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высшего профессионального образования
«Российский экономический университет имени Г. В. Плеханова»
(ФГБОУ ВПО «РЭУ им. Г. В. Плеханова»)

Кафедра иностранных языков №1



Модуль 1

Учебно-методическое пособие
для дистанционной формы обучения

ФГБОУ ВПО «РЭУ им. Г. В. Плеханова»

УДК 811(075.8)
ББК 81.2я73

К.В. Тростина

Материалы печатаются в авторской редакции

Английский язык. Семестр 3. Лексика. Модуль 1: учебно-

методической пособие для дистанционной формы обучения / сост.:
К.В. Тростина – Москва: ФГБОУ ВПО «РЭУ им. Г. В. Плеханова»,
2015. – 57 с.
Учебно-методическое пособие по дисциплине «Иностранный язык профессионального
общения» (английский язык) 1 модуля 3 семестра 2 курса бакалавриата.
Данный материал предназначен для студентов второго курса бакалавриата
дистанционной формы обучения.

© ФГБОУ ВПО «РЭУ им. Г. В. Плеханова», 2015


VOCABULARY MODULE .......................................... 4

UNIT 2. PEOPLE IN BUSINESS ......................... 11
UNIT 4. CAREER ................................................. 21
UNIT 6. THE JOB INTERVIEW ......................... 36
TOPICAL VOCABULARY ........................................ 51
PEOPLE IN BUSINESS ....................................... 54
CAREER ............................................................... 56
THE JOB INTERVIEW ........................................ 57



Most people work in order to earn their living. They produce goods and services.
Goods are either produced on farms, like maize and milk, or in factories, like cars
and paper. So, goods are either agricultural (like maize and milk) or manufactured
(like car and paper). Agricultural products are called produce. Services are provided
by such things as schools, hospitals and shops. Some people provide goods; some
provide services. Other people provide both goods and services. For example, in the
same garage, a man may buy a car, or he may buy some service which helps him to
maintain his car. The work which people do is called their economic activity.
Economic activities make up the economic system. The economic system is the sum-
total of what people do and what they want.
The work which people undertake either provides what they need or provides them
with money. People buy essential commodities with money.
Of course, most people hope to earn enough money to buy commodities and
services which are non-essential but which provide some particular personal
satisfaction, like toys for children, visits to the cinemas and books.
1.1 Найдите синонимы к данным словам в тексте:
1) goods ______________________;
2) to manufacture ______________________;
3) agricultural goods ______________________;
4) to keep in good condition ______________________;
5) to support oneself ______________________;
6) to give ______________________;
7) pleasure ______________________;
8) trade ______________________.
1.2 Найдите антонимы к данным словам в тексте:
1) leisure ______________________;
2) to consume ______________________;
3) essential ______________________;
4) to spend ______________________;
5) to sell ______________________;
6) manufactured ______________________;
7) dissatisfaction ______________________;
8) quite little (money) ______________________.
1.3 После ознакомления с текстом, ответьте на следующие вопросы:
1. What is the text about?
2. What kind of goods and services are produced by people?
3. What is the economic system?
4. What most people hope to do?
5. What do we need books, cinemas, music, pictures for?

6. Why do most people work?
7. What do they produce?
8. Where are goods produced?
9. What do schools, hospitals and shops provide?
10. What two different things can a man buy in, for example, a garage?
11. What do we call the work which people do?
12. What is an economic system sum-total of?
13. What two things can work provide for the worker?
14. What can people buy with money?
1.4 После ознакомления с текстом, согласитесь или не согласитесь со следующими
1. Most people provide either goods or services.
2. Services are either agricultural or manufactured.
3. Education and medicine are provided by schools and hospitals.
4. Cars and paper are agricultural goods.
5. Paper is a non-agricultural commodity.
6. The work which people do is called and economic system.
7. A city has its own economic system.
8. Economic activity is the sum total of what people do and want.
9. The work people undertake provides them with money, or with what they need.
10. Most people do not want to buy non-essential commodities and services.
1.5 В таблице показано, как можно образовать от глагола to produce другие части речи.
-e -r
Produc- -iv (e) -ity
А. Переведите следующие слова на английский язык, воспользуйтесь таблицей:
1) производить ______________________;
2) производительность ______________________;
3) продукт ______________________;
4) сельскохозяйственный продукт ______________________;
5) производство ______________________;
6) производительный ______________________;
7) производитель ______________________.
В. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных в таблице слов
подходящие по смыслу:
1. The company ______________________ a new commodity every year.
2. The company’s newest ____________________ is a special blue soap powder.
3. The _____________________ of soap powders met last year to discuss prices.
4. That factory is not as ______________________ now as it was 5 years ago.
5. The __________________ of that factory has gone down over the last 5 years.
6. The manager of the factory has decided that they must increase their
______________________ of packets of soap powder.

1.6 Economics. Совместите определения в правой колонке со словами из левой колонки:
a) a specialist in economics;
1) economy b) relating to an economy, economics, or finance;
c) to save money, limit or reduce (expense, waste, etc);
2) economics d) using the minimum required; not wasteful of time, effort,
3) economise resources, etc;
4) economic e) the management of the resources, finances, income, and
expenditure of a community, business enterprise, etc;
5) economical f) the social science concerned with the production and
6) economist consumption of goods and services and the analysis of the
commercial activities of a society.
1.7 Economics. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных в таблице
выше слов подходящие по смыслу:
1. I am a second year student of Plekhanov Russian University of
2. Statistics and ____________________ are the key subjects at an
____________________ university.
3. The global ____________________ crisis started in 2008.
4. This car is very ____________________, it does not use much petrol.
5. People ____________________ on travel and holidays when the crisis is
6. The Financial Times and the ____________________ are the leading sources
of analytical information about the ____________________ of the world.
7. The programme can analyze futures in weather, politics, and
8. It is ____________________ to buy goods at wholesale stores.
9. Politics, religion and ____________________ were difficult topics to talk
10. The leading ____________________ consider outsourcing the future of any
11. The company’s ____________________ largely depends on the Chief
Accountant’s skills.
12. The soya, like the sugar, was part of another grand scheme to balance Brazil's
13. The end of the month is coming. I'm running out of money. I have to
1.8 Измените подчеркнутые существительные, прибавив к ним суффикс –al так, чтобы
получились прилагательные:
Example: education + al – educational
1. These goods belong to the nation. They are therefore _____________________.
2. Minerals are a part of the nature. They are therefore _____________________.
3. Schools and universities provide education. They are therefore centres of
__________________ activity.

4. Shops are places of commerce. They are therefore centres of _______________
5. He doesn’t want anyone else to do this work. He wants to do the work in
person. It is his _________________ concern.
1.9 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, образовав правильную лексико-грамматическую
форму от предложенных слов:
1. Nowadays it is very important to get a good _________________ (EDUCATE).
2. Our company helps _________________ (EMPLOY) people to find new jobs.
3. All the _________________ (EMPLOY) in this company are given free meals.
4. Helen has become a ____________________ (SUCCEED) businesswoman.
5. I hope to leave school with some useful ____________________ (QUALIFY).
6. Mr Dale was my ____________________ (EMPLOY) for ten years, and paid
me well.
7. John’s _____________ (KNOW) of economics is amazing for a boy of his age.
8. Cathy has three jobs, so she has a high ____________________ (COME).
1.10 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов подходящие по
commodities, money, essential, services, example, undertake
1. Transport systems like railways, buses and planes provide the public with
important ______________________.
2. They told him to look at the ____________________ and then do the exercises.
3. He decided to ______________________ the work in order to make some
4. It was ______________________ for him to go to the city as soon as possible.
5. They had enough ______________________ to buy most of the
______________________ they needed.
1.11 Переведите данные предложения с русского на английский язык:
1. Что производит ваша фабрика?
2. Как тебе удается поддерживать машину в хорошем состоянии?
3. Он работает, чтобы зарабатывать себе на жизнь или для
4. Ее отец работает в сфере торговли.
5. Экономическая деятельность – это работа, которую выполняют люди.
6. Мы не можем купить все, что ты хочешь на эти деньги.
7. Товары первой необходимости – это товары, без которых человек не
может жить.
1.12 Замените выделенные слова и выражения синонимами из Topical Vocabulary:

apply for a job, counselor, ethics, insurance, jobless,

quit, receptionist, schedule, unemployed, unskilled workers
1. In business practice making appointments is a rule of polite behaviour

2. He went to an employment agency to meet a person who gives advice
______________________, but first I had to talk to the employee who receives
callers and answers the phone ______________________.
3. He went to the manager in order to formally ask for a job
4. He doesn’t work at the moment, he is out of work ______________________.
5. The company gives provisions against sickness, death, damage and loss
6. His parents couldn’t make him leave the job ______________________, they
could only give advice.
7. His programme ______________________ was very busy, every hour was
8. These agencies deal only with people having no trade
1.13 Заполните пропуски в тексте, выбрав из предложенных слов подходящие по смыслу:
do, money, earn, make, essential, corn, goods,
produce, medicine, has done, self-satisfaction, pride,
undertaken, particular, enough, non-essentials
Most people work to 1______________________ a living and
______________________ goods and services. Goods can be either agricultural
(like 3______________________) or manufactured (like cars and computers). Some
people produce goods, other people produce services. The work
______________________ by people is called economic activity. Most people
work not only 5______________________ but to earn enough money to buy
______________________ and services which are 7______________________ like
colour TV-sets, luxurous furniture, sport-club membership. We can do without non-
essentials but they provide some 8______________________ personal satisfaction.
1.14 Factory Work. Заполните пропуски в тексте, выбрав из предложенных слов и
выражений подходящие по смыслу:
labour relations tea break apprentice factory shop floor
management foreman white collar canteen manual
I like to work with my hands; in other words, I like 1______________________
work. I have never wanted to be a 2____________________ worker, as I would be
bored with office work. So I have been taken on as an 3___________________ in a
____________________for two years to learn to be a machine-operator. I work with
a group of men under a 5____________________, who tells us what to do, when we
can go to the 6___________________ for lunch or take a 7______________________
and so on. ____________________ are quite good and the
9 10
_____________________ spend a lot of time on the ______________________
mixing with the workers. I’ve got no complaints.

1.15 Office Work. Заполните пропуски в тексте, выбрав из предложенных слов и выражений
подходящие по смыслу:
typewriter callers stationery dictate
shorthand correspondence filing cabinets file
I do general work in a small office. I deal with all ____________________ coming
into and sent from the office and 2____________________ these letters alphabetically
in big metal 3___________________ near my desk. I answer the telephone and give
___________________ the information they want. If the manager wants to
__________________ a letter, I take it down in 6___________________ on my pad
and type it on my electric 7______________________. Of course it’s important that
we always have enough paper, envelopes and so on, and it’s one of my jobs to buy this
________________ when we need it. I don’t know what they’d do without me!
1.16 Speaking. Quiz. Are you a workaholic?
Do you spend so much time in the office that there’s a sofa in the corner with your name on it, or
do your colleagues fail to recognise you when you finally take a break from all those sickies to
come in for a day? Find out with the quiz.
1. How many hours a week do you spend at work?
A. I do the normal eight hours a day, five days a week, with a bit of overtime - so
about 40 hours.
B. As few as possible. I try to arrange meetings out of the office to break the
monotony of the day.
C. More than 60 hours - otherwise I just can’t get through it all.
2. What is the most important thing in your life?
A. My weekends and annual leave.
B. My friends, my family, and to a lesser extent, my job.
C. My career is the most satisfying and stimulating part of my life. Everything else
comes second.
3. Do your friends tell you that you work too hard?
A. Are you kidding?
B. From time to time, but not that often.
C. All the time, but they’re just jealous of my success.
4. What do you normally talk about with your friends?
A. News, gossip and where we are going on holiday.
B. I can’t remember, I was too drunk.
C. The latest intrigues at the office and how I got my promotion.
5. When do you feel most fulfilled?
A. When I’m in the pub.
B. When I’ve just completed an important project at work
C. When I’m spending time with friends and family.
6. Do you take work to bed with you and at home at the weekends?

A. All the time, it’s the only way to get things done.
B. Only when I have a really important deadline.
C. Don’t be daft.
7. Have you ever rung the office/checked your work email while on holiday?
A. I try to keep in regular contact to ensure all is running smoothly.
B. Only when there was something urgent to sort out.
C. Never. Do I look like a mug?
8. How many times have you been late for a meal with your partner because you
were working late at the office?
A. Never. Just try and stop me leaving the office at 5pm.
B. I try to keep to arrangements because it is important to have a sensible work-
life balance.
C. Quite a few times. You can’t just stop in the middle of something important.
9. How often do you get a lunchbreak?
A. Never. I’m either seeing clients or eating a sandwich at my desk.
B. I try to fit the odd bit of work around my lunchbreak.
C. Three or four times a week, although I do work through lunch when necessary.
10. Do you take all your holiday entitlement?
A. Yes. I try to use my annual leave to refresh myself so that I come back to work
with lots of new ideas.
B. Of course, plus as many sickies as I can get away with.
C. I haven’t had a holiday for two years - the place would fall apart without me.
Quiz Answers. Are you a workaholic?
10-14: You pretty much have the work-life balanced sorted out. You take your job
seriously but you don’t let it dominate your life and you make sure you have plenty
of time for family and friends. You set a good example to others and you have
enough spare time to allow yourself to think and plan ahead.
15-24: You not what they call a career person, are you? You don’t let your work
interfere with your social life and you try to get by doing the least amount possible. It
could be that you are in the wrong job, and that a change of scenery would make
your working day more enjoyable and less of a trial. Try guardian.co.uk/jobs for a
change of career. Those eight hours a day really shouldn’t be as painful as you’re
finding them.
25-30: On the surface you’re the ideal employee: working long hours and taking
work home. You may have the success that comes with putting in the hard graft. But
you are sacrificing your home life and your social life. You may think you keep
things in perspective, but there is a danger that your obsession with the office is
boring all those around you. Try to lighten up a bit and not be such a perfectionist. If
you are really stressed, think about how you organise your job so that you don’t have
to shoulder all the burden. Otherwise the job you love might end up killing you.

After graduating from the University you will get a diploma in economics or
management. It is likely that there will be people working under you and you will
manage them.
Nowadays many young people find the career of a manager the most attractive.
Our society is made up of all kinds of organizations, such as companies, government
departments, hospitals, schools and the like. They are essential to our existence,
helping to create our standard of living and our quality of life. In all these
organizations, there are people carrying out the work of a manager. They have a
responsibility to use the resources of their organization effectively and economically
to achieve its objectives. The task of a manager is to motivate, to command, to
coordinate and to control other workers. This profession needs the following
qualities: enterprise, the ability to foresee and to make decisions, to analyze and to
risk; the ability to keep promises. The person should also be communicative and
know how to handle people and direct them effectively. He should be a good
psychologist, too.
Nowadays a good command of a foreign language is becoming more important
because of growing business contacts with foreign firms. So a successful manager
should know at least one foreign language.
And finally, he should be physically fit as in this day and age the pressures and
strains are so great, that only the fittest can survive.
So if the ability to motivate people is one of your strong points, you are physically
fit and are willing to spend four or more years of hard work and study at the
University, you have a good chance to become a manager one day.
2.1 Найдите в тексте перевод следующих слов и выражений:
1) необходимо для существования ______________________;
2) уровень жизни ______________________;
3) выполнять работу ______________________;
4) ответственность ______________________;
5) достичь поставленных целей ______________________;
6) побуждать, управлять, согласовывать и контролировать
7) предприимчивость ______________________;
8) способность предвидеть ______________________;
9) рисковать ______________________;
10) анализировать ______________________;
11) сдерживать обещания ______________________;
12) общительный ______________________;
13) общаться с людьми и направлять их ______________________;
14) психолог ______________________;
15) хорошее владение языками______________________ ;
16) преуспевающий администратор ______________________;
17) самый достойный (приспособленный) ______________________.

2.2 После ознакомления с текстом, найдите синонимы к следующим словам и выражениям:
1) at present ______________________;
2) consists of ______________________;
3) necessary ______________________;
4) to make ______________________;
5) persons ______________________;
6) a duty, you are responsible for ______________________;
7) aim, target ______________________;
8) working people ______________________;
9) to forecast ______________________;
10) to associate with, mix with (people) ______________________;
11) to decide ______________________;
12) knowledge ______________________;
13) stresses ______________________;
14) to want, to wish ______________________.
2.3 После ознакомления с текстом согласитесь или не согласитесь со следующими
1. The career of a manager is most attractive for young people.
2. Managers help to create our standard of living.
3. There are managers in all organizations.
4. All managers use the resources of the company effectively.
5. The task of the manager is only to command people.
6. The profession of a manager needs many qualities.
7. Managers always keep their promises.
8. The manager is a communicative person.
9. Most managers know at least one foreign language.
10. You will become a manager one day.
2.4 Переведите предложения с русского на английский язык:
1. Хорошее владение иностранными языками часто помогает менеджеру в
2. Хороший руководитель способен предвидеть возможные проблемы.
3. Он редко рисковал, потому что умел анализировать создавшуюся
4. Если вы считаете себя прекрасным психологом, это значит, что вы легко
общаетесь с людьми и знаете, как побуждать их.
5. Он не сдержал своего обещания и не выполнил свою работу.
6. Предприимчивость – важное качество в нашей жизни.
7. Если вы зарабатываете на жизнь торговлей, то вы - бизнесмен.
8. Из всех моих друзей Майкл – самый приспособленный к жизни.
9. Высокий уровень жизни людей – показатель экономики преуспевающей
10. По окончании университета я стану экономистом и буду выполнять
работу в финансовом отделе, где я буду анализировать экономику компании.

2.5 Заполните таблицу организационной структуры компании, выбрав перевод должностей
из предложенных вариантов:
Advertising Manager, Chairman of the Board, Chief Accountant,
Executive Managers, Exports Manager, General Manager,
Imports Manager, Managing Director, Marketing Manager,
Middle-line managers, Personal Assistant, Personnel Manager,
Production Manager, Sales Manager, shareholders,
The Board of Directors
Руководящие работники компании:


Совет директоров компании

Председатель совета директоров компании

Управляющий компанией

Заместитель управляющего компанией

Руководители второго звена:

Главный бухгалтер Менеджер по сбыту Личный секретарь

Начальник отдела Менеджер по экспорту Менеджер по

кадров маркетингу

Начальник производства Менеджер по импорту Менеджер по рекламе

2.6 Переведите рассказ с русского на английский язык:
Здравствуйте, я управляющий компанией. Я расскажу вам о структуре нашей
Совет директоров руководит деятельностью компании, определяет ее
основную политику. Самый главный человек в компании – это Председатель
Совета директоров. Он представляет интересы компании за ее пределами. Моя
работа – следить за работой менеджеров и координировать их действия.
Начальник производства отвечает за то, чтобы продукция компании была
хорошего качества. Менеджер по маркетингу занимается продвижением
продукции на рынке. Главный бухгалтер отвечает за финансы. Начальник
отдела кадров принимает людей на работу.
2.7 Success. Заполните пропуски в тексте, выбрав из предложенных слов подходящие по
achieve confidence ladder ambitious exploit
achievement determined power ruthless ability

I’ve never been 1______________________ in the normal sense. I’ve never wanted
to be a manager or director. I’ve never wanted to reach the top of the
___________________ or to have 3___________________. But I’ve always had a
wish to 4____________________something, to write a book, climb a mountain, win a
prize. This is not because I want fame or money but just that simple feeling of
____________________ you get when you’ve done something difficult. I’m not very
sure of myself and it would be good for my 6___________________ to succeed in
something. Some people will lie, 7______________________ other people, be
dishonest, do anything, in order to succeed. They will be absolutely
_______________. But I think the people who deserve to succeed are those who are
__________________ and have 10_______________.
2.8 Заполните пропуски в тексте, выбрав из предложенных слов и выражений подходящие
по смыслу:
experience, contributions, over, stores, applications,
allowance, at, responsible, deal, share, on,
applicant, in, benefits, bring/provide, addition
present/current, requires/demands, willing, provide
The James Whitely Organization owns department 1______________________
and supermarkets in various towns and cities in Southern England. The Social
Secretary is 2______________________ for providing a wide range of leisure
activities for the employees of the organization. The 3______________________
holder of the post retiring soon and the organization wishes to find someone to take
______________________ the position by the end of the year.
This post 5____________________ someone with a high degree of administrative
ability as well as an interest 6______________________ encouraging people of all
ages to develop their talents and spare-time activities in ways which will
_____________________ happiness and satisfaction. 8______________________
in the fields of art, theatre and music will be particularly valuable to the successful
______________________, but the activities to be arranged cover sport, as well.
The new Social Secretary must be able and 10______________________ to do a
great 11______________________ of evening and weekend work and should live in
central London, where the company will 12______________________ a suitable,
rent-free flat as well as a car with a generous travel 13______________________.
Other 14______________________ include membership in the company’s pension
scheme, with all 15______________________ paid by the employer, discount
______________________ all personal shopping, and meals
______________________ subsidized prices in the company’s canteens. In
______________________, all employees of the organization
______________________ in the profits at the end of the year.
Candidates aged 30-50 should make their 20______________________ on the
standard forms available from the Personnel Department.

2.9 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов и выражений
подходящие по смыслу:
ambitious, fire, manual work, resign, assembly line,
fringe benefit, night shift, responsibility, commission,
good impression, permanent post, retire, deal with,
job satisfaction, promoted, work overtime
1. It’s my ______________________ to see that the goods are delivered on time.
2. Her work was so good that she was ______________________ to the position
of assistant manager only a year after she joined the company.
3. Employees have to ______________________ at 65 although I’m sure some
would like to stay on.
4. He’s finally found a ______________________ working for a pharmaceutical
company after years of going from job to job.
5. I’ve decided to ______________________ and look for a job where I can make
more use of my training.
6. As a salesperson, I get ______________________ on every dress I sell.
7. The staff agreed to ______________________ so that the order would be
completed on time.
8. The boss threatened to ______________________ her if her work didn’t
9. Work on the ______________________ was so monotonous that some
employees tried to sabotage it just to have a bit of variety.
10. As I work on the ______________________ I don’t have much social life.
11. She’s very ______________________ and will do anything to get to the top.
12. You can create a ______________________, before your interview by filling
in your form as neatly as possible.
13. The only ______________________ or ‘perk’, he gets is a free company car
14. In my job I have to ______________________ inquiries from customers.
15. For me ______________________ is more important than a high salary so I’m
thinking of becoming a social worker.
16. Who wants an office job when I can earn more by doing
______________________, like on a building site?

2.10 Speaking. Подготовьте презентацию о компании, в которой вы работаете и

расскажите о ней группе. Используйсте упражнения 2.5 и 2.6 как образец.

2.11 Speaking. Подготовьте рассказ/презентацию о выдающемся бизнесмене/лидере нашего

времени. Расскажите об этом человеке группе.

Notice the following points of business letter format and conventions:
top right-hand corner. The writer’s name is not at the top of the letter.
 READER’S NAME, POSITION AND ADDRESS: on the left. If you are
writing to another country, write the country in the address.
 DATE: on the right. Various forms of the date are possible. If you write to
America, remember that they write the month first and then the date.
 OPENING SALUTATION: Use the name of the reader if you know it, without
the initial. If you do not, write Dear Sirs to a company. Write Dear Gentlemen
to America, Dear Sir/Gentleman to a man, Dear Madam to a woman or Dear
Sir or Madam if you do not know the sex of the reader.
 BODY OF THE LETTER: Start a new paragraph for each new idea or subject.
Leave a line space between each paragraph. Do not break words at the end of a
 CLOSING SALUTATION: Yours faithfully if you do not know the reader’s
name. Yours sincerely if you do. (US Yours truly or Sincerely yours).
 WRITER’S NAME AND TITLE (and position in the company, if appropriate).
A man uses the title Mr. The title Mrs shows that a woman is married; Miss
shows that she is unmarried; Ms shows only that she is a woman.
BLOCK STYLE is the modern style – all paragraphs start at the left-hand margin.
PUNCTUATION: in modern business letters punctuation is not used in the
headings and endings of a letter. Normal punctuation is used in the body of the letter.

Use Example
names, titles and initials of people and Ms Anne Bell, Mr. J. Hyam Jr.
companies Transworld Freight
countries, nationalities Belgium, French

places, rivers, mountains, etc London, Hampshire, River Thames,

Mount Everest
days, months Monday, January
at the beginning of a sentence Thank you for your letter.
I I know him and I like him.
with some documents and abbreviations CV, ACCA
at the end of a sentence He works at Transworld
in decimals, money 562.3. 25.20. $6.75

after a question Did you see hem yesterday?
not after reported questions I asked whether you’d seen him.
before and/or after someone’s name Hello, Jane.
when you are writing to them What are you doing, Anne?
in a list of several things She has got long, dark, curly hair.
I went to London. Rome and Paris.
in numbers over 999 1.786.000
before direct speech She said, “Hello”
either side of a non-defining relative The invoice, which is a request for
clause payment, is out-of-date.
before some clauses and conjunctions If I see him. I’ll tell him.
e.g. but, so, then I went into his office, but he wasn’t there.
not before and, or I went into his office and into her office.
belonging to Mary Mary’s office
belonging to the company BOS’s staff (or BOS’ staff)
the manager the manager’s books
the managers the managers’ books
short forms (contractions) I’ll (I will), he isn’t (he is not)
with direct speech He said, “She likes coffee”.
not with reported speech He said she liked coffee.
3.1 После ознакомления с текстом согласитесь или не согласитесь со следующими
1. If a letter begins with the receiver’s name, e.g. Dear Mr Ross, it will close with
Yours faithfully.
2. If you were writing a letter to Mr Peter Smith, you would open with Dear Mr
Peter Smith.
3. In the USA, it is correct to open a letter with the salutation Gentlemen.
4. The abbreviation enc or encl means there are enclosures with the letter.
5. In the UK, the abbreviated date 2.6.95 on a letter means 6 February 1995.
6. If you did not know whether a female correspondent was married or not, it
would be correct to use the term Ms, e.g. Ms Tessa Groves, instead of Miss or Mrs.
7. The following is an example of a blocked style:
Peter Voss
Oberlweinfeldweg 33
5207 Therwil
8. The above address is an example of ‘open punctuation’.
9. The abbreviation in addressing a doctor, e.g. Doctor James Spock, would be Dt.

10. Rather than use the UK close of Yours sincerely/faithfully, Americans often
choose Yours truly.
3.2 Расставьте абзацы двух деловых писем в правильном порядке:
a) Mrs. E. Lant b) London Goods Ltd
31 Ilford Road 12 Martindale Road
London SW1 2XJ London SE5 6BA
c) Mrs. Lant, d) Sirs,
e) E. Lant (Mrs.) f) Philip Gallagher
g) 31 Ilford Road Sales manager
London SW1 2XJ h) 16th October 2015
i) Sales Separtment j) 21st October 2015
London Goods Ltd k) faithfully,
12 Martindale Road l) sincerely,
London SE5 6BA
1 7
_____________ _____________
_____________ 3_____________ 8
_____________ 9_____________

Dear 4_____________ Dear 10_____________

I saw your advertisement in the Daily Thank you for your letter of 16th
Sun and I would be grateful if you would October. I enclose our catalogue as
send me a copy of your catalogue. requested.

Yours 5_____________ Yours 11_____________

6 12
_____________ _____________
3.3 A business letter. Вставьте местоимения в текст делового письма (некоторые
местоимения можно использовать более одного раза):
I it me our you your yours we
26 Cheapside
Halifax HX2 5PJ
Mr. N. Stroke
Export Manager
GLM Engineering Ltd
10 Oak Way
Halifax HX6 3LP 18 August 2015
_____________ ref: 67/3279CB
_____________ ref: NS/jl
Dear Mr. Stroke,
Thank 3_____________ for 4_____________ letter of 16 August.

_____________ am pleased to inform you that 6_____________ will insure
_____________ consignment to Paris. 8_____________ would be grateful if
_____________ could fill in the enclosed form and return 10_____________ to
_____________ as soon as possible so that 12_____________ can calculate the fill
in premium.
_____________ look forward to hearing from 14_____________ in the near future.
_____________ sincerely,
Geoffrey Cook (Mr.)
Premiums Manager
3.4 В результате случайной ошибки компьютера все абзацы делового письма были
переставлены. Восстановите правильный порядок:
a) Transworld Freight plc b) Accounts Department
74 Dockside Household Designs & Co Ltd
Manchester M15 7BJ 22 High Street
c) Tel: Manchester 85 372 72 Manchester
E-mail: TRANSWLD668013@transwld d) Our ref: LS/ sp
e) Dear Sirs Your ref: 0455/ 0004
f) Yours faithfully g) Elizabeth Shepherd (Mrs)
h) signature Senior accounts clerk
i) 13 April 2015
j) dated 6 April is incorrect.
l) $66.00 and adjust our next statement accordingly.
k) on the price with your salesman.
m) I would be grateful it you could issue a credit note for
n) I am sorry to inform you that your invoice (ref 0455/0004)
o) behalf and she told me that she had agreed a 10% discount
p) I have spoken to the employee who bought the chairs on our
3.5 Перепишите меморандум, правильно расставив знаки пунктуации и заглавные буквы:
Brighter Office Supplies Limited
To: allstaff
From: h o w a r d s p e n c e r p e r s o n n e l d e p a r t me n t
Date: 30october1994
Subject: a p p o i n t me n t s ys t e m
i a mn o t a v a i l a b l e t o s e e s t a f f o n mo n d a ya n d w e d n
e s d a yt h i s w e e k b e c a u s e i a mi n t e r v i e w i n g n e w s t a f i
c a n s t i l l s e e s t a f f b ya p p o i n t me n t

3.6 Перепишите деловое письмо, правильно расставив знаки пунктуации и заглавные буквы:
BOS Italia
mrs sheila baker
sales manager
brighter office supplies ltd
13 mill street
harlow essex cm20 2jr 27th november 1998
our ref lmfa
dear sheila
thank you for your letter of 18th november i am very pleased that you are coming
to milan to visit bos italia
can you tell me the date and time you are arriving i will meet you at the airport
how long are you staying would you like me to book you a hotel room please write
and give me all the details
i look forward to seeing you again
best wishes
lorenzo magnani
sales representative
3.7 Найдите перевод на английский язык фраз и оборотов из левой колонки:
1. Благодарим за Ваше письмо от 3 a) We thank you for the letter of 3rd of
июня и сообщаем Вам, что… June…
2. С сожалением сообщаем Вам, что… b) With reference to the enquiry of 3rd
of June…
3. С удовольствием сообщаем Вам, c) We are pleased to inform you…
4. Ссылаясь на запрос от 3 июня … d) We regret to inform you…
5. Подтверждаем получение Вашего e) We thank you for your letter dated 3rd
письма от 3 июня…. of June and write to tell you…
6. Просим Вас подтвердить получение f) Please accept our apologies for…
7. С нетерпением ожидаем Вашего g) We would be very much obliged…
ответа в ближайшем будущем…
8. Мы были бы весьма h) Please let us know…
9. Просим Вас сообщить нам… i) Please acknowledge the receipt of our
10. Просим принять наши извинения j) We look forward to hearing from you
за … soon…
3.8 Переведите следующее письмо с русского на английский язык:
Уважаемый господин Смит!
Как Вы знаете, господин Грин, наш торговый представитель в Вашей стране,
только что занял пост в нашем главном офисе. Однако нам приятно Вам

сообщить, что господин Браун будет нас представлять в Вашей стране.
Господин Браун имеет большой опыт работы в нашей области. Мы уверены,
что он сможет ответить на все Ваши вопросы, и обеспечить, чтобы Вы были
полностью удовлетворены качеством наших услуг. Вы можете полностью
положиться на его советы.
Искренне Ваш,
Джон Джонсон
Менеджер по экспорту.
3.9 Переведите следующее письмо с русского на английский язык:
Уважаемый господин!
Во время работы Международной торговой ярмарки Вы посетили наш стенд
и проявили интерес к нашим новым товарам, и в частности, к нашим
электронным игрушкам.
Я был бы очень рад обсудить с Вами возможность продажи этих товаров в
Вашей стране, где у нас нет установившихся связей с какой либо фирмой.
Мы могли бы встретиться в нашем головном офисе, если Вы не хотите,
конечно, чтобы я приехал к вам.
Прилагаю нашу брошюру «Электронные игрушки», в которую вошли наши
самые последние модели, и, в частности, второе поколение «Языковых игр»,
которая, как нам кажется, Вас интересует.
Надеюсь на скорую встречу с Вами.
С уважением,
Менеджер по продажам.

It is not an easy thing to choose a profession out of many existing in the world.
There are many more career opportunities out there than the ones you thought about
when you were younger, when you entered the university. Then you didn’t know
much about the job market, but when you graduate from the university you will be
able to get your second degree, for example, do Master or postgraduate studies and
specialize in the profile that matches your interests and skills best. So everybody
asks himself or herself a question: ‘Which career would I like to pursue?’
Fortunately, there are things you can do to help find a career that suits you. You
can, for example, find out as much as you can about yourself. When you know more
about yourself, it will be easier to match your skills and interests with the ones a job
You will also want to find out as much as you can about different careers, discover
what jobs are available, and which ones suit you best. Finally, you will want to learn
about changes that are expected to occur in the job market. This is important because
future economic and social conditions will affect the job opportunities in occupations
you find attractive.
The career you choose is likely to affect many aspects of your life. It may

influence how much you earn, the type of house you live in, the clothes you wear, the
interests and hobbies you pursue, even the political beliefs you hold.
But it works both ways. Your personal values influence your career decisions.
When you choose a career, you are directly or indirectly making decisions about the
type of people you’d like to associate with, the amount of leisure time you want, and
the importance of money in your life. These decisions depend on the personal values
and interests you already have. If you like a subject taught at the University, and do
well in it, it’s worth investigating occupations that involve that subject.
If, for example, you are especially good at mathematics, it would be worth your
while to explore those careers that call for the use of this discipline. Each of the
following jobs requires a certain amount of mathematical skill: engineer, architect,
computer programmer, bank officer and many others.
Because of the wide difference in jobs you should find out all you can about any
job that interests you. This can be done by reading widely and also by talking to
friends and adults who have different kinds of jobs. You also need to think about
how well you can do what you would like to do.
Like a hobby or a sport every job involves knowledge and skills that you must
learn. Perhaps the best way to prepare for any job is to get a good education.
Jobs change and new ones are constantly appearing. Some years from now there
will be many more new jobs nobody knows anything about today. By reading and
talking to people you will learn what great opportunities there will be for you.
4.1 Найдите в тексте перевод следующих слов и выражений:
1) подходить ______________________;
2) подходящий ______________________;
3) соответствовать умениям и интересам ______________________;
4) требовать прямо или косвенно ______________________;
5) привлекательно ______________________;
6) повлиять на многие стороны жизни ______________________;
7) придерживаться политических убеждений ______________________;
8) личные ценности ______________________;
9) стоит того, чтобы сделать ______________________;
10) служащий ______________________;
11) несколько лет спустя ______________________.
4.2 После ознакомления с текстом ответьте на следующие вопросы:
1. When were you able to give a definite answer about your future profession?
Who helped you to make your choice?
2. What are your interests and abilities? What do you think you are capable of?
3. What was your favourite subject at school? How did it influence your choice?
4. How is it possible to get information about different trades and professions
about all kinds of jobs?
5. How your personal values influence your career decisions?
6. Is it necessary for you to get a good education?
7. What career would you like to follow? What do you know about it, what

qualifications and qualities are needed for it? Why do you think this kind of career
will suit you?
8. What you should take into consideration when choosing a career?
9. Is it important for you to know more about your future profession?
4.3 После ознакомления с текстом согласитесь или не согласитесь со следующими
1. We know exactly how many jobs there are in the job market.
2. It is easier to find your job if you know yourself well.
3. The career you choose influences your life.
4. Your personal values affect your career decision.
5. If you are good at mathematics you will be a banker.
6. You must learn knowledge and skills as well as sport and hobbies.
7. The text gives concrete recommendations how to choose a job.
8. This is an extract from a booklet ‘How to look for jobs’.
4.5 Personal qualities. Определите, являются ли данные характеристики положительными
или отрицательными для делового человека:
1. She’s very ambitious. I’m sure she’ll be very successful one day.
2. He isn’t very reliable. He takes a day off sick every two weeks.
3. She’s a bit lazy. She doesn’t do anything if she doesn’t have to.
4. He’s extremely conscientious. He’s often here long after we have gone home.
5. She’s very flexible. She can adapt to most situations.
6. He hasn’t got much self-confidence. He worries about what people think of him.
7. He’s very punctual. He’s never late for meetings.
8. She’s always on top of her work. Her desk is always tidy.
4.6 Совместите значения предложений из правой и левой колонок:
A. She was given the sack. 1. She was given a better job.
B. She got a rise. 2. She answered an advertisement.
C. She got a promotion. 3. She decided to leave.
D. She retired. 4. She did the job carefully.
E. She applied for the job. 5. She didn’t have a job.
F. She resigned. 6. She earned her money that way.
G. She was unemployed. 7. She was dismissed.
H. She did it for a living. 8. She wanted a better job.
I. She was ambitious. 9. She was old and stopped work.
J. She was conscientious. 10. She was given more money.
4.7 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов подходящие по смыслу:
“job” - anything that one has to do, task, duty;
“position” - a person’s relative place, as in society; rank, status;
“occupation” - that which chiefly engages one’s time; one’s trade.
1. He was unemployed doing only odd ______________________.
2. Knitting is a useful ______________________ for long winter evenings.

3. This aid is for those who have a very low ______________________ in society.
4. My sister occupies an important ______________________ in the Department
of Health.
5. The police called to the company to find out his ______________________ at
the moment.
6. He had a hard ______________________ painting the car.
4.8 Выберите из предложенных слов лучший вариант:
1. It was hard physical job / work, you know, lifting people and helping them into
wheelchairs and pushing them.
2. I got my first job / work as an assistant receptionist in a hotel when I was just 18.
3. It wasn’t a very well-paid job / work, but then first jobs / works often aren’t.
4. I thought it was a great opportunity / occasion / possibility to get some work
5. And on some opportunities / possibilities / occasions I was left on my own as the
person in charge of the whole of this enormous hotel.
6. I don’t think there’s much possibility / opportunity of us choosing him for the job.
7. I only wear this suit on special occasions / opportunities.
8. Did you get a(n) possibility / opportunity to speak to Matt yesterday?
9. She’s just written to our company applying for a work / job.
10. I’m a qualified engineer, so my aim is to find work / job in that field if I can.
11. One of my works / jobs was to count the money at the end of the day.
12. Most people would prefer a job / work which was near home.
4.9 Переведите следующие слова и выражения со словарем:
1) to employ as (She was employed as a stock broker.) ______________________
2) to engage, to hire, to take on an employee ______________________
3) to dismiss, to fire, to sack an employee ______________________
4) to make an employee redundant ______________________
5) a government, white-collar employee ______________________
6) a full-time, a part-time employee ______________________
7) a fellow employee ______________________
8) to give, to provide employment ______________________
9) to find, to seek employment ______________________
10) casual, full-time, part-time, seasonal, steady employment
11) to find employment as (an accountant) ______________________
4.10 Переведите предложения с русского на английский язык, употребив слова и выражения
из предыдущего упражнения:
1. В течение нескольких месяцев Джон Гаррис был безработным, и его семья
жила в самых ужасных условиях.
2. Владелец фабрики предложил безработным работу, но за такую низкую
плату, что они отказались от предложения.
3. Безработный рабочий делал несколько попыток найти чем заняться.

4. Безработица - одна из главных проблем во всех странах.
5. Безработица увеличивается.
6. Считалось, что безработица была полностью ликвидирована в бывшем СССР.
7. Иногда безработные могут быть весьма опасными членами общества.
8. Его взяли на работу незамедлительно.
9. Она работает в издательстве.
10. Они держат пять человек прислуги.
11. Будучи инвалидом, он нетрудоспособен.
12. Он работает в этой фирме / он служащий этой фирмы.
13. Я слышала, он твой будущий работодатель?
14. Если ты не можешь найти работу в течение долгого срока, напиши на
биржу труда.
15. Ты знаешь, где находится бюро по трудоустройству вашего района?
16. Они предложили мне почасовую работу, а мне была нужна полная
4.11. Работа со словарем. Заполните таблицу, образовав другие части речи от уже
Глагол Одушевленное Неодушевленное
существительное существительное
advise adviser advice
apply … …
… assistant …
… interviewer/interviewee …
translate … …
… critic …
… … employment
think … …
… … shopping
speak … …
… … love
use … …
… opponent …
discover … …
… … invention
… … robbery
… competitor …
observe … …
… … organization
… …/trainee …
… … gift
imitate … …
… publisher …
… … loss

4.12 Заполните пропуски в тексте, образовав правильную лексико-грамматическую форму
от предложенных слов:
There is no doubt that the world has become a more 1__________________
(COMPETE) place. For the past twenty years or so the chase for paper
__________________ (QUALIFY) has become even tougher.
Young people without pieces of paper are immediately 3__________________
(QUALIFY) from applying for even the lowest jobs. All that seems to wait for them
is long term 4__________________ (EMPLOY). However, there are two ways out
of this.
The first is to enrol on a training course in areas where there is a
__________________ (SHORT) of people with the right skills and know-how.
With determination and 6__________________ (ENTHUSIASTIC) enough can be
learned to dramatically improve the 7__________________ (EMPLOY) of young
people whose prospects would otherwise be poor.
The second is to contact big companies direct. 8__________________
(EMPLOY) increasingly believe that the general education offered by most schools
and colleges is out-dated and 9__________________ (RELEVANT) to today’s new
professions. This is why they are offering apprenticeships to 10__________________
(APPLY) who demonstrate the necessary aptitude and 11__________________
The future is much brighter than we thought.
4.13 Заполните пропуски в тексте, образовав правильную лексико-грамматическую форму
от предложенных слов:
Job Fair
Although a certain percentage of graduates will still be 1__________________
(EMPLOY) six months after leaving university, the majority will have found
__________________ (EMPLOY) by then. Many of these will even have been
offered a job while at university, as a result of visiting a job fair.
Job fairs are held at many universities each year. Companies come along to
advertise jobs, which are usually in 3__________________ (MANAGE), and the
career structures and benefit packages that go with them. Job fairs are an
__________________ (EFFECT) way for undergraduates to find out what kind of
job they might be interested in.
If you go to a job fair, dress 5__________________ (PROFESSION). Don’t wear
jeans and a T-shirt. Wear a suit! You don’t want to look 6__________________
(RESPONSIBLE) when you have your first 7__________________ (MEET) with
your potential 8__________________ (EMPLOY).
If you’re interested in a job on offer, you may have to fill out an
__________________ (APPLY) form, so it’s 10__________________ (HELP) to
take along relevant information with you.
You’ll also need proof of all your 11__________________ (QUALIFY), so don’t
forget to take photocopies of all our certificates with you.

4.14 Choosing the right job. Заполните пропуски в тексте, выбрав из предложенных слов
подходящие по смыслу:
commute salary prospects promotion retire
pension ambitious perks increments commission
Job satisfaction is important but I have a wife and a baby so I have to think about
money too. If a job interests me, I need to know what 1_________________ it offers
and also whether there are regular annual increases, called 2____________________.
I want to know if I will receive a 3___________________ when I
____________________ at the age of 60 or 65. If the job is selling a product, I ask
if I’ll receive a percentage of the value of what I sell, called 5___________________.
It is also important to know if there are extra advantages, like free meals or transport,
or the free use of a car. These are called 6___________________ or fringe benefits.
Are the future 7_____________________ good? For example, is there a good chance
of 8____________________ to a better job, with more money and responsibility? Is
the job near my home? If it isn’t, I’ll have to 9_____________________ every day
and this can be expensive. I am very keen to be successful. I am very
______________________. I don’t want to stay in the same job all my life.
4.15 Переведите предложения с русского на английский язык, используя слова и выражения
из Topical Vocabulary:
1. Сейчас во многих странах много безработных. Особенно много
безработных среди молодых людей только что закончивших школу. У них нет
необходимого образования и опыта работы.
2. Часто, чтобы получить необходимую для работы квалификацию
(образование и опыт работы), надо закончить специальные курсы.
3. Молодые люди в течение года получают пособие по безработице. Они
ищут работу, обращаются в специальные агентства и просматривают
объявления в газете в рубрике “Требуются”.
4. Мэри хотела получить место секретаря в приемной, но на это место было
40 кандидатов. Она не получила его, теперь она согласна на любую работу, т.к.
ей надоело стоять в очереди за пособием каждую неделю.
5. Роджеру за 50. Он проработал в одной компании более 30 лет. Из-за
экономических трудностей в промышленности он попал под сокращение
штатов. Он опять начал искать работу, но т.к. ему уже за 50, он получил много
отказов. Все кандидаты были моложе его, хотя у них было меньше опыта. Ему
необходимо получить новую профессию, но никто не хочет обучать человека,
который скоро должен уйти на пенсию.
4.16 Speaking. Ответьте на вопросы теста. Обсудите варианты ответов с остальными
Are you in the right job?
Ever get that nagging suspicion that your job just isn’t right for you? That you’re making your
way up the corporate ladder when really you’d be better suited as a market gardener - or vice
versa? Take our quiz and find out what sort of job you really ought to be doing.

1. It’s Monday morning: the start of the working week. How do you spend the
first hour at your workplace?
A Jotting down all the brilliant ideas you had over the weekend.
B Planning your schedule for the next fortnight.
C Having a cup of coffee with colleagues and catching up on the news.
D Prioritising tasks so that there are no serious problems later.
2. What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
A Working together as a team to achieve the best results.
B The chance to be innovative and think laterally to solve problems.
C The authority to make decisions which have a direct impact on the business.
D The opportunity to provide a service that people really need and value.
3. How important is it to you that you work in an environment that is well-
organised and has a proper routine?
A I feel it is important to know what is expected of me.
B Fine, as long as the needs of others are taken into account.
C I prefer organisations where there is a clear hierarchy and chain of command.
D I detest routine: it stifles creativity.
4. You are given the option of a promotion and a pay rise, but it will mean
longer hours and travel away from home. What is your reaction?
A I am only interested if it is an upward move or one that will help me develop
new skills.
B I’m concerned about the effect it will have on my family.
C I’m not interested unless I can see that I will be doing something useful.
D I’ll take it, so long as it doesn’t involve lots of extra pen-pushing and admin.
5. How important is it to you that you are in a position where you can give
instructions to others?
A I’m more interested in developing the business than in getting involved in
B I prefer to remain part of the team rather than lead it.
C I would be happy to do it but I’m not really interested in managing for the sake of it.
D It’s very important to me to stamp my personality on a project.
6. What single thing would improve your working life?
A More freedom to think "out of the box".
B More power and more money.
C A sense of working together towards a common goal.
D Visible proof that I have made a difference.
7. Under what circumstances would you turn down a new role at work?
A If it was at odds with my personal values.
B If I thought it was a career dead end.
C If it cramped my style and my freedom to come up with novel solutions.
D If it brought me into conflict with others.

8. In what sort of organisation would you feel most at home?
A One which doesn’t force me to compromise my beliefs.
B One which actively encourages fresh thinking.
C One which builds and develops its staff.
D One which offers a clear path to an executive role.
9. What do you aim for in your day to day work?
A To raise my profile and develop my professional skills.
B To feel that what I do has a direct and beneficial effect on people, and really matters.
C To maintain a harmonious and cooperative atmosphere where everyone can
D To find ways of doing things better than before.
10. If you won the lottery, what would you do?
A Treat all my friends to a massive night out.
B Set up my own business.
C Use the financial security to take greater risks in my career.
D Donate a chunk of it to charity.
Are you in the right job? Count your score. Answers:
10-15: You are an innovator and a free thinker and you hate the restrictions that often
accompany corporate life. You yearn for the freedom to dream up new ideas or create new
products and you would love to be an entrepreneur and run your own business. You find red
tape, office politics and career structures more of a hindrance than a help. A young, vibrant,
company which actively recruits mavericks and dreamers would suit you best. You are at
your worst when forced to attend endless meetings where nothing really gets done.
16-24: For you, harmony and good relationships with colleagues are important. You are
likely to be most fulfilled in a role which emphasises teamwork and cooperation. You enjoy
the satisfaction of a group of skilled people working together to produce a service or product
which they would have been unable to do alone. Your personality is best suited to a job
where socialising is an important part of the work environment and where building
relationships is an integral part of your role.
25-33: You would be unhappy in any job where you felt you were not making a
difference to people’s lives. Public service, teaching and the caring professions may be the
most suitable for you. You are less interested in money and prestige and more interested in
developing and nurturing others. You would not work for an organisation where the culture
was at odds with your personal values. If you do not work in such an environment, you will
find greater satisfaction either self-employed or in a job where your core beliefs are not
34-40: You are interested in the power and prestige which corporate life can bring.
Although money is important to you, the real driver in your life is your need to push
onwards and upwards. You value success very highly and feel unfulfilled if your job is not
constantly stretching and challenging your abilities. If you are not given the opportunity to
develop and improve your skills, you may feel unmotivated and depressed. You have a
strong need to be visible and to be appreciated, and a large organisation which requires your
management skills and focused personality is the one most likely to bring you career

Advertisements (ads) for employment appear in all the media including radio
and television. However, newspapers and magazines are usually the main sources for
vacancies. Most ‘ads’ use abbreviated forms to announce conditions of employment,
especially in the ‘small ad’ section for appointments. You can find such pages in
most Russian and foreign newspapers and magazines under ‘Job opportunities’,
‘Vacancies’ headings. The company sites and electronic versions of newspapers and
magazines also provide a lot of ads.
If you reply to an advertisement, as with most correspondence, it is better to
simply state what you are doing, and remember to give a date or reference: I would
like to apply for the position of Chief Accountant advertised in this month’s edition
of Computer Accounting. If you apply for a position which has not been advertised,
you can open like this: I am writing to ask if you might have a vacancy in the sales
department. If your enquiry is only for an application form, you can give some brief
details about yourself, then ask for the form. It is worth remembering, at this point,
that your letters, in these cases, are not for the positions themselves, but are for
Some companies do not send application forms, but prefer applicants to supply
a curriculum vitae (C.V.) in British English or resume in American English, which is
your personal and working history. There should be a covering letter with application
forms and C.Vs, either explaining points that might not be clear, or giving further
information to emphasize your suitability for the post. Remember to quote any
reference numbers or job tittles that have to be mentioned, and if an application form
has been sent, thank the company.
You may also need to revise some exercises of Vocabulary Module 1 of the
previous semester, where you may see the examples of resume and letter of
5.1 Applying for a job. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов
подходящие по смыслу:
references short-list experience vacancy qualifications
fill in interview applicants apply application forms
In times of high unemployment there are usually very many
________________________ when a 2_____________________ is advertised.
Sometimes large numbers of people 3______________________, and send off
____________________ for a single job. It is not unusual, in fact, for hundreds of
people to 5____________________ to a firm for one post. This number is reduced to
a 6___________________ of perhaps six or eight, from whom a final choice is made
when they all attend an 7______________________. Very possibly the people
interviewing will be interested in the 8____________________ the candidates
gained at school or university and what 9_____________________ they have had in
previous jobs. They will probably ask for 10______________________ written by
the candidates’ teachers and employers.

5.2 Прочитайте анкету девушки:
Curriculum Vitae
(Please write in block capitals)

Surname: BELL Address:

Marital status: SINGLE
Children:…………. Tel. no: 01-123 9876
Education and further studies
Dates Schools/colleges (name and address) Qualifications

Dates Place of work (with address) Job Pay

Names and addresses of three referees:

5.3 Прочитайте анкету Анны и ответьте на вопросы:
1. What is Anne’s full name?
2. What is her date of birth?
3. Is she married?
4. Where does she live?
5. Where did she go to school?
6. What qualifications did she get at school?
7. Where did she go to secretarial college?
8. Did she get any secretarial qualifications?
9. What were her secretarial speeds in words per minute?
10. Where did she work from 2008 until she joined another company?

5.4 A letter of application. Расставьте абзацы в правильном порядке:
a) 10 March 2015; _____________
2 3
b) position; _____________ _____________
c) to hearing from you; _____________
d) Tracey Davis (Miss); I enclose an application form for the
e) Personal Assistant; _____________ of 6_____________. As you can see,
f) Dear Sir or Madam; I do not have any experience, but my examination
g) Personnel Manager results were good and I am very interested in fashion.
Whitehouse & Co Ltd I am available for an interview at your convenience.
69 Puritan Street I look forward 7_____________.
London WC2B 3XP; _____________
h) Yours faithfully; (signature)
i) 62 Longford Lane _____________
London EC4 & 7EL
5.5 Прочитайте заявление о приеме на работу, которое написала Tracey (предыдущее
упражнение). Ответьте на вопросы, выбрав лучший вариант ответа:
1. Is the Personnel Manager a man or a woman?
a) man; b) woman; c) we do not know.
2. What is Whitehouse & Co Ltd, do you think?
a) a school; b) a dress company; c) a job agency.
3. When can Tracey go for an interview?
a) at any time; b) only in school hours; c) only out of school hours.
4. At the moment, do you think Tracey
a) is still at school; b) has left school; c) is in another job.
5. Is Tracey Davis married?
a) yes; b) no; c) we do not know.
5.6 Writing an application. Here is part of the application form for a scholarship. The applicant
who wrote this has a serious problem with word order in English. Read the text and correct all the
word order mistakes that you can find. Write out the correct version. There are 17 word order
mistakes in total.
I arrived in London ago three months with my wife and two children young. Since
then I very hard have tried to get a job (in my country I was a lawyer). However, isn’t
very good my English and I think this is the reason why I yet haven’t found a job. I
seem always to have problems when I have to speak at interviews. I am sure that if I
could improve my English spoken, I would to get a job be able and my family
I have done my best to improve my English since I arrived. I have studied books
of grammar and listened to the radio, but to meet people so that I can practise my
speaking it is quite difficult. I think that having regular classes of language would
really help me and as soon as possible I am very keen to start. I know what a
reputation good has your school and very grateful I would be if seriously you would
consider my application.

5.7 Найдите в правой колонке перевод слов и выражений из левой колонки.
1. I am just writing a few lines to a) С большим удовольствием
introduce Mr. ... представляю вам г-на …
2. It gives us a great pleasure to b) Мне приятно сказать несколько
introduce Mr. ... слов в качестве рекомендации г-на…
3. The bearer of this letter is а... c) Я могу искренне рекомендовать г-
на... как человека высокой
ответственности и очень надежного.
4. This will introduce Mr ... who will be d) Я рад замолвить слово за г-на ...
very grateful for any help you may be который сочетает в себе высокий
able to give him. уровень технической подготовки и
практические способности.
5. It is a pleasure to say a word of e) Пишу эти несколько строк, чтобы
recommendation on behalf... представить г-на....
6. I can sincerely recommend Mr ... as a f) Податель сего письма г-н...
highly responsible and reliable man. является...
7. I am glad to write on behalf of Mr... g) Я рад рекомендовать Вам г-на... Я
who combines the qualities of Techical связан с ним довольно тесно,
Training and practical efficiency. поскольку...
8. I am glad to write you concerning h) Настоящим представляю Вам г-
Mr... I have been associated with him на..., который будет очень благодарен
rather closely as... за любую помощь, оказанную ему.
5.8 Переведите предложения с русского на английский язык:
1. Я бы хотел поступить на работу на должность Директора по производству,
о которой недавно было объявлено в …
2. С интересом узнал, что Ваша компания набирает (работников)…
3. …узнать, что в фирме есть вакантная должность…
4. Я женат и в настоящее время работаю в качестве … в…, где я уже с 20…
5. Мне приятно было найти Ваше объявление о …, так как это именно та
должность, для которой я обладаю всеми необходимыми качествами.
6. Полные детали моей карьеры изложены в прилагаемой анкете.
7. Я буду рад предоставить любую подробную информацию, необходимую
5.9 Looking for a job. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов
подходящие по смыслу: (In the United States a CV is called a résumé):
qualifications application experience section interview CV
I thought it would be quite easy to find a job when I left school, but it’s been really
difficult. I look through the job 1______________________ in the local paper every
week, but everybody seems to want people with lots of 2______________________
and I didn’t do very well at school. I’ve sent my 3___________________ to dozens
of companies in the local area but nobody has got back to me. I must have filled in at
least thirty 4______________________ forms and I’ve only had one reply. I went for

an 5_______________________ last week but it didn’t go very well — they said
they wanted someone with more 6______________________ but I’ve never had a
job! Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find anything.
5.10 Applying for a job — verbs. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из
предложенных слов подходящие по смыслу, употребив их в правильной грамматической
offer send it off find go into fill in apply for
1. I left university six months ago and I still haven’t ________________ a job. It’s
more difficult than I thought it would be.
2. I’ve _____________ a part-time job. I hope I get it – it’s four afternoons a week.
3. I’m not really sure what I want to do when I graduate. I might
________________ banking like my Dad.
4. I’ve ________________ the application form and ________________, so now
I’ve just got to wait until I hear from them.
5. I can’t believe it. They’ve ________________ me that job in New York. They
want me to start next month.
5.11 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных предлогов:
at in for to as off of
1. I’m interested _______ this job.
2. What did you study _______ the university?
3. He has applied _______ Lufthansa _______ a job _______ an office manager.
4. This job advertisement looks interesting. I’ll send ______ an application form.
5. Have you filled ______ the form yet?
6. You must send _______ the form by 20 May.
7. He’s been _______ that job for two years.
8. She retired _______ the age of 60.
9. A commission means you get a percentage _______ what you sell.
10. The use _______ a company car is a nice perk to have.
11. The sixty applicants were reduced _______ a short-list of four.
5.12 Переведите письмо с русского на английский язык:
Благодарим Вас за Ваше обращение на получение должности Директора по
продажам (в Европе).
Ваша анкета и рекомендации показывают, что, вероятно, Вы обладаете теми
качествами, которые нам необходимы. Я был бы благодарен, если бы Вы
приехали в наш главный офис для собеседования … числа в … часов.
Процесс собеседования займет несколько часов и будет включать
представление нашему экспортному отделу.
5.13 Переведите предложения с русского на английский язык:
Чтобы получить интервью с представителем компании, вы должны разослать
ваше резюме и заявление в разные компании и агентства. Резюме должно быть
правильно составлено, т.к. это первая информация, которую компания

получает о вас. Неправильно составленное резюме — это потерянная
возможность получить работу. Вы должны указать точные даты, должности и
места работы.
Резюме не должно быть длинным, не более одной машинописной страницы.
Необходимо перечислить все места вашей учебы в обратном хронологическом
порядке. В этот список можно включить все прослушанные курсы,
относящиеся к данной должности.
Укажите последнее место работы и следуйте в обратном порядке. Цель
получения данной работы не должна быть сформулирована в слишком
обобщенном виде.
Если вы закончили университет с отличием, укажите это в разделе
Указав имена, адреса и телефоны людей, которые могут дать вам
рекомендацию, вы можете написать: «могут быть представлены при
Резюме посылается с письмом к работодателю. Конечно, резюме не
предоставит вам работу, но оно поможет вам быть приглашенным на интервью.
«Получение высокооплачиваемой работы» — не должно быть указано как
главная цель получения работы. Это произведет неблагоприятное впечатление.
5.14 Напишите письмо – просьбу о приеме на работу:
If you have a job, describe it and say what you like/dislike about it. If you could
do any kind of job, what would you most like to be? You have seen an advertisement
for an English-speaking guide to take groups tourists around your country. Write a
letter of application for the job.
I think I would like to be a(n) ______________________ because
I would like to apply for the job of tourist guide, as advertised in
______________________. At present I am studying ______________________ at
______________________ and I hope to __________________________________.
For the last _____________ years I have been working as a(n)
______________________ for ______________________.
My duties include (verb + ing) _______________________________________.
I have had experience in (verb + ing) ______________________.
In previous jobs I have had to _________________________________________.
I can speak/write/understand English ______________________.
I am applying for the job because ______________________________________.
I would be available for an interview ______________________.
I hope you will consider my application favourably.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Certain questions frequently come up at the interview. So it’s worth thinking about
the answers beforehand.
‘Why did you leave your last job?’ Try to be as honest as possible without
appearing to criticize your previous employer. If you weren’t happy or found the job
boring, say that you didn’t think you could make full use of your true abilities. Be as
positive as possible. Emphasize any experience you think is relevant to the new job
you are looking for.
‘What exactly did you do in your last job?’ Don’t just give the name of the job.
In a few brief sentences, describe the main duties and responsibilities the job
involved. Offer enough information to give a clear picture of the job and then see if
your interviewer has any further questions. Be sure to mention any promotion or
advancement you had.
‘Why do you want to work for us?’ This is your chance to show you’ve found
something out about the firm before the interview. Pick out something about it that
interests you in particular. Don’t talk only about what you hope to get from the firm.
Emphasize what you can do for them, as well. Explain how what you have done in
the past will be useful in the new job.
Remember these things, too. Try to relax and be yourself. This is very important.
Try to get a conversation going. Don’t just answer ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. If you don’t
understand anything, say so clearly. Don’t just answer questions. Ask a few yourself!
At the end, thank the interviewer for seeing you.
6.1 После ознакомления с текстом, выберите лучший ответ на вопросы:
1. If you are asked why you left your last job, a good answer would be:
A) ‘They just didn’t appreciate my true abilities.’
B) ‘I felt I could offer more than the job required.’
C) ‘To be honest, I found the job boring.’
D) ‘I don’t want to criticize my employers. I won’t say anything.’
2. When asked what your last job was, you should:
A) say something like ‘clerk’ and wait for more questions
B) give as detailed a description as possible of exactly what you did.
C) try to make it sound as important as you can.
D) give a short but reasonably clear idea of what you did.
3. When you are asked why you want the new job, it is a good idea to:
A) say what you know about the firm and how you think you can help it.
B) concentrate on the advantages of the job from your point of view.
C) tell the interviewer how lucky they would be to get you.
D) say nothing about the pay and the other benefits you hope to get.
4. You are advised to:
A) answer only the questions you are asked.
B) answer questions with ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
C) show when you haven’t understood something.
D) be reserved and formal in your behavior.

6.2 Найдите в правой колонке определения к словам и выражениям из левой колонки.
1) self appraisal; a) to consider smth after delaying it;
2) self concept; b) to visit without an appointment;
3) self evaluation; c) to get an appointment;
4) resume; d) newspaper listing of job;
5) give notice; e) your own view of yourself;
6) give me a call; f) to give someone a good opinion of you;
7) create a good impression; g) summary of one’s employment record;
8) classified ad; h) a form to be filled in when applying for smth;
9) drop in; i) determination of your own value or worth;
10) make an appointment; j) estimation of your own qualities, abilities;
11) get around to smth; k) telephone me;
12) application form. l) inform your employer in advance that you are
leaving the job.
6.3 Заполните пропуски в тексте, образовав соответствующую лексико-грамматическую
форму от предложенного слова:
My first job interview
I left university with good academic 1__________________ (QUALIFY) but
writing out my first 2__________________ (APPLY) for a job was very difficult.
I was not very 3__________________ (AMBITION) so I could not see myself as
a successful businessman: I was looking for something quieter,
__________________ (PREFER) related to my studies, but there was little
__________________ (CHOOSE) in my field. Still, I had to earn my
__________________ (LIFE) somehow.
So I applied for the post of 7__________________ (ASSIST) to the press officer
of a company. As I stood at the 8__________________ (RECEIVE) desk before the
interview I knew I had nothing to recommend me but a reasonably pleasant
__________________ (APPEAR) and a good 10__________________ (REFER)
from my tutor at university.
6.4 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных в Topical Vocabulary слов
и выражений подходящие по смыслу. Первая буква слова послужит Вам подсказкой:
For example: A career in medicine can be very hard work but it is rewarding.
1. The p______________________ of Sales Manager was advertised last week in
the national newspapers.
2. So far we have had more than fifty a______________________ for the job.
3. We are offering a s______________________ of $16,000.
4. We would prefer to appoint someone with a few years’
e______________________ in the field.
5. High academic q______________________ are not so necessary for a job like
6. In this company all e______________________ are treated in the same way.
7. We believe that good working relations between m______________________

and s______________________ are essential.
8. We have chosen ten c______________________ to be interviewed next week.
9. All staff are entitled to an annual share in the p______________________ of
the company.
10. The successful candidate will be expected to take up his/her
a______________________ from next month.
6.5 Переведите предложения с русского на английский язык:
1. Когда я вошла в офис агентства, секретарь, встречающий посетителей,
спросил меня, назначена ли у меня встреча.
2. У меня назначено собеседование с Мисс Харрис.
3. Я проходил мимо вашего агентства и решил зайти и поговорить с одним из
ваших сотрудников.
4. Он не пришел в назначенное время на встречу с Мистером Брауном, это,
конечно, произвело крайне отрицательное впечатление.
5. Анкета для поступления на работу заполняется печатными буквами.
6. Вам придется начать работу с самой маленькой должности, чтобы
приобрести необходимый опыт.
7. Вы должны пойти на курсы, чтобы приобрести знания, необходимые для
этой работы.
8. Агентство поможет вам подобрать работу согласно вашей квалификации.
9. Ему предложили две разные должности, но он не мог решить, какую
6.6 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов подходящие по
annual, annum, applicant, applicants, colleagues, contract, curriculum vitae,
duties, employment, fringe, interviewer, non-contributory, permanent, public,
reference, vacancy
1. If a company offers a _____________-______________________ pension
scheme, they pay for your premiums.
2. Christmas Day and Easter Monday are examples of ______________________
3. A prospective employer will often ask a candidate’s previous employer for a
______________________ to find out what sort of person they are.
4. Jobs that are not temporary are ______________________.
5. Free travel, subsidised food, and staff discounts are examples of
______________________ benefits.
6. An ______________________ is someone who applies for a job.
7. My current salary is $20,000 per ______________________.
8. In the company we have ______________________ reviews of salaries every
9. A secretary’s ______________________ can include typing, filing, and making

10. Successful applicants are sent a contract of ______________________ which
sets out terms and conditions.
11. The company had a ______________________ for an accounts clerk, so they
put an advertisement in the paper.
12. The company invited five ______________________ to come to the
13. The ______________________ spent about an hour asking me questions
about my previous jobs and experience.
14. She received a letter saying her application had been successful, and she was
asked to sign and return the ______________________ giving details of the
conditions of work.
15. The new cashier was introduced to all her ______________________ on the
first day.
16. The document giving details about yourself and your work history is called
6.7 Заполните пропуски в предложениях, выбрав из предложенных слов подходящие по
We are looking for someone with 1current / fluent / spoken English and Italian,
and preferably another language, such as French or German. The 2secretary /
interviewee / applicant should have at least two years’ secretarial 3work /
experience / employment. Office skills such as typing, word processing, and
shorthand would be a(n) 4advantage / benefit / addition.
The work 5consists / contains / includes customer liaison, and 6doing / making /
acting as an interpreter for the Assistant Manager, both here and elsewhere in
Europe. The successful candidate will also be expected to proof-read manuscripts in
English and Italian. In addition to this, he/she will be expected to carry out the usual
secretarial 7work / duties / employment.
For a(n) 8application form / c.v. / interview, phone Paula Prentiss, the Personnel
Manager, on (0223) 6814, Ext. 412, quoting 9number / reference / figure PP 391.
6.8 Составьте грамматически правильный диалог (интервью при приеме на работу),
воспользовавшись предложенными словами:
Example: How /you/ this/ job? How did you hear about this job?
A: you ever/do/this kind/work/before?

B: No/I be/afraid/this kind/job/be completely new/me.

A: Why/you be/interested/it?

B: It be/difficult/say. It/just/sound/interesting.

A: What/interest you/most/the job?

B: Oh, well/I enjoy/meet people/and travel.

A: What/you/do/your previous job?

B: I/sell books/bookshop.

A: Why/you/leave?

B: I/have/arguments/my/boss.

A: What/cause/these arguments?

B: He be/very stupid man! He/I/just/not get on/each other!

6.9 Speaking. INTERVIEW TECHNIQUES. Interviewing technique affects both the style of an
interview and the type of questions asked. Many interviews use a combination of approaches to
discover as much as possible about the applicant. Look at the following job advertisement:


An expanding young software development company with 950 employees, with its
head office in London and with production sites in London, Rotterdam and Paris, is
looking for a dynamic, ambitious graduate with experience in direct selling and
strategic planning, preferably in a relevant sector.

Telephone 0800 5656 and ask for Freephone Professional for further details and an
application form.
With your partner, classify the following interview questions into three groups: Personall
Psychological (PP), Academic and Professional Background (AP), Hypothetical (H). Then assess
them on a scale of 1 to 5: where 1 = most useful in a job interview, and 5 = not useful at all. Give
reasons for your assessments.
1. Can you give an example of a situation where you have been in conflict with
colleagues in your present job or in a previous job?
2. Do you enjoy working alone or do you prefer teamwork?
3. How does your experience until now prepare you for the work in this company?
4. How does your family feel about your relocation to London?
5. Given your lack of experience in software development — your background is in
the food sector — is this likely to be a problem?
6. What do you do when you need to relax?
7. If a product you were responsible for was obviously failing in a particular market,
what would you do to resolve the situation?
8. How do you see the future of the computing industry in ten years’ time?
9. Can you describe a particular project that you have been closely involved with in
your present job?

6.10 Speaking. “Hard” interview questions. Some interviewers like to give candidates a hard time
by asking them difficult questions. Here are some typical questions that an interviewer might ask:

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?
3. We have a lot of applicants for the job, why should we appoint you?
4. What has been your most valuable experience?
5. How would you describe your personality?
6. When did you last lose your temper? Describe what happened.
7. Which is most important to you: status or money?
8. How long do you think you’d stay with us if you were appointed?
9. Why do you want to leave you present job?
10. What makes you think you’d enjoy working for us?
11. Are you an ambitious person?
12. What would you like to be doing ten years from now?
13. What are you most proud of having done in your present job?
14. What was the worst problem you have had in your present job and how did
you solve it?
15. What is the best idea you’ve had in the past month?
16. What is your worst fault and what is your best quality?
17. Don’t you think you’re a little young/old for this job?
18. What are your long-range goals?
19. Describe your present job – what do you find rewarding about it?
20. What do you do in your spare time?
21. What excites you about the job you’re doing now?
22. What worries you about the job you’re doing now?
23. Describe your ideal boss.
24. How would you rate your present boss?
25. Have you written many reports and letters in English?
26. Are you an aggressive person?
27. Can you tell me about your experience in writing English?
28. What kind of person would you say you were?
29. Could you tell me why you want to leave your present job?
30. What do you think my next question will be?
31. Does your present employer know you’ve applied for this job?
32. If you were me, what other questions would you ask?
33. How would you describe the ideal person for this job?
Try some of the “hard” interview questions. Disciss the best answers to the questions above with
your partner.

1. Resume. Расставьте цифры, соответствующие частям резюме, в правильном порядке.

1 additional skills 6 fluent 11 recommendations

2 annum 7 hobbies 12 references

3 business studies 8 marital status 13 responsibilities

4 customers 9 personal details 14 signature

5 education and qualifications 10 qualities 15 work experience

Name: Carol Brice
Date of Birth: 25 February 19-
Present address: 25, Westbound Road, Borehamwood, Herts, WD6 ID
Telephone 0819539914
A____________: Single
2004 - 2008 Hilltop Further Education College, Kenwood Road, London
NW7 3TM. Diploma in C_______________.
2008 - present National Auto Importers Ltd., Auto House, Sidmouth Street,
Type of Company: Car importers
Post: Secretary to Assistant Director
E_______________: Dealing with all correspondence; taking
minutes at meetings and writing up Assistant Director's reports;
receiving F_______________ and suppliers: dealing with home
and overseas enquiries; representing the company at various
business functions.
G___________:  Word and Excel, ITechnology course at The City College
 H_______________ Italian and French
Interests: tennis, badminton, swimming and reading
I_____________ Mr B. Norman, Assistant Director, National Auto Importers Ltd.,
: Auto House, Sidmouth Street, London
Current salary: £14,000 per J_______________.

2. Business letter. Расставьте цифры, соответствующие частям письма, в правильном

1 complimentary ending 6 introductory paragraph 11 references

2 concluding paragraph 7 letterhead 12 recommendations
3 date 8 main paragraph 13 salutation
4 enclosures 9 position/title 14 sender's address
5 full name 10 recipient's address 15 signature

6 Pine Estate, Westhomet, Bedfordshire, UB18 22BC
Telephone 9017 23456 Telex X238WID Fax 9017 67893

B. Michael Scott, Sales Manager,

Smith and Brown plc,
Napier House,
North Molton Street,
Oxbridge OB84 9TD 31 January 20XX
C. Your ref. MS/WID/15/88
Our ref. ST/MN/10/88
D. Dear Mr Scott,
E. Thank you for your letter of 20 January, explaining that the super
widgets, catalogue reference X-3908, are no longer available but that ST-
1432, made to the same specifications but using a slightly different alloy,
are now available instead.
F. Before I place a firm order I should like to see samples of the new super
widgets. If the replacement is as good as you say it is, I shall certainly
wish to reinstate the original order, but placing an order for the new items.
Apart from anything else, I should prefer to continue to deal with Smith
and Brown, whose service has always been satisfactory in the past. But
you will understand that I must safeguard Widgetry's interests and make
sure that the quality is good.
G. I would, therefore, be grateful if you could let me have a sample as soon
as possible.
H. Yours sincerely,
I. Simon Thomas
Simon Thomas
J. Production Manager

3. Business letter. Расставьте буквы, соответствующие частям делового письма, в
правильном порядке.

A. Further to your advertisement in The

Baire Herald of May 7, we would
like to request further information
about your Cultural Differences in
the Workplace course.

B. All the best,


C. Dear Mr Strachan 3.

D. Hi Donald!
E. Dear Sir/Madam

F. Please write soon.

G. Sue Loweles, 5.
Deputy Manager
Lindcom UK

H. We look forward to hearing from

you. 6.
I. Yours faithfully

J. Lindcom UK, 30 Burrard Street

Brentford TW9 2AK
K. May 11, 20XX
L. Mr Donald Strachan
The Morningside BAT College
13 Buccleuch Avenue
Edinburgh EH 4 7BG 8.
M. Yours sincerely

N. In particular, we would like to know 9.

the start dates and the maximum
number of participants on the course.

O. Finally, any information about

discounts for groups of five would
also be welcome.

4. Business letter. Расставьте буквы, соответствующие частям делового письма, в
правильном порядке.
A. Mr. G. Simpson
1 Connaught Place 1.
Edinburgh EH2 7EY
B. 23 March 20XX
C. All the best
D. Paul Gower Advertising
23 Alexandra Road
E. Yours sincerely
F. Hi, Simpson
G. Dear Mr Simpson
H. Andrey Clark
I. As we urgently need those supplies, could
you please send the correct items and pick
up the wrong ones as soon as possible.

J. However, you sent us toner cartridges for

photocopiers instead of the laser jet ones
we had ordered. In addition, three of the
boxes contained different coloured paper. 7.
L. I am writing with reference to the above
order for office supplies. We ordered 5
toner cartridges (Ref. LXJ2) and 10 boxes 8.
of white A4 photocopying paper (Ref.
M. Yours faithfully
N. Please write as soon as possible.
O. Dear Sir/Madam 9.


5. Business Vocabulary. Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком:
1. He was made _______ because of economic problems in the industry.
A. fired B. unemployed C. redundant D. retired
2. _______ of women are usually lower than those of men.
A. salary B. bonus C. earnings D. pay
3. All the _____ for that position were younger than him though they had less _____.
A. employers, experience B. applicants, experience
C. employees, skills D. visitors, skills
4. No employer wants to hire a person who will _______ soon.
A. retire B. retrain C. employ D. fire
5. If you are good at Math, you may choose a career of an accountant or bank _____.
A. office B. officer C. official D. authority
6. Being a manager means delegating responsibility to other members of _______ .
A. Board of Directors B. staff C. factory D.this department
7. Last December the boss gave all his _______ a bonus.
A. employment B. employers C. employees D. unemployed
8. Her employee was so angry at her attitude that he _______ her.
A. staffed B. hired C. took on D. fired
9. He hoped the employment _______ would help him find a job.
A. agency B. board C. management D. resources
10. I would be _______ if you could fill in the enclosed form and return it to us.
A. enclosed B. grateful C. requested D. polite
11. Writing a business letter you should start a new ___ for each new subject or idea.
A. paragraph B. part C. signature D. clause
12. _______ are put at the of a sentence and in decimals.
A. question marks B. commas C. colons D. full stops
13. Closing your business letter write _______ if you know the reader’s name.
A. Yours sincerely B. Yours faithfully C. See you tomorrow D. Thank you
14. If you pass your final exams at university, you get a _______ .
A. sum of money B. extra pay C. degree D. bonus
15. She _______ school two months ago and couldn’t find a job.
A. ended B. left C. completed D. graduated
16. When a student completes his first degree, he becomes a _______ .
A. Master of Arts B. lecturer C. graduate D. professor
17. If you get a place at university, the tuition is free, and some students get a
_______ as well.
A. salary B. money C. grant D. premium
18. If your CV is _______ correctly, it can help you to be invited to an interview.
A. write B. compiled C. sent D. mentioned
19. I’m afraid he’s away _______ business today.
A. with B. on C. in D. to
20. When interviewed, _______ any experience you think is relevant to the new job
you are looking for.
A. offer B. underline C. explain D. emphasize

6. Business Vocabulary. Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком:
1. He doesn’t work at the moment, he is _______ .
A. unemployed B. vacant C. free D. employed
2. A good manager should be able to delegate part of his tasks to his _______ .
A. subordinates B. employers C. supervisors D. foremen
3. People looking for job often apply to _______ .
A. research institutes B. government authorities
C. employment agencies D. colleagues
4. Would you like to _______ a big or a small company?
A. attend B. apply C. join D. resign
5. If you need extra money, you can work _______ .
A. overtime B. regularly C. on leave D. quit
6. I wish to _______ the position of Product Manager which was recently advertised.
A. state B. apply for C. graduate D. fill in
7. Employees have to _______ at 65 although some of them would like to stay on.
A. forecast B. retire C. promote D. apply
8. The company had a _______ for an accounts clerk.
A. vacancy B. contract C. work D. position
9. If you continue being late for work, I will have to _______ you.
A. retire B. leave C. employ D. fire
10. All _______ for the job must fill in the correct form.
A. brides B. employers C. employees D. applicants
11. If business has been good, the staff gets a _______ at the end of the year.
A. notice B. bonus C. fund D. deposit
12. In modern business letters ___ is not used in the headings and endings of a letter.
A. initials B. full stops C. question marks D. punctuation
13. If you don’t know the reader’s name, you will use _______ as a closing
salutation of your letter.
A. Yours sincerely B. Yours faithfully C. See you tomorrow D. Thank you
14. Writing a business letter you should leave a _______ between each paragraph.
A. letterhead B. margin C. heading D. line space
15. We are _______ to inform you that your consignment to Paris has been insured.
A. happy B. pleased C. grateful D. thankful
16. The final goal of the course is to pass the exam successfully and get the _______.
A. certificate B. plan C. receipt D. schooling
17. Only the best students of the University could apply for _______ .
A. scholarships B. bonuses C. prizes D. money
18. I think English is my favorite _______ .
A. subject B. student C. homework D. examinations
19. What do you call the qualification you get at the end of university? _______
A. scholarship B. graduates C. degree D. educated
20. If your _______ is only for an application form, give brief details about yourself,
than ask for the form.
A. letter B. inquiry C. notes D. vacancy

7. Business Vocabulary. Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком:
1. I would be grateful if you could come to our Head Office for ______ on 27 th May.
A. a holiday B. an interview C. a speech D. a visit
2. There is no point in applying for the job unless you have the right _______ .
A. qualifications B. occupation C. employment D. position
3. I was interested to know that your company is now ________ people.
A. advertising B. recruiting C. applying D. greeting
4. Ads for employment can be found in many newspapers as the main sources for __.
A. vacancies B. places C. references D. interviews
5. Most companies prefer applicants to supply a _______ which is your personal and
working history.
A. reference B. curriculum vitae C. qualifications D. track record
6. She _______ because she had been offered a better job.
A. resigned B. sacked C. fired D. dismissed
7. I was offered a ______ job but I refused this offer because I need full employment.
A. good B. part-time C. well-paid D. challenging
8. The Academy was _______ by several leading Russian businessmen who
subscribed money to the new university.
A. begun B. founded C. initiated D. started
9. Our University provides the students with basic economic _______.
A. disciplines B. topics C. matters D. ideas
10. It’s my _______ to see that the goods are delivered on time.
A. responsibility B. necessary C. resource D. leisure
11. He went directly to the personnel manager to _______ for a job.
A. ask B. take C. apply D. train
12. Almost 78% of companies in the UK use _______ from previous employers.
A. letters B. references C. skills D. earnings
13. After graduation from a university you receive a _______ .
A. letter B. diploma C. plan D. timetable
14. Another form of distance learning is education by _______ .
A. correspondence B. entry C. resident D. letters
15. The _______ enc or encl means that there are enclosures with the letter.
A. abbreviation B. inverted commas C. heading D. margin
16. If you don’t know whether a female correspondent is married or not, it will be
correct to use the term _______ .
A. Ms B. Mrs. C. Miss D. Mr.
17. Normal punctuation is used in the _______ of the letter.
A. enclosure B. body C. signature D. clause
18. I’ve been unemployed since June. I must _______ work soon.
A. find B. leave C. fire D. retire
19. _______is one of the main problems in all countries.
A. applicant B. unemployment C. redundancy D. Board of directors
20. We _______ to seeing you again.
A. look forward B. look through C. put forward D. look like

8. Business Vocabulary. Обведите правильный вариант ответа кружком:
1. To get an interview with a company, you should send your _______ and _______
to different companies and agencies.
A. resume, letter of application B. advertisement, letter of application
C. form, covering letter D. invitation, resume
2. __ for employment appear in most foreign newspapers under “Job Opportunities”.
A. Advertisements B. Invitations C. Applications D. Appointments
3. There should be a _______ letter with application forms and CVs.
A. advertising B. recruiting C. applying D. covering
4. When I came to the office the receptionist asked me if I had an _______ .
A. professional record B. advertisement C. appointment D. inquiry
5. The agency will help you to find a job in accordance with you _______ .
A. qualifications B. salary C. resume D. graduation
6. In your resume try to emphasize your _______ for the post.
A. degree B. track record C. suitability D. opportunities
7. At a job interview try to avoid criticizing your previous _______ .
A. employer B. employee C. trainer D. interviewer
8. They offered me a _______ job while I needed full employment.
A. shift B. distance C. part-time D. occupation
9. In 1917 the Institute became the Moscow Institute of National Economy _____
A. named after B. mentioned C. called D. named
10. Accounting was my favourite _______ at the University.
A. topic B. subject C. exercise D. matter
11. He _______ from Oxford University last summer.
A. graduated B. left C. finished D. went
12. We study many interesting _______ at our faculty.
A. knowledge B. terms C. disciplines D. topics
13. The _______ Mrs shows that a woman is married.
A. initial B. margin C. title D. abbreviation
14. Please _______ the enclosed form and return it to us as soon as possible.
A. write B. calculate C. issue D. fill in
15. My father occupied a top _______ in the Department of Education.
A. place B. position C. task D. posts
16. Jobs that are not temporary are _______ .
A. admit B. applicant C. permanent D. time
17. The government is criticized for failing to reduce _______ .
A. work B. jobs C. unemployment D. jobless
18. If business has been good, the staff gets a _______ at the end of the year.
A. notice B. bonus C. fund D. deposit
19. We _______ to inform you that we have no possibility to distribute your goods.
A. are pleased B. look forward C. regret D. enclose
20. This job requires a good _______ for figures.
A. head B. understanding C. brain D. faculty

9. Speaking. Topic Revision Questions. Подготовьте ответы на вопросы:
1. Economic and business activity. What is the economic system? What is the
difference between production and service sector? Why people work? What do
people do for the economy of their country?
2. People in business. Describe a typical company structure. What do the
managers of a company do? What are the duties and responsibilities of a manager?
What qualities and abilities should a manager have?
3. Businessmen. Give a brief description of one of the most successful business
person. What is the secret of his/her success? Is charisma the most important quality
to achieve success in your career? Why/Why not? What other qualities are
4. Career. What factors will you take into consideration when choosing a job?
How did you make your career choice? How your personal values influence your
career decisions? What are your career plans? What career would you like to follow?
5. Communication for business. What is important to remember when writing a
business letter? Describe a business letter format and conventions. What is the
difference between a business letter style and a letter to a pen friend?
6. Employment correspondence. What should be included in the advertisement
of a vacancy? What are the requirements for the position you would like to hold?
What points should be emphasized in your covering letter and CV? What
information will you give about yourself in a CV and a covering letter?
7. The job interview. How should you prepare for the job interview? Have you
ever had an interview? If you have, what was it for? What difficult questions have
you been asked? How did you feel? What was the result? If you have not, how will
you prepare for your first interview? Which tips will you try to follow?



abilities (talent) дарования, способности, особые данные
calling (for) призвание
values (moral/artistic values) ценности
personal strengths сильные стороны, талант, умения
accomplishments 1) успехи, достижения
2) хорошие манеры, образованность
activity деятельность, активность, оживление
attitude позиция, отношение к чему-либо
appointment свидание, условленная встреча
to make an appointment назначить встречу
to keep/break an appointment прийти/не прийти в назначенное место или время
to cancel an appointment отменить встречу
to work by appointment работать по "записи", т.е. организация, где
необходимо предварительно назначить встречу
career goals цели, которые ставит претендент при получении
данной работы
education образование
Job hunting поиск работы
job hunting file банк данных
agency агентство
employment agency агентство по трудоустройству
nonprofit agency агентство, которое не взимает плату за услуги;
один из видов социальной службы
private agency частное агентство
advertisement объявление, реклама (coll. ad)
classified advertisements объявления, расположенные по рубрикам
courtesy правила вежливости, учтивость, этикет
receptionist секретарь в приемной
fee (to pay a fee to smb/ to плата за услуги, гонорар
pay a fee for smth)
to claim претендовать
to contact связаться с, обратиться к
to counsel давать совет, рекомендовать
counselor советник, адвокат (амер.) (зд.) служащий
агентства, который дает советы и рекомендации
resume описание образования, работы и опыта,
выполненное в специальной форме для

поступления на работу (анкета)
vacancy вакансия, свободное место
job (employment, work) работа, должность
job qualification качества (образование + опыт работы, которыми
должен обладать претендент)
technical job работа в промышленности
high-salaried job высокооплачиваемая работа
position положение, должность
nonskilled position место, на котором не требуется особая
квалификация и образование
to fill a position заполнить вакансию
to find a position найти место работы
occupation (trade) занятие, род занятий, профессия
capacity в качестве, положение
business профессия, занятия, дело
on business пo делу
business trip командировка
to join the company поступить на работу в компанию
to apply (to smb for smth) обращаться за работой (помощью, разрешением)
application заявление, прошение
application form анкета для поступающего на работу
an applicant претендент, кандидат
post должность, пост
to employ предоставлять работу
employer наниматель, работодатель
unemployed безработный
employment занятость, постоянная работа
full-time employment основная работа на полный рабочий день
part-time employment работа "по совместительству" на неполный
рабочий день
employee служащий
prospective employer возможный работодатель/наниматель
clerk конторский служащий
to hire нанимать на работу
responsibilities (duties) обязанности
to talk over обсудить
salary (wages, pay, earnings) заработная плата
salary monthly payment for regular employment
wages (pl) usually weekly
pay used instead of wages and salary
to get an increase in pay повысить зарплату
earnings money earned
bonus премия
fringe benefits дополнительные выплаты

insurance страховка
to insure (against) страховать (от)
leave отпуск
to be on leave быть в отпуске
to be on sick leave "на больничном"
to schedule smth назначать на определенное время,
schedule график, расписание
shift смена
to notify (give notice) уведомить (зд. об увольнении)
to dismiss уволить с работы
to fire уволить кого-либо
to quit (leave the service) оставить (работу), уволиться
to resign (v) from/resign отказываться от должности, уходить в отставку
one’s job/position
labour (work) force рабочая сила (зд. персонал)
staff (personnel) штат (сотрудников)
authorities (pl) власти (зд. руководство)
head глава, руководитель
at the head of во главе
chief руководитель, начальник
supervisor высший, старший начальник
subordinate подчиненный
manager (managing director) управляющий, заведующий, директор
executive руководитель
senior (junior) executive старший (младший) сотрудник
assistant помощник, заместитель
foreman мастер
colleague коллега
to be in charge of заведовать, возглавлять
work under smb/smb’s работать под руководством, быть в подчинении
next in importance второй по положению, званию, чину
experienced опытный, знающий
qualified квалифицированный
skilled квалифицированный, искусный
department отдел
research institute научно-исследовательский институт
shop магазин, цех
to work on piece work работать сдельно
to promote выдвигать, повышать в чине (должности)
redundant лишний, не нужный
to become redundant попасть под сокращение штатов
reference рекомендации, рекомендательное письмо

skills (such as languages умения, квалификация, искусство, мастерство
skills, computer abilities)

to work hard упорно работать, хорошо работать

a white-collar job работа в учреждении, офисе, "чистая" работа
to work overtime работать сверхурочно
allowance пособие, надбавка, прибавка (денежная)
an intern стажер, практикант (в компании)
internship стажировка, (студенческая) практика
overseas posting назначение на должность в зарубежном филиале


to earn one’s living зарабатывать на жизнь
to produce производить
produce сельскохозяйственная продукция
farm ферма
factory фабрика
to provide обеспечивать
goods товары
to maintain поддерживать, сохранять в хорошем состоянии
economic activities экономическая деятельность
to make up составлять
sum-total общая сумма
essential goods товары первой необходимости
commodities товары
commerce торговля
agricultural сельскохозяйственный
agriculture сельское хозяйство
manufactured производственный
satisfaction удовлетворение

It is likely… скорее всего
to manage руководить, управлять
nowadays в наши дни
society общество
to be made up состоять
government department государственный департамент, отдел
…and the like. …и тому подобное.
resources ресурсы
effectively эффективно
economically экономично
objective цель

at least по меньшей мере
strain стресс, напряжение
to survive выживать
strong point сильная сторона
to will хотеть, желать


letterhead шапка на фирменном бланке, фирменный
top right-hand corner верхний правый угол
left-hand side левая сторона
opening salutation вступительное обращение, приветствие
the initials инициалы
Dear sir Уважаемый господин!
Dear Madam Уважаемая госпожа!
body of the letter текст письма
paragraph абзац
a line space расстояние размером в строчку
closing salutation заключительная формула вежливости
Yours faithfully С уважением,
Yours sincerely Искренне Ваш
Yours truly Искренне Ваш
Best wishes С наилучшими пожеланиями
signature подпись
enclosed прилагается (к письму)
enclosure приложение
job tittle должность
block style стиль письма без красной строки в абзаце
margin поле (письма)
heading заголовок
ending заключение
punctuation пунктуация
abbreviations сокращение
invoice счет-фактура
full stop точка
question mark вопросительный знак
comma запятая
apostrophe апостроф
inverted commas / quotation marks кавычки
decimals десятки
clause придаточное предложение
conjunction союз
as requested как вы просили (строчка из делового письма)
I would be grateful …буду благодарен (строчка из делового письма)

consignment груз
fill in /fill out заполнить
premium страховой взнос
look forward to hearing from … ожидаем вашего ответа

career opportunities возможности выбора карьеры
to pursue заниматься (делом, карьерой)
fortunately к счастью
available доступный, имеющийся в наличии
to occur появляться, оказываться
to require требоваться, требовать
job market рынок “рабочей силы”
to affect влиять
to earn зарабатывать на жизнь
political beliefs you hold политические убеждения, которых ты
But it works both ways. Но у этой медали две стороны.
to associate with общаться с кем-то
to investigate изучать, исследовать
it would be worth your while это стоит того, чтобы…
to explore исследовать, изучать
to call for звать, призывать
skill умение, навык
bank officer банковский служащий
constantly постоянно

an advertisement объявление (1- о приеме на работу; 2- коммерческого характера)
an ad объявление (сокращенно)
to advertise давать объявление о приеме на работу; рекламировать
employment работа, трудоустройство
the media средства массовой информации
abbreviated сокращенно
to announce объявлять (давать объявление некоммерческого характера)
an appointment назначение (на работу); договоренность о встрече
to state указывать
a reference отзыв, рекомендация; поручитель
to apply for просить (должность)
an applicant кандидат, претендент (на должность)
a position пост, должность
a vacancy вакансия
to get training стажироваться
training обучение

trainee стажер
a post пост
a job tittle должность
an enquiry запрос
an application form формы заявления о приеме на работу
brief details краткие сведения
an interview собеседование (при приеме на работу)
a curriculum vitae / анкета
a covering letter сопроводительное письмо
to emphasize усиливать, особенно подчеркнуть
suitability пригодность
to graduate закончить высшее учебное заведение
degree диплом (вуза), степень (ученая)
to recruit набирать, нанимать на работу
to hire нанимать (на работу)
executive руководитель
referee рекомендующий
professional record, место, должность и опыт работы; данные о
track record профессиональной деятельности
qualification(s) квалификация, подготовленность
to quote цитировать, упоминать


job interview собеседование при приеме на работу
interviewer интервьюер (работник компании, проводящий
interviewee интервьюируемый
to interview (здесь) проводить собеседование
to come up появляться, оказываться
beforehand заранее
to criticize критиковать
to make full use воспользоваться полностью
Be as positive as possible. Старайтесь произвести наиболее благоприятное
to emphasize подчеркнуть, обратить особое внимание
relevant относящийся к делу
promotion / advancement продвижение, повышение по службе
in particular в особенности
to relax расслабиться, почувствовать себя свободно
to be yourself оставаться самим собой
a conversation беседа


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