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"Mirror Gazing" (a style of meditation)

Post by jtr on Jan 23, 2008, 2:36pm

"... Within two or three days

you will be able
to focus your eyes without blinking.
Even if tears come,
let them come but persist in not blinking.
And go on staring constantly into your eyes.
Do not change the stare.
Go on staring into the eyes - your OWN...
And within two or three days
you will become aware of a very strange phenomenon..."

That type of meditation is known in Sanskrit as tratak (gazing). I've tried this technique out a few times
before and I find it quite difficult to master.
True tratak meditation is meant to be performed not on a mirror, but on the sun at particular times of the
day. We derive our ability to see things from the light of the sun. At the time of sunrise and at the time of
sunset, one is supposed to perform tratak meditation on the sun. At that particular time, the sun's rays are
shielded enough that there will not be damage to one's eyes. When one is not able to perform tratak on the
sun (due to clouds or timing) then one is recommended to perform tratak on a lamp. The effect of tratak
with a lamp is not as powerful as the effects received by meditating on the sun. But I would recommend you
stick with a lamp, as if you do not perform the sun meditation properly you may damage your eyes.
Tratak meditation is an ancient method for improving one's eyesight. The ten senses (karmendriyas and
jnanendriyas) function according to the pancha-bhutas, the five basic elements. The eye in particular
functions by the element fire. It is by fire (light) that we can see and it is this element that allows the eyes
to function. Fire produces two energies, namely light and heat. It is by light that form is manifested and by
heat that shape is manifested. Shape and form together create the appearance of an object.
It is best if one starts practicing this meditation for 15 minutes a day and gradually increases it. One should
alternate between staring at the external flame and concentrating on an internal flame in their mind's eye or
ajna chakra. Stare at the flame of a candle or lamp without blinking until water begins to come from one's
eyes, then close your eyes and try to visualise the same flame within for an equal length of time. Continue
alternating in this manner.

Gazing into anything reflective to commune with the other side is called 'Scrying' its an interesting idea.


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