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Test on Maintenance Practice

For Mechanical ETs

Emp No: Marks: 50

Name: Time: 30Min

1. ID Fan Stage-I has what type of Control to regulate its air flows according to load?
A) 1GV Control
B) Hydraulic coupling Control
C) Variable speed motor
D) Blade Pitch control

2. Bearing used in stage –I RSTPS for ID,FD,PA Fan are

A) Water Cooled
B) Air Cooled
C) All Cooled
D) None of above

3. Stg-I RSTPS air Preheater Is…….

A) Tri-Sector
B) Bi-Sector
C) Not Known

4. Loading cylinder sys is stg-I RSTPS mills one used with what type of gas
A) CO2
B) Hydrogen
C) N2
D) Air

5. The heat input is controlled because

A) Concentration of the arc
B) Concentration of the Angle
C) Concentration of heat
D) All of the above

6. Welding without the filler material

A) Spot Welding
B) Seam Welding
C) Babel Welding
D) (a) and (b) both

7. U Shape Welding
A) Save Time
B) Economic letter
C) Better penetration
D) Quality of weld is good

8. Plasma torch can operate

A) Only at high operating Current
B) Only at low operating
C) Can operate at low and high current
D) Plasma can operate faster

9. Plasma Process can be employed for welding

A) Stainless steel, Nickel, Copper, Alloys etc.,
B) Plasma torch is employed only for stainless steel
C) Plasma niddle is light weight
D) Plasma instrument is easy transportable

10. Continuous welding process

A) Projection welding
B) Seam welding
C) Flash butt welding
D) Spot welding

11. The gas flame with equal proportion oxygen an acetylene

A) Oxidizing
B) Carbonizing
C) Neutral
D) None of the above

12. Carbon arc welding process is

A) Non Consumable Electrode Process
B) Consumable Electrode Process
C) Welding does not protect from contamination of atrophic air
D) Electric are is struct Indirectly with low Pressure

13. Tungsten Inert gas Process is wed

A) Consumable electrode
B) Non consumable electrode
C) Coated Electrode
D) None

14. During the welding eyes need to the Protected from

A) High frequency wave
B) Interfaced and ultra lays
C) Intra- Red rays
D) High intense glare

15. Sulemerges are welding process is

A) Gas welding
B) Tungsten inert gas welding
C) Manganese inert gas welding
D) Ac welding

16. Resistance welding the metal parts to the joined

A) Joints are heated to a Plastic state
B) By passing high amperage of current
C) Through electrical resistance and mechanical Pressure
D) All of the above

17. Least Count of Vernier Caliper in mm

A) 0.2 MM
B) 0.02MM
C) 0.003MM
D) 0.01MM
18. Principle of Micro Meter is
E) Sliding
F) Stud and Leady
G) Spindle and Thimble
H) Nut and Bolt

19. In Thermal Welding the thermic mixture and for welding and Toolnods
a. Alluminium Copper
b. Alluminium Iron Oxide
c. Alluminium brass
d. Megnisiam and Copper

20. Gas Welding is a fashion welding carried out lay melting edge

21. For Constructing a core sheet is repaired

A) =2(Semi circle)Xhight of core
B) =2diameteresXhight of core
C) 3/4Dxhight of core
D) None

22. Making of cylindrical work reference candidate from

A) Semicircle of the glinder
B) To draw Perpendicular to the core
C) Extending Lines base to work area
D) All of the above

23. Of a cooling duet is to be turned ate 90 degrees angle

A) The adjacent angle of plate is angle
B) The adjacent angle of plate is angle
C) The adjacent angle is Turning angle
D) None

24. A Bypass line to the projected from main Pipe

A) Sheet to the Placed Parelled to Projected pact
B) Sheet the placed parallel to main pipe
C) Sheet to be max parallel projected part
D) None of the above
Test on Maintenance Practice

Emp No: Marks: 50

Name: Time: 30Min

1. In XLPE Insulated Cables XLPE Stands for

2. DC Test Voltage for old cables to _________times rated Voltage or less depending on
the age of cable.
a) 2
b) 1.5
c) 3
d) Non of the above
3. Code used for designating PVC insulated, PVC sheeted
Unarmored cable in
c) AYY
d) Non of the above
3. Annealing test is conducted as acceptance test for __________Conductors of
a) Aluminum
b) Copper
c) Both
d) Non of the above
4. In underground method of cabling the depth mentioned in
Standards is measure from________to ground level
a) Total dept
b) From center of cable
c) From bottom of the cable
d) Fro top of the cable

5. Mention any three voltage grads in cable

6. After HT cable repair/Jointing ,cable is tested for

a) Insulation resistance
b) High Voltage test
c) Continuity list
d) All of the above

7. Indian standard for code of practice for installation and maintenance of power cables
up to and including 33 KV rating
a) IS 1554
b) IS 1255
c) IS 7098
d) IS 8130

8. Voltage drop in power cables in measured in

a) V/Km
b) V/Km/Amp
c) Ὡ/Km
d) Non of the above

9. Some of the factors while selecting cables sides and rating.

a) Purpose & route
b) Soil conditions & Method of laying
c) System Voltage & load condition
d) A&C
e) All of the above

10. What are the type of batteries used for industrial Power

11. Write basic Electro-chemistry equation of Lead-Acid


12. Lack of gassing while on charging May indicate_______

13. What is battery normal Sulphation and over suphation

14. VRLA Stands for_______________battery

15. Float voltage 2.23 for

a) NI-CD
b) LA
d) Automative

16. Normal float voltage for NI-CD battery is __________

17. H2SO4 is the Electrolyte for_____________type of battery

18. Float charging is a _________mode of battery charging

a) Constant current
b) Constant Voltage

19. Maximum boost voltage for KPH NI-CD Battery is________

a) 2.19
b) 2.23
c) 1.68
d) 1.72

20. On load Tap changer provided on which side of the

Transformers & why?

21. What is the difference between on load tap changer & off
Load taps changer?

22. What is the name of the gas used in 400KV Circuit Breakers
At RSTPS? What are the different types of Operating mechan-
isms used in 400KV Circuit Breakers at RSTPS?

23. What are the different types of cooling systems used in High?
Voltage Transformers at RSTPS? What type of cooling system
Is used in Generator Transformers at RSTPS?

24. What are the capacities of Generator Transformers in stage#

1,2&3 at RSTPS?

25. What is the difference between a transformer & Auto Transformer?

26. What is Ferranti effect? What is the name of the equipment provided in
RSTPS to over come the Ferranti effect in 400KV Nagarjuna Sagar Lines

27. Which type of bus bar scheme is used in our 400KV Switchyard at RSTPS?

28. What is the different between a Circuit Breakers & a contactor?

29. In our RSTPS how many Auto Transformers are there? What are its Voltage

30. What is the purpose of Tie Transformers in RSTPS? How many Tie
Transformers are there in RSTPS?

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