be
bad luck if you take three steps."

The man was furious, "What nonsense are you talking about?" As he
said, he walked two steps forward, trying to argue with Gu Ye, but he
didn't expect the little girl next to him to stumble and fall. I couldn't
hold the milk tea in his hand firmly, so I splashed the man directly.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!" The little girl was almost crying in a
hurry, and hurriedly handed the man a tissue, "Uncle, I'll give you
money. Go and wash your clothes!"

A teenage girl on the other side, this man is also twenty-seven or

eighty-eight, she was stuck in her throat, her temper could not come
out, she blushed and rubbed and cursed: "Go!"

Once this happened, the man didn't dare to argue with Gu Ye. He
glanced at him defensively. He always felt that his dark eyes were
strange, and he hurried away.

Gu Ye sighed, he had already forgotten the nine trigrams. If the

destined person does not show up again, he will go home.
At this time, a gentle and magnetic voice asked with a smile: "Can you
tell me the math, can I meet my destined person today?"

Gu Ye took a drink of water, and the interested turned his head, his
eyes dimmed immediately. The voice is nice, he looks pretty good,
and he is not much older than him, but he is not so handsome, and
this leg... is a bit short, less than 1.5 meters tall, and the ratio of the
legs is not long enough to look at. Seductive, definitely not his
destined person.

"Maybe the fate is by your side." Gu Ye said faintly. In such a hot day,
he already wants to withdraw, and he doesn't even want money.

The young man came to him with a smile, and the gentleman asked
politely: "What the gentleman said is by my side, how can I explain

"You go back and see the people next to you by yourself?" Gu Ye had
already determined that the other party was not his destined person
because of his short legs. The other party wanted to get close to him.
Gu Ye stood up impatiently holding Maza. He raised his hand to
cover the sun and looked at the sky, "Oh, I forgot to calculate the
weather before going out, and I didn't watch the weather forecast.
What a bad luck, really bad luck."

What else did the young man want to say, Gu Ye strolled into the
street with his horse, and didn't even bother him. The young man
glanced at him regretfully, but couldn't follow him again.
Gu Ye is already disappointed. People can't do it, just a ghost will do!
Okay, no ghosts during the day, just a fairy! His requirements are
really low, he has arms and legs to take care of himself, and he can
look seductive. Is it demanding? It's not high! How come there is no
eye-catching one?

Before I went to the street, a gust of wind came and I could smell the
rain. A dark cloud in the distance drifted closer and closer with the
wind, and it was about to rain. In June, the child's face changed when
he said it changed. This is a pedestrian street and taxis can't get in. Gu
Ye stopped and looked at the sky with his mouth pursed. He couldn't
laugh or cry. God was playing with him. He didn't bring an umbrella.

The rainy ideas will be dropped. When Gu Ye walks on the street, the
rain is already heavy. In desperation, Gu Ye threw Mazza at the door
and entered the ice cream shop on the side of the street. He ordered a
vanilla and chocolate double ice cream. He sat by the window and
watched the heavy rain outside. He sighed while eating. Isn't your
destined person a water baby?

"Sir, what would you like to order?"

"I'm looking for someone."

A familiar voice suddenly came from the door, and Gu Ye raised his
head to see, his eyes lit up. The person standing at the door wears a
purple body, is 1.9 meters tall, has long legs, good temperament, and
a handsome face that can't pick out a flaw.
Is it a man or a acquaintance, is that a destined person? Gu Ye was a
little confused, but what Yu Ze really thought and seductively met the
standards of a destined person. Seeing the other party put down the
umbrella and walked towards him, Gu Ye beckoned happily, "Mr. Yu,
what a coincidence!"

Yu Ze sat across from Gu Ye, looked at the smile on Gu Ye's face, and
then raised the corners of her mouth, "Looking like you, I'll come over
and take a look."

Gu Ye glanced at the place where Yu Ze's car stopped. This street and
the road that Yu Ze passed by was exactly ninety degrees
perpendicular to each other. Yu Ze passed by at the intersection. In
such a short period of time, under the heavy rain Seeing him sitting by
the window eating ice cream in his eyes, is this fate?

Gu Yegan laughed twice, and said in a complicated mood: "Mr. Yu's

eyes are really good."

Yu Ze smiled slightly, "I feel like you, just come and have a look."

Gu Ye is even more confused. In his career, fate is destiny, and Yu Ze

recognized him by feeling. Is this destiny? But the generations are
different. He and Zhao Pengyu are buddies, and this is Zhao Pengyu's
uncle. It's a bit unreliable to think about it.

Gu Ye quickly ate two bites of ice to calm himself down, and asked in
a complicated mood, "Mr. Yu didn't go to the company today?"
"I attended a charity party last night, and only came back this
morning." Yu Ze looked at the heavy rain outside and said helplessly:
"I didn't expect it to rain so much when I got here."

"It's not safe to drive on rainy days. It's right to stop." After Gu Ye
took the last bite, he looked at each other, not knowing whether it was
due to psychological reasons. He was a little embarrassed to see Yu
Ze's face.

Yu Ze didn't talk much himself. Gu Ye didn't speak, he just watched

Gu Ye eat, and he didn't mean to communicate. I didn't think there
was anything before. Knowing that I was going to meet a "destined
person" today, Gu Ye would have to wonder if he was his future
partner. When Yu Ze focused his eyes on him, he felt all over.

Yu Ze also found that something was wrong with him, and asked in
confusion, "What's wrong?"

Gu Ye strained his face and squeezed out: "Uncomfortable."

Yu Ze looked at him eating such a big ice cream, "I'm holding on after
eating too much? Diarrhea?"

Gu Ye just wanted to say: If you can't speak, please shut your mouth!

"I have an iron stomach. Give me two more and I can eat it." After
talking like this, Gu Ye was much more relaxed. "Which charity party
did Mr. Yu attend? If it is to help children, I also think of one.
Yu Ze picked up the corner of his mouth, "A donation activity for
making prosthetics for disabled children. If you want to participate,
there will be similar activities in the future, I will take you there."

Gu Ye pursed his lips, and suddenly felt that this sentence was a bit...
I don't know how to say it. Anyway, I don't feel right. "It's not good to
take me there. Just give me an account and I donate anonymously. I
also donate. not much."

Yu Ze drew a paper towel, stretched out his hand with a smile in his
eyes, and moved to Gu Ye's mouth.

Gu Ye was stunned. Just about to take it over, Yu Ze said

indifferently: "Don't move, you can't see it."

Gu Ye's hand stopped at his mouth, the corner of his mouth was
gently rubbed by the tissue, and he looked down at the chocolate on
the tissue. Gu Ye felt inexplicably, his heart tightened. It felt very fast
and disappeared in a flash. Gu Ye just felt I was a little embarrassed
and didn't think deeply, turned to look at the rain outside the
window, "Well, the rain is getting lighter."

Yu Ze glanced out the window and said, "Go?"

Gu Ye quickly grabbed his mobile phone and said, "I'll just call a taxi."

Yu Ze has stood up, "I will send you."

"You are so busy, so you don't need to waste your time. I'll take a taxi
and get home in a while." As soon as Gu Ye opened the taxi-hailing
app, his wrist was grabbed, and Yu Ze pulled him up from his seat
and took him away without saying: "I will send you off. It is not safe
to take a taxi."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, where is it unsafe in broad daylight? He

is not carrying hundreds of thousands of cash.

Going to the door and took the umbrella, Yu Ze opened it and looked
at Gu Ye. Gu Ye looked blank.

Yu Ze sighed and said helplessly: "Come here."

Gu Ye leaned in speechlessly. If his feeling was right, the other party

just thought he was stupid.

Under the same umbrella, the two people clearly saw the difference in
height, and Gu Ye wanted to look up at Yu Ze. After the comparison,
Gu Ye estimated whether he could grow so high at the age of Yu Ze,
and the answer was no. Gu Ye felt a serious imbalance. Some people
are really good sons, handsome, rich, capable, and good-looking. How
do ordinary people live?

Gu Yete asked carefully: "Mr. Yu, can you ask a personal question?
How tall were you when you were 19 years old?"

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye on the figure on his shoulder, and said with a

smile, "Higher than you."
Gu Ye immediately felt that he had an arrow in his heart, and he was
sure that this person was crossed out from the list of destined people
because he really couldn't speak!

Taking Gu Ye to the door of his house, Yu Ze handed him the

umbrella: "Don't get wet."

Gu Ye looked at the other party's wet shoulders, and his heart

warmed, "Would you like to come in and sit and dry the clothes?"

Yu Ze said solemnly: "No, it's not convenient for you to be at home

alone. I will visit when your father is home."

Gu Ye opened his mouth and didn't know what to say. To be honest,

he didn't find it inconvenient.

Gu Ye was holding an umbrella and standing at the gate watching Yu

Ze's car walk away in the pattering rain before entering the house. The
nanny hurriedly ran out with an umbrella, "San Shao, are you getting

"No." Gu Ye clenched the umbrella in his hand and shook his head
with a smile.

Is Yu Ze his destined person? What is the point of determining now?

What is the difference between looking and not looking? It is destined
by God. When the fate arrives, I will see it. Everything, leave it to
time, feel it with your heart, there will always be results.
After thinking about driving, Gu Ye took a bath, changed his clothes,
and took a look in the kitchen. The nanny aunt was cooking. Lunch
was four dishes and one soup. Gu Ye washed her hands and said, "Do
you want me to help?"

Auntie asked in surprise: "Can you cook?"

"Yes," Gu Ye smiled and curled his eyes, "I know a lot. It is not a
problem to raise a picky old man."

"No need, no need," the aunt hurriedly said: "If you go out to watch
TV or play games, I will do it in a while."

Gu Ye smiled, picked up the cooking wine and marinated the ribs,

"Let's do it together, I'll be fine when I'm free, my dad shouldn't be
back at noon, just making two is enough for me."

The nanny originally thought that Gu Yexian was okay, so I mixed it

up, but I didn't expect that he could really cook and cook in a good
manner. The nanny smiled from ear to ear. One who can't cook."

Gu Ye wondered, "How do you say?"

"There is one at home that can cook, and the other is definitely waiting
to eat. I have experience."

Gu Ye smiled and smashed the egg, "Then I will see who can't cook, it
may be my future daughter-in-law."
In the next few days, Gu Ye waited for his father to leave the house
and ran out. He came back early before his father came back. After
two days, he felt too troublesome, so he left a note for his father and
went for a stroll. Up.

Gu Decheng was too busy at work and didn't have time to care about
him. Until Mrs. Gu came back from her parents' house, she found that
Gu Ye hadn't returned home for several days. After checking Gu Ye's
position, she was almost out of the Imperial Capital. Mrs. Gu
exploded and called Gu Ye, "Why don't you kid go home? Get me
back quickly!"

Gu Ye wore a straw hat and was fishing by the river. He spoke

earnestly and persuaded his mother: "Mom, when I grow up, you
have to learn to let go and let me spread my wings."

Mrs. Gu's face is indifferent, "Why are you flying? How hot it is
outside! Even the moths are not willing to go out to fly."

Gu Ye endured a smile and said, "I will be fine when I go back. I am

determined to be a walking Taoist priest. Where do I need help."

Mrs. Gu was furious, "Who said it was okay? Come back and give
your brother a make-up lesson!"

Gu Ye's smile suddenly split, "Mom, do you think making up lessons

is useful?"

"It's useful...," Mrs. Gu glanced at her son who was walking the dog,
holding her forehead with a headache, "If you don't come back, I will
cry for you!"
Gu Ye: "You won! I will go back tomorrow!"

After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Gu gave the driver a position, "Pick
him back tomorrow, forbid him to run, and still want to become a

Someone outside the door shouted: "Madam! The admission notice of

the third young master is here!"

Mrs. Gu ran out in surprise and received the notice from Imperial
Capital First University. She was moved and wanted to cry, "Sure
enough, it is a prestigious university. The notices are all three-
dimensional, different from ordinary universities. My son...who said
me? Can't raise a son?!"

As soon as Mrs. Gu finished speaking, Gu Yang ran over and said

excitedly: "My brother's admission notice has arrived? This looks so

The corners of Mrs. Gu's mouth twitched, and tears were about to fall.
She is not good at raising a son, but she is going to have a son!

Not only Gu Ye, but many students have already received admission
notices one after another. Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang are in the small
group of only three of them every day, and they go to which school.
Not long after Gu Ye received the admission letter at home, Xia Xiang
was happy to share the photos of the admission letter in the group: I
received the admission letter, how about you?
Zhao Pengyu: I don't have one. I am 0.5 points higher than the score
line. Will there be an accident?

Gu Ye: Do you want to know in advance whether you have lost your
name? Send a selfie, and then send another 1,000 yuan.

Xia Xiang:...

Zhao Pengyu: Really? Have you received it?

Gu Ye: I don't need to look at it, it's proper.

Zhao Pengyu: Transfer 1,000 yuan

Xia Xiang: Are you stupid? You have passed the exam, there will be a

Gu Ye has already collected the money and replied: You passed the

Zhao Pengyu:...

Xia Xiang: Fool!

Zhao Pengyu expressed his love package in the group, threw the table
and threw the stool, but unfortunately no one took care of him. The
one-man show was useless, Zhao Pengyu stopped making trouble,
and asked Gu Ye: Where are you? not at home?
Gu Ye: I am looking for my destined person by the river.

Zhao Pengyu: Do you think you are a white lady?

Gu Ye smiled and replied: I still haven't been able to meet my Xu

Xian, please don't disturb me.

The two people in the group rolled their eyes together, and Gu Ye
smiled back: Let's take the money and let it go, Zhao Pengyu is a rare

The three of them discussed and decided to go back and find a place
to spend a day and relax.

Mrs. Gu also sent Gu Ye a photo: Son, the admission letter is here, I

showed it to your dad, and your dad said he will have a big birthday
this year.

Gu Ye was embarrassed, it was too exaggerated, as if he got the top


Early the next morning, Gu Ye received a message from Yu Ze, in two

simple words: congratulations.

If you don't know Yu Ze's nature and feel cold, and think he is
perfunctory, Gu Ye understands that it is very rare for the other party
to remember to congratulate him. He replied: Thank you.
Yu Ze: What does your father like?

Gu Ye:? ? ?

Yu Ze: I received your father's invitation letter and will be there as


Gu Ye covered his face, his dad would not send invitations to all the
relatives and friends he knew? Especially those people in his business
field, if you don't give the invitation letter to anyone, the other party
will feel that they look down on themselves, but it feels embarrassing
to give it to Gu Ye. He doesn't know anyone, what show!

Gu Ye replied helplessly: He likes Yu Lao's calligraphy and painting,

but he doesn't have much interest in buying things with money.

Yu Ze: Okay, I see.

After returning home, Gu Ye didn't have time to make up lessons for

Gu Yang, because he received a notice from the school. As soon as the
admission notice was issued, Teacher Yu summoned them all back,
gave them the last class meeting and issued a high school graduation
certificate. The group photos taken by the whole class before have
been washed out, and I will send them to everyone today as a

This time, the teachers who returned to school no matter whether they
wear school uniforms or bring their mobile phones, all of them
returned to campus easily and took pictures with their mobile phones.
Gu Ye stood at the gate of the school and took a picture with his
mobile phone.

Everyone knows how many points Gu Ye scored on the test. Now

everyone knows that he is Gu Decheng's son. He used to know that he
was a rich second-generation, and had a young and beautiful
stepmother. He knew that his family was rich. The students who had
bullied him before saw Gu Ye and walked around for fear that Gu Ye
would trouble them.

When others ignored him, Gu Ye didn't bother to talk to others. After

taking the photo, he went to the classroom. He stood at the door and
heard people say, "Did you hear? Lin Zihao didn't pass the exam in
any school. He was the next day. Did not enter the examination room,
and did not come today."

"I heard that Lin Zihao offended Gu Ye, and that's so unfortunate."

"Didn't he forget the admission ticket at home? What's up with Gu


"Is it Gu Ye's curse?"

"Don't be amused, Gu Ye is fine to curse him for what he is doing.

Isn't the person who bullied him the most important thing Gu Ye
should curse? It's fine if you don't have a close friendship, you don't
know him well before."

Gu Ye's mouth curled up, standing behind the classmates, slapped his
shoulder, "Oh~"
Several classmates were taken aback by him. When they saw it was
him, they suddenly closed their mouths in embarrassment. They
didn't dare to say any more, smiled, and disappeared.

Gu Ye touched his face speechlessly. Is he so scary?

Xia Xiang said with a smile: "You are now a celebrity, and your
identity is exposed, people who have offended you before are
respectful and afraid of you."

Gu Ye shrugged and had nothing to say.

However, many people greeted Gu Ye, "Gu Ye! Congratulations!

Science champion!"

"Gu Ye! You are fighting for our class! It's awesome!"

"Gu Ye! Take a photo together!"

"Yes! Group photo!"

Before Gu Ye refused, a group of girls rushed over, dragged Gu Ye

into the crowd and took pictures! Gu Ye, who was a little green in the
red, couldn't laugh or cry in embarrassment. He didn't know where to
put his hands and feet, causing a group of boys to envy and hate.

After taking a few shots, Zhao Pengyu rushed into the crowd to
rescue Gu Ye with a smirk, "Big star, I heard that after the class
meeting, there will be reporters who want to interview you and ask
how you learned so well. What do you want to say? ?"

Gu Ye spread his hands, undecided, "Study hard and make progress

every day. When you are confused, you will sing "We are the
successors of socialism" to the national flag and you will be up in

Zhao Pengyu stretched out his thumb, "It makes sense!"

After everyone chatted together for a while, Mr. Yu came. When Mr.
Yu saw this group of students, the serious and old-fashioned Mr. Yu
hadn't said anything, his eyes were red, and he choked up: "Teacher is
very proud! You are all teachers' pride. The teacher believes that your
future will be very exciting!"

The students were reluctant to give up, and they didn't feel so
uncomfortable. When they saw Teacher Yu crying, they wiped their
tears, especially sentimental girls, who covered their faces and cried.
The last class meeting of high school was held between teachers and
students. We spent in tears together.

Gu Ye raised the corners of his mouth. High school would draw an

end to the purest and most innocent life. When he arrived at
university, he began to contact society, and then went through the
baptism of society after graduation. How many people can have the
current purity? The purity now is so beautiful.

When we were parting, the class leader suggested to everyone: "Why

don't we have a party before the start of the university! It's in the
Imperial Capital! It's close to home!"
The classmates all followed suit, with red eyes and enthusiastically
asked, "What day?"

The squad leader looked at the calendar and said, "Or choose August
16, which sounds like six or six. School starts on August 22. This day
is suitable."

Gu Ye flipped through the calendar and frowned. This group of

children were really fearless. It was the Mid-Autumn Festival on the
15th of the lunar calendar, the Ghost Festival!

Chapter 40 What if I waited for him for four years?

On the day of Gu Decheng's birthday, he directly booked a venue in a

high-end business club to entertain guests.

On the sixtieth birthday, it's not big to say big, not too small to say
small. The elders of the Gu family passed away more than ten years
ago. Gu Decheng is already considered the oldest in the Gu family,
and it is not an exaggeration to have a big birthday. He also had two
cousins. When he was young, he had a bad relationship and didn't
usually contact him much. However, after hearing the news, he sent
his son to do superficial work.

Brother Gu is sympathetic to Gu Decheng's age, and the younger

brothers are not willing to help anything. The older brother can only
take the responsibility and prepare to move the company back to
China to help the old father. Gu Decheng was happy, as if he saw that
he had retired and had a good time playing golf every day, leading
Gu Sen to meet friends in the business field.

"I don't know how to take my dad's class. I'm all an old man. It's
boring." Gu Lintuo held his chin, with a ridiculous smile at the corner
of his mouth, and squinted his beautiful eyes.

Gu Ye also performed similar actions as Gu Lin. The two brothers got

together and watched his eldest brother's busy look. They laughed
aside, "Big brother, it's okay, elder brother can talk to them seriously."

Gu Sen passed by with a glass of wine and listened to the

conversation between the two brothers. The big brother gave the two
brothers helplessly, especially Gu Lin, warning him to come down
and help, not to hide like a child.

Holding the juice, Gu Lin ran a glass with Gu Ye, pretending to be

incomprehensible, and angered his eldest brother away.

This birthday party gathered celebrities from all walks of life,

including not only the eldest ladies from the big wealthy families, but
also celebrities. Gu Ye watched the young women present and
glanced at the two older brothers intentionally or unintentionally, and
asked Gu Lin in a low voice. : "Brother, those little sisters always look
at you two. Today is definitely not a simple birthday party. Will my
dad give you a marriage?"

Gu Lin disgusted: "Why don't you have a marriage?"

Gu Yele said, "Because I don't listen, I am the least obedient."

Gu Lin raised his eyebrows, "Then both of us can listen?"

After finishing talking, the two brothers looked at the fourth child
collectively, and then glanced at each other. They were both happy
and understood even if they didn't talk, they sold the fourth.
Although I can't really sell him, but think about the child's IQ, you
have to count the money for them if you sell it, and the brothers want
to have fun.

At this time, the noisy hall suddenly became quiet for a moment. Gu
Lin raised his head and glanced up, and his tone suddenly became
lukewarm, "Yu Ze is here."

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "Where is it?"

Standing at the door, Yu Ze came alone, a black suit tailored to fit his
tall figure even more upright, his handsome face is as usual, even if he
is surrounded by others, he is still unsmiling, just polite. Next, neither
rude nor warm. When he came, he stood out among the many rich
and powerful, and he attracted all eyes at once and became the focus
of the audience.

Gu Ye held his chin and squinted his eyes, admiring Yu Ze's

humanoid artwork, and sighed: "What a seductive!"

Gu Lin calmly looked at Gu Ye's expression, "I appreciate him so?"

Gu Ye nodded vigorously, "Yu Ze is full of strengths. He is tall,
handsome, capable, well-trained, and has a good human nature. He
often does charity without a name, so he feels comfortable."

The corner of Gu Lin's mouth twitched, his voice sank, and he pointed
to a girl in a pink dress and asked, "Is that girl not good-looking? It's
about the same age as you, right in Yemen."

Gu Ye took a closer look and shook his head, "Brother, don't you think
that Yu Ze's facial features are more exquisite than her."

Gu Lin put down his drink and changed his glasses, "You just look
good at Yu Ze?"

Gu Yesheng was afraid of being misunderstood that he was

superficial, so he quickly explained: "I am very good in all aspects.
Good-looking is only one aspect. You see, talking to our dad will not
be cold and polite."

I don't know why, he explained it this way, and the second brother's
face became even more ugly, "You...you stay here honestly, don't run
around." After speaking, he took the wine glass and went downstairs.

Gu Ye looked dazed, what did he say wrong? How old can you bully
the younger?

Gu Decheng was naturally happy when he saw Yu Ze. In addition, Gu

Sen and Yu Ze were classmates, and they had a good relationship
when they were studying abroad. In the future, he hoped that the two
of them would communicate more and help each other, so he told Yu
Ze a lot. After finally waiting for Gu Decheng to leave, Yu Ze was
surrounded by others again. Many wealthy people brought their
daughters to say hello. The purpose was self-evident. Having never
noticed Gu Ye, he was so entangled that he couldn't get out of his
body. Yu Ze's face became colder and colder, and there was no
temperature in his eyes.

With a glass of wine, Gu Lin came to Yu Ze with a smile, and said

with a smile: "The expression of President Yu is going to scare many

Yu Ze looked at the smiling tiger blankly, and said faintly: "Yeah."

Gu Lin's hand holding the wine glass shook. Unexpectedly, Yu Ze

returned an "um", feeling like a fist hit the cotton, nowhere to force it.

Gu Lin and Yu Ze clinked their glasses and asked with a smile, "Isn't
Yu always looking for someone?"

Yu Ze's eyes dimmed slightly, without covering up, "I'm looking for
Gu Ye."

Gu Lin curled his mouth, his eyes were a bit cold, "You really don't
hide it."

Yu Ze said nonchalantly: "Is it necessary to hide?"

"Aren't you afraid of being known by him? Stay away from you?"
Yu Ze had already seen Gu Ye who was going downstairs, and finally
there was a temperature in his eyes. He did not deliberately lower his
voice, and said in a hurry: "He won't care what others say. I thank you
for telling him in advance. He never understood."

"Hehe." Gu Lin's face was silent, but he wanted to splash his face in
his heart. Seeing more about the chaotic relationship between men
and women in the entertainment industry, Gu Lin saw the clues in the
eyes of Yu Ze watching Gu Ye. He didn't expect Yu Ze to be so
straightforward and directly admitted his thoughts, "He's only 19
years old. Is Yu always serious?"

Yu Ze provoked, "What if I waited for him for four years? It's not true,
he will judge by himself."

Gu Lin couldn't help but change his face, "He has been abducted by
you when he is old enough to know how to judge. He is only a little
heart-minded now? He has his life, and he wants to marry a wife and
have children. It doesn't need me. Mr. Yu also understands, don't you
bear to see him being criticized?"

Yu Ze chuckled lightly, and said slowly: "I can't stop the crowd, but I
can guarantee that there is nothing in his ears that he doesn't like to
hear. Instead of letting him protect other women for a lifetime, it's
better Let him be happy to be protected by me for a lifetime."

Gu Lin smiled angrily at Yu Ze's domineering remarks, "Have he seen

this gesture of you?"
Yu Ze smiled and touched Gu Lin's wine glass. His movements were
elegant, with a smile on his face that was hard to see by others. He
said every word: "He doesn't need it."

Gu Lin was suffocated by the breath of anger, and the look in Yu Ze's
eyes seemed to look at an abductor who abducted his own cabbage!
What kind of self-confidence do you have, at this time, you dare to
have a direct showdown with him as your brother? This is a raw grab!

Gu Ye came over at this time, looked at Yu Ze's smiling eyes, and

happily came over, "What are you two talking about? Have such a
happy chat?"

"Hehe!" Gu Lin sneered. "Children are too naive. Sometimes the smile
on the adult's face is not a real smile. You have to know how to

Gu Ye subtly felt that the aura between the two was not right, so he
closed his mouth wisely and observed puzzledly.

At this time, someone came to tell Gu Lin, "Second Young Master, the
cake is here, please confirm some details of the arrangement."

Gu Lin angrily squeezed Gu Ye's face, "Let's have a snack!"

"Hiss!" Gu Ye covered his face innocently and was pinched. With a

speechless expression, he watched his brother leave without angrily,
"He took the wrong medicine!"
Yu Ze frowned, lowered his head slightly, looked at Gu Ye's reddened
face, raised his hand in the air and paused for a while, then put it
down again.

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, covering his face, grieving, "Humans are

really moody."

Yu Ze still couldn't hold back his body, blocking the sight of others,
putting his thumb on Gu Ye's face, gently rubbing twice, and opening
his mouth. In the end, the words of comfort only became a word,

"Puff!" Gu Ye was amused. Seeing that someone wanted to surround

him, he dragged Yu Ze and left. "Walk around, there are too many
people here, it is not convenient to speak, I found a quiet corner, no
one disturb."

After Gu Lin came back from busy schedule, he found that Gu Ye and
Yu Ze were no longer there. Gu Yang, who was looking for food in the
meeting place, brought him over, "Where is your third brother?"

Gu Yang looked blank, "I didn't see it."

Gu Lin twitched the corners of his mouth, and wanted to beat the
child, "Go find it!"

"Oh." Gu Yang scratched his head. He didn't know why the second
brother was angry, so he didn't dare to ask, so he went to look for it. I
met a friend I knew halfway and was led away as soon as he turned
his head.
In a corner where no one bothered, Yu Ze asked Gu Ye next to him:
"Are you going to the tea party?"

"Tea party?" Gu Ye asked wonderingly: "Master does this every year,

what do you want to do?"

Yu Ze said exhaustedly: "Change my life."

Gu Ye shook his head and said confidently: "If you can't change it,
please don't toss it, old man."


"You have such a heavy purple qi, whoever touches you will be
unlucky. If you change your life, you will be looking for death. You
can't change it when you die, you die in vain."

Yu Ze said earnestly: "This year should be the last year, and next year
he will not find someone to forget it."

Gu Ye tilted his head, a little puzzled, the old man is not such a casual
person who gives up.

Yu Ze looked into Gu Ye's eyes, "I will let him know, it's useless to
find it."
Gu Ye nodded and patted Yu Ze on the shoulder, "Thanks for your
hard work, then I'll go. I have already promised Yu Lao, don't let the
old man have any regrets."

"I will pick you up that day."

"I go by my own."

"I'll take you."

Gu Ye laughed, "Okay."

For the first time, Gu Ye felt that his relationship with Yu Ze was very
delicate, unlike a friend. After all, from a physical point of view, Yu
Ze was seven years older and he had just become a college student.
Yu Ze is already a successful entrepreneur. The strange thing is that
every chat is very harmonious.

The two of them talked for a long time, one sentence for you, until Gu
Sen accidentally found them, and came over with a glass of wine, and
said in wonder: "You two can talk together?"

Yu Ze raised his glass with a smile, and touched Gu Sen without

explaining anything.

"After graduation, there is no time to drink and chat together like

this," Gu Sen smiled and said, "I will go back to China in the future,
and I will get together often."
Yu Ze has a gentle face, "I will be with you at any time."

"Hey, the old man is looking for me again," Gu Sen patted Gu Ye on

the back, coaxing the child, "I'll go down and have a look, the old
third will chat with your brother Yu Ze, don't drink."

Gu Ye twitched the corners of his mouth. Yu Ze and his eldest brother

were classmates, and there was nothing to shout about. But he and
Zhao Pengyu are classmates, and Zhao Pengyu is Yu Ze's nephew.
This generation is messy and can't be arranged.

Gu Ye asked Zhao Pengyu: If I call your uncle, will you fight me hard?

Zhao Pengyu: Yes! ! ! !

Gu Ye nodded, put his finger on the "Press and Talk" button, and
smiled at Yu Ze, "Brother Yu Ze, can you pass me that glass of juice?"

Yu Ze's expression was startled, and he looked stiffly at Gu Ye's

smirking eyes, then reacted with a complicated expression and asked,

Gu Ye took it over, "Well, thank you brother."

Yu Ze stiffly said: "You're welcome."

Gu Ye drank the juice, raised his finger, and sent it. An angry Zhao
Pengyu expressed his love package and wanted to kill him. Gu Ye put
the phone in his pocket happily, feeling good.
During the meal, Gu Ye wanted to sit with Yu Ze, but was picked up
by Gu Lin halfway, and caught him next to him and Gu Yang. Others
can't see much, after all, the second, third, and fourth order is fine. Yu
Ze picked up the corner of his mouth slightly. He was a distinguished
guest, so he was naturally invited to sit at a table with Gu Decheng, so
he sat beside Gu Yang. Gu Decheng looked at the seat and pointed to
his younger son, "The fourth and third brother change positions. It is
convenient for them to talk."

Gu Lin's face was pulled off immediately, is he the only one who
understands the whole family? !

After lunch, Gu Ye sent Yu Ze to leave. After getting in the car, Yu Ze

tilted his head and said to Gu Ye by the window: "Contact us on

Gu Ye smiled and nodded, "Okay."

After returning, Gu Ye looked at Gu Lin as if he had something to say

but couldn't say it. He subconsciously touched his face and slipped

Gu Lin: "..."


After returning home in the afternoon, Gu Yang pestered Gu Ye:

"Brother! I heard that you are going to Happy World tomorrow? Take
Gu Ye was lying on the bed reading a book, and said indifferently:
"Yes, what do you want to play?"

"What is the excitement to play? The pirate ship, the devil's elevator,
bungee jumping, rapid rushing...I can play everything, I want to go to
the haunted house!

Gu Ye turned a page of the book and said lightly: "Don't go to the

haunted house, you will be scared."

Gu Yang looked arrogant and the thief was confident: "Who is afraid
of who is a dog!"

Gu Ye sighed, "Well, I hope your words count."

Early the next morning, Gu Ye took Gu Yang out. Playing the

adventurous and exciting game, Gu Yang rushed forward
unconsciously, just like a wild boy who was let out. However, after
finally entering the haunted house, Gu Yang collapsed. He hung on
Gu Ye's back in fear and was dragged away by Gu Ye. He closed his
eyes and did not dare to look. "Brother! This is all fake!"

Gu Ye said tiredly: "Don't you say that you are very courageous and
you are not afraid of ghosts? Just like this, you let me take you when I
go out? Who is afraid of who is a dog? You said it yourself."



Gu Ye: "..."



"Wang Wang."

Gu Ye angrily raised his hand to pinch Gu Yang's face, "I will beat you
to death if I speak!"

Seeing Gu Yang's grieving expression, Gu Ye pinched his other face

again, suddenly feeling better.


On the 14th day of July in the lunar calendar, Yu Zeru came to pick up
Gu Ye. Gu Yang saw his brother go out and wanted to follow.

Gu Ye's mouth provoked a sneer, "If you follow me out again, I will
sell you for a bun!"

Gu Yang was aggrieved and led the older dog to squat on the lawn,
licked two grasses, stuffed the dog's mouth, and muttered: "You can't
bully me because your second brother bullied you. Who rules? Are
you angry?"

Gu Ye rubbed his hands, and then pinch you nonsense!

Gu Yang was honest for a second. When Gu Ye went out, he squeezed

the dog's face resentfully, "If you don't follow, don't follow, anyway,
the boss bullies the second child, the second child bullies the third
child, the third child bullies the fourth child , The fourth child can
only bully you."

After getting in the car, Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye's face and looked at

him with concern.

"It's okay, I gave a couple of words to Xiongzi." Gu Ye lowered his

head and was shocked when he saw Yu Ze's hand next to him. It was
probably because the color was light before and was blocked by the
purple air. He didn't notice a red line on Yu Ze's ring finger. Is this the
fate of the hit already appeared? As for where the other end is, Gu Ye
couldn't see it.

Yu Ze looked at his hand suspiciously, "What's wrong?"

Gu Ye smiled, "Your destined person has appeared."

"Really?" Yu Ze looked at his hand and then at Gu Ye's. "What about


Gu Ye shook his head awkwardly, "In our business, we can't tell

ourselves fortune-telling, let alone see ourselves. The other party is
standing in front of me. I can't tell who the other party is by relying on
my breath."

Yu Ze looked at his hand regretfully and said meaningfully: "It's a


Gu Ye nodded, "Yes."

When they arrived, there were already many masters drinking tea and
chatting in the yard. Because of the large number of people, Yu Lao
directly asked him to put mahogany tables and chairs in the yard.
There were snacks and tea on the table, and the glass was always open
above the yard. The cover is closed and the air conditioner is turned
on, which is also cool. As soon as they arrived, many masters looked
over, the lively atmosphere suddenly cooled down, and their
expressions became weird.

Standing at the door, Gu Ye's eyes flashed a little helplessly. He was

like this before. He was not seen by others. He didn't expect to change
his body and still not be seen by others.

Yu Ze sullen his face and dragged Gu Ye through everyone, "Seeing

my father, this matter is over, don't care about their eyes."

"I think so, why waste your feelings on someone you don't know?" Gu
Ye swaggered into Old Yu's study, saw the old man writing by
himself, and asked with a smile, "How good is the old man?"

"Okay, alright!" Old man Yu stopped writing and asked kindly: "Is
your father in good health?"
"It's okay. Since receiving your calligraphy and painting, he has asked
someone to mount it and hang it in the study room. He has to worship
it many times a day. After reading it, he is strong and healthy, and he
can work for another 20 years."

Gu Ye made Yu Lao amused with two words, "Then invite him to my

house someday and let him take away whichever he sees."

"I thank you on behalf of my dad!" Gu Ye smiled and walked over,

admiring Yu Lao's words, while asking: "I haven't seen Mr. Tang, he
won't come on this occasion?"

Yu Lao finished the remaining words and said with a smile: "Old
Tang has withdrawn from the study. Most of these people are from
the profound arts study. He didn't want to see them, so he didn't

Gu Ye frowned, "Exited? Isn't Elder Tang one of the founders of the

Xuanju Academy? They have already retreated behind the scenes,
why is there still a withdrawal?"

"For you and your brother, I turned my face with his big apprentice."
Yu Lao said nonchalantly: "It doesn't matter if you quit, this society
has already deviated from the original intent of its establishment. Jing
Lian is loyal to power and wants to control everything. I want to drive
him out of the teacher's door."

Gu Ye suddenly felt like, "For me?"

"You don't have to think too much, don't you have to turn your face
sooner or later," Yu Lao put down his pen, "I told him a long time ago,
the trash learns to play like this sooner or later, it will be finished."

"Puff!" Gu Ye couldn't help but smile at Yu Ze. Is your old man so

fashionable? This word can be said.

Yu Ze shook his head speechlessly, with nothing to say.

Yu Lao pulled at the corner of Gu Yeyi, squinted the same eyes as Yu

Ze, and said secretly: "You work hard to keep Jing Lianzhong going.
You will become the president, and Lao Tang and I will support you."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "Old Yu, don't tease me, I'm used to
being free, how can I do that?"

"If you don't want to do it now, it doesn't mean you can't do it in the
future. Then Tang and I will go to canvass for you, come on!"

Gu Ye smiled dryly, "All right, you are happy."

Seeing that the topic became more and more biased, Yu Ze saw that
Gu Ye was embarrassed and pulled the person to his side, "You have
already seen the person, I took it away."

Yu Lao is dissatisfied, "Where are you going to take? This is not over
Yu Ze was unmoved and dragged Gu Ye away, "Take me to change
my life. Take care of those masters outside."

"Hey? This kid!" Yu Lao stomped angrily, "I really haven't finished

Gu Ye glanced back, waved, and comforted: "Let's talk about it next


Yu Lao sighed. He hasn't asked this little gentleman whether Yu Ze's

fate can be changed.

Yu Lao didn't expect that Gu Ye's being taken away was just the
beginning. Soon someone would come to say goodbye to him, just one
sentence: "The destiny is fixed and cannot be changed."

Yu Lao was disappointed to bid farewell to the master, and then two
more came, with the same sentence: "The destiny has been fixed,
forgive us for nothing."

Yu Lao stopped them and said, "You will test it in previous years. You
will not watch anything this year?"

The two masters shook their heads apologetically, "The destiny is

fixed, and we have seen it."

Not long after, a few people came and said the same thing, saying
goodbye to Yu Lao. This time Yu Lao didn't stop him, and said with a
heartbroken, "Destiny is fixed, I know. Thank you for running today."
There was a young man who wanted to speak, but the master glared
at him and stopped. After leaving the Yu family, the little apprentice
asked in a puzzled way: "Master, why didn't you tell me?"

The master was not young anymore, and he explained to his

apprentice earnestly: "How do you say? Say that your son's marriage
line came out and was entangled in a boy? Old man Yu is so old, he
hopes his daughter-in-law and grandson, he can bear this Blow?"

"That Gu Ye is pretty good at it, but he can't see it himself?"

"The more you know it, the more you can't tell your own life, or else
his brother can die so early?"


Gu Ye went for a snack and came back, and found that one third of
the person had gone, and Yu Lao's expression was not good. Gu Ye
looked at Yu Ze and said, "What, do you want to coax?"

Yu Ze said indifferently: "I have this expression every year, and it will
be fine in two days."

Gu Ye: "...Okay."

"Don't worry, go out to eat." Yu Ze took the car key, he had already
seen it, the masters who were known as capable masters in the past
have all gone, and the rest are raw faces, all looking at cherishing
animals. he. Yu Ze couldn't bear it anymore, and he didn't tell the
family, and hid with Gu Ye.

In the afternoon, Yu Ze went to the company, and Gu Ye went to sleep

when he went home. He didn't take Yu Lao's words to heart, and he
really complied with the words: No heart and no lungs, life is not


Soon it was the Mid-year Festival. On this day, the whole class was in
the group, and it was agreed to gather at the mother's restaurant near
the school at six in the evening. After dinner, go to the opposite KTV
to sing. No one is allowed to go home until 12 o'clock. You must have
a good time in the last days before the university starts!

The class leader chose this store, which was considered in advance.
Everyone has the AA system. This store is relatively affordable and
tastes good, suitable for student consumption. The classmates have no
opinion, and the chat history is 99+ in minutes.

Mrs. Gu took two sets of clothes and knocked on Gu Ye's room door,
"I ordered two sets of clothes for you, which one should I wear for
classmate gatherings?"

Gu Ye put down the phone, there was too much information in the
group, he couldn't come over, "anything is fine, classmates just have a

"Wear this, fresh and natural. You are white. Wear this set to show
your skin." Mrs. Gu has already chosen a set, a light blue short-
sleeved shirt and white jeans. Although not much different from the
public, they are tailor-made. Yes, dressed appropriately, "There is a
sleeveless vest inside, and the buttons don't need to be fastened. If it is
too late, please fasten the buttons if it's cold."

Gu Ye curled his lips, and he was so tired when he looked at it, "Why
do I dress me up so beautifully?"

When my mother thinks a lot, "Handsome, you can bring back any
girl you like."

Gu Ye lay tired in bed and didn't want to move, "I'm only 19."

Since I heard Gu Ye said that he didn't know what species he liked,

the mother was already shocked. Madam Gu pulled Gu Ye from the
bed, "Age is not important, now we have to accumulate experience."

Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "What if I bring a ghost back?"

"Bah, baah! You bring a girl back."

"Female ghost?"

Mrs. Gu yelled at him angrily: "You bring someone back! People!"

"Well, well, I will bring someone back in the future, don't get excited, I
will replace it."

Only then did Mrs. Gu go out.

After Gu Ye changed his clothes, before leaving the house, he didn't
worry about taking out his compass and calculating it, even if he
would hit a ghost tonight. Unexpectedly, the hexagram showed that
he could not only hit a ghost but also an evil ghost tonight, and finally
he had an indissoluble bond with a "thing". Gu Ye didn't know what
that "thing" was because he didn't know what that "thing" was. Gu Ye
thought that he was an evil spirit, his spirits shook, and excitedly cast
a charm, took two cinnabar pens, and rushed out!

Master Gu is suddenly excited!

Chapter 41 What kind of ghost festival if you don't fight ghosts on

Ghost Festival?

At the dinner party of Class 6, several girls gathered together and

whispered gossip: "I heard that Gu Ye will also come."

"Oh! I see one side less, I will be the school grass of other people's
house in the future, why didn't you realize that Gu Ye's appearance
was so high?"

A boy on the table next to him pouted his lips in disdain, "Does this
kind of gathering of common people, the young master like this?"

When he said that, another boy was also interested, "Is Gu Ye really
Gu Decheng's son? Can we ask him to buy a house for a discount?"
"Isn't it just a rich second generation, what's so great? Can you grow
up a little bit?" The boy sarcastically said: "Before pretending to be like
a little fool, I don't know what he has endured at home."

I have not yet entered society and have never experienced human
suffering. Boys at this age are always a little upright and arrogant.
They feel that money is not a shit. It is not a great thing to have
money. The term rich second generation is linked to rubbish.

Several girls rolled their eyes contemptuously, "I'm sick! The jealous
face is really ugly."

"Jealousy makes you totally different!"

The boys are not forgiving, "You women who worship gold are

"What did you say?!" A few girls wanted to turn their faces angrily.
They were persuaded by the people next to them. The last gathering,
cherish it, don't make a mess, and leave regrets.

Xia Xiang was sitting quietly and looking at his mobile phone. When
someone said this, he raised his head and asked directly: "Then Gu Ye
also got the first place in the country and set a record. Cao Ziming,
can you do it?"

Cao Ziming was choked. Thinking about his score, his momentum
was a little bit confusing, "I won't tell you, your rich second
generations are all the same."
Xia Xiang sneered and picked up a glass of Coke, "Splash your face
with nonsense, so that you can see what it means to deceive others."


"Don't make a noise, don't make a noise! Don't say a few words, I
don't know if we can get together in the future."

The students around him all helped to persuade him, and they didn't
dare to say anything about Xia Xiang. Now Xia Xiang's temperament
has really changed. He used to be timid, afraid to speak, and his voice
was low, as if danger was everywhere in the world. Right now, I will
stun you if I don't agree with me, and even dare to splash you with a
drink if I'm upset. It's just like Gu Yezhen will be infected if I play
with anyone.

The monitor whispered Cao Ziming, "Don't take a mouthful of a rich

second-generation, they have eaten with you in a cafeteria for the past
three years, and sleep in the same dormitory room without air
conditioning, and they didn't bully you. Now Xia Xiang heard it, so I
will fuck you. Just a few words, if Si Hongxing's brothers heard it and
gave you two punches, you would have to take it, why bother?"

Cao Ziming flushed with anger, "What about Lin Zihao!"

The squad leader is also a bit upset, and thinks that this is not a good
idea to listen to persuasion. In this kind of occasion, he still wants to
cause trouble, but does not give him face. "Liu Yiwen is with Lin
Zihao every day, and he did not hold on to Lin Zihao. There must be
something else, what do you know?"
The boy Liu Yiwen, who couldn't speak, took a cup of Coke in
frustration and poured it down, his entire face collapsed.

At the entrance of the store, Gu Ye was stopped by a few girls as soon

as he got off the car. He looks good, studies well, has a good
personality, and has no arrogance. The rich second generation is not
all bastards. No matter how many outgoing girls are, they pull Gu Ye.
I grabbed my own table, and there were a few knockers, "Come to my
sister's bowl!"

Gu Ye feels inexplicably that he has been molested by a group of girls,

why is his age twenty-five in his heart!

"Gu Ye, do you know how to tell a fortune?"

"Calculate for me, count for me!"

"I want to know, can I really invite a disciple to play the disc?"


Gu Ye feels whispering in his ears, as if a group of birds are

surrounding him, looking at Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang for help:
Brothers, help!

There was no way for the two of them. They dragged Gu Ye back and
got caught in the middle. There was a lot of chaos. Gu Ye didn't know
who touched his waist and exclaimed: Fuck! Thinner than my waist!
After Gu Ye collapsed, he couldn't find which girl it was. He said to
my heart. You don't know how terrible the little girls are now. They
dare to molest men! Who dares to take it home?

Xia Xiang was also very speechless, "You are not afraid of ghosts, are
you afraid of girls?"

Gu Ye sighed and honestly admitted to counseling.

The squad leader sat with Cao Ziming and saw that the other's face
was still unsightly, for fear that he would say something amazing and
make everyone unhappy. "Don't look for excitement. The only sign on
Gu Ye's clothes is a famous company all over the world. For the
luxury custom-made brand, the short-sleeved shirt he wears is at least
50,000 yuan. Are you going to mess with him?"

Cao Ziming immediately didn't dare to speak up. He could not afford
it, he could not afford it.

Some students also realized that he had an opinion about Gu Ye

because of Lin Zihao's affairs, so they asked Liu Yiwen in a low voice:
"Lin Zihao has applied for a review, right? He is not coming today?"

"Yes," Liu Yiwen glanced at Gu Ye quietly and whispered: "I went to

another school. It is said that the test score is too low. Our school does
not accept such reviewers."

"It's miserable, what did he think, why didn't he enter the examination
room in the afternoon?"
"You want face, you want face to suffer." Liu Yiwen glanced at Gu Ye
again. He didn't expect that Gu Ye would also smile at him at this
time. Then, Liu Yiwen was taken aback and dare not look at Gu Ye

Gu Ye smiled and found him from the group and added him as a

Liu Yiwen was stunned for a moment, and added with fear.

Gu Ye: It's okay for people to be selfish. People will have a selfish
mentality. As long as they don't harm others for their own selfishness,
they won't suffer retribution.

Liu Yiwen immediately understood the meaning of Gu Ye's words.

He was relieved to see that Gu Ye didn't even remember him with
him. He quickly replied: It was Lin Zihao's fault. He was crazy. He
didn't listen to persuasion. He didn't pass the exam. It has nothing to
do with you. Thank you for saving us. He will avenge revenge. He
shouldn't. I also want to say, sorry, I was jealous, but I really didn't do

Gu Ye smiled, deleted his friends, and finished speaking, there is no

need to contact in the future.

The dishes were ready soon. Gu Ye watched a group of young lush

teenagers who had written everything on their faces while they were
eating and playing. It was so lively that he was about to overturn the
ceiling, and he couldn't get in, so he ate slowly and almost ate. After
that, I went to the bathroom.
Xia Xiang followed him out, "They will sing in a while, I don't want to
go anymore, are you still going?"

Gu Ye shook his head, "I won't go either."

"If we don't go, they might have a better time."

"Your thoughts are much more delicate than Zhao Pengyu."

"Nonsense!" Zhao Pengyu lay secretly at the door of the toilet, "I knew
you two were talking bad about me behind your back!"

Xia Xiang smiled, and didn't want to fight with Zhao Pengyu, "In
three years, they may not be such pure friends."

Gu Ye pointed to his own eyes, "I never make a mistake when I look at
people, but you two will not change anyway."

Both of them were amused by Gu Ye, and Zhao Pengyu thought of

other things, "Gu Ye, besides us, you have to make some more friends,
find someone with you, and help you when something happens."

Gu Ye washed his face and said faintly, "Okay."

"When you look at it, you don't feel relieved. You only wait for others
to dig into you before you can accept others. How can you make
friends like this? Go and make friends."
Gu Ye couldn't laugh or cry, "I called your father, don't worry about

When he said this, Zhao Pengyu became angry, "No, I call your father,
your uncle, and your uncle!"

"Hahahaha!" Gu Ye took out his pocket happily, "Where is my red

envelope? Why didn't I bring it?"

Xia Xiang laughed on the sidelines, how this friendship has been
maintained until now is also a mystery!

After the checkout, other classmates will go to KTV, Gu Ye said with a

smile: "I'm sorry, my family sent someone to pick me up, so I won't

Zhao Pengyu put his arms around Gu Ye's shoulders, "get a ride!"

Xia Xiang raised his hand, "I also hitchhiked."

The others knew at a glance that the three of them had negotiated and
did not stay. They went out the door formidable and they saw a Rolls-
Royce with a value of tens of millions parked at the door. Next to Ye,
he smiled and said, "San Shao, I have sent your special car for

Gu Ye twitched the corners of his mouth, and he was sent for

maintenance in the middle of the night like a god. Maybe it was his
little mother who arranged it to let the female humans see how rich
their family was, so that he hurriedly abducted humans and went

Amidst the envy, jealousy and even contempt of the classmates, the
three Gu Ye got on the car and waved goodbye. Seeing each other
again, I don't know the year and month anymore, maybe by then, it
was a different life.

It is now past nine o'clock, the ghost festival, the ghost gate is open.
Normal people can't see strange things, but in the eyes of Gu Ye and
Xia Xiang, the streets are filled with strangely shaped people.

Xia Xiang covered his face, heart-stuffed, "There is a man with a long
back, who has been looking at me."

Gu Ye glanced out the window, "It should have been a car accident
and died, and he hit the back with his head."

The uncle driver turned pale, "Three young masters, why did you die
in a car accident?"

"Oh, we were playing around. Have you ever heard of a joke?" Gu Ye

pretended to change the subject lightly, and said with a smile: "There
was a mentally retarded man who was racing a motorcycle on a high
speed in the middle of the night because it was too cold. I wore the
clothes backwards. I didn't expect a car accident and fell into the
ditch. The person who came to rescue him was blinded by a black
light, and he said that he could not be saved. He hit his head and went
to the back. He was dead and dead. Let him die. Be decent, then
kindly twist it hard and make a click, his face finally faces forward,
The people in the car felt cold all over, this joke is too scary!

"Isn't it funny?" Gu Ye saw that they didn't laugh, and said seriously:
"Then I'll talk about one more, there is a hanged ghost, his tongue is
too long, he always stumbles when he walks, his friend said, why
don't you Wrap your tongue around the waist of your

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang covered his mouth from left to right,
"Stop talking! What kind of jokes you read, it's too flavorful!"

Gu Yezheng smirked, and suddenly felt a shock of spiritual energy,

followed by three ghosts with a bloody aura. Gu Ye looked vigilantly
in that direction, and in the dark night, he could still see the purple
color that only masters of profound arts had. Reiki.

When Gu Ye thought of the hexagram elephant who could meet the

evil spirits, he excitedly pulled away the paw covering his mouth,
pointed in that direction and happily said, "Uncle Feng, turn the front
of the car, I'm going there!"

Zhao Pengyu immediately had a bad feeling when he saw his

expression, "Did you see something?"

Gu Ye was excited: "What a heavy ghost!"

Xia Xiang hugged his head and wailed: "I don't want to go! I don't
want to see them!"
Zhao Pengyu is also going crazy, "I'll just say, why are you so happy,
don't look for excitement!"

Gu Ye's fighting spirit was completely overwhelmed, "If you don't

fight with ghosts on the Ghost Festival, what a ghost festival? Uncle
Feng, listen to me, go!"

The uncle driver wanted to kneel for him, "San Shao, this...not safe."

Gu Ye lay by the window, "You can put me down here and I will
walk. I think someone needs me to help."

The uncle driver has no choice but to turn the front of the car and
send him there.

Zhao Pengyu already wanted to climb out of the car window, "I think
singing is good, I will go back to protect my classmates!"

"No need!" Gu Ye grabbed him by the collar and pushed him into the
car. "A group of children who have never done any evil have a strong
sense of yang. They are more than 50 together, no ghosts dare to
provoke them!"

Zhao Pengyu was desperate, lying on the car with a desperate heart.

On the outskirts of the grass, a yellow-haired young man with a long

whip in his hand was fighting with three evil spirits, one with his
tongue drooping, a black-faced ghost with a height of more than two
meters, and one tangled up. Furious, purple-faced ghost. These three
ghosts have all eaten souls, and their evil spirits are extremely heavy.
The hanged ghost rushed to the side of the road after being bruised by
a whip, grabbed an innocent ghost and ate it.

The young man yelled, "Sister!" He jumped up from the ground,

rushed over, jumped up and flicked the whip, making a sound, the
whip was thrown on the hand of the hanged ghost, the other party
screamed, let go of that Poor passer-by ghost, immediately after he felt
suffocation coming from the back of his head, he hurriedly hid, and a
black ghost hand hit his neck again.

The young man hurriedly avoided cursing, and threw a piece of

talisman over, "Do you think your grandpa can't fight melee? Instant
noodles Superman is omnipotent!"

The tall ghost, who had been hiding from the sidelines watching the
battle, flew over and kicked him while he was blocking. This foot
kicked firmly on his stomach, and the young man rolled several times
on the spot with pain, and his painful face turned red when lying on
the ground. At this moment, the hanged ghost leaned on him and
greedily grabbed his head, trying to pull out his soul. The souls of
people in the profound arts world are much more delicious than
ordinary people, and eating them can increase their soul power. In
their eyes, this young man is a delicious cake.

The young man sneered, bit his tongue and turned his head back and
sprayed that grimace, "Tui! You three turtle grandchildren!"

With a squirt of blood on the tip of the tongue, a cloud of black smoke
appeared on the ghost, and the damage was not light. The young man
got up, carried the whip and rushed up again, "Is Lao Tzu what you
can eat if you want?!"

"Stop!" As soon as Gu Ye saw this scene, he left a few spells on the

people in the car, and hurriedly said: "You guys are watching in the
car, don't get out of the car! Who is going to paste?"

"Gu Ye!" Zhao Pengyu held up the charm, wanted to go down and
help, pushed the cart door, but didn't push it.

"Uncle, open the door!"

The driver's uncle looked innocent, "I have no locks!"

Xia Xiang looked at the situation outside, "What can you do when you
go down? You can't see it either."

Zhao Pengyu gave him the spell, "You can see it, you go!"

Xia Xiang calmly said: "Gu Ye locked the door, just don't want us to
get in the way. We are not afraid of opponents like gods, but
teammates like pigs. We can't cheat teammates."

Only then did Zhao Pengyu calm down, leaning on the window and
watching with fear.

Gu Ye rushed over, flicking the talisman he had prepared in his hand,

and the hanged ghost rushing towards the young man hurriedly
blocked it with his fist. A thin piece of paper made a bang after
touching the ghost hand, sparks splashed everywhere. .

At this moment's pause, the young man shook his whip and
entangled his head. Gu Ye pinched a finger and said, "Seven Stars
Fighting Gang, Thunder God! Break!"

The purple thunder light smashed directly on top of the evil spirit's
head, and the ghost's head exploded directly. The evil spirit twitched
twice and turned into a plume of smoke.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Gu Ye quickly apologized, "A little harder to start! My

buddy, you learned the profound arts, do you want to get it back?"

The other party probably didn't expect that Gu Ye was young and had
such a strong aura. A dictator descended to the fierce thunder, and
directly smashed the evil spirits away. After the reaction, the young
man happily said: "I didn't learn it. Today, during the Mid-Yuan
Festival, these evil spirits took advantage of the opening of the ghost
door and rushed out to eat ghosts and harm people. It deserves to be
scattered, don't care."

Oh, my temper!

Gu Ye's eyes lit up, "Give you the one who was poisoned to death,
and give me the tall one!"

"Good!" The buddy stretched out his hand neatly, a simple and rude
whip. The ghost with that ugly spicy eye dragged it out two meters
away, and the distance from Gu Ye just happened to be able to take
care of each other without affecting each other's performance.
Gu Ye glanced back, and the corner of his mouth was slightly hooked,
and his movements were also not muddled. He jumped up and
kicked his face, kicking the evil spirit more than two meters away
with one foot, pinching a finger in one hand, and holding a cinnabar
pen in the other. The red line drew in the void and flicked. After being
struck by thunder, the evil spirit was pulled to its feet. Gu Ye kicked
his head without changing his color, and his soul flew away.

The same goes for the young people, who tied their heads with a whip
and kicked them. After the three evil spirits were wiped out, the
young man sat on the ground, rubbed the blood from the corner of his
mouth with his sleeves, grabbed a handful of dyed golden hair, and
said cheerfully: "Sure enough, the world is wide. It's been a long time
since I saw you a colleague with such a temper.

Gu Ye was about to talk, and he felt a powerful and complicated ghost

gas suddenly rushing out not far away. The young man obviously felt
it too, his face changed, "Fuck! The ghost servants of the underworld
are going to take care of them. Already, all evil spirits can run out,
and a hundred ghosts are going to travel tonight!"

Feeling this ghostly air, the little ghosts hiding in the dark shivered
with fear, and they didn't know where to escape. At this moment, a
black shadow came over against the ground, grabbed one and stuffed
it in his mouth.

Gu Ye threw a piece of talisman paper over to save the innocent ghost,

and his face became cold. Then another piece of talisman paper was
thrown over, and the light of lightning jumped at his fingertips. With
a flick, the light of thunder passed through the center of the evil
ghost's eyebrows, and his eyes turned into one. Wisp of smoke.
The young man took a look in admiration, took out a compass-like
thing, measured it, and said with an ugly face: "There is a ghost here.
Are all the members of the Xuanju Academy dead? No one is

Gu Ye said earnestly: "Probably it's going to get health care."

"Puff! It makes sense!" The young man clutched his stomach, "We two,
can you keep it? These are all evil spirits that can kill."

Gu Ye smiled, "It can be held, but I have a request."

The young man smiled bitterly, "You said it."

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "I am nineteen this year. I am outstanding

in my studies. I got the first place in the national college entrance
examination. The game player is not disabled, and I am led by the
game master. There are four brothers in the family, except for the
youngest one. No, just rich. The Rolls Royce on the road belongs to
my dad."

The young man was dumbfounded, and when he looked at the car, he
said in shock: "Fuck! The gold tyrant!"

Gu Ye said seriously: "My buddy thinks I am too autistic, and there

are no friends in the mysterious circle. I want to ask, can you be
friends with me after fighting together?"
"Huh?" The young man didn't expect that Gu Ye introduced such a
long string to make friends with him. He happily said, "Okay, my
name is Xie Cheng, what is your name?"

"Gu Ye."

"Are you Gu Ye?" Xie Cheng couldn't laugh or cry. "This world is so
small. From now on we will be friends. I will call you when we fight!"

Gu Ye nodded, "Yes."

The two of them looked at each other and smiled. Like the two crazy,
we are friends when we fight together like gods.

Another strong resentment appeared, and Xie Cheng looked at the

direction the pointer was pointing, "The ghost gate is there!"

Gu Ye followed the other party, squeezing the bell on his left wrist
while running, and pulled out the layer of paper. As Gu Ye moved,
the bells jingle, ordinary people listened the same, but the mysterious
world could hear At the sound of the trembling soul, even the lonely
ghost on the side of the road looked at Gu Ye.

Holding a whip, Jie Cheng asked in surprise: "Do you raise ghosts?
Control ghost skills?"

In the ghost gate, a strong evil spirit floated out, and Xie Cheng was
too late to ask Gu Ye, holding the whip and saying vigilantly: "Be
careful, this is not a good stubborn. Probably there is not enough
manpower for the Profound Technique Learning Institute. Come."
Gu Ye smiled and pulled Xie Cheng, and dragged him back a few
steps. Xie Cheng was startled, "Don't make trouble, that's out!"

At this moment, a ghost slammed in the back of the head, and the two
people with the brutal force of pressure breathed, and the murderous
aura made them stand stiff and unable to move. Xie Cheng's pupils
shrank, and his mind went blank. There was only one thought in his
mind. How many people were killed when he was alive, and he was
so murderous?

The ghost spirit flew past the two of them, and slashed at the door
fiercely. A demon that just came up was killed by this ghost spirit!

In the blink of an eye, a tall and thin man dressed in black and
carrying a big knife stood in front of the door, with his sword
standing sideways, with a hoarse voice, "Stand behind me."

Gu Ye picked up the corner of his mouth, "This is not the ghost I

raised, but the thigh I hold."

The action of the ghost holding the knife obviously paused, and he
didn't say a word. He stood in front of the door and came out one by
one and chopped one by one. There were not many people who were
ruthless and very reliable. The ghost inside probably saw that the
gatekeeper was too fierce, and gradually no ghost dared to come out.

When Xie Cheng saw that he had such a strong helper, he relaxed,
and sat down on the ground again, shouting bitterly, "Gu Ye!"

"My internal organs seem to have been beaten and bleeding."

Gu Ye was shocked, this is a serious injury! He quickly helped him

up, "Why didn't you say it earlier?! Brother Ghost, can I leave it to you

The ghost will nod gently, "Don't worry."

"Okay! I'll go back and give you one billion!" After Gu Ye finished
speaking, he helped Xie Cheng to run towards the car. Zhao Pengyu
and Xia Xiang saw it, "Hurry up, pick him up!"

Gu Ye turned pale, pained and sweated, and slammed into the car,
and introduced with a smile: "Look, my new friend."

Zhao Pengyu and Xia Xiang looked speechless, making friends is not
so casual!

He hurriedly sent Xie Cheng to the hospital opened by Zhao Pengyu's

house. After the examination, it was more than twelve o'clock. There
was nothing broken in Xie Cheng's stomach, and there was no internal
bleeding. That is to say, the usual life habits are too rubbish, and he
often makes noodles and gastroenteritis. And he has two ribs a bit
cracked, so he has to stay in the hospital for a few days anyway.

Gu Ye expressionlessly helped new friends pay for medical expenses.

Jie Cheng hung the bottle, and asked embarrassedly: "Typical tyrants,
we are really friends, right?"

Gu Ye took a photo of the charge bill, kept a bottom line for himself,
then put the bill on the Jiecheng hospital bed, and reminded him
earnestly: "Wait for you, remember to pay me back and add a WeChat

Xie Chenggan smiled and took out the old mobile phone whose
screen had been shattered, "I will definitely pay it back, ha ha ha."

Gu Ye's collapsed support, that strange "thing" that can't be

calculated, may be to make a friend and gain friendship. However, he
really has the urge to return the goods!

There is nothing wrong with the inheritance of character, open-

minded and open-minded, and appearances are arrogant, but there is
justice in the heart. Moreover, he emphasizes feelings and respects
loyalty, and being friends with him will never suffer. but! He is poor,
very poor!

At that time, the people who were blind and blind could not see
clearly. He only saw that Xie Cheng had good features and good
character, but he didn't see that he had no wealth on his head. What is
it like to be poor for a person with no wealth on his head? !

Gu Ye had a hunch that he would have to help the poor for a lifetime.

The next morning, Mrs. Gu asked gossiping: "How did you play last

Gu Ye looked numb, "It's good."

"Is there a pretty girl?"

"There is a man who eats my soft rice."

Gu Decheng solemnly said: "Let's play with the non-disruptive


"Oh." Gu Ye didn't sleep well last night and couldn't resist.

Mrs. Gu looked at him like this, "Go to sleep when you're full, and
pack your things in the afternoon. School is about to start. If you see
what is missing, I will take you to buy it."

Gu Ye nodded obediently, "Yeah."

As soon as Gu Ye lay down, the hospital called him. The little nurse
said anxiously: "A few people came just now and want to take your
friends away. Your friends don't want to go with them. They are
making trouble."

Gu Ye frowned, "Who is it?"

"I heard Xie Cheng called the senior brother, and also said that it is the
master of the Xuan Society, who looks like a cult organization, should
we call the police?"

Gu Ye sat up, frowned and thought about it. Now the president of the
Xuanju Academy is Elder Tang's great apprentice Jing Lianzhong. So,
can Xie Cheng be Tang Elder's apprentice?

"Call the police. Call the police now. I want to take people away in the
hospital, but they are broken." Gu Ye got up with a cold face and put
on shoes. "I'll be there in a while."

Chapter 42 Are You Gu Ye Or You are Gu Ye

In the hospital ward, a man in his forties, wearing glasses, with a very
elegant temperament, sat beside Xie Cheng's bed, with a soft
complexion and persuaded: "Brother, go back to the metaphysical
study, Master is gone, you too , There is not even a close person by my

Xie Cheng was playing the game with a blank face, because the phone
screen was broken, and the fight was always stuck. He slapped the
phone irritably, and said impatiently: "Those who came with you are
not all of them. Is your confidant?"

"It's still not as good as brothers and sisters, but you grew up in front
of my eyes."
Jie Cheng did not raise his head, "We all grew up in front of Master,
and we are all orphans raised by Master. He is old and cannot be
taken care of by himself."

Jing Lianzhong sighed, and said in dissatisfaction: "What you said, I

didn't tell him not to provide for his elderly care. I went to see him
yesterday, and he was angry and didn't want to see me." He said, his
expression grew more and more. The more lonely.

Xie Cheng raised his eyes and sneered. For the first time he felt that
his brother was so hypocritical. After so many years, seeing him
become like this, he was also panicked. "Brother, if you really don't
want Master to worry about you, just take this The society is
disbanded. We all know what you have done in the past few years.
This society originally wanted to bring friends from the profound arts
world together, make friends, learn profound arts together, and take
care of it when eliminating evil. Now, team formation is not free, it is
drawn from above, and everything must be done according to your
rules. I can understand that there are no rules without rules, just to
build a chat group, there must be group rules, but you It can't be too
much. It's up to you to learn everything up to now! Heh! Every family
and every faction are different. If you continue to play like this, how
many Dao skills will be lost? Do you want to unify the profound arts
world and become the boss?"

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Jing Lianzhong changed his
face as he was said, "If I don't care, some people will use mysticism to
harm people. Are there few people who use mysticism to kill people
in the past? We set the rules for the newcomers and cannot learn.
Forbidden techniques, to learn orthodox things, are all to protect the
Xie Cheng said twice, and was completely chilled by this polite
explanation, "You are really well-intentioned."

Jing Lianzhong sank his face and lost his patience, "Don't be angry
and come back with me. We have a doctor who specializes in treating
injuries like you."

"You want to take me back, I know why," Xie Cheng stopped the
movement in his hand and said straightforwardly: "Is it true that
many young people have quit after playing well with me? It's really
not what I did behind my back. Young people don't want to play with
you anymore. Brother, just do it. Master's heart is already cold, and if
something happens, he won't wipe your butt."

Jing Lianzhong's face became more and more ugly, and he became
angry, "Do you really want to go back?"

Xie Cheng lay down on the bed, "My friend found me such a high-
level private hospital, paid me medical bills, lived in a single ward,
had three meals a day for patients, and a beautiful nurse sister took
care of me. Why should I go back with you? I'm not a brain disabled!"

"Okay! You don't go back with me, you fool around with inconsistent
people, Lao Li!"

The people waiting outside the door heard this sound and hurriedly
opened the door: "Done talking?"

Jing Lianzhong said with a cold face, "Bring me this disobedient bear
The two people at the door looked at each other and had to come in to
pull the agreement, "You can listen to what your senior brother said,
stop making a temper and go back with us."

"Why should I go back with you? I have already withdrawn from

learning!" Xie Cheng was also stubborn, and came up after a bit of
anger. He was usually stunned and couldn't hold the nine cows when
he turned his face. He grabbed the bed board and kicked his feet.
People said, "Either you kill me today and take my body back, or you
all fuck me, and I won't go back if I don't say it! If the old man does
not go back, I will never go back!"

"Oh! Don't move him!" At this time, the nurse who had been secretly
observing the development of the situation ran in, pushed a man who
was doing it away, and said angrily: "What are you doing? The
patient's illness is not healed, he There is a bone fracture in the ribs.
What should I do if you do such a big move and really break?"

The man surnamed Li impatiently gave the little nurse a hand, "This is
our family affair, you let me go."

The man has heavy hands. This little nurse is really thin. She
staggered when she was pushed. His legs were knocked on the legs of
the table next to him, and the painful eyes were red. Xie Cheng
immediately got anxious, got up from the bed, took out the whip from
under the pillow.

Jing Lian slapped the table loyally, "Do you still want to do something
with me? It's really against you!"
"How about doing it with you? I think who would dare to take him
away today?"

Suddenly there was such a cool sentence at the door. Everyone looked
at the door, Jing Lianzhong's eyes sank, "Gu Ye?"

"Chairman Jing seems to have checked my information and knows

who I am. Could it be that my brother gave you a trash dream?" Gu
Ye picked up the corner of his mouth, and the other party didn't like
to hear what he said. Sure enough, as soon as he heard it. "Brother,"
Jing Lianzhong's expression was extremely complicated.

After Gu Ye came in, he looked at the nurse and said softly: "Sister, go
out first, don't move your hands for a while. I was bitten by an animal.
The scum doesn't know how to pity me."

The people behind Jing Lianzhong asked angrily: "Which brute are
you scolding?"

"Whoever talks will scold anyone." Gu Ye helped Xie Cheng and told
him to lie back. "If you have an injury, you dare to get up and jump.
Let me lie down. It will cost a lot of money to live for one day."

Xie Cheng was hit by their ribs just now, and now his painful face
turned pale, but when Gu Ye came, he finally had a smile on his face
and lay down with a grin.

Jing Lianzhong's complexion is even more ugly, his younger brother

actually mingled with Gu Ye's younger brother!
Gu Ye raised his eyes, "What? Blue sky and white sun, are you

Jing Lianzhong squinted his eyes, and Wen Zou Zou said: "Xie Cheng
is my junior, so how can I kidnap this?"

Gu Ye looked at him mockingly, "I heard that he grew up under your

nose. If you are really good to him, can you ignore his life and death?
Scum thing!"

The people behind Jing Lianzhong turned their faces, "How do you
scold someone?"

"What's wrong with scolding you? I have to call the police to arrest
you!" Gu Ye stood up, staring at the three people opposite, "Do you
know who runs this hospital? The chairman of this hospital is Yu Lao.
Eldest daughter, do you think that if you want to kidnap the patient,
the Yu family can get around you? Ms. Yu's father-in-law has just
passed away two years ago, and that is a serious old Red Army. You
can't get along with the Zhao family, so you are not afraid of your
father taking your brother in the middle of the night Did we destroy
your scumbags?"


"You little kid knows what a fart!"

The three of them were all flushed by Gu Ye's witty cheeks, and they
couldn't say a word that could be sophistry. They did not dare to
offend the Yu family and the Zhao family. The Xuanshu Society was
founded by private individuals in the final analysis, and the
profession has few people, and most of them have no family or career.
The relationship between the wealthy and aristocratic families is
complicated, as well as deep economic strength. If you go against
these wealthy families, what will be the consequences?

At this time, the little nurse opened the door and brought two police
officers in plain clothes to the door. The little nurse said excitedly: "It's
them! They want to take the patient away!"

As soon as he saw the tense momentum in the room, a policewoman

walked in first and asked with a cold face, "What's the matter?"

Gu Ye looked out and raised his eyebrows. He was still an


The female policeman also recognized Gu Ye, and said in a

complicated mood: "It's you again? What happened to you?"

Gu Ye got up, ran over in twos or twos, and pointed at the three old
men opposite, "Sister Jinghua, this is the person! He wants to take my
friend away!"

The female police's eyes were cold, "It was either robbed or arrested.
Tell me what is going on."

Gu Ye's ability to change his face in a second shocked everyone in the

room, and Jing Lianzhong didn't know how to explain it for a while.
Just now Gu Ye was still cynic, arrogantly cursing, and his mouth was
as vicious as a red crane. You don't like to hear what he says. Now
that the police come, he has become a little poor boy who was bullied?
How can this be done!
Xie Cheng also stared wide-eyed, and watched in shock as his new
local tyrant friends changed their roles for a second, but he was a little

Gu Ye was filled with indignation and stomped angrily. "My friend

gastroenteritis can't do without the toilet. He goes out and pulls his
pants. They don't think about it at all! These three scumbags! Such a
big kid looks good when pulling his pants?!"

Xie Cheng clutched his stomach, breathless, unable to say a word.

"And here!" Gu Ye pointed to his ribs, "My friend is broken here! The
bones may be broken as soon as they move! They are going to plunge
into the heart, liver, stomach, and lungs. These inhuman scumbags!
This is to kill him. !"

Jing Lianzhong and the others opened their mouths, and the three
elders didn't say a word. Gu Ye seemed to be all right, but he didn't
seem to have a good word!

The police's face was getting colder and colder, and they asked
rationally: "Do you know them?"

Xie Cheng reacted, "I know, but I don't want to go with them." As
soon as Xie Cheng saw Gu Ye smile at him, he was also excited,
holding the bedboard affectionately and calling out, "I'm still sick! He
has to take me back!" I said I didn't want to join his organization!"

"Organization? What's going on?"

Gu Ye secretly said: "Who knows what a weird organization, there are
presidents and cadres, my friends can't say that, he will send someone
to arrest him, bullying my friend is an orphan, no father Isn't that
awesome! I have a father, and my father is Gu Decheng!"

Jing Lianzhong and the others were not taken by Gu Yeqi. They said
that if your father hadn't been Gu Decheng, he would have taken you
a bear! In Gu Ye's words, it was said between the lines that they were
a cult organization, or they were engaged in pyramid schemes. How
the hell did he explain this?

"Comrade police, it's not what you think," Jing Lianzhong blushed,
gritted his teeth and explained: "We learned the profound arts."

"You don't need to explain here, you can come with us, go back and
explain what kind of organization you are, how dare you come to the
hospital to snatch people?"

"We really won't be a cult organization! Why don't you, a lesbian,

listen to the explanation?"

The female police smiled, "Explain? I just look at the evidence and
take it away!"

The policeman at the back opened the door, "Don't talk nonsense, let's
go, let's not say whether your organization has problems, just come to
the hospital to make trouble, you have to take you back for
Gu Ye watched them all taken away, standing at the door with a head
exposed, his eyes all smiled into beautiful crescent moons, "Sister
Jinghua is so handsome!"

The policewoman took two steps, heard Gu Ye yelling like this,

stopped in her footsteps, turned around and came back again, "We
caught those scumbags, and the criminal information was sent to
court, and they would all be paid in blood. Thank you for finding out.
Those children, if it were not for you, these children would not know
how many years they would be buried in that yard."

The smile on Gu Ye's face gradually faded, and he said seriously:

"Thanks for your hard work, the children must have been
reincarnated and will have a good life in the next life."

"Yes." The policewoman nodded vigorously, as if to comfort herself.

After Gu Ye sent them away, he closed the door and raised his mouth
with relief. Looking at the disappointed Xiecheng, Gu Ye shook his
head and asked helplessly: "Friend, are you stupid? Why can you be
bullied by them?"

Xie Cheng was taken aback for a while, "Friend, you are really

Xie Cheng no longer knows how to praise Gu Ye, so he can only give
him a thumbs up, saying a thousand words.

Gu Ye sneered, "Do you think this is over? You are too naive, how
could I just let them go?"
Gu Ye took out his mobile phone to look for his second brother,
"Second brother, let your company's public relations department use
it, and ask for contact information."

In less than half a minute, Gu Lin sent him an electronic business card,
the manager of the public relations department, Bai Zuo. The
management of Gu Lin's company is relatively young, and this
manager is about the same age as Gu Lin.

Gu Ye immediately added a friend of the other party. Note: Gu Ye, Gu

Lin's younger brother.

The other party didn't dared to hesitate, so he hurried up, and he

didn't know why he sent a message: Sanshao?

Gu Ye: Manager Bai, is your navy organized?

Bai Zuo: San Shao means...

Looking at the other side cautiously testing, Gu Ye inexplicably feels

that he is a bear kid who loves trouble. He replied to the other party:
You don't have to worry about me doing bad things, I just want to
hire them to report a cult.

Bai Zuo: There is a WeChat group that is reliable and has been with
our company for several years.

Gu Ye: That's great, please pull me into the group, thank you.
Bai Zuo: San Shao, you really don't mess around?

Gu Ye: Am I the kind of ignorant bastard?

Bai Zuo only agreed: Okay, little prince, please think twice before you
do anything, and don't let the little ones be sat down!

Gu Ye smiled back: Good~

Jie admitted that he really asked: "What did you do before to make
him so guard against you?"

Gu Ye shook his head innocently, "I don't know, maybe I think I'm
still young, I'm afraid I'm not reliable."

Xie Cheng said twice, his face full of disbelief.

While talking, Gu Ye was drawn into the group. There were more
than 900 people in the group. Before this group could say anything,
Gu Ye sent a big red envelope.

The red envelopes were robbed in the blink of an eye, and everyone in
the group jumped out: Who is the newcomer? I grabbed a ten yuan!

Wow, the match is so generous, I grabbed twelve! Is the newcomer a

local tyrant?
New photos, photos, photos!

Hey, just add the administrator directly. Does the newcomer have a


Administrator: Don't worry, Lao Bai said this is our majesty's younger

There was a few seconds of silence in the group, and then a group of
teasing expressed their love and knelt down to thank the little lord for
the reward.

The corners of Gu Ye's mouth twitched. The style of this group... is a

bit hard to describe. However, he will not pretend to be cold when he
is in the village: good brothers and sisters, I have a long-term big
business I want to do with everyone~

The group all replied: Dwarf oil~ Come on hero, first sign a ten billion

Gu Ye squinted his eyes and looked at Xie Cheng, "Do you know why
your big brother is so waves?"

Xie Cheng shook his head, wondering what Gu Ye wanted to do.

"Because there is no one to treat him, he is used to him." Gu Ye

sneered. "My senior did not want to pay attention to him at the time.
It was not that he was afraid of him, but that there were not many
people in the profound arts world. The more lonely. Looking at it
now, he is thinking wrong, the existence of the Xuanju Academy is the
executioner that stifles the thinking of newcomers in the profound arts

Gu Ye secretly sent a message: brothers and sisters! Let's go to the

official website of China Anti-Cult to report this unbranded sand
sculpture organization of Xuanju Society! Spicy guild leader is an
inhuman thing, deceive the master, destroy the ancestor and beat the
younger brother! Regardless of his life and death on the hospital bed,
he dragged him out! Go and check the official forum of the Xuanshu
Society, scolding them one by one. Warriors go! Report them!

Red envelopes!

Red envelopes!

Red envelopes!

Gu Ye sent three red envelopes in succession, shouting: Report once a

day, and I will send you red envelopes every day, brothers, get upset!

This group was originally a group of navy soldiers who feared that
the world would not be chaotic. They have rhythm or something.
They are the best at it. After receiving the red envelopes, everyone is
beautiful: isn't it just to report? It's easy to say, just move the mouse.

There is also the Xuanju Academy this year. What do they do? It
sounds very mysterious.
Brothers and sisters go, report them!

You should report it first, and I will go to the forum to collect their
information. Only by knowing the enemy and confidant can the battle

You go to the forum to collect it, and I will ask the paparazzi to find
out if there is a paparazzi who specifically collects news about this
society, I have to get some information. It's useless to simply report it.
For the official to believe it, there must be evidence.

Correct! If they dare to quibble, use the evidence to give them a face!


This is a group of organized and disciplined naval forces. Before they

do anything, they will find sufficient evidence and conduct
investigations in advance. Since Gu Ye had said it was a cult, they
went to the cult. Even if it is to be familiar with the boss's brother, he
has to work hard.

After a short while, they really found some evidence. After taking a
screenshot on the forum, they sorted out a profile of the elder, made a
growth microblog, uploaded it to the Internet using a small account,
and found someone to forward it.

All the facts have proved that this is a feudal superstition

organization, with a boss, cadres, and a distinct hierarchy.
Netizens who eat melon are not calm: what age are these, and there
are such organizations? What are they doing? How can it be divided
into subordinate and superior, just like MLM?

Once again, it's terrible. Many of the younger generations are orphans
without parents. Isn't this fooling children? It's really like a cult!

On the same day, the forum of the Xuanshu Society was watched by
Gua Lu people. In addition to the rhythm of the navy, everyone
followed the Huaxia Anti-cult official website to report. Why does this
organization exist? It's sealed!

The upper class of the Xuanshu Society was stunned that day. I never
thought that one day they would walk out of the circle and be
watched by countless netizens. Jing Lianzhong finally explained it
clearly at the police station. When he went back, he was
dumbfounded by the report, "How can we attract so many netizens'
attention? Who did the ghost?!"

The assistant is also in discomfort, "I don't know. It looks like

someone is taking the rhythm. It may be an organization. After all,
individuals don't have that great ability to push us out so quickly.
Now I'm looking for someone to control the speech, but there are a
group of people. People with poisonous mouths came back one by
one, and they couldn't control it."

Jing Lianzhong sullen his face, took off his glasses, and pinched his
eyebrows. "The public opinion must be suppressed, or the next thing
is more troublesome."
Seeing the trend on the Internet, Xie Cheng casts his ground on Gu
Ye's admiration, "This method can only be figured out by local
tyrants. How much money do you have?"

Gu Ye smiled, "Poor people like you will never understand local

tyrants. After I was admitted to college, my dad bought me a two-
story villa directly next to the school. Are you envious?"

He used to live in a dormitory, but now he lives in Master's house.

There is no rent for renting out.

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "I go out to show people Feng Shui, the rich
can give me one million, how about you?"

Jie Cheng covered his face and collapsed. In the past, he was learning
to take over tasks. After finishing his monthly salary, he had never
seen so much money, and he did not know how much they made for
the society.

Gu Ye said contemptuously: "Those who are short-sighted, you are

afraid that you are not all fools! Learn the rubbish, hurry up and die!"

Jiecheng is puzzled, "Isn't this already done by you?"

"It won't be that simple. How can it be okay after it has been
established for so many years? But after such a trouble, they will
definitely have to be interviewed and the water meter checked.
Recently, they dare not look for you or go out to surf. "Gu Ye smirked,
"I want to make Jing Lianzhong bald with anger and feed him shit
every day."
As expected, Jing Lianzhong was interviewed by relevant
departments soon, and various departments investigated him in a
fancy way, and Jing Lianzhong was really bald. In the past, Donald
would help him deal with things, and as Don's long-time friend, Yu
would also help. This time, no one helped him.

The relevant department asked: "What is your situation, what are you
doing so utterly conscience that caused so many people to report you?
You are originally an organization without a brand, and Buddhism
and Taoism are recognized by the state. Do Taoist research on Taoism.
The law requires a bachelor's degree certificate. You just gather
together in private and don't do bad things. Then you turn a blind eye
and let you set up an organization. Nowadays, people report you
every day, so how can you be like a cult? , If this continues, it will be
forcibly dissolved for you, believe it or not?"

Now, the senior members of the entire metaphysical society have their
tails in their hands, while the young people at the bottom have
noticed that the wind of the society is not good, coupled with the
dissatisfaction accumulated before, another group of young people

The entire Xuanju Academy has been involved in this way, and it is
too much to take care of itself.


After Gu Ye finished eating at noon, lying on the bed and reading

Weibo, a message was suddenly sent from WeChat. Gu Ye clicked on
it and picked up the corners of his mouth first.
Yu Ze: Do you feel good about doing bad things?

Gu Ye turned over and typed on the bed with both hands: Do you
know this too?

Yu Ze: I know you do bad things.

Gu Ye smiled and replied: Are you so good? Do you have


Yu Ze: I have been following you all the time.

Gu Ye: I am so touched by caring about me. jpg

Yu Ze: Then what?

Gu Ye: Then thank you~

Yu Ze, who was standing by the office window, gave his finger a
pause, but he didn't know what to reply, so he had a conversation.

After a while, Gu Ye: Mr. Yu, please send a selfie!

Yu Ze hesitated for a while, and returned:?

Gu Ye: I'll be a screensaver to ward off evil spirits! Lucky!

Yu Ze twitched the corners of his mouth, and his shoulders collapsed
for a while.

Gu Ye: Mr. Yu, why don't you reply? Are you looking for a lens? Just
take a picture, how cool you can take it!

Yu Ze raised a faint at the corner of his mouth, watching the fat panda
that Gu Ye had sent over, playing tricks and selling cute, finally was
amused, "Secretary Liu?"

Secretary Liu, who was sorting out the meeting minutes, quickly
raised her head and asked seriously: "Is there always something
wrong with Yu?"

Yu Ze sullen his face, and after holding for more than ten seconds, he
handed his mobile phone to Secretary Liu.

Secretary Liu looked blank and did not dare to answer.

Yu Ze glared at him disgustingly, "Take me a picture."

"Huh?" Secretary Liu took the cellphone and reacted, "Oh oh, ID

Yu Ze gave a "tsk", seeing Secretary Liu's eyes getting more and more
disgusted, "No, be natural, I will take a look after the filming."
Secretary Liu was stunned for a while, and suddenly reacted. It is
possible that President Yu was chatting with Master Gu, and he
understood what Yu Ze meant, "I understand! I understand!"

It is to shoot the effect of an artistic blockbuster, how handsome and

how to shoot, the shot is handsome and elegant! As an all-round
secretary, Secretary Liu has decided to register for a photography
class online when he goes back in the evening.

After Gu Ye received the photos, he was in a moment of wonder. In

the photo, Yu Ze is standing sideways. The man standing by the
window is looking at the camera. Behind him is the blue sky. The slim
white shirt is clean and not stained with dust. Gu Ye feels that Yu Ze
is the best-looking person in white shirts he has ever seen, and he
fully interprets the clean and lingering temperament of white. Gu Ye
suddenly had a moment of heartbeat, moved by Yu Ze's temperament
and appearance.

"Growing up like this is really seduce people and commit crimes." Gu

Ye looked at it, and the corners of his mouth picked up again, and
decisively set this photo as a screensaver. Sure enough, it was more
temperamental and better than those stars!

After admiring it for a while, Gu Ye got up from the bed, stood on the
bed with his mobile phone in both hands, and worshiped, "Heavenly
spirit and spirit, brother Yu Ze will appear soon, so that all the people
who learn the profound arts will become bald! "

After speaking, Gu Ye looked at Yu Ze's face again, and laughed out

loud with a "poof", thinking and knowing, Yu Ze never thought that
he would really worship God with his photos, and just wanted to
have fun, "hahahahaha ~~"
Mrs. Gu knocked on Gu Ye's unclosed door, "You child, crazy! If you
can't sleep, follow me to the mall now."

"Oh." Gu Ye slipped out of bed lazily.

Mrs. Gu disliked, "You change your clothes and then go out with me."

"Why, what's wrong with this body?" Gu Ye looked at his comfortable

vest, not knowing what's wrong.

"It's not good-looking, it's a waste of your clothes rack." Mrs. Gu

picked out a set of blue and white striped clothes from Gu Ye's
wardrobe, "wear this, hurry up!"

Gu Ye was tired and put it on. Just about to go out, his phone rang
again. Yu Ze: Where's yours?

Gu Ye blinked and replied: What?

Yu Ze: Photos, I also use them as screensavers, to ward off evil spirits,
and prevent disasters.

Gu Ye was amused, thinking that Yu Ze was joking with him, so he

took a grimacing mug shot: Take it, my nickname is sorrowful,
scaring them to death!

What Gu Ye didn't expect was that Yu Ze looked at it for a while after

receiving it, and set the corner of his mouth as a screensaver.

After changing their clothes, Gu Ye and Gu Yang followed his mother

to the mall to buy the things he needs to go to school. According to
Mrs. Care, they changed to a new school and everything needed new
clothes, shoes, bedding, Backpacks, suitcases...including all daily
necessities, buy new ones.

Gu Ye and Gu Yang are two anti-bags. Mrs. Gu is obviously a

frequent visitor here. The salesperson greeted her when they saw her.
Mrs. Gu said that they were both my sons when she met, and she
drew praises: "Your son You are so handsome, you are so young, you
can't tell you are the mother of the two children at all."

Mrs. Gu was ecstatic, the high heels clashed, Gu Ye and Gu Yang were
like two coolies, with big bags all over their bodies. Mrs. Gu
continued to be beautiful without looking back.

Gu Ye and his brother looked at each other, and both sighed weakly.
They just wanted to call the woman in front of you, you lost your poor
child, look back!

I bought it all afternoon, and I bought everything. The brothers were

tired and didn't want to talk.

After dinner, Mrs. Gu packed up the bags for Gu Ye, and she said,
"You are really my son, and I want to take the bags." The implication
is that you remembered it for the old lady, and the old lady was so
kind to you.
Gu Ye nodded weakly holding a hexagram, and said perfunctorily:
"Love your mother."

Mrs. Gu moved her hand for a while and then asked, "What's wrong?

Gu Ye let out a dull hum, "Tired is one aspect. I just calculated five
hexagrams for myself, and the results are not very good."

Mrs. Gu scaredly asked: "What's wrong? What's wrong?"

Gu Ye frowned, "I can't figure it out, but when I go to school, I will

have eyes peeping at me. I don't feel good."

Mrs. Gu thought for a while, and comforted: "Don't be afraid, then I

will send you to school with your dad to see who dares to bully you?
Maybe there is a little girl who has a crush on you. If you don't, you
will abduct it."

Gu Yefufu, just want to say, can you rely on the spectrum? !

Chapter 43 Cyber Violence

The day before the opening of Tedu University, the school had
already sent a notice via the Internet, asking students to report to the
school in advance, check in in the dormitory, apply for a meal card or
something. In short, before the formal start of class, do all the daily
chores. You can delay eating, but you can't delay class.

Gu Ye took his luggage one day in advance and was sent to the house
he had bought in advance by his parents. There are many school
district houses near the school. Many college students rent houses
here. The transportation is convenient and the living facilities are
comprehensive. There is a big supermarket at the gate of the
community. The most important thing is that it only takes five
minutes to walk to school.

Gu Decheng is very satisfied with the house bought by the assistant,

"Yes, safety is the most important thing. I think the security work is
also very good. In the morning, you don't sleep for a while. You walk
to school. Your living habits are too lazy, young people, How can
there be no perseverance?"

Gu Ye nodded obediently, "Dad, you are right."

Gu Decheng nodded with satisfaction, "If you live by yourself in the

future, even if you adapt to society in advance, try to solve everything
by yourself and don't rely on others. If you want to solve it with
money, you can, you make money by yourself."

Mr. Gu's philosophy in cultivating his son is: You don't need to do
things that can be solved with money, but you must use your brain to
make money.

"Good dad, you are right."

Mr. Gu was very pleased with his son's obedientness. He walked
around the house. On the first floor, there were three bedrooms and
two halls. The side bedroom was used as a study room. The assistant
enthusiastically bought the entire study room and a large desk. Can
practice calligraphy. Mr. Gu nodded in satisfaction, "Reading a lot,
cultivate one's morality."

Gu Ye Machinery nodded, "Dad, what you said is correct."

The third side sleeping room is empty. The assistant means what Gu
Ye likes. He buys it now and can install it on the same day. It all
depends on his personal preference. Gu Ye looked at his father's face
and said solemnly, "Just buy me a few more bookshelves. I don't need
to buy books. I will buy them myself."

Mr. Gu is very happy, his son likes to study more and more.

Mrs. Gu, who thought of the pennants and charms that her son had
secretly brought over, went to the kitchen with a speechless
expression. For the sake of his wife's blood pressure, it was better not
to say it well.

"I have all the kitchen supplies for you. If you don't want to eat
outside, you can make it yourself." After Mrs. Gu came out, she told
Gu Ye: "I will send someone to fill up your refrigerator every day and
clean it up for you..."

"It's not that he doesn't know how to find someone, so you don't care
about him." Gu Decheng interrupted his wife, "He is an adult, and he
does his own things. Don't get used to him."
Gu Ye smiled bitterly, so why did his dad take him to school
personally because his dad takes care of everything? They all say that
they are the same in the same world, and I don't know if other
people's fathers are the same. If you meet, you can take the
opportunity to train your son.

The second floor is still empty right now. Gu Ye lives by himself and
is really deserted. Mrs. Gu suggested: "Why don't you bring the dog
for company?"

Mr. Gu seriously vetoed it, "What kind of dog is he coming to school?

Let's talk about it after graduation."

Gu Ye sighed and said that it was true.

Mrs. Gu couldn't help but looked at Gu Ye sympathetically, and said,

"Well, you live by yourself, pay attention to safety, and don't bring
bad children back. It's really fancy that little girls don't mess around
and don't marry people. Don't stay overnight."

Gu Ye was about to collapse, "Am I that kind of person?"

"I'm telling you in advance that we have to find a normal girl to fall in
love, but we can't harm other people's girls. You are also older, and
we can't help it anymore. However, I will come to check posts from
time to time." Looking at Gu Ye's face, he was worried, "You should
also be careful not to be fooled by the little fox. Now the bad girl has a
lot of eyes."
Gu Ye wanted to kneel for them, "Mom and dad, let's go to school as
soon as possible. It will take time to go through the formalities."

"Well, well, don't say it." Madam Gu sighed heavily, feeling anxious
about her.

Gu Ye walked to the door tiredly. At this moment, two people came in

with a big box. Gu Ye recognized that it was his treasure, and quickly
said: "Move all these things to the empty room. You don't have to
worry about it, I'll take care of myself when I'm back." After speaking,
I turned around and wrapped his father's arm with one hand, and his
mother's arm with the other, and dragged out, "You are late and late!
You two hurry up!"


Imperial Capital University was established in the early nineteenth

century. It has experienced the most difficult years of modern China.
After more than 100 years of ups and downs, it has grown to a world-
class university covering an area of more than 6,000 acres and has
cultivated countless people for the country. Excellent talent for the

Those who can be admitted here can be said to have laid the
foundation for future life. Most of the families who have the ability to
cultivate such excellent children have a financial foundation.

In the parking lot near the school, you can see countless luxury cars.
Gu Decheng's car is still standing here, and the family of three was
caught by the reporter as soon as they got off the car.
"It is said that your son is the No. 1 in science this year. Your son is so
good. Does Gu always want to tell his son?"

"I am a reporter from Huaxiaxuezi.com. Today, the two of them sent

their children to school together. This is a rare opportunity. Take a
group photo in front of the school."

"Does Mr. Gu have any expectations for the future of his third son? Do
you want him to set up his own company like his two brothers?"

"Which son is Mr. Gu's successor? Will he be the third child?"


Looking at the several reporters who surrounded him, Gu Decheng

sternly said: "Is it fresh to be a dad to send children to school? Where
are so many problems?"

In one sentence, I laughed at what the reporter said, so I didn't dare to

ask any more. However, they didn't leave, just like the gourd baby,
following Gu Decheng behind them.

Gu Ye took out the admission notice, entered the school gate, and
immediately was the reception area to welcome the freshmen. Many
seniors and sisters were explaining to the freshmen how to go, what
to do first, and what to do. Some students are inquiring about by their
parents, but Gu Ye is the first to do it.
He walked in front, followed by his parents, and followed by
reporters who came in, attracting many students to look at them.

Considering his father's age here, Gu Ye found a place to rest on the

roadside of the school. "You sit here and wait for me. I will come back
to you when I finish. Let's go out for dinner at noon. Don't run

The couple couldn't laugh or cry, and Gu Decheng waved his hands,
"When are we children? Hurry up!"

Gu Ye smiled and left.

Someone nearby secretly said: "The school grass that has been waiting
for a long time has finally come! So handsome!"

"A smile is so beautiful, I think the world is sweet, Emma! My heart is


"That's Gu Decheng! Gu's father is very refined, he hasn't white hair

yet after his sixties! Like an uncle!"

"His mother is so beautiful, so young!"

"Shhh! He is a stepmother, his father is nearly twenty years old, can he

be young?"
"Take care of his mother and stepmother, this is Gu Decheng who is
alive! Quickly take a picture! Gu Dad bless me, I will find a good job
in the future!"


Father Gu looked at the reporter who was sneaking over, and then at
the students who were watching him. His face immediately sank, "The
children nowadays are too shameful. They call my father casually!
Are you looking at the third child? He can only Marry one! Dare to
mess with me and break his leg!"

Mrs. Gu drank slobber and calmly told her wife, "You think too much.
They also manage Yu's family, the only child of Dong's family, and
our second child named husband, third child husband, little
boyfriend, now young You're so backward."

Mr. Gu's face turned dark, "It's too shameful! Can this be called
casually? Nonsense!"

Mrs. Gu was amused and she put her arms around her wife and
exclaimed: "Oh, you are so cute like this!"

Mr. Gu's face is darker and sick! All are sick!

Soon, Gu Ye finished everything that was supposed to be done, and

was anxious to go back, when someone shouted from behind: "Gu Ye?
Are you Gu Ye?"
Gu Ye turned his head and looked at the girl who was catching up
with her with short hair and a refreshing dress. She didn't look like a
freshman, "Senior sister is looking for something with me?"

"You don't recognize me?" The senior girl widened her eyes and
pointed to her nose sadly. "We saw it in the elevator. My name is
Hang Siwen and my mother's surname is Wang. You have seen Feng
Shui in my house. Saved our family of four."

Gu Ye suddenly said, "Oh, I remember, you are Aunt Wang's

daughter, and you scold Zhao Pengyu as a bastard."

Hang Siwen smiled embarrassedly, "That's because he was a bastard

when he was a child, let alone him, I would like to thank you for
saving my whole family first, I am in the sophomore design
department, and I am also in the student union. Me." Hang Siwen
took a note from his pocket and wrote down his phone number, "My
mobile phone number is the same as WeChat, you are welcome."

Gu Ye took it over, "Thank you, senior sister."

"By the way, since that happened in my family, I have established a

supernatural society, do you want to join? I can give you the seat of

Gu Ye smiled, "Thank you, senior sister, I won't participate."

Hang Siwen looked disappointed and she was boring to speak, "Then,
well, you think about it again."
Just as he was speaking, Gu Ye found that he was being watched. Not
only the freshmen, but even the seniors and seniors were watching
him. Gu Ye suddenly felt that he was right to choose to live outside.
Seeing Hang Siwen in a hurry, and when he found his old father, Gu
Ye found that his old father was also being watched. Gu's father
looked very serious, and his little mother was persuading him. When
Gu Ye came back, the couple stood up and said, "Done?"

"It's over." Gu Ye said with a smile: "However, I may have to trouble

you to run again. I was selected as the representative of the freshmen.
I will speak at the freshmen welcome party. The school invites my
parents to participate. If you are not free , My mother can come."

Gu Decheng had a straight face, without even thinking about it for a

second, "Then let your mother come."

Mrs. Gu is nothing, anyway, people who met her praised her as

young and beautiful, and she didn't care about running twice. It is
said that the freshman welcome party and graduation ceremonies of
Imperial University over the years are very grand, and the school will
broadcast live. There were also reporters from TV stations and major
websites to interview, and even the National TV station took it
seriously. At that time, major websites will also broadcast pictures
and texts. Gu Ye will definitely be photographed a lot of close-ups. As
a representative of the new students, the mother must also be
photographed. Mrs. Gu straightened her hair around her ears and
said proudly: "Don't worry, mom will not shame you."

Gu Yeren laughed and coaxed her: "Of course, my mother is the most
beautiful in the world."
"Oh! You kid, you can talk!" Madam Gu squeezed Gu Ye's face
happily, her eyes narrowed when she smiled.

Gu Ye looked at the time with dubious laughter. It was past 11 o'clock

at this time, "Let's go to dinner, and you can go back after dinner. I can
do it myself."

Gu Ye and his parents left school and happened to pass by a girl. The
girl stopped on the spot, looking back at Gu Ye's back in shock, and
seeing his well-dressed and elegant parents, suddenly thought of Gu
Ye's family back. Thinking about herself again, she opened her mouth,
after all she was inferior and did not dare to scream.

She turned on the phone and found the long-cherished photo, which
was a back view of Gu Ye. The girl watched Gu Ye disappear from her
sight, held her phone tightly in her arms, and blushed quietly.

For a long time, she posted a circle of friends that she can only see: I
didn't expect to meet him on the first day of school, but he didn't seem
to recognize me. It doesn't matter, I'm so inconspicuous, it's normal if
he doesn't remember. However, I will work hard.


At the welcome party for new students, Mrs. Gu attended as


Sitting in the front row, the gentle and charming rich ladies, from
looks to temperament, are the focus of the entire venue. Coupled with
Gu Ye's face value, as soon as the mothers were exposed, they
exploded on the Internet: the most beautiful mother appeared at the
opening ceremony of the Imperial Capital University!

The photos of Mrs. Gu are very clear, even the tears in her eyes are
very clear. The child raised by himself is so good now that he is a
mother, it is inevitable to have a little pride. In addition, Gu Ye finally
said: "Thank you to the previous teachers, to my family, and
especially to my mother who can sit here for me today, for raising me
so much, for your hard work."

Regarding the last sentence, Mrs. Gu did not hold back and burst into
tears on the spot.

The entire network is being reposted. How much does it cost to be a

mother if his son is so good? Especially those with children at home
know that it is not easy to be a mother. Many netizens are lamenting
Mrs. Gu's hard work and her sensible children. There are also people
who make complaints: In fact, it is not so beautiful. The representative
of this new student is Gu Decheng's third son, and this woman is his

Many sane netizens left messages: Stepmothers are even more

difficult, and wealthy stepmothers are even more difficult. With so
many eyes watching, it seems that the relationship between mother
and child is not bad.

Yes, yes, the child is very sincere, and the stepmother is not all bad.

Just when there was a harmonious message on the Internet, a gossip
news broke out suddenly: shock! The giant stepmother beat her
stepson in the street! It was actually the number one in science this

The topic of stepmother hitting children is too sensitive. As soon as it

was released, it attracted countless eyeballs. It was uploaded on the
Internet immediately. After watching a few seconds of video, the
background is a high school. It should be the college entrance
examination. Knowing why, he slapped Gu Ye's shoulder vigorously.
Far away, I can't see the expressions of the mother and the son, but I
can tell the difference. It is really this year's science champion Gu Ye
who was beaten, the youngest school grass of the Emperor, and the
third son of Gu Decheng!

Netizens who have praised Mrs. Gu are all dumbfounded: Damn it! Is
it okay to beat children in the street? How do you fight at home?

The rich family is terrible, and I feel sorry for my future husband!

I heard that Gu Ye did not study well before. He was dumb and
stupid. He kept taking first place in the exam, until the last half of the
year, he suddenly exerted his strength, and got the first place in the
school in the first monthly exam. That's the fifth high school, the fifth
high school with a nationwide admission rate!

Don't you find it strange? Gu Ye was admitted to the Fifth Middle

School, but why did he fail to study at the Fifth Middle School? Did
Gu Ye also have a younger brother and stepmother?
Gu Ye's previous photos were immediately available on the Internet,
just like a little pitiful. Compared with the present, the eyes are not

Immediately afterwards, someone picked up Gu Yang's photo, and

compared it with Gu Ye's previous photos. It seemed to be a
mistreated and carefree little rich young master.

The comments on the Internet exploded all at once: Oh my God, I

smelled a conspiracy!

It's horrible, what kind of forced a child to be so that he can be

pretended to be stupid since he was a child?

Oh my god, this woman! I was scared out of goose bumps!

It's disgusting, it's too good to pretend! She pretended to be very

moved, and she could cry! nausea!

The stepmother in human skin, Gu Ye might be ironic when he said

that, huh! Thank her for her hard work and raised him!

Why are such women still alive?

go to hell! Abusing a stepson means that there is no good stepmother

in the world, and it was not born by herself. How could it be good to

The wind on the Internet changed instantly, from complimenting Mrs.
Gu for her hard work, to scolding her for the old witch in human skin,
cursing her to die quickly, and even asking on Gu Lin's company
Weibo: Your brother was abused, do you know? ? Your stepmother
can pretend so, do you know?

Mrs. Gu was originally a person who often used Weibo to read

gossips. Before she could relax from the praise of "the most beautiful
mother", she was immediately scolded as a dog, and she tore off her
angry mask and was stomping at home. Scolded: "Nonsense! Fart!
Taken out of context! Consciencelessly write!"

A person like Mrs. Gu will never cry when she is wronged. She must
make others cry. She opened Weibo angrily, directly personally
authenticated, and reposted the Weibo that released the video. der
fart! The rumors that I have abused my son have no babies in my
whole life, and I have a baby to test the DNA, hehe, not my own

This sentence is too poisonous. As soon as she saw her abusing her
stepson and still being so arrogant, the keyboard man raised the
keyboard and went up: You vicious woman!

Vicious! Old witch! Too cheap! Dressed in a cloak of hypocrisy,

pretending...Fuck me, I couldn't find a word to describe her!

no quality! Is Gu Decheng blind? He found such a vicious woman!

Seeing that it is not a mother, it is not only poisonous, but also rude!
no quality! Hurry up and die! Why didn't God accept her? !


The people on the Internet were all mad by Mrs. Gu, and those who
were scolded couldn't find the right words to fight back. Apart from
asking her to scold her for lack of quality, she didn't know how to
spray her for a while.

Mrs. Gu didn't do anything else, but she didn't really have any
qualities when she was swearing.

Gu Ye's mother: It is obvious to all whether Gu Decheng is blind or

not. The bastard who has been rumored can't recognize where his
ancestral grave is. The mentally retarded is definitely a dung-spraying
machine without eyeballs. The old king next door said I am you. Dad,
you just chase people and call Dad, say what you believe!

Netizens scolding:! ! !

The entire network has exploded, and I have never seen such a
shameless, strong and unqualified wealthy lady!

When Mrs. Gu scolded someone, she checked the number of reposts

and comments on that Weibo, and saved screenshots from time to
time, and called the lawyer, "I heard that as long as the amount of
reposting is enough, online rumors can be sentenced?"
The lawyer explained: "Yes, the Internet is not an extra-legal place
now. According to the first paragraph of Article 246 of the Criminal
Law, anyone who uses violence or other methods to openly insult
others or fabricate facts to slander others shall be punished. Not more
than three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention,
surveillance, or deprivation of political rights.

You have reposted more than 8,000 times and commented on as many
as 30,000 articles. The same defamatory information specified in
Article 246 of the Criminal Law was actually clicked, viewed more
than 5,000 times, or reposted. If it reaches more than 500 times, it is
deemed that the circumstances are serious and the rumors must be
held legally responsible.

I want to ask Mrs. Gu, is this video real? I know that this is a
deliberately intercepted section, which is taken out of context. I mean,
has it been handled maliciously? "

Mrs. Gu watched the video again and said confidently: "The speed has
been accelerated, it seems that the beating is fast and cruel, and I am
not sick! Why do you guard so many people to beat the child?!"

Mrs. Gu suddenly thought that the sentence Gu Ye said should not be

photographed, "This crow's mouth!" Now she really wants to hit her
child, but unfortunately, she can't!

The lawyer laughed over there, "This is easy to say, this has
constituted the crime of fabricating facts to slander others. If the
victim is insane or even committing suicide, the crime will be even
more serious."
Mrs. Gu sneered, "Is it true that the more reposts, the more the
grandson will be charged? No matter how much pressure I can't bear
in my heart, I will collapse and commit suicide. Isn't this even bigger?"

The lawyer stopped speaking. It was the first time I saw a woman
who was so sane and so cruel after being violently online.


Gu Ye, Zhao Pengyu, and Xia Xiang walked around the campus
together after eating. They were familiar with the campus
environment. I don't know why, they found that people passing by
were casting sympathetic eyes on Gu Ye.

Gu Ye and Xia Xiang are both sensitive to the senses, and they
immediately noticed something wrong, "What's the situation? How
do you look at me like a Chinese cabbage in winter?"

Xia Xiang took out his mobile phone and calmly said: "Go to the
school's internal gossip website and you will know that this is the
school's gossip gathering place. Whether it is gossip news or gossip
news, as long as you want to find it, you can't find it."

Gu Ye leaned over and saw that his little mother committed suicide on
the Internet. Gu Ye was immediately frightened, "Fuck! Is my mother
crazy?!" Gu Ye's forehead buzzed with anxious heart. Tightened,
especially after he promised to provide for the elderly, the other party
recently treated him like a son.

Gu Ye was so frightened that he hurriedly called his mother and took

out his mobile phone. He suddenly reacted, "No, it doesn't fit her
temper! My dad and my brother are both at home at this time. Who
will let her commit suicide?"

Xia Xiang quickly browsed the web, "Auntie was violent online, and I
don't know who intercepted a video saying that aunt beat you, which
triggered a siege from countless netizens, saying that you were
abused by auntie since childhood. Auntie couldn't stand this stimulus
for a while. Weibo live suicide. It is a real live video broadcast, not a
text live broadcast. The aunt scolded these keyboard sprays as
executioners, and she would not let them go when she became ghosts.
She even scolded them before."

Gu Yezheng wanted to make a call. After hearing this, he suddenly

stopped worrying. "Are you saying that my mother did live suicide
after scolding someone?"

Xia Xiang nodded quickly, "Yes."

Zhao Pengyu was also anxious, "Hurry up and call the police, call
your home, or let's ask for leave and go back and see!"

"No," Gu Ye was suddenly happy. "Did she jump off the building or
take vitamin tablets?"

Xia Xiang: "...jumped off the building."

Zhao Pengyu twitched the corners of his mouth, "His highest house is
the attic on the third floor. There is only a door and no windows. The
window must be on the second floor."
Gu Ye picked up the corner of his mouth, and secretly called his
mother: "How can I ignore the performance that I should cooperate
with? Add fire!"

Chapter 44 The Ghost Knows What Will Happen

Gu Ye called his little mother, and the caller was only connected after
the ringing for more than ten seconds. Gu Ye played with the spirit for
a second, and said anxiously: "Mom! What are you doing? Why do I
see you on the Internet and don't want to ask. Suicide? I saw it in the
news, don't listen to those eyeless nonsense! What do we do when
you die, what should I do with my brother? My dad is so old, do you
want him to be lonely old? Mom! Say something! Don't miss it!"

Zhao Pengyu has seen how fast Gu Ye turned his face, and now he
can't bear to look at him with a speechless face. It was the first time
that Xia Xiang saw Gu Ye's performance. She stared in shock and
stared at Gu Ye's performance. He almost didn't hold back, and he
came out with joy, telling Gu Ye, "It's ruthless!"

Mrs. Gu did not expect Gu Ye to come out like this. When Gu Ye

called her excitedly, she turned on the speakerphone. She planned
that she committed suicide, and Gu Yang would rush in and pull her
away. Shut down the live broadcast, which created evidence that she
could not bear the spirit of suicide and self-harm. Then he picked out
the grandson who was spreading the rumors, and he must be severely
sentenced to see if she's not quite right! Now that Gu Ye has said
something, not only has she washed her out, but she has also settled
her suicide. It is really a surprise.
The netizens who shouted that Mrs. Gu don't hesitate and hurry to die
were forced by Gu Ye to make such a fuss. Those who gave Mrs. Gu's
posthumous photo, bought a circle and wanted to go to the door of
Gu Decheng's company were dumbfounded. Why is Gu Ye's
performance different from what he imagined? I'll give her all the
photos of my death, can it be okay for you to come out and stop me?
Are you a fool?

I can see it in my head. Gu Ye really cares about his mother. If he

doesn't have real feelings, would he be so scared? The group closed
their mouths wisely and began to watch the developments.

There are still some people who insist on their original ideas. The
video shows that Gu Ye was beaten by his mother. Now everyone is
venting his anger. Why doesn't he stand on the front line with them?
Did he even feed his conscience to help his vicious stepmother to
speak? !

Therefore, they even cursed Gu Ye: How can I be admitted to the

emperor's university? Calling the Emperor, such an idiot who doesn't
know how to be grateful will be a scum in society in the future and
must be expelled!

The enrollment hotline of the Emperor's University was really

suddenly blown up, and it was because the white-eyed wolf Gu Ye
got out of the Emperor's University.

At this time, Gu Ye anxiously persuaded: "Mom, I am watching you

on the Internet, please come down quickly! If you don't come down, I
will ask for leave and go back!"
"Gu Ye, my mother is bitter!" Madam Gu burst into tears, and the
people who forced her to die were especially bastard.

Gu Ye patiently coaxed, "You come down first, let's have something to

say, there is more online violence, whoever dies will lose, don't you
want to watch the rumors being arrested?"

At this time, the door of the room was suddenly pushed open, and Gu
Yang rushed in anxiously, "Mom! What are you doing? Come down!"

Xia Xiang: "The live broadcast is interrupted."

Gu Ye heard the laughter on the other end of the phone, and couldn't
laugh or cry, "Mom, you really are..." Gu Ye didn't know what was
good about her, "If you have a bad heart, you can really scare you to

"Hahaha..." Madam Gu laughed at that beauty, there was no way she

was looking for life, "Don't worry, son, how could your mother die?
Now the comment on this video has doubled again. I won't tell you,
I'll go Find a lawyer team and organize a team to sue this bastard!"

Within two minutes of hanging up the phone, someone restored the

original version of this video, and the picture was clearer: In the
video, Madam Gu asked Gu Ye with a smile, Gu Ye smiled and said a
few words, and Madam Gu happily filmed Gu Ye said another
sentence on the shoulder. From the expressions of the mothers, it was
not a beating, but a joke.
Those who cursed Mrs. Gu were dumbfounded, and the audience was
excited: the reverse was reversed! I like the reversal melon! Slap on
your face!

Immediately after that, another video was put on the Internet. This
was a video found in the surveillance in front of the school. In
addition to restoring the original version, it was lengthened a lot
before and after. After Gu Ye's college entrance examination was over,
his mother was like an ordinary parent, waiting for him at the school
gate under the scorching sun. After I came out, I looked at my mouth.
It was obvious that when I asked my son how he was doing in the
exam, the two of them made a joke and got into the car holding hands.

The person who started to scold the rumors for Mrs. Gu's posthumous
photos, bought the wreath and stood at the gate of Gu's property,
holding the wreath and being watched by passers-by like a fool. The
fire turned to the rumors.

The person who called the emperor University got stuck in the middle
of the call. The reversal was too fast, and it made people feel

The naval forces raised by Gu Lin's company were also on the scene at
this time, and one of them was counted as one, one by one, and the
curse was terrible! Do you dare to post the photo, I dare, I can still
fancy p, make a mass grave for the keyboard spray, a tooth for a

The teachers at Gu Ye School were also speechless, "How come young

people are so hostile now? When the facts are in front of them, they
are dumbfounded."
"It's a partial generality, one leaf is blind, and a bloody but no brain. It
is always used by others, probably because it is still young. The bad
guys use children of this age."

"Because the law can't control them for the time being, the rumors will
definitely be arrested, but this group of scolding angry youths has no
one to control. They will dare to do this next time."

After several old professors finished speaking, they looked at each

other and shook their heads helplessly. The current situation in
society is now, and it may change in the future, but it will take time.

An online violence that lasted for a day, because the Gu family had
the money to hire someone to find evidence, found a skilled person to
restore the video, and found the original video at the school gate a few
months ago, so it was reversed that night. Many people on the
Internet are lamenting that this turned out to be a misunderstanding
and it was too boring. The rest is to blame and spread rumors is not
people, scumbags harm the society, it is better to die, or the same way
of killing people. As for the apology to the victim, Mrs. Gu, very few.

The person who caused this farce is also scared. He filmed this video
at the beginning, and deliberately changed it to look like this, because
now that Mrs. Gu and Gu Ye are on the Internet, he wants to absorb
some traffic and win the public's attention. And then opened a gossip
studio in the entertainment circle to take photos of the private lives of
celebrities. It is said that after being photographed, the celebrity will
spend a high price to buy the black material, which can make a lot of
money. He did not expect that he almost killed his life.
Thinking that the Gu family is so rich, what if you send someone to
investigate him and retaliate against him? In order not to leave any
evidence, he deleted the Weibo in fear and cancelled his Weibo
account. Just when he breathed a sigh of relief, the police came to the

"What did I do? Why do you arrest me? I didn't do anything! How can
you arrest people casually? I want to expose you knowing and
breaking the law on the Internet!" This person still yelled so badly that
you can't catch me at all. Look like! The police didn't bother to talk
nonsense with him, so they slid into the police car and took them
away. I really don't know which idiot told this mentally retarded
person, and the police can't find out who he is after deleting the
rumors online.

This incident was originally thought to be over when the rumor

makers were arrested. Unexpectedly, Gu Ye posted a small Weibo
video that night, pushing the incident to another climax.

The video was shot under dim lighting, not the warm color of normal
people, but a weird reddish color. On a large table was a fierce deity,
with an incense burner and offerings in front, and beside it was hung
incomprehensible charms.

Gu Ye stood in this weird environment with a smile on his face, facing

the camera, and sneered: "Whoever forced my mother to die today,
quickly apologize to my mother, otherwise, the ghost knows what
will happen."

Everyone was frightened as soon as this Weibo appeared, because not

only was Gu Ye's battle too scary, they also saw a clear shadow in the
corner behind Gu Ye, a woman in red! That woman has only the
upper body! No legs! No legs! !

The netizen who had just been quiet suddenly exploded: Sorry! I
admit it! I'm wrong! I can't afford it!

I'm sorry I'm sorry I will never scold people without asking the facts
again! Take back your formation quickly! Take that female ghost back!

That woman, ah, ah, ah, it's a ghost, it's a ghost! Gu Ye will recruit

It is indeed wrong to force people to die, but is it too much for you to
frighten people like this?

At first glance, it is p, pretending to be a ghost! She's not dead, why

should she apologize? If ugly people make trouble, your mother is

It's like someone whose mother's life is worthless. This is a suicide

being discovered. What if it is not discovered? Is it the same as the
family of three who were forced to death by online violence a few
days ago?

Just talk casually. Who wouldn't say the three words "hurry up and
die"? She is not dead, why should she apologize? This is absolutely

Do you apologize if someone dies? Are there few people killed by

online violence? It's a pleasure to make people go to death with a
finger. Have you ever thought that so many people's vicious words
are pressed on a person, what would this person think?

Stupid, hurry up and apologize. I was told by Gu Ye before that

anyone who scolded his family for death and his account book would
hit a ghost when he went out. Someone really hit a ghost!

Fuck! real or fake! So evil? !

Is this still false? Post it! He is just a word that broke a wealthy Gu Ye!

Recently, Dingnan Entertainment also had an accident. The celebrity

is either taking drugs or cheating. If he can really pinch it, what does it
mean to recruit ghosts? Apologize if you don't want to hit the ghost!

Apologize! Apologize to the victims of online violence! Don't you

apologize, aren't you afraid of a ghost knocking on the door in the
middle of the night?


Frightened by Gu Yeyi, coupled with pressure from people who can't

stand on the Internet, those who apologized, whether they were
sincere or not, lined up to apologize. Occasionally, a few people who
wanted to quibble were turned into dogs by just netizens and

Gu Ye looked at the keyboard sprayers coldly and apologized. He

picked up the snow rice crackers enshrined on the table, opened the
package and took a bite. It was crunchy and crunchy. He said to the
portrait of Hades: "Others worship gods and I worship ghosts. Look at
the world with your eyes wide open, whoever is the bastard, you will
take him away."

Gu Ye left after speaking. Sister Hongdou hurriedly took another

piece of rice cakes to make up. She apologized and worshipped the
statue. She was worried about the owner who had no rules.

Overnight, screenshots of Gu Yebai's altar forcing the keyboard man

to apologize were uploaded all over the Internet, and Gu Ye's skills
became more and more mysterious on the Internet. Someone really
asked him to fortune.

Help: Master, can you help me see my marriage?

Master Gu! Can you help me see the picture?

Master Gu! I think my house is haunted, and there is breathing under

my bed! Help!


Gu Ye took a look in the morning and replied casually: Do you give

me money?

Netizen: Gu San, are you short of money? !

Gu Ye: There is no money to avoid talking about the rules of our

Netizen: here! I give money!

Gu Ye: I'm sorry, I will have military training tomorrow, and I am not
in a good mood now. Let's talk about it when I come back tonight.

Netizens: ...


As soon as Gu Ye arrived at the school, he found a lot of Zhao Pengyu

who was secretly watching him, sitting in the third row, beckoning:
"Gu Ye! Here!"

The corner of Gu Ye's mouth twitched, and he walked over calmly,

Zhao Pengyu asked with a smirk: "Man, you did a great job last

Gu Ye narrowed his eyes, "It's okay, but unfortunately, I apologized."

The classmates around him looked regretful when they heard him,
and couldn't help but look at him more. From this look, they felt that
they were thinking too much. The person involved had nothing to do,
and seemed to be in a good mood. The boy in front of Gu Ye couldn't
help but turn his head and asked in a low voice, "Gu Ye, are you really
going to recruit ghosts?"
Gu Ye smiled, and said with a good temper: "Where is there any ghost
in this world? Ghosts are born in people's hearts. Don't do bad things,
there will never be ghosts."

People around me think that what Gu Ye said is very reasonable.

They are all highly educated academic tyrants, and they don't believe
in ghosts and gods. "I see, you used their guilty conscience to frighten
them deliberately, right? Too relieved!"

"That p picture is so horrible! Did you do it yourself?"

"Gu Ye, why did you miss the college entrance examination by one
point? That's awesome!"

As soon as I saw Gu Ye, he was not as cold as he had imagined. The

classmates around him quietly talked to him. Gu Ye put his chin on,
chatting with anyone, and soon became familiar.

"Gu Ye is not cold at all, who says he is not easy to talk to?"

"When he smiles, his eyes are bent, so beautiful!"

"I have a really good temper, I speak straightforwardly, and I will

scold people hahaha~ but I am not rude at all."

"I wanted to sign an autograph with him, but he was dumbfounded

and said that he was not a celebrity, so why did he sign it? The
surprised expression is so cute!"

After class, a group of girls chatted and went to the cafeteria to eat. An
inconspicuously dressed girl, holding a textbook, lowered her head
and quietly followed them behind. Hearing them praise Gu Ye,
pursing their lips, chuckled.

The girl in front looked back suspiciously, a bit of disgust appeared in

her eyes, "Li Jiatong, you are scary like this, OK?"

"Yes, I was really surprised by you at night like this!"

"I'm sorry!" The girl hurriedly apologized, and after two steps, she hid