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Inspection of Utility Equipment

We have the right to enter a building at reasonable times Your Rights as a LIPA
to examine our equipment.
Commercial Customer
You May Be Eligible for Residential Protections
Our representatives are available to assist you at the
You may be eligible for protections under the Home Business Call Center at 1-800-966-4818. If you have an
Energy Fair Practices Act (HEFPA), a New York State law electric emergency, please call us at any time of the day or
that is applicable to residential customers. You are eligible night at 1-800-966-4818. Hearing or speech-impaired
for residential customer protections if: customers can use our special TDD communication system
You are a resident landlord in a two-family dwelling that 631-755-6660. If you would like to contact us by mail, write
is supplied electric by one meter; to:
-0R- Long Island Power Authority
An application for electric service has been submitted in PO Box 9083
your name and not in a business or corporate name, and
you live at the service address where the electricity will be Melville, NY 11747
used, and you use more than 50% of the electric service for Your satisfaction is important to us, therefore, if after
your residential purposes. speaking with one of our representatives you believe your
The HEFPA protections do not affect the rate you are question has not been resolved, please ask to speak with a
billed for your electric service. The type of service used and supervisor. If you’re still not satisfied, you can call the Long
the premises supplied determines electric rates. The Long Island Power Authority at 1-877-ASK-LIPA (1-877-275-
Island Power Authority reserves the right to inspect the 5472). They are open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday
customer’s premises to verify the accuracy of any through Friday.
information provided.
Applications For Electric Service
Service Initiation Charge
The Authority’s charges to initiate service to non- An application for electric service is available at any of
residential customers are: our Customer Service Centers or online at www.lipower.org
1. New Service connection or reconnection, set or reset a and must be completed prior to starting service. Your
meter, unlock the service equipment to energize the application must be accompanied by copies of your
connection $220.00 business documents (partnership or corporate papers and a
2. Service or meter connections not required $ 60.00 corporate seal).
The Service Initiation Charge will not be applied to new If we deny your request for service, we’ll give you a
customers who take service for Traffic Signal Lighting, written notice explaining the reason for the denial and
Outdoor Area Lighting (High Pressure Sodium and Metal specifying what you must do to receive service. You have
Halide,) Public Street and Highway Lighting, Seasonal the right to an investigation and a review of your service
Rates, (codes 283 & 293) and un-metered service under denial.
Rate 280; or, to a landlord for the time period between the
termination by the prior tenant and the establishment of a
new electric account for a new tenant in the same location.

FC 11278 1/09
www.lipower.org January 2009
meter, we must send you a Final Termination Notice. We
Security Deposit Policy may terminate service without notice if a payment is made
by a check that is later dishonored after a Notice of
A deposit may be paid in three installments with 50% Termination has been sent. Once a Final Termination Notice
down and the balance within two months. New customers has been mailed to you, you will have at least 8 calendar
may be required to pay a deposit to open a new electric days in which to pay your bill or enter into a Deferred
account. The deposit will not exceed twice the average Payment Agreement.
monthly usage during your peak season. Existing customers
LIPA will not shut off electric service on:
may be requested to pay a deposit if they have a delinquent
account, have filed for reorganization or bankruptcy or they 1. a Saturday or Sunday;
have been rendered an adjusted bill due to tampered 2. public holidays;
equipment. Deposits will be held for 3 years and interest will 3. any day on which our Customer Service Centers are
be paid at a rate set by LIPA. closed;
We may accept alternatives to Security Deposits such as 4. any day on which LIPA is closed.
an Irrevocable Letter of Credit or Surety Bond.
If we shut off your service for non-payment, we will
reconnect it within 24 hours once you have either paid the
Payment of Bills amount due or signed a Deferred Payment Agreement.
There is a charge to turn your service back on during normal
LIPA bills can be paid by mail, in person at our Customer business hours and after 5PM.
Service Centers, by phone using our automated payment
services, by joining our free DirectPay Program, or Online
Payment at our Web site at www.lipower.org. With
Meter Reading and Estimated Bills
DirectPay your bank will automatically send us your
payment 20 days after your bill date. Our Balanced We make every effort to read your meter and send you a
Billing Program may also be available to you. For more bill based on the exact amount of electric you use. Under
details call the Business Call Center at 1-800-966-4818. certain circumstances, such as when we cannot gain access
to read the meter, we may issue an estimated bill. If access
We may impose a continuing late payment charge of continues to be unavailable, a non-access penalty charge
1 1/2 percent on the balance of any bill for service which is may be added to your bill. Non-access penalty charges start
not paid within 20 calendar days. at $25.00 plus tax per meter, up to $100.00. Penalty
charges will continue to be billed and increased until an
Termination of Service actual meter reading is obtained.

If you fail to pay overdue bills or fail to provide Backbilling

reasonable access to the premises, we may turn off your
service after we have given the required notice. If you are If an error becomes apparent in our billing, we have, by
eligible, we will offer you a Deferred Payment Agreement. law, 6 months to correct the discrepancy and send a backbill
For more information regarding Deferred Payment to a customer. If the backbill covers more than 24 months, a
Agreements, please visit one of our Customer Service statement explaining the reason will be enclosed with the
Centers or call the Business Call Center 1-800-966-4818. bill. In addition, a backbill will be accompanied by an offer of
Before we can shut off electric service for an overdue a Deferred Payment Agreement for customers who are
bill, Security Deposit, or failure to provide access to the eligible.