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Investment is all about risk and return. In general, higher risk investments can offer the
potential for greater return, but also threaten a greater potential loss. An understanding of an
individual’s attitude to risk is crucial to successful investment. In the questionnaire, you are
asked about your attitudes, values and experiences to provide a guide for financial decision

1. What are your investment requirements?

Requirements Highly Not Not Neutral Preferred Highly
Preferred Preferred Preferred
Protection of capital
Capital appreciation
Low risk+ Low returns
Average risk+ Average returns
High risk+ High returns
Capital Volatility

2. What is the period of your investment?

Less than 1 year
1 to 2 years
3 to 4 years
5 to 7 years
8 to 10 years
11 years or more

3. How would you rate your investment knowledge in the following?

Poor Fair Good Very Excellent
Types of Investment Products
Investment Philosophies and Strategies
Risk and Return characteristics of Investment
Difference between Stocks, Bonds and
Diversification and Asset Allocation
Factors affecting performance of Investments

4. Which statement best describes your understanding of financial markets and

Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly
Disagree Agree
I understand why markets fluctuates
I know the different market sectors
I know that different sectors have
different growth rates
I understand risk characteristics are
different for different sectors
I know that risk management tools are
available to control risk
5. Select those investments with which you are familiar?

Investment Products Level of Familiarity

Poor Fair Good Very Excellent
Mutual Funds
Annuities (Eg. Fixed Deposits)
Property/ Real Estate

6. My biggest fear about investing is:

Strongly Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly

Disagree Agree
Unpredictable returns
Loss of capital
Poor diversification
Low risk control
Unpredictable of market
Complexity of market

7. When you think of the word “Risk” in a financial context, which of the following
words come to mind first?

8. You have just purchased some shares and a month after you invest the stock
market falls by 25%. What would your reaction be?
Cut your losses and sell out immediately
Hold your investment as you believe in the long-term prospects
Consider this as a buying opportunity

If you have invested in Equities, answer question 11 & 12.

9. Among the following, what do you perceive as risk factors in investing in


Level of importance as a Risk Factor

Very Low Low Average High Very High
Crash in Share price
Risk variance according to time frame
Uncertain dividends
Volatility of market
Economic instability
Political risk
10. What are the risk management strategies you have used to control risk in
investing in Equities?

If you have invested in Commodity or/and Currency Derivatives, answer question

11 & 12.

11. Among the following, what do you perceive as risk factors in investing in
Risk Factor Neutral Not a Risk factor
Huge Profit/Loss for huge risk
Credit Risk
Need for accurate forecast
Time frame to complete the selling of stock
(Maturity Period)
Limitation in listed stocks available for derivatives

12. What are the risk management strategies you have used to control risk in
investing in Commodity or/and Currency Derivatives?

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Thank you for taking the time out to answer this questionnaire. The information
you provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.