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Clinical Approach to Technical

How Upgrade
safe is your data?

Data masking of SAP HCM Data for

non-production environments

Author : Srinivasan Sitaraman

Published in October 2010

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Data masking of SAP HCM Data Approach to Technical
for non-production Upgrade

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary 03
2. Initial Planning Challenge 03
3. Hexaware Probe upgrade tool 03
4. How Hexaware Probe can help you? 03
5. Probe Inventorizer 03
6. Probe - Object Analyser 04
7. Conclusion 05

Author’s Bio
Pandian C Muneeswara
Pandian C Muneeswara is the Principal Consultant from Hexaware Technologies, with more than 13 years of
experience in leveraging metadata of BI systems. You can reach him at muneeswarap@hexaware.com

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Clinical Approach to Technical Upgrade

Executive Summary
While many customers have been considering upgrade their current mySAP ERP versions to latest SAP ECC release for long time, the
effort and resources required for undertaking the upgrade has been scaring them. This is attributed to various factors, as SAP upgrade
project can be intimidating due to limited in-house knowledge, lack of insight to estimate time and resource requirements and the
resource intensive nature of upgrades. Also in many cases, customers have been looking at the significant mainstream maintenance
with option for extendable maintenance offered by SAP of SAP ECC versions.

It is time every SAP customer should start considering an upgrade strategy sooner than later. An upgrade project not only brings
efficiency to existing processes but presents exciting opportunities to consider new components from mySAP ERP business suite and
significant technical advancements with new technologies. The other tangible benefit is to use this as an opportunity to replace any
custom build programs/ bolt-ons with new features available in SAP ECC version, there by bringing down the maintenance cost.

Initial Planning Challenge

Every customer who is interested in doing an upgrade wants to know the following:

• What is the budget required for upgrading?

• Invest in temporary infrastructure to set up target version
• How do I estimate migrating the customizations in my current environment to target environment
– By Modules (HR, FICO, MM, PP,…)
– By Object Type (DDIC, ABAP, …)
– By Complexity
– Potential failure points
• Resources required to perform all of the above analysis

Hexaware Probe upgrade tool

Hexaware’s Probe tool counters the challenges organizations are facing in executing a SAP upgrade project. The Probe tool is
integrated into Hexware comprehensive upgrade methodology in lines with SAP ASAP methodology that ensures a smooth and
seamless execution of mySAP ERP upgrade to my SAP ECC as well enhancing the productivity and reduces the overall project cost by
providing vital inputs and accelerators at every stage of the Upgrade cycle.

How Hexaware Probe can help you?

With Hexaware Probe, organizations can efficiently plan, budget and manage your mySAP ERP upgrade. Using Hexaware Probe,
customers can simulate an upgrade mySAP ECC environment and perform a comprehensive assessment to analyze the effort across
custom development objects, custom table and data elements enhancements, all type of functional enhancements - without changing
any data, configurations or ABAP code in your current live environment.

Hexaware’s Probe provides its customers with a set of robust tools to embark confidently in a mySAP ERP upgrade. Probe has various
components to estimate the number of custom objects impacted, total time and effort to fix the impact, resource and cost required to
complete. The following are the two components of Probe:

• Probe – Inventorizer
• Probe – Object analyzer

Probe – Inventorizer
The Probe – Inventorizer provides auto analysis of both custom developed & enhancement to SAP standard in current production SAP
environment. The analysis provides the following detailed insights:

• Assessment of the Custom-developed program: This would entail finding out number of custom developed programs broken down
into all type of ABAP programs (e.g. reports, BDCs, dialog programs, forms, exits, etc).
• Assessment of the SAP Repairs: This would identify the repairs done on SAP Original Objects and would attempt to split them into
repairs done for Advance Corrections and those for SAP modifications.

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Clinical Approach to Technical Upgrade

This analysis of multi-dimensional and graphical view provides all possible dimensions of generated inventory. This analysis, along with
detailed reporting of the inventory, will eliminate guess work on resource and time requirements for an upgrade project in the planning

Features and functions:

• Provides detailed analysis of 54 SAP Objects (added, enhanced & repaired)
• Object analyzed includes
- Dictionary objects (6) – Transparent tables, Structures, View etc.,
- Other Dictionary objects (10) – Domain, Data elements, Lock objects etc.,
- ABAP objects (10) – ALV, BDC, Module pool etc.,
- Other ABAP objects (28) – Workflow, BAPI, Function Module etc.,
• Analysis done without having to install the target SAP version for comparison

• Analysis with detailed granularity (E.g. Out of 700 programs impacted, 400 are summary reports, 200 are detail reports, 70 are
interfaces & 30 data migration codes).
- Provide impact analysis by SAP modules (E.g. 50% HR, 30% FICO, 20% MM).
- Dashboard, Drill down and Graphical & detailed PDF reporting

Business Benefits
• Quick understanding of an unknown SAP unknown environment for upgrade
• Removes the need of engaging SAP SME’s onsite for detailed (manual) analysis
• Saves up to 90% of upgrade assessment study effort
• Enabled detailed upgrade assessment within 24hrs.
• No upfront infrastructure required for target version
• Enables sizing of a unknown SAP environment for maintenance
• Enables CIO to be in track of the percentage of customization across SAP modules (Dashboard view with detail drill downs)

• Impact assessment of the source environment in hours
• Impact assessment with zero investment (No target hardware/version required)
• Remote impact assessment – Onsite report generation
• No knowledge/laundry list of SAP ABAP fixes to be known

Probe – Object Analyser

The Probe – Analyser assists in determining size and complexity of inventorized objects create using the Inventorizer tool. For all the
identified custom objects, the tool provides the following detailed insights:

• Failure Points Analysis: It detects the potential failure points in all custom objects, either due to changed or obsolete references

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Clinical Approach to Technical Upgrade

without the necessity to upgrade or test the code in new version. The obsolete references include Obsolete errors, Obsolete function
modules, syntax errors, batch data input errors and Unicode errors.

• Total estimation effort: The tool also provided the estimates along with the complexity for each impacted object, to finalize the total
effort required to incorporate changes as required for the object to work in new version/environment.

Features and functions:

• Identifies what added, enhanced objects will fail and what will not during a course of an upgrade
• Detailed failure analysis of all impacted ABAP programs
- Obsolete errors
- Obsolete function modules
- Syntax Errors
- BDC Errors
- Unicode errors
• ABAP code line level failure analysis for retro fitting
• Built in SAP program complexity identifier – for various types of ABAP programs
• Provides detail impact assessment by Error type, Object type, complexity & SAP Modules
• Dashboard, Drill down and Graphical & detailed PDF reporting

This impact analysis is provided and grouped by objects, by modules/functions, and by complexity.

Business Benefits:
• Evaluate how many processes and custom programs among the custom component stack will fail during the course of an upgrade.
• Require NO investments in upgrade hardware / software release for failure analysis.
• Minimizes the trial & error mode of upgrade process.
• Enables budget, resource, effort planning.
• Enables to plan – What to retro-fit, What to test. All within the first 24hrs of upgrade assessment.
• Saves up to 80% of upgrade assessment study effort.

Probe cost-effectively sizes and analyzes your upgrade project before it begins, reducing the total cost between 30-40% (depending the
current production version) compared to traditional upgrade processes. It provides all the data and details required to intelligently plan,
budget, and manage your SAP upgrade, and it does so in days, not months, with no downtime and no disruption to your current

With an extensive pool of subject matter experts (SME’s) with in-depth knowledge and expertise in mySAP ERP, and SAP ECC version,
compounded with Probe tool, Hexaware can help its customers reap maximum return on investment in an upgrade project.

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Clinical Approach to Technical Upgrade

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