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Why are the Protagonist Gong and Shou

Fighting Because of Me/ Почему главный герой

решил побороться за мое сердце?

Автор: Tianhuafang
Год выпуска: 2020

Количество глав: 134 Chapters + 13 Extra (Completed)

Выпуск: продолжается
Группа: Bubblegum Team

Тан Бай родился в богатой семье, избалованный, и с нежным телом. Его семья, перебрав
несколько тысяч кандидатов, выбрала ему в мужья красавца с мириадой перспектив, но вот только
его жених любит независимых и самосовершенствующихся омег, и его очень отталкивает этот
брак по расчету.
Однажды Тан Бай стукнуло током, и он узнал, что он пушечное мясо в мире новеллы. Будущий
жених – гонг, а он шоу Се Рухэн, независимый и самосовершенствующийся омега новой эры,
который притворяется альфой, и в будущем станет маршалом. Надежда всех омег.
Неудивительно, что он так тяжело работал, чтобы сделать любовный обед, а его будущий жених
отказался, даже не посмотрев. Тан Бай повернулся и увидел Се Рухэн, поедающего ужасный
тренировочный паек. Как может будущая надежда омег есть этот отвратительный корм для
Тан Бай робко сказал: Я сам это приготовил. Мы, омеги, должны следить за своим питанием и
хорошо заботиться о теле~
Се Рухэн: ?...


Chapter 1
The Federal Military Academy canteen.

Tang Bai sat in front of the dining table and was currently unpacking his second pack of wet
wipes. He absentmindedly wiped the table. Sunlight shone in through the window, making the
“Azure Sea” necklace on his neck even more dazzling.

The dark blue gemstone reflected brightly under the light, looking like a different shade of blue
from every angle, like an unpredictable and mysterious ocean wave.

Tang Bai’s prospective fiancé, who was sitting opposite of him, however, didn’t look at the blue
gemstone. Instead, he frowned as he stared at the radiant chain. The emotions in his gray-blue
eyes were hard to describe. If it had to be put into words…

It was probably the heartache of seeing a beautiful flower stuck on top of cow dung.

Although the wearer of the necklace was more beautiful than a flower.

Here, the material of the chain, magic silver, needed to be brought up. Magic silver was an
extraordinary and mysterious, newly discovered material, and its price was sky-high. It was said
to have spatial and temporal characteristics. Even Gu Tunan had only seen this type of rare metal
once. However, this Tang Bai actually wasted such precious materials by using them to make a

As expected, omegas like Tang Bai, who only knew how to eat, drink, and have fun, wasted
resources. Other than being pretty, he had no other redeeming qualities. 

Contempt briefly flitted by that cold and handsome face.

Different from the majority of alphas who liked pretty flower vases, Gu Tunan’s ideal type was a
diligent, thrifty, independent, and ambitious omega. 
Someone who didn’t pursue materialistic things and had a very active mind. Someone who was
pure and not pretentious… Essentially, it wasn’t someone like Tang Bai, who was spoiled and
hard to take care of.
Seeing that Tang Bai wanted to open his third bag of wet wipes, Gu Tunan frowned, showing
slight impatience. His voice was cold as he said, “Stop wiping. Do you know the true worth of
the necklace on your neck?”

His voice was pretty good. However, the sense of superiority held in those words destroyed the
listener’s good perception.

The dilly-dallying little omega raised his head, revealing an exquisite and beautiful face.

Those pretty amber eyes were like sticky honey, containing a bit of confusion within the
cuteness as they looked towards Gu Tunan as if they didn’t understand why his prospective
fiancé, who had never cared about his outfit and accessories, suddenly asked about them. 

In fact, the reason that Tang Bai was confused was: Why was Gu Tunan angry again all of a

His eyes weren’t blind, and he wasn’t dense. How could he not realize that Gu Tunan disliked

The school Tang Bai went to was commonly referred to as the Flower Vase School or Bridal
School. However, the class “How to guess your partner’s thoughts” was still useful occasionally.
That teacher had mentioned that frowning, talking curtly, and wrinkling their nose were
microexpressions for dislike. 

See. It was that stinky face that Gu Tunan was making for him to see right now. 

Combined with Gu Tunan’s question as well as the action of the other staring at his necklace the
whole time, Tang Bai thought for a bit and suddenly realized——

This was hatred for the rich ya! 

What was causing him to feel green-eyed was probably the magic silver used to make the chain
of the necklace. 

However, this magic silver was obtained through his effort and skills of acting spoiled towards
his grandpa. If Gu Tunan had the skills, he could also find such a grandpa and act spoiled.

Tang Bai pretentiously stretched out his slender and jade-like fingers, pointed at the chain, and
responded flauntingly, “It’s worth two planets. Doesn’t it look nice~”

While he was saying that, Tang Bai raised his right shoulder, and his head also leaned towards
his right. His shoulder propped up his soft cheek. From top to bottom, he was overflowing with a
sweet attitude that was very obviously acted out and fake, which Gu Tunan hated the most. 

Tang Bai knew that what Gu Tunan couldn’t stand the most was omegas acting like this. It was
the same as him being unable to stand Gu Tunan’s big alpha attitude and ideals. 
Whenever Tang Bai wanted to disgust Gu Tunan, he would put on such an exaggerated attitude. 

However, Tang Bai looked nice. When such an action was performed by him, it didn’t feel
unnatural or fake and, instead, gave off a feeling of natural adorableness. 

At this time and place, the gaze of Xie Ruhang, who was sitting at a table behind him, was
attracted by that proud and pleased lock of hair standing up on top of his head. 

Following Tang Bai’s deliberate movement of tilting his head, that innocent lock of hair swayed,
making Xie Ruhang’s hands feel strangely itchy. It strangely made him want to press that lock of
hair down. 

Xie Ruhang narrowed his eyes and saw the owner of the lock of hair raising his chin and
revealing a white and long neck and blue veins that could be seen faintly under the sunlight,
which complimented and was complemented by that mysterious blue gemstone. 

He was like a proud and noble little kitten showing off the new toy that he just got.

The tip of his tongue pressed against his inexplicably itchy upper jaw. This itch appeared
suddenly and fiercely, seeming to spread all the way to his heart.

“Brother Xie, what are you looking at?” Qiu Yan raised his head and saw Xie Ruhang’s deep
black eyes instantly. His eyes were a bit unsettling, like a lion that was sizing up its prey, giving
him a fright.

Xie Ruhang turned away and lazily said, “Looking at a little kitten.”

“Cat? Where?” Qiu Yan looked around in doubt. While looking for the presence of the little
kitten, he said with surprise, “So Brother Xie likes cats.”

Since the basic physical test when school started, his brother Xie had this strong alpha presence
like he was going to smash through the skies. Qiu Yan had thought that even if such a powerful,
top-of-the-top alpha liked animals, he would like big cats, such as lions or tigers. 

Who knew that Xie Ruhang would actually stare at a “little kitten” with relish.

“Eat your food.”

When Qiu Yan heard his words, his expression instantly turned bitter. He used his chopsticks
and poked the indiscernible clump of black on his plate. “Eating this kind of devil’s cuisine, I’m
about to puke…”

On the other side, Gu Tunan was angered half to death by Tang Bai’s “stupid and flower vase-
like” answer, and his expression darkened, “Have you paid any attention to the military news of
the Federation? Can you understand the recent popular mecha competitions? Have you read《A
Brief History of the Interstellar Wars》and《One Thousand Questions About Mechas》?”
People who didn’t know the situation would think that he was an instructor who had caught a
bad student and was questioning them hard.

Those grey-blue eyes held dissatisfaction and disgust that he was unable to cover up. Tang Bai
and Gu Tunan exchanged gazes for a second before he suddenly laughed out loud.

That smile seemed to contain a subtle sense of showing off, or one could also say…

A sense of victory was mine.

“The federation has reported that the Cheng Research Institute has discovered a type of rare
metal, which has spatial and temporal characteristics, called ‘magic silver’ on the news.” His
finger hooked the slightly cold chain. Tang Bai used a tone of voice that was as sweet and soft as
cotton candy to respond, “The recent popular Mecha Cup Competition has already started its first
round of tryouts.《A Brief History of the Interstellar Wars》and《One Thousand Questions
About Mechas》are both part of the required books for alphas in elementary school.” 

Seeing Gu Tunan stunned frozen on the spot, Tang Bai was laughing crazily inside. 

He had to be joking. Even without mentioning that his grandpa was the head of the Weapon’s
Research Institute, he didn’t go to school for nothing. The major class《If You Give Birth to a
Little Alpha》had already introduced all the books that an alpha should read from birth to

Looping the chain with his finger, Tang Bai raised his eyes. His eyes revealed a slyness that was
like a cat. He purposely pretended to ask curiously, “Can I ask if you have ever paid any
attention to the Paluru catwalk? Can you understand the recent popular omega makeup trends?
Have you read《One Hundred Ways to Make Homemade Desserts》and《Flower Arrangement

Gu Tunan, “……”

Very good. This omega has successfully stirred up my desire to win.

Seeing Gu Tunan lose and unable to respond, Tang Bai’s mood was much better. 

However, Gu Tunan was a very useful “blind date shield” and “amazing weapon for asking for
leave” after all. Tang Bai, who had the upper hand, reluctantly gave some compassion to the
defeated foe. He scanned the love bento placed on the desk, “I personally made it. Do you want
to eat it?”

His voice contained a bit of liveliness and smugness. Landing in the ear of Gu Tunan, who had
just suffered a defeat, it was strangely hard to listen to.

The bento made by a rich young master who didn’t do any household chores or work, how good
could it be?
“No need. This is the military school’s canteen. I want to eat the training meal more.” Gu Tunan
stood up without any hesitation. He didn’t even take a look before refusing. After he finished
talking, he walked towards the place to buy food without a second glance at him.

Tang Bai recalled the universal evaluation made by the Federal Military Academy’s students
towards their canteen’s food. Something like “the devil’s cuisine made to feed pigs” and “one
bite is enough to send you to your grave.”

He couldn’t tell that Gu Tunan actually had such heavy tastes and such fortitude. 

Tang Bai shrugged and wanted to pull out his finger from the chain he twisted them in. When he
was playing with the chain just now, he didn’t pay attention and spun it around his finger too
tightly. What was even more unfortunate was that the finger that was entangled had the light
brain ring on it. 

The rose-shaped light brain and the magic silver chain were tightly tangled together. He couldn’t
separate them. This was basically him weaving a cocoon around himself. 

Tang Bai had heard that for this metal, not all of its attributes had been studied and researched
yet, so it was best not to place it with items such as the light brain.

Remembering this, Tang Bai became anxious and tried to untangle it. He didn’t know which part
of the light brain the magic silver touched, but suddenly, an arc of electricity flashed between the

In the next instant, a sizzling sound appeared in Tang Bai’s ears. Tang Bai felt his neck warm up,
and his mind went blank as numerous data flooded into his brain. 

《This Omega is a Marshal》

He, Xie Ruhang, came from the slums. Born rebellious, he was unwilling to become a birthing
machine. Thus, he chose to hide his true gender, pretending to be an alpha as an omega, and got
admitted to the Federal Military Academy. In the Military Academy, he beat the representative
of the nobility faction, Gu Tunan, and became the valedictorian of the freshmen. 

He, Gu Tunan, was from a prestigious military family. His grandfather was a seven-star admiral
in the Federation. His family arranged a flower vase omega as his marriage partner. However, he
didn’t accept the arranged marriage and liked the new modern omega who was independent and
took initiative. In his yearning for love, he met Xie Ruhang, who was an omega pretending to be
an alpha. 

Under this mutual love and hate, they both rushed towards the battlefield after graduation. In
order to let Xie Ruhang shine on the battlefield, Gu Tunan willingly became his lover’s adjutant.
Many years later, Xie Ruhang became the first-ever and only omega marshal in all of history.
And Gu Tunan was the man behind the marshal!

Tang Bai: “? ? ?”
What is this? Why is this squeezing into my head? And why is Gu Tunan in it?
Tang Bai, who had a book appear in his mind out of thin air, was completely bewildered. The
lock of hair on his head straightened up in shock. He felt that this strange situation was
connected to the magic silver. 

Before Tang Bai had a chance to think more deeply about it, that book already couldn’t wait to
invite him to engage in some quantum wave speed reading.
In this strange state, reading ten lines in a single glance was a piece of cake. Tang Bai was more
than able to read ten thousand words in a minute. 

This book’s protagonist shou was the omega Xie Ruhang, who was born in the slums. He didn’t
want to become a birthing machine, so he pretended to be an alpha and got admitted to the
Federal Military Academy.

Tang Bai: “???”

Tang Bai felt that this behavior was too obsessive and a waste of his grand ambitions. The
Federal Military Academy only accepted alphas. On the off chance that Xie Ruhang’s inhibitor
became ineffective, an omega in estrus who was surrounded by a bunch of alphas would
definitely die very miserably. 

Under normal situations, when Tang Bai encountered this kind of plot, he would directly
abandon the novel. However, this reading was compulsive. Tang Bai could only continue to read
with a frown on his small face.

After Xie Ruhang entered the military academy, he wanted to win the valedictorian spot.

A valedictorian would be chosen out of every new cohort. The valedictorian could enjoy more
resources. However, the valedictorian had always been a student of nobility. The most popular
freshman of this year was Gu Tunan.

Tang Bai: “???”

Tang Bai read the synopsis again and confirmed that this protagonist gong not only had the same
name as his prospective fiancé, but even the description of his appearance, personality, and
background was the same. 

And then, Tang Bai even miraculously found himself appearing in this book. He was the
prospective fiancé who Gu Tunan didn’t love, a cannon fodder. 

Tang Bai, “…Wow.”

In the exam for the position of valedictorian, Xie Ruhang relied on his inherent good memory
and the tempering of the underground mecha competition of the black market to beat Gu Tunan
in both the written exam and the combat portion. It was only in the etiquette exam that he was
ridiculed by a bunch of students of noble descent because of his crappy way of saluting.  
In fact, in the first etiquette class, the noble students had already started to nitpick everything
about Xie Ruhang. Among them, an alpha called Qin Jun mocked that Xie Ruhang looked like
an omega who couldn’t part his legs when he was saluting.

The analogy he used to ridicule him was something widely recognized and used. Tang Bai knew
that the majority of alphas looked down on omegas, such as his prospective fiancé Gu Tunan.

A lot of ridiculing and insulting words were related to omegas. However, very few alphas dared
to say them out loud in front of Tang Bai. 

Because Tang Bai would cry and report them under the name of “sexism.” He would then invite
the most expensive lawyer to educate them.

However, the Xie Ruhang in the book, who was pretending to be an alpha, obviously couldn’t do
this. He chose to strangle the neck of that big-mouthed alpha and say, word by word, “Don’t let
me hear any more sexist words. Alphas aren’t more noble and valuable than omegas.”

His phoenix eyes were shining because of anger. It was like a phoenix spreading its wings after
rising from the ashes.
Very handsome.

A certain spot in Tang Bai’s heart was suddenly struck. He started to somewhat like this
protagonist shou who was unscientifically strong.

This Xie Ruhang was really an omega completely different from Tang Bai. He was born in the
slums. A cruel and ambitious beast lived in his heart. He grabbed onto any chance to climb up. 

In order to join the military, he personally cut off his own gland. He was so ruthless that Tang
Bai felt a chill up the back of his neck when he was reading about it.

The medicine that let an omega disguise as an alpha had large negative side effects. After
injecting it for many years, although the average person in the interstellar era could live until
they were two hundred years old, Xie Ruhang, however, couldn’t even live past forty. Even so,
to realize his dream of joining the military, Xie Ruhang didn’t even bat an eye when injecting

In order to ambush the enemy, Xie Ruhang often forgot to drink nutrient solutions, as if he could
eat blood and gunpowder for meals. As time went on, he acquired very severe stomach

In one battle, Xie Ruhang led a small combat team to win against a larger army with the help of
luck. The price was almost losing his life on the battlefield. 

His subordinate sent the dying Xie Ruhang to the military’s doctor just as the disguising
medicine wore off. Xie Ruhang’s true gender was then revealed. All the stars were in an uproar.
They requested the military to take back Xie Ruhang’s military rank and let this deviant omega
return to the right path. 
Even if this omega had already cut off his gland and wouldn’t go into estrus and influence

That was a war without any gunpowder. No one supported Xie Ruhang. Even his adjutant Gu
Tunan hid the thought of how good it would be if Xie Ruhang was obedient to his husband and
taught his children in his heart.
The eyes of Xie Ruhang, who had never shed a tear no matter how many injuries he had
suffered, finally reddened at that moment.

With his heavy injuries not fully healed yet, he walked into his mecha cockpit with his head high
and his chest out, announcing to everyone that as long as an alpha could defeat him, he would
instantly take off his military uniform.

That cruel and weak beast in Xie Ruhang’s heart waved its claws and bared its teeth. Even if his
body was battered and bruised, he refused to lower his head.

Blood flowed over the entire cabin of the mecha, but the mecha he controlled majestically
defeated all of his opponents. 

It was only at this moment that Tang Bai truly understood the implications behind “the light of
the omegas”. He found out that Xie Ruhang really was shining and glowing. 

He watched Xie Ruhang return to the battlefield that he loved, shining brightly, becoming the
marshal step by step. Countless eyes that were “prejudiced against omegas” watched him.
Countless “alphas in power” tried various tactics to pull him down.

But the only thing that truly defeated Xie Ruhang was death.

He forever stopped at the night he was 37. He never saw the light of dawn at the end of the long
night. He never saw the military lift the restrictions against omegas joining the army. He never
saw more and more schools open towards omegas as well as the research institutes’
announcement that they were starting to research artificial uteruses. 

It was the first time that Tang Bai felt such sorrow and admiration towards an omega.

Born in the worst circumstances, not only was he not willing to accept it and didn’t allow
himself to fall into depravity, but he also had an independent personality, unwaveringly sticking
to his own goals. For the sake of achieving his goals, he was willing to sacrifice everything,
including his own life.

Such a Xie Ruhang was like a martyr. 

On the road to equal rights for omegas, a martyr like Xie Ruhang had never appeared before,
because the voices of omegas in this society were too small and could be easily suppressed. They
couldn’t even sacrifice themselves. 
Although Tang Bai was the type of omega that was praised and held in high esteem by
mainstream aesthetics, the type that liked to dress up beautifully, liked to watch the Paluru
catwalk, liked to wear an apron and cook, came from a good family, and didn’t have to worry
about food or water. He seemed especially suitable for this society.

But in fact, even Tang Bai could feel the oppression that was everywhere.

At the very least, Tang Bai had never forgotten that he really wanted a set of mecha toys when
he was young. However, no matter how much he acted spoiled and shed tears, no one in his
family bought it for him. They even threw away mecha models that he bought by saving up his

An omega should like Paluru dolls.

Although Tang Bai didn’t hate Paluru stuff, why couldn’t he have both a full set of Paluru dolls
and the galaxy series mecha models?

Tang Bai only thought about these things in his heart and never revealed them openly. As for
taking things a step further, he had never thought about it. 

However, Xie Ruhang’s life was a strike of thunder, waking him up from his stupor. It made
Tang Bai realize that this omega grew wildly in this society filled with prejudice towards
omegas. The world was dark, so he used himself as a torch, becoming the sole source of light. 

He was completely worthy of the name “the light of the omegas”. 

Tang Bai was a very emotional little omega who cried easily. He could cry himself into a mess
from reading about forced relationships in traditional omega romance novels. Now, it was even
more impossible to stop the tears. 

In the eyes of Xie Ruhang, who didn’t know the truth behind it, it seemed like this omega had a
quarrel with Gu Tunan. On the surface, he confidently argued back. But after Gu Tunan left, he
quietly licked his wounds. The more he thought about it, the more wronged he felt. His two eyes
held tears. 

Xie Ruhang froze. He saw Tang Bai’s curly eyelashes pick up tears that were like broken jade
beads. His entire body gave off the feeling that he felt aggrieved, making people want to bully
and protect him.

Xie Ruhang, who had always believed in the uselessness of tears, felt his Adam’s apple roll. He
stared unblinkingly at Tang Bai’s red eyes, his red nose, and his trembling shoulders…


That itch finally spread to the depths of his heart. There was a beast in his heart that was trying to
break through the cage of reason and bite the back of that little omega’s neck.  
The back of Tang Bai’s neck felt cold. He subconsciously turned his head back and saw Gu
Tunan, who was carrying the training meal, walking over.

“You cried?” Gu Tunan frowned and asked. 

Tang Bai didn’t think much of the sense of danger from just now. Instead, he glared at Gu Tunan
with red eyes. 

It was precisely this scum alpha. When Xie Ruhang was at his most helpless, he actually looked
forward to Xiu Ruhang going home and giving birth to children for him!


Gu Tunan was too self-centered. He didn’t know how to be considerate and take care of another
person. As Xie Ruhang’s adjutant, if he had just paid more attention to Xie Ruhang’s diet, Xie
Ruhang’s stomach disease in the later stages of the book wouldn’t have been so severe to the
point that there was no cure. He didn’t take good care of Xie Ruhang at all!!!

Seeing that Tang Bai wanted to pounce over and bite him even though his face was filled with
tears, Gu Tunan: “???”

Do you have to be so squeamish? I just didn’t eat your bento, and you’re this sad?
Right when Tang Bai wanted to say, “You trash. You didn’t even take good care of ‘the light of
the omegas’,” he suddenly realized that what he read was just a novel.

That perfect “light of the omegas” was only a character in a novel. 

A huge sense of loss flooded over him. Tang Bai woodenly opened his mouth. Without holding
any hope, he asked, “Do you know… Xie Ruhang?”

Hearing his question, Gu Tunan frowned. Puzzled, he looked towards the alpha sitting
diagonally behind Tang Bai, “You need him for something? He is sitting right behind you.”

Tang Bai: “!!??!?!!”

Chapter 2 - How can the future “light of the omegas” eat this kind of devilish food that’s
for feeding pigs?
He’s sitting right behind you.
Is sitting behind you.
Sitting behind you.
Is behind you.
Behind you.
These words were like a top that was beaten by someone, spinning at a high speed in Tang
Bai's mind, making him dizzy and confused. He could only turn his head to foolishly look at the
person behind him.
It was a young man who was so beautiful that he was distinctly stunning. He was dressed in a
dark military school uniform. He was not sitting upright, his legs overlapped, and his posture
was sluggish with a trace of uprightness.
He had an indifferent facial expression, hair as dark as an abyss, skin pale as though without
blood, eyebrows sharp and provocative, and his eyes were adorned with an amorous tear mole.
The man was looking at him unscrupulously.
The four eyes were facing each other, the thick sword eyebrows were slightly raised and
aggressive, Tang Bai met the sharp phoenix eyes as if seeing a gorgeous lazy lion.
Black hair, dark eyes, a tear mole, high brows, and raised eyebrows, a big beauty. All these
characteristics match the description in the book.
No, it’s more beautiful than the description in the book. This kind of beauty is offensive,
aggressive, and unattainable.
The vapid text can't show the beauty of such rich colors at all.
Is this Xie Ruheng the same as the Xie Ruheng in the book?
But the Xie Ruheng in front of him isn’t a character in a novel, how can he appear in reality?
Tang Bai couldn't connect the living person in front of him with the Xie Ruheng who was
seriously ill and died at the end of the book.
Xie Ruheng in the book didn’t receive treatment in the final stage of his life because he knew
that the damage caused by the disguise medicine could not be reversed. He was also unwilling
to show weakness in front of others.
Xie Ruheng, who grew up in a slum, believed in the law of the jungle. He was proud of his life,
and when he was about to die, he was unwilling to show weakness to anyone.
At the end of the book, Xie Ruheng found an uninhabited wilderness, holding a fragment of his
mecha in his palm, and quietly looking at the starry night sky. He heard that after death, people
would become a star. Xie Ruheng thought, if he turned into a star, it would be a far away, small
and feeble star, sinking deeply into the dark atmosphere. Just like his life, rebellious and free-
spirited, sinking into many impossibilities.
Thinking of this, those dark phoenix eyes finally lost the last of their light. He faced the starry sky
and remained on the eve of dawn eternally.
Tang Bai was immersed in the ending of the novel with tears on his lashes, staring at Xie
Ruheng in a daze, his face still has tears, and the tip of his nose and eye sockets still have a
blush from crying.
He’s very cute.
Xie Ruheng's pupils continued to dilate.
Tang Bai noticed Xie Ruheng's abnormality. In the course of “How to guess the mind of a
partner”, the teacher said that when an individual meets someone who is interested in them,
experiencing desire, or when they are in a state of excitement, their pupils will continue to dilate.
So Xie Ruheng is watching him...Gu Tunan behind him?
Tang Bai cautiously scooted a little to the side, those dark and deep phoenix eyes rolled his
eyes and followed him firmly.
Tang Bai was flattered and puzzled, wondering how he could attract Xie Ruheng's attention.
After all, compared with the excellent, perfect, and powerful Xie Ruheng, he’s just a flower vase
Could it be that......
Inspiration suddenly took shape, and his strand of dull hair curled up vigorously, Tang Bai
Only this is possible, it must be so! Xie Ruheng is similar to himself to some extent——
Isn’t this just the sympathy between two beautiful omegas?!
When Tang Bai usually encounters good-looking omega, he doesn’t shy away from it and
appreciates the beauty openly. After all, it’s easy for beautiful omegas to attract each other.
Walking on the street, Tang Bai is more willing to receive the attention of omegas and get
approval from the same-sex when dressing up. Unfortunately, the number of omegas is scarce,
and most omegas rarely go out alone for safety.
Noble omegas are sheltered and disappearances often occur with civilian omegas, especially at
night; usually when disappearances occur most frequently.
Tang Bai recalls the plot in the book. With Xie Ruheng's promotion, many of omegas rights and
interests are protected by law. Although the right to procreation and career choice had not yet
been liberated, at that time omegas could walk on the streets at night without worrying about it.
If Xie Ruheng is the omega in the book, does that mean… The future in the book will be realized
one by one?
Thinking of this, Tang Bai’s eyes were sore, the scenery he thought he would never see, the
person he thought he would never meet, was actually within reach, he sucked his nose very
hard, and didn’t let any tears drip down.
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
He just stared at the omega for a while, but he didn't expect that the omega would suddenly
change his expression again. His tears were like pearls on his eyelashes, his mouth slumped
aggrievedly. He was so pitiful with his face looking like he wanted to cry but was abruptly held
Xie Ruheng looked at the omega who wanted to cry, and the violent beast in his heart that
wanted to break free of its cage suddenly blushed.
This... this omega... how come you aren’t crying... it's like a sexual fantasy in his dreams...
Under normal circumstances, the cruel and cold-looking Alpha brother looks very good with the
amorous omega sister-in-law.
The stronger the alpha, the more sensitive and fragile they are during their susceptible period,
it’s like a child eager to seek a sense of security, snuggling in the arms of their omega for
There’s an alpha on a certain forum saying that sexy omegas will always be mixed with a trace
of a maternal temperament, which is a fatal temptation for an alpha during their susceptible
But Xie Ruheng already confirmed that he had no feelings for the sexy mature omega type, he
only likes the delicate little omega type, the kind of omega that resembles a small milk cat or a
It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable the susceptible period is. As long as he holds his little
omega in his palm and screams, all bad emotions will fly away!
Seeing Tang Bai approaching him with his eyes, Xie Ruheng's lazy sitting posture became
stricter, and he secretly began to guess what this omega was going to do.
With the excellent five senses of an alpha, he could naturally hear Tang Bai ask Gu Tunan: “Do
you know Xie Ruheng?”
When Xie Ruheng first started school, there were some secretly photographed photos
circulated in a small area. It’s said that they caused a sensation in a large group of omegas in
the Omega Academy. These things were told to him by his roommate Qiu Yan.
Did this omega recognize him because of a sneak shot?
Under Xie Ruheng's strong and interested gaze, Tang Bai only felt that his aura was insufficient,
from a piece of hard candy to a soft candy. If the opponent's eyes were any sharper, he would
have turned into sugar water.
Ying ying, he will not show up in the face of Gu Tunan's alpha...
He truly deserves to be called the light of the Omegas!
Wait, I can't be sure that Xie Ruheng is the light of the Omegas, maybe this is just a coincidence
with someone of the same name and surname?
Tang Bai cried with joy when Xie Ruheng appeared in reality and was currently afraid that all of
this was just his cognitive error. After thinking about it, Tang Bai decided to do some trials first.
He cautiously asked: “Hello, do you know about ‘Mouse’...”
The book also introduced Xie Ruheng's career for making a living. Before entering the Federal
Military Academy, Xie Ruheng was a well-known mecha player in the underground arena.
“Mouse” was Xie Ruheng's code name in the underground arena.
Before the words fell, the phoenix eyes on the opposite side narrowed slightly and handed a
scrutiny gaze.
Xie Ruheng’s eyebrows were steep, and his eyebrows were even higher than his eyebrows.
He appeared very hostile when looking at people coldly, even with his stunning beauty.
According to the words of a group of face-cons in the book, even if Xie Ruheng rolled his eyes,
he could still shock everyone with his bewitching appearance.
In addition, perhaps the filter of the “light of the omegas” was too heavy. Tang Bai knew that Xie
Ruheng was a person who was cold on the outside and warm on the inside. There wasn’t much
fear in his heart. Part of the tremor in his heart was due to the beauty of Xie Ruheng and the
other part was because--
Tang Bai knew he had guessed it right.
Unlike the regular games that are very enjoyable, the games in the underground arena are
brutal and bloody. Before this book was inexplicably in his mind, Tang Bai had never even
heard of the underground arena built in the slum, let alone know “Mouse” the mecha racer.
The details in the book are once again equated with the person in front of him. Even though this
matter is very unscientific, Tang Bai has to believe...
He really lives in the world of a novel, and in front of him sits the protagonist of the book, the
youngest marshal ever, and the “light of the omegas”!
He unexpectedly revealed such! a! big! secret!
Tang Bai’s pupils quaked, his hair trembled, and he hugged his bento. He accidentally pressed
the clasp with his finger, and the bento opened automatically with a click, revealing the delicate
display inside.
The white rice was decorated with a heart-shaped poached egg, next to the fatty but not greasy
braised pork was not only verdant broccoli but as well as savory shrimp.
As a Miyoshi student of the flower vase omega Academy, Tang Bai cooks enjoyable dishes. His
steamed rice is often regarded as an excellent demonstration product and is circulated
throughout the class, each person can only get a small spoonful.
It was their teacher’s idea to give Gu Tunan a lunch this time. Tang Bai’s cooking teacher firmly
believed in the idea of “to conquer an alpha, one must first conquer their stomach”. Knowing
that his proficient disciple had a prospective fiancé, he immediately decided to propose the idea
to Tang Bai. The cooking classes’ normal lessons were given up in the face of the priority over
prospective fiancé’s.
It's a pity that the cooking teacher made a mistake. Gu Tunan would rather go to the canteen for
training meals than try Tang Bai's excellent homework.
The alluring fragrance made the index finger of Xie Ruheng move. Tang Bai raised his eyes
subconsciously and saw Xie Ruheng's rolling adam’s apple.
Xie Ruheng’s neckline was very sexy, and his skin was so pale that it looked like he had no
blood, making Tang Bai have an inexplicable thought--
Xie Ruheng must look good with a black neckband.
Omegas wear a gland-protecting neckband when they go out. Tang Bai is no exception, but his
neckband style has always been fancy. Basically, he doesn’t believe in the concept of a
beautiful yet simple model. But now, he really wanted to buy a bunch of basic
black neckbands for Xie Ruheng.
Xie Ruheng really sacrificed a lot in order to realize his dream, and he hasn’t even worn a basic
omega ornament such as a neckband.
Which omega does not love beauty? Presumably, Xie Ruheng's heart must long to be fair and
honest, to put on trinkets, wear exquisite and gorgeous little dresses, and go shopping for
afternoon tea with his little omega sisters.
Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng lovingly.
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
Those tear-stained eyes didn't have much fear, but instead delicate and soft… pity?
......wait, no? Love?
The color of the amber pupils was too soft, Xie Ruheng was a little confused about what the
unnamed emotion/color was, but there was absolutely no malice.
No one had ever looked at him with such eyes, soft enough to soothe all the hostility in his
He saw Tang Bai take a soft look at him, then subtly lower his head, looking at the training meal
in front of Xie Ruheng.
Then the sentiment in those amber eyes became softer! This time it was motherly compassion!
Thinking of the story where Xie Ruheng in the book suffered from stomach problems in the later
storyline, and even searched for famous doctors, Tang Bai’s little heart hurt——
Future “light of the omegas”, how can you eat this kind of devilish food for feeding pigs?
Tang Bai held the bento with both of his hands, shyly put it in front of Xie Ruheng, and said with
a sweet and soft voice: “This was personally made by me. We omegas need to pay attention to
our diet and take care of our bodies.”
Xie Ruheng: “......?”

Chapter 3 - This omega is super delicious, oh no, this meal is really good…
Xie Ruheng was thinking about what Tang Bai's eyes meant, but he didn't expect the other
party's words to be even more unexpected.
Ask him to eat lunch?
This development was something he never expected.
There was a rare trace of confusion on the handsome face, and Xie Ruheng tried to analyze the
meaning of this move.
Is this omega expressing/showing him that he’s good at cooking and considerate?
Xie Ruheng had been living in a slum before entering the military academy, and the only
omegas he’s seen before are the omegas in the red light district.
Those omegas would laugh and let him light a cigarette, or ambiguously put a room card with
their body temperature still remaining on it in his palm, or invite him to drink.
There has never been an omega who has presented him with a bento.
Seeing Xie Ruheng's thoughtful appearance, Tang Bai blinked his eyes, and then realized that
there was a loophole in his words——
This was personally made by me. We omegas need to pay attention to our diet and take care of
our bodies.
We omegas, need to pay attention to our diet and take care of our bodies.
We omegas.
Tang Bai: “!!!”
Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!... How could he let such an important secret come straight
If the light of the omegas career line was destroyed because of his words, wouldn’t he become
a sinner through the ages?!
The snow-white skin was soaked with red blush, and the tips of his nose, ears, and chin were all
pink. Tang Bai was so anxious that his eyes were red. He tried to resist the panic in his heart
and stumbled to remedy: “...... Alphas should also pay attention to their diet.”
At this moment, Tang Bai behaved very much like a little omega who was uncomfortable and
clumsy in front of his sweetheart.
Xie Ruheng’s eyes stared at the “sweet and shy” Tang Bai, he rolled out a low chuckle from his
Many of the spectators in the underground arena were of high-class nobles, those who were
outwardly full of benevolence and morality but privately indulged in the primitive and savage
pleasure of cruel fighting.
It's just that Xie Ruheng didn't expect an omega to be interested in this bloody game.
This appearance, doesn’t it look very delicate and pure? If this omega cried then it would
become a weeping beauty that would provoke your tender affections.
Is this the type of omega that would half-choke half-sob out jiayou while watching the game?
Seeing the bloody game, pitifully covering his eyes, even though the teary eyes that could be
seen between the fingers were thrilled with excitement?
His penetrating sharp eyes scanned Tang Bai back and forth, his red blushing cheeks, slightly
opened lips, and delicate waist; trying to analyze Tang Bai's heart.
It’s unknown what inner world is revealed by just looking at one’s physical appearance.
Tang Bai noticed Xie Ruheng's sharp gaze like a police officer interrogating a prisoner. His little
heart couldn’t help but thump, and he raised his chest nervously, wondering what Xie Ruheng
was laughing at.
But what must he do at this time? Telling Xie Ruheng directly: “We live in the world of a novel”,
“You are the protagonist of this novel”, will be regarded as freakish…
Tang Bai pursed his lips nervously and squeezed out the small dimples on his cheeks.
Xie Ruheng looked at this omega that exuded a lovely atmosphere all over his body. It was a
pity that he didn’t eat food from strangers, even if the stranger who was suspected to be one of
his fans was an omega that looked very in line with his aesthetics.
“This bento doesn’t seem to be something that was going to be given to me in the first place?”
Xie Ruheng pushed the bento back in front of Tang Bai and asked with a smile.
Tang Bai, who was desperately thinking about how to explain all of this, was interrupted,
thinking blankly for a few seconds, and then realized how improper his behavior was just now.
Giving Xie Ruheng the bento that Gu Tunan didn’t want. What kind of operation was this? The
future light of the omegas should have an exclusive bento!
The standard of excellent homework in ordinary cooking classes is not worthy of Xie Ruheng!
Think about it carefully, the food Xie Ruheng ate in the book didn't seem to taste very good all
the time.
At the beginning of the Federal Military Academy, most of the freshmen training meals in the
Tucao cafeteria were too unpalatable, but Xie Ruheng ate the noodles without having his face
change colors and ate all the meals in three or two quantities.
The most important meaning of eating for Xie Ruheng was to fill his stomach. The taste was
only an additional item. When he was young, he often couldn't eat enough, and even searched
for food in trash cans. Later, Xie Ruheng focused on the battle situation and even forgot to drink
nutrition solutions when he went to battle. Ending up with him having stomach trouble.
Wu wu, our light of the omegas life is too bitter, it’s not good to not eat...
Tang Bai’s eyes were hot, and his amber pupils instantly filled with water. He held two tears,
staring at Xie Ruheng lovingly and reproachfully, his voice was stained with a nasal tone. “I'm
sorry, I will definitely give it to you next time. I’ll make it delicious.”
Xie Ruheng: “......”
The beautiful little omega cried in front of him again, and his every pore exuded an aura of
comfort, really… really...
It makes people feel overwhelmed...
Tang Bai choked and sobbed, thinking that the light of the omegas hadn't been taken care of by
others, he felt uncomfortable.
Although he doesn’t need to have endless luxuries, the most basic omega nutrition meals,
skincare products, underwear, etc. should be arranged. Why will no one help him prepare
these... Hey, a sudden thought appeared!
Is the reason why he knows the big secrets of this world because he has some kind of duty?
Because his light of the omegas hasn’t been taken care of by the world, the world has entrusted
Tang Bai to take care of Xie Ruheng, so that Xie Ruheng will have a happier life?!
As soon as this idea appeared, it was like seeing the sun in the sky after a rainy day.
The eyes soaked in tears suddenly radiated bright light, Tang Bai's heart was surging and
excited for a moment, he couldn't help himself, he couldn't help but look at Xie Ruheng, his tone
was full of hope: “I can be responsible for your three meals a day, ok??”
Although he may not be of much help in other aspects, Tang Bai can definitely improve his diet.
Moreover, Tang Bai’s School of Etiquette and the Federal Military Academy are on the same
street. Three meals a day can be delivered to Xie Ruheng. After eating well, Xie Ruheng’s
mood will definitely improve.
Tang Bai was full of motivation when he thought that his actions would bring warmth to the light
of the omegas and contribute to the omegas' equal rights cause, he couldn’t wait to roll up his
sleeves and start cooking now.
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
How did the topic suddenly jump to this point?
Suspecting that he had missed something, Xie Ruheng once again saw a sense of confusion in
his eyes. He didn't know what was going on in this omegas little head. Even if you want to pick
up an alpha, you must proceed step by step. How can this little omega be so enthusiastic and
active? Although initiating is good sometimes there’s still something called restraint, you know?
Tang Bai saw Xie Ruheng's weird expression, his little head tilted, and he wondered if his
conditions were not attractive enough, so he picked up a piece of braised pork on the bento,
ready to deduce how delicious the food he cooked.
His little nose moved, Tang Bai inhaled the aroma of the braised pork made from internal
organs, and bit off the braised pork in one bite.
The cooked meat was not hard, and every piece of shredded pork was soaked in sauce. The fat
was not greasy, and the texture was as tender as tofu. Tang Bai squinted his eyes happily, and
his teeth were reluctant to finish chewing.
Although there was a certain element of performance in it, Tang Bai also felt that his craft was
He gave a thumbs up shamelessly, and said, “The food I cooked is super delicious.”
After speaking, he happily continued to eat the vegetables. His eating was quite pleasing to the
eye. The rose petal-like lips seemed to be smeared with lip gloss, his white teeth were faintly
revealed between chewing, and the satisfaction in his eyes was sweet enough to overflow— —
It just looks so delicious.
Delicious in every sense.
The tip of his tongue was against his itchy palate, Xie Ruheng thought without changing his
face, yes, this omega was super delicious, oh no I mean, this meal is really good...
Seeing Xie Ruheng's eyes burning hot and his adam's apple rolling, Tang Bai knew that Xie
Ruheng was greedy! The food he cooks is so delicious, who wouldn’t be greedy!
However, Xie Ruheng's attitude of being greedy and reluctant to agree made Tang Bai worry.
The temptation of just being responsible for three meals is not strong enough, is there any way
he can help Xie Ruheng?
There it is!
His strand of dull hair curled up!
He can also help with Xie Ruheng’s etiquette!
Tang Bai remembers the plot in the book. The etiquette aspect of the chief exam is one of Xie
Ruheng's shortcomings, even though Xie Ruheng invited ordinary etiquette teachers on the
market to teach. No matter how hurriedly he learned, it was no better than the noblemen who
were born and were influenced by the surrounding environment.
In fact, the etiquette department exists to prevent civilian students from becoming the chief. The
nobles do everything possible to cut off the way for the civilians to rise. If it weren’t for Xie
Ruheng, a peerless genius, it would have been impossible for a civilian student to become the
But Tang Bai is different. He knows the plot. The novel can supply him with what etiquette will
be tested. He can list the etiquette content to be tested, and let Xie Ruheng specialize in that
content, isn't it solved?
He not only wants Xie Ruheng to win, but to also win with glory, not a narrow victory like in the
book but a full-on win by extinguishing the enemy, pulverizing the combatant the best way he
can so that Xie Ruheng can never look down on Gu Tunan!
Humph! My family’s light of the omegas is beautiful alone, what kind of love were you in!
Tang Bai’s eyes glowed, those shiny, sweet enough to melt everything eyes looked at
Xie Ruheng intently, and said quietly: “I not only can prepare lunch for you but can also teach
you etiquette.”
Tang Bai still used his small hand to cover his mouth when he spoke, as if he was discussing
military secrets.
But this matter was far more important in Tang Bai's mind than any military secret in the world,
he was helping the protagonist of the world with his career! Doesn’t it affect the direction of the
world line every minute?!
Xie Ruheng found Tang Bai so cute with his mouth covered with his small hand, and took a
deep breath, trying to calmly analyze the current situation.
It’s no secret that he wants to compete for the chief position in the military academy, but Tang
Bai, a non-military academy student, has such a clear understanding of his affairs and knows
that he needed an etiquette teacher recently...
It seems that he likes me a lot, and he did his homework in order to chase me.
At least, Xie Ruheng thought so.
Although Xie Ruheng's original plan was to work hard and start a career first, and then fall in
love after a successful career, he is not a rigid person. When love really comes to the door, who
will shut out love?
Especially, why would he reject an omega that perfectly fits all of his sniper orientations?
Sensibly aware of Xie Ruheng's expression loosening, Tang Bai's gaze became more eager,
and he screamed wildly in his heart:
Jimei, look at me! A little omega like me who can cook, teach etiquette, and give you spoilers,
as long as you want, as long as you want! Now I can bring the bento home myself!
The sunlight came in through the glass window, coating Tang Bai's light coffee-colored curly
hair with a gold border. This pitiful expression of prayer was hidden, and reminded Xie Ruheng
of the little milk cat with the sign of “please raise me”.
It doesn't seem to be an illusion, he really smelled a faint smell of milk from this omega.
The little beast in his heart… Slowly, slowly covered his face, with a squeak, it was hit by
Cupid’s love arrow and fell to the ground.
There was a moment of silence, and the narrow and long phoenix eyes suddenly gave a playful
smile. With a mole at the end of Xie Ruheng's eyes, the corners of his eyebrows showed a
casual and unassuming “seduction”, which was difficult to see without blushing.
“Okay,” he said.
Chapter 4 - I have come up with a wonderful way to become your soulmate!
Seeing Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai in such a harmonious atmosphere, Gu Tunan's expression
was gloomy, after all, no alpha could joyfully take the green hat from his prospective fiancée.
Xie Ruheng didn't know the relationship between Gu Tunan and Tang Bai. He glanced at Gu
Tunan lightly.
Is this alpha jealous of my luck with omegas?
Xie Ruheng took back his eyes lightly and looked at Tang Bai’s lovely and delicate face in a
comfortable mood. There’s a natural mismatch between alphas, it’s difficult for them to
appreciate the appearance of other alphas.
Xie Ruheng liked Tang Bai’s sweet, airy, lovely, and virtuous little omega self.
Is there any alpha that would refuse to take the initiative to pursue their ideal omega?
Xie Ruheng couldn’t at least.
“I will definitely cook well and teach you etiquette seriously!” Tang Bai couldn't wait to declare
his decision, his eyes were sincere, his voice was firm, and his serious little appearance was so
cute that he was trembling.
Xie Ruheng teased with a little playful tone, “Why are you so good to me?”
Tang Bai stiffened up when he heard the words.
It’s coming! If this was a game, then this must be a Q&A session to improve the goodwill of the
A good answer is to say that he’s the protagonist’s good jimei. But the answer is also average,
and he can only be a plastic sister. Above all, the answer is poor, even a little kid wouldn’t say
Of course, he couldn’t say “I hope to take good care of your body”, or “to work with you for the
great cause of AO equal rights”. After all, he and Xie Ruheng are not friends at this moment,
according to Xie Ruheng’s extremely strong guard, such an answer will definitely be
Tang Bai's brain was running at high speed, trying to think about the problem from Xie Ruheng's
As the protagonist, Xie Ruheng is an O not an A, his companions in the book are all alphas, like
military masters, comrades, and classmates. These characters have already competed in
countless supporting roles, and they can usually learn together with Xie Ruheng. Fighting side
by side, it’s difficult to easily replace these roles.
Then he must consider his position.
Does Xie Ruheng lack an alpha friend? No shortage!
What he lacks is an intimate omega jimei!
But why did Xie Ruheng not make any omega friends in the book? It’s because the omega Xie
Ruheng looked down on everyone!
Xie Ruheng in the book was arrogant down to his bones. He didn’t even like alphas. His only
omega traits were his sympathy and caring for the weak. If you wanted to become Xie Ruheng's
friend, you had to first get Xie Ruheng's approval.
Then how can you get Xie Ruheng's approval?
There it is!
Tang Bai excitedly stretched out his little hand that was wearing a light brain ring, and placed it
in front of Xie Ruheng, “Actually, I have something to ask, but it is not convenient to talk about it
here. How about adding each other’s contact information and discussing it in detail?”
Quickly add it! I have come up with a wonderful way to become your soulmate!
Tang Bai seemed to have been thinking for a long time, but in fact, the countless thoughts in his
mind were just a momentary thing in reality. In Xie Ruheng's eyes, it was the following picture:
After hearing his ambiguous words, the beautiful little omega hesitated for a few seconds, his
eyes were thoughtful and he looked at him brightly. After biting his lower lip, he determined to
take the initiative to attack, using the sweetest eyes and the loudest voice.
The little beast in his heart screamed.
The snow-white slender fingers touched each other with the slender index finger wearing black
gloves. The rose and the thorn ring were placed together, and the picture had a strange
“Ding Dong ~” a message prompt tone showed that the friend had been added successfully.
Tang Bai retracted his hand happily, smiled, and waved goodbye to Xie Ruheng with the bento
in his hands, “Talk online later!”
Xie Ruheng's lips curled up and nodded to Tang Bai.
Tang Bai felt better after seeing the protagonist nodding his head. He couldn’t wait to become
good friends with Xie Ruheng, and then take care of the light of the omegas body and support
Xie Ruheng in his career!
Tang Bai turned around sunnily, and almost ran into Gu Tunan, facing Gu Tunan's stinky face,
Tang Bai performed what was meant to be a smile and disappeared on the spot.
“Why were you speaking with Xie Ruheng? You were even eating at his table?” Gu Tunan
asked in a low voice with a dark face.
He doesn't like this prospective fiancée, but that didn’t mean that others could get involved with
his possessions.
Thinking of the way Tang Bai was smiling at Xie Ruheng just now, the gray-blue eyes showed
the depression of the rain and wind.
But Tang Bai was not afraid of Gu Tunan at all. He was like a spoiled little cat, even in front of
this bloodthirsty and cruel lion, he was not afraid. In this little cat's heart, he was also a very
powerful lion.
Hmph, I will soon become the protagonist’s favored omega jimei, please speak with respect!
“Do you know what a fulfilling meal is?” Tang Bai put his arms around his chest and said
confidently: “I think he’s good-looking, don’t I have the right to eat with whoever I want?”
Because Tang Bai's attitude was too natural, Gu Tunan was taken away for a moment. He
looked at Tang Bai and saw Tang Bai raising his neck and looking at him unconvinced. If he
had a tail, it would definitely be up to the sky, like a feather duster.
Gu Tunan perceived a subtle feeling.
This was not right.
If Tang Bai was interested in Xie Ruheng, he would definitely not hook up with Xie Ruheng in
front of him. Is this for fear that he doesn't know that he (GT) will be a cuckold?
Also, Tang Bai was questioned by him, but he didn't have any guilty conscience, he was frank
and confident.
Recalling Tang Bai's series of abnormalities, they all started when he rejected Tang Bai's bento.
Gu Tunan just saw that Tang Xin prepared a bento. At first glance, it was a bento filled with a lot
of thought. Even the eggs were tossed into a loving shape.
And this kind of bento, he refused without even looking at it.
Could it be that......
Tang Bai couldn't accept his rejection when he refused mercilessly, so when he was crying, he
secretly planned to return it with revenge?
According to Tang Bai's cat-like character, it was extremely possible to make such a naive act
of revenge.
Then everything makes sense, Tang Bai deliberately asked about Xie Ruheng, deliberately
talking and laughing with Xie Ruheng in front of him, and then deliberately added Xie Ruheng's
contact information——
To make him jealous!
Gu Tunan suddenly realized that his pupils were shaking, Gu Tunan thought about it, and
finally, he said, “Next time you make a bento… I will eat it.”
Tang Bai bathed under the gaze of “seeing you are so pitiful, I’ll give you face”: “???”
What are you thinking about? Next time? So easily? Do you think the bento made by a little
genius is something you can eat whenever you want?
I really want to fart.
Gu Tunan saw Tang Bai staring at him unblinkingly. His amber eyes were very light, they could
clearly appear whenever he had a mood swing.
After hearing his concession, those clear eyes gradually became stained with a light smile, with
a little “I don't care about you” style. He lifted his chin, said goodbye, and walked away proudly.
Gu Tunan was stunned for a moment, and the itch of being scratched by a cat's paw suddenly
appeared in his heart. Is this Tang Bai… agreement or refusal?
On the other side, Tang Bai stood in the shade of a tree and scanned the content of the text he
edited again. After confirming that the word order was correct and there were no typos, he
clicked send.
“Hello, classmate Xie, my name is Tang Bai. I am a freshman in the culinary department of the
College of Etiquette next door. I know you don’t know me, but I admire you very much because
classmate Xie is the most special person I have ever met, powerful and gentle. This time, I took
the liberty to disturb classmate Xie because there is one thing I wish to ask classmate Xie.
I think the mainstream thinking of our society is a type of restriction for omegas. An omega
should have more career choices and should not be limited to making meals for their family. As
long as they are willing, they can even become a mecha fighter or mecha maker. Unfortunately,
the vast majority of omegas in today's society don’t have this kind of “rebellious” thinking.
In order to liberate the minds of the omegas, I want to write a novel called 《The Light of the
Omegas Doesn't Need Love》. The protagonist is born in a slum and has a new era’s thinking
of independence and is a self-improving omega. He is also admitted to the Mecha
Manufacturing Department of the Federal Military Academy. This is an inspirational story of
surpassing alphas and becoming a generation of mecha masters.
In order to write the novel, I would like to ask classmate Xie to take me to slums and
underground arenas to collect materials. In return, I am willing to take care of classmate Xie’s
diet and etiquette courses! Cute.jpg”
In order to prevent the military organization from checking Xie Ruheng's communication records
in the future, Tang Bai didn’t mention any information about “I know you are an omega” in the
message, but he hinted at this in both the text and in their conversation in person.
The reason why the protagonist in the book was changed from being a mecha manufacturer to
a mecha manufacturing master was that Tang Bai was afraid that after seeing the novel he
wrote, someone would have a big brain and doubt Xie Ruheng's true gender.
The message not only revealed that he knew about Xie Ruheng’s secret but also showed that
he and Xie Ruheng were like-minded. The message is open and straightforward. If not for fear
that Xie Ruheng doubted his mind, Tang Bai wanted to confess that there was an extra book in
his mind.
When the time was right, he would tell Xie Ruheng everything.
Now it depended on Xie Ruheng's attitude, and Tang Bai was a little nervously waiting for a
Powerful and... gentle?
Xie Ruheng raised his eyebrows. For the first time in his life, he saw someone describe him
“Brother, what are you looking at?” Qiu Yan had never seen Xie Ruheng show such a wonderful
expression and asked respectfully like a little eunuch who was trying to figure out the Emperor.
“Do you think I’m gentle?” Xie Ruheng asked.
Qiu Yan: “???”
Brother, do you have any deviations in your perception?! Brother, be more sober, brother!
Qiu Yan's expression perfectly explained everything. Xie Ruheng withdrew his gaze, thinking
sweetly about how this little omegas perspective of him was, he really did feel gentle.
Xie Ruheng continued to look down, laughing nonchalantly.
Struggling to liberate the mind of the omegas?
The protagonist is an omega and aspires to become a master of mecha manufacturing?
Is this protagonist about yourself?
Xie Ruheng read the message from Tang Bai with a strange expression and swiped to the
bottom where there was a cute emoticon from a sticker pack.
This cat was waving a light stick, like Tang Bai's passionate and lovely inner world.
It’s hard to imagine that this passage came from an omega who looks delicate from his avatar to
his appearance. The strong contrast gave Xie Ruheng a novel desire to explore.
He read the bold words from Tang Bai again, and the corners of his lips couldn't help but rise.
He really was too innocent and cute.
In this case, only children with innocent minds could say it. For the time being, without
mentioning how naive the idea of liberating the minds of the omegas through writing a novel
was, just by carelessly and unreservedly revealing one’s own mind was enough to see the
simplicity in his conduct.
If he wanted to use the little omegas message to hurt him, he could deal a devastating blow to
Tang Bai's reputation as long as he sent out the other party's remarks.
An omega thinks that society is unfair; this alone can make the conservatives angry.
Xie Ruheng believed that most alphas would feel that this omega was not good or bad after
hearing Tang Bai's remarks.
Just like the group of people at the Federal Military Academy, when they knew he was going to
run for chief, they thought he was whimsical.
Thinking of this, Xie Ruheng's sword eyebrows slowly furrowed, and the sharp eyebrow lines
created a very impactful aura.
But when he saw that the cat emoji on his light brain was still waving its light stick, Xie Ruheng's
frowning brows loosened little by little, and he replied: “Okay, let's make an appointment.”
Tang Bai: “!!!”
Tang Bai clapped excitedly. He happily clapped his hands while no one was around him, and
then he cackled while he typed: “I'm free anytime, depending on your schedule! That's right, you
probably want something to eat tonight, I'll make dinner for you and send it over~”
At the same time, Tang Bai was thinking that dishes like the Dragon Yin series of desserts
and Buddha jumping over the wall could find opportunities to arrange them. Although the
military academy’s training meals were unpalatable, they had high nutritional value, so he had
to find opportunities to add more supplements. He didn’t know if Xie Ruheng would like to take
omega supplements.
Tang Bai remembered that his family bought a batch of omega tonic products that could adjust
the irregular estrus period. With Xie Ruheng's long-term use of inhibitors, his estrus period must
be messed up.
There’s a plot in the book where after Xie Ruheng's estrus period became chaotic, he was in
estrus at the time and inhibitors were ineffective, it was when Gu Tunan hit him that his identity
was revealed.
No way, no way, when it comes to that plot point, he must save Xie Ruheng, that way Gu Tunan
won’t be able to say anything to critic Xie Ruheng!
Tang Bai clenched his small fists in indignation, his chest entangled with depression and anger
when he saw “flowers stuck in cow dung”, he snorted vigorously, then lowered his head and
continued typing and asked: “Do you want to eat supplements? It's nourishing. In that aspect of
our body, you know~”
At this moment Xie Ruheng was still considering how to tell Tang Bai that he didn’t need Tang
Bai to cook for him, this clumsy omega, Xie Ruheng was really worried that Tang Bai would be
choked by the smoke in the kitchen. As a result, he finally managed to organize his thoughts
and then saw this message from Tang Bai.
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
That aspect? Which aspect? What should he know???
Xie Ruheng's expression was unpredictable. The amount of information contained in this
sentence was so great that he couldn't even read it for a while. Is this bold little omega testing
his ability in that respect? Or does he seem to need to make up for it?
For a moment, Xie Ruheng's face stiffened, and Xie Ruheng slowly typed and asked: “Do you
think I seem to need supplements in that area?”
Tang Bai, who received the message reply, nodded his head hard, hey, do you know what your
body will be like in the future?!
Thinking about Xie Ruheng's indifference to his body in the book, Tang Bai was angry, and he
replied angrily: “Of course, look at you and your facial appearance, it's very deceptive at first
glance. Ah, if you don’t take good care of yourself, your health will only get worse in the future!”
In fact, Tang Bai knew that Xie Ruheng was born with cold white skin, but he must make the
matter more serious so that Xie Ruheng knows the seriousness of the matter.
Xie Ruheng: “............?”
That face, which has always been calm and unobtrusive, has a rebellious temperament in the
world, and there is a rift that doubts life for the first time in history.
Chapter 5 - This beautiful omega is connected with our two school grasses at the same
Tang Bai, who had waited for Xie Ruheng's reply for a long time, touched his head, and
carefully read the chat history between himself and Xie Ruheng again.
Did he say too much? A person who’s as proud as Xie Ruheng must not like when others say
that he’s in poor health, and they have just met, they aren’t familiar enough to talk like that.
After figuring this out, Tang Bai was crying and trying to save the precarious relationship
between him and Xie Ruheng. Before he organized his thoughts, he saw Xie Ruheng send a
In the video, Xie Ruheng was training. He used one finger to do push-ups blankly and the other
hand was placed on his back. The speed was so fast that he was stunned.
For the convenience of training, the first three buttons of the white shirt were unbuttoned, and
Xie Ruheng’s pale abdominal muscles could be seen through his collar when training.
There was noisy applause in the video. Some people laughed and cursed and said that Brother
Xie was awesome, and there were military cadets who were whistling. Just listening to the
sound was too lively.
At the end of the video, Xie Ruheng got up easily, his handsome face was still a bloodless
white, with a mole at the end of his eyes, abstinent and sexy.
Tang Bai touched his nose and smiled embarrassedly at Xie Ruheng. It seemed that every time
he saw Xie Ruheng's face, he would receive a beauty crit.
I didn't expect Xie Ruheng to be so cute in private. In order to prove his health, he even took a
video! Really cute!
Sure enough, omegas are the cutest creatures in the world!
Learning from the military academy in the video, Tang Bai praised sincerely: “Xie brother is
awesome! Punish myself three cups for my recklessness.gif”
Xie Ruheng saw the cat crawling into the wine glass and couldn't pull out the silly sway in his
head. He glanced at it unconsciously. It was the first time he saw these cute emojis.
How can it be so cute, so cute that it's totally unpleasant...
Sure enough, omegas are the cutest creatures in the world!
Xie Ruheng replied: “I will be free after four o'clock in the afternoon. I will take you to the slums
when that time comes. You don't need to prepare a bento every day. Just teach me etiquette.”
Tang Bai quickly replied: “Okay! I'll be waiting for you at your school gate at four o'clock in the
afternoon! I can teach you etiquette first! Cat blinks.gif”
After setting the time, Tang Bai returned to school at a brisk pace. His roommate had his butt
placed at the edge of the bed and was applying nail polish. Seeing Tang Bai coming back
sunnily, he curiously asked: “Why are you so happy? Was your fiancé obsessed with what you
did? Have you eaten?”
Tang Bai's face wrinkled, and goosebumps all over his body were about to rise, and he quickly
corrected him: “It's a prospective fiancé. The character hasn't been written yet. Don't remove the
word “prospective” for me.”
The elders of Tang and Gu’s family were very satisfied with Tang Bai and Gu Tunan. They
wished that they would have an engagement banquet together immediately. However, Tang Bai
and Gu Tunan were both “dragging” the family, so the two of them became the elders.
Prospective fiancé.
“It's almost the same.” Tong Meng saw Tang Bai's faint gaze, and quickly changed his words: “I
was wrong, I was wrong, I was wrong, did your prospective fiancé make a mess again?”
The word “again” should actually be said as “again and again”. After all, Gu Tunan's sorrow
operation was not a matter of a day or two.
When Tang Bai and Gu Tunan met for the first time, it was in a hotel. Tang Bai dressed up and
happily went to the appointment. In the beginning, he heard Gu Tunan's long talk about “I like
omegas with a new era of independence”.
After listening to Gu Tunan’s exceptional speech with a blank face, Tang Bai pointed to Gu
Tunan in the mood of tossing a peach and getting a plum back, pointing to Gu Tunan with
his orchid finger: “People like a soft and considerate alpha. It’s best to treat them like a baby
and spoil them to the sky~”
Then Gu Tunan was so disgusted by Tang Bai's artificial performance that he didn't eat his
Probably because of their unpleasant first meeting, Gu Tunan and Tang Bai didn’t get along.
After all, an omega in an ordinary environment couldn’t meet Gu Tunan's requirements, and Gu
Tunan's parents were looking forward to Gu Tunan's marriage. At this time, Tang Bai became
an unfortunate shield.
Gu Tunan continued on using Tang Bai as a shield, and even if he was clearly unsatisfied, he
insisted on avoiding going on dates with Tang Bai.
At first, Tang Bai didn't know that Gu Tunan was deliberately tossing him. When Gu
Tunan released pigeons for the first time, he thought that it was because it wasn’t easy to take
leave at his etiquette school, so Tang Bai happily went to play with his jimei.
Gu Tunan released pigeons for the second time, and Tang Bai continued to happily play with
his jimei’s.
So when the third date came and Gu Tunan stopped releasing pigeons, Tang Bai felt a little
How could this alpha who was diagnosed with advanced A cancer compare to him happily
playing with his jimei’s?
Tang Bai was not stupid. It could be seen that Gu Tunan was deliberately tossing him and using
him as a shield. Coincidentally, Tang Bai also wanted to find a shield. Although Gu Tunan’s
character was a bit naive, he looked good. Moreover, Gu Tunan didn't want to chat with him at
all. Every time they went on a “date” they were very perfunctory, and they could complete the
task easily and quickly. Moreover, the extra time was enough for Tang Bai to play with his
If he had to go on blind dates, Tang Bai estimated that he would waste a lot of time, he might as
well take Gu Tunan as a shield, besides, he had never lost a word-of-mouth battle with Gu
Tunan anyway.
“I am happy because I met a new friend.” Tang Bai looked at the time and it was half-past one
in the afternoon. It might be a bit too late to make a good meal before four. He might as well
bring some desserts he usually makes.
The book doesn’t describe what Xie Ruheng likes to eat, but omegas generally like to eat
sweets. Xie Ruheng should be no exception. Tang Bai hummed a small tune and picked
macarons, and then chose an exquisite packaging bag.
Tong Meng slumped on the bed, “Which little sister do you want to give them to? I advise you to
bring some tea, lest your sisters get bored to death.”
Tang Bai threw a macaron into the air, caught it, and happily took a bite. His cheeks bulged: “It
just needs to be sweet enough to make people feel happy~”
Tong Meng said with a toothache: “I'm afraid of happiness and fat. I really envy you thin people
who can eat without getting fat.”
Tang Bai found a good can of green tea and put it in a beautifully packaged bag. After preparing
a gift for Xie Ruheng, he took a copy of 《If You Have a Little Alpha》 from the bookshelf.
This book introduces a list of books that alphas should read from birth to college.
He was going to give his teaching materials to Gu Tunan, hoping that this patient with advanced
A cancer could realize that omegas also work very hard to go to school, and he has to endure
learning about how to serve alphas in the social atmosphere of “omegas having no talents is a
And no matter how much you study, you can't get rid of the label of a flower vase in the eyes of
alphas. When those alphas with a sense of superiority criticize omegas, have they ever thought
that not everyone has the advantages they have?
All alpha academies are determined to cultivate swords and shields to protect the Federation,
but all omega academies are keen on cultivating beautiful flower vases.
Tang Bai once wondered if an omega entered an alpha academy, would he still be a flower
vase after he had been tempered? Similarly, if an alpha entered an omega academy, could he
still be an excellent and domineering leader?
There’s no answer to the latter question, but Xie Ruheng has already given the best answer to
the former question.
Tang Bai and Tong Meng raised themselves off the bed and wrapped both of the gifts. There
was another reason why he gave Gu Tunan the book, Tang Bai used Gu Tunan as an excuse
to ask for leave.
Tang Bai’s school managed the access of omegas very strictly. It’s difficult for omega to leave
the school alone. But it is easy to ask for leave under the pretext of having a “date with a
prospective fiancé” because the school is happy to find a high-quality alpha for their omega
To put it badly, other schools will look at the employment rate and occupation of their students,
while the school that Tang Bai studies at counts the professional family status and the social
status of their student’s partner. The school is proud of their student’s good marriage. That’s
why it has the nickname: “bride college”.
The reason for asking for leave being having a “date with a prospective fiancé” is not
unfavorable. This is why Tang Bai is willing to bring a bento to Gu Tunan even though he’s too
lazy to pay attention to Gu Tunan.
After all, every time I ask for leave, I have to trouble Gu Tunan and the teacher for reporting via
video, giving Gu Tunan a bento is a reward.
When Tang Bai was filling out the leave form, Tong Meng was holding his feet and applying nail
polish to his toenails. While applying, he said, “You have to remember to come back early, and
you must let an Alpha send you back to school.”
“I heard that an omega was tortured and killed in the slums the other day. Although the law and
order here is better than that in the slums, who can guarantee that there will be no accidents?”
Tang Bai paused as he filled out the leave form, “What's the whole story?”
Tong Meng sighed, “I don't know, my brother told me about this, but the public security here
isn’t as bad as the slums. As long as you don't wander around in the alleys alone, there’s a high
probability that nothing will happen.”
The slums are indeed chaotic. Because of the novel, Tang Bai knew that the slums had
underground arenas and the largest red-light district in the entire Federation. Many missing
omegas were sent to the red light district.
In the book, Xie Ruheng conceals his gender after cutting out his gland; part of it was for safety
There should be nothing wrong with Xie Ruheng being with him, but Tang Bai was still a little
worried about it, so he took out a portable energy gun studded with diamonds from his jewelry
If the bright and blinding diamonds on the surface of this energy gun were removed, most
military academy cadets would recognize it. This is the “Commander” series of energy guns
from the latest R&D Department of the Military Academy.
The price is so high that those who hear it are sad and those who see it weep. The key is that
the weapons of this series are still priceless. Tang Bai's grandfather is the head of the Weapons
Institute of the Military Academy.
The magic silver on the “Blue Sea” chain was also given to Tang Bai by Grandpa Tang.
The reason for this is that Tang Bai learned his lesson in his childhood. If he told his family that
he wanted to wear an alpha combat uniform, his family would be 200% different.
But if he said, I want to wear a pink combat uniform with a lace hem, his family would only
hesitate. At this time, Tang Bai would babble and say that if they wanted to buy new clothes, he
wouldn’t buy any for them. Seeing that Tang Bai was still so angry, they would relax
Tang Bai followed a similar method and stalked Grandpa Tang, saying, “I just want to try to see
how well jewelry and weapons match, then I’ll use it as a decor item after decorating.” Mission
“What kind of jewelry are you wearing? How come it is in the shape of a gun? It's not good-
looking.” At this moment, Tong Meng didn't realize that the thing wrapped around Tang Bai’s
waist could blow his head off with a single shot of his sulky roommate.
Tang Bai did not explain, he opened the closet to choose clothes in a good mood, “Will this one
be too flashy?” Tang Bai carried a dark blue dress studded with diamonds in his left hand and a
dress with lace elements in his right hand. “This one seems to be too expensive.”
When Tong Meng saw that Tang Bai was so entangled, he guessed that Tang Bai was going to
see the omega jimei. An omega was only so grand when they saw their jie jie’s or jimei’s.
“Dress refreshingly, okay, baby?” Tong Meng sighed: “With your face, only by dressing simple
can you bring out your clean temperament, don't talk about alphas, this lively omega jie jie says
it will be heart-warming.”
Tang Bai had a clear and delicate face like an angel. Every night after taking a shower and
wearing simple white pajamas, Tong Meng would be instantly killed by this ultimate pure beauty.
It's a pity that Tang Bai fell in love with fancy and flamboyant ladies’ clothing, which are
expensive to wear, pure beauty is more suitable for Tang Bai.
Seeing Tang Bai's deaf ears, Tong Meng said helplessly: “Oh, forget it, anyway, the place
you’re going is also suitable for this kind of lady style.”
Tang Bai suddenly reacted when he remembered that the place he was going to was a slum,
and it would definitely be very conspicuous to dress like this.
Tang Bai looked at these two clothes hesitantly. Although he believed in being happy in
dressing the way he wanted to, he was afraid that his clothes would cause Xie Ruheng trouble.
Sometimes it’s important to make yourself happy, but this happiness cannot cause trouble to
the people you care about.
Tang Bai reluctantly said to Tong Meng, “Do you have any more regular clothes?”
Tong Meng: “!!!”
Tong Meng with his eyes full of tears: “I have!!!”
Standing at the Federal Military Academy gate, Tang Bai found that his turning-back rate
suddenly increased a lot.
Although his original rate of turning heads was already very high, the eyes of several passersby
were straightened this time.
Tang Bai didn’t like those eye-catching styles that were too strong. He always felt that their eyes
were squinted, and it was better to dress more expensively so that the group of alphas could
I am noble, you are not worthy.
Looking down at the time, it was three o'clock exactly, he came one hour early, he just had to
hand the book to Gu Tunan.
The main reason was that Gu Tunan had a lot of troubles, so he was not allowed to leave things
in the guard room, and he had to deliver them in person.
If Tang Bai left things at will, Gu Tunan would directly contact Tang Bai's teacher and give a
small report in the name of worrying about Tang Bai's personal safety, saying that he had never
seen Tang Bai at all.
Gu Tunan is an alpha that is very mean-natured, and every time he indulges in it, he will toss
about some small schemes.
Like knowing an appointment time, but deliberately delaying himself for 20 or 30 minutes, so
that Tang Bai has to wait. Moreover, Gu Tunan is very sinister and sometimes arrives early, to
find that Tang Bai hadn’t arrived yet. The wicked blame those who are innocent.
The object of complaint was naturally Director Huang who had given Tang Bai the leave slip.
Director Huang would pull Tang Bai along and then take a long sigh and then tell Tang Bai how
to be a good omega that pleases their alpha. This kind of brainwashing education would last
about three or four hours. When Tang Bai's brain gradually became dizzy, the director would
really feel that he was good for Tang Bai’s development.
Yes, everyone thought that letting him and Gu Tunan be together was for his own good.
Even the grandfather who loved him the most thought so.
Gu Tunan had a good background, good looks, good grades, and a promising future. If he was
with Gu Tunan, he would at least become a major general's wife in the future.
As for whether Gu Tunan loves him or not, whether he loves Gu Tunan or not, no one cares
about this question.
Tang Bai still remembered what the teacher sincerely said; Xiao Tang, when Gu Tunan marks
you, you will love him instinctively...
The beautiful amber eyes gradually dimmed, and Tang Bai twitched the corner of his mouth,
thinking that instinct was really funny.
He couldn't imagine that he would become dependent, obey, and adore Gu Tunan because of a
complete mark.
Whether this object was Gu Tunan or another alpha, he couldn't accept it.
Tang Bai didn’t even know whether the him after being marked would still be himself.
What he wants is not the disorderly attraction of succumbing to the body's instinct, but the
harmony of their three views, the resonance of their soul, and the purest love.
However, as a precious omega, Tang Bai must be married and must be marked with alpha. This
is a federal law.
He has no right to refuse.
Perhaps for this reason, to some extent, he especially liked Xie Ruheng. He admired Xie
Ruheng’s freedom. He could choose the freedom he wanted in life. He also worshipped Xie
Ruheng’s courage. He cut off his glands and injected himself with a masking agent for his
freedom. He exhibited true courage.
He liked people like Xie Ruheng, people who know what they wanted to be and have the
courage to bear the price for it.
Tang Bai sighed, raised his head, and saw Gu Tunan's figure.
Gu Tunan, who had never given Tang Bai a good expression, had his expression relax a lot
after seeing Tang Bai's clothing.
It was hard for an alpha to feel disgusted with Tang Bai after seeing him dressed in this way.
The squeamishness on Tang Bai’s face was still there, but it wasn't the delicateness that
complemented the Chinese clothes with a sense of distance, but the delicateness of Xiao
Baihua, the kind with parents who are seriously ill, and is lonely and helpless, and Chu
Chu who pitifully needs all the alpha capital in the world. Give him a sweet home.
Very in tune with A standards.
Even people like Gu Tunan who like independent omegas were moved for a moment by Tang
Bai's looming sense of stubbornness and even began to regret that he let Tang Bai wait for so
Gu Tunan remembered that he had said to Tang Bai before that he likes omega who wear
simple and generous clothes without too much pretentiousness, just fresh and natural.
The gray-blue eyes appeared in a daze, and Gu Tunan couldn't help taking a meaningful look at
Tang Bai.
Tang Bai: “???”
What is this nasty critic thinking about?
Tang Bai handed the book to Gu Tunan in confusion, “Read more and enrich yourself, so that
you won't ask questions in the future.”
Gu Tunan frowned. When he saw that the title of the book was 《If You Have a Little Alpha》,
he took a deep look at this anxious little omega, then turned around and left, leaving behind an
air of “I’m better than you”.
Tang Bai: “???”
What is this nasty critic thinking about???
Tang Bai stood at the gate of the school with a blank face. He thought he would have to wait a
long time, because he had an appointment with Xie Ruheng at four, and it was only 3:30. As a
result, within a few minutes, Tang Bai saw Xie Ruheng.
Xie Ruheng came to the appointment in advance.
Tang Bai happily resembled a lark, dashing towards Xie Ruheng, leaving only the students on
duty in the guard room full of question marks, “If I am not mistaken, this beautiful omega is in
contact with our two school grasses at the same time????”

Chapter 6 - “Is it very white, slippery, and shiny~?”

Alphas are visual animals. Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai’s pure dress and his heart was surging.
Scientifically speaking, the nerve activity in the hypothalamus was stimulated, secreting a large
amount of dopamine, and the little beast in Xie Ruheng’s heart squealed: “I let you wait a long
time, sorry.”
Tang Bai blushed as he trotted over, and said with a little panting: “No, no, I just arrived~ This is
a dessert for you~”
This omega, who was soft and sweet mixed with a feather-like gasping, made Xie Ruheng's
legs soften.
Yes, in front of the Love O in his dream, Xie Ruheng, who has never talked about love and
affection, was like a novice facing a full-scale tuba, slipping and kneeling in an instant.
Pretending to be calm and accepting the exquisite gift bag, Xie Ruheng replied with his most
suspicious voice: “Thank you.”
Expression, the reservedness of a male god.
Voice, the euphoniousness of a male god.
Action, the gentleness of a male god.
Tang Bai, who didn't know the truth, couldn't help feeling in his heart that the light of the omegas
had reached a new height today, and then happily got into Xie Ruheng's flying car.
Along the way, Tang Bai asked Xie Ruheng, “Brother, you will have formal military training in a
few days. Have you bought sunscreen products? I know a product with a high SPF and a super
easy-to-use repair cream.......”
Seeing that Xie Ruheng was not in high spirits, Tang Bai became anxious, “Even if omegas are
naturally beautiful, we must pay attention to our skin maintenance for the next day to come.
Brother Xie, look at me, how is my skin?”
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
Xie Ruheng looked at the beautiful little face that was close at hand. His skin was white and
rosy, and his creamy muscles were genuine, without any blemishes. They were so tender that
he wanted to take a bite.
Tang Bai cupped his little cheeks with both hands, and said with an aura: “Is it very white,
slippery, and shiny~?”
Xie Ruheng's Adam's apple rolled and nodded honestly.
“Although good skin is part of my congenital superiority, it is also essential to take care of it.
Brother Xie, do you know what I mean?!” Tang Bai blinked his eyes desperately as if he was
emitting a lovely light brain.
Xie Ruheng pressed the corner of his mouth that couldn't stand up and nodded with a smile.
Understood, understood, I know you are a delicate omega who was born with beauty and
knows how to take care of it.
The two who were talking like a chicken to a duck looked at each other and smiled, and
continued to talk happily.
Unknowingly, time passed quickly, and the flying car also passed through the walls of the city
and entered the slum. The scenery outside the window changed from a busy city to an old and
messy slum.
A flock of birds flew over the lead-gray house, littering was seen everywhere on the side of the
road, and there was a man crouching and groping for a garbage bag looking like a stray dog.
Tang Bai looked out the window curiously, palms against the car window, his amber eyes
clearly reflected the simple and desolate slums, “Is this a slum?”
The slum is separated from the city by a high wall. In addition to the Internet and the mysterious
novel, the understanding of the slum comes from people who work at the bottom of society.
Some people from slums will try to overcome the barrier of the “wall” and work in the city.
Jobs like cleaners, garbage disposal site workers, and dung truck drivers generally hire people
from slums.
Other jobs will try to avoid hiring people who live in slums. Even if they have low commissions,
their shortcomings such as dirty hands and feet, cheap personalities, and laziness are inherent
But if they are good enough, they can also break the stereotype with their strength. Although
they can't have a life like Xie Ruheng, it is not difficult to be a waiter, a cook in a hotel, or a
servant in a rich man's house.
Tang Bai thought that the slums were really messy and dilapidated like in the pictures circulated
on the Internet. Now they suddenly look okay?
As if seeing Tang Bai’s doubts, Xie Ruheng explained: “This is not a real slum. It is the outer
circle of the slum. The place closest to the wall. Most of the people who live here have jobs in
town, as long as they work diligently. If you work hard for half your life, you may be able to buy a
house in the city and leave here.”
Everyone on the Internet collectively referred to this as a slum. The magical novel did not
introduce these settings in detail. It was the first time that Tang Bai knew that slums had internal
and external distinctions.
Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng curiously, “What is the real slum? Can I go inside and take a
“It's very dangerous there, it's not suitable for an omega like you, maybe a stray bullet will pass
by your ear in the next second.”
Doesn't suit an omega like me?
Thinking of the strength of the light of the omegas, Tang Bai bowed his head to the boss in
The thick and curled eyelashes fell down, and he blinked aggrievedly, the water glistening in his
eyes was soft and affectionate, and he seemed to be about to cry in the next second.
But in fact, these were just the big watery eyes that the little omega possessed.
Xie Ruheng: “......!”
When he first saw it, Tang Bai was crying in the canteen and was particularly striking, so he
quickly said: “If it’s just for collecting materials, the outer circle is enough” and so on, he turned
his mouth in a circle, and when he spoke again, it was calm and breezy: “Yes. I'm here, no one
will hurt you.”
If this sentence was spoken by someone else, Tang Bai would only feel stand-offish and
greasy, but this sentence was said by the light of the omegas!
Xie Ruheng in the book never gave such promises casually. For those supporting roles and
cannon fodder who went to die with self-reliance, Xie Ruheng's attitude had nothing to do with
Tang Bai raised his face shamelessly, staring at Xie Ruheng, his sweet voice full of trust: “I
know that Brother Xie will protect me~ I will also obediently not trouble Brother Xie!”
Big brother, look at me, my dog-like kneeling posture is very standard~
Xie Ruheng, as a typical proud alpha, was very admiring of the love O from his dream, and his
mentality instantly changed——
From the very beginning, he didn't let Tang Bai cry and agreed positively, consequently, he
began to gear up to show his alpha power in front of his favorite omega!
Tang Bai turned on his light brain, opened the notepad, and recorded the material on the outer
area of the slum. By the way, he also turned on the video function.
“You can take pictures and videos here, but you can't take pictures when you get inside.”
The slums are filled with dirt, the red-light district, the underground arena, and the black market.
These three places couldn’t be publicized lightly.
At present, there is a delicate balance between the power of the slums and the federal
government. However, if photos and videos circulate on the Internet and attract the attention of
the public, the federal government will send the federal police even if it is to save face, there will
definitely be sacrifices in that time.
Seeing Tang Bai's face blank, Xie Ruheng explained: "If you find a secret camera, it will cause a
murderous disaster."
Before the Federation sends someone to solve it, the sneak shots will be dealt with by angry
slum forces.
A sneak shot incident has appeared before, but when the tragic end of the sneak shot was
made public, few people dared to violate these unspoken rules.
Tang Bai obediently turned off the video function, and the environment outside the window
gradually became worse. The most obvious were the houses. The houses in the outer area
were not gorgeous or beautiful, but at least they were all normal houses built with reinforced
When the suspended vehicle drove inside, the concrete houses became simple sheds built out
of wood, and further inside, the sheds became dilapidated tents. Tang Bai even saw a sallow-
looking child in a wooden box and a cardboard box.
“This is their “house”?” Tang Bai couldn't say anything: “What should they do when a storm
comes? This kind of “house” collapses as soon as the wind blows. Can it really cover them from
the wind and rain?”
"If it blows down then they’ll have to sleep on the ground." Xie Ruheng looked indifferent.
Many people in the inner areas of the slum have never gone out in their entire lives and have
never owned a house. It was merely a blessing to be alive.
A suspended vehicle two meters above the ground slowly floated over a cardboard box, and a
thin child looked up at them, his dim eyes lit up slightly because of curiosity.
Tang Bai was stunned for a moment, and suddenly the description of Xie Ruheng's childhood in
the novel popped up in his mind:
"A ghostly face appeared in the crowd. He raised his face silently and stared directly at the
flying car above. The light of the tail light projected into the dark phoenix eyes like a deformed
black pearl shimmering."
Xie Ruheng had a long period of wandering around before becoming a racer in the underground
arena. He was different from the walking dead in the slums, and he was also different from the
children who were curious about the outside world. When he saw the flying car driving past him,
the young Xie Ruheng thought he would be driving it soon...
Sooner or later, he would step into the mud.
Born to be rebellious, nothing more than that.
“This is “garbage street”. The people who live on garbage street are the people at the bottom of
the slums. The sick, the elderly, orphans, the disabled, and drug addicts all live here.” Xie
Ruheng's voice was full of magnetism, which he always spoke with. The lazy tone was extra
cold and restrained this time, like cold metal.
Tang Bai watched the people rummaging through the garbage dump, and gently bit his lower
lip. This dirty and smelly garbage, which had an unknown amount of bacteria in it, even his dogs
wouldn’t want to smell it.
Even though it was briefly mentioned in the book, the appearance of this scene still made Tang
Bai feel the shock: “...wouldn't they get sick from eating this?”
“Yes. But all those who don't have garbage stomachs are dead, and those who live are those
who can eat and are good at eating.” Xie Ruheng calmly said the cruel truth.
“Selecting edible garbage is also a technique, picking out food residues, heating them at high
temperatures, and adding seasonings…” As if recalling something, his brows frowned slightly,
and he reached into the gift bag Tang Bai gave him and picked out a matcha-flavored macaron.
Through the black gloves, he couldn’t perfectly perceive the touch conveyed by this delicate
little thing, but the macaron was dark green and had a faint luster. The folds of the cake body
were like a lace skirt, it all hinted at its deliciousness.
His thin pale lips opened slightly, and he swallowed the dessert with too high sugar content in
one bite. The too-sweet taste perfectly covered the spoiled taste of the food in memory.
His scarlet tongue slowly licked the food residue on the pale teeth, Xie Ruheng commented:
“The taste is not bad.”
Huh? Is Xie Ruheng also a sweet party!
Tang Bai observed Xie Ruheng's expression brilliantly, and after making sure that there was not
a trace of reluctance on the other's face, he said happily, “Then I will make you this sweet
dessert next time~”
The setting sun sprinkled on Tang Bai through the car window, as if to outline a layer of gold on
Tang Bai, it was incompatible with everything he could see.
With the tip of his tongue pressed against his canine teeth, Xie Ruheng stared at Tang Bai
steadily, and suddenly wanted to eat something, what was throbbing in his heart was the long-
lost hunger, the hunger that ran through his entire childhood.
Children in the slums are always hungry, even Xie Ruheng was hungry for a long time as a
During that time, he always felt that there was a mouse living in his heart, gnawing at his body
in endless hunger.
Prolonged hunger drives people crazy. Children who are extremely hungry don’t care about
being decent. They are like mice in a stinking ditch, searching for food everywhere, but even if
it’s scrabbling in the garbage, those who can eat the meat scraps, moldy bread... are able to
eat precious foods, and you can't grab them at will.
The mouse is so hungry that it will even attack prey that is stronger than itself with red eyes.
At that time, Xie Ruheng, who had been hungry for two days, wanted to steal from a store.
He saw a cat through the glass, a cat lying on a rocking chair. He didn't know what kind of
expensive breed of cat it was. The cat's hair was white and fluffy, the pads on its paws were
squishy, and a bow was tied around its neck.
At the same time, he also saw his reflection on the glass window.
Comparing the two, you could see the pros and cons.
A cat could live better than him.
This cognition made the mouse in Xie Ruheng's heart uproar again, gnawing at his heart, again
and again, bloody, it was all negative emotions that couldn’t be seen by anyone.
Xie Ruheng used to think that the mood at the time was resentment, but until now, when looking
at the omega who looked like a cat in front of him, he realized that he had an instinctive desire
and obsession with people or things in such a position.
So hungry…

Chapter 7 - “Come here, I'll show you a baby.”

The back of Tang Bai's neck was cold when Xie Ruheng stared at him. He shivered, and the
little strand of dull hair on the top of his head trembled, “Brother Xie?”
Xie Ruheng came back to his senses, “It's getting late, I can take you to an area before it gets
dark, where do you want to go?”
The red-light district, underground arena, and black market.
With these three options before him, Tang Bai hesitated and said: “I want to go to the black
It was mentioned in the book that there was a businessman in the black market, Old Man Qin. It
was this man that Xie Ruheng bought the tonic to disguise himself as an alpha.
Although Tang Bai has determined that Xie Ruheng is the protagonist, this matter is too
ridiculous. He also wants to check again to verify whether actual people match the important
characters in the book.
The black market is in the West District. It looks like an old residential building with four floors.
The first floor is rented out as a canteen. The doors and windows on the other floors are closed.
The balcony on the second floor is also boarded up.
But this seemingly unremarkable residential building is actually the largest drug exchange in the
slums, an arms-smuggling depot, and a place where all kinds of prohibited items are sold. Even
people can be trafficked in a fair manner.
Xie Ruheng took out a black cloak from the car and put it on Tang Bai. The wide hood covered
most of Tang Bai's face, only his slender jaw was exposed.
The flying car slowly flew down and parked next to a garbage truck. The pungent smell made
Tang Bai wrinkle his nose as soon as the door opened.
The ground around the garbage truck was littered. Tang Bai even saw cockroaches crawling
and densely covered with flies. The stimulation made Tang Bai almost faint. He hurriedly
covered his mouth and nose with his hands to prevent himself from screaming.
A nest of cockroaches! The oversized type! It can fly, ahhhh ahhhh ahhhh!!!
His incompatible performance attracted the attention of many people around him, but after
seeing that the person standing beside Tang Bai was Xie Ruheng, those people returned their
Xie Ruheng led Tang Bai to the canteen on the first floor. The owner of the canteen was an old
man wearing reading glasses, lying on a wicker chair with a drowsy look, “Is it Xiao Xie?” There
was no one waiting so Old Man Qin simply declared his (XR) identity in one breath.
Tang Bai stood obediently behind Xie Ruheng, looking at the old man in the wicker chair, and
the dazzling array of goods on the shelf behind him, such as carbonated drinks, milk tea
powder, stickers, bread, biscuits… the canteen looked like any normal canteen. It looked no
different, but the packages were actually full of drugs.
Xie Ruheng took out an anonymous savings card, “Old rules, ten pipes.”
Is this Xie Ruheng buying an alpha disguising tonic?!
Tang Bai’s back straightened up alertly, his amber eyes staring at old man Qin closely.
He saw Old Man Qin slowly get up, bend over, and search in a cabinet. After taking out ten vials
of tonics, Tang Bai saw that the colors of the tonics were different. Tang Bai guessed that there
were masking agents and inhibitors in them. Old Man Qin put the tonics in a black plastic bag
and trembled while handing it to Xie Ruheng.
This hand belonged to an old man, with loose skin and dense senile spots. If the identity of old
man Qin hadn’t been introduced in the book, Tang Bai wouldn’t have been able to connect the
old man in front of him with the most mysterious pharmacist in the black market.
Another detail has been matched…
Even though this matter was very bizarre, Tang Bai clearly realized that he really lived in a
Xie Ruheng, who had bought healing medicines and stimulants, turned his head and saw Tang
Bai looking at him seriously with a small face, his lips pursed, and he wanted to talk but
stopped, and then he wanted to talk.
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
“This medicine hurts your body, right?” Tang Bai whispered.
The stimulants made by Qin old man were indeed hurtful, but Xie Ruheng was the ace player in
the underground arena. He often has the task of guarding the ring. The players in the
underground arena have no ethics. Everyone basically kicks the drug, even if it is as strong as
Xie Ruheng. Some necessary moments have to be given a dose.
“My body can bear it.”
After Xie Ruheng finished speaking, he saw Tang Bai's expression of "young people really don't
know about sobriety", and Tang Bai’s look of being heartbroken.
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
Old man Qin pushed the frame of his reading glasses up and smiled slowly while saying: “Xiao
Xie, the little omega you brought is reminding you to pay attention to your body.”
Tang Bai nodded vigorously, fearing that Xie Ruheng would become unhappy like last time, he
added in a low voice, “It's not that you are not in good health now. You are young and fine now,
but what should you do when you get older?”
Everyone was stunned when he said this.
Tang Bai remembered the age at which Xie Ruheng died of illness in the book, a trace of
remembrance flashed in the eyes of Old Man Qin and Xie Ruheng...
He was born in a slum, fell asleep hearing the sound of stray bullets, and had precarious panic
engraved into his bones. He had never thought about things when he was old.
After a while, the black-gloved hand gently pulled Tang Bai's cloak brim, “You’re thinking too far
Tang Bai’s aggrieved face was shrouded in shadows, and his little head wondered how likely it
was for the Institute to improve the masking agent, but the Institute would certainly not conduct
such rebellious research, so how can he reduce Xie Ruheng’s injections? What about the
hidden dangers caused by the masking agent?
Go to grandpa for help?
That doesn't seem like a good idea.
Although Tang Bai's grandfather loved him, he would never agree to develop a kind of medicine
to change an O into A.
Unable to think of a solution for a while, Tang Bai continued to follow Xie Ruheng to visit the
black market. Entering from the first floor, Tang Bai saw four or five people sitting in the dim
corridor who were lying on chairs or injecting/taking drugs. Their teeth were black and their
bodies were full of pinholes. In severe cases, dozens of the holes in their bodies were bleeding,
which made people shudder at a glance.
These drug addicts were only the tip of the iceberg in the slums. The huge profits brought by
drug trafficking far exceeded that of arms smuggling and human trafficking. In the face of
amazing benefits, countless people have become victims.
Tang Bai's footsteps slowed down, and he stared at everything in front of him in a daze, as if he
was looking at another world.
In such a world, omegas usually grow up safely, how difficult is it to become a marshal?
The book says that Xie Ruheng was not born as an omega, but suddenly differentiated from a
beta to an omega at the age of fourteen. Fortunately, old man Qin used Xie Ruheng as a test
subject to test the immature medicine that could disguise an omega as an alpha. Letting Xie
Ruheng conceal his true gender.
With him planning to write an omega struggling to become a mecha maker, how should he write
Even from the perspective of God, which can make all the plotlines serve the protagonist, Tang
Bai still felt powerless, all he could think of was God.
At this moment, a beta raised his face distressingly, and suddenly rushed towards Tang Bai
excitedly, his speed was definitely not something that a weak omega like Tang Bai could avoid!
Tang Bai's eyes widened. Before he could react, he was put in a pair of arms by a man’s
powerful hands. Xie Ruheng kicked the beta away with a cold face. The terrifying force made
the other party slam into the wall and crawl for a long time. He couldn't get up, and the new drug
in his arms rolled out, then a head rolled in front of Tang Bai.
“Don't be in a daze, don't touch these things, don't eat food from strangers.” Xie Ruheng said
Tang Bai nodded with a pale face, and followed Xie Ruheng in small steps, like a little animal
afraid of being lost.
After walking a few steps, Xie Ruheng seemed to think of something and turned his head. He
looked at Tang Bai’s watery eyes. After confirming that Tang Bai wasn’t scared enough to cry,
Xie Ruheng slowly added: “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”
——“With me, no one will hurt you.”
When he came to it, those words seemed to ring in his ears. Tang Bai felt as though he had
taken a reassuring pill, and his heart fell back into his chest.
Tang Bai nodded vigorously with a soft hum. He gently grabbed the corner of Xie Ruheng's
clothes. Seeing that Xie Ruheng had no objection, he continued to grab the corner of his clothes
like a small sticky cake.
The second floor was also a place where all kinds of prohibited items were sold, as well as
stolen goods of unknown origin. The third floor was like a large arsenal. Tang Bai recognized a
lot of weapons that were only equipped by the military department. In addition, there are many
parts here. As well as a precious energy stone, it seemed to be even more complete than
the material library belonging to the Weapons Research Institute.
“The weapons here are not the best. The better ones will be auctioned on the third and fourth
floors.” Xie Ruheng said in a low voice, “But usually it's enough to come here to replenish
On the second floor, there were people coming and going, everyone was tall and full of a fierce
aura. It stands to reason that Tang Bai, an omega, should shrink here, but in fact, Tang Bai’s
eyes were getting brighter and brighter, it was as if he was entering a jewelry shop looking
around everywhere.
Here are the core parts for making the Abandoned Light Blade! Oh my god, isn't this blood-red
ore the material of the handle of the Sun Ax? Oh, the price of this energy stone is several times
more expensive than the market price. No wonder people want to sell things at a higher price
than when they bought them...
“You can basically buy all kinds of weapons you want here, but it's a pity that the latest batch of
weapons developed by the Weapons Research Institute can't be bought at a low price.” Xie
Ruheng said softly.
Looking around, Tang Bai turned his head, constantly feeling that Xie Ruheng's tone was
inexplicable. Isn't this the kind of regret he had when he wanted to buy a full set of mecha
models when he was young, but he couldn't buy it with his pocket money?
The amber eyes once again showed a motherly compassion, and Tang Bai asked softly: “Do
you want the 'Commander' series?”
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
Xie Ruheng: “Of course.”
The third floor and the fourth floor could only be entered when the auction opened. Xie Ruheng
walked Tang Bai around the first two floors. Looking at the weather outside, he took Tang Bai
out of the building. When he got into the flying car, Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai shyly roll up the
hem of his clothes, revealing a piece of his snow-white slender waist, and then whisper to Xie
Ruheng: “Come here, I’ll show you a baby.”
Xie Ruheng's pupils suddenly dilated.
After Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng looked at each other for a while, Tang Bai’s amber eyes
became brighter, and his smiling eyes were generous and demure, pure enough to not be
mixed with desire. Even if he showed his flexible and slender waist, he was still like an ignorant
little boy.
Xie Ruheng's eyes darkened.
Tang Bai shyly took out the diamond-encrusted energy gun pinned to his waist and handed it to
Xie Ruheng, whose face was morbidly flushing. He thought with relief, how excited our light of
the omegas is. It was like he was saying: “I am so happy to see the energy gun of the
Commander series. I'm blushing~”
Although he likes this energy gun, he can reap double happiness by giving things he likes to the
people he likes.
“...This is the energy gun of the Commander series.” Xie Ruheng didn't know whether to cry or
laugh for a while, “Why do you have this gun?”
“My grandfather is the head of the Weapons Research Institute.” Tang Bai held up the energy
gun to Xie Ruheng like a treasure.
A huge temptation was in front of him, as long as he stretches out his hand, this priceless
energy gun will be his.
His fingertips moved slightly.
Is this the way the Tang family expresses their love? With so much money?
Xie Ruheng knows Elder Tang, the head of the Weapons Research Institute sent someone to
look for him some time ago. It’s said that he’s looking for a talented alpha as a test subject, but
the test isn’t for the “Commander” series, but for something that hasn’t been made public yet.
It turns out that Tang Bai is the grandson of Elder Tang. No wonder Tang Bai knows him.
Maybe Tang Bai saw him on the candidate’s list of test subjects and became interested in him?
Elder Tang gave one of the “Commander” series weapons to his precious grandson, and Tang
Bai would give it to him (XR) as soon as he changed his mind without blinking. This is really...
Xie Ruheng laughed and laughed inwardly.
“It's too expensive.” Xie Ruheng pointed to the gift bag: “These are enough as rewards.”
The volume of his voice wasn’t loud, but it revealed a strong force that couldn’t be rejected.
Tang Bai's strand of dull hair curled up, and he immediately caught Xie Ruheng's emotions. He
asked carefully, "Then...then you haven't eaten dinner yet? Should I make it for you?"
To sincerely please Xie Ruheng, Tang Bai's eyes made a look of helplessness.
This kind of scene was very similar to the plot of 《The Rich Little Omega Falling in Love with
Me》. You could guess the vulgar plot by listening to the name of the novel. The reason why
Xie Ruheng knew about this novel was because he went online to learn about different novels
when he learned that Tang Bai was going to write a novel at noon.
Then he quit after three chapters.
When Xie Ruheng read the novel, he was thinking that if he was the poor alpha boy, he would
never let the omega break ties with his family for him, it would be a kind of debt.
If the adversary’s family objected, he would climb to a high position and wait until he was strong
enough before marrying the other party in a glorious manner.
Such a squeamish omega should be taken care of patiently.
What he liked was originally Tang Bai's spoiled, bright, and dazzling attitude.
“I’ll invite you.” Xie Ruheng said: “What do you like to eat?”
Tang Bai: “...Huh?!”
Mom, I made it! The light of the omegas took the initiative to invite me to dinner! Rounding up,
doesn’t this mean we have a fateful friendship?!
Tang Bai's face was flattered. At this moment, there was a communication sound from the light
brain. Tang Bai hung up the call without hesitation, and said sweetly to Xie Ruheng: “I’m not
picky! I can eat anything!”
No, this kind of answer is the most difficult one. Tang Bai was trying to change his words when
the communication sound of the light brain came again. Tang Bai was afraid that the other party
would persevere in the fight, so he looked down and found that it was the school leader.
"Xiao Tang, it's seven o'clock, isn't your date with your alpha yet over?"
Xie Ruheng: "......?"
Xie Ruheng looked strangely at Tang Bai who had a blushing face and was talking to his school
After hanging up the communication, Tang Bai said with difficulty: "Our school's access control
time is about to end, let's make an appointment for next time." Damn, damn, damn, did Xie
Ruheng hear that my request for leave was with Gu Tunan? Appointment ah ah ah ah ah ah!
Tang Bai's inner villain bit his handkerchief frantically. He gritted his teeth and raised his eyes
timidly to look at Xie Ruheng. After meeting Xie Ruheng's playful gaze, Tang Bai blushed and
lowered his head even lower, he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t wait to find a place to dig
a hole and jump in.
Xie Ruheng: Oh, shy.
Xie Ruheng's lips curled slightly, and he happily drove Tang Bai back to school in the name of a
domestic alpha.
On the other side, Director Huang, who was afraid that something would happen to an A and O
alone, was still not at ease, so he opened up Gu Tunan's communication number and called.
“...What?! You said that Xiao Tang isn’t with you?!”
“How is this possible? Xiao Tang just told me that you would send him to school!”
Gu Tunan hung up the communication, frowned, put on his jacket, and hurried to Tang Bai's
school. At the same time, Xie Ruheng's flying car was about to stop at the school gate.
Director Huang was pacing at the school gate while thinking about what was going on. He
looked up and saw Gu Tunan rushing over.
He was about to beckon at him, but at this moment, the lights of a suspension vehicle
dissipated the darkness, a handsome alpha got out of the car, and like the gentleman he was,
he opened the door for Tang Bai.
Xie Ruheng's presence was too strong, as long as he spoke out, everyone's eyes would
unconsciously focus on him.
Standing in the night, Gu Tunan's gray-blue eyes were covered with a layer of frost, and he
looked at Xie Ruheng coldly.
But Xie Ruheng only looked at Tang Bai, with deep phoenix eyes, a slight smirk, and a very
penetrating stare.
Director Huang looked left and right, and he was constantly confused, suspecting that he had
exposed an outstanding student.
This, this, this, this, this kid, why didn't you tell the teacher in advance? It's not that the teacher
won't cover you!

Chapter 8 - Why are you fighting?!

Tang Bai was already dumbfounded.
He didn't expect that his leave scam would be exposed on the spot. Gu Tunan who was used as
a shield and the school leader, Director Huang knew that he was lying on the leave slip, so how
can he take leave in the future?!
Phoenix eyes swept across the three people with different expressions, and Xie Ruheng's
eyebrows wrinkled slightly.
According to the scenario in Xie Ruheng's mind, Gu Tunan was Tang Bai's suitor, and he was
jealous that he (XR) embraced the beauty, so he ran to Tang Bai's school gate to fight
Thinking of this, Xie Ruheng’s eyes that were looking at Tang Bai's became softer.
This interpretation may be irresponsible, but this look is probably the protective desire of an
He used his eyes to imply that Tang Bai would solve it all by himself, and then Xie Ruheng's
eyes turned to look straight at Gu Tunan, the hostility that he wanted to portray came out
Gu Tunan did not evade, his gray-blue eyes were like fire under the ice.
Tang Bai: “???”
Why do you look so weird in my eyes? Why are you keeping eye contact? What are you fighting
Seeing Gu Tunan and Xie Ruheng staring at each other expressionlessly, Tang Bai only felt
that the protagonist's eyes sparkled with lightning when he was facing Gu Tunan, it was full of
tension. It was a world that his cannon fodder self couldn’t understand.
“Get out of the way.” Gu Tunan scolded Xie Ruheng who stood in front of Tang Bai.
Xie Ruheng not only refused to give up but also released an alphas oppression. The
two’s oppression belonging to top alphas suddenly rushed together, avoiding the space where
Tang Bai was located, but poor Director Huang was not so lucky, he almost knelt down.
Tang Bai: “??!?!??”
Why are you fighting?!
The blue veins on Gu Tunan's forehead were violent, and his low voice contained raging anger,
“What did you do with my prospective fiancée?!”
As soon as his voice fell, the oppression released by Xie Ruheng was shaken by the word
“prospective fiancée”.
Prospective fiancée?
His dream love omega is Gu Tunan's prospective fiancée?
Taking advantage of Xie Ruheng's majestic and unsteady oppression, Director Huang used
Tang Bai as a crutch and tremblingly persuaded him to stand up: “Students, don't be impulsive
when you encounter things--” He didn't finish his words, and saw Xie Ruheng suddenly turn
around. The face that came over was blank.
The pitch-black eyes showed a trace of paranoia against his pale skin. He hugged Tang Bai’s
response like a drowning man seeing the last piece of driftwood and stared directly at Tang Bai.
With such clear eyes, how can an omega with a simple temperament pick up other alphas with
a prospective fiancé?
Holding the last glimmer of hope, Xie Ruheng asked Tang Bai seemingly calmly: “Is he your
prospective fiance?”
Tang Bai blinked his eyes and said without hesitation: “Yes.”
Xie Ruheng: “...”
The last piece of driftwood also disappeared, and the spark of love that Xie Ruheng had just
obtained was also drowned in the water of despair, completely submerged.
Love went so fast, Xie Ruheng didn't even know what kind of expression to put on, those dark
phoenix eyes were like a pool of stagnant water, staring at Tang Bai numbly.
Reason tells Xie Ruheng that he should question Tang Bai at this time, asking why the other
party has a prospective fiancé and still wants to tease him!
Tease! Tease! Tease! He even took away his heart!
With their eyes facing each other, Xie Ruheng saw those watery eyes, but what he thought was
that if he said something serious to Tang Bai, with Tang Bai's crying character, his eyelashes
would surely be like a decievement, gathering up shiny teardrops.
This scene must be a distressing imaginary scenario made out of his squeamishness.
The anger that originally wanted to raise questions like a strict teacher was mostly extinguished
by the imaginary tears. Xie Ruheng stared at Tang Bai's innocent angel-like face, and
desperately found that he might not be angry with this face——
This is exactly the face that grew out of his dream love O.
Also, add his cute character.
The domineering aura surrounding Xie Ruheng shattered, and all of the arrogant and
domineering oppression turned into a deep frustration, almost losing its bottom.
There wasn’t a trace of expression on the handsome face, he was almost expressionless, and
there was a cold and gloomy feeling in his bones.
Tang Bai looked around at the idiotic scene where Xie Ruheng suddenly lost his dream.
Is Xie Ruheng already in love with Gu Tunan at this time? That's why when he knew that he
(TB) was Gu Tunan's prospective fiancée, he couldn't accept the blow and fell into a state of
Tang Bai's rational analysis.
It’s written in the book that Xie Ruheng had a good impression of Gu Tunan for the first time. It
was during their first confrontation. Gu Tunan was the first alpha to be evenly matched with him.
So Xie Ruheng recognized Gu Tunan in his heart, and vaguely expressed his interest in this.
The strong alpha (GT) created a good impression.
But in the book, the protagonist's opponent was in a mecha match in a training class. Why didn't
he have a good opinion of that class now?
Could it be that......
The strand of dull hair cocked up, Tang Bai understood!
It's his fault! It was his invitation that allowed the protagonist to have a fight with Gu Tuanan in
advance. Just now, Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan’s eye contact and oppression competition made
Xie Ruheng realize that Gu Tunan is a high-quality alpha. As a result, when the good
impression came about, he was taken by Gu. And then Gu Tunan informs him that he (GT)
already has a prospective fiancée.
That's it, everything makes sense!
Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng sulking after his emotional injury, and his (TB) small face was
filled with distress and guilt. Why did the light of the omegas like Gu Tunan?
Tang Bai simply couldn't figure out what Xie Ruheng liked about Gu Tunan. Although Gu Tunan
is strong, no matter how strong he is, Xie Ruheng is better than him!
Imagine he (GT) can’t communicate properly? Imagine him being passionate? Imagine him
being Xie Ruheng’s alpha?
This is too difficult.
Tang Bai frowned, secretly worried that Xie Ruheng's affection for Gu Tunan formed so quickly
because of the enforcement of the plot.
Doesn't that mean that the plot cannot be changed, that Xie Ruheng will definitely like Gu
Tunan, and will definitely die at the age of thirty-seven?
Thinking of this ending, Tang Bai clenched his small fists instantly.
No! He doesn't allow it!
The light of the omegas will live for three hundred years! To live healthier than anyone else!
Who said the plot cannot be changed? He will change Xie Ruheng’s relationship line!
Tang Bai walked up to Gu Tunan aggressively, “Why are you yelling so loudly? We are just
good friends hanging out together.”
Director Huang was greatly shocked by Tang Bai's quotations from good friends. Isn't this
adding fuel to the fire?!
Sure enough, he listened to Gu Tunan gritted his teeth and said: “The reason for the leave
written on your leave slip is to go on a date with me.”
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
Xie Ruheng, who had originally lost his soul, raised his eyelids when he heard Gu Tunan’s
words and looked at the fiancé (GT) with a cool look.
Oh, it turns out that in everyone's eyes, the protagonists of this date are Gu Tunan and Tang
Obviously, it’s a date with three people, but he has no name...
Just as Xie Ruheng's expression was as dead as a statue, Tang Bai's confident answer came
from his ear: “Whoever stipulates the date is written on the leave slip, it’s not that I didn't meet
Xie Ruheng: "......?"
Xie Ruheng's barely calm expression finally split. Like a malfunctioning robot, he raised his
head slowly, looking at Tang Bai, who was “righteously stepping on two boats”, a word suddenly
popped out of his mind——
Green tea.
Green tea refers to a person who looks pure and refined, has a pitiful temperament, pretends to
be harmless to humans and animals, has a peaceful but sickly, sentimental, and sad
appearance as a background, and is good at scheming and playing with feelings.
Xie Ruheng understood the other meaning of the word green tea a lot because his pheromones
smell like green tea, but now he could smell the tea fragrance from Tang Bai...
Could it be that the matcha-flavored macaron and the pot of green tea that Tang Bai gave him
today are suggesting something?
Known similarities between Tang Bai and green tea:
Their appearance is pure and refined.
Poor temperament.
Pretends to be harmless to humans and animals.
Playing with emotions behind people’s backs.
Wait, they’re all right...
Xie Ruheng: “..............................”
Xie Ruheng finally knows what’s worse than having his dream love O have a prospective fiancé,
that is, his dream love O is likely to be green tea. Even without the prospective fiancé, he can
find countless similarities with Tang Bai and green tea.
Ha, ha ha ha ha...
After Tang Bai suffocated Gu Tunan into silence like usual, he turned around calmly and saw
Xie Ruheng, who was also suffocated into silence.
Xie Ruheng looked frustrated, like a walking corpse struck by lightning, but a beautiful woman
was a beautiful woman. Even if he loses his soul, his deep eyes are charming enough to suck
away the soul of anyone.
Tang Bai leaned forward cautiously, and asked softly, “What's the matter with you? Are you in a
bad mood?”
It’s okay if you didn’t ask this sentence. When you ask, you must make Xie Ruheng explode. Xie
Ruheng stared at the little green tea who knew it was expressionless. When Tang Bai said this,
his eyes widened, his expression unconsciously flattering and obedient.
Xie Ruheng's thin lips moved slightly as if he was trying to say something, but after he met Tang
Bai's big eyes, he paused, and his (TB) curious air got stuck unanswered.
It’s stuck.
I see.
Xie Ruheng: “.....”
Tang Bai's scalp became numb when Xie Ruheng's unfathomable eyes looked at him. He felt as
though he was facing a big lion, and the other party was hungrily thinking about what to eat.
No, no, our light of the omegas has a noble character and cares for the weak. How can he kill
the dog alpha?!
The current Xie Ruheng must be engaged in a fierce psychological struggle, considering
whether to treat him as a good jimei or a plastic sister, so he must clearly explain the
relationship between himself and Gu Tunan!
Tang Bai raised his small face, and said pitifully: “The relationship between us is not what you
think, don't get me wrong.”
Xie Ruheng: “...............”
Director Huang couldn't bear to look onwards and turned his face away, cursing in his heart for
making evil, what kind of standard green tea quotes are these?!

Chapter 9 - In fact, Tang Bai is on the fifth floor!

After sniffing his little nose, Tang Bai softly explained: “You have misunderstood. Although he is
my prospective fiancé, he doesn't like me.”
As soon as these words came out, Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan's ears pricked up at the same
Tang Bai said loudly: “He just treats me as a shield to deal with his parents. He doesn't like me
at all. The prospective fiancé thing was arranged by our parents. In fact, he doesn't mean much
to me.”
Xie Ruheng squinted his eyes to look at Gu Tunan's expression, only to see those gray-blue
eyes staring at Tang Bai deeply, as if he had a thousand words to say, no matter how you look
at it, it seemed like Gu Tuanan likes Tang Bai.
Oh, do you think I’ll believe this kind of routine where you say “we’re prospective fiancé’s but we
have no feelings for each other”?
The little hand gripped the corner of Xie Ruheng's clothes pitifully and shook it softly. Tang Bai
and the cat cried out, “Brother Xie, don't ignore me.”
Xie Ruheng: “......”
Xie Ruheng took a deep breath and told himself that he didn't believe this routine at all!
It's no use acting like a baby! The aegyo of green tea will destroy his psychological bottom line!
It's poison mixed with sticky sugar!
No green tea! Start by refusing to act like a baby!
Xie Ruheng tried his best to do psychological construction for himself, his surface was calm, his
eyes were cold and merciless, like a mural scene, unattainable and far away.
If he didn’t clench his teeth, the effect would be better.
After facing Tang Bai's clear and bright eyes, Xie Ruheng's eyes became more dim and unclear.
Xie Ruheng stared at Tang Bai's pure and small white flower face, looking left and right, looking
up and down on the slender but tall body under the loose white shirt. Lie detection. The radar
was running wildly, but he couldn't make up his mind to judge Tang Bai as green tea.
Tangled Xie Ruheng's eyes are red!
Xie Ruheng's body was constantly surging with grievances. If these grievances could be turned
into words, it should be--
No, Sir, is my dream love O green tea?!
The amber eyes were so clear that it was as if they could see through one’s soul, moreover
when he said that Gu Tunan didn't love him… wait!
Tang Bai seemed to have only said that Gu Tunan didn't love him, and never mentioned that he
didn't like Gu Tunan at all!
When he tried to clearly understand the statement, thinking about it, it turned out to be “Gu
Tunan doesn't love me, you must not mistake me for Gu Tunan.”
Shouldn't normal people say “I don't like Gu Tunan”?
He (XR) likes Tang Bai, but not Gu Tunan. Why should Tang Bai rush to explain that Gu Tunan
doesn't love (XR) him?
Amazing… This trick is really too powerful...
If Tang Bai said that he didn’t love Gu Tunan, it would hurt Gu Tunan’s heart no matter what,
and saying that Gu Tunan didn’t love him would make Gu Tunan feel like he owed something to
Tang Bai. At first, saying that would make him (XR) think there’s no relationship between Gu
Tunan and Tang Bai.
He only saw the second floor and thought of Tang Bai as the first floor, but in fact, Tang Bai was
on the fifth floor!
After figuring everything out, Xie Ruheng decided to be cruel and reject Tang Bai. Although he
really likes this little omega called Tang Bai, Tang Bai already has a prospective fiancé.
No matter how much my heart aches, I must refuse!
“Since your prospective fiancé is here, go find him if you have anything in the future, we don't
need to contact each other again.”
While saying this, Xie Ruheng looked away from Tang Bai the whole time, for fear that he would
surrender on the spot when he saw Tang Bai's face. It could be said that he was very self-
“Ah...?” Tang Bai's eyes widened blankly, with heartbreaking grievances in his gaze. Even if Xie
Ruheng didn't look at Tang Bai's face, he could hear the other party's sadness from their crying
It was obviously Tang Bai's problem, but Xie Ruheng felt a sense of guilt that made him feel that
he was a scumbag!
“You, how can you be like this?” Tang Bai was so anxious that he almost cried, you could say
that alphas are like clothes and jimei’s are like siblings, but why did he get to Xie Ruheng's side
and suddenly become someone who “moved your clothes and broke your siblings”?
Xie Ruheng's heart ached, “It's getting late, I'll go back first.” He didn't want to listen to Tang
Bai's crying tone and turned away with a cold face. Tang Bai panicked and grabbed Xie
Ruheng's hand, only having time to grab Xie Ruheng's glove. With his fingertips, he accidentally
took off his black leather gloves.
It was a hand with distinct bones, five slender fingers, but with a fierce burn mark.
The pale skin was covered with a large area of bark-like scars, the color was darker than its own
skin color, and the edges of the scars were irregular, like a centipede climbing on someone’s
hands. People who are squeamish would feel physical discomfort when they see it.
Xie Ruheng stopped where he was, frowned, and looked back at Tang Bai.
Although Tang Bai didn't say it clearly, the surprise in Tang Bai's eyes when he first saw the
burn already explained something. Xie Ruheng knew that Tang Bai's enthusiasm for him was
partly from his fascination with his (XR) appearance.
This was nothing to condemn because most of his goodwill towards Tang Bai also stemmed
from his appearance.
This so-called love at-first-sight, was actually just a surprise.
There were countless expressions that Tang Bai might show, fear, disgust, fear...
However, Xie Ruheng saw a very soft gaze from Tang Bai's eyes, soft enough to soothe all the
gloomy emotions in his heart.
For a while, Xie Ruheng was in a daze. He suddenly remembered that Tang Bai had looked at
him with such a look when he (XR) first saw him.
“I'm sorry, I…” Tang Bai handed the gloves to Xie Ruheng distressed. He wanted to say
something comforting, but he didn't know what to say for a while.
The book said that Xie Ruheng wore gloves to cover scars on his hands, and briefly mentioned
the reason for the scars.
Xie Ruheng was hungry for several days when he was young, so he went to a store to steal
bread, but was caught by the boss with his insufficient experience.
The boss tied up Xie Ruheng and poured boiling water on Xie Ruheng's hands in public, with
the purpose of giving a warning to any other “little mice” hiding in the dark.
It's just that Xie Ruheng didn't cry from beginning to end, there was little to no movement from
him, and afterwards the warning effect was achieved.
After being scalded by the hot boiling water, Xie Ruheng's hands not only failed to receive
treatment, but he also had to go to the garbage dump to search for food with blistered hands,
making the burns fester badly.
When reading the book, Tang Bai only understated thoughts like “Oh, his hand was burned”. It
was as light as dust, and it disappeared at once, but when the words became reality, the huge
impact was like a stone. It weighed heavily on Tang Bai's heart.
When Tang Bai was just starting to cook, he was accidentally splashed with hot oil and burned
with small red marks on his hands. He rushed to find ointment for fear of leaving scars. But Xie
Ruheng’s hands became like this, as an omega, how uncomfortable he should have been!
But the best time to heal scars is when the wound is scabbed. After so many years, the scars
on Xie Ruheng's hands are difficult to get rid of unless he has an operation.
Tang Bai felt guilty about revealing the scars. He stood there at a loss and could only whisper
“I'm sorry”, then he watched Xie Ruheng pick up his glove and turn away.
The floating car disappeared into the night, and Tang Bai's nose was so sour that he almost
Director Huang patted Tang Bai on the shoulder, “Xiao Tang, where there’s no fragrant grass in
the end of the world, you should look after your classmates. He was worried about your safety,
before when I called to make sure you were with student Gu, he immediately rushed over. Let’s
have you explain it?”
Tang Bai: “...Huh?”
“As the person who was written as your “date” on your leave slip, I have the right to know who
you’re actually dating. Who did you go with tonight, where did you go, and what did you do?” Gu
Tunan took out a notebook from his pocket, which was generally used by everyone before the
era of light brains; few people have paper books to record things.
Director Huang immediately motioned to Tang Bai with a “jealous” look.
Tang Bai: “......”
Tang Bai understood how this was a misunderstanding. He knew that Xie Ruheng was an
omega, but others didn't.
“I went with Xie Ruheng.” Tang Bai sighed, “What I did specifically, this is my privacy, there’s no
need to report it to you, right?”
Gu Tunan looked down and wrote the three characters of Xie Ruheng’s name on the paper,
without the slightest fluctuation in his voice, he asked: “Where did you go, and what did you
Tang Bai: “Gu Tunan, I didn’t handle this matter correctly, but you usually act like I’m a
nuisance. I’m tired and I don't want to hurt each other. From today on, let’s stop being
hypocritical prospective fiancés, ok?”
Director Huang: “!!!”
Not hearing the answer he wanted, Gu Tunan raised his eyes, “The school leader of your
college gave you to me because they trusted in me. If something happens to you, I don’t even
know where you are going or doing. It's my negligence.”
When it came to the word negligence, Tang Bai knew that he had to say his thoughts today. Gu
Tunan has a stern look, is observant, and takes honor and rules very seriously. “Dereliction of
duty” isn’t allowed in his vocabulary.
...Alright then.
“I went to the slums, something was going on.” Tang Bai said with a wrinkled face.
The pen nib paused, leaving a faint ink dot on the paper, “For what exact reason?”
Tang Bai said casually: “To see the local customs of the slums.” This is actually true. The
necessary book materials need to have the local customs of the slums.
The pen nib stopped on the paper, and the fainted ink dots got bigger and bigger. Gu Tunan's
tone was cold and sharp: “I don't accept this reason.”
Tang Bai: “......”
Gu Tunan said word by word: “Give me a reason that can convince me.”
Director Huang helped out: “Xiao Tang, don't play tricks. You have to make the reason clear.
Don't patronize your classmates, you need to understand how important this is, and the school
should also know about this.”
Tang Bai was really tired. He didn't want to listen to Director Huang's long talk for a few hours,
and said with a small face, “I wanted to find some material to write a novel.”
Gu Tunan asked: “What novel?”
The little old man Tang Bai sighed: “The protagonist is an omega novel from a slum. I don't want
to be detached from reality, so I went to look for material. Is this clear enough? Can I go now?”
Upon hearing this, the pen held by Gu Tunan drew a meaningless line on the paper.
Tang Bai walked away without turning his head. Director Huang hurriedly explained to Gu
Tunan: “Oh, don't take it to heart, student Gu. Xiao Tang is tired today and he spoke so
aggressively. In fact, he likes you in his heart.......”
Director Huang, who had just started a long talk, got stuck and looked at Gu Tunan
He saw Gu’s most difficult and rumored top alpha, saying: “I know he likes me.”
Tang Bai, who was walking halfway, sneezed. He rubbed the tip of his red nose and saw the
communication from Grandpa Tang:
【 Why did Tangtang go to the slum with a strange alpha today? 】

Chapter 10 - Is this just a tactic of green tea?

In the research institute, Grandpa Tang opened Xie Ruheng's file with a serious expression,
there was also an ID photo on the first page.
The handsome and gloomy young man looked straight at the camera, his hair was combed
meticulously back, his sword eyebrows were high and steep, and his thin lips were sharp.
Xie Ruheng, born in a slum, an orphan, his father is Xie Xiao who was a well-known mecha
racer in the underground arena, died in a match fifteen years ago.
His mother was an omega from the red light district, who died of illness shortly after Xie Xiao's
Five-year-old Xie Ruheng lost his parents’ asylum and became a homeless child. He
inadvertently differentiated from a beta to an alpha at the age of fourteen and entered the
underground arena □□ competition, code-named “Mouse”.
He moved his eyes down and his gaze fell on the dense analysis of Xie Ruheng’s games.
Xie Ruheng's winning rate is very high, in the fiercely competitive underground event, his
winning rate reached an astonishing 97%.
His level of personal operation is very stable. There are no obvious shortcomings in attack,
defense, and layout. He is a rare combat genius.
If there are any shortcomings, I am afraid that it’s in his fighting style——
The methods are vicious and do not leave behind.
The person who gave the report cited the first game of “Mouse”.
The rules of the underground arena are that the winner can seize one-tenth of the opponent's
property. If the opponent dies in the game, then the winner can seize half of the opponent's
Under normal circumstances, a player who knows he has lost will choose to surrender.
In Xie Ruheng's first match, the opponent underestimated Xie Ruheng and was killed by Xie
Ruheng. There was no reaction time from beginning to end, and it was too late for him to admit
Killing someone so effortlessly makes it seem that he isn’t a novice at all.
From the first game to the most recent, Xie Ruheng's attitude towards all opponents has been to
kill or be killed, cold-blooded and terrifying.
At the end of the analysis on the page, was a pasted photo of Xie Ruheng’s first game. The
fourteen-year-old Xie Ruheng was as beautiful as an omega, with excellent contours and strong
eyebrows. The photo alone was amazing, but the photo wasn’t all that impressive. Super-good
looks, but the setting wasn’t good.
He knelt on the tall alpha’s chest, the knife in his hand was deeply inserted into the opponent's
neck, blood was splashed on half of his face. His pale face was painted with brilliant colors——
Like a rose drenched in blood.
Evaluation: High talent, young, but extremely cold-blooded, disregarding life, it is not
recommended to be a weapon tester
Grandpa Tang put down the file and his eyes fell on the message from Tang Bai.
【 Yes, Xie Ruheng is a new friend I know. He looks very cold, but he is actually very gentle at
heart~ 】
Grandpa Tang: “......”
Grandpa Tang took out a quick-acting heart-relief pill in advance but was still showing the
suffocating expression of a heart attack victim.
Grandpa knew that he was going to a slum. Tang Bai wasn’t surprised. Even if he thought about
it with his toes, he knew that it was Gu Tunan’s small report. However, Tang Bai didn’t intend to
hide from his father, he simply told his grandpa about finding materials for writing a novel. Tang
Bai also asked his grandfather about the temporal and spatial characteristics of Magic Silver.
After a while, he received a reply from his grandfather saying: 【 Currently, only one person has
triggered the time and space characteristics of Magic Silver, and the time and space properties
of Magic Silver are still being tested. 】
The man that Tang Bai heard about from his grandfather previously was a patient
with Alzheimer's. After triggering the temporal and spatial characteristics of Magic Silver, he
clearly remembered all the things that had happened in his past.
Just as Tang Bai was lost in thought, a communication sound interrupted Tang Bai's thoughts.
【 Tangtang, grandpa knows that it’s natural to pursue stimulus, covetousness, and beauty. If
you think Gu Tunan’s personality is staid and boring and he looks out of your liking. So grandpa
will help you pick another one. Don’t look for an alpha in private.......】
Tang Bai: “???”
After repeatedly reassuring Grandpa Tang that he only appreciates Xie Ruheng purely as a
friend, the nagging of Grandpa Tang ended.
Tang Bai collapsed on the sofa wearily, and his roommate Tong Meng asked, “What's the
matter with you? You looked unhappy when you came back.”
“Can I ask you something? If you make a new omega friend, and you know that your favorite
alpha is with that new friend, how would you react?”
“Ge Ying.” Tong Meng had a strong sense of discomfort and had already started frowning. “I
guess I wouldn't be able to maintain a normal heart and face with that new friend, and I wouldn't
go to chat with the alpha I like.”
Tang Bai asked sincerely: “Then if a new friend tells you that he and the alpha you like are just
a fake couple, and immediately sever the relationship with that alpha, how would you react?”
Tong Meng thought for a while, and said, “It's still quite intense. It's a good idea to be a fake
couple. Who knows if there’s any fake drama? Why would you cut off the fake relationship
specifically for me? Isn't this new friend green tea?!”
“It's probably the green tea routine. If they told me that they have nothing to do with the alpha. I
turned my head and said bad things about me to the alpha I like, saying that it was because of
me that they wanted to break the fake relationship.” Tong Meng concluded: “They’re so two-
Tang Bai: “......”
Tong Meng: “Why do you seem to be in a worse mood? Are you okay?”
Tang Bai: “...It's okay.”
Tang Bai felt that this incident was getting worse and worse. In the original book,
his prospective fiancé is a shield for (TB) him. At first, Xie Ruheng didn't have deep feelings for
Gu Tunan. Tang Bai's role is to make Xie Ruheng jealous and enhance the feelings between
Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan.
For example, Gu Tunan, who is such an excellent alpha, can’t fall in love freely. He can only
follow the arrangements by his family and be with the omega he doesn't like. Gu Tunan is really
Another example is that this omega's attitude towards Gu Tunan is too bad. He actually doesn't
look down on Gu Tunan, he just doesn't know good or bad. Gu Tunan is really pitiful +1.
Tang Bai: “...............”
Forget it, even if doing this would make him an omega in Xie Ruheng's heart that doesn't know
good or bad, he has to tell Xie Ruheng that there is nothing to do with Gu Tunan!
After crackling a long string of text, Tang Bai clicked send while trembling. After sending it out,
he didn't dare to read Xie Ruheng's reply, and simply started to write《This Omega is a Master
of Mecha Manufacturing》.
The most well-known novel website on the whole StarCraft is called Lujiang, which tells
lingering love stories, sweet pets, sadomasochistic love, childhood sweethearts, forcing and
arrogance, etc., but there is no CP option for omegas to concentrate on their careers.
Isn’t an omega’s career supposed to be conquering an alpha and falling in love?
Tang Bai's previous thinking also fell into this misunderstanding, but after he read《This Omega
is a Marshal》, he has broadened his perspective. The light of omegas doesn't need love!
Tang Bai ruthlessly set the protagonist CP as a mecha manufacturer, combined with what he
saw and felt when he went to the slums today, he began to write words passionately, and soon
he finished the first chapter.
Is this considered Copyright? Tang Bai struggled for a long time, and simply copied Xie
Ruheng's inner monologue before his death in《This Omega is a Marshal》.
Next was to continue to use the material gathered today and update chapters. In order to
increase the exposure rate, Tang Bai didn’t hesitate to spend money to make himself on the top
of the list.
At the same time, Xie Ruheng was reading the text from Tang Bai.
Seeing: “I and Gu Tunan are not in a relationship willingly, Gu Tunan is a prospective
fiancé arranged for me by my family, we have no relationship foundation”, Xie Ruheng clenched
his fists——
Tang Bai is such a cute omega, but he can't fall in love freely. He can only follow the
arrangements from his family and be with the alpha he doesn't like. Tang Bai is so pitiful!
When he saw “Gu Tunan doesn't like my type of omega, he thinks I am squeamish, hypocritical,
and doesn't like me at all, and I don't like him either”, his clenched fist hammered his thigh hard

Gu Tunan can't even look at Tang Bai? He really doesn't know good from bad!
Xie Ruheng irritably picked up a macaron and took a bite, not knowing how to reply to Tang Bai.
He wasn't sure whether these were just Tang Bai's made-up words.
As an alpha, Xie Ruheng could understand the mood of an alpha better than an omega, and Gu
Tunan's reaction tonight was not like that of Tang Bai’s words.
Is this just a tactic of green tea? In the end, Xie Ruheng, who was full of doubts, only replied “I
got it”.
In order to relieve the depression in his heart, Xie Ruheng opened a novel website he just
discovered today. In the morning, he was reading the love story of poor alpha and rich omega.
Now he was ready to read something different.
As soon as he entered, he saw the novel website broadcasting “Read “The Light of the
Omegas Doesn't Need Love” by the author: “Don't fall in love, engage in a career”
and vote 300 spaceships.”
Xie Ruheng clicked on it casually and saw the familiar title. Isn't this the novel Tang Bai said he
was going to write?
Xie Ruheng was enthusiastic about browsing the chapter.
【 I heard that a person will become a star after death, Jun Tongchen thought, if he turned into
a star, it would be a far away, small and feeble star, sinking deeply into the dark atmosphere.
Just like his life, rebellious and free-spirited, sinking into many impossibilities.
Jun Tongchen asked the mecha he personally made, “Can I see that day is fast approaching?”
“Yes, sir.” 】
Xie Ruheng's eyes were slightly startled, he read the copy again, and unspeakable emotions
rushed to his heart, although he’s heard the saying that words can resonate with readers, but he
has never had such a strong resonance. It was as if he had another self in a parallel time and
space that resonated with the unnamed emotions in his heart.
How could he be so touched?
Could it be... Tang Bai is not only my dream love O, but also my soul mate?
Xie Ruheng behaved as if in a trance and opened the novel again. The first chapter introduces
the protagonist as a beta whose parents have died. Every day, he studies the mechanics’ books
left by his father. The protagonist loves mechanics and is very knowledgeable about mechanics.
As a result, the protagonist accidentally differentiated into an omega at the age of sixteen. In the
end, he was discovered as an omega by a gang member in the slum. The gang member
intended to rape the protagonist.
The first chapter was over here, because of the popularity of the Bawang vote list, a steady
stream of new readers poured in and actively commented:
“Isn’t this too forceful? This gang member isn’t high enough, I guess it must be the gang boss
in the next chapter!”
“It feels good to be rescued by a just and handsome Federal Police Superintendent~ According
to my countless experience in reading novels, the protagonist will soon be discovered by a lot of
high-quality alphas and be protected for his precious omega identity~”
“The profession of mecha maker is too cool! Ahhhhh, my favorite is the master of mecha
manufacturer! But what does CP mecha mean? Using a mecha to attack your boyfriend?”
"It's so interesting, do slums really have inner and outer areas?"
“...Did none of you notice that the author pulled out a self-made small blaster with the
protagonist's hand?” Xie Ruheng was silent for a moment and made this comment.
Soon a reader replied: “Hahaha, of course, I saw it, but what about it, will the protagonist still
blow up this alpha?”

Chapter 11 - His brilliant “friends tactics” actually succeeded!

While Xie Ruheng was reading the comment, he also began to doubt his own judgment. Just as
he was shaken, the novel was updated again.
The protagonist simply killed the gang member, ransacked the corpse, picked up their
equipment, disassembled, reassembled, made new weapons, and made their first pot of gold by
selling the weapons on the black market.
He used the money to buy inhibitors and raw materials for weapon production, preparing to
make a batch of weapons to sell again and again.
Yes, the protagonist is a weapon-making genius who was merely delayed by money. Before he
differentiated into an omega, he was confused. He only had the knowledge of mechanics and
weapon manufacturing in his mind, but he suffered from his lack of money to buy materials and
was unable to practice.
His only small blaster was also made from random parts that had been turned over in the
garbage dump after many years, and it was not very powerful.
After differentiating into an omega and encountering rape/violence, the protagonist's brain
suddenly became sober. He remembered his biological mother, an omega who was
raped/violently killed by a strange alpha in a slum alley.
At that time, he was too young to watch this all happen. He was unable to stop it. He witnessed
the death of his mother and it caused a major blow to him. For so many years, he became half a
lunatic fighting with dogs for food. He could only read the mechanics books left by his father.
Only when the books were retrieved could he be sober for a while.
But that all changed on that day.
The anger made him wake up and filled his thin body with a steady flow of power. He finally
understood that avoiding his problems wouldn’t solve anything. The scum alpha wouldn’t
disappear because of him simply avoiding (the alpha) him. This type of scum was everywhere,
and tragedies were always there. Let’s do this!
He wants to change all of this, and if he can't change it, he’ll choose to destroy it.
He’s alone in this world, with nothing, only this life, and his anger-filled heart!
Xie Ruheng looked slightly startled, he was touched by the anger between the lines again...
Even for a person like him, his blood was hot for a moment, boiling because of anger.
But why did Tang Bai write his anger...
... Tang Bai, what kind of person is he?
At the end of chapter two, the gang discovered the disappearance of their members, but deaths
in slums are common. Only the brother of the gang member insisted on investigating the cause
of his brother's death.
The comment area exploded.
“Blasted, bombed? Shocked my whole family? Is the protagonist a wild animal?”
“The protagonist's three views are too extreme! As an omega, the protagonist actually blows up
a living person?! This is a living person!”
“The plot cannot withstand scrutiny. It is 231 years old in the ephemeris, and a living person is
written like a blade of grass. The omegas I know don’t even dare to kill a chicken, let alone kill
an alpha.”
“Yes, the protagonist is really cool. That gang member is a scumbag. The gang not only kills
and sets fire to buildings but also smuggles and traffics human beings. It's not a pity for this
group of people to die.”
“Did that gang member fall in love with his brother that got killed?”
“Why does the protagonist want to hide his true gender? Isn't it fine to just go to the Omega
Rights Protection Association?”
“This is ridiculous, don't write anything else. Can an omega really tell what an energy spar is
and what a crystal bulb is?”
Tang Bai found that the most radical readers in the comment section were alphas. They
seemed to have become accustomed to the general omegas meek gesture. In their eyes,
omegas only know how to dress up, cook, and have children, only writing poetry and songs at
most, but that’s not enough. Sadly, most omegas believe the statement: “one’s IQ comes from
studying mechas”, after being brainwashed.
Denying themselves and despising themselves, society puts shackles on omegas, restricting
any possibility of them showing off their skills, and Xie Ruheng, who flourished in those
shackles, is the light of the omegas, he has taken a road that no one has ever walked on
He steps out with a blade, the steps are heavy, and the shackles are playing music, dripping
with blood.
Xie Ruheng in the book took this path too hard. This time, Tang Bai wanted to help the other
party reduce the obstacles, even if it was reduced only a little.
He closed his eyes and flipped through the novel in his mind. In the book, when Xie Ruheng's
true gender wasn’t revealed in the early stages, the trouble he encountered came from a
little boss.
The little boss is called Qin Jun. He and Xie Ruheng are classmates. He comes from the Qin
family. The Qin family is emerging into the interstellar market. The market’s rapid rise is
inseparable from the Qin family who entrenched themselves into the slums to suck blood.
The power of the slums is very complicated. What the Qin family is carving up is the huge
population of slum dwellers, using the cheap labor from the slums to mine in the mountains for
huge profits.
As a family member of the Qin family, Qin Jun has a strong class consciousness. He regards
the people in the slums as untouchables and believes that there’s no difference between the
poor and maggots.
Therefore, when he found that Xie Ruheng was in the same class as him, he felt unhappy that
an animal was dining at the same table as him. He always targeted Xie Ruheng. In etiquette
class, he laughed at Xie Ruheng as an omega who couldn't move his legs when he saluted.
Then Xie Ruheng grabbed his neck and taught him how to behave.
After this incident, although Qin Jun was not injured, he held a grudge and used the power of
the Qin family to make the school leaders aggravate Xie Ruheng's punishment——
Clean the entirety of the schools’ toilets.
“Maggots should stay where they came from”, were Qin Jun's original words.
Later, when Xie Ruheng was fighting in the underground arena, the mecha he was using for the
match was also controlled by Qin Jun, causing Xie Ruheng to almost die.
Tang Bai was itchy when he thought of the above plot, but at the moment Xie Qin and Xie
Ruheng haven’t quarreled. Xie Ruheng hasn’t started the official military training yet, and the
etiquette classes won’t start until military training is over.
Tang Bai decided to ask Xie Ruheng for a timetable so that he could know the time of the first
etiquette class.
He clicked on the chat interface and gazed at Xie Ruheng's short “I got it” reply for a while.
He wrote a short essay to explain his relationship with Gu Tunan. Xie Ruheng's four-character
reply was like a noble and glamorous “I have read it”.
Hey, at least it's a response, isn't it?
Tang Bai sniffed through his little nose, sorted out his mood, and sent a message.
Tang Bai:【 Brother Xie, this is my class schedule [picture.jpg] Can I have Brother Xie's class
schedule? I want to know how many classes I have with Brother Xie~ [cute cat.jpg] 】
After sending it out, Tang Bai suddenly realized a problem. Wouldn't it be embarrassing if Xie
Ruheng didn't give him the timetable?
Xie Ruheng:【 [Picture.jpg] 】
Xie Ruheng:【 Do you still need to go to the slums to collect material for writing? 】
Tang Bai was happy that Xie Ruheng gave him his timetable for one second, and the next
second, his little smile of joy became apprehensive, recalling Xie Ruheng's parting words
“Since your prospective fiancé is here, go find him if you have anything in the future, we don't
need to contact him again.”
Tang Bai cautiously replied:【 I still need to collect some more material, but Brother Xie is
usually busy. It’s not suitable for me to go back to the slums specifically for my business. I can
ask other friends for help, so I don’t need to bother Brother Xie.】
Xie Ruheng:【 Not busy 】
Tang Bai: “......?”
Xie Ruheng:【 A gentleman keeps his word, I promised to help you collect materials before, I
can’t break my promise, right? 】
Tang Bai: “!!!”
I see the boat of friendship again! I’m getting on the boat!!!
Tang Bai responded like a puppy and barked:【 Yes, yes! It’s best if Brother Xie is not busy~ I
think Brother Xie’s familiarity with slums and the sense of security given by your strength is
irreplaceable! [kitty cat ecstay.jpg] 】
Xie Ruheng:【 Your words are also irreplaceable. 】
Xie Ruheng:【 Rest early. 】
Tang Bai thought at first that Xie Ruheng was complimenting his rainbow fart skills, but after a
while, he suddenly realized that this might be Xie Ruheng's evaluation of his novel!
Could this be the reason why Xie Ruheng's attitude towards him changed?!
Oh my god! The friendship of like-minded people will surely be stronger! His brilliant “friends
tactics” actually succeeded!
Qin Jun heard the movement of Gu Tunan entering the bedroom and asked lazily: “Is your little
fiancé back?”
Gu Tunan gave a faint hum.
“Hey, shouldn't it be to attract your attention, did you especially work out the missing trick?” Qin
Jun thought about Tang Bai's face, sneered, “Omegas are all pretty idiots.”
Gu Tunan had originally suspected that Tang Bai’s series of operations were intended to attract
his attention. Seeing Qin Jun’s full experience, he raised a question: “An omega who has a
prospective fiancé and is alone with a strange alpha for the purpose of what?”
Qin Jun raised his eyebrows, “Who was your little fiancé hanging out with? Isn't it an outcast
surnamed Xie?”
“A humble maggot worthy of wriggling in a slum. I really don't know what your little fiancé sees
in him. I actually sat at a table with him at noon.” Qin Jun said with a disgusted look: “Even if his
skin is well-born, it will shed dirty and lowly blood. Eating with this kind of bug is really
After talking with disgust for a long time, Qin Jun suddenly turned his head and stared at Gu
Tunan who didn’t deny: “Your prospective fiancée really hanged out with that untouchable?”
He smiled inexplicably, “Gu Tunan, you’re still here asking me why. The person involved is in
this building. You might as well ask him directly.”
“Your prospective fiancée, your possession, your omega, has been tainted by an outcast. Are
you going to act like a tortoise here?”
Gu Tunan showed a slightly unpleasant facial color, and said coldly: “Pay attention to your
Qin Jun's pupils shrank slightly, and the level of alpha oppression put him at a disadvantage.
Even if Gu Tunan only leaked a trace of oppression, Qin Jun was extremely jealous.
He shrugged, pretending to be relaxed: “Just kidding.”
Gu Tunan retracted his gaze and stood up.
Although Qin Jun spoke horribly, there was one sentence he said correctly. Tang Bai is his
prospective fiancé, and it’s harmless to play small tricks and be cautious, furthermore, he loses
his sense of stability when alone with other alphas.
Looking at the figure of Gu Tunan walking towards Xie Ruheng's bedroom, Qin Jun's lips slowly
formed a malicious arc. He followed Gu Tunan, standing in the corridor with his arms folded in a
gesture of watching the show.
The bedroom door was opened. After seeing Gu Tunan and Qin Jun, Qiu Yan's expression
changed slightly. Both Gu Tunan and Qin Jun were of noble factions. Fortunately for Gu Tunan,
Qin Jun was a demon.
Qiu Yan is a commoner, but in Qin Jun's eyes, commoners and the poor are both untouchables,
but the degree of filth is different.
Usually, Qin Jun insults civilian students at random in school, asks the civilian students to cook
for him, do homework, etc., he even arrogantly said that civilian alphas were inferior to noble
alphas and that they need the help of aristocrats to enter the upper class......
It just so happened that there were civilian students who were Qin Jun's lackeys. Some people
resisted, but Qin Jun was so badly crazy that everyone dared not speak.
“What are you going to do?” Qiu Yan asked warily.
Qin Jun squinted at Qiu Yan, with a sense of superiority in his eyes, and said in a sarcastic
voice: “To teach you that low-quality untouchables should keep their hands and feet clean. Don't
touch anything you shouldn't touch. Don't covet it.”
Xie Ruheng walked out and glanced at Qin Jun lightly, then turned to Gu Tunan, who he
happened to have something to check with.
The ignored Qin Jun: “.....”
Ignored by the untouchables who he most despised, this was undoubtedly a huge humiliation,
even if Xie Ruheng was the top alpha, in Qin Jun's eyes Xie Ruheng was just a vicious dog
raised in the underground arena.
A gloomy color flashed in his eyes, and Qin Jun sneered in a vicious tone: “Untouchables are
truly worthy of strays, what’s more, you’re only worthy to kneel and lick the omegas we have
He scolded Tang Bai as he mocked because Qin Jun could see that Xie Ruheng had an
unusual attitude towards Tang Bai. As for Gu Tunan, Qin Jun remembered that Gu Tunan didn’t
like Tang Bai, and he (GT) could still help him if he scolded Tang Bai.
As soon as the voice fell, a slender palm wrapped in black leather gloves firmly restrained Qin
Jun's neck.
The physical fitness of a top alpha has surpassed the range that ordinary people could
understand. Almost no one can see how Xie Ruheng stepped forward and wrung Qin Jun's
neck, let alone Xie Ruheng's sudden anger.
Previously, Qin Jun had provoked Xie Ruheng countless times with words, and every time Xie
Ruheng was unmoved, he thought that this time Xie Ruheng would choose to continue to be
The tiger’s mouth was restrained by the throat, and the skin under the gloves had already burst
into blue veins. As long as Xie Ruheng applied a little force, he could easily twist Qin Jun’s
The dark phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, and the low voice contained a deep chill. Xie Ruheng
said three words: “Say it again.”
Qin Jun's legs were almost off the ground, and the fear of death enveloped him, causing his lips
to tremble involuntarily. He couldn't make the slightest sound. He could only roll his eyes in
horror and look at Gu Tunan for help.
But Gu Tunan looked indifferent, unmoved, even sitting on the sidelines.
Qin Jun: “???!??!?”

Chapter 12 - This little green tea is too bold!

The next morning, Tang Bai put on a small floral lace apron with matching exquisite sleeves and
went to cooking class with Tong Meng.
They would learn a new dish in each class, and the final exam is a random sample of the dish
they previously learned, created within a limited time, and scored according to the presentation
and taste.
However, top students could challenge difficult cuisines outside the scope of the exam. Once
they are successfully produced, they can get a full score in cooking class.
The dish the teacher was teaching today is fish porridge.
The other ingredients were fine, but killing a fish made Tong Meng worry, he looked at Tang
The red fish was alive and kicking on the chopping board. When it was about to jump out of the
chopping board, a single beautiful hand held the fish's head and the other hand held a knife to
knock the fish stunned neatly.
Tang Bai skillfully cut its belly and scraped the scales, cutting from the fishs’ head to its fishtail,
and then he took out the fish spine along with the other fish bones.
The slender fingers were like green onion roots, and the fingertips were still faintly pink. People
couldn't help worrying that this beautiful hand would be cut. The picture of killing a fish made by
Tang Bai was pleasing to the eye.
After seeing the demonstration by the top student, Tong Meng also held the red fish. Because
of his lack of experience, he failed to stun the fish with one blow, leaving the fish struggling for a
long time in severe pain.
Tang Bai tilted his head and quietly looked at the omega classmates around him who were
killing fish.
Yesterday, many readers in the comment area said, how can an omega kill someone when
they’re so delicate? At this moment, an idea suddenly popped up in Tang Bai's mind——
Is there any difference between killing people and killing fish?
The hand lifted the knife and fell, breaking the fishs’ stomach.
“Tangtang, your knife skills are awesome.” Tong Meng couldn't help but praise while cutting the
His wet eyes were as simple and unsophisticated as a fawn, Tang Bai pursed his lips and
smiled as if embarrassed to accept others' compliments, and the dimples on his cheeks
surfaced shallowly.
It was already eleven o'clock after class, Tang Bai packed the fish porridge he made, took
a bento, and went to ask Director Huang to approve his request for leave.
This time, Tang Bai was planning to use his shield called Gu Tunan for the last time, asking for
leave on the grounds of “breaking up with Gu Tunan face-to-face”.
After all, he and Gu Tunan have met each other’s parents on both sides. He must formally and
decisively break it off with Gu Tunan clearly so that the Gu family won’t say behind his back that
he’s impolite.
“Xiao Tang, if you think about it, do you really want to split with Gu Tunan? Gu Tunan is an
alpha with such superior conditions who is hard to find…” Director Huang persuaded him
painstakingly. As he talked, he sucked his saliva, “It's so fragrant, are you going to give this
porridge to the alpha last night?”
Tang Bai nodded.
“The alpha last night was also good. Although his family is not as good as Gu Tunan, he’s good
in other aspects, especially his looks.” Director Huang patted Tang Bai on the shoulder and
suddenly said with passion: “Since you have made your choice, then take good hold of it, don’t
change your mind easily! You should know this!”
Tang Bai: “......”
Tang Bai: “Teacher, you have misunderstood, Xie Ruheng and I are not in this kind of
Director Huang: “Oh, oh, it turns out that his name is Xie Ruheng, please send the love bento to
student Xie, it won’t taste good when it’s cold!”
 Tang Bai: “......”
Forget it, just misunderstand if you misunderstand it. It's also convenient to ask for leave in the
Tang Bai went to the Federal Military Academy with a bento. He decided to find Xie Ruheng
first, and then talk with Gu Tunan after lunch.
The Federal Military Academy only started its official military training tomorrow. According to the
novel, Xie Ruheng should be fine, but Tang Bai stood in the guard room for a long time before
seeing Xie Ruheng striding over.
“Brother Xie!” Tang Bai shouted vigorously. When talking, his dimples were cute and sweet
enough to be intoxicating. He handed the lunch to Xie Ruheng, “I made fish slice porridge, I
don't know if Brother Xie will like it or not~”
“Next time you don't have to send it every day, it's too much trouble.” Xie Ruheng took
the lunch.
“No trouble, no trouble. This is my homework for my cooking class. If I don't give it to Brother
Xie, it will be given to my classmates as excellent work by the teacher.” Tang Bai said sincerely,
“I am happier giving it to Brother Xie to eat.”
They stood closer, and Tang Bai found that Xie Ruheng seemed to have just taken a shower.
He was wearing a hat and his hair was wet.
Tang Bai took out the small handkerchief, raised the handkerchief, and beckoned with his little
hand, “Brother Xie, bow your head.”
Xie Ruheng: “?”
Tang Bai gently wiped the water droplets on Xie Ruheng’s black hair with a handkerchief, and
said worriedly, “Your hair hasn't been dried yet, ah, brother Xie, your hair quality is really good.
Do you use conditioner when washing your hair?”
At such a close distance, Xie Ruheng smelled the seemingly scent of milk on Tang Bai's body.
He took a deep breath calmly, not paying attention to what Tang Bai said.
Water droplets flowed from his cheeks to his neck, and Tang Bai smoothly wiped the
watermarks on his neck.
Xie Ruheng's breathing stopped slightly.
One’s neck is a very fragile part. He has never exposed his weakness to others so
unabashedly, usually he resisted with every part of his body.
When Xie Ruheng wanted to take a step back, Tang Bai took a deep breath and squinted his
eyes contentedly, and exclaimed: “Xie Brother, you smell so good. What brand of shower gel
and shampoo do you use?”
Xie Ruheng’s pupils shook like an earthquake.
If an omega says to an alpha that “I like the way you smell” it’s equivalent to saying “I like your
pheromone”, rounding up, it means I like you!
This little green tea is too bold!
Xie Ruheng, who didn't want to show his timidity, pretended to be calm, offered his most calm
voice, and replied like a love veteran: “You smell good too.”
Tang Bai took out a perfume bottle, “Do you like it? I’ll spray it for you~”
Xie Ruheng didn't react for a while and saw Tang Bai sniffing him like a small animal, “Forget it,
you smell very good now, plus my smell will be mixed with yours.”
Your scent, plus, my scent.
An invisible car whizzed past Xie Ruheng's soul. Xie Ruheng looked in a daze, and couldn't
think of a more exciting show of affection.
He lost...
“By the way, Brother Xie, are you free today? I haven't taught you etiquette yet.” Tang Bai
Xie Ruheng was silent for a moment and said: “My etiquette classes aren’t in a hurry, so I don't
need you to teach it today, and...I will be busy during this time, and I can't accompany you to the
slums tonight.”
“Sorry, I broke my promise.”
Quite busy, huh? Is something wrong?
“It doesn't matter, it doesn't matter, I just plan to go to your school library to borrow books and
look at materials related to mechanics. It will be the same when I go to the slums after a while!”
Tang Bai was afraid that Xie Ruheng would blame himself, repeatedly saying: “Reading
professional books is also a kind of material collection, and it doesn't affect my writing at all!”
I thought that after the pigeons were released, a pampered little omega like Tang Bai would be
angry. I didn’t expect Tang Bai to be so considerate. A little warmth appeared in Xie Ruheng’s
eyes, “What book are you looking for? I'll accompany you to the library to borrow books.”
“《Mechanical Principles and Structure》, 《Common Weapon Processing and
Manufacturing》, 《Energy Vibration》, 《Mecha Modification and Painting Technology》...”
Tang Bai opened his mouth and reported a series of book titles. Without leaving any hints of
shock, Xie Ruheng was a little surprised that Tang Bai understood these books.
But Xie Ruheng wasn’t surprised remembering that Tang Bai's grandfather is the head of the
Weapons Research Institute.
He took Tang Bai to the library to borrow these books, and then hurried away, looking like he
was busy with a lot of things to do.
Tang Bai asked what Xie Ruheng was doing and if he could help, but Xie Ruheng didn't say
If he’s this busy normally, it’s no wonder he’s so thin, maybe I’ll make Xie Ruheng a supper at
Tang Bai's eyes lit up and he thought it was okay. He was sitting in a restaurant waiting for Gu
Tunan. He thought that Gu Tunan would be late as usual, but he didn't expect Gu Tunan to
arrive on time this time.
It turns out that Gu Tunan still has the concept of time in his mind, Tang Bai thought with
“Have you ordered?” Gu Tunan asked when he picked up the menu. After hearing that Tang Bai
hadn't ordered yet, he chose a few dishes, thinking that omega likes desserts, and added a
glass of mango coconut milk shaved ice.
After ordering food, Gu Tunan folded his hands and looked directly at Tang Bai, ready to have a
good talk with Tang Bai, such as staying away from Xie Ruheng, and wanting to be his fiancée,
he must keep a distance from other alphas.
“I am looking for you today to talk about our breakup.”
Gu Tunan: “......?”
“Oh, I was wrong, not a breakup.”
Gu Tunan's expression was calm and took a sip from his water glass.
“After all, we have never been together.” As soon as Tang Bai's voice fell, Gu Tunan was
choked by the water and coughed repeatedly.
“What the hell do you mean?” Gu Tunan's voice was a little hoarse after coughing. He frowned
and looked at Tang Bai as if he was watching an unreasonable child.
Tang Bai didn't like the look in Gu Tunan's eyes, and he didn't like the look of being“looked
down” at all.
Because this look lacks the most basic respect.
He raised his chin and looked at Gu Tunan proudly with his beautiful amber eyes, “I want to
break up with you, I will explain it clearly to my family. There is no love between us, and the
three views of our personality are not in harmony. It’s not suitable for us to be together.”
Gu Tunan's expression became stiff little by little.
“If you are worried about your uncle and aunt being angry, just blame this on me. I insisted on
leaving you. You tried to get me to stay, but you didn't succeed.” Tang Bai raised his eyebrows
and blessed without sincerity. “Finally, I wish you an early discovery for your favorite omega.”
Gu Tunan frowned all the way to his chin, as if to leave an irreversible wrinkle, “...you want to be
with Xie Ruheng?”
Tang Bai: “???”
What are you two thinking about?
The unpleasant feeling of everything being encumbered by others was stronger than ever
before. What Qin Jun said at this moment was very clear in Gu Tunan's mind:
——“A humble maggot worthy of wriggling in a slum. I really don't know what your little fiancé
sees in him.”
——“Your prospective fiancée, your possession, your omega, was tainted by an outcast.”
——“Untouchables are truly worthy of strays, only worthy to kneel and lick the omegas alphas
have used.”
His good education prevented Gu Tunan from uttering bad words like Qin Jun, but the
unhappiness in his heart was nowhere to be resolved. His thin lips were slightly pursed, and his
gray-blue eyes were like a layer of ice. Until he finally, slowly asked: “Can't you smell the stench
from him?”
——“Even if his skin is well-born, it will shed dirty and lowly blood.”
Tang Bai: “???”
What nonsense are you talking about? I smelled it! My omega is bright and super fragrant!
Much more nice smelling than your smelly alpha scent!
“Don't you feel nauseous to eat with him, someone who has cleaned a toilet?”
——“Eating with this kind of bug is really unappetizing…”
The confused Tang Bai's small face suddenly sank, “What did you say? What happened to Xie
“He attacked his classmates and was punished by the school." Gu Tunan said coldly: "He was
punished to clean all the toilets in the school for a month. Presumably, after a month, the smell
on his body won’t be able to wash away.”
Tang Bai: “!!!”
Tang Bai was about to split, his fragrant, poor, and innocent light of the omegas actually has to
endure this kind of punishment!
However, it’s clearly stated in the original book that Xie Ruheng and Qin Jun had a conflict
during the first etiquette class. Why did this matter advance?
Tang Bai asked uncertainly, “Did Xie Ruheng wring Qin Jun's neck?”
A hint of mockery flashed through his gray-blue eyes, and Gu Tunan disdainfully said: “Xie
Ruheng went to sell you his misery?”
“Did he tell you that since Qin Jun insulted you with words, he started beating people?”
Tang Bai: “?????????”

Chapter 13 - I will protect you this time, okay?

Gu Tunan saw the confusion in those amber eyes. The depression in his heart found a way to
vent and turned into vicious and unproven words: “Xie Ruheng was only beaten because he
humiliated Qin Jun.”
“You should know what it means to know propriety in the real world, and know the honor and
disgrace if you have enough food and clothing, and what it means to get out of poverty
and from the mountains and the bad waters.”
“He came from the bottom and hates the nobles. There’s nothing he can do to vent his anger in
order to satisfy his desires.” Gu Tunan said meaningfully: “In his heart, you are probably an
existence that could be overthrown by a mere fly.”
Tang Bai looked at Gu Tunan expressionlessly, his eyes were not swaying because of being
provoked by Gu Tunan's imagination, but rather had a very cold light.
The amber eyes were like some kind of expensive jewelry, cold and a bit strange.
He didn't raise his chin up high as before, didn't put on a pretentious posture, his back was very
straight, and his tone of speech was as cold as his expression.
“It is ridiculous to attribute evil to birth. Poor people's evil may be for survival. The powerful's evil
is to satisfy their desires and vent their anger and evil, but the powerful can use a fig leaf to
cover up their crimes.”
Gu Tunan discovered for the first time that when Tang Bai didn't pinch his throat to speak, his
voice was very nice, like the crisp sound of jade tapping.
“Gu Tunan, don't you—” Is the protagonist attacking the other protagonist?
Tang Bai paused, his brows furrowed, his beautiful eyes looked a little sad, his face was so
delicate, so when the sadness appeared, the frowning look was distressing, “You shouldn't be
like this.”
“You can dislike pampered omegas and think that they are useless flower vases, but you will
not discriminate against the entire omega group for no reason. When an omega is abused, you
will have a hint of anger even if you can't empathize with it.”
You will sympathize with the punished Xie Ruheng, think that Qin Jun's actions are excessive,
and use the power of the Gu family to help Xie Ruheng reduce the punishment.
“You can also dislike the lazy slum dwellers and burn and kill the looters, but you will not be like
the nobles like Qin Jun. You know that the cruel environment of the slums will magnify the evil
of human nature infinitely, and you also know that in such an environment in the middle of the
world, the goodness of human nature is precious.”
You will be attracted by the shining points on Xie Ruheng, you will understand him, support him,
and help him change this bad society together.
Although you are the protagonist in the book, although you have many shortcomings, you are
different from those bad alphas. Because you are in love with Xie Ruheng, you are willing to get
rid of your bad problems bit by bit. Barely worthy of being with the light of the omegas.
But… but why do you become like this now?
Why did you say that about Xie Ruheng?
Xie Ruheng is the best omega in the world, and he deserves all the good things in the world.
And you are not worthy.
“Gu Tunan, you really disappoint me.” Tang Bai said softly, his voice was so soft, but his eyes
were so sad that he was about to cry.
Gu Tunan was stunned.
He never knew...
It turned out that he was like this in Tang Bai's heart.
The dishes were served, and the mango coconut milk shaved ice was placed by Tang Bai's
“Sorry, I'm allergic to mango, and I smell a little uncomfortable, so I can't dine with you.” Tang
Bai stood up and left.
Gu Tunan was still sitting in the seat, motionless, he just sat silently like this, and many
memories suddenly flooded in.
He suddenly remembered that when he was on a date, a charming little omega said to him, “I’m
sorry, I’m allergic to mangoes and can’t eat them”.
And what was he thinking at that time?
The alpha in the memory was full of indifference, and he thought impatiently, what a squeamish
Tang Bai walked out of the restaurant and contacted a beta lawyer he had worked with before.
Although omegas are in a state of oppression and exploitation by the entirety of society, the
alphas in the society do a good job of covering the fig leaf. They keep saying that they will
respect the rights and interests of the omegas and don’t allow others to harass or abuse
omegas at will, especially insulting an aristocratic omega.
Yes, the treatment of civilian omegas and noble omegas is different. Some alphas privately say
that the punishment for rape/violence of a civilian omega is not as heavy as a noble omega.
If you happen to encounter an omega like Tang Bai who is so powerful and has time and is too
vengeful, it is considered that Tang Bai's performance is abnormal if he doesn't take the other
side off.
Because the lawyer needed to find Xie Ruheng about the specific situation that happened at
that time, Tang Bai was going to tell Xie Ruheng about the incident.
At this time, Xie Ruheng was cleaning up the garbage in the toilet. He put on plastic gloves and
took out the garbage bag without changing his face.
With this punishment, he knew that the public toilets of the Federal Military Academy were
cleaned once every half an hour. They had to take out the trash and mop the floor, spray
deodorants and fragrances, etc., so the toilets had almost no peculiar smell.
However, Xie Ruheng was worried that he thought there was no peculiar smell, so when he
went to see Tang Bai, he took a shower and changed his clothes.
“Yeah, our classmate Xie is so serious about hygiene, why not consider staying in his alma
mater as a cleaner after graduation.” Qin Jun covered his nose and mouth with disgust,
Xie Ruheng paused as he tied the garbage bag.
Putting toilet cleaners in slums in colleges and universities is actually a hot job. Many children
are eager to have such a “decent” and “relaxed” job.
Many people in the slums can only go to mines with low safety factors, eat one meal a day,
sleep on the ground, and with a meager salary that can’t make ends meet, they can overwork
their bodies for their job day and night, and save their savings for their children to go to school.
The best educational resource these parents can find for their children are schools in the slums
that can only do literacy, save tolls, and send their children to work in urban areas.
Cleaners, babysitters, servants, waiters... these are all decent jobs.
——“Go to work at a noble house! Noble’s houses are beautiful. There are gardens, fountains,
and toilets that are more fragrant than our rooms. The noble lords will also prepare a room for
you, a big room, what kind of maid’s room.......”
An uneducated woman couldn’t describe the magnificence of a noble mansion in crude
language. She was already very sick at that time. When she talked about the good future of
being a servant, her face was sickly red.
“You serve the noble lords well. If you become a steward in the future, it will be light--what is the
light...Anyway, your ancestors have light on their faces!”
She was so excited that she kept coughing and coughing up blood.
Xie Ruheng wanted to wipe it off for her, but the blood was flowing so much that she couldn't
wipe it off no matter what.
Later she died.
She left Xie Ruheng a “toll”, which was a large amount of money for Xie Ruheng at the time.
With this money, he could go through the walls of slums and urban areas, and do whatever he
wanted in the urban areas. Even begging was good.
But he didn't.
He used the money to bury his mother.
“Can you still be in a daze at work?” Qin Jun spat out on the ground, and looked at Xie Ruheng
provocatively, and said: “It's dirty here, lick it clean.”
The dark phoenix eyes looked at him quietly, without any obvious mood swings, but a trembling
It's like... looking at a corpse.
Under such gaze, the bruise on his neck faintly ached. At this moment, Qin Jun remembered
the fear of being wrung by Xie Ruheng, his neck shrank, and his body actually subconsciously
showed fear.
After reacting to what he had done, Qin Jun looked like a cat with its tail stomped on, with a
grim expression, he gritted his teeth, and said: “Lick, do you want me to say it again?!”
What's to be afraid of? It's just a bug from a slum, how strong can it be, dare to kill him? In the
end, it's not about cleaning the toilet for him honestly!
“Dingdong~” A message prompt sounded.
Xie Ruheng ignored Qin Jun and turned on his light brain to read the message from Tang Bai.
Tang Bai first impatiently asked Xie Ruheng why he was bullied and didn’t tell him. The next
second he changed his style and said irritably that he had found a lawyer who defended his
rights. He would not have his surname Tang sullied unless he peeled off Qin Jun. In the end, he
said he wanted to come over and do some cleaning with Xie Ruheng.
The tone is seamlessly switched between cute and fierce cutie.
——“Thank you brother, don't be angry. I will protect you this time, okay? See if I won't screw off
the head of that Qin Jun bastard!”
Xie Ruheng looked down at Tang Bai and listened to his curse words, and suddenly
remembered many times before, when his parents were still alive, someone had defended him
without hesitation.
Tang Bai regretted his actions after a series of texts insulting Qin Jun, how could he explode in
front of the light of the omegas!
It’s fine to scold Qin Jun, but his sweet and lovely image in Xie Ruheng's heart was all ruined!
Tang Bai wanted to cry without tears, he just wanted to help Xie Ruheng share the punishment
to reshape his image, but Xie Ruheng declined Tang Bai's plan to help previously.
Xie Ruheng took the time to chat with the lawyer. After the lawyer recorded Qin Jun's curse at
that time and showed him to Tang Bai, he was reading the thick copy of《Mecha
Reconstruction and Coating Technology》Tang Bai: “......”
He smiled and raised his middle finger, and yelled “Screw you!” sweetly.
Qin Jun, who was applying ointment on his neck, suddenly sneezed. He stared at the bruise on
his neck in the mirror with a gloomy expression and recalled in his mind the shameful scene of
being choked by Xie Ruheng yesterday.
It's so cheap just to let Xie Ruheng clean the toilet for a month!
A sudden light brain message interrupted Qin Jun's revenge plan in his mind. He rubbed his
neck, clicked on it, and found that he had received a lawyer's letter.
Qin Jun: “......?!”

Chapter 14 - He’s a bird in a cage, and Xie Ruheng is a phoenix that soars for nine days.
The lawyer's letter signed by the gold medal law firm and their ace lawyers was standardized,
clear, well-organized and full of deterrence. If you looked at it from a timid and fearful person’s
point of view, most of them would be intimidated.
But who is Qin Jun? If he was afraid of things, he would’ve been frightened by what he has
already committed, how could he not be domineering here?
Qin Jun snorted and looked at the words that were nothing more than “You insulted Young
Master Tang, if you don't bow your head and admit your mistakes and apologize, we will sue
you.” The legal consequences were very serious, but what about the evidence?
Where is the evidence for him insulting Tang Bai?
Last night, he found someone to destroy the video content on the monitor that wasn’t favorable
to him. No matter how much Tang Bai tossed, he would only find a few witnesses.
There’s no way to take him down with mere witnesses.
Qin Jun’s eyes were full of cold sarcasm. He was too lazy to play some house games with a
weakly chirping little omega like Tang Bai and exited off the message. Qin Jun squinted his
eyes and continued to think about what to do about Xie Ruheng.
Cleaning the toilet is just an appetizer. This outcast damaged his majestic self and must use
his life to atone for his sins.
Tang Bai was using his coquetry skills to ask Grandpa Tang to send a group of “cleaning teams”
to take care of the cleaning work of the Federal Military Academy this semester.
These “cleaning teams” were not cleaners engaged in low-level manual labor, but the
“scavenger” series robot team of the Weapons Research Institute!
There are two reasons for such a response. One is that even if the ordinary cleaning team
enters, they will be distracted by Qin Jun and instruct Xie Ruheng to work.
Second, Tang Bai didn’t want Xie Ruheng to remain passive.
Because of the butterfly effect, the plotline has deviated a bit from the original. In the original
book, Qin Jun and Xie Ruheng met in etiquette class. This time they formed Quantum during
the military training stage. Tang Bai was worried that Qin Jun would do some small actions that
Xie Ruheng didn’t have to deal with in the book.
As long as there’s the protection of the “Sweeper” series of robots, Xie Ruheng's safety factor
will be different.
If Qin Jun dared to hurt Xie Ruheng at school, Tang Bai would dare to blow up Qin Jun.
“Blow up” in the literal sense.
Thinking of this, his amber eyes were like some kind of cold and expensive jewelry.
The method of suicide protection for the robot was developed by Tang Bai inadvertently
tampering with the program. Even Grandpa Tang didn't know that his seemingly weak and
unable to take care of himself baby grandson would do such a thing.
In fact, Tang Bai has been following the rules for so many years, he stayed quiet and is a well-
behaved little omega in his grandfather's mind, suppressing his interest and talent in mecha
manufacturing, and persuading himself to accept the fate of being nurtured by an alpha for a
After so many years of self-persuasion, Tang Bai almost gave up struggling.
Although he could accept such a fate, Tang Bai didn’t allow Xie Ruheng to suffer all this.
He is a bird in a cage, and Xie Ruheng is a phoenix that soars for nine days. Before he met Xie
Ruheng, he never knew that the glow of burning life was so dazzling.
That dazzling appearance is the existence he’s willing to follow with everything.
Rabbits will bite people when they are anxious. Xie Ruheng's safety is Tang Bai's minefield, and
he’ll explode as soon as he steps on it.
Looking at his baby grandson's unhappy look, Grandpa Tang sighed helplessly.
“Oh, you, you, you know that the old men from the Mechanical Department of the Federal
Military Academy were crying tears in front of me. Didn't I promise to lend them the “Sweeper”?”
Grandpa Tang said, “I really took it.” He said with a “You can't help it” expression, grabbed his
beard and said: “One month, you can only lend it out for one month, one more day won’t work!”
Tang Bai blinked his eyes, solemnly pressed his chest with his small hands, put on a poem
recitation posture, and said affectionately: “God, I am so happy! Because I have the best
grandpa in the world~”
A rainbow fart uses three tones, and the sound is so sweet that it seems to be wrapped in sticky
honey. When Tang Bai wants to please others, he subconsciously uses this babble tone, this
time it included a cute expression, it could be said that it was very hard.
Not everyone likes a beautiful little omega to act like a baby online, but Grandpa Tang ate this
scene very well. His expression changed from “I can't do anything with you” to “Oh, I can't do it”.
Grandpa Tang stroked his beard that was all over his face and said: “Okay, just use your sweet
mouth, let's talk, what else do you want from me, this bad old man?”
With Grandpa Tang's understanding of his precious grandson, he knew that one thing alone
couldn't make Tang Bai act so hard.
Sure enough, Tang Bai, the little actor, suddenly felt aggrieved. He rubbed his eyes, and his
fingertips slipped through the thick eyelashes, leaving a red mark on the end of his eyes, and
his eyes were red, just like he was crying.
After brewing his emotions, Tang Bai sent Qin Jun's words of scolding him recorded by the
lawyer to Grandpa Tang, and he himself sat beside his grandpa without saying a word, looking
weak, pitiful, and helpless.
The chubby Grandpa Tang looked at the text on the light brain, but he didn't notice it for a while,
and he almost pulled out his beard with increased force in his hand.
——“Used omega”
The face that always smiled and looked very talkative, after the kind expression faded, his
whole body was like a Tang sword out of its sheath, even if others didn't know his identity, no
one would think that this was an ordinary old man.
“Only written records, no surveillance video?” Grandpa Tang asked slowly.
Tang Bai hurriedly made a small report: “I suspect that Qin Jun erased the surveillance video
that was unfavorable to him!”
The surveillance content destroyed by Qin Jun may be tricky for ordinary people to find, but the
entire Federal Military Academy's surveillance system was purchased from the Federal Arms
Research Institute. As the head of the research institute, if Grandpa Tang wanted to restore
surveillance video it would be a piece of cake.
Grandpa Tang took out a pair of reading glasses and turned on his light brain. His chubby
fingers were flying flexibly on the keyboard. Tang Bai leaned forward with bright eyes and
watched Grandpa Tang's operation process.
Grandpa Tang never evaded Tang Bai when he did these things, maybe because he felt that
Tang Bai couldn't understand even if he saw it, or it was a habit left by his childhood.
Before the age of six, when Tang Bai had not yet differentiated, his grandfather would always
teach Tang Bai a lot of knowledge about mechanics, and Tang Bai was able to get through it
one point at a time, which made Grandpa Tang very comfortable.
Grandpa Tang’s son, Tang Bai’s father didn’t have the talent for making weapons. Instead, he
developed a business mind. Although his father’s company grew bigger and bigger, the Tang
family was not short on money. What Grandpa Tang wanted was someone who could inherit his
Grandpa Tang likes Tang Bai very much.
When Tang Bai was in his first year of school, he held his mecha model and didn't let go. Tang
Bai's toys were all made by Grandpa Tang himself when he was a child. The super-scaled
version of the interstellar battleship was Tang Bai's childhood transportation tool.
There are 673 operation keys on the normal-sized battleship, and the reduced version of the
battleship also has 300 operation keys. Even if a normal adult spends a month memorizing the
position of the keyboard and the corresponding function of each keyboard, he still controls the
battleship immaturely. He has to be in a hurry at times, and the rate of overturning on the road
is extremely high.
But four-year-old Tang Bai spent a day before he became a novice driver and went on the road
He drove the small battleship to go shopping with his grandfather. When he went there,
Grandpa Tang taught him knowledge about mechanics. When he came back, Tang Bai could
recite it with a hearty voice.
However, when Tang Bai differentiated into an omega, Grandpa Tang never taught Tang Bai to
do this again, and he sealed all the toys that were not suitable for omega and they were slowly
covered in dust.
“Recovered.” Grandpa Tang's voice separated Tang Bai's thoughts from the memory. He looked
at Grandpa's light brain and found that there were two videos stored in it.
To Tang Bai's puzzled gaze, Grandpa Tang seemed to see the person who always liked to ask
questions, why the mechanical bearing couldn’t be in the shape of a love heart, and why the
Star Warship couldn’t be sprayed with pink milk dumplings.
He thought he had an alpha grandson, but God made a joke on him.
For so many years, he gave up teaching Tang Bai and was overly pampering, but ah...
This omega also needs to be taught.
We must also learn to arm ourselves and protect ourselves so that even if one day he (GPT) is
gone, his Tangtang will not be bullied.
Although he can’t teach his omega grandson to build machinery, he can teach Tang Bai other
Grandpa Tang's slightly muddy eyes became very gentle. He gently touched Tang Bai's head
with his warm hands. “I found that Qin Jun deleted more than one surveillance video. In another
video, he raped/violently bit an omega.”
“Tangtang, Grandpa gave you these two videos, do you know what to do next?”
Federal Military Academy, Office of Political Education.
“Teacher Zhao, didn't the matter between Qin Jun and Xie Ruheng get resolved yesterday?
Why do you want to call Qin Jun over again today.” A teacher spoke.
“An omega from the college next door sent me something today with a video record of Qin Jun
insulting the omega.” The alpha, known as Teacher Zhao, called out the restored surveillance
In the video, Qin Jun’s scolding was so clear that many teachers in the office couldn't help but
“Student Qin Jun slandered an innocent omega student, and his words were extreme, his words
were meant to inflict the omega, and had a bad influence.” Teacher Zhao calmly said.
“Hey, Mr. Zhao, you’re wrong to say that. I think Qin Jun didn't say the name of the omega from
beginning to end. Did the omega student who reported the matter set it up?”
Teacher Wang shook his head and continued: "Some omegas are not in their right mind. Qin
Jun is targeting those omegas who don’t cherish themselves. I hope those omegas understand
shame and learn to reflect on themselves. I think Qin Jun’s use of words is a bit extreme, but he
has no harmful intentions."
“Oh, is it?” Teacher Zhao calmly said, “But Xie Ruheng, Qiu Yan, and Gu Tunan can all testify
that what Qin Jun denigrated was an innocent omega.”
“Does Mr. Wang know who the supposed unscrupulous and uncaring-for-life omega is?”
“He is the little son of the Tang family, Director Tang's favorite grandson, classmate Tang Bai.”
Teacher Wang suffocated on his breath, his face turned ugly in an instant, he smirked, “Teacher
Zhao, don't spit on people, I never said that Young Master Tang is that kind of omega, I was just
analyzing Qin Jun's thoughts at the time.”
Teacher Zhao nodded and clicked on the next video. “Then Teacher Wang can explain what
Qin Jun in this video was thinking at the time? Is he saving the omega?”
It was a coded and edited video with only the beginning and the end, but everyone present
knew what was happening at a glance.
Teacher Wang's expression changed slightly. Verbally insulting an omega and strongly/violently
violating an omega is completely different in nature.
And to make matters worse, it wasn’t a powerless omega who exploded this incident, but the
little Tang son, who was the favorite of the Tang family.
If he knew that Qin Jun provoked Tang Bai, even if the Qin family gave him more money, he
wouldn’t be able to defend Qin Jun.
Qin Jun’s knock on the door broke the solemn atmosphere. As soon as he opened the door, he
felt a completely different atmosphere from last night. Almost all the teachers present looked at
him displeasedly, and Mr. Wang, who helped him handle the surveillance video avoided his
The teachers in the Federal Military Academy are at least A-level alphas. The oppression of
several A-level adult alphas together was far from what Qin Jun could bear. He took it with a
careless expression and hesitated: “Mr. Zhao, what do you want me to do? Do I need to do
something for you?”
Teacher Zhao cast out a discontented look with a cold face.
A screenshot of a processed video was floating in the air, and Qin Jun opened his eyes in
disbelief. He obviously had the surveillance video completely destroyed. How could anyone find
it out?!
“Student Qin, if you have listened carefully to the general course of law, then you should know
Article 3 of the 《Federal Omega Rights Protection Act》: Those who use violence, oppression
or other means to rape omegas shall be punished for more than ten years in imprisonment, life
imprisonment or the death sentence.”
“In the death penalty for rape, hanging is retained. It’s said that when death row prisoners see
the execution process of hanging their heads on the execution ground, those who were still
alive got scared to death.”
The bruise on his neck was faintly painful as if an invisible rope was restricting his neck, making
Qin Jun's eyes black and almost unable to stand firm.
Chapter 15 - I don't listen I don't listen I don't listen.
At this time, Tang Bai squatted in the special omega bathroom in the Weapons Research
Institute, and showed a cute smile at the robot in front of him, which he scammed his grandpa
out of by saying that “people really want to see how the scavengers clean”.
Then he used the hand wrapped around his magic silver necklace to press somewhere on the
scavenger's buttocks at lightning speed.
Scavenger: “?”
The robot, which was still floating in the air with its small butt, instantly crashed, and fell to the
ground with a bang.
Tang Bai rubbed his hands with excitement, and drew out a series of modus operandi from his
hollow heightened soles, as if he was doing makeup for a practice doll, he happily tampered
with the scavenger's procedures.
Three minutes later, Tang Bai washed his hands, straightened his hair, and walked out of the
bathroom gracefully. The scavenger who had been modified behind him flew out blankly and
mixed with a bunch of normal companions. These robots were being sent to the Federal Military
Academy. Before, the S-level self-protection system would be activated to avoid being explored
by the hungry professors of the mechanical department!
But no one noticed that there was already a small robot at this time that was not innocent!
The culprit, Tang Bai, walked out of the Weapons Research Institute with a small bag, and
halfway through, he received a message from Teacher Zhao from the Federal Military Academy.
The general idea is that Qin Jun admits his wrong-doings and is willing to apologize to him. He
hopes that he (TB) will lift up his precious hand and let him forget the past. The school also
hopes that this matter can be reconciled in private, and doesn’t want the scandal of student
rape/violence of omega to be exposed and damage the school's image.
Among them, Teacher Zhao also sincerely reasoned with him, telling him that this treatment
was good for everyone's reputation, and Tang Bai shouldn’t want the words of Qin Jun scolding
him to spread.
This society is very strict with omegas. Even if it is a defamatory slander, once the nickname
"Stray" spreads, it’s equivalent to ink poured on one’s body, and it won’t be washed away no
matter how much it is scrubbed.
Everyone would say behind the scenes that flies don't bite seamless eggs, so why doesn't
Qin Jun scold other omegas as slutty fiancée’s, but instead scold Tang Bai?
Tang Bai stared at the message and smiled lightly. His smiling amber eyes were like flowing
honey, and they looked good to chat with. He replied: “Mr. Zhao, you are very reasonable.”
He tilted his head and said softly: “But yeah~ I don't listen, I don't listen, I don't listen.”
“How can a private apology be enough? At least you have to have Qin Jun apologize in front of
the teachers and students of the school, and the apology process must be broadcasted live on
the whole network.”
“How can it be enough to apologize just to me? Doesn't the omega who was hurt by Qin Jun
need to have an apology too? Doesn't Xie Ruheng, who was trampled by Qin Jun's self-esteem,
need an apology? Does Qin Jun oppress and despise civilian students? Don’t you need to
Finally, he replied using the teacher’s logic: “Apologizing soon is good for all of us. I don’t think
the school wants to be burdened with the infamy of cultivating students that commit crimes,
right? Did other schools teach them to commit crimes? Did your school teach you? Isn’t it the
teacher’s problem? Isn’t the upper beam correct and the lower beam crooked? That’s how
the old saying goes.”
Clicking send straightforwardly, Tang Bai chuckled sweetly when he saw Teacher Zhao's “OK”
after being silent for a long time.
Are you kidding me? It's too much to have him apologize, and he’s (TB) still thinking about him
(GJ)  apologizing to those untouchables?!
Their lowly ancestry is their original sin, the blood of the sewers, and disgusting brooding. They
should have recognized their own misfortunes long ago and used the lowest labor to reform
them to atone for their sins, especially that Xie Ruheng who’s a slum-born bug.
But Xie Ruheng was shamelessly admitted to the Federal Military Academy, trying to put on a
military uniform to conceal his sins. He didn't know what method he used to blind Tang Bai, who
wanted to ride on his head in front of everyone.
Astonishment, humiliation, resentment... all kinds of emotions were intertwined, Qin Jun blushed
and shouted angrily: “I refuse!”
However, the teachers at the military academy at the scene just looked at him indifferently.
Maybe the civilian students would be afraid of Qin Jun's identity, but a middle-class family
wasn’t enough to scare these teachers.
And Qin Jun isn’t the heir of the Qin family.
In contrast, the anger of the Tang family is what makes them worry, especially Mr. Tang. Apart
from anything else, half of the professors in the Department of Mechanical Engineering were
classmates of Mr. Tang, and half of the professors were students taught by Mr. Tang.
If Qin Jun is a student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and he doesn't need the
Tang family to do anything, then the professors can join hands to send Qin Jun to prison.
Teacher Zhao stared at Qin Jun, his eyes were cold, the aura on his body was murderous, and
he said word by word: “Then go to jail.”
He met Teacher Zhao’s icy indifferent eyes, saw the angry expressions of the mechanics
teachers behind him, and heard the phrase “go to jail”, as if a basin of ice water was poured on
Qin Jun, instantly extinguishing his anger, making him stand in place like a chicken.
Then go......
Qin Jun suddenly woke up, and a chill entered his heart.
No, he can’t go to jail...
He’s still so young, he has a great future, he can't ruin himself for these bitches!
The hand that fell on the side of his leg slowly clenched into a fist, so hard that the nails were
embedded into his flesh, thinking of his culmination in prison, Qin Jun's eyes flashed with fear
and pain.
“Teacher Zhao, look at you. You are too impatient. I haven't persuaded the students. How do
you know that the students are unwilling?” Teacher Wang came out to make a round and patted
Qin Jun on the shoulder. “Student Qin Jun, did you know that it just happens that today, during
the formal military training of your freshmen, there’s a live broadcast when the students from
each department enter the venue?”
“I think it's best to strike while the iron is hot instead of choosing another day. Why don't you
apologize to everyone today?” His expression was kind, as if he was kindly thinking about Qin
Jun, but he actually broke Qin Jun's back.
Although he accepted the money from the Qin family and promised to take care of Qin Jun,
those benefits were not worth his offending the Tang family for Qin Jun.
The hand holding Qin Jun's shoulder was too strong to break free of, and the invisible
depressive atmosphere in the air made Qin Jun's body stiff. He has always used power to
suppress people, and this is the first time he has experienced the power and status of being
used by others. The humiliation of suppression is loathsome.
Tang family, Tang Bai.
He thought that although the Qin family was not comparable to the Tang family, Tang Bai was
just a flower vase omega, and he couldn't stand up for himself. He didn't expect this omega to
be so difficult.
Qin Jun was silent for a long time with humiliation on his face, and finally squeezed a parting
word from his clenched teeth.
Teacher Wang breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the fine sweat from his forehead with the back of
his hand, turned his face to Teacher Zhao, and said in a peaceful way: “I'll negotiate with Young
Master Tang, I think Teacher Zhao made Young Master Tang angry just now. Now, this won't
Xie Ruheng held the mop and lowered his head to clean the floor of the bathroom. Today was
the day for formal military training of the school freshmen. The school's traditional admission
ceremony would be held at 9 o'clock in the morning.
He clicked into the live broadcast of the official website of the Federal Military Academy,
adjusted the live screen to the projection mode, and watched the countdown that kept jumping
on the dark live broadcast room——
“I will enter the venue in five minutes, Xiao Xie, why are you still here?!” A loud voice came
along with crackling footsteps.
Xie Ruheng raised his head and saw Teacher Wang trot all the way into the toilet and stepped
on the ground he had just mopped.
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
Teacher Wang, who was swearing at him yesterday, said to him with a spring breeze-like smile:
“Xiao Xie, I have found you. Don't mop the floor. You are almost missing the entrance
ceremony. Let's go to the drill yard now.”
Teacher Wang tried to take away the mop from Xie Ruheng's hand while talking, but... the mop
was held firmly by Xie Ruheng, and he didn't even wobble it.
Teacher Wang stepped up his efforts without believing in evil, and he had to use the energy of a
full-out run. He never thought that Xie Ruheng would hold onto the mop like his life depended
on it. This almost caused Teacher Wang to stagger and slip to the ground.
“Oh, child, you’re really strong.” Teacher Wang sneered while saying: “Why are you still
mopping the floor? The entrance ceremony is about to begin. Don't miss such an important
“Teacher Wang, I haven't completed the punishment task given to me by the school and I
cannot participate in the admission ceremony.” Xie Ruheng added faintly: “This is what Mr.
Wang explained.”
“This teacher has asked the school to revoke the punishment for you.” Teacher Wang said
bitterly: “This teacher didn’t understand what happened and was deceived by Qin Jun, wronged
you, and wronged a good student.”
“Today, student Tang Bai sent the surveillance video to the head teacher. It’s indeed Qin Jun
who vilified an innocent omega in front of you, so you stopped Qin Jun in time to protect the
reputation of the omega.” Teacher Wang tried to pat Xie Ruheng’s shoulder, but after seeing
those dark phoenix eyes, his hand fell on the mop involuntarily.
This time no one was vying with him for the mop. Teacher Wang held the mop awkwardly and
continued: “In order to compensate you, the school specially grants you the honor of the mecha
team leader.”
The leader of the phalanx is at the forefront of the team during the admission ceremony, and is
generally performed by the two students with the highest alpha level in the class.
Each alpha has the character of a leader, unwilling to succumb to others. If someone weaker
leads the team, the “qi” of the entire phalanx will be like a plate of scattered sand, and there
would be no qi to penetrate the Changhong formation. Only the best alpha can stand in the front
position of the phalanx, because only the pressure they release can deter the entire team.
And Xie Ruheng was one of the team leaders elected by everyone. The compensation that
Teacher Wang said was actually returning the property to the original owner.
Xie Ruheng glanced at the time, only two minutes were left before the start of the ceremony. He
walked to the water platform and applied hand sanitizer to wash his hands carefully.
“Don't wash your hands! You run down quickly, I don't know if time is too late…”
Withdrawing his hands from the hand dryer and putting on his black gloves, Xie Ruheng ignored
the chattering teacher Wang and walked to the other side. He opened the bathroom window,
climbed up the window sill neatly, and jumped from the third floor window and went down!
Xie Ruheng skimmed his hands through his hair, blowing the hair everywhere, and the golden
sunlight of early morning perfectly outlined the graceful outline of his long body.
The mop slipped from his hand, and Teacher Wang rushed forward in horror. He looked down
from the window and saw the slender figure lightly falling on the grass like a vigorous cheetah.
He stood up unaffected by the impact, and everyone was shocked. In the gaze of everyone, he
strode to the front of the mecha system phalanx.
At this time, countless viewers squatting in the live broadcast room of the official website of the
Federal Military Academy saw that the countdown number had become zero.
The admission ceremony has begun.
Chapter 16 - I bet a pack of spicy strips, both alphas like that omega!!!
The new military training live broadcast of the Federal Military Academy is a live broadcast
that’s suitable for all ages, has a wide audience, and has a deep fan base.
Not only military leaders can find their favorite seedlings in this seven-day live broadcast,
but sand sculpture netizens can also find military academies who picked them. Isn't this
handsome and seductive uniform brother not fragrant?
If you don’t like the alpha brother, it’s okay. The next-door Etiquette Academy will send superb
omegas to be cheerleaders. Come and pick your favorite brother in the freshman military
training live room of the Federal Military Academy~
Right, right, right, I can only drool through the screen at the moment, and when they become a
big boss or a big boss’ wife, we won't be able to find a way to watch them again!
【 Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Telling the newcomers what to
watch: the phalanx of each department is the most handsome! Especially for the phalanx of the
Mecha Department, every school grass is basically selected from the Mecha Department. Next,
the school leader’s speech will allow everyone to pass, there’s nothing to watch there. Take
advantage of this time to go to the toilet, and then It's the beautiful omega cheerleading team
coming in!!! This link must not be missed! 】
【 The first look is an old fan [dog head smile.jpg] 】
【 I also came to share my experience with mengxin. When I find a handsome guy, I put my
brothers on the public screen (crossed out) to be serious. You can take screenshots and save
pictures to share beautiful people, but it’s best not to share photos of the omegas in the
cheerleading team. And don’t play around with colors, pay attention to barrage etiquette. 】
【 The first phalanx to enter the arena is our mechanical department freshmen. They come to
us at a uniform pace. It’s their learning attitude to study hard and bring forth a safe world. Their
competition is to fight every inch and to keep every inch of it. Let us wish this group of future
mecha mechanics to achieve ideal results! 】
The dense barrage almost obscured the mechanical phalanx in the live broadcast room.
Grandpa Tang turned off the barrage while he took a chess piece and placed it on the
“Time flies. A hundred years ago, you and I participated in the military training ceremony. I didn't
expect our grandsons to also participate.” Admiral Gu sighed with emotion and suddenly
changed his tone. Continuing to say: “Moreover, my grandson is still the leader of the mecha
phalanx that played in the finale. He has the style of mine back then.”
He and Grandpa Tang have been compared for a lifetime, with no difference over the years, he
finally found a sense of accomplishment in the matter of having an alpha grandson.
Grandpa Tang snorted, “What's the matter? My Tangtang is still a cheerleader.”
“It's not that I said that it’s bad, Old Tang, why don't you urge your son to give birth to a small
alpha? Your Tang family only has a single omega seedling.” Admiral Gu resolutely kicked off the
white piece and saw that the black pieces on the chessboard were already showing signs of
decline. He felt a sense of superiority both inside and outside the game, “Your daughter-in-law
can't give birth, so let your son find another omega, don't let the roots of your old Tang family be
broken by Tang Bai.”
Grandpa Tang stared at the chessboard and frowned.
“The omega you get married is like splashing water. I'm doing it for your good, Old Tang. If your
Tangtang marries my grandson, all the family business that you have worked so hard for all
your life will be surnamed Gu…” Before he finished speaking, he heard a loud “pop”.
Grandpa Tang patted the chessboard blankly: “Who said that Tangtang is going to marry your
grandson! Didn't that grandson with the surname Gu tell you what he did?”
General Gu, who felt he was being scolded: “?”
Grandpa Tang blew into his beard and stared at the man across from him: “Do you know how
your grandson's roommate insulted our Tangtang? It’s hard to even think of it. I don't want to
say it, for fear that it will dirty my mouth! This attitude of your grandson's roommate shows that
your grandson's attitude towards Tangtang is not good, so if you still want to marry Tangtang to
your grandson, and want the Tang family to change to the surname Gu, then keep your spring
and autumn dreams!”
General Gu: “???”
Glancing at General Gu, who was scolded like a child, Grandpa Tang was too upset to look at
the chessboard and pretended to watch the live broadcast without incident. At this time, the
phalanx had already turned to the mecha system, all with wide shoulders, a narrow waist, and
long legs. Heroic and handsome, the two leaders walking in the front were amazing.
On the left was Gu Tunan, on the right was Xie Ruheng, a handsome and upright person, and a
handsome and cold person. Even if he wasn’t at the scene, seeing the stiff and fierce
expressions of a group of alpha cubs behind them, you could tell that the oppression of the two
young alphas in front of them was very strong.
But thinking that these two alpha boys were likely to be pigs in the old Tang family's
cabbage, he disliked looking at these two and opened the barrage, trying to use the barrage to
cover their faces.
【 Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! 】
【 Both are my dishes, the Pacific Ocean is my saliva for these handsome guys... 】
【 The one on the right is handsome, but it’s a bit bad. It’s the kind of bad guy who shuts you
down in a basement when you’re jealous. [drool.jpg] 】
【 Tell me the address of the alpha leader on the right, tonight I will climb up a water pipe to
steal him with the sacks I have treasured for a long time! 】
【 My child flew out and called the right leader dad... 】
【 Everyone, the alpha leader on the right is called Xie Ruheng, a double S-level alpha, who
refreshed the highest score in the history of physical test scores for admission to the Federal
Military Academy, singles can take a chance!!! 】
Grandpa Tang's face showed the look of an old subway man looking at his mobile phone. What
and what?
Xie Ruheng walked in the front of the phalanx, countless eyes fell on him, the phalanx of each
department, the leaders on the rostrum, the tens of thousands of viewers after the live
The too-bright sunlight fell on him, making him unable to open his eyes.
He was thinking that he shouldn’t be used to such occasions, because he hasn’t experienced
this kind of thing in his previous life.
How to describe it?
It was too eye-catching in broad daylight?
He was accustomed to the life of stinky mice in the gutter when he was young, and he was
accustomed to the brutal “glamorousness” of the arena. Meaning that he isn’t used to the life of
standing in the sun now.
Maybe the sunlight was too dazzling, maybe the gazes looking at him were too eager as if there
were countless magnifying glasses gathered on him, making Xie Ruheng feel uncomfortable.
——“Only the rats that have been eaten out of a garbage dump wouldn’t dislike the training
meal in the Federal Military Training Canteen.”
——“A beast is a beast. Even if it puts on human skin and new clothes, it will shed dirty
and lowly blood.”
——“The maggots wriggling in the slums can't make it to the table. I can tell who’s an
untouchable by just looking at it.”
Those who thought he didn't care about it, the speeches that hadn't been put in his heart
flooded and chattered, making his heart irritable and hostile.
One after another, shouts of exclamation came from the phalanx of various departments. A
special team walked into the entrance of the drill yard. They were dressed in pure white
uniforms. The uniforms were outlined with white and grasped the soft and slender body lines of
the omegas. They held a bouquet of red roses in their hands, the contrast of red and white
colors was sharp.
The leader of the small omega had red lips and white teeth, furthermore his temperament was
so clear that he looked like he didn't know anything about the world. The sunlight passed
through the clouds and embraced the boy's body, making him dazzling like a luminous body.
Holding a flower basket full of rose petals, he smiled like a flower at the oncoming Mecha
phalanx team, then grabbed a handful of rose petals and sprinkled them in the air!
The rich and thick color still couldn’t conceal the fresh and crisp smell, the scent of flowers filled
the air, under the rain of petals, Tang Bai raised his eyebrows and looked at Xie Ruheng, with
their eyes meeting, Xie Ruheng saw it again in those amber eyes, his soft emotions were
It really was amazing. Every time he saw Tang Bai's gaze, his heart seemed to be soaked in
sweet sugar water, and no amount of nameless anger would be extinguished.
Xie Ruheng looked at Tang Bai, his phoenix eyes were soft and he didn't even realize.
The barrage at this time is crazy.
【 No, sir, someone cannot look this cute. [tears flowing.jpg] 】
【 Who is this omega? They’re too sweet! 】
【 Raining roses, walk the flower road together, I'm here!!! [Sobbing] [Sobbing] [Sobbing] 】
【 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Have you noticed?! I bet a pack of spicy strips, both
alphas like that omega!!! 】
【 It’s true! As soon as that omega came out! The eyes of the two team leaders were different!

【 In fact, more than the two team leaders have different eyes, all of the alphas behind them are
looking directly at that omega... 】
Tang Bai walked into the exclusive position of the cheerleaders with his head high, and many
alphas in the audience looked at him secretly. Not only did he show no timidity, but he smiled
openly at the group of stunned people.
It was a generous, confident, and attractive smile. His amber eyes were clear and direct, and
the two small dimples were intoxicating. His whole body seemed to be radiating charm as if
silently saying “You are welcome to admire my beauty”.
Compared with the beautiful but indispensable omega behind him, Tang Bai's eyes were so
bright that people couldn't look away.
The commoner omegas dare not dress up, do not dare to dress too little, do not dare to dress
too brightly, because it may lead to misfortune, the noble omegas are extremely reserved, they
are like golden flowers waiting for others to pick.
In this era where omegas are constrained, it’s rare to see an omega who’s so magnanimous,
confident, and self-assured, someone who is exuding his own charm.
“The stinky guys who are about to drool in the Mechanics Department, if you want to see it, just
feel free to appreciate it, you all look like little squeamish omegas.” The principal stood on the
podium and said with a microphone: “Yes, that's you, blushing?”
There were bursts of laughter from the phalanx of the various departments below the stage.
They went to see the omega on the platform, not to be outdone by others, like a group of hungry
green-eyed wolves.
Many omegas hid timidly behind the team leader, afraid to look at so many alphas. The most
beautiful omega didn’t go to an alpha under the stands either. He took off a diamond-encrusted
speaker on his waist and yelled sweetly: “What do you mean by little squeamish omegas?
Principal, do you think I’m a little squeamish omega?”
The principal who has not been confronted face to face for many years: “.....”
He looked at the little omega from the Tang family who refused to accept any losses, and
laughed dryly, “No, you are not squeamish at all, it is my improper use of words, here I want to
apologize to student Tang Bai.”
After apologizing, the principal's expression became serious. He looked at the many
disapproving alphas in the audience and said in a deep voice: “One of our students insulted an
omega and is of a bad nature, but he has realized his mistake. I am willing to review him and
have him apologize in public today.”
“Student Qin Jun, you can come up now.”
As soon as the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar.
No one has ever mentioned anything unrelated to training during the live broadcast of military
training. It’s important to know that this live broadcast is not only for teachers and students in
the school, but countless unrelated people gathered here for the live broadcast.
On such a formal occasion, the alpha named Qin Jun came to the stage to apologize, which
means that Qin Jun left a feeling of disgust in the hearts of all the big guys who followed this live
broadcast. This was no longer a question of shame or indignity...
Unlike other departments who were shocked to have an alpha apologize, the Mecha
department was shocked that “Qin Jun” was coming to apologize.
“Qin Jun? Is it the Qin Jun I’m thinking of?! Impossible, right?”
“But Qin Jun really doesn't seem to be in the phalanx…”
“Does Qin Jun know how to write an essay as an apology? He beat Xiao Qi on the first day of
school and never apologized! In the end, Xiao Qi dropped out by himself!”
“Qin Jun can walk sideways in school, right? It must be an alpha with the same name and
“There’s no one with the same name and surname as Qin Jun in freshman year…”
Xie Ruheng raised his head and looked at Tang Bai on the platform while everyone was
Tang Bai was lying on the railing, with one hand resting his chin in a gesture of watching a good
show. He seemed to have noticed Xie Ruheng's line of sight and looked at Xie Ruheng from a
With Tang Bai’s eyes facing Xie Ruheng’s, his amber eyes lit up, and there was a shining
sensation of witnessing the sun. Tang Bai happily greeted him with a wink, and his eyebrows
showed the arrogance of a cat.

Chapter 17 - This is a little gem that shines for him.

Qin Jun walked onto the rostrum with a gloomy expression. He looked at Tang Bai angrily, the
color of spite in his eyes was so strong that it could almost drip water.
“...I'm sorry.” He choked out this sentence in a low voice, put down the microphone after half-
heartedly spoke, and prepared to leave.
Unexpectedly, Tang Bai in the stands raised his speaker, cleared his throat in the direction Qin
Jun was leaving, and said with deep anger, “That's it? That's it?!”
The clear and sweet questioning was spread to the entire campus by military microphones, and
everyone's eyes were focused on the cheerleading team, staring dumbly at the little omega who
tilted his head in distress.
The little omegas behind him, did a “look at me, look at you”, gathered up the courage to get to
the side of the little speaker, and shouted, “That's it? That's it?!”
The crisp slogans were short, powerful, and uniform.
After the little omegas shouted, they lowered their heads and looked down the stage. They
thought they would see accusations or contemptuous eyes, but… below the stage was a group
of alpha with stupid faces.
The group of alphas had been dumbfounded.
Qin Jun was also dumbfounded.
“With your perfunctory attitude, you don't even understand where you’re wrong. I don't want you
to apologize cheaply.” Tang Bai raised his head high, his eyes were bright, with a disdainful
expression, but there was a clear stubbornness between his brows.
He raised his speaker and yelled: “I think everyone must know what you have done. Your words
and deeds have tarnished the innocence of omegas, and you habitually oppress civilian
students. You behave in a bad way and don’t even think about it. You need to apologize to all
omegas and civilian students. Apologize!”
Tong Meng, who was hiding behind Tang Bai, was stunned for a moment. With no prestige,
Tang Bai's figure akimbo, and what Tang Bai had just said to them appeared in his mind. He
said: “You can only be looked down upon by acting squeamish”. He raised his head and said:
“Hold your chest up and stand up straight for me. Say it how it should be said, hate what should
be hated. But we are unable to, we omegas can’t just say--”
“Why do we have to accept alphas insulting omegas?!”
People saw the young man with raised eyebrows and a raised chin, showing his face
unabashedly and aggressively. This unreasonable but not unpleasant omega, on the contrary,
looked like a cat with its teeth and claws bared.
It's so beautiful… This idea came up in countless people's hearts.
Moreover, what he said was completely reasonable. Those of the students who had been
bullied by Qin Jun began to whisper, wishing to rush to support Tang Bai.
Qin Jun's face was red and white, white and black, more exciting than an overturned paint tray.
He clenched his fists and stared at the sharp-toothed omega.
Damn, if it wasn't for the appearance of Tang Bai, he would say that this omega is violent...
Looking at the turbulent crowd in the audience, especially Xie Ruheng in front of the mecha
department, Qin Jun’s eyes could hardly suppress the hatred. He said with difficulty: “Last night
because of my improper speech, I caused the teacher from the School of Etiquette Classmate,
Tang Bai, and classmate Xie Ruheng from the Mecha Department harm. I apologize to you
Tang Bai reluctantly said: “Oh? Do you mean that the other omegas you insulted don't need an
apology? Don't the civilian students you bullied need an apology?!”
Tang Bai’s clear eyes seemed to be able to see through the young mans’ (QJ) black and white
world. He was so well protected, pure white and flawless, like he couldn’t tolerate the slightest
What's more rare is that, unlike those nobles who despise common people, Tang Bai has never
had class prejudice. His world is filled with flowers, jewels, desserts and milky fragrance, and
the warmth and beauty that make people linger.
【 Fuck it’s a little sweet pepper! 】
【 Baby pulls me so hard I love to cry... 】
【 Qin Jun is an alumnus of my high school. He played with the feelings of ordinary omegas
when we were in high school. He didn't recognize people after eating and eating. He also
persuaded his parents to kick out the omegas that made trouble at school. He didn't expect that
he would have this happen today...... 】
【 In my lifetime, I can actually see someone attacking Qin Jun. Didn't the Qin family get rich
because of mining, and make friends with a bunch of families in the Federation? I thought no
one would sell the face of the Qin family. 】
【 Qin Jun's face is black... 】
Qin Jun clenched his teeth, his eyes were so fierce that he almost burst out in fire, he stared at
Tang Bai fiercely.
But Tang Bai wasn’t afraid at all. He even clapped his little hands briskly, so the repeaters
behind him shouted again: “That’s it? That’s it?!”
Tang Bai, who brought his own BGM, smiled sweetly at Qin Jun.
Aren’t you pretentious?
Don’t you think my light of the omegas is an outcast?
Don’t you look down on omega and civilian students?
Come on, keep going, don't kneel.
Tang Bai's smile was so sweet that it was like a honey-dripping sugary little omega, but his
amber eyes were extremely cold.
Great humiliation washed over his body and mind, Qin Jun clenched his fists tightly, and
countless vicious and indecent curse words flooded to his lips——
But I can't say them.
Because this omega is the only son of the Tang family, the grandson he loves the most, and the
prospective fiancée of the grandson of Gu's grandson. If he wants to move him, he must bear
the anger of the Tang and Gu family.
His father's words screamed at him just now: “What do you think you are, you dare to provoke
Tang Bai! Admiral Gu cut off our Qin family's interstellar route because of this, don’t you know?!
With his fists clenched, Qin Jun almost broke his teeth and swallowed the foul language into his
mouth. He spoke: “I also want to apologize to everyone who has been hurt by me.”
Looking at the turbulent crowd in the audience, especially Xie Ruheng in front of the mecha
phalanx, his eyes could hardly contain the resentment.
Asking Qin Jun to apologize to these untouchables is more uncomfortable than killing him. His
expression was distorted and he was silent for a long time before finally saying a humiliating:
“I'm sorry.”
This picture that Tang Bai had always wanted to see when he was reading the text finally
appeared. His light of the omegas, the light of the omegas who suffered unfair treatment in the
school just because he was born in a slum, finally got his due apology.
Tang Bai raised his trumpet and looked at Xie Ruheng from a distance. His heart was sour and
his eyes were soft. He asked softly, “Student Xie Ruheng, what do you want to say?”
Xie Ruheng looked at Tang Bai against the sun under the scorching sun. With their eyes facing
each other, the world he saw was only the gleaming Tang Bai. The whispers of heaven and
earth rang in his ears, and everyone was talking about Tang Bai.
“Is this omega called Tang Bai?”
“He’s so cute, I seem to be in love.”
“He ‘s also a nobleman, apparently there are nobles who will speak for us civilians.”
“This is the first time I have seen such a powerful omega.”
The diamond-encrusted speaker was equipped with a flight system, and it flew into Xie
Ruheng's hands. He took the speaker, and countless eyes fell on him. But this time, Xie Ruheng
didn't feel hostile in his heart, because he knew that among everyone’s gaze, there was one
from Tang Bai.
The black-haired and dark-eyed military academy student was tall and straight, with a
handsome face. He was neither humble nor overbearing and frankly said: “Qin Jun, you call the
civilian student’s outcasts and don’t want to be in the same school as us, but do you know how
many martyrs shed blood before the founding of our federation? Sacrificing themselves in
exchange for today's common people to have the right to go to school?”
The dark phoenix eyes stared at Qin Jun, Xie Ruheng sonorously said: “We are not inferior, we
will be the spear and shield of the Federation, guarding the people residing in the Federation.”
With a solemn expression, he clenched a fist with his left hand and tapped his chest three
This is an ancient etiquette that means absolute loyalty.
The loudspeaker faithfully transmitted the muffled sound of Xie Ruheng tapping his chest--
Boom. Boom. Boom.
It was like a steady heartbeat.
The meaning of this etiquette can be summarized in one sentence, that is, “I would like to give
all of my heart to my allegiance”.
The impassioned speech accompanied by the inspiring etiquette, many military cadets present
were touched, and they beat their chests one after another as if they were beating the drums of
Both those who were insulted by Qin Jun or the civilian students who had never seen the oldest
allegiance ceremony.
One, two, ten, a thousand...
After those individuals who Qin Jun disdained were gathered together by Xie Ruheng, even
high-level military officials who watched the live broadcast had to look at them, not to mention
Qin Jun, who was already shocked.
Looking at the united civilian students, Qin Jun’s face was completely bloodless, his lips moved
up and down, but he couldn’t speak any excuses.
The scene was totally out of control. If he doesn't apologize sincerely, when Tang Bai shakes
out his violent omega temper, he’ll really be over...
In full view, Qin Jun finally lowered his head weakly and said in a trembling voice: “I am here... I
apologize for the insults I made to the Tang family’s omega and the civilian students.”
After speaking, he bent down in silence, put his fingers together, and placed them between his
The audience was in an uproar.
Because the meaning of this etiquette is “God, please forgive my sins, if not, then abandon me”.
This unbelievably arrogant alpha, this time really lowered his head.
But Xie Ruheng, who destroyed Qin Jun's fighting spirit, looked calm and composed.
It’s unknown which alpha applauded, but more and more military cadets joined in the applause.
Some people shouted “Brother Xie is awesome”, and some said, “Brother Xie, can you be the
Tang Bai held his small cheeks in his hands, staring at Xie Ruheng, his heart soft and
Truly worthy of being the light of the omegas! Really super handsome!
Excitedly, he sprinkled all the rose petals in the flower basket below the stage, and the rain of
rich and thick rose petals blossomed one after another, falling on countless alphas.
Xie Ruheng raised his head and looked at Tang Bai quietly. His gaze was almost staring
greedily at the bright and moving brilliance of the young man. The twinkling light of those amber
eyes was more dazzling than any gem.
This is a little gem that shines for him.
Gu Tunan was standing next to Xie Ruheng, his gray-blue eyes staring at the omega on the
platform. He was confident, independent, energetic, reserved, and beautiful. He liked the
appearance of this omega.
The omega, who loved him so much, finally turned himself into what he (GT) liked, but at the
same time, he was also heartbroken.
A trace of nostalgia and regret flashed in his eyes. Gu Tunan tasted bitterness for the first time.
How could he push the omega that loved him so much to another alpha?
Seeing Tang Bai's flowery smile at Xie Ruheng, Gu Tunan's hand hanging by his side slowly
“It seems that Qin Jun has deeply realized his mistakes, and I hope that all students can take
this as a warning, not only knowing to acknowledge it but to also know how to respect omegas.”
The principal spoke gently and concluded the matter.
Mother Qin, who had been watching the live broadcast, breathed a sigh of relief. Before she
could be happy, she heard a bang--
Father Qin smashed the cup with a calm face!
“What's wrong? Isn't it okay? The principal has announced that this incident has been turned
over. Why are you making such a big deal?” Mother Qin complained, patting her chest.
“You really only have omega-like opinions!” Father Qin pointed to his wife's nose and cursed:
“Don't even mention it, Xiao Jun's matter is in the hands of the Tang family. They can turn over
the old account whenever they want. Is it that you can stop them from calling the police, is it?!
Damn the Tang family and the Gu family, don't think this will be easily turned around!”
“Where are you going?”
Looking back at his wife who only knew how to cry, Father Qin said coldly, “Where else can I
go? To clean up the mess for your stupid son!”
The headmaster's speech in the live broadcast room continued: “I really envy you, students. We
didn't have omega cheerleaders for our admission ceremony. If there were, I might have been
motivated to get first place.”
He looked at the young omega who was so energetic, confident, and generous, and at the
restless and eager alpha students, he couldn't help but smile and say: “Behave yourself, brats,
don't let the omegas who came to cheerlead laugh at me!”
The voices of the military cadets were heard from the audience, and the principal's
slightly vicissitudes eyes were stained with smiles.
I really envy you guys, at the best age, you can meet an omega that will make your heart beat
for a lifetime.
Even if you can't embrace the beauty, you can remember those amazing years when you recall
your youth.

Chapter 18 - You are morally corrupt! An alpha getting involved in other people's
“Ten minutes of rest on the spot!”
Following the instructor's order, the alphas who stood upright instantly relaxed and sat on the
ground to rest.
Today is the third day of military training. Most of the alphas are dark-skinned, the only ones
who are white-skinned and shiny are the omegas.
Lu Lu saw the sunscreen used by Xie Ruheng, and said casually: “My brother also uses this
brand, every time I go to the store, I pick it out.”
“Your brother is so… exquisite.” Qiu Yan originally wanted to say that Lu Lu was like an omega,
but an alpha like Brother Xie put on sunscreen in front of him.
“My brother is omega.” Lu Lu replied.
“No way, Xiao Lu, why didn't you tell us you have an omega brother!” “That's it!”
“Roll!” Lu Lu said gruffly, “Don't even think of my brother. There are so many omegas in the
School of Etiquette next door. If you feel lonely, you can chase one by yourself.”
Speaking of the omegas in the School of Etiquette, this group of alphas suddenly fell into a
short silence.
Although the cheerleaders only appeared on the first and last days of military training, they left a
deep impression on this group of restless alphas.
After a while, someone mentioned Tang Bai, and a bunch of alphas began speaking up.
“That omega named Tang Bai is really cute, looks good, has a nice voice, and an interesting
personality. He’s completely my ideal type.”
“Yes... also my sniper orientation.”
“I don't know what his pheromone smells like, I really want to smell it once.”
“Hey, I dare not chase him. His family background is too good. If only he was a civilian omega.”
“My dream is to find such an omega as a wife. I am willing to eat chaff and give him all my
wages and spoil him for the rest of my life!”
“I think Tang Bai is interested in phalanx leaders in the mecha department. He looked at the
mecha phalanx in the broadcast.” An alpha weakly said.
“Yes, yes, yes! I wanted to say this too! When I watched the live broadcast, I also found that he
winked at our phalanx leader!!!” said an idiot who specially cut to the parts of Tang Bai while
watching the live broadcast repeatedly.
Qiu Yan, who knew that Tang Bai had given Xie Ruheng a bento, sneered, “Don't be
narcissistic, use your eyes to see who the most handsome guy in our phalanx is?” It's me, thank
you, brother! I thank you, brother! Thanks, brother!!!
Speaking of Qiu Yan, he still looked at Xie Ruheng dogmatically. Originally, he didn't expect
Xie Ruheng to respond, because many omegas asked Xie Ruheng for contact information these
days, but Xie Ruheng rejected them all.
Unexpectedly, those phoenix eyes cast a... approving look at him!
Qiu Yan, who succeeded in flattering for the first time, burst into tears! He felt that he had not
only discovered the right way to hold his (XR) thighs! I also guessed the candidate for my
future sister-in-law!
“Indeed, Tang Bai also gave the speaker to Brother Xie.” The other alpha scratched his head.
Although alphas are generally fascinated by their own beauty, everyone really is convinced by
Xie Ruheng's face. Thinking that Tang Bai also especially gave Xie Ruheng the speaker, let Xie
Ruheng speak, and stayed in a sweating and stinking pile of alphas. There was a burst of
a sour aroma.
Almost all the alphas present cast envious eyes at Xie Ruheng, but Gu Tunan frowned, and his
gray-blue eyes looked like the sky before the storm.
This is obviously his prospective fiancée. It's fine for these alphas to covet his prospective
fiancée, and they still say that Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai are a pair?!
As for Tang Bai's unilateral severing of relations with him, Gu Tunan subconsciously ignored it
in anger.
He tried to control himself not to look at the proud Xie Ruheng villain, but there was an alpha
that added fuel to the fire nearby: “It's just that Brother Xie, a big alpha male, can control a little
sweet pepper like Tang Bai. It's too spicy. Now, I'll wait—”
“He is indeed a little willful.” Gu Tunan said suddenly, his expression and tone were calm, and
his whole person was calm enough to read some academic report.
But only Gu Tunan knew that there was an evil fire burning in his chest, which made his head
hot, and he couldn't calm down.
“He is spoiled by people. He is very childish, picky, squeamish, sickly, and looks exquisite. In
fact, he’ll even choke on milk while drinking. He likes beautiful clothes and jewelry, listens to
musicals, likes.......”
Scenes and scenes of getting along with Tang Bai appeared in his mind. He indeed is an
extremely willful omega. After meeting for the first time and listening to his mate selection
criteria, he broke his knuckles and reported his mate selection criteria sweetly.
——“I want a gentle and considerate alpha, that won’t get angry at me, won’t say a word to me,
won’t let me do any dirty work, won’t leave me in the cold. All delicious, fun, and beautiful things
should be left for me. They will love and protect me forever.”
He finished the long list in one breath, took a gulp of the milk in his cup, and since he drank too
quickly, a milk stain got stuck on his top lip.
One time, when they went out together, there was a heavy downpour on the road. In order to
prevent his new shoes from being soiled by mud, the little omega simply took off his shoes and
said indistinctly, “Gu Tunan, my feet must have been cut by grass, they’re broken.”
“It's all your fault, it was a good musical at first, but you were late.”
The little omega who was complaining suddenly stopped, and then stepped in a puddle beside
him (GT) barefoot, splashed muddy water on (GT) him, he subsequently ran away with a smile
and yelled: “I'm not playing with you anymore, you can go on your own journey~”
The little omega, who was always jumping, had bright eyes when he laughed, with his voice
sweet and soft, appeared so vividly in his memories.
He said that he had to give him a bento, said that he had brought a book to him, and said, “Gu
Tunan, you shouldn't be such a person.”
The final memory froze on a stage. The omega held a small speaker and faced Qin Jun's
shouting vicinity with a cold face. His face was so exquisite that he looked like he had been
kissed by God, even the strands of hair seemed to glow.
Gu Tunan paused for a moment and said softly, “But he’s independent and self-improving, he is
a...excellent omega.”
Alpha: “???”
An alpha couldn't help asking: “Why do you know Tang Bai so well?”
Gu Tunan said calmly: “Because I am his prospective fiancée.”
“Oh, it turned out to be this...what?!” The alpha stared with surprise and looked at Gu Tunan
Gu Tunan didn’t like Tang Bai before, and never told his classmates about his relationship with
Tang Bai. In addition, they had just started school and they didn’t know each other well, so Gu
Tunan’s words were like a gun. It stunned everyone with a bang!
Qiu Yan stammered and confirmed: “Tang- Tang Bai is your prospective fiancée?” What about
my Brother Xie?!
Gu Tunan looked around at the shocked expressions of everyone, especially at Xie Ruheng's
ugly expression, the gloom in his chest was completely dissipated. Gu Tunan nodded and
pretended to say casually: “Last time he came to our school’s canteen, he gave me a bento
made by himself, but I didn't want it. Which made him angry.”
The gray-blue eyes looked at Xie Ruheng, and Gu Tunan pointed out: “He has a temper and
found an alpha to chat with, and wants to make me jealous.”
Xie Ruheng: “.....”
An alpha who didn't know the truth sighed: “That's really willful. There’s no reason to chat with
other alphas in front of your prospective fiancé.”
Xie Ruheng: “...............”
Seeing Xie Ruheng's increasingly darker face and the seemingly murderous innocence in those
phoenix eyes, Qiu Yan bowed his head in pain——
Don't say it, don't say it, please don't say it, brother Xie's expression is really terrible! And since
Tang Bai is Gu Tunan's prospective fiancée, didn't he just shoot Xie Ge's flattery in the horse's
“Then Tang Bai didn't care about you last time, was it because he was still having a temper?”
Alpha, who had never been in a relationship, asked with an attitude of learning.
Gu Tunan nodded shamelessly: “Still making a fuss, bad temper, no way to fix it.”
Xie Ruheng: “...............................”
This, he, huh, what, what, what was he thinking!
What! what! what——!!!
The expression on the pale and handsome face became extremely sharp, it was full of pressure
just by looking at it. It was frightening. What’s more terrifying was that the oppression belonging
to a top alpha had been tentatively on the verge of rampaging, and the lingering breath faintly
spread out, letting Qiu Yan, the closest person to Xie Ruheng, shudder.
Gu Tunan was very comfortable and said meaningfully: “My prospective fiancé must be more
tolerant. He and I are very close to each other. Apart from each other, we can't find anyone with
such suitable conditions.”
Uncontrollable hostility hit Xie Ruheng's heart like a blade, cutting the roaring little beast all over
its body.
Thinking of Tang Bai's face and tightening his fingers little by little, Xie Ruheng took a deep
breath, trying to put away the overflowing oppression.
Why are you angry...
What right do you have to be angry?
You know that Tang Bai is green tea, and you know that Tang Bai has a prospective fiancé, but
you still can't control your heartbeat.
The one you should be most angry about is yourself! You are morally corrupt! An alpha getting
involved in other people's feelings!
Xie Ruheng seemed to be divided into two parts, and his sensible self was spurning himself,
trying to wake him up:
Hurry up and break it! Don't be immersed in the emotion of helping you get out of the way and
delivering food to you! You are not in a serious relationship, you don’t even dare to show off! I
can only be jealous!
But a part of his instinct broke free from their shackles of reason and sneered:
They are just prospective fiancés who have neither marked each other nor a marriage
certificate, and even the word “prospective” isn’t removed. What kind of serious relationship is
between them?
Gu Tunan said that you were jealous of a shield, so do you really consider yourself to be a
shield? Maybe Gu Tunan is a safety card and you’re true love!
The two villains fought each other fiercely with the idea “when you come, I can't tell the
difference between up and down”.
After a long silence, Xie Ruheng decided to wait for the end of today's military training and
directly asked Tang Bai what their relationship was.

Chapter 19 - Is this attitude suggesting that it’s popular nowadays... Wife chasing
Tang Bai heard his grandfather say that the scavenger series robots of the institute were going
to be sent to the military academy. Part of the reason for sending these robots was to prevent
Xie Ruheng from cleaning the toilets. As a result, teacher Wang went too far and the robots
hadn’t been sent there. Xie Ruheng's punishment was spared.
However, the scavenger robots could protect Xie Ruheng's safety and prevent Qin Jun from
harming his (XR) mind.
But I don’t know if Qin Jun will go to the underground arena to destroy Xie Ruheng’s mecha
after the plot changes...
Tang Bai yawned and squatted by the charcoal stove guarding his Buddha Jumping Over the
Wall. During this time, Tang Bai tried to make Buddha Jumping Over the Wall. It took a long
time to make Buddha Jumping Over the Wall. It took about three days from processing the
ingredients to making it successfully.
In these three days, Xie Ruheng was extremely busy due to military training.
The seven-day military training is divided into three major contents: physical training, skill
operation, and actual combat exercises. The skill operation part is the review of high school
knowledge, such as mecha assembly and basic first-aid.
The first five days are training. On the sixth day, there are written tests in the morning and
afternoon, and the last day is a collective review of the past week.
Xie Ruheng never went to high school, and the operation methods he mastered were all wild
ways, which doesn’t meet the military academy's examination standards. So these days and
nights, he has been learning  supplement knowledge and has no time to spend alone with Tang
But time is like water in a sponge, there will always be a squeeze. Xie Ruheng took time out of
his busy schedule tonight to learn etiquette with Tang Bai.
Today, Tang Bai is ready to present his Buddha jumping over the wall to replenish Xie Ruheng's
In the past few days, Tang Bai strictly followed the production steps of  Buddha jumping over
the wall, putting the pot on a charcoal stove to simmer the soup. In a few hours, he would have
to change the charcoal and lotus leaves. As a result, Tang Bai didn’t sleep well in the past two
Fortunately, the Buddha jumping over the wall would be done soon after jumping the wall!
Tang Bai excitedly took off the mask on his face, tore off the dry lotus leaves on the pot, smelled
the rich fragrance, and was full of accomplishment.
He put the Buddha jumping over the wall into a thermal insulation box, sprayed his arm with
sunscreen spray, and stepped into his small low-heeled leather shoes to go out.
Soon he walked to the gate of the military academy carrying a bento under an umbrella.
“Hey look!” A student on duty in the school guard room pushed his companion that was next to
him, and the two looked up together.
The person walking with an umbrella had a pair of slender legs, brown tube socks wrapped
around their calves, outlining a beautiful and sharp line.
Looking up, there were dark blue shorts. The two dark colors were set against each other, and
the leg skin in the middle was so white that it was dazzling.
When the visitor put away the big black umbrella and revealed a doll-like face, the two alpha
eyes looked straight.
“I'm here to find Xie Ruheng.” The omega's voice was very sweet, and the dimples on his face
were delightful.
The students on duty were stupefied by the omegas body fragrance, and then...
“That was Tang Bai just now! Why do I think he smells like chicken soup?”
The other alpha took an intense sniff and hesitated to say: “Is there still some bone soup?”
The expressionless Xie Ruheng in the team stood out from the crowd. The dark military school
uniform made him pale in color, and his body was slender in proportion. Tang Bai looked at Xie
Ruheng distressedly, um, thin and dark...
When Tang Bai was watching Xie Ruheng, many alphas secretly looked at this omega, who
was famous in the military academy.
Perceiving everyone's commotion, Xie Ruheng raised his head and saw the familiar slender
“Well, today's military training ends here.” The instructor smiled: “Don't let the beautiful omega
wait too long.”
Everyone looked at Gu Tunan subconsciously. After all, this was Tang Bai's prospective fiancé.
Didn't Tang Bai come to Gu Tunan, who else would it be?
He was also carrying a bento, so virtuous.
Gu Tunan's expression moved slightly, remembering the days when Tang Bai once gave him a
bento and remembering what he once said to Tang Bai, “Next time you make a bento...I will eat
Unexpectedly, Tang Bai still took his words to heart like this.
Gu Tunan's heart warmed.
Sure enough, Grandpa was right. The prodigal son turned his head back and didn't change his
gold. This time the Gu family exerted pressure on the Qin family, and he should have saved a
lot of face in front of Tang Bai.
Looking at Tang Bai's vigorously waving his hand, and the figure running over, Gu Tunan smiled
calmly and stretched out his hand to the little omega who was approaching in front of him——
Then he didn't even touch a single hair on Tang Bai’s head.
Tang Bai braved the afterglow of the setting sun and ran to Xie Ruheng with small steps, the
strand of dull hair on the top of his head dangling, as if he couldn't help but jump for joy.
His cheeks were red, he was panting, and he gave Xie Ruheng a bento like it was a treasure,
and his eyes were amazingly bright: “Brother Xie, you won’t be able to guess what I made for
Gu Tunan: “......?!”
Cadets: !!!!!!!!
Cadet A: My Brother Xie is awesome!
Cadet B: Start fighting!
Cadet C: I really want to be a spare tire too!
The alphas looked at Gu Tunan with different expressions. They only felt that there was a green
hat on Gu Tunan's head. Then they looked at Xie Ruheng and slapped their thighs.
Do you see how awesome Xie Ruheng is? Although he doesn't say anything, he’s a great man!
Xie Ruheng: “.....”
This kind of disparity, this blatant preference, this kind of irritation…
Xie Ruheng painfully discovered that he was actually upset. This recognition made him start to
spurn his soul. Why was he lacking a bottom line so much?!
Xie Ruheng, who was envied and hated by many alphas, took over the insulation box. The
person who originally received this holy thing was Gu Tunan, but now it is him. It really is a feng
shui rotation... This is not unpleasant.
Xie Ruheng understands what it feels like to be left dangling by a green tea. He was still sour for
him for a second, but the air around him had a sweet aroma in the next second.
Nostril fluttering, Xie Ruheng took a deep breath and found that the air seemed to be really
A strange sweetness.
He followed the smell to find the source of the fragrance, it was the bento given to him by Tang
Bai, Xie Ruheng tentatively opened the lid——
A strong scent came over, and everyone's faces appeared surprised and intoxicated. Even Xie
Ruheng was lost for a moment.
He saw a small amount of abalone, sea cucumber, deer tendon, pork belly, quail egg, duck
He couldn't recognize the other ingredients for a while, but Xie Ruheng was sure that the
sloshing ingredients within the soup had a soft and waxy taste, and the taste must be beyond
“Oh my god... this is so fragrant…” Qiu Yan's eyes glowed as if he saw the vast universe, and
he swallowed, “Brother Xie, can taste it? Just a piece!”
“What kind of dish is this? Why does it smell so good?”
“Damn, I also want to find Xie Ruheng for a meal!”
“It smells so good, that drool flowed out of my mouth unsuspectingly.”
“I'm sour, Xie Ruheng is not only beautiful but also has good fucking fortune!”
A group of alphas all rioted when they smelled the scent, and they all craned their necks to look
at Xie Ruheng. The corners of their mouths were moist, and their eyes were full of envy.
“Buddha jumping over the wall.” Tang Bai put his hands behind his back, proudly puffing up his
small chest, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were proud: “Smell it?”
The proud little expression hit Xie Ruheng's cute spot at this moment, and he nodded
“Fragrant, fragrant!!!” A group of greedy alphas echoed, as if they had tails, they couldn’t wait to
wag them, “Brother Xie, just a bite~” “A meal is not memorable, but next time I’ll choose you as
the leader. We must vote for you!” “Yes, yes, you can vote for Brother Xie in exchange for a sip
of soup, everyone say yes or no!”
Xie Ruheng didn’t hesitate to close the bento, which caused everyone to boo.
“No way, no way!” “That's not right, still so stingy in front of an omega.” “It's just a mouthful.”
Tang Bai looked at these alphas using eighteen martial arts in order to get a bite, and couldn't
help but laugh.
The noisy alphas were stunned when they saw Tang Bai laugh. Maybe they looked
dumbfounded and were too straightforward. Tang Bai put away his smile, he asked with a stern
face, “Was what you just said true? Is it? Vote for Brother Xie in exchange for some soup?”
“I’ll take it seriously if you don't speak. Next time I’ll make a big pot of soup, you and your
ballots, don't even think of running away!” Tang Bai began counting everyone using his finger:
“You, you, you, you…”
He counted with his fingers one by one. When he reached Gu Tunan, Tang Bai's movements
Those grey-blue eyes, he didn't even know how long they looked at (TB) him, and the
suppressed emotions brewing in them were like the dark waves under a calm sea, erupting at
any time.
This is.........
Tang Bai looked at Gu Tunan slightly, he (TB) was intimate with the other protagonist in front of
the main protagonist's back, which really made the protagonist uncomfortable.
But I’m also doing this for your own good, why do you have to look like I put a green hat on
you? We’re just good (XR & TB) sisters, you’ll naturally appreciate me if you know the truth in
the future!
It took Tang Bai three seconds to unravel himself perfectly, and gracefully retracted his little
finger-pointing, and pretended that nothing happened, and returned to Xie Ruheng's side. Tang
Bai spoke sweetly: “Let's go~”
Gu Tunan, who refused to let go of those amber eyes with a little mood swing, he... his pupils
suddenly shrank!
From a guilty conscience to a strong sense of reason, and finally walking to the jealous shield
provocatively, is this attitude suggesting that it’s popular nowadays... Wife chasing
Gu Tunan was suddenly enlightened!
Those small, meaningful, and straightforward eyes must be saying “Look at my performance”!
Behave well, redeem merits, and behave badly, the prodigal son slips on his knees.
Grandpa was right, the road to chase an omega is long, and he should continue to practice.
Xie Ruheng watching the whole process: “......?”
Why are you making eye contact? Is there anything you can tell me?

Chapter 20 - “Boom~”
Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng walked to an empty practice room. Tang Bai opened the insulation
box, scooped out a few spoonfuls into a bowl, and graciously handed it to Xie Ruheng.
“Taste it!”
Xie Ruheng picked up the bowl with both hands and cherishingly tasted a sip. The small sip of
soup was condensed with the fragrance of various ingredients. It had been simmered for more
than forty hours and it was impossible to tell whether the seafood was fresh. It had the
fragrance of chicken, mellow and smooth, with mouthwatering saltiness and fresh sweetness.
With just one mouthful, one’s soul seemed to be reborn.
The little beast in his heart sighed contentedly and almost burst into tears.
“Is it delicious?” Tang Bai lay on the table, his amber eyes full of expectation. Under such a
gaze, even if it was devil's cuisine Xie Ruheng could say that it was delicious without his
awareness, not to mention that it was originally superbly tasty.
“Very delicious.” Xie Ruheng said earnestly: “The food you cook is delicious.”
Tang Bai was very happy when he heard that, he rolled up his sleeves and happily filled Xie
Ruheng with abalone, sea cucumber, and deer tendon. While busy serving up the dishes, he
said, “Eat more and more! You are too skinny!”
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
He was suspicious for a moment about his thin and fleshy figure and the way he was dressed.
Does Tang Bai like a particularly strong, muscular alpha figure?
Under Tang Bai's gaze, Xie Ruheng picked up the abalone slightly confused.
“Don't worry, don't worry, there’s a lot more, eat slowly~” Tang Bai kept in mind that part of Xie
Ruheng's stomach problems in the book was that Xie Ruheng ate too fast, and said with
sincerity and earnestness: “Chew and swallow slowly to keep in good health!”
Xie Ruheng slowed down when he heard the words, the abalones were boiled soft and were
heart-wrenching. The middle part was sticky and tough, like jelly.
Then he saw Tang Bai’s amber eyes showing an extremely tender feeling again, the eyes were
tender as if a farmer was relieved to see their piglet humming and eating.
Xie Ruheng: “......???”
Why did I think of such a bad analogy?
Xie Ruheng coughed and said, “You can also eat some.”
Tang Bai shook his head, holding his small face in both hands, looking at Xie Ruheng
contentedly, and said softly: “You can eat it.”
Those watery eyes were curved as if they were full of honey, and there was an unreserved
tenderness in them that could drown people. But, they also had a faint blood-red hue to them,
and there was also a bluish-black coloring underneath. Making Tang Bai appear a little more
haggard than usual.
“You haven't rested well?” Xie Ruheng asked.
Tang Bai pulled out a small mirror nervously and looked at the image of himself, “Sure enough,
eye cream and everything else is deceptive, there are still dark circles.”
Seeing Xie Ruheng continuing to look at him, Tang Bai explained: “This dish is more
troublesome to make according to the ancient recipe. It takes two or three hours to change the
charcoal and lotus leaves. I sleep relatively lightly, and I can't fall back to sleep when I wake
After he finished speaking, he found that Xie Ruheng couldn’t move his chopsticks, and quickly
urged: “Why aren’t you eating it? It won't taste good when it's cold.”
Xie Ruheng's eyes moved slightly, “...Don't cook such troublesome dishes next time.”
“I am also trying to challenge myself. In the final exam of my cooking class, you can get a full
mark for making a dish that’s from a difficult cuisine.” Tang Bai paused and said seriously: “And
I like to make good food for you.”
Food is something that easily brings happiness. Tang Bai hopes to give Xie Ruheng a lot of
happiness to the extent of his ability.
Looking at those sincere and clear amber eyes, Xie Ruheng's heart was filled with a steady
stream of indescribable softness. He wasn’t used to this kind of warmth, so he lowered his head
and ate a mouthful of sea cucumber. The taste of sea cucumber was softer than abalone. The
fragrance was also stronger. Even if Xie Ruheng didn't know much about such precious
ingredients, he also knew that this sea cucumber was definitely not the same grade as the one
he ate before.
And it wasn’t someone else who carefully handled these ingredients, it was his dream love O,
thinking about it this way, the unnamed love in his heart became more turbulent...
While Xie Ruheng was eating, Tang Bai flipped through the magical novel in his mind to check
the contents of the etiquette test.
The first question is a basic question, which examines the AA meeting ceremony. Depending on
the age and status of the target, the meeting ceremony between AA can be subdivided into
meeting gifts for younger generations, peers, elders, and superiors.
It's not difficult, it could be called giving free points, Xie Ruheng in the novel didn’t lose points on
this question.
The second question is a situational question, which is about dinner etiquette. In the book, Xie
Ruheng loses points frequently on this test. The next point isn’t because Xie Ruheng doesn’t
work hard, but because there are too many restrictions, for example, you can’t put seven dishes
on one’s table. Etiquette teachers won’t mention it in class, so it’s easy to lose points.
Today there wasn’t much time, Tang Bai decided to give Xie Ruheng these two questions.
When Xie Ruheng was finished, Tang Bai asked sweetly: “Brother Xie, let's learn the meeting
ceremony first. Do you know the meeting ceremony between alpha and alpha?”
“For a handshake, the stronger one stretches out his hand first, and the stronger one is the
most powerful among the elders, superiors, and peers.” Xie Ruheng replied.
Tang Bai nodded approvingly, “Come on, I’ll play your alpha elder, let's practice.”
“The important thing to remember is that the holding time should not exceed three seconds.
When shaking hands, bend slightly to show respect.”
Tang Bai stretched out his right hand, and after a second, his hand was held by Xie Ruheng.
Xie Ruheng's hand was a size larger than his. Tang Bai couldn't help but sigh with emotion: “It’s
so difficult to play an alpha. Sure enough, pretending to be A must have superior innateness.
Brother Xie, you really have an alpha spirit.”
Xie Ruheng: I didn't expect shaking hands would reflect my alpha charm.
Tang Bai: I praised him for pretending to be an A, he must have a sense of accomplishment~
Xie Ruheng, who was more burdened by the male god, withdrew his hand gracefully, waiting for
Tang Bai to explain the next step, but Tang Bai asked excitedly: “Xie brother, do you want to
learn the meeting ceremony between OO~?”
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
Tang Bai saw Xie Ruheng not speaking, so he acquiesced that Xie Ruheng’s etiquette
examinations ranged from both AA and AO, which was not very practical for Xie Ruheng as an
omega. He (XR) can’t continue using alpha etiquette until Xie Ruheng’s true gender is exposed.
“The meeting ceremony between omegas is more intimate and enthusiastic than between
alphas.” Tang Bai said, taking a step closer. The social distance for alphas is 50 centimeters,
while the social distance for omegas is 10 centimeters.
It was too close, close enough that Xie Ruheng was holding his breath.
“We will use the pasting ceremony, face and face should be stuck together.” Tang Bai raised his
face and muttered in a low voice: “But you are too tall.”
How could there be such a tall omega?
Tang Bai stood on his tiptoes and embraced Xie Ruheng's neck generously. At this moment,
Xie Ruheng's eyes widened slightly, his slender neck tightened, and his adam’s apple that rolled
up and down was extraordinarily sexy.
“The better the relationship between the omegas is, the closer their faces will be.” Tang Bai
pressed his cheek affectionately onto the side of Xie Ruheng’s face. When their skin touched,
he (TB) felt his (XR) cold skin suddenly heat up.
The light of the omegas is so cute!
Tang Bai squinted his eyes, rubbed Xie Ruheng's hot cheeks like a cat, and said softly, “The
last step is a gentle kiss.”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
The heat of Tang Bai’s breath landed on Xie Ruheng's earlobe, causing his already stopped
brain to freeze completely!
Seeing Xie Ruheng motionless, Tang Bai pointed to his lips specifically, “You don't have to kiss,
just kiss into the air.”
He demonstrated it again responsibly, the pale pink lips seemed to be smeared with a layer of
transparent syrup, and the sweetness of his lips was so sweet when making an inviting kiss
Xie Ruheng’s temples jumped fiercely, and he didn’t even tremble so uncontrollably when he
killed for the first time, “You...do you know what you’re doing?”
Teasing an adult alpha...
Tang Bai let out a moist “Hmm” that seemed to come out of his nasal cavity, he softly encircled
Xie Ruheng's neck and looked at him with those clear and innocent light-colored eyes that were
so naive and gentle.
For a moment, Xie Ruheng really wanted to kiss him regardless, and teach this little omega who
always said what he wanted and teased (XR) him.
But that’s not how romance works.
The amazing self-control was stubbornly stopping Xie Ruheng.
“Tang Bai,” Xie Ruheng took a deep breath, his slim phoenix eyes narrowed dangerously, and
he asked word by word, “What is the relationship between us?”
Chapter 21 - The kind of like where I want to spend a lifetime with him.
Looking directly at those dark, deep, and even green eyes, Tang Bai's expression became
Why did Xie Ruheng suddenly ask this question? Why is Xie Ruheng's expression so fierce that
he seems to want to bite (TB) him? Is it because of the pasting ceremony just now?
Thinking back to his remarks that “the better the relationship between the omegas, the closer
their faces will be”, Tang Bai's dumbfoundedly startled——
Does the light of the omegas feel that our relationship isn’t good enough to have our faces close
to each other?!
I’m feeling choked up!
And heartbroken......
The eyes under Tang Bai’s thick eyelashes were filled with water vapor nervously. A small
omega like Tang Bai with well-developed lacrimal glands can really have big watery eyes at
any time.
Realizing that the look in his eyes frightened Tang Bai, Xie Ruheng quickly calmed down and
said: “I just asked about our relationship and won't treat you like that.”
He is a principled alpha, and he will never knock down an omega when they’re unwilling!
Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng anxiously. He didn't see any disgust in the eyes of the other
party. He seemed to be simply analyzing their relationship.
Tang Bai's little heart was beating again. Does this mean to confirm the relationship with him
and give him a title?!
The uncertainty in his tone must be that Xie Ruheng has never had a jimei, so he doesn’t know
if they (TB & XR) are good sisters.
Then this is a question about the position of the protagonist in the camp in the future, whether to
be a little brother or do a good job at Jimei is in this one move-
“Of course, we’re good friends!” Tang Bai categorically cut the line.
Xie Ruheng, who was so excited that he was almost in estrus: “......?”
We’re good friends? Friends? Friend?
You tell me that we’re good friends after you’re done with me?
Seeing Xie Ruheng's sluggish expression, Tang Bai quickly added: “Brother Xie, you’re my best
Xie Ruheng: “............”
How come these kinds of remarks are so familiar? Even Tang Bai's energetic little milky voice
can't save those green tea words...
Yes, tea language, tea language.
Whether Tang Bai is green tea or not has troubled Xie Ruheng for a long time. Whenever Xie
Ruheng suspects that Tang Bai is green tea, Tang Bai does something that touches his heart
deeply, whether it’s writing a novel or making Qin Jun apologize and staying up late to make
Buddha jumping over the wall, it was just like their almost-kiss.
Let Xie Ruheng couldn't help but argue, how could an omega that’s ambitious, free-spirited,
strong, intelligent, virtuous, gentle, and lovely be sultry green tea?
But now, the memories of this scene full of pink bubbles were added with a green light filter at
this moment, Xie Ruheng looked in a trance as if he smelled the faint tea scent again, it was a
fresh green tea fragrance, and the green was so green that Xie Ruheng was flustered.
The range of good friends is very wide, and ambiguous AO can also be good friends.
The distracted gaze narrowly focused, and trembling fell on Tang Bai's pure and pleasant face.
Xie Ruheng asked warily, “We’re just good friends? Do you think we have just a pure
Tang Bai added positively: “It's still the relationship between fans and idols, I admire you so
much!” In fact, it’s a relationship between father and son, but this doesn’t need to be said.
Xie Ruheng: “...............”
Tang Bai was afraid that Xie Ruheng wouldn’t believe it, so he patted his little chest, and vowed
to be upright: “In this world, there’s really a friendship of gods who meet each other, and cross
mountains and rivers to find a friend! Believe me, Brother Xie, although the time we’ve spent
together is short, I really treat you as a good friend! The kind who is willing to stab you!”
Xie Ruheng: “......”
Every word Tang Bai uttered was like stabbing a sharp blade into Xie Ruheng's heart, it was
bloody and terrible.
In the mouth of green tea, doesn't a good friend mean a spare tire? The best spare tire in the
world, if you need to insert another, just change to a new spare tire if the original is torn.
Xie Ruheng's soul had ascended to heaven surrounded by a burst of tea fragrance, leaving only
an empty shell meant to be unloved, and said: “I won't be a third party.”
Won’t be a third party?
Tang Bai: “!!!”
Tang Bai has tears in his eyes! Tang Bai's heart is surging! Tang Bai is delighted!
Sure enough, sincerity can be exchanged for sincerity, doesn’t Xie Ruheng mean that he wants
to give up his support for himself (TB) and Gu Tunan?!
Although Xie Ruheng's expression was very tragic and solemn, and his tone was painful, like a
strong man cutting his wrist, Xie Ruheng still gave this promise.
Oh my god! Did you hear that?! The light of the omegas has become a good sister with me. I
can't say that I’m not proud. Alphas are like clothes, and jimei’s are like limbs. This famous
saying doesn’t deceive me!!!
Tang Bai stood on his tiptoes with excitement and embraced Xie Ruheng's neck affectionately.
In Xie Ruheng's stunned eyes, he pouted and took a firm grasp on Xie Ruheng's face!
Yes! He wanted to kiss Brother Xie for a long time!
They used to be ordinary friends who didn't dare to chat, but now they were good sisters. Isn't it
possible to kiss if you want?
Xie Ruheng, who was originally discouraged, trembled, and thousands of thoughts pushed him
away, leaving only this kiss in his world.
Unfamiliar feelings spread, like flowers blooming in his complete heart, those unnamed feelings
were fresh, hot, joyful... and they also exuded an unpleasant joy.
Tang Bai's soft and sweet voice was heard by his ear: “I have already parted with Gu Tunan~ I
told him personally. So if you really like—”
Tang Bai circled his sister's neck, recalling the obvious dissatisfaction on Xie Ruheng's face just
now. Although he didn't know what was so good about Gu Tunan that made Xie Ruheng give up
so painfully, he respected Xie Ruheng's right to pursue love.
Everyone has different criteria for choosing a spouse. Maybe Xie Ruheng would take care of Gu
Tunan's potty-mouth?
Tang Bai didn't want to deprive Xie Ruheng of the right to like others in the name of “for your
own good”. His amber eyes were dyed with tender light, and he whispered, “It doesn't matter if
you go after it~”
While talking, the heat of his breath blew softly onto Xie Ruheng's jaw, causing a tingling itch.
Xie Ruheng who received the hint: “!!!”
His deep eyes locked onto Tang Bai firmly, Xie Ruheng looked calm but eagerly asked,
I'm really anxious, the fire of love that was drowned out by tea couldn't wait to prepare to be
Seeing that Xie Ruheng was so happy when he heard that Gu Tunan was able up for grabs,
Tang Bai grumbled aggrievedly and glared at Xie Ruheng, like a miserably abandoned kitten,
silently condemning Xie Ruheng.
Condemning Xie Ruheng, a villain who has forgotten his friends.
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Seeing Xie Ruheng looking confused and not knowing where he was wrong, Tang Bai sighed in
his heart.
Alas, this is the light of the omegas, what else can you do besides pamper it?
He wanted to touch Xie Ruheng's head, but Xie Ruheng was too high, so Tang Bai could only
retreat and hold Xie Ruheng's face with both of his hands.
Xie Ruheng's face was thin, there was no flesh at all...
Thinking of Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan in the book being so thin, Tang Bai's heart was sore, and
his amber eyes were covered with a layer of mist, like the misty Wangyou Lake in the valley in
the early morning.
Xie Ruheng, who was watching with such virtuous and gentle eyes, trembled, and he could feel
Tang Bai's soft fingers touching his face carefully. As if to imprint his face in the bottom of his
heart with this technique.
Such a cherishing attitude was like Tang Bai treating him as a treasure, gentle enough to make
people want to cry.
Tang Bai whispered to the startled Xie Ruheng: “Actually, I have a little selfishness. I don't want
Brother Xie to fall in love first.”
He approached little by little, and those clear eyes were like a sea of mirrors, reflecting Xie
Ruheng's bewitched face.
“I can see Brother Xie’s unique ambition, free-spirited courage, self-control from a meager
background, and unwillingness to give up.” Every sentence hit Xie Ruheng's heart, and those
eyes seemed to be able to see through his soul. This profound omega was like the prophet of
his destiny.
“Normalcy and greatness are never thousands of miles away, greatness comes from normalcy,
and normalcy makes greatness.”
Xie Ruheng’s heart seemed to be held in by the bewitching words. With every beat, the
emotions contained in those words flowed into his heart and blended into his blood.
Tang Bai used a tone that was almost religious, like a moth fighting fire, and said without
hesitation: “You will become the most dazzling new star in the Federation. Your duty is to
change this society. Please keep moving forward, moving towards your dream, and strive to
achieve your dream. Go to the highest point, don’t listen to any hate and smearing words, just
do what you want to do.”
Those amber eyes were amazingly bright, “And I will always support you, follow you, and wait
for Brother Xie to stand on the highest point, love will come naturally, right?”
Boom. boom.
The extremely provocative words entangled his limbs. It was obviously a sweet-as-cotton-candy
voice, but it softly wrapped around his body, making him unable to extricate himself, unable to
distinguish whether Tang Bai was green tea——
But none of this mattered anymore. Whether he’s green tea or not, it doesn't matter to treat him
(XR) as a potential spare tire, because at this moment, he just wants to get close to this person
and absorb that warmth and trust.
Xie Ruheng lowered his head in a daze, and put the left half of his face on Tang Bai's face,
using the etiquette Tang Bai had taught him to stick tightly to Tang Bai's small face.
It was soft and exuded a warm temperature, like a little sun with a toffee flavor.
The meeting ceremony between omegas was a face-to-face ceremony. This etiquette wasn’t
suitable for an alpha, since alphas are naturally territorial and highly aggressive, and can’t
expose their fragile neck to others.
However, Xie Ruheng was not on guard or anxious when he was stuck with Tang Bai. Instead,
he felt very relieved. It was a kind of lazy comfort emanating from the inside of his body and the
position of his left chest cavity.
At the same time, he still felt that his teeth were itchy, and he wanted to bite something.
He wanted to grab this little omega by the back of his neck and take him back to his nest in the
warm sunlight where spring flowers bloom.
Yes... it seems like he really is going to die.
I really want to be pasted onto this omega.
Not simply because I’m obsessed with Tang Bai’s appearance, but I really like Tang Bai, inside
and out, the kind of like where I want to spend a lifetime with him.
No matter what will happen in the future, at least at this moment, he really heard the sound of
his heartbeat.
The bloodless thin lips opened slightly, sending out a short but firm response: “Yes.”
I promise you that after success and fame, I will pursue you gracefully.
Tang Bai: “!!!”
Awesome! I successfully convinced my light of the omegas to not fall in love and engage in their
Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng brightly, raised his finger, and said, “Shall we pinky promise?”
Hearing such childish behavior, Xie Ruheng stretched out his finger without hesitation.
The two fingers were entwined together, one was wearing a rose ring, the other was wearing a
thorn ring, the two light brains touched each other lightly as if a beautiful rose was growing out
of the thorn.
The setting sun shone in through the window, and fine dust whirled silently in the silting light,
like a witness to their vows.
“Pinky promises can’t be taken back, whoever goes back is a dog.” Tang Bai happily continued
teaching, counting the key points of dinner etiquette, “Brother Xie, do you know how to dance
with Moka, the ballroom dance dedicated to dinner?”
Moka is a social dance that nobles will dance when they attend a dinner party. It’s highly
ornamental, rigorous, and elegant. It takes about a week to learn at the earliest. However, there
are more than 30 dances within the scope of the etiquette exam…
Xie Ruheng in the book couldn't learn it at all, resulting in tragic deductions for ballroom
Xie Ruheng shook his head.
Tang Bai turned on his light brain and turned on a piece of music. The gorgeous music flowed
from the rose-shaped light brain ring, like gurgling water, with magnificent petals floating on
“Come on, I'll be your dancing partner, Brother Xie, you have to hold my waist.” Tang Bai put
Xie Ruheng's hand on his waist.
Before Xie Ruheng had time to feel Tang Bai’s waist that he had been coveting for a long time,
he heard Tang Bai “wow” in surprise.
“Brother Xie, don't move your hand, just stay in this position~” Tang Bai called up the camera
mode beautifully, and pointed it at his waist, making a “ka-cha” noise.
In the photo, black gloves covered Tang Bai’s thin waist, it was less than a grip. In contrast to
the slender hands, Tang Bai's waist was sylphlike. He stored the photos contentedly and
raised his head to meet Xie Ruheng's slightly surprised gaze.
“Why are you taking a photo?”
Tang Bai didn't hesitate to say: “To show off in my circle of friends~” The settings make it only
visible to jimei’s, let his other sisters appreciate his good figure~
If necessary, you can also act as my boyfriend at Valentine's Day parties. Other small omegas
have boyfriends appearing in their photos, so he can have them too!
Even if Xie Ruheng doesn’t show his face, the appearance of this photo has a damn sexy~
His skin was originally bloodless white, but the part of his skin exposed between his shirt cuffs
and gloves was even paler. The interweaving black and white colors brought a sense of death
like ice, but with Xie Ruheng’s hand placed ambiguously on a slender waist, it looked rather
If the palm of one’s hand moves down a little bit, you can touch a voluptuous and curvy hip. The
temptation of abstinence and debauchery spread silently in the photo. If it weren't for Tang Bai
knowing that Xie Ruheng is an omega, he might’ve blushed when he saw the photo.
“Show off?” Is this Tang Bai telling his friends about his (XR) existence?
Xie Ruheng's heart was sweet, his red tongue licked his canine teeth unconsciously, and he
whispered: “Then can I ‘show off’ in my circle of friends?”
Sure enough, omegas are very concerned about things like slender waists~
Tang Bai directly stretched out his hand and touched Xie Ruheng's waist. Through the thin
cloth, Tang Bai touched a soft belly.
Tang Bai: “?”
Belly: “?”
Belly: “!!!”
In the next instant, the belly muscles being poked by Tang Bai’s fingertips became hard! It was
those tough and handsome abs again!
Tang Bai couldn't help but laugh. The fingers that had prodded his abdominal muscles rubbed
the tip of his nose embarrassingly. He raised his eyes to look at the stiff Xie Ruheng and said
empathetically: “I know that muscles are soft when they aren’t exerted~”
“Your waist is also very thin. The main waist-to-hip ratio is very good, and your shoulders are
wide. In contrast, your waist is very narrow!” Tang Bai rainbow farted and gave out a free basket
of rainbow farts like charity: “Shoulders as wide as the Pacific Ocean, an inverted triangle body,
Brother Xie, you’re so spicy~”
Xie Ruheng coughed and said uncomfortably: “You are very sweet.”
Tang Bai accepted the compliment beautifully and presented a sweet smile. His little hands
restlessly patted Xie Ruheng's strong chest muscles, “Cuteness is worthless in front of
sexiness, Brother Xie, your chest muscles are really good! I have a sister who can't practice it
no matter what.”
Xie Ruheng, who constantly felt that something was wrong: “......?”
He was disturbed by Tang Bai's small hands, fearing that he couldn’t hold back his gun and
misfire, he had to whisper: “Stop making trouble, let's have you continue teaching me.”
Tang Bai didn't expect Xie Ruheng's face to be so thin, and his face was blushing after a few
words of praise. He didn't expect that the light of the omegas, who wasn’t afraid of the sky, was
afraid of being praised for being good, spicy, and sexy…
Once accepted, this setting is unexpectedly cute!
Tang Bai laughed with his two small dimples showing. He reached out and clung to Xie
Ruheng's shoulders, “Okay, I won't say anything, come, you first look down at my feet, I retreat
to the left in the first step, like this, and then you follow to the right…”
Tang Bai thought he would be stepped on by Xie Ruheng, but Xie Ruheng's physical
coordination and memory abilities really exceeded his expectations. Not only did he not step on
him, but the dance steps could be remembered with just one explanation.
“Brother Xie, you learned so fast! Much better than when I first learned…”
Half of Xie Ruheng's attention was concentrated on the waist under his palm, when he heard
the words he responded: “You teach well.”
On the first day of teaching, Tang Bai was going to hand over the basic movements to Xie
Ruheng. What he taught Xie Ruheng would immediately be learned. It was like a humanoid
action copier, which made Tang Bai experience the joy of teaching.
The distance between the two was very close. Mok is originally a social dance that allows the
partners to communicate intimately. As long as he turned his face away and lowered his voice,
he could whisper something.
At this moment, the atmosphere was just right. Xie Ruheng looked at Tang Bai who was close
at hand, and whispered softly, “Qin Jun's matter, thank you.”
“It’s not necessary to say thank you, I also hate Qin Jun. I didn't want to make him feel superior.
Besides, didn't Qin Jun scold me before you beat him? It's up to me to say thank you.” Tang Bai
smiled embarrassedly and said: “And thank you for seeing you outside.”
The shy expression and soft kindness of the little omega made Xie Ruheng lose his mind for a
while. He thought that after Tang Bai spent a lot of time and energy on the Buddha jumping over
the wall for him, he used similar rhetoric for fear that he would have a psychological burden.
...How could he be so stupid.
"Isn’t I writing an article? Write that the protagonist killed a gang member, and then commented
that the area was arguing every day, saying that I smeared the image of omega. I don’t know
why they were so angry. Are gang members on?"
"Actually, when I wrote, I imagined that the gang member as Qin Jun, and I felt a sense of
accomplishment when I wrote that he died in a bathroom.” At this point, Tang Bai's tone
suddenly fell, “It's a pity that Qin Jun was actually hurting an omega, not just the protagonist.”
The phoenix eyes were slightly confused.
Tang Bai abruptly remembered that Xie Ruheng still didn't know that Qin Jun raped an omega,
“It's like this, I asked Grandpa to help check the monitoring…”
The “Sweeper” series robots were balanced robots experimented on by the Weapons Research
Institute, they’re a mix between domestic robots and military robots.
The most recently developed nanny skill system is installed in the brain of each “scavenger”
robot. Their appearance is different from traditional cumbersome household robots. They are
small, sleek, and extremely efficient. They are light and clean in the drill yard, the library of the
Federal Military, the Academy campus, canteens, classrooms, bathrooms, and so on.
These robots are usually followed by professors from the Department of Mechanical
Engineering. When the sweeper’s slender, white arms sprayed air freshener on the bathroom
floor, a few gray-haired old men excitedly discussed like children: “Oh, this is the latest robot by
the Federation. Is it the jet technology of the United States?!” “Yes, yes, it must be, you can see
how clean the floor is!” “This student, you are littering on the ground, this habit is not good. Give
it to us so that the scavenger doesn’t increase its workload!”
The military school cadet who was relieved: “.....”
The scavenger robot raised his small hand at the trash can, and the paper in the trash can
smashed into powder. The professors continued to spray spit out excitedly: “Is this a newly
developed special decomposition technology?” “How did it do that?” It's time to precisely control
the scope of decomposition!” “I want to disassemble and study it!” “The garbage in this can is all
decomposed, I want to see the decomposition process again… The student in the next stall isn’t
done yet?”
The cadet who was squatting: “.....”
After quickly clearing the bathroom, the scavenger rushed to the next bathroom like a whirlwind.
Several old men also chased after it, leaving the military academy cadets looking at each other.
“Um...what the hell is going on!” A military cadet finally couldn't help but ask frantically.
“Don't you know? Director Tang sent a batch of cleaning robots to our school. Now the
professors in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are so happy that they chase these
robots every day. They don't even want to go to class.”
“Why is Director Tang suddenly so generous? Let me make a statement. I don't mean that
Director Tang is stingy. I just simply think our school is not worthy.”
“It's because of Tang Bai! Didn't Qin Jun apologize to Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng during the
entrance ceremony? I heard that Xie Ruheng and Qin Jun had a dispute because of Tang Bai
before, and then Xie Ruheng beat Qin Jun and was punished to clean the bathrooms of the
entire school. Tang Bai directly begged Elder Tang to send the scavenger robots to share the
burden of Xie Ruheng.”
“My God, I'm so sour... Wouldn't Xie Ruheng be the son-in-law of the Tang family?! Old Tang is
the idol of me and my dad. But the threshold of the Weapons Research Institute is too high. My
dad puts the hope of entering the Weapons Research Institute on me. I’m still studying hard and
am expecting to work under the hands of Old Tang. Xie Ruheng has become a son-in-law of the
Tang family.”
“Wait! Is that robot from the ‘Sweeper’ series just now?! Ah, ah, ah, why didn’t you say it earlier!
I want to take a picture with it!”
“Let me add a detail. I heard that my friend said that it was Qin Jun who scolded Tang Bai and
said that Tang Bai was a stray.”
“Stray?! This! Again! Woah! What! What a melon!”
“Why don't you know anything? What we have in our school forum is the hot post of ‘surprise!
Tang Bai met with the two major school grasses of the Mecha Department at the gate of Omega
Etiquette school'!”
“Yes, yes, it’s said that Tang Bai is Gu Tunan's prospective fiancée. Qin Jun scolded Tang Bai
as a wretched fiancée in front of Gu Tunan. When Xie Ruheng beat him, he also asked Gu
Tunan for help…”
The military cadet, who was enthusiastic about eating melons, looked up and saw Qin Jun, who
was somber-faced.
Just leaving Qin Jun standing in the bathroom alone, thinking that he would be the
laughingstock of the whole school, his face was green for a while, white for a while, red for a
while, then purple for a while. Shame and indignation overcame him, there was also an
unstoppable panic. He thought that it would pass after he apologized. But as far as he knows,
Tang Bai has no plan to stop. If Tang Bai really goes to sue him for infringement/offending
omega, then what should he do?
Just as Qin Jun was panicking, his communication number was called, and Father Qin's
indifferent voice sounded: “I have helped you deal with the omega matter. You ask for leave
tonight, and go to Tang's house to apologize with me.”
Qin Jun was overjoyed at first. After hearing the second half of his father's statement about him
apologizing, he couldn't help but complain: “Why do I have to apologize again? Didn't I already
“How did I contribute to giving birth to you, idiot! Causing such trouble, do you think it will be
easily solved?! Do you think your previous shameful and conspicuous apology is enough?! If
you say more, I will cut off your legs!”
Qin Jun was like a silent cicada.
Tang family house.
Mother Tang was leaning on her beauty couch to trim some flower branches. The retro landline
on the table ringed. She gently put down the scissors and reached out to answer the phone:
“Mrs. Tang, I am Qin Jun's father. This dog-like child is ignorant and spoke offensively to little
Master Tang. Tonight I’ll take my naughty child to the door to apologize…”
Mother Tang listened quietly and asked softly: “What offense did he make?”
As soon as she asked this question, there was no sound from the other side for a long time.
Mother Tang said understandingly: “It seems that this is too ugly. Since Mr. Qin can't say it, I
don't have to say it.”
“...There's really no excuse for the way my Qin family’s son acted. Tonight, I ask to apologize to
little Young Master Tang.”
“Tangtang may not be back tonight.” Tang Mu said softly.
“...When will Young Master Tang come home?”
“I don't know. He’s no longer a kid. I don't even know what he does, what he says, and where
he goes.” Tang Mu said, “He’s old enough and he should be responsible for himself. We can’t
let our parents intervene in everything, Mr. Qin, aren’t I right?”
After a long silence, Father Qin said with a gloomy tone: “Madam is right, the Qin Family’s son
must be taught.”
Mother Tang hung up the phone and pinned a strand of curly hair on the side of her face behind
her ears. She lay lazily on the couch, looking at the well-kept small garden outside the window.
It’s unknown what she thought of before sighing softly.
Grandpa Tang came over with a teacup, “Sigh, Tangtang is coming back tonight to give us
some delicious food. I heard that he made Buddha jumping over the wall. There’s such filial
piety and sensibleness from Tangtang. Are you not happy?”
“Where is he sensible?” Mother Tang frowned, “If he was sensible and the marriage as agreed,
he wouldn't have screwed me over. How could he look down on such an excellent alpha as Gu
“Look at you. Didn't you just say on the phone that the child was older and one’s parents can’t
intervene in everything?” Grandpa Tang snorted
“Dad, if Gu Tunan isn’t good enough, there won’t be any good alphas who are age-appropriate
for Tangtang.”
“What you said is wrong, I think the kid from the old Zhang family is also quite good, very
As soon as Tang Bai entered the door, he heard his mother and grandfather discuss his life-
long events in the living room.
Tang Bai: “......”
Tang Bai held the doorknob, stepped back silently, trying to slip away.
At this moment, a snow-white dumpling rushed out of the living room and trotted all the way to
Tang Bai. His two front paws grabbed Tang Bai's trousers, and his tail was so excited that it was
about to break.
“Eh~ Did Snowball smell something delicious from his brother~?” Tang Bai held the thermal
insulation box and said cheerfully to the Samoyed at his feet.
Snowball responded excitedly.
The movement at the door interrupted the heated discussion between Mother Tang and
Grandpa Tang. Mother Tang said lazily: “Strange——”
“Why are there two puppies here?” She turned her head, pretending to be surprised: “Oh,
there’s only one dog!”
Tang Bai: “......”
Mom, you don’t have to.
After dishing out the Buddha jumping over the wall to his mother, grandfather, Snowball, and
himself, while leaving a bowl for his father, the three of them sat down at the dining table.
Mother Tang took the lead in trouble-making. She put her face in her hands and looked at Tang
Bai sadly and spoke: “Tangtang, you made your mother so miserable. Mom has no face to meet
your Aunt Gu. You said you were doing fine, so why did you have to fight? Is Gu Tunan bad?”
Tang Bai got up and clipped a deer tendon for Mother Tang and said, “Mom, I think this is as
delicious as the Buddha jumping over the wall you made before.”
Mother Tang happily took a bite of the deer tendon. The deer tendon was soaked in the warm
soup. As soon as she bit it down, the juice overflowed, and a rich strong scent filled her mouth.
She reservedly commented: “The taste is very good. One day you’ll catch up with your mother.”
Halfway through the meal, she put down her chopsticks vigilantly and said: “Don't change the
“Mom, didn't you ask me why I’m not with Gu Tunan?” Tang Bai said with his small face. “I
personally made a loving bento for Gu Tunan, and Gu Tunan refused without even looking at it.”
Mother Tang: “!!!”
Mother Tang had a broken face: “He is too much.”
Tang Bai continued his efforts: “He doesn't like the way I dress, and he personally said that my
clothes are ugly.”
Mother Tang: “!!!”
Tang Bai put aside his chopsticks and said: “He also thinks I'm squeamish and pretentious.”
Mother Tang and Grandpa Tang: “!!!”
Tang Bai had never said this to his family before. He and Gu Tunan used each other as shields.
When the family asked about their progress, Tang Bai would only mention that Gu Tunan didn't
like him very much.
Gu Tunan's mother liked him (TB) very much, and she was very satisfied when she talked about
Tang Bai, so Tang Bai's mother thought that Gu Tunan was also satisfied with Tang Bai, but
she didn't expect it to be so bad.
Thinking of her beloved baby being rejected by others, Mother Tang's whole person was not
good: “What a bad score! This kind of alpha that doesn't know how to appreciate something
amazing. Mom will find you a better one!”
“A three-legged alpha is hard to find, can't you just find a two-legged alpha? We can sugar a
piece of swan meat, it’s Gu Tunan who has eyes but no pupils!” Mother Tang hugged Tang
Bai distressedly and said softly: “Our Tangtang is obviously virtuous, beautiful, cute, and
considerate. Where can we find such a good Tangtang?”
Tang Bai was a little embarrassed to be praised, he knew that he had a lot of bad qualities and
said, “Mom, how can I be so good?”
Grandpa Tang was upset, “Our Tangtang is so good. Did the kid surnamed Gu blow up your
self-confidence? You’re better than your mother said, you are perfect.”
Tang Bai's heart warmed. Although his mother married a madman and his grandfather was a
straight old man, no matter what they were doing, they were still helping him at critical
Mother Tang stroked Tang Bai's strand of dull hair and said softly, “But blind dates are still going
to be done. You are free this weekend, so mom will arrange a blind date for you.”
Tang Bai: “......”
Grandpa Tang echoed: “That kid from the Zhang family is not bad. Although he’s five years
older than you, he is mature and stable, sleek, and sophisticated. He is well-rounded in
officialdom, and he knows how to fight.”
Tang Bai: “............”
The strand of dull hair that had been caressed by his loving mother suddenly lost its fighting
spirit and drooped faintly. Tang Bai looked at his mother impenetrably, “Why don't you arrange a
blind date for Snowball?”
“Snowball is going to be neutered next week. What kind of blind date could he go on?” Mother
Tang hesitated for a while seeing that Tang Bai wasn’t very interested.”Tangtang, do you like
someone particularly beautiful, like that alpha Xie Ruheng?”
Tang Bai: “......?”
When Grandpa Tang heard this, he quietly adjusted his posture, he stared at Tang Bai with his
old eyes!
Tang Bai said helplessly: “Mom, my relationship with Brother Xie is not what you think.”
“So he’s called Brother Xie, so intimate.” Mother Tang covered her mouth and laughed while
saying: “This Buddha jumping over the wall was made especially for your Brother Xie.”
Tang Bai: “............”
What the hell is Brother Xie?
Grandpa Tang couldn’t listen anymore. He coughed and shook his beard to assume the posture
of the head of the family. Tang Bai and Tang’s mother looked at Grandpa Tang together, only to
listen to Grandpa Tang’s solemn voice: “Tangtang, you and I may disagree with what you say,
but Grandpa still has to tell you the right from the wrong, it’s very important.”
Tang Bai: “......?”
“When I say the right person, it’s not necessarily how powerful an official is, but a spiritually
compatible person. A person's living environment and parents' words and deeds profoundly
affect their child's life and three views.”
Mother Tang nodded frantically, looking at Tang Bai eagerly, trying to convey her worries
"You are fine, and that child is fine, but you are not all the same." Grandpa Tang's muddy eyes
looked extremely sharp at this time. He stared at Tang Bai like a falcon as if guiding a traveler
on a misty path.
"He will go farther and farther in the future, standing at a very high place, he will see countless
young omegas, and those omegas have never seen his most embarrassing side…”
remembering the cold-blooded and decisive side of Xie Ruheng in the report, even Grandpa
Tang shuddered.
“Do you know what a ‘Phoenix A’ is? A golden phoenix flew out of the chicken coop, and a
phoenix A came out of the slum. They are capable, ambitious, and cruel enough to lie on you
and suck blood when you have value and leave you behind without hesitation when you have
no value.”
Grandpa Tang touched Tang Bai's head with pity, “If Xie Ruheng is this kind of person, what
should I do with Tangtang at this time?”
The strand of dull hair on the top of his head was stroked by Grandpa Tang's warm hand. Tang
Bai felt the heavy love and understood the deep meaning behind Grandpa Tang's heart-
warming words.
If he was an ignorant little omega, he would probably listen to his elders obediently and never
suffer from love, but the key point is...
He and Xie Ruheng are just sisters!!!
But Tang Bai had a hard time saying this, just as he couldn't argue with his grandpa’s words,
the doorbell of the front door rang. It was the father and son of the Qin family.

Chapter 22 - Why don't I just be myself?

Qin Yi brought Qin Jun to the door to apologize.
Ever since he started mining energy mines and used money to make connections, he has never
experienced this kind of humility and stubbornness.
Tang family...
A twisted color appeared on Qin Yi's face for a moment, but the next second he concealed the
color of resentment, and whispered to Qin Jun: “Behave better for me this time, don't put on a
stinky face.”
Qin Jun didn't have the good mentality that his father had. In Qin Yi's gloomy eyes, Qin Jun,
who had been beaten up when he came home, only had a faint pain in his back. In actuality,
Qin Jun grinned and squeezed out a smile, but muttered in his heart that his father turned his
face faster than a book.
It was really unlucky. He just cursed Tang Bai casually. As a result, he was reviewed by the
whole school in public, and his father had to come to the Tang family’s door to apologize,
making him innocent inside and outside.
Carrying the Pallu jewelry specially prepared for Tang Bai, Qin Jun relieved himself. Anyway,
the thing he worries about most has been resolved, hasn't it?
Thinking of this, the sword of Damocles that had been hanging invisibly above his head
disappeared out of thin air, making him relaxed.
What does it matter to pretend to be a grandson? He bowed his head for a while, and Tang
Bai's little bitch is now posing arrogantly, and he won't be allowed to sleep by them?
Qin Yi rang the doorbell and listened to the artificial intelligence on the door yelling: “No entry is
allowed without an appointment! No entry is allowed!”
Qin Yi: “......”
Qin Yi squeezed out a smile at the flashing red camera: “Old Tang, Mrs. Tang, I am Qin Yi from
the Qin family. Today I came to take my unsatisfactory son to apologize to Young Master Tang.”
Qin Jun, who couldn't live up to it, also lost his smile.
The smiley faces of the father and the son were cast on the light screen, and Tang Bai couldn't
help muttering after taking a look at it, “Hey——it turns out Qin Jun is annoying because it
runs in the family.”
Grandpa Tang looked at Tang Bai disapprovingly: “You can say this in front of us, but when
they come in, you aren’t allowed to say it in person. How can our family’s omega speak like
“And at the admission ceremony of the Federal Military Academy a few days ago, you talked…”
Grandpa Tang didn't know how to describe it. He grabbed his beard and shook his head and
said in pain, “Too unreserved! It was broadcasted live on the whole network, and I watched you
as if you were getting married.”
Tang Bai picked up the small comb he carried with him, combed the wrinkled beard of Grandpa
Tang carefully, and said softly, “Grandpa, don't you know that there are a lot of alphas in the
confession wall of the Federal Military Academy confessing my cuteness? Don’t worry about
whether I’m going to marry all the time~”
Grandpa Tang was soft against Tang Bai, he looked away reluctantly, and opened up his light
brain to let the two people at the door in.
As soon as Qin Yi walked in with the gift, he said: “The smell in this room is so fragrant! What
kind of delicacies and seafood does Director Tang eat at home? I really envy Mrs. Tang's
Mother Tang put down the spoon restrainedly, “This is made by our Tangtang.”
Qin Yi repeatedly praised: “Then, Young Master Tang must have inherited Mrs. Tang's good
craftsmanship. My wife can say that Mrs. Tang's craftsmanship is one of a kind. Unexpectedly,
Mrs. Tang is also very good at cooking. Whoever marries Young Master Tang will be really
When Tang Bai listened to Qin Jun's rainbow fart expressionlessly, his heart didn’t fluctuate and
he even wanted to laugh.
Really, this group of elders and straight men are unable to say anything without mentioning
marriage, as if the worth of an omega is inseparable from marriage.
“These biscuits were made by my wife. She said that the person who makes the best biscuits is
Mrs. Tang.” Qin Yi smiled humbly: “I really hope that my wife will have the opportunity to learn
from Mrs. Tang, whether it’s cooking or parenting experience.”
Mother Tang and Yan Yue said, “Learning is unnecessary, I don't have the time and energy to
teach others.”
Qin Jun got stuck for a moment. All these years, he had been carrying people in a sedan chair.
As long as he was willing to bow his head, others would let him go down the steps. How can
there be someone like Tang Mu who’s so gentle and courteous, but still doesn’t know when to
get out of the way?
She’s just a well-married omega. After all these years of being the mistress of the Tang family,
she really thinks that she’s something worthy of speaking back.
Qin Yi was full of resentment, and the surface did not leak: “Mrs. Tang is right. Time is money
for us. I didn't think about it properly. There’s no reason to let you teach people casually.”
Mother Tang whispered: “No, I mean that teaching people is just not an omega thing. One’s
father has an indispensable responsibility in the growth of their child. It’s better to ask for
yourself. As an alpha father, Mr. Qin should lead by example, teach your children what
responsibilities and manners are, respect and understanding, this is a good source of family
Tang Bai has never heard something like this before, and almost laughed out a pig cry when he
heard his mother’s words.
The mother and the son looked at each other ingeniously, and the good family genes flowed
and passed on.
Qin Yi couldn't hold his head up in front of Mother Tang, so he had to smile stiffly: “Mrs. Tang is
right, it’s my fault for not teaching my son correctly.” What does it mean to lead by example?
This is to say that he isn’t responsible for being a father. He ruined his son's education because
he didn't take responsibility and didn't know how to respect and understand an omega!
Qin Yi slapped Qin Jun's back hard, with a stomach full of fire he said: “Smelly boy, hurry up
and apologize!” It's all this idiot’s fault! Making him so embarrassed!
Qin Jun began staggering from the slap, bent down in pain, and repeated the part of bowing
and apologizing again. He could imagine Tang Bai's disdainful face.
Recalling the last humiliating time where he had to bow and apologize in front of the entire
school and even the entire interstellar net, new hatred and old hatreds rushed into his heart.
The humiliation and blood rushed to the top of his head. He gruffly said: “Tang Bai, I'm sorry, I
was wrong.”
Tang Bai raised his little hand unenthusiastically, beckoning to Qin Jun like a puppy, and
sweetly said: “You are bowing in the wrong direction, I am here~”
Qin Jun: “.....”
Qin Jun was about to bear the humiliation and change directions and bow again. But at this
moment, Snowball who was squatting near Qin Jun slowly stood up and walked in the direction
of the beckoning Tang Bai.
When Qin Jun lowered his head, he happened to meet the dog’s figure.
Qin Jun: “............”
Qin Jun's teeth almost broke.
Snowball glanced at this strange visitor, then retracted his gaze in disgust, and jumped onto
Mother Tang's lap.
Mother Tang stroked Snowball without a second thought and said indifferently: “My child has
always been spoiled, and since childhood, we haven’t been willing to say anything serious. But
if he really is bullied outside, we will not be merciless.”
Snowball followed with a loud “Wuuu”, and Mother Tang said with a light smile: “It seems that
dogs can understand these words.”
Father Qin immediately hit Qin Jun hard, “Dog, do you understand?!”
Qin Jun: “.......”
Qin Jun: “Understood…”
Father Qin lost his smile: “If this stinky boy dares to provoke Young Master Tang again, I
promise to throw him so he can crawl far away. In this way, he won't interfere with the eyes of
your family’s omega.”
Mother Tang glanced at Qin Jun and said softly, “Every omega is the darling of their parents,
and I hope Young Master Qin will not provoke innocent omegas in the future.”
Qin Yi even said that he must be certain. Seeing that he had passed Tang's mother test with
great difficulty, he looked at Grandpa Tang hesitantly.
After all, an omega is an omega. Only when the Tang family’s top Alpha personally says that he
(QY) won’t be held accountable for this kind of thing, can Qin Yi pull his heart out from his
“Take the energy bars back.” Grandpa Tang looked at the box of energy bars Qin Jun had
brought, and blankly refused.
Qin Yi was anxious when he heard the words. The biggest goal of this trip was Grandpa Tang. If
Grandpa Tang didn't accept the apology, his trip would be in vain.
“Old Tang, I heard that the Weapons Research Institute needs high-quality energy bars, these
are all selected by me personally, the quality is much better than the goods on the market!” He
opened the lid, and a box of sparkling energy bars blinded Tang Bai's eyes.
But when he thought that the Qin family made a fortune by squeezing people from the slums,
Tang Bai felt that these white and flawless energy spars were stained with blood.
Grandpa Tang didn’t even look at the box of premium energy spars, which were priceless and
couldn’t be found on the market. He slowly said, “Patriarch Qin doesn’t need to be so excited.
The quarrel between children will not affect business because of this.”
Qin Yi expressed joy and listened to Grandpa Tang continuing: “The premise is that you can
really start to reflect on this matter, and don't do this kind of thing anymore.”
The weather-beaten face was calm and tranquil, just like a good-speaking grandfather next
door, but Qin Yi felt unspeakable pressure, and to say that old people are weak! At this
moment, he felt a sense of panic that was seen through by the old man in front of him and
moved behind his back. All his hands and feet twitched, whether it's buying an omega, finding
someone to inquire about the scarce materials of the Weapons Research Institute, or even the
cautious thinking about the Tang Family's resentment in his stomach, there was nowhere to
A cold sweat suddenly broke out on his forehead, and Qin Yi unconsciously put on a flattering
tone and said: “Old Tang, this energy bar is supposed to be the tuition for this kid in my
“Take it back.”
Father Qin's smile stiffened, but only for an instant, he quickly returned to the state of nodding
and bowing. Before leaving, he was thankful and grateful before he dragged Qin Jun away.
Tang Bai glanced at the latest Pallu brooch left by the Qin family’s patriarch and his son on the
table, “Hey, they chose one from the blind spot of my aesthetic.”
Mother Tang nodded: “At first glance, it’s like a straight alpha’s aesthetics.”
Grandpa Tang who thought the style was pretty good: “....”
After the disgusting apology ceremony, Tang Bai picked up a quail egg from the Buddha
jumping over the wall and placed it in the dog bowl, smiling and saying to the Snowball: “The
cooperation just now was really good, my brother doesn't usually hurt you for nothing!”
Snowball barked twice happily.
Tang Bai changed into his public chopsticks and happily served Mother Tang and Grandfather
Tang. “And my dearest mother and grandfather, the words were so good, I still have to learn
more from you!”
“Just your mouth is too poor.” Tang Mu said.
“Yes, yes, yes, my mouth is poor. But Qin Jun is still crooked! Did you not see how that Qin Jun
still pursed his lips when apologizing? And the apology wasn’t sincere.” Tang Bai pursed his lips
like Qin Ju and was flicked by Mother Tang.
“Don't learn poorly.”
Tang Bai covered his forehead and shouted at Grandpa Tang, “Grandpa~!”
Grandpa Tang nodded solemnly: “Don't purse your lips, omegas should act properly.”
Here it comes again.
Tang Bai stuck his tongue out at Snowball, and the bitter Snowball followed his actions sillily.
Seeing Tang Bai's heartless look, Grandpa Tang sighed in his heart. He hesitated for a moment
and still said: “Tangtang, you can leave the matter with Qin Jun alone. Qin Yi asked someone to
buy the victim and pay for their injuries.”
Tang Bai, who was playing with Snowball, was stunned. Tang Bai raised his head, his eyes
widened, and repeated: “Qin Yi bought the victim?”
Regarding Qin’s rape/violence towards that omega, Tang Bai never contacted the omega
previously because he didn't want to disturb the other’s life.
Whether or not to use rape/violence charges to bring down Qin Jun was something Tang Bai
had been struggling with for a long time.
If he really wanted to sue Qin Jun, this would inevitably expose the personal information of that
omega. As an omega himself, Tang Bai knows better than anyone else that omegas value
He also knows better than anyone else how fragile omega's psychological endurance is.
Omegas are violated frequently in this society. Those omegas have not been tortured to death
by rapists, but can't stand the strange looks around them and choose to commit suicide.
As the culprit, the Qin family had the face to bother himself, and the omega... was really bought.
“Why…” The amber eyes flashed in confusion, and he murmured: “Is it because of the money?
If the Qin family uses money to buy their silence, I’ll pay twice as much.”
“Tangtang, it's not a question of money.” Grandpa Tang said concisely: “That omega has a
marriage partner, and the other party doesn't know that he has been raped/violated.”
Tang Bai's fingers twitched nervously. He still remembered the omega being dragged away
from the video in the collapsed look, the heart-piercing cry for help, the swollen cheeks, and the
last desperate gaze.
Grandpa Tang sighed and said earnestly: “No alpha can accept that his wife has been tainted.”
The atrocities that are enough to destroy an omegas life are just a symbol of unclean defilement
in an alpha's mouth.
Unclean, tainted.
Why is no one saying that Qin Jun is unclean? Why is no one saying that Qin Jun is terribly
dirty? Why is no one saying that an alpha like Qin Jun can’t find a partner?
“Now the omega has finally found an alpha that can marry him, he’s ready to step out of the
shadows and start a new life. If this incident is exposed, not only will the alpha of his blind date
not want him, but other alphas around him will also look down on him.”
“As far as I know, the compensation offered by the Qin family is not low, and it’s not surprising
that he compromised…”
Why is it clear that Qin Jun made a mistake, but the victim has to be blamed?
Why is it that Qin Jun made a mistake, but he doesn't need to be punished?
Why is it clear that Qin Jun made a mistake, but he can still live well in this world?
Tang Bai thought quietly in his heart, he suddenly felt that everywhere around him became
quiet, and fishy seawater enveloped him as if he was about to sink into the boundless dark
bottom of the sea.
The air was so thin and the seawater was so cold, making it difficult for him to even breathe. He
tried to speak, but the moment he opened his mouth, countless amounts of salty seawater
poured in. It was so cold and disgusting. He didn’t know much of the seawater was washed
through the dirty body of alphas, and he didn’t know how much of the seawater gathered were
omegas tears, it poured into his body silently, spreading from his trachea, cochlea, and
esophagus to his stomach.
Tang Bai said with a pale face, “But it's not his fault.”
Yeah, it's not his fault...
What did he do wrong?
What did he do wrong?
“He didn't protect his virginity. It was his fault. And this incident has already happened. It doesn't
matter who’s right or who’s wrong. If he’s ruined, he’ll have to accept strange looks.” Grandpa
Tang didn't want to look at him. The truth about everything came out, but when he thought of
Tang Bai going to the slum with an alpha he just met, he couldn’t help saying: “As an omega,
you must protect yourself, don’t trust others, and don’t go where you shouldn’t go. If you stay at
home honestly and only go out with your family, this kind of thing will never happen…”
I have heard similar words ringing in my ears countless times. Whenever I see such news and
hear such tragedies, there are visible and invisible people everywhere who accuse, discipline,
and spurn.
Voices that exist in all directions, voices that can't escape even if you cover your ears, voices
that are accustomed to it and even agree with it in the end.
The suffocating seawater enveloped him like an invisible membrane. He listened to his grandpa
silently. He should have been silent in the beginning, just like he has calmly compromised
countless times.
He has heard countless things like this in the past. There are too many of these kinds of things.
The victimized omegas are too pitiful. It’s even more miserable than the one that Qin Jun
raped/violated had his head cut off by a knife, the skin was engraved with insulting words such
as “stray”...
Some even died after being tortured, were thrown into the wild, sunk into the bottom of a lake,
or even thrown on the road like garbage.
At this time, the school will tell them that it’s dangerous outside of school and you shouldn’t
leave school, and your family will tell you that it’s dangerous outside of home and you shouldn’t
leave home.
Therefore, the living space of omegas are getting smaller bit by bit, and they shrink like a quail
in the circle drawn by society for them.
Tang Bai stood in the circle obediently. If there were no accidents, he would stay in this circle
until he was old. Born in the circle, reproduced in the circle, and died in the circle.
This is an omega...
The life of a pig.
Yes, I was nurtured from birth and grew up in accordance with the strict requirements of society.
Every day I only know how to eat, drink and play. I have no ideals. When I grow up I’ll sell my
body to an alpha, and then I’ll contribute my everything to the fertility rate of society.
Every omega is encouraged to have more children. Having ten children is honored as being a
heroic mother. The more you give birth, the more glorious you are. From the moment they get
married, most omegas keep getting pregnant and giving birth to children.
Tang Bai’s mother was in poor health and there was a problem with her uterus. Giving birth to
Tang Bai had already spent half of her life, and another pregnancy might kill her. Therefore, the
omega who gave birth to Tang Bai was no longer pregnant. Father Tang already did
a ligation for his wife, but Mother Tang has always felt guilty. She blames herself for not giving
birth to an alpha for the Tang family, so she wants Tang Bai to give birth to an alpha surnamed
His mother says that the best life for an omega is to marry a good alpha and have a lot of
His father says that an omega must learn to read an alpha and distinguish who’s a good alpha
so that it won’t be unfair to others.
His grandpa says that to be a virtuous and generous omega, one must show filial piety to their
parents, love their children, and be considerate to their husband.
Countless people are telling Tang Bai how to be a good omega, telling Tang Bai that only by
doing this can he be happy.
Originally... Tang Bai should have been silent like this for the rest of his life since this society
has always been like this, and omegas have always been like this.
But ah, why, why is the Xie Ruheng from the novel appearing in his mind at this moment?
The black-haired and dark-eyed omega jumped out with armor. His armor was full of gunpowder
and blood. His face was pale, but his eyes were surprisingly bright.
He returned bloody and brought victory to the Federation again, but he learned that the brother
of one of his soldiers, his omega brother, was raped/violated by the nobles.
The omega didn’t want to say anything, didn’t want to tell anyone. He just wanted to die quietly.
The omega cried and begged him not to make this matter a big deal. He said that the nobleman
was powerful and wouldn’t get a substantive punishment. He was a defiled person, not worthy
of dirtying the future of the marshal.
So Xie Ruheng walked out calmly, his face still pale, his palms trembling slightly when his
exhausted body held his sword.
Holding his sword, he walked to the noble team who congratulated him and walked to the
nobleman who had raped/violated his family member.
The brilliant sunlight penetrated the clouds and gathered into countless beams of light, running
through this filthy world.
Xie Ruheng raised his sword and pierced the chest cavity of the nobleman expressionlessly.
The sharp blade pierced layer after layer of expensive and gorgeous clothing, pierced the skin
of wine and meat, and pierced the heart surrounded by ribs——
The blood spurted out suddenly, and a bright red blood mist appeared in the bright sunlight,
splashing onto Xie Ruheng's pale face.
Crossing time and space, the dark phoenix eyes seemed to stare at Tang Bai silently.
There are some things that you can’t go deep into, and you can’t think about it. If he doesn’t
look at anything, listen, or think about it. Then maybe he wouldn’t find that a barrier was always
covering him, as long as he stretches out his hand, he can pierce through the illusion.
With amber eyes looking at his grandpa who was still preaching and his mother who carelessly
played with some flowers, Tang Bai suddenly became a little out of breath. The seawater that
filled his stomach seemed to burn, changing from cold water to burning rage. It was like he was
surrounded in fire, burning in pain.
He seems to finally understand why Xie Ruheng in the book is so angry. This is the anger of
hatred, the indisputable anger, the anger of changing the world…
In this ignorant world full of prejudice, there must always be a pioneer who will stand up and be
the only light.
But just a little light isn’t enough, only that little light can’t illuminate the darkness of this world.
From ancient times to the present, the revolution of life has needed to have bloody victims. This
was the case when the Federation was separated from the rule of the empire, and so should the
AO equal rights struggle.
It’s not enough to have a martyr. There needs to be a second, a third... It needs more people to
sacrifice, to sacrifice one after another, to burn life, to light up the darkness. Even if everyone is
just a trivial firework, one day, a single spark will start a prairie fire.
For so many years, for so many years, he has been living according to the eyes of others. He
pretended to be deaf and dumb, he deceived himself and others, his appearance was bright
and beautiful, but only Tang Bai knew that he was an empty shell, in order to be a good omega
in the traditional sense, he gave up what he loved most.
He still remembers how his grandfather taught him when he was a child, and when he solved a
problem, how the whole family would think of him——
It was proud, admiring, pleased, looking like a gleaming gem.
Grandpa would use a bragging tone to introduce to his old friends: “My grandson, the prodigy of
weapon manufacturer, follow me.”
Such a proud and energetic look, but then, when he differentiated at the age of six, he never
saw that expression on his grandfather’s face again.
A fierce quarrel broke out at home that day. Grandpa shut himself in the house and stayed
alone for a day and night. After he came out, everything changed.
He could no longer learn mechanics from his grandfather, he could no longer own mecha toys,
he could no longer bathe in that proud and satisfied gaze.
And all this is only because... he’s an omega.
He has been trying to convince himself, suppress himself, telling himself that this kind of life was
also happy and carefree by eating, drinking, and having fun. In the future, he will marry a good
alpha and have a bunch of children. There’s no need to struggle and work hard. This is the life
that many people dream of…
But is this the life he wants?
Marrying someone who’s almost the same as Gu Tunan. Maybe that alpha won't have Gu
Tunan's excellent alpha genes and he’ll have to keep giving birth to children.
Tang Bai could hypnotize himself in the past, that all omegas are this way, it has always been
like this, everyone is like this.
But ah...
Xie Ruheng isn’t the same.
He lived so recklessly, savagely, and radiantly. The dazzling light was the existence for which
he shed tears.
If this light wasn’t so bright, he might not have seen his (TB) own cowardice. He was as a raised
canary, accustomed to the stable life of rich clothes and food, uncomfortable with the status
quo, but afraid of taking risks.
He always retreats like this, cowardly, hypocritical, and stupid. If Xie Ruheng hadn't appeared,
he might have been trapped in this delicate cage for the rest of his life.
But Xie Ruheng appeared.
Xie Ruheng is the biggest variable in his life, like a star thrown into stagnant water, ripples circle
after circle, circle after circle, sparkling stars illuminating through the deep muddy waters.
Just as Xie Ruheng had to stretch out from the painful huddling, people had to break free from
the unthinking ignorance. This would be truly living.
Xie Ruheng, who pierced through his enemy with a sword, once again appeared in Tang Bai's
mind. His face was red blood, so red that it was like a fire that never extinguished. In the
shadow of the sword, the dark phoenix eyes looked at him silently——
If this society had a barrier blocking everything, then pierce it with a sword.
If you know that you’re unwilling, if you know that you’ll regret it in the future, if everything is too
late, why not try?
If everyone lives in a book and has their own plotline, then why do we have to follow the
expectations of others to follow the plot? This is obviously my life. All the joys and sorrows, the
ups and downs, can be written by myself ——As long as I am willing to bear the price for it.
If I am willing to give everything for it, then I... Why don't I just be myself?
Tang Bai raised his head, he seemed to hear the sound of the flames reigniting buried in his
heart. The faint flower seedlings were burning in the endless seawater, burning, burning, it
could be extinguished at any time, burning him all over. The pain made his nose sore. He had to
use all his strength to protect the small flame from being extinguished. For this reason, he was
bound to endure the pain of being licked by the flames.
“Grandpa, Mom, if I was raped by Qin Jun, would you give me a slap?”
Mother Tang: “He dares!!!”
Grandpa Tang frowned, “Why should I hit you?”
“Why wouldn't you beat me? I didn't protect my virginity. If I stay at home for the rest of my life,
how could I be violated?”
Mother Tang noticed the seemingly soft but aggressive spirit between the lines of Tang Bai’s
words, she subconsciously looked at Grandpa Tang and saw Grandpa Tang's expression
slightly condensed.
“It's not right. Even if some omegas in the slums stay at home, there will be gangsters breaking
in. As long as they have evil in their hearts, no matter where you are, there’s nowhere to
Tang Bai whispered: “Grandpa, Mom, you say that omegas must protect themselves, but why
should everyone make omegas protect themselves?”
“Do those alphas have no parents? Didn't anyone tell them not to violate omegas?”
“The physical qualities of omegas and alphas are worlds apart. It’s difficult for us to resist and
escape when encountering violence. Self-defense techniques? Most self-defense techniques
are useless in the face of absolute strength suppression. Anti-wolf spray? It takes time for this
kind of thing to get taken out of one’s bag, and we may not be able to aim at the abuser’s face
in a hurry.”
Tang Bai took the portable energy gun from his waist, “Only this kind of weapon can cause
damage to an alpha.”
“But ordinary omegas don't have access to such weapons at all, do they?”
He placed the gun quietly on the table. It was a gun studded with diamonds. It was so gorgeous
that it was ridiculous. Grandpa Tang took a breath, staring shocked at Tang Bai whose eyes
were soaked in tears.
There was clearly a vast ocean surging in Tang Bai's heart, but only two lines of clear tears
flowed from his eyes.
“What they can come into contact with is the theory of chastity, which is a secondary injury from
this society. Their parents will blame them for their weak self-protection abilities, but they have
never thought about whether they should teach their omega children what to do in this situation.
Their husbands will only point their fingers at their wives, but they don’t dare to judge their sinful
kind!” Tang Bai suddenly raised his voice, his face flushed, his eyes flushed, and his eyes
stared at his grandfather and mother.
No one replied.
The living room was silent, only Tang Bai's soft voice suddenly lowered: “It's okay, I'll do it.”
In front of Grandpa Tang, Tang Bai walked to the weapon research room dedicated to Grandpa
Tang. He stood at the door and reached out to touch the code lock. When he was about to enter
the code, his delicate hand hesitated in mid-air as if he were afraid.
For a while, Tang Bai’s trembling fingers slowly entered the string of numbers he remembered
from his childhood.
The door opened.
Chapter 23 - “I know, I love you.”
Grandpa's weapon research room was Tang Bai's childhood paradise.
The weapons research room in his memory was very large, so large that it became a universe
of its own. The silver-gray walls were painted with a starry sky oil painting according to his
preferences, and the cold floor was covered with his favorite thick wool carpet.
He liked to run around in the weapon research room barefoot, and he liked to stand on his toes
and reach out to touch the weapons in the floating sphere.
Those weapons were cold to the touch, with sharp lines, monotonous color schemes, and a
combination of extreme mechanical and violent aesthetics. Each weapon was suspended in a
gleaming floating sphere, like an endless galaxy in the vast universe.
When the lights were turned off, the starry sky oil painting would emit a little bit of gloom. Tang
Bai liked to lie on the soft wool carpet, looking at the “starry sky” that his grandfather had built
for him.
Grandpa said that at the beginning of the universe there were only two elements: hydrogen and
helium. Then more elements were nurtured by the nuclear fusion reaction of stars, and gold, a
heavy metal element, came from supernova explosions. The gold mines we see are actually the
glory of the planet hundreds of millions of years ago.
Tang Bai happily picked up the pure gold longevity lock on his neck, and said with a grinning
voice: “Then am I wearing a star on my body?!”
However, after the child put on the omega neckband, he never said anything stupid about
wearing stars.
Looking at the familiar and unfamiliar research room, Tang Bai looked in a trance, there were
still weapons on display in front of him, but there were more on the shelves, densely piled up.
Except for the first row of the shelves, only the first row of the shelf was particularly empty, with
only a simple butterfly robot placed on it.
Compared with other weapons in the weapon research room, this butterfly robot was out of
place. Its production method was simple, the color was dreamy, and it was uniquely painted
pink and purple.
It was as beautiful as an ornament. It’s the first and only mimicry robot that Grandpa Tang
taught Tang Bai to manufacture.
The six-year-old Tang Bai had the ability to build mimicry robots independently, and his
grandfather asked Tang Bai to choose an animal as inspiration.
Tang Bai had too many favorite animals. He likes little milk cats, little rabbits, puppies, birds...
Why are there so many cute things in the world? Why doesn't anyone install bunny ears
on mecha helmets? Why doesn’t anyone consider meowing when their combat light brain is
activated? Why doesn’t anyone paint the Star Warship pink?
He had so many questions, but grandpa told him helplessly that no one had ever done this type
of thing before.
So Tang Bai held up his fingers proudly and swore to this boring world: “Then I’ll be the first
weapon manufacturer to do this~”
At this moment, a beautiful butterfly happened to fall on his fingertips. Maybe the butterfly
mistakenly thought that the rose-shaped light brain ring was a real flower, or maybe it was that
Tang Bai smelled delicious.
It was a pink butterfly.
Tang Bai happily decided to manufacture a butterfly mimicry robot.
He drew the design layout under the guidance of his grandfather, bought the raw materials from
his own small vault, and successfully made the butterfly robot with his grandfather's
After he was done, he deliberately controlled the butterfly robot to fly towards his mother and
praised the smell of his mother, who attracted butterflies.
He and his grandfather chose the iron shelf together. Grandpa said that this shelf was bought
specifically for him, and every time he completes a work, he’ll put it on the shelf.
That was originally an agreement between them…
Tang Bai reached for the light and fluttering butterfly robot. When he was a child, he always felt
that the iron frame was so high that he needed to move a stool to reach the top shelf, and it
would take a long time to fill the shelves.
But now, he merely raised his hand gently and touched the top shelf. As he looked around the
weapon research room he found that it wasn’t as big as he remembered.
Tang Bai slowly walked to the weapon manufacturing table. When he was nearly there, he
almost tripped over something. He looked down and saw that it was a small stool.
It was a small stool exclusively for Tang Bai.
Because the weapon manufacturing table was too high, Xiao Tang Bai had to step on a small
stool to get the crafting table.
At that time, grandpa would still hold him nervously, fearing that he would fall and collapse onto
his butt.
But now he doesn't need this small stool.
Tang Bai stood in front of the wide and elongated weapon manufacturing table, and his
nostalgic eyes flowed from the bending force to the folding bed, the electric fence lock rod, the
intelligent cantilever beam...
These high-precision tools were difficult to buy on the market. For so many years, Tang Bai
could only buy some low-level substitutes to get addicted.
In fact, he has had countless dreams where he was a master of weapon manufacturing——
Turning cold metal into a bullet that penetrates through the enemy's chest, creating a
magnificent battleship that can hold the dead souls of one’s ancestors, and inheriting the
weapon research institute that was the condensation of grandpa's lifelong efforts.
He will be a master of weapons manufacture who is admired, endowed with a metal soul, and
recorded in the annals of history.
His innovation can change the entire weapon era, and his will can shake the battle between the
Federation and the empire. With his order, the huge weapons research institute will immediately
be put into operation, engulfing the long night of the empire divided by the Wanjun Thunder——
He had dreamed of these magnificent and splendid scenes countless times.
The fingertips slid across the ice-cold tools, moving softly, as if afraid of disturbing a dream.
Tang Bai gently picked up the long-lost mechanical pliers and found that an old photo was
pressed in between the mechanical pliers. The color of the edge of the photo was worn, with
discoloration, as if it was often rubbed by someone.
In the photo, a kind-looking old man was holding a three or four-year-old child, standing in front
of the towering silver-gray weapons research institute.
They were like an ordinary grandparent and grandchild who occasionally took pictures, the two
smiled very brightly.
——“Tangtang, this is Grandpa's Weapon Research Institute. It will be handed over to Tangtang
in the future, okay?”
——“Then I’ll paint it pink!”
After a while, a teardrop fell on the photo.
“Dad, should I ask Tangtang to come out?” Mother Tang asked, seeing that Grandpa Tang's
expression was wrong.
Grandpa Tang silently stared at the figure of Tang Bai operating in the research room. In a
daze, he seemed to see the dough-like dumpling that stepped on a small stool and threatened
to fill the entire shelf with works.
At first, he thought it was an alpha grandson, an alpha grandson who would perfectly inherit his
weapon manufacturing talent.
His name is Tang Rong, and he’s a master weapon manufacturer who has been recorded in the
annals of history and written in history books.
During the Federal Uprising, he was known by the world for his amazing weapon manufacturing
talent. One-third of the arms of the Federal Uprising were made by himself.
The Federation was very poor, and one energy bar needed to be broken into two pieces. For
this reason, he developed a low-energy combat mecha.
There was a shortage of talents in the Federation. High-precision technicians could be counted
with one hand. For this reason, he has taught thousands of students throughout his life.
He was called a mobile arsenal by the empire. His head was worth a hereditary title. The people
of the empire tried every means to kill him, and the Federation desperately protected him,
leaving the empire with nowhere to start.
During those war-torn years, his assistant had been by his side, taking care of his work and life.
It was a female beta, taciturn, gentle and kind, thin and not stunning, but he thought she was
very good-looking.
They were together.
There was no proposal, no wedding, or even a sentence of “I love you”, and his wife was willing
to marry him.
Because of his special status, she couldn't even call herself Madame Tang.
His wife admired him, respected him, and regarded him as a hero. Although he was always
busy with work and devoted almost all his time and energy to the Federation, his wife had no
The beta’s fertility rate was very low. They only had a child when they were forty years old.
Late that night, his wife had a terrible stomachache. She was afraid of disturbing his work, so
she went to the hospital by herself. She acted softly and didn’t wake up the sleeping child.
Naturally, she didn't disturb him who was working at the desk.
Later, many times when he dreamed back at midnight, he wanted to drag his purely working self
out and punch him hard.
His wife was kidnapped by the people of the Empire, a traitor appeared in the Federation, and
the traitor revealed the address of his home and his wife's information.
The empire knew that he loved his wife deeply and tried to kidnap his wife to coerce him to
betray the Federation, and then...
In order not to embarrass him, his wife chose to commit suicide.
He dedicated his life to the Federation.
His wife had dedicated her life to him.
His wife left only one child.
His wife said that she wanted their children to be heroes like him.
He worked hard to teach their children, forced that child to study mechanics intensely, and
forced that child to give up his dream of doing business. His child was very distressed, and his
child tried so hard to learn, but he could never do well.
He forced the child for twenty years, and the child was going crazy because of him. He wanted
to jump off a building and cut off his father-son relationship with him.
The most distressing sentence was that the child said, if my mother was alive, she would
definitely not force me like that!
Is that so?
Is that right?
The figure of his wife appeared in front of his eyes, the amber eyes soaked in tears looked at
him tenderly, and then she laughed and cried.
When they went to get the certificate, she was smiling and crying like that.
A marriage letter with the words “Whether it’s good times or bad times, wealth or poverty, health
or disease, happiness or sorrow, I will always love you, cherish you, and be loyal to you forever
and ever.”
She fulfilled her vow with her life.
He didn’t have time to say “I love you”.
He was always busy with work and his career. He didn't have time to take care of his wife or
their children. When he regretted it and wanted to make it up, there was a life and death
between them.
He was tired.
Looking at the child who hated him, he shivered and let go of his hand.
His child went into business as he wished, and his child was very business-minded and became
a business predator.
Then he had a grandson.
His grandson had the same amber eyes as his wife, and his grandson had astonishing weapon-
making talents like him, even the color was better.
He devoted too much effort to this grandson. He thought he could finally realize the last wish of
his dead wife, but God seemed to play a joke on him.
This was an omega grandson.
He has always known that Tang Bai was very good, but he knew that this kind of excellence
shouldn’t appear in an omega, free-spiritedness will incur criticism, and the road to becoming a
top weapon manufacturer is too difficult.
On the day the differentiation came out, a huge quarrel broke out between him and his son.
He was disappointed that Tang Bai couldn’t inherit his legacy.
His son pointed to his nose and cursed: “Dad! Even if my son is an omega, he can live well! I
will try my best to earn money and save him a large dowry! I will let him have more than any
other omega in the world. Everyone wants a happy life! Please don’t sigh in front of Tangtang,
okay? Please don’t regard inheriting your legacy as the most important thing in a child’s life,
right?! Not everyone wants to live according to your ideals!!!”
He owes too much to his son, and he disturbed his son’s life.
His son said that Tangtang should choose his path in the future without any interference.
But he rejected his son's suggestion.
He locked himself in the weapons research room for a day and night. He kept thinking that the
road to becoming a top weapon manufacturer was so difficult and dangerous. The war between
the Federation and the Empire had never stopped, and the hunt for weapon manufacturers also
never stopped, as an omega, Tang Bai would be in a more difficult position than normal alpha if
he took this path.
He needs to work dozens of times, dozens of times better than an alpha, before he can block
that leisurely voice, he then has to block the bright spear and the dark arrow.
Tang Bai should have a stable and happy life. He would grow up carefree, marry without care,
give birth to a bunch of children in the future, and live an easy life.
Why choose a road full of thorns?
He has made his son hate him, should he let his grandson hate him again?
So he chose to seal everything up. He hoped that Tang Bai could live happily and gleefully
throughout his life, without having to bear the heavy expectations of his bad old man, without
being accused by other people in society, and without worrying about his life in the future.
He as a failed husband, as a failed father, should he be a failed grandfather in the end?
He told himself that it was right to make Tang Bai a carefree omega. He didn't tell Tang Bai why,
so he just rudely took away all his mecha toys.
He thought he was right to do so.
Just as he once thought it was right to force his son to learn mechanics.
It's just that he only thought, never asked Tang Bai.
If he had asked Tang Bai's wishes to truly understand Tang Bai's hobbies, would everything be
It turns out that his son really didn't make a mistake. From beginning to end, he was a bad old
man who didn't care about other people's feelings and made his own decisions.
Muddy eyes stared quietly at the figure operating in the weapon research room, tears blurred
his vision, and he seemed to see his wife in a trance.
She opened her lips slightly when she pressed the secret self-detonation button.
——“I have a boring and bleak character, I’m cynical, and I don't know how to be considerate,
plus I won't have time to take care of you in the future. Are you sure you want to be with me?”
——“I know, I love you.”
At the last moment of her life, she said I love you.
"Dad?" Mother Tang was startled by the tearful appearance of Grandpa Tang. She had never
seen Grandpa Tang cry before, she was so scared that her hand holding the tissue was
trembling slightly.
Yaoshou! My Tangtang made my old man angry! Sob! I’m finished!
“I, I will call him out!”
“No, since he likes it, let him.” Grandpa Tang crouched down as if he was a ten-year-old all of a
Mother Tang tremblingly took out a quick-acting heart-relief pill, ready to deliver the medicine at
any time.
Grandpa Tang waved his hand and sat on the sofa silently. Mother Tang didn't dare to speak,
so she had to send a message to Father Tang: “Husband! Tangtang entered the weapon
research room of dad by himself. Dad seemed to be crying because of Tangtang! What should I
do now?!”
After waiting for more than a long time, the husband who was busy with work didn’t reply.
Mother Tang was in a hurry. At this moment, the lights in the weapons research room dimmed.
Tang Bai walked out of the weapons research room, in one of his hands was the beautiful
Grandpa Tang's eyes sharpened suddenly, staring closely at the transformed butterfly robot, his
muddy eyes suddenly burst into light.
He thought that these years of wastefulness would delay Tang Bai and waste Tang Bai's
amazing weapon manufacturing talent, but the freshly released work before him was a portrayal
of Tang Bai's strength!
Mother Tang didn't know how to use one’s naked eye to identify the quality of a weapon. She
just felt that Tang Bai in front of her suddenly became stranger, very different from before, but
she couldn't tell where the difference came from.
“Tangtang, what are you going to do?” Mother Tang asked cautiously.
Tang Bai, who was bending over looking for a sack, said softly after hearing the words: “Hit
Mother Tang: “......?!”
My son is rebellious! It breaks my heart! I’m too old for this! I’ll be crying soon too!!!
Tang Bai found an abandoned bag, and when he was about to go out, he was suddenly
stopped by an old man’s voice.
Tang Bai's footsteps stopped in place, his fingers moved while holding the sack, and he didn't
turn his head around. He could guess what grandfather was going to say again, the “omega
rules” that made his ears wear out. Those shackles that put on him layer after layer——
“You like mechanics, don't you?”
Tang Bai clenched his fists and said dully, “Can't it?”
Is it not ok?
Can't I like Pallu jewelry and weapon-making at the same time? Can't I live as I like? Can't I use
law and violence to punish bad guys?
I don't want to be twenty years old, because then I lose my right to choose the future I want
because of my gender. I am not afraid of failure now. What I am afraid of is that I’ll stay in place
and do nothing with my life.
Then he heard Grandpa Tang's response with a vibrato: “Of course you can.”
“As long as you like it, just go ahead. No matter what you do, I have this old bone for you.”

Chapter 24 - Under this brilliant starry sky, someone saw his scalding ideal hidden in his
Qin Jun sat depressed at the bar. All around him were men and women in gorgeous and sloppy
A guy began bootlicking: “Shao Qin, why are you frowning, come drink if you are not happy!”
Although they were all bastards of their respective families and couldn’t be in power, the Qin
family was a new and up-and-coming family, much better than these third-rate families. Even if
Qin Jun still had three brothers, he will still be able to get a few energy crystal mines from the
Qin family in the future.
At that time, Qin Jun leaked some energy bar fragments between his fingers, enough for them
to spend time and drink.
For this reason, these unlearned people were bootlicking Qin Jun very hard every day. If the
threshold of the Federal Military Academy wasn’t too high to get in with money, they would be
Qin Jun’s lackeys in school.
Qin Jun took a sip of his drink irritably, and complained to his friend, “Tang Bai that bitch——”
The word was stuck in his throat, and he couldn't spit it out.
The last time he merely mentioned that Tang Bai was a stray, he was tossed into this unlucky
picture. Qin Jun, who wasn’t afraid of the sky, was really going to be cast into a psychological
shadow by this omega.
He closed his mouth with lingering fears and took a sip of his drink with a dark face.
The guys on the side looked at each other, and no one dared to take the words and scold Tang
Bai. The experience Qin Jun experienced has become the material for parents to educate their
own unwary children. If you don’t keep it to yourself, you’ll have to be as embarrassed as Qin
Jun. If you can’t control your lower body… Ah, I don't have the money to help you eliminate the
Parents’ ears and fate, coupled with Qin Jun’s living example, no one dares to touch Tang
Bai’s head, at least, during this period of time. Only ghosts know whether Tang Bai’s
grandfather can break through their surveillance, in case he gets caught......
The crowd shuddered.
“Come on, drink up. Hey you, go up and accompany Qin Shao!” A guy pushed the omega to
accompany Qin Jun, winking at Qin Jun, and said: “This is a young and special water spirit, I
especially leave him to you, Qin Shao!”
Qin Jun looked at the little omega in front of him with drunken eyes. It was indeed a small face
with tears on his face. He violently pulled the omega over, regardless of the other person’s
panic, firmly pinched the other person’s jaw, He buried his face in the snow-white neck and
sniffed at random, “Tsk, that's it?”
It can only be said that it is Xiaojiabiyu. The real best product should have snow-white kin skin,
bright eyes, white teeth, a clear voice, and a soft body… Fuck, how did Tang Bai appear in his
Qin Jun's face turned green, and all the interest that just raised dissipated. He threw away the
stiff-as-wood omega and stood up violently.
“Why is Shao Qin leaving?” “Wasn’t Shao Qin into this omega?” “Damn, you little bitch, you
even forced Shao Qin to cry!” “Not drinking anymore Qin Shao?”
Qin Jun rubbed his dizzy head and felt lightheaded when he heard their questions. In the chaos,
he also heard the sound of an omega sobbing. This reminded him of one of the reasons why he
was unlucky during this period of time: the omega he defiled.
The accident was on that day; he was drunk and walked out of a casino, and saw an omega
dressed as a student walking by the roadside in a semi-conscious state.
He was so drunk that he couldn't even see his face. The only feeling was that the student
omega was very clean.
It was so clean that it made his throat itchy.
Everything later was recorded under surveillance. He pressed the clean omega on the dirty
road. The ground that was stepped on by thousands of pedestrians was really dirty. There were
cigarette butts, thick phlegm, chewing gum, confetti.....
He vented on the pure white omega arbitrarily, stained the cleanest white, it was disgustingly
dirty, and it blended with all the garbage on the ground, so that the pure white would not be too
glaring. Damn it.
But he never expected that this incident would actually become a handle for Tang Bai to
threaten him!
That omega was still crying, furthering the pain of Qin Jun’s headache. He slammed the wine
glass on the ground with a stern expression on his face——
The world was quiet.
The light in the room was still dim, he didn’t know right from left. Qin Jun walked out groggily. He
knew that the fragrance of this room added a little bit of fun, which would make people have a
slight hallucination, so when he saw a pink-purple butterfly flying over, it wasn’t surprising.
The butterfly flew over lightly and landed on his shoulder. In the next second, the world turned
around, and the numbness spreading from his shoulders to his whole body made Qin Jun
instantly lose his strength!
He fell straight to the ground before he could call for help, he was then stuffed in a sack that
came out of thin air!
Qin Jun rolled his eyes in the dark in horror. Only his eyes could move all over his body. The
strange numbness made him unable to open his mouth.
What happened?
Is someone trying to kidnap him?!
Damn what the hell is going on?!
Tang Bai hummed and dragged Qin Jun into a small alley. There was a trash can in the alley,
emitting a damp, rancid smell.
Tang Bai drew out the small handkerchief in disgust and waved it back and forth, spinning it in
the air. Then he turned on the voice changer and let out a "Jie jie jie" laugh at the humanoid
garbage in the sack.
......All villains should all laugh like this, right?
There was a faint hum from the bag. Tang Bai raised his foot expressionlessly from behind him
and stepped accurately on Qin Jun’s face through the sack. “C’mon scream~ no one will come
to rescue you even if you break your throat.” After speaking, he stomped twice.
Qin Jun could only make ambiguous mumblings, which made Tang Bai in the one-man show a
bit lonely, but when he thought of what he was going to do next, Tang Bai couldn't help but utter
another “Jie jie jie” that fit his villain personality.
The hoarse voice that had been changed by the voice changer was like fingernails on a
chalkboard, like a murderous monster under the cover of night.
Qin Jun was already going crazy. His nose was stepped on and he couldn't breathe. Qin Jun,
who had never been stepped on by someone’s feet, had his eyes blazing. His anger rushed
through his chest and poured into his throat, but he could only make a faint gurgling sound.
Such a weak call for help, just like the ridiculously weak resistance when he raped/violated the
omega that night.
In the face of suppression in power and decision-making, sometimes even a cry for help can’t
be heard.
Qin Jun has always known this truth, but for the first time, he discovered how desperate one
could be when the identities of the perpetrator and the victim are exchanged.
What do you want? Money? I’ll give it to you! Let me go! After this, not only will you not get a
penny but you’ll also be cut by me a thousand times!!!
He roared silently in his heart, trying to hide the fear in his heart with anger.
Tang Bai rubbed his small hands and took out a spatula from his backpack. With an excited
heart and trembling hands, he smacked Qin Jun's head with all his strength.
The Qin Jun in the video knocked the omega to the ground with a punch.
Tang Bai, who had no experience in beating for the first time, squatted nervously by the sack
and poked Qin Jun with his fingers. After hearing Qin Jun's excited mumble, he patted his chest
to relieve himself.
I haven't played enough, if you pass out in the first hit, that's too cheap Qin Jun.
Tang Bai took out another cooking utensil, a thick rolling pin, from his backpack. He held the
rolling pin with both hands and smashed it towards Qin Jun with all his strength.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
After a few hammers, the panting omega became unhappy. He kicked Qin Jun who was like a
dead pig. After thinking about it, he turned on his light brain and sent a message to Xie Ruheng:
“Brother Xie, what’s the most useful way to beat someone?”
Xie Ruheng: “......?”
The icy blade fell on the rough sack, separating the lower half of the sack neatly and cleanly like
a fish.
Tang Bai's hand was very steady. It was obviously the first time he has done this kind of thing,
but his hand was incredibly steady.
It was like the first time he held mechanical pliers with the encouragement of his grandfather,
and perfectly inlaid the fine parts into the metal plate, and like the first time he observed the fish-
killing method demonstrated by the cooking teacher, he held the kitchen knife calmly without
The tip of the knife gently cuts the clothing, and the fabric was peeled off piece by piece like fish
scales, and finally, the naked skin was exposed to the air.
Tang Bai took out a marker and marked the place where Xie Ruheng said that beating was
extremely painful. Well, the liver area. It’s said that if a punch is fast and accurate, even a
vicious alpha has to kneel down, and the heart diaphragm, what else is there?
Tang Bai felt that his strange knowledge had increased while taking notes. After drawing the
last marker stroke, Tang Bai took out a pair of rubber kitchen gloves from his backpack.
A strange noise sounded in the alley, making Qin Jun's scalp numb, who couldn't see anything.
He couldn't restrain the fear in his heart, his upper and lower teeth kept chattering from fear,
and then he heard the hoarse voice gloomily say: “There’s a saying that goes: ‘Man is a knife, I
am a fish’. You’ve been a knife before, and now you’ll become a fish to be slaughtered…”
“It's really a retribution of heaven.”
Tang Bai raised his rolling pin again.
Xie Ruheng put the light brain ring to his ear, turned his head slightly, and heard Tang Bai's little
milky panting from his light brain: “I hit someone, I hit someone, I really hit someone!!!”
The corners of his lips curled slightly, and Xie Ruheng gave a hum.
“Sacking Qin Jun was really exciting and refreshing!!!” Even if he couldn't see Tang Bai's face,
Xie Ruheng could imagine Tang Bai's bright eyes.
He hummed again.
“I'm telling you! Qin Jun's little dog-like family is really annoying me! They bought the victim’s
silence and asked the victim to agree to help them with perjury!” Tang Bai was so angry, “How
can there be such a shameless person in this world?! Since the law can't sanction him, then I’ll
beat him up first! I’ll find a chance to sanction him in the future!!!”  
The dark phoenix eyes became very gentle unconsciously. Xie Ruheng raised his head and
looked at the night sky. There was a bright moon hanging in the sky. He laughed silently and
followed up Tang Bai's words: “Do you want to continue putting the bad guy in a sack next
The little omega through the call replied quietly: “I still want to next time.”
“No need next time, I'll come and help.”
The student on duty in the guard room did a ‘you pushed me and I push you’, looking at a
staggering figure and exclaiming: “Who is this? Why are you wearing fishnet pants?!” “He's so
When Qin Jun limply walked to the school gate to perform face recognition, he found that one of
his eyes was blue and the other was swollen in the machine surface, and the nosebleed wasn’t
wiped clean, making his face look muddled.
Qin Shao, who had never been so embarrassed in his life, turned blue, and he felt that he had
suffered for eight lifetimes! Walking at night, he was suddenly caught in a sack by a pervert! He
didn’t know what his body had been injected with, he had no strength at all! He could only let
that pervert keep beating him!
Does this idiot have a psychological problem? ! In the evening, he was beaten while covered
with a sack, but the pervert who beat him wasn’t even seeking money or the thrill of killing
Don't say anything… It's really fucking painful...
Thinking of the miserable memories where he had to lie down for half an hour before moving
around like a worm, and barely standing up through the trash-filled alley, Qin Jun was so angry
that his nosebleed came out again!
What's more hateful is that the small alley wasn’t monitored, damn it! Don't let him find out who
did this! Otherwise, he’ll make that person regret living in this world!
Qin Jun was immersed in his monstrous anger and walked away. He was so angry that he didn’t
realize that he was wearing a “sexy fishnet suit” cut out by Tang Bai himself, and he did not
know that he was about to leave a “fishnet-wearing alpha” legend on campus...
At this moment, Qin Jun, who knew nothing, was still racking his brains to recall the whole
process of his beating. He remembered that he had just left the gate of the clubhouse and took
a few steps to the left. Then he saw a pink butterfly and then a sack falling from the sky
The familiar sound of breaking air sounded in his ears.
Yes, that's the sound!
Qin Jun who was trapped in a sack again: “!!!?!?!?!!!!?!”
Xie Ruheng calmly bent his left arm and quickly hit Qin Jun’s head vertically with the tip of his
elbow. This is a move that’s forbidden in regular competitions because such an attack can
easily lead to a concussion. In severe cases, it will cause serious brain injury or even death.
However, Xie Ruheng managed to control his strength. With his blow, Qin Jun instantly entered
a dizzy state. He couldn't even stand and fell directly to the ground.
The pitch-black army boots stepped on the ground, making a slight noise, just like the ticking
sound of a death countdown.
Despair. Despair. Despair.
The footsteps stopped, and the army boot landed steadily on Qin Jun's chest. The terrifying
force hit like Tarzan, and the ribs that couldn’t bear the pressure almost cracked and fractured.
“What do you think you look like?” Xie Ruheng stepped on Qin Jun's chest and asked lightly.
Qin Jun hadn't recovered from the huge dizziness. The huge pressure from his chest cavity
made him feel tearing pain. Every second was painful like being put to death, painful to the point
that tears, nose bleeding uncontrollably, and the turbid blood quickly stained the sack.
Xie Ruheng continued stepping on Qin Jun's chest, his cold phoenix eyes closed slightly,
revealing a faint boredom. The tear mole at the corner of his eye added a pity to this boredom,
like the pity for the weak who can’t resist.
Sometimes beating someone up is actually a very boring thing.
In fact, no matter whether the opponent is strong or weak, fighting itself is a boring, savage, and
violent activity.
But different motives for using violence will give this matter a different meaning, like when he
killed in the underground arena, to survive, and he beat Qin Jun at this moment to...
Is it for justice?
He had never been as upright as Tang Bai, he was just… just a little unwilling.
Unwilling to be trampled underfoot because of their birth, unwilling to be compared to a worm,
unwilling to suppress their anger like this.
Unwilling to be like the tens of thousands of people in a ditch, who have never looked up to see
the stars.
“What’s the difference between a worm and you?” Xie Ruheng asked Qin Jun softly.
What’s the difference between a worm and you?
Worms don't want to change the status quo, but I want to trample you under your feet.
This is our difference.
Xie Ruheng looked down at the light brain that cast an image above the thorn ring. Tang Bai in
the light screen was calling him frantically. The bright and warm gaze seemed to penetrate the
barrier of the light screen, turning into a sweet honeyed syrup that was enveloping him.
He couldn't understand Tang Bai's soft gaze before, but at this moment he seemed to
understand it a little bit, the expectation behind that gentleness.
Under this brilliant starry sky, someone saw his scalding ideal hidden in his heart.
After a long time, Qin Jun got out of the sack with a pale face and covered in a cold sweat. His
legs were trembling, and he couldn't even stand. If it weren't for him being on the school
campus, Qin Jun even wanted to crawl back home.
The cold wind blew through his tattered clothes and barely evoked Qin Jun's consciousness.
He didn't even dare to recall what happened just now because, at that moment, he really
thought he was going to die! Before he almost died, he listened to that most annoying
untouchable bitch at him!
Is Xie Ruheng beating him up specifically to chase Tang Bai?!
Qin Jun reddened his eyes in grief and anger. He resisted his tears and walked to the dormitory
tremblingly. The moment he saw the door of the dormitory, Qin Jun almost cried for joy and
entered the password. It was really too difficult, too difficult, not easy!!!
He was worried all the way for fear that a third sack would pop out! Fortunately, his luck is not
so bad!!!
Qin Jun burst into tears and opened the door, then...
An overwhelming top-level alpha’s oppression instantly engulfed him!
Qin Jun shivered fiercely. He saw Gu Tunan who was sitting in the middle of the dormitory cast
a disgusting look at him. The depth of disgust was simply like the terrible anger of having your
wife taken away!
Actually, it's almost the same.
Because Gu Tunan had just learned from his grandfather that both Mrs. Tang and Mr. Tang
were very dissatisfied with him, and personally said that they would cancel the engagement
banquet originally scheduled for the second half of the year.
Admiral Gu was still fighting for Gu Tunan when he first heard it, but when he heard that his
dear grandson disliked this omega, he thought that it wasn’t a good or bad idea to marry them,
so he stopped speaking.
Tang Bai is the jewel of the Tang family. These old guys know better than anyone else. If Gu
Tunan hates Tang Bai at first, it can be said that there are a bunch of age-appropriate alphas
lining up to have a blind date with Tang Bai.
Among other things, just marrying Tang Bai can inherit the allure of the entire Tang family, so
how many people can't be moved?
Under this condition, let alone asking to spoil Tang Bai after marriage, even if he asked to serve
Tang Bai as an ancestor, there would be a bunch of people rushing over to provide for the little
Although Gu Tunan was good, he didn't like Tang Bai and hung others while despising (TB)
him. Isn't this dragging and delaying others?
Let’s talk about Qin Jun’s incident. General Gu had already seen the surveillance video a long
time ago. When Qin Jun finished scolding Tang Bai and was choked by Xie Ruheng, his first
reaction was to look at Gu Tunan. Gu Tunan’s action of staying on the sidelines already showed
his attitude towards Tang Bai.
When Gu Tunan showed that he cared a little about Tang Bai, his roommate didn’t dare to call
for Gu Tunan's help after scolding Tang Bai.
Admiral Gu originally thought that Tang Bai was merely unsure. He should have a good
impression of Gu Tunan. It happened that Gu Tunan also fell in love with Tang Bai, and it wasn’t
bad for the two to live a good life together.
Unexpectedly, he taught his grandson how to chase his wives on the front kick, but was told the
Tang family would not support them on the back kick.
So Admiral Gu could only regretfully tell his grandson about this incident. He thought that this
incident had little effect on Gu Tunan, because for so many years Gu Tunan was a cold-hearted
person, and he couldn't cover it anyway. He didn't know how many omegas had been hurt by
Gu Tunan,  and it’s good that Tang Bai wasn’t hurt by him.
Gu Tunan also thought that this incident would not have a great impact on him.
However, the reality was that he has been sitting still in the same position since he learned the
news until now.
Gu Tunan has a habit. Every time he makes a wrong question, he analyzes the question and
the process to see which step he made a mistake on.
He found that he and Tang Bai were wrong from the first step.
One step was wrong, and every step was killing Tang Bai's love for him, Qin Jun was just the
last straw that crushed the camel’s back.
But Gu Tunan couldn't help thinking that he had already started to remedy it. If it weren't for Qin
Jun's affairs, he and Tang Bai might not be where they are today...
They would get engaged as promised, join hands to walk into the marriage hall, he’ll mark Tang
Bai, have children with Tang Bai, they’ll educate the children together. Life is very long, and
they would slowly grow old together.
If it weren't for Qin Jun, if it weren't for Qin Jun, things might not have come to this point at all!
His gray-blue eyes were like a storm on the surface of the sea, and the hurricane-ridden waves
were enough to overturn any ship that appeared in this world.
What happened?
Qin Jun stepped back blankly and saw Gu Tunan send out a set of straight fists, swinging fists,
left uppercut, right uppercut, sweep kick, whip kick, low kick...
The attack fell on Qin Jun's body like a thunderstorm!
The speed and power of the top alphas were difficult to fight even in the heyday of Qin Jun, not
to mention that he was now a second-class disabled citizen, who withstood Gu Tunan's beating
like a sandbag. The only difference from sandbags was that he would keep screaming!
It doesn’t take too many moves to vent your anger. The easiest and rudest way is to clench your
fist and punch your opponent's face with one punch.
Gu Tunan hit Qin Jun's nose with a bang!
The ravaged bridge of his nose couldn't bear the slightest bit of damage, and the blood rushed
wildly, so Gu Tunan's face was soaring!
Two alphas with blood on their faces looked at each other, one was so scared that they couldn't
wait to faint, and the other was so disgusted that they couldn't wait for the other to faint.
Gu Tunan kicked Qin Jun out of the bedroom, closed the door blankly, and went to the
bathroom angrily to wash away the blood.
Cold water splashed onto Gu Tunan’s face and wet his hair and eyelashes. He raised his head,
his gray-blue eyes fixedly staring at himself in the mirror, and the phrase his grandfather said
“Old Tang said you and Tang Bai are impossible” appeared in his mind.
With red blood in his paranoid gray-blue eyes, Gu Tunan said to himself in the mirror: “Nothing
is impossible.”
On the other side, Qin Jun, who was beaten like a pig in the hallway, finally couldn't help feeling
sad, and collapsed on the ground, crying and crying: “This is impossible! Impossible!
Impossible! Why are you hitting me one by one!!!”

Chapter 25 - Since the green.

Tang Bai wrote his novel in his bedroom.
He previously wrote that the gang member’s brother insisted on investigating the cause of his
brother’s death because the protagonist did it for the first time and had no finishing experience,
he left clues at the scene, and the gang member found out his identity.
What's worse is that based on the records of buying an inhibitor the protagonist bought on the
black market, he discovered that the protagonist was an omega. The brother decided to take his
subordinates to rape the protagonist and make the protagonist regret living in this world.
The above plot was written by Tang Bai during this period. Most readers in the comment area
expressed concern and hoped that a righteous and handsome alpha would appear to save the
beauty. Readers who had vaguely guessed the author’s style suspected that the next plot would
be blown up. This brother and his whole family, and a very small number of readers, thought
that the protagonist had an antisocial personality and were hoping to have the protagonist
paired with the villain.
Oh, although this group of readers was a small group of people, their comments were really
strong, such as “No matter how cold an omega is, their bodies should be warm”, “I came here to
admire the omega boxing”, “So many fierce alphas, the protagonist is truly good”...
Tang Bai only needed to read the mentally handicapped opinions in the comment area and he
could successfully brew angry emotions, and the emotional foreshadowing would be placed in a
The preparation was so good that Tang Bai even laughed angrily.
Sometimes he really wanted to pry open these alpha’s brains to see if their brain circuits were
bent into an “S” and then into “B”. The simple explosive plot that was originally planned could no
longer calm Tang Bai's anger at all. He exited the comments area in a fit of anger and started
After the lingering sound of the explosion, Jun Tongchen found that the alpha was still alive,
his hand that was holding the detonation cord paused, and a bold idea suddenly popped into his
“Physiology books say that a very small number of lower-ranked alphas will have organs that
can't function.” The soft voice said slowly: “When I look at you idiots, I think you should be one
of the very few.”
The cold mechanical pliers separated the garbage's legs, and Jun Tongchen whispered, “Sure
enough, you have both a front and back door.”
“Didn't you want to fuck me?”
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah--!!!”
【 End of this chapter 】
The comment area had exploded again.
——“My God! The protagonist is too vicious! I thought the protagonist was just a simple villain to
kill him. He was actually raped and then killed...”
——“Although I’m an omega, I also think the protagonist is too much.”
——“Author, your mother is dead.”
——“The three views of the protagonist can be seen from the three views of the author. It’s
recommended that the author should go to the psychiatric department to see it.”
——“No, you calm down, the villain was the one who tried to rape the protagonist in the
beginning. This is just the villain paying for his crimes with his body.”
——“At first I thought this novel was interesting, but now I’m afraid that it was written by a
madman. I have abandoned this novel.”
——“An alpha's strong grip and cold mechanical pliers are simply incomparable. Author, you’re
completely abusive!”
——“The hanging penalty for a rape crime is already very heavy. What else do you omegas
want? Do you really want us to be punished like the villain in this novel to be satisfied?”
——“I can feel what some authors want to express. Such things as rape have nothing to do with
sex. If you want sex, you can go to the red-light district. Rape is a 99.99% form of violence, and
the only thing that satisfies the perpetrator is a sense of inflicting abuse. It may be that for those
omegas who have experienced this type of thing in reality, they are willing to use mechanical
pliers against their abusers.”
——“What, you’ve experienced it before? You got fucked too?”
After Tang Bai finished the controversial chapter, he faced the overwhelmingly negative
comments expressionlessly.
These people scolded too candidly, and Tang Bai felt that it was unnecessary. After all, he
wouldn't change half a word no matter how the comments scolded him.
As for those comments that rose from the protagonist’s thinking to the author’s three views,
there was no need for such an interpretation. He’s not the same as Jun Tongchen. Jun
Tongchen is much more determined, stronger, and braver than him. He admires such omegas
as Jun Tongchen, just like how he admires Xie Ruheng.
Jun Tongchen has the means and determination to accomplish many things that Tang Bai can’t
do. Just like this extreme approach in the novel, it came out of Tang Bai's mind at a certain
moment, but Tang Bai is too useless.
He wants to be fair, to judge Qin Jun in full view, to expose all of his sins under the sun, rather
than letting garbage rot in a garbage dump.
There’s no difference between the two methods, but the choices are different.
When writing this plot, the characters written are actually out of Tang Bai's control. Tang Bai is
responsible for seeing how Jun Tongchen resolutely and calmly confronts the world, then he
records what Jun Tongchen does.
Compared with the pressure Jun Tongchen has to face, cyberbullying is just a drizzle… a fart.
Tang Bai reported personally attacking comments one by one, and while reporting it, he thought
about how when you’re thinking about marriage you create a regulation that reads alphas
making comments on the internet, and avoids those alphas who open their mouths and shut
their mouths without an “Omega warning”.
These alphas were so outraged when they started to encounter similar things, why didn't they
see their group of righteous people appearing in the comments area about that omega who was
raped? Why don't they see the comments saying “too little clothes”, “too well-dressed”, “It's
better to die if you lost your virginity”?
The more Tang Bai thought the more he wanted to get angry, he opened the document again in
anger and decided to passionately write his novel, and so he wrote more and more ridiculous
I’m angry! die! you! bastards!
Xie Ruheng frowned and looked at the abusive comment area. When he thought about how
these people were scolding Tang Bai, who he couldn't bear to say a negative word to, his ice-
cold oppression couldn't help but spread.
He doesn't think that the protagonist in Tang Bai's novel was cruel, because he knows that the
evil committed by the gangs in the slums deserves the cruel punishment in the world.
The dark phoenix eyes swept through the unsightly comments one after another. When he saw
the comment that “I am an omega, I also think the protagonist is too much”, his thin lips slightly
Xie Ruheng suddenly remembered the message Tang Bai sent him before. When he first saw it
“I think the mainstream thinking of our society is a type of restriction for omegas. An omega
should have more career choices... Unfortunately, the vast majority of omegas in today's society
don’t have this kind of “rebellious” thinking.”
He only thought that Tang Bai's speech was innocent and funny, but now he discovered that
Tang Bai's seemingly whimsical utopian ideas seemed to really open a window to the omegas
of this world, a window that could open his eyes to see the truth of the world.
In fact, what Tang Bai wants to express is far more than the right to choose his career, just like
he doesn't just want to break a layer of class...
He was suddenly curious to what extent Tang Bai could do it.
Xie Ruheng lowered his eyes and replied under that comment: “I’m an alpha, I don't think the
protagonist is too much.”
Tang Bai wrote that after the protagonist bombed the group of gang members, he knew that he
had attracted the attention of the gang and that he might incur death at any time. In order to
save his life, he had to leave where he lived.
For this reason, the protagonist signed up for the Mecha Manufacturing Competition, which
exists in reality. One of the founders of the competition is Tang Bai's grandfather.
In the Federation, the Mecha Manufacturing Competition is as hot as the Mecha Cup. The
champion of the Mecha Manufacturing Competition not only receives generous prizes but also
obtains advanced training in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Federal Military
Academy and the opportunity to work in the Weapons Research Institute.
Tang Bai wrote that the protagonist signed up to participate in the mecha manufacturing
competition with a beta gender. He overcame obstacles and won the championship of the
mecha manufacturing competition and won the opportunity to enroll in the Department of
Mechanical Engineering.
After he uploaded this chapter, he saw that the comment area was full of blood and even more
blood. A bunch of people questioned how a slum-born omega could win the Mecha
Manufacturing Competition, and how could a slum-born omega enroll in the military academy...
——“As everyone knows, the omegas in the slum can't even go to bridal college.”
——“An omega won the champion of  Mecha Manufacturing Competition, what shit.”
——“The author is begging for attention.”
——“What qualifications does an omega from a slum and no diploma have to enter the Federal
Military Academy? I can see that the author is an omega who is immersed in their own world
and delusional. Stop dreaming, marry someone earlier. Oh no, whoever marries you will have
really bad luck for eight lifetimes.”
——“I am an omega, is AO inequality in reality really so serious like in the novel?”
Tang Bai saw these people jumping wildly and yelling at his fictional character. He couldn't help
but think of the group of alphas who were furious and panicking when Xie Ruheng revealed his
true gender in the book. Without any fig leaf, they just wanted to destroy Xie Ruheng, this alien,
and defend their rule.
Therefore, Tang Bai was looking forward to the reaction of these people when Xie Ruheng, the
light of the omegas that can’t even exist in their imaginations, appears in the future.
Imagining the appearance of this group of people jumping when the time comes, Tang Bai
immediately raised his eyebrows, adjusted his mood, and clicked into the topic of “I’m an
omega, I also think the protagonist is too much”.
Tang Bai thought he would see a similar curse, but what he didn't expect was such a comment:
“I’m an alpha, I don't think the protagonist is too much.”
Among the many insults of the protagonist and the author, this comment seemed out of place.
This person was one of the few readers who supported the author’s point of view. This person
was an outlier in the enemy camp, which attracted an extremely swift and violent attack under it,
but because of this, more people saw this topic.
After a few floors, there was a second comment in favor of it——
“I'm a beta, I don't think the protagonist is too much.”
Followed by supportive comment three and four:
“I’m an omega, and I don't think the protagonist is too much.”
“I’m an omega, and I don't think the protagonist is too much.”
More and more supportive comments appeared. There was no intense abusive vocabulary or
even too many personal feelings. They simply stated their gender and attitude, but these
supportive comments were extremely calm and powerful. They gathered together silently, like a
reef facing a turbulent tide. Although silent and small, no matter how strong the wind and waves
are, they won’t be knocked down.
It was obviously a comment without temperature, but when Tang Bai read it, he felt warm.
Tang Bai, who didn't cry even if he was insulted by many malicious comments before, had an
inexplicably sour nose at this moment.
Tang Bai clicked into the first column of readers who supported him and saw the previous
comments made by the other party.
In the first chapter, when everyone was discussing who would be the hero to save the
protagonist, the reader with the ID name “X” noticed the detail of the protagonist taking out a
small blaster.
After the protagonist bombed the villain, the reader stood up to express his understanding and
appreciation of the protagonist's approach.
When some people questioned that the gangs in the slums in the novel were too arrogant, this
reader named “X” spoke of the connections between slum gangs and major noble families.
And the latest comment that this reader replied to was: “It’s hard for a poor family to have a
well-achieving son. Regardless of their gender, how can people in the slums go to the Federal
Military Academy?”, saying: “I’m a poor man, I’m going.”
For the first time in his life, Tang Bai had a good impression of an alpha who he had never met

Chapter 26 - The protagonist attacked and fought for him?

The fifth day of military training.
Before dawn, a group of alphas were already gathered in military uniforms.
Among the heroic military cadets, Qin Jun had a particularly swollen nose, it looked especially
swollen every time he turned to the left, turned to the right, and when taking a step forward. The
stinging pain from his nose would cause Qin Jun to slow down, and then there would be
twitching on his face.
“Qin Jun, did you get into a fight?!” The instructor shouted unbearably.
There was a burst of laughter in the team.
“Is this funny?!”
The instructor scowled and scolded: “Some of you students don’t train seriously, fish in
troubled waters, ignore military training discipline, and spend time outside of school!”
“We are in military training! Do you think that we still use ancient methods to train our troops?
Why do you think you fight and train all day long? It’s to hone your will! Military discipline is like
iron, and will is like steel! To fight against our enemies! But when you ignore your duties, and
you fucking run to drink, who do you think will guard our border?! Who will guard our people?!
Who will guard our federation!!!”
The cadets were silent.
“I am a soldier in the First Star Cluster of the Federation. I don’t know how your Federal Military
Academy punishes students who go out drinking or for ignoring proper discipline, but in our
regiment, you’d be thrown out!
The First Star Cluster of the Federation is a corps established by the founding Marshal. In the
chaotic years of the Federation Uprising, this team achieved “freezing to death without tearing
down houses and starving to death without taking captives”, with strict military discipline and a
true division of benevolence and justice.
The team followed the founding marshal for 30 years and experienced countless large and
small battles. When the Federation declared its independence, the first group of old people in
the First Star Cluster all died on the battlefield, including the founding marshal, who died three
days before the Founding Ceremony.
Although the soldiers died, their military tactics won’t die, their honor won’t die, and the First
Star Cluster will last forever.
The whole Federation recognizes that only the best soldiers can join the First Star Cluster, and
the soldiers of the First Star Cluster are the best soldiers regardless of their rank.
The instructors teaching at the Federal Military Academy are all from the First Star Cluster. They
aren’t from a family. In front of the federal First Star Cluster, no one dares to say that they’re
from a family——
The founding of the Federation is only a hundred years old, and the families with the deepest
heritage in the entire Federation only have a history of one hundred years. The blood of their
ancestors isn’t cold, their bones aren’t cold, and the battle on the border never stops. No one
dares to presuppose privileges in this federal division.
However, the saddest thing is that within a hundred years, the class system has solidified again.
In ABO’s society, an alpha’s physical fitness is inherently dozens of times better than a beta. A
top alpha can even stand alone against a thousand-member army composed of betas who are
manipulating mechas.
With a strong physique, unmatched mental power, and a natural dominating leader, alphas are
born stronger than betas, and this gap can’t be made up by acquired efforts.
Betas can only find a chance to contend with alpha while manipulating mechas, so mecha
manufacturers are respected, but the energy bar mines that drive the mechas are in the hands
of powerful alphas…
The concept of aristocratic families appeared quickly, and privileges emerged endlessly. The
only thing to be thankful about is that the federation’s class hasn’t yet been completely solidified
compared with the huge empire that has long been decayed.
Civilians can join the First Star Cluster and can enter the Weapons Research Institute. One is a
division of the Federation and the other is the Weapons Factory. By working in one of these two
places even nobles can’t easily insult you.
The instructor wasn’t afraid of Qin Jun’s identity. The live screen faithfully recorded the entire
process of the instructor’s madness. Soon a teacher rushed to the drill yard, the teacher didn’t
speak to Qin Jun since this was being recorded on a live broadcast of the military training.
The Federal Military Academy was originally an academy for cultivating revolutionary talents.
Seven founding marshals, fifteen honorary generals, and countless soldiers dedicated to the
revolution have emerged from the Federal Military Academy. The students and their
descendants from the Federal Military Academy may be there watching the live broadcast, they
are the spears and shields of the Federation, and nothing can chill them.
The teacher connected to the broadcast channel and pointed at Qin Jun and said solemnly:
“Qin Jun, Class 1 of Class 18 Mecha Combat Department, ignored military training discipline.
He did not return to the dorms at night and drank outside of school. His actions are a bad
influence on this school and Qin Jun is now being notified of his criticism and will be punished
with cleaning the school’s toilets. This is mandatory and will last for a month!  I hope everyone
can take this as a warning!”
The criticism announcement could be heard in the whole school, because of the existence of
the live broadcast, the scope directly expanded to the whole star.
There weren’t many people in the live broadcast room at 5 o’clock in the morning, but there
were also a decent amount of people. This announcement made everyone excited.
【 Hahahahaha is this pig head Qin Jun? I’m suddenly awake with laughter 】
【 What did Qin Jun think, that he was so ugly on the first day that he didn’t change his mind but
also went out to spend a lot of time? 】
【 It seems that I went to the clubhouse in Yexing City. A friend of mine seems to have seen
Qin Jun there 】
【 What did he do there? Hire someone to beat yourself? 】
【 What is voluntary labor? Sounds like a very light punishment 】
【 Before, voluntary labor is cleaning the toilet 】
【 Fuck, Qin Jun is going to clean the toilets?! Oh my God, I regret that I didn’t make it into the
Federal Military Academy! If I got in, I could shit every day in the toilets that Qin Jun is
responsible for! The kind that doesn’t flush properly! 】
【 Stop talking, it smells 】

Qin Jun raised his head in disbelief. Cleaning the toilets was the punishment he had specially
asked Wang Zhi to arrange for Xie Ruheng. Why was it his turn today?!
“Wang Zhi! Why do you alone decide my punishment!!!” Qin Jun was so angry that he almost
jumped up and down.
The teacher looked even colder when he heard the words, “Mr. Wang has been dismissed from
the school for taking bribes. If student Qin Jun isn’t satisfied with the punishment and continues
to make trouble, I can directly change it to a school suspension.”
Wang Zhi was actually fired…
If you make trouble, you’ll be suspended from school…
Qin Jun didn’t expect things to develop to this point, he was dumbfounded, if he was suspended
from school, his father would definitely kill him!
Thinking of how his father wanted to cruelly break his leg last time, and looking at the teacher’s
unrelenting icy eyes, Qin Jun realized that something was wrong, he became cold and tried to
mobilize his blue and purple facial muscles: “I… will follow the school’s arrangements.”
When he staggered out of the field, Qin Jun looked back at the people behind him, glancing
over those gazes that were either gloating, indifferent, or contemptuous. When he met the pair
of dark phoenix eyes, the feeling of his chest yesterday instantly appeared.
Severe pain and anger, Qin Jun turned around fearfully, his eyes were fierce in a place where
no one could see——
Damn Xie Ruheng, you must have reported my violation to the instructor! Tang Bai can’t always
protect you forever! You wait for me!
A scavenger robot who was cleaning nearby quietly watched Qin Jun, faithfully recording all the
expressions on his face, and then sent it to Tang Bai’s light brain.
Tang Bai who was making Longyin Strawberries: “……?”
“Brother Xie! Was Qin Jun scared when he saw you just now?!” Qiu Yan couldn’t help turning
his head to Xie Ruheng excitedly as they were doing mecha assembling exercises.
Xie Ruheng assembled the basic parts in his hands and hummed lightly when he heard Qiu
Yan’s words.
“Brother Xie is mighty!” Qiu Yan was full of gossip: “Brother Xie, don’t you know? Last night
someone saw Qin Jun being beaten by Gu Tunan and crying! I heard that Gu Tunan hit Qin
Jun’s face with a punch and Qin Jun had a nosebleed and bled all over Gu Tunan’s face!”
“Hahahaha it’s really funny, Brother Xie, can you imagine Gu Tunan kicking Qin Jun out of the
dormitory with blood on his face hahahaha——” Qiu Yan was laughing passionately, and
suddenly found that a classmate was looking at him with twitching eyes.
Qiu Yan: “?”
Qiu Yan, who faintly felt something was wrong, turned his head and faced Gu Tunan, who had
no blood on his face but had a terrible expression.
Qiu Yan: “…………”
Ha, ha, ha, I’m dead.
The gray-blue eyes were like a cloudy sky, but the dark clouds blocking the light weren’t Qiu
Yan. Gu Tunan never cared about the opinions of insignificant people, and he rarely even joins
the conversations between his classmates.
Someone mentioned Tang Bai, and Gu Tunan looked over.
At that time, no one said anything, but in fact, with their backs to Gu Tunan, everyone jokingly
said that the iceberg had blossomed into spring and that green grass was growing on the top of
the mountain…
Gu Tunan passed by the dumbfounded Qiu Yan and silently stood in front of Xie Ruheng.
He looked at Xie Ruheng, but what came to his mind was the figure of the two of them leaving
together after Tang Bai gave Xie Ruheng the Buddha to jumping over the wall.
The two figures walked so closely, one step was steady, the other was walking and hopping.
Tang Bai’s steps would deviate from Xie Ruheng’s trajectory after a few steps, but no matter the
distance between them, it wasn’t long or far. In the end, Tang Bai would walk in small steps and
then go back, like a little sticky cake.
When Tang Bai bounced around him like this in the past, he only felt like it was annoying.
But in the bustling crowd that day, he looked at Tang Bai’s fading figure, looked at the swaying
strand of dull hair, and suddenly found that Tang Bai was like a lark.
A lark that sings tactfully in his palm, and then flutters its wings and flies away in the blink of an
The hand hanging on the side of his leg suddenly clenched, as if trying to grasp something.
Gu Tunan took a deep breath, raised his left hand, and stretched his palm under Xie Ruheng’s
eyelids. His thumb was bent ninety degrees, his index finger was raised, and the other three
fingers were folded. This was a gesture of challenge.
Only the most powerful alphas could get high-quality omegas, as long as he realizes that Xie
Ruheng is no match for him——
Then his omega will return eventually.
All the military academies: “!!!”
Are you going to fight?!
Seeing the hand that appeared abruptly in his field of vision, Xie Ruheng raised his head
without changing his face, with their eyes facing each other, without any words. But both sides
understood the other’s meaning: “With what?”
There are a lot of things to be assessed tomorrow morning, including basic first-aid, mech
assembly, fighting skills, etc., taking a look at the messy mecha parts on the table, Gu Tunan
said lightly: “With assembling mecha parts.”
High school knowledge of mecha assembling is Xie Ruheng’s weakness, but he said nothing.
The hand wrapped in black gloves made the same gesture, “Okay.”
The barrage boiled instantly.
【 Fuck, why are these two handsome team leaders suddenly fighting?! 】
【 For Tang Bai, I recommend everyone to see the hot post on the Forum of the Federal Military
Academy. 】
【 Really, your military academy students are highly efficient. I just went to the forum and took a
look. 】
【 The post is updated! The title of the post is #Mecha department two big school grasses fight
for the omega Tang Bai# 】
【 I’m back from eating melons, Tang Bai is Gu Tunan’s prospective fiancée and Xie Ruheng’s
situation is unclear, sounds like a green tea bitch. 】
【 But a green tea bitch is still loved by you as a dream love O. Every day I say what sweet little
pepper I love, the new era of independent self-improvement omega, I dare not say I don’t like
Tang Bai. 】
【 Doesn’t Tang Bai just have a good appearance, have a good family background, have a
grandfather who is the director of the Weapons Research Institute, and a rich dad? In addition
to cooking, singing, dancing, painting, and tea… what more is there?! 】

There was a lot of noise in the live broadcast room, but Tang Bai, one of the protagonists at the
center of the topic, blocked the barrage and stared at the screenshot of the live broadcast in
No, the gesture of this challenge is too much like a fight, right?!
One person only has half-hearted feelings, and if you get together, you better be careful!
And when Gu Tunan challenged Brother Xie, wasn’t the description of the two people’s eyes
described in the book as “evenly matched eye contact”?
It’s too early, when did you get to this point?! Why are they fighting so inexplicably? Is it
because of the enforcement of the plot?!
Tang Bai covered his mouth, shook his head, and opened the barrage. He saw the barrage
discussing Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan’s fight being about (TB) him.
The protagonist attacked and fought for him?
No, they are obviously in love and are trying to kill each other!!!

Chapter 27

Tang Bai turned off the live broadcast painfully, feeling that he could no longer look
directly at the scene of Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan getting along.

It was agreed not to fall in love and engage in a career, bsp; Tang Bai tearfully went to
wash the strawberries. He bought a basket of strawberries and prepared to cook the
dragonyin strawberry.

“You, what are you doing this for!” Tong Meng suddenly put down his light brain, looked
at Tang Bai anxiously, and met those clear eyes. He didn’t know how to speak, so he
could only stomped his feet in a hurry.

Tang Bai:”?”

Tong Meng gritted his teeth and called out the content on Guangnao to show Tang Bai.

I saw the names of Tang Bai, Xie Ruheng, and Gu Tunan on the star net gossip hot
search list!

Going in at one point, it’s all interstellar eating melon netizens who are gossiping about
the complicated relationship of the three people, Tang Xiegu, handsome a beautiful o,
two a and one o, dog bloody head, what a drama of emotional disputes.

The hot comment expressed that he wanted Tang Bai to publish a book of green tea
teasing Han. The book opened. The first page reads Tang Bai’s pure and pure first love
green tea face, and the second page writes that he must give him a batch of Qing
Dynasty. Astoria, let him be free from housework. On the third page, it says that if you
love him, you will be a Buddha jump over the wall for him, and first conquer his

For a while, Tang Bai’s name was linked to Green Tea, Liao Han Master, and Love
Genius! ! !

Tong Meng couldn’t wait to go up and fight against the sunspot who slandered Tang Bai
for three hundred rounds. However, he has a poor vocabulary for cursing people, and
he comes and goes, which is the “big bad guy”, and the outnumbered people are about
to cry.

“You, you, hurry up and spend money to suppress the hot search, and then let your
grandfather catch all the people who spread the rumors…” Before Tong Meng finished
speaking, he saw Tang Bai, who had been bowing his head solemnly.

Suddenly surprised.

Tong Meng: “???”

Tang Bai was overjoyed and said: “Do you think that if I start a live broadcast, the name
of the live broadcast room is’Tang Bai’s Tea Art Class’, the traffic is not big, can it

Tong Meng: “???”

Tang Bai thought before that if he wants to change the perception of omega in this
society, he must first have a certain degree of popularity and voice in the omega

Before going to bed last night, he was still worrying about how he wanted to be famous.
He didn’t expect that he would have a good opportunity now. This incident means that
he has a lot of real heat! If you don’t take advantage of the heat to do things at this time,
I am sorry for the enthusiasm of the majority of netizens!

Just like he just said that he took the opportunity to open a live broadcast to attract fans,
the bright spot Tang Bai has thought about it——

Do you want to make the two leaders of the Federal Military Academy jealous for you?

Want to take the path of green tea so that there is no way for green tea to go?

Click to see Tang Bai’s teaching of tea art!


Tang Bai rolled up his sleeves to authenticate a live broadcast room and named the live
broadcast room “Tang Bai’s Tea Art Class”. Then he happily discussed the live
broadcast style with Tong Meng: “I remember you studied green tea camera skills
before. Green tea makeup and green tea wear are very good! Sister, you will be my
military adviser this time!”

Tong Meng: “??????”

Live broadcast location: Professional kitchenette of the Culinary Department of School

of Etiquette

Live clothing: a pink apron with a bunny pattern and a refreshing simple white shirt

In the live broadcast, a slender figure turned his back to the camera. His arm was
holding two small baskets of strawberries. When he heard the photographer say “Baby
looks at the camera”, he turned his head.

The amber eyes are filled with warm and brilliant soft light, as if the soft waves of omega
are flowing between his eyebrows and the ends of his eyebrows.

The audience who entered the live broadcast room all brushed aphasizing, and even
the barrage about to scold the green tea bitch was stunned. Before they recovered from
the boundless beauty, they saw Tang Bai suddenly pointing to his eyes. : “Want to know
how to have a pair of green teas with the same brilliance?”


“Deng Deng Deng Deng!” Tang Bai added the sound effects himself, and walked to a
lighting lamp. “At this time, you need to put on a soft light. When recording a video,
lighting is very important, and expressions are not enough. Fall, come, take notes.
When we laugh, we need to use the corners of our mouths and raise our eyebrows


“Many babies said that they asked me to give me a green tea teasing course, and some
excellent babies helped me put out the book. I think everyone’s conclusion is very
reasonable. Today, I will follow the tutorial in the book to teach everyone how to
improve their own. Cooking, conquer the male god’s stomach~”

The barrage was already at a loss, and some honest people said in a daze, “I think the
tea art class is a tea art class in the literal sense, and I also want to learn about the
differences in the tea art class of the School of Etiquette”.
[Is this a way of self-cleaning white? 】

[I looked at the propaganda slogan in the live broadcast room, and I was a little
moved! Not to mention, I want to bring my sisters into the live broadcast room to learn
online! 】

[Haha, it’s just a green tea bitch, why is a prospective fiance hooking up with Xie
Ruheng? 】

[Turn on the camera and study according to Tang Bai’s tutorial, and then I was taken
aback by my hideous smile:)]

[Are you very proud? It’s really an omega.]


There are more and more barrages calling Tang Bai a green tea bitch. Tong Meng is
frightened when he sees it on the sidelines. He thinks about it from the side. If he was
the one who faced these offensive remarks, then he would have been hiding in the bed
and crying. When he got up, he didn’t have the courage to open the live broadcast
against the cusp of the storm, and he didn’t have a calm attitude to watch the live
broadcast with a smile like Tang Bai at this moment.

But no matter what the barrage says, Tang Bai has a reserved smile on his face, his
demeanor is very good, his back is straight, and his long white neck is like a proud little

“When starting the green tea course, I want to clarify two things to everyone. First, Gu
Tunan and I are no longer prospective fiances.”

The barrage of cursing was taken aback.

“Gu Nantu is an excellent alpha. Although we can’t be together due to character

reasons, this will not affect the deep friendship between Tang and Gu, and we can be
friends regardless of whether we break up or not.” Tang Bai considered Mrs. Gu The
identity of attacking with Gu Tunan’s protagonist saves Gu Tunan’s face.

Although Gu Tunan is a straight cancer, Mrs. Gu is a tough and gentle omega who
treats Tang Bai well.

Knowing that Gu Tunan was not good to Tang Bai, Mrs. Gu wrote a letter of apology to
Tang Bai and made a lot of small snacks to Tang’s house. If it weren’t for Tang Bai to
live in the school dormitory, Mrs. Gu might have to come to the door to apologize.
“I hope that Gu Tunan can find his love. Seeing that everyone is saying that Brother Xie
and Gu Tunan are fighting for me, saying that I must have fun in my heart. Alas, what I
really want to say is– “

“Don’t fight, don’t fight anymore.” Tang Bai touched his conscience and said sincerely: “I
don’t want to see anyone hurt. I also believe that Xie Ge and Gu Tunan didn’t fight for
me, maybe I didn’t deal with it enough. Okay, just caused this misunderstanding for


The barrage really began to lose sight of the natural tea fragrance.

[It always feels weird]

[Yes, obviously Tang Bai is explaining that he has nothing to do with Gu Tunan, why I
am so awkward to listen]

[Old tea master, the number of paragraphs is really high]

【! ! ! I understand! Tang Bai is reading us the standard quotations of green

tea! Teacher Tang has worked hard! ! ! I dared to be a class representative to sum up
the terms of green tea, “you can be friends after breaking up”, “you don’t fight for me”, “I
am not good enough to make everyone misunderstand”…Oh my God, there are too
many elements Words and sentences are worthy of our understanding, everyone
quickly take notes! 】

[Teacher Tang has worked hard, thank you, Teacher Tang, for teaching us how to
distinguish green tea]

Tang Bai:”……?”

What are you talking about, shouldn’t the point be that Gu Tunan and I have nothing to

Tang Bai blinked blankly and continued: “The second thing is that someone said I was
chasing Brother Xie.”

Tang Bai said loudly to the camera: “The relationship between me and Brother Xie is
not what you imagined. I admire Brother Xie, and I cherish each other. I have been
working hard to become good friends with Brother Xie. Don’t get me wrong~”

Automatically turned barrage: “!!!”

[I learned how to speak green tea! Thank you Teacher Tang! 】

[Hahahaha is indeed a superb student in the School of Etiquette. Teacher Tang is really
good. He perfectly integrates green tea speech into the context, such as “we are just
sympathetic” and “everyone will not misunderstand” these are the essence! 】

[It’s really good. I’m straight a. I can smell the scent of tea. I found out that my best
roommate might be a green tea a! But it’s not sure yet, I need Teacher Tang to continue
teaching! 】

[No, this is called Teacher Tang? Have you forgotten that he is green tea? 】

[Didn’t Tangtang say that he and Gu Tunan are no longer a prospective fiance! Wasn’t
this the point you ridiculed before? Protect our Tang Bai! 】

[Protect our teacher Tang who teaches the tea ceremony! I’m in a hurry if I want to force
Teacher Tang away! 】

[Tang teacher don’t care about the bargaining! quick! Continue to class! 】

Tang Bai:”??????”

Tang Bai’s dumb hair was bent into the shape of a question mark. He looked at the
strange direction of the barrage with a dumb face. He didn’t understand how he became
a teacher Tang full of beautiful green tea articles.

I, I clearly tell the truth!

The barrage must be too brainstorming!

Tang Bai looked at Tong Meng confusedly, and saw that the senior tea tasting master
gave him a thumbs up, and his eyes were full of admiration that you can become a

Tang Bai:”……”

Forget it, anyway, I posted a green tea label for live broadcast to drain the flow. The
higher the discussion of green tea, the more enthusiasm I will be. The clearer will be
clear. When Xie Ruheng is the light of omega, everyone will naturally understand me!

Tang Bai, who successfully solved himself, continued to talk endlessly: “In fact, I still
have one thing I want to tell everyone, even if I am really going to thank Ruheng, so
what? Can omega not actively pursue love? For every gender? You have the right to
chase love. Why does omega have to be reserved? The excellent alpha is so good. If
you like it, you can chase it. Just protect yourself in the pursuit.”

In this society, alpha is generally pursuing omega. If omega takes the initiative, it will be
said to be unreserved. In fact, Tang Bai thinks it is unnecessary. If you like it, you must
express it. If you like a person and only hide it in your heart, how can the other party
know you? Do you like him?

“This live broadcast is also to clarify, at the same time, to teach you some green tea
love skills, we hate the moral quality of green tea bitch, but this does not mean that
green tea has no merits, we can take the road of green tea to make green tea without
The way can go.”

Tang Bai snapped his fingers and happily entered the topic: “Sending a bento with love
to my heart a is a good choice. It can express our care and goodwill, but also show our
good cooking skills. Then let Xiao Xiao Teacher Tang will teach everyone how to do
it/love bento~”

The barrage looked expectantly at the Love Bento teaching. Tang Bai washed the
strawberries, separated the fruit from the strawberry leaves with a knife, skillfully cut the
strawberries into small cubes, and added white sugar to it and said over and over again:
“Today I want to It is Longyin Strawberry, which is a molecular dish that everyone
complains about using strawberries to make strawberries.”

“In this dessert, our strawberry leaves are also edible. After our next processing, the
strawberry leaves not only have no astringency, but also have a sweet and crisp taste.”

In the live broadcast room, the beautiful little omega explained the production process
carefully with a sweet voice. He burned the strawberry leaves in the water, and then
coated the strawberry-flavored dessert wine…

Then the professional level of his series of operations directly made the bullet screen
dumbfounded. To dry the leaves, you need to use a hair dryer, a vacuum laminator
when making strawberry jam, and a constant temperature water bath. Next, n2o steam
bomb, Ding A series of tools such as alkane spray gun.

[Is this the love bento given away by green tea? Excuse me, where is green tea, I want
to be scumbed…]

[From 6 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, for ten hours, I haven’t seen how Teacher
Tang took a break. When I have free time, I will talk to us about the process of making
this dish… so hard. what! 】

[Go to a star restaurant to check the price, excuse me, one for 800 stars]

[Teacher sorry, I think this green tea skill is too difficult, I can’t learn orz]

When the sky was getting dark, Tang Bai put down the sticking pen for decorating
leaves, rubbed his wrist, and saw the “strawberry” he had just made for a long time. He
thought that he could taste dessert after Xie Ruheng’s hard military training. Can not
help showing a motherly smile.


Good, good sense of sight of a good wife and mother!

Tang Bai crushed this dragon-yin strawberry with a small spoon, and the sugar rind was
broken into two halves. The liquid nitrogen ice cream was like a handful of snow falling
on the crimson sugar rind, then Tang Bai poured strawberry jam, and finally put a little
more on it. Embellishment with gold leaf.

A serving of Longyin strawberries that look like a work of art can be eaten!

Tang Bai took a sip with a small spoon and handed it to Tong Meng, who is acting as a
photographer, and said with a smile, “Try it, do you like it?”

The barrage watched this scene from her boyfriend’s point of view, and every dream
flew out of the skylight, showing her love with tears in her eyes.

[I like it, I like it to die]

[Where is green tea, this is obviously my little baby]

[I really want to be Tang Bai’s spare tire, the one that can be divided into a bite of
Longyin strawberry]

[I, I suddenly want to buy Longyin Strawberries…]

[Front, +1]

Xie Ruheng sat at the dining table and was adjusted by Tang Bai, “No matter how tired,
don’t lean back on the back of the chair. We can lean forward slightly while eating.”

Xiangruan’s little hand strictly adjusted Xie Ruheng’s every move, “The arm must be
close to the body, yes, that’s the distance.”

“Isn’t it abnormal?” After Tang Bai adjusted Xie Ruheng into a textbook-standard dining
posture, he collapsed on the chair, without any rules. “In fact, the etiquette class in our
school is even more abnormal. A glass of water cannot fall.”

Tang Bai put the goblet full of red wine on his head, stood up with a straight face,
opened his arms and walked twice in a hurry.
Dignified and elegant, with a generous manner, but when he turned his head, the little
face was wrinkled into a bun: “Training people is useless training. What’s wrong with
this time?”

“If I were to formulate the courses in the future, these messy things would be changed
into elective courses. If you want to learn etiquette, you should learn it. If you want to
learn self-defense, you can choose it yourself. Learn what you like! Federal Military
Academy There is no need to test etiquette. It is all red tape and should have been
thrown away long ago…” Tang Bai raised the wine glass high, obviously did not drink a
mouthful, but spoke as excited as drinking fake wine.

His voice is so soft and sweet, like Lingyu soaked in fruit wine, flicking across Xie
Ruheng’s heartstrings, spurring his vision of the future.

That was the future he had thought about many times, but this time it was a little

Xie Ruheng met those amber eyes, and under the shining light, it was like a crystal
clear gem, a little gem surrounded by all the good things in his future.

His throat was a little itchy, not knowing whether it was the mellow wine aroma or Tang
Bai’s small dimples, which made him drunk. Xie Ruheng said with a low voice: “There
will be one day, and we will witness together.”

“Yes! There will be such a day!” Tang Bai’s eyes were moist, and he raised his glass to
Xie Ruheng: “We will witness together at that time!”

The wine shook, and the two cups collided with a crisp and pleasant tapping sound. The
shaking wine seemed to be full of dreams and affection, as well as the best vision for
the future.

——May our friendship last forever!

——May our love lie with each other until death.

The two looked at each other and smiled, both moved by the sincere affection in each
other’s eyes.

“Come here, Brother Xie, first try the Longyin strawberry I made for you~” Tang Bai
lifted the lid and handed Xie Ruheng a small spoon: “Brother Xie, first break the
strawberry syrup.”

“Break it?” Xie Ruheng picked up the spoon and looked at the delicate desserts like
works of art.
He is used to killing, but he is reluctant to destroy the delicate and beautiful things.

“Did you take a long time to make this dessert?” Xie Ruheng put down his spoon and

“It’s not too long.” Tang Bai originally wanted to speak a little bit shorter. He touched his
nose and suddenly remembered that this cooking was live broadcast this time. Although
Xie Ruheng didn’t watch the live broadcast because of military training, in case Xie
Ruheng watched the replay and found him lying It’s embarrassing.

“Just… only ten hours?” Tang Bai was inexplicably guilty by those dark phoenix eyes.
“Actually, if you do what you like, you will feel that time passes quickly, and you are
completely immersed in it, and you won’t feel tired at all! “

“Especially when I think that this is for Brother Xie, I just think about it and I feel full of
motivation and a sense of accomplishment!” Tang Bai’s sweet words were sent out in a
basket. After Xie Ruheng heard Tang Bai express his affection so straightforwardly, The
little beast in his heart seemed to be wrapped in syrup, sticky and unable to move, and
was very unaccustomed, embarrassed, trying to fight the syrup.

Feng Miao looked away a little embarrassed, and Xie Ruheng smashed the sugar skin
in silence.

In the broken strawberry syrup, there is liquid nitrogen ice cream like snow. Sweet and
sour strawberry jam is poured on the ice cream and piled into small pyramids. The spire
is carefully decorated by Tang Bai with tweezers. Edible gold leaf.

Xie Ruheng: “…”

The price of edible gold leaf should not be expensive…

When scooping up the jam, Xie Ruheng subconsciously asked, “What is the price of this
Longyin strawberry?”

Tang Bai: “…Also, okay? Just one eight hundred star coin?”

The hand holding the spoon paused.

Tang Bai:”!!!”

Oops oops to die! Brother Xie was born in a slum and certainly doesn’t like
extravagance and waste. The previous Buddha jumped over the wall to replenish
Brother Xie’s body. This kind of dessert is so expensive and unnecessary! Brother Xie
shouldn’t alienate me because of our different consumption views! ! !
Tang Bai tried to remedy it with tears in his eyes: “Just, just, it’s the cost of the manual
equipment. I made this myself. I only count the price of the raw materials. Rounding up
means no money.”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

If Xie Ruheng’s complicated mood can turn into a barrage at this moment, then it should

[But your time is more precious]

[Every time I eat a bento in my dream, there is a sense of unreality in my dreams, how
to break it]

[Would you like to eat strawberries without pleasure? 】

Then he took a bite.


The ice-cold liquid nitrogen ice cream first dances on the tongue at the moment of
entrance, followed by the sweet and sour strawberry jam, and finally the crispy
strawberry sugar shell. The rich taste is all concentrated in this Longyin strawberry. The
leaves have been air-dried to no bitter taste.

[True fragrance]

Xie Ruheng lowered his eyes and suddenly remembered the ballroom dance with Tang

This is one of his few memories that matches the sweetness he tasted.

“Do you like it?” Tang Bai asked expectantly.

Xie Ruheng nodded slightly, so he saw the omega in front of him with an extremely
sweet smile, the amber eyes were like melted honey syrup, and in an instant, it seemed
that there was a sweet and soft fragrance surging silently in this small world. .

“Eat more if you like, I’ll make it for you next time!”

The phrase “no need” in his mouth couldn’t be said. Xie Ruheng lowered his head and
scooped up another spoonful and put it in his mouth. He thought he should be greedy
for such sweetness.

Tang Bai beautifully watched Xie Ruheng eat this dessert cleanly, just like the breeder
watching his piglets grow stronger and stronger, and when they grow up, they can go to
another family’s cabbage… Oh no, thank you From now on, I will be the cabbage that
has been dominated by pigs.

Tang Cabbage thought aggrieved.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Ruheng saw the bunch of dull hair.

“Nothing, by the way, Brother Xie, aren’t you going to play against Gu Tunan tomorrow

Xie Ruheng raised his eyes and saw Tang Bai cautiously said, “Maybe I can help
Brother Xie with the mecha assembly part?

Chapter 28

Sixth day of military training.

News of the match between Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan has spread throughout the
school, and some people even opened a bet on who will be the winner tomorrow.
In this gambling game, Xie Ruheng is not favored. Most people don’t know that Xie
Ruheng is a “rat”. They only know that Xie Ruheng was born in a slum and has not
systematically studied the knowledge of the mecha system.
The test of assembling mecha is a deep knowledge reserve, a complete knowledge
system, and a strong assembly ability.
There are more than 97,000 mecha parts provided at the competition site, all of which
are parts of small and lightweight combat mechas. Students need to select suitable
parts from a large number of parts for assembly.
If you simply complete the military training assessment task, it is not that difficult,
because the basic mecha only needs more than 300 parts, and the assembly of the
basic mecha is the knowledge point of the college entrance examination. The high
school assessment requires students to be able to assemble, Repair and care of basic
However, the match between Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan was not only about
assembling mechas, but also for confrontation with assembled mechas.
This means that it is unlikely that the two will only assemble the basic mecha.
The influence of mechas on mecha operators is huge. Special customized mechas are
far from ordinary basic mechas. This is why the masters of mecha and weapon
manufacturers are highly sought after.
A mecha maker refers to a person who has made achievements in mecha
manufacturing, and a weapon maker is more respected than a mecha maker, because
the weapon maker is good at more than mecha.
Aristocrats like Gu Tunan can come into contact with many excellent mecha-
manufacturing masters. He can let the mecha-manufacturing master tailor-made
mechas according to his personal combat habits, and then assemble mechas with the
master’s design drawings. From the starting point, he dumped Xie Ruheng a street.
And Xie Ruheng had never attended a military academy high school, and his knowledge
reserve was at most more than a thousand parts and a few basic mecha systems. It
was difficult to compete with Gu Tunan, who had mastered superior resources.
Therefore, most people think that Xie Ruheng’s winning side in this gambling game is
very low, which also includes Qiu Yan.
Qiu Yan looked at Xie Ruheng, who was practicing basic defensive mecha in the
dormitory all night, feeling sour.
Brother Xie’s foundation is not good. I have only recently mastered five basic small
mechas. The defensive basic mecha is probably because the defensive mecha requires
the least number of parts and steps…
How could such a basic mecha be comparable to Gu Tunan?
It would be better than just fighting skills. How strong Brother Xie’s combat
consciousness is, he knows better than anyone else as Brother Xie’s rookie roommate.
If Xie Ge and Gu Tunan lose in their first confrontation, they will give Xie Ge votes when
they compete for the chief. This time the defeat is a big deduction item. Thinking of this,
Qiu Yan couldn’t help saying: “Xie Ge, my family I asked a second-level mecha maker
and designed a mecha blueprint for me.”
The mecha drawings of each mecha operator are extremely private and precious.
Especially for civilian students, a mecha design drawing may cost most of their family’s
Qiu Yan gritted his teeth and shouted angrily: “Why don’t you thank me for using my
mecha drawings!”
Xie Ruheng turned his head and glanced at Qiu Yan with a slightly surprised look. The
dark phoenix eyes reflected the warm light. For a moment, Qiu Yan felt that Brother Xie
was really looking at him at this time: “No, I appreciate your kindness. NS.”
“Then, thank you brother for your game…”
The black-haired and black-eyed alpha said calmly, “I won’t lose.”
Tang Bai and his little sister sat in the auditorium, watching the upcoming mech
assembly test of the mecha series.
Cheerleaders only play on the first and last days of military training, so today they wear
regular uniforms.
Many alphas in the audience were watching Tang Bai secretly, not only because of
Tang Bai’s own appearance, but also because of his appearance today…
The word “Xie Ge” is pasted on the left cheek, and the word “will win” is pasted on the
right cheek. The red font is very eye-catching.
The beautiful little omega was looking worriedly at the assessment site, and forgot to
wave the little flag in his hand.
“Baby, would you be too that kind of thing? If Xie Ruheng loses later, won’t you be
beaten?” Tong Meng just gave Tang Bai a stare, “Brother Xie won’t lose!”
Tong Meng hurriedly raised his hand and surrendered, “I was wrong, I was wrong, I was
wrong…” He begged for mercy after looking at the assessment site, and couldn’t help
saying: “Gu Tunan’s mecha looks so powerful.”
Gu Tunan’s mech is indeed the most eye-catching one at a glance. Other than that, the
appearance of the prototype is cool and unusual, streamlined appearance,
sophisticated equipment, and cumbersome parts. Together, it is dazzling and dizzying.
Barrage talked about it:
[The mecha configured by the local tyrant, Dad, is your mecha still lacking leg
accessories? 】
[Is this the speed of being single for twenty years? ! Loved love! 】
[Gu Tunan is really fast and stable, especially when it comes to rebuilding the mecha
system. Although the system originally provided has a general framework, he is faster
than other students who assemble the basic mecha! It’s equivalent to everyone doing
math problems, learning God to do advanced math faster than you do elementary
school math problems! 】
[Yes, much faster than some people who do defensive basic mecha]
There are forty light screens in the live broadcast. It happens that the light screens of
Gu Tunan and Xie Ruheng are side by side. On the left is Gu Tunan’s high-end and
atmospheric high-end mecha, and on the right is Xie Ruheng’s simple and
unpretentious basic mecha.
The locations of their on-site assessments are also closely linked, and you can see the
progress of the other party as soon as you turn your head.
Gu Tunan looked at Xie Ruheng, her gray-blue eyes narrowed slightly.
It was this alpha that approached Tang Bai shamelessly again and again, not knowing
what method he used to deceive Tang Bai.
But no matter how Xie Ruheng installs it, his knowledge and resources cannot be
installed. There is no system to learn mecha manufacturing, and there is no blueprint
designed by the top mecha maker himself. What will Xie Ruheng use to win him?
The black-haired and dark-eyed Alpha’s eyelids twitched inexplicably, he stretched out
his hand and rubbed his thick eyelashes, and his scarred hand was exposed under the
In order to assemble the mecha, Xie Ruheng’s gloves had long been taken off, and the
live ball surrounding Xie Ruheng only had a close-up of Shengshi Meiyan’s face, not Xie
Ruheng’s hand, so when the hand close-up appeared, the barrage was shocked:
[Why did Xie Ruheng hurt his hand like this? Didn’t he deal with it properly when he was
injured? 】
[Cold knowledge, Xie Ruheng was born in a slum]
[He is from a slum? ? ? It’s over, the male god filter broke and I cracked! 】
[Xie Ruheng has given up struggling, even if you want to assemble a basic mecha, then
choose a basic mecha suitable for offensive anyway! What is the purpose of choosing a
defensive mecha? Should it be a tortoise? ! 】
[I shouldn’t win because Yan Gou pressured him, and feel sorry for my one month’s
pocket money]
Seeing those who knew that Xie Ruheng was born in a slum, he was collectively
stripped of powder. Tang Bai was so angry that he was so dull that the scene was so
similar to what happened to Xie Ruheng in the book. In the book, Xie Ruheng was
under greater pressure, except for his background. And gender criticism.
Really an interstellar person! At the beginning, what did he say to have a baby for the
right leader! Billowing! If you are not giving birth now, I will give birth to Brother Xie! No,
Brother Xie can give birth by himself… Oh no, no, why would Xie give birth to alpha? !
Tang Bai was about to get confused. At this moment, he heard a commotion from the
assessment site——
Gu Tunan calmly assembled the last part. Once his mecha was completed, the
evaluation instrument placed in front of the production table immediately gave a high
Currently included in the total steps of 846!
Excellent stability!
No system loopholes!
Function attributes:
Defense: 8
Strength: 9
Agility: 9
Stamina: 7
Spirit: 8
The outstanding attribute points are simultaneously displayed on the big screen. The
military academies who are assembling mechas put down their works and looked
enviously at both of the nine attribute points and Gu Tunan.
The pitch-black military uniform meticulously outlines Gu Tunan’s tall body, and the
gray-blue eyes are indifferent and innate arrogance. Numerous admiring and enviable
eyes are cast on him, but Gu Tunan looks at the audience. Tang Bai at the table.
What flashed in his mind was the image of Tang Bai standing in the stands during the
entrance ceremony:
The slender and beautiful omega supported the railing casually with one hand, and the
other hand held the diamond-encrusted trumpet loosely, looking at Qin Jun. He was
born with a cat-like lazy and sweet temperament, as if everything in the world could not
enter his eyes. .
At that time, Gu Tunan hoped that Tang Bai could look back at him.
Now he can finally realize his wish at the time-
The little omega on the audience stage has “Brother Xie” on the left cheek, and “Must
win” on the right cheek, like the lucky cat Xie Ruheng shook the small flag desperately,
the red and colorful flags seemed to turn green at this moment The ocean is floating in
Gu Tunan’s heart.
Gu Tunan: “……?!”
This is clearly my highlight moment! Why do you want to see the defeat of my men? !
Gu Tunan refused!
Gu Tunan turned his head!
Gu Tunan squinted!
I saw that the black-haired and black-eyed alpha focused on assembling his mecha. He
didn’t assemble quickly. Onlookers saw that he was desperately impatient, but he
himself did not rush and follow his steps.
Dark broken hair fell on his forehead, and the classic match of white shirt and black
uniform brought out his chilly temperament. Although he was in a disadvantaged
position, his whole body was dazzling like a halo from the hair to the shiny military
Stabbed Gu Tunan’s eyes.
Gu Tunan who seems to understand something: “…” Am I not handsome enough?
Tang Bai watched the progress of Xie Ruheng’s assembling the mecha, and wished he
would go on the court to assemble Xie Ruheng himself. When he saw that Xie Ruheng
had completed all the important frames, he let out a long sigh of relief, and his tight
nerves relaxed a little, Tang Bai Feel free to look at other students in the assessment.
Then he saw Gu Tunan staring at Xie Ruheng without blinking. Those gray-blue eyes
looked like a deep-sea vortex, with countless emotions surging in it. It looked like Gu
Tunan was deeply attracted by Xie Ruheng’s protagonist by the halo. Can’t look away at
Tang Bai:”……”
snort! I knew you would be attracted by Xie Ge’s aura of calmness and fearlessness!
At this moment, Tang Bai had countless ways to remove CP in his mind. He looked at
Gu Tunan vigilantly and then at Xie Ruheng. After seeing Gu Tunan’s single arrow, he
was nervous and slumped Down.
No, I must find a way to break them up!
Tang Bai’s eyes showed the determination of beating a mandarin duck.
What love to talk about with dog alpha! It’s still important to have a career!
Gearing up, Tang Bai looked at the ignorant Xie Ruheng, his fierce little eyes quickly
softened, and a sea of maternal love emerged in his eyes——
After finishing his career, when the time comes bsp; Tang Bai, who is passionate and
brain-filled, glances at the bullet screen casually:
[Eh wait, I just zoomed in and counted the screenshots of the live broadcast. Look, did
Xie Ruheng take the wrong part? I remember that the basic defensive mecha does not
need this kind of parts. Picture.jpg]
[Fuck, Xie Ruheng actually picked the wrong one! I am so anxious, why hasn’t he
reacted yet! 】
Tang Bai suddenly raised his head, his amber eyes looked at Xie Ruheng nervously.
I saw Xie Ruheng still standing in front of the console with a calm expression,
uninfluenced by Gu Tunan, who was the first to complete the assembly.
The phoenix eyes fell slightly, and Xie Ruheng embedded the energy tank accessories
in his hands into the mecha, completing the first 845 steps of assembling the parts
perfectly. Only the last step was needed before the defensive mecha in his hand could
be formed.
He glanced at the evaluation column in front of the production stage:
Currently counted in the total steps of 845!
Excellent stability!
No system loopholes!
Current functional attributes:
Defense: 9
Strength: 0
Agility: 0
Stamina: 0
Spirit: 0
Xie Ruheng retracted his gaze and picked up the last part. He took a deep breath and
put the last main part firmly into the mecha with his slender and powerful fingers.
When the last vacancy of this mech was filled, the data in the evaluation column on the
production stage suddenly appeared in confusion. The next second, all the data above
were refreshed:
Currently included in the total steps of 846!
Stability is unknown!
No system loopholes!
Function attributes:
Defense: Unknown
Strength: unknown
Agility: unknown
Endurance: unknown
Spirit: Unknown
Remarks: A brand-new mecha, the level cannot be determined temporarily, the main
brain has been contacted! Waiting for manual identification!
The camera was aimed at Xie Ruheng and the mecha that had never been seen before,
and the barrage of the entire live broadcast room was in an uproar.
Chapter 29

The criteria for determining new mechas are very strict, not only requiring innovative
design, but also requiring the overlap rate of design concepts and previous mecha
designs to be less than 30%.
“Only changed one step?!” A professor from the Department of Mechanical Engineering
excitedly said: “I don’t believe it! Unless you let me take it apart!”
In the next second, the new mecha was towed away by Xie Ruheng. This new mecha,
which was similar in appearance to the basic defensive mecha, was not light in weight,
but the black alpha was easy to drag.
The old professor is an old and frail beta, tired enough to carry a toolbox, he stared at
Xie Ruheng dumbfounded.
“Teacher, I want to use this mecha to participate in the competition. I can’t use you to
research it for the time being.”
The old professor was taken aback for a moment: “…Okay, okay, when and where do
you compare, classmate?”
Xie Ruheng walked to the elevator platform without looking back, “Now, the martial arts
As soon as the voice fell, the lifting platform rose rapidly, and instantly landed on the
martial arts field on the first floor!
The too bright and dazzling light made Xie Ruheng squinted slightly. He placed the
mecha on the transparent ground and looked around the huge martial arts field.
The military exercise field of the Federal Military Academy is like a castle in the sky,
suspended in the blue sky and white clouds, and the auditorium is like an asteroid belt
surrounding the spherical exercise field.
The magnificent atmosphere, spotless, and the underground arena are two completely
different styles.
The opponent he faced this time was also different.
Gu Tunan stood in the center of the martial arts stage. Behind him was a slender and
slender humanoid mecha designed by a top mecha designer.
Compared with the rough and strange alien mechas, the humanoid mechas are like a
polite gentleman.
[Humanoid Mecha is really good-looking]
[Although it is more cost-effective to buy alien mechas for the same money, I am still
greedy for humanoid mechas]
[Don’t look at it, let’s look at dreaming again, or alien mechas are suitable for ordinary
families like ours]
[Gu Tunan is really handsome, if I were Tang Bai, I would marry Gu Tunan~]
[Xie Ruheng and his new mecha are also good? 】
[Where is Xie Ruheng’s new mecha? No matter how I look at it, I think it’s a basic
defensive mecha]
[A new type of mecha that has not even been appraised, may be too weak]
[Yes, I still remember that a few years ago, there was a waste mech that was so
ingenious that it was identified as a new type of mecha]
Xie Ruheng watched Gu Tunan’s kick-off pose for him, with slightly raised eyebrows,
and he also replied decently.
Compared with Gu Tunan, who salutes in a textbook manner, his strength in returning
the gift can be regarded as lazy.
Gu Tunan frowned, “I hope you can take this game seriously…” He glanced at the
mecha modified by Xie Ruheng, and added coldly: “Don’t give up on yourself.”
The innovation of the mecha was not easy to come by. Xie Ruheng only changed one
step. It didn’t seem to be a serious transformation. On the contrary, it was like changing
the biggest advantage of the basic defensive mecha and creating a new type of mecha.
Winning is too easy, not what he wants.
Looking at the back of Gu Tunan walking into the mecha, Xie Ruheng had no words. He
raised his head and looked at the real-time barrage over the ball-shaped martial arts
arena like a vast sea of stars. The barrage was enthusiastically shouting, “Betting on
alpha love” “War”, “Xie Ruheng, if you lose, marry me, good”, “Gu Tunan is so
handsome”, “Are you going to start, do you start?”…
The dark phoenix eyes stared at all this quietly.
Then he turned and stepped into the heavy mecha.
The heavy mecha is like a clumsy tortoise. The original basic defensive mecha has no
effect on speed. This new mech does not only seem to have zero bonuses, it is even
dragging down all aspects of data.
Gu Tunan cautiously circled the mecha, and then he found that the mecha controlled by
Xie Ruheng had difficulty even turning around to observe the enemy’s situation.
[What is Xie Ruheng doing? Being motionless is the bastard? 】
[Is this a mecha version of the tortoise and the hare? Smiled to the master]
[Sure enough, Xie Ruheng’s new mecha is a sensational waste mecha, which made my
mentor come here in vain]
[Also, Xie Ruheng, a slum person can not come up with a new type of mecha, unless
the treasure blueprint can be found in the garbage]
[Gu Tunan, don’t go around in circles, let’s overturn this tortoise soon! I’m waiting for
your game’s gambling game to send money! (Gu Tu Nangu is overjoyed)]
As if to hear the impatience of the barrage, the humanoid mech in the martial arts field
suddenly rushed up like lightning, and the hidden thrust of the manipulator burst! A
punch to the chest of Xie Ruheng Mecha! The ground is shaking!
All the audience couldn’t help but exclaimed. When they saw the heavy mech crashing
to the ground with a punch, everyone’s hearts were hanging in their throats.
Are you going to lose?
Under the gaze of everyone’s eyes, the clumsy mech slowly got up, and then, it was
knocked down by Gu Tunan!
Different from his polite appearance, Gu Tunan’s fighting style was unexpectedly open
and close. As soon as he attacked, the muffled sound never stopped, and the thunder-
like sound of the storm was continuous and changing. The movement made waves of
smoke on the martial arts field, and the audience could hardly see Gu Tunan’s
[Really, isn’t it? Xie Ruheng fucking motionless and let Gu Tunan fight! 】
[I’ve seen it today. Xie Ruheng was afraid that Gu Tunan would not hurt enough, so he
sent his chest to other people’s fists.]
[It is reasonable to suspect that Xie Ruheng started the bet on the outcome of the fight
between Xie and Gu]
[The tortoise will not be as suffocated as Xie Ruheng! 】
Tang Bai clenched his thigh unconsciously, the sharp sound of the mecha rubbing
made him want to cover his ears, but he looked at the scene like a self-abuse.
Under such violent continuous attacks, the people in the mecha may also be injured.
“Tangtang, don’t worry too much…” Tong Meng’s crying voice came from his ear.
Tang Bai gritted his teeth and supported him: “I don’t worry about Brother Xie, I trust
Tong Meng cried and said, “Then, then, can you stop pinching my thigh first.”
Tang Bai:”……!”
Tang Bai quickly rubbed Tong Meng, but his mind was focused on the battle. He saw
Xie Ruheng’s mecha being knocked down again and again, and stood up again and
From the initial mockery of the barrage to the silence at this moment, everyone quietly
watched the mecha stand up hard, the thick armor based on the defensive mecha finally
could not withstand the damage, and a deep crack appeared.
From the dark cracks, Xie Ruheng’s pale face could be vaguely seen.
Gu Tunan let out a suffocating breath, and the feeling of suffocation that hovered in his
heart finally dissipated for the most part.
He had never encountered a basic mecha that was so heavy, and he had been able to
endure him for such a long period of time before it was worn out.
It seems that Xie Ruheng’s new mech is innovative in defense, abandoning other
superfluous attributes, and even the basic agility is forgotten, in exchange for such an
amazing defense.
I don’t know which step Xie Ruheng changed?
Especially the parts Xie Ruheng used in the last step. He had never seen that kind of
parts. What role did that part play in this transformation?
Also, which mecha maker made this improvement?
The defensive points of basic defensive mechas are difficult to improve. Tens of
thousands of mecha manufacturers have overcome this problem, but they have all
given up.
The five most basic mechas of the Federation were designed by Mr. Tang, and it took
half a lifetime to perfect them, and it would be difficult for future generations to improve.
The ability to improve the defensive attributes is considered a relatively good innovation.
After the game, see if you can ask Xie Ruheng something. He admires the unknown
mecha maker. It is best to ask the opponent to take action and help. He customized
Gu Tunan thought casually and controlled the mecha to continue attacking until the
combat system scanned the damage rate of the Xie Ruheng mecha, and when the
“97% damaged” prompt popped out, Gu Tunan hesitated and attacked the violence in
the system. The thorn retracted, reduced the force, and hammered up——
【alarm! alarm! The damage rate has reached 97%! ! ! 】
The languid eyes of Phoenix regained a hint of radiance from the warning, Xie Ruheng
coughed and tasted the smell of blood in his throat.
When the mecha cracks, its defensive ability is weakened, and the attack from the
opposing mecha can directly affect Xie Ruheng.
Although this mecha has a high defense power, Xie Ruheng was injured even with the
top alpha under the high-intensity blow. He hung his head and sprayed blood mist at the
console with his pale face.

Chapter 30

The alarm sounded through the cockpit, but Tang Bai’s words last night echoed in Xie
Ruheng’s ears:
“Grandpa told me that the framework of all mechas in the Federation is inseparable
from the five most basic mechas. Even advanced mechas are extended from the basic
“The basic defensive mecha has only defense and no functions, so the framework of the
defensive mecha is the most stable.”
“The homework my grandfather assigned to me when I was young was how to improve
the stability of the defensive mecha. I have studied for a long time, and my grandpa
should have forgotten this homework for a long time.”
The mysterious secret of the beautiful hands took out a part that was completely
different from the main part of the central force-receiving area, “But there are some
things I haven’t forgotten.”
The amber eyes looked gently at the part in his hand, cautiously as if holding a star, “I
have been revising the system and design drawings. The structure made by Grandpa is
really a super stable structure… “
When the beautiful little omega said this, her voice suddenly became soft, “So I thought,
the moment the world’s most stable frame collapsed, would it cause the greatest
Another crack spread from the center like a cobweb. Not only the center, but like a
domino effect, dense cracks appeared all over the body of this heavy mecha!
“Then, I researched out a new mecha.”
The energy troughs that had changed their positions shattered together, and the raging
energy flowed out along the predetermined trajectory, and the dazzling light flashed
under countless cracks of various sizes and sizes——
“It has only one killer move, which is to pay the other way. The stronger the opponent,
the greater the lethality. It is very suitable for defeating the strong with the weak, but its
shortcomings are also obvious. If your opponent’s strike points are within the range of
the mecha’s power, I’m grateful to you, brother, for controlling it with your heart~”
The dark phoenix eyes saw the humanoid mech retracting the stabbing fist through the
display screen covered by blood mist.
Even if the violent stab that broke the defense is removed, this blow is enough to
destroy the severely damaged mecha.
Time seemed to be stretched extremely long at this moment, Xie Ruheng pressed the
switch button on the left hand side to change the battle mode——
Freedom to fight.
Unlike the auxiliary combat that relies on the mecha’s own attack skills, free combat
depends entirely on the mecha division’s control of their body.
Few mecha divisions will choose the free combat mode, because the mecha itself
provides very little assistance in the free combat mode and can only amplify the attack
power of the mecha division.
It is equivalent to saying that the dishes of mediocre talents in free mode will be
doubled, and any physical imbalance will be displayed by the mecha. It is better to
release the killer moves that the mecha comes with, but the amazing genius can be like
a fish in water and break through. The limits of conventional mecha attacks, speed and
other attributes!
The perverted mecha can even manipulate his body to make attacks that even mechas
cannot make. After a single blow, the mechas are scrapped.
And Xie Ruheng, he is such a rare mecha combat genius.
[Drip-free battle mode switch successfully! 】
The heavy and cumbersome mech is like a set of improper overcoats on his body. The
shield-shaped arms are only suitable for defense and difficult to attack.
The damage of this mecha is almost reaching its limit. At this time, Gu Tunan’s attack is
not needed, and its damage rate is automatically increasing.
“Brother Xie, you have to make sure that all the places Gu Tunan attacks are in this
triangle. When the damage suffered by the mecha exceeds the upper limit, it will make
a’biu~’ sound!”
“But be careful, don’t let the damage rate directly exceed 100%.”
Xie Ruheng shifted a step to the left, evading most of the attack at an impossible speed
and extremely tricky angle, ensuring that only a small part of the remaining power fell in
the center of the mecha.
Gu Tunan opened his eyes slightly, looking at the mecha’s superb dodge skills and the
final active tricks to dodge. At that moment, countless doubts flashed through Gu
Tunan’s mind——
What? Can Xie Ruheng escape?
Then why didn’t he hide before?
Strange, why did Xie Ruheng avoid being beaten in the end?
……and many more!
Gu Tunan’s heart beat, and he suddenly reacted to something wrong. He
subconsciously wanted to retreat, when he saw the mecha in front of him cracking–
The specially made parts were broken into two halves, peeling off the huge mecha
shell, revealing the bright light in the inner shell.
【alarm! alarm! The damage rate has reached 98%——98.7%——99.6%——99.9%
When the damage rate jumped to the value of 99.9%, the harsh sirens ceased abruptly,
replaced by a slight “biu”.
Gu Tunan widened his eyes in disbelief, and saw the dazzling and tearful light blooming
from the torn apart mecha, and the terrifying energy that had accumulated for a long
time was rippling in the air——
Like a beam of light that traverses the sky and the earth, it hits straight!
Gu Tunan hurriedly manipulated the mecha to dodge. He believed that although the
blow was huge, the mecha on the opposite side was the last of the powerful crossbows.
As long as he avoided the shock wave, he would win.
The dazzling rays of light stretched towards the humanoid mecha. It was not a slender
beam, but an endless sea of light. At such a close distance, there was nowhere to
escape, nowhere to escape!
Because this blow is a blow that accumulates all of Gu Tunan’s previous attack energy.
It is a blow that transcends the mecha-assisted combat mode and is dominated by the
amazingly talented Xie Ruheng!
“I named this ultimate move’Light’, I think it suits you well.”
The shaky heavy mecha that was about to disintegrate at any time drew out a light
energy sword with a basic configuration, and aimed at Gu Tunan with a domineering
sword to the extreme!
This sword is even more dazzling than the surging light sea, wrapped in an
overwhelming aura, and pierced into the weakest crack of the mecha resolutely and
This sword made the surrounding sea of light dim, as if the stars had lost their color
under the scorching sun.
Under this sword was a tortoise crack road like a spider web, and the seemingly
indestructible humanoid mech crashed down, raising a large dust.
The audience was silent.
No one expected such a reversal. Even Tang Bai was actually not sure in his heart,
because the self-destructive attack of mecha requires strict timing. The implementation
is demanding, requires the right time and place, and is not careful. It will backfire the
mecha division.
Everyone was stunned, only one professor slapped his thigh.
“That’s it! That’s it!!!” The gray-haired professor of the Department of Mechanical
Engineering danced like a child who discovered a new toy: “It turns out that this is not a
defensive mecha! This is a fighter that has created a new attack method. A ah ah ah!!!”
“The new mecha with perfect fighting skills is perfect!!”
A mechanical student next to him was just startled by the professor’s voice, and was
startled by the result of the competition in the next second.
I saw the final result of the game jumped out on the large light screen of the martial arts
【competition is over! Xie Ruheng, a freshman in Class 1 of the Mech Combat
Department, Level 18! 】
The eye-catching result of the match was like boiling water poured into a pan. In an
instant, the entire martial arts field boiled!
[Isn’t it? ! Can this fucking fight back? ! ? 】
[Xie Ruheng’s last move! Yes! Varied! NS! Ahhhhhh, coach I want to learn too! ! ! 】
[Xie Ruheng actually used a mecha with a damage rate of 99.9% to directly destroy Gu
Tunan’s bloody local tyrant mecha? ! 】
[Fuck, awesome, a direct blow made Gu Tunan’s mecha damage rate broken by
100%! I knelt directly to Brother Xie! ! ! 】
[What’s your name, Brother Xie! Call me thank God! 】
[Brothers beat the god of gratitude on the public screen! 】
[Thank God, I want to give you a monkey! ! ! 】
Defeat the strong with the weak, the Jedi counter-killing, something that makes people
excited just listen to it, generally only appears in the rumors, but now, it is happening
right now.
Unspeakable blood surged in countless people’s chests.
“Ah ah ah thank God for winning!!!”
I don’t know who started cheering first, so the second, third, more and more people
followed with all their energy and shouted to the existence in the martial arts field:
“Thank God! Thank God! Thank God!!! “
The deafening cheers almost overturned the roof of the martial arts field, and also
awakened Gu Tunan’s sanity.
Through the broken screen, he looked at the maddened military academies in the
auditorium with a dazed expression. Those military academies have always been
arrogant. Also, the students who can enter the Federal Military Academy are the best in
the alpha. People are willing to express surrender easily. They may respect you on the
surface because of your origin, but it is difficult for them to surrender from the heart
because of your origin.
But now, these future officer reserves all shouted the same name in unison. They threw
down their military caps, took off their pitch-black gloves, and even untied their coats,
waving what they had done like flags and cheering sticks. Everything that can be used
for carnivals.
However, it was Xie Ruheng who he had looked down on last second to accomplish this
impossible with his own power.
Gu Tunan lay blankly in the scrapped cockpit, recalling the amazing sword in his mind, it
seemed to pierce time and space, and pierce everything in the world.
Even if he knew the timing, trajectory, and power of that sword, if he were to make Gu
Tunan come back again, he still couldn’t avoid that sword.
Such a powerful desperate sword, he was so determined not to leave him any back,
naturally, he would not leave his opponent a ray of life.
If it weren’t for the school competition, he…he should have died under that sword just
Thinking of this, Gu Tunan realized that she didn’t know when she was in a cold sweat.
He found that the biggest mistake he made in this battle was not to lose to Xie Ruheng,
but to underestimate Xie Ruheng.
Underestimate a mecha division who can use his unheard of killer moves in free mode.
Gu Tunan crawled out of the mecha cockpit with difficulty, staring at the black mecha
covered in scalds on the martial arts field with extremely complicated gray-blue eyes.
He was silent for a long time and said to the opponent in the mecha cabin: ” You are
very strong. I apologize for the contempt before the start of the game. It is me who really
didn’t take this game seriously, but I will definitely beat you in the future.”
After that, Gu Tunan looked at Tang Bai in the auditorium with some regret. He had
been paying attention to Tang Bai’s position. Tang Bai was sitting in the first row…
Huh? !
People? !
Tang Bai jumped down from the audience with his backhand. In the exclamation of
everyone, he ran to the center of the martial arts field without hesitation, and ran to the
scarred black mecha.
He ran so fast, with the red lettering “Xie Ge must win” on his cheeks, and his eyes
were red. His red fingertips desperately grabbed forward as he ran, as if he wanted to
fly to Xie Ruheng in the next second. By his side, I touched the people in the mecha
who didn’t know the life or death.
Thanks brother! Brother Xie, Brother Xie, don’t have anything to do! Nothing can
happen! There must be no accident! ! !
Tang Bai stared at the humanoid mecha that was full of cracks and was about to
collapse at any time, as if he wanted to pass through the heavy mecha and see the
handsome young man in the cockpit.
He can perfectly outline every detail of the opposite aspect in his mind, and every stroke
he traces with his heart is gleaming, the most dazzling luminous body.
The figure engulfed in light slashed open the illusory world of the book with a sword,
deeply imprinted in Tang Bai’s mind.
He had never had the moment of watching the battle, so strongly and clearly realized
that the light that illuminated his world was Xie Ruheng.
In order to satisfy his wish, shining Xie Ruheng.
What Xie Ruheng originally planned to use was not the new mecha he made, but a
mecha named “Chang Ye”.
That was the exclusive mech of the Rat, and it was also the only mech that Xie Ruheng
would assemble before being admitted to the Federal Military Academy.
In the book, Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan also had a mecha duel. Xie Ruheng in the book
used “Long Night”. The result of the game was evenly matched in the early stage. In the
end, Xie Ruheng won by a narrow margin.
The price of victory was that Xie Ruheng’s identity as a “rat” was exposed. People who
wore colored glasses suddenly accused Xie Ruheng of being too harsh, cold-blooded
and unrelenting in the game, saying that Gu Tunan lost because of being too kind, and
saying that Xie Ruheng was cruel and cruel. People don’t deserve to be the chief…
Xie Ruheng in the book won.
Won overwhelming accusations and prejudices.
Everyone was saying that he had won dishonorable, that he was cruel, cold-blooded
and unfeeling, but they didn’t say that Gu Tunan’s high-level mecha was a noble
privilege, and that Gu Tunan took the initiative to provoke and did not leave Xie Ruheng
a way out.
Xie Ruheng could not lose.
He can’t lose when he is playing in the underground arena. If he loses, he will have
nothing. He will become a corpse and throw it into the garbage street where no one
cares. He licks blood on the tip of the knife. .
In the underground arena, the defender can be challenged, challenged by an endless
stream of opponents, and everyone wants to step on the body of the defender.
Only this defender is cold-blooded and cruel enough to use thunder to suppress the
eager wolves and tigers under the stage.
Xie Ruheng could not lose.
His only advantage in the Federal Military Academy is his individual strength. He does
not have a superior family background or profound knowledge. He does not even have
the skill of long-sleeved dancers. He can only fight with his maverick strength and the
strength that convinces everyone Make your own way.
Gu Tunan could win the full cheers, and shrugged and walked down to the martial arts
field, but Xie Ruheng couldn’t, because he had nowhere to go, because he had only this
So that night, Tang Bai took out his immature mecha design, and nervously said to Xie
Ruheng that this is a mecha that has not been tested for safety issues. If Xie likes it, he
will send the drawing. To Xie brother.
Xie Ruheng did not question his ability to make mechas, but asked him—
“Do you want me to defeat Gu Tunan with this mecha?”
Those dark phoenix eyes stared at him quietly, and their thin lips opened slightly: “As
you wish.”
Tang Bai finally ran to the mecha. He jumped onto the three-meter-high heavy mecha,
and found the position of the cockpit door at a glance. There were dense cracks on it,
showing the fierce battle.
His heart sank, and he could hardly imagine what the people in the cabin looked like.
Tang Bai tremblingly pushed open the hatch, and saw Xie Ruheng, whose face was
stained red with blood——
He was patiently and meticulously wiping the blood on his face, using the little rabbit
handkerchief Tang Bai gave him.
Xie Ruheng, who was born in a slum, has a habit. He will adjust his state to the best
before he gets out of mecha at the end of the game, because he doesn’t like to show
weakness in front of everyone.
The hatch door was suddenly pushed open, and the brilliant sunlight broke into the dim
space. Xie Ruheng turned his head in a little surprise, and the dark phoenix eyes
blinked slightly because they were not well adapted to the sudden bright light.
When the little omega in front of him suddenly blushed and burst into tears, Xie Ruheng
stopped wiping his face slowly, and the slightly dumb and condensed voice revealed an
imperceptible panic: “Why did you cry?”
Then he saw the little omega in front of him crying out of his nose, and said softly: “I, I’m

Chapter 31

Looking at Xie Ruheng’s stunned eyes, Tang Bai cried and laughed: “I’m very happy
that you can win, Brother Xie! Thank you, brother, you are really handsome today!”
After talking, Tang Bai opened his arms and gave Xie Ruheng a fragrant and soft hug.
Xie Ruheng, who was caught off guard, did not dare to move, fearing that the blood on
his body would stain Tang Bai’s delicate clothes.

Tang Bai hugged Xie Ruheng lightly and carefully avoided Xie Ruheng’s wound. He
knew that the most important thing now was to deal with the wound, but at this moment,
Tang Bai just wanted to hug Xie Ruheng.

He always felt that Xie Ruheng, who silently licked his wounds in the book, was just
such a hug.

No one had hugged him from beginning to end.

The tip of his nose can smell a strong smell of blood, which makes Tang Bai want to cry
again. How painful these injuries should be…

The little omega in her arms shed tears silently again, her thick eyelashes were wet with
tears, and the end of her eyes and nose were faintly red.

Xie Ruheng’s heart was almost filled with these tears, and the little beast in his heart
vomited bubbles at a loss. He picked up the handkerchief and wanted to wipe Tang
Bai’s tears. He hadn’t started to wipe it, and suddenly realized that the blood-stained
handkerchief would only wipe away. The dirtier.

Tang Bai didn’t know how big a problem he had for Xie Ruheng. His emotions came
and went quickly. He cried ventingly for a while, and his mood gradually calmed down.
Tang Bai sucked his nose and gave Xie Ruheng red eyes. clothing.

Looking at the little hands that unbuttoned him, Xie Ruheng breathed a sigh of relief…
Wait? !

Xie Ruheng suddenly pressed Tang Bai’s hand, his voice was slightly muted: “It’s not
suitable here, right?”

Tang Bai blinked blankly, and said softly, “Just treat the wound briefly, it won’t delay
much time.”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Tang Bai took off the medicine box and saw that Xie Ruheng’s expression was wrong,
and asked carefully, “What’s the matter?”

Xie Ruheng: “…nothing.”

Tang Bai gently unbuttoned the button, and saw Xie Ruheng’s abdomen black and blue,
bruising and purple, especially on the pale skin, and it made people take a breath at a

“In fact, it doesn’t matter, just raise it for a few days.” Xie Ruheng comforted.

Tang Bai picked up the healing spray without saying a word and sprayed it on the
wound, holding back tears and being strong and not crying, Xie Ruheng felt in a daze
that he had some incurable disease.

Next, the little omega dignifiedly took out the medical bandage, solemnly bandaged Xie
Ruheng, and while wrapping the bandage, he muttered: “Fly away painfully, fly away

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Tang Bai seriously tied a beautiful bow and breathed a sigh of relief as if he had done
an extraordinary event. He raised his head and whispered softly to Xie Ruheng: “Xie
brother can’t eat spicy food these days. It’s best not to eat seafood. I will stew the pig’s
trotters for Brother Xie tonight and add more collagen.”

Xie Ruheng: “…Actually, I think this injury is lax–“

“Let’s go to the infirmary later, some injuries may look nothing on the surface, like
visceral bleeding…no! Let’s get out of the mech! Go to the infirmary now!” Tang Bai He
quickly pulled Xie Ruheng’s hand, and pushed open the cockpit door nervously with all
his face——


Gorgeous virtual fireworks bloomed over the spherical martial arts field. The cheers of
the landslide and the tsunami and the enthusiastic eyes rushed to them. When Tang Bai
led the disheveled Xie Ruheng out of the hatch, many military academies were
brainstormed. Laughing meaningfully.

Tang Bai:”……!”

Tang Bai quickly buttoned Xie Ruheng, the boundless beauty of the light of omega
could not be seen by this group of alphas! ! !

[Who can tell Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai what they did in the cockpit? ! 】

[Didn’t you see Tang Bai carrying the medicine box? Apply medicine]

[Thank God is really a winner in life, I won the game and also won love, I’m so sour]
[Tang Bai looks so gentle when he arranges the collar for Xie Ruheng! The gentle little
omega really sharks me! 】

Tang Bai didn’t have time to worry about what others were talking about. He wanted to
take Xie Ruheng to the school’s infirmary. He didn’t expect to be stopped by Gu Tunan
after walking a few steps: “You’re pulling and pulling with an alpha in the crowd. What
kind of style is it?!”

Tang Bai:”……?”

I really don’t want to talk to him, but he is so silly.

Tang Bai, who had endured it for a long time, finally turned his head unbearably, and
walked up to Gu Tunan aggressively, “Are you a bit sick?”

“Who I want to be with is my freedom, it has nothing to do with you.” Xie Ruheng hasn’t
been with you yet, your possessiveness is so strong, why don’t you go to heaven? Even
if you are a real attacker, even if your relationship line cannot be changed, I am Xie
Ruheng’s best best friend. I can pull and pull as much as I like with him. I can still hug
him and kiss me! ! !

Tang Bai was even more angry when he thought of the relationship line between Gu
Tunan and Xie Ruheng in the book that they fell in love and killed each other, and the
incident that Gu Tunan challenged Xie Ruheng this time, causing Xie Ruheng to be

“If you want to pursue others, just put your mindset and pursue it, don’t engage in any
competitions, okay? Love is not an object, not a competition award. No matter who wins
or loses in this competition, it cannot be determined whether the opponent will like you!
Tang Bai snapped a long string of words without panting, with amber eyes with a
scorching light, looking at Gu Tunan vigorously.

He saw those gray-blue eyes staring at him blankly, as if he could see God.

Tang Bai estimated that Gu Tunan should have been scolded by him. He did not expect
to wake up Gu Tunan’s straight cancer at one time, but he was cool when he scolded.
This silly critic kept challenging Xie Ruheng in the book. Xie Ruheng challenged Xie
Ruheng, and Tang Bai was so angry that he could not rush into the book to fight Gu

Tang Bai turned his head blankly, carrying the medicine box and preparing to leave.

“…Do you think my biggest problem is disrespect for people?”

Gu Tunan coughed, a trace of blood spilled from the corner of his lips, and his gray-blue
eyes looked paranoidly at the back, “I’ll change it.”

Xie Ruheng, who was surrounded by a bunch of classmates, jumped his eyelids, and
Feng Miao stared dangerously at Gu Tunan who was not far away talking to Tang Bai.

Tang Bai looked back suspiciously. He didn’t expect Gu Tunan to realize that his
mistakes were so much earlier than in the book. In the book, Gu Tunan went from
recovering from a patient with advanced cancer to the new era of empathy and good
alpha, but it took a lot of money. Most of the book.

Gu Tunan covered his mouth and coughed again, with blood coughed up on his hands,
but he looked at Tang Bai quietly as if he could not notice, “Do you want to marry Xie

Tang Bai: “…We are just good friends.”

Gu Tunan’s frowning brows slowly loosened, and the originally dim gray-blue eyes
suddenly ignited fighting spirit. He has watched Tang Bai’s live broadcast and saw Tang
Bai say that they can still be friends!

Xie Ruheng is Tang Bai’s good friend, and so is he! They are on the same starting
line! Everything is too late!

Gu Tunan is excited!

Gu Tunan is overjoyed!

Gu Tunan was so excited that he coughed and vomited blood!

Tang Bai watched the miserable appearance of Gu Tunan vomiting blood, and then he
saw that there was no one around Gu Tunan. Thinking of Mrs. Gu and Gu Tunan’s
identity as a serious attacker, he sighed and handed the medicine kit to Gu Tunan.
Soon become the considerate, gentle and considerate alpha of the new era.” Only then
can I barely be the official match of the Omega Light.

“Okay.” I will also try to become what you like.

Tang Bai nodded in relief and walked to Xie Ruheng’s side. After seeing Xie Ruheng’s
expression, he nervously said: “What’s wrong with you? Is it uncomfortable?”

Xie Ruheng: “I feel like vomiting blood.”

Tang Bai hurriedly pulled Xie Ruheng to the infirmary, watching Xie Ruheng lying down
in the car with concern.
The handsome alpha exudes an aura of mourning all over his body and wants to let go.
In fact, Xie Ruheng also wants to die right now.

His mind was full of “Tang Bai gave Gu Tunan a medicine box”, “Tang Bai revealed to
Gu Tunan his criteria for choosing a spouse”, “Tang Bai and Gu Tunan have a long
history of love”…

Question: What is the feeling of green tea in my heart?

Answer: I don’t want to live very much when I live, and I can’t bear to die when I die.

Xie Ruheng felt a little crazy.

He remembered that when he watched Tang Bai’s live broadcast yesterday, Tang Bai’s
fluency in the green tea quotations and his mastery of green tea scheming skills, the
little beast in his heart became crazy.

But he changed his mind, and then thought of Tang Bai’s seriousness in doing Longyin
Strawberry during the live broadcast, and thought of Tang Bai’s devotion to him without
complaint during this period of time.

To put it bluntly, Xie Ruheng has never encountered a second omega who treats him so
well and understands him so well in her life.

If Tang Bai was found to be a green tea when he first saw it, he might be able to leave it
decisively, but he is completely trapped now, knowing that this is a cup of green tea, but
he is happy with it.

Perhaps it’s because green tea can achieve the level of Tang Bai’s, and it can no longer
be called a tea art. This is a pinnacle art and a unique skill! ! !

At this moment, Xie Ruheng suddenly remembered what Tang Bai said in the last live
broadcast: “We hate the moral qualities of a green tea bitch, but this does not mean that
green tea has no merit. We can take the road of green tea and make green tea nowhere
to go. .”

A moment of blessing to the soul.

On the way to drive the shared hovering car, Xie Ruheng, who was still lying down,
suddenly asked, “Do you like Gu Tunan?”

Tang Bai:”???”

Tang Bai: “How could I like him! I’ll be angry if I think about him!”

Xie Ruheng sat up, her phoenix eyes getting brighter and brighter: “Do you hate him?”
Tang Bai then remembered that he had not yet dated his little sister, the best popular
science man, he could use this opportunity to make Xie Ruheng feel good about Gu

Tang Bai’s eyes lit up, holding Xie Ruheng’s hand, and hurriedly complained: “I told you,
you don’t know how dog Gu Tunan is! The first thing he said to me when we met for the
first time It turns out that he likes independent omega…”

Xie Ruheng whispered: “Why is he doing this?”

With only one head opened, the green tea words taught by Tang Bai’s example
continue to flood into his mind. Xie Ruheng is so gentle, kind, considerate and lovely. If I
were him, I would definitely hold you in my hand.

“Your craft is so good, where can I eat anything else?”

“You look so good when you smile, how can someone be willing to make you frown and
feel sad?”

Tang Bai felt that Gu Tunan was a scum, and was even more excited that Xie Ruheng
discovered Gu Tunan’s true face. He held Xie Ruheng’s hand and said sincerely:
“That’s right, that’s right! If you get married! You must find a gentle, considerate and
kind solution. Pleasant object!!!”

Then he saw Xie Ruheng smile faintly, “Okay.”

Chapter 32

Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng complained all the way to the infirmary. He had never felt that
complaining was such a beautiful thing, because Xie Ruheng’s words were so nice to
hear, every word and every word was in his heart!

When he arrived in the infirmary, Tang Bai reluctantly ended the topic, looking at the
doctor to check Xie Ruheng’s injuries.

“This is not serious. Is there a medical spray in the bedroom?” The doctor said while
importing the case: “In fact, it doesn’t matter if you don’t need to spray. The alpha skin is
rough and thick. This injury will heal in a few days.”
Xie Ruheng went to see Tang Bai when he heard the words, and saw that Tang Bai was
still asking the doctor carefully about the precautions, as if taking care of him as a fragile

The light of my family’s omega is not a rough and fleshy alpha!

Tang Bai thought aggrievedly, but when the doctor said it was all right, his hanging
heart finally let go.

Tang Bai hurriedly left to stew soup for Xie Ruheng to raise his body. Looking at Tang
Bai’s leaving figure, Xie Ruheng thought for a while, opened the memo, and wrote the
green tea chasing the body ps:

1. When speaking, you should make physical contact intentionally or unintentionally,

such as shaking hands and talking (feelings: hands are soft, voice is very sweet, and I
don’t know what Tang Bai said)

2. When the opponent is injured, you should express your care and attention with words
and deeds

(Feelings: Tang Bai should really care about me and feel cared…very good)

Xie Ruheng lowered his head and gently touched the position of the bow tie bandage
with his fingertips. He didn’t know what he was thinking of, and the corners of his lips
curled up unconsciously.

Close the memo, and Xie Ruheng strode to the bedroom. At this time, he walked like
flying, where is the depression like he had just died on the floating car just now?

Pushing open the door of the dormitory, Xie Ruheng saw many classmates gathering in
his dormitory, chatting enthusiastically, and seeing him come back, these classmates
fell silent unanimously, looking at him like a group of tongue-out wolf dogs with their tails
sandwiched between them.

“Brother Xie, we are discussing how to celebrate for you.” Qiu Yan was pushed out to
speak, “Should we have a good meal?”

The other alphas nodded their heads, weak and weak: “Take a meal today at noon or
evening, thank you brother.” “Yes, yes, let’s thank you brother! Have a good meal!”
“Unfortunately, you can’t drink in military training!”

In fact, before Xie Ruheng came, this group of alphas also proposed a bold plan to go to
Yexing City to sell the golden cave, but in front of Xie Ruheng, no one dared to be
presumptuous, and even proposed to eat a meal with caution.
Perhaps because of the natural level suppression of alpha, they all have a trace of fear
for this black-haired and black-eyed military academy.

The alpha experienced in the underground arena all year round is different from the
temperament of this group of students who have never seen blood. The scene of Xie
Ruheng’s defeat of Gu Tunan is still vivid, so Xie Ruheng’s distance in the hearts of
everyone is getting farther and farther.

Qiu Yan swallowed nervously. He didn’t know if Xie Ruheng would agree.

In fact, he…he has been trying to please Xie Ruheng.

Including the mecha drawings sent last time.

That drawing was a drawing that his parents had spent a lot of their savings to design
for him by a second-level mecha maker.

His parents hope that he can take advantage of the mecha to defeat the vast majority of
civilian students, and get a good ranking in the first big exam shortly after the Federal
Military Academy.

Achievements are linked to the job distribution after graduation, and being able to enter
the military department to obtain a full-time job is the best way his parents can think of,
and the best way to change his destiny.

Qiu Yan still remembered the heartfelt words of his father when he handed over the
design drawings to him: “Ayan, for us, opportunity is very important. We may only have
one chance to stand up in our life. You must seize the opportunity.”

The heavy weight of this sentence made Qiu Yan a little breathless.

It is difficult for him to see those illusory opportunities, he even thought he would never
catch the opportunity to stand up, but until–

He met Xie Ruheng.

From the first sight of Xie Ruheng at the beginning of school, Qiu Yan had an
unprovoked strong hunch——

This alpha will definitely shine in the future!

So inexplicable premonition, perhaps in a certain rift in fate, he was lucky enough to see
Xie Ruheng’s future shining light.

And when he looked at the mecha in the martial arts field, he suddenly understood what
he could seize and the opportunity worth pursuing.
Under the uneasy gaze of Qiu Yan and the alphas, Xie Ruheng broke the strange
silence: “Let’s have dinner at noon. I have an appointment in the evening.”

Cheers broke out in the dormitory. A group of alphas enthusiastically discussed the
gathering place, and asked Xie Ruheng’s opinions from time to time. Lu Lu boldly
shouted: “Xie brother, did you make an appointment with Tang Bai at night? Just ask
Tang Bai to come together, Tang Didn’t it say last time to invite us to eat Buddha jump
over the wall?”

Xie Ruheng calmly said, “Eat in a dream.”

A group of alphas followed and accused Xie Ruheng of being indifferent. They
surrounded Xie Ruheng, who was far away from the crowd, to the middle of the fight,
and surrounded Xie Ruheng for dinner.

On the last day of military training, the military training of new students was reviewed.

Students from the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing wear weapons made

during the seven days of military training. They are wearing brown combat uniforms with
oil paint on their faces. As they walk, portable weapons jingle and clank like a moving

The students of the Armored Forces department sat in a large chariot collectively,
manipulating the steel beasts to walk on both sides of the road.

The outstanding students of the Air Force Aviation Department drove the warships
above the phalanx, leaving shallow traces in the blue sky.


The last phalanx was students from the Mecha Warfare Department. They put on their
dresses. The brand-new dark uniforms, shiny long-tube military boots, black gloves and
black military caps all looked heroic and vigorous, and their firm eyes contained
vigorous vitality.

Hundreds of small live balls wandered around in various squares, sometimes flying past
the ends of one alpha’s sweat-drenched hair, passing another alpha’s strong chest, and
even from a row of alpha trousers with neatly raised legs. Jump past, let the barrage call
out for fun.

[A color heaven, I’m dead]

[Absp; [At the end of the review, I will announce the outstanding pacesetters of each
department. I don’t know if the mecha system’s pacesetter this time is Gu or Xie.]

[The written test results on the official website are out! Thank God for the first in the
whole department! I slapped a pack of spicy sticks and bet thank God that I can be an
excellent pacesetter this time! 】

[Xie Ruheng is so beautiful! Any screenshots of the live broadcast are as beautiful as a


[The screen where Beauty Xie appears is all wet]

[Ah, ah, ah, look at the cheerleading team! Super seductive! ! ! 】

The review on the last day of the military training and the cheerleading dance
performance are not comparable. One is the torrent of steel and the other is the light
song and man dance. Two completely different beauties merge at this moment.

I saw a group of omegas in pure white uniforms standing on the lifting platform. They
lined up and danced seriously and bounced under the sun. Soon these little omegas
blushed. The hair clings to the face messily.

The eyes of the alphas in the phalanx were sticking to the cheerleading team, cheering
for every action of the beautiful little omegas, and excited, Xie Ruheng pulled his bow tie
and stared at Tang Bai intently.

Standing in the c position, Tang Bai’s expressions are extremely good. He is different
from other nervous omegas. His eyebrows and eyes are smiling. When he does a more
lovely movement, the dimples on his cheeks will appear, and he will be drunk with a
piece of alpha. .

When he jumped to the part where his hands were more than the heart, Tang Bai
turned slightly and aimed at the phalanx of the mecha combat system. His amber eyes
gleamed in the sunlight, and the fluttering hair was kissed by the sunlight, like It is the
unsullied angel in the painting that descends to the world.

Xie Ruheng held his breath subconsciously.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Tang Bai little angel shark

me! ! ! 】

[Which genius controls b7’s live ball? When the live ball floated to Tang Bai’s mouth just
now, I seemed to hear a flash of breath! 】

[I’m going to be sweet to Tang Bai]

[Can be sweet, spicy, or tea, let’s draw a knife! This little omega is mine! 】

[Uuuuuu is so cute, I want to save this video, and when I lose it later, I will turn it out and
play it in a loop]


Tang Bai panted and finished the cheering dance. He and his friends bent over to call
the curtain, waved at the excited audience, and happily ran off the stage.

The dance teacher in the audience performed excitedly: “My dear, you are really great!
The movements are very uniform, the expressions are also in place, and each one is
beautiful! The teacher has recorded the video for you, and I will post it later. School
official website!”

Tang Bai picked up a small handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead, and
watched the filmed video with everyone around the teacher.

The teacher knows the advantages of cheer dancing, and knows when to close-up and
close-ups, and the result is much better than the live broadcast of the Federal Military

While Tang Bai admired himself, he also heard that the colonel on the podium fell in
love with the bookstores. The seven-day military training life is coming to an end today.
This military training will be your first memory in the Federal Military Academy. In these
seven days, we understand the team spirit and collective consciousness, and we must
also understand the responsibilities that should be carried on our shoulders…”

“This time the outstanding pacesetter of our mecha department is—”

Tang Bai raised his head.

“Xie Ruheng, a freshman in Class 1 of Level 18 of the Mecha Combat Department!”

The black-haired and black-eyed Alpha walked to the podium amidst warm applause
and took the Medal of Honor from the principal. His attitude was neither humble nor
stage fright.

Many teachers nodded in the audience and wrote down the name “Xie Ruheng”.

The outstanding pacesetters of each department are popular candidates for the chief of
the department, because the seven-day military training is actually the first round of
selection, and the students who perform well in the military training will be noticed by
teachers of various subjects.
When the name Xie Ruheng just started school, he actually had a wave of presence
among the teachers of the Mecha Department.

Double s-level alpha, refreshing the highest score in the history of the entrance physical
test of the Federal Military Academy, the abnormal combat talent and the stunning
appearance, as well as the origin of the slum, each is an impressive memory point.

Not to mention the series of things that this alpha did within a few days of enrollment:

Favored by the young master of the Tang family, he was extremely appealing to civilian
students at the entrance ceremony, and won Gu Tunan with the new mecha and perfect
fighting skills…

The sun was very high at noon. Lu Lu looked at Xie Ruheng on the rostrum and couldn’t
open his eyes. He didn’t know whether the sunlight was too dazzling or the existence of
Xie Ruheng was dazzling enough.

He was obviously from a slum, but he was so dazzling that he was embarrassed.

In fact, Lu Lu has been thinking about a question.

What is the opportunity to change destiny?


Discuss a nobleman like Qin Jun?

If the chance of the former is slim, then the latter is a completely wrong path.

Lu Lu knew that his civilian status was destined to not fit into the circle of those noble

Even if he tries his best to please the nobleman, he can only be a dog at best, eating
the cold food exposed between the nobleman’s fingers.

He also knew that he was mediocre and could not stand out in the military academy, let
alone become an officer.


Since he is of average talent, then follow the existence of ordinary people who will lead
them to transcend the ordinary.

Like all the civilian students around who were excited and applauding, Lu Lu applauded
the alpha on the stage.

Guangnao’s message prompt sounded, Tang Bai turned on Guangnao and found that
Xie Ruheng was asking where he is now.

Tang Bai: “At the entrance of your school’s playground, what’s the matter?”

Xie Ruheng: “I came to the playground to find you.”

Tang Bai:”?”

After waiting for a few minutes, Tang Bai saw a familiar figure approaching him. For a
moment, Tang Bai did not dare to confirm that the figure was Xie Ruheng, because the
other party was carrying two large bags of milk tea.

“Look, is that handsome a Xie Ruheng?!”

When the little omegas saw the new school grass not far away, they were almost
roaring in their hearts, and they pretended to be calm and calm on the surface. Tang
Bai walked out of the cheerleading team, ran to Xie Ruheng in small steps, and said in
surprise: “Xie brother, you Why are you here?”

The corners of Xie Ruheng’s lips raised slightly, “I’ll give you water, it’s so hot, you have
to dance and drink some milk tea to add moisture.”

Green tea body ps3: Give your sweetheart’s friends food to increase their affection
(source of inspiration: Tang Bai uses food to help get votes)

Tang Bai was flattered: “This is too troublesome, thank you brother…”

“I remember you love to drink sweet.” Xie Ruheng picked up a cup of milk tea and
handed it to Tang Bai, “Very sweet, with ice.”

Green tea body ps4: Details determine success or failure, remember the preferences of
your sweetheart (Source: Tang Bai Tucao Gu Tunan revealed his dietary preferences
when he ordered him some mango coconut milk shaved ice)

Tang Bai whispered, tears filled his eyes and took the milk tea from Xie Ruheng with
both hands. For a while, he was so touched that he didn’t know what to say.

This can’t be blamed on Tang Bai’s lack of success. Tang Bai has received milk tea
from many people in his life, but the milk tea from an idol is the first in his life.

Who else! Who else can treat an idol as a girlfriend like him!

Seeing Tang Bai drinking milk tea with the same contentment as the little hamster, Xie
Ruheng’s eyes drooped slightly, and his eyes were a little petting. On this handsome
face, this petting looks like a war. Precious tenderness.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! 

Xie Ruheng carried the bag and walked towards the cheerleader. When he walked in
the military uniform, he was clearly walking in the civilized world of reinforced concrete,
but he was stupefied to see the top predators walking through the jungle.

He looked at Tang Bai with gentle eyes, but when the object was someone other than
Tang Bai, his extremely “steep” sword eyebrows and narrow phoenix eyes were ten
percent cold.

Under such gaze, the temperature all around in summer seemed to drop by eight

Cheerleaders: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! !

“It’s for you.” Xie Ruheng put down the bag and turned away, leaving behind a group of
small omegas who shrunk into a big atmosphere.

When Xie Ruheng walked away, the little omegas talked in a low voice: “It’s so cool.”
“It’s too aching.” “He has a good feeling for Tangtang…”

Tang Bai held up his chest proudly, wishing to show off his good girlfriends with people
all over the world, and show off the fairy sisterhood between him and Xie Ruheng!

The episode in the cheerleading was seen in a pair of gray-blue eyes, and Gu Tunan
thoughtfully turned on the light brain…

The review ceremony is not over yet. It is free time for everyone. Military academies and
members outside the school can visit various departments. For example, look at the
weapon works of the Department of Mechanics and the sandboard game of the
Command Department. Tang Bai and his little sister We just plan to wander around.

The first thing I want to go to must be the Mecha series, and I must first warm up the
sister’s place!

The demonstration of the Mecha Combat Department is a simulated battle. Students

control the mecha duel. Xie Ruheng, as an excellent pacesetter, obtained the
qualification to be a referee. At this moment, he is standing on a small temporary martial
arts platform, doing two tasks with one mind while paying attention to the battle. While
watching Tang Bai’s figure walking towards him.
Xie Ruheng raised his eyebrows and forced the corners of his mouth to make a green
tea smile based on Tang Bai’s live broadcast of the tea art class. However, his smile
froze when he saw a figure pushing a trolley appearing.

Gu Tunan pushed a trolley full of desserts, and said to Tang Bai and the omega behind
him: “Everyone must have a lot of energy to dance and dance, so let’s eat something to
replenish your energy.”

The little omegas looked at Tang Bai one after another, thinking that this is indeed the
superb student that Teacher Huang often talks about!

The charm is so big that two high-quality alphas can get a drink and a dessert!

Gu Tunan offered a small cake to Tang Bai, and his gray-blue eyes watched Tang Bai
earnestly, “There is no mango for this dessert.”

Tang Bai held the milk tea and blinked. For a while, he didn’t understand what Gu
Tunan was doing. Was this going to attack the sisters who liked the object first?

Wonderful, it’s really worth noting that the scholars should look at it with admiration for
three days.

“Thank you for your kindness, but I’m full of milk tea, so I won’t eat it.” Tang Bai refused
with a smile.

Seeing Tang Bai’s long-lost smile, Gu Tunan was startled.

How long has he not seen such a smile?

It’s great to have this smile again.

“Do you need me to accompany you for a stroll? I’m relatively idle, so I don’t need to
stay here all afternoon.” Gu Tunan put away a moment of trance, and continued his

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Xie Ruheng picked up the shark’s heart.

“No need.” Tang Bai took a sip of milk tea, his cheeks drummed: “I want to hear Brother
Xie explain the game.”

Tang Bai obediently stood under the stage of performing martial arts and waited for Xie
Ruheng. After a while, the friendly discussion ended and Xie Ruheng jumped off the
“Brother Xie!” Tang Bai reached out and touched the medal of the outstanding model on
Xie Ruheng’s clothes: “This badge is so beautiful~”

Xie Ruheng took off the badge and put it on Tang Bai’s collar, “Here it is.”

“No need.” Tang Bai tried to take it off and listened to Xie Ruheng: “This is the honor of
the two of us.”

Tang Bai was stunned for a moment, and then he was touched by Xie Ruheng’s head,
and Xie Ruheng whispered in a low voice: “Although I don’t know why you refuse to
reveal your identity for the time being, I know your strength will definitely win. There are
many medals of honor, so let’s put them on first to see the effect?”

Tang Bai looked down at the excellent pacesetter badge that complemented the Palulu
brooch, and let out a soft mumble.

Xie Ruheng: “By the way, Gu Tunan also gave you desserts. I think he seems to be
very concerned about what I’m doing. What do you think?”

Xie Ruheng: Damn this dog forced to follow me.

Tang Bai:”……?”

You, do you also think that Gu Tunan has a crush on you?

Tang Bai panicked, and quickly viciously wanted to dismantle the protagonist CP:
“Although he gave me desserts, I don’t think Gu Tunan is suitable for dating.” Don’t be
easily moved just because the sisters are pleased by the dog alpha!

Gu Tunan: “……”

Seeing the heartbroken eyes of the rival, Xie Ruheng took a sip of green tea, and said
in a relaxed mind and body: “Yes, I think too.”

Chapter 33

Tang Bai felt relieved when Xie Ruheng said this. He believed that as long as he kept taking
eye drops, Xie Ruheng would not look at Gu Tunan blindly this time!

However, Tang Bai still had a lingering worry in his heart. He didn’t know if the plot in
the book could be changed, just like now, Gu Tunan still fell in love with Xie Ruheng
without hesitation…
“Oh, Lulu, when did you have an object?!” Tang Bai’s thoughts were interrupted by a
roar. He looked back and saw an unfamiliar omega standing uncomfortably next to the
mecha system’s martial arts platform, lowered. Hid his head behind a military academy.
The omega and the alpha eyebrows next to him are three-point similar. Both are
Qingjun’s looks, but the omega is more feminine.
Someone smiled and said to the alpha: “It’s kind of a husband and wife hahahaha.”
The alpha, known as Lu Lu, helped the omega umbrella, “This is my brother, Lu An,
please pay attention to your words.”
…Lu An?
Tang Bai felt that this name was a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere, no,
where did he see it—
It’s in the book “This Omega is the Marshal”!
Lu An was the omega who wanted to commit suicide after being raped by a nobleman.
His elder brother was Xie Ruheng’s subordinate. When Xie Ruheng came back from
blood, he knew about it. Xie Ruheng killed the nobleman and entered the military court
for that. Gu Tunan helped Xie Ruheng come out of the prison.
Tang Bai stared blankly at the flushed omega who didn’t dare to look up. He would be
embarrassed for a long time because of the misunderstanding of his brothers and
friends, instead of going to the police with a bloodless face like in the book. Retelling my
experience of being raped/violent in front of me over and over again, telling every detail
with a trembling voice, and being examined naked/naked/naked…
Tang Bai couldn’t imagine that the mimosa-like omega in front of him would be as numb
to the outside world as in the book.
He was suddenly so sad.
It’s even sadder than when I saw this story in the book.
Lu An shrank behind his brother, wishing to hide in his brother’s shadow, and wishing
that a gap could suddenly open in the ground, asking him to find a place to drill down,
dig some soil and bury himself.
At this moment, there was a sudden silence around him. The noisy alphas all closed
their mouths. Lu An looked up puzzled and saw a beautiful noble omega standing in
front of him with a smile.
He knows this omega, Tang Bai, who has been on the hot search list in the past two
days and has opened a live tea ceremony class.
Tang Bai himself is even better than in the live broadcast. Lu An will almost be stunned.
He is sure that those who call Tang Bai green tea on the Internet have never seen Tang
Bai himself, because Tang Bai looks really generous and decent. Outstanding beauty,
every move reveals a good education.
“We have milk tea and desserts. Would you like to have afternoon tea together?” The
voice was also better than what I heard on the Internet, and it was so sweet that
people’s hearts would melt.
Lu An followed the beauty away in a daze. When the other party took his arm, Lu An’s
entire face blushed, “You are so shy and cute~”
Oops, the neck may also be red.
It was an extremely dreamy day. He exchanged contact information with Tang Bai.
Tang Bai also gave him a butterfly ornament, blue, and said that he hoped he could
wear it on his body every day, and told him not to go to a party in the future. When you
encounter an alpha named Cheng or something, you should contact Tang Bai
Lu An put the blue butterfly ornament in his palm and looked again, and couldn’t help
but laugh.
Tang Bai code word at home.
He previously wrote that Jun Tongchen won the mecha manufacturing competition and
got the opportunity to go to the Federal Military Academy for mechanical training.
Originally, Jun Tongchen should be happy at this time, but entering the Federal Military
Academy means that there is a certain chance of exposing his omega. gender.
Because once alpha enters the susceptible period, omega is easily affected, even if
more inhibitors are injected, it is useless.
Jun Tongchen didn’t dare to gamble, he couldn’t afford to gamble, so he planned to
remove his glands.
For the purpose of textual research, Tang Bai checked a lot of information about the
removal of glands. What impressed him very deeply was the answer from the main
The omegas in the red light district have basically undergone this operation. After the
glands are removed, they cannot be temporarily marked by the bite marks. They can be
played with by many alphas. However, this operation is quite harmful to the body and
the damage is irreversible. Short and old faster than normal omega…
Tang Bai saw that all the comments below the respondent were saying that this kind of
omega was the most nasty, he took a deep breath and chose “obscene/pornographic”
to report one by one.
He didn’t understand why someone could speak a yellow voice on this topic, which is
obviously a very painful thing.
Xie Ruheng in the book also cut the glands. Although Xie Ruheng has a camouflage
potion, although the effect of the camouflage potion is stronger than that of inhibitors
and can resist the effects of the alpha susceptibility period, Xie Ruheng still considers
cutting the glands before going on the battlefield.
For Xie Ruheng in the book, he cannot afford the consequences of the disguise potions
failing on the battlefield. If he fails at the military academy, at most he is exposed and
dropped out of school, but if he is on the battlefield in case of estrus that affects the
situation, then It was his comrade-in-arms, the Federation he wanted to protect.
So Xie Ruheng cut off his own glands by himself.
Tang Bai recalled the plot, still being overwhelmed by the heavy pressure on his face.
He doesn’t want this story to repeat itself, but this story is almost incomprehensible.
Even if the Federation allows the omega to enter the battlefield, the omega will still be in
estrus, and the estrus will affect his comrades. Thanks to Ruheng’s character, he will
definitely remove the glands.
There was also the medicine disguised as alpha. During this time, Tang Bai had
secretly checked a lot of information and asked the seniors in the research institute. The
answer he got was that there was no such medicine, let alone research it.
No one can improve the disguise potions, nor can the master potion maker in the black
What can he do… to change all of this?
Tang Bai suddenly felt a huge sense of powerlessness. If he wanted Xie Ruheng to live
a hundred years, he could only make Xie Ruheng give up his ideals, but for Xie
Ruheng, it was better to let him die.
All he can do is to run on the same path as Xie Ruheng and use his best to let Xie
Ruheng see the dawn at the last moment of his life.
Then, he will inherit Xie Ruheng’s will and see everything in this world for Xie Ruheng.
Mother Tang opened the door with the supper, and saw Tang Bai burst into tears,
almost crying to the fragile appearance of fainting.
Mother Tang: “……?”
It must be the wrong way I opened the door.
Mother Tang forced her face towards Tang Bai. Tang Bai turned off the light brain when
she saw it. Before the light brain screen disappeared, mother Tang saw a flash of
“Precautions for Gland Removal Surgery”.
Mother Tang: “???”
Mother Tang trembled: “Tangtang, if you encounter something, just tell your mother,
don’t hold yourself in your heart!!!”
Tang Bai wiped his tears, his red and swollen eyes whispered: “It’s okay, Mom, I’m
tired, I want to be quiet.”
Mother Tang hurriedly asked, “Do you need your mother to accompany you to sleep?
No, yes, you are so old, do you want a supper? Mom made it specially for you, ah, you
have to be quiet. Mom will go out. I won’t bother you anymore.”
Mother Tang was so confused that she didn’t even know what she had said, and she
walked out of Tang Bai’s room dizzy. She originally wanted to have a blind date with
Tang Bai tomorrow, but she was full of “Precautions for Gland Removal Surgery”.
no! She had to go to the old man to find out what Tang Bai had searched, whether it
was a mistake or something.
“You asked me to check the browsing history of Tangtangguangnao?” Grandpa Tang
shook his head: “Aren’t you playing around! How can the child’s sex be checked
“But Tangtang is going to cut his glands!!!” Mother Tang choked up: “As soon as I
walked in, I saw Tangtang crying and turning into tears. I have never seen Tangtang
crying like that… …”
Grandpa Tang: “?!”
Soon, the two adults found out Tang Bai’s browsing history, what hospitals can perform
gland removal surgery, how harmful the gland removal is to the body, and the tools
needed for gland removal surgery… …
Mother Tang’s eyes were black, and she was about to faint immediately. She held her
last breath and cried and called Father Tang: “Husband, why are you still not coming
back, you don’t know what Tangtang has become?!”
The man’s calm voice came from the other side of Guangnao: “The child is old, it is
normal to enter the weapon research room.”
Mother Tang: “It’s not this thing! Tangtang is going to remove the glands!”
Father Tang said while dealing with official affairs: “It’s normal not to want to go on a
blind date. The kid who likes the slum is also very upright…Huh? What did you just
The voice that had been working at the office stopped, and only Tang’s mother choked
intermittently in the communication.
“Both, blame me! It must be me who arranged for Tangtang to have blind dates every
day, forcing the child to be like this…” Mother Tang blamed herself.
Grandpa Tang, who held his beard for a long time and said nothing, slumped: “Blame
me, it’s me…I’ve delayed Tangtang for so many years, it’s my fault…”
Father Tang, who was invincible in the business war, covered his red eyes, “No, it’s my
fault. I have been busy with work and didn’t take care of Tangtang…”
The three elders rushed to admit their mistakes and cried with regret.
Tang Bai, who was in the code word, sneezed three times in succession and almost
crumpled the mask on his face. He touched the dumb fur in doubt, always feeling that
someone was talking about himself.
On the other side, the three adults held an emergency family meeting after crying.
Mother Tang whispered with tears: “We have to think of a way to dispel the idea of
Tangtang, and say nothing to let him ruin himself at a young age.”
Father Tang rubbed his temples and said after careful consideration: “I believe
Tangtang must have thought about it before deciding to have this kind of surgery. When
the child is older, we have our own considerations. We must respect the child’s
opinions. If things really happen. At this step, I will find the best doctor for Tangtang, it’s
Mother Tang: “……?”
That’s it? This is the solution you want for a long time? !
Tang Mu can’t believe it! Mother Tang wanted to ask Grandpa Tang to comment, so she
saw Grandpa Tang muttering: “What is the good child being forced into by us? Let’s
stop the blind date. What he wants to do next is up to him. …..”
Mother Tang: “???”
Are you both crazy? ! Tangtang is going to cut the glands, not to cut the bag/skin! ! !
Tang Bai didn’t know that the family was about to fall out because of an oolong. He
posted the chapter on Jun Tongchen’s gland removal and saw the comment area
exploded as usual.
Some people love the protagonist, but more people are still cursing.
Scolding and scolding is nothing more than saying that the protagonist is unreasonable
and the author is sick and the plot is absurd. Tang Bai didn’t feel any waves after
reading it, and even felt that it was not as strong as the commentary in the previous
After all, the previous chapter was overwhelmingly criticizing the plot as unreasonable. It
is impossible for an omega to win the championship in the mecha manufacturing
competition. The IQ of omega is limited to dressing up the dolls of Paluru. When the
omega is in estrus, even the mecha requires fuck…
Tang Bai looked down at the excellent pacesetter badge pinned side by side with the
Pallu brooch on his clothes.
——”Although I don’t know why you refuse to reveal your identity for the time being, I
know that your strength will definitely win a lot of medals of honor.”
The fingertips slid over the gorgeous Parlulu brooch and the concise and solemn
excellent pacesetter badge, and the white hand gently pressed the two badges against
the chest.
He seemed to hear the sound of his longing deep in his heart falling with the thumping
In fact, he wants more than these two badges…
It is the champion badge of the mecha manufacturing contest.
Isn’t the comment area saying that it’s impossible for omega to win the mech
manufacturing contest?
Then he will take a champion back and slap all the people who say omega is not good!
Tang Bai raised his face, hands on his hips, and immersed himself in his own world in a
special second-year posture when his door was suddenly pushed open.
Grandpa Tang, Mother Tang, and Father Tang in the video mode looked at him in
Tang Bai:”……”
For a moment, Tang Bai felt that he was socially dead.

Chapter 34

Tang Bai pretended to sit calmly, his toes wishing to dig out a castle of Parlulu’s
dreams, and he tried hard on the surface, but…
The old-fashioned grandfather Tang: Tangtang doesn’t want to face us.
Tang’s mother who knows her son Moruomu: Tangtang still didn’t go out in pain.
Self-aware Father Tang: Alas, the child and I are no longer kissing.
“Tangtang, mom thinks about it, she won’t force you to go on a blind date anymore,
you…” Mother Tang took the lead. She couldn’t help crying after saying a few words,
“Who do you like, think Mom won’t stop you from whoever you are with.”
Tang Bai:”!”
Tang Bai didn’t have time to be surprised, so he listened to Grandpa Tang’s words:
“Tangtang, grandpa has renovated our weapon research room these days. If you are
still willing to learn from grandpa, our grandpa and grandchildren will learn from today.
Make it up.”
Tang Bai:”!!”
The background in Tang’s father’s video has changed from an office to a private
starship. The cabin is full of gifts for Tang Bai, not only jewelry dolls, but also hardcore
gifts such as customized pink weapon manufacturing equipment and limited-star
battleship keys. .
“Tangtang, no matter what you do, Dad will support your dreams. All you have to do is
to be happy every day and take care of your body.”
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Tang Bai was overwhelmed by happiness, because he always felt that everyone’s
attitude towards him was weird, as if he was cautious as he had an incurable disease.
Just a few words would plunge the atmosphere into strange sadness… It made him
want to shed tears.
Tang Bai handed a paper towel to Mother Tang who was crying. With two arms around
Mother Tang and Grandpa Tang respectively, he whispered, “Why are you suddenly so
numb, oh…” I love you too. .
Teacher’s Office of the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
A professor with white beard and hair repeatedly watched the video of the match
between Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan on the martial arts arena. When Xie Ruheng’s
mecha used a killer move, he paused the video and chose to zoom in. The notes on the
side were dense structural analysis.
“Old Li, are you still looking at this mecha? Have you found the mecha maker?”
Professor Li grabbed a half-bald head and said unhappy: “No, the kid surnamed Xie is
hiding like a hidden treasure, and he refuses to tell me life and death!”
It started with the showdown in the martial arts field that day. When Xie Ruheng made a
killer move, the mechanics professor was so excited that his waist didn’t hurt nor his
back, and he was so energetic that he could run ten laps around the martial arts field.
Their mechanical department teaching group is excited to @ all group members:
“Hahahahaha I have a major discovery! You must not think of what baby I found!”
A group of professors emerged.
“Say something! I’m going to teach the students soon.”
“Come on, don’t tell us like last time, the major discovery is that there is a scavenger
who will avoid the toilets that Qin Jun is sweeping.”
“Where is Lao Li? Why are you still not talking?!”
“Professor @李儒何, speak up!”
“Old Li???”
Crazy @’s Professor Li looked at the damage rate as high as 99.9%. He didn’t need to
move to the weapon production room. Just push the mecha that would disintegrate
instantly. The old man replied in tears: “No more, no more , My Treasure Mecha was
gone after I discovered it…”
After experiencing great joy and sadness, Professor Li decided to capture the mecha
maker. He liked the design of the other side very much, because this new mecha can
not only defeat the strong with the weak, but also guarantee the personal safety of the
mecha division after improving the safety issues. .
In the war with the empire, if this mech is used well, it can exert unexpected effects.
It’s just that Xie Ruheng didn’t tell him who the mecha maker was, and what kind of
protection he called it, hey, he didn’t believe it! He is a mechanical professor who can’t
pry open the mouth of his students!
Professor Li opened the chat interface aggressively and said fiercely: “Thank you, the
teacher just wanted to ask the mecha maker’s contact information. I will never reveal
the other party’s **, please communicate with that mecha maker! If you don’t tell me, I
will ask you every day!”
After sending it out, he waited for a reply with a calm face. He thought he would be
rejected this time, but Xie Ruheng didn’t expect Xie Ruheng to reply:
“If the professor can provide mecha manufacturing competition qualification certificate,
my friend is willing to contact you.”
The deadline for registration of the Mecha Manufacturing Competition was the day after
tomorrow, and Tang Bai had too late to pass the examinations to obtain the registration
qualifications, so he chose to find someone to recommend to obtain the registration
The reason for not looking for his grandfather was to avoid suspicion. Tang Bai didn’t
want to think that after the results of his game came out, someone connoted that his
results depend on family relations.
Yes, although the registration has just been successful, Tang Bai has even considered
his acceptance speech!
Over the years, Tang Bai has been paying attention to the mech manufacturing
competition. In each competition, Tang Bai followed from the preliminary round to the
semi-final and then to the final. Any mech maker he had bet on in the preliminary round
would achieve excellent results in the final. .
Many mecha makers have very good designs, and Tang Bai bought a hand-made
version of the mecha with a few champion works and kept them in the doll house.
In Tang Bai/pink Shao O’s heart-filled doll house, there are many contraband hidden,
but now those little toys can be seen again!
Under Grandpa Tang’s shocked gaze, Tang Bai pressed the hidden mechanism, only to
see a wall of mechanical equipment and mecha parts behind the display cabinet full of
Paluru dolls.
“You, when did you save so much material?” Grandpa Tang suspected that he had
Tang Bai is like a little hamster showing off his food reserves. He opens up a mysterious
sofa, lifts the fluffy carpet, and peels off the large plush doll…
In the unexpected places of Grandpa Tang, the inventory he had accumulated for many
years was revealed, and the quantity was quite amazing.
“I bought many of them with my pocket money! Some of them were given to me by
Grandpa~” Tang Bai took out a small exquisite box, rubbed his hands excitedly, opened
the box, and took out a thick pile of it. Thick manuscript.
Each is a weapon design drawing, with a variety of cute animal shapes, and
occasionally a few more dark and cool design drawings. The brushstrokes have
changed from immature to mature, and the design is gradually improving. The back of
the manuscript paper was secretly by the owner Write down some thoughts:
“The little rabbit’s helmet is so cute, hehe.”
“The melon seeds are delicious. If you want to be a sunflower energy gun, you can puff
out melon seeds~”
“Lied to my father that I used all my pocket money to buy Parlulu. Alas, I always lie and
my nose seems to be getting longer…”
“Grandpa is a judge in the mecha manufacturing competition! Grandpa is amazing!”
“I want to build a mecha that can also be operated by omega, so that everyone can beat
bad guys by themselves!”
Fragmented sentences are like the epitome of the time that was stolen.
Grandpa Tang stared blankly at Tang Bai flipping through these manuscripts, a little
speechless for a while.
Tang Bai took out one of the mecha drawings with a rabbit pattern, “I plan to use this to
register for the competition, what do you think of Grandpa?”
Grandpa Tang put on his glasses, took the thin drawing with both hands, and stared
carefully, “…very good.”
“However, the mecha assistance accounts for a large proportion, why is it designed like
Tang Bai’s mech is very peculiar. The difficulty of the two combat modes of this mech is
at two extremes. In the free combat mode, this mech has very high requirements for the
operation of the mecha division. The upper limit of combat effectiveness with high
configuration is also very high.
But in the mech-assisted combat mode, this mech is a “nanny-level” mech, which is
extremely easy to use, and even a layman can learn how to operate it after a few days
of tutorials.
In the traditional mecha design, the proportion of mecha assistance is no more than
40%, because too much mecha assistance will weaken the role of the mecha division.
For example, in a shooting game, the help of the normal mecha assist mode is
equivalent to an additional automatic sight. The mecha operator controls where to shoot
and the timing of shooting.
But this mech designed by Tang Bai can intelligently identify enemies, shoot accurately,
and even touch the corpse to pick up materials in one step, leaving no room for the
mecha division.
Those amber eyes looked at him brightly, “Because I want to design a mecha that can
also be operated by Omega!”
——”I want to build a mecha that can also be operated by omega, so that everyone can
beat bad guys by themselves!”
The old hand slowly landed on Tang Bai’s head, together with that sigh: “Very good…”
The preliminary round of the mecha manufacturing competition is to submit the virtual
reality mecha design drawings. The drawings can be projected to reality through the
mecha simulator, and all the internal structures of the mecha can be seen through the
split button.
At this time, all the works of the four thousand contestants left after three months of
audition registration have been submitted to the official website!
The various mecha designs are dazzling to see, there are elegant humanoid mechas,
wild beast mechas, niche insect mechas…
Even if you look at the appearance of the mecha, a layman can see it with gusto.
A silver-haired and green-eyed omega picked up the teacup and took a sip of the black
tea. The mist filled the round monocles, and the green eyes behind the lenses were
He was sitting in the office building of the Federal Assembly, and the afternoon sunlight
passed through the floor-to-ceiling windows and fell on the Omega member.
An alpha passed by and glanced at the content on the omega light screen intentionally
or unintentionally. When he saw that one of the opponent’s two light screens displayed
the work of a player on the official website of the mecha manufacturing competition, he
curled his mouth in disdain.
Omega is omega, and entering the council is just another place for afternoon tea, he
This silver-haired, green-eyed omega is called Bai Zhi. He is thirty-two years old this
year and unmarried. He is the only omega in the council. It is said that he entered the
council because of his family background. However, the omega is the omega. He has
been working for seven or eight years. I didn’t make much achievement, and I did all the
messy things to improve the rights of omega. I really don’t know the use of doing those
all day long.
Really, why is the person in charge of this mecha manufacturing competition Bai Zhi,
what mecha manufacturing can an omega know?
Bai Zhi took another sip of steaming black tea, trying to alleviate the weakness during
He has injected an inhibitor today. Although the inhibitor can isolate the pheromone, it is
difficult to relieve the physical weakness and discomfort.
Bai Zhi lowered his eyes and continued to browse the first and second pages of the
contestants’ works. When he turned to the third page, his eyes were attracted by a
distinctive rabbit mecha.
It’s not just him, the number of discussions on this mecha is far more than other mechas
around, and the most discussed is the appearance of the mecha.
“The pink and magical bunny shape of this pouch made me suspect that I had clicked
the wrong official website.”
“There is actually this kind of eye-catching way, the design talent, the organizer has
found a ghost.”
“Is there any use for the bunny tail of the mecha? Bunny ears are signal receivers. I can
understand that this round tail is for cuteness?”
“Damn, can this mecha really fight?”
“Looking at the proportion of the mecha assist mode, I saw this kind of fool mecha for
the first time in my life.”
“Accessibility is quite complete.”
“Hahahahaha, how can anyone make this kind of mecha? What kind of broken omega
aesthetic is this!”
“Living for a long time to see the series, strange mechas have been added.”
Bai Zhi frowned and called up the player’s personal information. When he saw the
opponent’s ID name is “Jun Tongchen”, his green eyes flashed with a hint of

Chapter 35
Tang Bai opened his contestant message bar, and was overwhelmed by the “99+”
message prompt.
Most of them are not good things, either, or mocking his lack of power to sensationalize,
or saying that he is not good at aesthetics, and looks like an omega.
Tang Bai:”……”
Do I have any physique with a bloody comment area?
Thanks to the exercise in the comment area, Tang Bai already has a King Kong not
bad-hearted. He calmly browsed the comment area under the mecha page. When he
was about to close it, he suddenly found a private message prompt popping out:
[Judge Bai Zhi contacted you]
Tang Bai:”……?!”
Bai Zhi? ! ? ! ? ! ? ! !
Is it the Bai Zhi he thought? !
Bai Zhi is a senior Tang Bai admired before he watched “This Omega is a Marshal”. He
is the eldest son of the Bai family. Although he is an omega, he is talented and eager to
learn. After graduating from the School of Etiquette, he entered the parliamentary work.
Everybody knows that Bai Zhi entered the parliament. Tang Bai was only twelve years
old at that time. He listened to his parents and grandpa talking about Bai Zhi’s affairs
every day.
I heard that Bai Zhi made a bet with his father, betting that he would get the first place in
the written test in the federal congressman exam. If he wins, the Bai family will help him
enter the parliament, and if he loses, he will get married.
Then Bai Zhi won.
He entered the parliament, starting from the age when omega was most suitable for
marriage and having children, to the current older unmarried omega, from the very
beginning to the ups and downs in the city, to now quietly.
He made a lot of proposals to improve the rights and interests of omegas, and few were
passed. At first, some people made jokes and no one paid attention to him.
An omega is going to be married anyway.
This is everyone’s view of Bai Zhi, including Tang Bai at the beginning.
When he was twelve years old, Tang Bai had also considered doing what he wanted to
do like Bai Zhi, but when he grew older, he would gradually become cowardly.
He was scared.
He was afraid that, like Bai Zhi, he would be stiff with all his family members, be
laughed at by the whole society, and devote his best time to a career that was destined
to be fruitless.
Until Tang Bai read the book.
Bai Zhi dormant in the book for twelve years, he was like a cicada buried in the ground
for twelve years, he encountered the only chance to break the shell in his life——
Xie Ruheng.
Bai Zhi is cold. He and Xie Ruheng are similar people to a certain extent. They are
willing to sacrifice everything for their ideals, but they are different. Xie Ruheng is like a
fire that burns itself, hot and bright, Bai Zhi is the same. Bi is more like ice that is getting
colder and harder, slowly freezing his emotions and weaknesses.
Bai Zhi has been secretly helping Xie Ruheng in the early stage. His career needs an
omega light, and Xie Ruheng is the omega light he created by himself.
He knew that Xie Ruheng’s light was so bright at the cost of life. He knew that every
step Xie Ruheng made would be close to the abyss of death, but he didn’t stop it, but
pushed instead.
He is the most outstanding emotional agitator and the most ruthless politician.
He took advantage of the death of Xie Ruheng and the fall of the light of omega to
create a grand carnival. The whole world was mourning and missing the light of omega,
and the whole world was ashamed, so he gave nothing to the rights and interests of
omega. The bill was passed, implemented, and implemented smoothly as never before.
This is Bai Zhi, the politician who mentioned Xie Ruheng’s name in a live broadcast on
the whole network of the parliament and could cry for a second, and went down to Xie
Ruheng’s grave in private, but was so indifferent to the slightest expression.
There is no psychological description of Bai Zhi in the book. Tang Bai didn’t know what
Xie Ruheng was to Bai Zhi when he read it. Like-minded friends, or a handy tool?
However, these did not affect Tang Bai’s worship of Bai Zhi. His worship of Bai Zhi was
not the kind of worship that Xie Ruheng admired and wanted to follow, but the worship
with a little fear and a sense of distance.
What does this boss want from me?
Tang Bai opened a private message in an uneasy place, like a student being
questioned by the dean, and then he saw Bai Zhi’s question:
“Hello, I am Bai Zhi, the judge of this preliminary contest. I am very curious about your
work and want to understand your mecha production philosophy.”
Tang Bai nervously wrote a long list of essays. After checking the wording and typos
several times, he cautiously sent it over. After a while, he received affirmation from the
big guy: “Your starting point is very good. I wish you this time. Good results in the
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Mom, I’m good for it! The boss praised me! ! !
Tang Bai was so excited that he wanted to show off in his circle of friends. After thinking
about it, he turned on the star network large size and prepared to record his good mood
on the star network.
As a result, after opening the star network, Tang Bai found that his star network trumpet
had a lot of news tips.
This Xingwang trumpet is his authorship account and doesn’t have many fans, because
Tang Bai didn’t manage it very much, so he said some unpleasant things on the trumpet
some time ago.
Well, that’s…
Don’t fall in love and engage in business: “I just want to do what I like. I didn’t have the
courage before, but because I was alone, I gained courage.
My original intention of writing this book is to tell everyone that omega can do whatever
they want.
Someone reported me that this article was provoking gender antagonism and promoting
incorrect values.
I only found out when I wrote this article, do you think about alpha too much?
When you open your eyes and take a closer look at some of the alpha statements, you
will find that their comments are all centered on their own interests and the interests of
their peers.
No matter how we make concessions, how we reflect, how we use extremely high moral
standards to demand ourselves, is it useful to those people? Are they willing to talk to
you about equal rights?
I originally thought that rights were not important, but now, I want to have this power. “
This is what Tang Bai said when he was emotionally up late at night. At that time, there
was an alpha saying that Tang Bai was exaggerating, and Tang Bai irritably replied,
“Last time there was a bisexual alpha reader who supported Jun Tongchen in the
comment area, and then you guys just laugh at the original sin? Your alpha will be
eliminated from other teams of the same kind. What is an omega in your eyes? You
don’t hurt if the knife is not cut on you, but I hurt.”
And now, the star network social platform shows that Tang Bai’s late night’s irritable
speech was reposted and commented by the real-name certified MP Bai Zhi…
Tang Bai:”……”
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Me, I lost my horse? !
Bai Zhi’s forwarding only simply wrote the word “support”, but his forwarding made Tang
Bai’s comments under this statement change suddenly, and many sensible and firm
comments emerged, some of which happened to be Tang Bai’s. Book fans, some are
celebrities who have never heard of Tang Bai’s work, but agree with Tang Bai’s
remarks, such as the wife of the general, the wife of the professor, the wife of the
mecha maker…
This group of people quickly went to read Tang Bai’s article, and then cites the classics,
and carefully analyzed Tang Bai’s article inside and out with understanding, and
expressed their opinions in a gentle and polite manner or acrimoniously.
Some of them spoke very in-depth, and immediately raised Tang Bai’s intentions. Even
Tang Bai did not know that his intentions were so profound and great. Some hit the nail
on the head and pointed out the shortcomings in Tang Bai’s article and proposed. In the
direction of improvement, some people cited real examples around them to echo Tang
Bai’s point of view…
The things that Bai Zhi has done in recent years are not all useless. In the past eight
years, he has been steadfast and practical. Many people are watching him. After eight
years of baptism, those who remain by his side recognize his thoughts and have People
who think by themselves.
There is a force behind him that cannot be ignored.
In fact, Tang Bai’s comment area originally had comments that supported Tang Bai, but
those comments were small compared with the abusive comments, and the release
time was not uniform, and the bits and pieces were quickly suppressed.
The comments brought by Bai Zhi spewed out in a short time, like a rushing river, more
and more small drops of water gathered in it, drowning all the discordant sounds.
This is the first time that Tang Bai intuitively felt the power of the boss.
Then Tang Bai was shocked to find that the boss handed him an olive branch: “Hello, I
am your book fan. Are you interested in building a readership?”
Tang Bai:”……”
Tang Bai replied tremblingly: “Don’t call me big…”
Bai Zhi: [Ok [smile.jpg]]
Obviously it was an expressive and kind smile for an elder, but Tang Bai made up for
the domineering arrogance of the big guys talking and laughing. He almost knelt on the
spot and couldn’t tell whether the emoji was mocking or not.
Bai Zhi: [Introduction to myself, I am Bai Zhi, an omega congressman. I was
investigating the forced prostitution/prostitution of omega in the red light district recently,
and learned that many omegas have had their glands removed… I hope that the public
opinion can pay attention to this issue. It happened that I was chasing your article and
saw that in your work there is a plot of Jun Tongchen removing the glands. So I have an
idea. I hope to use your work. Leading social discussions…]
Tang Bai:”……”
Tang Bai: “You don’t need to use’you’ either…”
Bai Zhi: [Ok [smile.jpg]]
Tang Bai covered his mouth, his eyes dimly watching the boss continue to speak. The
boss’s intention is that I think we are both like-minded and I admire you, but you are
really too small to make a fuss, so it’s better to be together. It’s a big ticket.
At this moment, Tang Bai’s mood can only be summed up with an emoticon, that is, a
husky mixed with wolves, embarrassed and politely peeking at the serious wolf next to
him, with the word “I can’t pretend to be anymore”.
Bai Zhi: [What do you think? 】
Tang Bai: [It’s a great honor! 】
Don White: hum hum I’m just a chicken dish I spotted Why is big brother ah ah ah ah
ah? ! ! !
Bai Zhi: [Okay [Smile.jpg]]
Bai Zhi has acted resolutely to help Tang Bai with the readership. The requirements for
Tang Bai are very simple. Don’t be busy with anything, just work hard on the code.
Tang Bai, who was originally lazy on Sunsan, said: “…” Wuwuwu I’m sorry if I don’t
write ten thousand words every day! ! !
Tang Bai cried and prepared to start the code word. He just typed a few words and
found that his Xingwang live account had been privately mailed by a special user. He
opened it and took a look——
Bai Zhi: [Hello, I’m Bai Zhi, are you interested in doing a character makeup? The part of
the fake makeup is more sensitive, involving glands…]
Tang Bai was almost crying!
Does he want to tell the boss? The three vests that you privately wrote are all the same
person! ! !
Xie Ruheng opened “This Omega is a Master of Mecha Maker” as usual, and saw that
Tang Bai’s words in the latest chapter were released to the readers.
To enter the group, you need to show the reader number, which will be reviewed by the
administrator, and only after the review can you enter the reader group.
Xie Ruheng saw that he immediately applied to join the group, and after he passed the
review to join the group, he discovered that he is currently the only alpha of this group.
Xie Ruheng: “…Hello everyone.”
The omegas in the group who are talking about skin care and beauty products: “Wow,
welcome newcomers.”
Xie Ruheng looked at the screen for a while, and found that he couldn’t insert a word.
The group of omegas talked about cosmetics and medical beauty. They also talked
about the glandular membrane and butt membrane that Xie Ruheng had never heard of.
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Xie Ruheng, who felt that he was incompatible with this world, opened a group member
list at a lonely place and saw Tang Bai’s author number.
The name of the author who did not fall in love and engaged in a career reminded him
of the agreement between Tang Bai and him, and reminded him that Tang Bai had
refined some of his comments before.
Without knowing his true identity, Tang Bai will still resonate with his thoughts…
Xie Ruheng’s heart moved, he did not reveal his true identity, but directly sent a friend
request to Tang Bai’s author account.
In fact, he didn’t have much confidence that Tang Bai would pass his friend’s
application, but he didn’t expect Tang Bai to pass it all at once.
Xie Ruheng said, “Great.”
Tang Bai: “Hello! I remember you! You are’x’~”
Sure enough, what we fell in love with was the soul of the other party, and it was Tang
Bai’s flesh/body Xie Ruheng who obviously fell in love first.
He thought this way, the corners of his mouth raised unconsciously, his eyes were not
aware of tenderness.
Xie Ruheng: “I didn’t expect to remember me greatly.”
Tang Bai: “Because you are the first alpha that makes me feel that the three views fit
together! My memory is still fresh!”
Xie Ruheng’s smile froze, and for a moment he thought that Tang Bai had seen through
his vest.
However, Tang Bai was really not trying to uncover the vest. Xie Ruheng asked
tentatively: “The three views fit together? My idol is Xie Ruheng, and so is your idol?”
Tang Bai: “What a coincidence~ My idol is also Xie Ruheng! As long as you like Xie
Ruheng, we are friends!”
Xie Ruheng, who was unhappy unexpectedly even though she was confessed in the air:
He even suspected that he was mad at Jianchajian, and he actually smelled the familiar
tea fragrance from Tang Bai’s words.
Xie Ruheng: “So don’t you think Xie Ruheng should also be an alpha that fits your three
Xie Ruheng hinted crazy.
Tang Bai: “Hahahaha, that’s different~”
Xie Ruheng: “…………”
Green Tea Diary:
Only green tea is the only one who defeats green tea. The tea ceremony cannot satisfy
the current situation and stops moving forward. There are still many things I need to
learn from Tang Bai.

Chapter 36

Tang Bai and the “x” reader were chatting happily, and at the same time, they switched
to the chat interface with Xie Ruheng, and asked, “Thank you brother, can I ask you to
help me make up~”
Xie Ruheng, who was dying by the green tea, slowly typed a question mark: “Should I
help you make-up?”
Seeing Xie Ruheng’s rhetorical question, Tang Bai was a little embarrassed to trouble
Xie Ruheng to help him complete the imitation makeup of the gland scars.
Gland scars imitation makeup is a collaboration between Bai Zhi and his live broadcast
Bai Zhi values the enthusiasm of the live broadcast of his tea art class, and hopes that
he will release a beauty series this time with a headline, such as “Swingers Imitation
Makeup”. The omegas of the glands that were forced to be removed cannot be marked
by bite marks. In the eyes of some alphas, it is a slumber.
Bai Zhi offered Tang Bai’s live broadcast account a very attractive price. He also
analyzed how many fans could at least increase Tang Bai through a series of
operations this time, and what help could it provide to the omega group…
Tang Bai who was about to be said to be tearful: “…” I’m actually an ally! The kind that
is willing to work for free!
The biggest difficulty of this time imitation makeup is that Tang Bai needs to find a
helper, because no matter how good Tang Bai’s makeup skills are, he doesn’t have
eyes on the back of his head, and he can’t make fake makeup with gland scars.
The special effects makeup of gland scars imitation makeup is more terrifying. Tang Bai
guesses that the little sisters would not dare to touch this kind of makeup. If you are
looking for Xie Ruheng, you can also go to the red light district to see those omega
scars accumulated materials. most suitable.
Tang Bai: “I want to put on special effects makeup. The part is in the glands. I can’t see
the glands. Please ask others to worry about it…”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
gland! ! ! body! ! ! ! ! !
too! Big! Gall! NS!
too! prick! Excited! NS!
Is this the green tea that provokes people to death? !
Xie Ruheng was dying and sat up in shock. He just wanted to say I could, but halfway
through the word, the bloodshot brain calmed down.
Omega’s glands have a natural attraction to alpha, especially an unmarked omega he
likes. He usually sees Tang Bai wearing a neck ring, and his attention is often focused
on the hidden restricted area. When Tang Bai completely exposed the glands in front of
him, could he really restrain the urge to mark Tang Bai?
“…This time I want to do imitation makeup for gland scars. In fact, it is a collaboration
with a small partner. We want to let more people realize the experience of omega in the
red light district through the video of imitation gland makeup. I think Omega can all learn
this imitation makeup. Certain passersby will learn about it out of curiosity when they
see such makeup. If every omega wears this makeup, maybe there will be no victims
who are too bitten by your glands. Guilty…”
Xie Ruheng looked at the news from Tang Bai, and suddenly felt ashamed of the yellow
waste he had just filled his mind with.
This is a charity event. It is a cause that Tang Bai is prepared to spend time and energy
on. He should respect Tang Bai and help Tang Bai as much as possible.
“But this matter is really troublesome. It takes a long time to study makeup. It doesn’t
matter if Brother Xie doesn’t have time, I can go find someone else.”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
Xie Ruheng: “No problem, I can.”
Tang Bai: Good! Worthy of being my good sister!
Tang Bai was very moved: “Oh, I want to trouble Brother Xie to take me to the red light
district to collect materials. Of course, if Brother Xie is very busy, you don’t need to take
me there.”
Xie Ruheng: “I’m not busy, I’m free, I can do it now, where are you, am I looking for you
or are you looking for me?”
Tang Bai was deeply moved by Xie Ruheng’s eager and enthusiastic attitude. A true
good sister should be what people want and think!
“Let’s see you at the military academy in half an hour~”
Happily arranged a time and place. Before leaving to pack his things, Tang Bai replied
“x”: “Excuse me, I was chatting with a friend just now and I forgot to reply to you.”
x: “It’s okay, I was chatting with my favorite omega just now.”
Tang Bai: “Hahaha, good, keep talking, I’m going out with my good friends~ I won’t
have time to read the news after I’m busy.”
x: “Go out with your favorite alpha?”
Tang Bai: “No, it’s a good friend.”
x: “…”
Tang Bai: “What’s wrong?”
x: “It’s nothing, just remembered something suddenly. Have a lot of fun, don’t forget the
codeword when you come back.”
x: “After thinking about it, I still can’t help but blow a wave of rainbow farts to the big
essays. The big essays are very well written. I am very happy to see the big essays. I
wish I could keep doing what I like. I have a lot of enthusiasm and never forget my
original intention.”
Tang Bai: “So are you! [Super Invincible Snake Skin Bang Bang Peacock Happy
Opening Screen.gif]”
x: “[Super Invincible Snake Skin Bang Bang Peacock Happy Opening Screen.gif]”
Tang Bai changed into a puff sleeve shirt, removed the gem cufflinks from the cuffs, and
put on a dark blue cloak. When he tied the cloak, Tang Bai found that his hair was a bit
long, so he pulled a gift bag on it. The red silk ribbon was tied at random with a small
Soon Tang Bai happily ran to the figure in front of the military academy with the little
biscuits specially made for Xie Ruheng.
Today is the weekend, Xie Ruheng did not wear a military uniform, but a set of very
simple white shirt and black pants. Such a dress weakened his sense of distance a lot.
Walking on the street is an overly handsome cold-faced alpha. People take a look and
want to take another look boldly.
Tang Bai looked openly at many times, “Wow~ Thank you, brother, you look so
beautiful today! You look different than usual!”
Green tea body ps5: Choose simple and new clothes, and occasionally different styles
will make people shine.
Xie Ruheng took Tang Bai’s handbag naturally, and the breeze blew by, and a deep red
was looming. The phoenix eyes looked at the snow-white back of the neck that was
lightly stroked by the red silk. Xie Ruheng breathed, and the “high-end green tea”
flashed crazily in his mind. The words!
This scheming red headband! Use eye-catching colors to instantly attract attention!
Moreover, the selection of hair bands is also very particular. The silk and satin contain a
sense of luxury and elegance, which is in line with Tang Bai’s own temperament.
What’s even more scheming is that Tang Bai also tied up the hairstyle of Xiao Chiu Chiu
with a hair band. Not only is this hairstyle not seen before, it is lively and lovely, and it
can also transfer everyone’s attention attracted by the hair band to the slender white
neck ……
It turns out that moderate care is the essence of green tea’s fresh dress!
Not only that, Tang Bai also praised his dress sincerely and enthusiastically as soon as
he came up, and the moderate praise made people feel very excited.
Very good, you can take notes.
Green tea body ps6: You must have a pair of eyes that discover beauty and a language
skill that is good at complimenting. Moderate praise can get the other side’s goodwill.
Xie Ruheng suppressed the shock in his heart and said, “Your hairstyle is very cute
“Huh?” Tang Bai touched his own little tweet, “Hahahaha I just used the strap on the gift
box package to tie it up.”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
learnt! High-ranking green tea should create an effortless beauty! Rather than frankly
that every beauty of yourself is carefully designed, it is better to imply that you are
naturally beautiful. Using a gift wrap as a hair rope sounds grounded and casual…
Green tea body ps7: Create effortless and unrefined beauty/handsomeness.
Tang Bai got into the floating car and waved at Xie Ruheng who was stunned in place,
“Xie Brother?”
Xie Ruheng recovered, opened the car door, sat in the driver’s seat, and prepared to
take out the desserts and snacks bought in the car cabinet.
“I made small biscuits for you. There are all kinds of flavors. These are packed in small
jars and put in the drawers of the car, dormitory, and classroom. Then I made smaller
packages that you can take with you.” Tang Bai pointed to another biscuits, “These gift
boxes are packed by Brother Xie for you to share with your friends~ These little biscuits
are not as sweet as the ones I made specially for you.”
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Oops! Suddenly I couldn’t deliver my sweets after such a comparison!
Green tea body ps8: The food you make by yourself is more attentive than the food you
bought. While paying attention to the deliciousness of the food, you must not forget the
packaging (Note: This method is more suitable for green tea at the level of master
“Brother Xie, why did you buy so many small snacks…” Tang Bai remembered that the
last time he made Xie Ruheng’s car, there were only simple water and compressed
biscuits in the cabinet.
Xie Ruheng is not a person who pays attention to the desire to speak, and it is
impossible for him to buy these small snacks on a whim. The greatest possibility is
specifically for him.
In the book, Xie Ruheng, who would forget to eat three meals a day, actually
remembered to prepare snacks for him.
…Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! !
Tang Bai suddenly raised his face, his watery eyes staring at Xie Ruheng. When he
raised his face and stared at Xie Ruheng wholeheartedly, he always gave the illusion of
“you are my world”.
Xie Ruheng, who was being watched by such a soft and clear gaze, trembled. He saw
the face getting closer and closer, and then…
His side face was rubbed against the soft little face of omega, and Tang Bai’s sweet,
soft and cotton candy tone came from his ear: “Boom~”
The heartbeat missed half a beat at this moment.
After Tang Bai and his good sister posted them, they took apart the snacks and
hamsters contentedly. “I reviewed oo’s pasting ceremony. Thank you, brother, did you
forget the etiquette I taught you before? There are also some etiquettes. I didn’t teach,
we will learn again when we are not busy for a while!”
Xie Ruheng, who was smashed to the blood, “…”
Green tea body ps9: If you are away from each other, there is a degree of relaxation,
close enough but you touch away again, you must pay attention to the temptation at the
same time.
Really, I learned…
Tang Bai originally wanted to go to the red light district to pack an omega to see the
other’s gland wounds, but Xie Ruheng said that his neighbor was an omega who had
left the red light district.
“He is in his forties and his surname is Ling. We all call him Mr. Ling. I heard that Mr.
Ling encountered an alpha when he was young. The other party helped him ransom him
from the red light district and bought him a house in the Green Street. That room was
operated as a nursery by Mr. Ling.”
The Green Street is a tree-lined street in a slum. It is next to the rich street in the slum.
The level of security is very high. At least there will be no gangsters fighting on the
green street, and no thief will appear. Here, because the residents of Green Street are
not easy to provoke.
Mr. Ling’s nursery can help take care of the children during the day. The parents of
these children go to work in the mine during the day. They don’t have time to take care
of the children and worry that the children will be in danger at home alone. So they
spend three stars a day and hand the children to Ling. Mr. take care of.
Because Mr. Ling is not only responsible for children’s lunch, but also teaches children
“He shouldn’t refuse our request to see the scars of the glands.” The suspended car
parked in the garage, and Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai got out of the car.
The trees here are luxuriant, and the noon daylight penetrates through the layers of
leaves, turning into small spots and softly falling on the body.
Xie Ruheng lived on the second floor of Building 6, while Mr. Ling lived on the first floor
of Building 6. There was a small courtyard in front of each building. Tang Bai passed by
other buildings and saw that the small courtyards in front of the buildings were cold. It
was deserted, with some debris piled up, and the turf was bare.
However, the small yard in front of Building No. 6 is beautifully maintained, with many
flowers and plants, and a small pond was dug with many red carps.
“This is Mr. Ling’s small courtyard.” Xie Ruheng said.
Several children squatted in front of the pond to watch the fish. One of the children
heard Xie Ruheng’s ears and turned around alertly. After seeing Xie Ruheng, he quickly
laughed, “Brother Xiao Xie is back!”
“Brother Xiao Xie!” “Who is next to Brother Xiao Xie?” “So pretty~” “
The children whispered and looked at Tang Bai curiously. All of a sudden, the voice of
“Brother Xiao Xie came back with beautiful brother” spread throughout the yard.
The eyes of those children were full of yearning for beautiful things. The smiles they
showed to Tang Bai were sincere and shy, which was fundamentally different from the
children Tang Bai had seen in the slums before. There was light in these children’s
“Hello~” Tang Bai knelt down and smiled at these children: “You can call me Brother
Tang Bai.”
“Brother has small biscuits here, are you hungry, do you want to eat small biscuits?”
Tang Bai asked with a smile of biscuits.
Look at me and I look at you. No one said anything. Some took a slobber but took a
step back. There were other children who looked at Xie Ruheng eagerly.
Tang Bai didn’t expect these children to listen to Xie Ruheng’s words so much.
“Eat.” After Xie Ruheng said these words, the group of children gathered around
These children have their own set of rules. They will line up to pick up the cookies. The
first one is not physically fit, or speaks in an orderly manner. For example, a big-headed
boy receives Tang Bai’s cookies and said. After thanking him, he pointed to a stone
chair in the courtyard and asked Tang Bai if he wanted to sit there.
He thought that Tang Bai squatted down specially to stand tired.
“Thank you, I’m not tired, do you want strawberry-flavored cookies?”
When Zhou Xiaoshan saw the omega in front of him, he smiled and said softly, under
the sunlight, his amber eyes were so translucent, which Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t
describe as beautiful.
His hand hidden behind his back wiped hard on his clothes for a few times before he
stretched it out carefully and took the biscuit that the omega gently placed in his palm.
“I have other flavors here. Who likes matcha-flavored biscuits?” Tang Bai felt that he
was feeding the stray kittens. These children were so thin that they were a little
And when they ate the biscuits, they looked contented like cats, and Tang Bai’s heart
was softened.
“What is the smell of matcha?” a weak child asked.
Tang Bai didn’t know how to describe it, so he fed this handsome child a matcha-
flavored biscuit.
Jiang Quan, who was fed by Tang Bai himself, blushed. He was embarrassed to look at
Tang Bai’s eyes, lowered his head shyly, and saw the ring in Tang Bai’s hand. It’s so
beautiful, like Mr. Ling took care Roses in the flowerbed.
He saw the shoes that Tang Bai was wearing again. They were very clean, and there
was not much mud stains on the circle of the soles.
Jiang Quan couldn’t help but secretly glanced at Tang Bai’s clothes. He saw that the
dark blue cloak had shallow dark lines that would faintly gleam in the sun, and the lines
seemed to be in the shape of flowers.
Jiang Quan’s attention was attracted by the looming dark lines for a long time. He had
never seen such a beautiful material, which looked slippery, and made him want to
sneak a bit.
But you can’t touch it, this cloak is so good-looking, what should I do if it gets dirty by
Jiang Quan carefully put the remaining three biscuits in his pocket. He decided that after
going home today, he would tell his parents what happened today and give them this
delicious biscuit.
Thinking of this, Jiang Quan smiled contentedly.
“Brother, where did you buy these biscuits?” A child asked curiously. The other children
also looked at Tang Bai. In fact, they even wanted to know the price of such delicious
“Brother made it by himself. If you want to learn, your brother can teach you~” Tang Bai
said, “Brother can not only teach you how to make small biscuits, but also teach you
many other things~”
Jiang Quan’s eyes lit up when he heard the words, “Will my brother also attend the tea
art class that Mr. Ling said?!”
Then he saw that beautiful brother stunned for a moment, “Ah…”
Tang Bai: “This, this is also possible.”

Chapter 37

“Let’s not mention the tea art class, do you know where Mr. Ling is?” Tang Bai changed
the subject.
Jiang Quan turned his head and pointed to the French window behind him, “Mr. Ling is
Tang Bai stood up and saw a thin figure behind the window. It was a gentle omega with
a calm and elegant temperament, sitting at a low table carefully making tea.
This Mr. Ling has a pair of well-maintained hands, and he moves smoothly when
making tea, which is pleasing to the eye.
The emerald green tea bud sank into the white water, the blue waves rolled, and the tea
water quickly turned into a translucent yellow-green.
Mr. Ling poured the brewed tea into the sea of tea, then poured two cups of green tea
for Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng, and said warmly: “Please.”
Xie Ruheng glanced at Tang Bai calmly. After seeing Tang Bai’s tea smelling, and
observing the color of the tea and the twisting and changing appearance of the tea, he
also started studying seriously.
Tang Bai took a sip of tea, the fragrance was sweet, and the aftertaste was endless. He
couldn’t help but exclaimed: “Good tea!!!”
It’s indeed a good tea, Tang Bai hasn’t drunk tea as amazing as jade dew for a long
“This tea is sweet and wild, isn’t it the peerless green tea that can be bred by absorbing
the essence of the sun and the moon in the mountains and fighting with weeds?!” Tang
Bai said.
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Xie Ruheng saw that Mr. Ling, who had always been happy, anger, and invisible, was
overjoyed as if he met a friend in the mountains and flowing water: “Yes!”
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Seeing that Mr. Ling raised his eyebrows, he explained to Tang Bai the whole process
of this cup of tea from sowing and picking to making, and took out his treasured tea to
share with Tang Bai. The two looked at the rare treasures. The beautiful eyes stared at
the pot of green tea.
Xie Ruheng took a sip with no expression on his face. He didn’t feel any aftertaste of the
tea. Instead, there was a tea leaf in his mouth. Xie Ruheng calmly drank the innocent
Grass is a kind of plant. And he is the weed caught between the two tea masters.
Seeing Xie Ruheng’s dull expression, Ling Xuanyun worried that he would leave Xie
Ruheng in the cold: “Mr. Xie?”
Tang Bai turned his head blankly and saw Xie Ruheng picking up his teacup and
sighing, “Good tea, good tea.”
Green tea style ps10: do what you like, even if you don’t have a common language, you
can’t belittle the other party’s preferences.
Seeing Xie Ruheng concentrating on tasting tea, the two began to talk about tea
ceremony in full swing. They only listened to Tang Bai said: “I admire natural tea, do it
from my heart, let nature take its course, and integrate tea into all aspects of dealing
with people and life…. ..”
This theory not only caused Mr. Ling to nod frequently, but also shocked Xie Ruheng!
So this is the theory of high-ranking green tea? !
Green tea body ps11: The highest level of tea learning is the unity of tea people, and
everything in the world can be tea.
“Mr. Ling, I made a hasty visit this time to ask you to help me…” After hearing Tang
Bai’s intention, Mr. Ling was silent for a while, looking at Tang Bai who was eloquent
after the mist. And did not immediately agree.
The gland is a private part, and the scar from the gland is removed, from being
ashamed to see people to invisible.
“It doesn’t matter if Mr. Ling is unwilling.”
Mr. Ling rubbed the tea cup, sighed, and said softly: “Mr. Tang Xiao and I go to the
Tang Bai was pleasantly surprised to enter the bedroom with Mr. Ling. The bedroom
was a double bed, but there were few traces of another male host in the house.
Tang Bai retracted his gaze and saw Mr. Ling sitting in front of the dressing table, taking
off the neck ring in front of the mirror, revealing a faint scar on the back of his neck.
From a distance, he looked like a small pale pink centipede.
“It’s ugly.” Mr. Ling stretched out his hand and rubbed the scar. “Some people will cover
this scar with a tattoo, but I don’t want to please others anymore, so I just leave it
Tang Bai said cautiously, “I have some ointments to lighten scars.”
“No, I don’t care about these things anymore after I learn tea.” Mr. Ling only has a
wooden comb on the dressing table, without any skin care products.
Tang Bai thought for a while and said, “I read “The Book of Tea” and I was deeply
impressed by the passage in it.”
Mr. Ling raised his head to look at Tang Bai, and listened to him earnestly: “The tea
ceremony is a kind of worship of “incompleteness”. It is the gentleness performed in
order to achieve a certain possible perfection in a life that we all understand
impossibility of perfection. Probing.”
After a moment of silence, Mr. Ling smiled and sighed.
When Tang Bai and Mr. Ling came out of the bedroom, they saw Xie Ruheng being
surrounded by a group of children. The light screen that was thrown in the air was the
most basic lingua franca.
Xie Ruheng, who has always been taciturn, patiently teaches these children to read.
Those children learn very seriously, and no one runs a small business.
“Every time Mr. Xie comes back, he will help me teach these children literacy and
arithmetic.” Ling Xuanyun said: “He will also prepare rewards for these children, so that
he can satisfy the wish of the best learner.
“Lu Xiaoshan learns very well every time. Mr. Xie likes this child very much. Lu
Xiaoshan’s wish is to learn mecha with Mr. Xie, so Mr. Xie specially assigned Lu
Xiaoshan another homework.”
“Last month, Mr. Xie bought new clothes for all the children. Jiang Quan was the
happiest. He is a beautiful little omega. Mr. Tang Xiao might not have noticed it because
Jiang Quan’s parents specially dressed him like a beta.”
“Before they came to me, they were thinner and couldn’t eat meat for several months.
Some children were too poor at home. They had only one meal a day at my place, and
they could eat two large bowls at a time.”
“These children will leave after staying with me for half a year. They are going to school,
but some families are really poor. After a few years of school, the children in the family
will drop out to help.”
“Leave school to help?” Tang Bai asked, “How can such a small child not go to school
to help the family?”
“Many. For example, the mining area employs child labor. Ten-year-old children can
earn seven or eight stars in the mining area a day, which is a lot for them. For such a
small amount of stars, there are all kinds of mining people in the mining area, children.
Old man, disabled, and omega.”
Seeing Tang Bai’s unbelievable eyes, Mr. Ling whispered, “Speaking out, Mr. Tang may
not believe that in the slums, in addition to the omegas in the red light districts
undergoing gland removal surgery, there are also many omegas who want to engage in
normal occupations. Will do this operation, such as going to work in a mining area.”
Tang Bai froze for a moment, and asked, “Can’t you use inhibitors?”
“Inhibitors are very expensive, Mr. Tang Xiao, one cost one thousand stars, and with the
strength of an omega to go to the mining area and work hard for only 20 stars a day, he
does not eat or drink for a month and spends his life in the mining area all day and
night. They can only earn six hundred stars, how can they afford it?”
“Gland removal surgery is done once and for all, and it’s still very cheap. It only costs a
hundred stars. Why is it so cheap? Because they don’t need much good surgical
procedures, post-operative care, some omega distressed money, and even reluctant to
fight with anesthetics.”
“In fact, another part of the low cost of gland removal surgery is related to the red light
district. Some omegas who have undergone gland removal surgery still think of
subsidizing their homes, so they will go to the red light district to do odd jobs. Yeah, I’m
not kidding because they really I need this money…”
Xie Ruheng realized that it was not early after checking Lu Shanshan’s homework. It
was already time for these children to go home. He raised his head and saw Tang Bai’s
red eyes, his heart clicked, and found that he didn’t even know what Tang Bai had come
out. Tang Bai was so indifferent.
“You’re okay…” Xie Ruheng, who had just opened his mouth and tried to remedy it, was
gently tossed at Tang Bai’s corners, and only listened to Tang Bai’s whisper: “Xie
Brother, I want all the children here to go to university.”
The dark phoenix eyes were slightly surprised.
“Not only here, I…I also want all the children in the slum to go to school. I want
everyone to eat and put on new clothes…” Tang Bai choked up halfway through his
speech “I also want to contract all omega inhibitors and find them a normal job, not the
kind that is so exploitative in mining areas…”
Those amber eyes were red, and his nose was red. Tang Bai buried his face in Xie
Ruheng’s shoulders, and said sadly, “How can there be such a bullying job? It only
costs 20 stars for a whole day of work. ……”
The fabric on the shoulder was wet with tears, and this recognition made Xie Ruheng’s
heart slightly stung by something.
He carefully placed his hand on Tang Bai’s trembling back. Xie Ruheng could smell the
soft and clean milk smell on Tang Bai’s body, so Xie Ruheng softened his voice and
said softly in a coaxing tone: “Okay, we Just do it.”
Tang Bai lay on Xie Ruheng’s shoulder for a while, the sad wave in his heart eased, he
raised his face embarrassedly, and then found that the children around him were
looking at him with wide-eyed…
Tang Bai:”……”
“Brother Xiaoxie, why is your beautiful brother crying?”
“Is brother Xiao Xie bullying the pretty brother?”
“Brother Xiao Xie just said that he likes Brother Tang Bai, so he won’t bully Brother
Tang Bai!”
“But my dad likes little dad, so he will bully little dad!”
Tang Bai:”…………”
Tang Bai felt that he was once again socially dead.

Chapter 38

Xie Ruheng coughed, seeing Tang Bai’s face flushed with embarrassment, and said:
“Okay, it’s getting late, I’ll take you home.”
The places where these children live are not as safe as the green streets. Some
children even live in relatively remote mountains. Usually they will stay with Mr. Ling
until the evening, waiting for their parents to come to pick up the children one by one
after finishing the work.
If Xie Ruheng came back early, Xie Ruheng would send these children home.
Twenty children in total lined up on Xie Ruheng’s floating car, which filled the whole car.
When they saw the snacks in the cabinet, they couldn’t move their eyes away, but no
one took it.
“They are so good.” Tang Bai followed Xie Ruheng obediently, and exclaimed softly with
a bit of unfailing crying.
“It will take some time for me to send them back. Do you want to stay with Mr. Ling?”
Xie Ruheng moved his fingers, pressing the urge to touch Tang Bai’s head with
amazing self-control.
Tang Bai shook his head. He turned on Guang Brain and clicked on the reader group, “I
have a reader group…”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
Has my trumpet dropped? !
“Look, there are readers in the group discussing education issues. She is talking about
the inequality of educational resources for civilian students and the basic education
issues of omega…” Tang Bai turned over the long chat history in the readers group.
Show Xie Ruheng.
Xie Ruheng, who almost had a cardiac arrest: “…”
“I think everyone in the group is very nice. They are all very gentle people. We all hope
that this society can become better.” Tang Bai sniffed, “If they know the real situation of
the slums, they should be too. Want to help the people here.”
“Like me before, they don’t know the real situation of the slums. What we know about
the slums is scattered information circulating on the Internet, what garbage streets,
garbage dumps, and there are drug users, beggars, and homeless people everywhere.”
Tang Bai bit his lip. He stood in front of Xie Ruheng and reviewed himself like a student
who admitted his mistakes. “…I always felt that these people were lazy, poor self-
control, and refused to study seriously. I don’t work hard either, so I toss myself so
“But I found out that I was wrong.”
“I am very ignorant, so why not eat meat.” A layer of water vapor filled his amber eyes,
but this time Tang Bai tried very hard to hold back his tears, “It is because this big
environment did not give them a chance, nor did it give us a chance. To learn about
slums, so I want everyone in the group to let more people on the Internet know about
“There are so many kind people in this world, and I am definitely not the only one who
wants to help everyone. We brainstorm and we will definitely come up with a solution!”
Soaked in tears, those clear eyes looked like gleaming gems.
Xie Ruheng only felt that his heart was almost filled with the damp water vapor, it was a
little sore, and it was all very soft emotions.
Celebrities reading exchange group.
Tea Art Class Video Blogger: “[Video]”
Tea art class video blogger: “@All members encountered something today, I want to
share it with you.”
Bai Zhi, who was working, frowned when he saw the disappearing prompt that suddenly
popped out. He had previously pulled this video blogger into the group to facilitate the
exchange of fake makeup ideas between the other party and the group members, and
then gave the other party an administrator. No Let this blogger share daily life with
group members.
When he entered the group chat and saw the malnourished face of slum children on the
cover of the video, the confusion in his eyes became deeper.
It was a group of slum children sitting in a floating car. An adult could sit three children,
two children huddled together, and the third child sat on their laps.
Most of them are dressed very shabby and grey, which is very different from the noble
omega in the video.
“I heard from Mr. Ling that Brother Xiao Xie bought you new clothes, why don’t you
wear new clothes?” the noble omega asked softly.
The child closest to the aristocratic omega did not dare to look at the camera or look
directly at the aristocratic omega. His eyes were erratic, and his fingers kept wringing
the old clothes that were washed until they turned white. “The new clothes are for my
“To my sister? Do you still have a sister?”
The hand that pulled the clothes touched the bulging pocket, and the child nodded
The noble omega flipped through the beautiful gift box and showed the child colorful
biscuits in various flavors, “Then you can bring some more biscuits to my sister.”
The little child shook his head, he opened his pocket carefully, “Yes.”
“How can this little bit of food be enough?” The noble omega stuffed the loosely
packaged biscuits into the small pockets. The quality of the clothes was too bad. With a
tear, the pocket filled with small biscuits broke a big hole and the inside was filled
Everything fell out.
After a flurry of turmoil, the child held a jar of biscuits and said thank you softly.
His appearance is uncontrollable joy, and the children around him are full of envy.
There are only so many biscuits. It is impossible to give twenty children a can of
biscuits. Everyone envied the lucky one who got a can of biscuits by the noble omega
after a blessing in disguise after the clothes had a hole in it.
“What do you want, I will buy you too.” The young master obviously realized this too,
and quickly remedied it.
The children looked at him timidly, afraid to speak.
“Your school bags are very old, how about I buy you new school bags?” Most of the
children in the video are not holding school bags at all, but cloth bags and plastic bags.
Some of them simply hold the books in their hands.
The cover of those exercise books is full of handwriting, and the pen is covered with
dense pencil writing. I don’t know how long it took.
Nowadays, very few students use this kind of paper exercise book, and most of them
are using student light brains such as homework assistants.
“These children are short of teaching materials. They will go to school in half a year.
The school is the only basic education college in the slum. There is no basic teaching
equipment in the school. The most’high-tech’ is probably the projector.”
“The textbooks they will use in the future are the paper textbooks left by the children
several years ago, and the teacher will send it to them when they are in school.”
The beautiful omega explained a few words to the camera. When he said this, he had a
small face, and when he turned his head to look at the child, the face became gentle
again: “I will bring you a new draft next time, OK? ?”
“I have draft paper.” A child whispered: “There are so many waste papers at home that
can be written on.”
The other children nodded, “Yes, you can write on the wrapping paper in the garbage
“Is it bad to use a new draft?” the noble omega whispered: “Don’t you like brand new
The child shook his head, “I don’t like it.”
This answer made the little nobleman stuck for a moment, “Why?”
Then he heard the child’s murmur reply: “…the new one wants money.”
When the video is played here, some members of the group have already spoken: “You
can’t see this kind of thing when you are old. These children don’t know how many
times more obedient than my little ancestor.”
“Where is this? Why is it so poor here? @茶艺课视频博主”
“Can you sponsor these children? I can sponsor these children to go to university@茶艺
“I am willing to build a school, do you have the contact information of their principal?”
“@茶艺课视频博主 launch a fundraiser, I will make money.”
Bai Zhi retracted his eyes and continued to play the video.
“Lu Shanshan, what do you want?” Seeing that child didn’t speak, the noble omega said
in a persuasive way: “Don’t you like mechas? Do you have any parts and paint you
want? I can also send you mecha models!”
The child named Lu Xiaoshan is very handsome, even with a dark complexion, it is hard
to hide his heroic spirit. Bai Zhi guessed that this child should be an alpha, because
alpha and omega grow more outstanding in the day.
Compared to the timid child before, this child named Lu Xiaoshan has a much calmer
expression. He seems to be a very assertive child. Bai Zhi guessed that this child might
want some mecha parts. If this child lion opens his mouth and wants a plane A, the
young master of that landlord’s house might also agree.
Because this aristocratic omega has a very well-protected simple temperament, to put it
in a simple way, the term stupid and rich is simply tailor-made for this aristocratic young
“I want a rag doll.” Bai Zhi heard the child speak clearly.
Bai Zhi: “?”
“Do you want a rag doll? Do you like Paluru too?!” The noble omega said excitedly:
“You can ask the right person, I have a lot of out-of-print Paluru in my collection…”
A trace of confusion flashed in Lu Xiaoshan’s eyes, and he repeated: “I want a doll, not
He said: “My mother is sick, and I want a doll to accompany me.”
Bai Zhi silently watched this video, watched the young master’s hand fall on Lu
Xiaoshan’s head, watched the young master stretch out his hand, and hugged the three
children in one breath.
In the video, the sun outside the car window has already set, and the magnificent
sunset is sprinkled on this noble young master. The warm color makes this scene look
very warm.
The video ends here. Looking at the black screen, Bai Zhi lowered his eyes, picked up
the cold black tea in the cup, and the cold glasses chain hung on his face. He held the
cup of black tea and turned his face to look over. Wanjia lights outside the window.
The parliament building is located in the most prosperous area of the city. The neon
lights on the ground are even more dazzling than the sunset clouds in the sky, and it
seems that there is no dark side to be seen.
After a long time, Tang Bai’s live broadcast trumpet suddenly received a message from
Bai Zhi: “I thought about it. Although the theme of the swan husband is eye-catching, it
is too extreme. Even if we have follow-up marketing, this theme will be Bring a certain
negative impact to your account.”
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Tang Bai: “I just wanted to say this too!!!”
Tang Bai: [I think the scope of our subject can be expanded this time. Gland removal
surgery is not only done by omegas in the red light district, but there are also many
omegas who are used to make money and support their families. They will also perform
gland removal surgery for their livelihood. If you don’t say something, no one will know.
We should let more people pay attention to it…]
Then Tang Bai saw the big guy who had been doing business with his trumpet…
A smile emoticon was sent.
Bai Zhi: [Hmm [smile.jpg]]
Tang Bai’s typing hands trembled suddenly.
After sending all the children home, the sky was completely dark. Tang Bai recalled the
shabby houses of the children, the food for the night, and the restrained parents. His
heart was as heavy as a stone.
The last time he came to the slum with Xie Ruheng, his attention was more on the
mysterious black market, immersed in the sense of dislocation between the real world
and the world in the book. People struggling at the bottom.
This time, Tang Bai shot a lot of material. The material is basically interviews with
children, all with the permission of the children. Although the slums are not allowed to
shoot red light districts, underground arenas, and black markets, they will not even be
used for the food and clothing of the people at the bottom. The line is also hidden and
Tang Bai was going to go back and cut these materials into videos before posting them
on the Internet.
“Here.” Xie Ruheng parked the car and looked at Tang Bai who was a little tired. “Are
you hungry? Let’s eat some snacks to cushion your stomach, and I will make something
for you later.”
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Tang Bai’s spirit came immediately, he hadn’t tasted Xie Ruheng’s craftsmanship!
Xie Ruheng’s house is upstairs from Mr. Ling. The decoration style is very simple. It is
the coldest style in all omega rooms Tang Bai has ever seen.
Marble floor tiles, white walls without wallpaper and painted walls, no pillows on the sofa
in the living room, and a bunch of withered flowers on the coffee table.
“These children gave me this.” Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai looking at the dried flowers in
the glass and explained.
“It’s a pity that the flowers are left in such a way. You can make dried flower bookmarks
next time, so you don’t need to waste the beauty of the flowers~” Tang Bai looked at the
deserted house and said with a smile: “Thank you brother, the walls of your house are
very It’s clean, I feel itchy to see. The walls of our house are all my hand-painted, fancy.
This was the first time Xie Ruheng heard Tang Bai mention his home, a place that made
people feel good in just a few words.
“Will you eat tomato and egg noodles?” There are not many things in the refrigerator, so
I can only make this dish.
“I can eat it!” Tang Bai followed Xie Ruheng into the kitchen. The kitchen was very new
and seemed to be rarely used. It looked almost brand new and was carefully stacked
with a small piece of tofu by the owner.
Xie Ruheng refused to let Tang Bai help. Tang Bai stood by and watched eagerly. Tang
Bai decided to take a shower when he thought of the live broadcast. He ran in the slum
for a long time today, and he didn’t know where he was rubbing ashes. Fluttering.
“Brother Xie, can I borrow your bathroom and your clothes to use?”
Xie Ruheng, who was cutting tomatoes, almost cut into his hands when he heard the
words, “…what?”
This tempting, thought-provoking remark was simply Green Tea’s ultimate move. It
made Xie Ruheng’s heart beat violently, and he didn’t know what to do for a while.
Tang Bai blinked his eyes, “I want to take a bath, and I want to borrow your clothes to
put on your clothes.” He said with confidence, after all, it is quite normal for good
girlfriends to exchange clothes.
But Brother Xie might not be used to lending clothes to others?
Seeing Xie Ruheng’s expression hesitated, Tang Bai quickly said, “It doesn’t matter if I
wear this suit now.”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
At this moment, what else can Xie Ruheng say, he hurriedly said: “After the shower, it is
better to wear clean clothes for comfort. I will help you get the clothes.”
Tang Bai nodded sweetly and said, “Thank you, brother~”
Xie Ruheng’s temples jumped suddenly and suddenly, and the knowledge points of
strategy class appeared in his mind. The enemy retreated and I entered, the enemy
advanced and I retreated. When he was unprepared, Tang Bai attacked him and beat
him by surprise. When he was hesitant, Tang Bai made another tactical retreat and
quickly shaken his army.
This time, the trick is enough to load the classic tactics of green tea…
Green tea body ps12: bold attack, tactical retreat, grasp ambiguous in the push-pull
When he walked to Xie Ruheng’s bedroom, Tang Bai found that there were various
books related to the founding marshal on the bookshelf in the bedroom, such as
“Marshal Quotations” and “The First Star Cluster”. The books were all arranged in order
of height and width. Tang Bai looked on in a wonderful mood. Idol of idols.
No, when my brother Xie publishes a book in the future, I also want to buy a basket of
memoirs of the marshal!
Tang Bai thought, suddenly ignited with a strange desire to win.
“My clothes may be too big for you.” Xie Ruheng opened the closet and picked up a
piece of clothing, and suddenly heard Tang Bai’s “poof” laugh.
Xie Ruheng turned his head and saw Tang Bai smile so that two small dimples popped
up, “I was thinking just now when I saw the kitchen rags, Brother Xie, do you fold
everything that can be folded into tofu cubes, sure enough, Hahahahaha…”
Tang Bai, who had laughed enough, poked Xie Ruheng’s shoulder with his finger, his
eyebrows curled and said: “Thank you, you are so cute~”
The finger was moved away from his shoulder, and he easily hooked off the shirt in Xie
Ruheng’s hand. “A bigger one can be used as a sexy boyfriend’s clothes~”
At this moment, Xie Ruheng’s heart seemed to be hooked away by this slender white
After taking a bath, Tang Bai changed into Xie Ruheng’s shirt. The shirt was large in
size and just as long as his thigh. It was loose and comfortable on his body, even
without pants.
In addition, several places of the shirt were soaked with undried water stains, revealing
some fascinating curves in the dimness.
Xie Ruheng, who thinks too much about the crash: “…”
Xie Ruheng pretended to be calm and said: “You, it’s not appropriate for you to not wear
pants in front of me.”
Tang Bai, who was wiping his wet hair with a towel: “?”
Tang Bai said frankly, “Xie Brother, what are you so shy about, don’t I have what you
This sounds right, Xie Ruheng as an alpha does have things Tang Bai has.
But he doesn’t have something Tang Bai has! ! ! ! ! ! !
Xie Ruheng’s Adam’s apple rolled, trying not to look at the slender legs: “But…”
Tang Bai put down the towel and said confidently: “And we are good friends!”
It’s normal for good sisters to take a bath together!
Alas, the experience of getting along with the little sisters of ega, aa will never hold
hands in the toilet, but omega can also go to the bath together hand in hand!
Would you like to take a bath with your brother?
Tang Bai had a list of activities of the omega little sisters in his mind, and prepared to
take the time to arrange them one by one for Xie Ruheng!
Xie Ruheng who heard the quotations from a good friend of green tea standards: “…”
Looking at Xie Ruheng’s noodles, Tang Bai took a deep breath and said, “It smells so
This tomato and egg noodle dish is a simple home-cooked dish. Xie Ruheng’s level is
also average. The eggs are a bit old. Although the noodles are not as good as each
noodle has juice, they are not so sticky.
But none of this is important, what is important is that this bowl of noodles is made by
Xie Ruheng!
My idol personally feeds me below! ! !
Tang Bai picked up the noodles and eggs, and ate a big bite contentedly. The hot
tomato and egg flavors. Tang Bai beautifully blew up the rainbow fart: “Thank you
brother, the noodles you made are so delicious! Eating a bite will eliminate the fatigue of
the whole day. La~”
The loose neckline revealed Tang Bai’s delicate collarbone, Xie Ruheng lowered his
head in pain, and saw the smooth and slender legs of the sweetheart swaying under the
table, and the bud-like toes cocked playfully while speaking.
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Xie Ruheng covered his eyes in pain, “I’m a little sleepy, close my eyes first.”
Tang Bai said sympathetically, “Thank you, brother, can you lie down on the bed?”
When Xie Ruheng sorted out his impulse and came out again, Tang Bai was already
full. He lay on the sofa and rubbed his stomach. Seeing Xie Ruheng came out, Tang Bai
obediently exposed the back of his neck and said softly: “Thank you brother, come and
see. Take a look~”
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Stop sultry, any more sultry is really gone…

Chapter 39

Live broadcast location: Xie Ruheng’s living room

Live clothing: Xie Ruheng’s shirt and the trousers forced to wear by Xie Ruheng
Xie Ruheng didn’t have professional lighting at home, but the real beauty was not afraid
of death light. Tang Bai took a table lamp and placed it in front of the coffee table,
adjusted the live ball, and started the broadcast with a professional tea artist’s smile.
In the live broadcast, the soft lights were draped like soft silk and satin. The wide alpha
shirt uncovered the neckline, revealing the slender and slender neck that only omega
had, and the temptation was looming in the charming.
However, the focus of the barrage is not here:
[Fuck, fuck, thank God, why are you here! ! ! 】
[Tang Bai is wearing clothes that thank God, right? 】
【what happened? Is this an afterthought? ! 】
[Devil, you finally started the live broadcast! 】
“Introduce everyone, this is Xie Ruheng, my helper for today’s live broadcast~” Tang
Bai stretched out his little finger to Xie Ruheng.
Xie Ruheng nodded at the barrage, even with a mean smile, which can be said to be
very indifferent.
But the barrage…
[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ! ! 】
[I like the iceberg male god! 】
[Thank God for nodding to me, ooooooo]
In the interstellar age, face is justice, not to mention Xie Ruheng’s own strength. Tang
Bai can also understand the reason why the barrage is so shameful. He met Xie
Ruheng for the first time and saw Xie Ruheng alive. Already a good sister…
“Everyone has seen my look today, the smart barrage should be able to guess the
content of my tea art class today——”
“Dangdang, the new tea art class, the yellow tea course!!!”
Xie Ruheng, who was sitting aside as the background board: “?”
“The weak sister in green tea suit, the intellectual sister in black tea suit, the high fairy in
white tea suit, and the female man brother in black tea suit.” Tang Bai blinked his left
eye at the camera, his eyebrows showed a clever cunning, looking like a little fox. But
yellow tea is different, it is easy to be harmonious as soon as it appears.”
[What the hell is the yellow tea tutorial hahaha]
[No teacher, I haven’t learned qaq for green tea]
[Sounds so emotional, hurry up and hurry up! 】
[So there will be black tea, white tea, and black tea in the future! ! ! 】
“Have you ever drank yellow tea? Yellow tea does not have the bitterness of green tea,
it tastes fresh and mellow.”
“If green tea is a weak and pure sister, then yellow tea is a sexy stunner with all kinds of
amorous feelings.” Tang Bai rolled up his wide sleeves and pointed his fingers up and
said: “Clothing suggestions, you can wear alpha-style shirts and t-shirts. Those with
good-looking legs can play with the missing clothes, and those with good-looking
clavicles can show off the clavicle properly.”
Tang Bai, who was about to unbutton the button for a demonstration, noticed the deep
gaze from Xie Ruheng, as if his vigilant old father was afraid that the child would learn
Tang Bai can understand this kind of look. Thinking about it in another way, Tang Bai
doesn’t want his little sister to be sexy to others.
The little unbuttoned hand buckled up all the buttons obediently, and Tang Bai slammed
the brakes: “The look in your eyes is also very important, either lazily or confused or
winking like silk~”
“When you are drawing eyeliner, you can use liquid eyeliner pen or eye shadow powder
to pull out an inconspicuous upper eyeliner.” Tang Bai took out the eyeliner, and after
adding a few strokes, his apricot eyes became more charming.
Tang Bai’s hand was steady. He put down his eyeliner and glanced at the question of
the bullet screen: “I didn’t wear eye shadow before. The color on the eyelid should be
“The eyelashes are not planted.” Tang Bai casually pulled the thick eyelashes with his
hands, “Yes, it’s really natural.”
“Base makeup? My skin is so good that I don’t need base makeup.”
Tang Bai spoke with confidence. He zoomed in and pushed his fingers on his milk-like
skin. The fingertips pressed the skin into tiny folds like milky skin, which was so white
and soft that it made people want to take a bite.
Barrage: I’m like a fool who came in to learn the beauty tutorial seriously.
Tang Bai said with a sweet face, “Review the knowledge of green tea in the last class.
Brother and sister are very good at make-up. Unlike me, I don’t even bother to apply
[Where is green tea here, this is obviously my dear little baby oooooo]
[There is an internal taste! Teacher Tang Bai is indeed an excellent teacher who
teaches in practice! 】
[Tang Bai’s Yan pokes me too much, so pure and wants me to die]
[Can Tangtang publish a skin care tutorial, the skin is really good]
Tang Bai opened the blush, “I think blush is very important, it improves the complexion,
the cheeks are swept over a large area, and the tip of the nose and chin are also hit.”
The soft brush swept across the delicate and flawless skin, and the delicate face was
full It has a red mist, like a very ripe sweet apple.
The transparent lip glaze glides over the pale pink lips, and it is so watery that it makes
people want to take a bite.
Tang Bai blew a kiss to the camera, and said brightly, “Bum~”
【Ah ah ah ah ah, how did Xie Ruheng hold back! ! ! I’m going crazy! ! ! 】
[I’m mean, I’m greedy for his body]
[In front of the yellow tea, the green tea is suddenly tasteless]
[Crazy Bom Tangtang Little Baby! My sister’s boyfriend is already buried! 】
Tang Bai put on yellow tea makeup, turned his head to look at Xie Ruheng, only to see
Xie Ruheng covering his eyes with his hands, his face solemnly closed his eyes and
“Thank you brother?”
Xie Ruheng opened his eyes and saw his sweetheart wearing his clothes, his face
flushed, like a juicy pink peach, exuding a seductive fragrance.
And the amber eyes that looked at him were full of trust and admiration, precious and
fragile things.
Because of enough trust, he will seduce him without hesitation.
So he couldn’t indulge, and couldn’t cross this boundary without authorization. He
promised Tang Bai that he would pursue the other party when he became famous.
Xie Ruheng took two deep breaths, and forced to calm down: “Are you going to start
applying makeup on the scars now?”
Tang Bai nodded quickly. He turned his back to Xie Ruheng, sat cross-legged on the
sofa, and pulled the long hair to one side, revealing a section of the snow-white back of
his neck.
Xie Ruheng picked up the make-up props. He has always learned things very quickly.
Just now, he did the practice of imitation makeup of gland scars on the back of Tang
Bai’s hand, and he was able to draw realistic scars with skin wax, body paint, and eye
He took off his gloves and picked up the alcohol swab to gently wipe the position of
Tang Bai’s glands. Unexpectedly, Tang Bai suddenly shrank his shoulders like itchy,
and Xie Ruheng’s frightened reaction made Xie Ruheng’s wiping action pause.
Tang Bai has never been touched by others before, and he will definitely touch this
place when he takes a bath. It feels no different from other places. Why is Xie Ruheng
so strange when he touches it?
Is it because it was too sudden just now, is he not mentally prepared?
“Continue.” Tang Bai gritted his teeth.
Xie Ruheng’s eyes darkened. He smeared latex on the snow-white skin. With just a light
touch, Tang Bai shivered again. This kind of stimulation was not something Tang Bai
could bear. His spine seemed to be full. To be taken away with the strange numbness.
Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai’s hand on the sofa tighten suddenly, as if he was enduring
The soft arms trembled and supported the upper body, so that the waist could not be
straightened. Under the thin shirt, the curved shoulder blades of the back could be
vaguely seen.
For a moment, Xie Ruheng wanted to rub the skin hard regardless.
Press the fingertips on the reddish glands, and the rough fingertips stayed restrained for
a while, leaving them at the touch of a button.
“It’s okay?” Leng’s voice became low and dull at this moment, they were close, and the
breath that Xie Ruheng exhaled when he spoke all blew on his neck.
Tang Bai, who was sitting originally, suddenly softened, and fell softly into Xie Ruheng’s
I don’t know if it was because I used to hit a lot of blush, or because I was forced to
come out with a peach color, the whole face was flushed.
Under the trembling eyelashes, there were watery red eyes. Xie Ruheng felt that the
blue veins on his forehead had burst out. He exhausted the greatest self-control of his
life and did not bully the fragrant and soft little omega in his arms. .
Damn…Is this the yellow tea that slaps people to death!
The brain, which was about to be fascinated into a paste, suddenly made a yellow tea
note tenaciously!
Yellow tea body ps1: Push the boat along the water, throw in your arms!
Tang Bai was in Xie Ruheng’s arms, and he accumulated some strength and
straightened up suddenly, saying: “What’s the matter?!”
How does this broken physique make him make beauty videos? !
Tang Bai turned his head and saw Xie Ruheng’s flushed face with the same urgency,
and said in a shock: “Thank you brother, don’t worry! I’ll get an inhibitor! I still don’t
believe it!”
After talking, Tang Bai went to the bathroom to fight inhibitors, leaving behind Xie
Ruheng, who was so suffocated with blue veins and forced to pretend to be calm.
Onlookers watched the whole barrage: “???”
Although I don’t know what you are doing! But thank God, you fucking can hold back
this! ! !
The inhibitor not only suppresses estrus, but also reduces the sensitivity of certain parts
of the body. Sure enough, after Tang Bai came back from the fight, he only felt that Xie
Ruheng felt itchy when he touched it. This itch was within a controllable range.
For example, at this moment, Xie Ruheng dripped a drop of skin wax extension and oil
on his finger, rubbed the skin wax to make it softer, pinched the shape and pressed it on
the glands. If you don’t pay attention to it carefully, you will find that No more.
This made Xie Ruheng a little bit dumbfounded.
Human, sometimes it is a creature that only knows how to cherish when it is lost.
But everything has its pros and cons. Tang Bai almost jumped the rubber band on Xie
Ruheng’s rational string just now. It was a sweet burden that was too tormenting. After
suffering for a while, he might have to go to the bathroom and enter the state of a sage.
Moreover, Xie Ruheng has grown up after experiencing the stimulation just now! He can
control his urge to mark Tang Bai!
Tang Bai didn’t know how his actions honed Xie Ruheng’s steel will. He was browsing
the barrage that was fried into a pot of porridge:
[Ms. Tang just demonstrated the tricks of yellow tea in person? ! 】
[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, as an omega, my heart is ups and downs, I learned this trick! Let my
boyfriend help me transform this next time! 】
[I like Teacher Tang very much, but I feel…it feels a bit inappropriate, why should an
alpha touch the glands (really pretty green tea)]
[Thank God, why do you need skin wax? 】
“Today, I ask Brother Xie to give me fake makeup for gland scars.” Looking at the
question mark from the barrage, Tang Bai said softly: “Everyone is curious about what
is fake makeup for glands scars, and why should I apply this makeup? ?”
“Before answering these questions, I have a question I want to ask everyone, what do
you think about the operation of gland removal?”
[Ah this… Only the omega in the red light district will do this kind of surgery. Did
Teacher Tang put on this makeup to imitate the omega in the red light district? That’s
really yellow tea]
[This kind of operation can only be done by an omega who is not serious]
[I heard people say that the omegas who do this kind of surgery are very showy]
[It’s very harmful to the body, the omega after this kind of surgery grows old quickly]
Tang Bai quietly watched the barrage to express his opinions. After everyone had said
the same thing, he said, “Before today, I and everyone here have the same opinions. I
also thought that only people in the red light district would perform gland removal
“The first time I searched for information about gland removal surgery, it was related to
a book. The protagonist in the book is Jun Tongchen.”
[Fuck! The world is so small, I actually chase the same book as Tangtang! 】
[Does that o box represent Jun Tongchen? 】
[Pretty omega, don’t look at this kind of rubbish with crooked perspectives, the author
collected money to write this kind of article that poisoned omega’s thoughts]
【what is this? Can anyone tell me the title of the book? 】
“Jun Tongchen also underwent gland removal surgery. He didn’t want to enter the red
light district to work, but wanted to pretend to be a beta and enter the Federal Military
Academy to study.”
【? ? ? Is this ridiculous? What does an omega do in the school? Are you looking for
fuck? 】
[No, I just came in to watch the beauty video, I don’t want you to forcefully promote this
kind of brainless web post]
Tang Bai’s tone did not waver because of the barrage. He slowly said, “This is a very
painful decision. You can imagine what kind of experience it is to strip the organs from
us. Normally, only When the disease in our body has to undergo such an operation, we
are compelled to harm our body.”
“Jun Tongchen in the book did this surgery because he wanted to go to a military school
and want to get the same right to go to school as alpha. But in reality? In reality, most
omegas who perform gland removal surgery are doing this surgery. what?”
“Are they going to work in the red light district? Do they want to carry the insult of the
name sanghu? Do they want their bodies to grow older and faster than their peers?”
Three questions were raised one after another, Tang Bai himself Gives the answer:
“In slums, 60% to 70% of omega have undergone gland removal surgery. They are
trying to get a job barely able to support their families, to work in the mining area, and to
work twelve days a day in the wind and sun. For hours, overdraw my body and earn 20
stars every day.”
The barrage suddenly fell silent.
Just listen to the beautiful omega in the live broadcast room whispered: “They did this
operation not because of the disease, but because of the disease in the society.”
Tang Bai opened the footage shot today. In the video, he and Xie Ruheng sent Lu
Xiaoshan home.
It was a wooden house on a hill. The roof was broken and it would leak on rainy days.
There were no electrical appliances in the room, and naturally there were no lights.
A haggard omega was lying on the bed, looking forty or fifty years old, unkempt, with
blue lips, the quilt on the bed was a bit damp, and there was an unknowing bowl next to
the pillow, surrounded by flies.
Seeing a guest coming, the omega sat up with the help of the child. She took out the
only package of milk tea powder in the family and wanted to entertain the guests.
“This omega is 30 years old this year. In order to go to work in the mining area to earn
tuition for her children, she had a gland removal operation not long ago, but because of
the poor operating environment, she suffered from inflammation after the operation.”
“The workforce of their whole family is her husband. In order to earn money for his
wife’s medicine and to provide for his children to go to school, that husband has to work
in the mining area for at least 14 hours a day. Under high-intensity work, the health of
that husband is also worrying. “
The videos of home visits were released one after another in the live broadcast room.
The terrible living environment, the poor living conditions, the sensible and distressing
[Fuck, why did I cry when I watched it]
[Suddenly feel that the leftovers I poured at noon are a waste]
[Thank you, Teacher Tang, for finding a doctor for that omega mother, get well soon]
[Looking so sad, I really want to donate money…]
[“Get rich overnight” rewards “Tang Bai” spaceship *1]
[Are the educational resources in the slums so poor? 】
[I was pricked in tears by the biscuit who wanted to leave for my sister to eat, that kid
clearly wanted to eat it…]
Xie Ruheng finished the fake makeup of the gland wound. Tang Bai showed the wound
to the camera and said, “Do you know who will be the next relay in this video?”
The snow-white, exquisite and beautiful omega lifted up his hair, revealing the hideous
gland scars on the neck. The huge contrast brought a strong impact. This video
screenshot was quickly circulated, and soon #膠体伤伤伤像妆交力#登 On the
entertainment gossip hot search list.
The netizens who were attracted by the hot search names opened one point and found
that there were many omega imitations on this hot search. They were military officers’
wives, politicians’ wives, wealthy businessmen’s wives, professors’ wives…
Most of the people who help them record fake makeup videos are their alpha husbands
and alpha sons.
There is also an imitation makeup video, in which Senator Bai Zhi asked his alpha
father to help record it.
For a while, countless decent omegas in the upper class were imitating this fake
makeup video. The video that initially led to this trend has more than 100 million hits.
The “Jun Tongchen” and “They did this surgery weren’t because the body appeared.”
Diseases, but because of the emergence of disease in this society” is widely known.
Gu family.
Gu Tunan sat at the dining table, quietly picking up vegetables. Since Tang Bai stopped
going on blind date with him, his little dad never gave him a good face, and even told
him to sit at a table to eat, saying yes. Get angry when you see him.
Today was the first time he had dinner with his little dad in so many days. This time,
both Grandpa Gu and Father Gu had not returned home in the military department.
“Have you seen Tang Bai’s video?” Gu’s eldest brother said suddenly while eating.
“Is there a fake makeup video for gland scars? I heard about it, but I haven’t watched it
yet.” The second brother of the Gu family said and opened the video. Gu family is not
too particular about eating and sleeping, and speaks freely at the table at home.
Sharing videos and watching videos to eat is a normal operation.
In the light screen, Tang Bai greeted the camera sweetly. The four-year-old beta brother
watched the video on his light screen ignorantly, and said, “Brother Tangtang!”
Gu Tunan couldn’t help frowning when he saw the figure of Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai
next to each other at the beginning. He was silent for a while, and said sourly, “How can
I let the alpha except her husband touch his glands.”
Mrs. Gu, who was eating, frowned slightly when he heard the words, but he didn’t say
Brother Gu said, “I think you are lemon tea.”
Gu Tunan: “……”
Gu Tunan: “The green tea and yellow tea tutorials are not very serious. This is not a
good word. I learn this every day, and it’s awkward to say it.”
Mrs. Gu’s action of picking up vegetables stopped.
Gu’s second brother smiled and said: “Nannan, why are you getting more and more
unfamiliar? People are playing tricks. I understand your brother. You are so boring. No
wonder Tangtang doesn’t want you.”
Gu Tunan: “……………”
Gu Tunan: “It’s not that I’m boring, it’s that the things Tang Bai mentioned in the live
broadcast this time are inappropriate. How can he watch the mess all the time? Like the
protagonist of the book is Jun Tongchen, what he said is—”
The sound of Mrs. Gu’s sudden drop of chopsticks frightened everyone, and everyone
was silent, watching their noses and noses, not knowing what they said wrong and
angered Mrs. Gu.
Mrs. Gu is a male omega with a gentle and elegant appearance. Gu Tunan’s father is
busy with work. The four children in the family are all brought up by Mrs. Gu. Mrs. Gu
loves children very much in life and has never let four children do it. After any
housework, every meal is done according to the children’s preferences. Mrs. Gu’s high
standards and strict requirements in learning. Once the children’s grades decline, they
will be punished by Mrs. Gu’s focus and the palm of the hand.
It can be said that Mrs. Gu has a good temper, and once a fire breaks out, the four
children dare not show up in front of him.
I saw Madam Gu coldly said: “Gu Tunan, come to my house after you have eaten.”
Dad is angry.
Nan Nan is going to be unlucky.
The two brothers exchanged glances.
Gu Tunan: “…oh.”
“I’m going to make a relay video of gland scars imitation makeup. Who of you can do it
for me.” Madam Gu said to the four children. Grandpa Gu and Father Gu are in the
military department, and he can only ask his own children for help. .
Gu Tunan: “……?”
Gu Tunan was stunned: “Dad, why do you also do this imitation makeup?”
In Gu Tunan’s impression, his little dad is diligent and thrifty, he is independent and self-
reliant, he is filial to his elders and cares for his children.
Mrs. Gu glanced at Gu Tunan, “I think you talk the most, and you’re so idle? Then you
can help me make this video.”
Gu Tunan: “…oh.”
Looking at the back of Gu Tunan being pulled into the house by Mrs. Gu’s ears, brother
Gu smiled unscrupulously: “Hahahaha, usually grandpa and elder dad beat his brother,
little dad will stop, this time little dad beats his elder brother. No one stopped!”
Gu Tunan: “……”
What an unlucky boy, I really owe you a beating
At this moment, the unlucky child Gu Tunan also felt the same with the previous Mrs.
Chapter 40

Gu Tunan walked into the master bedroom and looked at Madam Gu’s thin figure sitting
in front of the dressing table. A trace of remembrance flashed across his gray-blue
eyes. How long has he not been here? It seems that since entering the military
academy in junior high school, he has been living in the school and rarely goes home.
He is the only one in the family who went to a military school. The eldest and second
elder brothers are fascinated in academic studies.
Although Gu Tunan spends less time with Mrs. Gu after school, he has always
respected his little dad in his heart.
His self-control, perseverance, time planning ability, etc., many of the qualities that
helped him greatly were cultivated by Mrs. Gu in his childhood.
Gu Tunan still remembers that when his childhood dad taught him to do his homework,
he never used to entertain him in front of him.
His little dad is the first person in the family to make different breakfasts for each family
member, match the clothes of husband and children, tutor the children with homework,
practice yoga to keep in shape, use exercise instead of skin care, no makeup and no
attention to dressing. No extravagance and waste, every day I am busy for my family,
and I will devote myself to this family.
Gentle and virtuous, independent and self-reliant, diligent and thrifty, keeping the family
filial, filial to the elders, and good at teaching children… All beautiful words can be used
on his little dad. Gu Tunan has always wanted to find a wife like his little dad, and let his
wife be filial His little dad, so little dad won’t be so hard.
“Come here, will I use skin wax after watching the video?” Madam Gu took out the
materials, his expression has calmed down now, and he looked a little tired when he
raised his eyes to Gu Tunan.
“Yes.” Gu Tunan said.
He picked up the bottles and cans on the table and looked at it, and tore open a pack of
alcohol cotton pads. When he wanted to wipe the back of Mrs. Gu’s neck, he suddenly
saw a white hair.
Gu Tunan’s actions stopped.
“You have been learning things very fast, and you will be able to watch it a few times.”
Madam Gu was silent for a while and whispered: “But why did you watch that video and
only learned the most superficial skills?”
“Nannan, I have taught you that you need to reflect when you encounter problems.
During this time, I have been reflecting on why I taught you this way.”
“At the beginning I only thought you were not considerate to Tangtang, so I was
wondering if I had done everything for you since I was a child, and I did everything I
could to eat, wear, shelter, and never let you intervene or teach. How should you pay.”
Gu Tunan held her skin wax in silence.
“I always pay attention to your study, cultivate your independence and courage, teach
you self-confidence and focus, but I found that I was wrong.”
“I never taught you how to love or how to respect omega. This should be taught by the
closest person. For you, what you see is the way I get along with your father. I am his
wise helper, I have given everything to him, he just needs not to cheat, and occasionally
go home to check the child’s homework, is a good alpha.”
“But actually…I don’t love him.”
“Before I married into Gu’s family, I had a free and unrestrained character. I also like to
dress up. I used to be an omega like Tangtang.”
“It’s just because the Gu family needs a perfect Mrs. Gu, so no one knows that my
name is Li Songyun since then.”
Li Songyun covered her eyes, tears dripping down her palms. He said, “Tangtang, who I
like so much, how can you bully him like your father?”
Tang Bai was helping Tang’s mother adjust the position of the lighting, and Tang’s
father stood aside and said, “Your mother is so beautiful, you don’t need any lighting.”
“You don’t understand even after I told you.” Mother Tang said disgustedly: “Have you
learned how to make up for glands?”
Father Tang, who has carefully studied imitation makeup videos, said with confidence: “I
have learned it. I am definitely the best technical alpha in this series.”
“Don’t be so full of words~” Mother Tang picked up the mirror and took a look at her
face, then looked at the handsome face of Tang’s father, and said with a smile: “I don’t
know if the makeup technique is good, but it must be the most handsome one. Come
here, let me hold one.”
Tang Bai:”?”
Tang Bai watched his dad sit on the sofa, stretched his arms around his mother. Before
the video was filmed, the two cuddled together happily.
It seemed that there was no need for lighting. Tang Bai felt that he was quite bright now.
He glanced at the snowball squatting at his feet and slapped the dog lonely.
I don’t know if Father Tang is the most handsome alpha in this series, but his imitation
makeup technology has really worked hard, and he didn’t lose the chain when
Tang Bai was standing next to his parents with the camera, and suddenly heard Mother
Tang say: “I feel so happy now. My husband is helping me with makeup, and my child is
helping me record videos.”
Mother Tang raised her face and gave a gentle smile to the camera. Her eyes were
picturesque, and she smiled like a beauty that has never been defeated in years.
“Actually, before watching the video of the gland imitation makeup filmed by Tangtang,
what I think about the most every day is what kind of cookie baking method is best to
make, when will my husband leave work and go home to accompany me, and how to be
with my family? Tangtang’s little sweetie is witty and brave to let him go on a blind date.”
Tang Bai remembered the story of Tang’s mother pretending to be sick and tricking him
into going home for a blind date, but looking back, he was still angry and funny.
“I used to hope that my Tangtang baby can marry a good family, and hope that he is as
happy as I am, but this time Tangtang’s video showed me that there are still many
unfortunate people in this world. I hope he can be happy. He hopes that more people
will be happy.”
“Ashamed, as a mother, I was taught a lesson by my children. Parents, if your children
have also filmed this relay video, please don’t be angry. They are not following the
trend, not exposing, or rebellious. They are using their own way to love the world.”
Mother Tang looked at Tang Bai who was holding the camera, and smiled proudly: “He
is your pride.”
Looking at Tang Bai in a daze, Mother Tang’s eyes were sour. She knew that her
Tangtang was under a lot of pressure this time. She was so stressed that she would
have to remove her glands. Her baby Tangtang was like a history that was not
understood. Revolutionaries!
As a family member, she can’t hold Tangtang behind! Not only does she have to shoot
the relay video by herself, but she also has to pull up all the best friends! Call Tangtang
Mother Tang, who was holding back tears, turned on Guangnao and asked Mrs. Gu, “Is
your imitation makeup video arranged yet?!”
“Have you arranged it?” Director Huang said to the teacher at Guangnao: “Tang Bai’s
makeup tutorial is very good this time. You can add Tang Bai’s tutorial to your makeup
class so that students can learn from the special features of our School of Etiquette.
Eugenics learning.”
“Yes, the yellow tea makeup is arranged, and the imitation makeup of the gland scars is
also arranged, everything is arranged!”
Hanging up the communication, the middle-aged male omega sighed with emotion
when he watched the imitation makeup video with over 100 million clicks. He put Tang
Bai on the lips every day because the alphas Tang Bai found were all high-quality
alphas. .
But this time, he wasn’t proud of anything else, just for Tang Bai himself.
More and more relay videos are uploaded to various social platforms. In a very short
period of time, the videos of imitation makeup of glands wounds have made the wives
and husbands of dignitaries from all walks of life show up. They are full of energy for a
time, raging in the military, politics, business, and Science and technology, academia…
In just one day, even the students of the School of Etiquette began to record videos of
gland scars.
Someone who is in trouble analyzed the explosion of the gland wound video and found
that the explosion of this video is inseparable from three points. The first is that the
participants in the first video are both rich and expensive. In short, they are forced to be
high. With flow.
The new Internet celebrity Tang Bai made a good start as the starter, and Tang Bai was
born in the Tang family, Tang’s mother launched almost half of the celebrity circle to
support her son.
The other half of the celebrity circle didn’t have much communication with Tang’s
mother, but under the leadership of Bai Zhi, they relayed.
These omegas may not be well-known themselves, but their husbands are big people
from all walks of life. A group of big guys come together, and the people who eat
melons will click on the video out of curiosity.
The second is star network publishing and the subject matter itself. The threshold for
online publishing is low and the dissemination is strong. The topic of omega glands and
gland scars can attract the audience’s attention. Some netizens who want to follow suit
do not even need to be prepared. It’s also considered a successful relay to draw scars
on the neck with a red pen.
The third is the meaning behind this video. Gland scars imitation makeup is not a
nutritious video. It calls on people to pay attention to the protection of the rights and
interests of the underlying omega. Because of this video, there have been spontaneous
fundraising activities on the Internet. Relay this video while entertaining We can still do
public welfare, is there anything better than this?
Turning off the gossip analysis post, Bai Zhi, who led the public opinion, sat in the
parliament building and took a sip of steaming black tea.
On his desk was a proposal that was made at the beginning, and the topic was “Rectify
the Red Light District.”
The green eyes were in a trance under the mist, Bai Zhi remembered that he was
watching Tang Bai’s video, and went to the slum to communicate with that Mr. Ling on a
“Mr. Bai, you are a good congressman fighting for the rights of omega, but you are too
far away from our lives, and your motion is too idealistic. You may not understand what
the red light district means to us people.”
“I entered the red light district to work voluntarily, because my father was sick at the
time and my family needed this money. Many omegas also entered the red light district
as a last resort. As you said, it was a minority being kidnapped and sold into the red
light district. The red light district affected too much. People’s interests are a gray
industry. Rather than removing the red light district, it is better to let the government
give us other career choices.”
“In fact, I hope the government will pay more attention to the resettlement of omega
from the red light district.”
“Those omegas are in their 50s and 60s, because they are worse than their peers when
they have their glands removed. They are infertile, incapable of working, and have a
venereal disease. After being abandoned by the red light district, they can only live on
the street. After a while, they will be silent. Dead, no one even took the corpse.”
“If the government can build a nursing home to accommodate these people, I think this
is the biggest improvement in the lives of our group of people at this stage.”
Bai Zhi breathed a sigh of relief into the teacup, looking at the black tea in the cup, there
was no reason why Tang Bai’s phrase “intelligent sister in black tea dress” appeared in
his mind during the live broadcast.
In fact, before Tang Bai’s imitation makeup video, he did not expect that the response
would be so good. Maybe some people are born with audiences——
Full of vitality, kindness and warmth, lovely sunshine.
The same aristocratic omega, but possesses the tenderness he lacks.
Bai Zhi put down his tea cup and discarded the motion on the table. Under the light, he
began to write a new motion.
He writes very seriously.
Tang Bai found that his author number was @ by readers, and @ gave him a report on
the preliminary results of the Mecha Manufacturing Contest!
For a moment, Tang Bai thought that his vest had fallen off, but when he clicked in, he
found that the readers were happily sharing with him the joy of “fiction shines into
Great look! Your fans signed up for the competition under the name “Jun Tongchen”
and entered the semi-finals! It’s so arrogant! ! !
Tang Bai who arranged for himself: “…”
The results of the preliminary round of the Mecha Manufacturing Contest were directly
announced on the official website, and it was also reminded by the reader that Tang Bai
remembered that he was too busy lately and almost forgot the competition.
He clicked on the official website and saw a list sorted according to the preliminary
results. The pink rabbit mech stepped on the heads of a group of mechas, but lovely
love took the first place in the preliminary contest.
There are a total of ten judges in the preliminary competition, from the military
department, the parliament, the treasury, the federal military academy, the weapon
research institute, and then there are five more famous mecha manufacturers, with
three military and political fathers and seven professionals.
The preliminary results are scored by ten judges, and the Mecha Simulator will give an
intelligent assessment of each contestant’s work and serve as a reference for netizens.
Tang Bai’s design drawings got the highest score in the audience. Seven of the
professional mecha maker judges gave scores of eight or nine points. The comments
paid more attention to the innovation and comprehensive strength of this mecha. But
netizens don’t understand either. What everyone prefers to read is the comments of the
other three judges.
Look, the three military and political fathers have different concerns.
The Minister of Finance used a lot of fancy but not practical materials because of the
high price of the materials Tang Bai chose. The judges thought that the mecha was not
cost-effective and gave Tang Bai seven points.
A judge from the Military Department thought that Tang Bai’s design was not of much
practical value in the war, and gave Tang Bai seven points.
However, the score record has historical records. Netizens who eat melon found that in
the first version of the score, the judge only gave Tang Bai six points, remarking that the
pink color and the rabbit shape easily attract the attention of the enemy, which is a
useless design.
Then the military judge received an endorsement from the parliamentary judge Bai Zhi:
“The player used the latest memory metal, which can change the appearance of the
mecha. The player also prepared the appearance of cats, dogs and other mechas for
the mecha. The appearance of the normal mecha.”
So the military judges silently changed the score.
Eat melon netizens: “!!!”
Netizens who eat melon found that Bai Zhi gave “Jun Tongchen” a full score of 10, and
the comments also emphasized the ideological height of “Jun Tongchen”, thinking that
this mecha that can also be operated by Omega breaks the traditional AO stereotypes.
Bai Zhi gave “Jun Tongchen” the only ten in the audience, which can be said to be an
undisguised preference.
With Bai Zhi’s score, “Jun Tongchen” topped the list with an advantage of one point
more than the second place “Cheng Yangbin”.
For a time, many people on the Internet raised questions. Apart from the attacks on the
appearance of the mecha, the biggest voices of doubt were marketing and going
through the back door.
One netizen said this:
Recently, gland scars and imitation makeup have become a hot topic. In Tang Bai’s first
video, Tang Bai mentioned “Jun Tongchen”. With the number of broadcasts of the video
breaking through 100 million, Jun Tongchen and the book “This omega is made of
mecha The novel of “The Master” has an amazing reputation.
Congressman Bai Zhi has always been an O-right activist. He not only participated in
the relay activities of imitation makeup videos, but also reposted and liked the star
network message of the original author of “This Omega is a Master of Mecha
Can we think that the score given by the judge Bai Zhi is not because of the mecha
itself, but because of the ID name of the player “Jun Tongchen”?
A formal, well-known mecha manufacturing competition known for its authority and
impartiality has such a trivial rating. This is an injustice to other players who take part in
the competition seriously, and an insult to the IQ of us audiences!
This star network message has received countless likes, and many replies are still
spitting out bitterness underneath:
“That video of imitation of glands is long gone. Don’t sell it. I’m going online to be happy,
not to understand the sufferings of the world.”
“”This Omega is the Master of Mecha Maker” promotes the AO opposition, which is a
banned/book. Can the website be blocked?”
“I’m speechless. It’s hard and hard to say that the omegas in the slums are so
miserable, and our alphas have a hard time. Why doesn’t anyone sympathize with us
and donate money to us?”
Soon a hot search of #机甲制造大赛黑幕# was launched on the interstellar
entertainment gossip list. In this regard, the official jury clarified that the judges have
conducted a formal evaluation of the “Jun Tongchen” players’ mechas, and the
evaluation results are fair and fair. There is shady, but most of the replies under this
message are unbelief.
In desperation, the official had no choice but to find Tang Bai’s trumpet and asked if
Tang Bai was willing to make the evaluation process public.
The attitude of the official staff is very humble, because the detailed evaluation of the
players’ mechas was revealed in advance, which is not good for the finals. If “Jun
Tongchen” is unwilling to cooperate with them, they can’t force it.
After a while, they received a reply from “Jun Tongchen”: “Yes, but I want to appoint an
Official staff: “Who do you recommend as an assessor?”
“Xie Ruheng.”

Chapter 41

Looking at the list of preliminary results, Tang Bai stayed on the ID of the second place
“Cheng Yangbin” and never left for a long time.
The ID names of the players in the mech manufacturing competition are filled in by the
players themselves. Some people fill in their real names, while others fill in code names
or screen names.
If the name “Cheng Yangbin” is his real name, then it is a coincidence that he met the
noble Alpha who raped Lu An in the book.
Even more coincidentally, his score was one point higher than that of Cheng Yangbin.
The IDs of the two people were close to each other, and one up and down made Tang
Bai feel physiologically nauseous.
Cheng Yangbin in the book does not occupy a long space. His presence in the military
academy is the chief of the Department of Mechanics. After graduation, he entered the
parliament as an outstanding young mecha manufacturer representative. In the
parliament, he and Bai Zhi are diametrically opposed. Two factions.
Bai Zhi advocated the improvement of omega rights, but Cheng Yangbin exploited the
interests of omega and civilians.
It is also mentioned in the book that the Qin family is actually the puppet of the Cheng
family. It is apparent that the Qin family has mastered the energy crystal mine and
divided up the human resources of the slums. In fact, most of the Qin family’s benefits
have been provided to the Cheng family. The Cheng family’s appetite grew stronger and
stronger, and finally even sold the energy spar to the empire…
When Cheng Yangbin was killed by Xie Ruheng himself, Gu Tunan and Bai Zhi
investigated many of Cheng Yangbin’s shameless guilt in order to help Xie Ruheng
escape the crime. It was made by Cheng Yangbin himself, and it was bought by the
Cheng family from an imperial mecha designer.
The book did not clearly mention which mech manufacturing competition Cheng
Yangbin participated in. Tang Bai had been paying attention to this competition before,
knowing that it was not in the past. He thought it might be the next year’s competition
next year, but he did not expect that Cheng Yangbin would participate in it. This year
this year.
pretty good.
The expressionless Tang Bai showed a cute smile. He added to the official staff: “I hope
that during the evaluation, my mecha can be played against the mecha of the second
Official staff: “!!!”
Official staff: “Are you sure you want to play against Cheng Yangbin for the evaluation?
Although his score is only one point lower than yours, Cheng Yangbin’s overall mecha
strength is very strong. If you lose to Cheng Yangbin in the evaluation, the official It is
likely that your ranking will be adjusted.”
In this mecha manufacturing competition, Cheng Yangbin is very hot, and he is the
winner of many speculations, and he is praised by netizens as a rare mecha
manufacturing genius in a century.
Why is it a hundred years? Because the last mecha-making genius was Tang Bai’s
This time, Tang Bai narrowly defeated Cheng Yangbin by one point. Not only did the
netizens say that there was shady, but even the staff secretly discussed the ranking.
Many people thought that if it weren’t for the malicious scoring of the omega, who didn’t
understand mechas, they did not know how , Cheng Yangbin must be the first.
Many people think that Bai Zhi is the enemy of A, deliberately suppressing potential
newcomers, the topic #omega 滚出机甲制造圈# has climbed to the end of the Star
Entertainment Gossip List.
The novel written by Tang Bai was also negatived by a group of tourist groups. The
reason for the negative was “omega got out of the mecha manufacturing circle”. His
article was forced to lock the article because of too many reports. This made Tang Bai
suspect that someone was in the field. Maliciously channeling public opinion and
attacking him and Bai Zhi was mainly aimed at Bai Zhi. His vests should have been shot
Tang Bai: “I’m sure. Since many people think that the judges have lowered Cheng
Yangbin’s score, it is better to test Cheng Yangbin’s mechas together in this evaluation,
so that everyone can see who is the real number one. .[笑.jpg]”
The staff sent Tang Bai a sweating emoji, asking: “This needs to ask the opinion of
Cheng Yangbin.”
Tang Bai: “Okay. [Smile.jpg]”
The smiling face of Huang Dou perfectly reflects the mood of Tang Bai at the moment.
He waited for a while, but received a private letter from the judges from Bai Zhi:
“Jun Tongchen, I heard news that you asked for a public test with Cheng Yangbin’s
mecha, and Cheng Yangbin said that he can accept it, but I will be removed when the
test is needed, and the other nine judges will give scores. When I can’t help you After
grading, are you sure you want to continue the open beta with Cheng Yangbin?”
After Bai Zhi sent this sentence, he quietly waited for the player’s reply. At first, he
admired the “Jun Tongchen” player and his design philosophy.
Because “Jun Tongchen” designed a mecha that can also be manipulated by omega,
which has never been done before. He thinks this is a great innovation. It is a step
forward in the history of mecha, so Bai Zhi gave it to It took ten minutes.
But “Jun Tongchen”‘s performance this time was a bit too reckless. There is nothing to
blame for cooperating with the official clarification, but it is too impulsive to challenge
Cheng Yangbin while clarifying.
If Cheng Yangbin is the first in this preliminary round, it will have a certain impact on his
next series of plans.
If “Jun Tongchen” can’t win the championship, then he will choose a backup plan, but
Bai Zhi still decides to look at Tang Bai’s performance first.
Tang Bai, who knows nothing about the complex psychological activities of the boss:
“Thank you for caring about me so much!”
“Please rest assured! I did not make a decision on impulse, I am sure I will continue to
challenge Cheng Yangbin!”
Seeing this inexplicably silly and sweet scent wafting out of the reply, Bai Zhi suddenly
thought of the Tang family’s small omega who was stupid and rich in money.
It must be his illusion.
Bai Zhi: “Good.”
Bai Zhi: “[Ma to success.jpg]”
A horse galloping on the blue sky and green grass, four colorful flashing fonts light up
the eyes of Tang Bai’s Kazilan.
Tang Bai: “[Ma to Chenggong.jpg]”
Once you accept the setting of this retro trendy emoticon pack, your mood will
immediately rise!
The two horses are running freely on the grassy prairie, and the atmosphere is
extremely harmonious.
The next conversation was indeed similar to what Bai Zhi said. Tang Bai accepted the
evaluation conditions of the other nine judges and made an appointment with the staff
for the evaluation.
He needs to make the participating mechas before the day after tomorrow.
Other contestants may have been preparing for this competition for several years. They
made the mecha before signing up. Tang Bai signed up temporarily. Although he had
prepared the basic parts, operating system and general framework before, the
assembly was the fastest It would take more than twenty hours, so Tang Bai was going
to ask his grandfather for help.
“Grandpa, didn’t I sign up for the mecha manufacturing contest? I encountered a
problem during the competition…” Tang Bai didn’t mention Cheng Yangbin. He simply
said that he needed his grandpa to help with the progress, because he didn’t either.
What evidence proves that Cheng Yangbin bribed the judges and spent money on
Grandpa Tang stroked his beard, watching Tang Bai muttering in front of him. When
Tang Bai mentioned the name Cheng Yangbin, his eyes flashed with disgust, and
Grandpa Tang had a full view.
When Tang Bai finished talking and looked over, Grandpa Tang sighed and slowly said,
“I have been paying attention to this mecha manufacturing contest. Several of the
judges are my disciples. Although I am older, I don’t care much. It’s a matter between
juniors, but this competition was founded by me, and I have a responsibility to ensure
that the competition is fair and just.”
“Tangtang, Grandpa knows that you participate in the competition anonymously
because you don’t want to reveal your identity. He hopes to win with your strength. If
you are wronged, you also want to solve the problem in your own way. Grandpa is very
Grandpa Tang whispered: “But Tangtang, if you encounter something that you can’t
solve by yourself, don’t be aggressive, come back and tell grandpa, grandpa will give
you a chance.” Because if you are a pheasant, I would like to be your shelter.
And when you are a young eagle, I am willing to be your home.
“Shao Cheng, are you sure you have won the’Jun Tongchen’ in the next evaluation?”
Qin Jun pouring a glass of wine for the good-looking alpha in front of him graciously.
This alpha has short golden hair, azure blue eyes, and a customized dress that outlines
a good figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist, which makes this mecha-
manufacturing genius with countless fans audacious.
Just ask, who can reject a mecha-making genius with a noble background, amazing
talent, extraordinary looks, and courteous?
If Qin Jun hadn’t played omega with this son of Cheng and played a deep friendship, he
would not believe that this son of Cheng was essentially no different from him.
Except for his family background and eldest comparison, those characters and talents
that were blown to the sky by fans were all packaged by the Cheng family so as to send
this young man to the parliament in the future.
Even this mecha manufacturing competition was just a gold-plated trip for Cheng
Yangbin. The Cheng family bought two judges, and it was the best energy spar handed
over by the Qin family to bribe the judges.
When mecha makers were studying advanced mechas, there was a huge demand for
advanced energy spars. The Cheng family was arrogant. Under the temptation of box
after box of energy spars, the two mecha maker judges with no background loosened
Speaking, promised to give up to nine points.
In addition, the design drawings of the mecha purchased by the Cheng family were of
high quality. Originally, the number one in the preliminary round was supposed to be the
best one, but in the end, Cheng Yaojin came out halfway.
Cheng Yangbin shook the glass and calmly said, “I can’t possibly lose.”
“A first-level mecha maker and I have analyzed the pros and cons of the mecha of’Jun
Tongchen’, the biggest advantage of that mecha,” the blue eyes flashed a trace of
contempt, “it is to lower the threshold of mecha manipulation, let Those trash omegas
can also touch mechas.”
“Bai Zhi didn’t participate in the scoring. What would that’jun Tongchen’ fight with me? Is
it cute?” Cheng Yangbin raised his glass and drank it. After drinking, he lazily leaned on
the sofa and said to Qin Jun: Good purchase.”
The large-scale black reviews and black hot searches on the Internet were all bought by
Qin Jun. Qin Jun worked hard for a long time. In exchange, Cheng Yangbin said lightly
and praised, which made Qin Jun, who was also held out by others, stunned. In his
tone, “Shao Cheng is satisfied, I will toast to Cheng Shao’s first preliminary match!”
“Brother Xie, you should also know about Jun Tongchen. I want to ask you to help.”
Xie Ruheng, who was angry and condemned the website’s lock text in the reader group:
“…?!” He quickly opened his head to see if he had cut the wrong number.
“Brother Xie, can you help me test the mecha?” Panting Tang Bai said, “I promised that
the official mecha manufacturing competition will publish a public evaluation. I want
Brother Xie to be a tester because of my mecha. The free combat mode in the system is
very special. I think only Xie, you can make full use of its advantages.”
Xie Ruheng breathed a sigh of relief: “Of course.”
Tang Bai said happily, “Great! I love you so much! The mecha is at my house. Grandpa
and I are still busy testing mechas and don’t have time to pick you up. This is my
address. Thank you, brother?”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
Xie Ruheng pupils quaked: “Which, is this too sudden? I’m not ready yet.”
Tang Bai:”?”
Tang Bai: “Do you need to warm up the mecha first? It’s okay. I’m not in a hurry. Brother
Xie, you can come later, just to come to my house for dinner. By the way, Brother Xie,
what do you like to eat? Let me tell my mother. Let her cook it for you. My mother’s
cooking is better than mine!”
Xie Ruheng’s heart was full of panic about the ugly wife wanting to see her in-laws. He
panicked and said, “I can eat everything, and I won’t bother with auntie.”
Tang Bai: “Okay, that’s it. Let’s see you at dinner time. I will test the mecha first, so I
won’t talk about it~”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
and many more! What do I need to wear and say when I came here for the first time, we
haven’t discussed it yet. Why did you leave! ! !
Feeling that this world is about to collapse, Xie Ruheng glanced at the time, and
realized with horror that it was already four o’clock! ! !
He couldn’t stand up, opened the closet and saw that it was full of tofu pieces that he
couldn’t get out of!
Perhaps it is the slum habit, Xie Ruheng is not used to buying too good clothes,
because expensive clothes are easy to be spotted by people, which will cause
unnecessary trouble.
He usually wears a military school uniform at school, and no one cares if he wears
ripped jeans in a slum. The white shirt and black pants he wore when he went out with
Tang Bai last time are one of the few suits he can handle, but this kind of dress Too
casual again.
It’s the first time in the upper class to visit a partner’s home, shouldn’t you dress very
No, he has to go to the store to buy a suit and gifts, at least three copies for Tang Bai’s
three elders.
Xie Ruheng hurried downstairs, forgetting to put on his gloves.
“Brother Xiaoxie!” “Brother Xiaoxie, where are you going~” “Brother Xiaoxie wait a
Xie Ruheng stopped and saw Lu Xiaoshan walking over with two red apples, “Brother
Xiao Xie, this is our own apple. My dad picked two of the best looking ones and wanted
to give you and Tangtang. Brother, thank you for helping Dad find a doctor.”
“And my flower. This is for brother Tangtang. Thank you for the cookies he gave me last
time.” Jiang Quan held a bunch of wild flowers that he had picked from nowhere.
“I also have something for Brother Tangtang!” A child carefully took out an egg from his
arms: “This is for Brother Tangtang.”
“I have it too!” “I have it too.” “I gave this to Brother Tangtang.”
A group of children surrounded Xie Ruheng. Xie Ruheng was stunned. He even saw
that the gift with the child was a beautiful stone.
“You have so many things, how can Brother Xiao Xie get it?” Mr. Ling walked up with
the bag, “Mr. Xie, are you going out now?”
“Yes, I’m going to Tang Bai’s house.” Xie Ruheng rushed to the doctor after being ill. “I
don’t know what I want to wear or what gifts to bring home.”
For the first time, Mr. Ling saw this always calm alpha revealing frizz that matches his
age. He smiled: “Now it’s too late to buy clothes. My family has a brand-new suit that
should fit Mr. Xie’s body shape. As for gifts. I have a pot of treasured golden buds…”
When Tang Bai heard the door bell, stepped on slippers and snowballs to open the door
together, when he opened the door, what he saw was Xie Ruheng in a suit and leather
shoes, carrying large bags and small bags, with a serious face on his face to visit the

Chapter 42
“Brother Xie, why did you bring so many things?” Tang Bai was stunned. He actually
wanted to say why Xie Ruheng was dressed so formally. Although he was handsome, it
was too grand!
Snowball crouched at Tang Bai’s feet and looked at the new guest curiously.
Tang Bai reached out to take the bag to help Xie Ruheng share the weight, but Xie
Ruheng firmly refused.
When you come to the subject’s home, you must be diligent, considerate and work
hard. The weight on your hand represents an alpha role!
Xie Ruheng solemnly stepped into the wide living room and looked around with a
serious attitude of observing the enemy’s situation.
The living room of the Tang family is very large, and the field of vision is extremely wide
at first glance, but it does not make people feel empty and deserted. The soft pillows
and cute dolls on the fabric sofa make people feel comfortable and collapse.
A large bottle of gypsophila, fruit plate and many small snacks are placed on the
wooden coffee table. The colorful carpet and small green potted plants can make the
living room look very warm.
Tang Bai’s graffiti can be seen everywhere on the wall, beautiful enough to look like a
master’s work. There is a wicker chair next to the balcony. When the fairy-like white
gauze curtain is blown by the wind, the carefully maintained flowers and plants on the
balcony are faintly exposed.
After just one glance, Xie Ruheng was fascinated by the warm atmosphere of this
He could imagine Tang Bai holding a doll with his bare feet on the sofa and taking a
nap. The beautiful sleeping face was like an angel, which made the enthusiastic sky full
of stars light up the noise.
Tang Bai, who was awake, might kneel on the red-brown carpet, pick up a paintbrush
and paint on the wall, his clothes and face were accidentally glued with paint, as if he
had brought a rainbow on his body.
Feng eyes stared at all this in a daze.
“Is Tangtang’s friend here?” Mother Tang, who was holding a spatula and wearing an
apron, looked out. After seeing the handsome alpha in her living room, her smile
stiffened and her hands almost trembled. Even the spatula is about to fall.
Recognizing that this was Tang Bai’s mother, Xie Ruheng took a deep breath and said
generously to Tang’s mother: “Hello, auntie.” The voice was loud and the manners were
dignified, and he used the green tea smile that made people feel good!
Mother Tang: “!!!”
Mother Tang nodded her head calmly, and then turned around so calmly that she
almost cried out, holding a spatula in one hand, and grabbing Father Tang, who was
wearing big pants, into the bedroom.
Father Tang was dragged into the bedroom with a dazed expression, the door slammed
shut, leaving Tang Bai and Xie Ruheng staring at each other.
“Auntie, is this?” Xie Ruheng was a little nervous.
Tang Bai was equally at a loss. He heard Xie Ruheng ask, “Does she dislike me?”
Don’t like Xie brother?
No way.
“My mother praised you for being handsome when I saw you appear on the live
broadcast last time.” Tang Bai touched his head and said, “Maybe she has something to
tell my dad.”
Xie Ruheng, whose face value was recognized by her mother-in-law: “!” Suddenly there
was a hint of confidence in my heart!
“My family is very easy to get along with, brother Xie, don’t be nervous, my mother
cooks super delicious food, the ears are very soft, and you will be happy when you
praise her cooking well.”
“My dad looks serious. In fact, he is quite chatty. He likes to communicate with young
people, especially young people who have their own ideas.”
“My grandfather is a very kind old man, but his mecha manufacturing technology is
superb. You can contact my grandpa if you can improve mechas in the future~”
“Eh? How do you have a good relationship with my grandfather? Don’t worry about this
brother Xie, my grandpa treats my friends very well, and several of my sisters were
given limited edition jewelry made of rare metals by my grandpa~”
Tang Bai whispered to Xie Ruheng, and suddenly saw Tang’s mother who was wearing
a cheongsam, light make-up, and her hair rolled up, with jewels all over her whole body,
holding her neatly dressed Tang father out of the bedroom.
Tang Bai:”……?”
“Hello, uncle and auntie.” Xie Ruheng immediately stepped forward and handed out
gifts. “I heard that uncle and auntie like to make tea. These are star sand pots and
golden buds.”
The star sand pot is the most precious kind of tea set. The raw material star sand is the
associated mine of energy spar, and the quantity is scarce. Only the best energy mine
can find star sand.
I heard that making tea in such a precious Xingsha teapot will taste better.
The golden bud is called “the giant panda in tea” because it is difficult to grow golden
buds, and the quantity of delicious golden buds is scarce. Good golden buds are hard to
These two items are the things that Mr. Ling cherished. Although Xie Ruheng didn’t
know the value of these things that Mr. Ling gave him, he knew that the gift was given
right when he saw Mother Tang’s satisfied eyes.
“Xiao Xie is interested.” Mother Tang saw that more gifts were given to Tang Bai, her
eyes softened, “I haven’t eaten dinner yet?”
Xie Ruheng walked behind Tang’s father and mother, neither humble nor arrogant.
When the elders were seated, he chose a more remote place to sit down.
“Why do you give such an expensive thing?” Tang Bai widened his eyes and asked Xie
Ruheng in a low voice.
Xie Ruheng came to his house to help him, and he didn’t ask their house for help. This
would be too costly! Tang Bai felt very, very, very distressed about Xie Ruheng’s wallet!
“Tangtang, you go and ask grandpa to eat.”
Tang Bai gave a cry and had to call grandpa first, but after Tang Bai called grandpa out
of the weapons research room, he saw a dreamlike picture of business negotiations on
the dining table.
Father Tang: “Do you have any plans for the future?”
Xie Ruheng sat in a precarious position, and like an interview, he explained his
academic plans, future career plans and even family plans in detail as to whether he
could accept the child with his partner’s surname.
Tang Bai:”???”
Tang Bai interrupted Tang’s father’s assessment: “Dad, you see that you keep asking
Brother Xie questions. Mom’s cooking is so delicious, but you are patronizing and
talking, and the food is going to be cold.”
Father Tang looked helplessly at Tang Bai, who turned his elbow away before he
married, “You kid…”
“My uncle is very knowledgeable, and many pointers have benefited me a lot. I have
been pulling my uncle for guidance.” Xie Ruheng said sincerely.
Green tea is my fault, so don’t quarrel for me.
Father Tang: This kid can barely count on Dao, right?
Tang Bai: My Xie brother is too understanding
Xie Ruheng did not pick up the dishes immediately after blowing the rainbow fart,
because he remembered that one of the dining etiquette taught by Tang Bai was to wait
for the elder to move the chopsticks first.
Seeing that Grandpa Tang and Father Tang on the dining table had not moved the
chopsticks, Xie Ruheng spread the napkin first and placed it on his lap.
At this moment, he is extremely grateful to Tang Bai for his etiquette teaching. When
any knowledge is useful, learning is sometimes not only for school exams, but for more
important assessments in life.
“How many children are there in Xiao Xie’s family, what do parents do?” Mother Tang
asked with a smile.
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Tang Bai looked at Xie Ruheng nervously, and seeing Xie Ruheng’s expression
unchanged, he said lightly: “I am the only one at home now.”
Mother Tang was stunned for a moment, and felt very guilty after reacting, “I’m sorry, I
don’t know…”
“It doesn’t matter, I also want to thank auntie, the soup you stewed reminds me of my
mother.” Xie Ruheng said softly.
Green tea’s uniqueness pretends to be strong, please love me.
Mother Tang: Really a strong and kind child
Tang Bai: Oh, my thank you brother is really beautiful and terrible
Grandpa Tang, who has been silent for a long time, said: “Xiao Xie, Professor Fu Yun is
in your department, right?”
“Yes.” When Xie Ruheng met Grandpa Tang’s seemingly kind eyes, his nerves
tightened to the extreme.
“In the military school, you can’t think about falling in love every day. The most
important thing is to learn to serve the country.” The implication is that someone is
watching you, don’t touch my Tangtang.
Xie Ruheng said earnestly: “Grandpa is right, we are still young, I will not squander my
youth until I have a career.”
Tang Bai nodded desperately from the side, yes yes, brother Xie promised me that he
would not fall in love and want to do a career!
Grandpa Tang saw that the two children had already made an appointment, and he felt
a little uncomfortable in his heart, “Let’s eat.”
With Grandpa Tang’s silence, the assessment of Xie Ruheng came to an end
temporarily. Although the two male hosts did not take pleasure in Xie Ruheng, the two
omegas in the family both expressed concern for Xie Ruheng at the dinner table——
“Xiao Xie, eat more of this shrimp.” “This soup is delicious, do you want to scoop a bowl
of soup for you.” “Brother Xie, do you want to eat sweet and sour pork ribs, I like this
very much.” “Xia Xie, You like sweets like Tangtang…”
After a meal, Tang Bai whispered sorry to Xie Ruheng when no one was paying
At the end of the meal, Tang Bai was also considered to have reacted. His family
regarded Xie Ruheng as his partner…That’s why such a serious attitude made Xie
Ruheng nervous after eating this meal. .
“Don’t worry about the attitude of my parents and grandpa–” Before Tang Bai finished
speaking, Xie Ruheng touched his head lightly.
Those phoenix eyes watched him gently, “I’m very happy.” I’m glad you can introduce
me to your family.
With his eyes facing each other, Tang Bai was inexplicably afraid to meet these eyes,
“Let’s…Let’s go see the mecha.”
“it is good.”
Soon they came to the weapons research room.
Even though he was mentally prepared, when Xie Ruheng saw the rabbit mecha of the
dead Barbie fan, he still felt a great shock in his heart——
The giant pink rabbit full of mechanical breath breaks through the normal understanding
of the rabbit. Not only does it have no plush appearance and petite body shape, but also
has a metallic luster on the surface. After the two cute front teeth are huge, there is no
doubt that it will Bite the enemy’s head in one bite.
This kind of depression can’t be seen in the reduced scale pictures, but when the
mecha becomes a real thing, this rabbit mecha looks extremely cruel!
Especially Tang Bai also intimately introduced the ultimate move of the Rabbit Mecha:
“In the mecha assist mode, I set three attack kills, one is the Rabbit Iron Fist, and the
agility and strength can reach 10 when attacking, just press By pressing the attack
button, you can blast the enemy with a 15-minute cooldown.”
“The other is Tutu’s gaze, which will emit Dead Sea laser light waves from the’eyes’.
The cooling time is ten minutes. The last one is Tutu’s runaway. The surface of the
mecha will activate the electromagnetic net, and the cooling time is also ten minutes.”
Xie Ruheng nodded, “Do I want to test these?”
Tang Bai shook his head and smiled mysteriously: “These are very simple, you don’t
need to trouble me, Brother Xie, for your evaluation. Brother Xie, you want to evaluate
the free combat mode!”
“This mecha can be driven by ordinary people without mecha talent, but it can only be
used by mecha geniuses.”
Tang Bai proudly introduced the free combat mode: “The free combat mode I designed
uses the most difficult neural link technology! The free combat mode that only the best
mecha division can perfectly control!”
After the neural link is applied to the free combat mode of the mecha, it will not only test
the speed of thinking and body speed of the mecha division, but also the instinctive
combat response.
It takes time for the nerves of the brain to transmit instructions to the muscles. Although
this time is very small, with the aid of the nerve link, this minimal effect can disappear.
The neural link can perfectly capture the instructions issued by the brain and directly
convey the instructions from the brain to the mecha, without waiting for the brain to
command the body, and then let the body control the mecha.
This kind of advantage is that the mecha master can maximize the most instinctive
fighting technology of human beings in the mecha. Because ordinary people operate
mechas, he must first think about how to swing the lightsaber and how to block the
shield. Use the logic of the mecha operation to operate the mecha.
The mecha using neural link technology does not need to change thinking, and the
mecha division can counter opponents twice as fast as their opponents.
However, most people think that the free mode under the neural link is too demanding
for mecha divisions, and ordinary people can’t play the biggest advantage of this
mecha, because ordinary people’s fighting consciousness is not so high.
Three of the six professional judges gave Tang Bai nine points for the neural link
technology. This technology is very difficult and requires high requirements for mecha
The combination of neural links and mechas requires mechas to be able to restore the
actions of the author to the greatest extent, but machines and humans are different. If
people make punches or raise their knees, the mechas cannot restore these actions
well. Then the implantation of the nerve chain will have the opposite effect.
Mecha makers must ensure that every detail in the mecha design can match the actions
of humans in order to give full play to the greatest advantages of the mecha to defeat
the opponent.
After listening to Tang Bai’s introduction, Xie Ruheng was eager to try. He has been
longing for neural links for a long time, but he has never had the opportunity to try.
Tang Bai saw Xie Ruheng’s heartbeat, and he happily held the rabbit helmet,
“Dangdang~ Just bring it! Xie brother, you can activate the neural link, and you will be
more powerful in the game!”
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Chapter 43

Xie Ruheng was dumbfounded: “Why does it… have two ears.”

Tang Bai enthusiastically explained: “Oh, this is a signal transmitter.”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Xie Ruheng tried to struggle: “Do you like rabbits very much? Why do you design it in
the shape of a rabbit?”

“I like all cute things!” Tang Bai gently stroked the mecha helmet, with a soft attitude as
if he were treating a real little rabbit. “Since there are spider mecha alien mechas, why
can’t there be cute loves? Where’s your little rabbit mecha?”

“There are many omegas who are not interested in mechas. Except for some who are
really insensitive to mechas, I believe that many omegas are actually being told by the
outside world that omegas should not be interested in hard metal.”

Tang Bai raised his head, his eyes sparkling, “If I design the mechas to be cute and
loveable, in line with the public’s aesthetic perception of omegas, then what reason do
those people have to prevent omegas from becoming interested in mechas?”

“Interest is the best teacher. There may be many omegas who are mecha-
manufacturing geniuses like me!”

“And I really like cute mechas!”

Suddenly Xie Ruheng couldn’t say the words of rejection. He couldn’t resist Tang Bai’s
eyes, bright and clear like a clear spring, reflecting the young man deep in his heart.

Each alpha is composed of teenagers, beasts and wise men. The wise men are sane
enough, while the passionate teenagers are chasing dreams, and the beasts with
nothing want to plunder.

The first thing Tang Bai attracted was his beast, he wanted to get close, he was savage
and rude, and he wanted to rush around this little omega to take a bite anytime.

But since when did the beasts be tamed and the teenagers attracted?

Maybe it was when he discovered that Tang Bai was still stubbornly defending his
gleaming thoughts and dreams in a society that was extremely harsh on omegas——

From the first publication of the article?

Using immature words to express his strength, he has never wavered even after
numerous bad reviews.

Or was the admission ceremony for him to make his debut?

Or from the moment he handed over the mecha design drawings to him, he discovered
that Tang Bai had never given up his love for mechas, and had never given up
resistance to this world for so many years.

He used to think that he was alone against the world. He was always full of resentment
towards the world. He hated the injustice in this world, the ruthlessness of the strong,
and the cowardice of the weak.

But when he met Tang Bai, he discovered that an opponent could be so gentle,
empathetic, kind and lovely.

Well, there is a little bit of crying, but this is not a big problem.

He fell in love with Tang Bai, so his hostility was melted bit by bit.

Not only the hostility, but the irritability and anxiety in the past have calmed down. Tang
Bai’s name has a kind of magic to him, allowing him to wait patiently and quietly. He is
willing to wait until he becomes famous, and waits for Tang Bai to shine. On that day,
they will be together again.

Before that, he was willing to suppress instinctive impulse and haunting possessiveness
for Tang Bai, because the young man was sincere and willing to deliver a sincere heart.

so now……

Xie Ruheng slowly reached out and took the pink bunny helmet that Tang Bai handed
over, reviewing green tea knowledge in his mind–

Serve what you like! Moderate compliment! Praise loudly!

Xie Ruheng said loudly: “This mecha helmet is so cute!”

Tang Bai smiled comfortingly: “I know Brother Xie, you will like it, Brother Xie, go and
change into mecha combat uniforms~”

Xie Ruheng: “?”

Xie Ruheng, who always felt something was not right, took the rabbit helmet to change
He went into the changing room and put on the mech combat uniform he had brought
over. The alpha in the mirror was stepping on high boots, his legs were slender and
straight, and above it was the thinness outlined by the mech combat uniform. waist.

Xie Ruheng’s muscle lines are smooth and beautiful, and his excellent shoulder width
and skeleton are uniquely endowed with nature, just like a sculpture created by an

The most special thing about the customized combat uniform is that even the hands are
wrapped, so ascetic that they refuse to show the slightest skin color.

Xie Ruheng, who put on the mech combat uniform, dignifiedly picked up the pink bunny
helmet, as if examining a creature of another dimension.

Xie Ruheng was silent for a moment, gritted his teeth and said: “It’s not green!”

Pink Bunny Helmet: “…”

Xie Ruheng continued to comfort herself: “Nerve Link!”

Pink Bunny Helmet: “…”

The pink bunny helmet sat down on Xie Ruheng’s head noble and coldly.

The handsome alpha has sharp eyebrows and a deterrent effect. When he walks out of
the room, everyone’s eyes will be on his…pink bunny helmet.

The bunny on the helmet has two long ears erected, and the red eyes are innocent and
cute. As Xie Ruheng walks up and down, the bunny ears will shake.

Mother Tang who gave the supper: “!”

Father Tang, who detects the enemy’s situation: “!!!”

Don’t worry about being alone and widowed Grandpa Tang: “!!!”

“Too! But! Love! La!” Tang Bai jumped up and reached out to touch the rabbit ears on
Xie Ruheng’s head. His small face was so excited that he was puffing, and he bounced
around Xie Ruheng, looking more like a cute little rabbit than Xie Ruheng. : “Sure
enough, only cold white skin can control the death Barbie fan!”

Seeing Tang Bai’s happy smile in his heart, all the reluctance in Xie Ruheng’s heart
became sweet.

Watching the interaction between the two children, Mother Tang said softly with a
supper: “With Xiao Xie, Tangtang looks really happy.”

Grandpa Tang snorted with his hands behind his back.

“Brother Xie, my grandpa and I recently studied mecha pet eggs together, and grandpa
said that you want to adopt one!” Tang Bai took Xie Ruheng to see Grandpa Tang.

In fact, it was Grandpa Tang who was forced to give me Mecha Eggs by Tang Bai: “…”

Grandpa Tang handed a metal spherical object to Xie Ruheng with a stern face, “Mecha
pets can help in your school’s training. You have to study hard.” Don’t hook my

This is a pitch-black metal egg, the size of an adult’s fist, it feels very cold to the touch,
and the weight is not light.

Xie Ruheng, who heard the mecha pet for the first time, suspected that he was ignorant.
Fortunately, Tang Bai introduced on the side: “This is the mecha pet created by my
grandfather and me. My original idea was that omega could raise mecha pets for
protection. Own, but the cost of this mecha pet is too high, and it is difficult to

To make Tang Bai say that the cost is high, this dark metal egg instantly became noble.
Xie Ruheng accepted the mecha egg, “Thank you, grandpa.”

When Xie Ruheng turned to drive the pink rabbit mecha, Mother Tang said to Tang Bai:
“By the way, when I was packing up the gift Xiao Xie gave you, why did I find that there
was a stone in it?”

There are other weird and cheap small objects in the bag, which are inconsistent with
the exquisite packaging style.

“Those are gifts from children from slums…”

After listening to Tang Bai’s explanation, the corners of Tang’s mother’s eyes were
moist: “They are all good children.”

the next day.

Two mechas were consigned to the evaluation site. One was a gray-green mecha. The
left arm of the mecha was equipped with an electromagnetic cannon and the right arm
was equipped with a laser cannon. In order to pursue powerful firepower, this mech
abandoned the heavy defense system. The appearance is full of wild and fierce aura, it
is the handsome mecha that alpha dreams of.

In contrast, another pink rabbit mech is a playful, completely in the aesthetic blind zone
of most alpha.
Cheng Yangbin had a spring-like smile on his face. He was standing next to the huge
mecha. The appearance of the polite noble boy was very different from the wild mecha.

“Hello, fans of the mecha manufacturing contest, I am Cheng Yangbin, and this is my
mecha.” The white glove pressed on his left chest, Cheng Yangbin nodded slightly, and
said affectionately to the camera.

[Ahhhhh, Cheng Yangbin, you are so handsome! ! ! Male god I love you! 】

[Cheng Cheng laughed, there are stars and the sea in his eyes! The voice is good too
Sue! Voice control passed away repeatedly! 】

[You are truly the first! do not be afraid! We will always support you! 】

The camera was aimed at another unmanned pink rabbit mecha. Tang Bai didn’t come
to the scene. He turned on the voice changer and everyone said: “Hello everyone, I am
Jun Tongchen.”

[Mecha too spicy eyes]

[Tutu is so cute and will cry for a long time with a punch]

[Why don’t you come to the evaluation site, are you too ugly to show your face? 】

[Beta is generally uglier than alpha, this despicable person who walks through the back
door is afraid that his talent and appearance will be doubled down]

Ten judges started routine tests at the scene to test various data of the mecha, such as
defense, attack, speed, and killer moves.

Although Bai Zhi is not qualified as a judge, he can still help test on the spot. Seeing
that several judges all want to drive Cheng Yangbin’s mecha, Bai Zhi volunteered: “I will
be the mecha assist mode of the Tongchen mecha. Evaluator.”

Bai Zhi sat in the cockpit of the rabbit mecha and found that the interior decoration was
also very cute, with lace and rhinestone elements everywhere, the incense in the cabin
was grassy, and even the starter was made into a carrot shape.

“Did you see that carrot?”‘Jun Tongchen’ instructed him in the air: “That’s the starter.
You can turn on the mecha by flipping it.”

Bai Zhi held the carrot as instructed, his hand slightly hardened, awakening the sleeping
rabbit mecha.

This mecha changed from a state where the Bunny was sleeping in a curled up state to
the Bunny with its ears raised. The Bunny raised his head and the Bunny got up.
The huge pink rabbit stood up, its steel teeth shimmering with metallic luster, and a
sense of oppression. The staff at the scene stared at this rabbit mech that couldn’t
match the cuteness.

“Do you need some music?”‘Jun Tongchen’ asked intimately.

Bai Zhi tightly grasped the starter, his green eyes staring at the shocked expressions of
everyone on the display, he discovered for the first time…

Those alphas are so small on the display.

“No.” Bai Zhi’s voice was inexplicably dry. “What am I going to do next?”

The trigger keys of the three ultimate moves were painted with pink skulls. Under the
guidance of’Jun Tongchen’, Bai Zhi used the three ultimate moves at the test sandbag
one by one. When using the rabbit iron fist, He felt the world revolving around the world,
shaking violently, as if he was in the center of an earthquake. The loud bang of the
punches made Bai Zhixin panicked, but he saw the staff around him more upset than

That is the fear of the flesh and blood against the steel beasts, they are afraid of being
injured by his novice.

When the Tutu’s gaze was released, the two red lights ended, and the test sandbag left
two black holes in it, and the number of damage was as high as 12,789.

“The coolest killer move is Tutu runaway.”‘Jun Tongchen’ said to him in a relaxed tone.

In a daze, Bai Zhi thought that the Jun Tongchen in the book came out, and led him to
appreciate another power that is more confusing than power——

Rolling Thunder, raised his hand to call.

The dazzling electric light surrounds the mecha, and Bai Zhi sits in the cockpit in a
daze, watching the number of damage on the test sandbag beating higher and higher,
and his heart beating faster and faster.

[Eh don’t say, this rabbit’s data is pretty good]

[Easy to use is true, don’t call it a rabbit mech, call it a fool mech]

[Although the damage value is high, it is difficult to play freely. There are only three
ultimate moves, and the cooling time can only run away in full]

[I heard that the mecha assist mode of this mecha is prepared for omega, and three
ultimate moves are enough for omega]
[I still like Cheng Yangbin’s mecha, nothing else, just like its handsome, this is the
mecha that Meng A should have! 】

The first round of test results came out. In the mecha assist mode, the pink rabbit
mecha has a high damage value, but gives the mecha division little room for freedom,
while Cheng Yangbin’s mecha has a higher degree of freedom although the damage
value is not as good as the former. The test results of the two are evenly divided.

A gloom flashed in Cheng Yangbin’s eyes, his mecha damage output was actually no
better than a rabbit? !

Under the camera, Cheng Yangbin quickly converged his unhappiness. He believed
that he would have the upper hand in the free operation mode, because the other side’s
gimmick was the neural link, and the neural link required the mechanics to operate very
high. “Where can I find a mecha genius?

And he invited a judge from the military to take the initiative to evaluate the free combat
mode. That judge is a lieutenant general, who has experienced a lot of battles and has
a strong sense of combat, and can perfectly give play to the advantages of his mecha.

Thinking of this, Cheng Yangbin smiled charmingly at the camera again. He sometimes
leaned on the mecha to pose inadvertently, and sometimes picked up his head that was
disturbed by the wind, and he didn’t want money to exude male hormones.

The fans in the barrage screamed, screaming, and hit Cheng Yangbin first on the public

When Cheng Yangbin’s heart was dark and refreshing, the public screen suddenly
changed his style.

[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m crazy, thank God, I’m so

handsome! ! ! 】

[Fuck, why does Xie Ruheng appear here? 】

[Who is this alpha? He is so handsome! 】

[I’m dead with this superb figure hastily! This alpha wearing mech combat uniform is too
damn sexy! 】

Xie Ruheng and Cheng Yangbin, who walked out of the backstage, were in the same
frame, and compared Cheng Yangbin, who was originally so handsome, to a bleak
Cheng Yangbin specially put on nude makeup today. This makeup was taken by a
professional makeup artist for an hour. The clothing accessories on his body are also
carefully matched to match the “high-value” label in the design of others.

But when he stood beside Xie Ruheng, Cheng Yangbin’s greasy face suddenly became
a little greasy under the contrast of Xie Ruheng’s matte cold white skin.

Under Cheng Yangbin’s frenzied marketing during this period, he attracted a wave of
unscrupulous face fans. Every day, the face fans boasted about his prosperous beauty
and made mechas. They exaggerated their essence and made Cheng Yangbin
flirtatious. At this moment these face dogs…

All are asking about Xie Ruheng’s identity frantically!

Xie Ruheng said coldly to the camera: “I am a tester of the free combat mode of the’Jun
Tongchen’ mecha.”

Barrage: “Ah, ah, male god, hello, your voice is so good, your face is so beautiful, and
my child has already flown out, the male god, I love you!!!”

Former god Cheng Yangbin looked very ugly, he squeezed a smile at Xie Ruheng:
“Don’t talk nonsense, let’s just start the evaluation.”

Xie Ruheng glanced at him lightly, nodded, turned and left, without even saying a polite

Barrage: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Cheng Yangbin: “……”

A live ball followed Xie Ruheng to the cockpit. The barrage watched Xie Ruheng take
out a cute pink bunny’s helmet. He tilted his head back like a warm-up. With the tactical
backward movement, he has a sexy Adam’s apple. Especially prominent, Ying Ting’s
nose has a sense of precipitous cliffs.

Before the barrage had time to take a screenshot to appreciate the beauty of the
prosperous world, Xie Ruheng looked up and put the pink bunny helmet on his head


Because Xie Ruheng wore the helmet too calmly the whole time, the barrage appeared
to be extremely sick:

[Is it my dizziness? Why did my male god have two rabbit ears? Still pink? 】

[Thank God, what are you doing? I don’t allow you to spoil your image so much! ! ! 】
[Is this design the devil? ? ? 】

Xie Ruheng closed his eyes and felt the familiar numbness of his scalp, as if a small
electric current was flowing through his brain.

He moved his wrists, the huge pink rabbit twisted his big paws simultaneously, he
changed his posture, the pink rabbit mecha moved in small steps, he opened his eyes,
and the laser mouth of the cold Dead Sea glowed with inorganic redness. Light.

“The evaluation begins!”

As soon as Lieutenant General Mo heard the start of the evaluation, he saw two laser
beams from the Dead Sea hit him preemptively!

Why did you use the ultimate move so quickly? !

Lieutenant General Mo was slightly surprised, but his excellent reaction ability and rich
combat experience allowed him to react quickly and perfectly dodge the two laser

Just when he thought Xie Ruheng was going to avoid or come up to test, the pink rabbit
in front of him released the rabbit to run away without hesitation!

The surface of the rabbit mecha was covered with electromagnetic nets, and countless
electromagnetic waves rushed in, enveloping the gray-green mecha in an instant,
followed by the torrential rain and thunder of the rabbit iron fist, but it was a pity that the
gray-green mecha was only paralyzed by the electromagnetic net. For an instant, after
the three-second paralysis ended, the rabbit fist did not touch the gray-green mecha at

This is the shortcoming of the mecha’s ultimate move, especially the shortcomings of
the mecha’s ultimate move designed by Tang Bai:

Excessive nanny-level service, the position and range of the killer move are set by the
combat system of the mecha. Once the opponent is too strong, it suddenly jumps out of
the original attack range, and the killer move will be empty.

[What the hell did you do? Did this mecha division give up? Did you release all your
ultimate moves as soon as you came up? ! 】

[Just to make a good start? 】

[Only one of the three ultimate moves injured Lieutenant General Mo, I don’t know if I
want to praise Lieutenant General Mo for being awesome or thanking Ruheng for being
The eight mechanical legs of the gray-green mecha were like flexible spiders. At the
same time, Lieutenant General Mo controlled the mecha to counterattack. The
electromagnetic cannon on the left arm of the machine was quickly raised, and the hole
was aimed at the pink rabbit mecha not far away.

It’s time to end this game of playing with children. Sure enough, military academy
students lack actual combat experience, and they will lose everything in a hurry when
they encounter a strong opponent.

At the moment when the launch button was pressed, Lieutenant Mo fell to the ground
and rolled over the rabbit he was aiming at, and suddenly disappeared from the
shooting range.

Barrage: “!!!” So fast!

too fast.

Lieutenant General Mo’s heart sank, and he suddenly realized that he might have
despised this opponent a bit. No matter what the opponent’s psychological quality and
fighting thinking, the unpredictable speed is enough to make him feel tricky. He stared
at the screen closely. With eight split screens showing different directions, as long as
any touch of pink appears, he will instantly aim and bombard.

At this moment, a white rabbit mecha suddenly flashed in the rear, and the big steel
teeth flashing with a dangerous aura took a bite at the mecha’s left arm.

Xie Ruheng in the cockpit blankly opened his mouth and took a bite of air.

Lieutenant General Mo, who has been paying attention to the pink color, did not react in
the first time. When he turned around to use a shield against the steel teeth, the big
white rabbit was a short body, first squatted and then moved from the gray-green
mecha with amazing jumping power. Jumping over his head, steadily falling behind the
mecha again——

A swift and extremely fast crit of the rabbit fist, concentrated three precise strikes on the
weakest point of the mechanical arm in a very short period of time, and forcibly
hammered down the electromagnetic gun mounted on the left arm of the mechanical

Only now did the barrage react:

[This rabbit will change color! The mecha that can change its shape is very useful in
actual combat! Don’t talk about Lieutenant General Mo, I was stupid when the white
rabbit jumped out]
[Thank God! This wave of raids not only moves fast, but also has a high hit rate! I just
slowed down the speed for a while, and found that thanks to God, I made three combos
on the same position of the robotic arm in less than half a second. 】

[Lieutenant General Mo’s mecha was directly unloaded by half of its attack power, and
Cheng Yangbin paid too much attention to output, which made the mecha’s defensive
power a bit weaker]

Cheng Yangbin clenched his fists, his expression management almost lost control in an

How could it be so fast? !

His mecha advantage is agility, high attack and strong attack. As a result, these
advantages have become weak in front of the mecha driven by Xie Ruheng!

Before the shock in Cheng Yangbin’s heart subsided, he saw the gray-green mecha,
which had lost the electromagnetic gun, calmly set up the laser cannon on the right arm
of the machine, and aimed at the rabbit mecha to launch light waves.

The rabbit mecha switched to an arrogant pink once again, holding the robbed
electromagnetic cannon like a carrot, and charged into the gray-green mecha without
fear. Every time it jumps, it can just avoid the energy passing by. Light waves.

[My mother, this speed! I can’t see the trajectory of thank God at all! 】

[Although I know that the top-level alpha is very fast, but thank God is almost not like a
human being! 】

[Woo, look at the thank you in the cockpit! So cute one A]

Xie Ruheng in the cockpit shook his body slightly with the violent bumps of the mecha.
His eyes were firm, and he rushed towards the opponent without a trace, while the
bunny ears on the helmet kept shaking like a cute one.

When the rabbit mecha and the gray-green mecha were still five meters apart, the pink
rabbit picked up the electromagnetic cannon, and three shots came directly, the
dazzling electric light made people unable to open their eyes.

Everyone across the screen could feel the fierce battle in the dusty scene. The gray-
green mecha was forced to suspend the attack because the shield and laser cannon
were bound to the right arm of the machine.
Lieutenant General Mo erected his shield and turned over to avoid him. His reaction
speed was already very fast, but Xie Ruheng, who was faster than him, rushed to
Lieutenant General Mo’s side at this moment.

The two mechas suddenly intertwined, and the pink rabbit mecha violently attacked the
gray-green mecha’s right arm, so fast that the barrage initially thought that Xie Ruheng
was using the “Tutu Iron Fist” ultimate move.

[Mecha more fans! Beat people harder! 】

[Tutu is so cute, be careful to blow you with a punch]

[Rely on me, I think this pink bunny is a bit handsome]

[Don’t fight, don’t fight, I’m afraid my rabbit will kill people]

But then a barrage suddenly realized a terrible fact–

[Wait, the cooldown time of the ultimate move is generally ten minutes, thank you for
having used the Bunny Fist at the beginning…]

This is not the killer move that comes with the mecha’s attack time of 30 seconds and
15 minutes of cooling, but Xie Ruheng’s own fighting skills!

This stunning mecha genius broke through the limits of conventional mecha attacks and
speed attributes when using the free combat mode! Relying on his physical fitness, he
achieved Attack 10 and Agility 10!

There was silence in the audience, and I watched with shock and shock as the pink
rabbit mecha blasted the gray-green mecha to the ground with one punch after another
until the gray-green mecha could no longer stand up and fell apart.

Chapter 44

The pink rabbit mecha stepped on the scrapped gray-green mecha, leaving everyone
with a majestic back. This scene seemed to press the pause button, just like Mr. Rabbit
in a black/dark fairy tale standing upright, leaving all the adults present. deep
The evaluation is over and the outcome is determined.
As a judge sent by the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Federal Military
Academy, Professor Li was so excited that his beards were trembling: “Perfect, the
cooperation between man and mecha is perfect!”
A mecha maker judge has already seen tears in his eyes, “I never thought that this
tester could perform so well. This is completely at the ideal level…”
All mecha makers hope to meet mecha divisions who can perfectly display the power of
their mechas. Only in this way will they not bury their painstaking design.
“Exciting! Textbook-style fighting! Exceeding expectations! I gave’Jun Tongchen’ work
nine points before seeing the evaluation, but now I want to score ten!
“What’s the name of this assessor? Is his surname Xie Lai? Is he a professional
weapon assessor?” Some judges wanted Xie Ruheng’s contact information.
“In fact, Lieutenant General Mo’s reaction speed is already very fast. The scene of
avoiding the three ultimate moves at the beginning is enough to cut into the classic
avoidance collection, but it is still slow compared with Xie Ruheng, who has neural links.
The battlefield is changing rapidly, and the speed is in the top alpha. It’s particularly
important in the matchup between the two. I thought that the design of the neural link
was superfluous, but it turned out I was wrong. Very! This mecha has a low entry barrier
and a high ceiling. It is a mecha suitable for popularization in the true sense of the
The judges are earnestly commenting and scoring, and the bullet screen does not need
to consider what mech or performance, they are so excited that they blow:
[The real fierce a should use the rabbit mecha to get first! Starting today, the Rabbit
Mecha is the standard configuration of Meng A! 】
[Tutu Tekken is so handsome! Thank God! ! ! 】
[No, no, no, no one doesn’t know that pink is a strong a color? 】
[Is this the new trend of fierce a? Love love]
[Mo Zhong will not have a psychological shadow on the rabbit from now on]
Lieutenant General Mo was in a trance. His head was full of huge rabbit heads,
ferocious steel teeth and wild rabbit fists. He even felt the fear of carrots when he was
hit by his head.
Why did he think that the appearance of rabbits is not terrible? !
Lieutenant General Mo climbed out of the cockpit with a gray head and face. He
glanced at the huge pink rabbit mecha behind Xie Ruheng before he said to Xie
Ruheng: “You are very strong, and the mecha is also very strong. I am convinced that I
lose, and the future world belongs to You young people.”
This is a very good young man, with excellent fighting intuition and physical quality, so
that he already has the basic qualities of a general, Lieutenant General Mo is looking
forward to the growth of the young alpha in front of him.
Xie Ruheng nodded and said, “Accept.”
Compared with the excited people around him, he was calm and almost indifferent,
because in the countless games he experienced in the past, the “rat” was always a
mecha master hidden in the dark, leaving silently in a bloody carnival.
But this is a brand new world completely different from the underground arena, a
chapter that hasn’t been written yet.
Xie Ruheng stood here, as calm as he stood in the underground arena six years ago.
He stood calmly in this brilliant new world and accompany Tang Bai for interviews.
Tang Bai’s sound generator was installed on the rabbit mech. The interview screen
showed a group of judges looking up at the giant rabbit. Professor Li couldn’t stand his
excitement and said: “I have not seen the design that makes my eyes shine. But your
design has shown me the aura. I like your unreliable nature, your boldness, and your
talent! Your work in the preliminary contest proved to me one thing, that is, I gave you
the qualification certificate for the preliminary contest. of!”
“Those who say you walked through the back door have never studied your work
seriously, understand your attitude,’Jun Tongchen’, you are really good!”
Bai Zhi was also unable to calm down for a long time, “I don’t have the right to rate this
time, because many netizens questioned that my scoring is shady. I am not afraid of
questioning. The most indispensable thing in my journey is questioning, but I hope you
will never be questioned. Influence, I believe that you will be able to become one of the
best mecha divisions among the young group as you go all the way.”
“Your mecha design concept is the best I have ever seen. I have seen many comments
on the Internet jokingly calling this mecha a fierce mecha. Needless to say, the real
strong can not only defeat the strong, but also care for the weak. “
Bai Zhi laughed: “No matter what the result of the game is, I want to find you to
customize the mecha.”
Lieutenant General Mo followed: “I will also come to you to customize the mecha.”
Many judges are sincerely boasting Tang Bai’s design. Some judges advised him to
protect his talents and not to be arrogant, but moderate pride is allowed because he is
worthy. Some judges said they wanted to exchange ideas with him privately. Appreciate
his design, and the judges praised his bunny shape, the more he liked it…
The remotely controlled Pink Rabbit Mecha embarrassedly covered his face with his
[It’s shameful to sell cute! You are the bunny that can blast the enemy with one
punch! Don’t act like a baby! 】
[Damn, I survived the trend of fierce a, and my heart moved when this rabbit covered
his face]
Tang Bai was sitting on the sofa at home. Under Grandpa Tang’s pampering gaze,
Tang Bai seriously said, “Thank you for the judges’ comments and everyone’s support. I
saw a bullet screen asking me why I want to make a pink rabbit mech. In fact, I had this
idea when I was a child.”
Xie Ruheng stood at the feet of the rabbit’s mecha, and he listened quietly to the
rabbit’s speech.
The voice processed by the voice changer was not as soft and sweet as Tang Bai’s
original sound, and had a hint of mechanical electric sound, but he could tell that it was
Tang Bai talking.
He remembered Tang Bai’s unique tone of speech, when he paused, the handling of
light and accent, and the tone that always rose slightly.
“I hope to create mechas that can also be operated by omegas. Mecha weapons are
made by talented people, but the operation of mechas should not be gender-specific. It
can be as popular as a floating car. People of any gender are eligible. Driving mechas is
the prejudice and discrimination in society that really prevent omegas from contacting
mechas. I hope that the birth of rabbit mechas will bring some changes and give
omegas more opportunities.”
Tang Bai’s speaking style is very clear. He has never liked to go around. He can say
whatever he wants, straightforward and neat.
Xie Ruheng was engrossed in listening to Tang Bai’s “hope”. When he heard Tang Bai
say that he would like to thank Xie Ruheng, the assessor for this time, his thin lips
turned up with some joy.
“Also, the judges and teachers praised me too well. My mecha manufacturing is self-
taught. There are many irregularities. I hope I can go to school to take mecha class one
day. Thank you everyone.”
The Pink Rabbit Mecha seriously bowed to everyone.
It’s great to be able to participate in the competitions I love, and to get everyone’s
support and recognition, great.
[Awesome, self-study can learn this level]
[Although, will omega really buy this mech? 】
[Before, Your Excellency Bai Zhi personally said that he was looking for Jun Tongchen
to customize the mecha, and my little sisters and I also want to buy this mecha. After we
buy it, we will drive this machine next time we go out. A, go out and see which alpha
dares to harass us]
[Buy, even if I don’t know how to open it, I can still buy it and take pictures at home. This
mech is really cute and it can change color, so I don’t have to worry about the pink
Looking at the bowing pink rabbit mecha, a judge stood up and said: “Congratulations to
the’Jun Tongchen’ contestant, because of your outstanding performance in this
evaluation, we have decided to let you directly qualify for promotion and avoid the
rematch and enter the finals. .”
Hearing this result, Bai Zhi smiled.
He has evidence that Cheng Yangbin bribed a judge. If he loses the evaluation, he will
publish the evidence and disqualify Cheng Yangbin from the competition.
However, unless necessary, he will not easily publish this evidence. The Cheng family
has a certain right to speak in the parliament. If the Cheng family is offended, it will be
difficult for him to push the next motion.
Since “Jun Tongchen” won, he doesn’t have to implement plan b.
Bai Zhi took the lead to applaud, and the other judges and staff also stood up and
Everyone slapped them on the face where they looked down on Bunny in the past, and
even hit Cheng Yangbin’s face severely.
The battle ended so quickly that Cheng Yangbin could not accept the sudden defeat.
This time he rushed for the first place in the semifinals of the preliminary round. He was
a man of mecha-manufacturing genius, high-value and high-IQ. This time he not only
lost to “Jun Tongchen” in the preliminary round, but also when he was in the same
frame as Xie Ruheng. If he loses his face value, wouldn’t he be a wedding dress for
others after he has worked so hard to manage fans and traffic for most of the day? !
Cheng Yangbin’s face was very ugly, and it happened that the live ball gave him a shot.
The gentle noble son who claims to have never been a black face has a bitter look at
him, and the contrast between the front and back startled the barrage.
[Cheng Yangbin’s eyes are terrible]
[I didn’t expect Xie Ruheng to win so easily. Is it a mecha problem or a human
problem? 】
[Cheng Yangbin’s mecha can’t be beaten, the dish is the original sin, who will show the
black face? 】
Cheng Yangbin’s fans became unhappy, and began to give Cheng Yangbin his respect:
[Our family, Cheng Cheng, is still young and can’t hide his emotions. Do you want him
to smile even if he loses? hypocritical】
[What is the problem with the mecha of my male god? It is obviously that the mecha
division is too weak to give full play to all the advantages of the mecha]
Just as the barrage was arguing, the judges suddenly became serious, and saw a
special user appearance on the live broadcast platform:
[“Tang Rong” enters the live broadcast room]
The name of this national treasure weapon maker is well-known in the Federation. As
soon as Grandpa Tang entered the live broadcast room, the barrage quieted down
spontaneously, listening to Grandpa Tang’s speech as quiet as a chicken:
“I have been paying attention to this preliminary contest, and I have also investigated
the shady incidents circulating in the game.”
The expressions of the two judges froze, and they did not suspect that the
investigations in Old Tang’s mouth were just narratives. Anyone who knew the glorious
deeds of the old man knew how strong he was in intelligence investigation and
information gathering.
At the beginning when the Federation was poor and vain intelligence, it was almost
impossible to obtain the slightest intelligence of the empire. This weapon maker had
intercepted the Empire’s battle reports thirteen times. No one knew how he did it, but
Old Tang did it.
In front of this legendary old man, there is nowhere to hide all the secrets.
“I don’t want to see players using unfair methods in this preliminary contest. The most
important thing in the game is fairness and justice. If we find that a player violates the
rules of the game in the future, we will deprive him of his lifelong qualifications. At the
same time, The Weapons Research Institute will also refuse to recruit such players.”
Perhaps it was because of the Cheng family or the old man who was cherishing talent.
He didn’t point out that Cheng Yangbin had bribed the judges. The two appalling judges
had a cold sweat on their backs and made up their minds to return the spar to Cheng
Cheng Yangbin, who was beaten by Grandpa Tang, finally turned his face black to the
extreme this time. He lowered his head to hide the resentment in his eyes.
Tang Bai’s unlocked today, he was happy and a little bit disappointed, regretting that he
couldn’t continue to be lazy.
After only two days of writing, Tang Bai couldn’t turn his head. Tang Bai stumbled and
coded a chapter of Jun Tongchen’s daily military training after entering the Federal
Machinery Department.
In this chapter, Jun Tongchen and Alpha slept together, and found that the content of
the Alpha’s evening chat was which omega they saw today, what is the body of that
omega, what is their face, and what will happen to the pheromone.
Jun Tongchen turned over blankly and covered his head with a quilt, not wanting to join
this group of alpha night talks.
This group of alphas soon discovered that Jun Tongchen was incompatible with their
aura, and they didn’t want to communicate with Jun Tongchen, who was born in a slum.
The training intensity of the mechanics department in the military training is very strong.
This group of future mecha makers need to carry heavy tools to practice under the
scorching sun. Because of the removal of the glands, Jun Tongchen’s physical fitness is
worse than the average omega. He fainted on the third day of military training.
Jun Tongchen’s dormitory head went to the infirmary with Jun Tongchen, and on the
way he found this “beta” roommate was so light.
Such a weak chicken is rarely seen in beta.
The head of the dormitory suddenly felt a little bit of pity for this weak and incompatible
Because of the fainting this time, Jun Tongchen became the laughingstock of the
mechanical system, a beta even more delicate than an omega.
I don’t know how it got into the Federal Machinery Manufacturing Department.
After this chapter was sent out, Tang Bai opened the comment area as usual, and was
pleasantly surprised to find that there was a little less scolding in the comment area this
time. Readers in the comment area were discussing Jun Tongchen enthusiastically, but
not Jun Tongchen in the article. Jun Tongchen was the first in the preliminary round of
the mecha manufacturing competition.
“The first big guy in the preliminary round of the Mecha Manufacturing Contest is the
same book I read! And You Rong Yan!”
“If you write the experience of the first big boss in the preliminary round, there will be
people who will definitely criticize it. The poison point is how in reality it is possible that
the mecha maker designed the mecha in the shape of a pink rabbit.”
“The author of the one-person blood book writes that Jun Tongchen made a pink rabbit
mecha! This is the mecha that Meng O should make!”
“The rabbit mech is real, I’m already in love with that rabbit.”
When almost all the comments are nonsense and playfulness, the comments posted by
“x” readers are exceptionally different:
“The world that each of us expects is different from the real world. This world is trying to
assimilate everyone, but Jun Tongchen has shown me the power to fight with it. I have
always believed that young people should stay angry and think Keep the blood boiling.
Even if these burnings will eventually be silent and die. I know that the process of
martyrs is unreasonably hard, the sweetest honey, and the splendor when fighting the
fire. Only the sacrifices of the martyrs can be exchanged. A broader future. And I hope
everyone can have a broader star sea.”
“Art comes from life, but reality is even more absurd. The author writes very well. Only
with abundant emotions and three views as the soil can the words bloom with gorgeous
flowers. I am glad I can see your story. To hear your thoughts, you have to believe that
your words will shine.”
Tang Bai:”!!!”
This! Yes! Varied! NS! God! Sin! read! By!

Chapter 45

Tang Bai covered his face and read this comment seriously three times, from a flash of
light in his brain when he saw it for the first time to inexplicable tears when he saw it the
third time.
He suddenly remembered the young man who hid in the old days and saved his pocket
money to buy mecha parts, hidden under the covers secretly reading the mechanics
books, and looked at the champion of mecha manufacturing contest with envy.
it’s wired.
Tears fell inexplicably.
Tang Bai covered his eyes. In the artificial darkness, he suddenly choked up quietly.
Why are you crying?
Maybe it was because that young man was really working hard to reach the wider star
sea, stumbled out of the gloomy old days, and ran desperately towards the end of the
light with a heavy bag on his back.
The mecha parts that fell out of the backpack were bright stars, following his running
trajectory into a winding river of molten gold.
Xie Ruheng was searching for “bionic human skin bandages,” and he saw Jun
Tongchen in the article covered the scars of the glands with this thing.
Soon he found a business and proposed to use this material to customize gloves.
However, the business said that the gloves do not have fingerprints, which would be
inconvenient to travel. He recommended a cream for temporary repair of scars to Xie
This kind of ointment can only temporarily restore the skin to its original condition. It is
not good for the skin to use it more often and the price is very high.
Xie Ruheng thought about adding to the shopping cart.
Tang Bai has been sending him skin care products that dilute the scars. Although he
does not dislike the scars on his hands, he should also hope to see his hands get
The operation takes a long time, and there is still a period of recovery, which is not
suitable for him now in class, going to the underground arena to defend the ring once a
month, and often driving mechs.
Let’s go for surgery when I have time later.
Xie Ruheng quit the Xingwang shopping platform, and suddenly found that Tang Bai’s
author number had sent him a message, which was the emoticon package of “Super
invincible snakeskin stick stick peacock opening screen happy.
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “What kind of fairy reader are you!!!”
Do not fall in love and engage in a career: “Hello, I will praise you, I! All! Yes! Shy! Shy!
Tang Bai blushed in Xie Ruheng’s mind, and he was so happy that he went around in
circles. The emotional fluctuations brought about by this cognition suddenly exceeded
his anti-cute safety warning line, making him laugh unconsciously.
x: “No exaggeration. I really like this article. Perhaps the three views expressed by Da
Da are not perfect, and there are still some loopholes, but it conveys a positive emotion
that is almost tearful, which makes people think. To explore.”
x: “A good work is not a pile of pale and excellent writing pens. It has bones and soul.
This kind of bone and soul are composed of the author, and it comes from the author
himself. You have to cheer for the future, don’t lose courage , Do not drop a soft heart.”
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Tang Bai was almost speechless. He felt the power of words. He was very gentle, but
he could firmly open his heart, like a green plant burrowing out of the soil, with countless
branches and flowers full of buds. Branches, fragrant and rich.
He fell on the bed and rolled two laps excitedly, his little hands slapping the sheets like
a jubilant little sea lion.
I don’t know why it’s so happy! ! !
After a while, Tang Bai got up with his stubborn hair and typed seriously to the reader:
“Are you a mortal fairy blowing fairy air to me?” This is no longer a rainbow fart! It’s
x: “Huhu.”
Tang Bai couldn’t help but fell back on the bed with a snap, hugging the pillow and
kicking his legs frantically. His cheeks were puffing and his eyes were shiny, and
countless “he is so cute, he is so cute, he is so cute” flashed in his mind.. ….
calm down! You have to be reserved! You must have the stability that you should have!
Tang Bai moved on the bed, adjusted to a comfortable posture, his face flushed and
said, “I will continue to work hard~”
x: “Are there some caverns in this chapter?”
Stupefied, Tang Bai cocked up, and Tang Bai said in shock: “How did you see it?!”
x: “When I read it out, I may be familiar with the big text and style of writing. Sometimes
I can guess the mood when I wrote the essay. Let me make a bold guess. Did I feel
hungry when I wrote the tenth chapter?”
Do not fall in love and engage in a career: “!!!”
Do not fall in love and engage in a career: “It seems to be! Ah, ah, ah, you are so
Xie Ruheng recalled that when Tang Bai wrote this chapter, he and he went to the slum
to send the children home, and missed the normal dinner time. Well, Tang Bai secretly
coded words on the floating car for a while, thinking he hadn’t found it.
Later, after Tang Bai updated it, when he read this chapter of Tang Bai, he saw that
Tang Bai specifically wrote the sentence “Jun Tongchen ate noodles at night” at the
Although there is a little cheating, Xie Ruheng can really feel some subtle differences
when reading articles.
The exclamation mark sent by Tang Bai made Xie Ruheng experience the joy of making
magic tricks for children. With a smile on his phoenix eyes, Xie Ruheng replied: “It
shows that the big words are very contagious, and they are a big god.”
Don’t fall in love and engage in a career: “!!! You praise me! You must not praise me
any more! If you praise me again, I really want to float!”
Don’t fall in love and engage in a career: “Don’t call me big, I feel embarrassed to be
called so, you…”
Don’t fall in love and engage in a career: “Call me Tangtang [I’m a little shy in the
cleverness. jpg]”
Sugar candy?
Xie Ruheng was stunned. He went to Tang Bai’s house before and heard that Tang
Bai’s family called Tang Bai this way. This is a very intimate name and very appropriate
to Tang Bai’s character, like a fragrant and soft milk. sugar.
His thin lips opened slightly, and when he spoke the name softly, the tip of his tongue
touched his palate, the first time he felt a hint of sweetness, and then…
A sour lemon smell numbs the tip of his tongue.
He has never called Tang Bai like that, the “x” vest can actually get such a honor!
Feng Miao stared at the screen name “x” dangerously, as if a celebrity in the reader
group was picking up Parlu’s summer dress.
Tang Bai would still call him brother Xie to the three-dimensional man, what can he call
this vest, brother x?
Xie Ruheng, who regained his sense of superiority, was balanced. He coughed and
typed: “Tang Tang.”
After the name was given, Xie Ruheng, who had never called such a crooked name,
rubbed his nose with his fingers slightly uncomfortably, and his handsome face showed
a little embarrassment.
He and the blushing villain from Tang Bai on the light screen were sitting on the
kneeling emoticon pack with big eyes and small eyes, and couldn’t help adding this
emoticon pack with their fingers.
x: “[There is a little shy in Qiao Qiao.jpg]”
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “Little angel, I did have some Cavan
recently. I can tell you what I think, and then you can tell me what I feel?”
x: “Of course you can.”
Tang Bai began to work through the outline. He didn’t have much expectations. He just
wanted to reorganize the outline and diverge his thinking, but it exceeded his
Will put forward a lot of useful opinions, a few words made Tang Bai feel suddenly
open, grasping Jun Tongchen’s character extremely accurately, as if it is another Jun
Tongchen in this world, and the plot he helped design is entirely Jun Tongchen’s.
Things done.
Tang Bai:”!!!”
Tang Bai feels that he has really picked up a fairy. He can’t wait to talk to this reader all
night long. Every time the other party tells a wonderful story, Tang Bai claps
desperately, saying “You are a little genius” and “God. I think too much”, “Why didn’t I
meet you earlier”…
Xie Ruheng looked at the words of praise constantly refreshing on the light screen, and
the corners of his lips moved up slightly.
He consciously realized that this was the resonance of his three views, the degree of
goodwill gained by the fit of the soul, and it had nothing to do with appearance, strength,
money, etc. As expected, no matter what he became, Tang Bai would like him!
They talked about class equality from the issue of ao equal rights, from the scars of
glands to the education of the slums, and finally they even talked about tea art…
Don’t fall in love and engage in business: “Ah, ah, ah, I finally understand what it means
to meet a friend in the mountains and flowing water, and the color cloud to chase the
moon to know oneself! The ancients can make good friends because of a song and a
glass of wine, but today I know you because of literary ties! !!!”
Tang Bai actually hates alpha. He hates the arrogant alpha that imposes independence,
self-improvement, diligence, and housekeeping on others like Gu Tunan did, and he
also hates the alpha that thinks that omega’s ignorance is virtue. .
He thinks that most of the alpha is exactly the same arrogance, and certain parts of the
alpha can no longer be described as arrogance, such as Qin Jun and Cheng Yangbin, it
is disgusting.
What’s more sad is that alphas like Cheng Yangbin are still high-quality alphas in the
eyes of the world. Compared with Cheng Yangbin, Tang Bai sometimes can barely
understand why Gu Tunan is the protagonist in the original work.
Fortunately, the existence of Tang’s father made Tang Bai still have a little hope for the
alpha group. He believed that there were still good alphas in this world, but the number
was too small.
After meeting, Tang Bai only thought that the three views were relatively positive at first.
In the alpha, he was one of the few who could fit his three views. However, after talking
like this tonight, Tang Bai found that not only that, but also their preferences.
He likes to eat sweets and has some understanding of tea art. He thinks that the pink
rabbit mecha is cute and handsome. He even knows the new products of Paluru and
glandular membranes. Tang Bai can talk about omega topics and ask him about alpha.
Things to say:
“Does the alpha bedroom really talk about omega at night like in the book?”
: “I went to school in the Federal Military Academy. During the period of military training,
the omega who talked the most about alpha was Tang Bai from the Etiquette Academy.”
Tang Bai felt a sense of shame and py for no apparent reason, but couldn’t restrain his
curiosity: “How do you talk about this omega?”
“Speaking of him as cute, beautiful, unique, little bell pepper, confident and dazzling, he
will shine when he stands.”
Tang Bai covered his mouth, it was a pleasure to be praised, but he was embarrassed
to ask others’ praise like this.
Tang Bai spurned himself and asked, “What about you?”
: “I don’t talk about him with others.”
Tang Bai nervously said, “You don’t like him?”
: “He is a favorite that I hide. I like it so much that I don’t want to share it with anyone.”
Tang Bai stared at these words, he slowly, slowly blushed.

Chapter 46

Do not fall in love and engage in business: “Wait, didn’t you tell me last time, were you
chatting with your favorite omega?”
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “Are you chatting with Tang Bai? Or did you
like more than one omega?”
Xie Ruheng: “!!!”
The fur of the little lion who was about to continue his attack exploded at this moment,
and he was horrified to discover where the white rabbit he was hunting was obviously a
majestic pink raging rabbit! ! !
what to do? !
…Have it!
: “Leave a message in his live broadcast room.”
Seeing the reply, Tang Bai’s mind appeared to be serious about playing rainbow farts in
his live broadcast room.
His tea art class live broadcast rooms rarely open live broadcasts. When he is not
broadcasting, the live broadcast rooms will replay the content of his previous live
broadcasts. Every day there is a steady stream of barrage and messages, so many that
he has no time to check it.
And the hard-working comments were submerged in countless messages. Those
familiar with the scars of the glands, the study of tea ceremony culture, the discussion of
slum education, and the countless words that resonated with him, there were no words
from beginning to end He has noticed.
He once missed the sincerity of another person in such an innocent way.
Tang Bai was a little speechless.
He was almost deserted and fled: “The readers seem to be talking about slum
fundraising. Let’s go and see?
Xie Ruheng, who was about to be unable to hold on, immediately echoed: “Okay.”
The two people were in a mess and opened a reader group. A bunch of socialite
omegas in the group were discussing donating materials and raising funds to build
Bai Zhi made contact with the foundation and workers in the slum. The school is already
under construction. It can be completed within this month. Some of the materials
donated by caring people in the society have also been sent to the children’s homes in
the slum.
Many celebrities in the group graduated from the School of Etiquette. Some people
asked if they could build a music classroom so that children in slums could also receive
the influence of art. Some people said that learning art is too expensive and should be
taught to them at this stage. The most practical thing is that a military lady said that
omega children can also learn mechanics. Just like Jun Tongchen in the article, since
the schools in the city refuse to arrange such courses for omega students, they are
building their own The school arrangement…
This proposal was put forward and was not immediately rejected. Not only that, but an
omega believed that basic courses for mecha divisions could also be arranged. Since
the preliminary champions have created mechas that can be driven by omegas, why
don’t they train them? What about the omegas that can really operate these mechas?
Tang Bai was stunned as he watched these ladies and sisters turn from the initial piano,
chess, calligraphy and painting course to the hardcore teaching of building mechas and
starships. He found that he seemed to underestimate these sisters.
What they need is actually a direction, a goal that can be proven to be possible.
That’s great.
It feels good to be fighting in one direction with everyone.
Tang Bai returned to school. Today’s class is a time management course taught by
Director Huang himself. Director Huang on the podium said passionately: “Today’s time
management class, we are talking about time management after marriage.”
“Some omegas work hard for the family after marriage and become yellow-faced o. In
the end, their husbands derailed and the mistresses forced the palace to become a
laughing stock in the circle.”
“And the outstanding representative of the time management of the celebrity circle is
Mrs. Gu of the Gu family. He takes care of the marriage life perfectly, and has cultivated
three excellent alpha sons. The husband is clean and self-conscious, and there has
never been a scandal of cheating. Madam studying…”
“A successful marriage requires the wisdom and patience of omega. What the teacher
wants to talk about today is how to arrange the time management in the marriage, take
care of the family while improving oneself, and always be considerate, inclusive,
beautiful and elegant.”
Tang Bai opened the “Time Management” textbook stall on the table, put on wireless
headphones and lowered his codewords. Director Huang is a water class teacher. He
won’t be deducted by him for fishing in class, so Tang Bai generally doesn’t bother to
listen to him. Nonsense.
“Beauty is an omega’s weapon. Mrs. Wang and her husband have been married for 20
years, but they never let her husband see his plain face…”
Tang Bai lowered his head to write about Jun Tongchen’s military training, painted on
his face, and lay down on the ground to shoot. Although his physical fitness is poor, he
has amazing talents in terms of weapons together, whether it is to make weapons or
use weapons. .
“When you are tired for a day, facing your husband’s request for you to massage him,
you will…”
Jun Tongchen closed one eye, aiming blankly at the alpha pants/crotch mocking his
dish, calmly pressed the firing button, only hearing a “bang”, the alpha pants/crotch
showed a thumb size The void.
“As omega, we must learn to be tolerant, restrained, and suffer…”
Jun Tongchen said coldly: “I’m such a dish, and it’s normal for my hands to shake. You
should be tolerant.”
After a time management class was over, Tang Bai coded 800 words. He stretched out,
packed his things and went to the cooking class with Tong Meng.
“I really want to be an omega like Mrs. Gu, too.” Tong Meng said longingly: “Mrs. Gu is
really happy.”
Tang Bai looked at Tong Meng and heard that Tong Meng happily said that he would
have several children in the future. He reached out and poke Tong Meng’s cheek, “You
are still a child yourself.”
Tong Meng smiled embarrassedly.
“Mrs. Gu once said to me that the happiest time in his life is before getting married, so
ah, you can enjoy the moment now.”
Tong Meng said: “Don’t talk about me, you can tell me how you are getting along with
Xie Ruheng?”
Tang Bai said helplessly: “He and I are just good friends, don’t get me wrong.”
“I don’t believe that there is a pure friendship between Ao, he must be greedy for your
body!” Tong Meng said a few words, afraid of being beaten by Tang Bai, and quickly
changed the subject: “Well, Gu Tunan, you don’t like it, Xie Ruheng You are not
interested either, then may I ask where the sacred can come into your eyes?”
——”He is a favorite that I hide. I like it so much that I don’t want to share it with
Tang Bai was stunned for a moment.
“Eh~!!! Your expression!!!” Tong Meng exclaimed as if he had discovered a new world:
“Who is that alpha?!”
“…No one.” Tang Bai wanted to push Tong Meng away, but Tong Meng clung to Tang
Bai’s arm and didn’t let go: “Please be merciful and tell me! I’m really too I’m curious!
What does he look like? How old? Is it better than Gu Tunan and Xie Ruheng
Tang Bai saw that all the classmates around him looked over. He gritted his teeth and
grabbed Tong Meng’s ears and threatened: “If you yell again, I will tell you about your
sleeping and snoring.”
Tong Meng: “!!!”
Tong Meng immediately let go and went to the cooking class as quiet as a chicken.
Tang Bai was a little confused. He lowered his head and chopped vegetables, but what
flashed in his mind were the bits and pieces of yesterday and getting along.
What does it look like?
have no idea. It should be the same as normal alpha. Alpha is hard to see.
how old are you?
Military academy students are four years older than him at most. No, there are also
students who are in advanced studies.
Better than Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan combined?
impossible. Xie Ruheng and Gu Tunan are the protagonists of this world, and they are
regarded as the best omega and alpha representatives among their peers.
, It should be an ordinary and a little good alpha, there is no particularly good
appearance, knowledge, family background… If Tang’s mother arranges a blind date,
such an alpha will be kicked out of the blind date list first.
So why, when he was asked by Tong Meng, he would think of it?
It happened to be very late and very hilarious, so I still remember this new friend?
…Will new friends blow their breath?
Tang Bai wrinkled his face and stared at the minced meat in the bowl seriously. He
didn’t think about it. He shook his head and reached out to take the dumpling wrapper to
make dumplings.
After the cooking class, Tang Bai put the cooked dumplings in the heat preservation
box, prepared to send lunch to Xie Ruheng with a bento of love, and gave Xie Ruheng
etiquette by the way.
Tong Meng kept looking at Tang Bai eagerly, trying to speak several times, like a
curiosity baby, and finally couldn’t hold back: “Tang Tang, just tell me, okay? I promise
not to talk to anyone, please. is you……”
Tang Bai hooked his finger to Tong Meng, and when Tong Meng came up happily, he
whispered like a devil in Tong Meng’s ear: “I like him to sleep, snoring and grind his
teeth and talk in sleep. Don’t count it.”
What can’t you do? Eat, sleep, gossip, snoring, Tongmeng: “…”
Abandoning the crying child dream, Tang Bai held his umbrella refreshed and went to
the Federal Military Academy to look for Xie Ruheng. When he first entered the gate of
the Federal Military Academy, Tang Bai suddenly thought that he was also studying at
the Federal Military Academy.
Will there be a figure among the countless alphas on campus that have passed him by?
Ah this…
I blame Tongmeng! ! !
They are obviously just friends with the three views! At least in the vest of the author
“Tang Bai.” A low male voice came from behind abruptly, almost frightening Tang Bai’s
lunch box.
Tang Bai widened his eyes and turned his head cautiously. After seeing that the person
calling him was Gu Tunan, the heart that had been raised in an instant was trembling
and letting go.
A gust of wind blows, and there is a rustle over the flowers and trees, and clusters of
brocade flowers bloom on the branches, and they are densely clustered together,
pressing the slender branches to droop, like a sea of flowers and waterfalls on Tang
Bai’s. Behind.
Yunjinhuashu is a well-known location for taking pictures and checking in at the Federal
Military Academy. Gu Tunan has walked through here countless times, but it is the first
time to stop for such a beautiful scenery.
The gray-blue eyes reflected the slender figure in front of Huahai. Gu Tunan quietly
looked at Tang Bai for a while, and whispered, “Be careful, Qin Jun.”
Tang Bai didn’t ask why Gu Tunan knew about this. Gu Tunan was a protagonist
attacking intelligence networks, and he and Qin Jun were roommates. “Did Qin Jun
have any actions lately?”
“It’s nothing, he has been asking for drawings on the mecha trading platform of the
Coffin of Mechanics. In short, you must be careful not to place orders, and…”
Gu Tunan paused, and he whispered, “I’m sorry.”

Chapter 47
When Gu Tunan stood upright, and said “I’m sorry” with a calm face, he was like a
reformed labor prisoner, and Tang Bai was shocked the moment he spoke.
Gu Tunan, this naive person, would actually apologize to me? !
Standing up in horror, Tang Bai stared at Gu Tunan with round eyes, “Are you
apologizing for the fact that you used to report to the teacher?
Gu Tunan: “I was wrong about this, but I think it’s…”
Tang Bai:”……”
Tang Bai’s eyes were blank, and Gu Tunan’s idiots were automatically filtered, thinking
about what Qin Jun this dog would do.
The bad things Qin Jun did in the book are going to the underground arena to destroy
Xie Ruheng’s mecha. What else is there? Other things seem to be doing bad things for
Cheng Yangbin as a dog…Huh?
The delicate eyebrows wrinkled little by little, and a vague guess came out of Tang Bai’s
Gu Tunan pulled from the danger of omega going out alone to the importance of school
leaders’ attention to the safety of omega students. He was commended. Halfway
through, he suddenly realized something was wrong.
Seeing Tang Bai frowning, a trace of annoyance flashed in his gray-blue eyes, Gu
Tunan tried to save: “Actually, I really want to do this this time—”
“I see!!!” Tang Bai suddenly raised his head and said excitedly. He handed the love
bento to Gu Tunan indiscriminately: “This is for you, thank you for helping me…” No,
no! Don’t give the protagonist a chance to get any emotional warming!
Tang Bai hurriedly changed his words: “You help me solve it! Thank you so much for
today! I’ll leave first and see you!”
After speaking, Tang Bai handed the lunch to Gu Tunan and left in a hurry.
Gu Tunan was flattered and looked at the little bunny bento in his hand that he had
reunited for a long time. After a long time, he finally had this bento once again.
Gu Tunan was extremely pleasantly surprised.
Gu Tunan tried to show off.
Gu Tunan carried Tang Bai’s little rabbit bento, like a general returning from a battle,
taking the trophy to receive attention, and like a celebrity carrying the latest bag and
screaming everywhere.
When Gu Tunan carried the bunny bento around the practice room and opened the
bento to release the scent when everyone was in full swing, everyone’s eyes fell on the
bunny bento, looking for the tempting scent.
Xie Ruheng also inadvertently raised his head and glanced at the cute little rabbit, and
then he stared at the little rabbit as if he had clicked on the body fixation technique!
Every time Tang Bai gave him love, he used the same thermal insulation box. The
thermal insulation box printed with the little rabbit pattern had a slight scratch on the
rabbit’s left ear!
He finally knew what was worse than discovering that the hunting target was the Pink
Rabbit Mecha——
This rabbit mech will turn green again! ! !
Tang Bai sneezed. He rubbed his nose and hurried home. He asked Director Huang for
a long time off on the way.
Since Tang Bai got the scars of the glands to make fake makeup, Director Huang has
been getting better and better for leave.
On the way home, Tang Bai began to recall the plot in the book. None of Cheng
Yangbin’s design drawings for the Federal Mecha Contest was designed by himself.
The drawings for the preliminary rounds and finals were all bought with money.
The book only mentions that Cheng Yangbin’s preliminary drawings were bought from
the mecha designer of the Empire. Tang Bai originally thought the same was true for the
semi-finals and finals. He was worried about how to find evidence of Cheng Yangbin’s
buying and selling drawings, so he got it from Gu Tunan. I heard Qin Jun begging for
mecha drawings on the mechanical coffin.
Qin Jun is Cheng Yangbin’s follower, and he will help Cheng Yangbin do a lot of
shameful things, some things that Cheng Yangbin is unwilling to do, and Qin Jun will do
things that he is afraid of getting his hands dirty, and some things that Cheng Yangbin
wants to avoid, Qin Jun will do the same.
As Qin’s family, Qin Jun didn’t lack money to buy mechas. Is it possible that Qin Jun
collected mecha drawings on a large scale at this time for Cheng Yangbin?
After arriving home, Tang Bai Ruan Mo Hard Pao borrowed Grandpa Tang’s seller
account from Grandpa Tang.
The Mechanical Coffin is an organization with a high threshold for membership. It
requires a high membership fee every year. In the Mechanical Coffin, you can buy rare
weapon drawings, weapon parts and energy spars outside.
When Tang Bai bought a lot of materials from the mechanical coffin over the years, the
mechanical coffin can be traded online, which is formal and secure. It is much safer
than the black market exchanges in the slums. Most of the black market circulation is
stolen goods. Many of the goods in the Mechanical Coffin are officially produced and
sold by weapon manufacturers.
Tang Bai has an account in Mechanical Coffin, but that is the buyer’s number.
Tang Bai showed a lovely smile after logging in to the newly acquired gold seller
Cheng Yangbin left from the rematch. He waved to the audience on both sides and the
flying live ball, with a gentle smile on his face. However, when he entered the
suspended car without a camera, Cheng Yangbin’s face suddenly became gloomy.
Since he lost to “Jun Tongchen” in the preliminary round, he can no longer market the
mecha-manufacturing genius as before.
And the same block diagram of him and Xie Ruheng quickly circulated, every time his
fans praised his prosperous beauty, some people throw out the same framed
screenshots of him and Xie Ruheng during the live broadcast.
All of the selling points he had frantically marketed for a while have become slots, which
is not conducive to his early accumulation of popularity. Now the only chance to come
back against the wind is to win the final championship, a shame!
Cheng Yangbin opened his brain and asked an account: “Has the true identity of Jun
Tongchen been found out?”
——”You still need to wait for a while.”
For a period of time, for a period of time, still need to wait for a while, wait until Jun
Tongchen wins the championship and actively reveal his identity? ! What a fucking
trash! ! !
Cheng Yangbin closed the dialog irritably, grabbed his hair and tried to calm himself
The most urgent task is to find design drawings that meet the rules of the finals. The
content of the finals is the creation of propositions. Under normal circumstances, the
topics are only known when the finals are reached. He knew the requirements of the
topics in advance because of family relations. Now he is buying drawings and looking
for mechanics everywhere. .
He is going to piece together different design drawings in the same genre and sew them
into his own masterpiece, but his level can only create ordinary works on the basis of
plagiarism pieced together, not enough to create an excellent one to win the final. The
champion’s work, at this time, we must find a mecha maker to help him improve.
The final is going to be in a while, but he still hasn’t found a suitable mecha maker.
Just as Cheng Yangbin’s mood became more and more irritable, a message from Qin
Jun made his eyes shine: “Cheng Shao! I just found in the mechanical coffin that a top
mecha maker from another country had a free time! There were a bunch of people
going there at the time. The appointment schedule, I thought I couldn’t make an
appointment! As a result, the mecha maker just happened to choose me! This is his
private account…”
Cheng Yangbin was overjoyed: “Okay! Good job!”
The users of the weapon exchange platform of Mechanical Coffin come from various
countries. Regarding the certification of nationality, this platform has a series of strict
certification standards. It is difficult to disguise nationality. Cheng Yangbin is assured of
the auditing ability of Mechanical Coffin. He was here before. Find mecha
manufacturers from other countries on the platform to buy drawings.
It is very difficult to find mecha manufacturers from other countries.
The Federation attaches great importance to mecha technology. For example, the real
mecha design drawings of the players in the mecha manufacturing competition can only
be seen by the judges and the military department. The mecha design drawings
circulated in the preliminary competition are the drawings of the shell, which is of little
value and is for the public. Watch the excitement.
Therefore, Cheng Yangbin is not worried that the mecha maker finds that he uses his
improved drawings to participate, unless the foreign mech manufacturing contest is a
member of the federal military and has the right to see the drawings of the players in the
But this is even more impossible.
Because the federation is afraid of leaking military secrets, it has explicitly forbidden
military personnel to sell drawings in the mechanical coffin.
He immediately added the Xingwang account of the mecha maker master. This account
is a newly opened account, which is normal. They usually contact him in private
He saw the information of this mecha maker master from Qin Jun. It was an ashes-level
account in the Coffin of Mechanics, and in such a long time, the buyer satisfaction of
this account on the Coffin of Mechanics was as high as 100%! The anonymous
comments from the buyers all praised his superb skills!
Cheng Yangbin was very satisfied when he saw the information of this mecha maker.
The only thing he was dissatisfied with was the secret sign they had agreed upon. The
secret sign was given by the master, and the master wouldn’t let him change it.
Cheng Yangbin frowned and sent a message: “The alpha surnamed Cheng is an idiot.”
Master: “Yeah.”
Cheng idiot: “Hello master, I am your chosen buyer on the mechanical coffin.”
Master: “You are still in the trial period, not my favorite buyer [smile.jpg]”
The lethality of Huang Dou’s smiling face was tremendous. Combined with the idiot
secret signal before, Cheng Yangbin’s expression was a bit unstretched, and he
suspected that the master was taunting him.
Elderly emoticons, understandable, this is obviously a way of expressing kindness, don’t
think too much about it.
Cheng Yangbin: “What does the trial period mean? Didn’t you choose me on the
mechanical coffin? What is the price in your heart? I can pay three times.”
Master: “It’s not a question of money.”
Master: “I am not short of money. I hope to have a thoughtful resonance with my
customers and the fit of the three outlooks. I don’t deal with people who are out of aura.”
Cheng Yangbin was dumbfounded.
Don’t you talk about money and thinking about a money transaction?
No, no, no, no, this indifferent to fame and fortune can show that this master is different,
not a liar for fame, the real master has a weird personality and a deeper thinking is
Cheng Yangbin straightened his mentality and said humbly: “Master, do you think I fit
your aura?”
Master: “What do you think of Cheng Yangbin?”
Cheng Yangbin: “???”
Cheng Yangbin, who suddenly saw his name appear, was wary for a moment. He
suspected that the master mecha maker knew his true identity was deliberately playing
with him.
Not too possible.
It was Qin Jun’s account that was in contact with this mecha maker. On the face of it, he
is not related to Qin Jun. Qin Jun is just a young man in a new family who can’t support
the wall. Even if the master finds out Qin Jun’s identity It is impossible to think of him.
Besides, the time of the mecha maker is so precious, and the account registration time
of this mecha maker is older than his age. How can such a mature and advanced
mecha maker deliberately play with him?
Thinking of the master’s signal, Cheng Yangbin guessed that the master’s enemy might
have the surname Cheng, so the master is likely to anger the person whose surname is
As a mecha manufacturing master, I will definitely pay attention to the rookies of mecha
manufacturing in various countries, and he is very popular in mecha manufacturing, and
it is normal to be mentioned by the master.
Mr. Cheng, who is very confident of his popularity, stretched out his hand and rubbed
the clear jaw line, and said narcissistically: “I think he is a rookie in the federal mecha
manufacturing industry.”
Master: “[笑.jpg]”
Cheng Yangbin followed with a smile and said, “Master, are you approving?”
Master: “I am laughing at you stupid.”
Cheng Yangbin’s smile disappeared on the spot.
Master: “Improper mentality, over-packaging, and ugly people make mischief. I am
afraid that he wants to mix with the mecha circle but the political circle. He just uses the
mecha circle as a springboard. Fortunately, this is not a business in our country,
otherwise I will be pissed off by him .”
Cheng Yangbin’s handsome face turned black and red, red and green, and he
immediately uttered swear words in regards to the eighteenth generation of the master’s
Cheng Yangbin has never been scolded like this in his life! An angry air flow was
constantly erupting from the trembling nostrils, and the two lips were almost unable to
seal the unbearable swear words, but the finger that clicked to send did not fall for a
long time…
Mecha design drawing Mecha design drawing Mecha design drawing!
Cheng Yangbin tried his best to maintain the demeanor that a beautiful man should
Master: “How can your country’s mecha circle have such a scum! A mouse poop spoils
a pot of porridge, and this malignant tumor stirs up your country’s mecha circle! What a
misfortune for your country!”
Cheng idiot: “!!!”
Cheng idiot was so angry that his temples suddenly fell frantically, his eyes were red
like a bison, and he wanted to rush to fight the master, but he moved his fingers
honestly away from the position of the send button, for fear that he would accidentally
take this. A long series of swear words ruined his business with this mecha maker.
Those who make big things must endure what ordinary people can’t bear! To design
drawings for mechas, to win the finals, and to enter the parliament, he bears it! ! !
Cheng Yangbin endured the humiliation and deleted all the insults.
Master: “Why don’t you speak anymore?”
Cheng Yangbin stared at the master’s head like staring at his father and enemy,
enduring anger, typing with his middle finger: “You are so good, I can’t get in.”
Master: “Practice more if you are stupid, scold Cheng Yangbin to practice [smile.jpg]”
Cheng Yangbin’s anger started from his heart, and he was guilty of being guilty. He
cursed himself falsely but actually cursed the master. He viciously said: “I’ll go to you to
breed the foolish stuff that you have criticized and breed with the dog!”
Master: “Add Cheng Yangbin’s name.”
Cheng Yangbin: “……”
On the other side, Tang Bai scolded myself while watching the performance of Mileage
Yang Bin in the chat record. He laughed until tears came out. He wanted to take
screenshots frantically and wanted to share the source of his happiness with the world.
Hey no, Tang Bai rubbed his aching stomach, got up and put on an essence mask for
himself, fearing that he would laugh too much and grow wrinkles.
At this time, he sent a message to the account he noted as an idiot Cheng and asked:
“Master, are you satisfied?”
Tang Bai said: “It’s not satisfactory.”
Cheng Yangbin asked aggrievedly: “Master, do you think I am worthy of being your
Tang Bai: How many do you match?
Tang Bai: “How much can you pay?”
Cheng Yangbin: “?”
Cheng Yangbin: “Master, don’t you say you don’t talk about money?”
Tang Bai said coldly: “I’m just not short of money, and I don’t think it is too much.” I not
only want to play with your feelings, but also rob you of your money.
Cheng Yangbin: “Ten million stars, change the mecha design drawing once.”
Tang Bai: “Add a zero.”
100 million stars! Change the mecha design drawing only once! Why the hell isn’t going
to grab money! ! !
Cheng Yangbin was furious! Cheng Yangbin went crazy! Cheng Yangbin shook: “Could
it be less.”
Yes, asking someone to do things is so humble, and a capable mecha maker can do
Master: “You bargain, you are not sincere.”
Cheng Yangbin: “Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!”
In the end, Tang Bai severely slaughtered Cheng Yangbin. After they signed the
confidentiality agreement, Tang Bai saw the mecha design that Cheng Yangbin gave
There is a subtle sense of fragmentation in this drawing, which may not be seen by the
average mecha maker, but Tang Bai has a peculiar sharpness and insight in this
aspect. He raised his eyebrows slightly and revealed an unclear smile.
Cheng idiot: “I combined the mecha drawings I designed in different periods to create a
better mecha. I encountered a bottleneck in this creation. I hope the master will give me
some advice.
Tang Bai faintly replied: “I don’t like to explain, I will directly help you to improve the
work in an all-round way, you can understand by looking at the drawings.
Cheng Yangbin: “Okay.”
After Tang Bai communicated with Cheng Yangbin, he suddenly had an inspiration for
writing, but he was not sure whether the plot he thought was feasible, so he clicked on
the dialog box with x.
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “Little angel, I want to set up a villain who is
addicted to plagiarism in Jun Tongchen’s academy. That villain is a mechanical student
and wants to run for chief. What do you think?”
x: “What is the specific conflict between him and Jun Tongchen?”
Tang Bai didn’t expect x to return in seconds. He blinked and chatted with x about the
plot. After talking for almost half an hour, Tang Bai said happily: “You are such a
peerless little genius!”
Don’t fall in love and engage in career: “[Super Invincible Snake Skin Bang Bang
Peacock Happy Opening Screen.gif]”
x: “You are great too.”
Tang Bai realized that x was not interested in chatting today, and he hadn’t sent any
emoticons. He asked carefully, “Little angel, are you in a bad mood?”
x: “A little bit.”
More than a little bit, the vinegar Xie Ruheng ate for the noon dumpling was enough to
make him sour into a cup of lemon tea.
Tang Bai immediately assumed the posture of an intimate brother: “What happened? If
you want to find someone to talk to, I can come to be your psychotherapist!”
Seeing that Tang Bai was so caring about the vest of x, Xie Ruheng became more sour
for some reason. He said sourly: “I heard someone say today that Tang Bai gave Gu
Tunan a lunch. Does Tang Bai think of Gu Tunan? Better than Xie Ruheng? I don’t
know whether Tang Bai likes Xie Ruheng or Gu Tunan.”
Feng Mou grieved and looked at the light screen, waiting for comfort.
Tang Bai saw the question of x and suddenly realized that he found that the point of x’s
distress was the question of “Is my male god green tea?”
If the omega mentioned by x is not his, he also thinks this omega is quite green tea.
No, he has to explain clearly!
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “In fact, have you ever thought that Tang Bai
doesn’t like neither of them?”
Xie Ruheng: “……?!”
Chapter 48

The dark phoenix pupils collapsed, Xie Ruheng only felt dizzy, his beautiful love with
Tang Bai was greatly impacted, Xie Ruheng took a deep breath and said stubbornly:
Impossible, Tang Bai must have made a mistake!
If you don’t love it, aren’t the elaborate bento, the ambiguous etiquette teaching, his
words and deeds and the sweet memories of this period of time all fake? !
Don’t talk about love and careers: “Tang Bai said in the live broadcast before that he
and Xie Ruheng are like-minded friends. Sending lunches as imitation makeup is also a
normal interaction between friends. Tang Bai also personally said that he and Gu Tunan
There has never been a marriage contract, they are just quasi-fiances nicknamed by the
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Xie Ruheng thought that the worst outcome was that he took over a green hat, but he
never thought that he was not even qualified to wear a hat!
Don’t fall in love and engage in business: “As for you said that Tang Bai gave Gu Tunan
a bento today, the omega giving a bento to alpha does not necessarily represent love. It
may be that Gu Tunan did something, so Tang Bai gave a bento to express his
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “[猫猫闪眼.jpg]”
Xie Ruheng: “…………”
Green tea tips12: You can’t just plant two tea trees in the tea garden, you must always
add high-quality spare tires to green out a forest
“Long night ah ah ah ah!!!”
“It’s a rat!”
“It really is the trump card of the underground arena…”
The spectators wearing ball masks in the stands screamed frantically at a mecha on the
martial arts stage. The screams almost gathered into huge waves, overturning the entire
underground arena.
The nakedly-dressed Mei O commentator was even shivered by the “rat”‘s rolling
operation on the field. He screamed: “Who else?! Who else dares to challenge the “rat”
next? !”
No one dares to take the stage to challenge.
Within five minutes of the opening, the first rookie king to rush to the stage was
defeated, and the humanoid mech that had just been warming up was knocked to the
The mecha head corresponds to the position of the cockpit, at this time the twisted
mecha head seeps with energy fluid.
The other three mecha divisions who originally wanted to challenge the “Mouse” had no
blood on their faces. They originally waited for the opportunity to challenge the “Mouse”
once a month to prepare to defeat the “Mouse” in a wheel fight, but at this moment, they
were stiff and staring at the martial arts field. The dark mecha.
That is the long night of “rats”.
In just five minutes, the “rat” performed a perfect slaughter on the martial arts arena.
They saw the long night open its wings and the batwing mimic aircraft gave it spooky
speed, that light and vigorous mecha. The silhouette is like participating in a ball, and
the gesture of harvesting life interprets the cruel and violent aesthetics.
In the face of absolute strength suppression, all resistance is ridiculously ridiculous.
“Hahahaha, these mecha divisions are stunned again!” “Ma De counseled!” “You group
of soft-footed shrimps hurry home and look for their mother!”
Amidst the laughter of the audience, these deserter mecha divisions left in a desperate
manner. They were afraid of the “rat”‘s pinnacle fighting skills, and even more afraid of
the “rat”‘s merciless fighting style, and they were not able to challenge themselves.”
“Mouse”, the price paid will be life.
Amidst the cheers of the audience, the pitch-black mecha stood silently on the elevator
platform and left.
Although he didn’t say a word, the Mei O commentator was still full of idiots, “Too
handsome, too handsome, too handsome,’Mouse’ is really impeccable, as long as he
succeeds in the challenge next time, You can become a real’king’.”
The mecha was parked in the room, Xie Ruheng jumped from the long night. He
successfully guarded the arena of this month. He had a one-month rest time to avoid
visiting the underground arena. He changed into his normal uniform and took out the
lucky stone from the mecha combat uniform. .
This lucky stone is only half the size of a fingernail, and the surface is cratered, but it is
shining under the light, and it is difficult to hide its beauty even if it is not carved.
Xie Ruheng looked down at the lucky stone for a while.
This is a relic left by his mother. It may be a psychological effect. Sometimes he can
think of his dead mother when he looks at the stone. When he played in the
underground arena for the first time, he reported that he might die Take this stone.
Because he heard that if people are too concerned about the world after death, those
reluctances will be turned into aspirations and stored in the relics, silently guarding the
loved ones.
After he won, he also developed a habit of taking this stone with him every time he went
to an underground arena game.
In his heart, he took this stone, which he didn’t know what the ore was, as a lucky stone,
which represented his mother’s protection for him.
Xie Ruheng put the small stone into the lucky charm, and then put it into the pocket of
his regular clothes.
After doing all this, he confirmed that there was no accident with the person/leather
mask on his face, Xie Ruheng walked out of the mecha parking room, turned and left
the underground arena.
He doesn’t want to show his true appearance in the underground arena. Although his
true appearance is not a secret to some powerful aristocratic spectators and the person
in charge of the underground arena, most people don’t know that the “rat” is Xie
The reason for this was the fear of getting rotten peach blossoms at first.
Xie Ruheng entered the underground arena for the first time at the age of fourteen.
Because of this face, he ran into a lot of troubles. For example, some difficult spectators
chased backstage and wanted to socialize with him, lost flowers to him when he was on
the court, and some even asked to support he……
At that time, he was too young, his facial features were not developed, and he did not
have the now prohibitive aura, even though he faced the suitor with a cold face every
time, with that childish and beautiful face, like a thorny rose, but It makes people want
more people who want to fold flowers.
Later, he changed a code name, and every time he wore an ordinary person/skin mask,
he didn’t have such troubles.
The black-haired and black-eyed Alpha walked on the streets of the slum in dark
clothes. His appearance was not outstanding, but passers-by still couldn’t help but take
another look.
This attraction may only be explained by temperament, cold and alienated, arrogant and
indifferent. When the dense beauty is concealed, Xie Ruheng’s own unique
temperament is highlighted instead.
Xie Ruheng walked from the prosperous Ziyang District to the run-down garbage street,
and saw that the garbage street was extremely lively. A school building that had just
seen its embryonic form replaced the original smelly garbage mountain.
In order to complete the school drawings meticulously designed by the wife of the
professor of the Department of Architecture, the wives hired 500 construction workers in
the slums. It took a week to build the prototype of the teaching building, canteen,
gymnasium, library and playground. It took more than a week to build.
In order to welcome this new school, people spontaneously cleaned up all the rubbish
on the ground nearby. Although the working workers looked tired, they couldn’t hide
their joy when they looked at it.
Every time Xie Ruheng passed by here, he was witnessing the process of building with
everyone’s efforts, but even so, he was still in a daze when he stopped here today.
The garbage mountain surrounded by flies and cockroaches in the past still can’t keep
much memory in my mind. There are tall buildings rigorously arranged on the mud
ground, each one is much more beautiful than the surrounding low bungalows, and
everything in front of you is radiant. Vigorous vitality appeared, as if flowers were
blooming in the silt.
“Look! They are here!” The workers’ voice interrupted Xie Ruheng’s thoughts. Xie
Ruheng looked up and saw a huge transport ship following a suspended vehicle.
There are many omegas sitting on the hovering car. Their clothes are not flamboyant,
but the material looks very soft and comfortable, and their delicate skin glows with a
healthy glow. Everyone has a graceful manner, which is completely different from the
people in the slums.
When the hovering car stopped, a person in charge of the construction process came to
the group of omega respectfully and reported the progress to a blonde and green-eyed
Many workers rushed to tidy up their clothes. The weather was too hot. Some of them
were shirtless, and some lifted their clothes up and exposed their stomachs. Usually, it
was fine, but they did it in front of this group of noble omega It’s rude.
These beautiful and elegant omegas helped their children build schools for free, gave
them generous wages and provided meals. They were grateful, even if they couldn’t
give anything back, don’t let themselves dirty the eyes of these noble omegas.
Tang Bai got out of the car holding an umbrella. He made an appointment with a group
of omega ladies in the readers group to deliver supplies and watch the school
construction process.
What he didn’t expect was that he saw the child Lu Shanshan also staying on the
construction site. The child seemed to be looking for something. The whole person was
exposed to the sun, and his dark skin glowed reddishly.
“The hill!” Tang Bai waved against Lu Xiaoshan.
When Lu Xiaoshan heard the sound, he turned his head and saw Tang Bai standing
among a group of noble omegas. He ran to Tang Bai quickly.
“Why are you here? You are all sweating.” Tang Bai knelt down and took out a
handkerchief to gently wipe the sweat on Lu Xiaoshan’s face.
“I’m looking for my dad. He didn’t go home yesterday. Mom said he might have come
here to work.” Lu Xiaoshan was a little uncomfortable and was wiped away by Tang Bai.
“I’ll accompany you to find it.” Tang Bai comforted: “Don’t worry.”
“Don’t bother Brother Tangtang, my dad should have been busy last night and didn’t go
home. He should be back today.” Lu Xiaoshan bowed deeply to Tang Bai and the other
omegas who came over. He is not used to getting along with strangers, especially
standing next to these noble ladies.
Declining Tang Bai’s kindness, Lu Xiaoshan turned his head and ran. Although he was
small, he ran very fast and disappeared after a swift of smoke.
“Is this the kid who appeared in your live broadcast room last time?” An officer’s wife
smiled: “He ran so fast.”
“Too skinny.” Another lady frowned painfully: “The arms are so thin that they don’t even
have any flesh.”
“But the eyes are very bright.” An older lady sighed with emotion.
“When Xiao Tang just squatted down to wipe the sweat on that kid, that kid’s face
suddenly became redder and he was very shy.”
“Oh, oh, it’s not that kid is easy to be shy, it’s that Xiao Tang is too pretty. I told you that
children are more face-controlling than adults. The kid in my family has watched Xiao
Tang’s live broadcast, and he wants to be beautiful every day. Brother, he said he will
marry Xiao Tang when he grows up!”
“Eh, is Xiao Tang still unmarried?” “Yes, Xiao Tang, you are still single now, that’s really
great, I must match you up…”
Tang Bai:”……”
Tang Bai was caught between a group of ladies who were about to introduce him to
him, feeling that his head was going to be big.
“You all said that Xiao Tang is shy, we Xiao Tang has someone I like.” said a lady who
had a close relationship with Tang’s mother.
The ladies who had seen Tang Bai’s gland scars and imitation makeup also got up
Tang Bai:”?”
What are you making eye contact? Isn’t it the one I think? Xie Ruheng and I are really
just sisters!
Thinking of his relationship with Xie Ruheng being misunderstood, Tang Bai felt tired. X
yesterday also misunderstood the relationship between him and Xie Ruheng.
He specifically explained to X, but the more he traced the tea, X was released to the
same place by him and closed himself up, and he did not talk to him today.
The previous “X” was the little angel who would say good morning, good night, good
night to him!
Don’t know why, Tang Bai felt a little empty in his heart.
He shook his head and walked to the construction site with the wife around him. At this
moment, a crying “Brother Tang Bai” made Tang Bai stop.
He turned around and saw a thin child running towards him with red eyes. The child was
wearing worn-out long-sleeved trousers with a hole in his shoes, a lot of dirt on his face,
yellowish muscles and thin cheeks. Recessed in, it is a look that makes people feel
distressed at a glance.
Tang Bai was stunned for a moment, and he quickly comforted the somewhat face-to-
face child: “What’s wrong? What happened? Don’t worry, speak slowly.”
The child stood in front of Tang Bai, panting, and said in a trembled voice: “Brother
Tang Bai, Mr. Ling is looking for you in a hurry.”
Mr. Ling is looking for me in a hurry?
“I, I just ran over and accidentally fell. I must delay Mr. Ling’s affairs…” The child
seemed to be overwhelmed by guilt when he said halfway, and he couldn’t help crying.
“Don’t cry or cry, brother will go with you.” Tang Bai comforted the child and turned to
his wife: “Excuse me, there seems to be something wrong with a friend of mine, I will
not make peace first. Everyone is moving together.”
“What’s wrong, do you want us to go there and help?” “Just you and a child, will it be
“I, I know the way! I will protect Brother Tang Bai!” The choking child promised as if
eager to atone for his merits: “If bad guys come, I will hold their thighs and let my
brother run first!”
The words of children who were so thin that they could blow down by a gust of wind
made the hearts of these ladies melt.
“Brother, Mr. Ling said that as long as the elder brother passes by alone, if two elder
brothers pass together, did I fail to complete the task assigned by Mr. Hao Ling?” The
eyes soaked in tears looked at Tang Bai timidly, letting him go. Tang Bai’s heart
softened: “It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t cry, brother will go find Mr. Ling with you now.”
Tang Bai carried a bunch of life-saving weapons. He was not worried about his safety.
After thanking his wife for their kindness, Tang Bai went out with the child.
The child was thinner than the average child, so thin that he felt top-heavy. When he
walked quickly, Tang Bai always worried that the child would fall.
In summer, he was still wearing long-sleeved trousers. It should be because the family
was too poor to buy summer clothes. Tang Bai looked at the child’s back distressedly.
When his eyes fell on the child’s neck, which was not covered by fabric, Tang Bai Saw
traces of festering.
Tang Bai took a breath.
He seems to have seen similar skin…
By the way, it was the first time he went to the black market in the slum with Xie
Ruheng. He saw a few addicts in the dim corridor, and the bare skin of those people
was as pus and ulcerated as before.
“Brother, why aren’t you leaving?” The child turned his head and stared at Tang Bai.
Tang Bai stretched his hand into his pocket calmly. He held the diamond-encrusted
energy gun and whispered, “You have soil on your face, wipe your face.”
The child smiled shyly. He smiled as cute as he should be at this age, innocent and
innocent, like weeds growing out of the soil. His little hand reached into his schoolbag,
as if he was about to take it out of it. tissue.
For a moment, Tang Bai thought that he was thinking too much. This seemed to be just
an ordinary slum child. His skin might be allergic or injured in some other accident.
But then, Tang Bai suddenly realized a problem.
He has been in contact with many slum children. These children never carry tissues and
handkerchiefs with them. They sweat or get dirty, and they use their sleeves and hands
to wipe them randomly. Then if the child in front of him wants to take it out Not a paper
towel, what should I take out of my schoolbag?
“Get down!!!” A violent voice sounded from behind, and the words were shouted too
quickly. For a while, Tang Bai didn’t hear what the owner was saying, he just felt
inexplicably familiar.
When the child in front of him took out an energy gun from his schoolbag, Tang Bai,
who was pointed at the gun, realized in a daze that the voice might have made him get
The sound of bullets pouring loudly, the huge contrast brought by the combination of the
innocent child and the cold firearms left Tang Bai’s brain blank. Some of his beliefs
seemed to be shot through by invisible bullets, and it was full of holes in an instant. .
The stunned Tang Bai was instantly thrown down by a strong and powerful body. The
world turned around in an instant, and he was wrapped in the opponent and fell to the
ground and rolled twice.
The man pressed his face in his arms, his broad palms firmly protected the back of his
head, his fingertips passed through his hair, and rough fingers rubbed his scalp with a
tingling itch, as if electric current was running through. brain.
“Stay here and don’t move.” A deliberately lowered muffled voice sounded in my ears.
Tang Bai raised his head and met a pair of dark eyes. Those eyes were indifferent and
detached, but they were mixed with hotness that seemed to be longing, making Tang
Bai’s heartstrings caught off guard.

Chapter 49

In front of the overwhelming energy bombs, Tang Bai saw the alpha roll on the ground
without hesitation, and then suddenly jumped up. The slender figure turned around in
the air to avoid the second wave of energy bombs.
Tang Bai stuck to the corner of the wall, holding the diamond-encrusted energy gun
vigilantly, and aimed at the chest of the child who was constantly tilting the firepower.
He bit his lip, his wrist shifted slightly, and hit the opponent’s gun accurately.
The child put down the gun in pain.
Taking advantage of this opportunity, Xie Ruheng leaped in front of the short opponent
and directly aimed a hand knife at the back of the opponent’s head.
All this in front of him was dizzying. Tang Bai found that the other party had completed a
series of operations such as rolling, getting up, sprinting, leaping, and hand knife in less
than three seconds.
Even if Tang Bai has seen many excellent alphas, the skill of this alpha is definitely
ranked in the top three among the people he knows!
Xie Ruheng tied up the attacker, and turned around to see Tang Bai softly shrunk into a
small ball, cleverly holding the energy gun and squatting in the corner looking at him, his
round amber eyes seemed to be full of a weak and helpless soul.
Xie Ruheng’s fingers twitched nervously. He was obviously angry with this person. He
was half-hearted and did not protect himself. But when he stared at him like this, he was
only distressed at this moment.
The softest kindness was used by others, and this incident must have hit Tang Bai very
Xie Ruheng, who had wanted to leave, struggled for a while, but couldn’t help but help
Tang Bai deal with the aftermath.
Tang Bai saw the black-haired and black-eyed alpha coming towards him, and those
black eyes were filled with unclear sentiment, coldly restrained but hot, as if suppressing
something, making people unpredictable.
What’s more special is that Tang Bai is familiar with this alpha at first sight.
Is it because of the suspension bridge effect?
Staring at Tang Bai’s small face for a while, Xie Ruheng sighed in his heart, and
stretched out his hand to Tang Bai: “Can you stand up?”
Fearing that Tang Bai would recognize his voice, Xie Ruheng suppressed his voice very
low, full of magnetism, as if the tiny hot particles had sharpened the auditory nerve.
The ears are going to be crisp!
Tang Bai inexplicably thought of the phrase “Don’t move” that the alpha had just
pressed to his ears, and he blushed and said, “It’s possible.”
The soft little omega stood up against the wall, not daring to look directly at his eyes, his
amber eyes blinked and flashed: “…Hello, my name is Tang Bai, thank you for saving
me. “
“Xiao Cheng.” Xie Ruheng casually took a name, Xiao is his mother’s last name.
“Xiao Cheng, thank you for saving me. I don’t know how to repay you. Why don’t we
add a newsletter first?” Tang Bai stretched out his hand wearing a light brain ring to Xie
Xie Ruheng was startled.
When he and Tang Bai first met, Tang Bai seemed to use the sweetest eyes and the
loudest voice to open the contact information **, even the words for communication are
almost the same…
That’s right, this is the familiar formula, this is the familiar tea fragrance!
At this moment, there seemed to be hundreds of millions of green tea pouring in Xie
Ruheng’s mind, converging into a green ocean and drowning him, then…Xie Ruheng
replied coldly with his dead fish eyes open: “No.”
It’s impossible to give the contact information. Tang Bai is added to the large and small
Unexpectedly, Tang Bai was stunned, his hand froze in the air, and even Duan Mao
collapsed wilfully.
In fact, it is understandable that people in the slums are very defensive, and it is normal
for Xiao Cheng not to want to have too much contact with strangers.
Xie Ruheng didn’t want to look at Tang Bai’s lost expression, he lowered his head and
called a floating car, ready to turn the attacker to the police station.
Tang Bai finished comforting himself, and then squeezed his lips again and squeezed
out a smile. A shallow dimple appeared on the soft cheeks, which made people want to
pinch, “Did you just call the car?”
“Yeah.” Xie Ruheng’s fingertips moved, and finally resisted the urge to poke Tang Bai’s
While waiting for the hover car to arrive, neither of them spoke. Xie Ruheng’s keen five
senses made him realize that Tang Bai had been secretly looking at him.
This little idiot’s stealth shooting technique was not good, and from time to time he cast
nervous glances, causing Xie Ruheng to get up tightly.
The alpha in front of him is not amazing, but the bones are very good, the nose is high,
the jaw line is neatly closed, and it is a good-looking look, but Tang Bai’s frequent
peeking is not a idiot, he just thinks that in front of him This person made him familiar.
Although this is a bit of a routine, he seems to have seen this person somewhere.
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Look and look, there is time to look at the faces of passers-by, why don’t you have time
to chat with your brother Xie!
Xie Ruheng turned his face majesticly, and met Tang Bai who was peeking.
Tang Bai:”!”
Tang Bai felt guilty for a while after being caught, his small face flushed, like a ripe
custard bag, steaming hot.
Xie Ruheng’s indifferent and ruthless ice melted most of the time. He forcedly said
coldly: “You come to the slum with an omega, why don’t you bring a bodyguard?” Why
don’t you ask me to come to the slum with you!
Tang Bai quickly showed his diamond-encrusted energy gun, “I have weapons to
defend myself.” If it weren’t for that the attacker was a child, Tang Bai would be able to
preemptively strike at the moment of suspicion.
In the next second, Xie Ruheng grabbed the energy gun with one hand. The alpha
speed in front of him was as fast as a ghost, his slender arms locked his neck, as if a
demon held him in his arms, completely controlled, unable to escape.
Tang Bai felt the harshness and determination in the opponent’s blood from the body
that suppressed him. This dangerous sense of blood licking with the tip of the knife
made Tang Bai’s bones tremble.
The cold muzzle pressed against Tang Bai’s temples, Alpha’s thin lips brushed against
Tang Bai’s auricle, and a dumb voice sounded coldly in Tang Bai’s ears: “If you meet a
bad person, these weapons will not have time to work.”
Tang Bai couldn’t tell whether his violently beating heart was caused by instinctive fear
or the secretion of dopamine. His eyes were filled with wet water, and he lifted his head
slightly uncomfortably, his long neck trembling like a dying swan.
Xie Ruheng looked at this scene, his heart suddenly hot.
With a blank face, Tang Bai asked softly, “Are the bad guys as good as you?” Maybe it
was some inconvenience when the neck was confined, and his always sweet, soft and
bright voice became slightly muffled.
Bad guys, like you, are awesome.
Xie Ruheng: “!!!” At this time, you still don’t forget to be sultry? !
What’s more terrible is the experience of Wenxiang Nephrite in her arms coupled with
Tang Bai’s rhetorical question with a trembling sound, Xie Ruheng couldn’t help but
Tang Bai, who was suddenly loosened by Xie Ruheng, felt that his legs were a bit soft,
not only that, but the skin that had been in contact with the other party was tingling,
making Tang Bai’s toes curl up.
Xie Ruheng found that the small omega in front of him and the wet eyes exuded a sultry
atmosphere. When he met him, Tang Bai quickly lowered his eyes. This was a shyness
that Tang Bai and him had never had in the intimate contact of etiquette teaching
before. .
Yes! shy! ! !
Xie Ruheng’s hands still had Tang Bai’s smooth and delicate touch, but the fire burning
in his heart was instantly drowned out by the refreshing lemon tea——
No, you, bobo me, have never been shy!
Tang Bai didn’t know about Xie Ruheng’s sour mental activity. After he dealt with the
uncomfortable contact with the unfamiliar alpha, he offered the diamond-encrusted
energy gun to both hands and said softly: “I can’t think of how I can repay you for a
while, It is an energy gun of the’Commander’ series. I think this gun can only exert its
power in your hands.”
Xie Ruheng: “…”
He always felt that this scene seemed familiar…
Oh, it turns out that Tang Bai in his memory was also timid and said that he would give
him the commander…
So with this gun, do you send an alpha when you see an alpha? ! ! !
Xie Ruheng was going sour and crazy, he even wanted to pick up this little green tea
and shake it to see how many routines he could shake from the other party!
Xie Ruheng tried his best to maintain a calm expression and said, “You give me the
gun, so you are not afraid that I am a bad person?”
“You don’t look like a bad person.” Tang Bai blurted out. He felt very at ease with this
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Xie Ruheng finally couldn’t help it. He pointed to the assailant who was tied up by him
and said solemnly, “He looks like a bad guy?”
No one knows how much fear was in Xie Ruheng’s heart when he saw Tang Bai being
pointed at by the killer with an energy gun.
The finger pointing at the assailant twitched slightly, hanging down on the side of his leg
as a fist as if to cover up the gaffe, Xie Ruheng pressed his lips tightly, and his voice
was extremely hoarse when he spoke again: “Too naive, you will protect yourself. No
Tang Bai felt that Xiao Cheng made a very reasonable point. He had Xie Ruheng
accompany him to the slums every time before. It was Xie Ruheng who blocked the
dark side of the slums for him, but he really thought it was safe here.
Ten slender and white fingers were twisted together, red eyes drooping slightly, Tang
Bai was like a child who was doing something wrong.
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Did I yell at him too loudly…
Seeing Tang Bai looking at him pitifully with wet eyes open, Xie Ruheng was
overwhelmed bit by bit with intolerance and self-blame.
I should not blame him.
Xie Ruheng thought annoyed.
Obviously I didn’t protect him.
Xie Ruheng was extremely depressed.
He was terrified just now, and I actually murdered him.
Xie Ruheng was distressed.
The lips pressed in a straight line opened, “…but being naive is not a bad thing.”
Tang Bai waiting to continue listening: “?”
With a dazed expression, Tang Bai found that Alpha, who was as dangerous as a lone
wolf, suddenly became a depressed dog.
Ah this…
Is this the Knife Mouth Tofu Heart?
Tang Bai took out a filled toffee from his pocket and carefully handed it to the other
party, “Can you eat it?”
Xie Ruheng: “…”
When Xie Ruheng took the sugar, Tang Bai touched his nose and said softly, “Thank
you for what you said. This time I have learned a lot, and I will definitely pay more
attention to safety in the future~” After speaking, he was full of vitality. Laugh.
Xie Ruheng was instantly healed by this smile: “…Hmm.”
The hovering car parked on the side of the road, they got on the car, and no one spoke
along the way. Tang Bai thought about what to do to repay “Xiao Cheng”, and sent the
commander to the other party not to ask him.
Tang Bai searched Xingwang in distress, and when he saw what he promised, he
turned off the search engine with a black line on his face, and looked out the window
with a mess of mind.
On the car window, he saw Xiao Cheng’s profile face. This alpha had a very alienated
temperament. In the blurry landscape color, he appeared to be farther and far away
from all the noise of the world.
Tang Bai saw through the reflection on the glass that the alpha suddenly turned his
head and looked at him slowly, and his endlessly suppressed black eyes revealed a
momentary loss of sentiment.
It was a gentle look that he hadn’t even noticed.
When Tang Bai blinked and looked again, the alpha turned his head back.
It should be that he was dazzled just now.
Tang Bai didn’t worry about this episode too much. Soon the levitating car drove them
to the police station. The police took them to make separate confessions. When the
police told Tang Bai that the kid who attacked had Highlander syndrome and was not a
real kid. It was after an adult who was stunted, the thorn that stuck in Tang Bai’s heart
was finally taken away.
Although the traces left behind are difficult to eliminate for a while, it is finally not as
uncomfortable as before.
“Mr. Tang, you can leave. We will investigate this case fully.”
Tang Bai glanced at the hall, “has my companion not come out yet?”
“Mr. Xiao has left early.”
“Did he leave contact information?”
“No, are you worried about the safety of going back alone? We have already contacted
Mr. Bai Zhi for you…”
Tang Bai stood at the police station blankly, suddenly feeling a little empty in his heart.
He…he hasn’t really thanked this Mr. Xiao…
Bai Zhi, who came to pick up Tang Bai, saw Tang Bai’s loss and thought that Tang Bai
was frightened because of the attack. He comforted Tang Bai and said, “After returning
home, take a shower and drink a cup of hot milk. Go to sleep and forget all bad
Tang Bai nodded obediently, thanked Bai Zhi, and went home to take a bath in the
bathroom according to Bai Zhi’s instructions, but when he was undressing, Tang Bai
suddenly found that the magic silver necklace he was wearing was glued to the chain
body. A symbol.
The talisman seems to be placed in a small bead, and that bead and magic silver are
attracted to each other as if they have invisible stickiness.
Tang Bai didn’t open this talisman to see what’s in it. After all, such a talisman couldn’t
be removed casually, and the talisman probably belonged to Xiao Cheng. It is estimated
that he got on it during physical contact with Xiao Cheng today.
This talisman looks very old, the color is dim, but it is still worn by Xiao Cheng. It should
be a very important thing, but how should he return this talisman to Xiao Cheng?
Tang Bai thought for a while and logged into the Shanghai Star.com account. It
happened that the last time he chatted with him, his account was at the top, so Tang Bai
went in and asked, “Is there a place like lost and found in slums?”
Reply to him immediately: “What did you find?”
Tang Bai: “I found a charm in the slum today. Although this is not a valuable item, I think
it should be very important to the owner, so I want to return it as soon as possible.”
After a while, “Yes, it is important to me.”
Tang Bai: “Yeah.”
Tang Bai: “Huh?!??!?!”
Chapter 50

X=Xiaocheng? ? ? !
Tang Bai’s pupils quake, and his small mouth opens into an “o” shape. One is a fairy
reader who gently blows his rainbow fart and resonates with his three views, and the
other is a cool brother alpha who is a hero who saves the United States and has a cold
fan. Are these two the same person? !
The contrast between the two is too great!
And what X said that he liked it in hiding. If X was Xiao Cheng, then Xiao Cheng would
definitely like “Tang Bai”, so why did Xiao Cheng see him so indifferently today?
Eh wait…
In Tang Bai’s mind, Xiao Cheng showed him the uncomfortable look of the bad guy after
taking the gun, the frustration of being overwhelmed after training him, and the gentle
gaze looking back at him when he was not paying attention.
Such restrained and gentle gaze precipitated too many unspeakable emotions, like a
dark sky shining with stars.
This is not the look you should have at a stranger you have never met.
Tang Bai’s heart was beating fiercely, and he tremblingly typed: “Xiao Cheng?”
Xie Ruheng stared at the two characters Xiao Cheng quietly, looking at each stroke
from left to right, up and down, and for some reason, he suddenly had an ominous
No, no, it must be an illusion.
Xie Ruheng took a deep breath, clicked on the voice and replied in a low voice: “It’s
Xiao Cheng’s casually fabricated identity Xie Ruheng was originally intended to be
In a hurry, he didn’t have time to take off the human/skin mask, and rushed directly to
save Tang Bai.
Xie Ruheng thought that Tang Bai would recognize the appearance of the “rat” after
watching the game in the underground arena, but maybe it was because the “rat” often
stayed in the mecha and rarely came out for the curtain call. In addition, because of the
faces of passersby, Tang Bai His identity was not discovered.
Xie Ruheng was still angry at the conversation between Tang Bai and X. For a while, he
didn’t want to face Tang Bai with his real identity. He didn’t want to face Tang Bai with
his real identity, nor did he want to force a smile. After seeing Tang Bai didn’t recognize
him , He simply used a fake identity casually.
If… if the lucky charm is not lost and picked up by Tang Bai, it will only be a day to
throw the vest.
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “Little angel?”
Xie Ruheng continued to lower his voice and gave a deep hmm, and the bad feeling in
his heart grew stronger and stronger.
In fact, after he realized that Tang Bai had a high affinity for the identity of “X”, Xie
Ruheng was about to abandon this vest.
Because Xie Ruheng thought it was not a good thing for him to chat with Tang Bai as an
Xie Ruheng thinks in another way, if Tang Bai pretends to be another person to cheer
for the Rat in the underground arena when he is close to him, he becomes the No. 1 fan
of the Rat, and he often talks with the Rat. Finally, when he learns that this fan is
Empress Tang Bai, he must have some subtleties in his heart.
Although Xie Ruheng did not deliberately conceal anything in the process of chatting
with Tang Bai using the “X” vest, he even kept revealing various information, such as
slum origin, military academy, and federal military academy slum background military
academy slap can be counted. But Tang Bai never suspected that X was Xie Ruheng.
Finally, he said to “X”, “In fact, have you ever thought that Tang Bai doesn’t like either of
If Tang Bai knew that “X” was him, then the two of them would definitely be
embarrassed to get along in the future, so Xie Ruheng originally planned to let “X” and
Tang Bai drift away.
Flowing readers, writers of iron hits, there will always be many readers who will
disappear after the passionate confession. Tang Bai should be able to adjust his mood
only after a few days of loss.
If… if the lucky charm is not lost, the “X” vest will be a monthly vest.
But now it is also within the plan to throw both vests after getting the lucky charm.
Xie Ruheng nodded calmly.
Do not fall in love and engage in career: “Little angel, you look so calm, I was stunned
when I knew you were Xiao Cheng [棒.jpg]”
Xie Ruheng nodded for a while.
To sort this out from the perspective of Xiao Cheng, it is that Xiao Cheng saved his
secret love omega in the slum, and accidentally lost the charm, but fortunately the
author I like went to the slum today and happened to find his charm. Before the author
spoke his real name, Xiao Cheng thought that the author and Tang Bai were two
In other words, the previous X did not know that Tang Bai was “not falling in love and
doing business”, but when Tang Bai directly called out X’s real name “Xiao Cheng” on
the star network, he was equivalent to telling X——
The omega you saved today is me.
Tang Bai is me.
Tang Bai=Don’t fall in love and engage in business
Because “X”, which is “Xiao Cheng”, did not tell the author Tang Bai’s real name, but
only told his real name in the three-dimensional Yuan Tang Bai.
So the phrase “Xiao Cheng” that Tang Bai asked him at the beginning was not only to
confirm his identity, but also the author name Tang Bai uncovered his three-dimensional
vest in one go, and found that “the one he likes is the same as the omega he likes in the
three-dimensional.” “Xiao Cheng should show the shock he deserves…Oops! Wrong!
Xie Ruheng hurriedly remedied, and hypocritically replied: “No, I’m actually so nervous
that I don’t know what to say.”
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “Me! Also! Yes!”
Xie Ruheng: “…” It’s just merging similar items, what are you nervous about!
So nervous that Tang Bai sat down on the plush carpet at the entrance of the bathroom,
he didn’t dare to show the atmosphere. He had already taken off most of his clothes
because he was going to take a bath. He knelt down on the wool blanket with disorderly
clothes, like the legs of mutton white jade. Show the sitting posture of the duck in the
Prepare to listen to the training very obediently! ! !
When we met today, Xiao Cheng’s posture of teaching Tang Bai stubbornly left a deep
impression on Tang Bai. In fact, when Tang Bai was being trained at that time, he felt
the pressure released by Xiao Cheng for a moment.
Although only a moment was leaked, the sense of oppression at that moment seemed
to be the collapse of the world around him. What made Tang Bai flustered the most was
that the skin he had been in contact with was numb.
The physiology teacher said that the top-level alpha has all-pervasive control over the
omega. The omega that has been tuned/taught by this level of alpha will be addicted
and fascinated by every cell in the body, soft as a puddle of water, being rubbed
Tang Bai was afraid of this sense of control.
Now he recalled the feeling of being suppressed by Xiao Cheng, and subconsciously
assumed a posture of obediently listening to the training.
Speaking of which, Xiao Cheng is still the first alpha who will be so merciless on his
With amber eyes staring nervously at the words “in the process of being input”, Tang
Bai was ready to be explained by Xiao Cheng’s lengthy talk about the dangers of
omega going to the slums alone.
Xie Ruheng didn’t know that the opposite was posing a pose that would make him
angry. He was passionately interpreting the persona of his waistcoat: “When I was
reading a novel before, I was thinking about the author who can write such an
outstanding and dazzling protagonist. What kind of person, it turns out that Dadda
himself is so dazzling that people can’t look away.”
Tang Bai: “…Huh?”
Tang Bai’s eyes widened, and his mind didn’t react for a moment. After three seconds,
his red face turned completely red.
How can he be like this!
The feeling of embarrassment and embarrassment in my heart is not the same as when
I was praised before, because Tang Bai has met X himself and knows what the other
person is like in daily life——
The absolute iceberg cool guy.
It’s so cool that the words are like gold, so it’s impossible to think that such an A to
exploding alpha would be so serious about blowing rainbow farts, okay? !
The shock is no less than seeing the iceberg melt!
Tang Bai was so ashamed that he covered his flushed face with his hands. He felt like a
child who had been slapped and given a sweet date, but his bright eyes peeked from
his fingers. Rainbow fart.
He suddenly remembered that more sweet words were uttered from the indifferent
——”Great, you have to cheer, on the road ahead, don’t abandon courage, don’t drop a
soft heart.”
-“Stay here and don’t move.”
——”Too naive, you will not even be able to protect yourself.”
——”He is a favorite that I hide. I like it so much that I don’t want to share it with
—”But being naive is not a bad thing.”
Do not fall in love and engage in a career: “You call me big again.”
After sending this sentence, Tang Bai was so embarrassed by his own subtext that he
was so hot, ah, in fact, Tang Bai had been hesitant in his heart for a long time and didn’t
know what he was thinking.
He just suddenly didn’t want his relationship with X, and the rules were limited to the
identity of the reader and the author…
But I don’t want to just stop at the best friend who fits the three views…
The beautiful little omega embarrassedly covered her face with her hands and let out a
faceless “buzz”.
Keeping his kneeling posture, Tang Bai even turned his toes a faint red. He bit his lower
lip lightly, and slowly opened the light brain, and saw the “sugar candy” sent by X.
It’s a text version.
In fact, Tang Bai wanted to listen to the voice version, and listened to Xiao Cheng using
Su Zhixue’s subwoofer to tell him…
Tang Bai was so ashamed of his own thoughts that he kept slapping his forehead with
his palms, saying, “Reserved! Noble! Elegant!”
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “You speak so nicely online, but offline is as
cold as a black fan.”
Xie Ruheng raised his eyebrows slightly. For some reason, he reproduced the timid
expression of Tang Bai when he met Tang Bai today. The feeling of the picture lingered
as soon as he saw Tang Bai’s words, it was obviously pure words. There was not even
a wavy line, but Xie Ruheng seemed to hear Tang Bai’s anger.
He had never heard Tang Bai act spoiled to him in a defiant tone…
It’s a pity that it’s not the voice version…
Xie Ruheng regretted for a moment, and suddenly realized that it was not him who
enjoyed Tang Bai’s delicate tone, but his waistcoat-
The corners of the rising lips suddenly droop!
The world is getting worse! People are immortal! It’s just a passerby face plus a
hypocritical rainbow fart offensive! You haven’t thanked you so much for your brother!
I am an alpha wearing several heavy vests, Xie Ruheng thought calmly, I want to switch
to a cold and ruthless mode.
“Because you are so perfect, so perfect that I think you won’t exist in my world.”
Yes, Xie Ruheng’s cold mode is to switch to a ruthless rainbow fart machine.
Tang Bai also felt Xie Ruheng’s ruthlessness across the screen!
A cool A picked up the cold rainbow fart transmitter, launching rainbow farts at every
step he walked towards, launching all the annoying things to the horizon with bang bang
bang, and coldly reached out his hand to show him more care. .
Hi! I can’t lose either!
Tang Bai replied shyly: “Actually I have become…”
“Become your voice fan, brother.”
“Does such a nice voice really exist? [There is a little shy in the cleverness. jpg]”
Everyone likes to be praised, and Xiao Cheng will be very happy to hear my rainbow
Tang Bai’s face flushed red, and a pink Shao O heart was ashamed of his boldness and
heart into a puddle of water. He only felt that the cold alpha on the opposite side of the
screen would surely show a smile of melting iceberg.
At this moment, the cold Alpha groaned in his heart. He raised his eyes and saw the
green light in the cracks of that brother’s words.
The iceberg has not melted.
He cracked the iceberg.
After waiting for a long time, Tang Bai did not receive X’s reply.
Tang Bai blinked, Xiao Cheng is shy? So avoid talking about the topic just now?
Sure enough, no one can refuse rainbow fart!
Tang Bai decided, if Xiao Cheng praised him again in the future, he would boldly praise
Don’t fall in love and engage in business: “It’s not early now. I want to give you that
talisman tomorrow. Do you think it’s okay?”
X: “Okay, you decide the time and place, I can do it.”
Do not fall in love and engage in business: “See you at the gate of the School of
Etiquette tomorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock?”
X: “Good.”
Tang Bai stared at the chat log for a long time, smiling from time to time, like a kid
stealing candy, then he clicked on X’s account, hesitated for a while, and carefully
changed X’s remarks to “career”.

Chapter 51

Since you want to engage in a “career”, you must do it seriously.

Tang Bai lighted a good scented candle, took off his clothes in the flickering candlelight
and soft music, lay down in the bathtub and sprinkled rose petals for himself,
comfortably closed his eyes and thought about what to wear for tomorrow’s first date
with Xiao Cheng , Where to go to invite Xiaocheng to dinner.
Tong Meng said that the candlelight dinner at a restaurant under the sea is particularly
romantic. After dinner, you can go to the musical. The pink flower garden is especially
suitable for taking pictures…
Xie Ruheng on the other side took off his clothes rudely, stood under the shower, closed
his eyes and took a cold shower. Water drops dripped from his high eyebrows on his
thick eyelashes, his sexy thin lips pressed tightly, and Xie Ruheng desperately thought
about tomorrow. How to ruin the meeting with Tang Bai.
Seeing this time, the vest should be thrown away.
Therefore, the identity of Xiao Cheng must not leave too good memories for Tang Bai,
otherwise after Xiao Cheng evaporates from the world, Xiao Cheng will live in Tang
Bai’s increasingly beautified memories, what should he do?
It must be screwed up, Tang Bai must be crying! Let Tang Bai know that the wild alpha
on the roadside is no better than Xie Ruheng!
After Tang Bai came out of the shower, he carefully made a hair mask, facial mask, lip
mask, and gland mask for himself. Then he walked into the cloakroom and fell into a
choice barrier for the beautiful clothes in the room.
Is it a noble and elegant dress? Or is it a little youth school drama?
Xie Ruheng digs out two slightly old clothes from a pile of tofu, thinking whether he
wants to choose the classic straight A plaid shirt or the summer limited white old man
In the same time and space, both of them are caught in the barrier of dressing choice.
The next afternoon.
A dark antique motorcycle galloped like a hurricane under the suspended vehicle. The
completely different exhaust sound made passers-by subconsciously raise their heads
and look along the sound waves, only to see a flash of black paint reflecting off. The
dazzling daylight.
“what is that?”
“It’s 206 years on the ephemeris, and there are still people riding motorcycles?!”
“The noise pollution is serious.”
“Damn, what’s the matter with a little bit of wind?”
Tang Bai appeared at the entrance of the School of Etiquette radiantly, wearing pearl
sunglasses, like a little lady holding a lace umbrella, standing elegantly and dignified at
the school gate, with a lovely sweet smile at the corner of his mouth.
At this moment, he heard a roar.
Tang Bai was stunned and saw an antique motorcycle that only existed in the evolution
of transportation vehicles parked at the school gate where people came and went.
A pair of big long legs fell straight down from the painted motorcycle, the black gloves
took off the motorcycle helmet, the tall alpha shook his head, a strand of black hair ran
across the brow bones, revealing dark eyes full of grim writing. Looking down, the white
vest can’t hide the good figure of the inverted triangle at all.
Tang Bai pulled down his sunglasses and stared at the alpha coming towards him with
round eyes.
This alpha is extremely free and easy, and the temperament is a perfect fusion of
elegance and ruffling, which makes people think of the escape life of the drifting, it is an
adventure world that Tang Bai has never touched.
Xie Ruheng’s eyebrows were slightly raised.
Have you never seen such a rough and poor alpha?
Xie Ruheng didn’t walk towards Tang Bai politely as before. His posture showed a trace
of laziness. Whether it was holding his helmet under his elbow or his eyes closed as if
not waking up, this was his original appearance–
The eyebrows and eyes were full of jealousy, and the corners of the drooping lips
showed hostility.
How could a mud-legged man who fought his life in the underground arena from the
slums was always carrying the style of the nobleman.
It’s just that in the past, he always restrained politeness when getting along with Tang
Bai for the sake of Tang Bai.
And this time, Xie Ruheng didn’t even say hello, and directly extended his hand to the
sluggish Tang Bai——
Give me the talisman.
Then he saw the little omega in front of him blinking, as if after a fierce psychological
struggle, he finally put his white and tender little hand on his palm with embarrassment,
and whispered: “We are going to sit. Do you go for a ride on the motorcycle?”
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Tang Bai blushed and said, “You should have told me earlier, so I can put on the pink
bunny helmet.”
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Tang Bai’s fingertips clicked on Xie Ruheng’s wide palm, “Let’s go, I’ve booked a place
at Xinghai Restaurant, today I’m going to invite my savior to a big meal, don’t refuse
Xie Ruheng: “???”
When a more excessive request is made, people will naturally accept the previous
request. Xie Ruheng, who originally wanted to refuse motorcycles to carry people, said
blankly: “Xinghai restaurant?”
Tang Bai nodded sweetly. He opened the restaurant picture in Guangnao to show Xie
Ruheng: “Fantasy Xinghai Restaurant! Isn’t it super beautiful? We can sit on the moon
boat and look in all directions in the 100-meter-long ocean tunnel. Marine life…”
Xie Ruheng’s mind showed that his waistcoat and Tang Bai were cuddling each other
on the crystal clear moon boat. The little creatures in the blue sea silently witnessed
their sweet time. Of course such a romantic thing…
no! ! !
To go is to go with the Lord!
Seeing Tang Bai’s excited appearance, Xie Ruheng was cruel and cruelly interrupted:
Tang Bai raised his head in confusion, his big watery eyes showed a faint loss in his
cunning, he said softly: “Then…where are we going to eat?”
Xie Ruheng: “…” It’s just to get a talisman, why do we want to eat together…Wait!
With a flash of inspiration, Xie Ruheng suddenly came up with a brilliant idea that made
Tang Bai hate him.
“Eat the roadside stall.”
A beautiful flick of the rumbling motorcycle stopped at a market. Tang Bai almost stuck
to Xie Ruheng’s back because of inertia. Fortunately, he had been trying to control the
distance while sitting in the back seat.
“This is a snack street.” Xie Ruheng helped Tang Bai and led Tang Bai out of the car.
Tang Bai looked around curiously. He saw the gourmet food stalls on both sides of the
street emitting smoke and fire. Those stalls did not know whether they had a sanitary
certificate. Tang Bai heard that the cooking class teacher said that these stalls were
visited by a lot of mice and flies. The oil will be used repeatedly and the ingredients are
not clean.
“Have you eaten anything here?” Xie Ruheng asked.
Tang Bai shook his head obediently. He followed Xie Ruheng and saw diners passing
by and walking towards different stalls.
Some people will look back at Tang Bai with surprised eyes. After all, Tang Bai’s
exquisite dress really doesn’t look like someone who appears here.
“Some of the stalls here are very dirty, but the one I took you to is clean.” After a few
steps, Xie Ruheng stood in front of a stall happily, and said ruthlessly: “Boss, here
comes the fried rabbit meat with fifty stars!”
That’s right!
The way Xie Ruheng thought of was to bring Tang Bai to eat rabbit meat! Tang Bai likes
rabbits so much, and even the mechas are designed in the shape of rabbits. He brought
Tang Bai to eat rabbits, which will definitely deal a major blow to Tang Bai’s fragile
It was cruel, it was cruel, and Xie Ruheng was so cruel that he couldn’t bear to look
back at Tang Bai’s expression.
Xie Ruheng turned his head and saw Tang Bai’s tears…
It came out from the corner of the mouth.
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Tang Bai took a deep breath and looked at the neighboring table diners full of spicy
rabbit meat. With his cooking skills, he only needs to look at it and smell it to know how
delicious this rabbit meat is.
Oh my! Bunny is so cute, how can you not eat Bunny? !
Tang Bai sat down at the greasy little wooden table, greedy to ignore the “bad” dining
Xie Ruheng: “…Don’t you think eating cute rabbits is cruel?”
Tang Bai tilted his head, “Are pigs not cute? Are lambs not cute? Are ducks not cute?
But being cute is not the criterion for judging whether an animal can be served on the
table, it is delicious!”
Xie Ruheng: “…Hmm.”
Soon a plate of fragrant rabbit meat was brought up. The roasted rabbit meat was
golden brown. It was topped with tempeh red oil and chopped peanuts. The crispy
aroma came out.
Tang Bai picked up a piece of rabbit meat, and couldn’t wait to bite it down. The smooth
and tender rabbit meat was fresh and not fishy, and it was chewy. After eating a piece, it
could leave a fragrance between the teeth.
“It’s delicious!” Tang Bai surprised another piece.
Xie Ruheng: “…”
Xie Ruheng held his forehead in pain and covered his eyes with his hands.
After eating the rabbit meat, Tang Bai seemed to have melted into the atmosphere of
the roadside stall. He happily carried a bowl of jelly and ate while walking. Xie Ruheng
carried the grilled intestines, octopus balls, and octopus that Tang Bai would eat later.
Staring at Tang Bai’s drumming cheeks calmly, Xie Ruheng couldn’t help thinking about
the mysterious problem of why Tang Bai could be so thin after eating so much.
“You don’t even have to eat it for me.” Tang Bai inserted a small octopus ball and sent it
to Xie Ruheng’s mouth intimately, “eat one~”
Xie Ruheng was stunned for a moment, opened his mouth and bit the small octopus
ball. Tang Bai said with a smile: “It feels good to eat a roadside stall once in a while,
although our teacher always says that the roadside stall is unhygienic and there is no
difficulty in cooking. Ascend the hall of elegance.”
“But today I think it is lively and fluid. There is no difference in food. It is not only food,
but everything is the same. I will be free in the future, maybe I can go to the roadside
stall. “
As Tang Bai stopped, he smiled and raised his head to look at Xie Ruheng, “When the
time comes, please come and visit my stall. It is guaranteed to be the cleanest!”
At that time, a firework on the horizon was blooming in the darkened sky, illuminating
Tang Bai’s amber eyes. With his eyes facing each other, the noisy surroundings
seemed to stagnate for a moment, together with the fireworks that bloomed brightly on
the horizon.
Xie Ruheng saw a trace of unnoticeable anxiety on the always bright and confident
smiling face. When he nodded, the beautiful little omega was a little uncomfortable.
Don’t turn your face to watch the fireworks and say, “The fireworks are so beautiful.” “,
trying to keep the corners of his lips from curling up.
Xie Ruheng was taken aback for a moment, and then raised his head to look at the
fireworks above his head.
He hadn’t noticed before that the fireworks display can be so beautiful…
The two stood side by side and looked up at the same sky.
After the fireworks were over, Xie Ruheng listened to Tang Bai and asked softly: “Do
you want to go to the musical?”
For a moment, Xie Ruheng wanted to nod.
He and Tang Bai sat down the stage, and Tang Bai was engrossed in watching the
performance on the stage, and he could quietly watch Tang Bai’s profile.
“…No.” I can’t let you and the vest I want to abandon fond memories.
Tang Bai was not disappointed when he was rejected this time. He looked at Xie
Ruheng with confidence, “Then what are we going to do?”
Xie Ruheng hesitated for a while, “…Look at the square dance?”
Dynamic music sounded loudly in a square, and the middle-aged and elderly people in
the square danced to the beat of the music, well-trained and uniform.
Xie Ruheng stood in a corner with no expression on his face, watching the uncles and
aunts move their muscles and bones. This kind of low-tech activity that disturbs the
people should make Tang Bai realize that “Xiao Cheng” is a layman with no high-level
Can’t enjoy the musical.
Dancing is only the basic dance step Tang Bai taught temporarily.
They should have been people of two worlds.
“Look, there is a little baby dancing there too!” Tang Bai pointed to a child who was
dancing with an adult and said excitedly: “His rhythm is all right! How cute!”
Xie Ruheng looked in the direction of Tang Bai’s fingers, and he saw a four or five-year-
old child dancing in a daze.
“Eh, this action is pretty pretty.” Tang Bai suddenly said again: “That action is so
fashionable hahahaha.”
Xie Ruheng suddenly had an ominous premonition in his heart. He turned his head and
saw Tang Bai happily saying, “Why don’t we go dancing too!”
Xie Ruheng: “???”
Tang Bai leaped into the square dance team with a bewildered Xie Ruheng. He had a
good sense of rhythm. He jumped up to the music all at once, and quickly received the
thumbs of the surrounding uncles and aunts.
Tang Bai reciprocated his thumbs in commercial praise, jumping and laughing, turning
his head and seeing Xie Ruheng motionless, Tang Bai simply took Xie Ruheng’s hand
and danced directly.
“Don’t you think this feeling is great?!” Tang Bai has to speak loudly so as not to be
covered by music. Xie Ruheng looked back at Tang Bai who was full of vitality, “We
don’t know each other, but we are because of the music. Get together, we are all
dancing the same dance, each of us is happy, and then we are surrounded by
happiness together!”
Is happiness contagious?
Why did he see Tang Bai smiling so happily, his heart also became very soft?
Tang Bai didn’t move Xie Ruheng. He looked at Xie Ruheng, who was motionless like a
piece of wood, caught off guard, and met those dark eyes.
Quiet, hot, like a night sky full of stars.
Tang Bai’s heart trembled, he wanted to release the hand holding the alpha, but the
next moment, the other hand held him back.
The gloves have been taken off without any barriers, and their skins are tightly pressed
“You dance well.”
In the dim light, Xie Ruheng saw Tang Bai’s face quickly flushed, and the redness
spread from cheeks to the base of his ears, as if he was about to dye his fingertips all
the way.
He looked down at the hand that Tang Bai was holding tightly, fearing that Tang Bai
would recognize his true identity. His hand had been treated with a short-acting scarring
ointment. At this moment, his hand completely covered Tang Bai’s soft hand. .
Obviously, in the etiquette teaching before, they have done many intimate things, and
each of them is much closer than a simple handshake.
But why, at that time, Tang Bai had never blushed like this, and the atmosphere
between them had never been as charming as this moment?
——”In fact, have you ever thought that Tang Bai doesn’t like either of them?”
——”He and Xie Ruheng are like-minded friends. Sending lunches as imitation makeup
is also a normal interaction between close friends.”
——”Hello, classmate Xie. My name is Tang Bai. I am a freshman in the Culinary
Department of the School of Etiquette next door. I know you don’t know me, but I
admire you very much.”
There are so many things that I can really understand from another angle.
Why don’t you want to fall in love with him, why be nice to him all the time, why let him
work hard for his career.
Because what Tang Bai said at the beginning was not like, but worship.
But ah…
I don’t want your worship, I want your love.
Xie Ruheng tremblingly let go of his hand.
“Are we going back?” Tang Bai hid the hand he had held tightly behind him, and looked
at him with blinking eyes.
Xie Ruheng put on a helmet and buried his emotions under the barriers layer after layer.
The summer wind at night was a bit cold, but the alpha’s back was wide, which could
block all the cold wind.
Sitting behind Xie Ruheng, Tang Bai opened his arms to feel the refreshing summer
breeze. At this moment, he felt like a carefree bird flying out of his cage.
No one speaks.
The stars in the night sky twinkled and blinked.
Then, Xie Ruheng suddenly felt a warm touch on his back. He was taken aback for a
moment, then lowered his head to find that his waist was gently encircled by his hands.
The noisy motorcycle sound suddenly disappeared at this moment, and there was
boom. boom. boom.
Only the sound of his heart beating was left.

Chapter 52
Tang Bai cautiously placed his face on Xie Ruheng’s strong back. He could smell the
refreshing scent of this alpha. He didn’t know how to describe it, but it was easy to
remind people of all the beauty of summer.
Steaming roadside stalls, brilliant fireworks displays, and lively square dancing.
He thinks he should like these.
If you like it, why not hug it?
Tang Bai blushed and thought confidently.
After holding for a while, Tang Bai looked at the surrounding buildings and found that he
was almost at school, huh? The one who is standing at the school gate checking
attendance seems to be Director Huang.
The roar of the motorcycle stopped abruptly, and Tang Bai, whose faces were flushed
red, and Director Huang, who was dumbfounded, looked up.
“This, this, this…” Director Huang looked at the unfamiliar alpha held by Tang Bai
incredulously. With his countless experience in reading people, he spent 0.01 seconds
analyzing the physique and aura of this alpha. This is another high-quality alpha!
Too strong, too strong. If the school does not hire Tang Bai as an honorary lecturer in
the future, it would be a big loss to let Tang Bai specialize in the analysis of the slap
“Ah, my teacher is checking attendance at the school gate.” Tang Bai said in a low voice
and said in a very low voice, “I have to get away quickly, otherwise he will catch me and
find me a long talk.”
Before he could say goodbye to Xiao Cheng, Tang Bai got out of the car agilely and
quickly passed Director Huang and rushed into the campus.
Like a rebellious bad student.
Tang Bai successfully shook off Director Huang. He walked and hopped around the
campus, without the elegance and stability that a noble little omega should have, but
what does it matter?
Xie Ruheng returned the old antique motorcycle to the owner of the suspension car
repair shop in the slum. He set his suspension car to autopilot mode, lay on the driver’s
seat, and watched the starry sky exposed behind the convertible.
It turns out that when you really like someone, even if your eyes dodge, there will be
stars in your eyes.
But why does Tang Bai like “Xiao Cheng”?
Xiao Cheng looks plain, humble, vulgar and boring. Is it because Xiao Cheng’s identity
saved Tang Bai?
Xie Ruheng was rarely confused.
He originally wanted to get the lucky charm back and threw it away…
Xie Ruheng was stunned for a moment, and suddenly realized that he did not get the
lucky charm back.
There is no need to worry about whether to throw the vest or not, after all, you have to
meet again next time in the vest.
Xie Ruheng laughed blankly.
He opened the chat interface with Tang Bai and sent a message: “My lucky charm is
still with you, forgot to bring it.”
Don’t fall in love and engage in a career: “!!! I had so much fun today, I have forgotten
about it!”
Tang Bai took out this charm from his bag and took a sip. It turns out that this charm is a
lucky charm, and it feels like it can really bring good luck to people!
In this way he can start a career logically again!
Don’t fall in love and engage in business: “Tomorrow afternoon, Your Excellency Bai Zhi
will go to the slums to distribute inhibitors. I also want to go. How about we meet in the
slums? I will give you the lucky charm at that time~”
Bai Zhi’s new proposal advocates lowering the price of inhibitors and canceling the
policy of restricting the purchase of inhibitors. After the proposal was released, Bai
Zhihua bought a batch of inhibitors at a high price and planned to go to slums to
distribute these inhibitors to those in need for free.
In order to prevent poor people from receiving inhibitors and then reselling them at high
prices, Bai Zhi temporarily built an injection site to provide free injections to omega who
is about to come in estrus.
Tang Bai also used his own small vault to buy a batch, and he decided to go to the
slums to distribute inhibitors with Bai Zhi.
Career: “You have to pay attention to safety in the slums, and it is best not to leave the
large army at all times.”
Do not fall in love and engage in career: “I am not afraid to have you!”
Xie Ruheng: “???” Didn’t I take a talisman and leave? Why do I think I’m being tricked
Don’t talk about love and work on a career: “Let’s not talk about tomorrow’s affairs for
now, I will show you the update I wrote, which is the villain of plagiarism addiction we
mentioned last time.”
Do not fall in love and engage in a career: “[Document] Chapter 13.docx”
Xie Ruheng opened the document and started browsing.
The villain Yan Chao and Jun Tongchen are at the same table and often plagiarize Jun
Tongchen’s creativity. He skilfully steals one of the core highlights of Jun Tongchen’s
design, so that even if it is reported, it can be said to be a coincidence.
Because of his identity as a nobleman, his plagiarized works can have better exposure
channels and entry channels. Soon he marketed a mecha-manufacturing genius
character set, which would help him compete with the chief of the mechanical
While preparing for the chief exam, Yan Chao saw a design drawing of Jun Tongchen.
He liked it very much. But in fact, the drawing was specially designed by Jun Tongchen.
The drawing looked very good and actually had fatal flaws. This weakness is common
among ordinary people. It’s hard to find.
Yan Chao didn’t find this weakness and copied it directly, but he was easily defeated by
Jun Tongchen during the match.
Xie Ruheng mentioned some mecha combat skills. After his patient changes, the story
of the mecha evaluation in the chief is much more exciting.
Don’t fall in love and engage in a career: “!!! Ah ah ah, you are really awesome! [啾.jpg]”
Tang Bai had originally planned to send out a happy peacock emoticon pack, but the
emoticon pack was too sand-sculpted, so he carefully selected a cute tweeted emoticon
pack of rabbits and rabbits.
After sending it out, Tang Bai happily cupped his face and looked at the reply on the
light screen.
Xie Ruheng: “…” It’s over. Now Tang Bai is all thinking about eating rabbits.
Career: “[啾.jpg]”
“Ah!” Tang Bai covered his face, kicking his legs madly under the covers, under Tong
Meng’s shocking eyes, Tang Bai smiled like a little fool, he seriously replied to Xiao
Cheng: “rest early, good night ~”
After Xiao Cheng returned to good night, Tang Bai reluctantly put down his brain.
“Tangtang are you in love?!” Tong Meng quickly climbed onto Tang Bai’s bed, grabbing
Tang Bai’s shoulders and shaking desperately: “Is it with the alpha from last time! Yes!
No! Yes!”
Tang Bai closed his eyes, tilted his head, and spit out half of his tongue, pretending to
be dead.
Tong Meng cried: “Don’t think that you can pass the test cutely!”
Tang Bai opened his eyes helplessly, raised a finger, and made a silent motion,
frowning fiercely: “It’s still under investigation.”
Tong Meng: “!!!”
Tong Meng: “Have you held hands?!”
Tang Bai rubbed his little hands with a noble and cold voice.
Tong Meng: “!!!”
Tong Meng seemed to see an old father whose cabbage was arched, and asked
fiercely, “No hug!”
Tang Bai grunted his neck, “He didn’t hug me.” I was the one who hugged him!
Tong Meng is relieved, “Our omega should be reserved. We can’t take advantage of
those stinky alphas too early. It’s too easy to have them and don’t cherish them. Right,
what is his name? What does it look like? Is it good to you… .”
“I won’t tell you what you are called, you are very handsome, you are very good to me,
well, you can turn off the microphone of the human world!” Tang Bai hummed and got
into the bed.
He also wanted to treat Xiao Cheng as his hidden favorite.
Secretly happy when thinking of Xiao Cheng.
“Tang Bai, the police did not investigate the instigator behind the scenes in the incident
of the attacker last time. The other party was hired anonymously and it is difficult to find
out. I suspect that the group of people may be sent by conservatives. I’m sorry.” Bai Zhi
Slightly apologetic.
Conservatives have always believed that the rights of omega are too high. For example,
the death penalty for criminals in the rape/rape law is too serious. They believe that this
society should implement the one-o-multi-A system. They recommend that the red light
district be rationalized and married omega prohibits the purchase of inhibitors.. ….
Bai Zhi’s ideas are very different from conservatives. He is the type of omega that
conservatives spurned. There are also some conflicts between ordinary and
conservatives. The last time he dragged Tang Bai and made Bai Zhi feel ashamed.
Seeing Bai Zhi’s brow furrowed, Tang Bai took out a piece of toffee from his pocket,
“Can you eat it?”
Bai Zhi was stunned for a moment, and the slender eyeglass chain cast a shaky
shadow on his face.
“You don’t need to blame yourself for this matter. I left the team privately and gave the
attackers a chance.” Tang Bai said sincerely, “If you want to say sorry, I should
apologize to you. “
“Sorry, sir, you have allowed you to carry our weight for us for so many years.” Tang Bai
put the toffee in Bai Zhi’s palm and said softly: “When you feel tired, just eat a candy,
and you will feel good. Some~”
The green eyes stared at the toffee in his palm blankly. When Bai Zhi raised his eyes,
he saw Tang Bai smile at him with two dimples.
After a long silence, the Honourable Senator with blond hair and green eyes also smiled
Xie Ruheng stood outside the shed built at the injection site and saw from a distance
Tang Bai was helping to distribute the inhibitors. The beautiful little omega spoke better
than others. His face always wore a warm smile with amber eyes. Honey syrup is
flowing in the sun.
He would give each omega who came to inject inhibitors a toffee. A very young child
was held by his mother and asked him for an extra candy.
Xie Ruheng took out the toffee Tang Bai handed him last time from his pocket, opened
it and put it in his mouth.
He suddenly felt very calm, as if returning to his childhood, turning out a melted maltose
in the trash mountain would make him happy all day.
“The effect of the inhibitor can last for a month. Don’t take a bath on the day the inhibitor
is injected during the estrus…” Tang Bai explained the precautions to an omega and
looked up and saw Xiao Cheng standing not far away waiting for him. Silhouette.
Tang Bai talked to the people around him, and rushed to the side of Xiao Cheng, “How
long have you been standing here? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
Xie Ruheng said softly: “It didn’t take long.”
Tang Bai took out the lucky charm from the bag embarrassedly, “Here you are, I haven’t
forgotten this time.”
Xie Ruheng accepted the lucky charm. He had completed the purpose of this trip and
should have turned and left, but in Tang Bai’s bright eyes, the words of farewell turned
into “Want to go together?”
“Okay!” Tang Bai had already waited for this sentence. He raised the hand holding the
umbrella, trying not to touch the top of Xie Ruheng’s head. The next moment, the
umbrella handle was taken by a strong hand.
Tang Bai peeped at Alpha beside him, the other hand held an umbrella with one hand in
his pocket, he wore a plaid shirt today, which was a little more bookish than yesterday.
They are very close.
The closest distance is three centimeters.
“Have you ever been to the underground arena?” A deep, magnetic voice suddenly rang
in his ears, Tang Bai uttered an ah, and quickly turned his head back, pretending that
he was looking at the roadside scenery, “No.”
Xie Ruheng nodded.
In fact, when Tang Bai didn’t recognize this person/skin mask, he was guessing that
Tang Bai had never been to the underground arena or watched a rat game.
Yesterday, when Tang Bai asked him about the plot of the novel, in order to explain to
Tang Bai how to write mecha competitions, he specially used an example of the classic
battle of the mouse. Although he did not mention the code name of the mouse, he knew
a little bit about the competition fans of the mouse. Can recognize who that mecha
division is.
But Tang Bai did not.
“Do you want to go to the underground arena to watch the game?” Xie Ruheng asked.
Tang Bai nodded vigorously, “Hmm!”
The amber eyes were full of expectation. It was curiosity about the unknown, but the
underground arena was not a harmless place like an amusement park.
Xie Ruheng took Tang Bai to a clothing store, “The audience needs to wear masks to
enter the venue. You can choose the mask you like.”
Tang Bai chose a white feather mask and helped Xie Ruheng pick a matching black
feather mask. Seeing that Xie Ruheng had no objection, he put on the mask in front of
the mirror.
After putting on the masks, Xie Ruheng and him walked to the fitting room and opened
the door of the fitting room. There was a well-disguised door in the fitting room. Opening
that door, Tang Bai saw the dark elevator stairs. .
He followed Xie Ruheng into the elevator and heard Xie Ruheng say to him: “You can’t
take pictures or video after entering. It’s noon. There is no mecha match. There are only
ordinary fighting matches. We have to choose which side will win before entering the
arena. The seat is related to the player we choose…”
The closed door opened automatically, and Tang Bai appeared in front of the ancient
Roman Colosseum-like building. Three or four rows of masked men and women sat in
the audience. The martial arts stage had not yet come up, and the huge space seemed
a bit deserted.
“There will be fewer people at noon, and the night is the busiest.”
Tang Bai couldn’t tell the strength of his opponent, he asked Xie Ruheng to choose, and
Xie Ruheng only glanced at it and chose a player named “Blood Wolf”.
They sat in the auditorium, and the waiter came over to sell drinks. Tang Bai had a bad
drink volume. He waved his hand and said that before the opening, the atmosphere was
quiet enough to describe it as quiet.
“Dear viewers, welcome to the noon field. Our players are ready. Next, we will invite the
ten-game winning streak’Eagle’ and the rookie’Blood Wolf’ to play!” A beta commentator
said passionately: “What is it? ‘Eagle’ created an 11-game winning streak and defended
his first