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Builders Association of Northeast Indiana

Board of Directors Meeting, Bob Buescher Homes, January 18, 2011

Present: Jeff Wilson, Beth Cartwright, Terry Hughes, Jack Musson, Dan Keller, Kevin Sibery,
Chris Evans, Jan Garman, and Lyndsey Osterholt
Absent: Dan Study, Dennis Spidel, Fred Kreigh, Carl Cox, Mark Knisley, and Jeff Deahl

Meeting called to order at 5:00. Minutes were reviewed and Chris made motion to accept
minutes. Terry seconded motion. All in favor.

Financial Report: Jan went over financials. Everything is in line. Also taking a look at
receivables and going over the books many memberships are up for review. All outstanding
invoices seem collectable and are not worried. Chris made a motion, Beth seconded motion.
All in favor.

Membership Recruiter: Have completed the points and prizes for membership rewards club
want to mail that out to each member in March with a summary of their points so far. Will try
to mail out quarterly summaries with some additional information about current/upcoming
events. In addition, prizes for the rewards club are being donated by insurance and financial
services. Kevin is also following leads submitted by Dennis and Jeff and is also following up
with 2 additional companies, all seem like viable members.

New Business
Educational Seminar:
As touched on at last board meeting, NAHB and OSHA are partnering to present a fall
seminar session in Fort Wayne on Friday February 25 at the University of Saint Francis. It
will be hosted by us and BAKFC (Warsaw area) we have to pay nothing for instructor or
location, the only fee is advertising and for the food we will feed participants. Class is
being held as a result of instructor being in Indianapolis the day before and the fee is
limited to $20. We agreed to split the fee with BAKFC if their members participated. In
addition class has to have a minimum for 25 participate or we cannot hold it. Have one
paid and registered thus far.

Remodelers Tour:
Committed event to one day based on number of participants. Verbal commitments are
as follows: JICI, Dennis Spidel Custom Homes, Musson Builders, Bob Bueshcer Homes,
and Four Seasons Design and Remodeling. In addition, applications to the show for all
builders have been mailed out, no one has returned one yet. We also have JICI as a
major sponsor and Lyndsey to meet with Herald and follow up about the tab within next
few weeks.

Committees need to start forming. Kevin is in the process of setting up a meeting with
Lake James Golf Course and finalizing the date of the golf outing. He has one volunteer
to be on his committee anyone else interested is welcome to follow up with him. Parade
of Homes also is looking for committee members, Mark, Corey, and Jack agreed to
remain on the committee and would like to start meeting soon.

KPC contract is up for negotiation this year. As such, board requested to see a copy of
the contract that we currently use and discuss terms for an upcoming agreement.

In addition, it was brought up about the Parade of Homes namesake. Jeff Wilson, was
going to informally ask around and see what Fort Wayne was planning to do about if they
were going to try and enforce their trademark on us or if we could continue to use the
Open House was not a success in the fact that we were unable to get the majority of
members to show up. We had 17 companies represented and needed to have at least
20 more. As we have mailed out the document, and have hosted an open house to try to
ratify it the board agreed to have Lyndsey scan the list of people/companies that did not
sign and have board members contact them and or get them to sign.

Meeting adjourned 6:00

Next meeting Tuesday, February 8, 2011 BANI Office.