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Mortal Kombat

V.O.B (Voice over Black) RAIDEN: Years ago, a young earthrealm warrior named Shang Tsung learnt of a tournament. As RAIDEN says this, we see a young man climbing a large mountain; he is halfway to the peak. He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket; a scroll. He looks it over, and we see a large dragon symbol on the page behind the words. It is the symbol of the tournament, and this young man is SHANG TSUNG. SHANG looks up the mountain towards a monastery at the peak, and continues climbing the mountain. V.O. RAIDEN: He climbed to the high peak of Mount Shokaan to learn the ways of the tournament, and used his mastery of the Dark Arts to corrupt it. SHANG reaches the monastery, entering quaintly, and approaching three men in light orange robes; they are all hovering above the ground with their legs crossed: THE MORTAL KOMBAT GRANDMASTERS SHANG bows to them, and then we see a montage of his training with them, as RAIDEN speaks. V.O. RAIDEN: Shang Tsung trained with the Grandmasters; ancient warriors whose mastery of the martial arts convinced the Elder Gods that they could host the tournament every ten years. We go through another montage, this one showing SHANG fighting opponents in MORTAL KOMBAT and taking their souls. V.O. RAIDEN: Shang Tsung quickly became the Grand Champion of the tournament, and retained the title for thousands of years, until finally this title was taken from him by the Great Kung Lao, an equally powerful Shaolin warrior, whose determination revived the Elder Gods interest in the tournament. We see TG KUNG LAO kick SHANG, then throw him down, defeating him. V.O. RAIDEN: As a side effect of not consuming enough souls, Shang Tsung grew older every day, and became bitter and filled with rage. Then, one day, he decided that he deserved to host the tournament We see SHANG take the souls of each of the GRANDMASTERS as they struggle

to get away. V.O. RAIDEN: He killed the Grandmasters, took their souls and, on one faithful day, he got his revenge He trained a champion to kill Kung Lao. TRANSITION TO: THE COURTYARD; MIDDAY. Its a sunny day. The brightness could almost blind you if you stared at the sun for even a second. Suddenly, we hear a crowd of people chanting a name, they are yelling at the top of their lungs. PEOPLE: Goro! Goro! Goro! Suddenly, we see a face hit gravel and blood out of it. It is the face of a broad-shouldered older man, with short, black hair, and he looks to be quite a strong warrior: THE GREAT KUNG LAO Then we see the crowd in the stands cheering, and KUNG LAOs rival in this fight; a large hulking brute, with four arms, and a bad temper (he is also a Shokan Prince): PRINCE GORO The crowd continues to cheer as all of TG KUNG LAOs attempts at victory are denied by GOROs brute strength. GORO taunts TG KUNG LAO, who trips backwards a bit, but tries to maintain his strength. TG KUNG LAO gasps for air as blood trickles down his cheeks, and drops from his chin. We see KUNG LAO get up off the ground for one final stand against the hideous monster that GORO is. The camera pans to reveal a middle-aged SHANG TSUNG sitting on an elevated, golden throne, under some kind of umbrella-like cover to block out the Sun. TG KUNG LAO: (to SHANG TSUNG) you cant win, sorcerer! We see SHANG TSUNG snicker; he knows the outcome of the battle. SHANG TSUNG: Goro! Finish him! Then, we see the grim fate of THE GREAT KUNG LAO. PRINCE GORO grabs THE GREAT KUNG LAO by the torso, throws him across the

arena, picks him up again, rips his arms off, bashes him in the head with his arms until his facial features are completely unrecognizable and drenched in blood, and in an act of self-righteousness, holds the body of TG KUNG LAO over his head in a victory stance. SHANG TSUNG gets up from his throne behind GORO and walks over to what is left of TG KUNG LAO. He holds out his hand and satisfyingly recites the phrase he has always dreamed of using against TG KUNG LAO: SHANG TSUNG: Your soul is mine! Kombatants of future generations will come to fear me, as the man who took the soul of the Great Kung Lao! Suddenly, a flash of light comes out of SHANG TSUNGs hands, and we see the soul of TG KUNG LAO enter SHANG TSUNGs body. V.O. RAIDEN: With the tournament completely corrupted, Shang Tsungs power grew after he took The Great Kung Laos soul. It was from that day, I could tell that the future for The Great Kung Laos descendants would be grim if I did not intervene and guide them on the path to victory SHANG TSUNG: Prince Goro wins! Fatality. (smirks) SHANGT TSUNG proceeds to walks off towards his throne, but stops just as he reaches GORO. SHANG TSUNG: (to GORO) dispose of the body. GORO picks up the soulless body of TG KUNG LAO, and throws it into a nearby fire-well; it burns very quickly and the ash rises to the heavens. The camera follows the ashes as the reach a position in front of the Sun and swirl around in the summer breeze. V.O. RAIDEN: I knew that I had to help prepare the Earth realm for the next tournament. A tournament known to many, as Mortal Kombat The camera suddenly drops down to the fire-well as the screen is consumed by fire, ash, and sparks. Suddenly, the classic MK theme starts playing as we go through the opening credits and the title is revealed through gusts of fire [similar to the 90s Mortal Kombat movies but a bit different]: [] M O R T A L ][ K O M B A T[] (Suddenly, everything goes dark) Then a big flash comes upon the screen. We realize that this is a camera. TRANSITION TO: HOLLYWOOD; HOME TO THE STARS; NIGHTTIME. Paparazzi are going crazy. A slick black limousine pulls up to a red carpet.

Then we see that we are at a theater, with the title of the movie being Dragon Fist II: Double Dragon. We see the starring role, which belongs to none other than JOHNNY CAGE! Return to the limousine. JOHNNY steps out, in a trimmed black suit, with his brown hair, and infamous sun glasses. A reporter from what appears to be Access Hollywood addresses Johnny. A.H REPORTER: Johnny, Johnny! What are your thoughts on the allegations made against you involving the car chase with your ex-wife? JOHNNY CAGE: I have no comment on the matter, other than the fact that the dispute has been settled out-of-court. A.H. REPORTER: And what about your critics who say that you never do your own stunts? Do you have anything to say about that? JOHNNY CAGE: Actually, I do. With all the hard work I do I think that it's only fair that I get the recognition I deserve for performing my own stunts! I mean, c'mon! Those critics can goJOHNNY CAGE is suddenly interrupted by another, tall, sturdy man. He appears to be some sort of superior to Mr. Cage. MASTER PESINA: Listen, I work with Mr. Cage as a personal trainer and teacher, and I know, for a fact, that all of Johnnys stunts are real. A.H REPORTER AND PAPARAZZI: Mr. Cage! Mr. Cage! The paparazzi take more photos. MASTER PESINA: That will be all. Suddenly we realize weve been seeing this through a television screen the entire time. TRANSITION TO: BAYSIDE CITY; OLD ABANDONED HOSPITAL Were in a musty, old, darkened room. A man is sitting in a chair watching the TV. The light from the TV flashes on the area where his right eye should be, to reveal a glowing, red, cyborg eye and a metal plate covering the same half of his face:

KANO Then, a man in a light brown trench coat enters the room, turning the TV off as he does. The man gives KANO a disapproving glance: JAREK KANO: What the hell man?! I was watching that! The man still stands looking at him. KANO: Well... What the hell do ya want?! Oh for f***s sake... You fucking bastard; you really afraid of the "Special Forces?" We can handle 'em. JAREK: What makes you so sure of that, Kano? Remember how your little accident happened? KANO jumps up out of his chair and rushes toward JAREK. KANO pushes JAREK up by his neck against the old wall of the room theyre in. He flicks out his massive butterfly knife. KANO: What the f*** did you just ask me? KANO holds his butterfly knife directly up to JAREKs eye. JAREK (gasping for air; looking at knife): I mean... I'm just... Saying... We... Should take pre... cautions. KANO slowly backs off, as JAREK gasps for air. KANO: Listen, Jarek, I know what I'm doing. I run things around here now, and you better f***ing believe that I won't hesitate to f*** you up, just like anyone else who wants to fuck with the Black Dragon! You really think were weak?! JAREK: No, but we need to gain a little more respect, rather than fear; then wed have real leverage over all the other gangs, including the Red Dragon, and tighter connections throughout the city. Random acts of violence aren't enough anymore Look, all Im trying to say is that the Special Forces are starting to get a grip on us; we have to put them out of commission, and we need to do it soon. KANO: You're acting too paranoid, mate. I mean, how can we even be sure they know we're here? We have people scattered across the city to offer multiple distractions to their little Black Dragon Task Force. JAREK: How can we be sure that thats enough? KANO: Trust me. Besides, by the time they get here, Ill be outta this place!

JAREK: Woah, woah, woah. Youre leaving? What about the gang? It cant run itself! Not to mention the fact that the Red Dragon has us targeted! KANO: All the more reason for me to get away from here KANO laughs and looks down at a piece of paper folded in his pocket; he pulls it out and gives it to JAREK. KANO: I've made a business deal with a very prestigious warlord who goes by the name of Shang Tsung. JAREK: Whats the offer? KANO: Fight in his tournament and win an unimaginable prize worth new knowledge about the universe. JAREK: Thats it? KANO: Well of course thats not it, mate! Theres more KANO flips the piece of paper over to reveal a picture of SHANG TSUNGs PALACE. Underneath the picture is a description (written in Chinese). JAREK: What does it say? KANO: It says Enjoy such fantastic surroundings as Shang Tsungs Gold Palace, full of untold riches that no being could imagine. KANO and JAREK both smile. JAREK knows what the plan is. JAREK: So exactly why did Shang Tsung make this deal with you? Didnt he figure youd go for the riches? KANO: He mentioned some kind of fascination with how quickly someone like me could attain so much wealth and power. He practically laid out the plan for us JAREK: Right. Fight a bit in the tournament, and then leave with the goods. KANO: Exactly, mate. It's the perfect plan; I'll take the speedboat out to the island where the tournament is being held, beat Sonya, sneak into his palace or wherever he hides the good stuff, take all of it, and drive the boat right back! JAREK: Hold on a minute. You have to beat Sonya? As in Sonya Blade? KANO: Yes, it was part of our agreement for fighting in the tournament. JAREK: But I thought he invited you?

KANO: He did After I bought the scroll off a guy in Hong Kong. Then Shang Tsung himself confronted me. JAREK: That makes a bit more sense, I think. So what about the rest of the gang? What are we supposed to do while you're gone? KANO: Watch over the empire; and just make sure that none of the Special Forces can infiltrate our system... It's as simple as that. JAREK: Sure... "Simple." KANO: It is Unless, of course, you dont think you can handle it. KANO gives a sleazy smirk and twirls his knife on his finger. JAREK (nervously): I can handle it. KANO: Good. Suddenly, a call comes in on a radio sitting next to the t.v. KANO picks it up, and answers. KANO: This is Red-Eye. A skinny man, with no nose, pale skin, and sunken eyes is standing in a darkened hallway, walking towards an open door. He answers KANO. NO FACE: (in a somewhat monotone voice) No-Face here, sir. KANO: What's the situation down there, freak-boy? NO FACE: Look who's talking! KANO: Don't even start you ugly son of b****. NO FACE pauses for a few moments and then continues. NO FACE: I've lost contact with the others, and I think I saw a van pull up around back. KANO: Well go check it out; we can't afford to have any interference! NO FACE walks through a door and continues down a long corridor with a single door at the end. He looks out the window of the door to see if anyone is out there, pulling out his gun as well. He doesn't see anything, and begins to walk back to the other hallway. Then a sly woman dressed in camouflage silently lands on the ground behind NO FACE and stands behind him as he stops and radio's KANO.

KANO: So, how does it look out there? NO FACE: It's safe. SONYA BLADE (behind NO FACE): Is it? NO FACE turns around quickly pointing his gun right at SONYA's face. NO FACE: What the f***?! SONYA quickly trips him and stomps on his arm, twisting it, and disarming him. She cuffs NO-FACE and then proceeds to pick up the radio. KANO: No Face? Are you there? No Face?! SONYA: No Face is in our custody now, Kano, and you're next. SONYA begins scoping out the hospital, looking for anymore of KANO's unsightly cohorts; she can't wait to finally arrest KANO. KANO: Why hello, baby. I'm glad you've shown up for our anniversary. SONYA: What the hell are you going on about now, Kano? KANO: I'm talking about the day I ripped your partner's heart out; just like you ripped out my heart... KANO does a little fake cry, and then begins laughing. SONYA: Oh shutup, Kano. When I arrest you yoKANO: Arrest me? I'm insulted; I'd have thought you'd want to kill me by now. SONYA: I'd never play into your sick games you pathetic monster; you're going right where you belong! KANO: Well Id be lying if I didnt stress how disappointed I am Your partners probably rolling in his grave, waiting for you to avenge him; but you never really did care for anyone but yourself, right baby? SONYA: Shutup Kano... KANO: He made it so easy for me to kill him Not much of a challenge at all. Its almost as if He wanted to die, in a way. Thats why I had to put him out of his misery immediately; but, of course, ripping a mans heart out is never an easy task Haha. SONYA: I SAID SHUTUP! KANO: Get over it already, will ya baby?! The past is buried deep within the

soil and all thats left now is you and me. SONYA: I wouldn't be so sure of that. KANO: What the hell is that supposed to mean? We stay in the room with KANO and JAREK. JAREK has a worried look on his face, as he begins pacing back and forth. KANO is standing with the radio looking over the security cameras, watching SONYA make her rounds. SONYA: It means I have a new partner! Suddenly, a strong, tall, African-American man, clad in a Special Forces uniform bursts through the window in the room: OFFICER JAX BRIGGS JAX runs over to KANO and they begin to fight. JAREK runs off into the dark hallways, meeting SONYA on his way. JAREK throws a few punches and SONYA dodges, and then kicks him in the stomach. Meanwhile, JAX grabs KANO by the neck and throws him at the security panels, then walks over to him. KANO kicks JAX away, and runs at him, tackling him into the t.v and it's stand. KANO punches JAX several times, but JAX punches KANO right back, making KANO fall back onto the floor, blood streaking down his face and out of his nose. JAREK throws a chair at SONYA knocking her back onto the ground. Just as JAREK is about to stomp on her head, SONYA trips him. JAX attempts to kick KANO while he's down, but KANO grabs JAX's leg and flips him onto the ground as well. As JAX lay there, slowly moving backwards as to get away from KANO, KANO grabs a molecular explosive/grenade off of a metal table in the corner of the room. SONYA knocks JAREK unconscious with her left leg, and continues on her way to the control room. KANO gets up, throws the explosive at the ground, and jumps out of the window to the left of him; the explosive begins to beep violently! JAX gets up to quickly run out, but notices SONYA about to enter. He quickly grabs SONYA as the explosive is about to go off, and shields her from the explosion, which rips apart JAX's arms and back. SCREEN GOES BRIGHT WHITE CUT TO: HOSPITAL ROOM; MIDNIGHT SONYA awakens to silence and looks around the room. She sees an I.V. and another man across the room who is being treated for third-degree burns. She reads the man's profile, and discovers his name is KABAL, a name she's never heard of. A man in a dark blue suit walks in.

SONYA: Detective Stryker. What happened? STRYKER: Don't you remember anything at all? SONYA: Only up until the explosion. STRYKER: Jax shielded you from the explosion, and if it weren't for him you wouldve been toast. SONYA: What about Jax? Is he okay? STRYKER: He's... "Holding on," so to speak. SONYA: Well what does that mean? STRYKER: Listen, Sonya, he was pretty beaten up in the explosion, so the doctors are trying to find a way to fix him up. SONYA: But is he okay?! STRYKER: He's in critical condition, so we won't be sure for a while. SONYA: Damn it! This is all my fault I shouldve taken on Kano myself. STRYKER: No one could have known Kano was holding molecular explosives, and you of all people know how unpredictable Kano can be SONYA: Unfortunately, yes But as soon as I get out of here, Ill continue work on the case. STRYKER: Actually Sonya, thats also what I wanted to come here and talk to you about The Commissioner is allowing you one more week on the case and then hes shutting down the Black Dragon Unit. SONYA (confused): Shutting down? Why? STRYKER: Listen, I know I dont need to tell you that the loss of your ex-partner changed things for you, but youve spent all of your time obsessed with it and its gonna get you killed! That, coupled with the fact that the Black Dragon are marked for death by the Red Dragon means were changing gears. SONYA: Changing gears? STRYKER: Were going to switch our focus from the Black Dragon to the Red Dragon. SONYA: Would it really make a difference? STRYKER: The Red Dragon is more internationally active than the Black Dragon and, if we can take out the Red Dragon, we maybe able to set off a chain

reaction thatll help us bring down the Black Dragon as well. SONYA: ButSTRYKER: I'm sorry, Sonya; I know that taking down Kano has meant a lot to you. You shouldn't worry yourself about this so much though; Kano will be right where he belongs soon enough. Anyways, I don't have much time left here, so get some rest, okay? SONYA: Wait, how long do I have to stay here? STRYKER: The doctors say you should be out by tomorrow morning. SONYA: Fine. Thanks, Detective. STRYKER: See you later, Lieutenant. SONYA, disappointed, looks up to her hospital TV to kill some time; CNN is on. TRANSITION TO: MODERN DAY CHINA; THE SHAOLIN TEMPLES; AND WU SHI ACADEMY CNN REPORTER: We're live here at the Shaolin Temples of Honan Province in China, where many people have taken refuge after an almost otherworldly tsunami hit the entire province just two nights ago. We have with us here one of the shaolin monks who has been helping the people as they seek shelter and food. Tell us Mr. Kang, why do you think that the temples have been the only part of the province to not feel the effects of the tsunami? PAK KANG: It is a miracle from the elder gods that we have not been hit and, fortunately, many people have made it here safely. CNN REPORTER: Do you think that this could be another after-shock from the disaster in Japan? PAK KANG: I suspect that this could be more or less related, but it appears to me that some force has intentionally blanketed us to save the temples. We are trying our best to ensure the safety of the people; that is what we have always done. CNN REPORTER: Well it's been a pleasure speaking with you Mr. Kang. I'd like to thank you again for filling us in on all of this. PAK KANG: Thank you, sir! We are honored by your presence. CNN REPORTER: Stay tuned; there'll be more updates after the break. Then we realize were past just watching t.v.

PAK walks away to a group of monks, all dressed in robes just as he is. Then, a light wind blows. PAK turns around to discover his broad-shouldered, strong, and long-haired nephew: LIU KANG PAK: Liu! You have returned! LIU KANG: How could I stand by and watch this madness!? PAK: Never mind that! Why is your hair so long?! LIU KANG: Uncle Pak! PAK: Youre right, on with business. LIU KANG: How are the Temples? PAK: Safe; it is truly a gift from Raiden himself that the temples have remained intact! That being said, we did catch a little damage, and I'm sure you heard of the Lin Kuei who attacked our temples over two nights ago as well. LIU KANG: Wait, they attacked before the tsunami hit? Did anyone get hurt? PAK: Only a few, but none critically! But, like I said, they did damage the temples themselves a little. LIU KANG: Why wasn't I told of this? Why wasn't anyone defending the temples?!! Suddenly, a voice is heard from the crowd of monks. UKNOWN MONK: What a good question, although maybe you should be asking yourself why you werent here to help defend them! LIU KANG: Who said that?! Show yourself! A man who looks much like LIU reveals himself: KUNG LAO They look like they should be brothers, or at least related; and so they are. They are both descendants of THE GREAT KUNG LAO. LIU KANG: Kung Lao? Its been years; I thought KUNG LAO: You thought I would have left by now Like you? No, Liu, I chose to

stay where I belong and honor my ancestors; you always said youd be here when the Order really needed you, so answer my question! Why werent you here to help protect the Temples? LIU KANG: If I had known that the temples were under attack I would have been here! But I think you and I both know that all that stuff that our uncles taught us was nonsense. Lies made up just to make us join the White Lotus Society! PAK: How can you say such things, Liu? You were the only one, along with Kung Lao, who truly believed in fighting for our realm! You, of all people, know what this attack could mean! LIU KANG: No! I refuse to believe in fairy tale monsters and dragon men! Where is the reality in it all? KUNG LAO: And you truly believe that? After all weve been through in the past? After all weve seen and done, youre going to stand here and tell me that those experiences Werent real? LIU KANG: You just dont see it the way I do! Then a thunderous voice looms over them as if it were the clouds speaking! CLOUD VOICE: Of course. It was never good enough for Liu Kang. The world just doesnt understand him But oh, you are so wrong PAK: Lord Raiden Lord Raiden is calling to you! You see You see what you have brought upon us?! LIU KANG: What are you talking about?! Then it suddenly begins to rain, and everyone in the area is completely astounded. Then, lightning bolts cross the skies, thunder is heard, almost as if applause of some sort is being given. A quick flash of light springs to the ground in front of LIU KANG, and what appears to be the figure of a man slowly forms out of the electrons engulfed in the lightning, light bends. Before them stood, in tattered old armor with a long, white cape, white robes, and a straw hat, the entity known as the thunder god, in his complete human form: RAIDEN All of the MONKs, LIU, and KUNG LAO stare in astonishment! RAIDEN: Now do you believe? RAIDEN slowly walks towards LIU and his UNCLE PAK. RAIDEN: What is unclear to me is how we dont understand when, in what you

know as reality, you are the one who does not understand. LIU doesnt back away; he stands tall in front of the thunder god. LIU KANG: I dont have to be afraid of you! You stood by as these Temples were being attacked, when you had the power to help protect them! You are pathetic! RAIDEN: As a god it is only my duty to watch over you, not to serve you. I cannot alter time to my own wishes without destroying other realms, and I certainly cannot forget my responsibilities Like you. LIU begins to get even angrier. LIU KANG: I have had enough of this foolishness! As LIU proceeds to walk away, RAIDEN intervenes. RAIDEN: What about the tournament? LIU stops dead in his tracks, and turns back around to face RAIDEN. LIU KANG: Mortal Kombat? RAIDEN nods. RAIDEN: I think you should remember what your uncle has taught you, after all, you will be entering the tournament. LIU KANG: And why is that? RAIDEN: Because Shang Tsung has invited you And the fate of the Earth realm depends on our victory LIU KANG: Our victory? RAIDEN: I have been invited to fight in the tournament as well. LIU KANG: Then why not just use your powers to defeat Shang Tsung!? RAIDEN: It is against the rules. They do call it Mortal Kombat for a reason, you know. LIU feels wrong in his accusations that he made earlier, and remembers a couple of the rules to the tournament. He begins to re-evaluate things. RAIDEN smiles. LIU KANG: Fine. I will enter the tournament, and I will restore balance. Is that what you wanted to hear?!

PAK: Liu, it was foretold that one day the balance between the realms would be disturbed, and someone, a hero, would have to put things right again. You can be that hero, Liu; I believe it, and so does everyone else here. LIU begins to walk away, and then turns around for one last question. LIU KANG: What about Kung Lao? Couldnt it be that he is this hero? What if you are wrong? RAIDEN: It is not his time; he is younger than you. You must compete, or suffer the consequences. Sometimes, Liu Kang, we must take risks before we can fully understand the truth. KUNG LAO gives LIU a look of respect, LIU returns with an appreciative glance. LIU: When does the tournament begin? RAIDEN: Two Days; the Shokaan Islands. LIU: Then I must prepare. LIU then proceeds to walk away, as PAK proceeds to speak with RAIDEN. PAK: Is he ready Lord Raiden? RAIDEN: Only if you believe he is CUT TO: THEATRE; INTERIOR; PREMIERE OF JOHNNY CAGE MOVIE MASTER PESINA stands up and turns to JOHNNY. MASTER PESINA: I just have to go to the bathroom; Ill be right back though. JOHNNY: Okay, whatever. JOHNNY waves MASTER PESINA through and then continues watching the movie, mimicking his own punches from his seat. JOHNNY: Damn, I should have given him the left hook! TRANSITION TO: THEATER BATHROOM INT. MASTER PESINA begins to urinate in the bathroom urinal; he notices that there are no other people around and it surprises him. Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker in the bathroom; the lights go off, then on; RAIDEN is standing there. RAIDEN: Hello, Mr. Pesina.

MASTER PESINA jumps and zips up his pants; he turns around quickly to confront this surprise visitor. MASTER PESINA: Who the hell are you?! RAIDENs eyes flash with electricity, almost as if to intimidate MASTER PESINA. RAIDEN: My name is Lord Raiden. I am the Protector of Earth Realm. MASTER PESINA: Ummm What?! RAIDEN: There is not much time RAIDEN pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to MASTER PESINA. RAIDEN: Give this to Johnny Cage. MASTER PESINA: Why? What is it? RAIDEN: He has been invited to a tournament known as Mortal Kombat. Make sure he agrees to attend and, by all means, that he is there on time! MASTER PESINA: Okay, okay, okay Please dont hurt me RAIDEN laughs, but it is a creepy laugh. RAIDEN: I do not intend to hurt you mortal; but the consequences will be dire if Johnny does not show! I trust you to complete this task for me. Farewell, Mr. Pesina. MASTER PESINA falls backwards in shock, gets up again, washes his hands, and exits the bathroom out into the lobby. The movie has come to an end. People who attended the premiere of the movie have been walking out of the theater since the movie started. JOHNNY looks disappointed, and gets up, as the credits begin to roll. Then we cut to JOHNNY in the theater plaza. MASTER PESINA pats Johnny on the back sympathetically. MASTER PESINA: We tried Johnny. JOHHNY CAGE: That doesnt change the fact that the whole movie was a complete flop! God, the critics are going to decimate this one JOHNNY proceeds to sit on a nearby chair, as MASTER PESINA sits next to him. The theater lobby is empty, albeit there are a couple people cleaning.

JOHNNY: I mean, what is it going to take, Master Pesina? Do I really have talent, or has everyone been lying to me!? MASTER PESINA: Cmon Johnny, dont think like that! I trained you myself, and I can tell you that you are a talented actor and martial artist. JOHNNY: Thanks, but the critics'll never believe that; I really have hit rock bottom... My ex-wife was right. JOHNNY throws his head down into his arms on the table. MASTER PESINA suddenly remembers something. MASTER PESINA: Yknow, there was this one thing that I wanted to talk to you about Johnny. JOHNNY: Oh yeah, what is it? Can it bring my career back to life? MASTER PESINA: Its a tournament. All the best fighters from around the world gather on an island, and basically just fight to see who will win. Its a big deal too! Held once a generation or something like that. I didnt really have much time to iron out all the details JOHNNY slowly raises his head. JOHNNY: Really? Theres gotta be a catch. Cmon what is it? MASTER PESINA: No catch. Just fight to win and, if you do this, you can show the world that you're the real goods. JOHNNY: All expenses paid? JOHNNY gives a smart look to MASTER PESINA. MASTER PESINA: Pretty much. The only exception is your method of transportation there-and-back. JOHNNY: I dont know. It sounds kind of risky. MASTER PESINA: If you do this, youll be proving your skills to the world! To your critics! Cmon Johnny. Some of the best fighters/actors I know have gotten great publicity from taking some interesting risks. JOHNNY: Oh yeah? Like who? MASTER PESINA: Dont grill me on it, just say yes! JOHNNY: Okay, Ill go. But only because I need the P.R. right now. When and where is it?

MASTER PESINA pulls out a piece of paper with writing on it. MASTER PESINA: Here are the coordinates. MASTER PESINA hands JOHNNY a stained piece of paper. MASTER PESINA: Be there by 10:00 on Friday. JOHNNY: In the morning?! MASTER PESINA gives JOHNNY a convincing look. JOHNNY: Fine. Ill be there. Are you coming? MASTER PESINA: Of course, but only to see you off. MASTER PESINA proceeds pat JOHNNY on the back again as they exit the theater. The person who was mopping the floor lifts there head to reveal that they are actually RAIDEN. His eyes flicker bright blue, flashing over the screen. CUT BACK TO: HOSPITAL; EARLY MORNING (AROUND 7:00-ish). SONYA is asleep in her hospital room. Suddenly, an older Japanese doctor walks through the door to check up on her and inform her of the situation. DOCTOR WAN: Ms. Blade? SONYA awakens in a startled rush. SONYA: Yes, thats me. DOCTOR WAN: Hi, Im Dr. Wan. Ive been recording your partner Jaxs progress since weve been working on him here. SONYA: And? DOCTOR WAN: Hes progressing. SONYA: Progressing How? DOCTOR WAN: Well, weve been trying to rebuild his arms and spinal column for sometime now using a new technology that is highly controversial but very effective. DOCTOR WAN pulls out an I-Pad with a specialized holography app that allows him to pull out the blueprints (so to speak) of Jaxs new internal structure. He pulls them up, out of the I-Pad, and into the room [think IRON MAN]. SONYA looks them over.

DOCTOR WAN: As you can see, the very nature of Jaxs injury left him in a state of paralysis and near-death. DOCTOR WAN pulls up the internal structure of Jax before the reconstruction process. DOCTOR WAN: Now, we are able to use nanomites with genetically engineered properties to rebuild everything that was lost and also increase your partners strength, agility, and reflexes. We see everything that was damaged becomes filled in with a silvery substance that repairs all the injuries. SONYA: Sounds like that crappy Stephen Sommers movie DOCTOR WAN: I suppose you could say that the concept is quite similar indeed; although not quite as extreme. Albeit, this process could also affect his memory, so were working on some gene therapy that may be able to provide a boost to his brain cells which, as you can see, were also damaged in the explosion. SONYA: So he will be alright then? DOCTOR WAN: Hell be out of here within the next three weeks but, like I said, hell need some recovery time at home which will probably take another week or two after that; its a very speedy process due to recent advancements in medical technology. SONYA: Thats great! But when do I get out of here, Doc? DOCTOR WAN: Youre free to leave whenever youre ready now, Ms. Blade. SONYA: Thank you. DOCTOR WAN: Oh, and I almost forgot DOCTOR WAN pulls out an old, folded piece of yellow parchment from his medical coat pocket. He hands it to SONYA. DOCTOR WAN: I figured youll need a way to pass the time. SONYA looks the paper over in confusion. SONYA: A tournament? DOCTOR WAN: Mortal Kombat. My great-grandfather fought in the tournament years ago and he said it was quite the experience. I just thought since youre partner is in the hospital that you might want something to do

SONYA: Trust me; I have better things to do than fight in some tournament on a remote island. No offense but, I dont have time for this. DOCTOR WAN: Well Keep it. Just in case you change your mind. DOCTOR WAN gets up and turns to SONYA as he prepares to walk away. DOCTOR WAN: Have a good day, Ms. Blade. Your partner is in good hands. DOCTOR WAN walks away as SONYA looks at the piece of paper and discards it in a garbage bin next to her. She gets up, gathers her things from the front desk, and leaves the hospital to go to the parking garage. CUT TO: DOCTOR WAN WALKING AROUND CORNER; LONG HALLWAY. RAIDEN appears in front of DOCTOR WAN giving him a fright. DOCTOR WAN: Jesus! RAIDEN: Did you hand her the scroll? WAN: Yes. RAIDEN: Very good then, you have shown you're worth Dr. Wan; your father would be proud. WAN: Wait, dont you want to know what she said afterwards? RAIDEN: Dr. Wan, you are a man of science, correct? WAN: Well Yes, yes I am; although, after seeing what you can do, Im not so sure anymore. RAIDEN: Then you know that when elements react with each other, they create a product. WAN: Of course, but what does that have to do with anything? RAIDEN: Fate and Destiny are colliding, Dr. Wan. The product is merely inevitable. WAN: What are you saying? RAIDEN: Im saying that despite Sonya Blades immediate stubbornness, she will be at the tournament. The universe demands it. RAIDEN suddenly disappears in a flash of light, and DOCTOR WAN continues walking down the hallway. WAN: You're welcome...

CUT TO: SONYA IN PARKING GARAGE; FIFTH LEVEL. In the parking garage, SONYA finds her car. As she gets in and sits down, she receives a call on her cell phone. The call she receives is from another team member: MIKKA STONE MIKKA: Sonya, are you there? SONYA: This is Blade. MIKKA: Weve tracked down Kanos location. Hes heading out to the middle of the ocean; our Intel says hes traveling to some sort of hidden island and I think theyre right. SONYA: What do you mean? MIKKA: If there is an island out there, its not showing up on our tracking devices. Were gonna need to find out where this place is. SONYA: I think I can help you there. Ill be back at HQ in twenty minutes. Blade, out. SONYA ends the call, gets up, with a sigh, walks back into the hospital, and picks up the piece of paper she had gotten from the doctor earlier, and later discarded. She looks at the paper. SONYA: Mortal Kombat, huh? What a joke SONYA walks out of the hospital again. TRANSITION TO: OLD BARBERSHOP; MIDDAY. LIU is sitting in a chair. The BARBER walks up behind LIU. BARBER: Liu Kang? I havent cut your hair since you were a child! LIU: Ha, I remember. So how are you lately Chan? CHAN: Pretty good. Cutting hair at least keeps food on the table three weeks out of the month. Y'know, I remember when Pak had hair like this! LIU: No, Uncle Pak? CHAN: Our mother would always complain about his long hair, but he eventually had to shave it when he became a member of "the Order." I'll never forget the time mom cut his hair off while he was sleeping; or at least tried... CHAN and LIU share a laugh.

We go through a short montage of CHAN cutting LIUs hair, and then we see LIU and CHAN sitting at a table eating. CHANs wife, MIE, brings out a couple more dishes of food, and they all look happy. LIU: Thank you for allowing me to stay for dinner. MIE: The pleasure is all ours. CHAN: Yes, were very glad to have you stay! When you return to the Wu Shi Academy, can you tell Kung Lao to come visit us every once and a while!? MIE: For heavens sake, were his parents, and he barely comes to see us anymore. LIU: Ill be sure to tell him. LIU gives a grateful look. MIE: I remember when you two trained at the academy together; he was excited to be training with his favorite cousin. LIU laughs. LIU: Really? Did he tell you that? CHAN: What do you mean? Kung Lao loved you like a brother! LIU: Well he sure has a funny way of showing it; he was quite competitive actually. CHAN: He was just a boy. We sent him to the academy so that he could be given strong moral guidance. LIU: Ah, well that was one thing that certainly stuck with him. MIE: And what about you, Liu? LIU: Some of what the Order taught me is still within me as well, but beyond the walls of the Wu Shi Academy was a world I hadnt anticipated. The area you two live in isnt so bad, but Ive been to some of the places in the world where poverty is life; where killing is routine; and where corruption is considered fair. Its only been a year and Ive already seen women and children die violently at the hands of mad men; innocent people being victimized! CHAN: Sounds like the real world hit you hard. LIU: It was definitely an eye-opener. You see so many things that they never teach or even mention at the Wu Shi Academy, and it resonates within you. There are many foolish people in this world Who rape, pillage, and steal

every chance they get. There was a time when I thought I could make a difference amongst them all; represent the good against the bad But the bad ended up outweighing the good and, in the end, it became me against everyone else. Its almost as if Good is fading to dust; good morals; good values; its all disappearing. CHAN: There are many good people, Liu. Never lose faith in humanity. As long as people like you and Kung Lao exist, then the evil of this world will be threatened by good; and, eventually, you two can inspire others to rise above the evil. MIE: We believe in you, Liu, and so does Kung Lao. LIU smiles. MIE: Now, onto a bit of a lighter topic: who wants dessert? CHAN and MIE laugh with each other; LIU smiles and nods. LIU: Ill have some, thank you. We go through a short montage of them all eating dessert, and sharing some laughs. MIE: Chan, could you help me clean the dishes? CHAN: Of course honey. LIU sits and waits patiently, as CHAN and MIE are in the kitchen cleaning dishes. LIU gets up and walks over to some old photos hanging on the wall. One of the photos LIU notices is of Kung Lao and himself at a very young age; LIU smiles. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, a knock is heard at the door. CHAN: Ill get it. CHAN kisses his wife on the cheek, and then walks towards the door. He opens it with friendly greetings. A YOUNG MAN is at the door, and he returns the greetings, punching CHAN unconscious as he does. LIU hears MIE scream, and proceeds to run into the room. There, LIU is knocked unconscious by the YOUNG MAN, as he listens to MIE and CHANs deaths at the hands of the criminal. The YOUNG MAN then proceeds to take all of MIE and CHANs valuables, but leaves only the picture of KUNG LAO with his parents. Then the YOUNG MAN

leaves. CUT TO: BCPD OFFICE BUILDING; SPECIAL FORCES DEPARTMENT; SONYAS OFFICE SONYA is sitting at her desk, looking over some paperwork on KANO and the BLACK DRAGON criminal organization. Then, she pulls out a picture of her expartner, LANCE RIZXE. She looks the picture over a little, and then stuffs it in her coat pocket. MIKKA walks in. MIKKA: It never gets any easier, does it? SONYA remains silent; MIKKA breaks the morbid silence once again. MIKKA: Yknow, I hate to say it, but Kano was right about one thing MIKKA proceeds to sit down on the edge of SONYAs desk. SONYA: Oh yeah, and whats that? MIKKA: You have to get over this, Sonya. Its consuming your life; and thats exactly what Kano wants! This is exactly why the Commissioner decided to shut down our unit. SONYA: You just dont understand. I have to get Kano. Thats my goal, and thats what Im going to achieve, whether you want to help me or not. MIKKA: Im not so convinced that you only want to arrest him anymore SONYA: What do you mean? MIKKA: Revenge will consume your life, Sonya I dont want to see you make a decision that youll regret. SONYA: This isnt revenge! This is justice! MIKKA: Is it? Since when has justice ever meant killing the people who have done wrong? SONYA: He deserves it! MIKKA: Thats not up to us, though. SONYA looks out the window to see a rainy night, rain drops filling up the window and obscuring her view of the city. MIKKA: By killing Kano, were no better than him. I can understand youre in pain But what would Lance do? MIKKA gets off of SONYAs desk and walks to the door, stopping just before she

leaves. MIKKA: Think about it This tournament thing is our last chance to catch Kano before they split us up; dont make me regret letting you come. See you tomorrow. MIKKA leaves. SONYA sits at her desk silently as the rain continues to fall outside; tears form in SONYAs eyes; she closes KANOs open file on her desk, gets up, and leaves. CUT TO: SIDE STREET BESIDE BCPD HQ; MIDNIGHT. Outside, BAYSIDE CITY is noisy, and massive. The streets are filled with crime; the scum of the world thrive here if they have good connections. SONYA hates having to walk home at this time of night, even if she can defend herself, shes an emotional wreck right now; for the first time in a long time, SONYA is actually a bit frightened by the streets she often patrols. Just as she begins walking away from the BCPD building, JAREK, followed by two men dressed in dark clothing, run up behind SONYA and proceed to ambush her. The two men grab her arms and hold her down, while JAREK pulls out a lead pipe and proceeds to beat SONYA with it, hitting her twice in the stomach, and once on each knee. JAREK: You stupid bitch! You should have never attacked our territory! SONYA: You do everything Kano tells you to do, and youre calling me a bitch? SONYA, although taken off guard, kicks one of the two men holding her to the ground, making him fall down. Then, she punches the second man in the stomach several times, making him fall backwards. However, during this short scuffle, JAREK manages to get behind SONYA, and hits her in the back with the lead pipe, making her fall down to the ground. JAREK: Yeah, you are a bitch, and now Im going to finish you off! SONYA spits out some blood on the ground. SONYA: Go Ahead Jerkoff. JAREK: The name is Jarek, you ignorant slut! He is about to finish her off when he feels a gun being pointed at the back of his head. Detective STRYKER is there after hearing the commotion while unlocking his car. Officer JOHN TORSON is also there to ensure JAREK doesnt pull any funny business. STRYKER: Put your hands on your head you son of a b****. Do it!

JAREK: Alright! Im going to JAREK kneels down with his hands on the back of his head. STRYKER: Officer Torson JOHN TORSON walks over to JAREK and does a quick search of him, kicking away the lead pipe as he does this. JAREK smiles slyly. JAREK: Thats all I had, so calm down. JOHN: Just shutup, fool; you have the right to remain silent, anything you say or do can be used against you in a court-of-law where you will be judged by a jury of your peers. You have the right to an attorneyJAREK: Blah, blah, blah Just cuff me already. STRYKER throws handcuffs to JOHN, who quickly cuffs up JAREK. STRYKER: Take him in, John; hell be spending the night in a holding cell until I get back to question him. STRYKER walks over to SONYA who had gotten up during the arrest; she appears to be holding back cries of pain. STRYKER: Are you going to be okay, Lt. Blade? SONYA: Well what do you f***ing think? STRYKER: Calm down now, Sonya. I understand youre in pain. SONYA: You got that right Detective STRYKER begins to walk away. SONYA feels bad for her outburst. SONYA: And thanks, Kurtis Im-Im sorry I got angry. STRYKER: Thats okay, I understand. I can give you a ride home if you want; unless you need to go to the hospital? SONYA: No, I only have a few bruises; the pain should go away eventually. A ride would be nice, though. SONYA gives a little smile; STRYKER smiles back. The pair walks off towards STRYKERs car. TRANSITION TO: STRYKERS CAR ON A BACKSTREET. The car comes to a halt outside of a rather tall, brown brick, apartment building; this is where SONYA lives.

STRYKER: Is this it? SONYA: Yeah. Thanks again, Kurtis. STRYKER: Anytime, Sonya. STRYKER and SONYA look at each other intensely for a brief moment. Suddenly, STRYKER moves in to kiss SONYA, but SONYA backs off immediately and gets out of the car quickly. STRYKER calls after her. STRYKER: Sonya! Wait, Im sorry Sonya! SONYA: Thanks again, Stryker Tears are forming in SONYAs eyes as she walks away, she hasnt been in a relationship in years, and she got really hurt the last time she was. STRYKER looks disappointed and confused; he drives off into the night. TRANSITION TO: SONYAS APARTMENT. SONYA gets inside and sits down on the couch sitting in a large, messy room attached to an open kitchen, and a doorway to her bedroom. She takes off her boots and jacket, pulling out the old picture of her ex-partner. She takes it to her bedroom where she lies down on her bed, wide awake, staring up at the ceiling as the fan blows her hair sideways. She sets the picture of her expartner on the bed stand beside her, curls up under the blanket while looking at it, closes her eyes, and falls asleep. CUT TO: CHANS BARBER SHOP INT. LIU wakes up the next morning. LIU barely remembers what happened last night after being knocked unconscious; he walks back out into the kitchen. There he makes a horrific discovery; CHAN and MIE both dead. LIU kneels down beside both of their bodies. A tear develops in one of LIU's eyes, but he tries to fight it. Suddenly the camera pans to reveal RAIDEN in the room as well. RAIDEN: I am so sorry... LIU: Shang Tsung did this; I know it. RAIDEN: Liu, we cannot be sure of such a thing, and it would be unwise to make an assumption like that at this point. Why would Shang Tsung kill your aunt and uncle? He has no reason to do this. LIU: He wants to provoke me I can still feel his presence. RAIDEN: If you go into this tournament only concerned with vengeance... You will die, Liu Kang; but we have no more time to waste. There is a boat waiting for you down at pier 40; it will take you to the island, and I will meet you there.

LIU: He has their souls... I can't let that pass. Dont you understand how I feel? RAIDEN: ILIU: Let me ask you something, Raiden. If you cant even express true emotion, let alone understand it, then how is it that you are protector of Earth realm? RAIDEN: I may be a god, Liu Kang, but I am no newcomer to the emotions of human beings, let alone the highly complex emotions of the gods that you so readily claim dont exist! So dont accuse me of having a complete lack of knowledge of the realm I protect! I was chosen as the protector of Earth realm, Liu, because I am one of the only demi-gods who can fully understand human emotion and intelligence. If it werent for me, than the Elder Gods would have sacrificed this planet, and many like it, to save themselves; instead, they created Mortal Kombat, because I pleaded with them to give innocent citizens of every realm a chance to defend themselves, knowing they could handle the challenge! I have faith in the people of your world, Liu, and I ask nothing in return. LIU remains silent, but stands by his words. RAIDEN: We must now move on, though. Mortal Kombat awaits you, Liu Kang LIU: What about you? RAIDEN: I will be there in good time; first, I must inform Kung Lao of his parents unfortunate demise. LIU: No. Let me do it. RAIDEN: There is no time. I will let Kung Lao know you send your regards. LIU: WaitSuddenly, RAIDEN disappears in a flash of light. LIU slowly walks out the door, trying to maintain his strength. The sun is clearly beginning to rise on the horizon; it will be a beautiful day. LIU proceeds to leave the house. CUT TO: TELEVISION SHOW: CRITICS REVIEW DRAGON FIST II: DOUBLE DRAGON. CRITIC 1: Good morning folks. Today were going to review the newest gem from superstar actor/martial artist Johnny Cage. The film is called Dragon Fist II: Double Dragon. CRITIC 1 turns to CRITIC 2.

CRITIC 1: SO what were your initial thoughts on Johnny Cages newest film? CRITIC 2: First of all, Id like to start off by saying that the first Dragon Fist did not warrant a sequel; of course we all know that that movie was a messy remake of the earlier Dan Forden film Lutte des poings dragon (or

translated, Fight of the Dragon Fists), so I think we all knew that if a sequel were made, we couldnt expect much and, boy, what an overestimation.
CRITIC 1: I completely understand what you mean, this film was literally atrocious! It was all over the place and didnt really know what it was. Definitely one of the worst films of the year, hands down. CRITIC 2: It was an interesting move for Mr. Cage, who has been in some great films like The Green Ring and The Inception Bureau. CRITIC 1: That may be, but this is also the man who starred in the short-lived You Got Caged, a television show where he went around and protected citizens from random street criminals in what were clearly poorly staged fight sequences! Hell, he even expected some of the people on that show to pay him! You know youve hit rock bottom when CRITIC 2: Fair enough. Now, moving on Giant letters fly across the screen: THE PLOT CRITIC 2: The story begins 12 years after the first Dragon Fist as we follow John Reynolds, the son of the original protagonist from Dragon Fist I (who was also played by Johnny Cage), in his attempt to save his father from the quite evil and enigmatic Dr. MD. Along the way, Mr. Reynolds is hired to protect the Presidents daughter and her baby as they travel through southern China. Mr. Reynolds sees this as an opportunity to save his father who has, conveniently, been placed in southern China as well. CRITIC 1: The film sees Johnny Cage playing double duty as the son and the father, and I think that was definitely one of the things that made this film so confusing and ridiculous. CRITIC 2: I couldnt agree more. Now, heres a clip from this very strange and unneeded film The show cuts away to a clip of JOHNNY standing in a room with a baby in his arms, 7 other men in front of him, and one woman who he is protecting behind him, each of the 7 men ready to attack.

JOHNNY looks around the room at each of the guys. JOHNNY: Im taking you down. Im taking you down. Im taking you out. JOHNNY turns to the girl behind him. JOHNNY: And Im taking you out to dinner. Suddenly, a bald man with a dragon tattoo covering his face and a monkey standing on his shoulder, orders the 7 men to attack JOHNNY, who he refers to as Mr. Reynolds. DR. MD: Attack, my minions! Show Mr. Reynolds how we punish vigilantes in this town! JOHNNY acts swiftly as action music plays over the scene. He takes out each of the 7 men with several kicks and punches, all while the baby is in his hands (although, there are a few shots where the baby is not in his hands). He throws the baby to the last guy, who is completely confused, then kicks the guy in the stomach, catching the baby afterwards. Suddenly, he reaches over to the woman and pulls her in for a kiss. A large explosion develops in the background, but the three, including the baby, remain in place, unharmed. The television show cuts back to the CRITICS. CRITIC 1: After not much thought, I give this movie 0 out of 5. The acting, the sets, the lighting, and the sheer principle of this film are horrendous, not to mention Mr. Cages clear lack of skill in the martial arts department. CRITIC 2: I enjoyed the action actually; Ill give it 1 out of 5. CRITIC 1: Stay tuned, well have a sneak peek at the newestTRANSITION TO: JOHNNYS LOFT; LOS ANGELES. JOHNNY turns off the TV. JOHNNY is sitting on the edge of his king-size bed, with a disappointed look on his face after watching the critics on his 18 flat screen tear him a new one. A woman gets up out of the bed behind him. CARLY: Is everything okay, Johnnykins? JOHNNY turns his head a bit to acknowledge her. JOHNNY: Yeah Im fine. Listen, Im going to be leaving soon, so just let yourself out. JOHNNY gets up and walks out of the room. Outside, JOHNNYs butler JENKINS

is waiting for him. JOHNNY: Please tell me you werent waiting out here all night? JENKINS: Ha, I see you are in a good sense of humor today, Master Cage. JOHNNY: I try, I try. JENKINS: The limousine is waiting to take you to your private jet, Master Cage. May I suggest you eat breakfast before your departure, sir? JOHNNY: Oh, no thank you, Jenkins; Im not quite hungry. JENKINS: Very well, sir. Your bags have already been loaded onto the jet. JOHNNY: Thank you. Oh, and could you take care of my lady friend in the bedroom; yknow, feed her, show her the way out. JENKINS: Of course, Master Cage. JOHNNY: Thank you, Jenkins. See you soon! JENKINS: Goodbye, sir! JOHNNY exits the LOFT and enters a long, black limousine. The limousine drives off, as JOHNNY sits and contemplates his career. JOHNNY: Pesina better be right about this tournament JOHNNY looks out the window to see the ocean. CUT TO: WU SHI ACADEMY INT. KUNG LAO is sitting with his legs crossed, meditating. RAIDEN appears in a flash of light. KUNG LAO is surprised by this visit. KUNG LAO: Raiden? What are you doing here? Shouldnt you be at the tournament? RAIDEN takes a few steps towards KUNG LAO; he has a look of displeasure on his face. RAIDEN: I come bearing grim news, young shaolin monk. KUNG LAO is curious. KUNG LAO: What is it? RAIDEN: It is Your parents, Kung Lao; their home was robbed while Liu Kang visited them, and they were murdered.

KUNG LAO drops to the floor as tears of anger begin to fill his eyes. RAIDEN walks over to comfort KUNG LAO for a few short seconds, and then backs up as if to imply his departure. RAIDEN: I know how difficult this must be for you; I am so sorry. I will leave you to mourn. KUNG LAO: Wait, before you go, I want to know who killed them! RAIDEN: A random robber Noone could have predicted the incident. KUNG LAO: Thats not good enough; theres something youre not telling me KUNG LAO drops to the floor again. KUNG LAO: There has to be RAIDEN: I am sorry, Kung Lao But that is all I know. I am sorry for your loss, but I must bid you a farewell for now. RAIDEN disappears from the room leaving KUNG LAO with a sense of loneliness and loss. CUT TO: A LARGE SPECIAL OPS BOAT; ALMOST NOON; ON THE WIDE OPEN SEA SONYA is standing at the back of the boat, looking out at the sea. MIKKA STONE comes up and stands beside her. MIKKA: Hey Sonya. SONYA doesnt respond. MIKKA: You must be thinking about Jax SONYA still doesnt respond. MIKKA understands. She looks down. MIKKA: Hell be okay. Just think, well have Kano back in jail soon and, who knows, we might even get the rest of the Black Dragon at this tournament. SONYA: He would never risk that much. Kano is going alone; and I intend to get him. MIKKA: He could recruit more members though. SONYA: He could MIKKA: And from what research the foreign customs department did, the whole island where this tournament is being held is owned by one man

MIKKA pulls out a pad with writing on it. MIKKA: Some Shang Tsung guy. SONYA: So if he owns the whole island, he must have a lot of cash. MIKKA: Definitely, and if Kanos actions as of late prove anything, its that Kano will do anything to get his hands on a wad of cash, especially potential millions. Hed need it to fund his operation of the Black Dragon anyways. SONYA: Or for his own leisure. MIKKA: Well, maybe, but word on the street is that the money is going toward some sort of deal with a foreign gang in China. SONYA: Sounds like theyre looking to enter the international market. MIKKA: If thats the truth then they may just re-open our department by the time we get the evidence back to Bayside HQ. Suddenly, a beep is heard from a small device on MIKKAs wrist. MIKKA: My tracker states were nearing the island. John should be out to tell us soon. A very muscular, African-American man walks out the door to the cockpit: OFFICER JOHN TORSON (TORQUE) TORQUE: Guys, were approaching the island. MIKKA: Okay, Torque. Told ya; you wanna come see the island, Sonya? SONYA: Might as well. MIKKA walks through the door, and SONYA follows. From the cockpit, they see a large shadowy figure in the middle of the sea, and isolated from the rest of the world: THE SHOKAN ISLANDS They slowly approach the island, and a large gleaming mass on the top of the islands mountains comes into their line of sight: SHANG TSUNGs ISLAND FORTRESS MIKKA: Whats our first assignment, Lieutenant? SONYA: We rig the entire island with explosives.

TORQUE: Sounds like my kinda operation. SONYA walks to the side of the boat to look out over the sea. MIKKA walks up beside her. MIKKA: Why the whole island? SONYA: Kanos slipped through my grasp way too many times to let go, not to mention this shady Shang Tsung character and his tournament; were going to need a Plan B. MIKKA: But doesnt that make this a suicide mission? SONYA: Only if it needs to be. MIKKA: You cant be serious? SONYA looks back at MIKKA sternly. CUT TO: AN AIRPLANE FLYING HIGH UP IN THE SKY: EXTERIOR. CUT TO: PLANE: INTERIOR. We see JOHNNY CAGE in a light blue parachuting suit. He looks nervous. Hes sweating; heavily. Then, MASTER PESINA and another MAN walk up to him. MAN: Are you ready, Mr. Cage? JOHNNY: I think so. JOHNNY proceeds to get up out of his chair, and walk to the side-door of the plane. There, the MAN helps JOHNNY get a parachute on. The MAN opens the side-door. MAN: Okay, now youre not gonna want to pull the chute until your closer to the island. Remember, youre a long way from safe ground, so be careful. You pull the chute too early and its not going to be much fun! Now get out there! JOHNNY: Yknow what? I think I actually can do this!!! JOHNNY pulls his shoot while hes on the plane. Both PESINA and the MAN look disappointed, and worried. MAN: Are you f****** crazy!? Now look what youve done! JOHNNY gives them his classic smile, and then gets sucked out of the side-door by his parachute.

CUT TO: JOHNNY IN MID-AIR: LAUGHING JOHNNY: That was actually easier than I thought! As JOHNNY gets to the halfway point, the parachute proceeds to tear, and JOHNNY, now screaming, falls into the cold Atlantic waters. Shortly thereafter, a boat appears in his line of sight. JOHNNY screams for help, and then the boat comes rushing over, stopping right beside him. On the boat, JOHNNY is greeted by a face unknown to him: LIU KANG JOHNNY: Thanks for helping me, I was trying to get to this island, and I would really appreciate if you could give me a ride there. Its not very far, andJOHNNY looks up. LIU looks like he cant understand JOHNNY. JOHNNY gives a laugh. JOHNNY: Oh! You dont speak English, sorry, what was I thinking?! Um JOHHNY gives a pathetic attempt at the Chinese language. LIU laughs at him. LIU: What? I couldnt understand you. Was that supposed to be Chinese? JOHNNY gives a surprised look, then an upset one. JOHNNY: Now wait just a minuLIU: Calm down, superstar, it was joke. I am also going to the island you speak of, the Shokan Islands. JOHNNY: Oh, well thats perfect then! LIU: In fact, were approaching the island right now. Im Liu Kang. LIU KANG offers his hand politely. JOHNNY accepts his friendship. JOHNNY: Johnny Cage. LIU: I know. JOHNNY proceeds to turn around, and is greeted by tall, rocky mountains and, on top, a large golden palace fit for the gods, its golden walls shimmering in the sunlight, making it seen from miles away. JOHNNY: Wow Then we see a short montage of both SONYAs team, and JOHNNY and LIU, approaching the island.

CUT TO: LIU AND JOHNNY STEPPING OFF OF A SPEED BOAT: ON LARGE SANDY BEACH FULL OF OTHER COMPETITORS. They both proceed to walk towards a large, and very steep, set of stairs that continue on to the GOLDEN PALACE. Then, we see SONYA arrive, with her team, and they start scoping out the island. SONYA: Fan out; well meet back here in an hour. The geographical locations for each bomb have been uploaded to your GPS devices. TORQUE and MIKKA pull out two I-POD TOUCHES rigged with a bunch of special features for their operation, including GPS tracking, KANOs location, and a satellite layout of the entire island. The location for each explosive is pinpointed on both devices. Meanwhile, JOHNNY and LIU are about to be on their way. JOHNNY looks at the stairs, and almost faints, almost as if he can already feel the experience of walking up the large steps. LIU laughs at him. They then proceed to make their way up the stairs. JOHNNY: Is this supposed to kill us before we even get to fight? LIU: Youd almost think so. RAIDEN walks up behind them. RAIDEN: Well, I can tell you that there arent any escalators around here, Mr. Cage. Besides, you'll need to keep in shape for this tournament. Heh heh. JOHNNY: Who said that? JOHNNY turns around to see RAIDEN is gone. JOHNNY: Well that was weird. Then we see a montage of LIU and JOHNNY getting to SHANG TSUNGs PALACE. JOHNNY: How much longer? LIU: Not very much. JOHNNY: Are we there yet? LIU: Dont even start. We see SONYA and her team placing explosives across the island; rappelling down waterfalls and moving silently through forests and rivers, SONYA and her team place each explosive, efficiently, carefully, and with ease.

CUT TO PALACE GATES; AFTERNOON. JOHNNY and LIU have finally reached the PALACE GATES after an exhausting walk over at least seven steep sets of stairs. JOHNNY: Wow, this guy must be rich. I mean look at these panels! JOHNNY rubs his hand along the palace walls. LIU: Shang Tsung owns a million souls, and he has one thousand slaves working for him. They built this palace for him with their bare hands. JOHNNY: So hes in the shoe business, huh? Hmmm Didnt realize they made this much money. LIU gives JOHNNY an estranged look. LIU: Johnny, what did they tell you about the tournament? JOHNNY: Well, Ive been told its just a regular martial arts tournament. Why do you ask? Walking through the gates, they suddenly reach a spot where they can look over anyone training in the COURTYARD. There JOHNNY and LIU make a horrifying discovery, although LIU is not entirely surprised. A large hulking beast, with four arms, and a penchant for ripping things in half: PRINCE GORO Then LIU answers JOHNNYs question. LIU: Because someone lied. JOHNNY: (dropping his bags) What the hell is that?! A woman walks up from behind them. She is dressed in a blue dress, although it is toned down, she looks like a princess; she is: KITANA KITANA: He is Prince Goro, and you are clearly not ready to face him. She continues to walk past them, and down a nearby set of stairs which lead to the throne room. JOHNNY: Wow, shes pretty hot! Who is she??? LIU: So now youre not concerned about Goro?! JOHNNY: Goro who?

LIU slaps his hands against his head, and then continues to walk down the nearby set of stairs. JOHNNY: What? Then JOHHNY follows LIU down the steps. CUT TO: PALACE THRONE ROOM. All of the fighters are gathered in the room, save for KANO, GORO, and SONYA + HER TEAM. SHANG is sitting on his throne. He gets up and begins his introductions. SHANG TSUNG: Good day fighters, and welcome to Mortal Kombat! My name is Shang Tsung, and I have gathered you all on this island to do one thing, and one thing only: fight to survive. Everyone laughs. SHANG: Oh this is no laughing matter my dear fighters, as you will all face unimaginable challenges, beyond the comprehension of any old fool who thinks he can throw a punch or two. To be the champion of this tournament requires the utmost attention, precision, and focus when facing a new adversary. Suffice to say, the ultimate challenge will come to the people who have the pleasure of facing our reigning champion: Prince Goro! Suddenly, two large doors open on the left and several rows of SHADOW PRIESTS enter the THRONE ROOM, filing themselves in lines behind SHANG TSUNG and rows along the edges of the room. Then, loud footsteps are heard becoming closer and closer to the room with each step. JOHNNY and LIU look at each other, not exactly knowing what to expect. GORO steps through the door and gives a great roar as he enters the THRONE ROOM, frightening some of the fighters, including one who begins to run away in the direction of GORO. GORO notices the person trying to leave suddenly and picks them up, ripping the fighters head off with ease as blood splatters across the room, landing on a number of the horrified on-lookers. RAIDEN looks on in displeasure and anger. LIU suddenly realizes the truth about all of his uncles stories, while JOHNNY starts having a wave of second-thoughts about the tournament wash-over him. GORO throws the dead fighters body to the floor, giving another triumphant roar and looking over to SHANG TSUNG. SHANG TSUNG gives out an enormous laugh that fills the entire room as he

walks over to the fighters body and puts his hand out over it. SHANG: Your soul is mine. The fighters aura enters SHANGs fingertips and spreads across his body, making him appear noticeably younger. LIU becomes very suspicious of SHANG TSUNG. SHANG: Youll find your resting quarters just down the large stone path, a few miles opposite the Warriors Shrine overlooking the beach. Good day, fighters and good luck! SHANG smiles devilishly then walks off through the large doors with GORO. JOHNNY looks worried, and looks over at a MAN IN ROBES beside him. JOHNNY: Man this guy is a real nutjob. Dont you think? I mean that big-ass monster of his just killed a guy! And did you see that crazy ghost thing that he just did with his hands?! This guy is like David Blaine or something! MAN IN ROBES: Shang Tsung gives many people chills, as do I. The MAN IN ROBES walks away. JOHNNY is confused. JOHNNY: What the hell was that supposed to mean? JOHNNY begins to rub his arms for warmth and then looks at LIU. JOHNNY: Are you cold? I just got a chill LIU: Yeah, and I think I know why. LIU walks past JOHNNY, and begins following the MAN IN ROBES. JOHNNY, now even more confused than before, decides that its best to stick with LIU, and follows suit. Suddenly, one of the SHADOW PRIESTs eyes glow red, as he jumps up onto a wall, climbs it, and begins watching LIU and JOHNNY. CUT TO: FRONT OF THE GOLDEN PALACE EXT. RAIDEN begins walking down the steps towards the FIGHTERs RESTING AREA. Suddenly, KITANA walks up behind him. KITANA: Raiden! RAIDEN: Ah, Princess Kitana. It has been quite a while since weve last seen one another, I imagine. KITANA: I saw Liu Kang earlier. You brought him to defeat Shang Tsung, didnt

you? RAIDEN: There is no way to predict whether or not Liu Kang will decide the fate of Earth realm; it is up to him in the end. KITANA: Then youre here to guide him? RAIDEN: Yes, in some ways. I am surprised to see you here. I expected the Emperor would keep you closer to his palace in Outworld rather than let you fight in the tournament. KITANA: Yes, well, the Emperor isnt my father, so I think its safe to say he barely cares about the risks I take. Rather, he keeps a close eye on Mileena; shes the only one he sees any of himself in. I think, now that I know who my true father was, Shao Kahn fears that I will kill him for what he did to my father. RAIDEN: He fears many things Princess Kitana, but death is not one of them. The only thing he truly fears is losing power Shang Tsung is merely a pawn in, what Im sure are, much larger plans. KITANA: Then why not take action? RAIDEN: Because it could result in complete chaos and war. Trust me, Kitana; you should be focusing less on Shao Kahn, and more on the task at hand. CUT TO: LARGE PALACE HALLWAY INT. LIU: Why are you still here, Johnny? JOHNNY: Because I honestly dont know where I am LIU: And you think I do? JOHNNY: Listen, you helped me, and I just want to return the favor. LIU: Fine, just dont get in my way. JOHNNY: So why are we following this guy? LIU: I believe him to be the ancient Lin Kuei warrior known as Sub-Zero. JOHNNY: Who? LIU: Never mind. JOHNNY: Fine. JOHNNY and LIU suddenly lose the trail of the MAN IN ROBES.

LIU: Now look what youve done?! JOHNNY: You think this is my fault?! LIU: We wouldnt have lost him if you hadnt distracted me earlier! JOHNNY: Oh no, no, no, you are not going to blame this on me! LIU: Well I just did! Now leave! I must find this man, and I cant afford to be denied any answers! JOHNNY: Fine. JOHNNY, now enraged, walks away, as LIU continues on to search for the MAN IN ROBES. Not too long after JOHNNY is far away, the MAN IN ROBES suddenly jumps out from behind LIU, and holds him in a crippling move. He is as swift as a ninja, and his stealth is effective. He takes the robe off to reveal blue ninja garb, along with a custom mask, and bright, blue eyes: SUB ZERO SZ: Why were you following me, monk? LIU: I need help. SZ: Why would I help you? LIU: Because I know who is after you, and we come from the same realm. SZ: That doesnt make us allies, and I dont need your help. Suddenly, SUBZERO is about to kill LIU, but LIU elbows SUBZERO in the stomach. SUBZERO laughs, and jumps up, off of the wall, and kicks LIU right in the face. LIU staggers backwards as SUBZERO freezes a large portion of the ground behind LIU making him slip. The ice already melted, SUBZERO is about to freeze LIU, but LIU breaks SUBZEROs concentration by kicking him directly in the face with both feet. SUBZERO falls backwards, but jumps right back up. Just as LIU gets up, SUBZERO does a Lin Kuei Slide, and manages to get LIU in a deadly hold. LIU grabs SUBZEROs arm and twists it, almost breaking it. Then, SUBZERO flips out of LIU KANGs hold, kicks him in the stomach, jumps, flips over LIU KANGs head, grabs his neck from behind, and holds him in a crippling move. LIU: Please, youre the only one who can help me I was sent by Raiden. SUB ZERO slowly releases his grip on LIU KANG.

SZ: Raiden sent you? LIU: Yes. He did. Now can we stop this fighting? SZ: What exactly is it that you want from me? LIU: I need you to spy on Shang Tsung, just for now. SZ: Why? LIU: I believe his intentions are more than what they seem. SZ: I understand what you mean. LIU: Then you will do this for me? SZ: Fine, but what do I get in return? LIU: You owe my people. SZ: What do you mean? LIU: There was one more thing I came here to talk with you about; why did the Lin Kuei attack the Wu Shi Academy? SZ: I have no idea what you speak of... That is madness! LIU: While the tsunami hit the coast, and the Academy was protected by Raiden, the Lin Kuei launched an attack! SZ: Well I have no knowledge of any attack warranted by the Grand Master... Unless... LIU: Unless what? SZ: Never mind. I will look into this matter personally, my friend; in the meantime, I bid you farewell. LIU: Meet me outside of the Barracks tomorrow morning. SUB ZERO and LIU shake hands, and then part ways. TRANSITION TO: DARK ROOM; LARGE GLOWING BALL IN THE CENTER. A MAN (QUAN CHI) begins to speak. MAN (QUAN CHI): This was quite unexpected of them. We realize that whoever is in the room was watching the entire confrontation between LIU and SUB ZERO. Then we hear SHANG TSUNGs voice.

SHANG: Dont worry; Scorpion will get to Sub-Zero before they get a chance to initiate the terms of their deal. MAN (QUAN CHI): Sub-Zero is a curious bird, Shang Tsung. I think once he discovers the Emperor's plans he could prove useful to us. SHANG: Don't be foolish, my friend. Sub-Zero may appear to be easily manipulated, but he has the heart of a hero. We shall see to it that this heart is torn out! MAN (QUAN CHI): And what of the other earth realm warrior you spoke of? Blade, I believe her name is. SHANG: Ahh yes, Sonya Blade. She will not stand a chance against Goro. MAN (QUAN CHI): You dare waste Goros strength on such a puny mortal?! SHANG: Sonya Blade is a strong participant and, soon, she will be given reason to fight. MAN (QUAN CHI): And why is that? SHANG: Why dont you see for yourself, my friend? SHANG illuminates the glowing ball of light to reveal SONYA and HER TEAM scoping out a trail leading to a large BARRACKS. MAN (QUAN CHI): She has brought some uninvited guests, I see. They must be eliminated! SHANG: Not so fast If we hold them hostage, she will fight! MAN (QUAN CHI): Ahhh, now it all becomes clear. At least we can have a bit of fun with them while she fights for their worthless mortal lives SHANG and the unseen MAN (QUAN CHI) snicker. TRANSITION TO: SONYA AND HER TEAM IN THE LUSH JUNGLES OF THE ISLAND; NIGHTTIME. TORQUE: Where exactly are we going? MIKKA: I dont know, but this is the way Kanos signal is leading us. SONYA: I think this signal is leading us the wrong way; he couldnt possibly be this far from the Palace. John, reroute the tracker so we can find a viable location on the island to set up camp until we can find a decent signal. TORQUE: Im on it. But there appears to be some sort of disturbance interfering

with our GPS systems; its coming from the Palace at the top of the mountain. MIKKA: What the hell is that? The radiation readings are off the charts! SONYA: Give me that. SONYA pulls the specialized GPS system out of MIKKAs hands to look it over. A large glowing patch of some kind of otherworldly radiation is hovering over SONYA and HER TEAM. SONYA: Oh my god. TORQUE: We have to get out of here now! SONYA, TORQUE, and MIKKA begin running down the path the opposite way they had been following the signal. MIKKA: Its no use! Suddenly, a group of MASKED GUARDS with baggy pants ambush SONYA and her team, surrounding them with large, spear-like weapons. Two other MASKED GUARDS come up behind SONYA and force her away from her team. MIKKA: Sonya! MIKKA tries to push through the MASKED GUARDS but they knock her unconscious. TORQUE: Son of a bitch! TORQUE grabs one of the MASKED GUARDs spear-like weapons and tries to kill them, but he is blasted with energy by SHANG TSUNG, knocking TORQUE unconscious. SONYA: Noooo! SONYA falls to her knees to see SHANG TSUNG standing a few feet away from her. SHANG orders his MASKED GUARDS to let her go. SONYA becomes enraged with SHANG as the MASKED GUARDS release her. SHANG: Good evening Ms. Blade. SONYA attempts to throw a few punches at SHANG but he dodges them all. SHANG: Now, now, Ms. Blade, your team is safe. SONYA: What the hell do you want with me? SHANG: Fight in my tournament, and I will safely release your team.

SONYA: Release? Youre taking them hostage? SHANG: Only until youre done fighting in my tournament, I assure you. SONYA: And if I refuse? SHANG: Then they will all die. Just remember, this is my island, and I did not issue a search warrant to you SONYA: I dont need a warrant, Mr. Tsung. Youre illegally harboring a known fugitive who belongs to the Black Dragon Clan. SHANG: Honestly, Ms. Blade, I have no idea what youre talking about; but if you fight in my tournament, I will allow you to continue your search for this masked man. SONYA smirks. SONYA: I never said he was a masked man. SONYA raises her gun and fires at SHANG; the bullets do not affect him, much to SONYAs surprise and dismay. SHANG expresses his grim delight, with a sharp grin, disappearing with SONYAs team as he does so. SONYA has a look of disbelief on her face, but decides to head for some small straw huts near the jungle where she can find some answers about the strange happenings on the island. CUT TO SUB ZERO OUTSIDE OF A LARGE BARRACKS; HE IS WATCHING FOR ANY ACTIVITY SZ: Where could that devilish sorcerer be? Suddenly a loud, monotone voice is heard from behind SUB ZERO. VOICE: Get over here!!!! Then SUB ZERO turns and ducks, as a spear is hurdled towards him, grabs the spear in mid air, and pulls the attacks towards him. Then the attacker comes into focus. He has yellow ninja garb, and is a bit more confrontational, and less stealthy. He is loud, and has eerie, milky white eyes, a sign that he is undead: SCORPION SZ: You would do well to return to the Nether realm, Hanzo; where you belong! SCORPION: Dont you remember, Bi Han? You killed Hanzo Hasashi! I am Scorpion!

SZ: I already told you that I didnt kill you; these are not official fighting grounds my friend! SCORPION: You dare call me your friend?! You had me murdered, and made me watch my family suffer! You are no friend of mine!!!! Now get over here, bitch!!! SCORPION hurtles another spear from his hand, but it is countered by SUB ZEROs freezing. SCORPION, now completely fueled with rage, makes a mad dash towards SUB ZERO, grabs him, and throws him down the hill beside the barracks, successfully forcing SUB ZERO through the walls of six straw huts which were at the bottom of the hill. SCORPION pulls off the skin on his face to reveal a flaming skull, and proceeds to burn down the last remaining hut (which has SUBZERO in it!) with his fiery breath. Believing he has successfully killed SUB ZERO, SCORPION begins to laugh, and walks away into the night, leaving his skin-mask off, to expose his flaming skull. Once far enough from the burning structure, SCORPION watches to ensure SUB ZEROs defeat. SUB ZERO lay inside the hut and gets up in a panic. He quickly freezes the walls of the hut, and escapes before the ice shards come crashing down. He has managed to escape with minimal damage having been done to him, although he can still feel the pain in his back from being forced through the walls of the huts. SUB ZERO suddenly comes face-toface with SCORPION! SCORPION: You will never win! SZ: I never made this a competition between us, Scorpion! SCORPION: What torturous joys I shall show you in the Netherrealm, Bi Han! You will burn with me! Now SCORPION and SUB ZERO begin to duke it out in the middle of another straw hut. SCORPION throws the first punch, as SUB ZERO tries to counter, unsuccessfully, and is punched right in the jaw. Then, SCORPION throws SUB ZERO once again, this time off into a tree. SUB ZERO, now near defeat, is beaten, bleeding, and bruised. He reaches out for forgiveness, and SCORPION denies him this, and fractures his arm. SUB ZERO lay on the ground weakened, but not defenseless. SUB ZERO raises his arms wearily and freezes SCORPIONs flaming skull and body. SUB ZERO staggers as he gets up and prepares to break SCORPION. Suddenly, SCORPIONs skull-fire breaks through the ice, melting it off of his face and body. He kicks SUB ZERO to the ground, pulls a fiery blade from a sheath on his back, and raises his sword to decapitate SUB ZERO. Then, in a last effort, SUB ZERO creates an ice-blade, runs at SCORPION, stabs him in the stomach, breaks off his end of the blade, and kicks SCORPION to the ground. SCORPION sinks into the ground and disappears, leaving SUB

ZERO cautious and paranoid; he then realizes that SCORPION has left the battle. SUB ZERO decides to go back to the FIGHTERS RESTING QUARTERS in the tournament. He looks up at the BARRACKS, and then continues walking/limping. TRANSITION TO: BARRACKS; INTERIOR. Inside, we see GORO sitting on a large golden throne. Then we see SHANG TSUNG enter the barracks. He begins to laugh. SHANG: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. GORO: In a good mood I see SHANG: Everything is going according to plan! Before long, Sub Zero will have been killed, and then we can lure the humans into Outworld. GORO: The Emperors realm? What are his plans? SHANG: The Emperor would have you believe that we're all important to his plans, but really he just considers us pawns on a chess board; like he can stop and risk our lives for us. GORO: What do you mean, Shang Tsung? SHANG: I spent years working under him, and the thanks that I get?! I have to host this tournament until I die; cursed to forever steal the souls of anyone who crosses me. I have seen the Emperor's true plans and, once this tournament is over, he will be sorry that he crossed Shang Tsung! GORO is baffled by all of this, and starts to get angry. GORO: What are you talking about?! SHANG: Calm yourself, Goro, all will be revealed in good time I am simply saying that the Emperor is not the only one with "plans." GORO: Whatever Kahn is planning, I want no part of it! SHANG: You believe my intentions are based upon orders from the Emperor? GORO: Well it is evident; after all, who else could you be working for? SHANG: Not for, but with. Suddenly, a VOICE is heard from another side of the room, but the person themselves is not seen.

VOICE (QUAN CHI): You would be a fool to think that we truly work for the Emperor, Prince Goro. GORO looks at the person speaking, and he is in shock. GORO: What is the meaning of this? Is this some sort of alliance?! SHANG TSUNG smiles fiendishly. CUT TO: THE COURTYARD; MIDDAY. The COURTYARD of the palace is large, with a throne on top of a large square in the background. Here, SHANG TSUNG sits in a golden throne, and watches as the tournament begins. All of the other fighters sit in the stands and watch as their fellow fighters get beaten to a bloody pulp. It is a bright and sunny day. Youd almost feel as if you were sitting on the surface of the sun. FIRST ROUND OF THE TOURNAMENT: JOHNNY CAGE VS. KANO ROUND 1 KANO walks out into the arena with pride, as JOHNNY CAGE is still pondering why he even decided to enter the tournament. KANO gives an evil smile, making JOHNNY feel uncomfortable, and weak. They both approach each other. JOHNNY looks around at all of the other fighters out in the stands. He can feel their judgment and their assumptions. He returns his sight to KANO, who is now in a fighting position. JOHNNY decides to prepare as well, and gets into a defensive fighting stance. KANO: Are you ready, movie star? JOHNNY: Im always ready. SHANG TSUNG: Round One! Fight! KANO socks JOHNNY in the stomach, and then throws him to the ground. JOHNNY stays on the ground, trips KANO, and then uppercuts him. KANO hastily gets up, and starts vigorously throwing punches at JOHNNY, who is now receiving every last one of them. JOHNNY, now severely beaten, falls down. SHANG TSUNG: Kano Wins! KANO backs away from JOHNNY, as JOHNNY finally gets up. They both return to their defensive stances, although JOHNNY is much weaker now. ROUND 2 SHANG TSUNG: Round Two! Fight!

JOHNNY finally gets aggressive, and starts throwing punches just as KANO did, but with less satisfying effects. KANO blocks most of JOHNNYs punches, and kicks JOHNNY down. JOHNNY uppercuts KANO once again, and then gets up. Just as he is about to kick KANO, KANO trips JOHNNY, jumps on top of him, starts pounding JOHNNYs face in with a barrage of punches. Then, KANO gets off of him and stomps on him; JOHNNY spits bloods up from his mouth, and all over his chest. JOHNNY, now entirely weakened, lay still on the ground. SHANG TSUNG: Finish Him! RAIDEN looks on with a worrisome look. KANO decides to spare JOHNNYs life; to humiliate him. SHANG TSUNG does not seem disappointed by this, almost as if it were planned. KANO: Guess we know how real your movies are now. JOHNNY doesnt say anything, but has a look of anger on his face. SHANG TSUNG: Kano wins! Flawless victory. CUT TO: THE PIT BOTTOM A dusty, silent part of the island, the PIT BOTTOM is filled with such gruesome sights as the bloody bodies and skeletal remains of past warriors. A labyrinth of spikes protrude from the floor of the PIT BOTTOM to ensure that anyone who may take a misstep on the PIT BRIDGE meets their demise here. It is here that SUB ZERO has come to further investigate the actions of SHANG TSUNG, as there is a secret entryway into the PALACE from the PIT BOTTOM. He climbs down into the PIT BOTTOM, ensuring that he does not cut himself on any of the incredibly sharp PIT spikes. SUB ZERO walks around them with ease to reach a hidden path at about halfway through the spikes. As soon as he reaches the path, he spots the entryway just a few feet in front of him. He starts to make his way for the door when, all if a sudden, three MASKED GUARDS notice him and run out of the entryway directly towards him. GUARDS: Stop! SUB ZERO jumps onto the first guards spear, runs along it, and kicks him in the face, jumping off of his mask at the same time. He hops over to the next guards face, does a flip off of it, and lands on the ground in front of the guard, and then knees the guard in the stomach, making the guard spit up blood. The first guard comes at him again but SUB ZERO suddenly jumps out of the way, leaving a frozen version of himself for the guard to run into, freezing the first guard, as he jumps behind the second guard and snaps his neck. SUB ZERO

kicks the frozen figure of the first guard, shattering him into a plethora of bloody pieces, as the third guard, now very intimidated, pleads for his life in Chinese. SUB ZERO laughs as he approaches the third guard (who is on his knees praying). Suddenly, the guard cries out in pain as SUB ZERO punches his hand through the guards back, grabbing hold of his spine, as blood oozes out from the puncture wound. SUB ZERO stands in silence for a few moments as he holds on to the guards spine, and then finally rips the spine and the guards skull out in a victory stance, freezing it, and then crushing it beneath his feet. SUB ZERO wipes the blood from his hands with a small rag, and begins to make his way through the secret entrance. As he is halfway through the long hallway of the secret entrance, a large stone door closes shut behind him, leaving him in complete darkness. Suddenly, a plethora of torches lining the walls light up one after the other, continuing until they reach a huge underground pit, even bigger than the one beneath the PIT BRIDGE, with an unbelievably long, stone bridge. SUB ZERO continues to walk into the huge room. Suddenly, he hears footsteps from the other side, but he cannot see anyone walking towards him. The footsteps turn into running strides and, suddenly, SUB ZERO is knocked back by an invisible figure. SUB ZERO kicks the invisible figure backwards and then throws an ice ball at it, revealing the figure to be REPTILE. SZ: What is your business with me strange creature? Are you a servant of Shang Tsung? REPTILE: I am no servant of Shang Tsung! I am Reptile! REPTILEs immensely sharp teeth shine in the light of the torches. SZ: You Ive heard stories about you and your race, the Saurian race. Your name has been mentioned quite a few times. What business do you have here? REPTILE: That is none of your concern, warrior! Now, leave this place before I eliminate you; I have much larger prey to hunt! SZ: There is no need for us to be enemies REPTILE: There is no need for us to be allies, either. SZ: I imagine youre not going to let me pass without a fight. REPTILE: You imagine correctly. REPTILE bravely hisses at SUB ZERO, and then spits acid at SUB ZERO. SUB ZERO freezes the acid thrown at him, runs up to REPTILE, throws several punches at the creature, and then kicks REPTILE back even further. REPTILE, who has managed to retain his stamina, begins running at SUB ZERO at an

incredibly fast pace, and then grabs SUB ZERO and throws him so far across the bridge that he finds himself near the entrance he came in through. Just as SUB ZERO is getting up from the immense force of the push, REPTILE spears him right through the thin stone doorway of the secret entrance! Now, in the PIT BOTTOM, SUB ZERO kicks the creature off of him once again, although this time, REPTILE does a flip and lands right back on top of SUB ZERO. REPTILE begins punching SUB ZERO in the face repeatedly, and then starts to gnaw on his shoulder, blood gushing out of it and flowing into REPTILEs mouth. SUB ZERO cries out in pain and elbows REPTILE away from his shoulder, grabs REPTILEs head and head-butts him, then uses his foot to push REPTILE away onto the ground. REPTILE gets up and lunges at SUB ZERO, unrelenting in his onslaught of attacks. SUB ZERO, although weakened, ducks and then uppercuts REPTILE right in the jaw. Then, SUB ZERO kicks REPTILE in the stomach in mid-air, sending REPTILE flying across the PIT BOTTOM. REPTILE, although finally weakened and almost out of ideas, creates a large, green, glowing energy ball to distract SUB ZERO. SUB ZERO starts to back away from the energy ball, and then realizes he can freeze it. After doing so, he discovers that REPTILE has disappeared, and decides to leave the PIT BOTTOM rather than continue on through the secret entrance. CUT TO: THE WARRIOR SHRINE; AFTERNOON. JOHNNY is sitting by a large statue of GORO; he is depressed due to his defeat at the hands of KANO. SONYA walks up to JOHNNY, recognizing him from some of the billboards in BAYSIDE CITY and a couple of his action films. SONYA: I saw what happened to you out there. JOHNNY (still looking down at the ground): Yeah, you and hundreds of other people. SONYA: Too bad you dont actually know Martial Arts, right? JOHNNY (looks up in anger): Listen buddy, I dont need thoJOHNNY suddenly looks up to see SONYA, and he is at a loss for words, then suddenly his hormones speak for his brain. JOHNNY: those supple breasts. Suddenly, JOHNNY realizes what he just said, and then he gets an apologetic look on his face. SONYA gives him a look of disgust. SONYA: Excuse me?! JOHNNY: Um, I, uh, I said people can be such a pest! Thats what I said.

SONYA gives JOHNNY an unconvinced look, but decides to forgive him, which surprises her; it had been quite a while since she had even considered the idea of forgiveness. She proceeds to sit down beside JOHNNY, as another person walks their way: LIU KANG LIU: There you are Johnny! Ive been looking everywhere for you! JOHNNY: You have? I thought you never wanted to see me again? LIU: Listen Johnny, I didnt mean to get angry with you back there, but I had some personal issues to deal with So how did the fight go? JOHNNY remains silent and looks away into the distance with a disappointed glance; LIU understands immediately. LIU: That bad, huh? LIU looks at SONYA and smiles politely. LIU: Who is this? JOHNNY: I dont know; she hasnt introduced herself yet. SONYA looks at the both of them. SONYA: Sonya Blade; Im a Special Forces agent. And you two are? LIU: Liu Kang. JOHNNY: You obviously already know who I am. JOHNNY smirks; LIU and SONYA just stare at him, as RAIDEN watches from a palace balcony. SHANG TSUNG comes into view behind him. RAIDEN: What do you want sorcerer? SHANG: Oh nothing, I just wanted to see if you were enjoying your lodgings? After all, this is a room only fit for a god. RAIDEN turns to face SHANG TSUNG. RAIDEN: Rooms are no concern of mine. Tell me sorcerer, how is it that all three of the Mortal Kombat Grandmasters died, and only you were left to take their place? SHANG: If you came here to investigate Raiden, I suggest you leave. This is my island, and I am the grandmaster of this tournament, so get over your silly paranoia. If you do not trust me, you do not have to participate in my

tournament. RAIDEN: I have no intention of fighting just yet; I have spent most of my energy ensuring my fighters could be here, on the right path. So, it is not you and your hidden agenda that I am entirely concerned about. SHANG: Ah yes, your little group of warriors from Earthrealm, the chosen ones. Ha, ha, ha. Your confidence in them is unbelievably naive of you, thunder god. Tomorrow, Sonya Blade will fight Kano. When she wins, she will kill him, and then I shall pit her against Goro! In her confidence, she will get cocky, and die! *snicker* RAIDEN: How dare you! These mortals shall show you that there is more to them than what you may see. They are powerful warriors, sorcerer, and I assure you that they will have no trouble in reaching the final battle. SHANG: For their sakes I hope you are right! RAIDEN: I know I am. SHANG bellows another evil laugh, as he disappears in thin air. RAIDEN becomes worried about his chosen warriors, and then looks out into the distance to see the sunset. RAIDEN: I know I am. TRANSITION BACK TO: JOHNNY, SONYA, AND LIU; WARRIOR SHRINE; SUNSET. JOHNNY: So your team was ambushed? SONYA: Yeah, all of them, by that Shang Tsung guy you were talking about. He told me if I didnt fight in the tournament, hed kill them. JOHNNY: Well, Liu and I will help you find them, right Liu? JOHNNY looks at LIU with a desperate face. LIU: Well have to start looking tomorrow; night is almost upon us. They all look off into the sunset, as JOHNNY turns around to be met by RAIDEN. JOHNNY jumps. JOHNNY: Who the heck are you?! I dont like it when people sneak up on me! SONYA: I thought you were an action star, Johnny? Cause last time I checked, action stars dont cower at surprises; least of all some guy in a damn cape. JOHNNY: Yeah, I know. I was just testing this guy.

JOHNNY tries to hide his true emotions, as LIU laughs and SONYA smirks slyly. JOHNNY: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I get it. So what I was frightened a bit? It happens to everybody!! Thats besides the point!!! JOHHNY looks at RAIDEN. JOHNNY: So who the hell are you? RAIDEN: I am Lord Raiden, God of Thunder, and protector of your realm; earth realm. JOHNNY suddenly has a look of confusion on his face. JOHNNY: Oh Cool, I guess? RAIDEN: I see you have all met each other. SONYA: You know all of us? RAIDEN: Yes; in fact, very well, Sonya! You are all the destined earth realm warriors. JOHNNY: Hold up for one minute! Did you say destined? JOHNNY gets a look of excitement on his face. RAIDEN: This is no laughing matter, Johnny, because if you fail, then Shang Tsung will merge your realm with Outworld; the realm he fights for. Yes, you are the destined warriors, but that does not mean that you cannot fail. You are mortal, and therefore are not invincible. JOHNNYs excitement is replaced by curiosity. JOHNNY: So technically, you could be wrong about us. We could all die. JOHNNY begins to get scared. LIU: Calm down, Johnny. Overreacting is not the solution to our problems. We need to stick together if we are to defeat Shang Tsung and Prince Goro. JOHNNY: You mean that big guy with the four arms? LIU: Yes. JOHNNY faints. All of them crowd around him. SCREEN GOES BLACK JOHNNY wakes up to find himself in his room in the FIGHTERS RESTING AREA.

LIU, SONYA, and RAIDEN are still with him. JOHNNY sits up, gets out of bed, and walks to them. JOHNNY (apologetic): Sorry about that, guys. Im just not entirely used to whatever the hell that Goro thing is RAIDEN: It's okay Johnny, I understand this is your first time encountering creatures such as Goro, but we mustnt lose sight of our main goal. JOHNNY: To win the tournament? RAIDEN: Precisely. LIU: But what about Shang Tsung? RAIDEN: He will choose one of you three to fight him at the end of the tournament; if one of you wins, then balance will be restored to the tournament, and the Emperor will not be able to crossover into your realm. JOHNNY: Wait, there's an Emperor now? I'm confused. RAIDEN: The Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn, is a power hungry monster bent on merging his realm with any other realm that stands in the way of his goal of total domination. He's willing to do anything to reach that goal; if his servants can win ten consecutive Mortal Kombat tournaments, the Elder Gods grant him the ability to crossover into your realm. From there, he would conquer it and merge it with his own. Shang Tsung bound his soul to Shao Kahns many centuries ago and, in return, Kahn gave him the ability to transport between the realms undetected and open portals from anywhere in any realm. However, there are much more immediate threats that you will soon be facing LIU: Right. So who will fight Goro then? RAIDEN: Shang Tsung has already chosen one of you to fight him. RAIDEN looks directly at SONYA implying what she wishes was not true. SONYA: Me? No, no, no... I think you have it all wrong. He couldn't have chosen me! Could he...? RAIDEN: I am sorry, Sonya, but there is no one else. He will pit you against Goro whenever he feels fit to; I can assure you it won't be during your first fight though. SONYA: I can't fight this Goro guy... I just can't. RAIDEN: That is exactly what Shang Tsung wants you to think; as long as you think you cannot defeat a challenge like Goro, you will not be able to.

Therefore, Sonya, you must earn your own confidence and trust. You all have things you must work on if we are to win this tournament. JOHNNY: Like? RAIDEN: Johnny, your weakness has always been your ego; it is time to let go of what others think of you, and start taking a look at how you view yourself. RAIDEN turns to LIU. RAIDEN: Liu, you are an excellent fighter, with the support of the spirits of your ancestors, but you lack moral guidance and belief in what makes this tournament so important. You must look beyond your anger towards Shang Tsung, and be the hero you were meant to be. RAIDEN gets up and prepares to leave. RAIDEN: Now, I am sure I have given you all something to think about. I will see you all tomorrow; get lots of rest, tomorrow will be a busy day. RAIDEN walks out the front door, into the night, and disappears into a flash of light. SONYA looks at LIU and JOHNNY. SONYA: So whats the plan? LIU: We do this as a team, and we stick together. JOHNNY: You can count on us, Liu. SONYA and LIU look at JOHNNY, and JOHNNY just smiles. CUT TO: SMALL RESTING AREA 1 MILE AWAY Sub-Zero is sitting on the ground in the small resting hut. He crosses his legs, touches both of his hands to the ground, and forms two ice stalagmites up out of the ground. Between these two stalagmites, he creates a thin, icy window, through which he can contact the Grand Master of the Lin Kuei clan. Suddenly, the face of an old man with a short, grey goatee appears on the other side of the window. SUB ZERO bows his head. GRAND MASTER: Hello, Bi Han. What is the meaning of this meeting? SZ: Good evening, Master. A monk from the Wu Shi Academy has informed me that our clan launched an attack on the Academy yesterday... Is this true?

GRAND MASTER: Ah, I remember hearing about such an incident; your brother informed me of it earlier this morning. SZ: So, it wasn't our clan then? GRAND MASTER: No. And it worries me that they could so easily imitate us. SZ: Could it have been new Shirai Ryu recruits? GRAND MASTER: No. Your brother was informed by the monk Kung Lao that they fought exactly like our own. SZ: Then who could have done this? GRAND MASTER: A few days ago we intercepted a message sent to us from Smoke, who we had sent to Outworld to investigate the on-goings in Shao Kahn's regime. SZ: What was the message? GRAND MASTER: He explained that some sort of "transaction" of technology was going on via a trade route between Outworld and Earth realm. Since then, Smoke has returned, but he had not been able to gather anymore information than what he had sent to us earlier. SZ: So you believe the Emperor could be behind this? GRAND MASTER: I would not doubt it at this point. SZ: I see. Then I will continue my investigation here. Oh, and Master GRAND MASTER: Yes, Bi Han? SZ: How is my brother? GRAND MASTER: He is well. An outstanding warrior indeed. SZ: Could you tell him something for me? GRAND MASTER: What is it? SZ: Tell him well be reunited soon and that all is well here. GRAND MASTER: I will relay the message, Bi Han. SZ: Thank you for your time, Master. Goodnight. GRAND MASTER: Goodnight, Bi Han. SUB ZERO bows his head again.

The stalagmites and icy window dissolve into the ground. SUB ZERO gets up off the ground and moves to sit on his bed. There, he takes off his mask and lies down. CUT TO: FIGHTERS RESTING AREA; 5:00 AM. SONYA wakes up, and walks outside to see the rising sun. She is amazed at how beautiful the sun can be. Then, JOHNNY walks outside as well; he looks at SONYA with eager eyes. She is one of the most beautiful women he has ever seen, and he wants to know her better (surprisingly not just in a sexual way). He walks over to SONYA confidently. JOHNNY: Wow. Look at that glow. SONYA: I know, have you ever seen anything so beautiful? JOHNNY: Well I am looking at you right now SONYA (sarcastic): How sweet of you to say that, Mr. Cage, but I have a lot of things to get done here. So either help me, or stay out of my way. SONYA walks off as JOHNNY smacks his head in disappointment with his advances. Then, LIU appears from out of the RESTING QUARTERS. LIU: Well, today is a new day, and we have to get to work. SONYA: Liu is right. I have to find my team, and Kano. LIU: I must find Sub-Zero. JOHNNY: Um Ill go with Sonya. SONYA: I dont need your help, Johnny. JOHNNY: We all need help sometimes. SONYA: This isnt the time. LIU: Stop it, you two! Hes going with you Sonya. Well meet at the Warrior Shrine in four hours and re-group. SONYA: Fine, cmon Johnny. SONYA begins walking down a path that leads to the COURTYARD, and JOHNNY follows. LIU goes the opposite way towards the BARRACKS. CUT TO: PALACE INTERIOR; HALLWAY OF PAST KOMBATANANTS. KITANA is walking down the hallway; she is looking for something, or someone.

KITANA: I could have sworn it came down here! Where are you?! Suddenly, REPTILE appears behind KITANA in the middle of the hall. KITANA quickly turns around to face the creature. REPTILE: Hello, Princess Kitana. KITANA: What are you, creature? Explain yourself! REPTILE: Calm down, Princess, I am here to protect you. Your fatherKITANA: Shao Kahn? Of course, he would be the only one stupid enough to send one of his minions to watch me. I intend to fight back against that madman, and I am about to start now! KITANA tries to throw a punch at REPTILE, but REPTILE does not desire to fight KITANA; he turns invisible, as KITANA looks around to try and find him. KITANA walks over to one of the palace balconies to see if REPTILE is near the window. From there, she spots SONYA and JOHNNY arguing in the COURTYARD. Then, she hears a noise behind her and makes her way out of the PALACE. JOHNNY: Why wont you just trust me?! I know what I saw! SONYA: Well what you saw doesnt make any sense and, in fact, probably doesnt even exist! JOHNNY: Im telling you, there is a man-lizard somewhere in the forest out there! He ran by as we were walking down here! SONYA: Listen, Johnny, I dont need your help to find my team! I can do this on my own! JOHNNY: But I want to help! JOHNNY stops and SONYA continues walking. JOHNNY: Why wont you just trust me?! SONYA turns around and walks straight up to JOHNNY. SONYA: Trust you? You wanna know a little something about trust? It always seems to fail me at every turn; I trusted Lance; I trusted Jax; I trusted Stryker; hell, I even trusted Kano, and you know what?! JOHNNY is now completely taken aback and confused. JOHNNY: Are we still talking about what I saw? SONYA: Youre all the same. Youll all always be the same. You just dont

understand. JOHNNY: Sonya, I can help! SONYA: I dont need your help! JOHNNY: What about what that lightening guy said? Doesnt any of that matter to you?! SONYA continues walking through the COURTYARD. SONYA: Not now, Johnny! JOHNNY: If not now, then when? JOHNNY just stands there, as SONYA enters the PALACE. JOHNNY (to himself): Yep, shes gone. JOHNNY sits down on a large stone-carved bench. JOHNNY (to himself): Why wont she trust me? I know what I saw! Suddenly, a voice similar to SONYAs looms over in the air, as JOHNNY can hear her faint whispers. LIGHT VOICE: Johnny Johnny Im over here JOHNNY follows the voice as it leads him out into the jungle. JOHNNY: Sonya? Is that you? LIGHT VOICE: Johnny Over here Suddenly, JOHNNY comes to a large bridge connecting two sides of the island, with two outposts on each end: THE PIT JOHNNY hesitates to make his way across the bridge, but is concerned about the voice and decides to walk across. Unbeknownst to JOHNNY, two MASKED GUARDS have been following him the entire way. Silently, they proceed to cross the bridge behind JOHNNY, who doesnt even notice them, or so it would seem. CUT TO: BARRACKS; EXTERIOR; LIU KANG IS LOOKING FOR SUBZERO. LIU is about to walk into the BARRACKS when SUB-ZERO finally appears. LIU calmly turns to face SZ.

LIU: What did you find? SZ: Shang Tsung is planning something against the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn, and he is using the tournament as a distraction. Also, the Emperor may have been responsible for the attack on the Wu Shi Academy. LIU: How does Shang Tsung have the power to do this alone? And what does the Emperor gain from an attack like that? SZ: I don't know, and Shang Tsung doesnt have the power to do it alone, hes working withSuddenly, SHANG TSUNG himself appears in front of them, he was about to enter the BARRACKS when he overheard their conversation. SHANG: Hello, Sub-Zero! I didnt think you would be able to make it. SZ: And why is that? SHANG: Oh, no reason, but I figured the devastation of the Shirai Ryu clan might have hindered your travel arrangements. SZ: Well I am here, and might I say that I thought you wouldnt be here. SHANG (In a copycat tone): And why is that? SZ: Because I assumed you would be dead by now, old fool. SHANG gives SZ a menacing look. SZ holds his stance. SHANG: Liu Kang, be ready in 10 minutes. That is when your first fight in this tournament will begin, and I expect you to be punctual. Carry on, gentlemen. SHANG proceeds to enter the BARRACKS. SZ and LIU end their conversation. LIU: Maybe we should continue this later. SZ: But we don't have much time! LIU: I have to go to my fight! SZ: Fair enough. Both fighters go their separate ways, as the sun is nearly at its peak out in the distance. We see some shots of the large island as the light begins to shine on it. There is a seamless radiance to the island that makes it shine a plethora of dazzling colors; the island has come to life. CUT BACK TO: JOHNNY ON THE PIT BRIDGE; GUARDS STILL FOLLOWING HIM; STILL A BIT DARK ON THIS SIDE OF THE ISLAND, AS THE MOON

CAN STILL BE SEEN JUST A TAD AND THE SUN NEAR IT As JOHNNY proceeds to make his way across the bridge, the guards continue to follow him. Suddenly, JOHNNY stops to see the sunrise on the horizon, thats when the guards finally decide to attack! JOHNNY notices one of the guards just in time to stop his dagger, which he throws down into the PIT spikes below. Then he proceeds to grab the guard and throw him as well. The second guard is a bit tougher; he roughs up JOHNNY a bit, but in the end, JOHNNY uppercuts him off the bridge and, fearing that more guards will follow, hastily continues across the bridge, but not before getting one look at the sunrise again. Thats when JOHNNY sees a strange figure pass by the moon. JOHNNY: Hm. I wonder what that was. Suddenly, JOHNNY feels a cold, wet tongue rap around his neck, and it begins to choke him. He proceeds to pull the tongue from around his neck, and turns to face his attacker: REPTILE JOHNNY: What the- What are you?! REPTILE: I am your death! JOHNNY: What? Suddenly, REPTILE pounces at JOHNNY as he tries to dodge, but REPTILEs claws dig into his flesh and tear across his chest. JOHNNY backs away in pain, trying to exit this surprise challengers fight. JOHNNY: Why the hell are you attacking me?! REPTILE: What do you know about Liu Kang?! JOHNNY: What the hell are you talking about?! REPTILE: Tell me you stupid mortal!!! REPTILE pulls him closer using his tongue, and then proceeds to lash JOHNNY across the face with it. REPTILE: I know you have answers!!! JOHNNY: God dammit, I have no idea what you're talking about! So get the f*** away from me! JOHNNY tries to maintain his strength and does a few high-kicks, which temporarily incapacitates REPTILE. Then, JOHNNY punches REPTILE several

times, and knees him in the stomach. REPTILE flinches and falls to the ground and turns invisible; slowly, and unknown to JOHNNY, REPTILE gets back up and proceeds to run away, but makes his presence known once he is a safe distance away. REPTILE: We shall finish this later, Cage! JOHNNY (to himself): What the f*** just happened?! CUT TO: WARRIOR SHRINE; MID-MORNING; THE SUN IS PERFECTLY ON THE HORIZON The WARRIOR SHRINE boasts statues of many of the tournaments past kombatants, each statue representing each generation. Here, many people have gathered to watch as fighters brutally pulverize each other. Now, it is Liu's turn to fight the good fight. SUB-ZERO, RAIDEN, and SONYA (who is wirily looking around for JOHNNY) have all come to see LIU's fight. SONYA (to RAIDEN): Where's Johnny? RAIDEN: He is probably back at the resting quarters, just give him some time. FIFTH FIGHT OF THE TOURNAMENT: LIU KANG VS. NIMBUS TERRAFAUX ROUND 1: LIU and NIMBUS bow to each other, and then get into their ready positions. NIMBUS kicks LIU in the stomach causing LIU to fall back. LIU does a flip kick as he gets up fracturing NIMBUS' jaw. NIMBUS shrugs the pain off as if it was nothing, and throws a punch at LIU, which LIU dodges. LIU then, trips NIMBUS, but NIMBUS trips LIU as well. They both quickly get up as LIU throws several punches at NIMBUS, but NIMBUS returns with a swift kick to LIU's face, causing LIU to fall down instantly, and almost knocking him unconscious. ROUND 2: LIU delivers the first hit of the round by punching NIMBUS directly in the stomach, and pushing him up against one of the statues in the WARRIOR SHRINE. NIMBUS attempts to punch LIU in the face, but LIU ducks and NIMBUS punches another one of the statues, fracturing his knuckle. LIU then trips NIMBUS, and NIMBUS lies on the ground in pain. ROUND 3: Now, angrier than ever, NIMBUS runs at LIU, grabs him, and throws him at one of the statues, nearly breaking LIU's back. LIU slowly gets up as NIMBUS rushes at him once again. LIU dives out of the way, trips NIMBUS, and NIMBUS falls hitting his head off of a statue, and knocking him unconscious.

SHANG TSUNG: Liu Kang wins! SHANG TSUNG walks over to the unconscious NIMBUS, and takes his soul. SHANG: Your soul is mine!! LIU watches in disgust, and walks off. RAIDEN, having watched the fight from the crowd, proudly smiles over LIU's victory. RAIDEN follows LIU, as he walks off into the forest, to catch up with him. RAIDEN: You did well, but you must be patient. LIU: Patient? I'm beyond impatient! What Shang Tsung is doing is wrong; to take peoples souls is wrong! RAIDEN: He does not take souls because he wishes to; he is cursed to have to do so. LIU walks off in anger; RAIDEN is disappointed by LIU's impatience. SHANG TSUNG appears behind RAIDEN. SHANG: Well it appears your favored warrior is not as understanding as you thought he would be. RAIDEN: What do you want, sorcerer?! SHANG: What I want is for you to stop snooping around! RAIDEN: What are you afraid of? Is there something you don't want the Elder Gods to find? SHANG: I could care less about the Elder Gods. RAIDEN: You dare say such things, you fool! SHANG: You'll see, Lord Raiden, this is just the beginning. Hahahahaha!!! SHANG disappears, as RAIDEN gets a worrisome look on his face. CUT TO: SONYA WANDERING THROUGH THE PALACE HALLS SONYA finds a staircase leading down, and decides to follow it. As she is walking, she finds one of the communicator watches that belonged to her teammate, MIKKA STONE. Suddenly, SHANG TSUNG appears in front of her. SHANG: Sorry, Sonya, this part of the palace is off limits.

SONYA: Where are they, Tsung? SHANG: I don't know what you're talking about Ms. Blade. SONYA: Don't play coy with me; I know you're hiding my team in here! And one way or another, I'm going to find them! SHANG: I'm afraid I can't let you do that, Ms. Blade. SONYA: You can't stop me, Shang! SHANG: Please be rational about this, Sonya. If you give me what I want, I'll give you what you want, remember our deal? SONYA: Fine, what exactly do you want? SHANG smiles devilishly. SHANG: Be in the Throne Room this afternoon, and be prepared to fight. SONYA: Okay, fine. Is that all? SHANG: I suppose. SHANG smirks and disappears, and the path he was standing in front of has now disappeared as well. SONYA walks off angrily. CUT TO: WIDE, SPRIAL, STONE STAIRWAY LEADING DOWN KITANA is still searching for answers pertaining to SHANG TSUNGs hidden agenda; everyone suspects that he is up to something, and she feels obligated to know what it is. Not only was she trained as a spy and assassin by SHAO KAHN, but she also bares the soul of her mother, SINDEL, as a spirit to guide her instincts (its how she knew JERROD was telling the truth when he said he was her father). KITANA continues to walk downwards to what she is sure is the basement of SHANGs enormous PALACE. She discovers something even more horrifying THE FLESH PITS An enormous room, containing a large, green, glowing pond-like cauldron; a number of pods used for restoring life to the dead and creating new creatures; and a plethora of dead bodies strewn across a large, cut-off section of the room. KITANA is appalled at the sight of all this, but is not very surprised, and immediately turns around to leave, but she bumps into a creature: GASHAI (A MUTANT)

GASHAI grabs KITANA and throws her across the room, then stands idly by as she gets back up onto her feet. KITANA stares at the creature in curiosity and anger. KITANA: What are you, creature? GASHAI does not answer; he is incapable of any true form of speech. Instead, GASHAI lunges at KITANA, punching her in the face, breaking her nose, and then finally kneeing her in the stomach. KITANA backs away in pain, trying to regain her strength, and wiping away the blood from her nose. She runs at GASHAI, kicks him in the torso, punches him in the face several times, and then uppercuts him. GASHAI appears rather unaffected by KITANAs attacks, so she pulls out her steel fans, and begins striking GASHAI with them, sending his blood all over the room. GASHAI grunts in pain and, finally, when he is at his weakest, KITANA throws her fans at his arms, cutting them off. Then, as GASHAI wriggles on the round in pain, KITANA walks up to him, places her right foot on his back, and decapitates him. Afterwards, she places her fans back in her belt. Suddenly, as she is about to leave, she hears a bubbling noise coming from the pond-like object in the center of the room. A hand reaches out onto the ground in front of the cauldron, and a hideous creature pulls itself up from the green fog: MEAT (ANOTHER MUTANT) KITANA reluctantly turns around to face the creature. KITANA: Not another one She throws her fan at MEAT, hoping to kill it as quickly as possible, but MEAT dodges her fan, and laughs. KITANA is surprised, but not distracted; she prepares a new fighting stance with her fans in both hands. Suddenly, MEAT pulls off his head and rolls it at KITANA at a breakneck pace, causing her to trip over it, as the head ricochets off the wall behind her, and lands back in MEATs hands, after which he places it right back on his head and laughs in triumph. KITANA gets up quickly to face this new opponent, but finds that he has disappeared from his original spot. Suddenly, the camera pans to reveal that MEAT is behind her. MEAT grabs KITANAs hair, and knees her in the face several times. KITANA elbows MEAT in the groin, and kicks him in the head, making it fall off, as his body hastily searches for it. Immediately after MEAT loses his head, two other mutants, similar to GASHAI climb out from the cauldron and rush towards KITANA. KITANA takes on the first mutant with ease. She flip-kicks the mutant as its jumping to attack her, then throws her fans into its torso as it falls back. Then, the second mutant

rushes at her and begins swinging its fists at her in rage. KITANA blocks most of the mutants punches, punches it in the face several times, trips it, and then leaves it lying in pain on the floor as the first mutant rushes up to her. She rips her steel fans from the torso of the first mutant, kicks it backwards into the cauldron, and then decapitates the second ones head and legs. MEAT finally finds his head just beside one of the large pods, and runs back over to KITANA, kicking her in the back and sending her flying across the room. She looks up to face MEAT as he begins running at her to finish her off, and gets up and then begins running straight at him as well. They both jump up at each other to strike and, when theyve reached a close point, KITANA quickly pulls out her fans, slices MEATs torso in half, and lands on the ground directly behind the even-bloodier, mutilated body of the creature (and shes in a very awesome pose). She picks up MEATs head and throws it down into the cauldron, hoping to never see it again. KITANA pushes her nose back into place and takes a few more moments to search around the room for any clues as to SHANG TSUNGs intentions. KITANA: Damn it! Theres nothing else here KITANA leaves the room, bruised, bloodied, and upset. CUT TO: WARRIOR SHRINE; NOON JOHNNY and LIU are waiting for SONYA. Finally, JOHNNY spots her walking towards them. JOHNNY: Sonya! Thank god you're alright! SONYA: Can it, Johnny! JOHNNY: What's eatin' you? SONYA: Shang has my team, and I have to fight this afternoon to get them back. LIU: Then whats the problem? SONYA: I have a bad feeling. LIU: Well you can't dwell on that, we need to win this thing, no matter who we're up against. JOHNNY: Liu's right, we can do this! SONYA: Whatever you guys say. Johnny, what happened to your shoulder? SONYA looks to see JOHNNY's shoulder and fists rapped in bandages.

JOHNNY: Let's just say that they have some serious reptile problems on this island. SONYA: Right. CUT TO: BARRACKS INT. RAIDEN is looking around to find out what SHANG TSUNGs hidden agenda might be. He walks up to a large crystal ball in the center of the room. RAIDEN touches the ball and discovers that it holds a record of everything thats been going on in the tournament, from LIU and SUB ZEROs deal to JOHNNYs confrontation with REPTILE. RAIDEN is confused. Suddenly, SUB ZERO comes into view behind RAIDEN. SZ: Hello, Raiden. RAIDEN turns around surprised to see SUB ZERO. RAIDEN: Hello, Sub Zero. It has been quite a while since we last saw each other. SZ: It truly has. I see youve been snooping around. You suspect Shang Tsung has done something wrong? RAIDEN (smiles): You of all people should know never to trust a sorcerer. SZ: Of course, but who can you trust, nowadays? RAIDEN: Have you seen this crystal ball before? I find it very interesting that Shang Tsung would keep a record of everything going on There is suddenly a cautious look in RAIDENs eyes; he is being facetious. SZ: Really? RAIDEN: Yes. But what intrigues me the most is why he would keep such a close watch over, Hanzo Hasashi. SZ: I wonder why RAIDEN: Or why Hanzo would be here in the first place. SZ: Mysterious. RAIDEN: So why are you here, Sub Zero? SZ: I thought that it would be in my best interest to attend, in accordance with the suggestion of my Grand Master and an invitation from Shang Tsung. Not to mention that fact that my worst enemy is here. Hanzo Hasashi must die!

RAIDEN: Ah, of course! Theres only one problem with your story SZ: Oh? RAIDEN: You werent invited by Shang Tsung. Suddenly, RAIDEN sends a bolt of lightening at SUB ZERO sending him backwards onto the ground. SUB ZERO begins to twitch and contort until He shape shifts Lying on the ground, in front of RAIDEN, was another sorcerer, bald, completely painted white with some black as well, and dark eyes: QUAN CHI RAIDEN: Quan Chi Did you really think that you could put one past me? I see Shang Tsung has taught you some new tricks. QUAN CHI: You are but a foolish and ignorant god, Raiden! Youd be surprised what else has been kept from you RAIDEN: Ha, your threats mean absolutely nothing to me, sorcerer! QUAN CHI: Fight me! RAIDEN: Fine, I will entertain to your pitiful request. RAIDEN and QUAN CHI get into fighting stances. QUAN CHI: Im a lot more powerful than I used to be, thunder god. RAIDEN: Then show me! QUAN CHI and RAIDEN run at each other. RAIDEN karate chops QUAN CHI in the neck, as QUAN CHI attempts to kick out RAIDENs leg. However, RAIDEN teleports out of the way, and zaps QUAN CHI with more lightening, causing QUAN CHI to fall, face first, to the ground. QUAN CHI gets back up to face RAIDEN, and throws a green, flaming skull at him, which RAIDEN dodges by teleporting once again. He teleports behind QUAN CHI and trips him. QUAN CHI angrily kicks RAIDEN in the face, getting back up as he does this. RAIDEN falls back but teleports just as hes about to hit the ground. He appears a few feet behind QUAN CHI, and performs his infamous Thunder Fly move, knocking QUAN CHI back across the entire room. After teleporting once again, RAIDEN lands on the ground in front of QUAN CHI (who is lying on the ground) and looks on in satisfaction. RAIDEN: Thunder take you. RAIDENs eyes flash in triumph. QUAN CHI: Not today.

QUAN CHI kicks out RAIDENs left leg, jumps up, and then creates a portal behind him and disappears into it. RAIDEN gets up quickly and throws a bolt of lightning, but he is too late; QUAN CHI has escaped for now. RAIDEN: Next time, Quan Chi Next time. Until I can confront Shang Tsung, I must keep this to myself. RAIDEN leaves the BARRACKS. He now fears that QUAN CHI is here for more than just HANZO HASASHI. CUT TO: THRONE ROOM; AFTERNOON SONYA, JOHNNY, and LIU all walk into the room. There is an area in front of SHANG TSUNG's throne that will be the fighting area. RAIDEN appears in front of them. He looks to SONYA. RAIDEN: Sonya, here you must confront your past, and make peace with it. Only then, can you save your team. Good luck. SONYA: I'll be fine. SONYA walks over to SHANG TSUNG's throne, which appears to be made out of solid gold! Suddenly, her opponent enters the room, and she is stricken with anger: KANO KANO: Hey there, baby, long time no see! I was beginning to think we didnt come to the same island, but now Im pleasantly surprised. SONYA: You're a dead man, Kano! SHANG walks out and takes his place on his throne. NINTH FIGHT OF THE TOURNAMENT: SONYA BLADE VS. KANO ROUND 1: SHANG: Fight! KANO throws a punch at SONYA, and SONYA blocks it swiftly. She then uppercuts KANO and he falls to the ground. KANO trips SONYA and jumps on top of and then starts punching her in the face continuously. SONYA blocks one of his punches and kicks him off of herself, sending him back a bit. SONYA

jumps up onto her feet and punches KANO right across the jaw, sending blood across the room. Suddenly, KANO kicks her in the stomach, knees her in the face, and then throws her to the ground. He pulls out his large butterfly knife and holds it out in front of SONYA for her to see. KANO: You remember this one, dont ya? He starts sliding it down the center of SONYAs shirt, imitating the action of cutting her body right down the center. KANO: I bet you remember it real well Then, KANO starts licking SONYAs cheek as she tries to pull away in disgust. JOHNNY gets upset. JOHNNY: Hey, what the hell is that?! Isnt that against the rules or something?! SHANG looks at JOHNNY with displeasure, but comes to agree (in a way). SHANG: Kano! KANO looks up from his activities with SONYA for a brief moment. SHANG: Enough. KANO looks at SHANG with a very displeased face. KANO: Fine. Ill just leave a few scars then He raises his knife to strike when SONYA knees KANO right in the crotch and he lands beside her on the ground. She quickly gets up as KANO scrounges to his feet, still in pain, and backs away for a few moments. ROUND 2: KANO lunges at SONYA, uppercuts her in the jaw, and throws her back onto the ground. He circles her like a hawk circling its prey, and then continuously kicks her in her sides until she turns over for a few brief moments. KANO grabs her legs to try and pull her closer to him, but she kicks him in the jaw, and then the groin. KANO: You bitch! KANO spits up blood and turns over on the ground, preparing to get up. As he does this, SONYA punts KANO a few feet over from his original landing spot, making him spit up even more blood across the floor. She jumps on top of him to punch him once more, but he grabs her by the hair and then head-butts her using the metallic plate covering his eye. SONYA falls backwards in pain and disorientation.

KANO slowly gets up as SONYA still lay on the ground. KANO walks over to her to finish her off but, is surprised when SONYA grabs his head between her legs. She then throws him to the ground this way, and stands up. She puts her foot on his neck; KANO can't move. KANO: Kill me, I dare you! SONYA looks at him in contemplation as RAIDEN, who has been watching, fears that SONYA may make the wrong decision; she proves him wrong. SONYA kicks KANO in the face, knocking him unconscious. SHANG TSUNG looks on in dissatisfaction. SHANG: Sonya Blade wins! SHANG gets up off his throne, and makes a quick exit. SONYA looks to the throne to see him, but he has disappeared, and she is left upset, and confused. SONYA walks off through the palace doors, as JOHNNY and LIU follow behind. JOHNNY: So what do we do now? SONYA: I have to find my team! LIU: No, we need to talk to Shang Tsung first! Find out what hes up to! SONYA: I know where my team is and, if we find them, I can make sure that this whole place is blown to high hell! We can still save our world... or whatever! LIU: Shang Tsung could have already killed them, how do you know we aren't looking for what isn't there!? Suddenly, RAIDEN appears. RAIDEN: Enough! (Looks at Sonya and Liu) You two pick such an important time to be making foolish arguments! JOHNNY: Just for the record, I'm not in on this. SONYA: Shutup, Johnny! JOHNNY: Don't yell at me like that! SONYA: I'm not yelling! RAIDEN: I said enough!!! You all need to be together in this, for there are no others like you three! Remember, your world depends on it, and that is not going to change!

SONYA, LIU, and JOHNNY look around at each other apologetically. SONYA: I'm sorry Liu; I didn't mean to get upset with you; same with you Johnny. RAIDEN smiles at this newfound growth and development. RAIDEN: Very good then. You should proceed to your resting quarters, for night is almost upon the island. I will speak with you all tomorrow. LIU, SONYA, and JOHNNY start to head back to the RESTING QUARTERS. Suddenly, SHANG TSUNG appears in front of them. SHANG: Ms. Blade. SONYA: You! Wheres my team?! SONYA pulls out her gun and begins pointing it at SHANG TSUNG. SHANG: Ah, ah, ah. Not until youve fought Goro, which I must insist is done now! Suddenly, RAIDEN appears behind all of them. RAIDEN: That is a ridiculous request, sorcerer! SHANG: I reserve the right to do so as the host of this tournament! RAIDEN: (worried) (sighs) Im afraid hes right, Sonya. SONYAs heart sinks and she feels as if shes about to throw up. CUT TO: GOROS LAIR EXT. RAIDEN, LIU, JOHNNY, and SHANG TSUNG all stand outside a large barred door that serves as the entrance and exit to a large cobblestone room full of cells that house past combatants who have broken the rules of Mortal Kombat, and also serves as resting quarters for GORO. SONYA cant bring herself to look inside. Two MASKED GUARDS come to unlock the door and let SONYA inside, as SHANG retreats upstairs in the PALACE to watch the fight from a large screen in the room above. RAIDEN goes with SHANG TSUNG, while LIU and JOHNNY stay outside the LAIR with the GUARDS. SONYA enters silently Afraid she may wake something horrifying, but it is already awake. Suddenly, a loud roar is heard from the darkest corner of the room and, the large, dangerous foe that is GORO steps out of the darkness to confront his

challenger. SONYA is taken aback by his large stature and the smell of death and human flesh that he projects from his mouth and body. GORO looks SONYA over a few times, disgusted with her human frame, complexion, and overall size. He laughs heartily. GORO: So youre the pathetic little mortal Shang Tsung wishes me to crush?! Then so be it! SONYA pulls out her gun to try and threaten GORO, but he just pulls it out of her hands and crushes it. GORO: Ha, ha, ha! Your feeble weaponry wont harm me, mortal! GORO lunges at SONYA to scare her, she falls back. GORO laughs once again. JOHNNY looks on through the door in anger. GORO finally takes a swing at SONYA as she is getting up, hitting her in the stomach, sending her halfway across the room. SONYA gets up again slowly, getting into a more appropriate fighting stance. GORO runs at SONYA, grabs her, and punches her in the face several times, and then throws her across the room. GORO walks over to SONYA as she is slowly trying to regain her footing, grabs her by the legs, and then begins dragging her across the room to inflict more damage, her blood streaking along the ground. JOHNNY is horrified and enraged. JOHNNY: (to LIU) I cant stand to watch this anymore! LIU: Well theres nothing we can do about it! JOHNNY: The hell there isnt. JOHNNY: (whispering to LIU) follow my lead. JOHNNY approaches one of the MASKED GUARDS. JOHNNY: You got a piece of gum I could have? My breath has been pretty bad today and I was just hoping youdGUARD: Stay back, mortal! JOHNNY: Oh, come on. Just a piece of gum! GUARD: I dont have any of this gum you speak of. Stay back! JOHNNY: Well If you dont have a piece of gum, then I guess we cant be friends. Suddenly, JOHNNY does the splits and punches the GUARD right in the nuts,

making him drop his spear and fall right to the floor. The other GUARD prepares to grab JOHNNY but is intercepted by LIU, who begins to fight the GUARD. JOHNNY, seizing the opportunity, grabs the unconscious GUARDs keys and gets into the room just as GORO is about to paralyze SONYA. SHANG becomes enraged that JOHNNY would interrupt the fight, and prepares to go down to the LAIR and get him, but RAIDEN knocks him unconscious by teleporting in front of him, zapping him with a plethora of lightening, and then punching him directly in the face. JOHNNY performs his shadow kick, pushing GORO away from SONYA. Then, he flip-kicks GORO in the jaw, knocking GORO down, but not unconscious. JOHNNY proceeds to help SONYA up, but notices that GORO is also getting up. JOHNNY: (to SONYA) Get out of here! SONYA: Im not leaving you with this thing! JOHNNY: Just trust me! LIU pulls SONYA out of the room as JOHNNY looks up to face GORO. JOHNNY: Bring it on! GORO punches JOHNNY in the face, sending him flying into the wall behind him. JOHNNY slowly begins to drag his body up against a wall to get back on his feet. He finally gets up and turns around to face GORO once again. JOHNNY: (to himself) Maybe Ill take a different approach then Suddenly, JOHNNY looks over to a decaying stone pillar, and realizes hes found the perfect way to beat GORO. He proceeds to run at GORO, who is now completely enraged, slides under GORO (between his legs) and punching him in the nuts as well, and then JOHNNY shadow kicks the stone pillar, causing the walls above GORO and himself to shake violently and collapse. JOHNNY just barely makes it out as the last bit of ceiling comes crashing down behind him. LIU and SONYA stare in astonishment; JOHNNY is exhausted, and a bloody mess, but retains his sense of humor. JOHNNY: Please tell me someone caught that on camera LIU and SONYA (who has tears in her eyes) laugh, as RAIDEN comes down the stairs to congratulate JOHNNY, and collect his fighters. RAIDEN: Well done, Johnny! Now, you must all return to your resting quarters to get some rest and patch yourselves up.

LIU: What about Shang Tsung? RAIDEN: I will deal with him for now. TRANSITION TO: FRONT OF THE GOLDEN PALACE EXT. LIU and SONYA begin making their way towards the RESTING QUARTERS, as JOHNNY begins heading towards the PIT. LIU: Johnny, arent you coming back to rest? JOHNNY: I have some unfinished business to attend to. SONYA: Well, be careful. JOHNNY: Im always careful! SONYA: After what just happened in there, and those bandages you have, Id say thats a lie. JOHNNY: (smiling) Shutup. TRANSITION TO: FIGHTERS RESTING QUARTERS; SUNSET. SONYA and LIU arrive. SONYA: Ill just be inside, okay Liu? LIU: Alright. LIU sits on a rock-bench outside of the RESTING QUARTERS and looks out at the sunset. Suddenly, KITANA appears behind him. KITANA: Beautiful Isnt it? KITANA sits down beside LIU. LIU turns and smiles. LIU: Yes, (looks down then back up) yes it is. KITANA: Raiden seems to have much confidence in you Thats why I wish to know more about you. LIU: Like what? KITANA: How much confidence you have in yourself. I know Raiden believes you can defeat Shang Tsung LIU: But? KITANA: First you must learn to put aside vengeance; hatred. All it will do is consume you.

LIU: This isnt just about vengeance though, this is about freeing souls. KITANA: No, its about fighting for your realm. This, you must understand Liu Kang, is, and always will be, what Mortal Kombat is about. KITANA puts her hand up to LIUs cheek. KITANA: You have greatness within you; I can see it. LIU: But what if I dont believe in all of the things they tell me KITANA: You will believe; seeing is believing. You must accept your role, Liu Kang. LIU: What about you? What is your role in all of this? KITANA: Im here because a greedy emperor wants someone to keep a close eye on me while hes out conquering realms and killing innocents. I wanted no part of that. LIU: And what of your mother? KITANA: She died giving birth to my sister and I (or so Im told). LIU: Im sorry. KITANA: Everything happens for a reason. One day, we will be reunited but, until then, I just keep looking towards the horizon, searching for the truth. LIU and KITANA both look at the sunset. KITANA: Its amazing. LIU: It really is. LIU and KITANA look at each other intensely for a few moments, then move in and share a kiss. The sun sets just as KITANA and LIU run off into LIUs room. There, they make passionate love to each other. TRANSITION TO: THE PIT; NIGHTTIME. The moon shines like a midnight sun, and the whole island is lit up, casting shadows behind. JOHNNY slowly walks out to the middle of the PIT Bridge. He looks around in curiosity. JOHNNY: Hey! Where are you?! Let's end this! JOHNNY, now tired and confused, looks out over the island, and at the moon.

Suddenly, a figure passes by the moon! JOHNNY (focused and squinting): What the hell was that? All of a sudden, he is grabbed and thrown, by his shoulders, onto the cold, hard stone of the PIT Bridge. JOHNNY, in pain, quickly turns to face his opponent: REPTILE JOHNNY: Why do they always sneak?! REPTILE: I will end you! JOHNNY quickly tries to kick REPTILE, but the ninja turns invisible. Suddenly, JOHNNY is elbowed in the face, and falls down. REPTILE re-appears and attempts to stomp on JOHNNY but, JOHNNY trips REPTILE and punches him in the face. REPTILE gets up and whips his tongue out at JOHNNY, grabbing his leg and flipping him upside down so that he lands face down on the cold, hard stone of the PIT BIRDGE. REPTILE: Ha ha ha! JOHNNY jumps up and gets into an even more defensive stance, hopping back and forth between his two feet. He gradually builds speed as he begins running towards REPTILE. Suddenly, he kicks himself up off of REPTILE chest, then uppercuts him with his foot, landing a safe distance away from the creature. REPTILE disappears from the ground in a puff of black smoke, and reappears right in front of JOHNNY. REPTILE grabs JOHNNY and tries to throw him, but JOHNNY elbows REPTILE in the chest and kicks out his legs. Then, JOHNNY jumps on top of REPTILE and attempts to punch him in the face.

REPTILE kicks JOHNNY away from him, and spits acid at JOHNNY. JOHNNY quickly grabs his glasses and uses them to protect himself from the acid. His infamous sunglasses are destroyed! JOHNNY gives REPTILE an angry look. JOHNNY: Those were really goddamn expensive you son of a bitch!

JOHNNY punches REPTILE in the face, and then kicks him in the stomach. This sends REPTILE to the ground but, REPTILE quickly trips JOHNNY, and rips his mask off to reveal the full extent of his horrific appearance. REPTILE prepares to dig his sharp teeth into JOHNNY's flesh, when JOHNNY suddenly punches REPTILE in the face. He then uppercuts REPTILE and, in a fit of rage, Shadow Kicks REPTILE to the ground; JOHNNY has succeeded! REPTILE gets up, and stumbles back in pain, falling down into the PIT; his true fate is unseen, and remains a mystery to us, and to JOHNNY. JOHNNY: Johnny Cage wins. Fatality. CUT TO: RESTING QUARTERS; MIDNIGHT. LIU and SUB-ZERO are standing outside the entrance talking. LIU: So you're not entirely sure about whom Shang Tsung is working for? SZ: From what it seems, he is working with somebody. LIU: But whom?! SZ: That is what I did not discover, Scorpion got in my way. LIU: Well we don't have much time! Find out all you can tomorrow, and bring the information to me. SZ: I will find what I can. SZ disappears into the forest. Suddenly, KITANA comes out of LIUs RESTING QUARTERS behind him. KITANA: Seems like your keen on discovering whatever Shang Tsung is planning. LIU: I know he is up to something I can feel it. God, I hate that sorcerer! KITANA: Liu, you have to let go of the anger within'. You have to be an honorable warrior, not a ruthless killer. Trust me. LIU and KITANA get close; face to face. They share a brief kiss, and then KITANA backs off. LIU: Where are you going? KITANA (smirks): To talk to Shang Tsung... KITANA disappears leaving LIU feeling dazed. Then JOHNNY walks from out of the forest, as LIU goes into the RESTING

QUARTERS and lies down. JOHNNY sits outside, and lies down, looking at the moon above. CUT TO: SONYA WAKING UP; MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT; SHE HEARS A NOISE SONYA has a disgruntled, and alarmed, look on her face. She gets up, puts some pants on, and walks outside. It is pitch black outside, and the only light is that of the moon. As she looks up at the moon, she sees a figure fly by it; a figure resembling a dragon. She ponders about the mysterious figure when, all of a sudden, she hears a voice. VOICE (JOHNNY): Hey there, beautiful. She looks over at whoever is speaking in a panic, and the speaker is revealed: JOHNNY SONYA suddenly drops her worries. SONYA: Oh, Johnny, its you. I thought you were someone else. JOHNNY: Naw Its just plain old me. They both share a laugh, and then look at each other under the moonlight. SONYA: You look pretty beaten up What were you doing out there? JOHNNY: Taking care of business. Listen, Id rather not talk about it Lets talk about you for once! SONYA: Me? Whats there to talk about? JOHNNY: Oh, I dont know. Indulge me; Im all ears. SONYA: All I keep thinking about is my team, this island, Kano, and then theres you and all of this and I just cant handle it anymore! JOHNNY: Okay, am I crazy or did you just say youve been thinking about me? SONYA: Oh shut up, Johnny, you know what I mean JOHHNY: Actually, I dont. Itd be nice to have some clarification SONYA: Well I I dont know JOHNNY: Well then, listen, Ive been meaning to get this off my chest Youre one of the most beautiful women that Ive ever seen, and youre so tough and amazing and when I saw what Goro was doing to you back in the palace something inside of me just blew up! I never want to see you hurt like that ever

again And I want to be the one who makes sure that you arent. SONYA: Johnny I I didnt even realize you had such strong feelings. I dont know what to say. SONYA blushes. Shes spent so may years on the Black Dragon case that she hasnt had a date in years; Johnny makes her feel like a whole new person. SONYA: You couldnt possibly mean all that. Youre a movie star! You were married to one of the most famous women in your business And Im almost certain youve seen plenty of beautiful women. JOHNNY: Maybe, but none of them had your personality, your beauty Sonya Blade, I think Im in love with you. SONYA: Dammit Johnny. I havent been in a relationship in years and I dont know what Im feeling right now. JOHNNY smiles at SONYA; she gives an intense look at him. SONYA: I really just want to say thatSuddenly, JOHNNY embraces SONYA and kisses her. They fall in love immediately as theyre lips touch, making every minute that theyre sharing count more than the last. Suddenly our focus is on the moon, gleaming in the night, shining over the island like a great watchful eye. TRANSITION TO: PALACE THRONE ROOM; SHANG TSUNG IS SITTING ON HIS THRONE SHANG stands looking over the great hole in the THRONE ROOMs center created during the fight between JOHNNY and GORO. Suddenly, he realizes he has a visitor. KITANA walks angrily towards the sorcerer as he begins to turn around and greet her. SHANG: Ah! Princess Kitana. How nice of you to oblige me with your company. KITANA: I have not come here for small talk. Suddenly, RAIDEN beams down in a bolt of lightning, now he too has joined the discussion. KITANA: Raiden? RAIDEN: Good evening, Princess Kitana. Now

RAIDEN turns to SHANG TSUNG in anger. RAIDEN: You need to tell me why fighters have been disappearing from their sleeping quarters! Not only that, but also why Quan Chi was in the barracks!? KITANA looks at SHANG TSUNG in anger as well. KITANA: And were you aware that the Emperor sent someone to watch me!? SHANG TSUNG looks up to the moon, planning his next few words carefully, and smirking at the thought of his plans. SHANG: Ah, ah, ah, Lord Raiden. Youre fighter broke the rules of Mortal Kombat. Johnny Cage interrupted the fight between Sonya Blade and Goro! Not to mention that you assaulted me I could have to condemned by the Elder Gods. RAIDEN: You broke the rules first, sorcerer, so, by default, you are held accountable for Johnny Cages actions and my own. I have found your hidden orb, Shang Tsung, and the team you have stolen from Sonya Blade. The Elder Gods will know of Quan Chis appearance here, and I know they will not be pleased! SHANG: We will deal with these matters once Kitana has departed, Lord Raiden. SHANG retains a look of ease, but displeasure. He looks to KITANA. SHANG: And you, Kitana. I have no connection whatsoever to the plans your father has for you or your sister. KITANA: Shao Kahn is not my father! SHANG: You would do well to keep your mouth shut, Princess. Your father, nor I, have the patience to deal with your skepticism and paranoid theories! RAIDEN: You have corrupted this tournament, sorcerer, and one way or another I am going to put an end to it. Both RAIDEN and KITANA leave, as SHANG TSUNG prepares to conjure a spell on the large hole in the floor. SHANG: I have taken the souls of the other fighters so you may live again, Prince Goro. SHANG both of his arms over the large hole as green, red, and blue flames of magicka extend from his hands and enter the hole, making the bricks and cobblestone at the bottom glow.

SHANG: Do not fail me now. Suddenly, a humongous hand breaks through the old cobblestone and bricks, as GORO climbs out of the hole in the middle of the room, and proceeds to make his way out the PALACE doors. SHANG: (to GORO) Go! Kill the descendant of the Great Kung Lao! Kill Liu Kang! GORO: (still heading out the doors) Yes, master! CUT TO: JOHNNY AND SONYA OUSTIDE OF THE BEDROOMS; SITTING AROUND FIRE JOHNNY: Hey, on a scale of one to ten, how would rate my look with the sun glasses versus without the sun glasses? SONYA: Seriously? Youre really something, yknow that Johnny Cage? SONYA rests her head on JOHNNYs shoulder as they stare at the campfire. JOHNNY puts his arm around her. JOHNNY: I was just asking SONYA giggles, and they share a kiss. SONYA: I know, I know. JOHNNY looks down at her, and smiles. Suddenly, they both hear a noise coming through the woods, then they see GOROs figure! JOHNNY and SONYA scramble to figure out what to do. GORO (yelling): Where are you, Liu Kang?!!!! SONYA: (to JOHNNY) what the hell do we do? What the hell do we do?! JOHNNY: Calm down, calm down. I have a vague idea LIU wakes up after hearing loud footsteps, and finds JOHNNY standing over him with a metal bowl. JOHNNY: Sorry about this buddy... LIU: What are you talking about? JOHNNY knocks LIU unconscious with the bowl. SONYA: (to JOHNNY) thats it? JOHNNY: (defensively) Of course not! You grab his head and Ill grab his feet

Then SONYA and JOHNNY grab LIU, and hide him in a tree, in the forest. SONYA: (to JOHNNY) What now? JOHNNY: I dont know! SONYA: So that was it?! Hide Liu in a tree and hope everything would turn out alright?!!! JOHNNY: Well Not in so many words. SONYA: Damn it, Johnny! JOHNNY: Sorry! What the hell else can we do?! Goro is at least five times our size! SONYA: Hmmm, maybe we could lead him into some sort of trap. Theres gotta be some kind of death trap on this island big enough to kill that thing! JOHNNY suddenly remembers the PIT and develops a little plan. JOHNNY: Sonya, you go that way, theres a pit over there. Ill lure him to it, and then we can weaken him until we can push him into it. SONYA: Johnny, I wont let you go out there and get yourself killed! I cant lose you! JOHNNY passionately kisses SONYA. JOHNNY: You wont lose me, Sonya. Im a freakin action star! Now, hurry SONYA quickly runs out to the PIT. JOHNNY runs out into GOROs view. GORO: Come out you pathetic Shaolin Monk! I know youre around here somewhere! JOHNNY: Over here, dumbass! Youre the weakest piece of s*** Ive ever seen! GORO becomes infuriated, and starts running towards JOHNNY. JOHNNY starts shaking in fear. JOHNNY (whispering to himself): Oh s***, this better work! JOHNNY starts running towards the PIT Bridge. He sees SONYA on the other side waiting for him. Suddenly, GORO reaches out and grabs JOHNNY! He starts flailing JOHNNY around, as SONYA starts running towards them. As soon as he sees SONYA running towards him, GORO throws JOHNNY up into the air, almost landing JOHNNY in the PIT spikes but, luckily, he grabs onto the edge of the PIT just in time. SONYA stops to help JOHNNY up onto the bridge. As SONYA is

standing there trying to help JOHNNY, GORO smacks SONYA across the bridge, picks up JOHNNY by the head, and punches him in the torso several times. JOHNNY tries to maintain his strength and kicks GORO in the face multiples times until GORO lets go of him. JOHNNY lands back on the PIT BRIDGE, and then runs over to ensure that SONYA is alright. He helps her up from the intense attack. JOHNNY: Are you alright? SONYA: No But lets kill this fuckin thing. GORO reaches SONYA and JOHNNY. GORO: Now tell me, mortals, where is Liu Kang?! JOHNNY: Listen big guy, I dont like you; you dont like me; but cant we work this out without having to kill one another? GORO: Aha, ha, ha, ha. You cant be serious JOHNNY: See, I figured thats how youd react. Oh well I tried to spare you. GORO: It took the weight of over a thousand tons to kill me last time; what makes you think you can kill me now?! JOHNNY: Cause I have the element of surprise. Suddenly, SONYA runs up GOROs back and then does a flip-kick off of the back of his head, distracting him just in time for JOHNNY to do a Shadow Kick to GOROs torso. Then, SONYA runs up to GORO and punches him several times in the torso, as JOHNNY uppercuts GORO with a powerful, green fist of fury. GORO, one of the strongest opponents to the warriors so far, winces off the pain, and wipes a little bit of blood from his mouth. Then, GORO begins laughing. He grabs SONYA by the neck and throws her back across to the other side of the PIT BRIDGE. He grabs JOHNNY by the wrist and punches him in the ribs, then swings him to the ground, fracturing his pelvis. JOHNNY lies still on the ground, in pain. GORO steps over JOHNNY, ignoring his cries of pain, and walks casually over to SONYA who is also lying quite still on the ground. GORO is about to step on her, when all of a sudden he gets a knife thrown through the front of his head. GORO drops to the ground on his knees, and squints to see the knife-thrower: KANO Taking full advantage of the moment, SONYA trips GORO off the bridge, sending him far down to the pits bottom, where he lands in a bed of spikes,

and his organs are pushed up and out of his body. SONYA is utterly shocked (almost taken aback) by KANOs appearance, and just stares in astonishment. KANO looks on with disinterest in his outlook, and wanders off into the forest. SONYA gets up, limps over to JOHNNY, and picks him up. JOHNNY: Why the hell did Kano, of all people, just help the both of us? SONYA begins to walk JOHNNY back to the bedroom, with a slight limp and a bloody nose. Then we see KANO far away in the forest, he suddenly transforms to reveal QUAN CHI. Then QUAN CHI walks by the limp corpse of KANO, and restores KANOs soul. KANO awakens suddenly. QUAN: Youve finally proven yourself useful, Kano. KANO: (confused) What the hell did you do to me?! QUAN CHI throws him a bag full of gold. QUAN: Leave. Now. KANO runs off into the night. CUT TO: RAIDEN STANDING BY A TREE; LIU KANG IS IN THE TREE; SLEEPING; MORNING. RAIDEN: Good morning, Liu. LIU suddenly wakes up and jumps. LIU: Raiden! Uh, did you put me in this tree? RAIDEN: No, but I know who did. LIU looks over to the resting area to see JOHNNY standing there, waving at him. LIU smiles at JOHNNY. LIU: Johnny put me here? RAIDEN: And Sonya. They were protecting you from Goro. LIU: Goro was here last night?! KITANA walks up from behind the tree. KITANA: Yes he was, and your friends defeated him, with a little help from another fighter. All the same, Goro is dead. LIU: So what does this mean? RAIDEN: It means your final challenge is upon you.

KITANA: You must defeat Shang Tsung. LIU: Just like that? But what if Im not ready? RAIDEN: The fact that you were willing to come to terms with your allies in this fight and be there for them when they needed you rather than being off somewhere searching for the answers behind Shang Tsungs actions make you a truly dedicated and compassionate combatant. You are indefinitely ready, Liu Kang. LIU: Then I must hurry. Balance must be restored to the tournament! KITANA: I will guide you to Shang Tsung. RAIDEN: I must go and help find Sonyas team once and for all. LIU jumps down from the tree, and then begins his journey to SHANG TSUNGs PALACE. LIU follows KITANA. CUT TO: THRONE ROOM The now noticeably weaker SHANG is sitting on his golden throne, in wait for LIU to come find him and challenge him. Suddenly, the figure of QUAN CHI casts a shadow down towards the throne, getting shorter and shorter, as he walks up to talk to SHANG. SHANG: I suspect, since Goro has not returned, that he is dead QUAN: Yes Unfortunately, I had to put Goro out of commission. SHANG: (enraged; gets up) What?! QUAN: Sit down and listen. SHANG: (sitting back down) Why did you kill Goro?! QUAN: He got distracted. He was meant to be defeated here, Shang Tsung. I have seen his fate SHANG: How is that possible? QUAN CHI pulls out a golden amulet with a green emerald at the center: THE AMULET OF SHINNOK SHANG: But how?! QUAN: All in good time, my friend. Stay here; I have a feeling Liu Kang will be arriving soon.

SHANG points over to his MASKED GUARDS and orders them to go through a door to his left. QUAN CHI begins to walk away, back towards the huge PALACE doors. SHANG: Where are you going? QUAN: To finish what I started. SHANG: What do you mean? QUAN CHI exits the PALACE, leaving SHANG confused and enraged. QUAN CHIs plans are much more sinister than they seem, as the real reason he killed GORO was to ensure SHANG TSUNGs defeat; this way, SHAO KAHN will favor QUAN CHI over SHANG TSUNG after the tournament. Also, the AMULET has restricted QUAN CHIs views to the outcome of the first tournament rather than the entire course of events beyond that. CUT TO: WARRIOR SHRINE OVERLOOKING ISLAND PALACE SUB-ZERO walks up to the edge of the SHRINE. He can see SHANG TSUNG, sitting in his throne, through one of the PALACE windows. Suddenly, he hears a rustle behind him. SUB-ZERO stays calm and in position. SZ: Hanzo. I knew you would return to fight. SCORPION: I intend to end this right now, Sub-Zero. Now face me! SUB-ZERO quickly turns to face SCORPION who is already in fighting stance. SZ: Why do you wish this to end violently, when it can be resolved with words? All you have to do is listen to me I am tell the truth when I say that I did not kill your clan! SCORPION: Liar! I know what I saw the day I found my family and my people murdered. No, this is beyond the point of solving with words. Typical Lin Kuei warrior, always trying to take the easy way out SZ: How dare you shame my clan with such words! I may be a man of understanding, but I am sick of this ridiculous arguing, lets finish this! SZ lunges at SCORPION, and SCORPION grabs SZs arm and throws him down onto the pavement of the shrine. SUB-ZERO trips SCORPION and gets up off the ground, then SCORPION proceeds to jump up and kick SZ in the face, and teleports behind SZ. Then he does an upwards flaming backwards kick, which sends SUB-ZERO through the large statue of GORO. He throws a punch at SUBZERO, and SZ counters with an ice-fisted punch. SCORPION returns with a punch to SUB-ZEROs face, breaking his nose. Blood flies across the pavement

as SCORPION and SUB-ZERO war it out with each other. SCORPION pulls off his mask and unleashes his fire breath on SUB-ZERO, and in turn SUB-ZERO makes an icy shield. SCORPION continues the force of his fire breath; SUB-ZERO keeps his shield strong; two forces are colliding, and the clash is all too much for the shrine any longer, suddenly, the shrine collapses, and a large flash of light is produced from SCORPION and SUB-ZEROs warring, sending both of the combatants flying in the opposite directions. Now, SCORPION and SUB-ZERO lay on opposite sides of the shrine. SCORPION is the first to get up, he is still quite energetic. SUB-ZERO slowly rises from his fall. SCORPION (yelling): You rushed into this fight, and now you will die! GET THE FUCK OVER HERE!!! Suddenly, a spear is hurdled from SCORPIONs wrist, and in a split second, it pierces SUB-ZEROs throat. SUB-ZERO remains standing, trying to get a grip on the spear; he is also trying to breathe, but the spear has blocked his esophagus. SCORPION pulls SUB ZERO to his knees with rage. SCORPION: You had my clan killed, and I was made to watch them suffer. Now, it is your turn, and when Im done with you, I will make sure your clan knows how powerful the Shirai Ryu really are! SCORPION walks closer to SUB ZERO (but still a fair distance), pulls off his human mask to fully expose his flaming skull, and then releases a great line of flames (like a dragon) directly onto SUB ZERO, burning him alive. SUB ZERO cries out in pain, trying to fight the fire on his body with ice, but his attempts all fail. Suddenly, SUB ZERO stops moving. SCORPION walks over to the severely burned body of SUB ZERO, puts his foot on SUB ZEROs head, and rips out his spear, nearly decapitating the LIN KUEI warrior. Suddenly, we see QUAN CHI appear behind SCORPION. QUAN CHI begins to laugh. QUAN CHI: Well done SUB-ZERO is dead. SCORPION: (to QUAN CHI) What now? QUAN: Return to the Netherrealm. QUAN CHI waves his hands around in front of himself, and begins reciting some sort of spell or chant. Suddenly, a great black, fiery hole opens in the middle of the air: a portal to the NETHERREALM.

SCORPION: Will you be coming? QUAN: Soon. First, I must conclude my business here and deal with other matters. CUT TO: PALACE HOLDING CELLS SONYA, RAIDEN, and JOHNNY are all looking through the cells to try and find SONYA's team. In one of the cells, a man who looks skinned alive is being held, but he is acting perfectly fine! Finally, they reach the last cell, and only one of SONYA's teammates is still alive: MIKKA SONYA begins to get teary-eyed, and looks on as MIKKA looks at SONYA. MIKKA: You came... *cough* ... We knew you would. SONYA: Of course I came; I've been looking for you guys since he took you! MIKKA: Thank you... Thank you. MIKKA slowly trails off, and finally expires. SONYA looks away as JOHNNY raps his arms around her and pulls her in to comfort her. RAIDEN: Life; not death... JOHNNY: What? RAIDEN: The essence of Mortal Kombat is life, not death. Shang Tsung has broken the rules, and I will see to it that he is reprimanded for his foolishness. Sadly, he owns the island, and its nearly impossible to stop Shang from crossing the realms here; he could easily retreat to Outworld if were not careful. JOHNNY: What if we destroyed the island? RAIDEN: Well that would take an immense amount of power... JOHNNY: Sonya, didn't you say that you and your team rigged the island with explosives? SONYA: Yeah... Why? JOHNNY: I have an idea... CUT TO: LIU KANG AND KITANA RUNNING THROUGH THE HALLS OF THE PALACE Suddenly, they come to a hall that splits into three separate halls.

LIU: Which way leads to Shang Tsung? KITANA: Follow your instinct, Liu. LIU: Wait, arent you coming with me? KITANA: This is as far as I go. You must find the rest of the way yourself. LIU: But what will I do, Im lost in here without you. Suddenly, KITANA brushes up to LIU and kisses him; she smiles afterwards and begins to walk away. KITANA: Good luck LIU just stands in astonishment. He suddenly breaks out of his trance, and continues straight down one of the hallways. At the end of the hallway, he comes to a large room; a dead end. He turns around to discover that the hallway is gone, and he is trapped in the room! All of a sudden, a passageway opens to his left, but to LIUs dismay, a large group of SHANG TSUNGs MASKED GUARDS enter the room through the door way, and proceed to surround LIU. LIU makes quick work of the first guard by swiftly, and brutally, breaking his legs by kicking his knees inwards. A second guard runs at LIU and cuts his arm with a large spear. As blood runs down LIUs right forearm, he shrugs off the pain and kicks the guard right in the face and onto his ass. Two other guards quickly rush at LIU, engaging in a short combat session with him, swinging their spears, as LIU dodges each of their attempted strikes, kicking the first guards spear right back into his face and punching out the second guard with several swift punches to the gut and then an uppercut to the chin. A plethora of new guards rush into the room; an overwhelming crowd and what seems like almost undefeatable odds. LIU quickly gathers whats left of his strength and begins dolling out a series of punches and kicks across at a number of the guards, running off their spears and over their heads just to find himself back in a crowded area, until he is finally overwhelmed and they begin to grab hold of him and surround him [think the Agent Smith vs. Neo scene from The Matrix: Reloaded]. LIU struggles to break free, but fails; he has no idea how to deal with these overwhelming odds. Then, he hears the voice of RAIDEN in his head. RAIDEN (voice only): Feel the power within you, Liu. You just have to find it, and harness it. LIU, although still struggling, manages to feel a power flowing in him. Suddenly, he gets a look of anger on his face, and he quickly trips every guard

around him, brutally attacking a few of them with fast punches, and kicks. Then, when he notices there are a few guards left standing, he sends a large dragon fireball their way, which incapacitates them. Suddenly, a large passageway opens to LIUs right just as the passageway on the left closes. LIU enters the large passageway and finds himself in: THE THRONE ROOM INT. LIU: Show yourself, Shang! Suddenly, SHANGs voice echoes around the room from different locations. SHANG: Aha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You are mine now, Liu Kang! I have been waiting for this day since time immemorial. Your soul is mine! Then, SHANG appears behind LIU, and attempts to snap LIUs neck, but LIU counters with an elbow to SHANGs groin. SHANG pulls back into a defensive stance, and LIU does as well. LIU: You have corrupted this tournament, and now I will restore balance! SHANG: You follow a foolish a god and believe in silly prophecies. What makes you think youre ready to face me?! You will die!!! SHANG sends a flaming skull at LIU, which slightly injures LIU. LIU returns with a punch to SHANGs face, but this is countered by SHANG, and SHANG throws LIU across the room with his mystic powers. LIU gets up from being thrown, and starts throwing punches left and right at SHANG TSUNG, but the evil sorcerer dodges every one of them, and continues to use his sorcery against LIU. As LIU throws his left fist, SHANG counters by grabbing it, throwing it to LIUs side, then punching him several times in the face and stomach. LIU falls back in pain but gets up just as soon as he catches a breath. LIU: This ends now, sorcerer! LIU throws a punch that actually hits SHANG TSUNG! This takes SHANG offguard, allowing LIU to get in three more punches and a single kick to the side. SHANG steps back, slightly in pain. LIU finally does a Flying Kick which throws SHANG TSUNG back onto the ground. He quickly gets up to face LIU again. SHANG: No, Liu Kang, it has only just begun! SHANG morphs into RAIDEN and zaps LIU with a quick bolt of lightening, stunning LIU so that SHANG can perform RAIDENs Flying Thunder move, pushing LIU all the way back across the room. LIU gets up, wiping blood from his chin, and runs at RAIDEN (SHANG TSUNG), who dodges LIU and karate

chops him in the back of the neck. LIU turns around and angrily throws a punch right at RAIDEN (SHANGTSUNG)s face, breaking RAIDEN (SHANG TSUNG)s nose. SHANG transforms back into himself as he staggers backwards from LIU, gaining a look of impatience and anger. SHANG: That tickled. SHANG teleports behind LIU and kicks him forwards onto the ground. Then, LIU quickly rolls out of the way as SHANG jumps extremely high in the room and comes back down to land on him. SHANG turns quickly to face LIU again and the two engage once more in close combat, throwing various timed punches, blocking, and using their assembled knowledge of the martial arts mixed with sorcery and various magical attacks. During this sequence, SHANG transforms into SUB ZERO, SCORPION, and JOHNNY CAGE, all in an attempt to weaken LIUs defenses. LIU continues to withstand almost all of SHANGs attacks until he finally kicks LIU right in the stomach, making him fall backwards onto the ground once more. LIU: You havent beaten me, sorcerer. SHANG: Not yet, but I will. As LIU begins to get up, SHANG TSUNG morphs into GORO! LIU is completely shocked by what he has just witnessed! Then, GORO (SHANG TSUNG) continues to pound punches into LIU, who is now bleeding, beaten, and bruised up. LIU falls to the ground once again although, this time, he is not so quick to return to his feet. GORO (SHANG TSUNG) picks LIU up and throws him halfway across the room, so that he is lying right beside the large hole in the center of the room, blood spread across his entire flight path. SHANG TSUNG then reverts back to his original form. He stares down at LIU in pity. SHANG: You are pathetic, shaolin monk. You couldnt even beat me, and Im an old man. What ever made you believe that you actually stood a chance? LIU gets back up to face SHANG TSUNG, wiping all the blood from the lower half of his face. LIU: The fact that Im not willing to give up. SHANG: Still not quite hurt enough to quit??? Well maybe this will alter your feelings SHANG suddenly morphs into LIUs UNCLE PAK. LIU is horrified. SHANG: It was a simple task to kill your uncle. I assure you; I made him suffer till his last breath SHANG begins to laugh again, so much so, that his laugh fills the room. LIU

begins to get angry as tears of rage fill his eyes. LIU: You You killed him! You son of a bitch! SHANG: Like I didn't have enough time on my hands... After killing those old fools, Chan and Mie, I had to make sure that any remnants of the Great Kung Laos bloodline were destroyed; you and Kung Lao are the last loose ends LIU: I should kill you! SHANG: Go ahead and try. Theres nothing you can do to stop me now. LIU: Well, Ive got nothing left to lose. LIU throws several punches at SHANG TSUNG who dodges them and kicks LIU to the ground. LIU jumps up and tries to kick SHANG in the face, but SHANG dodges, grabs LIUs leg, and then flips him onto the ground again. SHANG: Ha! Always trying to be the hero When will you realize the truth: this is where you die! LIU: No No, this is where you die! LIU trips SHANG to the ground and kicks him in the stomach. SHANG and LIU both get up to face each other once more. LIU throws a fireball at SHANG, but SHANG counters it by turning into RAIDEN and throwing a massive amount of lightning which not only destroys LIUs fireball, but also hits LIU and sends him backwards to the other side of the large hole in the floor. SHANG returns to his original form immediately afterwards. SHANG: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha... LIU: (whispering to himself) For the shaolin... Suddenly, LIU feels the rage flowing through his body, and then he starts to hear voices in his head again. KITANA (voice only): Follow your instinct. LIU starts to run towards SHANG, who is still laughing maniacally. LIU starts to have flashbacks to his good times with KUNG LAOs parents, his UNCLE PAK, and his friends, JOHNNY and SONYA. RAIDEN (voice only): Feel the power within. Then, LIU jumps up in the air, pushing his feet off of the edge of the giant hole, towards SHANG TSUNG, and performs his Flying Bicycle Kick just as he reaches the other side. Then we hear SHANGs back break, as he is propelled, back first, into his large golden throne.

SHANG: (in pain) So that is what Master Bo Rai Cho taught you; impressive. But worthless SHANG attempts to rise from his throne but finds he can barely move anymore. He falls from his throne, rolls down the steps to it, and then lies on the ground in pain. LIU: Youve failed, Shang Tsung. Its over. SHANG: Noooo It cant be! As the blood from SHANGs mouth rolls down his cheeks, he slowly drifts off, and dies. Suddenly, a burst of souls fly out from his eyes and mouth, including LIUs UNCLE PAK, UNCLE CHAN, AUNT MIE, and the GREAT KUNG LAO. They confront LIU for the last time. TGKL: Hello, Liu. LIU: Youre The Great Kung Lao. TGKL: Youve done a great thing, Liu. Were all proud of you and, no matter how trying things may get, well be with you and Kung Lao every step of the way. Never forget, Liu TGKL V.O: Well always be with you. TGKL, UNCLE PAK, CHAN, and MIE merge with LIU. Suddenly, LIUs head jerks up and his pupils go white for a short moment and then revert back to normal. The souls of his loved ones have attached to his soul. LIU begins to walk away, leaving SHANGs soulless body under the watchful eye of QUAN CHI. CUT TO: LIU WALKING OUT THROUGH THE PALACE GATES Waiting for LIU at the steps to the PALACE GATES are SONYA, JOHNNY, KITANA, and RAIDEN. RAIDEN looks up to the PALACE DOORS and sees a glimpse of QUAN CHI as the doors come to a complete close. SONYA and JOHNNY hug LIU, and KITANA walks up and gives him another kiss, this one lasting a bit longer. JOHNNY: Nice! SONYA: (slaps JOHNNY over the back of his head) JOHNNY: What?

LIU: Take your eyes off my girl, Cage. (winks) They both share a laugh, as they walk down to a boat waiting for them on the shore. They all (save for RAIDEN, who electrically flies away) get on the boat, and drive off back towards the mainland, as SHANG TSUNGs ISLAND PALACE is blown to pieces in a gigantic explosion. LIU looks towards the island, as a bright light flashes, and thousands of captured souls fly away into the sky; free at last. LIU smiles. LIU nods his head, then turns back to look at his friends. LIU: Lets go home. JOHNNY: Couldnt have said it better myself. TRANSITION TO: WU SHI ACADEMY; AFTERNOON. LIU, JOHNNY, and SONYA are all standing in a line one beside each other. RAIDEN is in front of them, with KUNG LAO and KITANA standing behind him. RAIDEN: You have all made me proud to be the Protector of the Earth Realm, and it is on this day that I could not be any happier. Congratulations, warriors, you have successfully restored the balance needed to correct the tournament. KUNG LAO proceeds to bestow medals to all three of them, as they all smile. KUNG LAO stands back beside RAIDEN, and they all bow their heads to oneanother. Then KUNG LAO pulls LIU aside to talk to him. KUNG: It was Shang Tsung who killed my parents wasnt it? LIU looks down in sadness. LIU: Yes It was. I am sorry I could not protect them, Kung Lao I shouldveKUNG: No, Liu. Its not your fault. I just need to know Were their souls freed? LIU: Yes They were. KUNG: Thank you Brother. KUNG LAO puts up his hand to give a handshake/hug. LIU looks at his hand in astonishment. LIU: Are you sure? KUNG: We need to stick together from now on, Liu LIU accepts the handshake/hug. Half of the power from their relatives souls enters KUNG LAO as well.

KUNG: Youre the only family Ive got left. LIU: Trust me. Youve got family a lot closer than you think. KUNG LAO and LIU share a bow as well. JOHNNY pulls SONYA closer to him, as they both share a long kiss. KITANA walks up to RAIDEN. KITANA: So what happens now? RAIDEN: We have officially won the tournament so, right now, we celebrate. KITANA: But what of the Emperor? RAIDEN: Shao Kahn cannot cross into this realm. KITANA looks dissatisfied and remains cautious. KITANA: Not yet But he will find a way. RAIDEN: Calm down, princess. Today is a glorious day for earth realm! V.O.S (RAIDEN): I am Lord Raiden, the Thunder God, and Protector of Earth Realm, and I have witnessed great capacity for will, courage, and might in the mortals of Earth Realm. And although this would not be the last battle they would fight, it was the day I was proudest of them. The day they restored the tournaments balance, and restored the meaning to its name Mortal Kombat. ROLL CREDITS Written by: theDark1N00b SPECIAL AFTER CREDITS SCENE TRANSITION FROM BLACK: WE ARE ON A BOAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN The large Dragon-shaped boat appears to be coming from the direction of SHANG TSUNGs destroyed island. It also appears to be moving on its own, as if a force of magic were carrying it through the sea. CUT TO: BOAT INT. There are many shadows cast in the ships hull so that only two things can be seen: a large table with SHANG TSUNG spread out across it and QUAN CHI, attempting to revive his fallen comrade. Suddenly, QUAN CHI hears a noise and turns around to counter whatever is

behind him. He finds himself face to face with an ugly, sharp-toothed, brutelike creature with red eyes that pierce the shadows of the ship: BARAKA The creature lifts QUAN CHI up with its left arm and protrudes a spike from its right arm as if preparing to decapitate the sorcerer. QUAN CHI, although taken off-guard, is even more surprised to find that this creature is stronger than him for the time being. Suddenly, laughter is heard from the shadows behind the creature, and the vague outline of a large man with broad shoulders and a large warlord helmet can be seen standing in the darkness. KAHN: Baraka! Enough! BARAKA drops QUAN CHI to the floor and backs up into the darkness. QUAN CHI: What is the meaning of this?! KAHN: I could ask the same thing of you Quan Chi QUAN: Emperor Kahn I-I did not realize it was you. KAHN: Do not act as if you are completely innocent sorcerer. How dare you resurrect Shang Tsung without my permission! QUAN: But, sire, I was simply trying to creKAHN: Silence!!! You have done quite enough Now that you are of no use to me, I see only one fit punishment for your recklessness and mischief! Baraka!!! BARAKA protrudes both blades from his arms, a gruesome smile of bloodlust falling over his hideous face. He raises his left arm to strike QUAN CHI until SHAO KAHN notices something. KAHN: Wait!!! BARAKA turns around in disappointment. SHAO KAHN begins to laugh once again. He reaches out with his magic and pulls the AMULET OF SHINNOK from QUAN CHIs belt, much to the chagrin of the sorcerer. QUAN: Nooooo!!! KAHN: You have proven useful after all, sorcerer. You and Shang may live for now. But first, I must use you QUAN: What exactly would you have me do?

KAHN: I need you to lure the mortals into Outworld. QUAN: Why? SHAO KAHN walks out into the light, staring straight down at the kneeling QUAN CHI. KAHN: So we can invade Earthrealm. QUAN: Whose we? Suddenly, MILEENA, KINTARO, and a small squad of TARKATANs appear behind BARAKA and SHAO KAHN. KAHN smiles devilishly and then laughs manically. CUT TO BLACK