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Module : Power Plant Familiarization

Full Marks: 150

Time : 2 Hrs.
Mark the correct answer : ( Total marks : 100)

1. Normally the largest drive in the thermal power station is

a. Crusher motor
b. Mill motor
c. Feed pump motor
d. Cooling tower fan
Answer : [ ]
2. The following is desirable component of coal
a. Mineral matter
b. Sulphur
c. Volatile
d. Moisture
Answer : [ ]
3. The thermal efficiency of power plant of is the order of
a. 91-95%
b. More then 99%
c. 75-85%
d. 35-45%
Answer : [ ]
4. The purpose of primary air in a boiler is
a. It is primarily meant for providing combustion air to the coal
b. Cooling the boiler walls
c. Talking the ash to the ESPs
d. Talking the pulverized of flue gases is improved
Answer : [ ]
5. The efficiency of collection in ESP will not improve significantly if
a. The temperature of flue gases is reduced
b. The pressure of flue gases is reduced
c. The velocity of flue gases is reduced
d. The ionization of flue gases is improved
Answer : [ ]
6. Teflon tubes in stator winding are used to carry :
a. Clarified water
b. DM water
c. Raw water
d. None of above
Answer : [ ]
7. Minimum purity of hydrogen inside the generator casing permissible is :
a. 97.8%
b. 98.5%
c. 99%
d. 99.9% Answer : [ ]
8. [isolators operates under
a. fault condition
b. normal operating condition
c. no load condition
d. interrupting inductive current
Answer : [ ]
9. The maintenance of circuit breaker is possible without an outage in –
a. main and transfer bus bar arrangement
b. single bus bar arrangement
c. single bus bar arrangement sectionalize
d. none of the above
Answer : [ ]
10. For EHV most preferred circuit breaker is
a. air blast
b. minimum oil
c. vacuum
d. any of the above
Answer : [ ]
11. During normal operating condition, which one is kept ?
a. isolator
b. earth switch
c. circuit breaker
d. any of the above
Answer : [ ]
12. Lightening arresters are connected between
a. two phases
b. natural and ground
c. phase and ground
d. any of the above
Answer : [ ]
13. Protection against direct lightening stocks is provided by
a. earthing of neutral
b. ground wire
c. lightening arrester
d. both (b) and (c)
Answer : [ ]
14.In minimum oil circuit breaker, oil is used for
e. insulation and are quenching both
f. are quenching only
g. insulation only
h. none of the above
Answer : [ ]
15. AN economizer in a boiler
a. increases steam pressure
b. increases steam flow
c. decreases fuel consumption
d. none of the above
Answer : [ ]
16. In a steam generator basic function of drum is
a. to act as storage of steam
b. to act as storage of water
c. to separate salts from water
d. to separate steam from water
Answer : [ ]
17. The coal requirement per KWhr generation in the thermal power plant is of the
order of
a. 0.1to 0.2 kg
b. 0.2 to 0.4 kg
c. 0.6 to 0.8 kg
d. 1.0 to 1.5 kg
Answer : [ ]
18. Type of coal used in a power plant is
a. Non-coking bituminous coal.
b. Brown coal.
c. Anthracite coal,
d. Coking bituminous coal.
Answer : [ ]
19. Sulpher in coal result in
a. clinkering and slagging.
b. corroding air heaters
c. spontaneous combustion during coal storage
d. all of the above
Answer : [ ]
20. Generally in coal fired power plant the ratio of bottom ash and fly ash is
a. 1:2
b. 1:3
c. 1:4
d. 1:6
Answer : [ ]
21. Most commonly used cooling tower in a power plant is
a. forced draft cooling tower
b. natural draft cooling tower
c. induced draft cooling tower
d. a combination of (a) & (c)
Answer : [ ]
22. Instrument air is a used in a power plant for
a. light oil atomization
b. clearing filters
c. burner tilting devices
d. all of the above
Answer : [ ]
23. The combustion chamber is used chiefly for the following purpose
a. Burning the mixture of air and fuel, with rise in pressure
b. Burning the mixture of air and fuel , with rise in temperature alone
c. Mixing the fuel and air thoroughly
d. For cooling the air after expansion in the turbine
Answer : [ ]
24. The efficiency of the combined cycle power plants are typically in the following
a. 45-50%
b. 30-35%
c. 30-40%
d. 60-65%
Answer : [ ]
25. The efficiency of the gas turbine in sample cycle is typically in the following
a. 28-32%
b. 35-40%
c. 15-20%
d. 20-25%
Answer : [ ]
26. For a gas turbine, the Self – Sustaining – Speed (SSS) is around
a. 2100 RPM
b. 1800 RPM
c. 2500 RPM
d. 600 RPM
Answer : [ ]
27. The term “Thermal barrier coating” , is used in context of the following parts of the
gas turbine
a. Generator windings
b. Turbine blading
c. Compressor blading
d. Cernamic tills of the combustion chamber
Answer : [ ]
28. Between the “compressor” and the “turbine” of a typical gas turbine, which of the
following is true ?
a. turbine has more number of stages of blades
b. compressor has more number of stage of makes more output
Answer : [ ]
29. Out of the following pair of statement, which is true ?
a. In summer times, the gas turbine makes more output.
b. In winter times the , gas turbine makes more out put.
Answer : [ ]
30. Out of the following pair of statements, which is true ?
a. In day time, the gas turbine makes more power output
b. In night time, the gas turbine makes more output
Answer : [ ]
31. Out of the following pair of statement, which is true ?
a. The compressor handles more hot gases and air, then the turbine
b. The turbine handles more hot gases and air , then the compressor
Answer : [ ]
32. Out of the following pair of statement, which is true ?
a. A gas turbine, rated at 150 MW for standard condition, produced more power
if installed at Dehradun than Delhi
b. A gas turbine, rated at 150 MW for standard condition, produced more
power if installed at Delhi then Dehradun
Answer : [ ]
33.Out of the following pair of statements, which is true ?
a. The pressure of the steam generated from WHRB, is more than the pressure
of a conventional coal fired boiler
b. The pressure of the steam generated from WHRB, is less than the pressure of
a convention coal fired boiler
Answer : [ ]
34. The main constituent of Natural gas is
a. Ethane
b. Propane
c. Methane
d. Hydrogen sulfide
Answer : [ ]
35. Sweetening of Natural gas the process of
a. Removal of CO2 and Hydrogen from natural gas
b. Addition of LPG in natural gas
c. Cold flaring of natural gas
d. Elimination of Hydrogen sulfide from natural gas
Answer : [ ]
36. Wet natural gas means
a. Naphtha
b. NGL
c. Natural gas with high moisture content
d. LNG
Answer : [ ]
37. Naphtha storage is an floating roof tanks to
a. A void vapor formation below roof
b. A void vapor formation above roof
c. To increase lubricity of naphtha
d. To increase the suction pressure of naphtha forwarding pumps.
Answer : [ ]
38. Which factor does not effect the layout of a Hydro project ?
a. Topography
b. Construction power
c. Geology
d. Construction period
Answer : [ ]
39. Run of the river scheme will necessary have –
a. Diversion structure
b. Water conductor
c. Power house
d. All of the above
Answer : [ ]
40. A power station is known as peaking station when
a. It generates full capacity when required
b. It runs on full capacity throughout the day
c. Runs at a fixed time during the day
d. None of the above
Answer : [ ]
41. A scheme known as run-off-river if it is having
a. Barrage
b. Dam with small storage
c. Trench weir
d. Any of the above
Answer : [ ]
42. Which factor can be attributed to a storage hydro power scheme –
a. Generation throughout the year
b. Peaking generation
c. More firm energy
d. None of the above
Answer : [ ]
43. A pump storage scheme is favoured for
a. Generation during night
b. Generation during speak demand
c. Cheaper cost of generation
d. Increased power generation
Answer : [ ]
44. A Canal head power house is selected –
a. When there is huge flow in canal
b. When there is fall in the river bed
c. When transportation of higher capacity machine is not feasible
d. When provision of Forebay or surge tank is not feasible
Answer : [ ]
45. Sipe failure is generally associated with
a. Concrete dam
b. Masonry dam
c. Concrete faced Rock fill dam
d. Roller compactor concrete dam
Answer : [ ]
46. Size of head Race Tunnel depends on
a. Design discharge
b. Construction period
c. Geology of project area
d. All of above
Answer : [ ]
47. Which of the following is generally used for high head application of Hydro Turbine
a. Pelton Wheel
b. Bulb turbine
c. Deriaz turbine
d. Kaplan Turbine
Answer : [ ]
48. Which basin of India has the largest hydro potential ?
a. Ganga
b. Brahmaputra
c. Indus
d. West flowing
Answer : [ ]
49. With increase in load, radiant super heater has
a. Drooping characteristic
b. Rising characteristic
c. Linear characteristic
d. Unpredictable
Answer : [ ]
50. Water and sediment in fuel oil can be removed by
a. Heating the oil in the settling tanks
b. Cooling the oil in the settling tanks
c. Burning the oil
d. Suspension
Answer : [ ]
51. The capacity of ID fan compared to FD fan in a boiler
a. Same
b. More
c. Less
d. Less or More depending on size of the boiler
Answer : [ ]
52.Maximum energy loss in a boiler occurs due to
a. Unburnt carbon in ash
b. Incomplete combustion
c. Radiation losses
d. Fuel gases
Answer : [ ]
53. Film boiling occurs at
a. Very low pressure
b. Atmospheric pressure
c. Medium pressure
d. Very high pressure
Answer : [ ]
54. Why is it desirable to turn the ejector on for 15-20 minutes daily when a steam
turbine is not running ?
a. To increase efficiency
b. To cool the turbine
c. To draw moisture out of casing
d. To avoid bending of shaft
Answer : [ ]
55. A dense white smoke from a chimney indicates
a. Insufficient air
b. Too much air
c. Correct air
d. Less turbulence
Answer : [ ]
56. A thermal power plant designed to operate in cold climate is operated in hot climates
it will develop
a. More power
b. Less power
c. Same power
d. More or less depending on the size
Answer : [ ]
57. For a given horsepower in impulse turbine, compared to a reaction turbine has
a. Less rows of blades
b. More rows of blades
c. Equal rows of blades
d. It can be anything
Answer : [ ]
58. Axial shift in steam turbines accurs due to
A. Thermal expansion of casing
b. Wearing of thrust pad
c. Differential expansion of casing and rotor
d. Axial thrust
Answer : [ ]
59. If the back pressure of condensing steam turbine rises, then heat rate of turbine will
a. Increase
b. Decrease
c. Remain unaffected
d. First increase upto a certain limit and then decrease
Answer : [ ]
60. The difference between super saturation temperature and the saturation temperature at
the corresponding pressure is called
a. Degree of super saturation
b. Degree of under cooling
c. Degree of super heat
d. Degree of saturation
Answer : [ ]
61. The commonly used material of pipes in condensers
a. Mild steel
b. Stainless steel
c. Cost iron
d. Admiralty
Answer : [ ]
62 The compressor capacity with decrease in suction temperature
a. Increases
b. Decreases
c. Remains unaffected
d. It depends on compressor capacity
Answer : [ ]
63. The air fuel ratio in gas turbines is of the order of
a. 15:1
b. 30:1
c. 40:1
d. 50:1
Answer : [ ]
64. The property most important for material used for gas turbine blades
a. toughness
b. fatigue
c. creep
d. corrosion resistance
Answer : [ ]
65. The safety valve setting at drum of boiler as compared to that at super heater is
a. less
b. more
c. independent
d. equal
Answer : [ ]
66. For the same draught produced the power requirements of induced draught as
compared to forced draught are
a. less
b. more
c. same
d. independent of draught
Answer : [ ]
67. In a surface condenser for steam power plant
a. steam flows through tubes and water across tubes
b. water flows through tubes and steam across tubes
c. water and steam mix together and flow through tubes to the hot well
d. none of the above
Answer : [ ]
68. Differential expansion in steam turbine is due to
a. thermal expansion of turbine casing
b. wearing away of thrust bearing
c. unequal expansion of rotor and casing
d. both (a) & (b) above
Answer : [ ]
69. The water used to cool various equipments is called as
a. CW water
b. ECW water
c. Service water
d. Fire water
Answer : [ ]
70. The coal mill has the following function
a. stores the coal before firing to boiler
b. Crushes the coal into fine powder for proper burning
c. Measures the coal and feeds it to the boiler
d. All of above

Answer : [ ]
71. Some of the gas turbine stations of NTPC receive lean natural gas because
a. LPG is removed from natural gas before supply
b. Supply pressure of natural gas is low
c. Methane is removed from natural gas before supply
d. None of the above
Answer : [ ]
72. Buchholz relay in a transformer is installed
a. inside the transformer oil tank
b. between pipe connecting transformer tank and oil conservator
c. inside the conservator
d. any where above
Answer : [ ]
73. oil in transformer is used for
a. greasing purpose
b. insulation
c. cooling
d. both (b) & (c)
Answer : [ ]
74. In boiler the steam temperature is
a. More then the boiler tube metal temperature
b. Equal to the boiler tube metal temperature
c. Less then the boiler tube metal temperature
d. More then the fuel gas temperature at the zone
Answer : [ ]
75. Hydrazine (N2 H4) dosing in boiler is carried out to
a. Kill algae and bacteria
b. Reduce O2 content
c. Decrease pH value
d. Reduce CO2 content
Answer : [ ]
76. Boiler expansion takes place in which direction
a. Upward only
b. Downward only
c. All direction
d. No expansion is allowed
Answer : [ ]
77. Periodic measurement of air gap in ht motors is an essential check for
a. Motors with sleeve bearings
b. Motors with antifriction bearings
c. Vertical motors
d. (b) & (c) above
Answer : [ ]
78. Purpose of booster pump in feed water system is
a. To increase the delivery pressure of BFP
b. To increase the suction pressure of BFP
c. To supply lube oil to BFP
d. To give a priming effect
Answer : [ ]
79. Condenser tube leakage is detected through the following sensor
a. pH of condensate
b. Silica in condensate
c. Conductivity in condensate
d. Hardness in condensate
Answer : [ ]
80. Oil flame is sensed in a furnace by the following sensor
a. Fire ball scanner
b. Discriminating scanner
c. Both of the above
d. None of the above
Answer : [ ]
81. Buchholtz rely is provided in power station for
a. Turbine protection
b. Generator protection
c. Transformer protection
d. Bus duct protection
Answer : [ ]
82. In the event of a power station block out one of the following equipment must be
ensured to be run on DC supply :
a. Fan lubricating oil pump
b. Scanner air fan
c. Seal air fan
d. Cooling water pump
Answer : [ ]
83. The type of boiling to be maintained in a boiler
a. Nucleate boiling
b. Film boiling
c. Evaporative boiling
d. Both (b) & (c) above
Answer : [ ]
84. Generator core is laminated to
a. Reduce eddy current loss
b. Reduce hysterisis loss
c. Reduce ohmic loss
d. Reduce dead weight of stator
Answer : [ ]
85. Gas turbine use following type of air compressor
a. Centrifugal
b. Reciprocating type
c. Lobe type
d. Axial flow type
Answer : [ ]
86. In DM plant, the value of pH in DM water produced is
a. 5
b. 7
c. 9
d. 10
Answer : [ ]
87. The function of a circuit breaker is to
a. Burn the circuit in case of abnormal electrical conditions endangering electrical
b. Break the circuit in case of abnormal electrical condition endangering
electrical equipment
c. Burn itself in case of abnormal electrical condition
d. None of the above
Answer : [ ]
88. Which one is operated first to isolated an electrical circuit ?
a. Fuse
b. Isolator
c. Earth switch
d. Circuit breaker
Answer : [ ]
89. Which one I heavier ?
a. Bottom ash
b. Economiser ash
c. Air –pre-heater
d. All are having equal weight
Answer : [ ]
90. During loading coal rake moves under the silo at a speed of
a. 0.6 km/hr
b. 0.8 km /hr
c. 1.2 km /hr
d. 2.0 km /hr
Answer : [ ]
91. The door operating mechanism of MGR wagon is
a. Mechanical
b. Pneumatic
c. Electrical
d. Electro- pneumatic
Answer : [ ]
92. Heavy fuel oil in a thermal power station is heated n the service tank to improve its
a. Atomisation
b. Calorific
c. Pumpability
d. Vaporisation
Answer : [ ]
93. Rubber disc self clearing idlers are located at
a. Head end of the conveyor
b. Tail end of the conveyor
c. Near gravity take-up area
d. Near belt weighers
Answer : [ ]
94. In a gas turbine, steam or DM water are injected in the combustion chamber to
a. Nor emission
b. Sox emission
c. Unburnt fuel
d. CO
Answer : [ ]
95. Reactor is used in long transmission line for
a. Compensation of line resistance
b. Compensation of line inductance
c. Compensation of line impedance
d. Compensation of line capacitance
Answer : [ ]
96. Metal detectors are used in coal handling plants to detect
a. Magnetic materials
b. Non-magnetic materials
c. Both (a) & (b)
d. Either (a) or (b) depending on the load
Answer : [ ]
97. Ash collection in ESP is due to
a. gravity
b. Electromagnetic induction
c. Hitting of ash particles with plates
d. Corona effect
Answer : [ ]
98. In the normal running of a gas turbine, the maximum load (MW) is restricted by
a. Pressure control
b. temperature control
c. Flow control
d. Speed control
Answer : [ ]
99. Which of the following equipment is an accessory ?
a. Safety valve
b. Feed check valve
c. Feed water pump
d. Stop valve
Answer : [ ]
100. The condition of steam in boiler drum is always
a. dry
b. wet
c. saturated
d. superheated
Answer : [ ]
Short questions : ( Total marks :20)
1. The length of blade in a steam turbine keeps on increasing as steam flows from
high pressure entrance side to condenser side; why?
2. What is the purpose of a barring gear with steam turbine?
3. What is the function of steam trap?
4. Expand ESSS.
5. Why Micalastic insulation system for stator winding is used ?
6. Arrange the following fuels for use in gas turbine, from MOST PREFERRED TO
i. Furnace oil
ii. Natural gas
iii. Naphtha
iv. Diesel
7. Why high air-fuel ratio is used in gas turbines ?
8. One kg of steam sample contains 0.8 kg dry steam; what is its dryness fraction ?
9. What are determined by ultimate analysis of coal ?

Descriptive question: (Use the backside of the pages) (Total marks: 30)

1. Briefly describe (only through diagram ) the cycle for modern steam power plant.
How its efficiency can be improved ? What are the limitations in improving the
cycle efficiency ?
2. Briefly describe switchgears of a power plant ?
3. Describe the process of water treatment in a power plant.