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APRIL 1, 2011 • Volume 9, Issue 23

Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea http://imcom.korea.army.mil

Soldiers from 6-52nd Air Defense Artillery Battalion, are dressed as

Royal Guards accompanying a representation of King Jeonjo (Middle)
as he comes from the Hangung Palace during the Hwaseong Opening
Ceremony. The annual ceremony was performed Saturday. The building
in the background is called the “Bonsudang” or “Chamber where one
lives a long life.” It is the inner chamber of the Hangung palace where
the Queen Mother traditionally celebrated her birthday. See more
images like this on Page 23. — U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Austin Liu

U.S. Soldiers feign Korean warriors

By 1st Lt. Austin Liu Joseon King Jeonjo as he entered the Hwaseong military attachés. They traveled from the main cit-
35th Air Defense Artillery Brigade Fortress Main Citadel to greet thousands of cheer- adel to the Hwaseong Hangung (Summer Palace,)
ing crowds. where the King and Queen Mother once resided.
SUWON HWASEONG FORTRESS, Korea – A similar royal procession took place here more “It was a surreal experience and a tremendous
Soldiers from the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense than 200 years ago during the original opening cer- honor to be able to wear the uniform of the King’s
Artillery, along with members of the Republic of emony of the Hwaseong Fortress. Royal Guards,” added Pullum. “Back in the days,
Korea Army 700th Special Operation Force, par- “As we were marching in our traditional armor, only the best and brightest can stand so close to
ticipated in the historical reenactment of a Joseon- surrounded by historical buildings and ancient the king.”
era royal procession during the Hwaseong Fortress music, I almost felt as if we had been transported Hwaseong Fortress was built by King Jeonjo in
Spring Opening Ceremony here Saturday. back in time,” said, Pfc. Diante Pullum, 6-52 Air 1796. The fortress consisted of four imposing cita-
At the steady beat of the ancient war drums, Defense Artillery Battalion. dels, a perimeter wall of six kilometers in length,
U.S. and ROK Soldiers, donned Joseon-era cer- More than 450 U.S. and ROK Soldiers partici-
emonial attire and weapons and accompanied the pated in the parade dressed as King Jeonjo’s loyal — See WARRIOR, Page 3 —

By Cpl. Oh Chi-hyung The ROK-U.S. Combined Forces strong tidal fluctuations give way to

Korea, U.S. 8th Army Public Affairs Command appointed Rear Adm. Son muddy tidal flats.
Cha-soo, chief of the Republic of Korea “The sea state throughout the West
ANMYEON, Korea — The Com- Naval Forces Component Flotilla 5, as Sea is much different than that of the

hold seaside
bined Forces Command held a com- the exercise commander. East Sea,” said Brig. Gen. Aundre F.
bined joint logistics exercise as a part Twenty-four ships, including the Piggee, deputy assistant chief of staff
of Foal Eagle 2011 here March 22-24. MV Vice Adm. K.R. Wheeler, 91 vehi- for logistics for United Nations Com-

exercise on
The Combined Joint Logistics Over cles and more than 400 service mem- mand, Combined Forces Command
the Shore exercise was held to train bers participated in the exercise. and U.S. Forces Korea.
ROK-U.S. Alliance forces to operate in During the exercise, 16 Korean ci- “This gives us a good opportunity to

seaside areas where adequate pier fa- vilian vessels, including a 19,000-ton train the team,” he said.
cilities don’t exist. ship, were mobilized to help supply Piggee said the exercise strength-
The CJLOTS exercise enhanced the and transport goods from the sea. ened the ROK-U.S. Alliance and en-
ROK-U.S. Alliance’s combined logis- The exercise was the first of its kind hanced its combat readiness. x
tics capabilities. conducted here on the West Sea where

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The Morning Calm

Published by
Installation Management Command Korea
Mullen credits Armed Forces for award
By Terri Moon Cronk
Commanding General/Publisher: American Forces Press Service
Brig. Gen. David G. Fox
Public Affairs Chief: Dan Thompson
Editor: Russell Wicke WASHINGTON — Joint Chiefs of
Staff Chairman Navy Adm. Mike Mul-
Commander: Col. Hank Dodge
len accepted the Dwight D. Eisenhow-
Public Affairs Officer: Kevin Jackson er Award from the Center for the Study
Staff Writers: Pfc. Mardicio Barrot, Pfc. Jin Choe of the Presidency and Congress March
24 on behalf of all members of the U.S.
Commander: Col. William P. Huber armed forces.
Public Affairs Officer: Jane Lee “Tonight, there are thousands
Staff Writers: Cpl. Choe Yong-joon,
Cpl. Hong Moo-sun, Pvt. Choi Sung-il
upon thousands of young men and
women answering our nation’s call in
USAG-HUMPHREYS Afghanistan, Iraq, Japan and around
Commander: Col. Joseph P. Moore the world,” the chairman said. “Off the
Public Affairs Officer: Lori Yerdon
CI Officer: Steven Hoover shores of Libya, where they are flying
Writer/Layout Editor: Wayne Marlow and fighting to protect innocent peo-
ple from their own government, they
Commander: Col. Kathleen A. Gavle are doing a magnificent job.”
Public Affairs Officer: Philip Molter When the center selected Mullen
CI Officer: Mary Grimes for the award, the chairman agreed to
Staff Writers: Pvt. Jang Bong-seok, Pvt. Kim Min-jae
Interns: Im Hae-na, Lee Seung-bin,
accept it — but only on behalf of the
nation’s uniformed men and women.
Hana Noguchi
Former Virginia Sen. John Warner,
Navy Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and his wife, Deborah,
This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for
past chairman of the Senate Armed greet retired Sen. John W. Warner of Virginia at the Center for the Study of the Presiden-
members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views Services Committee, presented the cy and Congress awards dinner in Washington, D.C., March 24, 2011. Mullen accepted
of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of
award. President Barack Obama ex- the Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for excellence on behalf of the U.S. Armed Forces at
Defense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content
of this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM- tended his congratulations to Mullen the dinner. — DoD photo by Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley
Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500 and U.S. service members in a letter.
Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way connected “Throughout his extraordinary mil- abled American Veterans and the Iraq said veterans are ready and willing to
with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written contract itary career, Admiral Mullen has set an and Afghanistan Veterans of America. continue serving their communities,
with the Contracting Command-Korea. The civilian printer
is responsible for commercial advertising. The appearance
example for men and women across all Their actions and dedication to and when communities help veterans
of advertising in this publication, including inserts or branches of government,” the presi- duty, Mullen told the veterans, “stand transition to civilian life, he foresees a
supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the dent’s letter read. “His outstanding as stark testament to President Eisen- “win-win” relationship.
U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or services
advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall leadership of our armed forces will be hower’s words that ‘We cannot build “[That partnership] makes a posi-
be made available for purchase, use or patronage without studied for generations to come, and peace on desire alone.’ I will take that tive and lasting impact on our nation
regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, age, marital
status, physical handicap, political affiliation, or any other
as he accepts this award on behalf of one step further and say that while de- and the young men and women who
non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a our service members, I hope he takes sire alone won’t build a better future have served, for decades to come,” the
violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by pride in his enormous contributions to for our nation or our world, you have.” admiral said.
an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print
advertising from that source until the violation of the equal strengthening our nation.” The center chose Mullen for the Mullen challenged the Eisenhower
opportunity policy is corrected. Mullen is a longstanding advocate Eisenhower Award because “he is Center’s fellows to find new, creative
Oriental Press President: Charles Chong of supporting U.S. troops and fami- a forward-thinking, servant leader ways to “reach out to the great resourc-
Commercial Advertising lies during and after their service for and grand strategist who, by looking es resident in our veterans.” Then, he
Telephone: 738-5005
Fax: (02) 790-5795
the “needs they deserve,” ranging from through a long-term lens, has provid- challenged veterans to grab hold of the
E-mail: oppress@kornet.net medical care to education and jobs. ed unparalleled leadership in navigat- opportunities that are offered, “and
Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758 “You, your families, and all of the ing our men and women of the armed bring your shipmates, battle buddies
Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post
veterans you represent have my un- forces successfully during America’s and wingmen along with you.”
SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: yielding support and my deepest longest war,” said Jonathan P. Murphy, Quoting Eisenhower, Mullen told
Phone: DSN 738-4068
E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil
gratitude for all that you have done the center’s communications director. the audience, “Our heart summons
in service to our nation,” Mullen told The chairman’s vision for the fu- our strength, our wisdom must direct
veterans in the audience from the Dis- ture includes jobs for veterans. Mullen it.” x

Visit us online Study makes suicide-prevention program recommendations

The Morning Calm By Donna Miles cide-prevention folks can refer to as we move forward with
American Forces Press Service the task force recommendations.”
imcom.korea.army.mil Navy Capt. Paul Hammer, director of the Defense Cen-
HAMPTON, Va. — A new study commissioned by the ters of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic
Defense Department affirms many of the suicide-preven- Brain Injury, called the Rand report an important tool in
tion efforts being made within DOD and the military ser- helping the Defense Department better confront an issue
vices and recommends ways to strengthen them. it takes “very seriously.”
In preparing “The War Within: Suicide Prevention in “The Rand study helps us to identify areas that need
the U.S. Military,” the Rand National Defense Research In- improvement so that we can continue to provide the most
stitute examined data on military suicides, identified what comprehensive health care for our service members —
scientific literature and leaders in the field consider the from the inside out,” he said.
best prevention strategies and recommended ways to en- The study, written for health policy officials and suicide-
sure existing programs reflect the state of the art, officials prevention program managers, recognized critical factors
said. in a comprehensive prevention program. These include:
“This is a very thorough effort,” Dr. Mark Barnes, direc- ‹‹ Raising awareness and promoting self-care;
tor of the resilience and prevention directorate at the De- ‹‹ Identifying people at high risk, including screening
Submitting to fense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and for mental health problems;
The Morning Calm Weekly Traumatic Brain Injury, said of the report. “Rand inter- ‹‹ Eliminating actual or perceived barriers to quality be-
Send Letters to the Editor, guest commentaries, viewed each of the services and went outside the military havioral health care;
story submissions and other items: to look at suicide-prevention practices and identified gaps ‹‹ Providing high-quality mental health treatment and
MorningCalmWeekly@korea.army.mil. specific interventions focused on suicide when needed;
for the way ahead [and] recommendations for the military
For all submitted items include a point of con-
suicide-prevention programs.” ‹‹ Restricting access to firearms and other lethal means,
tact name and telephone number. All items are The study’s findings track closely with those in the De- with attention to how lethal medications are packaged
subject to editing for content and to insure they fense Department’s own DOD Suicide Task Force Report, and how door hinges and shower rods are constructed
conform with DoD guidelines. Barnes told military health care professionals attending ‹‹ Responding appropriately when suicides occur.
the first Armed Forces Public Health Conference held here The study called for formal guidance for commanders
IMCOM-K Public Affairs this week. so they know how to respond to suicide and suicide at-
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located tempts. It recognized the lack of any direct policy within
“There is no disagreement. They are very complimen-
at IMCOM-K, Yongsan Garrison.
For information, call 738-4068. tary in what they are recommending,” he said. “So we have the services and the risks of handling these situations im-
a nice resource here with quality information that our sui- properly. x

Tax laws to benefit Troops, Families

By Elaine Wilson said, citing the Combat Zone Tax Ex- “This can be significant, with tens Stone said, and each state may apply
American Forces Press Service clusion as an example. Under this ex- of thousands of dollars that aren’t tax- different guidance on the application
clusion, for any day a member spends able,” he said. of the relief act. He suggested spouses
WASHINGTON — Service mem- in a combat zone, that entire month’s Turning to state income taxes, discuss their situation with a tax advi-
bers and their families have a few tax worth of base pay is excluded from Stone noted they can be complicated sor to avoid being double taxed.
advantages at their disposal, as well as gross income for income tax purposes, for service members and their families, To help with this tax law and oth-
a few extra days in which to complete he explained. who move with greater frequency than ers, service members and their spouses
their taxes this year, a Defense Depart- There’s no limit to this exclusion many of their civilian counterparts. have a host of free, expert tax-prepara-
ment tax expert said. for enlisted members and warrant of- The Service Members’ Civil Relief Act tion services at their disposal, Stone
Due to Emancipation Day, a holiday ficers, he noted; however, officers are has long granted service members the said, from on-base centers to online
recognized by the District of Colum- limited to $7,714.80. “Anything above ability to retain their state of domicile software.
bia, government officials have pushed that would be included in the mem- for state tax purposes rather than the People can visit most any instal-
the nation’s tax filing deadline from ber’s gross income,” he said. state where they are stationed. lation around the world for free, in-
April 15 to April 18, Army Lt. Col. Evan Deployed service members and For example, a service member may person tax-preparation assistance
Stone, director of the Armed Forces their spouses also have at least a 180- be stationed in Virginia, but owns a through the Volunteer Income Tax
Tax Council, told American Forces day extension to file or pay taxes from home, pays property taxes and votes in Assistance program, Stone said. The
Press Service. the date they leave the combat zone, Ohio. That member is entitled to claim Armed Forces Tax Council oversees
Along with the filing extension, Stone said. To invoke this extension, Ohio has the state of domicile and not this program, which is managed lo-
Stone pointed out several new and ex- people should write “combat zone” file state income taxes for military wag- cally by installation legal assistance of-
isting tax laws military members and across the top of their return. es in Virginia. fices and supervised by their respective
their spouses should keep in mind as Service members on duty outside The government amended this service, he added.
the deadline draws near. of the United States also are entitled same law in 2009 through the Mili- Volunteer tax preparers are a mix of
To start, people may have noticed an to an automatic two-month extension, tary Spouses Residency Relief Act. In military members and civilians with
increase in their take-home pay, Stone pushing the deadline to June 18. How- the past, a military spouse who moved tax experience or just a desire to help,
said. The government, he explained, ever, unlike with the Combat Zone Tax to a new state and established a new Stone said. All volunteers are trained
reduced the Social Security tax from Exclusion, while they gain an exten- residence there typically would claim and certified by the Internal Revenue
6.2 percent of wages to 4.2 percent sion to file and pay taxes, the interest that state as the state of domicile and Service before they’re able to prepare
solely for the 2011 tax year. on any taxes owed still will accrue from pay state income taxes there, Stone taxes.
“For example, a specialist with over April 18 until taxes are paid, Stone said. explained. Now, spouses who move to People can locate their closest mili-
two years of service would probably see A significant tax break involves a new state, reside there solely to live tary legal assistance office through the
about a $40 increase per month in his military allowances, he said. Under with their service member and are Armed Forces Legal Assistance Legal
pay,” Stone said. But while take-home competitive compensation, housing there pursuant to military orders won’t Services Locator at http://legalassis-
pay is on the rise, tax brackets won’t and food allowances are nontaxable gain or lose a state of domicile for state tance.law.af.mil/content/locator.php.
change. Congress extended the 2010 for income tax purposes, reducing income tax purposes. Some states, he For more on military-related tax
tax brackets through 2011 and 2012, he taxable income at the end of the year added, also may require the spouse to laws, people should visit the Military
said. and creating a savings of about $2,000 have the same domicile as the service OneSource website or the IRS website,
Other tax laws are specific to mili- to $7,000, depending on salary, he ex- member to be eligible. which features a section for service
tary members and their spouses, Stone plained. However, the law is complicated, members and their families. x

DoD releases
annual sexual
assault report
By Karen Parrish
American Forces Press Service
WASHINGTON — Defense Department officials
released the Pentagon’s annual report on sexual assault
in the military March 17.
The report — for fiscal 2010 — also incorporates
results from the quadrennial “2010 Workplace and Soldiers from 6-52nd Air Defense Artillery Battalion are dressed as Korean warriors at the Hwaseong Open-
Gender Relations Survey of Active Duty Members,” an ing Ceremony. The annual ceremony was performed Saturday. — U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Austin Liu
anonymous and voluntary survey conducted by the
Defense Manpower Data Center, which measures gen- WARRIOR from Page 1 But what thousands of spectators found even
der issues among members of the armed forces. more interesting than King Jeonjo, was the sight
Noting that “one sexual assault is one too many” in various gun towers and turrets, and a beautiful of westerners in traditional Joseon-era attire.
a news release announcing the report’s release, Clifford summer palace at its center. At the time of its Kwak went on, “Recently, we have also invited
L. Stanley, undersecretary of defense for personnel and construction, Hwaseong Fortress was considered U.S. Soldiers to participate in these parades … we
readiness, said sexual assault has absolutely no place in one of the most advanced defensive structures in want to announce to the world that the city of Su-
today’s armed forces. Asia. won is embracing all those who are fighting for its
“We are firmly committed to doing our best to en- As a testament to its importance in Asian his- freedom and protecting its citizens.”
sure that those who have stepped forward to protect tory, UNESCO designated Hwaseong Fortress as The Iron Horse Battalion has been a regular
our country are themselves protected within the ranks,” a World Heritage Site in 1997. participant of the Hwaseong Parade since 2009.
Stanley stated in the release. Since then, the annual parade has become “The crowd this afternoon is simply amazing,”
Defense officials said that over the last two years, the the crown jewel of Suwon City, attracting tens of said, Spc. Wade Myers, Headquarters battery,
department has made significant efforts to prevent and thousands of tourists each year. 6-52nd Air Defense Artillery Battalion, and a par-
respond to sexual assault, but work remains to improve “We have always invited real Soldiers to don ticipant of the parade.
and integrate those efforts across the department and the uniforms of the Joseon warriors during these The local spectators, curious at the sight of
the military services. Officials are assessing the struc- parades to lend an aura of authenticity,” said, the westerners, cheered the U.S. Soldiers as they
ture of the Defense Department’s Sexual Assault Pre- Kwak Suh Keung, the chief producer of the pa- marched by. Most stood in the distance and
vention and Response Office, the release said, working rade and a history advisor. “After all, only [the waved while the bolder crowd approached the
to develop a “more comprehensive approach to prevent Soldiers] can know the true meaning of selfless marchers and expressed their personal gratitude
and handle sexual assaults” across the services. service as the Joseon Royal Guards would have.” with handshakes.
The review addresses privileged communications In fact, the Hwaseong parade is known for its “Above the fun and colorful reenactment, I
between victims and their advocates, expedited unit strict adherence to historical accuracy. From the truly enjoyed the interaction with the local na-
transfers for victims, access to legal counsel for victims, wardrobes and instruments to the position of the tionals,” Myers said. “I really feel like we are mak-
and experts to assist and prosecute, officials said. x marchers, every detail has been faithfully recre- ing a direct impact in these nice folks’ lives this
ated based on historical archives and paintings. afternoon.” x
http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM

ACS in transformation
By Col. Kathleen A. Gavle
Daegu Garrison Commander


Community Services are at the
vanguard of our determination to
fulfill the Community Covenant
between the Army and you. And
we’re lucky here at US Army Gar-
rison Daegu to have been the only
Korea garrison selected to act as
a “design pilot” for an Army-wide
transformation of ACS.
What does this transformation
mean to you?
First and foremost, it means that
Army Community Services are en-
hancing the way they deliver their
services, with the goal of making
it easier and faster for Soldiers and
their Family members to get the
help they are seeking. — Col. Kathleen Gavle —
The initiative to transform ACS
comes from the Office of the As-
sistant Chief of Staff of Installation always had a visible presence in the
Management. OACSIM’s charge is community, the transformation will be
execution of the Army Family Cov- largely transparent to our customers.
enant, which promises to provide Outreach efforts, to include information
Soldiers and Families a quality of distribution, classes and programs in
life commensurate with the qual- locations “outside of ACS” will increase
ity of their service. Surveys and fo- to ensure everyone is aware of what ACS
cus groups among ACS customers has to offer and does not have to “search”
found that there is both too much for services. Instead of “pulling” custom-
and too little information on avail- ers into the ACS Centers, the aim is to
able services, making it difficult for “push” our services out to the commu-
them to determine which service nity on an on-going basis at major events
best meets their needs. as well as in high usage areas such as the
Key actions of the transformation PX, commissary, DFMWR facilities, etc.
include breaking ACS away from the The goal is to make sure Soldiers,
Directorate of Family Morale, Wel- Families and Civilians can find the right
fare and Recreation, elevating the service, at the right time, the first time
ACS Director to staff level; transition they seek assistance. ACS transforma-
a number of personnel into general- tion is expected to synchronize ACS
ist positions focused on helping Sol- and other installation service providers,
diers and Family members navigate update the ACS structure to a modu-
services. Generalists will provide an lar capability to better support today’s
array of baseline services, while spe- Army, establish and formalize outreach
cialists will still be available for the to units, and revise service delivery from
more complex and extended ser- a facility-centered delivery system to a
vices; introduce an upgraded track- more decentralized delivery system.
ing system that allows staff to follow The transformed ACS will be the key
up with clients more efficiently and integrator for services that promote Sol-
to ensure client needs are met when dier, Family and unit resiliency to en-
service is provided. sure the most effective delivery of ser-
Because USAG Daegu ACS has vices, so they can continue to…
“Make a Difference!”

‘It’s Now or Never’

2nd Infantry Division Soldier takes grand prize
By Robert Haynes In the end the stage was left with
robert.mance.haynes@korea.army.mil only 10 contestants, leaving it up to
the audience to select the top three
CAMP CASEY – He went to sign up contestants.
just one day before the competition After a hand was placed over each
and was told all the slots were filled. contestant’s head ala Kiki Shepard by
But when the curtain dropped, no- Sgt. Comfort Johnson, 70th Brigade
shows thrust him under the bright Support Battalion, the outcome
lights during which he belted out become obvious. Del Rosario, who had
Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now or Never” and a large vocal Filipino fan base in the
with an assist from an enthusiastically house received the most applause and
approving audience, he walked off praise and was crowned the Warrior
with the grand prize. Country Talent Search champion. The
Jericho Anthony Del Rosario from Heidi & Davis duo took second place
Company E, 302nd Brigade Support and the $300 purse and Brian Jones
Battalion, emerged as the champion claimed third place and $100.
from the pack of 20 who participated Del Rosario said he loves to sing,
in the Warrior Country Talent Search but that he does it for fun and didn’t
competition at the Gateway Club here expect to win the grand prize.
March 26. For his rise from outsider to “I signed up for the competition on
center stage, Del Rosario claimed the Friday – a day before the event – and
$500 grand prize from the Directorate I didn’t even think that I would make
of Family and Morale, Welfare and it into the competition to be able to
Recreation. perform,” he said. “When I signed up
The slightly more than four-hour all the slots were taken. It all happened
competition showcased a multitude of so fast that I didn’t have the chance to
youth and adults abilities, including a call my wife.”
flutist, comedians, poetic artwork and Del Rosario said he plans to donate
an array of vocalists and rappers. his winnings to the Japan disaster
As the competition progressed relief effort, a Korean orphanage
and the contestants showed off and a homeless shelter in the local
their various talents, each of them community.
performed for the thrill of showing off The youth competition had three
their talent in front of a live audience. contestants and ran about 30 minutes.
No one knew who would walk away The winners were Pamela Walton-
with the grand prize. Lamb, vocalist, first place; Nevaeh
As contestants preformed, the Booker, vocalist, second place; and
judges Sally Hall from the Camp Amoriee Tucker, hip-hop vocalist,
Casey Community Activity Center, third place.
Brent Abare, deputy to the U.S. Army The top contestants advance to the
Jericho Anthony Del Rosario from Company E, 302nd Brigade Support Battalion, belts out Garrison Casey commander, and Chief finals at the Music and Arts Festival of
Elvis Presley’s “It’s Now or Never” during the Warrior Country Talent Search Competition Warrant Officer 2 Michael Moore, 2nd the Performing Arts and Community
at Camp Casey’s Gateway Club March 26. Del Rosario went from not having a spot in Infantry Division Band commander, Talent Show at Yongsan Garrison,
the competition to walking away with the $500 grand prize. — Photo by Robert Haynes rated each on a 200-point scale. April 23. x

Spouses learn to ‘Keep Off Pounds In Korea’

By Pvt. Chang Han-him soups, healthier alternates to fatty calories with Zumba dance lessons
2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs foods. from certified Area I instructors.
While the soup was boiling, a “Zumba is more like a dance party
CAMP RED CLOUD – More than member of KOPIK, who lost 98 pounds rather than an exercise, so I like to
20 spouses gathered for the first Area after joining the program, encouraged remind those in my class to just have
I “Keeping Off Pounds In Korea” the spouses to stay healthy and never fun knowing that they’re losing pounds
meeting at the Camp Red Cloud Pear give up on the better life waiting for at the same time,” said Kathleen Walsh,
Blossom Family Outreach Center them. She recommended participants a Warrior Country certified Zumba
March 16. work out one hour every day, reduce instructor.
Donna Winzenried, a military portions of high-calorie foods and When the first Area I KOPIK
spouse, founded the KOPIK program focus on eating more raw, unprocessed, meeting came to an end, attendees
after she gained weight when she first natural foods such as fruits and left with their hunger satisfied and
arrived in Korea. vegetables. She also emphasized the knowledge to help them live a healthier
Winzenried said the program is benefits of working out as a group. lifestyle.
designed to help Family members Capt. Donna Goodson, chief of “I loved the low-calorie tomato
develop good fitness and eating habits Clinical Dietetics at the 121st Combat soup, so I just called my husband
while in country. Support Hospital at U.S. Army and promised him that I would cook
“Three years ago, I gained 15 Garrison Yongsan, introduced eating it for him,” said Brittany Henderson,
pounds as soon as I arrived here,” habits which can keep everyone in a Warrior Division Family member.
said Winzenried, a native of Monroe, shape. “I hope they continue to have these
La. “So, I made a group with my “I volunteered for the meeting to KOPIK meetings here in Area I
friends who care about their own help spouses in Korea increase their permanently so I can learn more on a
and Family’s health. As a group, we knowledge in nutrition,” the Louisiana regular basis.”
shared information about health and native said. “The best way to keep in Winzenried added that they will
nutrition and went shopping for better shape is by controlling the amount of soon hold KOPIK meetings on Camp
food. This was the beginning of the high calorie foods such as fast foods Humphreys and Camp Walker, so the
monthly KOPIK meeting, actively held and desserts.” program goes peninsula-wide.
in (U.S. Army Garrison) Yongsan. Goodson also suggested some ways “In order to ‘keep off pounds in
“I am here to introduce our program to make healthy snacks for children Korea,’ working as a group is better
Keeping Off Pounds In Korea spouses try since I thought it would be great for such as frozen bananas with yogurt than struggling alone,” she said. “This
low-fat soups for lunch at the Camp Red these meetings to be held in other as dip, apple slices with peanut butter program will not only help its members
Cloud Pear Blossom Family Outreach places.” spread and small baked potatoes with improve on their physical health but
Center March 16. — Photo by Pvt. Chang As part of the program, Winzenried reduced fat cheddar cheese and salsa. also help establish healthy friendships
Han-him cooked low-fat tomato and potato After lunch, spouses burned some along the way.” x
http://redcloud.korea.army.mil USAG RED CLOUD THE MORNING CALM

News & Notes 70th BSB Soldiers visit welfare facility

By Pvt. Chang Han-him
Maude Hall Hours, Survey
The hours of operations for 2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs
garrison customer service points
in Maude Hall, bldg. 2440, Camp DONGDUCHEON – More than
Casey, have been adjusted to 9 forty 70th Brigade Support Battalion
a.m. to 6 p.m., including through Soldiers visited a welfare facility
the lunch hour, to better serve here to serve elders and people with
Soldiers, civilians and families. disabilities March 18.
The change went into effect When Soldiers first arrived at
March 15 and is part of U.S. Army Sungkyungwon Welfare Facility, 200
Garrison Red Cloud’s continuing residents were waiting to greet them.
effort to improve customer They welcomed each other with a brief
service. During the second wave of hands before the Soldiers were
week of changed hours, usage of given an orientation to the facility.
Maude Hall organizations was Sungkyungwon is a welfare facility that
lowest from 5-6 p.m., 4-5 p.m. minister to the disabled or homeless
and noon-1 p.m., respectively. and provides job training for them to
To see the usage rates, visit become productive members of society.
http://redcloud.korea.army.mil/ “Dongducheon city and 2nd
Maude-Hall. To take a survey Infantry Division are in the same A 70th Brigade Support Battalion Solider from Camp Casey politely serves lunch to
about the hours, visit http:// boat’,” said Oh Se-chang, mayor of and elderly resident of the Sungkyungwon Welfare Facility in Dongducheon March 18.
w w w.sur veymonkey.com/s/ Dongducheon. “I think it is destiny — Photo by Pvt. Chang Han-him
FSJC3WY. for us to ‘Go Together.’ I would like to
express my deepest gratitude for all was ready, the residents lined up and separated from society,” said Kim
Community Spring Fest of you being here to serve people of Soldiers served them. Some Soldiers Tae-jun, Sungkyungwon director. “By
U.S. Army Garrison Red different nationalities... I hope this placed one hand under the other to spending time with the volunteers
Cloud’s Directorate of Family and friendship will last long.” politely serve their elders. in events like this, we will encourage
Morale, Welfare and Recreation When the orientation was over, “I was very proud and happy to them and make them feel that they are
will hold a Community Spring Soldiers joined the residents outside to have the opportunity to serve people still part of them. This helps a lot when
Fest to commemorate the Month play games. They made a big circle and who need help here in Korea,” said they eventually return to the society.”
of the Military Child from 11 danced with music. The participants Pvt. Katherine O’Connor, a chaplain “It is the first time for the 2nd
a.m.-2 p.m., April 2 at Camp Red were separated into blue and white assistant with 70th BSB. “All the ID Soldiers to support the welfare
Cloud in front of the Exchange. teams for the competition. They Soldiers showed great spirit working as association,” said Chaplain (Capt.)
The family event kicks off with played five games including a three- a team. It was great to see everything Peter Bahng, 70th BSB. “The event
a parade featuring the 2nd legged race and a balloon fight. It was being accomplished successfully and I turned out to be very successful as we
Infantry Division Band that hard for the residents and the Soldiers would like to volunteer for these kinds prepared a lot.”
begins at Mitchell’s Club and to communicate but they enjoyed it. of events in the future.” Bahng said U.S. Soldiers serving
finishes at the Exchange where Meanwhile, other Soldiers on the Groups of Soldiers went inside Koreans with difficulties will reinforce
a carnival awaits families. Some other side of the yard were grilling Sungkyungwon to meet people who the Republic of Korea and U.S.
of the activities include a live DJ, hamburgers and preparing other food with disabilities and were warmly Alliance. He said he hopes other units
face painting, a clown, children’s provided by the USO to serve the welcomed with smiles and handshakes. will contact the facility and continue
games, inflatable bounce residents for lunch. When the meal “Some residents feel that they are the interaction. x
houses, a children’s magic show,
children’s matinee and a variety
of refreshments. It also includes
the MMC proclamation signing
Area I defeats Osan for Pacific hoops title
and cake cutting at noon in the By Kevin Jackson
new Youth Center, which will
have its grand opening. For more
information, call 732-9190.
player Michael Smart led the Area I All
Jungle Book Auditions
Stars to the 2011 March Madness Pacific
Child, Youth and School
Regional Basketball Championship at
Services is holding auditions for
Anderson Air Base, Guam, March 20-
the Missoula Children’s Theater’s
“The Jungle Book” from 3-6:30
Smart, who led also Company E,
p.m., April 4 in Hanson Field
302nd Brigade Support Battalion
House at Camp Casey. Auditions
to the Warrior Country Basketball
are open to children from
Championship in January, earned the
kindergarten through 12th grade,
Pacific regional most valuable player
but they must be registered with
award as he helped to guide the Area
CYSS. Registration is free. For
I All Stars past Osan 95-89 in the
more information, call Parent
championship game.
Central at 730-3628 or the CYSS
Coach Shannon Ollison from
Red Cloud satellite office at 732-
Battery B, 1st Battalion, 15th Field
Artillery Regiment, praised his team.
“They were focused on winning that
Area I Community Town Hall
championship more than anything,”
An Area I Town Hall Meeting Michael Evans, who paced the Area I All Stars with a team-high 18 points in the
he said. “We didn’t want to let anybody
will be held at 10 a.m., April 5 in
down. They dug deep down, stayed championship of the 2011 March Madness Pacific Regional Basketball Championship
the Camp Red Cloud Theater.
focused and won the championship. game againist Osan Air Base in Guam, makes a move in the paint. — Photo by Kim
Customer service providers from
“I don’t think there will ever be a Pok-man
U.S. Army Garrison Red Cloud
more professional and talented group
and other tenant organizations
of guys that I will coach.” half performances by Michael Evans 302nd BSB, Battle, Forward Support
on the installations will attend
To advance to the championship and Chris Saunders. Osan played Area Company, 1-38th FA and Evans,
to provide the community with
game, the Area I All Stars dispatched I to a near standoff in the second half Headquarters and Headquarters
updates on their programs and
Joint Region Marianas, Osan Air Base before falling 95-89. Company, 1st Heavy Brigade Combat
services. This is an opportunity
and the Guam National Team to earn a Six Area I All Stars finished in Team were named to the all-
to get information directly from
rematch against Osan Air Base, which double figures: Evans, 18, Smart, 16, tournament team.
providers and give feedback.
it beat 102-97 in the quarterfinals. Antonio Spann, 16, Antonio Battle, 12, The women’s Area I All Stars also
Everyone is welcome to attend.
In the championship game, Area I Ronald Bartley, 11 and Saunders, 10. participated in the tournament, but
For more information, call 732-
held a 24-17 lead at the end of the first Smart, Bartley, Headquarters and dropped consecutive games to Camp
quarter and a 50-45 halftime advantage Headquarters Battery, 1st Battalion, Humphreys, 58-50 and 54-44 to bow
behind the strength of 10-point first 38th Field Artillery, Spann, Co. G, out of the tourney. x

Combatives more than technique

By Sgt. Mark A. Moore II program everywhere except here,” said
2nd Infantry Division Public Affairs Moyer, a C Battery, 6-37th FA executive
officer and combatives instructor at
CAMP RED CLOUD – The Camp Casey, adding that it was his
Star Spangled Banner resonated motivation behind establishing the
throughout Camp Casey’s Carey program two months earlier.
Fitness center, as a river of maroon and “We wanted to create a place where
white wrestling mats separated the Soldiers could come to practice and
modern day Army combatants from earn their combatives certifications,”
the spectators. said Moyer, a Gig Harbor, Wash. native.
The fluorescent lighting above Soldiers who enrolled in the program
washed over both spectators and soon realized that submissions and
combatants, silent and still, like frost take downs were not the only things to
covering blades of grass. Their facial be learned during the one-week level
expressions nearly frozen in time, as one certification course.
the final notes of the National Anthem “The program increases confidence
echoed through the gym. in the Soldiers,” said Clark, a Hoven,
A pause ... and a brief moment S.D. native, a C Btry., 6-37th FA
of almost deafening silence was launcher chief and the battalion
broken by a low but ever increasing combatives instructor. “You cannot be
in volume guttural growl through the scared; you teach them how to shoot,
microphone. This growl transformed and you teach them how to fight. That
into a window vibrating, wall shaking, increases confidence.”
crowd moving roar, as a thunderous Like many things in life, confidence
war cry was shot up and into the crowd. comes with a price and in this case
Like glass shattering, its contents confidence is paid for in pain.
were freed and in a blink of an eye “You have to be able to take a hit,”
the crowd erupted into ferocious said Pfc. Ambar M. Quintero, E Btry.,
cheers, as more than 66 Soldiers from 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defence
6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Artillery Regiment Soldier, attached to
Regiment, 210th Fires Brigade lined 6-37th FA.
the mats ready to compete in their first “Even though it hurts when you’re Soldiers from the 6th Battalion, 37th Field Artillery Regiment take to the mat in the
quarterly combatives tournament on being hit, once it’s finished you’re unit’s first quarterly combatives tournament in the Carey Fitness Center located on
Camp Casey March 17. like, ‘Oh my god, I did it,’” continued Camp Casey, March 17.
These modern-day Army Quintero, a Yuma, Ariz. native.
combatants stood fast and focused, While strength and size may play control them; you don’t have to be A Co., 6-37 FA; 145 lbs., Spc. Robert
waiting to prove themselves on the a small role in the outcome of a bout, more experienced.” Diebert, B Co., 6-37 FA; 155 lbs.; Staff
mat. Their heads held high and chests these factors only make up half of the As the tournament came to a close, Sgt. Joseph Clark, C Co., 6-37 FA; 170 lbs:
puffed out with the confidence that necessary attributes a hand-to-hand those who were able to counter and 1st Lt. Tyler Moyer, C Co., 6-37 FA; 185
had been instilled in them through combatant must possess. submit were recognized. One Soldier lbs., Staff Sgt. Jason Adams, C Co., 6-37
combatives skill levels one and two “Combatives is a thinking game,” from each of the seven weight classes FA; 205 lbs., Sgt. Jonathan Mandrell,
training programs, recently taught by said Bandera, Texas native, Pvt. Jordan earned the title of champion and an C Co., 6-37 FA; and heavyweight, Pfc.
Staff Sgt. Joseph Clark and 1st. Lt. Tyler Towers, a C Btry. 6-37th FA ammo overall combatives winner was named. Tyler Wilks, B Co., 6-37 FA.
Moyer. crew member. “If you can counter Winners of each weight class are The winner of the battery streamer
“Combatives training is a growing your opponent’s submissions, you can as follows: 135 lbs., Pfc. Paul Moreno, for overall points was C Co., 6-37 FA. x

Salu, Moore take

CAMP CASEY — Malala Salu, 210th
Fires Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division at
Camp Casey, plays a ball off the wall
during the senior division (36 years
and over) championship match of the
2011 Warrior Country Racquetball
Championship at Carey Fitness Center
here March 26. Salu won the best-of-
three games to beat Federico Flores,
Battery B, 1st Battalion, 15th Field
Artillery Regiment, for the title. Salu
beat Flores in the semifinal dropping
him into the loser’s bracket, to set
up a rematch for the championship.
Matthew Wyatt, Btry. A, 6th Battalion,
37th FA, finished in third place. In the
men’s junior vets division (35 years
and under) James Moore, Company
B, Division Special Troops Battalion,
defeated Jason Caviness, Co. C, 1st
Brigade Special Troops Battalion,
for the title. Steven Thomas, Btry. C,
6-37th FA, finished third in the men’s
junior vets division. – Photo by Jeffrey
http://redcloud.korea.army.mil USAG RED CLOUD THE MORNING CALM

It’s about honoring our commitment to Soldiers and Families.

Visit ArmyOneSource.com to see what the Army Family Covenant can mean for you or someone you know.

Garrison shares a warm atmosphere

((Left) HHC, USAG Yongsan soldiers form a human chain to toss yeontans up the
hill; (Above) Spc. Doremus Thomas hands a rice bag to Lee Kang-kil at the Seo-
daemun District of Seoul, March 21. - U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Hong Moo-sun

By Cpl. Hong Moo-sun Yeontan Delivery for needful elders

moo.s.hong@korea.army.mil The basic livelihood security which they receive
is not enough for them to make ends meet. The
YONGSAN GARRISON - With houses the Yongsan group visited were located close
cold weather still remaining after to each other in the middle of a very steep slope.
winter, Yongsan Community Mem- Some of the volunteers grabbed one to four coal
bers delivered yeontan, coal bri- briquettes and climbed the hill to deliver them to the
quettes, to less fortunate elders to help keep households, while the others formed a human chain
their homes warm March 21. Forty U.S. Soldiers, at the entrance of the houses to toss them inside.
KATUSAs and civilians from U.S. Army Garrison “I’ve done it once before and heard about it again
Yongsan visited Hongeun-dong to hand- de- so I volunteered. It was a lot of fun; it’s nice to help
liver 900 coal briquettes to four needy house- others that are less fortunate than we all are,” said
holds in the Seodaemun District of Seoul. Pfc. Heidi Davis, Visual Information, Headquarters
On the bus ride to Hongeun-dong, Yun Yeong- and Headquarters Company, USAG Yongsan. “I just
ju, a translator from Korean Foreigners Friendship hope we can keep giving back to others that are less
Cultural Society, explained the importance of coal fortunate. It is a really good experience for all.”
briquettes. Lee Kang-kil, an 84-year-old resident, thanked
“Coal briquettes are cheaper than conven- the Soldiers for their generosity.
tional fuels like firewood for heating. One coal “Thank you for your help. I have been using de-
briquette is 600 won and people can cook and livered coal briquettes comfortably,” he said. “Last
heat the room by using only two coal briquettes winter was very cold, but I stayed warm with lots of
a day,” she said. “Most Korean homes use oil or gas coal briquettes I received.”
heating systems nowadays. However, numerous “Garrison Yongsan values relationships with out-
older homes and underprivileged families still rely side organizations to help us improve our quality of
on the briquettes for warmth.” life,” said USAG Yongsan Col. William Huber.
She also described Hongeun-dong. Located in “Deepening our non-governmental organiza-
the northern part of Seoul, the neighborhood is tion relationships is just one way we are supporting
home to low-income families including about 150 the Installation Management Command Campaign
households of the elder generation. Plan.” x

u Scenes from YEONTAN!

(From left) Spc. Zachary Curly and Cpl. Hyunik Kim climb the hill with yeontans, respectively; forty U.S. Soldiers,
KATUSAs and civilians from HHC, USAG Y take group photo in the middle of the hill, holding a banner of the event.
http://yongsan.korea.army.mil USAG YONGSAN THE MORNING CALM

News & Notes

K-16 breaks ground for new commissary
Women’s Tres Dias Weekend
USAG Yongsan Chaplain is
sponsoring a 3-day intensive
spiritual renewal experience
for adult English-speaking
women at the Yongsan Religious
Retreat Center from May 12-15.
This free event is open to any
woman desiring to deepen her
relationship with Jesus Christ. For
more details on Tres Dias or to
download an application, please
visit www.seoultresdias.org or
contact Claudette Mohn at 010-

Free Musical Concert

The Korean American Association
(KAA) will hold its annual Friend
-ship Concert for American
forces personnel and their family
members at the Yong Theater of
the National Museum of Korea on
Monday, April 18. The KAA is also
Col. William Huber, Brig. Gen. Kelly Thomas, Col. Blair Schantz, Wayne Walk and Command Sgt. Maj. John Justis break ground for
offering a free guided tour of the
museum prior to the concert. a new commissary at K-16 Air Base Mar. 22. - U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Luz Marin
By Sgt. Luz Marin Soldiers and our family members at U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Far
Good Neighbor English Camp luz.marin@korea.army.mil K-16,” said 2nd ID Asst. Division Com- East District said he had been at many
Demonstrate American hospital mander Brig. Gen. Kelly Thomas. ground breaking ceremonies , but he
-ity by opening homes to young YONGSAN GARRISON - Despite “I have been in Korea on three dif- had never seen so many people attend
Korean participating in the the wind and cold temperature, Sol- ferent occasions over the past five which proved to him important this
seventh Annual USFK Good diers as well as family members from years, nobody knew back then that we development is to each and everyone
Neighbor English Camp on May K-16 Air Base did not miss the op- would be here today breaking ground at K-16.
15-21, 2011. U.S. host families from portunity to be a part of their com- on a commissary. It took a long time Ground Breaking Ceremony
Yongsan area are needed to house missary’s ground breaking ceremony to get here but it will be a short time “This project has the right ingre-
60 tenth-grade students from March 22. before we cut a ribbon on a new com- dients for success, it has a direct im-
Seoul, Pyeongtaek, and Taegu The 8,100 square foot commissary missary,” said USAG Yongsan Com- pact on the Soldiers, families and their
during this one-week program. is scheduled to be completed by April mander Col. William Huber. quality of life; it is important to us and
For more information, please call 2012. The grocery trip to Yongsan will “It is the right thing to do at the it makes us work that much harder to
the USFK PAO, 723-7669/4685 or no longer be necessary for the resi- right time for the right reasons. This make sure it’s a very successful proj-
send e-mail to paocr@korea.army. dents at K-16 as they will have a brand is part of tour normalization and sup- ect,” said Schantz.
mil. new one to call their very own. port to Soldiers, families and the com- “It will be a great advantage to have
“Today is an example of a dedicated munity.” a commissary at K-16, most families
FMWR Events and continued commitment to our Col. Blair Schantz, Commander, — See K-16, Page 12 —
Have you been affected by Sexual
Abuse? Complete t-shirts to be
anonymously displayed in April
for Sexual Assault Awareness
Zumba Party heats up Main Post Club
By Pvt. Choi, Sung-il
Month. T-shirts kits will be Jimison, a Zumba instructor and edu- straight hours. Each instructor waited
available the month of March in sung.i.choi@korea.army.mil cational technologies teacher at Seoul their turn to rock the stage with differ-
ACS office. For more information, American Middle School. ent kinds of music and choreography
call Faye Julies at 725-3085. YONGSAN GARRISON - Uptown “This is a special event to encourage throughout the evening of fun and fit-
Lounge overflowed with heat and people to have fun during a party and ness.
K16 Shuttle Schedule Chnage excitement, as 175 Zumba lovers par- work out together,” Jimison said. Zumba Party with Excitement
Starting March 21, the bus ticipated in USAG Yongsan’s first ever Zumba fans including 13 instruc- “I have been doing this highly
departing K-16 at 6:40 p.m. will Zumba Party at Main Post Club March tors from U.S.Army Garrison Yongsan packed cardio workout Zumba for
stop by Hannam Village at 7:15 23. and off base filled the Main Post Club two months and I am feeling excited
p.m. The rest of the K-16 shuttle The gathering was hosted by Chad and enjoyed dancing Zumba for two and hot at the same time today,” said
schedule remains the same. (excl- Shamika Hester, spouse of Sgt. 1st
uding U.S. and training holidays) Class Robert Hester at 41st Signal Bat-
Yongsan Retiree Council Zumba is a Latin inspired fitness
The USAG Yongsan Retiree program invented in America by a
Council would like to invite all man from Columbia named Beto. He
Military Retirees, their spouse seized the opportunity to teach fitness
and Retired Widow by attending based on Latin dance music when he
a monthly meeting on the second forgot his planned music and had to
Thursday of the month at the resort to using Latin music left in his
USAG Yongsan Headquarter car. Zumba is now incorporated with
Conference Room in Bldg. 4305. Latin and other international music.
“Zumba is one way of dancing all
CYSS is looking for you night and meeting new people. It is
We are currently recruiting for open to all ages because you just dance
a Lead Teacher, a Functional and follow what people do, which
Technology Specialist which pays brings the whole community togeth-
$40-50,000 a year, and for Family er,” said Myriam Keaton, a Zumba
Child Care Providers. Earn $26- instructor at K-16 and wife of 1st Lt.
40,000 a year while staying at James Keaten at Bravo Company, Sec-
home. For more information, call ond Battalion Second Aviation Regi-
738-3406 to apply. ment.
“I feel fantastic and happy that
For a complete list of community infor- Chad brought this event for everybody
mation news and notes, visit the USAG Zumba enthusiasts and Chad Jimison, a Zumba instructor and host of the event, dance tonight,” said Keaton.
Yongsan Facebook page at during USAG Yongsan’s first ever Zumba Party at Main Post Club March 23. - U.S. Participants were also given chanc-
http://www.facebook.com/youryongsan Army photo by Pvt. Choi, Sung-il — See ZUMBA, Page 12 —

Tips for getting

Cell phones
By Cpl. Choe Yong-joon
What are your suggestions regarding the nec-
essary questions to ask when obtaining cell
phone services here in Yongsan? Find out
what more than 7,200 Yongsan community
members are talking about by becoming a
USAG Yongsan Facebook Fan at facebook.
com/youryongsan! (Comments are kept in
their original form)

Susan Nielsen
Facebook Fan

More than 30,000 professional, amateur, experienced and novice runners gather at Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul,
A monthly statement in English. The charges vary so
much month to month; look into one outside of the
preparing to beat feet in the 2011 Seoul International Marathon despite the rain shower, March 20. - U.S. Army
base, don’t buy out of desperation!!! Plan to com- photo by Sgt. Opal Vaughn
pare- wish we had! And check to see about military
clauses for early term - what works in the states isn’t
necessarily true here! Even if purchased on post!
2011 Seoul International Marathon
By Sgt. Opal Vaughn rain shower, March 20.
Charlene Perea opal.vaughn@korea.army.mil “To be really honest I don’t know why I’m run-
ning this race. Seriously,” smiled novice runner
Barroso YONGSAN GARRISON - More than 30,000 Sgt. Park Ki-bum, Headquarters and Headquarters
professional, amateur, experienced and nov- Company, United States Army Garrison Yongsan.
Facebook Fan ice runners gathered at Gwanghwamun Plaza in “I’ve been running for like two years now and it’s
Seoul, Republic of Korea preparing to beat feet in kind of pushing me to challenge myself with lon-
the 2011 Seoul International Marathon despite the — See MARATHON, Page 12 —

If repair service is need it, where to go? And are eng-

lish speaking representative available? World Down Syndrome Day: mission completed
Sanders Lopez
Facebook Fan

Why do we get charged each month for early termina-

tion when we come down on orders at any given min-
ute? Like if your contract ends in October 2011 and
you come down on orders to leave in may, why should
we have to pay for those months.

Christine Chell
Facebook Fan

Are there any additional fees besides just the fee for
the plan? Ask for a copy of everything (the contract
especially) in English because the copy they tried to
give us was so smudged you couldn’t see anything on
it, and this is what we saw them pass off to everyone
(the One Stop). Ask details about the plan since they
really don’t explain everything exactly like it is.

Facebook Fan Tischer’s troops ruck-march 26.2 miles which is only a fraction of the burden that our son, Matthew and other
individuals with Down syndrome carry every single day, March 21. — Courtesy photo by Steven Tischer
That there are more places to go than just at Dragon See yourself in the Morning Calm when you become a USAG Yongsan Facebook Fan. Just post your travel photos
Hill Lodge. to our page with a quick description covering who, what, when, where and why and we’ll see you in the paper. -
Your Yongsasn PAO team
http://yongsan.korea.army.mil USAG YONGSAN THE MORNING CALM

K-16 from Page 10

in the community only have one car, with full service, fresh produce, deli
when the Soldier goes to work the and baking products, sushi, meat,
spouse has to rely on taking the bus special orders delivered daily from
to Yongsan,” said Yongsan Command Yongsan commissary. The K-16 Com-
Sgt. Maj. John Justis. “To place high- missary is worth the trip.”
quality services right in the lap of Sol- “Garrison Yongsan and the Instal-
diers is a good and logical thing to do.” lation Management Command will
DECA Korean Zone Manager Mr. ensure families are prepared and sup-
Wayne Walk added “Construction of ported throughout their tours here in
this new store enables us to provide Korea,” said Col. Huber. “That is my
Servicemembers and their families promise to the community.” x

ZUMBA from Page 10

es to win various door prizes through- needs,” said Garrison Commander Col.
out the night. Bill Huber. “We are keeping our prom-
“Garrison Yongsan and the Instal- ise to make Yongsan a place where
lation Management Community sup- community members can thrive.”
ports all Soldiers, Families and Army Anyone interested in Zumba can
Civilians with quality programs and get more information on facebook.
safe communities that meet their com/yongsanzumba. x

MARATHON from Page 11

ger distances. So I started out running good because of an injury so I want to

five kilometers, 10k and then I fin- beat my previous time,” said seasoned
ished a half marathon and I thought, runner Capt. Nathaniel Gill, com-
why not the full? mander HHC, USAG Yongsan.
This is my first full marathon - I “I get the gratification of beating
want to do the New York Marathon previous goals. If I can get out there
when I go back to the states and if I and push myself to achieve personal
come in with a good record I want to best then that’s what I would like to
do the Boston Marathon. But I have to do. Today my goal is just to finish be-
see, I have to be well trained.” cause I just don’t have the condition-
The race began at Gwanghwamun ing that I normally have in order to
Plaza and ended at Jamsil Olympic run properly, especially in these con-
Main Stadium. Many runners pre- ditions with all the rain. For novice
pared in methodical fashion - tap- runners we have a great group here,
ing ankles, stripping down to shorts, Seoul Flyers, that have a wealth of
scarfing down energy gels and snack- knowledge for anyone trying to get
ing on fruits and nuts - before attack- into running.”
ing the 42.195 kilometer race which Gill went on to say he and the
translates to 26 miles and 385 yards. USAG Yongsan team - more than two
“I ran the previous marathon back dozens members all told - success-
in October and my time wasn’t very fully finished the marathon. x

ROK-U.S. Alliance trains for ship-to-shore logistics

By Edward Baxter Five reserve sailors from Bronx,
Sealift Logistics Command N.Y.-based Expeditionary Port Unit
102, one of MSC’s highly mobile units
ANMYEON, Korea — Military that set up port operations even under
Sealift Command offshore petroleum the most difficult situations, deployed
distribution system ship MV Vice to Anmyeon.
Adm. K.R. Wheeler participated in a “Our mission is to ensure that
combined, joint exercise off the coast Wheeler had everything it needed to
here March 23. complete the mission,” said Navy Lt.
Combined Logistics Over the Shore Sean Strawbridge of EPU 102.
2011 demonstrated the U.S. Navy’s Marines and sailors from Task Force
ability to project power over the sea in 76; U.S. Naval Forces, Korea; MSC Of-
coordination with host nation military fice Korea; and Expeditionary Strike
forces. Group Three also participated. Person-
Part of the annual Korean Peninsula nel from the Korea-based U.S. Eighth
defense exercise Foal Eagle 2011, this Army established a living support ele-
year’s CJLOTS was the first conducted ment and set up the Beach Terminal
in partnership with the Republic of Unit, while U.S. Air Force members
Korea and the first conducted off the A South Korean commercial barge carrying armored personnel carriers delivers car- provided weather information servic-
peninsula’s west coast. go to the beach at Anmyeon, South Korea during a combined, joint military exercise es.
Commanded by a South Korean March 23. — U.S. Navy photo be Edward Baxter Simultaneously, 270 South Korean
navy rear admiral, the one-day exer- army and navy personnel deployed
cise included demonstrating portions signed to serve as a pumping station valuable training for the ship’s civilian cargo to the beach from commercial
of both the at-sea and ashore opera- capable of transferring fuel from a mariners working for a private com- barges and military landing craft. A
tions involved in pumping fuel from a tanker at sea to shore through eight pany under contract to MSC. crane lifted palletized cargo onto the
tanker to shore, as well as the deploy- miles of flexible pipe stored on the “In real-world operations, we may beach, while wheeled and tracked ve-
ment of military cargo onto the beach ship’s weather deck, trained with a work with a South Korean tanker, hicles, including armored personnel
aboard barges. South Korean fuel tanker for the first so this training validates that we are carriers, rolled down the barge’s ramp
More than 200 U.S. sailors, soldiers, time. Operating about 3.5 miles off the ready if tasked,” said Wheeler’s civilian onto the beach.
airmen and Marines worked side-by- coast of Anmyeon, the 165-foot Fast Master Capt. Jon Skoglund. Operations finished late today and,
side with 26 civilian mariners aboard Tempo, a powerful offshore supply Ashore, U.S. soldiers practiced set- with Wheeler’s role in the exercise
Wheeler to simulate delivering fuel to vessel designed to support Wheeler in ting up equipment used to receive, dis- complete, the ship sailed away from
military forces operating ashore from a real-world operations, ran a tow line to tribute and store the fuel that Wheeler Korea’s coastline.
tanker at sea - a vital capability for sus- the tankers’ stern, securing the ships would pump to shore. The key piece of MSC operates approximately 110
taining operations where port facilities together the same way they would be equipment is a receiving device called noncombatant, U.S. merchant mari-
are inadequate. during a real-world scenario. a Beach Terminal Unit that would ner-crewed ships that replenish U.S.
While CJLOTS was conducted in a While neither the float hose con- hook up to Wheeler’s flexible pipe Navy ships at sea, conduct specialized
single day, exercise planners have been necting Wheeler to the tanker, nor the and relays the fuel pumped ashore to missions, strategically preposition
on the ground at Anmyeon for the past flexible pipe connecting Wheeler to inflatable bladders used to store large combat cargo at sea around the world
week making final preparations. shore were deployed, hooking up with quantities of fuel. No fuel was pumped and move military cargo and supplies
Wheeler, which is specially de- the South Korean tanker provided during this exercise. used by deployed U.S. forces. x

Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule

Worship Services Worship Services Worship Services Worship Services

Collective Liturgical Sunday 8 a.m. Memorial Chapel Collective Protestant Collective Protestant
Sunday 10 a.m. Stone Chapel Traditional Sunday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital Sunday 11 a.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 10 a.m. Camp Carroll
Sunday 10 a.m. Stanley Chapel Contemporary Sunday 9:30 a.m. South Post Chapel 10:30 a.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 10:30 a.m. K-16 Chapel Gospel 1 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 10 a.m. West Casey Chapel Church of Christ 5 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Hannam Village Chapel Spanish 3 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 11 a.m. Warrior Chapel Gospel 12:15 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Crusader Chapel Nondenominational Church of Christ 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel
Sunday 11 a.m. Hovey Chapel Sunday 11 a.m. South Post Chapel Contemporary
Gospel Sunday 12:30 p.m. South Post Chapel ChapelNext 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Wednesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Gospel Catholic Mass Friday 7 p.m. Camp Walker
Sunday 11 a.m. Memorial Chapel, Mision Pentecostal Hispana Sunday 9 a.m. Freedom Chapel KATUSA
Casey 12:30 p.m. Camp Sunday 2:30 p.m. South Post Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Freedom Chapel Tuesday 7 p.m. Camp Carroll
Stanley Chapel Saturday 10 a.m. & 5 p.m. Freedom Chapel Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Camp Walker
United Pentecostal Sunday 9 a.m. & 6:30 p.m. (youth) Freedom Chapel
COGIC Sunday 1:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Catholic Services
Sunday 12:30 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel KATUSA Mass
KATUSA Tuesday 6:30 p.m. Memorial Chapel Tuesday 6 p.m. Freedom Chapel Sunday 9 a.m. Camp Walker
KATUSA 11:45 a.m. Camp Carroll
Sunday 7 p.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Seventh-Day Adventist
Tuesday 6 p.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Saturday 9:30 a.m. Brian Allgood Hospital

Episcopal Sunday 10 a.m. Memorial Chapel

Catholic Services/Mass The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total
Sunday 9 a.m. CRC Warrior Chapel Catholic Services religious support to the United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth
Sunday 12 p.m. West Casey Chapel U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and authorized civilians across the full
Sunday 9:30 a.m. Camp Hovey Chapel Catholic Mass Saturday 5 p.m. Memorial Chapel
Sunday 8 a.m. South Post Chapel spectrum of operations from armistice to war.
Latter-day Saints Worship Sunday 11:30 a.m. Memorial Chapel
Sunday 4 p.m. West Casey Chapel M, W, T, F 11:45 a.m. Memorial Chapel Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at:
1st Sat. 9 a.m. Memorial Chapel http://www.usfk.mil/usfk/fkch.aspx
for helpful links and information
Jewish Friday 7 p.m. South Post Chapel

Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact

USAG Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud Chaplains USAG Daegu Chaplains

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Jeffrey D. Hawkins: Chaplain (Maj.) John Chun: Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Suk Jong Lee: Chaplain (Maj.) Milton Johnson:
jeffrey.d.hawkins@us.army.mil, 738-3009 john.chun@us.army.mil, 754-7274 sukjong.lee@us.army.mil, 732-6169 milton.johnson4@us.army.mil, 764-5455

Chaplain (Maj.) Terry E. Jarvis: Chaplain (Maj.) Anthony Flores: Chaplain (Maj.) Alfred Grondski: Chaplain (Capt.) Mike Jones:
terry.e.jarvis@korea.army.mil, 738-4043 anthony.wenceslao.flores@korea.army.mil, alfred.grondski@us.army.mil, 732-6016 michael.jones124@us.army.mil, 765-8991
http://imcom.korea.army.mil FEATURE THE MORNING CALM

Above, Jordan Straka as Father Wolf breaks into song.

Below, Natalie Frank-Thomas joins the monkey chorus

in another number. — U.S. Army photos by W. Wayne

Above, Jaelynn Davis as Buck lets the world know about her displeasure.

Below, Kayla Webb as Hathi the elephant throws back her ample ears and reaches for the sky while energetically belt-
ing out a tune. — U.S. Army photos by W. Wayne Marlow

Jungle Book comes alive

By W. Wayne Marlow Casting began less than a week be-
warren.wayne.marlow@us.army.mil fore performance, so the tiny thespi-
ans had only a few hard-working days
CAMP HUMPHREYS — The Mis- to prepare.
soula Children’s Theatre brought its They were among the more than
song and dance numbers to the Com- 65,000 children who will take part in a
munity Activity Center here March 26. Missoula production this year.
With 64 area children in grades Kin- Jim Caron and Don Collins co-found-
dergarten through seventh taking part, ed the theatre in 1970, and they help
the theatre treated the audience to two oversee the 33 tour teams who present
performances of the Jungle Book, a the theatre’s eight original musicals.
Missoula Children’s Theatre original More information on the Missoula
musical based on Rudyard Kipling’s Children’s Theatre is available at www.
classic tale. mctinc.org. x

Wolf pack members plot their next move during the Missoula Children’s Theatre Jun-
gle Book production. From left are David Polaski, Chandell Howe, Carissa Richardson,
Alexa Erickson, and Kara Black. — U.S. Army photo by W. Wayne Marlow


Keeping the Promise

It’s about honoring our commitment to Soldiers and Families.

Visit ArmyOneSource.com to see what the Army Family Covenant can mean for you or someone you know.
http://imcom.korea.army.mil NEWS THE MORNING CALM
http://imcom.korea.army.mil MORNING CALM THE MORNING CALM

6-52 Soldiers reenact march

Specialist Carole Hernandez of the 6th Battalion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery has an artificial beard applied during a reenactment of a Josen era Royal Procession March 27
at Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. She and other Soldiers dressed up as Royal Guards protecting the King during his journey. — U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Austin Liu

Above, the Queen Mother rides in a carriage escorted by Korean Army 700th Special Opera-
tion Force Soldiers, dressed as Joseon era warriors. — U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Austin Liu

Left, Staff Sgt. Michael Chopcinski of Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 6th Battal-
ion, 52nd Air Defense Artillery greets a spectator. — U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Austin Liu

Festival vendors sought Six swimmers capture 8th Army crowns

By Paul Parrish
USAG Humphreys DFMWR By W. Wayne Marlow Joining Belcher on the winning 200-meter relay
warren.wayne.marlow@us.army.mil team were Duggan, Holden, and Ryan Sullivan.
CAMP HUMPHREYS — Food vendors are be- The winning time was 1:55.18. Coming in second,
ing sought for the Spring Fest May 28-29. Family CAMP HUMPHREYS — Ryan Belcher won with a time of 2:09.14, was the team of Sang Sun-
Readiness Groups, units, and private organizations two individual and one team event to highlight the choe, Do Su-kil, Che Kyu-yi, and Hak Pom-kim.
are invited to reserve booths. 8th Army Short Course Swim Championship at the Duggan took the 50-meter freestyle with a time
To register, send the organization’s name and the Community Activity Center here March 26. or 27.82, topping Belcher (27.97) and Lee (30.44).
telephone number of two contacts, e-mail address of Belcher topped the 50-meter breast stroke field In the 50 meter butterfly, Ryan Sullivan (32.16)
contacts, and a description of food items to: area3m- with a time of 35.44 seconds and also captured the came in first, followed by Duggan (33.50). In third
wrmarketing@korea.army.mil. 100-meter individual medley, finishing in one min- with a time of 35.72 was Eric Belcher, who won the
Each participant will receive a booth, canopy, and ute, 12.60 seconds. 50 meter backstroke (35.91) and 100 meter back-
a 110-volt electrical outlet. Vendors need to have a In the 50-meter breast stroke, Matthew Duggan stroke (1:22.12).
Food Handlers Card. (39.88) came in second, followed by Soo Young Lee Lee captured the 100-meter backstroke in
Food Handlers training for vendors will be May 17 (43.38). In the 100 meter individual medley, Darrell 1:40.15. Holden won the 100 meter freestyle in
at 1 p.m. in the Community Activity Center. Holden (1.19.16) was runner-up and Jeremy Wam- 1:01.91, followed by Duggan (1:09.53) and Wam-
For more information, call Mike Mooney at 754- bugu (1:34.7) came in third. bugu (1:12.87). x
8257. x
http://humphreys.korea.army.mil USAG HUMPHREYS THE MORNING CALM

News & Notes

Indoor Soccer Tournament Honor Society
adds members
The Area III company-level in-
door soccer tournament is set for
April 3 at MP Hill Gym. For more
information, call 753-8031.

Running Club Change

Starting April 5, the Humphreys
Road Runners Youth Running
Club workouts will be at Zoeckler By W. Wayne Marlow that represented the five tenants of the
track on Tuesdays and Thursdays warren.wayne.marlow@us.army.mil society.
from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. For more Principal Joyce Diggs told the in-
information, call 753-3253. CAMP HUMPHREYS — The ductees that membership was an
Humphreys American School National honor, but that it also came with a re-
Walking Festival Junior Honor Society welcomed 11 new sponsibility to live up to the society’s
The Pyeongtaek Citizens Health- members in an induction ceremony standards and represent it well.
Walking Festival is scheduled March 24 at the school. Vice Principal Lee Hill, a former
for April 8 from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. To be eligible for induction, stu- guidance counselor, said membership
Participants will travel from dents must have at least a 3.5 grade was the type of criteria that colleges
Camp Humphreys to Yichung point average, but it takes more than look for when awarding scholarships.
Report Park, where the festival classroom success. Also considered Each inductee received a certificate
starts with entertainment and are leadership, service, citizenship and and a pin. Inducted were: sixth-graders
warmups. To register, send your Humphreys American School National character. Current honor society mem- Sarah Jane Levine and Christina Mann;
name, unit, date of birth, tele- Junior Honor Society member Miles bers Anne Moore, Miles Richardson, seventh-graders Syndie Corlew, Devon
phone number and e-mail ad- Richardson lights the leadership candle and Felicia Lozinski joined middle Dye, Robert Haas, Stephanie Owen
dress to chong.s.chong@korea. during the society’s induction ceremony school teacher Vilira Miller and former and Aerial Rouse; and eighth-graders
army.mil. The festival is open to on March 24. — U.S. Army photo by W. high school student body president Dominique Essex, Kyler Schmidt, Erik
the first 20 persons to respond. Wayne Marlow Tess Sterling in lighting five candles Rude and Charlene Wong. x
For more information, call 754-

Performing Arts Festival

The Area III Festival of the Per-
forming Arts is scheduled for
April 9 at 7 p.m. at the Commu-
nity Activity Center. If interested
in participating, call 753-8825.

Housing Office Closure

The Housing Services Branch
will be closed April 15 for Hous-
ing Teambuilders Day. For more
information, call 753-6617.

VISC Limited Services

The Visual Information Sup-
port Center will be periodically
closed from April 18-22 to sup-
port KATUSA Friendship Week.
For more information, call 753-

Civilian Fitness
Enrollment in the Civilian Fit-
ness Program runs through April
30. The program allows civilians
three hours a week of excused
absence to participate in a six-
month physical exercise training
program. Participants must be
full-time Department of Defense
civilians assigned to Camp Hum-
phreys, receive supervisor ap- Humphreys American School principal Joyce Diggs welcomes Stephanie Owen into the National Junior Honor Society during an
proval, be medically cleared, and induction ceremony March 24 at the school. — U.S. Army photo by W. Wayne Marlow
cannot have been enrolled previ-
ously. To enroll, call 753-3253.

Paintball Teams Wanted

The 8th Army Paintball Cham-
Tips can help prevent child abuse
pionships are scheduled for May
13-14 at Camp Carroll. If interest- By Suzanne James 2. Develop new parenting skills. the cycle of abuse can be difficult if
ed in being on the Area III team, Army Community Service Learn appropriate discipline tech- the patterns are strongly entrenched.
call 753-3013. niques and how to set clear boundar- If you cannot stop no matter how
CAMP HUMPHREYS — April is ies for your children. Parenting classes, hard you try, it is time to get help, be
Tobacco Cessation Classes Child Abuse Awareness Month and books, and seminars are a way to get it therapy, parenting classes, or other
Tobacco cessation classes have the following tips for parents are de- this information. You can also turn to interventions.
resumed and are held Wednes- signed to help stop the problem: other parents for tips and advice. 5. Learn how you can control
days at 10 a.m. at the Super Gym. 1. Understand what is age ap- 3. Take care of yourself. If you are your emotions. The first step to get-
For more information, call 753- propriate. Having realistic expecta- not getting enough rest and support ting your emotions under control is
3253. tions of what children can handle at or you’re feeling overwhelmed, you are realizing that they are there. If you
certain ages will help you avoid frus- much more likely to succumb to anger. were abused as a child, you may have
Estate Claim Notice tration and anger at normal child Sleep deprivation, common in parents an especially difficult time getting in
Anyone who has a claim against behavior. Newborns are not going to of young children, adds to moodiness touch with your range of emotions.
the estate of Spc. Tsering Tenzin sleep through the night and toddlers and irritability, which is exactly what You may have had to deny or repress
must contact 1st Lt. Adam Shaw are not going to be able to sit quietly you are trying to avoid. them as a child, and now they spill
at adam.t.shaw@us.army.mil. for extended periods. 4. Get professional help. Breaking out without your control. x

Humphreys Theatre wins world-wide award

Community involvement and
Garrison endorsement key
to taking home top honors
By W. Wayne Marlow

CAMP HUMPHREYS — The Exchange has rec-

ognized the Camp Humphreys movie theater as the
Best World Wide Exchange Theater.
Exchange Senior Vice President for the Pacific Re-
gion, Karin Duncan, will present the award to the-
atre personnel in a ceremony April 5 at 11 a.m. at the
Steve Pena, general manager of the Osan Air Base
and Camp Humphreys exchanges, said judges look
at various areas when giving the award.
“A couple of criteria are considered,” he said.”They
look at community events, interaction with the com-
munity, and a letter from the Garrison. It’s done in a
packet formula.”
Pena said the Humphreys packet was especially
strong in two areas.
“The Garrison endorsement was really good, as
was the community involevement,” he said. “The
packet was done really well. It showed pictures and
really highlighted the interaction with the commu- Chong Se-yong explains the popcorn-making process to Humphreys American School students. Community interac-
nity.” x tion such as this helped the Humphreys theatre win a worldwide award. — U.S. Army photo by Steven Hoover

Dancing Days

Above, Jayme Stelker leads her students through Ring Around the Rosie during the 2-3-year-old creative dance
class March 29 on Camp Humphreys. The class features ballet, jazz, and many other forms of dancing. For more
information on this or other organized children’s activities, call 753-8507.
Above right, Angelica Lockhart completes a spin and shakes her tambourine during one of the energetic dance numbers. — U.S. Army photos by W. Wayne Marlow
http://humphreys.korea.army.mil USAG HUMPHREYS THE MORNING CALM

Arbor Day tree-planting takes root through Good Neighbor effort

By Mary Grimes this worthwhile event.
mary.b.grimes@us.army.mil In addition to the Nakdong tree-
planting location, event participants
DAEGU GARRISON — Daegu City also planted trees in the Kangchang,
held its annual Arbor Day tree-planting and Habin-myun areas where the
event Mar. 26th along the Nakdong Korean Government is currently under-
riverside in Dalsoung County. The going the nation’s largest four rivers
“Good Neighbor” activity marked the improvement and development project.
66th Korean Arbor Day recognition Daegu City has planted several million
event, although the actual Arbor Day trees over a period of the last 15 years. The
in Korea is April 5th. project first began when former Mayor
On hand for the environmentally Moon Hui-Gap initiated the effort under
friendly effort were U.S. Soldiers and a “Green and Clean City Project.”
KATUSAs from around USAG Daegu According to Chong Yong-Kon,
and Area IV, and their Commander, Community Relations Officer, USAG
Col. Kathleen Gavle, and Daegu City Daegu, “This is a Good Neighbor event
Mayor, Kim Bumil. The tireless help that will benefit Korea many years
from the Korean Marine Veterans, Daegu down the road. The U.S. Soldiers have
City Women’s Association, Seniors been participating in this event over
Association, and a host of Daegu City the years, and it’s a gesture that we’ve
public servants spoke to the strength of also extended to Daegu citizens with
the “Good Neighbor” program throughout the hope that they will continue to
USAG Daegu and Area IV. All total, more do their best in helping keep our city
than 600 individuals came out to support environmentally green and clean.” x

Arbor Day tree planting event brought USAG Daegu Soldiers and KATUSAs along with
Soldiers from around Area IV participated in Arbor Day tree planting activities Mar. 26th members from the Daegu city area, together for the 66th tree planting environmentally
at the Nakdong riverside Daegu. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Kim Min-jae friendly day long activity. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Kim Min-jae

BOSS is making an impact around USAG Daegu and Area IV

By Command sgt. maj. Gabriel S. Arnold understand what BOSS brings to the
gabriel.s.arnold@us.army.mil fight and how it can improve their
organization. Soldiers decide to
DAEGU GARRISON — In 1989, stay in the Army for three reasons.
the US Army Community and Family They consider command climate
Support Center (USACFSC) and (leadership), job satisfaction and
MACOMS were tasked to develop a quality of life. BOSS is tied to all three
program to get single Soldiers involved in of these reasons. BOSS is a combat
determining their recreation and leisure multiplier in building and developing
needs. Implementation of the BOSS our future leadership for the Army.
program began with single Soldiers When Soldiers are not decisively
focus groups. In early workshops, engaged in the mission we need to
Quality of Life Issues emerged along focus their efforts towards something
with recreation and leisure needs and positive. We need to exhaust all efforts
were presented to the local command in keeping them out of the barracks,
as part of the workshop out brief. out of the bars and channel their
The BOSS mission statement is to energy towards working with and for
enhance the morale and welfare of single each other. BOSS can do these things
and unaccompanied Soldiers, increase for your organization, but we need
Soldier retention and sustain combat your support. The heart of the BOSS
readiness through planned and execution program is motivated single and
of community events and identifying well unaccompanied Soldiers with a chain Command Sgt. Maj. Gabriel S. Arnold, USAG Daegu, discusses the BOSS program with
being issues for resolution. of command that supports them. Camp Walker’s Community Activities Coordinator Robert M. Lattanzi, USAG Daegu
With today’s Army being as busy This program is making impact! FMWR. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Jang Bong-seok
as it is with 231,000 Soldiers deployed Beyond BOSS meetings and BOSS events
to 82 countries while simultaneously on improving the quality of life for our be determined off limits. No one knows
our BOSS Soldiers are partnered with Soldiers, Families, civilians and retirees. our Soldiers better than other Soldiers.
transforming and conducting full AAFES, Daegu American school (DAS),
spectrum operations, BOSS is more They are linked into every FMWR event, I ask all of you to not only support
Army Community Service to include United Services Organization and the program, but also to reach out for
important than ever. BOSS like all Family Advocacy, Military Family Life
other programs is a Commanders various other community events. They BOSS’ help when you need it. The three
Consultants and our Sexual Assault will now provide a representative to sit pillars and foundation of the program
program, but my concern is that Response Coordinator (SARC). They
Commanders at the company/Battery/ on our Armed Forces Disciplinary board are Community Service, Quality of Life
also play an integral role in the Army which decides what establishments will and Recreation and Leisure. x
Troop levels may not completely Family Action plan which works strictly
http://daegu.korea.army.mil USAG DAEGU THE MORNING CALM

t News & Notes Optometrist has a clear vision of the meaning of success
Financial Counseling Services By Mary Grimes and Lee Seung-bin
Financial counseling for soldiers mary.b.grimes@us.army.mil
and family members with emphasis
on managing personal finances and
one of those ancient thinkers who
tracking spending habits. Development
believe women are weak and can’t
of a personal financial plan, retirement
perform difficult work, then you
plan, and college saving plan. Call the
haven’t been introduced to Maj.
ACS financial readiness program office,
Grace Dewars, 168th Multifunctional
768-8127 or 768-7112.
Medical Battalion, Camp Walker.
FMWR Marketing A m o t h e r, a S o l d i e r, a n d a n
Can’t find your favorite menu at the optometrist, Maj. Dewars represents
club? Got a party theme your friends the face of the very versatile modern
would love? Have a program idea for woman, which, by the way, made her
teens? Tell us what you would do if an ideal person of focus for this year’s
you could reach out and touch FMWR Women’s History Month. Granted,
programs, events and activities and March just made its exit, but the truth is
you could win $100 in FMWR gift women are accomplishing great things
certificates. Suggestions can be e-mailed all year round.
to laurel.baek@korea.army.mil A glimpse into her world reveals a
Say it on ICE journey that is worthy of applause. It’s
Ever wonder if your voice is heard. Say it a known fact that the demands of being
on ICE, we’re listening. Fill out an online a Soldier are many, and not always easy.
comment card today our response is Dewars admits that mastering her Army Maj. Grace Dewars tests the eyesight of a young visitor to the optometry clinic on Camp
guaranteed. http://ice.disa mil duties did require a lot of planning. Walker. — U.S. Army photo by Cpl. Kim Min-jae
“Now, time management skill 101
Texas Hold’em dictates prioritization, and delegation schools of interest. military duties, Dewars says that none
Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. at Camp Carroll of duties as the primary means of “After determining those, I looked of her success would have been achieved
Hideaway Club. Weekly prizes for the getting everything done. Networking, at who will be paying for my tuition. I had it not been for her family. “I owe
top 3 players. $20 per person. Free meal and talking to other professionals and contacted a recruiter and gathered the all my success to my husband, my
for players. Points awarded for every 8 parents, establishing good relationships facts for the U.S. Health Professional three wonderful children, my closet
weeks of play toward the final game and that mutually benefit each other, is also Scholarship Program (HPSP). Then friends, and of course, my parents
a $1,000 prize. Calll 765-8574 for more essential,” she said. I began to work at the pre-requisites who supported me 100 percent—with
information. To become a successful professional, required and focused on getting top occasional babysitting duties.
Haveyou beenaffected bysexual abuse a lot of preparation is required. When grades and doing well on the Optometry Dewars is among the lucky ones.
Celebrate your strength and express your asked what type of preparations she Admission Test (OAT). With a strong network of friends
emotions by decorating a t-shirt. Draw had to make to become a doctor and Family behind Soldier’s sucess and family, she was able to get over
a picture on your t-shirt or write a poem a Soldier, Dewars said, “To become a The first requirement for the HPSP the hurdles that are so common to
on your t-shirt. Completed t-shirts will Soldier, none. I just raised my right was to get admitted to a professional anyone pursuing a goal. Now, she
be anonymously displayed for Sexual hand. To become a doctor, that’s school, thus you’d have to do well on tries to keep current and focused on
Assault Awareness Month. For more different. First, I finished a four- the OAT. Your admission depends on the challenges ahead --offering words
information call 725-3085 or stop by your year undergraduate degree, I then this score, your grades, your experience of encouragement and inspiration
local ACS office to pick up your t-shirt. gathered the location of a school. and so on.”
I took prerequisite courses for the As she presses forward with her — See Women’s History on Page 28—
Busan Igidae seacoast trekking

Comfort in times of disaster: try and maintain your faith

April 16, the bus departs from Camp
Carroll CAC at 7 a.m. and Camp Walker
Commissary at 8 a.m. Transportaition
fee is $10 for adult and $5 for child under By Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Milton Johnson want to ask me some questions? All right,
12. For details call 764-4123. USAG Daegu Garrison Chaplain I’ll answer your questions, but first I have
some questions of my own I would like
Gyeong-Ju World Amusement Park DAEGU GARRISON — you to answer. Where were you when I
April 23, the bus departs from Camp Unfortunately this year is turning out to laid the foundations of the earth? Can you
Carroll CAC at 8 a.m. and Camp Walker be one of the worst years ever for millions set the boundaries of heaven? Can you
Commissary at 9 a.m. Transportaition of people on almost every continent in unbuckle the belt of Orion? Can you send
fee is $10. Bring won for your entrance the world. From January 1 until this the birds south for winter? If you cannot
fee, plus food and snacks. For details present day - wars, earthquakes, and answer these basic questions, how do you
call 765-8325. unpredictable weather claimed scores propose to understand the mystery of my
Kids Club of lives and devastated miles of property will for your life?” How did Job respond?
Register your child for our Jr. Membership as far as the eyes can see. He said, “My ears had heard of you, but
Program. Program benefits include Japan’ earthquake and tsunami now my eyes have seen you.” Did God
quarterly appreciation nights, $5 gift are probably the worst calamities answer Job’s question? He didn’t respond
coupon for thier birthday and other yet because they left that region so the way Job expected. The only answer he
great events. Open to kids ages 5-12. For totally devastated and with the threat Try to visualize the following scene. gave was, “Here I am Job. Look at me and
more information, call the Evergreen of additional complications from the One day after roaming the earth, Satan try to fathom my limitless power. Try to
Community Club, 764-4060. damaged reactors. came before God and boasted that understand that I created and that I take
The good news is that after each all of mankind had rejected the Lord care of all things. Grasp these realities
Commissary closed April 11 and 12 disaster and adversity the rest of the and was following him. However, God and you will know that I will never leave
Daegu commissary will be closed April world immediately reached across the pointed to Job as an example of one you or forsake you. The answer to your
11 and 12 to conduct inventory. It will globe with missionaries, money, and who was still upright; fearing the Lord questions can only be found in me and
re-open April 13, normal hours. Camp lots of prayers to help relieve suffering and shunning evil. Not to be outdone, in our relationship. Trust in me.”
Carroll will be closed April 11 to conduct and affliction of those who endured Satan charged that Job’s faithfulness Job did place his trust in the sovereign
inventory. It will open on April 12, indescribable lost. was only a result of the blessings. God of the universe and everything he
normal hours plus will also open April I can only imagine what happens Did God answer Job’s question? lost was restored to him double.
13 for closing on the 11th. when suddenly, overnight, home, So God permitted Satan to send a Perhaps the most difficult aspect of
family and business vanishes in war or series of disasters upon Job. His property our walk with God is demonstrating
earthquake. Or, if driving on a major was destroyed, his children slain and he trust in him during times of severe trial.
throughway, out of nowhere comes a himself was covered with painful sores. Like Job we may find ourselves
30-foot high wall of water that engulfs In the midst of all his emotional and desperately searching for ways to make
your car before you can think about physical pain, Job was finally moved to sense of what is happening to us. We
what to do next. speak. may even be tempted to accuse God of
What do you say to those who lived He did not become angry or curse God, unfairness.
through the lost of an entire family or but he did demand an explanation for all In these times, his unchangeable
a family member? How do you comfort that had befallen him. So God appeared nature, his steadfast love for his
them? The truth is, words of comfort to Job and for several chapters overwhelms children and his limitless power
can help but they are not enough. him with his frightening answer. Job, you become an anchor for our souls. x

Fire fighters quietly perform a selfless service to Area IV

By Mary Grimes and Im Hae-na For Cho, and other firefighters this is
mary.b.grimes@us.army.mil a task they take on with great care. “To
firefighters, the fire truck is something
DAEGU GARRISON — We already that gives them a lot of pride, and shows
know that when an emergency arises, professionalism. It is the responsibility
once “911” is called we can expect of the firefighters to always keep the fire
someone to come to our rescue. What truck clean and prepared, in order to
we don’t know, however, is just what it respond to a call quickly and efficiently.
takes for them to get to us. A clean truck is directly related to safety.
Let’s imagine. There is a fire in your That is one reason why you don’t ever
office. The alarm is ringing. That ring see dirty or disabled fire trucks on the
signals there is an emergency situation. road,” explained Cho.
Soon after the ringing, we hear sirens The work of a firefighter is endless.
and see fire trucks and firefighters. It is not a piece of cake. Apart from
Everything seems to have happened so handling a fire or pulling maintenance
quickly. This is what’s so great about the on a fire truck, firefighters have an even
effectiveness of “911.” greater mission. It is the challenging
According to Cho Hon-Tae, Crew task of educating the public on fire
Chief, Fire Department, USAG Daegu, safety—particularly children.
the process is one that requires According to the deputy fire chief,
immediacy. “Promoting fire safety—especially
“Here’s how it works. When a call among children, is an ongoing
is made to 911, it connects to the initiative. We also like to push fire
Communication Center at Camp safety during annual events involving
Walker. After the center takes the the community and children. By
report, it notifies other appropriate pushing the message of fire safety, we
fire stations. Each station receives that hopefully can prevent loss of life.
notification through either the radio or “For example, when there is a fire,
electronic monitors. The monitors will children sometimes will be very scared. So,
display the map and location of the fire. they typically hide. What we sometimes
“From that point, the crew chief will see is that when the fireman arrives on
then ring the bell, and the loudspeakers the scene and they see the firefighter in
will announce the building number all of his gear, they become even more
where the fire is. “ frightened. So by being frightened and
Another important element of the hiding, many children have died. So, by
fire notification process includes the conducting training that will educate
military police, and the medical clinic. children about fire safety, we teach them
“These two parties are notified so that about “friendly firemen.”
they are able to respond as needed to As anyone could imagine, the work
that particular emergency,” said Deputy of the firefighter is never-ending. They
Fire Chief Andrew Allen. are the ultimate service provider. In
With every “t” crossed, and “i” dotted, Area IV, there are four fire stations
ladder trucks and firefighters are off and and they are located on camps Walker,
in pursuit of a fire. The entire process Henry, Carroll, and Busan. A total of
from answering the phone to getting on 12 firefighters are available to support
the fire truck, takes less than two minutes. Camp Henry, Camp Walker, and Camp
As one should expect, at a fire George, Camp Carroll has a team of
station, everything about notification 12, and Busan has a crew of four. Each
of a fire happens quickly. There’s a location and team of firefighters are
part of the process, however, that few always ready when and if they’re called.
ever really consider, and that’s the “Just like on the battlefield, when fire
maintenance of the fire truck or vehicle. strikes it can be devastating. The best
Most everyone would agree, there is action is a strong and constant defense
no room for error when it comes to fires, by everyone from everywhere. We
firefighters or even fire trucks. Just like always thank fire fighters who in essence
their drivers or operators, the fire truck are available around the clock to help Crew Chief Cho Hon-tae checks the oxygen cylinders on a USAG Daegu fire truck. From
must be prepared – reliable and ready to keep Area IV safe. The job of a firefighter fire safety to maintenance of equipment, firefighters perform an invaluable service to
go at a moment’s notice. To be so, the really is about selfless service.” x the Area IV community. — U.S. Army photo by Lee Seung-bin
fire truck requires particular attention.

The Army Exceptional Family Member Respite Care Program

By Mirian Suber-Houston
EFMP Program Manager, ACS
Army and Active Guard and Reserve
Fa m i l i e s w h o a r e r e s p o n s i b l e
for regular care of persons with
disabilities, the Exceptional Family
Members Program Respite Care
Program provides a temporary rest
period. Care may be provided in
the Family’s home or other settings
such as special needs camps and
enrichment programs.
Families apply for the Respite Care
Program at the Army Community respite care monthly for each certified changes or annually, whichever comes or adult, respite care provides a break
Service (ACS) EFMP Office. Family member and can receive up to first. (If your family member received for the primary caregiver.
Eligibility for Respite Care Program $45 per hour for care. respite care in the US the procedures The Family Member Must be enrolled
is based on EFMP enrollment and the Here in Korea we are required to are a different; therefore it is important in the program to submit an application.
medical or educational condition of the use the Family Services Needs Matrix that you contact your EFMP Manager Questions or need to submit an
Family member requiring care. to determine allowable respite care for updates). application contact ACS, bldg 1103,
Qualifying Families are eligible to hours and cost per month. The matrix Special needs care is around the clock. Camp Henry 768-7112, Ms Houston,
receive up to 40 hours of funded EFMP is updated as the EFM condition When a Family has a special needs child EFMP Manager. x
http://daegu.korea.army.mil USAG DAEGU THE MORNING CALM

Women’s History from Page 26

Labor and Statistics.”
Dewars will tell you that she’s
accomplished a number of things in
life. However, when asked what her
greatest achievement was, she said,
“Going to optometry graduate school,
and obtaining a doctorate.” Having a
family, and being able to accomplish
that, is an amazing achievement. As if
that feat isn’t enough, Dewars shows
no sign of slowing down. Responding
to questions regarding what’s in store
down the road, the optometrist replied,
“I might retire as a colonel or own the
greatest dream practice ever imagined
in the world of health and wellness. It
all depends on what my family is willing
to put up with, and what will keep them
happy and healthy in the long run.”
An accomplished mother, and
optometrist, Dewars believes in passing
on encouragement and lending support
where she can. So, what does a woman
who’s benefited from the support of
a loving family and the professional
opportunities made possible by the
Army have to pass on to other young
women who might be considering
A mother, a Soldier, and an optometrist, Maj. Dewars understands the art of balancing her daily activities. — U.S. Army photo by becoming an optometrist or a Soldier?
“First, you have to really want it.
Cpl. Kim Min-jae
Secondly, you have to be focused and
to those who are now pursuing their in the world. She showed no prejudice or the accomplishments of women across want to do this for the right reasons. By
dreams and interests. favoritism to any of her grandchildren the board. In her view, education is that I mean you want to help others,
“I had a number of role models or children, and not once did we ever where women have made the greatest and not do it so much for the monetary
–beginning with my mom. She had feel left out, and finally, my 7th grade strides. She said, “Women have taken compensation.
to be the hardest working mom out English teacher, who forever impressed education quite seriously. In fact, it is “Where there is no passion in
there. She used to work seven days a me with her professionalism both unbelievable what women with college anything we do, it will be evident in
week, with two or three jobs, averaging inside and outside of the classroom,” degrees have increased three-fold in our character. We live a short life and
80 hours a week for 30 years; my said Dewars. the last 30 years. This has enabled us to we all should strive to make a career
grandmother, who is the kindest and With her family as the ideal role dominate almost 60 percent of the labor move, one that will bring to our lives
most loving mother and grandmother model, Dewars is not at all oblivious to force, according to the 2009 Bureau of the most satisfaction,” said Dewars. x
Shop, Save and thrive

COMMISSARY BENEFITS are part of the Army

Family Covenant’s commitment to provide a strong,
supportive environment where Soldiers and
Families can thrive.

• Through the ‘Bringing the Benefit to You’ campaign,
Guard and Reserve Soldiers and their Families
have shopped on-site at more than 100 remote
locations and purchased $14 million worth
of commissary products.

• An average of 30% SAVINGS OR MORE on

purchases compared to commercial prices.

• Within the next three years, more than

$200 million will be spent on building
new commissaries and enhancing
existing commissaries to
better serve customers.

Visit to learn more

about the Army Family Covenant.
http://imcom.korea.army.mil KOREAN PAGE THE MORNING CALM

대구기지 사령관
선정되었습니다. 군인가족들에게 도움을 아니라 사용빈도가 높은
그렇다면 이러한 변화의 주 기 위 해 인 사 과 의 P X , C o m m i s s a r y ,
내용은 무엇일까요? 직원들을 일반직원으로 D F M W R 시 설 들 과
가장 중점적인 변화의 이동시키는 방안 등을 더불어 중요한 행사가
내용은, ACS가 군인과 고 려 하 고 있 습 니 다 . 있 을 시 에 직 접 발 로
군인 가족들의 요구를 일반직원들은 여러가지 뛰며 고객들에게 직접
더욱 쉽고 빠르게 해결하기 서 비 스 들 의 기 본 적 인 서비스를 제공하기 위해
위해 서비스를 제공하는 사항에 대해서 정보를 최선을 다하고 있습니다.
방식을 향상시키는 데에 제 공 해 줄 것 이 며 , ACS의 목표는 군인과
있습니다. 전 문 가 들 은 고 객 들 의 군 인 가 족 , 그 리 고
이 러 한 변 화 의 초 기 요구를 더욱 효율적으로 군속들이 알맞는 서비스를
계획은 시설관리참모부의 충족시키기 위한 더욱 알맞은 시간에 즉각적으로
사무실에서 세워졌습니다. 전 문 화 되 고 세 분 화 된 제공하는 데에 있습니다.
시설관리참모부의 의무는 서비스들을 제공하게 될 ACS의 변화는 ACS와
군인과 군인 가족들에게 것 입니다. 다른 서비스 시설들을
삶의 질을 향상시킬 수 새롭게 바뀌는 변화들은 통합하여, ACS의 구조를
있는 양질의 서비스를 대구지역사령부의 ACS 모듈화하는 데에 기여를
제 공 하 겠 다 는 약 속 을 의 존 재 감 을 더 욱 더 할 것이며, 이는 군에게
이 행 하 는 것 입 니 다 . 확고히 하는 계기가 될 더욱 양질의 서비스를
Kathleen A. 대령 일련의 조사들과 ACS 것입니다. ACS가 대내외 제공하고, 각 부대에게
의 고객들에게 집중해본 적으로 실시하고 있는 서비스의 제공을 더욱
대구기지 사령관 결과, 현재에는 고객들마다 각종 행사, 프로그램을 체 계 화 하 며 , 한 곳 에
정보의 격차가 커서 그들의 비롯하여 각종 정보를 집중되어 있는 정보의
요 구 를 충 족 시 키 기 가 제공하기 위한 노력은 전 달 방 식 을 분 산 화
A C S 는 군 과 당 신 현 실 적 으 로 어 렵 다 는 부 대 내 의 사 람 들 이 하는데 큰 도움을 줄 것
사이의 약속을 이행하기 결론에 이르렀습니다. ACS 가 어떤 서비스를 입 니 다 . 변 화 된 AC S
위하여 선봉의 역할을 이 러 한 문 제 를 제 공 하 는 지 , 그 리 고 는 군인과 군인가족, 각
하는 단체입니다. 더욱이 해소하기 위하여 우리는 직접 서비스를 찾으려고 부대가 효과적인 정보를
대 구 지 역 사 령 부 는 전 AC S 를 D F M W R 에 서 노력하지 않아도 된다는 유연하게 얻을 수 있도록
군에 걸친 ACS의 변화의 분리시키는 방안, ACS 사실을 확고히 알려주고 중 요 한 역 할 을 하 여
바람 속에서 지향해야 할 의 관리자를 간부급으로 있습니다. 또한, ACS는 그들이 지속적으로 “
이상적인 모델로 한국 격상시키는 방안, 그리고 고객들로 하여금 ACS 변화를 만들어가도록”
주둔 사령부 중 유일하게 서비스가 필요한 군인과 를 찾아오게 만드는 것이 할 것입니다.