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DOB 06-May-1989
CNIC # 37406-8135855-3
Cell: +92 334 8518737
Present Add: H# 6 New Wahdat Town Taxila, Pakistan
Phone: 0514 546992
Email: jibran.chauhan@gmail.com


A permanent position in Software Engineering. Where I can utilize my experience and talent. A
job that will provide continued opportunities and challenges; where I can contribute and
execute creative ideas.

Career Summery

I intend to establish myself as Software Engineer with an integrated business

Solution provider through a long time commitment, contributing to the company's growth
And in turn ensuring personal growth within the organization. I believe that my technical,
functional and communication skills will enable me in facing the challenging career


• Development Tools:
• Visual Studio 2005/2008
• Telerik for winForms Application in CSharp
• Net Beans
• My-SQL Administrator
• Adobe Photoshop
• Macromedia Dream weaver

Web/Application Servers

• Wamp
• Apache Tomcat

• Creative Skills:
• Concept Development
• User Interface Design
• Software Development
• Databases Designs

• Operating System:
Windows 95/98, Windows NT / 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux,
Fedora (all versions), Red hat (all versions) [installation and usage]
- Distributed Applications - Software Engineering
- Object Oriented Paradigm - Data Structures -
- Analysis of Algorithm - Database Systems
- Programming Languages - ComputerArchitecture
- Operating systems - Computer communication & networks
- Software requirement engineering - Software Design & Architecture
- Software Project Management - Web based Application
- Software Testing & Quality Assurance - Design Patterns
- Human Computer Interaction
Academic Qualifications

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSSE)

Division : 1st
Degree Status : Completed
Institute : International Islamic University Islamabad Pakistan (IIUI)

Factuality of Computer Sciences (FCS)


Division: 1st
Subjects: Math –Statistics - computer Science
Board: Federal Board
Institute: F.G Science degree College Wah Cant


Division: 1st
Subjects: Math –Biology – Physics-chemistry
Board: Federal Board
Institute: Sir Syed College for Men Wah Cant

Final Year Project

• RMS ( Restaurant Management System) Database : SQL SERVER

This is basically Web based Application coded in ASP.NET with
CSharp backend language:-
• RMS is Based On 4 terminals these are as under :-
• Administration Terminal
This is the one of the most important terminal of the application that manages the
maximum activities related to restaurant. Admin can create staff records and can
manages their functionality and also have authority to change the passwords of
their employees. Admin can manage the customer’s records that are of reliable
customers of restaurant.
Admin can manages fully stocks of dishes that are in restaurant for orders it can
add stocks n updates stocks
• Customer Terminal
This terminal is just for customers. Customers can signup first and after that they
are part of restaurant they can take orders of dishes through online order facility.
Customers can also reserved tables for dinner or lunch RMS also deals in table
reservation. Customer can change their passwords. Password recovery is done
E-Mail facility. Customer can got their passwords from email
• Cashier Terminal
Cashier terminal is capable of bill generation and have authority too give discount
to their reliable customer. All the bill weather it is inter restaurant or outer
restaurant are handles from cashier terminal.
• Kitchen Terminal
This terminal manages all dishes that are ordered from customer. The order is
going in kitchen terminal and chef complete / fulfills order this process is check in
and when ordered completes chef’s check out the ordered. Kitchen terminal have
authority that it can add dishes as well as their ingredients for managing orders

RMS Features
• Order Online Support
• Inter restaurant order taking facility
Employees Management
• Customer Management
• Stocks Management
• Inventory Management
• Dishes Management
• SMS order facility
• E-Mail Facility

Professional Experience

MicroMerger IT Solutions

• Job Title : Software Engineer

• Duration : 5 Months
Semester Projects

• Town Planner for housing scheme using java desktop application : Database Access
• SIS(student information System ) using Java desktop Application
• J & K Rent A Care Web Based Application
• Expense Tracking System using ASP.NET
• Train Reservation System using Microsoft Access(database Application)
• Course Registration System using Microsoft Access(database Application)
• Railway Information System(Only requirements)
• Chat Messenger(only Design not implement)
• Shopping Cart Web Application


• SCH ( sangam cloth house) Database : MySQL

• Full Application Management including(add/ delete/ update/retrieve)
• Manage Revenues
• Head of Accounts
• Journals
• Ledgers
• Trial Balance
• Manages Income statement
• Manage Partial Income Statement
• Balance Sheet
• Manage Reports
• Manages Accounts
• Manage Profit and loss
• Selling And Purchase Of Products
• Prints Reports
• Print Bills
• Town Planner ( housing Scheme) Database : MsAccess
• Manage Revenues
• Manages Income statement
• Manage Reports
• Manages Accounts
• Manage Profit and loss
• Journals
• Balance Sheet
• Full Application Management including(add/ delete/ update/retrieve)
• Selling And Purchase Of Plots
• Dealers Reports
• Ledgers
• Much more…
Programming Languages

• Java
• ASP.net
• CSharp.Net
• Worked on Crystal Reports
• C++
• C
• Good implementation practice in Desktop Applications in
Java Application
Worked on Databases
• My SQL (for java)
• SQL server (for asp,csharp)
• Microsoft Acces

Deployment of Open Source( php/ Asp.net)

• Open Commerce
• Prestita Shop
• PhpLite
• XCommerce

English Language Course

• Spoken English Language

• Division: 1st
• Institute: Alpha Language Institute
• Duration 01-sep-2009 TO 01-march-2009


• Hardware troubleshooting
• Network troubleshooting
• Server installation & configuration (DNS, DHCP)
• Router configuration (wireless, wired)


• English, Urdu, Punjabi


• Football, Rock Climbing

Available upon request.