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Questions for ET Batch D:26.10.


1.What does Kilowatt (KW) rating of a Motor means?

a. Rated Power drawn by Motor
b. Rated Power drawn by pump/fan
c. Actul Power drawn by Motor

2.What is the unit of Boiler Maximum Continuous Rating (BMCR)?

a. KSC
b. ºC
c. Tons Per Hour (TPH)

3.What is Heat Rate?

a. Kilo Calories (Kcals) Produced by one Kg of Coal
b. Kcals required to produce one Kilo Watt of Power
c. Kcals required to produce one Ton of Steam

4.Which of the following is the function of Dearator?

a. Meachanical Dearation.
b. Chemical Dearation.
c. Both a & b.

5.What are the inputs of Visible flame scanner in a Boiler?

a. Flame intensity only.
b. Flame flicker frequency.
c. Both a & b.

6.What is the function of Primary air in Coal milling system?

a. For Transportation of grinded coal from mill to Boiler.
b. For Maintaining coal / air mixture temperature at coal mill out let.
c. Both a & b

7.What is the principle of working of Electrostatic precipitator (ESP)?

a. Ionization of Fly ash particles.
b. Chemical treatment of Fly ash particles.
c. Both a & b.

8.What is the function of Governing oil in a Turbine?

a. Control oil for turbine.
b. Lubricating oil for Turbine.
c. Cooling oil for Turbine.

9.Which oil when gets drained leads to closure of Turbine stop valves?
a. Secondary oil.
b. Trip oil.
c. Start up oil.
10.What is the unit of specific oil?
a. ml / kg of steam.
b. ml / Kwhr.
c. ml / kg of coal.
11.Which parameter decides Main steam temperature before opening KWU Turbine stop
a. HP Turbine shaft temperature (Tm).
b. HP Turbine control valve temperature (Tm).
c. HP Turbine casing temperature (Tm).

12. What is TSE?

a. Turbine steam evaluator.
b. Turbine stress evaluator.
c. Turbine soaking evaluator.

13.What is ABT?
a. Audit of Boiler and Turbine.
b. Auxiliary Boiler Temperature.
c. Availability Based Tariff.

14.What is the function of Raw water in a Thermal power plant?

a. To provide water to Pre treatment plant.
b. To provide make up water to Ash water pump house and CW pump house.
c. Both a & b.

15.What is BLI?
a. Coal.flow.
b. Steam flow.
c. Ash flow.

16.What is the parameter, which decides main steam temperature before rolling the Turbine to rated
a. HP Stop valve temperature (Tm).
b. HP Turbine Casing temperature (Tm).
c. HP Turbine shaft temperature (Tm).

17.Throttling the delivery of a pump by throttling the discharge valve, results in increased -------
a. Head
b. Power
c. Both a & b.

18.Which of the following information available on the name plate of a motor?

a. HP rating
b. RPM
c. Both a & b

19.The Heat input required to for generating one kilowatt hour of electrical output is called as ----
a. Heat value
b. Calorific value
d. Heat rate
20.Which of the voltage is not available for Indian distribution system?
a. 33 KV
b. 280 V
c. 433 V
d. 11 KV

21.Power factor is the ratio of ---------and apparent power ( k var ).

a. Active power ( kw )
b. Reactive power (k var )
c. Maximum demand

22.If the distribution voltage is raised from 11 KV to 33 KV, the line loss would be lower by a factor
a. 1/9
b. 9
d. 3

23.Reactive power compensators in an electrical system----

a. Capacitors
b. Synchronous motors
c. Both a & b

24.Power consumption of a air compressor increases by increase in-----

a. Air inlet temperature
b. Discharge air pressure
c. Both a & b

25.For achieving low specific energy consumption, Centrifugal air compressors are used for------
a. Part load operation
b. Base load operation
c. No load operation

26. .For achieving low specific energy consumption, two stage Reciprocating air compressors are used
a. Base load operation
b. No load operation
c. Part load operation

27.One unit of electricity is equivalent to---------

a. 680 Kcal
b. 860 Kcals
c. 760 Kcals

28.Non-contact speed measurements are carried out by

a. Tacho meter
b. Stroboscope
c. Speedometer

29.Air velocity in ducts can be measured by

a. Orifice meter
b. Borden gauge
c. Pitot tube

30.Which of the following is predominant loss from Boiler furnace?

a. Heat loss due to radiation and convection
b. Heat loss due to moisture in fuel
c. Dry flue gas loss

31.Which one is secondary form of energy?

a. Electricity
b. Coal
c. Natural gas

32. Polluting emissions from Boiler -----

a. Sulfur dioxide, Nitrous oxide
b. Particulate matter
c. CO
d. All of the above
33.Coal is classified into---------
a. Anthracite
b. Bituminous
c. Lignite
d. All of the above

34.Lignite has more of the following compared to other coals---

a. Moisture
b. Carbon
c. VM

35.Anthracite has more of the following compared to other coals---

a. Carbon
b. Moisture
c. VM

36.Bituminous has more of the following compared to other coals---

a. VM
b. Carbon
c. Moisture

37.Indian coal based on calorific value

Grade calorific value(kcals/kg)
A >6200
B 5600---6200
C 4940—5600
D 4200—4940
E 3360—4200
F 2400—3360
G 1300—2400

Grades of coal common to Indian Industry---------

a. A, B
b. D, E, F
c. F, G

38.Analysis of coal which is broad based------------

a. Proximate analysis
b. Ultimate analysis
c. Analytical analysis

39.Analysis, which measures only FC, VM. %Moisture, Ash---------

a. Proximate analysis
b. Ultimate analysis
d. Analytical analysis

40.Which component of air reduces combustion efficiency?

a. Nitrogen
c. Oxygen
d. Hydrogen

41.Toxic pollutants, Oxides of nitrogen are produced when nitrogen combine with oxygen at---
a. Higher temperature
b. Higher air flow
c. Higher air pressure

42.What are 3T’s of combustion-----------

a. Tons, Temperature, Time
b. Tons, Temperature, Trajectory
c. Turbulence, Temperature, Time

43.Typical Boiler specification contains----------

a. Boiler make & year, MCR
b. Boiler make & year, MCR, Rated working pressure
c. Boiler make & year, MCR, Rated working pressure, Type of Boiler, Fuel fired

44. Select the application of fluid coupling fitting?

a. Voltage limiter
b. No load start up of prime mover
c. Works on principle of Eddy current

45. According to IBR, steam Boiler means ---------

a. Closed vessel exceeding 22.75 liters in capacity.
b. Closed vessel exceeding 32.75 liters in capacity.
c. Closed vessel exceeding 42.75 liters in capacity.

46.According to IBR, steam pipe means----------

a. Steam pressure through pipe exceeding 3.5 ksc
b. Pipe diameter more than 254 mm in internal dia
c. Both a & b

47.Blow down in Boilers is necessary to control----

a. PH
b. Total dissolved solids ( TDS )
c. Dissolved Oxygen

48.Function of steam trap-----------

a. To drain condensate, air and other gases
b. Not to allow steam to escape
c. Both the above

49. Steam best suited for Process heating-------

a. Super heated
b. Wet Saturated
c. Dry Saturated

50. 1% saving in fuel is achieved by-----------

a. For every 6°C rise in feed water temp through Economizer
b. For every 22°C rise in Combustion air temp through APH
C.Both a & b

51.Plate heat exchangers are used where------------

a. Temperature differences are less
b. Heat exchange area required is more
c. Both a & b

52.Which does work?

a. Reactive power
b. Active power
c. Both a & b

53.The temperatures encountered in power plant Boilers is in the order of----

a. 3200 °C
b. 1300 °C
c. 1000 °C

54.The efficiency of steam based power plant is of the order of -------------

a. 50%-60%
b. 28-35%
c. 70%-75%

55. T & D losses in India are estimated to be ---------------------

a. 25%
b. 10%
c. 17%

56. Voltage fluctuations in plant can be overcome by------------

a. Transformer On load Tap changer
b. Transformer Off load Tap changer
c. Both a & b
57.What is NPSH?
a. In coming Liquid pressure equal to its vapour pressure
b. In coming Liquid pressure less than its vapour pressure
c. In coming Liquid pressure more than its vapour pressure

58. If the speed of pump is doubled power goes up by------------

a. 4 times
b. 6 times
c. 8 times

59. 1 °C drop in CW temp, gives a heat rate saving of--------------

a. 10kcal/kwhr
b. 20kcal/kwhr
c. 5kcal/kwhr

60.Advantage of Film Fill pack cooling tower over Splash bar cooling tower is--------
a. Fewer requirement of air
b. Fewer requirement of pumping head
c. Both a & b
61. Thermal efficiency of Gas Turbine & Steam Turbine power plants is in the order of-----
a. 33-36%
b. 40-46%
c. 43-45%

62. Thermal efficiency of Diesel Engine power plants is--------

a. 33-36%
b. 40-46%
c. 43-45%

63. Which of following is not a type of governing?

a.throttle b. Nozzle c. by-pass

64. Which of following is not a type of governing?

a.throttle b. Nozzle c. by-pass

65. Governing System in the turbine is used to-

a) Control the turbine load
b) Control the speed of turbine
c) Protect the turbine
d) All of above

66. What is used to cool the generator windings (210 MW)-

a) Air
b) Hydrogen
c) Helium
d) Nitrogen

67. FSSS stands for

a) Furnace secondary standard system
b) Furnace safeguard and supervisory system
c) Fuel spray and supervisory system
d) Firing and spray safeguard system

68. The standard output voltage of 210 mw siemens generator in our plant is
a) 220 KV
b) 15.85 KV
c) 15.50 KV
d) 15.75 KV

69. Secondary Air is used for-

a) To lift the coal from the milling system
b) To provide the right amount of air for proper combustion
c) To seal the Boiler
d) To control the draft of furnace

70. Why ammonia dosing is done-

a) To remove the O2 from feed water
b) To raise the PH value of water
c) To kill the bacteria from the feed water
d) All of above

71. What is TSC-?

a) Turbine stress calculator
b) Turbine stress controller
c) Temperature and stress controller
d) Turbine strain controller

72. APRDS stands for-

a) Augmented Pressure reducing device station
b) Auxiliary Pressure reducing and desuperheating station
c) Area wise pressure reducing device station
d) None of above

73. ID fans is-

a) Initial draft fans
b) Intermittent draft fans
c) Induced draft fans
d) Induced drive fans

74. What is Auxiliary Power Consumption-?

a) Power required to run all the Offsite auxiliaries
b) Power required to run all the systems of the unit
c) Power required to run all the equipments of unit and offsite
d) Power required for lighting.

75. How many no of headers are in Super Heater System of 210 MW CE Boiler-
a) 12
b) 14
c) 20
d) 10

76. HP Dosing system is used to-

a) To decrease the PH of Boiler water
b) To remove the Silica from the boiler drum
c) Both of above
d) None of above

77. What is heat rate-?

a) Total heat required to generate one MW of electricity
b) Total heat required to generate one KW of electricity
c) Total heat required to generate one KWHr of electricity
d) Total heat required to generate one MWHr of electricity

78. How many down comers are there in 210 MW CE Boiler-

a) 2
b) 4
c) 6
d) 8
79. Heat is transferred to water walls through-
a) Radiation
b) Conduction
c) Convection
d) None of above

80. Why seal oil system is used-

a) To seal the steam in the turbine
b) To seal the Hydrogen in the generator
c) To Seal the Condenser from the atmosphere
d) All of above

81. Where is null point in Boiler Furnace?

a) Furnace middle
b) LTSH Zone
c) Gooseneck

82 Which Turbine contributes more load towards Generator output?

A) HP Turbine
b) LP Turbine
c) IP Turbine

83.Which Chemical is used for chemical dearation?

a) NH3
b) N2H4
c) Phosphate

84.Why Regenerative Heaters are used in Thermal cycle?

a) To increase sensible heat pick up in Boiler
b) To increase Latent heat pick up in Boiler
c) To increase superheat pickup
85.What are input points for TSE?
c) All the above

86.What is Bucholtz relay?

a) For sensing over current
b) For sensing over voltage
c) For sensing Internal fault

87. _________ is useful for prevention of uneven heating and cooling of turbine shafts during stating and
a. Barring gear b. supply gear c. Worm Shaft d. Temp. gauge

88. When Condenser vacuum pulling is started?

a). After sealing Turbine
b) Before Turbine sealing
c) Before Turbine Rolling

89.Why Drum is used?

a). For heating
b). For separating steam/water mixture.
c). For mixing steam/water

90.What is the function of Blow down?

a) For controlling silica
b) For controlling PH
C) For controlling Dissolved oxygen

91.What is primary control for HRH steam temperature?

a).Burner tilt
b). Spray
c).Secondary air

92. __________ is the working part of a Turbine blade

a. Aerofoil. b. Root c. Shroud d. Lace

93. Where is Phosphate dozing done?

a. Drum b. Deaerator c.CEP

94. Why 500 MW boiler is not natural circulating?

a) density difference of water and steam is low
b) density difference of water and steam is high
c) density difference of water and steam is zero

95.) Scanner fan takes suction from

a) FD fan b) ID fan c)PA fan

96) ) What is the purpose of H2 gas in Generator

a) Cooling b) Heating c)Drying
97) Which of the following is not a type of Excitation
a) Brush less b) Static c) dynamic

98) What is used during filling and removal of H2 gas from generator
a) Air b) vacuum c) CO2

99) ________ protection comes into operation only if the breaker fails to trip
a) LBB b) ABB c) Differential

100) ___________protection is the primary protection for bus bar against both phase and earth faults.

a) Differential b) Over current c)Earth fault relay

101) ______ is operated only during no-load conditions

a) Isolator b) Relay c) MCB

102) Conductors are made _______ for reducing the phenomenon of Corona.
a) hollow b) thick c) thin

103)_------test of Transformer oil gives an indication of healthiness of Transformer.

a) DGA b) Acidity c) Moisture content d) Dew point analysis