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By Usama Fareed +1 Story

The bench making story

We were given task to make bench using Ferro cement
 Final year (Urban engineering)

Students are you interested helped us in doing analysis together, and did oiling on
in giving something to your and design. the form work to make it
university as souvenir; you prepared for pouring. In this
are now in final year this is Quantity and Cost phase we come to know that
the time to give back to your Estimation: After designing ho difficult is to provide the
university, said Mam Madiha we calculated the quantities concrete cover.
in starting lab of Advance and then did cost estimation
on the basis of QE. In this Pouring: for pouring we first
process two subjects assist sieved fine aggregate, using
Yes for sure, all students us, Quantity and Cost the wire mesh since small
responded positively (it was Estimation, and Engineering sieve takes too long for
exceptional case, mostly Drawing. sieving. We used horizontal
students cutoff form any idea mixer for mixing which gives
Formwork: we were surprise
which need their contribution batch of 100KG max. We
in form of Money:-). to see the planks which we started pouring, and
had to use as formwork; it compacted the material using
We were given task to make was packing material of temping rod and then
bench using Ferro cement machines. But we still vibrator, and in the end
technology. We selected a managed and made the form leveled the surface using
unique design in which all work out of it, and for float. The material’s
structural components were strengthening we used steel compressive strength was
present like beam, slab, strips. found to be 2080psi, and
column, and back (which act water cement ratio used was
like cantilever). Reinforcement: We were
given with bended steel bars; 65%. We cast slab, beam, and
Material used: Steel bars, fine first we straighten them and, column monolithically, and
aggregate, cement, water, cut into desired lengths, and then casted the back.
wire mesh, steel bars also cut the wire mesh of
We had to face a problem of
desired size. Then we bended using vibrator which resulted
Designing: We assume the steel bars as needed in the
section, and did analysis for in swelling of legs and back,
design. This part given us due to weak formwork
that section, which was experiences how to make
found satisfactory. For Ferro material. We encounter that
things useful out of used problem; will be discussed
cement component we used
material using odd things. under heading of disaster
manual of Ferro Cement for
calculating moment. Erecting: In the erection management. In all the four
Reinforced Concrete Design phase we erected the form processes discussed above,
(third year course) really work and reinforcement all course of Principle of

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Engineering Construction placement by doing
really helped us. excavation for leg’s base. And
bench was transferred using
Curing: after pouring we did fork lifter, and placed in the
seven days curing using sand urban lawn.
piles technique, and wetted
jute bags for the curing of It was really good chance for
back. us to get practical work
experience and design
Disaster Management: As in experience. Construction of
pouring section it is discussed bench covered all the
that due weak formwork subjects right from start of
material and excess use of first year (Engineering
vibrator swelling occurred in Drawing) till the final year
back section and one of the
subject (Disaster
two legs. We had two options management). We always
to counter swelling in the leg, heard that practical work is
one is to disintegrate the very different from what we
excess material from one leg study, and we experienced
and make it level, and the this thing in the construction
second was to apply plaster
work. ■
in such a way that both legs
give similar look. We went for
the second option, because it
took less time and give new
aesthetically good look to our
bench. In the same way we
had same problem with the
back, but this time we went
for the first option because
the second one was resulting
in short space for sitting.

Plastering and Painting:

Plastering needs accuracy
and experience, in our case
we don’t had both, so we
took help from mason and
get work completed in half
day. After plaster work we
left bench for two days to
cure, after that paint work
was done.

Placement: Bench was made

in front of Concrete lab, and
we had to transfer it to our
department lawn. We first
prepare surface for

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