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Volume 96 Edition 7 April 2011

71st Annual Junior Varieties

T he Junior Varieties is a Malden
High School tradition; the junior
class puts up a talent show that raises
funds for the class after several long
weeks of tedious tryouts, practices,
and dress rehearsals. Mar. 24 and 25
showcased the 72nd annual Junior
Varieties in the Jenkins Auditorium
by the Class of 2012. Despite the fact
that JVs are usually on Friday and
Saturday night, people filled the
auditorium both nights, anticipation
filling the minds of the attendees.
The theme of the show was
originally intended to be “YouTube”
but it had to be changed to Saturday
Night Live (SNL), resulting in even
more hours of work that the junior
class had to put into the show. Co-
advisor of the junior class, MHS art
teacher MaryAnn Seager noted that
the YouTube theme was “a little too
static [because] it was complicated
to integrate the storyline into [such
a] theme, making SNL a better op-
tion as it had many characters and
more humor.” As the show went theme, managing a relevancy to it the production weeks was that, due homework or other responsibilities.
on, it was evident that the junior throughout all of the acts. to the change of dates, many people “Having the show on a Thursday was
class prevailed in delivering such a The biggest worry throughout would not show up because of continued on page 12

PlayPro Makes History Aiming for the Win

F or the first time in all of Mal-

den High School history, Play
Production has moved on from
progress from the final round.
Nevertheless, Play Production and
all involved are extremely proud
A s any team knows, a great
foundation leads to great suc-
cess. A foundation that the girls
back in shape. During the prac-
tices, the players worked on pass-
ing drills and skills they needed to
the Preliminary round to the of their hard work, and they are lacrosse team has put into full ef- improve on from last year so that
Finals of the annual Drama Fest excited to have made MHS history. fect in the pursuit to build back up they could excel in them when the
competition, which was held at While the play has been their reputation. season started. As stated by, junior
the John Hancock Hall Back Bay changed a little at each stage of This year the team kicked Amanda Tan, “This year we have
Events Center on April 1st. While this process, few modifications off with qualifying tryouts, held played so much better and came
performed very well, and while were made to the play for Finals. on Mar. 21, 2011, but the truth together as a team...compared to
something fresh and insightful Junior Sarah Fraas’ monologue is this actually was not the first last year [in which] we only won
was certainly brought to the com- was tweaked a tad, transitions and day of practice. The team started a few games here and there. Also,
petition, American Land did not continued on page 11 in earlier that month by having
continued on page 23
captain’s practices to get the team

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The Blue and Gold
Editorials April 2011

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Water Bottles

P eople think that I am bothering or harassing them
when I suggest that, instead of buying plastic
water bottles from companies like Poland Spring
mended amount of water using the water that conve-
niently comes out of your faucet costs around 59 cents
a year, as opposed to the $1500 water bottles would
Malden High School
and Dasani, they buy a reusable bottle. Their eye- cost. The most startling statistic is that it is reported
roll, infuriated glance, or dismissive laughter is often that 40 percent of all bottled water in the market is
The Blue and Gold followed by questions like, “What difference is my simple tap water, which makes sense, considering
77 Salem St. water bottle going to make?” or “Why should I be the that 90 percent of the running water across the United
Malden, MA 02148 one to change?” Their misinformation, coupled with States meets or exceeds requirements EPA standards
the nonchalant attitude I sense, unfortunately mir- for drinking water.
rors several aspects of the environmentalist struggle Reveling in the luxury American consumerism
in America. provides is perhaps one of the biggest obstacles our
EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Since the 2008 financial meltdown, Democrats generation has to overcome. It is the greatest force
João Nascimento have been fiercely criticized for their lack of back- holding back the green movement, and it is even
Nidale Zouhir bone in Washington. In Massachusetts, where 35 per- more powerful than the catastrophic consequences
cent of voters are Democrats and around 50 percent global climate change has proven to have in store for
MANAGING EDITORS are independents (who mostly lean Democrat), even humanity. In the name of convenience, we choose to
Brittany Foley managed to elect Republican Scott Brown to finish the buy water bottles and sustain an industry that com-
Alexandra Mathieu quintessential Democratic term of Edward Kennedy moditizes a natural human right. We also increase
in 2010 in hopes of mollifying the state of the econo- America’s role in the global chain of environmental
HEAD COPY EDITOR my. The situation becomes increasingly complicated transgressions, while Republicans argue that America
Brittany McFeeley when one takes a look at the discourse surrounding is unjustly criticized by other nations due to its emis-
the Republican response to the national debt, and the sions and waste generation.
ONLINE EDITOR ineffective outcry of the idle Democratic population So, maybe, the blame should not be placed en-
Omar Khoshafa who deeply opposes the Republican approach of cut- tirely on the Democrats in Washington, but instead
ting out social programs like Planned Parenthood. this blame should be shared with the rest of us. We
HEAD LOCAL NEWS WRITER I cannot help but see a parallel between our ac- are, everyday, seemingly incapable of doing our part,
Cristina Peters tions (or lack thereof) as students and residents of of acting as responsible citizens, even when living in
the state of Massachusetts in connection to energy a socioeconomically blessed state like Massachusetts.
HEAD WORLD NEWS WRITER and environmental conservation, and the lack of Even more problematic is the fact that our symptoms
Dan Holmqvist backbone Democrats exhibit in Washington. Just as of disillusionment transcend the environmental
Democrats are preaching that Republicans are at- sphere: abysmal young voter turnouts and dramatic,
HEAD ENTERTAINMENT WRITER tempting to send us back into the dark ages—which primeval legislature being enacted are grave effects of
Reginah Sanyu is possible only because of their inaction as policy our complacency.
makers, which led to the loss of the public’s trust— A part of why the “change” President Barack
HEAD SPORTS WRITER we remain idle, not attempting to change our attitude Obama promised (and some of this change had a
Alfonse Femino towards environmental conservation. deep emphasis on renewable energy research) has
It is surprising that so many students meet me not been able to manifest itself throughout America is
HEAD OF BUSINESS with skepticism when I state that the water bottle because, as citizens, we, for some reason, feel power-
Alexander Gennigiorgis industry is so harmful to the environment. The issue less. I, however, choose to feel a mixture of bafflement
has been brought to light in A History of the World and outrage when someone tells me that it is more
HEADS OF PHOTOGRAPHY in Six Glasses (mandatory summer reading for AP convenient to go through several thousand water
Lauren Benoit World History) and was well covered in AP Environ- bottles throughout their lifetime and to generate so
Sharon Lee mental Science. Aside from being taught in two of the much useless waste and energy as opposed to simply
most popular AP courses at school, Malden itself has buying a reusable one. Not buying one seems to me
HEAD OF SPECIAL PROJECTS faced issues with drinking water earlier in 2010. a blatantly selfish or uneducated decision, and even
Kayla Bramante According to a study conducted by The New more gravely, a symbolic forfeit in the fight against
York Times, to meet the American demand for water today’s most pressing issue, when we are one of the
COPY EDITORS bottles, 1.5 million barrels of oil are used each year. few who have the power to turn the gears of progress.
Haley DeFilippis This figure is enough to fuel 100,000 cars a year. We
Catherine Poirier
Megan Kelly
have the privilege of living in a state where running
water is abundant, and to drink the daily recom-
João Nascimento
Natalie Fallano
Paige Yurek Editorial Policy
Joshua Kummins
The Blue and Gold is an open forum for
student expression. It is produced by students
REPORTERS & PHOTOGRAPHERS for the school and the community. The views
Rebecca Broomstein presented in this paper are not necessarily those
Kaela Bryan Page 5 - The caption for the photo-
of the advisor or the school administration. The graph should read, “A representation
Freddie DiPhillipo views presented in the editorials are those of the
of America’s constant fight with forc-
Johanna Lai editors-in-chief or guests. The goal of The Blue
and Gold is to inform and entertain students as
es of evil. Photos from Wikimedia.
Kristen Leonard Graphic designed by Megan Kelly.
Jacob Martino well as the community regarding issues that we
Vicki Ngan feel are important.
We strongly encourage readers to respond Page 8 - The dates should be March
Amalia Quesada Nylen 9, 2011, and March 10, 2011, not March
to material printed in the form of signed letters to
Timothee Pierre
the editors. No libelous, malicious, defamatory, 9, 2010 and March 10, 2010.
Amanda Rosatone obscene, or unsigned material will be printed.
Joel Stevenson The Blue and Gold reserves the right to edit the let- Page 11 - Chemistry teacher
Lesley Ta ters. Names may be withheld upon request. Not Meaghann Galdos’ first name is
all letters will be printed. spelled incorrectly.
ADVISOR Although The Blue and Gold appreciates the
Ryan Gallagher support of advertisers, we may refuse any ad- Page 11 - The photo credit for the Just
vertisement that violates the above policy or that Dance photo belongs to Catherine
Established in 1915 promotes products questionable to student use. Poirier, not Joel Stevenson.
Any correspondence concerning this publi-
Check out our online edition:
cation should be directed to Mr. Ryan Gallagher’s Page 20 - On the boys tennis team ar-
room in C339 or to his mailbox in the main office. ticle, head coach Berenice Diaz’s first
http://www.maldenblueandgold.com/ name is spelled incorrectly.
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ted to theblueandgold@gmail.com
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April 2011 Opinion 3

An Apple A Day Keeps the Bad Grades Away

Lauren Benoit another accessory. It is more efficient Compared to
Head of Photography in taking notes, and any student can laptops the IPAD has
explore new topics within seconds. a longer lasting battery
Sure one might be thinking: Well, life. Given the his-

W ould it not be awesome if you

did not have carry around
your math book? Or even lug around
yea but in high school there are not
daily lectures therefore no reason
for laptops. True, but in high school
tory of APPLE, there
is almost a guarantee
that none of the IPADS
that 700 page history book? I would there are AP exams whose topics would get a virus. An-
rather not even have to worry about exceed the information given in other perk of purchas-
carrying any books. Those books the book. Imagine the barriers that ing IPads is that they
can easily be replaced with up to would be broken if MHS followed cost basically half the
date technology. Yes it would be a this trend. amount of one laptop.
pricey project for the city of Malden The first school in Massachu- If MHS is spending
to take on, but it would all pay off setts teaching in the twenty first cen- double the money on
for the future generations. tury is Burlington High School. BHS older laptops, why
Just this year MHS bought Net- received a grant this to purchase as not buy two updated
books to be used in certain classes many IPads as there are students. pieces of technology
around the school. They have been It is all inclusive with Internet. The for the same price?
a big hit. I use one everyday during only restriction is that the student Being in English
period seven in my AP United States must bring the IPAD to school ev- class long block with
History Class. Having Internet ac- eryday. Its importance is equivalent an IPAD might be a
cess in school broadens my educa- to MHS’s agenda book or ID policy. little distracting. But
tional horizon and gives me the op- To make matters even more the students would be
tion to explore deeper into the topics alluring updating the technology distracted with hav-
we are learning. Within minutes any would save money, and save the ing a laptop too. With
student is able to access their online earth. Moving towards visual note- an IPAD there is no
notebook, create an online GLOG (a books, the school would then not screen to block what
Image of a first-generation iPad. Taken from Wiki-
virtual poster), construct a google need to pay for paper. This price the student is doing.
presentation, and explore many package includes Internet service, This device is simply
more options of learning. Only if the a replacement warranty, and all the laying on the desk already been said, one might think
Internet is working and up to speed APPs a student could need. Need a resembling a notebook. The teacher that I am ungrateful, or ranting
of course. Internet lets the students T-89 calculator? Do not spend $90 in can easily see whether a student is about getting an IPAD for each
read beyond their textbooks and to stores, there’s an APP for that. Want on task or not. Having more up- student at MHS. But in reality, I am
analyze much more than the maps to download Romeo and Juliet by dated technology rather than the very grateful for the laptops that
and the minuscule pictures in their William Shakespeare? There’s an traditional pen to paper would be have been bought for the students
books. But what if the computers APP for that. Need to mark up the more interactive and interesting in use. It drastically helped me and
did expand out of the boundaries test for English class and do not my perspective. It would also limit I’m sure many other students edu-
of the history classrooms? Why not have sticky notes? There’s an APP my doodling. cational experiences. With the tech-
have laptops in every class? Why for that. A problem clearly seen IPADS have been placed in nology today, everything changes
are we the students being taught in around school is the lack of paper. schools all over the country and very quickly. Quite frankly the use
the fashion of the older teaching tra- Practically all the teachers have a outstanding results have come back. of textbooks is out of date and very
ditions? Or better yet, why not put a limited amount that must last them In West Prairie South Elementary in expensive to get a hold of and keep
laptop in the hands of every student throughout 180 days of school. W.B. Colchester, Il the IPAD is helping replacing for that matter.
for themselves. It’s all for the better Mason is making millions off of autistic students gain confidence in Investing in newer technology
of our education after all. MHS. As they are benefiting from their penmanship. Eleven year old for the students of Malden would
When the seniors graduate our in bulk purchases, the earth is Ray Hart has an IPAD to be used be a great achievement. It would
and become exposed to college life taking its toll. The need for paper in in school. During one school day mark a milestone in the technology
learning, they will be awed at the the school is higher than ever, and at he traced a lower case “t” on the advancements in the city. After all,
level of technology schools are at. this point in time mother nature can screen. Correctly traced, the IPAD to retain the title of the “Best City
Colleges are slowly abandoning the not afford to have another one of let out celebratory sounds showing to Raise Your Family”, the Malden
old fashion way of teaching. Almost her trees to be cut down. Using the recognition to Hart. This is just what government officials should keep
every student in a lecture hall has a newer technology like the IPAD can students need. The technology to education their top priority and up-
laptop propped up open in front of allow students to type their essays bring confidence in their own work. date the educational system for the
them. They do not use the laptops as directly on the super light device. Now after reading what has younger generations.
The Blue and Gold
Opinion April 2011

Looking Forward to “Battleground 2012”

Dan Holmqvist own flaws. Obama, and his team
One candidate, Mitt Romney, of advisers, including
Head World News Writer former governor of Massachusetts, David Plouffe, also
has taken a lot of criticism from con- have had experience
A t first glance, it seems like
Barack Obama has had a tough
couple of months as an incumbent
servatives over the health care plan
he helped institute in Massachusetts,
running a successful
campaign 2008; any
which was used loosely as a model Republican challeng-
president. Since the beginning of for the highly divisive “Obamacare” ers will have real
this year, there has been a shift in health care plan. Another potential trouble mounting a
power in the House of Representa- candidate, Newt Gingrich, who campaign of similar
tives, talks of a federal budget shut- served as Speaker of the House in caliber.
down, unrest in the Middle East the 1990s, is said to be too old and At this point in
and, of course, stagnant economic too white. And Sarah Palin has yet time, no matter how
growth in addition to stubbornly to fully cast off her reputation of be- you slice it, the chips
high unemployment rates. ing, to some extent, incompetent. are falling in favor
However, just as Barack Tea Party member and US of Barack Obama
Obama launches his reelection bid Representative Michele Bachmann in terms of the 2012
for 2012, the president has several is also considered a potential 2012 elections; despite
reasons why he should be feeling candidate. Still, US voters may ques- the hardships he has
good about his chances in the next tion the legitimacy of a presidential faced and will con-
election cycle. candidate who cannot correctly tinue to face in office.
For one, demographic changes, name the state that the American Without a Republican
most notably a dramatic increase Revolution began in (which, by the candidate that can
in the Hispanic populations in way, is Massachusetts, not New tame the Tea Party,
swing states like New Mexico, Ne- Hampshire). appeal to a variety of
vada, and Colorado, seem to favor To further complicate matters different demograph-
Obama. Hispanics, who now num- for Republicans, the Tea Party, the ic groups, and mount
ber 50.5 million in the United States, movement that helped to galvanize a campaign that can
traditionally vote for Democrats Republican support in the 2010 mid- compete with Barack
in part because many of them feel term elections, is putting pressure Obama, it seems as
alienated by strict Republican im- on more moderate conservatives to though the incum-
migration policy. For instance, Re- become more radical. It is still un- bent presidential will
publicans in Arizona, who passed clear how these internal divisions in continue to hold
some of the strictest immigration the Republican party will affect the onto his office until Series of four scenarios of how the 2012 presidential
policies in the nation, have seen 2012 election. 2016. election may breakdown for President Barack Obama,
severe backlash from the Hispanic And, finally, no matter what Still, forces that based on the electoral college. Los Angeles Times/
community. you think of Obama as an admin- politicians cannot MCT 2011
Also, the Republican Party has istrator, it is undeniable that he necessarily control
yet to field a candidate that has a a downward spiral similar what
is a fantastic public speaker, and are often huge factors in determin-
realistic chance of beating Obama. happened in 2007, it is a completely
has an uncanny ability to connect ing presidential elections. If, for
Several names have surfaced, but different ballgame in Washington.
with his audience during speeches. instance, the US economy goes into
each one of the candidates has their
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 Opinion 5

2010 Census Reveals Multiracial America

Lesley Ta

A ccording to the United States

2010 census, 308.7 million
people live in the nation. The popu-
lation is still growing, and it has not
shown any indication of stopping
anytime soon. In a span of two
decades, the United States has had
a significant increase in it’s popula-
tion. After the 13.2 percent increase
from 1990-2000, one might expect
that in the coming decade the Unit-
ed States would see an even greater
increase in population. However,
the 2010 Census revealed that there
was only a 9.7 percent increase. Chart showing the change in population by state over the past 30 years, using data from each census.
Massachusetts had a 3.1 per- Graph courtesy of 2010.census.gov
cent increase in its population, hav-
ing 198,532 people immigrate to the released in the following years, it in Malden made up 72.1 percent of sponsibility of the United States
state. New York, in contrast, had is predicted that the United States the community. Other races, such as on his shoulders again? Gener-
only had a 2.1 percent increase in its will become an even more racially Asians, Hispanics, or Black made up ally, Americans with a Hispanic or
population. diverse country; by 2019, white than less than 14 percent of citizens African-American heritage tend to
Perhaps bipolar New England children are expected to be a minor- each within Malden. When the re- lean more towards the Democratic
weather has driven citizens to the ity. As reported in the 2000 Census, sults of last year’s census crawl in, party in political elections. As re-
West. California, Arizona, and Tex- Massachusetts had a total of 3.8 Malden’s share of non-white citizens ported to MSNBC, the populations
as all are located in the Southwest percent Asian citizens and a total is expected to surge, just like the mi- of Latinos in Nevada, Virginia, and
and have been reported to have a of 6.8 percent citizens of Hispanic nority population in the rest of the North Carolina have doubled; all of
10.0 percent to 24.9 percent increase or Latino origin. These figures are United States. Already you can see these states gave Obama their sup-
in population. Nevada, however is expected to rise in the coming years. the change within the community, port in the 2008 elections. Thus, the
the only state reported in 2010 to Malden has claimed to be one judging by the diversity of Malden results of the census have suggested
have an increase of more than 25.0 of the most racially and culturally High School students. that the power in the White House
percent in population, an increase diverse communities in Massachu- With the presidential elec- may be affected the rising Hispanic
12 times larger than New York. setts. According to the data from the tion upcoming 2012, will President population in 2012.
When the 2010 Census data is 2000 census, 11 years ago, whites Obama have the weight and re-

What America Can Learn From Russia

Megan Kelly mir Milov have joined together
create Russia’s newest political
Copy Editor party. Their creative and con-
troversial name, the Russian

P olitics does not always fit the

stereotypical mold that is often
associated with it. Corrupt govern-
Opposition Party, entered the
world on March 28, 2011 with
their first report named “Pu-
ments have commonly spawned tin. Corruption.” The booklet
from oppressive regimes, a fact reveals how many of Russia’s
that is true to human’s very fallible current billionaires (Russian
nature. Some mistakes the world natives or not) have used their
has earned from in the last century connections to Putin to expand
is that when we allow power to be their businesses. The Associated
taken by force, illegitimately, the Press has stated that “The report
transition of power will come with says a handful of Putin’s friends
dreadful consequences. In reality and relatives — all relatively
communism, historically, has not obscure until the 2000s — have
had a great track record within the accumulated fortunes with the
country it reigns. Just to point out, help of state companies.”
these are not lessons that America Former Russian President Vladimir Putin meeting with Boris Nemstov December The three leaders of the
has learned from first hand, these 5 2000. the meeting took place in the reported time that Putin and other Russian anti-corruption crusade in De-
are all mistakes that our Cold War Government Officials apparently took part in stealing public money. Attributed to cember 2010 (Nemtsov, Milov,
comrade Russia has taught us. www.kremlin.ru. and Wikimedia Foundation. and Ryzhkov) filed a lawsuit
Meet Vladimir Putin, the sec- against Putin after he had de-
ond democratically elected Presi- until being appointed to the level took his power too far he handed the clared over national television that
dent of Russia since the demise of of prime minister, the public had presidential scepter to his beloved they had also participated in similar
the Soviet Union in 1991. The Saint not even heard of the blonde-haired Prime Minister Putin. Bright-eyed forms of corruption that during
Petersbur’s born billionaire en- and blue-eyed politician. So how and bushy tailed, Putin’s first act as the 1990’s. Their lawsuit later was
tered the scene of Russian politics did this seemingly unknown man Russian president was to clear Yelt- conveniently silenced in the com-
originally as a head of a relations become the president of the largest sin and his buddies of all the charges plicated Russian court system,. As
committee and mayor of Saint Pe- country on earth? they had been accused of. So would for the UN’s concern, there is none;
tersburg. Unfortunately, only a year Yeltsin had run Russia as an someone agree that maybe this first they are just happy that they have
later he was investigated for abus- the central oligarch, which meant if act and his history hinted at being at finally turned Russia mainstream.
ing aid that was allegedly sent to the a citizen of Russia was on the good the President being a little unfair? The lack of concern over the issue is
city. Even with this “small” blip on side of these select few, they could To several former Putin loyal- disconcerting; if this could happen
his record, Putin continued to be of- earn special benefits, and get out of ists, Putin was not a better change; in a “reformed” government, what
fered highly ranked political offices, investigations that questioned how former First Deputy Prime Minister could happen with one that is fight-
gradually working his way to suc- they earned their money and how Boris Nemtsov, former State Duma ing over whether to give the rich tax
ceeding former Russian President they got and possibly cover up il- Deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov, and for- breaks or to keep the government
Boris Yeltsin’s prime minister. And legal activity. Though when Yeltsin mer Deputy Energy Minister Vladi- from going into debt?
The Blue and Gold
World News April 2011

panic in the Middle East

Above: Rebels blow up a tank abandoned by loyalist forces as the rebels retreat from Port
Brega, Libya, on Wednesday, March 30, 2011. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times/MCT)
March 29, 2011. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times/MCT) Right: Rebel fighters gather at
the front lines near Port Brega, Libya, on Saturday, April 2, 2011. (Luis Sinco/Los Ange-
les Times/MCT). Rebel fighters swarm around a vehicle ridden by General Abdul Fatah
Yunis, who made an unannounced visit to the front lines near Port Brega, Libya, on
Friday, April 1, 2011. (Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

Catherine Poirier one who opposed or posed a threat enforcing an arms embargo and
Copy Editor to his rule. ships are
Despite these actions, Libya s t a -

T he revolutionary domino effect

has taken over the Middle East.
The entire area is blazing (literally
was in theory a representative de-
mocracy. There were local councils
throughout the country, elected by
a l l
and figuratively– Rebel, Mohamed the people. Above these councils t h e
Bouazizi set himself on fire in Tu- was the General People’s Congress. Mediter-
nisia to spark these protests) with Sounds appealing, right? However, ranean
revolutions coming from the people. Gadhafi was actually the Secretary making
The common goal of these people is General of the “people’s” congress; sure no
to create better and more just gov- corruption at it’s finest. arms are
ernments. Countries such as Egypt, Fast forward to 2011; in Febru- brought
Tunisia, and Yemen have been going ary, peaceful protests and demon- into the
through these processes recently. strations started in Libya. Within country.
Inspired by these protests and just the span of one week, the entire On April
added to the mixing bowl is Libya - a country was protesting the Gadhafi 6, 2011
North African country who is along administration. Before the blink of Gadhafi
with the other revolting nations, an eye, Libya was occupied by a wrote to
and has a leader who is taking ad- full on civil war. The opposition an- President Obama, begging him to am extremely sorry to say this, but
vantage of his powers. For 42 years, nounced their official establishment stop the NATO bombing his coun- NATO truly disappointed us. If
Moammar Gadhafi has ruled Libya as the National Transitional Council try. He claims that those who oppose NATO wanted to free Misrata, they
with immoral punishments and a on Mar. 5, 2011 in opposition strong- him are members of al-Qaeda; Gad- could have done that a few days ago.”
cruel heart. Even before Gadhafi hold city of Benghazi. Organizing to hafi stated “We have been hurt more On April 4, 2011 four people were
took office in 1979, he took part in liberate all of Libya, the rebels are morally than physically because of killed, and 24 injured. The death toll
the government of Libya, serving as luckily not alone in their fight. what had happened against us in is at over 1,000 now. Is it worth it for
the Secretary General of the General Countries from all over the both deeds and words by you… You the United States to stay involved in
People’s Congress, Prime Minister world are doing what they can to are a man who has enough cour- a country, where they are not mak-
of Libya, Chairman of the Revo- aid the opposition to Gadhafi. The age to annul a wrong and mistaken ing any progress? President Obama
lutionary Command Council, and United Nations Security Council action.” The administration is not is considering these factors now;
Chairperson of the African Union. met on Mar. 17, 2011, and passed taking his claims seriously because Obama announced that on the week
The most ironic of the titles resolution 1973. The resolution or- the leader neglected to mention any of April 4, 2011 the United States
held by the ruler would be his posi- dered members to take all necessary sort of compromise or resolution to would be slowly pulling away their
tion as Chairman of the Revolution- measures to ensure the safety of the the problem. Secretary of State Hill- forces from Libya. He promised the
ary Command Council of Libya. civilians amd also demanded an ary Clinton said the NATO strikes US would still provide information
Gadhafi, like Egyptian ruler Hosni immediate ceasefire in Libya. Also will only stop when Gadhafi steps that was unique to them, but would
Mubarak, took part in the overturn- under the resolution is the estab- down. Despite Clinton’s notions, be much less directly involved.
ing of the government before him. lishment of a no-fly-zone in Libya; NATO is supposed to remain partial On April 11, 2011 the African
Also know as Colonel Gadhafi, he this rule excludes aircraft meant for in the situation and focus on saving Union created a resolution accepted
was a leader in the revolution that humanitarian aid. The North Atlan- civilian lives; not the overthrow of by Gadhafi but not the oppositional
pushed King Idris out of power in tic Treaty Organization has taken Gadhafi. Their bombing of Brega on forces. The agreement would make
September 1969. The socialist took control of the military operations in- April 7, 2011 however went terribly Gadhafi – in principle – stop hostili-
over the government shortly after volved under the resolution. NATO wrong and left 13 Libyan civilians ties in Libya. Rebels are once again
the king left. As soon as Gadhafi instituted Operation Unified Protec- dead. saying they will settle for nothing
took power, Libya was in a state of tor in order to fulfill what resolu- The rebel forces were going less than the permanent removal
terror, and from 1970 to 1980, Libya tion 1973 was going to do – protect strong until they hit stalemate in of the Gadhafi family from power,
was considered to be in a pariah civilians. The UN Security Council Misrata, Libya. Loyalists pushed the even though this time the ruler as
state due to the internal acts of ter- claimed their Resolution applies to front line back, despite the short- signed a statement considering “the
rorism. Gadhafi was also starting to all sides and that NATO is impartial. age in goods due to the cut off from aspirations of the Libyan people for
acquire a hefty amount of money in Recently, NATO started bomb- forces surrounding the country. The democracy, political reform, justice,
favor of his family, adding up to his ing Libya. Along with the air raid, opposition is saying that NATO is peace and security, as well as social
multi-billion dollar fortune today. NATO has what they call “eyes in doing more harm than good for the ... development.”
The country continued like this for the sky,” or air surveillance of the cause. General Abdul Fatah Younis,
years: Gadhafi continued to kill any- entire country. They are issuing and the rebel’s top general told CNN “I
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 WORLD NEWS 7

Haiti Hopeful After Elections

Kayla Bramante
behind the shooting or if it
Head of Special Projects was even intended to hit this
innocent Martelly supporter.

F ourteen months after the dev-

astating earthquake that struck
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, came the
Also, during a rally, Martelly
supporters were seen throw-
ing rocks at the opposing
January elections that were marred candidate, Mangiat.
with allegations of voter fraud and For the second election,
corruption. which was held on March
The two candidates running 20, 2011, there was an enor-
were 70 year old Mirlande Manigat mous crowd just waiting to
and 50 year old Michel Martelly. cast their votes. Some even
Mangiat, who served as a former showed up as early as six in
senator in 1988, was aiming to be the morning when the bal-
Haiti’s first female elected leader. lots opened. Nevertheless,
Martelly ran his campaign on the this election ran a lot more
premise that he would help to re- smoothly. People were yelling
form the Haitian government. and screaming names for the
The first election was filled candidate they were voting Kim Woong Ki, second from right, visits the site of his future factory in northeast Haiti
with corruption and rigging. It for but everything still was (Jacqueline Charles/Miami Herald/MCT)
was said that only 23 percent of kept under control. However,
voters actually put their votes into the results were not released for an lit and people holding banners and earthquake was searching for ways
the system. This election was cha- extended period of time and the signs were running through the to make the country better for the
otic, considering several people got people of Haiti were in for a long streets. Haiti was satisfied. country itself and the people living
shot by supporting the candidates. wait. Aside from running for presi- there.
Three supporters of Mangiat were Finally on April 5, 2011 the re- dent, Martelly also created the Rose Overall, enduring a cha-
murdered as they were holding sults were in and the wait was over. et Blanc Foundation in 2008 to sup- otic mishap of shootings and a long
up a candidate poster. A Martelly Mangiat took in a mere 31.5 percent port the Haitians and help disen- wait, Haiti knew who they wanted
supported, Wyclef Jean, was also of the votes while the Martelly en- franchised people. He used his own in presidency and they got the
shot a couple days later. This news thusiastically won the election, com- families’ money to create the foun- new representative they expected.
was pounced upon by the media, ing in with a thrilling 69.6 percent dation; more information can be Whether or not Martelly will follow
but fortunately, the music legend of the vote. When it was announced found on frebhaiti.org. Even before though with what he has promised
only had a wound on his hand that that Martelly had won the election Martelly was running for president is still unclear, however, and the
would not even keep him hospi- the streets of Haiti were filled with he was still found helping out his world will only find out as it hap-
talized. Nobody knows the story joy and excitement. Fireworks were country and people. Before the 2010 pens.

Koran Burning Sparks Protests

Amanda Rosatone there is a radical element of Islam.”
Reporter Jones threatened to burn the
Koran last year but president Barack

R ecent news of protests have

been appearing in the news and
the majority of people can’t help
Obama talked him out of it. This
only convinced Jones for a short
while; last month the book went
but wonder, “Why would all these “on trial” because it was guilty of
innocent people be causing such an “crimes against humanity.” The
uproar in their community?” The trial ended up with the verdict being
answer is simple, but at the same decided as charged guilty, meaning
time, controversial. that everyone who participated in
The trouble all started on March the “trial” agreed with Jones’s point
20, when Terry Jones, a pastor of a of view.
tiny Florida church, declared Islam’s When asked what his motiva-
holy book to be “guilty of crimes tion was in wanting to burn the
against humanity” and ordered it Koran, Jones answered that his mo-
to be set on fire set in a portable fire tivation came as a form of protest
pit. This led to widespread protests against the construction of a Muslim
in Afghanistan, who saw this action worshiping place two blocks away
as an insult to their faith. from the ground zero site in New
People continue to die and get York City. Jones also declared in an
severely injured over this controver- email to a Florida newspaper that A modern Arabic Quran with Persian translation in Iran. Photo courtesy of
sy. As of April 1, 2011, The Indepen- “Islam is not a religion of peace. It is Wikimedia.com.
dent reported that nine people died time we call these people to account- into a UN mission and killed seven problem worldwide but also many
in Kandahar, and three in attempted ability.” foreign staff member’s, beheading Malden High School students who
suicide attacks in Kabul. This statement brought up two of them. Due to all the com- are Muslims have taken offence.
People continued to protest. many issues amongst the Islamic motion that has been caused by the Suzanne Hismeh, a junior from
On April 2, 2011, Muslim protesters community and people began to recent protests, President Barack Malden High School stated that,
forced their way into a UN mission protest. “Such sacrilegious acts go Obama tried to condemn the situ- ”I’m not sure what they think it will
and killed seven foreign staff, be- against the very concept of inter- ation by stating that,”Attack[ing] accomplish... Wherever they burn
heading two of them. faith harmony,” Hina Rabban Kahr, and kill[ing] innocent people in books they will also, in the end,
The leader of the US church Minister of State for Foreign Affairs response [to the Koran burning] burn humans.” Abdu Adlouni, who
which burnt the Koran and trig- in Pakistan’s history stated. “There is outrageous, and an affront to graduated from MHS last year, had
gered the violence said that he felt could be no justification for such human decency and dignity. No a slightly different view. He was
he had nothing to apologize for. acts. This has deeply hurt the feel- religion tolerates the slaughter and indifferent to the Koran burnings
Terry Jones, who runs a furniture ings of the people of Pakistan and beheading of innocent people, and explaining that, “I could careless; its
business as well as the Dove World Muslims all over the world.” Pro- there is no justification for such a not about the book but more of the
Outreach Center in Florida, com- tests continue and on the same day dishonourable and deplorable act.” meaning it holds.”
mented: “I think it does prove that Muslim protesters forced their way Not only has this issue been a
The Blue and Gold
World News April 2011

Nuclear confusion Government Shut-

down Averted
Freddie DiPhillipo

T he congressional budget has

been a hot topic for a while now.
There have been arguments and de-
bates on how this budget and future
budgets should be structured. Some
people believe that there should be
no cuts made to the federal budget
in a time of slow economic growth
while other people believe that the
budget should undergo drastic cuts
in order to cut down on American
debt. The Democratic party believes
that the budget should not undergo
any further cuts, and the Repub-
licans, bolstered by the Tea Party,
wanted to make more dramatic cuts
in the federal budget.
This causes some issues. If
Congress makes deep cuts into the
congressional budget, this will cause
some problems and affect several
things. For example, there would be
JSDF and USAF prepare piping connections to enable international pump compatibility at Fukushima complex a lot less money going towards sev-
Photo Courtsey of Wikimedia. eral federal departments including
the departments of Transportation,
it had not been stopped. If the after- pen here in the United States. He Commerce, Labor and Health and
Natalie Fallano
shocks continue at this high level. introduced a new bill that calls for Human Services, and Housing and
Copy Editor Japan could soon be considered as new safeguards and back up plans Urban Development. This would
serious as the Chernobyl accident in case of an emergency within have lead to several lay-offs in these

F irst an earthquake. Then a tsuna- 25 years ago, the the worst atomic power plants. According to ABC work fields.
mi. And finally, a nuclear crisis power disaster in history. News Markey stated that “We On Friday, April 9, 2011, Demo-
This disaster struck Japan on March Without the reactors being should not wait for an American crats, Republicans, and Obama were
11, 2011, about a month ago, yet it cooled a nuclear explosion would meltdown to beef up American able to get a federal budget deal
continues to be a top news story. occur which is why millions of tons nuclear safety measures. We must approved, averting a government
One may ask, why is this? of water must be manually poured heed the lessons to be learned from shutdown. The plan is to cut about
This is due to the earthquake in to keep the nuclear rods cool. the nuclear meltdown in Japan 38 and a half billion dollars in budget
and tsunami causing serious dam- There have been explosions within and ensure nuclear safety here in cuts; these cuts target government
age to the Fukushima I Nuclear reactors one, two, and three. These America.” Along with the bill, he is activities like highway funding, and
Power Plant which is one of the explosions, just like a nuclear weap- encouraging the Obama adminis- agriculture spending.
most highly depended upon energy on, send off deadly radiation which tration to provide potassium iodide However, the Democratic
sources in Japan, as well as one of can be harmful to humans within for children within a 20 mile radius Party, believes that by cutting back
the largest nuclear power plants in the area. Many Japanese citizens radius of the Fukushima plant. This on spending, is unfair. They believe
the world. Because nuclear energy had to be evacuated who live near will help prevent radiation cancer that it is mostly unfair to the poor,
must be kept cool at all times, the Fukishima, due to the risk. and other future sicknesses. and it will cause problems on the
power plants must be stationed on The international reaction has Despite the tragic happenings discretionary programs which in-
the coastal lines so that the pipes can caused many countries to rethink in Japan, the Obama administration cludes military spending. However
be kept underwater. Unfortunately whether using nuclear energy is still supports nuclear energy growth this is just for the fiscal year which
Japan is an island located in a high safe and worth it. Anti-nuclear en- in the United States, as long as the ends on September 30, 2011. On
risk tsunami and earthquake region. ergy organizations have existed for new safety precautions are taken. Wednesday, April 13, 2011, Presi-
These two natural disasters caused years, and the Fukushima disaster But the public currently possesses a dent, Barrack Obama will start to lay
high radiation water to leak into the is an example of why they believe different view. According to a poll out his plan for long term deficit re-
ocean as well as the automatic shut- that nuclear energy come available taken by the New York Times, only duction, which has been demanded
down of three of the reactors. Usual- with too many risks. Nuclear en- 43% of Americans would approve by the conservative party.
ly there would be external electrical ergy was initially created in order building new power plants in the Senior Robert Egan, comment-
supply to power cooling and control to cause destruction. Ironically, the US after the Fukushima incident. ing on the newly passed federal
systems, but the earthquake caused first nuclear attack took place in Ja- Another poll taken by Fox News re- budget, claims that “With the Re-
damage to the main power grid and pan during WW2, when the United veals that 83% of Americans believe publicans wanting to save more
the backup generators as well. States dropped two atomic bombs that a nuclear disaster similar to money, from cutting back on man-
Apparently the 9.0 earthquake on the cities of Hiroshima and Na- the one in Japan could occur in the datory spending, this should help us
that struck the coast of Japan on gasaki. Because of these past events, US. Because of the Japan disaster, get out of dept, and help us out with
March 11, 2011 was not enough. On the people are well aware of the several countries all over the world owing money to China.” Overall,
April 11, 2011, the Japanese coast ex- damage nuclear energy can cause. have been hesitant about their fu- Egan believes this budget is the first
perienced another aftershock struck The debate over the use of nuclear ture with nuclear energy. Currently step forward in getting the United
the island with a magnitude of 7.4. energy has even reached Malden, Asia, including Japan and China States on the right fiscal path.
This aftershock took place a month MA. Nowadays, they are not only are in the process of building more Still, the fight over the federal
after the earthquake and experts say used in weapons but for electricity. reactors and may these may soon budget is not over. Now, the debate
that serious aftershocks like this one, There are currently 104 nuclear reac- outnumber the reactors in the US. has shifted towards other spending
could continue for several months. tors spread out across the coasts of Many hope that they will take the battles, including determining the
Monday’s earthquake is only one of the United States and 55 in Japan. same precautions as the US, when it fiscal budget for the year after this
hundreds that have occurred since House of Representative comes to safety, because in the end, one, raising the current debt ceiling,
March 11. It caused more damage Edward Markey of Malden was one a nuclear disaster on the other side planning tax increase increase, and
to the Fukushima plant, including a of many taken aback by the Japan of the world, in the long run, can tackling entitlement programs like
fire that almost reached reactor six, crisis and who is taking action to harm everyone. Medicare.
which could have ended severely if make sure nothing similar can hap-
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 Local News 9

Monthly Profile: Rick Tivnan

Johanna Lai with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal
Justice. He was also awarded a Dear
Citation Honor.
Tivnan then attended UMass

B ack when Richard Tivnan was

in elementary school, he said
he “struggled with school.” Tivnan
Boston and earned his Master’s
degree in Education in 2006 with
a focus in history and the political
was suffering from dyslexia and sciences. Once he got the masters,
he had to go to Special Education Tivnan decided to teach at MHS and
classes. Tivnan was born and raised has been teaching here since 2005.
in Framingham, Massachusetts, As sophomore Jean Sylvain states,
went to the Framingham North “Tivnan has a great personality, is
High School, and graduated in 1990. an outgoing person, and is a teacher
He has been a United States History who is determined to make sure that
and Justice and Government teacher you are learning history the right
at Malden High School for six years. way.”
After graduating from high Tivnan has also been a co-
school, Tivnan did not go to college advisor of the Mock Trial team for
right away. He claims that he “wasn’t the past two years along with co-
doing very well in high school due advisor and history teacher Ann
to [his] reading issues.” He was also Pember. Pember stated, “As a coach
unsure about what he wanted to do of the Mock Trial team, Tivnan is
in college and with his life, so instead an excellent coach and is very pas-
of going right away, he worked in a sionate about the subject. And he re- History teacher Richard Tivnan teaching his period three United States His-
security base as a security guard. ally cares about the team. He is very tory class. Photo by Johanna Lai.
Later he moved to California for a funny, very smart, very friendly, and
year, and then moved back to Fram- very personable. “
ingham. After moving back to his During his free time, Tivnan about American history, or anything meaning he often volunteers within
hometown, Tivnan worked retail likes to go to Cape Cod. “I love the that is historical fiction. A couple of the department, and he writes the
stores and waited tables. beach, and I always go there every his favorite books are His Excellen- curriculum based on what we are
After a few years of working in week over the summer,” he stated. cy: George Washington by Joseph teaching in that subject. Tivnan as-
many different types of jobs, Tivnan, He also takes care of his two chil- J. Ellis and Trinity, by Leon Uris. sessed our mid-term exams and also
then 27 years old, decided to go to dren, Jimmy and Eddie. Jimmy just “Trinity,” Tivnan expressed, “is a took part in the Mock Trial team. As
Northeastern University to major turned four in March, and his broth- book that describes the Irish back in a person, he is collegial, he is out-
in criminal justice in 2000. Despite er Eddie will become a one-year-old the 18th century and their fight for going, and he is friendly. He has a
some difficulties that were bound to this month, on April 28th. Tivnan independence from England.” wry sense of humor, and is a caring
arise due to having been out of high also loves to listen to music, and he History teacher Kevin Kilbride father. I enjoy working with him.“
school for 10 years, Tivnan gradu- listens to any type except for Opera. stated, “Mr.Tivnan is an active mem-
ated the top of the program in 2003 Tivnan also loves to read books ber of the social sciences department,
The Blue and Gold
Local News April 2011
New Classes Coming
to MHS
Paige Yurek
Copy Editor
Beginning next school year with the graduat-
ing class of 2012, new classes will be available for
the taking in Malden High School, in about every
department, including English, science, math, and
electives. The addition of these classes will create
a wider variety of choice for the students, as well
as more options for approaching different careers
students may be interested in taking on in the fu-
In the English department, new classes that
will replace regular English 12 honors include
“The Mystery of the Mystery,” Dramatic Literature,
“Who Am I? An Exploration of the Alienated,”
and Literature in the Future. Each of these classes
involve a specific genre of literature that will be
read and studied year long, and can be chosen
by the student based on what they prefer to read.
“The Mystery of the Mystery,” revolves around, of
course, mystery novels, stories, and poems. For
students who enjoy pieces of literature that leave From
the reader on the edge of their seat wondering left
what will happen next, this class may be directed to right:
towards their interests. Students who enjoy read- seniors Kevin
ing and participating in Shakespearean, Ancient Joyce, Kyra
Greek, or even modern plays, then the Dramatic Salvidas, Joshua
Literature course is for them, where this material Jerome, Anna De
will be covered. Santana, Jasmine Roach,
For Catcher in the Rye fans, or anyone who
enjoys reading literature of unique, alienated, iso-
lated, or independent individuals, these students cultural, 80s vintage to formal evening ap-
Haley DeFilippis
may enjoy taking “Who Am I? An Exploration of parel.
the Alienated,” in which writings will consist of Copy Editor This year is also the first year the Senior
people who do not quite fit into society, but are Fashion Show was held in the new Jenkins
nevertheless interesting, or lead interesting lives. Megan Kelly auditorium. Senior class President Kerri Shu-
Lastly, Literature in the future involves stories that man stated that they “decided to have the
Copy Editor
are taken place, where else, in the future. For stu- fashion show at MHS to bring back the old
dents who find themselves curious and fascinated

tradition, and resume the fashion show in the
about futuristic literature pieces, this class is for creams: That is what you would remember
auditorium as it use to be. We figured it would
them. from that March 31st night. The Malden
be nice to be the first class to have the fashion
In addition to all these new English classes, High School’s Jenkins auditorium seemed to
show in the newly renovated auditorium since
Advanced Prep (AP) Literature and AP Language be screaming. No, Justin Bieber did not make
we were also the first class to do so with junior
will still be available. The additions are electives a surprise appearance for Malden’s tween
varieties. Also, by having it in the auditorium
open to seniors, and “these classes are ways to keep girl population. These screams were of pure
we figured we could charge less and attract
seniors engaged and prepared for college,” stated excitement over Malden High School’s an-
more of an audience.”
English teacher Jennifer Clapp. Alternate English nual Senior Fashion show, which of course
The night began with hosts Jennifer Cu-
Language Art (ELA) elective courses including but starred the class’s fashion
artas and Dayana Donisca who introduced
not limited to technical theatre and stage produc- styles and Ber-
models from “Working for the Weekend.”
tion, media classes, and of course, Play production nardo’s hair
The two read brief descriptions on each of the
will also be available. flip. Mal-
models, who unveiled their fashions under a
According to MHS principal Dana Brown den High
blue and gold balloon arch on the stage in the
and Head of the Guidance Department Manjula Schools’ se-
Jenkins auditorium. Seniors Brithney Joseph,
Karamcheti, these classes offer “New Opportuni- nior
Alisha Hines, Shanshan Chen, Moline Lau-
ties for students based on their interests.” rent, Nirmala Lochmenar, Cera Nolan, Gabby
“By trying at least one AP class in high class
Melo-Moore, Natalie Clerger, Saraphinah
school,” stated Karamcheti, “students get a taste of 2011
Charles, and Andrea Depina all took turns
of college before college with this exposure to it in present-
strolling down the aisles and up a small plat-
High school.” ed an
form to the stage. The female styles consisted
Some classes which were previously limited exquisite
of black blazers, cardigans, pencil skirts, flats,
to Virtual High School (VHS) classes, such as Psy- Senior
knee-high boots, tights, and stylish earrings.
chology AP, will soon be available for a student to Fashion
Paired with a few select females were Kevin
take as a regular class in school. The choice, is up S h o w
Joyce, Jeff Blanc, Jeff Duong, and Joshua Je-
to the student. VHS classes may not be for every- held in
rome who modeled classy jeans, dress shoes,
body, but for students who are interested, these M H S ’
and loafers. Jerome stated “Modeling for the
classes are entirely technologically based classes Jenkins
casual section also gave [him] the opportunity
online. These classes can be in addition to, or built auditori-
to demonstrate that a blazer and loafers are in
into the students’ schedule, and offer a different um. The
fact casual, in spite of the fact that many people
flexibility, but give the same credits. n i g h t
have come to denote them with ‘dressing up’”.
A list of all courses that can be taken, includ- included
After the business attire was presented,
ing new courses, can be found on the Malden several
co-hosts Portia Johnson and Melo-Moore took
website, www.malden.mec.edu by clicking on the types of
the stage to introduce several athletic models
Malden High School page link. The link can also fashion
in “The Sporting Life.” First up was Jessica Lo-
be found on the Blue and Gold website, www.mal- from busi-
pez and senior class President Kerri Shuman,
denblueandgold.com ness, casu-
who sported soccer outfits. The pair stretched
al, sports
and warmed up walking down the aisles while
tossing a soccer ball back in forth. After came
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 LOCAL news 11

MHS Play Production

the Runway Kaela Bryan


continued from front page

some pieces of dialogue were reworked a little,

and minor alterations were made to the projection
screen. In general, however, there was no drastic
rewriting done to the show.
The cast and crew were understandably on
edge before it was their turn, though no one was
unusually nervous. For the most part, they were
“anxious and ready to go,” said Sean Walsh, direc-
tor of American Land. “We tried our best to keep
the energy up. We even did an impromptu perfor-
mance the morning of [the final round].”
Previously, the play evoked a variety of
reactions from multiple audiences, including ex-
citement and astonishment, sprinkled with some
laughter and even a little abhorrence here and
there. At Finals, the audience seemed less accept-
ing of the play as it was performed, however in
Frankie the end the play was received well.
Dunn, “We could sense some unease in the audience
Kevin Val- with the subject matter, but overall, the effect was
ley, and Cera positive,” said Walsh. “Other students and direc-
Nolan model dif- tors enjoyed the piece and the response was strong
ferent types of fash- and powerful. There was a bit of disappointment
ion. Photos by Megan [when our play was not chosen to move on], but
Kelly and Haley DeFilippis. there was also some sense of relief. We have been
working on this show since December, and with
the public support and support from the com-
munity, we had already felt we had achieved so
Barbara Finamore, dressed as a volleyball pulled a single rose from their tuxedo for who
Interestingly, part of the reason that Ameri-
player with Matt Howe by her side, dressed the female they were paired with. All models
can Land was not chosen to move forward was
in an MHS baseball uniform. To conclude the included Shakira Young, Dunn, Saraphinah
because of a certain critique from the judges. “The
scene, Frankie Dunn, Nolan, and Kevin Valley Charles, Steve Shiwala, Wylie, Blanc, Ashley
judges did have some very valid moments of praise
strut football, basketball, and baseball attire Powers, Valley, Hope, Miranda, Soltani, Cha-
and some insightful criticism on our ensemble
down the runways. bre, Johnson, Jerome, Rami, Velez, Donisca,
work and acting,” asserted Walsh. “However, one
Next, beautiful cultural attire was pre- Lam, Mohamed, Maurose, and Howe.
judge noted, and I am paraphrasing, that the fence
sented in “Traditions.” Co-hosts Vanesha To conclude the successful night, Presi-
scene was too difficult for the audience to handle,
Darla, dressed in a typical outfit from Haiti, dent Shuman lend a big thank you to class ad-
and that the final moments were too emotional.
and Baydan Mohamed, dressed in a Somalia visor and health teacher Arlene Ceppetelli for
… There was also a note about the not being able
dress, presented eight MHS females model- her dedication, as well as several other teach-
to understand the Spanish. These are frustrating
ing clothing from their ethnicities. Stunning ers who helped make the class shine on stage.
comments because the intensity, the use of foreign
dresses varied from culture to culture, such Shuman stated “I could not be more proud
language, and the rawness of the piece were all of
as Tenzin Kunsang’s dress from Tibet, Barbara of how it all turned out and [the students]
our intentions. These are trademarks of the type of
Finamore’s Italian apparel, and Indian saris made me feel very proud to be the leader of
theater we were hoping to achieve.”
modeled by Nikita Chauhun and Nirmala their class.” The end of the night also brought
Certainly, these notes are unsettling, especial-
Lachmenar. Other models included Nadege a sentimental feeling to the seniors with the
ly for our multicultural community. Is it possible
Seppou, Jasmine Roach, Moline Laurent and realization that the fashion show was their last
that perhaps the judges were uncomfortable with
Andrea Depina who all showed off their cul- major event at MHS. Jerome stat- e d
how true and diverse the play was? There is no
ture to MHS. “[These] moments [are the ones]
doubt that this question was running through the
After a short break, fashion continued in that I’ll remem- b e r
minds of American Land’s cast and crew. Walsh,
“Remember When.” Brithney Joseph, Darla, forever, and they
however, was quick to dispel any ideas that the
and Mohamed introduced models in 1980s only serve to
notes were discriminatory or racist. He stated that
vintage apparel. Bernado Miranda obtained accentuate the
“these judges simply had a divergent aesthetic.”In
screams from the audience when walking camaraderie
other words, it just so happened that the judges
down the runways due to his hair flip that that was
that day had different artistic values. “I think
stirred up the audience. Midori Dowdie, Cuar- estab-
three judges on three different days would have
tas, and Joyce were just a few who rocked the lished
selected three different shows.”
audience with their scandalous outfits. Other b e -
“I tell them,” declared Walsh, “that I am
models sporting the classic looks were from tween
proud of them all of the time – and I am. But the
Natalie Clerger, Chauhan, Rym Soltani, Hines, us over
one thing I think I want them to know is that
Kisla Rami, Roache, Anna DeSantana, Blanc, the past
they will not realize the magnitude of this play
Tra’Kiya England, Kerri Shuman, Briany Wy- four years;
for many years. One day, they will be in a college
lie, Deanna Smith, and Huy Le. a camara-
dorm or at a coffee shop talking to someone about
With the night coming to a close, Andy derie that
high school theater, and the other person will say,
Lam, Kyra Savlidis, Johnson, and Jerome ultimately
‘So, what kind of shows did you do high school?’
hosted the final scene of the night titled “An allowed us
And they will start talking about American Land:
Enchanted Evening.” The audience, however, to become
the music, the percussion, the stories, the scene
was more than enchanted with the gorgeous the class of
with the fence, the slide projections. And then
dresses and tuxedos modeled by the MHS 2011.”
maybe, in talking about it, they will realize that
seniors. The females modeled dresses ranging
for a few months in 2011 they were involved in
from short and black such as Rami’s, to ani-
and created a production that sought to make the
mal-printed such as DeSantana’s, to long and
world a little bit better, and – more importantly –
elegant such as Savlidis’. The MHS boys struck
that they did.”
the audience with their classy tuxedos and
received numerous cheers when each of them
The Blue and Gold
LOCAL news April 2011

LIVE Reginah Sanyu
Head Entertainment Writer
video was a great way to begin the
traditional show.
The junior class president and
black swan, but a black duck!” The
humours skit had the audience
laughing and cheering as she danced
vice-president, Nina Ho and Harris and pranced around the stage bois-
Brittany McFeeley Zhao, then spoke about what was terously. Other acts included a per-
to come, leaving audience members formance of the song “Hero” origi-
Head Copy Editor excited for the acts that followed. nally performed by Mariah Carey,
The first set of host and hostesses sung by junior Quennie Jean, and a
consisted of juniors Kiara Amos, performance of Frankie J’s hit song
continued from front page Roxana Chavez and Andres Torres, “Don’t Want to Try” by senior Jackie
who were constantly cracking jokes Tran who was escorted by his fellow
and subtly using the title of the next senior friends, Tuan Phan and junior
awkward because we had school the act in their script. At some point, it Andy Fang (Pok).
next day,” senior Donald Ha stated. seemed like a debate was going on. A memorable solo act was
Seager commented, “The switch in It focused on such topics such as performed by junior Carli Bellmer,
dates was a last minute change that why boys decide not to call or text who sang Katy Perry’s popular
occurred due to the advancement back, as well as problems within a song “Firework”. With the help of
of the Play Production class in their relationship such as that between Paul Famiglietti and the new tech-
Drama Fest competition, affecting Chavez and Torres, who portrayed nology recently established in the
the Junior Variety timing because al- a couple which kept on breaking up auditorium, her performance lit up
most half of the cast was in the Play and getting back together. This was the stage behind her as projected
Production class. a clever idea because it kept the au- fireworks exploded and filled the
Yet in the end, Thursday dience engaged and on the edge of stage. “It was fun and I benefited a
worked out great.” Sophomore their seats for the next performance, lot,” Bellmer stated.
Christy Ringdahl captured the senti- as many of the students in the crowd Junior Jeffriel Litchenburg
ments of the cast best when she said, felt as though they could relate. brought some of his rapping talents
“[We] expected less people to come Some of the acts in the first to the stage with his version of “Col-
because it was on a Thursday but half of the show included Airbound lide” by Howie Day. “I loved the
the audience was a big crowd.” which featured juniors Valentine experience; I am a teen rapper so
The show opened with a hu- Banor, Michelle Le, Justin Pham, my songs should relate to how I am
morous video clip made by junior Andrew Phu and Kieshwan Rot- feeling.” He also added that “[he]
Kiara Amos, who was inspired by tana and a dual performance of the connected reality with the beat and
the idea by introducing all of the popular song “Hey Soul Siister” by the words just flew to [his] head.”
Junior Variety members just as that Train sung by sophomores Crystal Bellmer and Litchenburg
of the cast of SNL. Ranging from Araiza and Christy Ringdahl. Fol- brought their talents together with
cute smiles for the camera to suspi- lowing this was a skit inspired by a dual performance of “Love the
ciously fishing for props, with small the film Black Swan. Way You Lie Part 2” by Rihanna and
humorous scenes such as principle In this skit, junior Nesline Exil Eminem. “Working with Carli was
Dana Brown catching junior Sher- was dressed in all black and clearly great,” Litchenburg said. The first
ley Jules riding in the elevator, the emphasized that she was “Not the half of the show ended with one of
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 LOCAL news 13

the most powerful acts of the night, DiLeo mentioned that the ending of Junior Matteo Pocobene also
as the famous single “Imagine” the group is “sad, but growing up is enjoyed this performance stating
by John Lennon was spectacularly a part of life” and that they “had fun that, “It was a really innovative
performed by sophomore Hannah while [they] could and took advan- act and it brought attention to the
Calderone, bringing together all of tage of every minute.” flaws of mainstream music today.”
the members of the cast around her Similarly, it was also possibly Sophisticated Fly Steppers, or SFS,
on stage. “ It was really powerful,” the last show of Replay, a dance was a group of girls who performed
stated senior class president Kerri group consisting of seniors Patricia a self-choreographed step routine.
Shuman. Aguinaldo, Ivy Bui, Andrew Chen, “[We] got together because [we]
After a short fifteen minute in- Jonathan Sit, Donald Ha, and Jackie love to step and in the process, made
termission, the crowd rushed back to Tran along with junior Danielle strong bonds and relationships with
their seats to see the rest of the acts. Aguinaldo. Another act consisted one another just because of the com-
The second part of the show was of siblings freshman Cori Malone mon interest that we all had,” senior
hosted by juniors Tamisha Claude, and senior Patrick Malone who per- Britney Joseph stated. She also
Nesline Exil, and Jules. The local formed “Fifteen” by Taylor Swift. added that “the name was a group
MHS band Super Fast Jellyfish, SFJF, Patrick Malone commented, “Being effort, [as it showed] characteristics
returned after having performed in on stage was really fun; I enjoyed and qualities that we all carry.”
the show last year, and opened as it because I liked entertaining the As the weekend winded down
the first performance of the second crowd,” adding that “[he] would and students of all grades continued
part of the show. love to do it again.” to talk within the halls, it was clear
They performed their version Shuman,after watching the that the junior class had delivered
of “Umbrella” by Rihanna, adding performance stated, “Patrick and a great show, keeping the tradition
a rock edge to the hit single. The his sister were so cute. She really did of Junior Varieties being a night of
band consists of juniors Dylan Sad- look like Taylor Swift.” Some of the great performances.
owski and Franky Miranda playing other acts in the second half includ- “They had a good show, [and]
the guitar, junior Mathew Weldai, ed: “I Need You Bad” by Jazmine the hosts were great, as they were
playing the keyboard, senior Bruce Sullivan performed by senior Ke- funny,” proudly stated MHS princi-
Palmer playing the drums, and lead mira Jones and “For Good” from the pal Dana Brown. “Despite the sched-
singer senior Nick DiLeo, who all famous musical Wicked, performed uling and snow days, the show was
put on a great performance as even by sophomores Elizabeth Fitzgerald amazing. MHS kids got grit!” Sea-
the crowd sang along. and Marissa Wofsey. Another act ger commented joyously. The Junior
“The song was better than the included sophomores Crystal Ara- Varieties show each year, either on a
original idea we had, [which was] iza, Jonathan Drapinski, and junior school night or a weekend, is a guar-
to sing ‘Tik Tok’ by Woe is Me,” Weldai who performed a skit called anteed time for students and faculty
DiLeo stated. “I think we did pretty Four Chords which poked fun at the to have fun and unwind during the
well, the crowd seemed to enjoy music industry and how a major- performances, put on by their fellow
it,” commented Sadowski, adding ity of pop hits are created from the peers and students at MHS.
how it was unfortunately their last same four chords. “I found the four
band performance due to DiLeo’s chords act to be very funny,” junior Photos by Catherine Poirier and Lau-
and Palmer’s graduation this year. Edmund Fisher commented. ren Benoit. Collage by Brittany Foley.
The Blue and Gold
LOCAL news April 2011

Malden High School Fine

Above: A self portrait done on a piece

Above: A self portrait created by using dif- of newspaper print. Artist Ekatelina
ferent art techniques. Artist Crystal Araiza. Taunora.

Above: A photograph of a bicycle cap-

turing different uses of lines. Artist
Anthony Amaral.
Above: A creation of paper and pens on a sim-
ple sheet of paper. Artist Thupten Jigme.
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 LOCAL news 15

Arts Department presents:

Above: A portrait using light and dark

shades of the color blue. Artist Alison Above: A group of origami paper cranes
Nguyen. arranged in a sunburst. Artist Lung

Above: A realistic drawing of a crinkled

toothpaste bottle. Artist Thupten Jigme

Above: A drawing of donuts by using

different medias. Artist Angela Lozada.
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Local News April 2011

mhs band and choir earns silver medals

Vicki Ngan Amanda Rosatone Fairest Flowers by John Wilby, Weep
Reporter Reporter Oh My Eyes by John Bennett, and
Montona Mia Cara by Orlando di

E nergy levels were high on April

8, 2011 at the Massachusetts In-
strumental and Choral Conductors
“I thought concert choir didn’t
perform as well as we could have,
but, in the end, we got a silver medal
Association Competition. During and Cole couldn’t have been more
the competition, the Malden High proud of us,” stated concert choir
School chorus and concert band per- member and MHS junior Daniel
formed at various locations across Glynn. Though pleasantly surprised
Massachusetts. by the concert choir’s success, presi-
The day started at 7:30 in the dent of concert choir Kevin Joyce
morning as members of the chorus was “upset by the madrigals [not
were eagerly waiting to get on the meeting expectations].”
bus that would take them to the In addition to the chorus, the
Coakley Middle School in Norwood. MHS band, who performed their
On the clock and timed, the chorus percussion ensemble during the
group had repeatedly warmed up winter in the New England Scho-
once they reached their destination, lastic Band Association and won a
hitting some low and high notes. high score, took part in the MICCA
They were able to rehearse each of competition as well.
their songs one last time before go- The MHS concert band per-
ing up on stage. formed at Foxborough High School
The stage was set and the chorus in Foxborough, MA. In preparation
was granted their silent atmosphere of this day, the group went through
and observing judges. Dawned in countless hours of practice and had
formal black and walking in with a high determination to do well.
pride, they were anxious and excited Grinding in after-school practices
as they competed against different and personal self improvement,
schools from across the state with band instructor Matthew Tavares
chorus instructor Todd Cole guiding stressed its importance. Building
them. Performing in two groups, the up to their big day, this gave them
concert choir and the madrigals, the the motivation and confidence they
MHS chorus won two awards. The needed to bring their all to the stage
talented MHS concert choir won and produce their harmonious clas-
their silver medal with Rest by Tim- sical pieces. Tavares expected noth- Top photo: MHS concert choir sings on stage in Coakley Middle School in
othy Jon Tharaldson, Last Words of ing from them, save to “just play Norwoord. Bottom Photo: MHS conductor Tavares leads the band during
David by Randall Thompson, and well.” With these words of inspira- MICCA competition. Photo by Vicki Ngan and Amanda Rosatone
Prsi Prsi by Miroslav Hronek. The tion the group went on stage to pre-
madrigals, who went on later in the form three of their best played songs, and Abram’s Pursuit by David Hols- far from perfect but we did well to
afternoon, entered the stage with being Brighton’s Beach by William inger. After the judge’s deliberation, achieve MICCA’s silver ‘excellent
determination and won themselves P. Latham, On a Hymm Song of the MHS band left the competition performance’ medal,” band member
a bronze medal with Flora Gave Me Philip Bliss by David Holsinger, winning the silver medal, which is junior Kevin Chan explained.
their first in band history. “We were
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 Style 17

Reginah Sanyu Photos taken by Reginah Sanyu

specific moments in their lives. If
Head Entertainment Writer there is a party to attend, a girl will Girls are stereotyped into hav- about their shoes that one scratch,
buy a pair. If one just won an award, ing a better appreciation of fashion; one smudge, can send them over the

I t is not a secret that the female

gender tends to love fashion more
than the male gender. From shoes,
she might celebrate with shoes. If a
girl’s boyfriend breaks up with her,
she will over indulge and buy her-
however the boys take their shoe
game seriously as well. For exam-
Does this mean that there
ple, guys are willing to spend a ton will be more boys refusing to walk
to dresses, jewelry, to make-up, to self an array of pumps and heels. of money on just a pair of sneakers because of terror of dirtying their
shoes and back to shoes, girls tend to Guys, on the other hand, look that they will only wear with just shoes? What is even the point of
love them all. While the boys, well, at shoes differently. “Boys like one one shirt because it matches with buying shoes that you don’t want to
they have video games and sneak- general type like Jordans and Nikes the shoes. “I have been collecting wear? This is the major difference
ers. Girls understand that an outfit but girls just like shoes,” stated se- sneakers since I was 11 years old. between the girls’ and guys’ obses-
is only complete with the perfect nior Kensley Metellus. “Girls like My highest collection was eighty- sion with shoes: girls are not afraid
pair of shoes. For instance, when shoes because of the stylist. Guys five pairs but I sold most of them, to make their shoes dirty while the
one is planning their prom dress to just buy shoes.” Senior Joshua Je- leaving me with about twenty pairs boys “treat their shoes better than
be green, the shoes will not be just a rome supported guys by saying, now,” stated recovering shoe addict they treat girls”. How far should
random color like orange. However, “As a man, it is important to note senior Frankie Wong. The sad truth this and will this obsession go? “It
guys too know about fashion; they that our options are vastly limited is that this does not make Wong is alright to splurge and get shoes if
just have their own way of looking when compared to women’s and yet crazy since it is normal for a guy to you wish. Men love shoes too,” af-
at it, especially when it comes to opportunity to excel stylistically is have that many shoes, each with a firmed Jerome.
shoes. nonetheless available.” “But design- cost well over $100. Although the If the fashion constitution (that
Before boys go on and accuse ers are introducing shoes for men in vintage shoes are very fashionable, has yet to be written even if the
girls of being obsessed with shoes, various colors and styles,” he con- it is the rare, hard to find, custom world desperately needs it to exist)
they need to understand that girls cluded. “I love soccer shoes because designed sneakers that build excite- had an article on shoes it would cer-
are emotionally attached to their I have been playing soccer since I ment. “The best shoes are not found tainly need to not only incorporate
shoes; How else would prince was a kid,” stated senior Michael in the mall. This makes them more a girl’s view but a guy’s one as well.
charming have found Cinderella if it Rincon. “If I was to choose between appealing,” commented senior Clearly, when it comes to shoes,
was not for her glass slipper? Girls shoes and a girl, it would be close Marco Jean. “If I had the budget, I guys are just as passionate, and
associate their shoes with events, although the shoes would probably would be buying shoes until my feet perhaps even more careful, as their
buying not just at random but at win.” Rincon humorously added. fall off.” These guys are so serious female counterparts.

Flower prints bloom spring trends

Rebecca Broomstein

T his past summer, something

spectacular happened to the
fashion world that had changed the
white t-shirt without having any
muse. That is why the prints had to
hit the runway because let us face it,
way we look at floral prints. when something is being worn on
It all began with the skirts. the runway; it is then all of a sud-
Skirts have been a cute and feminine den a fashion must have. Not long
trend for years now, and recently, after this, floral prints bloomed
they have introduced an even more into all the stores in different colors
universal style craze. Up until re- and designs. This only meant one
cently, people have tended to stray thing, anything floral was a must
away from this print. It was seen as have, even if it meant having just a
more of an old-fashioned fashion; floral pair of socks. People quickly
grandmother-esque, if you will. learned how effortless wearing this
We see a flowery print, we think of beautiful pattern is. They come in
wallpaper, or your mother’s apron, all styles, making the trend easily
or that quilt you’ve been keeping in attainable while looking chic at the
your closet ever since you changed same time.
your bedroom when you were nine. Springtime is a very fresh and
Last summer transformed the light season; while the weather,
print’s outdated reputation into a the trees and flowers blossom back
new appealing, antiquated design. from a very long cold winter, this
After the skirt, came the dress. Soon also makes it the perfect time to
enough, everything was floral. From lighten up our wardrobes while get-
shirts, to scarves, to cardigans, shoes ting inspiration from the beautiful
and anything else that is wearable. weather. It is that time of year, again,
At first, people were very hesi- to pack away those lovely heavy
tant to approach this style. It was winter coats and break out skirts
bold and new, just as any passing and billowing dresses, celebrating
trend. It was just like the return of the season with a gorgeous flower
the 70’s fashion. Although fashion pattern.
tends to be about being bold and Thank this spring season for
going to the extreme, take Lady introducing a new way to incorpo- Photo caption: Sophomores Michelle Dang and Crystal Araiza show off
Gaga for example. It is really not rate prints into everyday style. their trendy style. Photos by Rebecca Broomstein.
very easy to wear even just a plain
The Blue and Gold
Entertainment April 2011


Jacob Martino
U niversal Pictures’ new animat-
ed movie “Hop” was released
across the United States on April
little bit insane which it is, Fred later
realizes that the magic of the Easter
bunny is real after he remembers
seemed to enjoy it. Es-
pecially the part when
Fred’s sister played by
1, 2011. Hop was directed by Tim seeing the Easter bunny hiding eggs Kaley Cuoco mistakes
Hill who directed Alvin and the when he was a little boy. E.B’s droppings for
Chipmunks. The movie is rated as Back where E.B is from, Eas- jelly beans which the
a PG movie because of some mild ter Island there is a power craving audience found very
and rude humor. Hop is about the chicken Carlos voiced by Hank Az- funny. The movie was
son of the Easter Bunny, E.B who aria who wants to take over Easter. quite successful in the
was voiced by comedian and actor Carlos is just tired of always being Box Office making
Russell Brand, and his pursuit to number two after the Easter bunny. $37,543,710 in the first
become a world famous drummer. He was always angry because he weekend release, and
Right before E.B’s father was going thought that he loved and respected making $21.7 million
to give him the title of the Easter Easter more than E.B. So there is no the second weekend
bunny, he decided to run away to more Easter bunny and it’s the Eas- keeping those at the
Hollywood to chase his dream be- ter Chick. It was more like the chick number one spot for
cause bunnies have dreams of mak- revolution. As the movie progresses, the second week in a
ing it big in Hollywood. E.B starts to realize that he is not row. The movie is a 1
E.B simply did not want to be meant to be a drummer, but his real hour and 35 minutes
the Easter bunny because of how calling is to take his father’s spot as of pure family fun.
perfect the Easter bunny had to be. the Easter bunny. Now E.B and Fred Hop portrayed
He meets Fred played by James have to get back to Easter Island in the importance of
Marsden; who is a no caring slacker a race against the clock attempt and dreaming and pur-
still living with his parents because save Easter from all the chickens in suing dreams, even
he has not found the job that is per- an epic battle. though one is a talking
fect for him. Fred decides to take From start to finish the bunny who “poops”
him in after he accidentally injures movie had the audience into the candy. With Easter
E.B on his way to house sit his sis- movie, it was a great family movie around the corner,
ter’s boss house. Although E.B and for anyone to see. Although some hop reminded us the
Fred do not hit off well because he parts may have been a little racy magic of Easter while doing well in
thought that talking to a bunny is a for a PG movie, the audience really the box office.


Rebecca Broomstein to their clas-
sic spirited
Reporter and energetic
music of their

P anic! at the Disco’s highly-antici-

pated album, Vices & Virtues, hit
music vendors, including iTunes, all
A Fever You

over the country, on Mar. 22, 2011. Out. This was
After Vices & Virtues’ single, their most suc-
The Ballad of Mona Lisa, had teased cessful, so far,
fans with an early iTunes debut, on receiving dou-
Feb. 1, 2011, many were left craving ble platinum
more of the gothic, yet vivacious, certification
beats that were bound to bless the by the Record-
rest of the album. The song im- ing Industry
mediately claimed #1 on iTunes’ Association of
“Top Alternative Songs” chart, and America. Its hit
remained in the top 10 for weeks, single, “I Write
afterward. Its music video had re- Sins, Not Trag-
ceived even greater success, retain- edies” reached
ing the #1 title on iTunes’ “Top Alter- #13 on the U.S.
native Music Videos,” and getting Billboard 200.
over 120,000 streams on MTV.com, Along with
within a week. By Mar. 10, 2011, reaching #13 on
the video had been granted around the charts, the
3,000,000 views on the band’s record song remained
label, Fueled By Ramen’s official on the charts
Youtube channel. for six weeks,
perfectly. ativity without the lyrics of fellow
Despite the tease, the album’s an incredible accomplishment in
Although the band has seen its member, Ryan Ross. Although Ross
release was definitely worth the itself.
share of success, their journey is not never returned to the band, Bren-
agonizing wait. The album arrived, One thing the band decided to
easy in any stretch of the word, as don Urie, lead vocalist, and Spencer
surprising audiences with its fresh bring back is the exclamation point
they have faced adversity at many Smith , drummer, were able to find
and animated quality. Following in their name. It was omitted for
different times. For example, July of a creative balance in their song writ-
the band’s second album, Pretty. their Pretty. Odd. album, most likely
2009, the band broke up because of ing, and produce the music that is
Odd., gives Vices & Virtues imme- because the excitement and hyper
artistic differences. After the break- still reaching top charts to this day.
diate props, for that album did not tone that follows said punctuation
up, the band could not produce mu-
receive much attention. It’s organic was irrelevant to that calmer album.
sic of the same caliber, as it was seen Above: Panic! at the Disco mem-
and melodious tone did not catch The beloved exclamation point cer-
by most as generic, and simply not bers Spencer Smith, drummer, and
the ears of many original fans. tainly does Vices & Virtues justice,
the same. This generic style of music Brendon Urie, vocalist.
They were more attracted for it fits the original, up-beat music
was largely due to the lack of cre-
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 Sports 19

“the Greatest 0-6 team ever”

Natalie Fallano impossible to imagine
Copy Editor a ball club bringing
their early season jit-

S o far it does not look like a good ters into the important
season for Red Sox Nation to buy months of September
anything from Jordan’s Furniture, and December.
the way the season is currently go- The team’s fist
ing. With their worst start since road trip of the season
1945, they are currently 2-8, the op- did not go to well, but
posite of what everyone expected at the Sox hope to make
the beginning of the season. an impact when thy
Excitement and eagerness returned home to
gripped Sox fans from the early Fenway. There oppo-
trades of the off season to the start nent on opening day
of Spring Training in Fort Myers. was no other then the
Since early December, Sox fans New York Yankees,
throughout New England have been who they share the
eagerly watching the newest up- most historic rivalry
dates of sports center, seeing which in sports history. The
big name ball club just threw down Yankees and Sox are
twenty million dollars in which big both in the American
name first basemen or high sought League East which is
after rookie. With new additions as considered to be the
well as healthy returning players, toughest division in
the Sox seemed to be in a perfect po- the major leagues due
sition to make a historic run at their to their being so many
first World Series in three years. strong team. Almost
The Sox were one of those always does an AL east
teams, acquiring new players like team achieve the wild-
the well known speedster and left card to make it into the
fielder Carl Crawford, a four time playoffs.
All Star and four time Stolen Base The 99th opening
Champion. With a healthy Jacoby day took place on April
Ellsbury in center field alongside 9, 2011, in the afternoon
Crawford, the entire outfield should with the usual ceremony
be covered from the left field foul including the national
pole to the right. Another new play- anthem, F-16 s zoom-
er, first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, ing over the field and
a three time all star and two time Red Sox legend Johnny
golden glove winner hopes to make Pesky announcing,
an impact to the team this season. “Let’s play ball.” There
He is expected to provide strong were the usual boos by boston
defense, as well as a strong bat. fans when unpopular play-
Although the team got off to ers like Alex Rodriguez and
a very shaky start, their worst one Derek Jeter were introduced .
since 2001 to be more precise, there The sox offense hit it up early,
is still very little doubt that the with second basemen Dustin
team will not be major competitors Pedroia hammered a homer
on the American league, and all of over the Green Monster in the
the money the Red Sox dropped on first inning, igniting the spak
high profile players will prove to be the team was in deep need
useful acquisitions. With names like of. Pedroia would go 3-for- 5
Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Jon Lester, with three RBIs), Gonzalez
Clay Buchholz, Crawford, and Gon- went 2-for-5 scoring two runs
zalez, let alone the legend knuckle- and David Ortiz went 2-for-4.
baller Tim Wakefield now in the veteran John Lackey started
in the bullpen line-up, it is nearly the game but only lasted 5 in-
nings, not one
his best per-
He was out-
shined by the The next night was not as suc- striking out powerhouse Mark Tex-
bullpen of Alfredo cessful. Clay Buchholz started the iera in the ninth inning, lifting the
Aceves, Bobby Jen- game, who started and ended shaky. hopes of Boston players and fans
ks, Daniel Bard and Since his no-hitter in 2007, he hasn’t alike.
Jonathan Papelbon made much of an impact during the The Sox hope to change history
who combined to last three seaosns. Red Sox pitching this year since no team to start a sea-
pitch four shutout gave up four homers, losing 9-4 Yan- son 0-6 has ever gone to the World
innings. The Sox kees. Sunday night, the last game of Series. They have a good chance at
came out with a the series, Sox ace Josh Beckett was doing this since they may just be
9-6 victory over the on the mound and pitched eight ”the greatest 0-6 team ever” with a
Yankees, and were impressive shutout innings. Closer lineup and bullpen like theirs.
ecstatic about it. Jonathon Papelbon ended the night
”I’ve never seen a
Top right Dustin Pedroia tags out a Texas player trying to steal a bas. Middle
team so happy to
catecher Jarrod Saltalamacchia dives forward to catch a pop up behind the
be 1-6,” explained
plate. Bottom baserunner Jacoby Ellsbury called out after trying to steal a
manager Terry
base against Texas. Bottom left Jon Lester in his wind up. Photo Courtesy of
Francona, accord-
MCT Campus.
ing to mlb.com.
The Blue and Gold
Sports April 2011

Crew Rows to Success NFL Lock Out

Alfonse Femino
Lauren Benoit
Head Sports Writer
Head of Photography

T his year’s crew

team starts off
S unday afternoon, sitting back
in the recliner with a bowl of
nachos, some popcorn, and some
strong with a power- soda, and flipping through televi-
ful training base to sion channels on to re-runs of jer-
spring them into the sey shore, or even worse, a soccer
new season. This game. Now that the National Foot-
season, however, did ball League has entered an official
not start on March lock-out, this horrible, unforeseen
21, 2011 like most imagination could very well be
spring sports, as the a cruel reality in just a few short
dedicated members months. Unless either the players
of the team started union of the NFL can reach a col-
their training back in lective bargaining agreement, or
fall. Their pre-season the billionaire team owners can re-
exercises focused alize that a few more billion dollars
on building their in their bank account will hardly
strength and endur- make an effect on them.
ance months before The main reason for the
they even had the lockout is that after the 2010 sea-
opportunity to feel an The crew team practicing their rowing out on the Malden River. Photos by Rebecca Broom- son, team owners throughout the
oar flowing through thestein. league decided that it would be in
water, or the cool breeze their pockets’ best interest to extend
of the Malden river blowing into by the members. Though it is not an has faced was the budget funding the normal 16 game seasons to 18
their faces. actual verb, whenever it is raining cuts. The crew team is no longer games. With the extra two games
The rigorous practices the outside the team travels to Somer- considered by the Massachusetts on the schedule, the team owners
members of the team take part in ville to the erghouse. An erghouse Interscholastic Athletic Association, would profit enormously, because
include running on land, running is a room full of erg machines that or Malden High School as a varsity with two more games comes two
up and down stairs, thoroughly simulate the movements of rowing sport, but as a club sport instead. more opportunities to fill thirty
keeping their bodies conditioned, when one is not able to get out on Luckily the members of the crew thousand plus stadiums with eager
“erging”, and when the weather is the water. It is the movement of the team are treated as though they are fans. With these extra two games
responsive, regular rowing prac- legs and arms combined to mirror on a varsity sport, as they receive a in the regular season schedule, the
tices out on the Mystic River. Unlike the strenuous workout one endures varsity credit, and other privileges of players would not receive any ex-
other schools, the crew team trains while rowing out on the water. being on a varsity sport, including a tra extensions on their checks.
and practices in multiple differ- One setback of being on a crew gym waver. Due to the recent health NFL has seen its share of
ent locations, each facility having team in New England is that the changes at MHS, candy sales are no schedule changes. In 1978, for ex-
a specific skill to develop. MHS weather is often not steady enough longer allowed to occur during the ample, the normal 14-game sched-
biology teacher and coach Shauna to row one day, and the next the school day. The candy sales was the ule was increased to 16 games.
Campbell, along with members of water will be perfectly calm. This biggest fundraiser for the club, and However in this settlement the
the team, often go to gyms to work inconsistency often sets the training now the crew team as well as many players saw an increase in their
with weights, training their muscles, back for the crew team. However, other of MHS sports and clubs will salaries, so the process went much
and build strength. Also, the team the members do not let this adver- have to seek alternatives to fundrais- more smoothly, and did not esca-
spends countless hours working on sity slow them down, as they work ing. late into a lockout.
bikes, thus building their stamina, to on conditioning, and doing rowing Despite the setbacks because of Some players feel as though
withstand the long, strenuous work exercises when they can’t be on the the inclement weather and the lack they are entitled to more money
that goes into competitive rowing. water inside rather than out. As the of funding, the team refuses to allow with the extra two games, while
Also, the most challenging of season gets further into spring, the this lack of acknowledgement to others, including New England Pa-
all, the crew teams training schedule members look forward to being able interfere with their work ethic, and triots quarterback Tom Brady, and
often consists of running up and to row every single day, without desire to earn medals, and prove Indianapolis Colts quarterback
down the steps of Harvard Stadium, the worry rain, or even snow some- themselves as a worth crew team. Peyton Manning feel that the extra
an exercise that can truly separate times, causing choppy waters, and They keep their spirits up, and their games will take too much of a toll
the boys and girls from the men and forcing the team indoors where they oars rowing towards another suc- on the body.
women, and the average athletes must work on simulation exercises, cessful season. Their great strides of This is an extremely legitimate
from the dedicated crew athletes. rather than get the actual experience ambition will hopefully lead them excuse against the 18-game sched-
“Erging” is a word commonly used of rowing on the water. to great success and victory in the ule, because by about week 14
Some of the setbacks the team future. players are at their wits end from
a season of smashing heads and
weightlifting, and adding eight
more quarters could have serious
consequences physically.
At this point in time, the fu-
ture of the NFL is just about at its
bleakest stage since the one-month
lockout of 1987, or of course until
officials basically told linebackers
not to hit so as to prevent concus-
sions back in October.
Whichever way the collective
bargaining agreement turns, there
is one thing that will remain cer-
tain. America is a country that is
struggling with the economy and
multiple wars, and in a country that
does not have much to get excited
about, those three hours on Sunday
afternoons are not something that
we as a country can afford to lose.
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 Sports 21

Testing Their Skills

is a significant purpose of why a season
Vicki Ngan
person would join a sport, and sub- on a
Reporter sequently, this purpose remains im- g o o d
portant when a person wants to win note,”

T he Malden High School boys

tennis team is hyped up with
high expectations about this season
as well. Understanding this value, a
priority in their practice schedule is
ey clari-
conditioning, which will help them fied. On
with their returning talents. Only “physically get to where [they] need the day
one game away from the Greater to be,” explained Diaz. By training of their
Boston League title last year, they the team with lots of extensive run- match,
are anxious for their results this sea- ning and drills, “she’s doing a good t h e
son. If the team wins GBLs this year, job preparing us for the seasons t e a m
this will be the first time in more ahead,” senior co-captain DeLacey walked
than 50 years. stated. on the
Since the team consists primar- In addition to getting physi- playing
ily of seniors and well seasoned cally ready, honing their skills is ground
juniors and sophomores, it is well important as well. They plan for the w i t h
rounded and strong. Adjusting battles ahead by holding spirited deter-
to modifications and the rainy challenge matches among their large mina-
weather, the team is off with a The boys tennis team with Coach Berenice Diaz strategizing
team. The competitions between tion. As
fresh start with a new coach after each player are intense, thus there t h e i rbefore practice. Photo by Omar Khoshafa.
the departure of English teacher are talented players in varsity spots. game rolled by, the team won, 3-2, Rindge and Boston Latin High
Joshua Titcomb, MHS math teacher “I think we’re pretty good,” Diaz making their current record 1-0. School teams, which have always
Berenice Diaz and senior captains stated confidently. And although They scored with their first two sin- had capable players in the past. Im-
Andrew DeLacey and Jackie Tran. it has been raining for the last few gles and their second double. “I was proving themselves along the way,
Ambitious and nervous about the days before their game, their mind- impressed by their level of support “double players have to keep each
upcoming games, Diaz loves tennis set is as strong as ever as the team and enthusiasm with each other,” other motivated and single players
herself, and her desire to spread the practiced indoors before their first beamed Diaz. Moral support is a have to stay mentally tough,” Tran
love of tennis to other people has of many matches. is a major factor in tennis, whether commented. The team will have to
brought her to the boys tennis team. Up against North Reading you play singles or doubles, and work on their first serves and hav-
She is able to share this feeling with High School on April 8, 2011, their Diaz was amazed by how the team ing control over their points as well.
members on the team already, many first away game, the team optimisti- cheered each other on and asked Their next game will be on April 12,
of whom have loved tennis from cally looked forward to their match. about how each other was doing. 2011, against Boston Latin Academy.
when they were younger. “When “In previous years, North Reading The team has achieved their Anticipating a great season
I’m playing tennis, it feels like I’m in has been a tough match, but this first victory of the season, but they this year, MHS boys tennis team
another world, driven and ready to year we’re feeling confident about agreed that their major challenges continues to practice diligently and
compete,” explained Tran. the line-up and hope to start off the will most likely be the Cambridge eagerly for the future matches.
To maintain a healthy, fit body

Serving Success on the Court

tinues to show her
dedication in joining
senior captains Dani-
elle Ton, Ivy Bui, and
Nguyen in captain’s
practices, which are
mainly focused on
conditioning the
team for the season.
The girls workeded
on foot work, serves,
volley, strokes, and
created strategies.
Due to the
weather, this year
the conditions of
the court were not
suitable for the team
to practice. Unfor- From left to right: sophomore Lisa DeLacey returning a serve to her opponent dur-
tunately, this means ing their first match agaisnt North Reading. Senior Ivy Bui and freshman Christine Le
the team will have to warming up before their match. Photos by Vicki Ngan.
work on condition- first match.” turning underclassmen like juniors
ing and footwork rather than Unfortunately the team faced Tse and Viviane Le, and sophomores
spending time hitting on the a tough loss to North Reading but Lisa DeLacey, and The Blue and
Sharon Lee court. Although the team is “learned the importance of happy Gold copy editor Natalie Fallano.
Head of Photography experiencing an uncontrollable set- feet,” stated junior Wendy Tse: A major strength that has
back, they are very determined to “happy feet” is a skill where players developed amongst the girls that

T ennis is “a physical game of work even harder this season. must keep their feet constantly in “[they are] there for each other,
hitting the ball, rallying, and Prior to their first match against motion. Likewise, Bui has set high [and] I like the fact that we’re able to
serving, but also a mind game of North Reading on April 8, captain expectations for this year, stating bond with each other easily,” stated
figuring out what type of shot to Nguyen stated how she was “a little that she wants “the team to give Ton. Not only do the girls cherish
hit, planning where to hit the ball bit anxious for the first match since all [their effort] and play their best their strong bond but also look for-
to beat your opponent, and over- North Reading is a tough team, [and games. And [I want] my girls to im- ward to the annual double header
coming emotional stress and anger due to] the rainy weather, I am not prove their skills, but [I also want] against Everett where it is the only
during a match,” described senior too sure whether the girls have had them to have fun,” added Ton. match that both the Malden boys
and Captain Alison Nguyen. For enough hitting time.” However, Guiding the team to success, and girls tennis teams get a chance
the Malden High School girls tennis looking on the bright side, she add- Coach Maggie Pettit has reinforced to play together on the same courts.
team, it is life. ed, “hopefully everyone will gain confidence to develop the skills of
Each member of the team con- useful game experience from this many upperclassmen as well as re-
The Blue and Gold
Sports April 2011

Chasing Gold
marily about running at more of a risk.” Despite this, the
as best as possible, boys track team will still put all its
with the hope being effort into going for gold.
that the team goes un- All the athletes have dealt with
defeated for an entire the pressure of being on the team.
season. Londino expressed that “To be good
“During indoor at any event, running or otherwise,
we had the talent but takes dedication to learning. Any-
Somerville wanted it one can have speed, endurance, or
more. I think our guys strength, but without understand-
learned a lot from that ing technique and strategy even the
close loss and hopeful- most gifted athlete will fail to excel
ly they’ll apply what in track and field.” The boys track
they learned to every is planning on being the best out
meet this season.” there, taking out the competition,
Unfortunately, these and working as a family to achieve
hopes were dashed on its goals.
their first meet of the
season against Cam-
bridge when the boys
team lost.
For the team,
Sophomore Tyler Williams clears a hurdle at outdoor track practice. Photo by Alexander Gen- the weather often
nigiorgis. becomes an obstacle
Timothee Pierre
years for track and field in MHS during meets
Reporter history. When it comes to practice, and practices.
the athletes work themselves to be According to

F rom observing the way they

practice, it seems like the boys
track team consistently puts forward
Coach David Londino stated,
Londino, “The
elements affect
every event dif-
“Our only expectation is 100 percent
that 100 percent effort. The boys effort. If an athlete gives 100 percent, ferently. Run-
track team wants to get their game [then] he or she will grow as a per- ners can run in
on and take down the other teams son and as an athlete, and the wins the rain, but hur-
in the GBL. If they go for gold again, will come [on their own].” dlers, jumpers,
then this will be one of the greatest For Londino, this season is pri- and throwers are

Running The Extra Mile

Alexander Gennigiorgis 11, losing to the Cambridge High
School track team by only one point.
Head of Business On April 11, the team traveled
to Cambridge, where they were
T his season, the Malden High
School Girls track team is fo-
cused on repeating the success they
neck and neck with the other team
throughout the entire meet, only to
come up short by a single point in
had last season. All of the athletes the end. The loss was crucial for the
on the team are not afraid to push Malden track team because it was
forward to improve by practicing the first loss to Cambridge since last
hard every chance they get—they year—the MHS cross country team
are willing even to do extra lunges. as well as the indoor track team
At practice, the athletes seem defeated Cambridge this school
to be able to withstand the difficul- year. However, strong performances
ties that may arise in track and field. came from several individuals in
These challenges include building select events, such as sophomore
endurance and stamina, in addi- Jacqueline Bouley who placed first
tion to maintaining what is needed Left: freshman Julia Ly runs at practice. Above: freshman Jacqueline Bou-
in the 400 meter event, sophomore ley high jumps at track practice. Photo by Alexander Gennigiorgis.
to perform well at every meet with Haley Dowdie and junior and The
proper form. In fact, the team put Blue and Gold member Haley De- scholastic Athletic Association State high school career. Coach Mitch Ab-
up their best effort in a challenging Filippis taking first and second in meet in both discus and shot put. batessa encourages that underclass-
fight during their first meet on April the mile, as well as senior captain Such a close score at the first meet men join the team as well as athletes
and The Blue and Gold member in addition to such qualifications by who want to join because “the more
Alexandra Mathieu placing first top members of the team certainly the merrier.”
in the discus with sophomore Kim is setting the stage for a successful
Nguyen following right behind. season.
In addition, the girls 4x400 meter For
relay team, consisting of Bouley, any aspir-
sophomore Norma Bourque, junior ing track
Carolyn Lam, and sophomore and athlete,
The Blue and Gold member Lauren starting
Benoit, crushed the Cambridge re- the sport
lay team. Despite the close and dis- would
appointing loss, Malden is planning not be
to move forward and improve upon easy if
their faults. he or she
Furthermore, even this early began at a
in the season, there have been late stage
high-level qualifications: Mathieu is in their
eligible for the Massachusetts Inter-
The Blue and Gold
April 2011 Sports 23

Girls Compete to Win

This year the team
sity athletes. By the end their game,
is being led by seniors
the score was 11-4. Individual goals
Mandy Lao and Agui-
were scored by juniors Amanda Tan
naldo who play mid-
andCatherine Porier and sopho-
attack and home attack
mores Lynn Nguyen, and Joyce Ly.
respectively. “My other
Tan, who had been hit in the head by
half is Mandy Liao,”
a stick, fought through the pain and
Aguinaldo said. “She’s
went on to score a goal. As stated by
an awesome captain
Tan in reflection to one of her goals,
and together we’re
“As a member of the JV team I feel
great.” Both are ex-
like we all have been playing much
tremely excited about
better compared to the other years,
the new season and
seeing that we are undefeated so far,
are hoping to make the
and I already scored 2 goals.”
best out of it since it is
With only a few weeks into the
their last year.
season it is still anyone’s game. The
The team under-
team is going to work even harderso
went their first game
that they can qualify for the state
against Cambridge on
tournament, a feat that is going to be
Mar. 31, 2011. This be-
difficult, but not impossible. Think-
ing the first game of
ing about the oncoming season,
the season, the team
sophomore Anita Ronaldo said, “We
was in high spirits for
had a great start to the season and
a win. As the game be-
went through some tough losses,
Sophomore Anita Caceda drives for a goal. Photo by Catherine Poirier. gan they worked as a
but from those losses, we have the
single unit. Play by play they caught
Joel Stevenson Last year being a difficult year, chance to get better. So, success this
ground balls as well as worked as
the team came close to making it to year is based off working together
Reporter a team to work their way down the
tournaments, but they were lacking on and off the field and practicing
field and get the upper hand over
the scores that they were desper- hard because how hard we practice
Cambridge. After four quarters of
contined from front page ately hoping for. Senior captain Pa- is how hard we play. We are a group
driving hard, the success had paid
tricia Aguinaldo commented, “We of young talented players, and its
off and the girls won.
fell 3-4 games short of qualifying in our time to shine.”
seeing that the season just started Unfortunately, the varsity
the tournaments.” With returning team had lost their game against
with 3 games that have been played members as well as new protégés
already, we won 2 out of the 3 games North Reading on Apr. 4, 2011. The
the team is working hard for a better team’s lost does not cover up the
we had, which is very good.” year. continuous success of the junior var-

Boys Lax Focuses on Improving

Amalia Quesada Nylen the course of the season. “A lot of kids
that wouldn’t get the chance to play in a
varsity game are improving a lot faster

T he Malden High School boys and learning how the game works,”
lacrosse team has had a rough senior captain and The Blue and Gold
start of the season, finding disap- member Alfonse Femino praised. The
pointment in its first four games. boys have found good out of the four
The boys have so far played games although they have not been vic-
Cambridge, North Reading, Salem, torious. With the incredible improve-
and Wakefield, leaving them so far ment in the JV team and the varsity
with a record of 0-4. The newly cre- team implementing some of its skills
ated junior varsity team this year has during practice into games, the boys
also been struggling, with a record of remain optimistic and look forward to
0-4 for this season as well. Although a win this season. “We’re just going to
the boys are disappointed with the keep working hard in practice and give
start of the season, they plan to find 100% in games, and let the wins and
success later in the season and make losses take care of themselves,” Femino
a comeback. finished.
The division of the JV and
varsity teams has benefited the
boys, because they are now able
to play with players more at their
skill level, rather than being mixed
together. This allows both teams to
play to their potential without being
held back or too challenged. This also
allows the junior varsity players to
develop their skills before joining the
varsity lacrosse team.
“It’s better to make mistakes
on the field and learn from them
after, than to make the one mistake
of sitting on the sidelines the entire
season,” stated sophomore Paul Ki-
The JV players also have the op-
Above: Junior Shaun Carlson in a game against Wakefield. Below: portunity to have more playing time,
Sophomore Corey French prior to a game. Right: Lacrosse team show- which will serve as practice in and of
ing team spirit. itself so that they may improve over
The Blue and Gold
Sports April 2011

Softball Struggles with Schedule

Senior captain Ashley Powers in the GBL” will also be a challenge.
describes the girls as “very deter- The team’s first game was
mined and a great team.” Senior against Billerica High School on
captain Renee Santo stated, “They April 7. The girls headed to the game
have a lot of potential, a lot of expe- eager with a determined mindset.
rience, and the right mindset.” The hard work of the team paid off.
This year’s team is made up MHS defeated Billerica 12-6. At first,
of the three senior captains Santo, MHS started out with only a few
Richardson, and Powers; juniors Ki- runs, but then the team started to
ara Amos, Emily Hoffman, Rebecca pull ahead and hold the lead. Junior
Krigman, and The Blue and Gold Kiara Amos pitched a great game
head copy editor Brittany McFeeley; throughout all seven innings. Over-
and sophomores Bridget Furlong, all, the team had an amazing game.
Melissa Light, Jessalyn Brown, According to Powers, there is
Marissa Lally, Emily Moran, and a “very good chance of winning.” If
Hannah Calderone. Bridget Furlong the softball team wins the GBL title,
stated that she is “looking for a big the team can go onto the state tour-
year out of all of them.” nament. Last year, they were de-
Last year, the team did very feated in this tournament by Central
well, with a record of 14-6, gaining Catholic High, but this year, they
yet another Greater Boston League hope to make it through to the end.
title. “I think we have a very good The chances of success seem
chance at winning another GBL title, realistic this year with captains
Junior Kiara Amos prepares to bat a softball. Photo by Kristen Leonard. but we will have to beat some very Powers, Santo, and Richardson
improved teams. A lot of teams will leading the team. With the obvious
Kristen Leonard focused on the task at hand, which
be gunning for us since Malden has goal of any team being to win, the
is one game at a time.”
Reporter won the last three GBL titles,” stated three captains also have personal
As with all MHS sports, the
Furlong. goals of their own. “I hope to make

T he Malden High School girls team practices every day, striving

In any sport there are challeng- and win the state championships,”
softball team fully demonstrates for improvement. Playing the field,
es. When asked what challenges this states Powers. Richardson stated
the age-old proverb of practice batting, running, and pitching, the
season will bring Bridget Furlong that she wants “to help [her] team
makes perfect. These girls are hard things that softball composes of
stated, “We play a very tough sched- succeed in the season, to be a good
at work preparing for their upcom- are experienced at every practice.
ule. Just about every team we play leader as a captain, and to make it
ing games. “These girls are a very solid bunch,
will be in the state tournament, so I to states.” Santo’s goals are “to win
Head Coach John Furlong they work hard to improve their
would say all the teams we play are GBL’s, make it to states and have a
stated that the team is preparing skills,” Furlong stated, compliment-
tough.” Powers added that “playing little more fun because it’s [her] last
by “staying healthy and just being ing the girls.
a bunch of new teams [that are] not year.”

Rocky Start, High Aspirations

Joshua Kummins cox will be playing his first varsity
Copy Editor season and Gibson is a returning
sophomore, who helped the team as

T he Malden High School baseball a pitcher and infielder last season.

team has kicked off the 2011 The team may be young, but
spring season and several scrim- has three senior captains to lead
mages in late March and early April things in shortstop Kevin Valley,
got the season going, preparing first baseman Matt Howe, and
the team to make a run to the Mas- catcher Marc Woodman. Those
sachusetts Interscholastic Athletic three players will be the veteran ex-
Association state tournament again perience that the team needs to back
this season. the otherwise-young squad.
The team hopes that the scrim- When Valley, Wood, and Howe
mages that were played in the early graduate, Carpenito says that a
going will help to improve their solid junior varsity roster is “always
skills and get ready for the regular working to improve and eventually
season. These extra games serve as help out the varsity team” when-
a valuable tool to get a jump-start ever that may be.
on the new season with hopes of Pitching is the team’s strength
rebounding from last season’s first- this season as the position holds
round loss in the tournament to solid depth this season with three
Lowell High School. returning juniors coming back on
Head coach Kevin Carpenito, the mound. Junior Bradley Applin is
who is entering his 12th season the team’s top starter for the second
at MHS, hopes that his team can straight year and appears to be the
achieve its annual goal of going .500 first in line to take the ball. Juniors
to qualify for the state tournament. Dakota Pelligrini and Ricardo Men-
In 2010, the team exceeded their dez return to the mound, along with
goal by going 11-9, but the team is Gibson rounding out the rotation.
looking for more. The season has not started ac-
According to Carpenito, “win- cording to plan as Malden lost its
ning the Greater Boston League opening game in Lawrence on Apr.
[championship] would be an extra 8 by a close 1-0 score, before com-
incentive this season” with so many ing back home and falling to Salem Junior Austin Teal prepares to field a ground ball. Photo by Joshua
young players that are expected to 9-4 the next day. After the first two Kummins.
contribute regularly to the team’s games, Carpenito praised the play
win at Boston English on Apr. 11. tions for the rest of the season, and
success. of Applin and Woodman, despite
Valley earned the victory as pitcher says that the team is very close and
Among the team’s key under- the down result.
and junior Eliezer Hernandez hit a competitive, and that they work
classmen are sophomores Johnny Following losses in the first
grand slam in the first inning. hard to enjoy success.
Wilcox and Chuckie Gibson. Wil- two games, MHS earned a big 21-7
Carpenito has high expecta-