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8 April 2011
Burgersfort, Steelpoort, Ohrigstad, Jane Furse
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can go

Be careful out there amongst the robots in Burgersfort. Not

only has the traffic lights at the intersection of the Morone
Centre and Dirk Winterbach Street the tendency to to
display solid red all at the same time (permanently), but it
seems that a least three poles of the family of lights at the
Steelpoort crossing were wiped out by reckless drivers. It
seems if those lights that survived lost their heads and kept
their reds in the process! Luckily all who know the area
quickly figured the strange array of burning lights out, but
for those not familiar it turned into a nightmare. Then the
problem of those drivers who just ignored a solid red also
persisted ....

Quick and easy chip

repairs or windscreen replacements
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* Sel: 083 657 5709
2 NEWS 8 APRIL 2011

They What was probably the last straw in the saga around Xstrata Alloys’ Lion plant outside
Steelpoort, was when Greater Tubatse Municipality Mayor, Ralepane Mamekoa’s house
was set alight last week Thursday evening in Eerstegeluk and his vehicle destroyed,
presumably by protesters who were shot at with rubber bullets by the Police when they
marched from Eerstegeluk to the Lion plant the previous night (Platinum Gazette of 1
April has the article). About 50 protesters were also arrested and two Policemen slightly
injured.The next day Government decided that talks should be held in Polokwane and

klapped the following statement was issued by the government after the talks:
“Talks to deal with violence protests by residents of under Tubatse Steelpoort
Community in Greater Tubatse Municipality under Sekhukhune District Municipality have
just been concluded today (Friday last week).
The meeting was convened by the provincial government in partnership with the
Sekhukhune District Municipality. In attendance were representatives of Tubatse /
Steelpoort Forum, Xstrata Mine management, community representatives, traditional

them and leaders from the affected villages and other government departments.
The talks were initially scheduled to be held at Xstrata Mine in Steelpoort but later
rescheduled to Polokwane due to the tense atmosphere.
On the agenda was the memorandum of grievances submitted by the Tubatse
Steelpoort community three weeks ago.

The community demands the following:

then they ·
Employment of local people,
Skills Development Plan,
Procurement Plan,
Appointment of Community Liaison Officer,
Social and Labour Plan Document, and
Communication Model.

burned the In response, government wishes to state the following categorically:

That mines need to do more regarding empowering local communities through
employment and other economic spin-offs,
That Xstrata Alloys, revise its targets and start training locals with the purpose
of skilling them and making sure that they are employable,

Mayor’s ·

That the definition of a local should be located so that it can find clear
expression in the matter between the mine and the communities, (That is the
job the task team)
That the community representatives and the mine will meet and develop a
common model as per the envisaged Recruitment Agency,
That Xstrata should understand and comply with government procurement
policy, and start appointing service providers as per the law of the country,

house, and ·

That mining houses should embark seriously on developmental initiatives
directed at social responsibility at areas where they mine and deliverables must
serve as evidence,
That the mine and the affected communities will establish a Communication
Structure that will develop an all-inclusive communication model, and
That a government led Task Team be appointed to audit the information
submitted by Xstrata Alloys conflicted by the community, with the community

then they represented as observers.

Government wishes to express itself to the acknowledgement that poverty and

unemployment are the main causes of frictions within communities and mines, and more
need to be done.
However, communities are blamed for taking the law into its own hand rather than
engaging on peaceful means of resolving disputes. In addition, government wishes to

talked, and point a finger at communities for marching to the mines instead of marching to
government as voted by them.
In response to concerns by communities that traditional leaders are empowering
themselves through tenders and jobs for pals in the mines, government advocates for
mutual understanding and working together with the communities. The ideal situation is
for traditional leaders to serve their people not their personal needs, with communities
respecting the role, functions and powers of their traditional leaders.

Police and other law enforcement agencies are called upon to ensure that law and
other prevails at the area. And that everybody engaging in acts of violence should be
This call follows a three week spate of violence protests which resulted into
barricading of the roads, damage to property, intimidation, burning of cars and threats of
general violence.

DEBT GETTING Platinum Gazette On their part, Xstrata Alloys, stated that they are willing to fulfill all their responsibilities
as demanded by the constitution. However, they request to be given time and appeal for
Advertising deadline: a strong partnership and co-operation with communities in dealing with all challenges.
YOU UNDER? Tuesdays at 17:00 Representatives of communities responded by praising the presentation by Xstrata,
however, said it was far from the truth. They say fronting and falsifying citizenship is the
If you need assistance in debt Editorial deadline: order of the day. They appealed to more visible actions, not false words. Community
garnishing you or you don’t Wednesdays 17:00 anonymously agreed to work with the mine only based on fairness and transparency.
earn enough to pay your
Community leaders pledge to ask people to stop with violent protests and allow
monthly installment, please do
Platinum Gazette contact details: all agreed processes to unfold.
not hesitate to call us for In conclusion, the Executive of Sekhukhune District Municipality Cllr Mogobo
Editorial: William Zwart
assistance. We will help you by Tel: 083 271 9151 David Magabe said:
E-mail: editorial@platinumgazette.com
putting you under administra-
Advertising: Beánnla Celliers “Government condemns the bombing of the house of the Greater Tubatse
tion where you only pay one Tel: 083 543 1676
Municipal Mayor, Cllr Ralepane Mamekoa on Thursday night. The Mayor’s car was
E-mail: adverts@platinumgazette.com
installment per month and no burned to ashes, parts of his house burnt. We discourage unruliness, riots, acts
Fax: 086 554 9031/013-231 7147
of intimidation and criminality on the side of the community. We call upon police
more threats from creditors. All
Postal address: P O Box 2208, Burgersfort, 1150 and other law enforcement agencies to ensure that criminals are arrested and
we need is your id, 3 payslips prosecuted. However, we want to say to the mines, that the concerns of the
Website: www.platinumgazette.com
and all debt statements. communities are genuine and they must take responsibility of empowering and
uplifting the standards of living at communities they operate”, concluded the
Call THAPELO in Printed by Paarl Coldset (Pty) Ltd, 83 Heidelberg Road, City
Deep Production Park, City Deep. Executive Mayor.
BURGERSFORT @ Both Limpopo Premier Cassel Mathale and MEC Pitso Moloto could not attend the
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8 APRIL 2011 NUUS 3
Burgersfort - Tubatse Partnerships, a non-

Skills initiative on track

gevernmental organisation, together with the
National Youth Development Agency
(NYDA), organised a workshop between
various stakeholders which was also
attended by representatives of the Tubatse
Human Resources Development (HRD)
Forum yesterday.
The Tubatse HRD Forum comprises all
the heads of Human Resources
Development departments of primarily mines
in the area. The delegated Modikwa
Platinum Mine HRD Leader, Dr James
Lidderd, as their representative at the
workshop. Dr Lidderd explained to all
roleplayers exactly what is neccessary when
somebody wanted to be employed at a mine.
He explained that prospective jobseekers
who want learnerships, will be selected as
they need to have passed certain subjects at
school and have the aptitude to complete
training. He said any training or qualification
a candidate have, may not be sufficient,
especially if it is not technically inclined. He
also explained to all present at the workshop
how a CV should be compiled and what type
of information it must contain to make it
easier for prospective employers to select
candidates for positions that may become
The workshop was also attended by the
local HIV/Aids ambassador, Ms Helen
Moshoana, representatives from Greater
Tubatse Municipality’s Human Resources
Department and the Tubatse Youth Council.
According to Tubatse Partnerships
yesterday’s workshop informed stakeholders
about various aspects around employment,
while an unemployed graduate database is
also in the process of being compiled. This
database will be forwarded to inter alia the
Tubatse HRD Forum so that they can use it a
a source of possible skills they seek in the


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4 NEWS 8 APRIL 2011

Hawkers to register before 15 April

Hawkers in Burgersfort need to register issued with permits to trade.
for permits before 15 April whereafter The hawkers say they are still,
those who are not in possession of together with the LED structure at the
permits will not be allowed to trade in Greater Tubatse Municipality, busy with
terms of the By-laws. negotiations for funding and erection of
This was explaned at a meeting held hawkers stalls in the centre of town.
Wednesday in the old municipal council Hawkers who do not have permits, will
chamber in Burgersfort. The meeting of not qualify for stalls. The next talks
the Burgersfort Hawkers Cluster was around these stalls will take place next
also attended by local LED official, Mr week, whille hawkers facilities at the
nelso Mokgotho who addressed the Twin City Centre is also still receiving
hawkers present. According to the attention from all relevenat parties.
management structure of the Burgersfort The next Burgersfort Hawkers
Cluster 250 hawkers have already been Cluster meeting will take place on 19
issued with permits, while another 265 April when feedback on all these matters
hawkers still need to register and be will be given.
8 APRIL 2011 NUUS 5

Business Forum
99 799
talks to GTM
On Wednesday evening the Ohrigstad One of the complaints were that most of the
Biscuits 200g Koo Whole Kernel
Corn 410g or Cream
Style Sweetcorn
Business Forum held a meeting at which Ward meetings are held at Kgautswane.
they tackled concerns regarding the town’s Some Forum members felt that, as rate

development. payers to GTM the meetings should be held
Greater Tubatse Municipality (GTM) CFO, Mr in Ohrigstad. The GTM representatives
Lesley Mokwena and GTM Revenue pointed out that almost nobody attended the
Manager, Mr Koos van der Walt attended the IDP/Budget Public Participation meeting held Top One
meeting to give perspective on the budget two weeks ago at Laerskool Ohrigstad. Corned Meat
and IDP for the next financial year. As part of the IDP for the coming financial 300g
Some of the major concerns from the year Ohrigstad is due to get 1.8km of tar
Business Forum’s side was what they road.
percieve a lack of infrastructure The Forum enquired how they can give their
development in the town. Complaints about a input on which streets in town should be Ricoffy 250g
possible 10% rates increase, expenditures of tarred and how they can ensure quality
GTM and a perceived lack of communication workmanship. Mr Mokwena promised to help
were aired. arrange a meeting with the director of the
Mr Mokwena explained that the valuation roll Technical Department at GTM so that these
will play a major roll in the percentage of the concerns and input can be given to the
rates that will be tabled before Council on 19 relevant people. He also pointed out that Aquafresh
Sea Harvest

April 2011. Of the 31 Wards in GTM, only five every project should have a Steering
Fish Fingers
are taxpaying. This only constitutes about Committee which includes members of the Assorted 100ml
45% of Council’s income per year. Much of public to help ensure that projects are 400g
the development in the rural areas within completed satisfactory. Estreme,
Greater Tubatse are done by stakeholders in The Forum requested that stop streets be put Whitening and
the communities and in conjunction with the in place and speed humps created in
White & Shine)
Sekhukhune District Municipality. Potgieter Street to help prevent trucks from
Mr Mokwena and Mr van der Walt also speeding in that area.
invited the Forum members to become more They also discussed the lack of use of the
actively involved in issues decided by taxi rank. It was pointed out that the entrance
Council. Every quarter there is an open to the designated taxi area has been washed
Council meeting at which members of the away by storm water and the group decided
public is welcome. Mokwena suggested that that they will from their side approach the
the Forum delegate members to attend these local Taxi Association to help fix the
Promotion until 10April 2011.
meetings and provide active input as well as problems and better the facilities at the rank.
feedback to the Ohrigstad residents. The
Forum was also invited to put their concerns
Traffic policing was also mentioned with
feedback from the Police Cluster Meeting Morone Centre, Burgersfort
and questions in writing and submit it to the given that GTM and provincial traffic officers Tel: (013) 231 8090 or 087 808 4022/3
relevant people in time. will more present in the area. OK Minimark TTel:
el: (013) 231 7227
6 NEWS 8 APRIL 2011

Phoenix Flying Squad is actively involved in fighting crime, not only

in the mining environment in which they operate, but also through
awareness in communities.
The Company has provided security at festivals, awareness days
and even a State of the Municipality address. At such days they’ve
also brought along some of the dogs used to sniff out explosives
and track suspected criminals. The dogs are well trained and the
evidence they recover is accepted at trails in South African courts.
At special days when these dogs show their stuff for an audience,
the people are spell bound. Following the commands and move-
ments of trainer or handler and dog with concentration.
The awareness of the dog’s capabilities is one of the ways in which
crime is fought. People who are more informed are less likely to
take any chances with a canine trained to find criminals. These
educational displays are part of how
they give back to the community.
Phoenix Flying Squad often holds
road blocks to ensure that specified
areas are kept safe and secure for
their clients and community
members moving through.
At such check points dogs can also
be used.
Horseback patrols are community
friendly and not as invasive as
vehicle patrols. These animals can
go where vehicles struggle and
communities know that when
Phoenix Flying Squad patrols on
horse back a criminal will have little
chance of escape. This is truly a
company who cares for their
employees, clients and the commu-
nities in which they operate.
8 APRIL 2011 NUUS 7

Kom kuier saam vir ‘n goeie doel

DieWildevy Manne hou môre, 9 April ‘n die potjiekoskoning titel. en gehelp met mediese onkostes van pot. Die kaartjies kos R50 per kaartjie.
heerlike kuier dag. Met hierdie kompetisie word daar weer inwoners in die omgewing. As jy ‘n pot vir 50 mense maak, moet jy
Die oggend begin met ‘n soos altyd geld vir liefdadigheid Inskrywings vir die potjiekoskompetisie dus 50 kaartjies verkoop het. ‘n
kleiduifskietkompetisie. Teen druktyd ingesamel. Verlede jaar het die Wildevy is steeds welkom. Minimum van 12 kaartjies teen R50
was hierdie plekke reeds vol bespreek. Manne meer as R50 000 aan Elke span is verantwoordelik vir hul eie moet verkoop word. (Dus is die
Daar is ook ‘n reuse liefdadigheid uitbetaal. Hulle het area. Dit sluit tafels, stoele, eetgery, minimum inskrywingsfooi R600)
potjiekoskompetisie aan die gang onderandere vir die ouetehuis se drinkwater en hout vir die vuur in. Die Wildevy Manne maak ook ‘n potjie
gedurende die middag. Besighede en inwoners komberse vir die winter Die beoordelaars sal na die volgende waarvan die publiek kan koop, maar om
individue maak potjies en ding mee om gekoop, matrasse vir ‘n tehuis gekoop kyk wanneer hulle die potjies beoordeel: seker te maak dat jy wel kos sal kan kry
1) Hoe die pot is dit die beste om die organiseerders
proe vooraf te kontak.
2) Jou Na die etery sal daar ‘n heerlike langarm
‘presentation’ van boeredans wees.
die pot en die Alles vind by PLM Boerdery op die R37
‘décor’ van jou na Lydenburg plaas.
area. Die Wildevy Manne nooi almal om hulle
Elke span moet te kom ondersteun en saam te kuier - dit
hul eie kaartjies gaan immers vir ‘n goeie doel.
verkoop vir hulle Navrae: 083 387 1481 of 072 111 1100.

Get the ideal spot
to build your
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Price: R550 000 Leopards Bush

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8 NEWS 8 APRIL 2011

Protection for the consumer, what do you think?

The Consumer Protection Act, 68 of 2008
came into effect on 1 April 2011, but what
does this mean?
Many consumers have not even heard of this
Act and don’t know what the implications will
One of the major aims of the Act is to provide
a fair, accessible and sustainable
marketplace for products or services. It will
promote responsible consumer behaviour
and help prohibit unfair marketing and
business practices.
Some of the implications of the act include
that suppliers may not limit access to goods
or services. Suppliers may not exclude
certain groups from access to products or
services. E.g. they may not advertise a
special and say: ‘no hawkers’.
Consumers will also have the right to query
inferior quality products.
Your right to privacy will further be protected. Mnr. Adriaan Briel sê: “Ek weet nie veel Mnr. Ollie Oliver sê: “Jy kan my niks van Mr Reginald Setshabe said: “It is a good
If you request not to be contacted by direct daarvan nie, maar dink dit is ‘n goeie ding. daardie Act vertel nie. Dit gaan goed wees thing because it is protecting the
marketers from a specific company, they As hulle ‘n ding vir ‘n sekere prys vir die verbruiker en sleg vir besighede, customers’ rights. The companies will
must respect that request. adverteer en dit raak klaar sal dit goed maar oral in Europa en Amerika werk dit have to treat the customers fair and just”.
Consumers will also be able to cancel fixed- wees om iets anders op daardie prys te uitstekend vir die laaste 10 jaar”.
term contracts at the end of the term without kan kry, veral as dit dalk ‘n duurder
paying a penalty cost. produk is. Maatskappye sal dalk ‘n knock
When something breaks and you take it for vat”.
repairs, you will only be liable to pay for
repairs you’ve approved before they started
the work.
Consumers are now able to return unsafe or
defective goods to a store within a
reasonable time. The store will then have to
provide a full refund for the product.
You will also be able to demand paying the
lower price should two different prices be
displayed for the same product.
These are just some of the implications of the
Act. Should you want to complain there are
places to go. Giving the consumer a place to
complain is part of what the Act is about.
We asked readers whether they know about
the Act and how they feel it will impact the
market place and individuals in South Africa.
You are welcome to contact the Department
of Trade and Industry Customer Contact
Centre on 0861 843 384 or e-mail them at
Me. Annelize Vercueil sê: “Dit sal ‘n Ms Nurse Chake said: “I don’t know about Mr Lucas Pule said: “I don’t know about it,
You can also contact the National Consumer
verskil maak. Jy het meer om op te staan it, but I think it will be good for us”. but it is a good thing. It will help you in
Tribunal on 012 663 5615.
as daar ‘n probleem is”. future to get better value for your money”.

Ms Promise Makgoale and Ms Princess Wakani said: “We think it is great. Sometimes
you get people buying on credit and then find themselves owing more than what was
agreed upon at first. It happens especially at furniture stores”.
Me. Maria Strydom en Me. Ria Colman sê: “Ons het in die Huisgenoot daarvan gelees.
Dit gaan ‘n verskil maak. Veral waar mense met debietorders kanse vat”.

Me. Carina Botha sê: “Ek weet nie

Me. Ashley Marshall sê: “Ek het al daarvan nie. Aan die een kant is dit goed
daarvan gehoor. Dis ‘n goeie ding want vir die verbruiker maar die kans dat
party plekke hernu net kontrakte al wou jy besighede gaan verloor is groot”. By haar Ms. Aletta Morema and Ms Angie Maishoane said: “It is fair what is being expected.
nie”. By haar is Johnathan Groenewald. is haar dogter Lynette. People still have to adjust to it, but they will get used to it”.
8 APRIL 2011 NUUS 9

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Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes

Op Ohrigstad verkoop die Op-en-Wakker Groep vir bejaardes hou elke laaste Vrydag van die
maand pannekoek- en vetkoekverkope by die Pure Plaas stalletjie. Al die geld wat hulle in die
eerste deel van die jaar ingesamel het, het gegaan vir liefdadigheid. Nou werk die
bejaardes om geld in te samel vir hul toer na die Kaap.

Dale Hayes - Super Sport Golf Day

This event will take place Tubatse Chrome Golf Club and it will be televised shortly after
the day on Super Golf. Only 64 places are available, so join us and book your space
now. When: 1 June 2011. Format: Better Ball Stable Fort. Shotgun start at 10:45. After
play: Dale Hayes Trick Shot Clinic. Formalities includes dinner which will take place at
18:00. Entry fee: R470. Your booking will only be confirmed once your R470 has been
paid. Contact: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.

Hoërskool Lydenburg reüinie

Die Hoërskool Lydenburg matrieks van 1961 beplan om hierdie jaar hul 50 jaar reüinie te
hou. Almal van daardie jaar word versoek om met Henry Erasmus in verbinding te tree.
Hy kan bereik word by 083 276 7873 of 015 307 4550 or henrye@telkomsa.xine
Golf curve?
Wildevy Manne Potjiekoskompetisie en boeredans
Op 9 April hou die Wildevy Manne ‘n potjiekoskompetisie en boeredans. Daar word
reeds van vroeg gekuier terwyl voorafbespreekte groepe kleiduifskiet. Die middag sal
verskillende besighede en individue potjiekos maak en nog inskrywings is steeds
welkom. Die koste per potjie is R600 of die persoon/besigheid kan 12 kaartjies vir sy pot
verkoop teen R50 per kaartjie en so die inskrywing betaal. Al die geld gaan aan
Thought for the week
liefdadigheid. Persone wat nie aan die kompetisie deelneem nie, is ook welkom om net
te kom saam kuier en teen R50 per kaartjie ‘n bord potjiekos te koop. Die aand word
heerlik gedans tydens ‘n regte boeredans. Dit vind by PLM Boerdery op die R37 plaas.
“If you can’t feed a hundred people, then feed
Navrae: 072 111 1100. just one.” - Mother Teresa
Laerskool Ohrigstad Golfdag
Laerskool Ohrigstad hou op 7 Mei hulle jaarlikse gholfdag by Tubatse Chrome Club.
Groot pryse is op die spel. Die formaat is ‘n ‘2 ball alliance’. Een speler sal ook die dag
saam met Fanie de Villiers kan speel. Die kans om De Villiers as spanmaat te hê word
op ‘n bod-beginsel beslis. Die openingsbod staan op R1000. Persone wat solank plek
wil bespreek vir dié heerlike dag of ‘n bod wil insit om De Villiers as spanmaat te hê,
Kitsgids na jou SAPD/
kan Steven by 084 589 0344 kontak.

Chrome Golf Club Wednesday Competitions

Time: 15:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833.
Important numbers:
Burgersfort (013) 231 7231
Chrome Golf Club Friday Sundowner Competitions (twice a month)
Time: 13:00. Nine holes. Entry fee R60. Enquiries: Martin van Rooyen, 082 816 4833. Ohrigstad (013) 238 0128
Burgersfort United Soccer
Roossenekal (013) 273 0075
Burgersfort United Football Club plays soccer every Wednesday and Friday evening. They Mecklenburg (015) 615 0204
invite all social players of all ages to come and join them at the Laerskool Burgersfort
sportsgrounds. Enquiries: Faizal, 082 922 3909 or Riaz, 072 471 7545. Eerstegeluk (013) 237 0011
Winterveld Ringbalklub Tubatse (013) 216 8500
Die Winterveld Ringbalklub begin weer met hulle oefeninge. Dit is steeds Dinsdae en
Donderdae om 18:00 by die Waterval CVO skool se bane. Alle nuwe en oud-spelers is
Sekhukhune (013) 260 1007
welkom om by die klub aan te sluit. Die klub het vanaf juniorspelers wat nog op Leboeng (013) 769 9099
laerskool is tot seniors.
Navrae: Zelna Wheeler, 072 531 6287. Maartinshoop (013) 235 4041
Tubatse Ringbal Klub
Die Tubatse Ringbal Klub oefen elke Dinsdagaand. Oefeninge is Dinsdae om 18:00 by
Ander nood/Other emergencies:
Calvin College. Donderdae sal wedstryde op Lydenburg gespeel word. Alle Dilokong Hospitaal/Hospital (013) 2147265
belangstellendes is welkom. Navrae: Roelof Lourens, 072 209 0176 of Lesley
Oosthuizen, 082 224 5695. Mecklenburg Hospitaal/ Hospital (013) 615 0204
Burgersfort Kliniek/Clinic (013) 2317843
Water & Sanitation 082 900 4449
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Gazette online at: (Ambulance & Fire) 0800 330 022

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Klein Advertensies • Smalls

Plaas jou klein advertensie by Phelo Pele Pharmacy in die Khadima Sentrum of by Burgersfort Apteek in die Marone
Sentrum of doen dit elektronies d.m.v. e-pos of faks. Place your small at Phelo Pele Pharmacy in the Khadima Centre
or at Burgersfort Pharmacy at the Marone Centre. You could also place it via e-mail or fax. Enquiries: 083 543 1676
or 083 271 9151. E-mail: adverts@platinumgazette.com • Fax: 086 554 9031
1.Sport Klubs /Sport Clubs
4. Oornag 10.Te Koop/
4. Oornag Akkommodasie/Overnight
For Sale

1ha - 1.3ha
5. Troeteldiere/Pets Voltitelerwe teen
6. Persoonlik/Personal Mooifontein berghang, net buite
Guesthouse Steelpoort te koop.

Phoenix Flying
7. Allerlei/Miscellaneous Accommodation in Kaart en transport
8. Gesoek/Wanted Burgersfort. R380 per reeds deur. Geen Platinum
9. Te Huur/To Let person per day. gewag vir Gazette with all
10. Te Koop/For sale Includes Bed &
Breakfast, Lunch/
Supper & Laundry
toestemming, alles
reeds goedgekeur en
onderverdeel. Eskom
your news and
events. Call the
1. Sport Klubs/ 3. Dienste/ service. en wateraansluitings
Contact: Judy, 082 editor on:
Sport Clubs Services beskikbaar. SLEGS
308 9221/7
WOONDOELEINDES. 083 271 9151 Phoenix Flying Squad is looking for dog
GSKA Karate ALL & ALL Pryse vanaf * handlers with a DH1 and DH2
Maandae & Woens- SERVICES R680 000.
To book an qualification.
dae van 17h30 – WE DO IT ALL. Platinum Navrae:
19h00 by Calvin AIRCONS, FRIDGES, 082 851 5825 of 082 advertisement
Collage. Almal STOVES, GEYSERS,
Gazette 875 0292. call Beánnla
welkom van 6 jaar en REPAIRS AND To apply contact Jandré Stander on
ouer. Skakel Jolanda Celliers on
INSTALLATIONS. 083 630 2814
Hietbrink by FOR A FREE “Doing business without 083 543 1676
082 859 9681. QUOTATION CALL
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629 4402 OR E-MAIL
girl in the dark.
US AT You know what you are doing,
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- Stuart Henderson

Greater Tubatse

Die volgende vakante poste bestaan:

1) Verkoopspersoon
* Die ideale kandidaat sal matriek hê
* Rekenaarvaardig wees en
* ‘n Geldige bestuurslisensie besit.
* Vorige ondervinding sal ‘n aanwins wees.
* Die persoon moet goed tweetaling in Engels en Afrikaans
wees. Sluitingsdatum: 15 April 2011
2) Krediteure klerk
* Die persoon moet matriek hê.
* Die persoon moet ondervinding
met krediteure hê.
* Rekenaarvaardig wees
* ‘n Geldige bestuurslisensie hê.
* Die persoon moet goed
tweetalig in Engels en
Afrikaans wees.
* Kennis van algemene
kantooradministrasie sal
voordelig wees.
Sluitingsdatum: 13 April 2011
Salarisse is onderhandelbaar.‘n Volledige
CV met opvolgbare verwysings kan by
Burgersfort Supa Quick ingehandig word
of na 086 505 3994 gefaks word. E-pos
CVs na susan@burbande.co.za
Indien u binne 21 dae na die sluitingsdatum nog
niks gehoor het nie, moet u aanvaar dat u aansoek
onsuksesvol was.
8 APRIL 2011 SPORT 11


used &
new m

• Fenders • Bonnets • Grills • Bumpers • Head & Tail Lights • CV Joints •

Brake Pads • Aircon fans • Radiator fans • Condensers • Carburators •
Rebuilds on sale
Crankshafts • Alternators • Starters • Shocks • Oil Filters • Crown and
Pinions • Diffs • Ignitions • Radiators • Distributors

Engines * Gearboxes
Corolla, Tazz, Citi
Golf, Polo
Classic, Opel
Astra, Sentra,
Opel Corsa,
Tyres for sale Hyundai and
much more
Mashifane Park (Ga-Mashamothane) • Cell: 076 848 3936
12 8 APRIL 2011

Phelo Wood &

Platinum Gazette Interior
Kitchen units; Bedroom cupboards,
Build-in cupboards; Studies; Chest of
drawers; Office furniture

SPORT Ceiling fans, Decorative Lights. 3D Designs for woodwork.

Open Monday - Friday: 08:00 - 16:00
Contact: 082 569 4677
• Burgersfort main road next to Kia
Motors. E-mail:info@phelopele.co.za

Pressure on Class A crews on Toyota Dealer 400

They say lightning never strikes twice in the off to a solid start. Van Staden and Rossouw, Wheeler and Grant Taylor (Total BAT) come Mochebelele in a Zarco. The category is now
same place - which is good news for Class A now in Class A in the Atlas Copco BAT Spec to mind. on an equal footing with Class A when it comes
crews in the Special Vehicle category at the 5, also managed damage control and all three Matthews and Smith will be riding the crest of to competitive racing.
Toyota Dealer 400, round two of the Absa Off crews will again be among the front runners a wave, and lead a Class P challenge that is Scrolling through the Class A and Class P entry
Road Championship, in Mpumalanga on April with plenty of attention focussed on crews who simply loaded with potential. KwaZulu-Natal lists highlights any number of crews who could
8 and 9. were under achievers on the Adenco 400. crew Don Thomson and Wayne Foster will be walk away with the overall victory.
It was on this race last year that Johan van Evan Hutchison/Danie Stassen (Motorite Revo a major threat in a Zarco, as will former It is simply a matter of who ticks all the right
Staden and James Rossouw made history by 4x4), David and Gary White (Ruwacon BAT), champions Johan and Etienne Bezuidenhout boxes on the Donaldson Prologue, which
becoming the first Class P crew to win an Absa Jimmy Zahos and Stefan Coetzee (Cobalt in the Adenco 400. determines race start positions, and in the
national race overall. Since then two other Racing Porter) and Brett and Steve Parker Archie Rutherford and Mark Lawrenson race.
Class P crews have also done the trick – the (Jimco) fall into this bracket. Those of them (Regent Racing Jimco), the other Class P crew A maiden win for Keith Makenete and Letlatsa
most recent a win for Colin Matthews and Alan with non finishes under their belts are under to have won a national overall, were a little Lehana on the Adenco 400 gives the Zarco
Smith (Century Racing CR3) on the first event additional pressure and must get their title subdued in the Western Cape as were crew a slight edge in Class B. Consistency will
of the season – and the Class A brigade will challenges firmly back on track. Swaziland crew John Thomson and Clinton be a forte of veteran Wolf-Peter Pfumfei in the
be anxious to regain bragging rights. The same applies to Herman and Wichard McNamara in the Zarco Magnum. Richard outdated WPP, while Coetzee and Sandra
The circumstances needed to make it possible Sullwald (Sullwald Racing SVR) and Mark Fuller, partnered by the experienced Geoff Labuscagne will be looking to bounce back
for Class P crews to win races were again in Corbett and Rudi Balzer (Century Racing CR4) Minnitt, made an impressive debut in the Atlas from a Western Cape did not finish result in
evidence on the Adenco 400, which kicked and Clint Gibson and Gary Campbell, who Copco BAT while Marius and Jolinda (PHB the Raysonics Zarco.
off the season in the Western Cape. missed the Western Cape opener, Naeem BAT) continue to make progress. Newcomers Rikus Prinsloo and Ferdi Ehmke
Conditions will be different in Mpumalanga Moosajee and Rayhaan Bodhanya (Maxxis The Class P ranks are also bolstered by KZN will be something of an unknown quantity in a
and the Class A cars should assert their Tyre Porter) also missed the opening event crew Glenn Gibson and Ralph Francis in a BAT, but provide the category with an
authority, but there is quality and depth in the along with Boela Botes and Johann Pretorius BAT, and Andrew Makenete and Thabo additional boost.
Class P ranks.Podium finishes in the Western in the Botes Vervoer BAT.
Cape saw Nick and Ryan Harper (Motorite Others will want to build on satisfactory starts
BAT) and reigning South African champions to the season. Here the likes of RFS Magalies
Kallie and Quintin Sullwald (Elegant Fuel BAT)
get their overall and Class A title challenges
400 winners Keith du Toit and Ashley Thorn
(White Star Racing BAT) and Jacques
Maatlopo stay
Maatlopo United did not play last week due Tubatse Gunners at Longtill,” said Mr Jimmy
to the disqualification of Dennilton Young Makola, spokesman of the team.
Stars. The last game they will play will be against
This week the team will host Makgalanoto Nchabeleng Young Stars.
Young Chiefs on Saturday and Sekhukhune “For now we remain focussed on keeping
Arsenal on Sunday. Both games will be and widening the lead” Makola added.
played at Ntoampe, Moroke. They appealed to all their supporters to come
“We are left with four games.Three of these and support the games over the weekend.
will be at Ntoampe and one away against Enquiries: Jimmy Makola, 082 407 6226.

The owners of Hendrik’s

Panelbeaters are proud to
welcome Kobus Raubenheimer
as the new manager.
“I would like to invite all our existing and new clients to
visit Hendrik’s Panelbeaters and experience our
professional service for yourself.
Fast and friendly service combined with professional
workmanship are the foundation on which we continue
to build Hendrik’s Panelbeaters”.
- Kobus Raubenheimer
Manager: Hendrik’s Panelbeaters

Tel: 013-231 8481/2/3

Kobus: 072 684 6074 Maatlopo United in the red and white in action two weeks ago.

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