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Real Time Module for Windows 7/XP - CodeProject

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Real Time Module for Windows 7/XP First Posted
2 Sep 2007
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By khavkin@sandy.ru | 1 Mar 2011 Downloads 594
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WinXP C++ Visual-Studio Dev Advanced Win7

This article presents the Hadcon's real time module for Windows 7/XP

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The Hadcon's real time module (RTM) has been developed to bring "hard " real time capabilities (such Announcements
as creation of timers, system thread, of management by resources – memory, ports, interrupts) to
Windows, excepting necessity of creating of the driver.

http://www.codeproject.com/KB/system/RealTimeModule.aspx[03/04/2011 21:32:26]
Real Time Module for Windows 7/XP - CodeProject

The Daily Insider

RTM Architecture 30 free programming books
Daily News: Signup now.
Precise execution of events is critical in a real-time system. RTM provides complete flexibility to the
developer to determine the appropriate timer resolution for their system. Timer interval values can be
set between 100 microsecond and 1 millisecond (100,200,500,1000). The timer interval is default inside
of [AddNewInst] section rtmdrv.inf file's HKR,,TimerQuantum,,500 .

RTM uses the "mixed" code i.e. timer's, interrupt's routines (working in Ring 0) and user routines
(working in Ring 3) are incorporated in one DLL module.
Real-time components (timer, system thread and interrupt routines) must be locked in memory to
avoid latencies due to page faults. Therefore RTM defines its own sections for location of a code, data
and stack using the data_seg , code_seg , and bss_seg pragmas.

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#pragma code_seg( "RTMCODE ")
Specifies a code section where functions are to be allocated.
For example:
#pragma code_seg( "RTMCODE ")
void timer1(unsigned dwmess )
#pragma code_seg()
#pragma data_seg( "RTMDATA ")
Specifies a code section where initialized data are to be allocated.
For example:
#pragma data_seg( "RTMDATA ")
char buff[10] = {0};
int k1 = 0;
#pragma data_seg()
#pragma bss_seg( "RTMBSS ")
char buff[10];
int k1;
#pragma bss_seg()

RTM uses the system timer.The system timer generates system ticks at a fixed rate of one tick per
millisecond(or 100, 200 ,500 microsecond), which is the rate at which a timer interrupt is generated
and serviced by the operating system (interrupt service routine ISR).
RTmCreateTimer function lets you attach a handling routine to an timer interrupt, much the same
way that the RTM timer routines allow you to associate a handling routine with a given timer expiration.
RTM timers are not synchronization objects which means threads cannot wait for single objects with an
RTM timer handle.

This is in contrast to the Windows waitable timer, which is an object on which a thread can wait, or
against which a thread can receive notification.

http://www.codeproject.com/KB/system/RealTimeModule.aspx[03/04/2011 21:32:26]
Real Time Module for Windows 7/XP - CodeProject

Example Code

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#pragma code_seg( "RTMCODE ")
void timer1(unsigned dwmess )
int i;
unsigned nstate;
unsigned nvalue;
unsigned short ndigport;
if(nstop ) return ;
if(initLpt == 0)
_asm {
mov dx,378h
mov ax,0
out dx,ax ;//outp(BASE_LPT,0);
add dx,2; CR
mov ax,2eh
out dx,ax ;//outp(BASE_LPT+CR,0x2e);
initLpt =1;
#pragma code_seg()
void func()
int error;
if(RtmInit(hRTMDLL,KERNEL_MODE) == -1) return 0;
RtmDebug(hRTMDLL ,TRUE);
tm = RtmCreateTimer
(hRTMDLL ,timer_anl,0x2000,stanl.quantum,KERNEL_MODE);
RtmStartTimer(hRTMDLL ,tm,0x3000);
error = RtmTimerPostMessage(hRTMDLL ,tm,0x100);

Using Threads
The RtmCreateThread function creates a system thread (See: PsCreateSystemThread in the
DDK for Windows XP/2000).
You can set the priority value for the specified thread using KeSetPriorityThread and
KeSetBasePriorityThread functions.
Inside of the body thread function, we can use majority DDK functions.
RTM thread defines own sections for location of a code.

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#pragma code_seg( "RTMTHR ")
// thread code
#pragma code_seg()

Example Code

Collapse | Copy Code

#pragma code_seg( "RTMTHR ")
void writetofile(PWSTR pfl,UINT addr,int nsize)
OBJECT_ATTRIBUTES objectAttributes;
HANDLE FileHandle = NULL;
NTSTATUS status;
fileName1.Buffer = NULL;
fileName1.Length = 0;
fileName1.MaximumLength = 256;
fileName1.Buffer = (unsigned short *)ExAllocatePool(PagedPool,
RtlZeroMemory(fileName1.Buffer, fileName1.MaximumLength);
status = RtlAppendUnicodeToString(&fileName1, pfl);
InitializeObjectAttributes (&objectAttributes,
status = ZwCreateFile(&FileHandle,

http://www.codeproject.com/KB/system/RealTimeModule.aspx[03/04/2011 21:32:26]
Real Time Module for Windows 7/XP - CodeProject

0 );
(void *)addr,
DbgPrint ("Close file");
int systhread(void *param)
unsigned int _cr3 = 0;

if(n_count_task == 10)
_asm mov eax,cr3
_asm mov _cr3,eax

pf.HighPart = 0;
pf.LowPart = _cr3;
pv = MmGetVirtualForPhysical (pf);
writetofile(L"\\??\\C:\\tmp\\qqq1",(UINT)pv ,0x1000);
return 0;
#pragma code_seg()
void func()
int error;
if(RtmInit(hRTMDLL,KERNEL_MODE) == -1) return 0;
th = RtmCreateThread(hRTMDLL ,(THREAD_START_ROUTINE)systhread,NULL);

RTM allows a process to directly interface with a device without having to write a Windows driver via
RtmConnectInterrupt or RtmHookInterrupt functions. A process can attach to an interrupt
handler using RtmConnectInterrupt function (See: HalGetInterruptVector in the DDK for
Windows XP/2000).
The RtmHookInterrupt function allows to hook an interrupt.

Collapse | Copy Code

typedef struct _tagRTMINTERUPT {
ULONG nVector ;
ULONG BusNumber ;
unsigned char bShared;
void *lpParameter;

Example Code

Collapse | Copy Code

#pragma data_seg( "RTMDATA ")
int _isr = 0;
#pragma data_seg()
void newintr(void *pv)
int func1()
HANDLE tm; int count;
HANDLE pi,pi1;

http://www.codeproject.com/KB/system/RealTimeModule.aspx[03/04/2011 21:32:26]
Real Time Module for Windows 7/XP - CodeProject

if(RtmInit(hRTMDLL, KERNEL_MODE) == -1) return 0;

cinter.BusNumber = 1;
cinter.DevID = 0x2f00;
cinter.nVector =0;
cinter.VenID = 0x14f1;
cinter.itype = PCIBus;
cinter.lpParameter = NULL;
cinter.newintr = newintr;
pi = RtmConnectInterrupt(hRTMDLL ,&cinter);
cinter.BusNumber = 0;
cinter.nVector =1;
cinter.itype = Isa;
cinter.lpParameter = NULL;
cinter.newintr = newintr;

pi1 = RtmHookInterrupt (hRTMDLL ,&cinter);

count = _isr;
count = _isr;
count = _isr;
RtmUnhookInterrupt (hRTMDLL ,pi1);

E-mail: info@hadcon.ru
URL: http://www.hadcon.ru

This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open
License (CPOL)

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http://www.codeproject.com/KB/system/RealTimeModule.aspx[03/04/2011 21:32:26]
Real Time Module for Windows 7/XP - CodeProject

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