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Sierra Providence Urgent Care

Center to serve Northeast
medical needs
Story & photos by Ricky J. Carrasco
Imagine that your
little boy fell off the tree and
broke his leg. If you live next
to the hospital or have a fam-
ily member who is a doctor,
then most of your worries are
over. For those in Northeast
El Paso, hospital medical at-
tention was a far away luxury.
In fact, before the new Sierra
Providence Urgent Care Cen-
ter at 11380 Gateway North at
McCombs, the closest full
Ribbon Cutting

work. “That’s why we have

our hours of operation that are
different than a typical doc-
tor’s: Noon to 10pm Monday
through Friday, 9am to 5pm
on the weekends. That’s to
handle everything from cuts
to broken bones. We are
equipped to handle lab tests,
X-rays, and most typical sick-
nesses like normal cases of
Ribbon cutting with Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

medical attention that the

90,000 plus residents who
live north of Hondo Pass had
was the central location Sierra
Providence Hospital on Ore-
gon Street.

“With 75,000
homes in this immediate area,
there is a tremendous need for
after-hours medical care in
this neighborhood. Our com-
mitment is to bring that af- (Left to Right) Marvin McClellan, Administrator, Associate Ad-
fordable healthcare to the ministrator for Business Development • Fernie Quiz, Physicians
community. We are not here Relations Manager • Edmundo Castaneda, CEO Sierra
to compete with local doctors Marvin McClellan, Director
offices. We’re here to be help- of Business Development for The 4,800 square
ful to the community,” says Sierra Providence Health Net- feet of the Urgent Care Center
maintains eight exam rooms,
two procedure rooms, digital
x-ray and a state-of-the-art
on-site lab. It has two work-
place drug testing restrooms
and is equipped to provide
employee health services.
“We are staffed with a doctor,
RNs, and full technicians. We
have a high caliber team to
serve the community.”
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Lions Clubs International: Certified Skills

“We Serve”
The Latest Technology
and a Passion for Caring

By Joe Olvera ©, 2011

The motto of the nor Frances Cherry giving the wherever help is needed. ‡ Lower Extremity Prosthetics
Lions Club International “We Elections Committee Report; Some examples of what
Serve,” doesn’t do jus- District Governor Lions do include: ‡ C-Leg (certified)
Elect Sam
tice to what the in-
Calderon will * Provided assistance such as
‡ Rheo (certified)
ternational group
t Endolite (certified) The Latest Technolog y
Certified Skills,
is truly all offer com- food, clothing and medicines
ments; and to 20 families who lost their
about. It also
District Gov- homes to the WILD FIRES
‡ Myoelectric Arms and a Passion for Caring
considers itself
a Beacon of ernor Or- this week in Fort Davis, ‡ Proprio Foot (certified)
Hope through- lando Texas.
out the world. Rodriguez will *Brought 3,000 volunteers to- ‡ Certified/Licensed Practitioner
introduce the gether to build a playground
With 900 Gover-
speaker. for children of all abilities in
‡ All your Orthotic &Prosthetic Needs.
nors around the world
and 1.4 million members in
The featured
*Sent a team of eye surgeons
We also specialize in Sports Bracing
205 nations, Lions Club
members have, for decades speaker will be Past Interna- PID Scott A. Rennels to Honduras to treat more
put their best foot forward to tional Director Scott A. Ren- than 100 adults and children.
help communities in need. nels, of Jonesboro, Ark.
Rennels is president of
Shelby Skipwith Inc. and is
We listen to our patients concerns.
This weekend, Fri-
day and Saturday, April 15- executive vice president and We take the time to do it right.
16, more than 200 members chief operating officer of
will descend on El Paso to Four Seasons HVAC Distrib- We inform you about what is
celebrate District 2T3’s repu- utors, Inc. He has held many happening and explain the process.
tation as only the second club offices within the association,
created in the world, and to including club president, zone We care that you are happy with
elect new officers for the chairman, district governor
and council chairman. In
your services and prosthesis.
coming year. The Lions Club
is open to people of all na- recognition of his service to
tionalities, ages 18 and over. the association, Rennels has You are what our business
64 is the average age. How- received numerous awards, is all about.
ever, membership is by invi- including two Lion of the
tation only. Year Awards, a Guiding Lion
Award, an Extension Award,
In El Paso the first three International Presidents
club to feature Spanish- Medals, several International
speakers exclusively has been Presidents Certificates of Ap-
formed, and is comprised 100 preciation, and the Ambassa-
dor of Good Will Award – the 1501 Arizona Suite 15-B
percent of business and pro-
highest honor the association El Paso, TX 79902
fessional people who have 915-544-2961
migrated from Ciudad Juarez bestows upon its members. In
915-544-2963 Fax
to El Paso. This is undoubt- addition, he is past president
edly the first such group in of the Lions World Services 2930 Hillrise #3 1344 Zaragosa #A
for the Blind. Rennels and his Las Cruces, NM 88011 El Paso, TX 79936
Lion’s Club history. 575-373-2961
sife, Deborah, have three 915-855-6116
Toll Free: 1-877-544-2961 915-855-6068 Fax
Friday’s meeting children and two grandchil-
will consist of registration dren.
and getting to know one an-
other. The Saturday meeting Besides its motto of
will consist of the procession “We Serve,” Lions Club In-
of special guests and special ternational truly is ready to
introductions. Immediate Past help worldwide. The belief is
District Governor Garland that whenever a Lions club
Tiner will receive the Cullen gets together, problems be-
Akin Award. This will be fol- come smaller, and communi-
lowed by Past District Gover- ties get better. Lions are there
WILD FIRES in Fort Davis, Texas.

Assistance Available for Homelessness Prevention

HPRP Program The Art of
WHO: City of El Paso De-
partment of Community and
Human Development and the
are in imminent danger of be-
coming homeless.
more than $22,800
•The household must be at
risk of losing its housing;
How to apply: Compromise
Those who are NOT home- Legislating is like any other
County of El Paso Depending on a family’s or AND meet both of the follow-
less but are facing eviction endeavor where other people can
individual’s needs, the ing circumstances:
and need assistance in paying inject their ideas or opinions:
WHAT:Emergency Assis- amount of assistance will ►No appropriate subsequent
their rent can apply at: compromise is part of the game.
tance available to prevent vary, however the County can housing options have been
eviction Homelessness Pre- provide up to 36 months of identified; In this case, there is no such thing
Locations – County Offices: as the perfect bill.
vention Program rental assistance, including up ►The household lacks the fi-
800 E. Overland, Suite 301 At this point, almost all of the
to 3 months of arrearages for nancial resources and support
9521 Socorro Road, Suite B-1 bills I filed have been heard in
WHY: The City of El Paso’s individuals and /or families networks needed to remain in
Department of Community who are facing eviction. its existing housing. committee. Just prior to and just
Hours of Operation: after the hearing, most of the bills
and Human Development re- •NOTE: Mortgage payments
8 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. attracted the attention of individuals or lobbyists. Some
ceived a grant through the Eligibility Requirements: are NOT eligible under this
Monday – Thursday wanted to say they liked the bill; others to point out what is
Federal Stimulus Program for •Must be a U.S. citizen, legal program.
$2.1 million to provide emer- permanent resident or quali- not liked.
gency prevention assistance. If eligible, the client will be For more information In either case, an argument for changing the lan-
fied aliens.
The City has partnered with •You must not make more issued an assistance verifica- call: guage of the bill is usually discussed. Consequently, a sub-
the County of El Paso to ad- than 50 percent of the Area’s tion card and it will take ap- County of El Paso stitute bill is presented to the committee. Even then, more
minister the program. Median Income. proximately 20 working days 546-8150 changes may be needed to get the bill to a status that the
committee members feel comfortable voting favorably.
Ex. Single person cannot earn for an assistance payment to
The importance of this grant more than $15,950 be processed. Sometimes, several bills have a similar theme and
is that it targets people who Family of four cannot earn intent. When that happens, there are several options. One
would be to work on the bill filed in the office. The other is
to hold back and let the best of the other bills pass. The
ARMED most flexible is to work with other members to incorporate
ideas together. After all, if the end intent is to impact the
FORCES same problem, then a bill with several ideas is the best.
The third option to me is the best way to go. I

DAY have done just that in the past and I intend to do the same to
achieve the desired changes in law this session.
Armed Forces Day 2011 Part of the logic for doing that is because the El
comes to Fort Bliss Paso delegation is so isolated. Other districts cluster in
10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, areas where there are naturally ten, fifteen, maybe as much
May 21, at BIGGS PARK. as twenty members. Bills originating in areas like that auto-
It's FREE and open to the matically have a lot more votes than bills coming out of El
public. Activities Paso.
include: equipment static dis- This session I filed a bill that would add some
plays, demonstration by the more oversight to customs brokers who authorize refunds to
Military Police international travelers. My office worked with brokers and
Working Dog Teams, enter- merchants to write a bill that was favorable to all. The bro-
tainment by the 62nd Army kers and merchants were fearful that more conservative
Band; Chili Cook-Off, bills would eliminate their program so they eagerly put
Car Show, Historical Tours more regulation on themselves.
and food and drink A similar but less inclusive bill was filed by a
concessions. south Texas representative and senator. I worked with the
house member to incorporate very important parts of my
Armed Forces Day at BIGGS bill into his. That bill is now a better bill and more likely to
PARK is an open house event pass since south Texas has more members clustered there.
that provides you I plan to do the same with one of my bills dealing
the opportunity to meet with with bars where violence or illegal activity had occurred.
service men and women and Both mine and the other bill addressed the frequency of
learn about the those bars turning into a club allowing the crowd to bring
equipment they use in sup- their own booze.
port of this nation. I have never been concerned with passing a lot of
Armed Forces Day 2011, bills. I have worked with many members to produce posi-
Saturday, May 21, FREE tive changes in the law by negotiating and compromising.
AND OPEN TO Changing the laws rarely happens on a grand scale; things
THE PUBLIC are improved a little bit at a time with a lot of collaboration.

For more information, call Chente Quintanilla

the Fort Bliss Public Affairs State Representative
at 568-4505.

By: “Doppler” Dave Speelman

Ski Apache – A
Bad Season! As the mountain snow has melted for another season, skiers that
hit the slopes at Ski Apache continue to reminisce about a dis-
mal year. Ski Apache received only 59” of snow this year.
Many business owners in Ruidoso indicated that this year was
reminiscent of 2009 when they had only 54” and had to deal
with the terrible economy, compounding the problem.
Ski Apache typically gets about 180” of snow per year. The re-
sort ended up 120” below normal! This season ranks as one of
the worst all time. Notice the best year was 1973 when they had
The following data relates to the past 35 year’s and the
amount of snow Ski Apache recorded. Notice the year 2006 –
this was the worst season for snowfall.

Weather Trivia:
When did Ski Apache, or as it was once known, “Sierra Blanca Ski
“Doppler" Dave Speelman is the chief meteorologist at KVIA-TV in El Paso. You can watch Resort,” first open?
his forecasts at 4, 5, 6 and 10 pm on ABC-7 (channel 6 cable). If you would like Doppler
Dave to address (explain) any weather issues you can email him at Dopplerdave@kvia.com. in 1963.
Answer: C – 1961. It was built and started by a wealthy oil man who then sold it to the Mescalero Indian Tribe

Sierra Providence Urgent Care Center... A Mexican/Chicano: What is he?

Continued from page 2 By Joe Olvera ©, 2011
Daniel Davila, a ra-
diology technician at the cen- I’ve been wonder- breathing, dressing, being the Mexican/Chicano gets
ter, says that since they have ing how I should have re- warm, or cool, as the case home, he wants to forget
sponded to a friend who may be. about the outside world. He
opened back in February
asked me many moons ago, wants to curl up in his cocoon
14th, they have received while we were both in the A Mexican/Chicano needs to of a home, and take off his
about 25-30 patients a day. U.S. Air Force, to explain to maintain his home, and he shoes, rub his feet with alco-
They usual ailment is the him about Chicanos. He had needs to fix the toilet when it hol and drink a cold glass of
common cold and flu, but asked me: “Just what are gets broken. He needs to fix juice, or milk – really, he
they do get “lots and lots of you?” I replied, of course, the air-conditioner because does. But, no sooner than he
pediatric cases. Usually sim- that I was a human being. the murderous summer is fast starts to relax, when his wife
ple kid’s injuries like the “No,” he said, “I don’t mean approaching. He wonders and kids are clamoring for his
bumps and bruises that come that. I mean, are you and In- how he will ever afford to attention.
with playing football or body who has come in here last month,” said Astrid, with dian, an Arab, or what?” I buy a new motor for the
falling off of a bike. Every- has been happy we’re here. House Representative Marisa said that I was a Chicano. cooler, if that what it needs. A Mexican/Chicano also wor-
It’s better than taking the Marquez’s office. “It was What is a Chicano, he wanted Sure, he can afford to buy a ries if he will be next on the
long trip downtown!” great. I was in and out of here to know, never having heard water pump because it’s not pink slip brigade. He does his
in under an hour.” the word before. Well, actu- so expensive, but, what if it job to the best of his ability,
Carl Robinson, “As our community contin- ally, I said, a Chicano is a needs more than that – such but, sometimes that is not
Northeast representative, ues to grow, the need for Mexican born and raised in as new pads or something enough, especially when he
stated at the ribbon cutting comprehensive medical serv- the U.S., but, of course, there else. has a tough boss who doesn’t
that the Northeast has been ices also increases,” Ed- are variations and many He hopes against hope that appreciate him. A
forms of identification. It’s the oven holds out, that the Mexican/Chicano worries
much underserved. “The cre- mundo Castaneda, Chief
not easy to explain, you faucet in the kitchen, which about his children getting a
ation of this clinic will help Executive Officer of Sierra know, but, let me try. only recently spouted a leak, good education. He wonders
with commercial revitaliza- Medical Center said. “At will hold out until next pay- how he will ever pay for col-
tion to the area. We appreci- Sierra Providence Health I should have said day. A Mexican/Chicano also lege. He somehow wishes his
ate Sierra Providence coming Network, we are proud to be to my Anglo friend that what has fears and insecurities at children would join the mili-
to the Northeast.” able to help meet the commu- people don’t know about work. He worries about get- tary, just as he did.. This way,
nity’s health care needs for Mexicans or Chicanos could ting a salary increase, or he he figures, the G.I. Bill will
Celina Varela, Radiology “I have personally years to come.” fill a book. A Mexican/Chi- worries about finding a way pay for their education, and
Technician been here as a patient in the cano also goes home after a to earn more money because relieve him of that worry. Yet,
tough day at the office, or junior needs a new pair of he’s concerned about the dan-

Easter Activities
with El Paso Parks and Recreation
after a tough day of building
homes, roads, parks – simply
put, building the structures
that support our cities. Or, a
contact lenses, or daughter
needs to buy school clothes –
cool school clothes.
gers inherent therein.
He’s thinking of retirement.
His wife doesn’t work. In
fact, she has never worked
Mexican/Chicano could be a He is wondering how he’s outside the home. Her job
All events Free college professor, a police of-
ficer, a lawyer, a doctor, a
ever going to pay the insur-
ance premium on the new-old
raising the kids is more im-
portant, so that was never an
The City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department will host free children bon-vivant. You get my drift. car he just bought. In fact, he issue. But, now, will he have
Easter activities at numerous Recreation Centers listed below. He may go home to a stay-at- is wondering how he’s going enough money on which to
home wife; someone he loves to make the payments on the retire? Will his grandchildren
dearly, but who might not un- car, what with a looming lay- all grow healthy, strong, and
derstand the pressures and the off at work. The old jalopy happy? Will they be sickly,
stresses to which he is sub- just couldn’t cut it anymore, will they be a drain on their
jected on a daily basis. Or it so he had to take the plunge mom and dad? Will he and
could be the other way and buy what is considered his wife be able to take in
around. She could be the one not a “cool car” by his kids. A their grandkids, if, god forbid,
bringing home the bacon, Mexican/Chicano is con- something should happen to
while he stays home with the cerned about the weather, their parents?
kids. But, let’s say, for the about filling up the gas tank
sake of argument, that our at today’s high prices. Can he The bottom-line is this: Mexi-
hero is a man. He goes home at least pump in $5 worth of cans/Chicanos are exactly
to rowdy children, and to gas, and how long will that like everyone else. They don’t
dogs who bark at the slightest last? He is happy with his always go around singing the
noise. wife and kids and, generally, Mexican national anthem, or
he is happy to go home, just the American national an-
A Mexican/Chicano also has like anyone else. His home is them, for that matter. They
to go to the grocery store, to a respite from the tough, cruel don’t always hum tunes by
stock up the fridge for his world. Javier Solis, or by Jose Al-
growing brood – those young- fredo Jimenez. And they don’t
sters who may not know the Sometimes his wife isn’t so always hum the golden
meaning of – “there’s no thrilled at having to scrimp oldies. No. they live life.
money.” The children want, and save, and she gives him They love life. They hurt,
they demand, they cajole, a hard time. She loves him they ache, they fear, they
they threaten – in short, they well enough, but, it’s not the worry, they laugh, they cry,
are used to having their way sort of life she envisioned they die.
Information – (915) 544-0753 on such basics as eating, when she married him. When Sin Fin

Sharon Mosley — For evening weddings: You can get

— Bare heels are a necessity. "Time out away with "anything under daytime ...
Chances you're not one of 1,900 guests for a definition," says Bonnell. "Bare shoes knee-length hemlines are fine, as long as
who have received an invitation to the means strappy sandals, mules, slingbacks, nothing is overtly "dressy" or "daywear."
royal wedding in a few weeks. But if you slides, d'orsay pumps, open toes. With Avoid ankle lengths and pant tuxedos.
are one of the ones who do have plans to pants and even gowns, bare flats can look Wear something more bare and elegant
attend a wedding this spring or summer, just as compelling as heels, but they're best than you would wear for a day wedding,
then you are probably wondering what you not worn with shorter hemlines for a dressy such a bareback top or dress. Try dressier
are going to wear. "White tails" may not be event. Bare heels make a pants outfit look day and night combinations like a think
the choice of many like the royal British
sexy and celebratory." charcoal cashmere shell with a pink taffeta
couple, but you still have certain "proto-
col" to keep in mind. ball skirt. Choose floral prints, only if
— OK, you can wear black, too. "Just they're on evening fabrics like satin, silk or
"A wedding is the rite wrapped in a party. don't look funereal," says Bonnell. "How? taffeta. Skip the cotton or linen florals.
Dress to honor the former, dress up for the Show some skin. Bare arms, neckline or
latter," says Kimberly Bonnell, author of back swing black from somber to festive." — For those "nontraditional" weddings:
"What to Wear" (St. Martin's Griffin, She adds: "Picture a black slip dress or a We're talking beach, a ballpark or a dude
$12.95). sheath, not a buttoned-up black suit; bare ranch. Bonnell suggests wearing flat san-
black heels, not plain black pumps; or a dals, not heels to the beach nuptials and
Here are Bonnell's "rules" for dressing for black sleeveless shell, not a black long- skip the stockings. "Wear jeans to the dude
that special occasion that we all love to sleeve turtleneck." ranch, but not weary faded ones," she says.
dread. "Guests grant the bride and groom "And why not wear the long satin slip
the illusion of carnal innocence on their
Bonnell suggests wearing a black slip dress dress to the night ceremony at the ball-
wedding day," says Bonnell. "Even if it
promises to be a wild gala, don't go look- or a sheath, not a buttoned-up black suit. park?"
ing overtly carnal yourself." You can wear bare black heels with a black
sleeveless shell, not a black long-sleeve — So, what is the bottom line? You've
OK, so you're going to have to dress up. So turtleneck. got to take into account several factors:
what do you wear? The region of the country, the venue of the
— For a daytime wedding: Short, knee- wedding, the time of the wedding, the age
— Rule No. 1: Yes, you CAN wear white length, mid-calf hemlines or even ankle- of the bride and groom, and the taste of the
to a wedding. "You can wear white, just length are just fine if the invitation says couple. Then take if from there. Chances
don't look bridal," says Bonnell. Here are "formal," according to Bonnell. But be are if you are invited to a wedding, you are
some of her ideas: Wear white linen or careful about wearing pants. "Tux pants, a good friend or a relative of the couple Tracy Feith
techno-nylon sheath dresses with bare black crepe or velvet, white, gray or black and know their tastes. So, dress up to honor does a
black heels. flannel trousers (not gabardine — too busi- their special occasion and have fun while strappy
nesslike) worn with sexy, bare heels and a you're doing it ... whether they're have dress for
In other words, steer clear of romantic stellar top like a taffeta party blouse, mod- royal roots or not. Target,
looks and go for more contemporary and est halter, sequined or beaded shell." which is
chic looks. Or opt for a white, wool flannel Sharon Mosley is a former fashion editor perfect for
suit with bare heels. Or choose a white — Wear low-octane jewelry. Concentrate of the Arkansas Gazette in Little Rock and the spring
techno-nylon knee-length skirt with a black on "day" pieces not gem glarers. Pair executive director of the Fashion Editors or summer
cashmere tank top and bare silver heels. standout jewelry with a white cotton shirt and Reporters Association. wedding.
White menswear trousers, metallic tops tucked into a knee-length, beaded chiffon Photo
and bare heels are also acceptable "wed- skirt. COPYRIGHT 2011 CREATORS.COM
courtesy of
ding" attire. Target.
Energy Express DEAR ABBY by Abigail Van Buren
Mindful Tweeting: Is It True? Is BUNNIES BOUGHT FOR EASTER
Marilynn Preston the things that really matter to
I'm too young to give up. I you. If you need advice or DEAR ABBY: Could you commitment? group. You'll enrich your
Whenever I see someone tex- have to Facebook up to my support, ask for it. Ego-driven please reprint a letter you ran That is the av- family with a new member
ting while driving — oh, no! confusion and struggle to find tweets focus on an agenda; a few years ago about the erage lifespan and also teach your kids
Pull over, you clown! — I the middle way between too authenticity communicates dangers of purchasing a pet of a rabbit. the value of saving a
start to worry about the cumu- much social media and not from the heart. rabbit for children at Easter? 2. life. Thank you. --
lative impact of social net- enough. We all do. And that's As a rabbit owner for eight What will SUZANNE TRAY-
working on our brains, our why I found Lori Deschene's — OFFER RANDOM years, I'm all too familiar happen if HAN, PRESIDENT,
bodies, our fenders and our tweeting advice in the spring TWEETS OF KINDNESS. with the misconceptions and their child HOUSE RABBIT
non-digital pursuit of a edition of Tricycle magazine Every now and then Desch- ridiculous theories associated gets bored NETWORK
healthy lifestyle. so helpful. ene asks on Twitter: "Is there with these delightful crea-
anything I can do to help or tures. Every point in that let- Dear Abby DEAR SUZANNE:
Checking email 10 times a "The greatest lesson we can support you today?" It's her ter rang true to me, and I beg The topic of bunnies, baby
day. Tweeting 20 times a day. all learn is that less is way of connecting personally anyone considering giving a chicks and ducklings as
Texting 50 times a day. It's all enough," writes@Tiny Bud- to followers, her way of giv- child a rabbit to reconsider. with the bunny after Easter gifts is one that recurs
a ginormous time suck, that's dha, founder of www.tinybud- ing without expectations of When I bought my six months? every year. I hear from peo-
for sure. And "not enough dha.com. "If you propose to anything in return, both very bunny, it was near Easter 3. Is there a place ple who work in animal shel-
time" is the No. 1 excuse peo- tweet, always ask yourself: Is nurturing to the spirit. time. Most pet stores didn't in their house for a rabbit ters deploring the fact that
ple use for eating junk and it true? Is it necessary? Is it offer them, and I was told it cage? these helpless little creatures
not exercising. kind?" — EXPERIENCE NOW, was because of the large 4. Are they willing are later dumped when they
SHARE LATER. Next time number of rabbits found dead to pay to get it cease to be novelties. I hope
But, wait! There are terrific Deschene believes in using you're inclined to snap a pic- or abandoned on the streets spayed/neutered and provide readers will take to heart
fitness programs online to social media mindfully, as op- ture with your phone, upload because the selfish, inhu- vet care? what you have written, par-
help you train smarter, eat posed to endlessly. Are you it to Facebook or email it to a mane people who bought 5. Do they know ticularly the suggestion that
cleaner and exercise more. obsessively addicted to friend, pause and reflect: This them for the holiday dis- that most rabbits hate to be if a rabbit is going to be
Tweeting has its upside and email? Do you feel too tied to is keeping me from being in posed of them the next day. held? Will their child accept adopted, a shelter or rescue
downside, as well. It dumbs- technology while squeezed the moment. The less digital These dear little animals de- that? group can be an excellent re-
down deep thinking, but it for time to live the life you narration, the more present serve owners who will love 6. Are they willing source.
also lifts up the spirits of peo- want? Here are some of her you can be. and respect them. Please to ensure that children under
ple fighting for freedom. tips to help you calm your don't waste their lives. -- 7 won't pick up the rabbit **
Facebook fosters instant, brain, save your thumbs and — BE ACTIVE, NOT RE- CAITLIN IN L.A. without supervision? Rabbits Dear Abby is written by Abi-
global connections at the get back in balance: ACTIVE. Instead of having are fragile; their legs or spine gail Van Buren, also known
same time it redefines and de- your day constantly inter- DEAR CAITLIN: I'm will break if accidentally as Jeanne Phillips, and was
grades what it is to be — — PRACTICE LETTING rupted by activity alerts on happy to oblige. The letter dropped. founded by her mother,
truly, personally — a friend. GO. It may feel unkind to ig- your social media accounts, you requested carries an im- 7. Can they pro- Pauline Phillips. Write Dear
And sexting — raunchy mes- nore some tweets or updates, decide to choose when you portant message that can't be vide three hours of exercise Abby at
sages and porno pix mostly but to be kind to ourselves, want to join the conversation. repeated often enough: every day in an escape-proof www.DearAbby.com or P.O.
sent between kids — seems to we need downtime — time This is another way of saying, area outside its cage? Box 69440, Los Angeles, CA
be a growing menace, but away from technology. Give use social media sparingly. DEAR ABBY: Easter is 8. Do the adults 90069.
menace is a word from the yourself permission to let yes- coming. Many families still want the rabbit, too? A rabbit
fuddy-duddy era of manual terday's stream go by. — ENJOY SOCIAL purchase live rabbits as pets should be a family pet. **
typewriters, while sexting is MEDIA. Social media is here for their children. Parents If people have To receive a collection of
now celebrated by teens as a — BE YOUR AUTHENTIC to stay. often think rabbits are good questions about rabbits and Abby's most memorable --
form of safe sex. SELF. Talk/tweet/email about Continues on page 10 "starter" pets and don't un- their care, please ask them to and most frequently re-
derstand what they are get- contact my organization. We quested -- poems and essays,
ting into. As a result, many are happy to answer ques- send a business-sized, self-
of these poor creatures end tions. Our website is addressed envelope, plus
www.rabbitnetwork.org, and
In As Little As 3 to 8 Weeks up in animal shelters, and
children learn that pets are our phone number is (781)
check or money order for $6
(U.S. funds) to: Dear Abby --
Nursing Assistant Classes 3 Week Training disposable. 431-1211. Keepers Booklet, P.O. Box
Before getting rab- Finally, if a rabbit 447, Mount Morris, IL
LOW COST TUITION  bits, people should consider: is right for you and your 61054-0447. (Postage is in-
1. Are they willing family, please adopt one cluded in the price.)
STATE CERTIFICATION to make a seven-to-10-year from a shelter or rescue


Train With The Best!

Day, Night & Weekend Classes

Emerald Nursing School

18 Yrs. Experience (GJDU3DUN‡ www.mymaturetimes.com

Reclaim Your Garage Décor Score

Maggie Reed paper towel rolls, this work-

Store station provides both space to
If your garage is a mess and your work and store. The shelves
everything is everywhere, bikes and are great for storing spray
Racor Inc. has a number of pick up cans, cleaning supplies, motor
items to help you out. some oil and more. Holding up to
100 pounds, the work tray Rose Bennett Gilbert
"Today's homeowners have along the folds up and locks into place
redefined the garage as a way with for easy storage. The Work-
year-round activity room for the station retails for $170.
family projects and functions, RacorPro
as well as a place to keep gear Double — The RacorPro Tool and
organized," said Kevin Shaha, Bike Container Shelf. This combi-
president of Racor Inc. "An Shelf. nation unit has built-in tool
efficient and attractive garage Photo slots for storing screwdrivers,
transformation requires versa- courtesy pliers, adjustable wrenches
tile and space-saving bike and of Racor.
ladder storage solutions."

Making all items (not only

bikes and ladders) easily ac- while lowering. adjustable outreach steel arms
cessible for homeowners, extend through the front
these storage products help The unit accepts most bikes wheel rim, while a channel at
keep garage space more or- and is designed for use on the base secures the rear
derly and usable. ceilings up to 12 feet high. wheel. The frame is slotted to
With a capacity of 70 pounds, hold three storage shelves
Check out just some of the Rail Mount Bike and Lad- with plenty of room for hel-
Racor's offerings: der Lift retails for $70. mets, bike locks, fanny or
daypacks, gloves, shoes and
— RacorPro(plus) Rail — RacorPro(plus) Bike Pole. coolers.
Mount Bike and Ladder Lift. This device allows you to get
What better way to free up two bikes up and off the floor Measuring 80 inches high, 55
floor space than to hang items easily. inches wide and 16 inches
from the ceiling. And you still deep, the unit retails for $150. Step into my portal: An open, shelf-lined entry separates a busy
have easy access with this Constructed of anodized alu- family room from quiet workspace. Photo courtesy of Randy
bike and ladder lift. Installa- minum, the pole is positioned — RacorPro(plus) Folding O'Rourke, the Taunton Press.
tion is quick, and the unit is on the floor and extended Workstation. Featuring three
easy to operate from the floor. until it fits snugly against the shelves, combined with a 24-

The heavy-duty aluminum

ceiling (up to 12 feet). Four
adjustable ABS plastic arms
by-16 inch work tray and a
towel rack that holds two
Q: I need a home office, but our house is pretty
rail can be mounted along a are attached into much used up — we have four bedrooms and
ceiling joist or perpendicular slots on opposite three teenagers. After reconsidering the way we
to one. Adjustable pulley sides of the pole. The use every room, I am thinking about converting
brackets are then attached to arms adjust up and the deep closet in our front hall into a tiny office.
the rail. This assembly oper- down, and then they Does this make any sense?
ates in combination with the lock for a custom fit
hook pulleys that grip the
bike's handlebar and seat or a
for each bike. The
Bike Pole fits most
A: Of course. It's your home and you are smart to
ladder. Rope is threaded bikes, including fe- make it serve the needs of your personal lifestyle. As long
through the pulleys for lifting. male-style bikes, and as that closet is big enough for a desk, a chair and a good
A cam lock mechanism holds retails for $120. working light, I say to station a rack out in the hall for
the rope secure after each pull guests' coats and move right in.
to prevent accidental release. — RacorPro Double
The rope is also mounted to a Bike Shelf. This unit The sliver of an office, which we show here, should offer
cleat on the wall for added allows you to store and other tools. It is also great ample inspiration. It's part of a family room but cleverly set
safety. your bikes while for storing items, such as apart by a deep portal — author Frank Shirley defines a portal
picking up some motor oil, spray lubricants, as "the yield sign of room separation." A portal is open without
The items are lowered in the storage along the cleaning products, work a door, but it clearly marks a transition between areas and ac-
same fashion as a Venetian way. gloves, nail aprons and tivities.
blind. The rope is pulled to- This folding workstation gives you backup battery packs. The
ward the rear pulley with ten- Constructed of tubu- space to work and to store items. shelf retails for $40. In his helpful book, "New Rooms for Old Houses" (the
sion maintained. This keeps lar steel, it stores two Photo courtesy of Racor. Taunton Press), Shirley writes: "Portals add drama to the expe-
the locking mechanism open bikes vertically. Two Continues on next page rience of passing between rooms.".Continues on next page

the eye and the

psyche. How?
designs for luxe spas around the
world, Clodagh has been known to Can You Hear
tinued from page 9
... Here, the deep portal is accented
Usually pro-
tected by several coats of
polyurethane, it is preferably clear so
the wood grains can show through.
paint bedroom walls deep blue — at
least, the walls and ceiling that sur-
round the head of the bed. Me Now?
with display shelves recessed into the Scott LaFee subtle speech sounds, making it
wall, and beyond there sits a small but Many of today's hardwood floors Dark equals night, which equals sleep,
much harder to discriminate dif-
presumably productive home office. come already surfaced in protective Clodagh reasons. What could be more A small study out of the Univer- ferent vowels or phonemes," said
coatings that virtually shrug off conducive to snoozing? sity of Florida found that one- Colleen Le Prell, an associate pro-
splashes and spills. Still, wood and
Q: If we turn the adjacent bedroom water are natural enemies: Puddles The Better Sleep Council agrees. Es-
fourth of college students
examined had hearing loss — and
fessor of speech, language and
hearing sciences and the study's
into a master bath, what should we do left standing will damage any wood sentially a marketing group for the didn't know it. The researchers lead author. "It would also be
about the floors? They are oak — all surface. Just be quick to wipe up sig- mattress industry, the council insists suggest the reason might be, at much harder to hear sounds like
the floors in our house are oak — and nificant water spills, and you can live that a blackout makes a bedroom least in part, from the use of ear- bird songs or children's voices."
happily ever after with oak floors in more soporific, even suggesting that buds with iPods and MP3 players.
we are worried that the water will ruin
your bath. you turn all clocks, TVs and other The increased rates of hearing loss
them. Fifty-six students were tested. All in young adults may be related to
things with LEDs toward the wall,
said their hearing was normal, but the popularity of personal music
A: Stop worrying and click on hard- Q: What's your opinion on painting
leaving sleeping beauties in total
testing revealed that 25 percent players, the researchers suggested.
had measurable hearing loss in They found that the highest levels
woodinfo.com, the informative site of a bedroom black? My husband read
higher frequencies. It wasn't of high frequency hearing loss
the American Hardwood Manufactur- somewhere that dark walls can make a They have scientific evidence to sup- enough to require a hearing aid, were in male students who re-
ers Association. Under "Styles and bedroom better to sleep in ... but port their advice, but if you think total but it could disrupt learning. ported using personal music play-
Trends," you can read an article enti- black? blackness is unnerving, I bet your Seven percent had hearing loss ers, but more research is needed
tled "Wood-Loving Pros No Longer husband will settle for a deep, mid- sufficient to be clinically diag- with a larger sample size to deter-
Fear Wet Sites." The article features
professional interior designers telling
A: Your husband obviously came winter midnight blue. nosed as mild. mine the role of personal music
players and gender in noise-in-
why and how they specify hardwood across some of the studies from re- Rose Bennett Gilbert is the co-author "With high frequency hearing duced hearing loss.
searcher groups like the Better Sleep of "Manhattan Style" and six other loss, a person can miss a lot of
floors, countertops and furniture for
potentially wet sites like baths and Council (bettersleep.org) and design- books on inte-
kitchens. ers like Clodagh, the New York pro rior design.
who has long advocated dark decor COPYRIGHT 2011 CRE-

Why? Because wood is warm both to for bedrooms. Now renowned for her
Continued from page 9 — RacorPro(plus) Garbage small ring sells for $16.
— RacorPro(plus) Container Bag Rings. Eliminate the
Shelf. Bulky items are perfect need for large trash recepta- For more information on
for this product. Windshield cles in your garage with the these and other products, call
washer fluid, anti-freeze, Bag Ring. For easy access, 800-783-7725 or visit
cleaning and gardening sup- the ring mounts directly into www.racorinc.com.
plies are easily organized on a stud at your desired height.
this shelf that holds three, 1- Bags are held in place by a Maggie Reed may be reached
gallon containers. It retails bungee cord and can hold up at trocar2000@hotmail.com.
for $45. to 30 pounds. The large ring COPYRIGHT 2011 CREATORS.COM

retails for $20, while the

Mindful Tweeting...
Continued from page 8 Don't worry. They'll get over it. They'll think
Our job is to use it in a way that helps us feel you're trying to get your life under control.
present and purposeful, not obsessed and ad-
dicted. Have fun with it. Follow your in- ENERGY EXPRESS-O! MY IDEA OF
stincts. If you're mindful when you're GLEE-MAIL
disconnected from technology, you have all
the tools you need to be mindful when you go "Thank you for your email. Sadly, it will be
online. deleted. To regain sanity, I am taking a break
from email until March. If it is still relevant,
If these tips sound good to you, but you're not please email me again in the month of
sure how to start, follow the advice of Tim March." — Timothy Ferriss
Ferriss, the celebrated author of "The 4-Hour
Workweek," a smash hit of a book that has Marilynn Preston — fitness expert, personal
some very good ideas about how to make life trainer and speaker on healthy lifestyle issues
less stressful, more healthy. To cope with the — is the creator of Energy Express, the
constant crush of email, Ferriss suggests you longest-running syndicated fitness column in
set up an automatic reply that tells senders the country. She welcomes reader questions,
you only check your in-box twice a day, at which can be sent to
noon and at 4 p.m. WHAT! What will people MyEnergyExpress@aol.com.

FOCUS ON THE FAMILY with Jim Daly and Dr. Juli Slattery


QUESTION: My teenager is carpool, or in the bedroom. day, Friday night game or
constantly texting or on the Set those boundaries for your- movie nights, or a planned
phone and is not showing any self as well as for your kids. weekend getaway.
interest in doing things with Honestly, I am just Don't take it per-
the family. Do you have some as guilty as my 13-year-old sonally if your teen still
suggestions on how we can son is when it comes to let- prefers her cell phone to you.
re-engage our child and help ting technology interrupt fam- Even when your kids are less
her want to do things with the ily time. Sure, I don't text than enthusiastic about a fam-
family again? someone every three seconds ily event, it still provides a
JULI: No doubt or play video games, but how critical connection with you.
about it, technology is a sig- often am I pulled away from **
nificant obstacle for commu- my family to check email or Jim Daly is president of
nication in the average take a quick call? Focus on the Family, host of
American family, especially Second, make fam- the Focus on the Family radio
with teens in the home. Here's ily time a priority. Often, we program, and a husband and
a two-prong strategy to deal as parents decide to have father of two.
with it: family time on the spur of the Dr. Juli Slattery is a
First of all, set moment when our schedule licensed psychologist, co-host
boundaries on the use of tech- finally clears. We expect our of Focus on the Family, au-
nology in your home. Don't kids to drop everything and thor of several books, and a
make this about your be excited about bonding with wife and mother of three.
teenager; make it about the Mom and Dad. Plan regular Submit your ques-
kind of home environment family times during which tions to: ask@FocusOnThe-
that you want to establish. your kids know that you ex- Family.com
Some reasonable and helpful pect them to be engaged. Copyright 2011 Focus on the Family, Colorado
Springs, CO 80995
boundaries include no tech- These can include a dinner International Copyright Secured. All Rights reserved.

nology at meal times, during routine of talking about your

Video Game Reviews

Jeb Haught 2 stars = Bargain Bin

"PlayStation Move Heroes" com- 1 star = Don't Bother
DEVELOPER: CRYTEK bines iconic PlayStation characters
PUBLISHER: EA Games in glorious HD with mediocre mo- RATINGS KEY
SYSTEM: Sony PlayStation 3 tion controls, boring co-op game Entertainment Software Rating
(Xbox 360, PC) play, humorous cut scenes and a ba- Board (ESRB)
PRICE: $59.99 sically nonexistent story line, which
E: Everyone
ESRB RATING: Mature makes it the poster-boy for motion
gaming worldwide. E10-plus: (Everyone 10 and older)
REVIEW RATING: 4.5 stars (out of
5) T: Teen (13 and older)
REVIEW SCORING SYSTEM M: Mature (17 and older)
When "Crysis" was released on the 5 stars = Must Have
PC in 2007, it helped redefine the 4 stars = Pretty Good COPYRIGHT 2011 CREATORS.COM .
stale first-person shooter genre by 3 stars = Above Average
pushing visuals and physics to the
very limit. In fact, the game is still
used as a benchmark for testing serves. Add the choice between tac- gaming when it was introduced by
high-end computers. Now "Crysis 2" tical and nanovision, and the result- the Nintendo Wii, but the subsequent
has been unleashed on consoles, too, ing freedom lets you adapt on the fly torrent of crapware has me wary of
and all FPS fans can finally see what and play through each level however motion controls altogether! I thought
the fuss is about. you want. the PlayStation Move would raise
the low standards for motion gam-
Evacuated due to an alien infection As a fan of stealth game play, I love ing, but apparently, great games and
and subsequent invasion, New York the ability to sneak around while in- motion controls don't go hand-in-
City in 2023 isn't what you would visible and flank enemies to perform hand. Even though "PlayStation
expect. The normal hustle and bustle stealth kills. I just wish there was Move Heroes" looked promising, the
of the city has been replaced by spo- more leeway in performing them, result is only slightly more interest-
radic gunfire and falling buildings. since half the time it ends up in fail- ing than the best mini-game collec-
Players take on the role of Recon ure and reveals my location. I also tion.
Marine Alcatraz, who obtains the wish the game wasn't so slow during
Nanosuit 2.0 and is charged with the first few hours. PlayStation icons Sly Cooper and
stopping the devastating alien threat. Jak and Daxter are partnered with
However, these are small complaints Ratchet and Clank to partake in the
Without a doubt, "Crysis 2" is the that are easily overlooked during the Inter-Universal Hero Games. It
best looking console game to date. single player portion of "Crysis 2," doesn't really matter what the event
Whether you're charging through the and they don't affect the excellent is and why it exists, so long as play-
confined linear portions of the sin- online multiplayer modes at all. ers believe that it's a valid reason to
gle-player adventure or sneaking gather this eclectic group together.
around the more open-ended areas, 'PlayStation Move He- Unfortunately, it also means they
every detail is crisp, the action is roes' Won't Save the Day compete in the same five categories
smooth, and the view distance is of mind-numbing events.
amazing! DEVELOPER: Nihilistic Software
PUBLISHER: Sony Combining shooting challenges with
It looks and plays even better when SYSTEM: Sony PlayStation 3 melee combat and whip events as
you add the awesome Nanosuit abili- PRICE: $39.99 well as disc throwing and bowling
ties. Turning invisible, adding armor ESRB RATING: Teen challenges is fun for a while because
and activating the new power mode REVIEW RATING: 3 stars (out of they're a bit more in-depth than most
are as easy as pushing a button, and 5) motion-controlled games. But even
now different abilities can be com- these moderately interesting se-
bined if you have enough energy re- I was intrigued by motion-controlled quences get old after 15 or so events.
Coop is much worse, as it is limited
to the second player merely provid-
ing assistance by shooting via float-
ing cross hairs and/or dropping

It doesn't help that the motion con-

trols aren't fully developed in some
sequences, and I feel like I'm wag-
gling my way through a first genera-
tion Wii game. In addition, poor
camera angles frequent the experi-
ence, leaving me wishing for a stan-
dard PS3 controller to move the
camera around myself.

ON THE M OVE Loss of

By Dr. Robin Downing
mobility no
longer a death sentence
an impediment to an excellent ble from the pet’s veterinarian
Universal Uclick quality of life. In fact, dogs because some pets are weak
and cats — and even unusual from pain. Once the pain is

pets such as rabbits and fer- managed appropriately, the

hen Frankie was hit

rets — can be fitted for assis-
tive devices that allow them
to sustain the activities
pet may be restored to normal
mobility. It is also possible to
have pain AND weakness co-
for pets
by a car on the streets of Den- they’ve become accustomed existing in the same body. In
ver, two vertebrae in his mid- to. Pet owners can be taught this case, relieving pain re-
back were shattered, and his how to manage their pets’ mains a priority, which will
spinal cord was crushed. At bodily functions. And the pets allow the use of assistive de-
that moment he became a per- themselves can easily be vices with maximum pet
manent paraplegic, never to taught to accept the use of the comfort.
walk normally again. In times various assistive devices that ♥ The pet may be paralyzed
past, he would have been eu- are currently available. rather than simply weak.
thanized. Mobility challenges come in Paralysis can occur from
Fortunately for Frankie — many guises: trauma to the spinal cord or
and for other pets with special ♥ The pet may be too weak to from a progressive disease
needs — times have changed. walk. It is critical to get as like degenerative myelopathy. Many dogs adapt well to assistive devices, and resume an active life.
No longer are mobility issues complete a diagnosis as possi- ♥ The pet may have an issue,
such as a torn cranial cruciate If, for instance, a dog is used sling allows the pet to move
ligament in the knee (rear to walking or running every himself rather than simply
leg), causing instability in that day with his owner and then being carried around, thus
joint. If surgery to stabilize develops the progressive sustaining part of his personal
the knee is not affordable or weakness of degenerative independence. There are now
not an option for some other myelopathy, a “walking custom braces and prosthetic
wheelchair” is a great choice. devices available for pets. If a
reason, the pet will be inca-
The walking wheelchair de- limb has a joint injury that
pable of walking comfortably sign allows a dog to continue cannot be repaired, a brace
without an assistive device. to use his rear legs without may replace the action of the
♥ Amputation of a limb (or having to support his full damaged joint, thus restoring
part of a limb) may render the weight, thus delaying the pro- mobility. Likewise, if part of
pet incapable of normal mo- gression of the weakness. a foot or leg has been ampu-
bility. Once the weakness has pro- tated, removable prosthetics
♥ The mobility challenge may gressed to paralysis of the can be manufactured to serve
result from a nervous system rear limbs, the walking/run- in their stead.
issue, such as a stroke to the ning activity can be main-
brainor spinal cord. tained simply by suspending Fortunately, when four legs
So, what is a loving pet owner the feet so they do not drag on aren’t enough, pets have
to do? the ground. Wheelchairs that many options for sustaining
Any pet facing a mobility support all four legs are also and maintaining their active
challenge, no matter how available, as are wheelchairs lifestyles. Adaptation to a mo-
slight or severe, deserves to custom-built for animals that bility-limiting condition is re-
have a thorough have lost limbs or stricted only by our
veterinary evalua- were born without imaginations as pet owners.
tion to ensure that limbs. Times have changed for the
if pain is present, it Slings allow pets to better, and our beloved animal
is treated appropri- be supported in a companions are the benefici-
ately. Next, exam- simple fashion that aries.
ine the pet’s also allows the pet Dr. Robin Downing is an in-
lifestyle and activi- owner to maintain ternationally recognized ex-
ties up to the time good ergonomics. pert on the management of
of the mobility pain in companion animals.
issue. This is This decreases the She is the owner of The
where creative thinking be- risk of a back injury Downing Center for Animal
comes important. to an owner from lifting the Pain Management in Windsor,
pet inappropriately. And a Colo.
George Varga

Has the title of Lady

Gaga's recent Grammy
Award-winning album, "The
Fame Monster," turned into a
self-fulfilling prophecy for her?

Is Gaga's superstardom, and the pres-

sures and expectations that come with it,
starting to devour her sky-high career? Or is
Gaga, the biggest pop-music sensation of the
past two years not named Justin Bieber, poised
for a new triumph with "Born This Way," her new

These are questions to ponder as her Monster Ball Tour criss-

crosses North America.

Never mind that this is essentially an extension of the same tour

Gaga launched in 2009, with the same name, albeit with a bigger
budget and more flashy stage show. And never mind that the flam-
boyant Gaga, whose fame was starting to skyrocket in late 2009,
became an even bigger sensation in 2010.

In October, she reached the one-billion mark for YouTube view-

ings of her music videos. In August, she surpassed Brit-
ney Spears to earn the most Twitter followers,
with a total of 5,712,175.

Famous pop star Lady Gaga

is currently promoting her
new album, "Born This
Way," on her Monster Ball
Tour. Photo courtesy of Hedi
Gateway West Blvd/Cielo Vista Mall
Schedule good for Friday April 15
Rio G RealD 3D Showtimes: 10:00am
11:25am 1:00pm 2:25pm 4:00pm 5:25pm
Your Highness R Digital Cinema Show-
times:10:45am 1:45pm 4:45pm 7:45pm
Win Win Rio
7:00pm 8:25pm 10:00pm Standard Show-
times: 10:20am 1:20pm 4:20pm 7:20pm
Insidious PG-13 11:30am 2:30pm 5:30pm Runtime 106 min Open Nationwide 04/15/11
Scream 4 R Digital Cinema Showtimes:
The Lincoln Lawyer R 10:10am 1:10pm MPAA Rating R for language. Runtime 96 min
12:05pm3:05pm6:05pm9:05pm 4:10pm 7:10pm 10:10pm Starring Melanie Lynskey, MPAA Rating G for mild off color
Standard Showtimes: 10:05am 11:05am Battle: Los Angeles PG-13 10:25am
1:05pm 2:05pm 4:05pm 5:05pm 7:05pm 1:25pm 4:25pm 7:25pm 10:25pm Amy Ryan, Paul Giamatti, Jef- humor.
8:05pm 10:05pm 10:50pm
Arthur PG-13 10:30am 11:15am 1:30pm
Jane Eyre PG-13 10:35am 1:35pm 4:35pm
7:35pm 10:35pm frey Tambor, Burt Young Synopsis From the makers of the hit
2:15pm 4:30pm 5:15pm 7:30pm 8:15pm Win Win R 10:15am 1:15pm 4:15pm "Ice Age" series comes "Rio," a
10:30pm 7:15pm 10:15pm Genre Comedy
*NO PASSES-NO SUPERSAVERS comedy adventure about taking a
Synopsis Struggling attorney walk on the wild side. Blu is a do-
CINEMARK 14 - EL PASO Mike Flaherty, who volunteers mesticated Macaw who never
West side of El Paso at Mesa & I-10 as a high-school wrestling learned to fly, living a comfortable
coach, takes on the guardian- life with his owner and best friend
Schedule good for Friday April 15 ship of an elderly client in a
Rio G RealD 3D Showtimes: 9:20am 11:45am Soul Surfer PG 11:05am 1:50pm 4:30pm
Linda in the small town of Moose Lake, Minnesota. Blu and
2:25pm 5:05pm 7:45pm 8:15pm Standard 7:30pm 9:55pm desperate attempt to keep his Linda think he's the last of his kind, but when they learn
Showtimes: 11:15am 1:55pm 4:35pm 7:15pm
Your HighnessR Digital Cinema Showtimes:
practice afloat. When the about another Macaw who lives in Rio de Janeiro, they head
Scream 4 R Cinemark XD Showtimes:9:15am Insidious PG-13 9:25am 12:00pm 2:45pm client's teenage grandson runs away from home and shows to the faraway and exotic land to find Jewel, Blu's female
11:40am 2:15pm4:50pm7:25pm10:00pm Digi- 5:25pm 8:05pm 10:45pm
tal Cinema Showtimes: 7:55pm 10:50pm Source Code PG-13 9:35am 12:10pm 2:30pm up on his grandfather's doorstep, Mike's life is turned up- counterpart. Not long after they arrive, Blu and Jewel are
Arthur PG-13 11:30am 2:20pm 5:00pm 5:10pm 7:30pm 10:10pm
side down as his win-win proposition turns into something kidnapped by a group of bungling animal smugglers. With
7:40pm 10:30pm Limitless PG-13 11:20am 2:05pm 4:55pm
Hanna PG-13 Digital Cinema Showtimes: 7:35pm much more complicated than he ever bargained for. the help of street smart Jewel, and a group of wise-cracking
No eres tu, soy yo PG-13 9:30am 12:05pm
The Lincoln Lawyer R 10:55am 1:45pm
4:45pm 7:40pm 10:30pm
and smooth-talking city birds, Blu escapes. Now, with his
2:40pm 5:15pm 7:50pm 10:20pm RangoPG 7:20pm 10:05pm new friends by his side, Blu will have to find the courage to
learn to fly, thwart the kidnappers who are hot on their trail,
Tinseltown and return to Linda, the best friend a bird ever had.
Las Palmas i-10 @ Zaragosa Scream 4
Schedule good for Friday April 15 Open Nationwide 04/15/11
Runtime 103 min
Rio G RealD 3D Showtimes: 11:50am
12:10pm 2:30pm 2:50pm 5:10pm
Your Highness R Digital Cinema
Showtimes: 11:55am 2:35pm 5:15pm
MPAA Rating R for strong bloody Arthur
5:30pm 7:50pm 8:10pm 10:25pm 8:05pm 10:20pm 10:50pm 04/08/2011
10:50pm Digital Cinema Show- Hop PG Digital Cinema Showtimes: violence, language and some teen
Rated: PG-13
times:11:15am 1:00pm 1:55pm 3:35pm 10:50am 11:40am 1:25pm 2:15pm drinking. Genre: Comedy
4:35pm 7:15pm 9:55pm 11:55pm 4:00pm 5:05pm 6:35pm 7:55pm
Scream 4 R Cinemark XD Showtimes: 9:30pm 12:01am Starring Neve Campbell, Arthur is a sweet but wildly irre-
11:25am2:10pm4:55pm7:40pm Insidious PG-13 Digital Cinema Show- Courteney Cox, Emma Roberts, sponsible playboy whose millions
10:30pm Digital Cinema Show- times: 11:20am 2:05pm 5:00pm
times:12:55pm 2:50pm 3:40pm 5:35pm 6:20pm 7:45pm 9:15pm 10:40pm Hayden Panettiere, David Arquette have left him lonely and with no
6:25pm 8:20pm 9:10pm 11:05pm Source Code PG-13 Digital Cinema Genre Horror, Suspense/Thriller motivation in life. On the thresh-
12:01am Showtimes: 11:05am 1:35pm 4:10pm
Arthur PG-13 Digital Cinema Show- 7:00pm 9:35pm 12:01am
Synopsis Sidney Prescott, now the old of an arranged marriage with a
times: 11:00am 1:55pm 3:05pm Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules author of a self-help book, returns simpering socialite whom he does
4:50pm 7:55pm 10:00pm 10:45pm PG Digital Cinema Showtimes: home to Woodsboro on the last stop not love, Arthur meets the spunky, blue-collar waitress
Hanna PG-13 Digital Cinema Show- 10:55am 1:40pm 4:20pm 7:10pm
times: 11:45am 2:25pm 5:25pm Sucker Punch PG-13 Digital Cinema of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey Linda Marolla, and falls head over heels. However, just as
8:15pm 10:55pm Showtimes: 12:20pm 6:40pm and Gale, who are now married, as well as her cousin Jill he begins to pursue a relationship with Linda, his father
No eres tu, soy yo PG-13 Digital Cin- Limitless PG-13 Digital Cinema Show-
and her Aunt Kate. Unfortunately Sidney's appearance also and iron-willed grandmother threaten to pull the plug on
ema Showtimes: 12:00pm 2:40pm times: 11:10am 1:50pm 4:30pm
his huge inheritance if he doesn't honor his position in life
5:20pm 8:00pm 10:35pm 7:15pm 10:10pm brings about the return of Ghostface, putting Sidney, Gale,
Soul Surfer PG Digital Cinema Show- Paul R Digital Cinema Showtimes: and go through with his marriage. Arthur must decide
and Dewey, along with Jill, her friends, and the whole town
times: 11:15am 12:40pm 2:00pm 9:50pm which is more important to him: his new love, or his 750
4:45pm 7:30pm 10:15pm of Woodsboro in danger. million dollars in the bank.
Premiere Cinemas 6101 Gateway West S.15
Schedule good for 4-15-11
RULES- DIGITAL (PG) 10:45a 11:55a 1:15p (PG-13) 10:40a 1:35p 4:05p 7:00p 9:45p Open Nationwide 04/08/11
2:35p 3:40p 5:00p 6:05p 7:30p 8:35p PAUL - DIGITAL (R) 11:10a 1:50p 4:35p 04/08/2011
10:00p 7:35p 10:05p Rating PG-13 for intense sequences of
DO NOT SELL (G) 11:10a 1:15p 2:45p RANGO- DIGITAL (PG) 11:00a 1:45p Rated: R
5:05p 7:25p 11:20p 3:00p 4:35p 5:45p 7:10p 8:35p 10:00p violence and action, some sexual mate-
HALL PASS- DIGITAL (R) 11:00a 1:40p SOUL SURFER- DIGITAL (PG) 11:10a Genre: Comedy
4:20p 7:00p 9:40p 1:50p 4:30p 7:10p 9:50p rial and language.
HANNA D-BOX- DIGITAL (PG-13) SOURCE CODE- DIGITAL (PG-13) Genre Action/Adventure,
10:40a 1:25p 4:00p 6:45p 9:30p 11:00a 12:05p 1:15p 2:30p 4:00p Throughout history, tales of chivalry
HANNA- DIGITAL (PG-13) 10:40a 1:25p 5:05p 6:30p 7:20p 8:50p 10:00p Suspense/Thriller
4:00p 6:45p 9:30p SUCKER PUNCH- DIGITAL (PG-13) have burnished the legends of brave,
Synopsis Raised by her father, an ex-
HOP- DIGITAL (PG) 10:35a 11:10a 12:10p 11:15a 2:00p 4:45p 7:30p 10:00p
handsome knights who rescue fair
1:00p 1:30p 2:30p 3:30p 4:15p 5:15p 6:05p THE CONSPIRATOR- DIGITAL (PG-13) CIA man, in the wilds of Finland,
6:35p 7:35p 8:40p 9:05p 10:05p 10:55a 1:40p 4:40p 7:25p 10:00p damsels, slay dragons and conquer
I AM NUMBER FOUR- DIGITAL (PG-13) THE KINGS SPEECH- DIGITAL (PG13) Hanna's upbringing and training have been one and the
11:15a 1:55p 4:35p 7:15p 10:00p 12:05p evil. But behind many a hero is a
LIMITLESS - DIGITAL (PG-13) * -- denotes Pass Restricted features same, all geared to making her the perfect assassin. The
10:40a 1:25p 4:00p 6:45p 9:30p good-for-nothing younger brother trying just to stay out of
turning point in her adolescence is a sharp one; sent into the
the way of those dragons, evil and trouble in general. Danny
EAST POINTE MOVIES 12 world by her father on a mission, Hanna journeys stealthily
McBride and James Franco team up for an epic comedy ad-
I-10 & Lee Trevino Schedule good for 4/15 - 4/21 venture set in a fantastical world-Your Highness. As two
across Europe while eluding agents dispatched after her by
BIG MOMMAS: LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON (PG-13) LITTLE FOCKERS (PG-13) 12:00 | 4:50 | 9:40 a ruthless intelligence operative with secrets of her own. As
12:30 | 2:50 | 5:10 | 7:25 | 9:35 TANGLED 3-D (PG) 12:10 2:10 4:20 6:40 8:40
princes on a daring mission to save their land, they must
she nears her ultimate target, Hanna faces startling revela-
DRIVE ANGRY 3-D (R) 12:35 2:45 5:00 7:10 9:20 THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (PG-13) rescue the heir apparent's fiancée before their kingdom is
GNOMEO AND JULIET (G) 12:15 | 2:15 | 4:15 | 1:25 | 3:40 | 5:40 | 7:50 | 9:50 tions about her existence and unexpected questions about
6:30 | 8:30 THE GREEN HORNET 3D (PG-13) destroyed.
GNOMEO AND JULIET 3-D (G) 12:55 | 2:55 | 4:55 12:05 | 2:25 | 4:45 | 7:05 | 9:25 her humanity.
| 7:00 | 9:15 THE ROOMMATE (PG-13) 12:20 | 2:35 | 7:40 Starring: Danny McBride,James Franco,Natalie
Starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Tom
HALL PASS (R) 12:40 | 3:10 | 5:20 | 7:30 | 9:45 TRON: LEGACY 3D (PG) 2:25 | 7:15 Portman,Zooey Deschanel,Justin Theroux,Toby
JUST GO WITH IT (PG-13) 12:25 | 2:40 | 5:15 | UNKNOWN (PG-13) 5:25 | 10:00 Hollander, Olivia Williams
7:35 | 9:55 YOGI BEAR 3-D (PG) 1:15 3:15 5:05 6:50 8:50 Jones,Damian Lewis


2200 N. Yarbrough
Continued from page 15 with her fans, or "little mon- sounds uncannily like "Ex-
Schedule good for April 16, 17 & 19
In July, Gaga topped Presi- sters," as she likes to call press Yourself," the 1989 hit BIG MOMMAS (PG-13) 12:10p 2:30p 4:50p 7:10p 9:30p
dent Obama with her number them. Indeed, in an image- by Madonna (Gaga's biggest GNOMEO & JULIET (G) 12:15p 2:35p 4:55p 7:15p
of Facebook followers over-content world, the gen- role model, visually, musi- 9:35p
GREEN HORNET (PG-13) 12:40p 3:15p 6:00p 8:50p
(10,673,476 to 9,820,000). der-bending Gaga — whose cally and as a savvy self-mar-
And when her new single, the "embrace your inner freak" keter). The similarities
HALL PASS (R) 12:25p 2:40p 4:55p 7:10p 9:25p
JUST GO WITH IT (PG-13) 12:00p 2:25p 4:50p 7:15p Schedule good for 4/15 - 4/21
title track for "Born This persona and eye-popping at- between the songs are so pro- TANGLED (PG) 12:05p 2:25p 4:45p 7:00p 9:25p SUPER STIMULUS 9:40(12:15 FRI/SAT)
Way," was released last tire suggests a missing mem- nounced that the Material UNKNOWN (PG-13) 12:00p 2:25p 4:50p 7:15p 9:40p
month, it sold a reported one- ber from disco kings the Mom could probably file a DRINK, $1 POP-
2:30 5:00 7:25 10:00
million digital downloads in Village People — seems per- lawsuit. need to develop and hone HANNA PG-13 (11:00FRI-
barely a week. fect for this moment. But how their music and stagecraft. CORN, or $5.00 OFF SUN) 1:35 4:15 7:00 9:40
long will her moment last? More troubling, Gaga's swift ANY REGULAR (12:15 FRI/SAT)
She has, undeniably, made COMBO YOUR HIGHNESS PG-13
Based on sheer numbers rise to fame may well have
12:00 2:30 5:00 7:45 10:15
alone, it is clear she has Consider "Born This Way's" come at the expense of the such infectious dance-pop hits ALL SEATS ALL (12:15 FRI/SAT)
struck a resounding chord dance-happy title track, which time that truly notable artists as "Poker Face" (a song she SHOWS $5.00 HOP PG (11:00 FRI-SUN)
says was inspired by her bi-
sexuality), "Bad Romance"
EVERY 12:00 1:30 2:30 4:00 5:00
TUESDAY!! 6:30 7:30 9:00 10:00 (11:30
and her 2010 duet with Bey- FRI/SAT)
once, "Telephone." INSIDIOUS PG-13 12:00
CHARGE APPLIES* (11:30 2:40 5:15 7:45 10:10 (12:15
But too many of Gaga's other FRI-SUN) 12:30 2:00 3:00 FRI/SAT)
songs are slick pastiches that 4:30 5:30 7:00 8:00 9:30 SOURCE CODE PG-13
— much like her now infa- (10:30 12:00 FRI/SAT) 2:40 7:40
mous "meat dress" at the RIO 2D G 12:00 2:30 5:00 DIARY OF A WIMPY KID 2
2010 MTV Video Music 7:30 10:00 PG 12:00 2:20 4:40
Awards — offer little beneath CONSPIRATOR PG-13 SUCKER PUNCH PG-13
7:00 9:40 (12:15 FRI/SAT)
their surface. Then there was (11:00 FRI-SUN) 1:50 4:40
PAUL R 7:10 9:45 (12:15
the plastic, egg-shell-like co- 7:30 10:15
coon she used to make her ar- SCREAM 4 R (11:00 FRI-
SUN) 12:00 1:30 2:30 4:00 BATTLE: LOS ANGELES
rival at the 2011 Grammy PG-13 12:00 5:00 10:00
5:00 6:30 7:30 9:00 10:00
Awards, a stunt that didn't RANGO PG (11:00 FRI-
(11:30 FRI/SAT)
make much of an impression ARTHUR PG-13 (11:00 SUN) 1:45 4:30
on fellow pop sensation Justin FRI-SUN) 1:40 4:20 7:00
Bieber. Continues on page 22

Calendar of upcoming events for

El Paso/ Southern New Mexico
are from April 15th
thru April 21st. 2011
If you want your upcoming event listed in SPOTLIGHT’S Out & About section, please send all your relevant data by e-mail to:

NORTHEAST son, the Easter story is told

through the point of view of
ton, with show starting at 6
p.m. Bring picnic baskets,
Off — The CASI-sanc- per — Abundant Living annual all-day track meet be-
gins at 10 a.m. Saturday,
CENTRAL the ultimate outsider. Featur- blankets and lawn chairs.
tioned cook-off benefiting the
Transmountain Optimist Club
Faith Center, 1000 Valley
Crest presents its 12th annual April 16, at Kidd Field,
ing a score by Fred Keyser as Food, soda, show cones, pop- charities is Saturday, April live drama at 5 p.m. Saturday UTEP. Information: 747-
well. corn and candy available for 5347, 747-6841 or utepathlet-
Barabbas’ — The origi- sale. Admission: $3 ($1
16, in the club parking lot, and 8 and 10 a.m. and 12:15
nal play by El Paso’s Fred 5500 T.M. Optimist Road (off p.m. Sunday, April 16-17.
Keyser is April 15-May 7 at
Mesita’s ‘It’s A EPISD students) in advance; Railroad Drive near Nations The dramatic musical presen-
El Paso Playhouse, 2501 Spring Thing’ — The $5 ($2 EPISD students) at the Park). Turn in time and tast- tation of Jesus’ last Passover El Paso Roller Derby
door. Advance tickets avail- ing is 2 p.m. Entry fee for meal with his disciples is — The new roller derby
Montana. Directed by Kate Mesita PTA and Mesita able at the school every Fri-
Keyser. Ticket Showtime is 8 Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads of participants: $20; make fashioned after Leonardo Da league takes on the Tall City
day after school in April and checks payable to “Pod of the Vinci’s famous painting. Roller Betties from Mid-
p.m. Friday and Saturday and Great Students) will host the every day the week of the
2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets: $12 3rd annual spring concert fea- Pass.” Information: 852-3599 Nursery, kids and youth land/Odessa at 4 p.m. Satur-
event. Information: 373-0424, or caroleptx@aol.com. classes offered at each serv- day, April 16, at El Paso
($10 seniors, military and stu- turing the popular ‘70s cover
203-7605 or ice. Admission is free. Infor- County Coliseum, 4100 E.
dents with ID). Information: band Fungi Mungle 5 to 8 fungimungle.com.
532-1317, p.m. Saturday,April 16, on mation: 740-8786 or Paisano. Doors open at 3 p.m.
In time for the Easter sea-
the Mesita Elementary
School lawn, 3307 N. Stan-
Optimist Chili Cook- VALLEY 594-3305. Tickets: $6 to $10, plus serv-
ice charge. (Ticketmaster). In-
Crime Victims’ formation: 474-1666 or
Avalanche Tour — The Rights Memorial elpasorollerderby.com.
heavy metal tour is 5:30 p.m. El Paso Roller Derby was
Sunday, April 17, at El Paso
Event — Crime Victims’ established in late 2010 and
County Coliseum featuring Rights Council of El Paso hopes to become a member
Stonesour, Theory of a Dead- hosts “Reshaping the Future, league of the Women’s Flat
man, Skillet, Halestorm and Honoring the Past” in obser- Track Derby Association.
Art of Dying. Tickets: vations of National Crime
$32.50, plus service charges. Victims Rights Week April Sunland Park Race-
10-16 9 a.m. to noon Sunday,
April 17, at Crime Victims’
track & Casino — The
Memorial Reading Garden 2010-2011 live horse racing
Lower Valley Health Pavilion, 610 Yarbrough season runs through April
Fair — The 29th annual (next to Judge Edward Mar- 19. Race days are Tuesdays,
health fair is 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. quez Library). The names of Fridays, Saturdays and Sun-
Saturday, April 16, at So- more than 1,300 victims days. First post is 12:45 p.m.
corro High School, 10150 whose names appear on the each race day. General admis-
Alameda. Children’s immu- Crime Victims’ Memorial sion is free to the track and
nizations for ages 0 to 18 will be read, including 61 ad- casino. Turf Club seating is
available ($10 for one shot; ditional names added since $7. Information: (575) 874-
$20 for two or more shots) last year’s event. Several 5200 or sunland-park.com.
Bring immunization card; names included are El Paso
adult vaccines also available. residents murdered as a result El Paso Artists Stu-
Information: of the drug violence in Juarez dio Tour — El Paso
Adult screenings include last year. Admission is free. artists are sought for the 4th
cholesterol, blood sugar, pap Information: 934-8999 or el- annual tour Saturday and
smears, hearing, blood pres- pasocrimevictims.org. Sunday April 9-10 featuring
sure and foot screenings. A Eastside, Northeast and Mis-
Kids Korner include tests for
developmental factors such as
DOWNTOWN/ sion Valley artists; and April

16-17 featuring Westside,
speech/language, hearing and Upper Valley and Downtown
vision and dental screenings. artists. Information: 833-
0636, casgallery@elp.rr.com.
tional — Top-ranked uni-
Full studio list and directions
available online at pleinair-
versity track teams and other paintersofelpaso.com.
Living Lord’s Sup- athletes will compete in the Continues on page 24

Lady Gaga
Continued from page 19 Why did Gaga sell out in San TWO SCOOPS OR
Diego in 2009, but not now, NONE?
"People say it's artistic and when her fame is even greater
stuff," Bieber said of her no- and her new album is due out The exotically attired and
yoke Grammy entrance. "I'm in May? Apparently, the price coiffed Lady Gaga has many
just like, 'You're an egg'." of newfound superstardom things. A sense of humor may
doesn't come cheap. not be one of them.
Gaga's 2009 San Diego Sports
Arena concert, which came The top ticket price for her Earlier this month, she had her
barely 10 months 2009 San Diego lawyers file a cease-and-desist
after her local debut Sports Arena show order against Icecreamists, the
at House of Blues, was $45. Reflecting London-based makers of Baby
seemed like much the higher ticket Gaga, a vanilla/lemon ice
too much, much too prices at each stop cream that also contains
soon. It suffered on her ongoing tour, human breast milk. It's "nau-
from dim lighting, a the lowest price for sea-inducing," said Gaga, who
sparse stage set, her Viejas Arena also objected to the name
clumsy choreogra- concert is $67.50, Baby Gaga.
phy and consistently muddled with a top price of $205 (plus
sound (even though much of service charges). VIP ticket Responded Icecreamists'
the show's "live" music ap- packages cost $235 to $435 owner Matt O'Connor: "This
peared to have been pre- each. from a woman with a pen-
recorded). chant for wearing rotting
During Gaga's 2010 summer cows' flesh? At least our cus-
Buoyed by the mega-buzz she tour of England, similarly in- tomers are still alive when
was generating, Gaga's San flated prices in some instances they contribute to our 'art.' She
Diego Sports Arena concert led to tickets being slashed by claims we have 'ridden the
sold-out two weeks in ad- 50 percent, in a last-minute ef- coattails' of her reputation. As
vance. Yet, despite going on fort to fill unsold seats. In someone who has ... recycled
sale Sept. 28, tickets were still good times and bad, offering on an industrial scale the en-
available the night of her value for money never goes tire back catalogue of pop cul-
March 29 concert at San out of style. That's a lesson ture to create her look, music
Diego's similarly cavernous Lady Gaga might do well to and videos, she might want to
Viejas Arena. remember next time around. reconsider this allegation.
Continued from page 20 included prose, plays and annual native plant sale is 9 present a program on plants will mark the end of her 6th Timer.
El Paso Artists Stu- spoken word recordings. A a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and recommended for desert gar- season in El Paso. Steadman This year’s annual celebra-
resident of Los Angeles for Sunday, April 16-17, at the dens as well as share his ad- will perform her final con- tion is 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thurs-
dio Tour ..Tours are 10 over 40 years, Ford is a fre- museum, Wiggins and Uni- ventures collecting plants and certs with the El Paso Sym- day through Sunday, April
a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and quent instructor for the Pen versity. Nursery-grown native his experiences as a nursery- phony Orchestra after 50 14-17, at the Special Events
noon to 5 p.m. Sunday, both USA, Pen in the Classroom trees, shrubs, flowering man. Reception follows at the years of service. Center, 2300 E. Pine, in Dem-
weekends. Sponsored by Program. He has performed perennials and other plants Centennial Museum. Admis- ing. Information: (575) 546-
Plein Air Painters of El Paso many times with a wide range will be sold. Proceeds benefit sion is free. 6594.
and El Paso Scene. Art lovers of jazz musicians. the museum’s Chihuahuan
will be able to browse the pri-
vate studios, meet the artists
Desert Gardens. Admission is Alfresco! Fridays — Mustang Round-Up
and shop for fine art. Admis-
Animal Rescue The free outdoor concerts — The annual Mustang and
sion is free with refreshments League’s ‘Dinner begin at 5:30 p.m. Fridays Specialty Ford car show is all
April 1-Sept. 30 at Arts Fes- day Saturday, April 16, at
served at each studio. with Friends’ — Animal tival Plaza (between El Paso Alameda Park on White
Rescue League of El Paso’s Museum of Art and Plaza Sands Blvd. in Alamogordo,
An Evening with 2011 fundraiser celebrating Theatre). No outside food or hosted by Alamogordo Mus-
Michael C. Ford — the league’s 16th birthday is beverages, or pets allowed. tang Club, Inc. Special prizes
Tumblewords hosts an Saturday, April 16, at Sun- Information: 534-0600, or al- given throughout the day.
evening with jazz poet land Park Racetrack and frescofridays.com. April 15 Spectator admission is free.
Michael C. Ford at 7 p.m. Casino, 1200 Futurity Drive — Austin Jimmy Murphy Information: (575) 442-1402
Saturday, April 16, at the in Sunland Park. “Cat-Tail” & The Blues Alliance (evenings) or
Santa Teresa Country Club. hour (cash bar) and Barket (Blues). alamostang@hotmail.com.
Ford will be joined by local Market silent auction is 6 Web: alamostang.com.
p.m. with dinner served 7 to 8 The “Opening Notes” dis-
poets Gene Keller, Donna
p.m. Tickets: $50 (open seat- free. Information: 747-8994,
EPSO with Dmitri cussion is at 6:30 p.m. both
Preregistration and get-to-
Snyder, Robin Scofield and gether for participants is also
Leslie Council. An open mic ing). Reserved tables for 8 are 747-5565 or Berlinsky - The guest vio- nights in the Philanthropy planned for Friday, April 15;
follows the reading. Admis- $400 (deadline is April 1). In- museum.utep.edu. linist joins conductor Sarah Theatre led by Assistant Con- call for locations
sion is free. Information: 328- formation: 821-7283 or The annual FloraFest lecture Ioannides and the El Paso ductor Andres Moran with
info@arlep.org. Web: is 7 p.m. Friday, April 15, in Symphony Orchestra for its Ioannides and Berlinsky. Dis-
5484 or
arlep.org. the UTEP Undergraduate 80th season finale at 7:30 cussions are free and open to
Renaissance Festival
tumblewordsproject.com. — The Shire of Ghillie Shu
Ford has published more Learning Center, Room 116, p.m. April 15-16 at the Plaza the public.
and Gallery 408 hosts a the
than 25 books of poetry. Over FloraFest 2011 — The featuring guest speaker Greg Theatre. Selections are
renaissance festival 9 a.m. to
the years, his work has also UTEP Centennial Museum’s Starr, author of “Cool Plants Sibelius’s “Finlandia,” ‘Cool Music for a 8 p.m. Saturday, April 16, on
for Hot Gardens.” Starr will Glazunov’s Violin Concerto,
op.82, A minor and Mus-
Hot Garden’ — The 12th Street in Carrizozo,
sorgsky “Pictures at an Exhi- Centennial Museum and Chi- N.M. The family event fea-
bition.” Tickets: $11, $17, huahuan Desert Gardens at tures artisans and craft ven-
$28, $32 and $37, plus serv- UTEP hosts a series of live dors, performs and more.
ice charges (Ticketmaster). music events featuring UTEP Visitors are encouraged to
Student tickets: $6 and $8. In- music students through April dress in their fantasy wear for
formation: 532-3776. in celebration of spring. All the event. Information: (575)
Born in Peters- performances are free. Infor- 937-6957 or
burg, Russia into mation: 747-5565. sghilliedhu@yahoo.com.
a family of musi- • noon to 2:30 p.m. Saturday,
cians, Berlinsky April 16 — UTEP Mariachi
performed as soloist performing at the annual Flo-
with the St. Peters- raFEST Native Plant Sale

burg Symphony
and the Moscow
Philharmonic at a
very early age. He ar-
rived on the international
scene as the youngest winner Old Timers Celebra-
in the history of the Paganini tion — In 1913, a Deming
International Violin Competi-
businessman decided that all WNMU Great Race
tion in Genoa, Italy. His play-
Luna County residents age 30
ing was featured in — the 44th annual race is
and older should get together
Emmy-Award documentary noon Saturday, April 16, on
once a year and renew friend-
“Life on Jupiter” and “New the Western New Mexico
ships. Nearly 100 years later,
York Canvas.” University campus’s Old
the Old Timers Association is
This is also the farewell per- James Stadium, in Silver City.
still meeting — and dues are
formance for Ioannides and The competition features
still $1 a year. To be eligible,
Principal Cellist Ida Stead- teams pushing their cars with
“old timers” must be 30 years
man. Ioannides became the one team member in the dri-
old, have lived in Luna
first female conductor and the ver’s seat of specially-made
County 10 years, at least 30
6th music director of the El race cars around the hills of
years of age, or be the de-
Paso Symphony Orchestra in campus with pit stops and a
scendant of a registered Old
June 2005. The April concerts ..Continues on next page
Continued from page 24... lascrucessymphony.com. by the Boston Globe and was
WNMU Great named to the “Top 10 Re-
Race...water hazard. A Antje Duvekot - The leases of the Year” by NPR’s
German-American folk Folk Alley.
week full of events and com-
petitions will lead up to the singer/songwriter performs at
big race Saturday. All events 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 15, at Look Who’s Dancing
are open to the public, includ- the Buckhorn Opera House in 2011 — The celebrity dance
ing alumni dinners and re- Pinos Altos, N.M. as part of event is 7 to 9:30 p.m. Satur-
unions, car trips and more. day, April 16, at NMSU’s
Cost: $25. Information/regis- Pan American Center. Las
tration: WNMU Alumni Af- Cruces community leaders
fairs (575) 538-6675 or and local personalities and
wnmu.edu. their DanceSport partners
Registration and pizza lunch compete against each other in
is 1 to 4 p.m. Friday, April 15, friendly contest. DanceSport
at WNMU’s Hunter Hall. students choreograph the
Campus tours are 10 a.m. to 3 dances, instruct, and perform
p.m. with the local celebrities.
Pre-race breakfast begins at Tickets: $11 general admis-
8 a.m. at the stadium, with an sion; $16 reserved rows 1-8;
after-race social at 4 p.m. at $6 students. (Ticketmaster).
Wrangler’s Bar and Grill. the Mimbres Region Arts Information: (575) 646-1420
Council’s Folk Series. Tick- or panam.nmsu.edu.
ets: $20 ($15 members). In-
Historic Home Tour formation/showtime: (575)
This year’s contestants in-
— The Las Cruces Symphony clude Mesilla Mayor Nora
538-2505, 1-888-758-7289 or Barraza, Amanda Cruz of the
Orchestra Guild will host its mimbresarts.org.
19th fundraising walking tour Hispano Chamber of Com-
Duvekot has solidified her merce, The Rocket 99.5’s
1 to 5 p.m. Sunday, April 17, reputation as one of Amer-
in Las Cruces, featuring sev- Lynsey Green, author Audrey
ica’s top emerging singer Hartley, NMSU’s first gentle-
eral of the area’s most beauti- songwriters with her debut re-
ful homes. Tickets: $15. man Paul Couture, Pulse
lease “Big Dream Boule- Magazine editor Lucas Peer-
Information: (575) 646-3709, vard.” The CD was voted
(575) 524-7390 or man,..Continues on next page
“No. 1 Folk Release of 2006”
Continued from page 25... Cruces. Directed by Nikka
NMSU Army ROTC Com- Zeimer. Performances are 8
mander Lt. Col. Andrew p.m. Fridays and Saturdays,
Taylor, and Savonne Griffin 2:30 p.m. Sunday, April 17
of FirstLight Federal Credit and April 24, and 7 p.m. All relationships involve compromise. The healthiest ones
strike a mutually agreed-upon balance between personal
Union, Big Brothers Big Sis- Thursday, April 21. Tickets: interests and the greater good. The full moon in Libra at
ters, and the Greater Las $10 ($9 students and seniors the top of the week sheds light on relationships and fo-
cuses in on what is fair and unfair about them. With Mer-
Cruces Chamber of Com- with ID, $7 all seats Thurs- cury retrograde and Mars and Saturn in opposition,
merce. day). Information: (575) solutions may not come naturally or easily, but for those
willing to put in the work, they will come.
523-1223 or no-strings.org.
ARIES (March 21-April 19). The effort you expend carrying
‘We are One Dance A feisty parolee follows her out responsibilities and tending to the wishes of others takes
dreams, based on a page you far away from your original intention. When the voice of
One Drum’ — The 5th from an old travel book, to a your inner will is a distant echo, it means it's time to remem-
ber why you started this journey in the first place and make
annual student dance and small town in Wisconsin and your way back. Listen inwardly.
drumming showcase is 2 and finds a place for herself
6:30 p.m. Saturday, April TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You are very strong. The only
working at Hannah’s Spitfire problem with this is that you don't know your own strength
16, at the Rio Grande The- Grill. and have made comments that assess your strength inaccu-
rately. Say no more on the matter. You will be offered chal-
atre, 211 N. Downtown Mall lenges, and you will find it rewarding to take them on. You
in Las Cruces, highlighting ‘Simply Maria or will learn that there is more to you.
the talent of local dance the American GEMINI (May 21-June 21). This week, you'll gain greater
troupes and celebrating the Dream’ — Doña Ana levels of self-control. It's time to tell your "id" who's boss.
variety of philosophies and Community College Arts and Coming from your higher mind, set an unusual short-term
goal for yourself — like eating only green foods or speaking
styles in belly dance. Tick- Humanities Department strictly in the most positive terms. Tell yourself it's just for
ACROSS Maschera”: Verdi
3 Fab Four devotion
ets: $8 ($5 matinee). Infor- presents the one-act by Jose- one day — not very long. You can do anything for one day.
1 State of decline mation: (575) 639-1616. fina López at 7:30 p.m.
4 Spent a season CANCER (June 22-July 22). Things are changing in an or-
4 Uses a blender This year’s performance Thursday through Saturday, ganization, and your whole group is affected. Imitative and
5 Theater audience
9 It may include latte
6 Meaning features Susan Jewell, April 14-16, at the Dona rule-bound behavior used to be an asset in this environment.
14 Scotsman’s no Now this is precisely the mindset that will sink the ship. Get
7 Bullfighter’s lance Karuna Warren and Terry Al- Ana Community College creative. Innovation is what's needed, and you're just the one
15 Old Asia Minor region East Mesa Auditorium, 2800 to shake things up.
16 “___ Smith and Jones”:
8 Old dance varez.
9 Succulents, of a sort N. Sonoma Ranch in Las
‘70s TV show LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You will perpetuate your reputation
10 Chemical compound Cruces. Performance will be
17 Stevedore’s org.
11 For shame! ‘The Return of Her- followed by a talkback ses-
as an exciting force as you engineer a dramatic change. You'll
put a fun twist in the way you approach a friendship or man-
18 Holiday tools
20 Top model Carol
12 “A Bridge Too ___” bert Bracewell; sion. Admission: $5 (free for age a responsibility. You'll call for a different kind of participa-
tion than is usually required. It's premeditated to some degree,
13 Curve ages 12 and younger). Infor-
21 Lao- ___
19 Bitter Why I’m Always and yet you also improvise.
22 Official proceedings mation: (575) 528-7048 or
23 Irish lass
24 “Had I ___ for a century Alone When I’m dabcc.nmsu.edu.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). Your courage ebbs and flows this
week. Just remember that the fear of rejection is practically
dead...”: Tennyson
25“‘Twas ___ and the slithy
26 Reruns for kids With You’ — Las Lopez’s first play is a universal. That's why people admire those who are willing to
put themselves on the line. Most people want to say "yes." So
toves...” wildly funny story about a
29 Musical asset
27 “___ grow up,” says Cruces Community Theatre have the chutzpah to ask for what you want. If you don't ask,
Peter Pan presents the play by Andrew young Latina aspiring to be you don't get.
30 East Asian
32 Presidential primary
28 Looks astonished Johns April 1-17. Directed an actress and her dream of
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). People who say that "it never hurts
31 You gotta have it
by larrychandler. Showtime going to college. The one to ask" are not taking into account what happens after the
33 Humorous bits act, written in the ‘80s, still question leaves the lips. There's a risk involved. Emotions
33 ___ Lee Curtis is 8 p.m. Friday and Satur- hang in the balance. And yes, there is the potential for hurt.
34 Wide awake raises questions facing
35___ of the line day and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tick- Taking this into account, you won't "ask" until the moment
38 Jacuzzis, e.g. young people today. feels absolutely right.
36 Alley, of old comics
37 Antelope
39 Continued the bet ets: $10 ($9 students, seniors
40 Arab garments and military; $8 per seat for SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Your awareness of what people
38 “The ___ News Bears”
39 Velvet fabric
42 Salad additives groups of 10 or more; $7 ‘An Inspector Calls’ need and want helps you predict the next big thing. Also, you
45 Silence know when it benefits you to ride a trend and when it isn't.
41 EMK, e.g. ages six and younger).Infor- — American Southwest The- These talents will be put to good use this week, especially
47 TV news anchor’s place
42 Lawyers’ group mation: (575) 523-1200 or atre Company presents J.B. since some of your friends and colleagues are so clueless
50 “The Highwayman” au- about pop culture and the state of the arts.
43 Helps a burglar
thor lcctnm.org. Priestly’s stylish thriller
44 Decoration April 15-May 1 at NMSU’s
46 Mems. of 42 Across
52 Mexican basket grass In the year 1909 Herbert SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). A past letdown has influ-
53 American dogwood Hershel Zohn Theatre. enced you to view your present circumstance in a less than
48 Bob and ___, of old Bracewell has retired to the helpful way. This week, you'll rethink and rewrite your his-
54 Single name musician attic of his New York home Showtime is 7:30 p.m. tory. It was always your opinion of what happened that mat-
58 Depression org. Thursday through Saturday tered anyway — and that's something you can change. Your
49 Steadfast
59 Norwegian rug
with plans to stage a come- new fantastic attitude will make you lucky.
51 “Anna Karenina” author back in a one-man review of and 2 p.m. Sunday. Tickets:
60 Half an aerial defense CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). You know yourself. It has
55 Suit of the ‘50s
61 Japanese theater his long, if undistinguished $10-$15. Information: 1- taken a long time to get to this point, and you've earned the
56 Theater’s Ms. Hagen 800-525-ASTC (2782).
career. He assembles five an- feelings of satisfaction and confidence that come with the terri-
57 ___ “Today” Set in 1912, the play fo- tory. Furthermore, you may realize that you're not the least bit
58 Scott Fitzgerald tique match-lit footlights to worried about what anyone else thinks of you. You are free-
short story mark a playing area and pro- cuses on the well-to-do Bir- dom personified.
62 Diarist Anais ceeds to ad-lib ideas for his ling family at their home in
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). You've held a certain unful-
63 Bike show. Brumley. The family is vis- filled dream for a long time, and now you're wondering
64 Nightclub: Fr. ited by Inspector Goole, who whether you might be happier if you were to just give it up.
The answer is no — this is no time to bail on your wishes. But
65 Poetic contraction questions them about the sui-
66 Tortes ‘Spitfire Grill’ — No it is time to come at them from a different angle. Brainstorm
alternative approaches to making your dreams come true.
cide of Eva Smith. Over the
67 Did a farrier’s job Strings Theatre Company
68 ___ Lanka course of the evening, as se- PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). Observe your own behavior in-
presents the musical by
crets are revealed, the inter- stead of judging it. You are who you are, and you're doing your
James Valcq and Fred Alley best. You may feel that you're stuck with certain people or cir-
DOWN based on the film by Lee
rogation pushes the family to cumstances, and you may be right, more or less. But when you
1 Early computer their breaking point. surrender to the reality of your current situation, you'll see
2 “Un___ in David Zlotoff April 8-24 at what's absolutely great about it.


The key to successfully negotiat- foot a ABOUT THE WRITER

ing both uphill and downhill lies is few
the setup. extra Dr. T.J.
On an uphill lie, your ball is higher de- Tomasi is a
than your back foot, but lower than grees teaching
your front foot. The slope acts like a to professional
launching pad, adding height to your make in Port St.
Lucie, Fla.
shot because when you sole your it eas- Visit his
club behind the ball, the effective loft ier to Web site at
is increased by the slope. turn tjtomasi.com
For this reason it’s best to take your .
more club for an uphill lie. For exam- hips
ple, instead of a sand wedge, you’d through the shot. Since you want to
choose the pitching wedge. swing up the slope (not into it), tilt
On an up-slope, your front foot your shoulders to mimic the slope of
should be drawn back from the target the hill, with your front shoulder
line, effectively shortening your front higher than your back shoulder.
leg and leveling your hips. With your Once you’ve made the correct ad-
front foot so positioned, your weight justments in your setup, you need to
settles comfortably into the hillside do only two things: The first is to
as an anchor for balance. make a smooth, three-quarter swing
Also remember to flare your front ...Continues on next page

With my front foot pulled back For this downhill shot, I’ve
from the target line and flared a little pulled my trail foot back from
more than usual, I’m ready to stroke
this ball up the slope and away
the target line and flared it out
to aid my hip turn.
from trouble. FREE QUOTES • 6560 Montana Ave., Suite 6. El Paso 915-779-2489


Continued from page 27
...for maximum control, and the second is to
focus on the target.
The setup for the downhill lie is just the opposite:
1. Close your stance until your hips are level.
2. Flare your back foot.
3. Tilt your shoulders to match the slope, right
shoulder even with the left.
Your swing from both lies is upper-body domi- This grass is quite common on golf
nated, and it’s important to let your arm swing fol- courses of the coastal U.S. and the
low the slope of the hill. It’s possible that the mo- U.K., usually beyond the second cut in
mentum of your arm swing during your finish might the rough. One of its uses is to control
pull you down the hill, but on steeper inclines this is erosion. There will be plenty of fescue
natural, so don’t fight it. Just be prepared to let it at Royal St. George for The Open.


Race: Aaron’s 499
Where: Talladega Superspeedway
Race: Aaron’s 312
Where: Talladega Superspeedway
Race: Bully Hill Vineyards 200
Where: Nashville Superspeedway

UP... When: Sunday, 1 p.m. (ET)

2010 winner: Kevin Harvick (right)
When: Saturday, 3 p.m. (ET)
2010 winner: Brad Keselowski
When: April 22, 8 p.m. (ET)
2010 winner: Kyle Busch

Cox Newspapers

Talladega’s bump-and-grind
racing promises excitement, risks
fter several weeks of close together we can all stay.” pushing guys around, and we

A basically going it alone

on the race track,
Sprint Cup drivers are headed
Johnson went on to say that
if the big packs come back, so
will the chances of one of the
can’t even see as the pusher.
“You’re just like, ‘Alright
man, lead me through. We’re
Sprint Cup racing last October at Talladega Superspeedway. (NASCAR photo)

to Talladega Superspeedway, “Big Wrecks” that have been a going.’ It’s not that intimidat-
where the restrictor-plate rules factor in restrictor-plate races ing until things go wrong.”
make it a necessity to find for years. Johnson’s Hendrick Motor-
drafting partners on the race sports teammate Jeff Gordon,
track. “If we’re all in a big pack, a six-time winner at Talladega,
At Daytona in February, regardless of the tandem push- said that when it comes to
drivers perfected the tandem, ing or not, your chances of a two-car tandems, he’s more
or push draft, where two cars big crash are there,” Johnson comfortable out front than in
hook up bumper-to-bumper said. “Then if we get into a the pushing position.
and stay that way all the way spread-out situation where “I kind of like to be the
around the race track, a ma- cars are separated, you might guy seeing where I’m going,”
neuver that allows a tandem to have a single car spin or some- he said, adding that since Tal-
run far faster than one car by thing like that. It just depends ladega is wider than Daytona,
itself. on where the pack is.” there’s going to be more room
At Daytona, which is nar- Johnson, who has a win at for more tandems, especially
rower than Talladega, the pair- Talladega in 2006 and four at the end, and that makes the
ings didn’t result in the big top-five finishes in 18 career role of spotter even more criti-
packs of cars that used to be starts on the Alabama track, cal. At Daytona, teams set up
common at Daytona and Tal- said that even though nearly their radio communications so
ladega, the two tracks where every driver has been in a Big one spotter could direct two
restrictor plates are used to Wreck in the past, the poten- drivers, even two from differ-
slow speeds, and the only two tial of danger doesn’t seem to ent multi-car teams and manu-
tracks where the tandem draft affect the way they race or facturers.
or push draft pays off. make them uncomfortable be- “It’s really going to be
But Jimmie Johnson said hind the wheel. more about the spotters and
last week on a teleconference “The fact that we can getting the spotters in sync and
with reporters that the big bump and push and do what trying to communicate well
packs might return in Sun- we do shows how comfortable with what’s coming up,” Gor-
day’s Aaron’s 499 at Tal- we are,” he said. “The fear don said. “That’s going to be
ladega. part is pretty far removed. It intense in the final laps. It’s
“That possibility is defi- runs through your mind about being there at the end
nitely there,” Johnson said. quickly when you’re side- and then just how intense it’s
“We’re all learning a lot about ways, but up until then you’re going to be, and hopefully you
the push drafting and how it confident and comfortable and make good decisions.”
works. It just depends on how bouncing off one another,

Rising power – the Ford F-250 Super Duty

I’ll be honest - I don’t live on
a ranch. And I don’t own a
boat or anything that requires
towing around the state. And
really, I have no business
driving around town in a
truck like the redesigned 2011
Ford F-250 Super Duty. But
the opportunity arose for me
to test drive one, and after
some time in this big boy, I
can honestly say that if I did
live on a ranch or had a need
for a truck, this would be the
one I would want in my drive-
way. liter gas engine and the other front is a reminder that behind
is a 6.7 liter turbo-diesel. The it lurks an extremely powerful
Being familiar with the ever- gas engine, which is standard powerplant. Other than that,
so-popular yet smaller F-150, in the Super Duty, delivers the F-250 continues to take on
I thought I would feel right at 385 horsepower and 405 lb-ft the mean, rough and tough
home in the larger F-250. I of torque. Good numbers, stance that it always had.
did, but it was a totally differ- sure, but things really get seri-
ent type of home. The Super ous when you opt for the new As before, the F-250 is avail-
Duty Ford trucks, (F-250s and turbo-diesel. Dishing out 400 able as a regular cab, Super
larger), are built on stronger, horsepower and 800 lb-ft of Cab (extended cab) or crew
more robust platforms than torque, a properly equipped cab. Two-wheel drive is stan-
the F-150 in order to handle F-250 can tow up to 14,000 dard, with four-wheel drive
larger payloads. And for pounds with a conventional available as an option.
2011, Ford gave the Super trailer. If the F-250 is to be
Duty line a revised exterior as used for fifth-wheel towing, it Climbing inside the cabin of
well as new gas and diesel en- can be configured to tow up the big Ford takes a little ef-
gines – giving these new big to 16,500. Payload capacity fort, but once in, a familiar in-
trucks the largest payload ca- is an impressive 4,050 terior awaits the occupants.
pacity and highest towing ca- pounds. Also new is a six- Most of the cabin is a carry-
pabilities in their respective speed transmission, which is over from last year, so the
classes. used for both engines. blocky industrial theme con-
tinues. But the F-250 now
Let’s get down to business by The new exterior styling of uses the same seats as the F-
seeing what makes the Ford the F-250 goes along with the 150. Another new feature in-
F-250 go. The new engines increased ability to get the job cludes more lockable bins
are both V8s – one is a 6.2 done. The blocky grill up throughout the interior. My
favorite new gadget had to be
the 4.2 inch LCD multifunc-
tion display in the instrument
panel. The driver can cus-
tomize it to show fuel
mileage, trip information, or
towing and off road informa-

My F-250 came to me with

the standard gas engine along
with four-wheel drive.
Continues on next page

Ford F-250
Continued from page 30..Dri-
ving the big F-250 is surpris-
ingly easy. While you do feel
its heft, it’s quite manageable.
The ride is pretty impressive
too, but it can be a little jit-
tery on rough surfaces when does well in city living. It is get one. Like a boat. Oh
it’s unloaded. Unfortunately, comfortable, it has a good yeah, and a lot of money.
I didn’t have anything to tow, mean look to it, and it can be
not even a ranch to visit or a counted on when needed. For - Christopher A. Randazzo
barn to park it in, to make the me, all I need is an excuse to
big Ford feel at home. Still,
though, I got the idea that the By The Numbers:
F-250 would be able to han-
dle any task thrown its way. 2011 Ford F-250 Super Duty XLT 4x4
Ford truck owners think so
too as they are the most loyal Base Price: $39,420.00
buyers in the industry. Price as Tested: $46,295.00
Layout: front-engine / four-wheel drive
It amazes me how big, heavy Engine: 6.2 liter V8
trucks made strictly for work Transmission: 6-speed automatic
purposes are fitting more and Horsepower: 385 hp
more in mainstream driving. Torque: 405 ft-lbs
The F-250, as big as it is, [Questions/Comments/Feedback can be sent via email to

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