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Conference by Day

Tuesday (continued)

10:00 am Networking Break Innovation Pavilion

10:30 am Interact and engage with innovators, investors and leaders in the cleantech community.

10:30 am The Valley’s Role in BALLROOM A Counting Carbon: BALLROOM B Entrepreneur Show- BALLROOM C
11:30 am the Emerging Clean Economy: Does Carbon (and our ability to case: Growth Stage Companies
Here and Abroad measure it) Still Matter? Competitively selected CEOs from across
Will cleantech’s shift toward data monitoring, The global recession has given policymakers the full cleantech spectrum present and
communications, analytics, and software around the world pause in passing compre- pitch their investment opportunity. The com-
benefit the legacy expertise areas of Silicon hensive carbon legislation, most notably in panies in this session are seeking a Series B
Valley entrepreneurs? Will government sup- the US. In this difficult economic and political or C venture round.
port in countries like China, Korea, and India climate, is there any political will towards Presenters:
create innovation hubs to rival the Valley? passing climate change legislation that ad- Kamal Hassan, Skymeter
Speaker: Steve Eichenlaub, Managing dresses carbon? While significant investment Corporation
Director, Intel Capital has gone toward software and analytics for John LoPorto, Power Tagging
Michael Goguen, Managing measuring and intelligently managing carbon, Technologies
Partner, Sequoia Capital do the world’s largest corporations still care? Ross Youngs, Algaeventure
Ken Wilcox, CEO, SVB Speakers: Amit Chatterjee, CEO and Systems
Financial Group Founder, Hara Chas Eggert, OPX
Hosted by: Silicon Valley Bank Sujeesh Krishnan, Head of Biotechnologies
Carbon Footprinting, Carbon Trust
Robert ter Kuile, Senior Manager
Energy and Climate Change,
11:30 am The Battle for the BALLROOM A Spotlight on the BALLROOM B Entrepreneur Show- BALLROOM C
12:30 Pm Smart Grid: A Complex Multi- Intelligent Building case: Early Stage Companies
Player Game Innovation is occurring in monitoring and Five competitively selected CEOs from
A decade from now, the grid will have under- controls throughout the built environment across the full cleantech spectrum present
gone the same transition that we witnessed in and impacting a variety of disparate systems and pitch their investment opportunity. Most
telephone - telecom - datacom. As between – from lighting to HVAC to security. Come of the companies in this session are seeking
the current grid incumbents (e.g. ABB, hear industry experts, vendors, and custom- a Series A venture round.
Siemens, GE), the datacom and enterprise ers discuss what really matters in achieving Presenters:
software giants (e.g. IBM, Cisco, Oracle, SAP), savings from the smart building. How are the Steve Edelson, FogBusters
defense and security leaders (e.g. Boeing, business case, value proposition, and chan- Brad Hines, Thermata
Lockheed Martin), and venture-backed Smart nel strategy for building efficiency evolving? Mark Owen, Puralytics
Grid pure plays (e.g. Silver Spring, Trilliant, Speakers: Vince Canino, Director of Service Tim Feaver, Porous Power
Tendril), who will run the Smart Grid table, and Solutions for Trane, West Technologies
when will they do it, and how? Territory, Ingersoll Rand Shan Jamal, ProTerra Lighting
Speakers: Stephen Dolezalek, Michael D’Amour, CEO &
Managing Director and Group President, Lumenergi
Leader, CleanTech, VantagePoint Ted Schultz, SVP Strategy &
Venture Partners Innovation, Ecos Consulting
Girish Nadkarni, Managing
Director, ABB Technology
Allen Schurr, VP Strategy and
Development, Global Energy &
Utilities, IBM
Paul Wyman, General Manager,
Smart Grid Solutions,
Lockheed Martin
12:30 pm A Special Announcement from Veolia BALLROOM A
1:00 pm Join us as Veolia unveils an exciting announcement about the Veolia Innovation Accelerator.
Speaker: Philippe Martin, Senior Vice President Research & Innovation, Veolia Environnement

Tuesday (continued)

1:00 pm Networking Innovation Pavilion Icebreaker: Fueling Growth and Viability for Start-Ups REGENCY
2:30 pm Lunch While the demand for cleantech continues to thrive, capital to finance innovation remains
Enjoy a strolling lunch or join breakout tables scarce. Now more than ever, surpassing the valley of death requires entrepreneurs to take
for group discussions on relevant topics. different approaches in order to reach the marketplace. Join us for an interactive discus-
Hosted by: MaRS Discovery District sion with leading cleantech investors addressing key considerations for those seeking
growth in an otherwise risk adverse market.
Hosted by: Foley & Lardner LLP
2:30 pm Moving Beyond BALLROOM A Opportunities at BALLROOM B Entrepreneur BALLROOM C REGENCY
3:30 pm the Meter: The Future of the Intersection of IT and Showcase: Growth Stage Icebreaker: Financ-
Home Energy Management Water: Water’s Smart Grid Companies ing and Developing
The utility industry in the U.S. is in Moment? Five competitively selected CEOs Cleantech Projects
near unanimous agreement that the As the electric smart grid receives from across the full cleantech spec- and Technologies
ball has been dropped in educating the attention of both the private and trum present and pitch their invest- in Canada
consumers on how improving the public sector in terms of press and ment opportunity. The companies in This interactive and
grid will impact their lives. A panel investment dollars, many seek op- this session are seeking a Series B intimate session will
of the world’s most important play- portunities in the water smart grid or C venture round or post-venture take a look at identify-
ers in home energy management analogy. funding. ing some of the great
discuss how to make the smart grid Speakers: Helge Daebel, Sector Presenters: opportunities that
relevant to consumers and how long Specialist, Water & Ma- Jim Fiske, Gravity Power exist for cleantech in
it will take. rine Renewables, Emer- David Cope, Purfresh Canada, as well as
Speakers: Lee Krevat, Director, ald Technology Ventures Chris Ulum, Agilyx some of the hurdles
Smart Grid, San Diego Thomas Erb, Water Corporation that companies may
Gas & Electric Resources Director, Los Frank Roerink, Avantium encounter in operating
Adrian Tuck, CEO, Angeles Department of Daryl Wilson, in Canada.
Tendril Water & Power Hydrogenics Corporation
Hosted By: Fraser
Chris Villarreal, Regula- Wayne Griffith, Director, Milner Casgrain LLP
tory Analyst, Staff Lead, Asset Management,
Smart-Grid Team, Veolia Water North
California Public Utilities America
Commission Alex Wiznitzer, Chair-
Daniel Yates, CEO & man, Mekorot
Founder, OPOWER
3:30 pm Financing Smarter BALLROOM A Leading Lights, Rays BALLROOM B Entrepreneur Show- BALLROOM C
4:30 pm Buildings: Real Estate Investors and of Hope, and Winds of Change: case: Early Stage Companies
Energy EffIciency Who Will be the International Five competitively selected CEOs from
With significant investment required for new Leaders in the Cleaner Industrial across the full cleantech spectrum present
product development, financing is becoming Markets of the 21st Century? and pitch their investment opportunity. Most
a bigger hurdle to adoption than technology There will be no one dominant global leader, of the companies in this session are seeking
maturity. Real estate investors, developers, or winner in cleantech, but a series of lead- a Series A venture round.
and property owners have an increasingly ers in its different facets and its different Presenters:
prominent role in financing energy efficiency fields. We believe the shape of the global Lawrence Silverman, GridPlex
projects. This session will explore new industrial map is set to radically change Cam Carver, Temporal Power
financing approaches and how to achieve during this century. This session will highlight Laura Draxler, ZERE Energy and
meaningful returns on efficiency invest- 3 subjects with representatives of 3 parts Biofuels
ments. of the world who are staking out leadership Tim Stojka, Agentis Energy
Speakers: Riggs Kubiak, Global Director of potential in particular fields, all of which are Kef Kasdin, Proterro
Sustainability, Tishman Speyer multi-billion dollar markets. The fields are
Alexa Leon-Prado, LED lighting in Taiwan, Offshore Wind in the
Global Head of Cleantech UK, and India’s National Solar Mission.
Citigroup Global Markets Inc. Speakers: Jeffrey Chen, Chairman & CEO,
Sean P. Neill, NeoPac Lighting Group
Managing Director, Transcend Dr. Avinash Patkar, Chief
Equity Development Sustainability Officer, TATA Power
Dr. Robert Trezona, Head of
Research & Development,
Carbon Trust

Conference by Day
Tuesday (continued)

4:30 pm Networking Break Innovation Pavilion

5:00 pm Interact and engage with innovators, investors and leaders in the cleantech community.

5:00 pm Putting the Grid in BALLROOM A The Missing Link: An End- BALLROOM B Canadian Company BALLROOM C
6:00 pm Smart Grid User Perspective on Energy
Storage Spotlight
The majority of smart grid venture capital has Much has been written about cost effective Sustainable Development Technology
flowed into home energy management and grid-scale storage being the “holy grail” of Canada will select innovative Canadian
metering applications, yet there exist large, cleantech. Yet most have focused on distin- companies to present and pitch.
untapped opportunities to vastly improve the guishing between the various technologies and Hosted by: Sustainable Development
efficiency and reliability of the distribution grid vendors, while utility deployments and progress Technology Canada
through innovation in feeder and substa- seems to be moving slow. Here we will focus
tion monitoring and automation, as well as on the end-users of storage, and whether, how,
improvements in load balancing and system and when storage will fulfill its promise.
planning. This panel will explore the opportu- Speakers: Farshid Arman, Director, Energy
nity for innovation in the grid itself beyond the Technologies, Siemens
meter and will discuss what utilities are doing David Mooney, Director, Electric-
to pursue these projects. ity, Resources and Buildings Sys-
Speakers: Mike Edmonds, Director, Global tems Integration, National Renew-
Smart Grid Strategies able Energy Laboratory
Doug Houseman, Vice President, William Torre, Chief Engineer,
Technology & Innovation, Enernex San Diego Gas and Electric Co.
Ron Sege, President & CEO, Helen Whittaker, Senior Strategic
Echelon Corporation Technology Specialist, BC Hydro
6:00 pm Keynotes: Andrew DeGuire, Vice President, Strategy & Acquisitions, Johnson Controls, BALLROOM A
6:30 pm Enrique Santacana, President and CEO ABB Inc
Smart Buildings Without The Hype: Realities Of The Built Environment

6:30 pm Networking Reception & Strolling Dinner BALLROOM A

9:00 pm Forum attendees are invited to relax and enjoy themselves at a combination networking reception and strolling dinner following the day’s activities.

8:00 am Continental Innovation Pavilion Carbon Trust: Invitation Only Breakfast Briefing REGENCY
9:00 am Breakfast This breakfast session is themed around developing, commercializing and deploying
Enjoy coffee, tea, and light fare while new low carbon technologies internationally - hear from Carbon Trust about their unique
networking. approach and meet 5 of the most innovative green technology startups from the UK.

9:00 am Welcome Back & Thoughts on Smart Innovation BALLROOM A

9:30 am Recent reports suggest VCs are shying away from cleantech investments in favor of IT and Web technologies - but is there more
to the story? Greg Neichin will lead a discussion on how data is driving cleantech investment.
Hewlett Packard will also share a special announcement.
Speaker: Greg Neichin, VP, Research and Advisory, Cleantech Group
Jonathan Silver, US Department of Energy
9:30 am Keynote: Lisa Gansky, Author, The Mesh BALLROOM A
10:00 am Traditional businesses follow a simple formula: create a product or service, sell it, collect money. But in the last few years a fundamentally
different model has taken root - one in which consumers have more choices, more tools, more information, and more peer-to-peer power.
Pioneering entrepreneur and author Lisa Gansky calls it the Mesh and reveals why it will soon dominate the future of business.
10:00 am Keynote: Elon Musk, Chairman, Product Architect and CEO, Tesla Motors BALLROOM A
10:30 am The Electric Vehicle Goes Mainstream: Tesla’s Pioneering Perspective: The success of the Roadster, progress on the Model S,
and adoption of electric models by the major OEM’s seems to indicate that Tesla is an upward trajectory. However, Tesla over
came high hurdles to get where it is, and critics point to higher ones yet to come as it attempts produce the Model S by 2012.
Tesla Co-Founder and CEO Elon Musk will discuss the lessons he’s learned along the way and his plans to keep Tesla on track
to become the great car company of the 21st Century.

Wednesday (continued)

10:30 am Networking Innovation Pavilion 10:30 am Cleantech Electric Car Show JUSTIN HERMAN PLAZA
11:00 am Break 4:00 Pm Join us in Justin Herman Plaza just outside of the Hyatt Regency for a
Interact and engage with industry peers look at the new wave of electric cars and charging stations that are
over coffee and snacks. paving the way for the next generation of automobiles.

11:00 am Electric Vehicles on the BALLROOM A Tackling the Issue of BALLROOM B CEO BALLROOM C
12:00 pm Grid: Energizing EVs Scaling Clean Technologies Case Study:
The next few years will see a growing number of grid- Join us in a discussion on how to adopt technol- Water
dependent vehicles on the roads – perhaps as many as ogy, manage data, and drive impact across large The CEO Case Study
half a million in the US by 2015. Drivers will be turning to enterprises. sessions highlight “best
the grid for their transportation energy needs. Will utilities Hosted by: Hewlett-Packard in class” companies from
partner or compete with charging vendors to gain ac- across the cleantech
cess to the new EV consumer? How will the grid need to industry. These CEOs will
change to handle this new wave, and who will pay for it? present their companies
Speakers: Andy Campbell, Chief Energy Advisor to and latest developments.
Commissioner Nancy Ryan, California Public Speakers:
Utilities Commission Thomas Rooney,
Colin Read, Vice President, Corporate Energy Recovery, Inc.
Development, ECOtality Phillip Abrary,
Jason Wolf, Vice President, North America, Ostara Nutrient Recovery
Better Place Technologies, Inc.
Saul Zambrano, Director, Integrated Demand
Side Management Product Portfolio, Pacific
Gas & Electric
12:00 pm Networking Lunch Innovation Pavilion Icebreaker Session - REGENCY Utility seacliff b
1:30 pm Network with peers while enjoying a lunch buffet. Competitive Commercialization Strategy: Roundtable and
Leveraging Government Funding Advisory Board
The U.S. federal and state governments invest billions of Meeting
dollars into cleantech and as other nations do the same, it – Invitation Only
becomes increasingly more vital for the United States to
increase its funding to maintain global competitiveness.
However, leveraging public financing to innovate and com-
mercialize is a double-edged sword and innovators must
carefully weigh the risks before accepting the support.
Join us for this time-sensitive discussion addressing both
the rewards and challenges of reducing your company’s
need to raise financial backing through other methods.
Hosted by: Foley & Lardner LLP

1:30 pm Embracing the Global BALLROOM A Accelerating Water BALLROOM B CEO BALLROOM C
2:30 pm Energy Efficiency Opportunity: French Innovation: Learnings from Israel and Case Study:
Multi-National Corporations Singapore? Transportation
Are In It to Win It, Around the World The development of water innovation requires tremen- The CEO Case Study
Cleantech Group research has previously highlighted dous resources in terms of venture financing, piloting, sessions highlight “best
the increasing activity levels in cleantech of large French access to utilities/ customers and policy support. in class” companies from
multinational corporations. This panel will share with you Yet venture investments into water technologies has across the cleantech in-
first-hand what some of them are doing and how they remained conservative and M&A activity continues to dustry. These CEOs will
are working with innovative cleantech startups and tech- reflect the water market’s fragmentation. Both Israel present their companies
nologies within the efficiency space, and in doing so, will and Singapore’s innovation platforms have been visible and latest developments.
highlight possible opportunities to work with them. around the world as potential models for other regions Speakers:
Speakers: Antoine Aslanides, Innovation Director, EDF seeking to establish water innovation clusters. What Matt Horton, Propel, Inc.
Group can industry learn from such platforms? Jeff Granato,
Todd Dauphinais, Investment Partner, Aster Speakers: Aleid Diepeveen, Director, Innovation Proterra, Inc.
Capital (USA) Program Water Technology, Netherlands Wolfgang Bullmer,
Michael Mahoney, Manager, Corporate Water Partnership Transonic
External Venturing, Saint Gobain Booky Oren, Chairman, WATEC Israel Combustion, Inc.
Hosted by: Aderly/OnlyLyon

Conference by Day
Wednesday (continued)

2:30 pm Networking Break Innovation Pavilion

3:00 pm Interact and engage with innovators, investors and leaders in the cleantech community.

3:00 pm Lessons from BALLROOM A Modular Nuclear Power: BALLROOM B CEO BALLROOM C
4:00 pm Cleantech China The Only Gamechanger Ready Case Study:
From their ambitious national smart grid to the rise of for Deployment Today Energy Efficiency
Chinese renewable companies, in many ways, China Most renewable energy sources are not currently The CEO Case Study
has surpassed their Western rivals in advancing a 21st able to provide baseload power due to their intermit- sessions highlight “best
century clean energy economy. What lessons have tent nature and the lack of large scale energy storage in class” companies from
Chinese early adopters learned in their cleantech de- solutions. Nuclear generation can provide carbon- across the cleantech in-
ployments? What best practices have made sense for free baseload power, but large-scale nuclear plants dustry. These CEOs will
China but may not work for Western markets? are capital intensive and take many years to license, present their companies
Speakers: Andrew Beebe, Chief Commercial Officer, permit and construct. Are smaller-scale, modular and latest developments.
Suntech nuclear reactors poised to redefine the way we think Speakers:
Mohsen Khalil, Global Head, Climate about the energy market and the development of Harry Sim,
Business, World Bank / International nuclear power projects? Cypress Envirosystems
Finance Corporation Speakers: Maurice Gunderson, Senior Partner, Warner Philips,
Andy Tang, Managing Director, ABB Energy & Materials, CMEA Capital Lemnis Lighting
Technology Ventures Paul Lorenzini, CEO, NuScale Power Peter Van Deventer,
Blake J.Nelson, Of Counsel, Morrison & Synapsense Corporation
Ray Rothrock, Partner, Venrock
Hosted by: Morrison & Foerster

4:00 pm Closing Keynote: Kal Patel, President Asia, Enterprise EVP, Best Buy BALLROOM A
4:30 pm Join Kal Patel, EVP and President of Best Buy’s Asia business unit as he brings his expertise to bear on the topics of global growth
opportunities and innovation for enterprises, as well as the learnings he has taken away from his relationships with venture capitalists.
Moderated by: Greg Neichin, Vice President, Cleantech Group

4:30 pm Closing Remarks BALLROOM A

5:00 pm A
brief recap of key takeaways from the conference as the Forum concludes.
Speakers: Sheeraz Haji, President, Cleantech Group
Nicholas Parker, Executive Chairman, Cleantech Group

6:30 pm Imagine H2O Water Innovators Showcase

8:30 pm Our partner, Imagine H2O, will host an event to award the 2010 prize to the most promising startups that save energy in moving, treating and
using water and wastewater. Join hundreds of entrepreneurs, venture investors and public agency representatives for a great celebration.
This reception is taking place after the close of the Cleantech Forum San Francisco at a local gallery. For more information and to register to
attend, please visit: http://www.imagineh2o.org.