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General Guidelines:
1. This test paper may consist of 100 MCQ’s and an essay. All questions may be
2. Total time allowed can be between one & half to Two hours
3. The MCQ’s carry 1/4th negative marking for each incorrect answer
4. There are four (4) sections in the paper each consisting of a specific number of
MCQs as follows:

• Section-I General Knowledge

• Section-II Analytical/Logical Reasoning
• Section-III Economics, Accounting & Finance Section
• Section-IV English

Guidelines for General Knowledge Section-I:

1. In this section, a total of 25 MCQs are included.

2. Areas like current affairs, business, geography, computer, who is who, etc. will be
3. Two sample MCQ’s from this section are as follows:

Section – I GENERAL KNOWLEDGE SECTION (Total Marks = 25)

1. Apart from exports, the next highest amount of foreign exchange comes into
Pakistan from:
b. Home Remittances
c. Foreign Loans
d. Foreign Aids, Grants & Assistance

2. Which of the following is not computer hardware:

a. Keyboard
b. DOS
c. Screen
d. Modem

Guidelines for Mathematics Section-II:

1. In this section, a total of 25 MCQ’s are included.

2. Areas like Average, Percentage, Ratio Proportion, Time, Speed, Tax, Income,
Partnership, Dividend, Algebra, etc. will be covered.
3. Two sample MCQ’s from this section are as follows:

1. A person has deposited Rs.100,000/- in a bank account. If the profit rate per
annum is 5%, how much profit he will get after six months:
a. Rs.250
b. Rs.500
c. Rs.2,500
d. Rs.5,000

2. A train travels at an average speed of 20 mph through urban areas, 50 mph

through suburban areas, and 75 mph through rural areas. If a trip consists of
traveling half an hour through urban areas, 3-1/2 hours through suburban areas,
and 3 hours through rural areas, what is the train’s average speed for the entire
a. 50 mph
b. 53-2/7 mph
c. 54-3/7 mph
d. 58-4/7 mph
e. 59-2/7 mph

3. Biologists attached a radio transmitter to one of a number of wolves that had been
released earlier in the White River Wilderness Area as part of a relocation project.
The biologists hoped to use this wolf to track the movements of the whole pack.
Wolves usually range over a wide area in search of prey, and frequently follow the
migrations of their prey animals. The biologists were surprised to find that this
particular wolf never moved more than five miles away from the location in which it
was first tagged.

Which one of the following, if true, would by itself most help to explain the behavior
of the wolf tagged by the biologists?

a. The area in which the wolves were released was rocky and mountainous, in
contrast to the flat, heavily-wooded area from which they were taken.
b. The wolf had been tagged and released by the biologists only three miles away
from a sheep ranch that provided a large, stable population of prey animals.
c. The White River Wilderness Area had supported a population of wolves in past
years, but they had been hunted to extinction.
d. Although the wolves in the White River Wilderness Area were under government
protection, their numbers had been sharply reduced, within a few years of their
release, by illegal hunting.
e. The wolf captured and tagged by the biologists had split off from the main pack
whose movements the biologists had hoped to study, and its movements did not
represent those of the main pack. Bottom of Form
Guidelines for Economics, Accounting & Finance Section-III:

1. In this section, a total of 25 MCQ’s are included.

2. Areas like world economy, Pakistan economy, Micro and Macro Economics,
Accounting, Financial Analysis, Finance, etc. will be covered.
3. Two sample MCQ’s from this section are as follows:

Section – III ECONOMICS, ACCOUNTING & FINANCE (Total Marks = 25)

1. What is the marginal propensity to consume?

a. The change in consumption divided by the change in income.
b. The change in income divided by the change in consumption.
c. Percentage change in consumption divided by the percentage change in
d. Percentage change in income divided by the percentage change in

2. Debt Equity Ratio tells us about:

a. Short term Liquidity of the firm
b. Long term Solvency of the firm
c. Profitability of the firm
d. None of the above

Guidelines for English Section-IV:

1. In this section, a total of 25 MCQs are included.
2. Areas like Synonyms, Antonyms, Grammar, Punctuation, Prepositions, Sentence
Correction, Comprehension etc. will be covered
3. Two sample MCQs from this section are as follows

Section – IV ENGLISH (Total Marks = 25)

Part-A: Synonyms / similar in meaning (Select the correct choice):

a. independence
b. sticking together
c. shift
d. climbing

Part-B: Antonyms / opposite in meaning:

a. chatting
b. obedient
c. definite
d. lined
e. curious

Part-C: Sentence Correction: In each of the following sentences some part is

underlined. Each sentence is followed by five alternative versions of the underlined
portion. Select an alternative you consider both most correct and most effective
according to the requirements of the Standard English.

1. The desktop computer has revolutionized office procedures more than any
machine of modern times.

a. any machine
b. has any machine
c. any other machine
d. has any other machine
e. any other machine has

Part-D: English Comprehension: Read the following passage carefully and answer
the MCQ’s given at the end.

[The greatest enemy of mankind, as people have discovered, is not science, but war.
Science merely reflects the prevailing social forces. As stated in our Sunday issue, it
is found that, when there is peace, science is constructive, when there is war; science
is perverted to destructive ends. …… ]

After carefully reading the above given passage, attempt the following MCQ’s:

1. The passage was most likely published in a

a. magazine
b. newspaper
c. journal
d. textbook

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