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Kain Group Est. was established in

Lebanon in 1991 by its owner Mr. Adham Kain.
The company’s purpose is to provide its
customers premium products with a high
focus for meeting the demands of the Lebanese
market, Middle East, and African
market specializing in workshop equipments,
Mr. Adham Kain
construction machinery, and generators. C.E.O.

Diesel Generating Sets Tower Lighting

From 7.5 KVA up to 2250 KVA

Our Vision

Put our years of experience in the industrial field to unite our power with the
satisfaction of our “Actual customers.”

Our Mission

Put all our potentials in order to reach the Win-Win situation.

Our number one goal is to reach the continuous improvement in all our operations.
Value, authorize, inspire and recognize are at the core of our corporate behavior BRDE 6700 T BRDE 6700 EN
leading to a responsive and creative environment committed to superiority. Diesel Generator Diesel Generator BRD 1500
Dumper 1.5 Ton

Our Corporate Values

Innovation: Apply innovative thinking in all the business features in order to

preserve our leadership position.
Respect: Loyalty towards stakeholders, common courtesy and corporate citizenship
responsibility to serve and improve the communities in which we live.
Integrity: Adopt strong business and personal ethics, honesty and credibility.
Delivery results: Always be ahead of our customers, suppliers and employees expectations.
BRD 3000 BRF 3000/D BRDWM
Dumper 3 Ton Forklift Diesel Welding Machine

Reversible Plate Compactor up Walking behind Roller Aspahlt Rollers

to 3000kg BR 600

Asphalt Cutter Asphalt Cutter Power Trowel

BTS 350 BGL 600 BR 420

Power Trowel BRP 750 x 2 BRVS 35 Hydraulic Powerpack Hydraulic Powerpack

BR 90 Power Trowel Edger Ride Screed Vibrator BHPP 09 BHPP 18V multiflex

BRC 140 Plate Compactor Rammer

Compactor Hydraulic Hammer Hydraulic Core Drill Hydraulic Rock Drill Oil Divider
BHH 15RV BHCD 50-200 BHRD 20

Mobile Air Compressor Paving Breakers Diggers Hammer Chipping Hammer BRSCM A2-510 L BRCM B2-350 L BRMD 750 / 1000
Screw Type BPBT 60J BEM 555UH BCH 3RRD Selfloading Concrete Mixer Concrete Mixer Dumper Concrete Mixer

Air Compressor Air Compressor Needle Scalers BR1 Mixer Hydrolic Selfloading Italian Concrete Mixer
50 liters up to 1000 liters 150 liters up to 200 liters BNS3 2.80 kg Bricks Mixer Mixer 350 LT

Reinforce Concrete Chainsaw
Pneumatic Vibrators BAD 40 BAD 50 / 60/ 70/ 80 BRCM
BR2 Mixer Cement Mortor Machine
Bricks Mixer

Mechanical Steel Cutting Hydraulic Steel Cutting Steel Bending Step Polisher Floor Grinding & Diesel Floor Grinding &
B 26 / 34 / 38 / 45 / 55 B 26 / 34 / 38 / 45 / 55 B 24 / 26 / 36 / 45 / 50 Polishing Machine Polishing Machine

Bench Saw for Marble & Bench Saw for Marble Bench Saw for Marble Two Struck Engine Circular Saw Scarifies Hydro-Sand Blasting
Natural Stones & Ceramic Ø 600 & Ceramic Ø 350

Asphalt Cutter
Bucket Mixer Mixer BT 1200 Vacuum Cleaner BRGP20/30/40 BRDP20/30/40 BR3 WZ-300A
Gasoline Water Pump Diesel Water Pump Gasoline Pressure Washer

KAIN GROUP Est. is leader in building up workshops and factories for

different types of production.

Scaffolding Tower Cranes

Profile Ladder Aluminum Scaffolding
1.35 * 2.5 m
0.85 * 2.0 m

Spring Clamp

BR JIVM Flexible hose Clamps

38 / 45 / 52 MM Mechanical Concrete 70 / 90 / 120 cm
Building Hoist Vibrator
Adjustable Props

Drilling Machine
Diamond Blades Core Bits

Workshop for the power plant of QURAYYAH Project in KSA

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