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Nano-Technology II


Assignment- 2 (Catalysis)

1. What are the effects on catalytic activity when particles are reduced to

2. Give examples of application of Nano catalysis in Petroleum industry.

3. With reference toPetroleium industry what are the benefets derived using
Nano- Catalysts?

4. Show with illustration , with reference to production of H2O2 the benefits of

using Nano-Catalysts as compared to conventional catalysts.

5. Discuss specific features of catalysts used for Degussa process for

production of H2O2. How they are desiogned?

6. Discuss specific features of Nano Gold as catalyst- Advantages and problem.

7. What are the steps involved in Nano Catalyst manufacture?

Nano-Technology II


Assignment- 3 (Pesstcides)

1. What is consumption pattern of Pesticides?

2. What is role of Pesticides?

3. What is Formulation? Why Pestcides are used in form of formulation?

4. What are constituents of (a)liquid formulation? (b) solid formulation? OR

What is microemulsion and What is suspension formulation?

5. What are water based Particle formulations?

6. Compare Macro emulsion and microemulsion.Show the phase transition from

oil in water and water in oil micro emulsion via middle phase Microemulsion

7. What are advantages of using Nano- emulsion?

8. What are advantages of using Micro emulsion?

9. What are the steps involved in waste water treatment of Pesticides industry?
What are the major problems in treatment of effluent from pesticide industry?
How Nano Technology can be useful?

10.What are the norms for treated effluent from Pestcides industry?
Nano-Technology II


Assignment- 4 (composites)
1. What is composites? (What is Biologically formed composites and What
is man made composites?)How does it differ from multiphase material?

2. What is metal Matrix composites? (Particle reinforced and Fibre


3. Where Metal matrix composites are applied?

4. ( How does the strengthening properties of metal matrix get change?

5. What is in-situ and Ex-situ metal matrix?How do they differ?

6. How metal matrix composites are better when they are reacted with
Nano size reactants?

7. Illustrate methodology of making Nanostructured sample of Fe2O3 &


8. What are problems associated with ex-situ composites.

9. What are advantages associated with in-situ composites.

Nano-Technology II


Assignment- 5 (Gold Nano-technology)

1. What are the factors responsible for activity of gold catalyst? How Au
can be made an active oxidation catalyst?

2. What are the requirement of Hetrogeneous Catalysyt? How Nano-

Technology can help in development of efficiency of efficiency of

3. What is active site of catalyst in Metal Catalyst? Does it depend on

geometry of catalyst? How active sites are generated?

4. What are active sites for Metal Oxides ? How functionality of catalyst is

5. What is role of Environment around the active site?

6. Nano Technology has been existing in heterogeneous catalysts .With

reference to design and synthesis of catalyst by traditional preparation
method show how the advancement of Nano-Technology can benefit in
preparing catalyst.