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Siebel eChannel

Enabling organizations to dramatically increase

the effectiveness of managing partner relationships
to increase revenues and customer satisfaction.
Siebel is
eBusiness enables
With Siebel Call customers to conduct
Center, organizations canbusiness anytime,
transform their callanyplace, in next
centers into any language
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through anythat
centers distribution channel.
enable agents While synchronize,
to manage, customers randomly traverse
and coordinate these
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acrossa acontinuing
broad rangedialogue with themchannels
of communication about product selection,
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Web, product
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IP. Siebel CallThese
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enables organizations to beseamlessly, just successful
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increased individual
revenue, sales oran
and creating service representative.
integrated It is multichannel.
information flow essential that

an eBusiness solution ensures the customer—and the customer’s history—are recognized every step of

the way, and that the next channel will pick up the line of communication where it left off.

Siebel Systems provides the industry’s most comprehensive family of multichannel

eBusiness applications and services. Siebel eBusiness Applications enable organizations

to create a single source of customer information that makes it easier to sell to, market

to, and service customers across multiple channels, including the Web, call centers, field,

resellers, retail, and dealer networks. By using Siebel eBusiness Applications,

organizations can create a single source of information for tailoring product and

service offerings to meet the unique needs of each customer. The result is an

enhanced ability to satisfy customers virtually anytime, anywhere, through any sales or

service channel.
Siebel e Channel
Siebel eChannel provides the industry’s leading partner relationship management (PRM) solution that

supports the entire process of managing partners over the Web. Siebel eChannel automates the business

processes between organizations and their partners by enabling them to work collaboratively over all

channels to market to, sell to, service, and retain customers.

Support for All Partners service providers, alliance partners,

Siebel eChannel enables organizations and OEMs. Siebel eChannel increases
to maximize the revenue generating capacity channel performance by improving
of all distribution and partner channels. partner effectiveness and allows
It provides support for multiple partner organizations to manage channel
business models including resellers, partners as extended virtual sales
multi-tiered global distributors, and service organizations.

Web-based Partner Portal
Siebel eChannel includes a comprehensive, Web-based partner portal designed to support all

partner activities. This enables distributors, resellers, agents, dealers, and other channel

partners to access appropriate information, resources, and tools to conduct business through

a personalized portal.

Lead and Opportunity Management Literature and Marketing Materials

With Siebel eChannel, vendors and manu- Siebel e Channel provides content manage-
facturers can equip channel partners with ment functionality that simplifies the task
powerful, industry-leading tools that assist of getting the right content to the right
the collaborative selling process. This enables partner. Partners can access a searchable,
them to more effectively manage leads and multimedia repository of all marketing
opportunities distributed from the vendor, collateral, including products, pricing,
allowing the channel partner to focus on discount information, customer success
high-value prospects. Detailed account stories, presentations, brochures, white
profiles, activities, and critical relationship papers, and data sheets relevant to their
tracking for each customer contact can be organizations. Siebel eChannel enables
shared between the partner and the vendor vendors to share critical knowledge with
to facilitate joint selling. channel partners in a timely manner by
controlling partner access and content
publishing and expiration dates.

Siebel eChannel features a personalized partner Web

environment with easy access to information and tools
to increase partner effectiveness.

Siebel eChannel includes a complete set of
eCommerce features allowing partners to configure
and order products directly from the Partner Portal.

Integrated eCommerce access a knowledge base of service solutions

For reseller relationships, Siebel eChannel or frequently asked questions (FAQs) directly
incorporates a rich set of eCommerce cap- from the portal. Also, partners can create
abilities that streamline commerce with service requests on behalf of their customers,
partners. Partners can browse a multi-media which are then routed to the vendor’s support
product catalog and easily create online organization for resolution. Once the request
quotes by choosing items from this catalog. is logged, the partner easily tracks its
With the Siebel eChannel
Sophisticated product configuration tools resolution status on the portal. In addition,
Personalized Partner Portal,
ensure that orders for even the most complex vendor organizations can automatically
products are taken accurately. And, once route service requests to channel partners partners have all the tools
the quote is turned into an order, partners best qualified to serve the customer. and information they need
can track its status on the portal. Pricing to ensure overall sales
Partner Finder
configuration simplifies the process of
Siebel eChannel enables customers who effectiveness and customer
supporting multiple pricing models for
different partners or partner types. Thanks visit a vendor’s corporate Web site to search satisfaction.
to flexible calculations and rules, partners for channel partners who best meet their

always access the appropriate price lists needs. Customers can perform searches

and discounts. based on partner type, certifications,

geography, or other criteria.
Service Request Management
Siebel eChannel also offers tools for partners
who provide service to end customers on
behalf of the vendor. These partners can

Partner Management
Siebel eChannel offers a robust set of tools for managing all partner activities for all types of partners.

These tools give partner, channel, and alliance managers the ability to manage the full lifecycle of

a partnership, from recruiting and approval to ongoing management. Comprehensive reporting and

analysis tools provide the ability to track and measure partner performance.

Partner Recruitment Partner Profile

Siebel eChannel provides an automated The Partner Profile provides a central repository
approach to managing the partner recruitment to capture and track all important partner
process. This includes automated partner information. This simplifies partner management
application, certification, and approval and enhances channel effectiveness. Some
capabilities. of the critical information includes:

• Addresses
Partner Management Process
• Revenue
Channels and Alliances Management Process • Sales growth rate
(CHAMP) provides a systematic approach to • Certification level
driving revenue with and through partners. It • Expertise
offers true partner relationship management by • Key contacts
• Agreements
integrating the partnership management plans
• Assessments
and goals into the over-all process.

Partner Tracking
With Siebel eChannel, partner managers
can track all partner activities, including
opportunities, accounts, and service requests
assigned to channel partners. For joint selling
situations, channel sales managers can share
key account and activity information to
improve effectiveness. They can also
use interactive chart views to analyze the
relative performance of channel partners.

Partner Manager provides comprehensive tools and reports to increase

management effectiveness and forecasting.
Siebel eChannel provides a comprehensive approach to administering
and managing market development funds.

Closed-loop Leads Management Market Development Fund Management

Siebel eChannel includes powerful lead Siebel eChannel automates the process
distribution capabilities. These allow leads of managing market development funds
and opportunities to be automatically (MDF) intended to fund joint marketing
Siebel eChannel provides
assigned to channel partners based on activities. Partner managers can design
sophisticated assignment criteria such as funds that operate on a fixed, accrual, or channel and alliance
geography, account status, deal size, or partner mixed basis, select partners and their level management with the
expertise. Partners can use the account and of participation, and track the status of infrastructure and tools
opportunity management tools provided partner requests and fund balances. Partners
they need to be successful.
by the partner portal to maximize the leads can also create MDF requests on the portal,
they receive. And channel managers can track which are automatically routed to the
the status of referred leads and activities, and appropriate partner manager for approval.
automatically generate email, pager, and fax Partners can view MDF checkbooks to access
alerts to channel partners inquiring about their fund balances and history.
lead status. If action is not taken, leads can
be rerouted to another partner

Powerful reporting tools help measure partner performance
by tracking product revenue and analyzing the effectiveness
of marketing campaigns.

User Administration Forecasting And Business Planning

Siebel eChannel enables companies to delegate Siebel eChannel provides powerful forecasting
user administration capabilities to channel tools that allow vendors to more accurately
partner organizations. Visibility is based on track channel revenues and view channel
position, so partner employees only access sales opportunities. With features such as
the information appropriate for their job and one-button forecast creation and revision,
level. Partner administrators can define access forecast rollups and reports, and forecast
rights and assign and maintain login and accuracy analysis tools, Siebel eChannel
password parameters for each channel user. streamlines the forecasting process.

Customizable and Upgradeable
Siebel eChannel is designed for organizations of all sizes, in all industries, and its flexible,

Web-based architecture supports a range of integration and configuration requirements.

Siebel eChannel is built on a robust eBusiness application framework that provides for ease

of implementation in complex technology environments.

Screen and Process Configuration Powerful Workflow Support

Siebel eBusiness Applications are based on By using Siebel Workflow Manager,
an open repository, enabling an organization organizations can define business rules
to customize the portal to meet its specific and enforce them across all customer,
needs. With Siebel eChannel, managers and employee, and partner activities.
administrators perform most configurations Siebel Workflow Manager provides a
by changing basic, flexible data elements graphical view of the workflow process
on the fly. Siebel Repository preserves these development, including full-branching
configuration changes even when organizations logic on all values. Complete integration
upgrade to later versions of Siebel eBusiness with email and paging systems ensures sales
Applications. Template-driven Web pages representatives and managers are notified
can be easily customized to match the of items requiring their attention through
look-and-feel of any corporate identity. their preferred communication channel.

Application Integration Assignment Manager

Siebel Systems leads the industry in providing Siebel Assignment Manager accurately
robust, preconfigured connectors for moving assigns and delivers leads to the right
information seamlessly to and from leading partner based on product interest,
back office applications and legacy systems. deal size, language, geography, industry,
Additionally, Siebel eBusiness Applications or any other attributes of the account or
provide a rich set of tools to build custom opportunity. By using Siebel Assignment
linkages with legacy and external applications Manager, companies can minimize
to deliver full integration for sales, order transfer time and prevent mismatched
processing, and finance teams. assignments.

Security XML Data Exchange

Vendor organizations control access to data and Siebel eBusiness Applications enable vendors
functionality for each channel partner, ensuring to share and exchange lead, customer, and
total privacy and avoiding channel conflicts. eCommerce data between the Partner Portal
Encryption is provided through SSL. and the partner’s own eBusiness system.

Global Support today for partner management and
Siebel eChannel provides full multicurrency, is the leading choice for large and
multilingual, and Unicode support, enabling small organizations around the world.
a single logical system to be used by employees Incorporating support for all key partner

Siebel eChannel supports and customers around the world. types and functions, Siebel eChannel
improves the effectiveness of partner
many different languages
Conclusion organizations by offering them the tools
and currencies for true Partner relationships play an important they need to be more productive and a
partner relationship role in nearly every organization. Today, complete environment for managing

management on leading companies recognize the importance all partner activities. Providing seamless
of managing these partner relationships and integration with external applications
a global scale.
are turning to Siebel eChannel to improve and a single logical view of all partners,
their effectiveness. Siebel eChannel offers Siebel eChannel is a key component of an
the most comprehensive solution available overall multichannel eBusiness strategy.

Select Siebel Customers

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Cigna Corporation
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National City Corporation Telstra Corporation Ltd.
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