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If we can’t then who can? If not now

Director’s cabin
 It makes me very happy to start a separate newsletter of DOMS.
Recession I heartily
is only a partcongratulate all the staff
members for their contribution and successful of the completion of our
business cycle. 2nd Periodic Audit-Quality
Management System - ISO Audit. reveals that there is recession in
 I extend my heartfelt appreciation to DHILIP everyof decade.
MBA first Theyear
having won weight lifting
competition both at state and national level and I want to congratulate our in
that every marketer has to fix students M. Ranganayaki
their mind is that, they have to
and R. Saranya for winning first prize in national level meet organized by Annamalai University.
save their current market share
until the recession is over.
Don’t get the fever of recession
and think that it is only a

Faculty Spot

Strategies during
- Ms. K. Keerthi,
Asst. Prof.

The marketers should

have to do everything within
their power to survive in the
battle against recession. The
effective and affordable period where demand for
marketing strategies that help to products will fall and we ought
stay alive in a period of to take every step to increase
economic downturn like this are our sales.
listed below:
 Serve Your Customers
 Survive Until The As a Slave:
Storm Is Over:
In a situation of keep it in mind, bargain with
economic downturn, consumers your media for the rates and
are really the king. When their invest in building your brand.
purchasing power is reduced,
they will tighten their purse and  Concentrate In your
only the best can survive. So, Core Business:
what a marketer has to do is he
should make his customers It is the time for you to
delight, he should make them concentrate only in your core
feel that they are getting business. Companies who did
something much more than they diversify and split focus away
are expecting. Remember, a from their core competencies
satisfied customer will often struggled to manage their
definitely bring more clients to unrelated business whereas
you. companies that remained
focused or re-focused on their
If you are serving only core created opportunities to
big clients and neglect small gain market share more easily
orders, now it’s the right time from their competitors.
to change your policy. There is
no financial loss in serving The first thing you have
small clients or someone with to do, if your industry is worst
special needs, as long as it affected, is that you should
doesn’t eat your profits. Not divest your less profitable or
only it will help you to cover unrelated business. At face
operation cost, it will have the value these divestments will be
potential to pull you out of a part of a strategy of cutting
recession. If the business of cost or generating short term
your small clients grows liquidity.
quickly, then their order values
could come into your regular  Lower Your BEP:
scope of business. Try with
some trial orders to decide Even if you are monopoly
whether it suits you or not. or selling a premium brand or
even if your customers are
 Invest In Your Brand: loyal, strive hard to cut your
costs. You should cut your
It is the right time to costs and not your investments.
invest in your brands. Usually, Try to lower your Break Even
the initial reaction of almost Point to new lows. If your
every marketer in respond to company is the lowest cost
recession is reducing the producer then you have a better
marketing cost. But it is the chance of survival.
time for you to build your brand
loyalty. You will be heard when  Concentrate More In
all others are shutting their R&D:
marketing mouths. In battle,
everybody will get wounds but Every marketer should try
the one who never shows his to introduce new products to
pain will be the survivor. So gain advantage over
competition. The companies
should use R&D to meet the
increasing diverse needs of
their recessionary customers
who seek greater value for their
spending. Try your level best to Personality of this
introduce most promising Month Lalu Prasad
products that met the immediate Yadav
needs of your customers. There
is an old proverb called
“Necessity is the mother of
invention”. Try to make the
reverse of it. Introduce new
products and make it as a
necessity to your consumers. It
will make your business to
grow when most move in the
opposite way.

 Understand Your

It is the time you should

listen to your customers. They
will show you the way to beat
recession. Only think you have
to do is that you should come
down and ask them. Try to
understand your customers. So
when your customers start
tightening their purse, you can Lalu Prasad Yadav is an
do that too. Also they will tell Indian politician from Bihar.
how much they can pay you. He acted as the Union Railway
Listen to that and strive to do it. Minister from 2004-2009 under
UPA Govt. He is the one who
In every war, a hero will
converted Indian Railways
emerge. In this battle against
recession, it is the time for you from a loss-making operation to
marketers to show yourself as a a public sector unit that stunned
real hero. Save your business as everyone by earning a profit of
well as the economy. Rs 15,000 crores (Rs 150
billion) in 2005-06. IR was
considered to be heading
towards bankruptcy, as per the
report of Expert Group on
Indian Railways. The fund
balance at the end of 1999-00
had reached a low of Rs 149
crores, improving to Rs 5228
crores by 2003-04 and over Rs
12,000 crores by the end of He achieved his targets
2005-06. All these not by increasing fares
achievements were only or downsizing, but by
increasing traffic.
because of the common sense
management principles Principle no 3 employee
followed by Mr. Laloo Prasad welfare
• Given the financial
performance of the IR,
the unions wanted a
doubling of the
contribution to the staff
welfare fund. Mr Laloo
Principle no-1 Catch the bull
Prasad offered them
by the horn
nine times from Rs 26/-
per employee to 222 per
• My mother always told
me not to handle a
• Whenever concerns
buffalo by its tail, but
were raised about
always catch it by its
downsizing , he
horns. And I have used
that lesson in everything
“Downsizing may make
in my life, including the
IR thinner, but not
Railways." –Lalu Prasad
necessarily healthier “
Principle no 4 delegation and
• When some Board
members expressed interference
apprehensions in
increasing wagon loads, • Mr Laloo Prasad is a
a decision which alone non-interfering, yet
generated Rs 7,200 aware, He sets the goals
crore (Rs 72 billion), and expects results
Prasad said: "Wagon is • The current Board
the bread-earning horse Members function as a
of the Railways. Load it cohesive entity, due to
adequately. Make it run the force of expectation
and don't stable it." on legitimate initiatives

Principle no 2: Sweat the Principle no 5 customer

assets service

Some of the best

• "If you do not milk the
customer service came
cow fully, it falls sick,"
from the Railways
is which he practiced
while running the
Railways. • ETickets-avoiding the
long queue for
• Auto up gradation- There is no shortage of offbeat
reducing the corruption jobs people do today. Here we
and the malpractices of
the TT. look at eight odd occupations.
• Launching of air-
conditioned –garib rath Pet Food Tester
• The improvement of the
railway stations How do pet food companies
• Simplification of the know what their products taste
Railway reservation like and if dogs and cats will
like them? They hire food
technologists who specialize in

Principle no 6 image building pet foods. Generally, food

technologists taste foods to
• Given his penchant for develop consistent flavors,
wit and one liner, Mr.
Lalu Prasad was sought create new product concepts
after by the media. and check for food quality. The
Whenever there was an
same goes for pet foods.
opportunity to highlight
an initiative or an
achievement, Carnival Barker (aka Carny)
advertisements were If you like travel and don't mind
hard work and long hours, a
• In recognition of his carnival barker — or carny —
initiatives, Mr Lalu
may be the job for you. There
Prasad has also been
ranked as the second are approximately 350 carnivals
best minister in the that tour the U.S. every year,
current cabinet [India
Today, May 29, 2006]. and an estimated 350 million
people visit them. All of them
need ride operators,
entertainers, games facilitators
and more. According to Simply
Hired, carnival workers earn an
average $26,000 annually.

Light Bender
Bars, diners, even Las Vegas
Odd industry market would not be the same without
trends bright neon signs. From
ordinary "open" signs to
fantastic designs like the snake to bite a membrane that is
balloon at the Paris Las Vegas, stretched over a glass receptacle
neon lights don't bend that collects the venom. Some
themselves into shapes on their snake venoms can fetch up to
own. That's where light benders $2,000 per gram.
step in.
Oil Patch Roughneck
Light benders require precision Perhaps not all that strange of
and electrical know-how to an occupation, but the lowest
shape and light glass neon on the oilrig totem pole is the
tubes. Light benders earn an oil patch roughneck. Tasked
average annual salary of with connecting pipes and
$26,000. fixing rigs, the job is dirty, loud
and requires long hours.
Smokejumpers Roughnecks can make
Smokejumpers are the brave approximately $47,000
men and women who combat annually, and room and board is
wild fires in rough often included.
environments such as
mountainous terrains. Ocularist
Smokejumpers are required to Ocularists are technicians who
have a high level of physical fit, shape and paint custom
fitness, mental stability, and ocular prostheses. They also
extensive safety and technical instruct the patient on how to
training. The average income handle and care for their
for these firefighters is $40,000. prosthetic eyes, as well as
conduct periodic examinations
Snake Milker on the artificial eye. Prosthetic
eyes cost from $1,000 to
People who are bitten by
poisonous snakes only have a
small window of time for Foley Artist
receiving the antivenins (anti- In contrast to the sound of
venom), or the bite could prove exploding buildings or
fatal. To develop the antivenin, spacecrafts whizzing through
snake milkers obtain venom space, foley sounds are natural,
from live snakes by forcing the everyday sound effects like
footsteps or the rustling of and "reduction in force". To
clothes that Foley artists create. make free from pink slip and its
Using many different shoes and impact employee should be
props, the Foley artist either
replaces the original sound or  flexibile
augments existing sounds to  Open to new ideas
and practices.
create a richer sound track.  Initiative.
 Committed to
PINK SLIP MANAGEMENT quality work and
an innovative
'Pink Slip' is a term originated spirit.
from US and became popular in After downsizing, organization
mid-2000 when over 80,000 get back their fame by
jobs were lost in one day and  Gather Facts about the
the nomenclature ‘pink slip’ impact of downsizing
among the employees and
was used. Because, that time among the public
the letter of discharge along  Be prepared to face
resistance from trade
with full and final payment to unions and other local
those workers/employees was parties
 Communicate quickly
handed over to them in an and accurately about the
envelope which was Pink in need for downsizing and
secure the participation of
color. Thus the practice of employees in making
discharging someone's services decision
 Conduct brainstorming
in US is known as handing over to find out the best
a 'Pink Slip’. Giving pink slip is possible ideas that could
save the organization
also called as downsizing. from decline.
"Conscious use of permanent  Develop policies to
minimize crisis and to
personnel reductions in an restore the employee
attempt to improve efficiency morale.
 Assemble and organize
and/or effectiveness”.In other resources to achieve
words pink slip is known as lowest production cost.
"excess reduction",
Downsizing should be
"rightsizing","delayering ", used only as a last resort.
Organization’s should be very
"smartsizing", "simplification",
cautious while doing this. In no
"force shaping", "recussion", way it should damage the
public image of the Another important thing
organization. is that no effort has been taken
to control food inflation.
Madu: Hey not like that ma.
The food inflation is reduced
from 20% to 9.2 %.
Mathu: No, I won’t agree. The
Lunch with MBAs real solution to this problem
lies within the empowerment of
Two students are farmers. I think no integrated
chatting during their lunch strategy is announced for
break and the conversation agricultural sector.
among them goes like this…
Madu: I think you did read the
Madu: Hey did you go seen the budget completely. The interest
finance budget passed by rate on agricultural loan is
Pranabji? reduced from 7% to 4%. To me
it is more beneficial than loan
Mathu: Ya, I read it in the waiver.
newspaper. As usual one more
budget is presented today and Mathu: Hmm, What about the
one more year is lost. I found cut on subsidies to fuel,
noting impressive in the budget. fertilizers and food. Pranabji
also increased the rate of
Madu: Why are talking so? service tax on air travel and still
This budget is more beneficial no effort has been taken control
to the tax payers. In case of the fuel price.
personal tax, the minimum
exemption rate is increased to Madu: Why you are talking
1.8 lakhs; citizens above 80 only the negatives. He doubled
years are exemption from IT for the limit on FII inflows on
upto 5 Lakhs; and senior corporate bonds. The surcharge
citizens entitlement is reduced on corporate tax is reduced and
to 60 years. the anganbadi workers are
benefited with a wage increase.
Mathu: First ask the Govt. to
find ways to reduce tax evasion. Pranabji has increased
Do you know about Hasan Ali? the allocation for the
department of justice from
And, I am not even rs.280 crore to rs.1000 crore
satisfied with the exemption on and the further added more
personal tax limit. Nowadays, courts will be opened
an average citizen spent nearly throughout the country. He also
20 to 30% of his income of allocated more fund to
food alone. I don’t think the tax empower women and promote
exemption is sufficient to their self help groups.
bridge the hiking cost.
Mathu: Whatever you say,
Pranabji has made budget as a
routine exercise and he doesn’t phone monitoring, location
did justice to the common man. monitoring, personality and
psychological testing, and
Madu: Hey you should bring keystroke logging. Employers
this in mind, at times the do have an interest in
biggest reforms are not the once monitoring in order to address
that makes headlines but the security risks, sexual
ones concerned with the details harassment, and to ensure the
of government which affects acceptable performance of
the everyday life of common employees. However, these
man. I think the present budget activities may diminish
is prepared on this ethical employee morale and dignity,
ground with the vision of and increase worker stress.
stabilizing india’s GDP growth
at 9%. The breakeven point at which
the monitoring program
Mathu: Ethics ha? What about
achieves business objectives
the black money issue? You are
while also protecting employee
talking about the FIIs but what
privacy is dependent on various
about our country’s investment
factors. The most important
of more than 1,75,000 crores as
four such factors are given
black money in other country
banks. What the Govt. did to
cease these money. You know
our entire nations growth a. Target
depend on this!
What needs to be considered is
Madu: Hmmm… but….. Hey who is being targeted. Is it just
UGS sir came to class… will one person or a group of people
speak later. or all? Discriminating and
monitoring a single person
Good Afternoon sir…. would not be acceptable to the
law. Assuming that there is no
discrimination or a group of
people are getting monitored,
some level of surveillance is
preferred and acceptable. For
example, if a stock broking firm
Employee Privacy needs to ensure that its
Vs employer employees are not transferring
Security confidential information about
stock price tips to outsiders, it
Workers of the world are would make no sense for them
exposed to many types of to monitor the support, admin
privacy-invasive monitoring or human resource personnel.
while earning a living. These
include drug testing, closed- b. Purpose of the surveillance
circuit video monitoring,
Internet monitoring and Law expects employers to have
filtering, E-mail monitoring, a reason or a purpose for
instant message monitoring, monitoring e-mails and internet
usage. Reasons range from 4. The policy should refer to the
productivity to company organization’s computer
liability to confidentiality. If the security policy as improper
purpose seems fair and a usage could create an
reasonable level of surveillance unnecessary legal liability for
is used, law would allow it. the company.

c. The Surveillance 5. The policy should outline

technology how the organization intends to
monitor or audit staff
The kind of surveillance compliance.
technology used also is a factor
that is taken into consideration 6. The policy should be
in the reasonableness analysis. reviewed on a regular basis in
The decision to adapt the best order to keep up with the
technology would be the less accelerating development of the
intrusive to gain its purpose as Internet and information
well as respect privacy technology.

d. Adequacy of notice Know your True

Before monitoring e-mail
accounts, an employer needs to
inform the employee about the
purpose and method of A well-known speaker started off his
surveillance. The Australian seminar by holding up a 500 $ note. In
Office of Privacy has provided the room of 200 Peoples,
six guidelines that should be He asked, “Who would like this 500 $
incorporated into company note?”
Hands started going up.
1. The policy should be
disseminated to all employees He said, “I am going to give this note
to ensure that they understand to one of you but first let me do this.”
and do not expect complete He proceeded to crumple the note up.
privacy in their e-mails and
internet usage. He then asked, “Who still wants it?”

2. The policy should be explicit Still the hands were up in the air.
as to what activities are
permitted and what are “Well,” he replied, “What if I do this?”
And he dropped it on the ground and

3. The policy should clearly set started to grind it into the floor with his
out what information is logged shoe. He picked it up, now all
and who in the organization has crumpled and dirty.
rights to access the logs and
content. “Now who still wants it?”
Still the hands went into the air. pass this on to your friends. They
won’t be able to do it either.
“My friends, you have all learned a
very valuable lesson.
A Nice Philosophy
You don’t actually have to take the
No matter what I did to the money.
quiz. Just read the email straight
You still wanted it because it did not
through, and you’ll get the point, an
decrease in value. It was still worth
awesome one, that it is trying to
500 $/-.
Many times in our lives, we are 1. Name the five wealthiest people in
dropped, crumpled, and ground into the world.
the dirt by the decisions we make and 2. Name the last five Heisman trophy
the circumstances that come our way. winners.
We feel as though we are worthless. 3. Name the last five winners of the
Miss America contest.
But no matter what has happened or 4. Name ten people who have won the
what will happen. Nobel or Pulitzer prize.
5. Name the last half dozen Academy
Never lose your value.
Award winners for best actor and
You are special. Don’t ever forget it! actress.
Never let 6. Name the last decade’s worth of
yesterday’s disappointments overshad World Cup winners.
ow tomorrow’s dreams. How did you do?
The point is, none of us remember
the headliners of yesterday.
HOW SMART IS YOUR RIGHT These are no second-rate achievers.
FOOT?? They are the best in their fields.
You have to try this, it really works. But the applause dies.
This only takes 2 secs… Awards tarnish.
How Smart Is Your Right Foot? Achievements are forgotten.
Accolades and certificates are buried
This is so funny that it will boggle your with their owners.
mind. And you will keep trying it at Here’s another quiz. See how you do
least 50 more times to see if you can on this one:
outsmart your foot. But you can’t
1. While sitting at your desk, lift your 1. List a few teachers who aided your
right foot off the floor and journey through school.
make 2. Name three friends who have
clockwise circles with it. helped you through a difficult time.
2. Now, while doing 3. Name five people who have taught
this, draw the number “6″ in the air you something worthwhile.
with your right 4. Think of a few people who have
hand. Your foot will change directions. made you feel appreciated.
I told you so…And there is nothing you 5. Think of five people you enjoy
can do about it. Make sure you spending time with.
6. Name half a dozen heroes whose means” Well even if you told me
stories have inspired you. earlier that would not have mattered!”
Easier? 13.”We need to find out the real
reason” means” I will tell you where
The lesson:
your fault is”
The people who make a difference in
14.”Well Family is important, your
your life are not the ones with the
leave is always granted. Just ensure
most credentials, the most money, or
that the workis not affected,” means,”
the most awards.
You are not going home unless you
They are the ones that care for you.
finish your job”
15.”We are a team,” means,”
Everybody shares the blame”
16.”That’s actually a good question”
Corporate means “I do not know anything about

meanings it”
17.”All the Best” means” You are in
1.”We will do it” means” You will do it” trouble”
2.”You have done a great job” means”
More work will be given toyou”
3.”We are working on it” means” We Editor’s epistle
have not yet started working it”
4.”Tomorrow first thing in the morning” We have started this
means” Its not getting done ,At least newsletter with lot of hesitation
not till tomorrow!”.
and confusion. We face the
usual challenges every started
5.”After discussion we will decide-I am
will face. But we received nice
very open to views” means” I have
appreciation for our first issue.
already decided, I will tell you what to And we realized that the
do. expectation becomes high for
6.”There was a slight our next issue. Hope we will
miscommunication” means” We lied” satisfy your expectations.
7.”Lets call a meeting and discuss”
means” I have no time to talk now”
8.”We can always do it” means” We If we are capable of achieving
cannot do it on time” 100, even 99 is a shame.
9.”We are on the right track but there
needs to be a slight extension of the
deadline” means “We screwed up, we
cannot deliver on time.”
10.”We had slight differences of
opinion “means” We fought”
11.”Make a list of the work that you do
and let’s see how I can help you”
means” find a way out yourself, no
help from me”
12.”You should have told me earlier”

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