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First: The preliminary|

Namo: Through refuge in the lord, self-present awareness Phurba|

Is generated the Supreme Mind, liberator of the demon—unknowing|
Second: The actual bases|
Hung Naturally, I'm really the enlightened embodiment, Absolute
The multiverse and its' beings are the realm of supreme blazing
esoteric fire|
Forever unfabricated arrays of presently perfect glory| Deity, mantra,
and true isness in the unconditioned state of primordial wisdom play|

Om Bajra Kihli Kihlaya Sarwa Biganhan Bam Hung Phat|

Third: Conclusion Divine Appearance condenses into the wisdom
expanse of fixationless luminosity| Once again emerging as the gestalt
of magical experience emptiness| By this merit may all sentient
beings non-existent yet experiencing delusion|
Actually become the Supreme Glorious One of the undeluded ground|
This was composes by Tsedrup Tharchin, the Tenth Repkong Kyanglung lineage holder| By its merit
may all beings achieve victory over the demon of duality|


RAM YAM KANG (burning, dispersing & cleansing) The Ser-khyim and
Tormas of desirables transform into an auspicious Tsog of glory and
qualities, A treasury of inexhaustible Flawless Exaltation |

OM AH: HUNG ( with which is blessed) To the Buddha Mind to Mind,

Symbolic Communication and the lineage of the Understood Word. To
the Aspiration, Bestowed Empowerment, Karmic Terma lineages and
all| To the Awareness Holders and Root Lineage Holders all| I pray and
offer to you, may your blessings rain down upon us| To the Four and
Six Vehicles of the Tantra Class within the Nine Vehicles connected
with| The infinite and supreme personal deities, gods both Peaceful
and Wrathful| Oceans of Pawos and Dakinis of the three planes all| I
pray and offer to you, bestow all of the accomplishments both relative
and absolute| To the Glorious-Lord, Legden, Tsog Dak, the Deity-
supreme| Khab-jug, Oath-bound, and the blazing Tsen-god| Ekatsatri,
Lha-mo, and the Self-born Queen| The Charnel Ground Governesses,
Long-life Ched-nga and all| Who vowed before the root and lineage
Lamas| To the classes of frightening lineages of male and female
protectors of the teachings| The Cannibals, Wealth-gods, Treasure-
keepers, and Earth-lords| Without exception to each and every one|
Whatever you enjoy dawns as clouds of quality desirables| This is
offered, oblation of our mutual bonds—nectar of the golden drink|
Until Perfect-Purity is realized protect and grant refuge without
wavering| Clear away negative circumstances; augment all positive
circumstances fulfilling all wishes| For myself and all others, may the
meaning of this prayer | Through the treasury of miraculous activity
be spontaneously accomplished|
At the time of bestowing the Rinchen Terdzod, wangs and lungs at Mahakoti, to the practitioners of
dharma gathered, the supreme terton requested a daily supplication; I, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, wrote this
to fulfill his spoken request.