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'ormation of an Events/Projects The Executive Body

Independent Local Recruitments-'eb. Comprising 11 individuals
Chapter Annual General Meeting,
sharing what they stand
'rom five to hundred and for.
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Local Committee President

Vision for AIESEC Surat 2011: To build sustainable growth
of AIESEC Surat in the city and Excel towards Innovation and
Leadership en-route to Excellence.

Being the first LCP of AIESEC Surat right after its metamorphosis to independent
body from being expansion is an honor of a lifetime to me. It is an amazing

experience to see the Local Chapter work in my Members: 125
own way and strategies. Though its so obvious
that execution of daily leadership principles Leadership Roles: 22
are expected from me, my approach for my
team and members will be oriented towards Corporate Partners: 7
creation of friendly culture and bonding
imbibing AIESEC way execution. Board of Advisors: 3
I am looking forward towards a healthy and
NGO partners: 2
uniform growth of my LC. My strategies are
department specific and my goal is to explore
University Partners: 2
the potential of every individual in our LC.
Besides motivation, innovation and
Media Partners: 1
implementation will always remain as the prime focus.

My only message to my members and new recruits is to HOLD ON, and visualize
the AIESEC way from your own eyes and create memories.

Rachit Rajeev Khator, President, AIESEC Surat. c

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