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Editor: Maya Brennan (age 11).
Journalists: Ryan Curley (age 11), Eva Maguire (age 11), Caoiolte Brennan (age 8)
close at 7:00pm. However the
re always
seems to be things happening
Navarrenx…concerts, carniv
I moved to Navarrenx last als, fairs…
summer, a In the last weekend of Jan By Ryan Curley
small village in the south of uary there is
France… a big agricultural fair, you
can see y.
Navarrenx was built in the
tractors, horses and other
farmer 1) Diary of a Wimpy Kid (The Ugly Truth) by Jeff Kinne
(500 years ago).It has hug
16th century
e stone walls
gadgets but my favorite par
t is the This book is narrated by a ‘wimpy’ guy called Greg who
bumper cars and the candyf t-
that circle it called loss!
The other nice thing in Navar writes in his diary, sorry journal- seriously funny, un-pu
the Ramparts which renx is down-able!
are 1657 meters long; that if you live in
it is next to a river the village you
and has a bridge that can just walk 2) Billionaire Boy by David Walliams. A rag to riches
was first built in the over to your story about a boy whose father comes up with an amaz
12th century (a friend’s house or invention - a gripping and a humorous read.
really long time ago) meet them at the
park (that way
3) The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole aged 13 and ¾ by Sue
and was rebuilt in
the 16th century! you can buy
In Navarrenx there sweets Thompson. Another diary format, about a boy called
is a market every without your Adrian and his bizarre family. - hilarious, you won’t be
Wednesday, which mum and dad able to stop reading this one!
has been there for knowing!).
Of course, I miss
4) Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl. The tale of two
hundreds of years, they sel
l fish, bread, Ireland and my friends and
fruit, cheese, vegetables, me speaking
(yum yum!).
at and pizza English instead of French (wh
ich I learnt foxes who try to outwit three wicked farmers -
Unlike Dublin, (where I com
e from)
in school) but I am still hap
py in my 500 enthralling plot, it has been made into an excellent movie
year old house with it’s poi
Navarrenx is quiet with not nty roof and
a lot of cars, white shutters!!
no noisy traffic lights and
all the shops
By Maya Brennan
5) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.
The final in the series of the young wizard’s adventure
at Hogwarts School. Harry Potter - Need I say more ?

Did you know…

r long!! (about the size of your arm!)
1. The Therizinosaurus eggs were nearly half a mete
ut the size of three bowling balls!)
2. The Ankyosaurus tail club was about 20 kilos! (abo
ter of a meter long! (Bigger then your head!)
3. The Utahraptor’s toe’s claws were nearly a quar
sharp teeth up to 20 cm long!
4. The T-rex (tyrannosaurus rex) had sixty razor
5. The T-rex lived in the U.S.A.!
looked like look them up in a dinosaur book or on the Internet
* If you don’t know what some of these dinosaurs
By Caoilte Brennan
Q.Why did the man with
by Eva Maguire one hand cross the rode?
A.To go to the second
lar pets in the world hand shop!
Cats are the most popu Maya, age 11:
minded. Cats like
.They are cute and quick Q.What mirror can fly?
other meats. They
ham, lamb, chicken and A. A wing mirror! Once, when I was very small I was in town and I
a good exercise is to
like to chase things and couldn’t see my dad. Then I saw him, I ran up to him and
d wave it around for
get a strand of string an Q.What does a vampire hugged his arm… but, it was only then I realized it
easy to look after and say after he comes home
them to catch.Cats are from a great party?
wasn’t my dad at all! I was SOOOO embarrassed!!
don’t need full on attent
on its own or in twos
A.It was fangtastic!
A cat can be bought in Caoilte, age 8:
with one and other.
or so on.Cats will fight
with dogs.
They can be brought up One time, when I was playing hurling (an Irish sport) I
scored an awesome goal… only to find that it was half
time and we had switched goals!
How embarrassing is that? Scoring in your own goal!

Jack, age 10

Me and my mum were shopping and I found a cool

games shop.There were headphones and I tried them
on.When I looked around everyone was staring at me, I
had been singing out loud!!

F e e d th e Tom, age 9:
m twice
G ro o m t a
h e m a s m da y. On the first day of school I really had to go to the
Give the uc h a s p
m fr e s h ossible.
Ha v e a b w a te r . toilet, so I rushed in… Ooops! It was the girl’s toilets
Never sq ready for it. and all the girls were staring at me!
ue e z e t h
e cat o r
harm it in
a ny wa y !
Q. How long have you been a
Ans - 22 years!
Find out about REAL jo Q. What is your favorite part
honor of
is ma ga zin e’s fir st int erview, I have had the of being a journalist?
For th to! Leela
er vie wi ng a pr of es sio nal journalist: Leela Jacin Ans. - My favorite part of being
int national
ce24 a Paris-based inter a journalist is the ability to
Jacinto works for Fran Arabic.
ch an ne l br oa dc as tin g in English, French and meet people, to hear their
news e Web, you
Internet reporter, on th stories. As a journalist you get a
She works as a TV and ws
wr ite - yo u do vid eo reporting, audio intervie license to ask strangers
don't ju st dia
well. It’s called multime questions you sometimes wouldn't
and photo slideshows as ask your best friend. I also LOVE
ou t ab ou t a pr of es sio nal journalist’s real job… journalism because it exposes me
Find to so many parts of the world.

Q. Do you have any advice to give us?

Ans. Lots of advice: don't take up journalism if you want to
be rich . This is a VERY exciting profession, but you don't
make lots of money. If you're a good journalist, you will
make a comfortable living. But there are other professions
Q. Where do you work? that pay much more.
Ans - In Paris - although I travel a lot, depending on which So if this profession doesn't impassion you, don't take it up.
part of the world is in trouble! Also, read history. Be bold - never be afraid to ask questions,
don't be scared of what people think of you. Listen to all
Q. At what age did you start wanting to be a journalist? sides. If you're a journalist, everybody wants you to see only
Ans - At 14. their side of an issue or an argument. But you have to be open
to all sides - even the ones you don't like!
Q. What did you want to be when you were younger?
Ans - A university professor - it seemed very intellectual! Q. Do you think we will ever be famous?
Ans .If you are a good journalist you may get some fame. But
Q. What did you study in college? if fame is all you seek in journalism, you won't be famous, Be
Ans - Economics in undergrad, Journalism in Grad. the best journalist you can and leave the rest to fate - :)
Q. What is your favorite food?
Ans - Rice! Rice is very nice!
By Eva Maguire
progress through nine
B e s t W ii G a m e fo r bo different
ys worlds. World 1 is th
By Ryan Curley e easiest, Singers:
but it gets harder and
harder as
you get up through th
In my opinion, the awar e levels. A
d for the real challenge! If you
greatest Nintendo W get your
ii game for hands on a chance to Don’t Hold Your Breath Nicole Scherzinger
kids would have to go play this
to New super game, you’ll get
Super Mario Bros. Be great
lieve me! fun out of trying to de
You can quite happily feat Adele
pass away the villain, Bowser Ju Someone Like you
hours and hours in comp nior.
lete He kidnaps Princess Pe
happiness, playing this ach
game. You at the beginning of th The Wanted
have a choice either to e game Gold Forever
play with and it is your job to ov
friends, or - if you’re erpower
friends are Bowser and rescue Pr
all tied up - you can ev incess
en play it Peach. Good Luck - Yo Price Tag Jessie J
solo. The idea of the u’ll need it!
game is to

S&M Rihanna
me is to simply
The object of the ga
fo r g ir l s : on the screen as
T h e be s t W ii g a m e imitate the dancer
ncing was your
J us t D a n c e though the person da
many points
By Maya Brennan reflection and get as Q.What did
the crisps sa
e 2 is even
as you can! Just Danc taxi man ask
ed if they wa
y when the
st wii games e first with
I think one of the be more popular then th A.No thanks,
we're Walke
nted a lift?
e! Of course sold ! Both
for girls is Just Danc over 5 million games rs !
enjoy it too but n be played by
I’m sure many boys games are fun and ca Q.What do b
aby apes slee
of their one or more persons. p in?
I don’t think it’s one A.In ape-ri-c
you will become
favorites… After these games
es over 30 !!! I hope you
Just Dance 1 includ a professional dancer Q.What does
a bee say to
: Girls just game as much
great songs such as enjoy this awesome wh e n h e c o m
e s ho m e ?
his wife
ot and Cold,
want to have fun, H as I do!!! A. Hello Hon
e y!
this… and many
Fame, U can’t touch