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The lamb PROTECTED from

death. Exodus 12:1– 30

Those covered by the lamb’s BLOOD did

John 1:29: Here is the Lamb of
not die..
God, who takes away the sin of the world!

Q&A: Q. Are there more gods than one?

A. There is only one God (Deut. 6:4; Jer. 10:10; Mk.
12:29; Acts 17:22-31). Abba (AB buh, AH buh) - Name for God that Jesus
used. Means daddy. Mark 14:36
*Taken from Holman Publishing’s Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids.

Use 3.5 x 5” note cards and place the words from the above
memory work onto cards (each word should be on two cards).
Play “memory” by turning them over and take turns flipping
them over to match up the words. “The eastern spotted skunk does a handstand before
it sprays.”
*Taken from National Geographic Kids Weird But True: 300 outrageous facts.
At the Summit, we’re striving to climb to new heights with Jesus. These five devotionals are suggestions of activities to do as a family to help your family to climb closer to Jesus to-
gether at home during the week. This tool is intended to help you lead a family worship time. Please go to God in worship as a family on a regular basis even if you do not use this re-
source. If your family completes one of the devotionals parents can initial in the boxes below and the child will receive a buck for every devotional completed.

Devotional One, Read: Jesus’ death wasn’t God’s afterthought. There are Devotional Two, Pray: I imagine that as the Israelites were in their houses
tons of scriptures that show that God was sending Jesus as a sacrificial with the blood stained door posts, they were probably praying and antici-
Lamb all along. Read the following verses to see how this played out. pating when they would finally be able to leave Egypt. They knew God was
answering their prayer that they had been praying for hundreds of years.
Scriptures to consider: Genesis 3:15; Isaiah 9:6; Isaiah 53; Psalm 22;
Pray asking God to help you to trust Him and follow Him where He leads.
Revelation 13:8
You can say prayers like these…Lord, I know that you want me to follow
Your ways. Please help me to trust You.

Lord, thank You for dying on the cross as a sacrifice for those who believe
in You. Help me to follow You in all my ways...etc.

Devotional Three, Mold: The Lord was giving Moses a boldness to stand Devotional Four, Build: Build a scene from John 19:1-42 using Legos,
up to Pharaoh and be a leader to God’s people. But it took 80 years for Duplos, Mega Blocks, or some other kind of building toy. See if you can
use these blocks to get all of the details right. Talk with your parents
Him to be fully ready. Molding takes a long time. Ask God to mold you
about how this story might relate to the one we learned on Sunday.
into someone who follows Him and trusts in Him.
Build a scene from john 19:1-42
Mold Moses standing before Pharaoh.

Devotional Five, Sing: I love hymns. Hymns are songs that people might have been singing for hundreds of years. One of my favorites is “ Nothing
but the blood” With your parent’s help, look up this song on the internet or in a hymn book. See if you can find the story behind the song. Talk
about this song and what it means. A good resource is “www.cyberhymnal.org,” you can listen and read the lyrics and read about the hymn. See if
you can sing the hymn once you’re finished learning about it.