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Первый шаг — определение цели урока.

Цель – это всегда ответ на вопрос «С какими новыми

знаниями мои студенты уйдут с урока?» Так урок приобретает смысл, а все его элементы
привязываются к одной цели
1. Разминка ( 5-10 минут) – Hi, How r u? Do u like this weather?
2. Основная часть
 https://www.youtube.com/watch?
4 минуты – дальше обсуждения после видео - what have you see?
What words were in the video? List them – 2 минуты
Вы знаете, что существуют такие типы вопросов как общий, специальный вопрос,
альтернативный и разделительный вопрос. Давайте посмотрим на доску – общий тип вопроса
строится следующим образом (мы берём время Past Simple): на первом месте
вспомогательный глагол Did либо глагол Was/Were, далее следует подлежащее, затем идёт
смысловой глагол, и завершают предложение остальные члены предложения. Специальный
вопрос начинается со вспомогательного слова (например, Why, Where, What), а дальше всё
так же, как и в вопросе общего типа. Альтернативный тип вопроса содержит в себе
альтернативу, которая выражается при помощи слова «or» –«или». Он строится, как и общий
вопрос, но между теми словами, из которых нужно выбрать одно, размещается наша частичка
«or» – «или». И, наконец, разделительный вопрос – в нём порядок слов такой же, как и в
повествовательном предложении, но в конце повествовательного предложения добавляется
did/was/were либо didn’t/wasn’t/weren’t (отрицательная форма добавляется, если предложение
было утвердительным, а утвердительная – в случае, если предложение было отрицательным).
Рассматриваем таблицу, зачитываю информацию - 15 минут
Well, good job. Now open the page 20. There is our today text here. It names «Vanished!» And
what do you think this word mean? (Ученик высказывает свои версии, озвучиваем перевод
заглавия). Ok, and now you will listen to the text and then you’ll tell what this text is about.

One Saturday last winter, my best friend Amy, Maria, Greg, Andy and I decided to spend the
weekend in my uncle’s big house in the country. It was stormy outside, so we decided to spend a
cosy evening chatting together in the living room downstairs.
Suddenly there was a powerful gust of wind. The lights flickered and then went out altogether.
«What was it?» I said. «Don’t worry, John, it’s just a power cut» Greg reassured me. We carried on
laughing and telling scary stories in the dark. After a while there was a bright flash of lightning that
lit up a whole room. There was a loud gasp. «Andy is missing» Amy cried.
We all looked at each other confused and scared, because no one had seen Andy leave the room. We
felt our way around the house, calling Andy, but there was no reply. We want back to the living
room and tried to think of what to next. Just then, there was a loud snore from the corner of the
room. At that moment, the lights came back on. There was Andy, fast asleep on a big, velvet sofa!
Andy sat up sleepily, rubbing his eyes. «Oh good, the lights are back on!» He said. «I was sleepy
and felt like a snooze. I didn’t want anyone to trip over me so I crawled over here». We were all
very relieved.

John, 13
T: Ok, now you know what this story is about. Tell the plot of this story in your own words. (And
we are coming to the exercise 2 on page 20. Here you need to answer the questions about events that
happened in the story «Vanished!»
Exercise 2:

Where were the children? (Student gives the answer: The children were in a big old cosy house in
the country).
What was the weather like? (Student: It was stormy).
What happened to Andy? (Student: Andy was missing).
How did the children feel? (Student: They were confused and scared).
What happened when the lights came back on? (Student: The children found out Andy – he awoke
and tell to the children that he was sleeping).
Well, , I’m glad to your answers. And our next task will be unusual enough. You will listen to the
sounds then you’ll need to match these sounds with its names. At first we will know the names of
some sounds. Look at the board. In a left column there are names of sounds in English and in a right
column –in Russian. Let we match them. (Данное задание выполняется при помощи
интерактивной доски. Студент зачитывает вслух названия звуков по-английски и подбирает к
ним русский эквивалент).

Sigh – вздыхать Chat – общаться

Snore – храпеть Storm – шторм, гроза

Cry – плакать, кричать Gust of wind – порыв ветра

Gasp – издать возглас удивления Whisper – шептаться

Laugh – смеяться Yawn – зевать

Well done, you were ok.

And in our next task you need to compare the statements on the whiteboard with the text and tell
whether they are true or false or not stated. Also you need to correct wrong statements:

It was a Saturday evening and there were 5 children. True

They didn’t want to go out so they decided to spend that evening in the dining room. False – The
children decided to spend that evening in the living room.
Greg didn’t know why the light went out. False – Greg said that light had gone out because of
power cut.
The house was 20 miles from Oxford. Not stated
Andy was fast asleep and snored on a big velvet sofa. True
Andy didn’t want to listen to their stories and that’s why he crawled to the sofa. False – Andy
crawled to the sofa because he felt like a snooze. (20-25 минут)
III. Closure: Now write down your home task, please – retell the story «Vanished!» (10 sentences).
That’s all. Thank you for the lesson, dear student. See you. ( 5- 10 минут)