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Social Media Proposal

Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

An overview of the strategic use of Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, MySpace, blogs and
other social media to promote and market Alexa’s-Angels and Share Positivity.

Nora Lamarti, Social Media Consultant

Social Media Services
Nora Lamarti

Social Media Consultant

Alexa's Angels, Inc.

Beth Lang, CEO

621 Innovation Circle, Suite A-2
Windsor, CO 80550



I have prepared the following proposal for your consideration. The implementation of this plan
requires access to all aspects of the social media platforms. I will work with your intern and
train her to take over at the end of our contract.

Scope of Work:

1. Provide written Social Media Plan within ten (10) days of acceptance of proposal. This
includes two (2) revisions.
2. Establish a corporate core identity to make brand recognition cross over social media,
blog, retail, and wholesale sites.
3. Utilize Twitter to build brand recognition and move traffic to the Share Positivity Blog
and Alexa’s Angels website.
4. Utilize Facebook to move traffic to the Share Positivity and Alexa’s Angels website by
updating group site, adding events, promoting discussions, provide links to the blog, and
networking with other users and businesses/charities.
5. Provide mobile services for Twitter and FaceBook.
6. Implement coupon code to track traffic from social media sites to Alexa’s Angels and
Positivity blog.
7. Redesign blog site to provide a more interactive experience for users, adding features
that will appeal to a broad cross section of Positivity and Alexa’s Angels visitors and keep
them coming back to the sites. Social Media Services will work with it’s own IT staff to
ensure branding is done properly when changes are made to blog. No additional IT
support will be needed.
8. Establish relationships with known charitable organizations and socially responsible
businesses to network Share Positivity and Alexa’s Angels.
9. Develop and provide written Standard Operating Procedure for use of company staff
after length of contract is over. The manual will contain sample tweets, twitter
etiquette, links to resources, relationship status guide/flow chart, and areas of
10. Train intern to take over social media position after term of contract is over.

Cost to provide Social Media Plan: $1,800.00

Billable Hours ($20 per hour / 20 hours per week / 12 weeks): $4,800.00

Cost to provide written Standard Operating Procedure Manual: $1,800.00

Total Cost of Proposed Work: $8,400.00

Alternate Add to provide additional training after term of contract $20 per hour.


1. Work will be done in hours appropriate for both the domestic and international
2. Integration with other media outlets is up to the discretion of Social Media Services.
3. The systems used by Social Media Services are proprietary and may not be disclosed
with other entities.
4. Billing will be weekly as work is performed.
5. Payment will be made promptly fifteen (15) days net from date of invoice.
6. Alexa’s Angels will be responsible for all incidental costs, web hosting, etc.
7. The length of contract shall be ninety (90) days.
8. Proposal is good for thirty (30) days from August 20, 2009.

Any work above and beyond the scope outlined in this proposal will be an extra charge and will
not be done without written authorization in the form of a Purchase Order.

I look forward to implementing a complete Social Media Plan for your company. If you have
any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Nora Lamarti

Social Media Consultant.

Cell: 201-699-6080