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Eltima Visual Java/SWING Components Library


You're now reading the presentation of the most advanced visual
components library for Java developers. Eltima Java Components will
greatly extend the set of components available in standard visual
library, bringing a whole lot of new ways to present your creativity
to your customers and clients. Make your software look different! No
routine coding utilize your resources wisely!
Based on standard components, this collection supports all Java Look
and Feel such as Windows, Motif, Macintosh, etc, and adds new styles
to your software, buttons, color dialogs, search fields, and more. You
may easily integrate Eltima Java Components into your own Java
applications or applets.
Version details:
- Version of this package: 4.0
- Build of this package: 4.0.20
- Version released: December 29, 2006
- Build released: August 14, 2007
Eltima contacts:
- Technical support: support@eltima.com
- Sales team: sales@eltima.com
- Phones:
Germany: +49 696 773 3496
United Kingdom: +44 131 208 3240
USA: +1 360 312 7638
- Instant Messengers:
ICQ #133156588
MSN softinfinity@hotmail.com
AIM SoftInfinitySP
YAHOO serge_softinfinity
JABBER Eltima@amessage.de/Trillian
SKYPE eltima_ceo
- More information: www.eltima.com/products/visual-java-library
- Demo download: www.eltima.com/download/visual-java-library
- Get full version: www.eltima.com/purchase/visual-java-library
System requirements:
- Java Runtime 1.4.2 or above
- Any OS that supports Java Virtual Machine
What's new:
- Full support of new Java Platform 6
- Plenty of minor addings in almost every component
- Refreshed docs and samples
- Many bug fixes and minor enhancements
Detailed features:
Currently Eltima Java Components Library includes 21 main visual
components and 3 additional types. Each of them has its own unique
features. Every component is described below:
- Table
A very powerful component which lets you create multi-level table
headers, group lines by a specific column, collapse and expand groups,
automatically count sums, averages, maximum/minimum values, etc. This
control features unique astonishing table customization menu which can
be invoked even at runtime. This menu lets you configure not only the
visual layout of your table, but plenty of internal settings as well,
like sorting by a definite column, showing/hiding columns, grouping,
text orientation, etc. You can also customize colors of any header
cell in your table: apply gradients and customizable fonts.
Since version 2.9 you can enable search mode for the table, this lets
you provide advanced filtering and searching capabilities to your
customers within our ELTable component. You can search not only in the
data currently presented in the table, but also refer to the database
connected with the component.
- Table navigation toolbar
This component has been designed for ELTable component and greatly
extends its functionality. Navigation toolbar provides user-friendly
controls to navigate the entries that are visible in the table, add or
duplicate these entries, delete rows, save or rollback changes, and
enable search mode for the table.
- Tabbed Pane
This component is the alternative to JTabbedPane component which lets
you create tabbed panels and switch them. In comparison with standard
component ELTabbedPane lets you animate tab switching/selection, adds
support for custom images inside of the tab text and provides you with
more control on their placement. It also features Fade in/Fade out
effect when your mouse pointer is over a tab, also letting you
customize the colors of selected and inactivated tabs. ELTabbedPane
also features unique possibility to embed other JComponents into tabs
or create your own tabs with your own set of versatile components.
- Font Field
Modern drop-down font selection field features many configurable
settings like background colors selection, gradients, font formatting
and more!
- Borders
1) Standard border with rounded angles. Can be raised or lowered,
depth of 3D effect can be customized, as well as you can set all the
highlighting and shadow colors.
2) The same border with a title. The title can be placed on any side
(North, West, South, East) of the border; colors, font face, layout
and alignment are fully customizable.
- Buttons
Cool buttons with standard functionality and greatly enhanced
customizable visual presence. Plenty of parameters to specify the
button design you need: shapes, colors, animation, etc.
- Color field
A user-friendly replacement for a standard color selection dialog
which handles RGB palette with a lot of settings. You can set this
color field as a convenient popup to your edit field, selected color
is shown immediately, no need to popup additional windows or frames to
pick a color.
- ComboBox with search capability
An enhanced ComboBox that lets you search in a database and show the
whole table with its contents in a popup to your search field. You can
search from the beginning, at the end or anywhere in a database field.
Search results highlighting, special constructor to fill the table
automatically, filtering, and more.
- Date/Date SQL field
Full-featured professional customizable calendar control with time
selecting capabilities. This field can be used as a popup and features
plenty of ways to adjust the date selection process.
- Gradient panel and rectangle
Want to have a nice eye-catching gradient as a panel background? Use
this component to setup a gradient automatically, just point to the
needed colors, direction, layout, etc. Gradient is automatically
redrawn on Window resize.
- Hyper-link button
Create nice hyper-link style buttons with this simple component!
- Image field
Has plenty of settings and allows image manipulations: zooming,
rotating, opening, saving, moving, scrolling, and much more. It s very
fast and really easy-to-use.
- Label
This control is an extension of the standard JLabel component and allows you
to set up background and foreground gradients.
- Calculator panel
Calculator panel is a simple component that provides all features that
standard PC calculator supplies.
- Calculator field
This is a combination of JFormattedTextField and ELCalculatorPanel components.
Simply type in the required equation and you will get the result directly in
this field.
Complete editors and renderers for the majority of components are
already in the package.
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