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The Tesla Crop Glyph – Tapping the Transdimensional Wheelwork of Nature

By M.G. Whitney

The above Crop Glyph has been popularly regarded as an esoteric, tweaked version of
this, Tesla’s Radiant Energy Receiver:

This paper attempts to reconcile the current understanding of vacuum energy a.k.a. Dark
Energy as interpreted by different scientists and physics sects. Tesla, as with most
physicists of his day took the “Aether” to be the medium through which EM energy
propagated. This is reasonable since every other known wave in the universe propagates
through something. At some point elaborate math got in the way of logic and “space
energy” was relegated to metaphysics and gained more synonyms.

An explanation of the glyph tweak to Tesla’s “Radiant Energy Receiver” is also

provided. The author/inventor has “back-engineered” the glyph and suggests it is an
“Auto-Inductive Rectenna” or AIR; a means of directly tapping Dark Energy as opposed
to receiving incident waves from a transmitter; space is treated as a fluid to be drained, as
opposed to a fluid to be oscillated.

As we can see from the following quote, it was Nikola’s intent to go beyond the
transmitter/rectenna system and tap vacuum energy directly:
“Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the
universe. This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason; it has been
expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth
of Antheus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your
splendid mathematicians and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout
space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic! If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic — and this
we know it is, for certain — then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their
machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.” ---- N.T.

Almost paraphrasing the above quote, this excerpt from the below article quotes John
Baez. I’ve bolded some things I need to critique:


Even if no one knows where the energy of empty space comes from or why it has the
value it does, there is now no doubt that it exists. And if there is energy to be had, there is
inevitably somebody out there thinking of how to exploit it. The notion of limitless
energy from empty space has inspired legions of wannabe physicists who dream of
developing the ultimate perpetual-motion device, a machine that would solve the world’s
energy problems forever. A quick Internet search for the words free energy and vacuum
turns up pages and pages of schemes for tapping the vacuum’s energy. I ask John Baez if
such efforts are as hopeless as previous perpetual-motion machines. Are they equally
crazy and doomed to failure?

“Perhaps not as doomed as trying to prove the world is flat,” Baez says. “One thing I can
say is that I sure hope it doesn’t work, because if you could extract energy from the
vacuum, it would mean that the vacuum is not stable. For normal physicists,” he adds
with a laugh, “the definition of the vacuum is that it’s the lowest-energy situation
possible—it has less energy than anything else.” In short, Baez says, while we may be
able to get energy from the vacuum, success “would mean the universe is far more
unstable than we ever dreamed.

The reasoning goes like this: If the vacuum is not at the lowest energy state possible, then
at some point in the future, the vacuum could fall to a lower state, pulsing out energy that
would threaten the very structure of the cosmos. If some clever engineer were ever to
extract energy from the vacuum, it could set off a chain reaction that would spread at the
speed of light and destroy the universe. Free energy, yes, but not what the inventors had
in mind.
This man is clearly biased. He suggests that if I or anyone else thinks the opposite, that
Dark Energy has a HIGHER energy density than anything else it’s abnormal. What is
abnormal is ignoring the fact that the vacuum is INFINITE potential energy (regardless
of its measured local value, see Mach) and has no regard for convenient renormalization.
He never considers that falling to a lower energy state is actually all the “Big Bang” ever
was, that this Phase-Transition/Explosion had no center, and created things (or was

Dark Energy fits right in with KK theory, M theory etc,…It’s DARK because it is
asynchronous and asymmetrical to us as it is in HIGHER dimensions not necessarily
because it’s self-canceling. The Branefall or Transdimensional wave filters through the
dimensions becoming matter and the forces maintaining matter; what we consider self-
canceling or the difficulty of measurement is really the SEAMLESSNESS and
PERMEABILITY of the dark energy transdimensional wave.

The next article provides corroborative astronomical evidence for the claims of the Auto-
Inductive Rectenna:


"When a microwave enters a supercluster, it gains some gravitational energy, and

therefore vibrates slightly faster," explained Szapudi. "Later, as it leaves the supercluster,
it should lose exactly the same amount of energy.

But if dark energy causes the universe to stretch out at a faster rate, the supercluster
flattens out in the half-billion years it takes the microwave to cross it. Thus, the wave gets
to keep some of the energy it gained as it entered the supercluster."

The analogy to the AIR is:

Dark Energy = Static Field

Supercluster = Population Inversion in discharge tube

Microwave = DC induced Scroll Wave

It may be reworded to state that a static field exciting a gaseous medium, when
heterodyned with additional energy, will gain energy from the static field.

As Tesla stated, and John Baer added, if the Dark Energy is static/the lowest possible
energy state then it is in vain, if the Dark Energy is unstable or capable of Branefall from
higher energy states then it is totally possible. It is likely that the vacuum only displays its
kinetic side on extremely tiny and extremely large scales as evidenced by vacuum
fluctuations and an expanding universe.
The AIR – Associated terms: Scroll Electret, Inertial Electrostatic Confinement (IEC),
Bipolar Spark Gap Transistor, Aether Sink, Scroll Wave, Kreb’s Cycle, Abnormal Glow,
Open Path, Negative Resistor, Multipactor.

The AIR has 3 inputs and 3 outputs.

The crop glyph shows a spiral where the conductive receiving body of the rectenna was,
this spiral forms the base of the transistor. The spiral is a scroll electret – an
electrostatically, permanently charged dielectric. The original receiving body was also a
dielectric. The function of the scroll electret is to produce IEC in the discharge tube
inside it and to host a scroll wave. Scroll waves occur in ANY activated medium, work
according to the Kreb’s cycle and can precipitate electrical activity, as with a heart beat.
Scroll waves are studied primarily in chemical reactions and biology. The author
contends that Scroll Waves and Krebs Cycles are universal and are, like gravity,
epiphenomena of the transdimensional wave which is itself a scroll wave pinned to a
given Whittaker structure. The IEC forms a beam from the injected electrons coming
from the cathode. This beam is what pins the scroll wave. The beam is also the aether
sink where the mass/energy is absorbed before going into the circuit.

What is happening in the discharge tube is loosely related to abnormal glow, electron
avalanche, and multipactor phenomena. In those phenomena the electrodes are the fuel,
in the case of the AIR it is CATIONIC OVERCHARGE that produces the secondary
emissions. The secondary emissions come from space itself via the superelectron, via the
nuclei, via the vacuum. The AIR is ultimately rectifying vacuum fluctuations, they are the
“fuel”. The difference between classical and quantum states in the same system is the
potential of the system. The vacuum energy sees the whole thing as an open path, sink or
negative resistor. Once this energy transits into its electronic phase it is a “closed
The IEC-Beam structure of the cold plasma in the discharge tube sets up a co-axial
resonance (also produced in the load via the consonant discharge of the bipolar spark gap

Dark Energy (in the form of a vortex/scroll wave) has both a Collapsing/Aether phase
and an Expansive/Electronic phase; the AIR encourages both to maintain its scroll wave.

The AIR uses a battery that never discharges but provides bias as the initial condition.

The DC current heterodyned over the permanent electrostatic charge is what induces a
scroll wave in the scroll electret as well as injects electrons into the discharge tube, the
electret-excited population inversion acts as a conductive conduit and as the injected
electrons accelerate towards the anode they strip electrons out of the population inversion
leaving behind holes causing the aforementioned secondary emissions.

The DC current diverges at the top of the tube, going into the tube and serially into the
conductor of the scroll electret. The current then goes through a diode and then a
capacitor bank where it then enters the base of the bipolar spark gap transistor. The
function of this transistor is to automatically govern the divergent/convergent currents
according to the load, which is parallel to the emitter and collector, and to maintain the
scroll wave by collapsing the overall charge in the system. A consonant or simultaneous
discharge across both gaps accentuates the Heaviside component present in the load; the
Poynting component and Heaviside component will co-axially oscillate as opposed to
transverse or longitudinal oscillation, as Bearden states, “it’s already a negative resistor”!

Therefore the AIR is auto-tuning. Excess energy is grounded or returned to the battery.

The author/inventor contends that the only reason this system can work as claimed is
because it mimics the transdimensional mechanics of Dark Energy at more obvious ends
of the scale as well as the hidden mechanics at the mesoscopic scale.

Companion Video – Sullivan Corollary: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6G-MvvR28iQ

Revised EM theory: www.cheniere.org, http://www.energyscience.org.uk/

Closest Prior Art, The PAGD: