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14 April 2011

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AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS higher standard in custom guns. Each handgun is 100% backed with a no
BS warranty and comes with one complete refinishing! Each gun is
Predator Tactical Unleashes The broken in, zeroed and must pass a 100 round test firing with 100%
reliability before it is shipped.
Night Shrike 1911 Pistol
APR 13, 2011 07:12P.M. The Shrike ships with 2 fitted and tested 8 round Wilson Combat
magazines and a range bag. This gun is built for you. Personalization is
Predator Tactical Unleashes The Night Shrike 1911 Pistol available on any part, including finishing. You can have your name on
the magazines, side of the gun, etc.

The pistol comes in either a two tone finish or all blacked out. The Night
Shrike 1911 is available in .45 ACP and weighs 30 ounces unloaded.

Lifetime service policy. The only limitation to our Lifetime Service Policy
is that no other company or person shall perform any gunsmithing or
modifications without specific authorization from the factory. All service
policies and refinish work are void if modified by anyone other than the
factory. ALL FEDERAL LAWS APPLY TO PURCHASE. You must supply
an FFL for transfer to your dealer.

Pricing & Availability

The custom made Shrike 1911 is now available for immediate ordering
through Predator Tactical’s online store www.predatortactical.com with
delivery in three weeks or less.
Predator Tactical Night Shrike 1911 Pistol
Predator Tactical LLC provides innovative firearms,
accessories, instructional videos, and professional firearms
training throughout the world.

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Predator Tactical

Tempe, Arizona --(Ammoland.com)- Predator Tactical announces the

new Night Shrike 1911.

Day or night this gun is ready for the fight! 100% Made in America to
Matt Burkett’s demanding specifications, this stainless and aluminum 4”
commander length handgun features a tactical rail, fiber optic or night
front sight, adjustable or fixed rear sight, and the exclusive Predator Tac-

The gun is built on the finest 1911 parts available, the Wilson Combat
Bullet Proof parts line, and includes a custom Briley match barrel and
Crimson Trace Master Series grips.

From practical shooting to tactical operations, the Night Shrike sets a

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AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS the disqualifying arrests to the Department of Agriculture and Consumer
Services for suspension of the licenses of those involved.
Florida Law Enforcement
In fact, it appears that members of the Orange County
Mislead & Push the Limit of the Sheriff’s Office may have violated the law in order to
influence the committee members.
Law to Stop Open Carry Rights
During his testimony, Captain Mike Fewless stated, “I actually stopped
Bill by every one of you guys’s [sic] office this morning (and) dropped off
APR 13, 2011 06:57P.M. seven photographs of some biker outlaw gang guys that have carrying
concealed firearm permits [sic]. Those are the ones we’re worried about
Florida Law Enforcement Officers Mislead & Push the Limit of carrying.”
the Law to Stop Open Carry Rights Bill
Florida Statute 790.0601 expressly forbids the release of personally
identifying information of a person who has applied for or who has
received a license to carry a concealed weapon or firearm. The specific
circumstances in which that information may be released are with the
express written consent of the licensee, by a court order upon showing a
good cause, or upon request of a law enforcement agency in connection
with performance of lawful duties.

There is no exemption for release of identifying information

by anyone for the purposes of furthering a political agenda.

Outright misrepresentation of fact appears to be a tactic our sheriffs are

willing to utilize to defeat SB 234. Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson
testified that open carry would be evident in the stands at next year’s
Florida Open Carry Daytona 500 auto race. Conveniently, Sheriff Johnson omitted the fact
that carry at a professional athletic event is a violation of existing statute,
Florida --(Ammoland.com)- The main provision of Florida Senate Bill and Daytona International Speedway is a privately owned facility and
234 would, for the first time since 1987, permit concealed weapon or has the statutory right to have anyone trespassed from the property for
firearm license holders to carry handguns openly. any reason, including carry of open or concealed firearms.

On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimony regarding Finally, and perhaps most importantly in these times of fiscal
the bill. austerity, were any public funds utilized to oppose the
expansion of Second Amendment rights on behalf of the
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Major Ken Davis told of a recent Florida Sheriffs Association?
traffic stop of six Tampa Bay Outlaw motorcycle gang members.
“Although the six Outlaws were certified gang members, and had Although elected officials, like the sheriffs are exempt, statute forbids
histories of criminal arrests, most were also concealed carry permit anyone else to be compensated for lobbying without being registered as a
[sic] holders”, he related. legislative branch lobbyist. This means that if any non-elected law
enforcement officers were compensated for in any way, by any public or
According to Florida Statute, the Department of Agriculture and private entity, they very well may have been in violation of law. Were any
Consumer Services must suspend the licenses of those persons arrested publically owned vehicles used for travel? Did any of the officers use per
or formally charged with a crime that would disqualify an individual for a diem allowance or stay overnight on the taxpayer dime? And how many
license until final disposition of the case, and a licensee who is under an were on the clock? But even if on their own dime, was it ethical to then
injunction that restrains them from committing acts of domestic violence wear their uniforms and, ironically, their firearms to the committee
or acts of repeat violence. Finally, the agency must revoke the license of a meeting?
licensee who have been found guilty of, had adjudication of guilt
withheld for, or had imposition of sentence suspended for one or more It is apparent that member agencies of the Florida Sheriffs Association
crimes of violence within the preceding three years. may be willing to embellish circumstances, bend the law, and
intentionally misrepresent facts in order to influence the committee and
One must conclude that Major Davis was either embellishing the facts the legislature at large in order to maintain their virtual monopoly on
surrounding the criminal arrests of the certified gang members in order open carry. Ironic since in 1987, when shall-issue concealed carry was
to sway the committee, or his department was derelict in not reporting being debated, the same association stated they preferred open carry

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

over concealed carry so their deputies would not have to guess at who
was armed.

Join our Facebook group of over 2000 members at:

Follow us on Twitter at: http://twitter.com/FL_Open_Carry/
Sign the Petition at: http://www.petitiononline.com/FLOC2A/

Florida Open-Carry.org is a grass roots organization of Florida residents
who endeavor to raise awareness in the community of our second
amendment rights. Our primary goal is to help educate others about
their right to legally open carry and advocate for repeal of the general
ban on open carry in Florida. Florida is one of only seven states where
open carry is generally illegal. Visit: www.open-carry.com
National Wild Turkey Federation

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The generous donation from the Potterfields will go into an endowment,
Arms, Self Defense
and the interest generated by the gift will fund the MYWCE program.
Endowing these funds and only spending the interest will allow the
program to continue indefinitely.

Potterfields Donate $400,000 “This donation will allow thousands of school children to
attend our convention and learn about the importance of
to National Wild Turkey conservation and hunting,” said NWTF CEO George C.
Thornton. “Larry and Brenda are committed to keeping the
Federation future of hunting and shooting strong, and this is just one
more illustration of their dedication. The NWTF is thankful
APR 13, 2011 06:47P.M.
and proud of its strong relationship with the Potterfields and
Potterfields Donate $400,000 to National Wild Turkey
Larry Potterfield, Founder and CEO of MidwayUSA,
remarked, “Brenda and I have always believed we have a
responsibility to change the future, and we think we can do
this best by supporting these types of programs with the
NWTF. The NWTF is on the frontlines, engaging our
communities to improve conservation and to train this next
generation of hunters and shooters.”

For more information about the Potterfields or MidwayUSA, please visit

www.midwayusa.com or call 1-800-243-3220.

Midway USA
For more information about the NWTF, please visit www.nwtf.org.

Columbia, MO --(Ammoland.com)-Larry and Brenda Potterfield of

Tags: Conservation News, Donations, Larry Potterfield, MidwayUSA,
MidwayUSA recently donated $400,000 to the National Wild Turkey
NWTF, Sportsmens Charitys
Federation (NWTF) to endow the new MidwayUSA Youth Wildlife
Conservation Experience (MYWCE) program.

MYWCE is a program that will fund freshman and sophomore high

school students to attend the annual NWTF National Convention and
Sport Show, held in Nashville, Tenn., to educate them on wildlife
conservation efforts and the outdoors.

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Speer Ammunition Introduces

.22 WMR Personal Protection
APR 13, 2011 06:41P.M.

Speer Ammunition Introduces .22 WMR Personal Protection

Speer Expands Gold Dot Short Barrel Line.

Speer Ammunition Gold Dot Standard 22 Ammo

Short Barrel, Strong Performance

These loads are designed for compact rimfire handguns and specific self
defense applications. A large cavity ensures maximum expansion and
terminal ballistics at reduced velocities. Consistent 10 to 11-inch
penetration was achieved in factory testing–in barrels as short as two

“We wanted to design a self defense option that catered to the

rimfire platform,” said Brand Director Rick Stoeckel.

Speer Ammunition
“We engineered these rounds for effective expansion and
consistent functioning in close-quarter situations–where
LEWISTON, Idaho --(Ammoland.com)- Speer introduces a new Gold
performance is absolutely critical.”
Dot Short Barrel Personal Protection offering.

To learn more about the new rounds, view other Gold Dot offerings, or
The .22 Win. Mag. hollow point rounds provide reliable expansion and
check out the entire lineup of Speer ammunition, visit www.Speer-
penetration for use in self defense situations. These new rimfire options
are now available.

Part No. and Description

Speer Gold Dot has gained a reputation for high-performance
0954 22 WMR 40-grain Gold Dot Short Barrel hollow point 1050 fps
ammunition and brings Personal Protection rounds to the rimfire
platform for the first time.
About Speer
Headquartered in Lewiston, Idaho, Speer is part of ATK Security and
The Gold Dot’s reliable expansion and toughness make it suitable for the
Sporting. The company has a long-standing reputation for making the
smaller 22 Win Mag. Those carrying popular handguns chambered in
world’s finest bullets and in 1996 became one of the first U.S.
this make-sense caliber now have a go-to option for self defense
ammunition manufacturers to achieve ISO 9001 certification for quality.
The company manufactures a variety of bullets and cartridges for law
enforcement, reloading and sporting applications. More information is
available at www.Speer-Ammo.com or www.Speer-Bullets.com for
component bullets.

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AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS • The firearm must be in a hard-sided container.

Planes, Trains and Guns • The container must be locked.

APR 13, 2011 04:49P.M.
• We recommend that you provide the key or combination to the
Planes, Trains and Guns security officer if he or she needs to open the container. You should
remain present during screening to take the key back after the
container is cleared. If you are not present and the security officer
must open the container, we or the airline will make a reasonable
attempt to contact you. If we can’t contact you, the container will
not be placed on the plane. Federal regulations prohibit unlocked
gun cases (or cases with broken locks) on aircraft.

• You must securely pack any ammunition in fiber (such as

cardboard), wood or metal boxes or other packaging that is
specifically designed to carry small amounts of ammunition.

• You can’t use firearm magazines/clips for packing ammunition

unless they completely and securely enclose the ammunition (e.g.,
by securely covering the exposed portions of the magazine or by
securely placing the magazine in a pouch, holder, holster or
Briefcase AR15 Rifle - Planes, Trains and Guns
• You may carry the ammunition in the same hard-sided case as the
firearm, as long as you pack it as described above.

• You can’t bring black powder or percussion caps used with black-
powder type firearms in either your carry-on or checked baggage.

For more info: Air Travel with Firearms & Ammunition —

Transportation Security Administration

Answer – Amtrak rail: Amtrak will accept reservations of firearms

and ammunition for carriage between Amtrak stations and on Amtrak
trains within the United States that offer checked baggage service.
Thruway Bus Services will not be included in this service change.

The following policies are in effect:

Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun Owners

• Notification that the passenger will be checking

Michigan --(Ammoland.com)- Q: I’m vacationing this summer. How
firearms/ammunition must be made no later than 24 hours before
do I transport my handgun and ammunition on a commercial airline or
train departure by calling Amtrak at 800-USA-RAIL. Online
Amtrak rail?
reservations for firearms/ammunition are not accepted.

Answer – air travel: You may only transport firearms, ammunition

• The passengers must travel on the same train that is transporting
and firearm parts in your checked baggage. Firearms, ammunition and
the checked firearms and/or ammunition.
firearm parts are prohibited from carry-on baggage.

• All firearms and/or ammunition must be checked at least 30

The key regulatory requirements to transporting firearms,
minutes prior to scheduled train departure. Some larger stations
firearm parts or ammunition in checked baggage are:
require that baggage be checked earlier. Please contact your
departure station for more details.
• You must declare all firearms to the airline during the ticket
counter check-in process.
• All firearms (rifles, shotguns, handguns, starter pistols) must be
unloaded and in an approved, locked hard-sided container not
• The firearm must be unloaded.
exceeding 62″ L x 17″ W x 7″ D (1575 mm x 432 mm x 178 mm).

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

The passenger must have sole possession of the key or the Tags: MCRGO, mcrgo.org, Michigan Coalition For Responsible Gun
combination for the lock to the container. The weight of the Owners
container may not exceed 50 lb/23 kg.

• Smaller locked, hard-sided containers containing smaller unloaded AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS
firearms such as handguns and starter pistols must be securely
stored within a suitcase or other item of checked baggage, but the Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s
existence of such a firearm must be declared.
Conservation Achievement
• All ammunition carried must be securely packed in the original
manufacturer’s container; in fiber, wood, or metal boxes; or in Awards Set for Tuesday, April
other packaging specifically designed to carry small amounts of
ammunition. The maximum weight of all ammunition and 19
containers may not exceed 11 lb/5 kg. APR 13, 2011 04:33P.M.

• The passenger is responsible for knowing and following all federal, Tennessee Wildlife Federation’s Conservation Achievement
state, and local firearm laws at all jurisdictions to and through Awards Set for Tuesday, April 19
which he or she will be travelling. 46th Annual Event to Honor Leaders in the Protection of Wildlife and
• All other Amtrak checked baggage policies apply, including limits
on the number of pieces of checked baggage, the maximum weight
of each piece (50 lb/23 kg).

• Firearms/ammunition may not be carried in carry-on baggage;

therefore, checked baggage must be available on all trains and at all
stations in the passenger’s itinerary.

• At the time of check-in, passengers will be required to complete

and sign a two-part Declaration Form.

• BB guns and Compressed Air Guns (to include paintball markers),

are to be treated as firearms and must comply with the above
firearms policy. Canisters, tanks, or other devices containing
propellants must be emptied prior to checking and securely
packaged within the contents of the passenger’s luggage.

Passengers failing to meet the above-mentioned requirements for Tennessee Wildlife Federation
checking firearms will be denied transportation.
NASHVILLE, Tenn. --(Ammoland.com)- Each year since 1965, the
Passengers wanting to make firearms declaration in writing should use Tennessee Wildlife Federation (TWF) has honored a select group of
the Contact Us page and click on “Checked Firearms Program” from the leaders in the conservation and stewardship of wildlife and their habitat
subject selection menu and follow guidance. in Tennessee.

For more info: Rail travel with Firearms in Checked Baggage The 46th Annual TWF Conservation Achievement Awards will be held on
Tuesday, April 19th at the War Memorial Auditorium at 505 Deaderick
About: Street in downtown Nashville. The event is free and open to the public,
The Michigan Coalition for Responsible Gun Owners is a non-profit, and drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Please RSVP to Willis
non-partisan organization. Formed from just eight people in 1996, we McKee at (615) 353-1133, x201, or via email at tnwfintern@tnwf.org.
now have thousands of members and numerous affiliated clubs across
the state. We’re growing larger and more effective every day. Nominations came from the Federation’s membership and the general
public. In the past, TWF has presented the awards to tireless volunteers,
Our mission statement is: “Promoting safe use and ownership of wildlife educators, state employees, key legislators and others who have
firearms through education, litigation, and legislation” Visit: made a difference in our state.
“These awards recognize those individuals and organizations

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

that have made truly meaningful contributions to

conservation in Tennessee and to TWF,” says Michael Butler,
TWF’s chief executive officer.

“The great work of our past winners lives on today, and the
current generation is building upon those successes. Without
their willingness to take action, we would have failed in our
mission, and we are proud to honor their contributions.”

Presenting sponsors are Bridgestone, the National Wildlife Federation

and Packaging Corporation of America. U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance

Founded in 1946, The Tennessee Wildlife Federation is dedicated to the Columbus, OH --(Ammoland.com)- Federal Judge James S. Gwin has
conservation, sound management and enjoyment of Tennessee’s wildlife ruled in favor of sportsmen by denying a lawsuit aimed at closing
and natural resources for current and future generations through hunting on dozens of units of the 100 million acre National Wildlife
stewardship, advocacy and education. Refuge System.

Tags: Awards, Conservation News, Tennessee Wildlife Federation, TWF This long running case began in 2003 when the Fund for Animals, which
later merged with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), filed
a lawsuit to stop hunting on 39 refuges.

Sportsmen Win Major The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation (USSAF), along with other
organizations, intervened on behalf of sportsmen. Anti hunting groups

Courtroom Battle Protecting later expanded the lawsuit to include more 50 refuges.

Hunting on Public Lands Judge Gwin’s ruling stops HSUS’ attempt at using the National
Environmental Policy Act to close hunting on these refuges.
APR 13, 2011 04:15P.M.
In making the decision the judge noted that “Plaintiffs, however, are not
Sportsmen Win Major Courtroom Battle Protecting Hunting entitled to an inviolate sanctuary for their preferred uses – Congress
on Public Lands has determined that, to the extent possible, hunters, fishers, observers,
photographers, and educators must share the refuges.”

The judge’s ruling relied heavily on language in the 1997 Refuge

Improvement Act, championed by the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, which
made hunting, fishing and other wildlife oriented activities priority uses
on refuge units. The Act also mandated hunting and fishing activities be
“facilitated”. It is unknown at this time if HSUS will appeal the ruling.

“The majority of refuges were created to be open to hunting

but relentless attacks by anti-hunting groups forced Congress
to spell it out in law,” said Rob Sexton, USSAF vice president
for government affairs.

“Now, the courts have once again ruled that hunting is a

priority use of refuge land wherever and whenever
compatible with wildlife management.”

Sportsmen Win Major Courtroom Battle Protecting Hunting on Public The U.S. Sportsmen’s Legal Defense Fund (SLDF), the legal arm of the
Lands U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation, has worked since the beginning of
this case to defend the rights of hunters and has collaborated with other
groups including Safari Club International (SCI). Together, the SLDF
and SCI are co-counsels and also represent Ducks Unlimited, the
National Rifle Association, Izzak Walton League, Delta Waterfowl

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

Foundation, and California Waterfowl Association.

National Wildlife Refuges provide excellent opportunities for sportsmen

to pursue waterfowl, big game, furbearers, and much more. Hunting is a
popular public activity on refuge land and a practical means of
maintaining optimal wildlife populations.

The National Wildlife Refuge System Administration Act of 1966

empowered the Fish and Wildlife Service to open refuges to hunting
when compatible with the purposes for which the refuges were
established. In 1997, National Wildlife Refuge System Improvement Act
went a step further. It ensures that refuges are managed for wildlife
conservation and that hunting and fishing are priority public uses on
refuge units.

The U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation is responsible for public

education, legal defense and research. Its mission is accomplished Hornady Ammunition
through several distinct programs, coordinated to provide the most
complete defense capability possible For more information about the Grand Island, Neb. --(Ammoland.com)- Hornady, a world-renowned
U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance Foundation and its work, call (614) 888-4868 leader in ballistic technology, has joined the ranks of Facebook and
or visit its website, www.ussafoundation.org Twitter, launching official pages on both popular social networking sites.

Tags: Animal Rights Groups, Ecoterrorists, HSUS, Hunting Bans, Fans can go to facebook.com/hornady and twitter.com/teamhornady to
Hunting News, Lawsuits, SCI, U.S. Sportsmens Alliance, USSA get the latest news about Hornady products and events.

Adopting these new communication tools is just the latest way Hornady
AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS is reaching out to people who are passionate about shooting – providing
a place for fans to share their personal photos and stories about their
Hornady Ammunition Hornady experiences.

Manufacturing Launches Fans will also have unique opportunities to interact directly
with the company through:
Facebook & Twitter Pages
APR 13, 2011 03:42P.M. • Live chats with industry experts

Hornady Ammunition Manufacturing Launches Facebook & • Exclusive discounts and promotions
Twitter Pages
• New product introductions, photos and videos

• “Team Hornady” e-newsletter sign-up

Founded in 1949, Hornady Manufacturing Company is a family owned

business headquartered in Grand Island, Nebraska. Proudly
manufacturing products that are “Made in the USA”, by over 300
employees, Hornady Manufacturing is a world leader in bullet,
ammunition, reloading tool and accessory design and manufacture.

For further information regarding Hornady products visit the Hornady


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Social Firearms Marketing, Social Networking, Twitter

Hornady Ammunition Manufacturing Launches Facebook Page

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS Carrell, Ernest Langdon, Josh Lentz, David Olhasso, Jerry Miculek and
Phil Strader all receiving the prestigious ranking.
Team Smith & Wesson
In order to qualify for the Distinguished Master Class, competitors were
Members Honored With New required to win a division title at either the IDPA Nationals or Smith &
Wesson Indoor Nationals over the last five years. Competitors could also
Distinguish Master Class qualify for the new classification by coming within three percent of the
winning shooter at either of the two major IDPA events. In total, 24
Ranking competitive shooters were inducted into the new class.
APR 13, 2011 03:27P.M.
Joyce Wilson, Executive Director of the IDPA, said that the formation of
Team Smith & Wesson Members Honored With New a new class had been discussed at length within the organization and
Distinguish Master Class Ranking with the Master Class shooters. Based on the feedback she received,
Wilson noted that there was overwhelming approval and support for the
formation of the new class.

“Before moving forward with the Distinguished Master Class,

the IDPA first wanted the approval of the shooters who were
likely to qualify for this new classification,” said Wilson.
“After talking with them, it became evident that the IDPA had
their full support and that each of the shooters were eager to
take on the challenges associated with the new title.”

Wilson continued, “The Distinguished Master Class

recognizes those shooters who have reached an elite status
among their peers. Through their hard work and dedication,
each of the members has enjoyed success on the IDPA circuit
and each has demonstrated the qualities of true champions.
With the formation of the Distinguished Master Class, the
IDPA wishes to give each shooter the accolades they deserve
Jerry Miculek Accepts Distinguished Master Class Plaque From Joyce while promoting a healthy and balanced level of competition
Wilson, IDPA Executive Director across all of the divisions.”

The eight members of Team Smith & Wesson who qualified for the new
class did so through the use of a wide range of Smith & Wesson®
firearms. Among the models used were firearms from the Military &
Police (M&P)™ Pistol Series as well as the SW1911 Series, Champion
Series and the company’s legendary revolver line.

Smith & Wesson would like congratulate each of the new Distinguished
Master Class shooters and wishes them the best of luck in future IDPA

• Custom Defensive Pistol: David Olhasso (M&P45/SW1911)

• Stock Service Pistol: Dan Burwell (M&P9L), Gordon Carrell (M&P9

Smith & Wesson Pro Series), Ernest Langdon (M&P9 Pro Series), and Phil Strader
(M&P9 Pro Series)
SPRINGFIELD, Mass.--(Ammoland.com)- Smith & Wesson Corp.
announced that eight members of Team Smith & Wesson were • Enhanced Service Revolver: Jerry Miculek (Model 625 JM)
recognized as part of the new Distinguished Master (DM) Class recently
formed by the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA). • Stock Service Revolver: Craig Buckland (Model 19) and Josh Lentz
(Model 686)
Team Smith & Wesson members are represented in four out of the five
divisions with company shooters Craig Buckland, Dan Burwell, Gordon About Smith & Wesson

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation (NASDAQ: SWHC) is a throughout the National Wildlife Refuge system, claiming that the U.S.
U.S.-based, global provider of products and services for safety, security, Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) had not completed a sufficient
protection and sport. The company designs and constructs facility environmental analysis of the impact of hunting on these refuges. SCI
perimeter security solutions for military and commercial applications, immediately joined as an intervenor in the case on behalf of the FWS in
and delivers a broad portfolio of firearms and related training to the order to help defend the hunting opportunities that exist on the refuges.
military, law enforcement and sports markets. SWHC companies include
Smith & Wesson Corp., the globally recognized manufacturer of quality In 2006, the case saw a setback, when a D.C. federal district court ruled
firearms; Smith & Wesson Security Solutions, a full-service perimeter in the Plaintiffs’ favor, sending the matter back to the FWS to conduct
security integrator, barrier manufacturer and installer; and additional environmental review. The case then expanded to include
Thompson/Center Arms Company, Inc., a premier designer and additional refuges that had been opened to hunting since the case began,
manufacturer of premium hunting firearms. SWHC facilities are located and Plaintiffs amended their original claims in an attempt to stop
in Massachusetts, Maine, and Tennessee. For more information on hunting on almost 70 refuges throughout the country.
Smith & Wesson and its companies, call (800) 331-0852 or log on to
www.smith-wesson.com After the FWS complied with the court order to conduct additional
environmental review, the case returned to court for its examination of
Tags: Awards, Competition Shooters, Competitive Shooting News, IDPA, the agency’s revised efforts. Once again, SCI’s litigators aggressively
Jerry Miculek, Smith & Wesson, Team Smith & Wesson defended the agency’s compliance, this time meeting with success. Judge
Gwin issued a resounding ruling in favor of the FWS and SCI, leaving no
room for question about the Fund for Animals’ failure to substantiate its
AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS challenge against refuge hunting.

Safari Club International “This is a long overdue victory for SCI and our litigation
team’s efforts to protect the freedom to hunt and keep our
Victory Protects Hunting public lands open for hunting,” said SCI President Larry
Rudolph. “It is clear that the facts were on our side in this
Throughout National Wildlife case. I commend Judge Gwin for his decision and believe that
SCI’s participation in this case proves once again that we
Refuge System truly are First for Hunters.”
APR 13, 2011 03:07P.M.
SCI was joined in its intervention by U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance
Safari Club International Victory Protects Hunting Foundation, Ducks Unlimited, Delta Waterfowl Foundation, the
Throughout National Wildlife Refuge System California Waterfowl Association, and Izaak Walton League of America.

About the Hunters’ Defense Fund:

Safari Club International Hunters’ Defense Fund supports the important
advocacy, conservation and legal work keeping hunters afield and
promoting hunting worldwide. Donations to the Hunters’ Defense Fund
have a direct impact on our freedom to hunt, wildlife conservation policy
and important legislative, regulatory and legal issues. DONATE NOW:

Becoming an SCI Member:

Joining Safari Club International is the best way to be an advocate for
Safari Club Internationa
continuing our hunting heritage and supporting worldwide sustainable
use conservation, wildlife education and humanitarian services. JOIN
Washington, DC --(Ammoland.com)- In a ruling issued today, Safari
NOW: www.safariclub.org/Join.
Club International (SCI) claimed a major victory in a lawsuit that has
threatened hunting on National Wildlife Refuges since it was filed in
Safari Club International – First For Hunters is the leader in protecting
the freedom to hunt and in promoting wildlife conservation worldwide.
SCI’s approximately 200 Chapters represent all 50 of the United States
Judge Gwin of the Ohio federal district court today issued a ruling in
as well as 106 other countries. SCI’s proactive leadership in a host of
favor of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and SCI to protect our
cooperative wildlife conservation, outdoor education and humanitarian
public lands and keep them open for hunting.
programs, with the SCI Foundation and other conservation groups,
research institutions and government agencies, empowers sportsmen to
The Fund for Animals sued to challenge hunting on 37 refuges
be contributing community members and participants in sound wildlife

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

management and conservation. Visit the home page www.safariclub.org or waterfowl. Other sources include National Wildlife Refuges, the
or call (520) 620-1220 for more information. National Forest Service, and the Bureau of Land management.

Tags: Animal Rights Groups, Ecoterrorists, Hunting News, Lawsuits, Large timber companies are also a possibility. Some allow hunters to
National Wildlife Refuge System, Safari Club International, SCI purchase passes to hunt company-owned land. Some military bases and
federal installations also allow hunting opportunities.

AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS Another great resource is Hunt and shoot.org.

Where To Hunt And Shoot – Hunt and Shoot.org, developed by the National Shooting
Sports Foundation (NSSF), the trade association for the
That Is The Question shooting, hunting and firearms industry, helps new or
APR 13, 2011 02:12P.M. experienced hunters and shooters find the information they
Where To Hunt And Shoot – That Is The Question
By Larry Whiteley Hunt and shoot.org provides access to helpful resources and
links to searchable state-by-state databases that will help
hunters and shooters connect with where to go and how to
stay involved with hunting and shooting.

Now is the time to get out and find your next place to hunt and shoot.

Larry Whiteley is host of the award winning Outdoor World

Radio. For more tips, log onto www.basspro.com

About Bass Pro Shops Group:

Bass Pro Shops -56 retail stores in 26 states and Canada visited by over
109 million people annually, international catalog and internet retailing,
American Rod & Gun wholesale division selling to over 7,000
independently owned retail stores worldwide, Outdoor World Incentives
also selling Bass Pro Shops gift cards through over 132,000 retail outlets
across America and a restaurant division with 26 locations. For more
information regarding Bass Pro Shops store locations, products or
Where To Hunt And Shoot - That Is The Question special events, please visit www.basspro.com. To request a free catalog
call 1-800-BASS PRO

Tags: Bass Pro Shops, BassPro.com, Gun Ranges, Hunting News, Larry
Whiteley, Public Land, Where to Shoot, Wildlife Management, WMU

Bass Pro Shops

Springfield, Missouri - -(Ammoland.com)- One of the biggest

challenges to most hunters is just finding a place to hunt.

If you don’t own land or lease land, it probably means finding a good
spot on public land. The time to start looking for it is right now.

Your state wildlife agency can provide information on areas close to

home and those with the best opportunity for deer, turkey, upland game,

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS Recognizing the need to protect both motorists and deer, MaineDOT and
MDIF&W have identified several seasonal areas where there are a high
Drivers Urged to Heed New number of deer crashes and have installed unique signs that alert
motorists to deer during this peak season. These signs are generally
Roadside Warning Signs and specific to a 1-mile or less stretch of road with very high collision rates. It
is extremely important that motorists watch for these signs and slow
Watch Out for Deer down.
APR 13, 2011 01:48P.M.
“It’s a scenario we don’t like to see happen – a car hitting a
Drivers Urged to Heed New Roadside Warning Signs and deer, injuring the driver and the animal,” said MDOT
Watch Out for Deer Commissioner David Bernhardt. “Unfortunately, it does
happen too often. Please, heed the roadside warning signs
and be alert for deer that may want to cross in your path.
Save your life, and that of the deer.”

These “Caution — High Hit Area” signs feature a silhouette of a deer,

and are a bright, reflective orange and yellow. These signs are foldable
signs, and they are only opened and displayed during this time of year,
when deer collisions are frequent. As deer disperse away from the roads,
these signs will be folded up by MDIF&W personnel so drivers do not
Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife become accustomed to them. Next year, they will be unfolded as deer
start to move.
AUGUSTA, Maine --(Ammoland.com)- The arrival of spring means
deer are on the move along roadways. MaineDOT and the Maine These signs were recently installed at a high deer crash area along I-95 in
Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife are urging drivers to heed Sherman. That particular stretch of highway is located alongside a deer
posted warning signs and slow down, particularly in areas where wintering area, and crosses a traditional travel corridor used heavily by
historically a high number of deer-vehicle collisions have occurred. deer.

As snow slowly disappears this spring, areas along the sides of roads are “As we work to reduce mortality factors on deer and rebuild
generally one of the first areas to green up with vegetation. Deer, who Maine’s deer population, alerting motorists to these high-hit
have been feeding on poor quality food throughout much of the winter, areas is critical,” said MDIF&W Commissioner Chandler
flock to roadsides where they can feast on tender, green plants. As deer Woodcock. “By slowing down and using extra caution in
disperse from areas where they have wintered, motorists will often see these limited-but-distinct sites, drivers have an opportunity
deer feeding along the sides of roads. Often these areas are along the to save a deer.”
sides of major highways or high speed routes.
Over the past two years, these orange-and-yellow signs have been
installed at the following locations where there has been a history of
deer/vehicle crashes during this time of year: Route 9-Amherst, Route 9-
Wesley, Route 193-Cherryfield, Route 191- Jacksonville, Route 1-
Edmunds, Route 1 in East Machias, Route 2-Oakfield, Route 212-Smyrna
Mills and Route 1-Monticello.

Motorists who see these new signs should be aware that deer are likely in
the area, and should drive accordingly. Remember, these signs are only
erected during high risk periods for a specific section of road.

Over the past 10 years, Maine has averaged over 3,000 deer-vehicle
crashes each year. Drivers should take care this time of year, and be on
the lookout for all wildlife on the sides of the road. Motorists should
reduce their speed when it is dark, use high beams where appropriate,
and always wear their seatbelt.

Drivers Urged to Heed New Roadside Warning Signs and Watch Out for Tags: Deer Management, Maine, Maine Department of Inland Fisheries
Deer and Wildlife, Wildlife Tips

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

The Friday event/room locations are:

• Room 411 South the Movie “the Cartel” will be shown (not sure of
Wisconsin Gun Lobby Day This start time, either 9 or 10:30)

Friday April 15Th 2011 • Room 417 North “Marv Munyon” speaking on globalism.
APR 13, 2011 01:39P.M.
• Room 225 Northwest “possible” seminar on sustainable
Wisconsin Gun Lobby Day This Friday April 15Th 2011 development/agenda 21/other current issues

Any questions about the event not related to the 1pm seminar I’m giving
on constitutional carry can be directed to the Rock River Patriots,
organizers of the event: www.rockriverpatriots.com

Carry On,

Nik Clark Chairman – Wisconsin Carry, Inc.

P.O. Box 270403
Milwaukee, WI 53227

Wisconsin Carry, Inc. is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the
preservation and reclamation of the rights of law-abiding Wisconsin
residents to carry in the manner of their choosing. We believe that “open
carry” and “concealed carry” are choices to be made by law-abiding
Wisconsin Carry citizens based on their situation and preference. Wisconsin Carry, like
many gun-rights organizations in Wisconsin, is investing a great deal of
Wisconsin --(Ammoland.com)- There is a lobby day this Friday April resources to get Wisconsin law changed to allow concealed carry this
15th in Madison at the Capitol. As a note, the Capitol is a government next legislative session by proposing Constitutional Carry. Wisconsin
building obviously, so firearms/carry is prohibited within the building. Carry, Inc. will continue to use legal recourse to deter unlawful treatment
of law-abiding Wisconsin residents who currently exercise their right to
You MAY carry on the Capitol grounds however. open carry, and soon will exercise their right to concealed carry in
Wisconsin. Visit: www.wisconsincarry.org
Just to clarify, there is also a separate event/rally on Saturday the 16th
OUTSIDE the Capitol. Details on that event here: Tags: Gun Activists, Gun Lobby, Gun Politics, Pro Gun Rallys,
www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=164799016908247 Wisconsin, Wisconsin Carry

The Friday event is during working hours of the Capitol when your
legislators will likely be in their offices. There will be meetings during the
day, but you can also just drop in and talk with your legislators and pick
and choose the meetings you attend.

The intent of the lobby day would be that you do stop in and meet your
legislators in person, ask them to support your priority issues (right to
carry/constitutional carry/castle doctrine) and then attend a seminar if
you wish.

This event was not organized by Wisconsin Carry so I’m doing my best to
relay the information:

Specifically, I believe I will be speaking in Room 425 SW regarding “right

to carry/constitutioanl” at 1pm on Friday.

Other meetings throughout the day start at 9am:

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS open sights. Simply place the unit in the chamber and close the action to
activate the laser. The activated laser, centered automatically in the
Laserlyte Accuracy Behind barrel, will project a straight laser beam to the target and allow for
precision optical alignment. MSRP $69.99.
Cabela’s Chamber Bore Sighters
APR 13, 2011 11:50A.M. Both the Premium and the Professional .223 Boresighters can be used to
sight in a variety of calibers by using additional sleeves (sold separately)
Laserlyte Accuracy Behind Cabela’s Chamber Bore Sighters making the LaserLyte Cabela’s .223 Boresighters as versatile as they are
The Smallest, Smartest Bore Sighters for Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun from accurate. Each sleeve is precision machined to the exacting standards of
the First Name in Firearms Laser Systems; LaserLyte. S.A.A.M.I. and made from 100% brass. Chamber sleeve calibers available

1. .22-250 (MSRP $19.99)

2. .243/.308/7mm-08 (MSRP $19.99)
3. Cabela’s Assorted.25-06/.270/.30-06 (MSRP $19.99)
4. 7mm Rem./.264/.338
5. .280 WSM/.300 WS/.325 WSM
6. .300 Win. (MSRP $19.99)
7. .300 WBY (MSRP $19.99)
8. .30-30 (MSRP $19.99)
COTTONWOOD, AZ --(Ammoland.com)- LaserLyte, the leader in
9. .45-70 (MSRP $19.99)
laser technology for the shooting and hunting industry,in conjunction
10. 7mm/.300/.375 Ultra (MSRP $19.99)
with outdoor’s most respected brand, Cabela’s, has created the smallest,
11. 20 Gauge (MSRP $24.99)
most affordable, efficient line-up of chamber boresighters and sleeves for
12. 12 Gauge (MSRP $24.99)
rifles, shotguns and pistols.

Adjust pistol sights and scopes using the LaserLyte Cabela’s Professional
Built on the premise of saving customers time and money, the LaserLyte
Chamber Pistol Boresighter in any of the three popular pistol calibers;
Cabela’s boresighters are all made in the USA and machined to the
9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP. Lock the handgun slide back, place the
highest S.A.A.M.I. specifications.
boresighter in the action, release the slide and the boresighter is
activated. All three Professional Laser Chamber Boresighers are
precision machined to S.A.A.M.I. standards with full Class III A, 5 milli-
watt laser power for $59.99 each.

About LaserLyte:
LaserLyte, the leader in laser technology, is the shooting and hunting
division of P&L Industries. The company strives to heighten the
experience of shooting by offering high quality, competitively priced
lasers and other firearms accessories. For additional information about
LaserLyte, visit www.laserlyte.com. Keep up to date with LaserLyte on
Facebookor Twitter. Visit the LaserLyte YouTubepage for all the
LaserLyte action.
Laserlyte Cabela’s Chamber Bore Sighters

Tags: Cabelas, Cabelas.com, Firearms Accessories, Gun Gear, Laser

The Cabela’s Premium .223 Boresighter uses the latest in
Sights, Laserlyte, Optics
microelectronics with an all digital circuitry and high-definition laser
diode producing a reliable and constant crystal clear red dot for precision

The collimating lens system and high definition diode produce the most
accurate laser alignment for sighting in scopes and iron sights on the
market today. Machined using aerospace-grade tolerances, the Premium
.223 Boresighter is available for $99.99.

The LaserLyte Cabela’s Professional .223 Boresighter, like the Premium,

provides reliable calibrated laser alignment for sighting in scopes and

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS Vonk said that the grant provided for 300 backpacks, and a few currently
remain unassigned. These will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis
South Dakota Fish, Game & to qualified applicants. Applications are available at www.gfp.sg.gov.

Parks Works To Get Kids The Game, Fish and Parks and Department of Health plan to pair up
again to offer the grant program next year, focusing on after-school and
Outside out-of-school programs. Applications for that installment will be
APR 13, 2011 11:43A.M. available this fall.

South Dakota Fish, Game & Parks and DOH Work To Get Kids More information on other opportunities provided by GFP can be found
Outside at GFP’s Children in Nature webpage.

Tags: Kids Hunting, SDFGP, South Dakota, Youth Shooting Sports


Anti-Gun Bill Would Put Law-

Abiding Citizens That Defend
Their Families at Financial Risk
APR 13, 2011 11:40A.M.

Anti-Gun Bill Would Put Law-Abiding Citizens That Defend

Themselves & Their Families at Financial Risk
Contact your WA State Rep Oppose HB 2067

South Dakota Fish, Game & Parks

PIERRE, S.D. --(Ammoland.com)- The South Dakota Game, Fish and

Parks and the Department of Health teamed up in an effort to increase
the amount of time pre-school age children spend outdoors.

The two departments recently awarded nature backpacks, filled with

items to encourage outdoor activities, to childcare providers and pre-
schools across the state. Based on class sizes provided by applicants, the
backpacks will reach over 7,500 children. CCRKBA.org

“The nature backpack program is a perfect opportunity for BELLEVUE, WA – -(Ammoland.com)- The Citizens Committee for the
the GFP and the Department of Health to partner with Right to Keep and Bear Arms this morning said legislation unveiled last
caregivers in getting kids outside,” said GFP Secretary Jeff Friday to repeal Washington State’s strong self-defense protection is “an
Vonk. “Keeping kids physically active and connecting them outrageous attack on the right of law-abiding citizens to defend
with nature is very important, both for the children as themselves and their families.”
individuals and for our society as a whole.”
House Bill 2067, sponsored by anti-gun State Rep. Ross Hunter (D-48th
Studies show children who play outside are healthier, have higher self- District), would repeal a long-standing state statute that provides state
esteem, are good problem-solvers, have good self-discipline and do reimbursement of all reasonable legal costs when a citizen is charged
better in school. with a crime and later found not guilty by reason of self-defense. This bill
was read for the first time on Saturday, and is scheduled for a hearing
This is the second installment of the grant program. In 2010, the Game, tomorrow, Wednesday, April 13 at 3 p.m. before the House Ways and
Fish and Parks reached 4,780 children by awarding backpacks to 180 Means Committee, which Hunter chairs.
childcare providers across the state. Follow-up surveys showed that
childcare providers were going outside more often and spending longer “What Hunter is trying to do,” said CCRKBA Legislative
periods of time outside each time. Director Joe Waldron, “is limit the citizens’ right of self-

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

defense by eliminating any chance of reimbursement by the • ed.orcutt@leg.wa.gov

state if they must defend themselves in court.
• Representative Reuven Carlyle (D-36)
“The Legislature is scratching for money anywhere they can • (360) 786-7814
find it,” he continued, “but in this case, Hunter is trying to • reuven.carlyle@leg.wa.gov
balance the budget by jeopardizing the self-defense rights of
law-abiding citizens. That’s unconscionable, and the fact that • Representative Bruce Chandler (R-15)
he is trying to ram this through at the 11th hour with very • (360) 786-7960
little public notice is outrageous.” • bruce.chandler@leg.wa.gov

Washington’s reimbursement statute, RCW 9A.16.110, is unique in the • Representative Eileen Cody (D-34)
nation. It dates back more than 30 years, and is an important barrier • (360) 786-7978
that discourages unwarranted prosecution of citizens who defend • eileen.cody@leg.wa.gov
themselves or their families, or other crime victims. The law provides for
reimbursement of legal costs, and even lost wages due to confinement. • Representative Mary Lou Dickerson (D-36)
These costs are awarded only when the claim of self-defense is sustained • (360) 786-7860
by a preponderance of the evidence. • marylou.dickerson@leg.wa.gov

“It is traumatic enough that a citizen must forcefully defend • Representative Kathy Haigh (D-35)
himself or herself, their family or some other person who is • (360) 786-7966
being attacked,” Waldron stated. “For that citizen to be • kathy.haigh@leg.wa.gov
subjected to a legal nightmare that could wipe them out
financially is a moral insult. Our existing law protects citizens • Representative Larry Haler (R-8)
from this kind of legal abuse. We’re encouraging out • (360) 786-7986
members to call the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000 to • larry.haler@leg.wa.gov
oppose this measure.”
• Representative Bill Hinkle (R-13)
House Ways & Means Committee: • (360) 786-7808
• bill.hinkle@leg.wa.gov
• Representative Ross Hunter (D-48), Chairman
• (360) 786-7936 • Representative Zack Hudgins (D-11)
• ross.hunter@leg.wa.gov • (360) 786-7956
• zack.hudgins@leg.wa.gov
• Representative Jeannie Darneille (D-27), Vice Chairman
• (360) 786-7974 • Representative Sam Hunt (D-22)
• j.darneille@leg.wa.gov • (360) 786-7992
• sam.hunt@leg.wa.gov
• Representative Bob Hasegawa (D-11), Vice Chair
• (360) 786-7862 • Representative Ruth Kagi (D-32)
• bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov • (360) 786-7910
• ruth.kagi@leg.wa.gov
• Representative Gary Alexander (R-20)
• (360) 786-7990 • Representative Phyllis Gutierrez Kenney (D-46)
• gary.alexander@leg.wa.gov • (360) 786-7818
• phyllis.kenney@leg.wa.gov
• Representative Barbara Bailey (R-10)
• (360) 786-7914 • Representative Timm Ormsby (D-3)
• barbara.bailey@leg.wa.gov • (360) 786-7946
• timm.ormsby@leg.wa.gov
• Representative Bruce Dammeier (R-25)
• (360) 786-7948 • Representative Kevin Parker (R-6)
• bruce.dammeier@leg.wa.gov • (360) 786-7922
• kevin.parker@leg.wa.gov
• Representative Ed Orcutt (R-18)
• (360) 786-7812 • Representative Eric Pettigrew (D-37)

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011


• eric.pettigrew@leg.wa.gov
Call Turkeys In Comfort &
• Representative Charles Ross (R-14)
• (360) 786-7856 Concealment With Vero Vellini
• charles.ross@leg.wa.gov
Gun Slings
• Representative Joe Schmick (R-9) APR 13, 2011 11:32A.M.
• (360) 786-7844
• joe.schmick@leg.wa.gov Call Turkeys In Comfort & Concealment With Vero Vellini Gun
• Representative Larry Seaquist (D-26)
• (360) 786-7802
• larry.seaquist@leg.wa.gov

• Representative Larry Springer (D-45)

• (360) 786-7822
• larry.springer@leg.wa.gov

• Representative Pat Sullivan (D-47)

Vero Vellini Gun Slings
• (360) 786-7858
• pat.sullivan@leg.wa.gov
MOORESTOWN, NJ --(Ammoland.com)- Each year, nearly 2 million
turkey hunters head to the woods in the hopes of harvesting a turkey.
• Representative J.T. Wilcox (R-2)
• (360) 786-7912
Chasing these keen-sighted birds requires hunters to not only wear head-
• jt.wilcox@leg.wa.gov
to-toe camouflage but also to have comfortable and reliable equipment.

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the

To accommodate turkey hunters across the country, Vero Vellini offers
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms
Quick Attach Swivel Slings in Advantage Timber camouflage.
(www.ccrkba.org) is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations.
As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to
preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials
and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local
communities throughout the United States.

Tags: Anti Gun Bills, Anti Gun Politicians, CCRKBA, Citizens Committee
for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Self Defense, Washington

Vero Vellini Gun Slings

Compatible with any shotgun with swivel studs, Vero Vellini offers both a
Wide-Top sling and a Standard Width sling. The slip-proof feature of
Vero Vellini slings is what sets them apart from the other slings on the
market. Thanks to a rubber backing, the Quick Attach Swivel Sling will
absolutely keep your shotgun positioned on your shoulder—an especially
important feature when you have your hands full with decoys, blinds and

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011


Constructed of high performance materials such as durable DuPontÒ

CorduraÒ nylon and closed-cell neoprene, the Vero Vellini sling offers
maximum wear and durability for decades of use in the field. All edges
are piped to prevent fraying, and the camo Cordura surface is laminated
to the neoprene for a smooth, even finish.

When hunting for the wily birds this season, be comfortable and invisible
with a Vero Vellini Quick Attach Swivel Sling in Advantage Timber camo.
Available at retailers nationwide with suggested retail prices starting at
$39.99. Gun Talk

Vero Vellini is the acknowledged leader in comfortable, handcrafted gun Mandeville, LA --(Ammoland.com)- This week, Gun Talk is all about
slings. For nearly two decades, the company has been crafting these rimfires! Tom Gresham and Ryan Gresham take a look at all things
beautifully detailed and highly durable slings in Germany. Vero Vellini rimfire as they check out the 17 HMR, examine different types of ammo,
created the Air Cushion concept, which sandwiches neoprene and other train with the new Sig Sauer 1911-22 and the Smith & Wesson M&P 15-
natural and synthetic material to create an almost weightless feeling 22.
when carrying a firearm. The company also boasts the most slip-proof
sling available from the use of a unique, highly durable rubber backing. Then visit with the folks at Clark Custom Guns to talk about how to
Vero Vellini also manufactures fast-access cartridge cases and straps for accurize the Ruger 10-22 rifle. Rimfires are quite capable of tack driving
binoculars and cameras. For more information on Vero Vellini, contact: accuracy – and Tom and Ryan prove it.
Pioneer Research, 97 Foster Road, Moorestown, NJ 08057; call 800-
257-7742; or visit http://www.pioneer-research.com/verovellini.asp. When the .22 BB Cap was introduced in 1845, no one had any idea how
popular its offspring would become. Today, counting all the versions of
Tags: Gun Accessories, Gun Slings, Hunting Gear, Turkey Hunting, Vero .22 rimfire cartridges, plus the .17 HMR and even the resurrected 5mm
Vellini Remington Magnum, millions of rounds of rimfire ammunition are fired
every day. From shooting galleries, to casual plinking at tin cans, to small
game hunting or even shooting in the Olympics, rimfire rifles and
AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS handguns represent the most bang for the buck in the shooting sports.

Clark Custom Guns Helps The rising price of centerfire ammunition has driven many shooters to
rediscover the value of training with rimfires. Accurate, with low recoil
Accurize Your Ruger 10-22 Rifle and noise, the .22 rimfire is perfect when you want to put a lot of rounds
downrange for only a few dollars.
On Gun Talk Television
APR 13, 2011 11:26A.M. About:
Gun Talk Television airs on VERSUS and VERSUS HD on Sundays at
Clark Custom Guns Helps Accurize Your Ruger 10-22 Rifle On 8:00 a.m. Eastern and Fridays at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. Watch full shows
Gun Talk Television and get the latest news a www.guntalk.tv.

Tags: Clark Custom Guns, Gun Talk TV, Rimfire, Ruger 10/22, Shooting
Media News, Tom Gresham, VERSUS Network

Clark Custom Guns Helps Accurize Your Ruger 10-22 Rifle On Gun Talk

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

AMMOLAND.COM SHOOTING SPORTS NEWS further lawsuits and preserves the decision made by Wyoming U.S.
District Judge Johnson in November 2010, that the U.S. Fish and
Partial Delisting of Wolves Part Wildlife Service (USFWS) wrongfully rejected Wyoming’s wolf
management plan.
of 2011 Budget Agreement in
“This agreement is only the first step in returning
U.S. Congress management of the gray wolf back to state authority where it
APR 13, 2011 10:58A.M. belongs,” said Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation
President Jeff Crane. “Thanks to the leadership of the
Partial Delisting of Wolves Part of FY 2011 Budget Agreement bipartisan Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus, a concrete
in U.S. Congress move towards delisting has been taken and certain states will
once again have the authority to manage wolves in the near

Dr. Larry Rudolph, President of Safari Club International,

said “We are pleased that the work of this important coalition
has yielded a historical precedent from the Congress to cut off
the endless litigation and return recovered populations of
wolves to state management.”

“Federal management goals were met for all wolf populations

at least 10 years ago and wolves now number at least five
times over the federal goals. Federal officials at the USFWS
have attempted delisting three times in the Rockies and Great
Lakes and – despite the clear achievement of recovery – each
attempt was turned back to the USFWS on questions of
process. This fix is long overdue and we applaud it,” said
David Allen, CEO of Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
Congressional Sportsmen
The coalition noted that the Congressional mandate applies to only a
Washington, DC --(Ammoland.com)- A coalition of the nation’s part of the area where wolves are beyond recovery goals. Wyoming’s
largest hunting and conservation organizations welcomed a provision wolves remain under federal ESA protection. Only parts of Washington,
championed by Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus (CSC) member Rep. Oregon, and Utah are included in the delisting although wolves are
Mike Simpson of Idaho and CSC Senate Co-Chair, Sen. Jon Tester of moving into other parts of those states. The Western Great Lakes area is
Montana, to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act excluded from the provision, where a fourth round of rulemaking is
(ESA) as part of a the FY 2011 budget agreement to fund the federal expected to begin soon.
government through the end of the fiscal year.
Chris Cox, Executive Director of the National Rifle
The coalition includes the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, Rocky Association Institute for Legislative Action, said, “We are
Mountain Elk Foundation, Wild Sheep Foundation, the Boone and pleased with this important step and hope that opponents of
Crockett Club, National Rifle Association, Safari Club International, and delisting have gotten the message that Congress is sending.
Pope and Young Club. We will be closely watching the pending delisting in the
Western Great Lakes. In the meantime, we will continue to
The groups support this initial step toward state management of push for a comprehensive solution in Congress.”
recovered wolves and the clear assertion by Congress that recovered
wildlife should be delisted from the ESA. “It is unwise to try the same thing over and over again and
expect a different result,” said Gray Thornton, CEO of the
The groups also note that other states have recovered wolf populations Wild Sheep Foundation. “We’ve seen three times already that
that have not yet been delisted and urge Congress to actively pursue this process is unclear and causes – as Judge Molloy
delisting for those states also. described it – ‘turmoil of legal issues with practical
management issues’. This is a problem only Congress can fix.
The Simpson-Tester rider directs the Secretary of the Interior to reissue Congress has now fixed part of the Rockies and the
the latest (2009) ruling declaring the wolf recovered and to return wolf Northwest. Turmoil will continue until Congress completes
management to state agencies in Montana and Idaho, as well as portions the job in the Rockies, including Wyoming, the Northwest
of Utah, Washington and Oregon. Additionally, the provision precludes and the Great Lakes region – and anywhere else where wolf

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

populations are recovered.” will face than while we are in Pittsburgh! Please encourage your family,
friends, and fellow firearm owners to attend as well!
The wolf delisting agreement in the FY 2011 budget came on the heels of
Montana U.S. District Judge Donald Molloy ruling against a settlement In addition to the Grassroots Workshop, the NRA-ILA Grassroots
proposal by environmental groups that would have returned wolf Division will also be hosting a Special Session on Saturday, titled ”In
management temporarily to Idaho and Montana only. Their Own Words.” This session will feature some of NRA-ILA’s top
activists from around the country who will discuss their personal
In order to return all recovered wolf populations to state managers, the experiences promoting our Second Amendment rights. The session will
group supports further efforts in Congress and the Administration until a be moderated by NRA-ILA Grassroots Division Director Glen Caroline,
comprehensive fix is complete. and will also allow attendees to ask questions of our panelists, and
network with fellow attendees. The “In Their Own Words” session will be
Tags: Congressional Sportmen’s Foundation, CSF, Endangered Species, held Saturday, April 30th, at 2:00 p.m., in the David L. Lawrence
ESA, USFWS, Wolf Hunting, Wolves Convention Center, room 327, 1000 Penn Avenue, in Pittsburgh. And, as
with the Friday Workshop, admission is FREE, and no registration is
Friday, April 29, 2011
FREE NRA-ILA Grassroots Gun 9:00 a.m. (Registration and free continental breakfast from 8:00 a.m. –
9:00 a.m.)
Rights Workshop Allegheny Ballrooms 2&3
APR 13, 2011 10:45A.M. The Westin Convention Center Hotel
1000 Penn Avenue
FREE NRA-ILA Grassroots Gun Rights Workshop Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 281-3700

We hope to see you in Pittsburgh!

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Charlotte, NC --(Ammoland.com)- In anticipation of a hectic
legislative session at both the federal and state levels, and in order to lay Uptagrafft Wins Silver at ISSF
the foundation for a successful campaign season in 2012, NRA-ILA will
be hosting a FREE Grassroots Workshop on Friday, April 29, in World Cup Changwon
conjunction with NRA’s Annual Meetings in Pittsburgh. APR 13, 2011 10:37A.M.

You will hear from NRA Officers and NRA-ILA Staff on what you can do Uptagrafft Wins Silver at ISSF World Cup Changwon
locally to defend our Second Amendment rights. We will provide you Sergeant First Class Eric Uptagrafft (Phenix City, Ala.) is now two for
with the materials and strategies you will need to educate and empower two.
your fellow gun owners.

Your attendance at this year’s NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop in

Pittsburgh is a critical step toward ensuring the future of our gun rights.
This Workshop has been a staple of NRA’s Annual Meetings, and is one
of the most popular events of the week, attended by hundreds of
freedom-loving NRA members.

For more information, please contact the NRA-ILA Grassroots Division

at (800) 392-(VOTE) 8683, or you may click here to sign up for the
NRA-ILA Grassroots Workshop

There is no better time to prepare for success for the inevitable battles we

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

American Sergeant Joseph Hein (Mason, Mich.) finished with 592

qualification points and missed the final by one point. His U.S. Army
Marksmanship Unit and National Rifle teammate Sergeant Michael
McPhail (Darlington, Wisc.) also shot for 592 points. Don’t forget to
watch the highlights from the match at ISSF’s YouTube Channel. For
complete scores, pictures and upcoming events, check the ISSF Website.

ELEYELEY is a Proud Sponsor of the USA Shooting Rifle

and Pistol Teams: ELEY Limited, manufacturer of the
world’s most consistently accurate rimfire ammunition, has
been the Official Sponsor and Official Supplier of .22 rimfire
ammunition of the USA Shooting rifle and pistol teams since
2000. For more information on ELEY and their products,
please visit www.eley.co.uk.

Uptagrafft takes aim at the ISSF Sydney World Cup. Photo courtesy of About USA Shooting:
the ISSF, (c) 2011. USA Shooting, a 501c3 non-profit corporation, was chartered by the
United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for
the sport of shooting in April 1995. USA Shooting’s mission is to prepare
American athletes to win Olympic medals, promote the shooting sports
throughout the U.S. and govern the conduct of international shooting in
the country. Check us out on the web at www.usashooting.org and on
Twitter at twitter.com/USAShooting.

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USA Shooting


FORT BENNING, GA --(Ammoland.com)- Competing in his second
ISSF World Cup this season, Uptagrafft maintained his standard of
excellence for the silver medal in Korea.
Nevco Targets USPSA VA-MD
He secured an Olympic quota for the USA at the first ISSF World Cup leg
Sectional Handgun
in Sydney in late March with his first silver of the season. Championship To Rock
Firing a solid 596 points in qualification, Uptagrafft entered the final in
second place and didn’t give an inch as he shot 103.6 points in the final.
APR 13, 2011 10:16A.M.

Uptagrafft finished with 699.6 total points-just eight tenths behind gold
Nevco Targets USPSA VA-MD Sectional Handgun
medalist Sergei Martynov of Bulgaria. Martynov, the reigning World
Championship To Rock Fredericksburg
Champion and top-ranked prone shooter in the world, had a two point
lead on Uptagrafft, but lost ground with 102.4 points in the final. The
bronze medalist was Cyril Graff of France with 698 total points
(595+103). Hometown hero Young Jeon Choi of Korea finished in fourth
place with 697.2 points (593+104.2) and brought an Olympic quota place
to his homeland. The second available quota was won by Germany’s
Maik Eckhardt with 696.2 points (593+103.2).

One newcomer to the ISSF World Cup final was Jonas Jacobbson of
Sweden. Jacobbson is a 16-time Paralympic gold medalist looking for a
2012 Olympic quota. Jacobbson, a 45-year-old wheelchair rifle shooter,
has dominated the Paralympic scene since his debut in 1984. He missed
his goal of a pass to London by just two-tenths of a point in Korea, but
will continue on to the next ISSF World Cups in Fort Benning and

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

For more information, visit www.VAMDUSPSA.com and download the

match application.

Want to learn more about practical shooting, or join the nearly 20,000
members of USPSA? Then visit www.USPSA.org, follow
@USPSA_Shooting on Twitter or like USPSA on Facebook at

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Taos Man Accused Of Poaching

U.S. Practical Shooting Association
39 Animals & Throwing
SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. --(Ammoland.com)- The sweet sounds of
Evidence Into Gorge
gunfire will ring out through the Mid-Atlantic states when competition APR 13, 2011 10:12A.M.
gets underway at the Nevco Targets 2011 USPSA Virginia-Maryland
Sectional Handgun Championship May 20-22 at the Fredericksburg Rod Taos Man Accused Of Poaching 39 Animals & Throwing
& Gun Club in Fredericksburg, Va. Evidence Into Gorge

Featuring several top shooters, including Todd Jarrett (multi-time world

and national champion), Rebecca Jones (2010 Ladies Open National
Champion), Sonny Morton (2010 Junior Production Champion), Tori
Nonaka (2010 Limited-10 Junior National Champion) and Ron and
Megan (2009 Ladies Open National Champion) Francisco, the match is
drawing shooters from Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine,
Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South
Carolina and Vermont, as well as Maryland and Virgina.

“The Nevco Targets USPSA Virginia-Maryland Sectional

Handgun Championship is one of the best attended matches
in the region, thanks to the support of our sponsors. And with
170 shooters already signed up, 2011 looks to be another sell-
out,” said Jeff Salzberg, match director.

Using a half-day format, the Nevco Targets 2011 USPSA Virginia-

Maryland Sectional Handgun Championship features nine stages with a New Mexico Game and Fish
250 round count. The early registration fee is $85 and goes up to $100
after May 6. Juniors can shoot the match for just $55. TAOS, NM --(Ammoland.com)- A Taos man with a history of wildlife
crimes has been charged with 39 counts of poaching in connection with
Shooters are encouraged to take advantage of the early registration the illegal killing and possession of 29 deer, five bears, one cougar and
discount and secure a slot as soon as possible. Slots are available for four elk through August 2010.
Saturday and Sunday morning, as well as Friday afternoon during the
staff shoot. Saturday afternoon slots are already full. Ray Cortez, 25, also is accused of outfitting without a license and
throwing the carcasses of several deer and elk off the Rio Grande Gorge
The Nevco Targets 2011 USPSA Virginia-Maryland Sectional Handgun Bridge. He pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to appear for a pre-trial
Championship is sponsored by overall match sponsor Nevco Targets as hearing April 19 before Taos Magistrate Betty J. Martinez.
well as Aimpoint, Brownell’s, C-More, EGW Evolution Gun Works,
Greeley Custom, ORM Fabworks, Safariland, Shooter’s Connection. Cortez previously was convicted of hunting cougars in a closed area,
Virginia Arms and Warren Tactical. hunting cougars without a license, hunting turkeys during a closed
season, and violating the Valle Vidal summer closure.

Today’s Tabbloid PERSONAL NEWS FOR news@ammoland.com 14 April 2011

The current charges against Cortez were filed Jan. 21 following an

investigation by Department of Game and Fish officers that included
three search warrants that turned up evidence alleging that Cortez
possessed numerous game animal parts but no licenses or carcass tags to
show legal ownership. A charge of tampering with evidence was filed
after officers rappelled into the Rio Grande Gorge and recovered heads
and carcasses of 12 deer and five elk.

Because of his earlier convictions, Cortez could face substantial

enhanced criminal penalties. Many of the confiscated deer were trophy
size, which subject him to possible enhanced civil penalties to reimburse
the state for the loss of valuable game animals.

The Department of Game and Fish encourages anyone with information

about wildlife crimes to call Operation Game Thief toll-free at (800) 432-
4263. Callers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for rewards in
information leads to charges being filed.

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