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L a ke E l m o / Wo o d b u r y C a m p u s

Volume 1, Issue 1
April 4, 2011

Diversity Matters
Mango Languages
Rasmussen College Library & Learning Centers now offer language learning
through Mango Languages. Mango Languages was recently added to the data-
base offerings available to students, staff & instructors. So if you ever wanted to
Campus Hours learn a new language, such as Tagalog (spoken in the Philippines) or improve
your English skills, Mango Languages is for you.
The Mango Languages website has this to say about the library edition:
Mango’s online language learning tools were designed with libraries in mind!
Our Library Edition includes a variety of resources to help patrons of all kinds
8:30-4:30 learn practical conversation skills for the world’s most popular languages. With
Sunday convenient remote access, a fun and engaging format, and ongoing support
Closed from the Mango promotional team, Mango Library Edition is bound to be one
of the most effective, relevant and budget-conscious resources your library can

Watch for more information about the Mango Languages Mango smoothie
party coming up on April 12, 2011 during National Library Week!

March Diversity Event Rewind

Mr. Alonso Sierralta has dis-
Mango Languages played his artwork through-
out the campus. On March
Alonso Sierralta 14th Sierralta presented to
the campus and shared his
National Poetry inspiration behind some of
Month his pieces. It was a great
event and we hope to see
Join the Diversity you at the closing presenta-
tion on April 19th at
Club! 11:30am. For more informa-
tion please contact Donnie
Murphy or Katie Brisson.
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National Poetry Month

Calendar In honor of National Poetry Month (NPM), Tammy Wenberg, Dean of Faculty, will be
April 4th, Start of the sending out poems throughout the month to the faculty, staff, and students. Informa-
Term tion about other poetry events on campus will be forthcoming.

April 7th, Diversity Club Thank you for your interest in this celebration of the art and practice of POETRY!!
Meeting (4:30 pm—5:30 “. . .the mind of the poet supplies a light to the minds of others, kindling their imagina-
pm) tions, helping them to live their lives. . .” Jay Parini, a poet, novelist, and biographer
and the D. E. Axinn Professor of English at Middlebury College.
April 12th, Library Open
House/National Library
Week (9 am—noon)
Join the Diversity Club!
April 12th, Storyteller
(6:30 pm—7:30 pm)

April 14th, Put-a-Poem-in-

your-Pocket Day

April 19th, Cultural Leg-

acy Event (11:30 am—
12:30 pm)

April 22nd, Earth Day

Domestic Violence Speaker & Author

Diversity Club
Donnie Murphy

Katie Brisson