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ASCII art by tgfcoder
by me frog
Created on December 28, 2003
Last updated on January 02, 2005
Version Final
Rated E (Everyone)
It just won't work. People are too lazy to read my contact section, and I get
things like, "How do I beat Chucklehuck Woods?" (I actually got that one), and "
I put this on my site?" READ THE CONTACT SECION ___PLEASE___!!!!! Three-fourths
my e-mails are things that are already covered in this FAQ. Remember, this FAQ i
complete now, so it likely has all information that you need. If a boss strategy
isn't working for you, you need to explain EXACTLY why it isn't working, and THE
I'll send you an alternate strategy to fit your situation. However, if you need
information on the areas themselves, look in the FAQ. It's all here. Remember th
you should not expect a response if it's already covered, or if it I don't allow
it. Check the Contact section at the end of this guide BEFORE sending me things
check the FAQ to make sure something isn't covered! Thanks!
~me frog
|MAJOR NOTE: This FAQ will be hosted by ONLY GAMEFAQS.COM, IGN.COM, |
|matter how many times I say don't, WAY too many people take my FAQs without |
|my permission. I have grown to trust only these four sites, who haven't |
|actually stolen any type of work from people. Even if you want my FAQ, sorry|
|but thanks to some certain sites, only these four are allowed to host it. |
Note that if you DO steal my FAQs, you will regret it. Seriously regret it.
Stealing someone's work without asking is something that FAQ writers get really
pissed off at. Stealing someone's work and crediting someone else for it is
PLAGIARISM! That is a SERIOUS violation and I assure you, you'll pay dearly if
you plagiarize any of my work.
01/02/05- Final The final update I am making to this FAQ.
01/05/04- 2.0 As of now, the FAQ is TOTALLY complete. I got all the extra stuff
so there likely won't be any more updates for a bit. If there is something I mis
out on, then I'll put it in, but there isn't that much.
01/04/04- 1.75 I added two new chapters, one is complete the other is a little o
half done. Of course, they were totally complete a couple hours ago, but some we
thing happened to Word and I lost everything I had worked on today and couldn't
it back :( So you guys would've had the badges by now, but that's going to have
wait till tomorrow.
01/03/04- 1.6 Okay, so I didn't make my deadline. Shut up. It's done now, and
that's all the matters. Oh, and more stuff added to the items chapter. I should
have the equipment and badges started by tomorrow.
01/02/04- 1.5 Happy New Year! Anyway, I plan to finish this FAQ before school
starts. I got a TON more on the enemies and mini-games chapters. I just might ma
my deadline... Oh, and I added a little tip to fighting Tolstar, although you
shouldn't need any tips for that boss =P
12/31/03- 1.3 Started a new game of Mario and Luigi so I can get through my new
chapters easier, which are in depth mini-game strategies and enemies. They shoul
be done by January 2nd (yeah I place deadlines for myself... isn't that cool?)
because I want to quickly finish up the other chapters before the holiday break
ends (January 6th). Note that the items section, as well as any additional
chapters, are being put on hold until the Mini-Games and Enemies chapters are
complete. Oh yeah, one more thing, I got the bosses HP in.
12/30/03- 1.1 The walkthrough has been completed! Now it's time to start on the
additional chapters... oh yeah, I also added a little more to my introduction.
Finally, one new chapter was added.. I still have a lot more coming, so look out
for new stuff!
12/28/03- .75 Finally, I can do a guide for one of my favorite games! I got a
_TON_ of the walkthrough done already, as well as a bunch of game basics down.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Table of Contents %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
(01) Introduction
(02) Game Basics
(a)10/10 sections in the Game Basics chapter are complete
(03) Controls
(b)2/2 sections in the Controls chapter are complete
(04) Walkthrough
(c)50/50 sections in the Walkthrough chapter are complete
(05) Mini-Game strategies
(d)15/15 sections in the Mini-Games chapter are complete
(06) Enemies
(e)16/16 sections in the Enemies chapter are complete
(e-1)51/51 enemies in the Enemies chapter are complete
(07) Items
(f)5/5 sections in the Items chapter are complete
(08) Equipment
(g)3/3 sections in the Equipment chapter are complete
(09) Badges
(h)1/1 sections in the Badges chapter are complete
(10) Beans
(i)2/2 sections in the Beans chapter are complete
(11) Shop Information
(j)2/2 sections in the Shop Information chapter are complete
(j-1)6/6 shops in the Shop Information chapter are complete
(12) Super Mario Bros. Classic
(k)1/1 sections in the Super Mario Bros. Classic chapter are complete
(13) Contact
(14) Credits/Closing
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Introduction %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
Well, my first Mario FAQ. This should be fun. Since this game came out, I've
always wanted to write a FAQ for it. This is how I came up writing this FAQ. I w
sleeping in my bed and had a dream that the great God o' Games (it was really a
disembodied voice) said, "Oh incredibly sexy me frog, please use your wonderful
and perfect FAQing skills to write FAQ for this game." However, since I had to
live off rentals, it became impossible for me to write one. Now that I got this
game for Christmas, I have it with me full time. So I'm FINALLY able to do a FAQ
one of my favorite games of the year! If you don't know about this game, think o
Paper Mario. Change the story, add Luigi, and have an all new setting. You have
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga.
You might call this Super Mario RPG 3, since it also deserves that name. The las
time Luigi was in his own game was over two years ago, and the last time Luigi
and Mario were in a game together was way back on the old Nintendo systems!
Usually, I'd describe the headers that are seen throughout this FAQ, but since
there are only three different headers used (basically), I won't bother. This gu
will eventually list everything in the game. The guide, the enemies, the items,
equipment, etc. Don't think that this FAQ is going to remain small. You'll
eventually see many different things here. So lets get started with the guide!
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Game Basics %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
The Story
A Goodwill Ambassador has arrived to the Mushroom Kingdom, bearing a gift for
Princess Peach. Upon looking at the gift, which turns out to be weird gas, Peach
faints. The evil with Cackletta has stolen Princess Peach's voice and replaced i
with bombs. Mario and Luigi don't know why, but they don't care at he moment!
Hurry! You have to get Princess Peach's voice back!
The Characters
Mario- our hero. He's been running around for years trying to save Princess Peac
from all types of trouble. He has a variety of different moves up his sleeve, as
well as the traditional jump. Even in Beanbean Kingdom, everyone knows him.
Luigi- Luigi is some dude who follows Mario around. No one cares about him. Next
character please!
Bowser- Bowser is Mario's long time nemesis, who loves Princess Peach. However,
this time he's teaming up with Mario and Luigi to get Peach's voice back. If not
he'll never be able to steal Princess Peach again!
Princess Peach- the wonderful princess of the Mushroom Kingdom is respected by
pretty much everybody. She's constantly finding herself in dangerous situations.
This time, her voice is gone and replaced with bombs. Not good!
Cackletta- Cackletta is the evil witch who stole Princess Peach's voice and
replaced it with bombs. For some reason, she wants Peach's voice but we don't
know why yet. The Mario Bros. don't know that stealing Peach's voice is a single
part of a big plan she has come up with.
Fawful- Cacklettas most loyal sidekick is Fawful. Fawful's name is based of the
laughter sound "guffaw". It can also be based off the English word "awful".
You'll fight Fawful a couple of times throughout the game.
Toadsworth- Toadsworth is Princess Peach's trusted servant. He worries a lot
about her, and is WAY too overprotective about her.
Prince Peasly- Prince Peasly is like Princess Peach in Mushroom Kingdom. He is
respected throughout Beanbean Kingdom and enjoys taking on dangerous missions. H
is also kidnapped, like Peach, early in the game and Mario and Luigi have to sav
him. Also note that the whole screen flashes whenever Peasly throws back his
shiny hair.
Queen Bean- Cackletta turned Queen Bean into a vicious monster after she stole
something very valuable. She is a big, fat women with high spirits. She is also
the Queen of Beanbean Kingdom, and is very well-respected.
Lady Lima- the most trusted advisor of Queen Bean is Lady Lima. She helps you a
lot throughout different points in the game, pointing out useful information and
giving you assignments to go on.
The Beanstar- The Beanstar has the power to grant any wish one desires. However,
people feared that this might lead to terrible evil, so the people of Beanbean
Kingdom cast the Beanstar into a deep sleep. It is said that only one with a
beautiful voice can awaken it...
Popple- a shadow thief who loves to steal different things. He is always after
the same things Mario and Luigi want, so you'll run into him constantly. He also
finds a new assistant, called Rookie.
Rookie- who is Rookie? Mario and Luigi know, but Rookie seems to have amnesia an
doesn't know who he is, so he joins up with Popple to start a life of crime.
Bubbles- the legendary soda maker. He's famous for his Chucklehuck Cola, but he'
a little TOO obsessed with it. For 1000 years, he's been telling jokes to his Co
to make it better and better.
Bobble- the brother of Bubbles. He's completely different, since he's much nicer
and dreams of opening up a Yoshi Theater. He has worked on one for a LONG time
and is almost done when Mario and Luigi show up...
On the adventure field
While you are out adventuring when not in battle, there are many different thing
you can do. The two main things that populate this field are enemies and items.
Enemies walk around everywhere, and you'll constantly find item blocks contain
different things. There area also puzzles and mini-games here, and those are the
two fun things to do while on the field.
Starting a fight with an enemy
There are five ways to start a fight with an enemy. I'll list them here:
Way one - Face to Face
A Face to Face start is basically you and the enemy touching each other with no
one jumping or tripping. If you simply walk into an enemy, you'll start the batt
with no advantages. However, the enemy will also have no advantages.
Way two - Jump and Attack
You can also jump on an enemy to start a fight. Jumping on an enemy will
instantly damage that enemy when you enter the field of battle. You won't damage
them that much, but you'll damage every enemy in the battle. You can only do the
Jump and Attack method with regular enemies. Bosses instantly engage with you. N
that performing Jump and Attack on an enemy with a spike or pointy thing on its
head will damage you as well.
Way three - Stun and Attack
This is similar to Jump and Attack, but Stun and Attack guarantees that Mario an
Luigi will attack first. To do the Stun and Attack method, strike an enemy with
your hammer. You'll start the battle with the enemies dazed. They won't be able
to attack until both Mario and Luigi go.
Way four - Failed Jump Attempt
Way four is a Jump and Attack method gone wrong. You want to avoid this at all
costs. When the front character tries to jump on the enemy and the back characte
then walks into the enemy, the back character will trip. You'll start the battle
with whoever was in the back on the ground. This character will not be able to
dodge any attacks until their turn comes.
Way five - Enemy's Stun and Attack
This happens rarely, but it happens. Basically, if an enemy sneaks up on you or
if an enemy falls on you, one of your characters will trip. Like the Failed Jump
Attempt method, the character that tripped won't be able to dodge until their
turn comes.
Fighting enemies
Fighting enemies in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga is like fighting enemies in
almost all other RPGs. Basically, each character takes their turn attacking each
other. You have a variety of different moves you can use during battle, and the
enemy usually has one move that they use over and over. Bosses sometimes have 2+
HP an BP
Like in all other RPGs, HP is your main source of power. Without it, you can't
function or attack. Each time you get attacked by an enemy, you lose a little bi
of HP. When your HP hits zero, Mario or Luigi will fall and they won't be able t
attack any longer. If both Mario and Luigi fall during battle, the game ends. If
a character falls in battle, but you still end the battle, don't worry about tha
character not being able to fight for the rest of the time. In the adventure
field, each character can never go below one HP, so you can use special healing
items to restore a character's HP to the max. You can also revive characters in
battle, though not by healing items. If you use a special type of mushroom, you
revive a character to half or full HP.
This is useful during boss battles when you are wiped. There are also many
different types of healing items that you can use. Some restore HP to only one
character, while others restore HP to both characters.
There are also BP, or Brother Points. You use these to do special attacks that
involve both Mario and Luigi. They are usually more powerful attacks, but they
require you to practice them. If you mess up while doing a Brother Attack, you'l
do very little damage. But if you do well during a Bros. Attack, you'll do a gre
deal of damage. If you run out of BP, you can use special items to restore it.
Unlike some other games (SOME others), Mario and Luigi don't automatically gain
Brother Points throughout battles. You must use items constantly.
Dodging and countering attacks
Dodging and countering are two very important things that you must master quickl
if you hope to survive. When enemies attack you, you can either jump or use your
hammer to avoid an attack. However, you can also counter an attack. Let's say
that a Goomba is running forward to attack Mario. When it charges at Mario, Mari
can jump onto the Goomba to avoid the attack and cause additional damage! To dod
with a hammer, get your hammer ready right before the enemy attacks. When the en
does attack, release the button to damage the enemy or knock away the attack. Bo
of these techniques are explained in the game, too.
Brother Attacks
Probably one of the most important things in the game. Brother Attacks are uniqu
and original abilities that use both Mario and Luigi. However, if one brother is
dazed, knocked out, or not with you, you can not perform a Brother Attack. Also,
you must have BP (Brother Points) to do these special attacks. Bros. Attacks
require you to push a combination of the A and B buttons at
certain times. Also, the more you perform a Bros. Attack, the better Mario and
Luigi become with it. Eventually you'll upgrade a Bros. Attack to an "Advanced"
Bros. Attack, which is more powerful. The game doesn't tell you when the attack
is upgraded, so you'll just have to notice it yourself. There are three differen
levels of each Bros. Attack.
The first level is the easiest, and what you should always do when you are tryin
out a new Bros. Attack. The second level should be used once you've mastered the
attack, and the third level is only for experts. However, the higher the level,
the less BP the attack costs and the more powerful the attack is.
~~~Level One~~~
At first, an Bros. Attack is always set at this level. Here, you'll perform the
attack Matrix style, in slow motion. The buttons that you have to press will
flash on the screen at the proper time. This is the easiest level.
~~~Level Two~~~
You must use the L or R button to select this level before using a Bros. Attack.
Here, you have to perform the attack very quickly. The buttons you have to press
still flash on the screen, but you have to react to the buttons almost right
after they are shown.
~~~Level Three~~~
This is a difficult level, but it is also the most powerful one. Here, you have
to perform the attack quickly and with no buttons flashing on the screen at all.
The best way to get to this level is to practice level two a lot, until you've
memorized when you have to press the buttons.
Note that if you do not press a button at the correct time, or fail to press a
button, the amount of damage you cause will be reduced. And if you run out of
Brother Points, you cannot do a Bros. Attack. Use different types of Syrup to
restore BP.
Extra damage during solo attacks
You can perform additional damage when doing solo attacks here. You should maste
these addition damage moves in an instant, and should always do them from then
on. They are very simple to perform. For jumping, simply press A right before yo
hit the enemy. If you do not stumble when you land, then you will have dealt the
extra damage. For hammers, get your hammer ready, then release the button when y
hammer starts to shake. If you do this correctly, the head of the hammer should
fall off.
Gaining experience and leveling up
Getting experience and level up are two of the most important things in any RPG,
and Mario and Luigi is no exception. Whenever you win a battle, you'll gain
experience points. The experience is split between both brothers. If you have on
brother down, then the brother alive will gain all the experience. You'll usuall
want both Mario and Luigi to be balanced when leveling up, but Luigi will
eventually get ahead since there are many times when Luigi must fight on his own
Whenever a character gets enough experience, they'll level up. When someone
levels up, all of their status increase a bit, but you also get to choose a stat
that you can increase even more.
Here are the stats:
HP- the amount of hit points you have
BP- the amount of Brother Points you have
Attack- how powerful your attacks are. The higher this stat is, the more damage
your attacks will do.
Defense- how strong your defense is. The high this stat is, the less damage enem
attacks will do.
Speed- how fast your character is. If you have high speed, your characters shoul
be able to attack first
Statche- this is basically your Luck stat. The higher it is, the better chances
you have of getting critical hits during battle. Also, you'll receive rarer item
whenever you win battles. In addition to all that, stores give you discounts if
your Stache level is high.
At first, it may seem like a good idea to constantly give the bonus to your HP.
But what good is having high HP if you have low everything else? Try to balance
everything, and always make sure that your HP, Attack, and Defense ratings are
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Controls %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
The controls are very simple here, and you should have them down in no time:
Select- Pause the game and enter the menu screen.
Start- switch the front and back characters
A/B- A is to jump with the front character, while B is to jump with the back
L/R- switch the Bros. Actions (found at the top-right corner of the screen)
Special moves
~~~~~~~~~~Adventure Field Moves~~~~~~~~~~
High Jump
Bros. Action symbol- a yellow arrow pointing up
Learned- Stardust Fields
When Luigi is in the back, press B to jump onto Mario. Press B again and Luigi
and Mario will fly up high than a normal jump.
Spin Jump
Bros. Action Symbol- an arrow pointing up with a yellow line running around it
Learned- Stardust Fields
When Mario is in the back, press B once. Press B again and push the control stic
in the direction you want to go to spin in the air for a short amount of time.
Bros. Action symbol- it's, well, a hammer!
Learned: Hoohoo Village
Press A (front character) or B (back character) to use your hammer, breaking
boulders or attacking enemies.
Bros. Action Symbol- no direct symbol
Learned- Chateau de Chucklehuck
With Luigi in the back, whack Mario with the hammer. Mario will shrink down to
the size of a mouse. Now, he can fit through tiny holes to access areas that
couldn't be reached any other way. To bring Mario back to normal size, whack Mar
with the hammer again.
Bros. Action Symbol- no direct symbol
Learned: Chateau de Chucklehuck
With Mario in the back, whack Luigi with the hammer. Luigi will go into the
ground. This is useful for getting under gates or digging up things out of the
ground. To get back out of the ground, press A.
Bros. Action Symbol- a white glove
Learned: Thunder Palace
As Luigi, hold A/B (depending on if you're in the front or back) to charge up
electricity. Release to shock nearby things. This is useful if you want to
electrocute something in the area.
Bros. Action Symbol- a white glove
Learned: Fire Palace
As Mario, hold A/B (depending on if you're in the front or back) to charge up
fire. Release to burn nearby things. This is useful if you want to light torches
open areas.
Electric Attachment
Bros. Action Symbol- no direct symbol
Learned: Gwarhar Lagoon
Put Luigi in the back and charge his Thunderhand. Release the button to shock
Mario, and attach Mario to Luigi. You can now move backwards or sideways this
way, which becomes helpful later on.
Flaming Dash
Bros. Action Symbol- no direct symbol
Learned: Gwarhar Lagoon
Put Mario in the back and charge his Firehand. Release the button to burn Luigi.
This will cause Luigi to dash forward at a high speed. Luigi will continue to
dash until you enter an area, hit
a wall, press A, or move the control stick in a different direction that the one
you're dashing in. You can now charge into things to move them aside, which
becomes helpful later on.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Walkthrough %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |

Prologue: Before your adventure
The first scene will have some fireworks before the Mushroom Kingdome. The
Beanbean Ambassador will tell Peach she wishes to improve ties with the Mushroom
Kingdom, and offer a gift. The gift is actually an oh-so-wonderful poisonous gas
that knocks out Princess Peach. Toad will rush to Lugi, who's doing the laundry.
Toad will ask Luigi if he saw the Kingdom Courier, and then rush past Luigi,
leaving him in the dust. Toad will call to Mario and you'll have control of
Toad. Run to the back of the first floor and enter the door there. Toad will see
Mario in the bathroom and freak. He'll run out and straight into a drawer and
fall to the ground. Mario will come out in a towel and jump on Toad to get him
Toad will mumble about Princess Peach and Mario will rush out. He'll grab some
clothes and rush to the castle, dragging poor Luigi behind... literally. Luigi
will accidentally run into Bowser, and Bowser will take is as a surprise attack.
You'll engage in a training battle. You'll learn about everything here, so
listen closely to Toad. Bowser will stop and tell Mario that it's not the time
to be fighting. Toad will explain that the Goodwill Ambassador stole Peach's
voice and replaced it with explosive vocabulary. Nice description :) Preach will
try to speak and bombs will fly out of her mouth. Bowser will be all upset since
kidnapping the princess in her condition will cause his castle to be wrecked.
Bowser will offer to help, since he won't be able to kidnap her until her voice
is back.
Peach will say a huge "paragraph" and everyone will run away before the bombs
Departing on your adventure!
Before you leave for the Koopa Cruiser, it's time to grab a few items. Go to
your left and you'll spot a bunch of bushes. You can jump on the light green
ones. So jump onto the light green bush and from there, jump onto the dark green
bush. There is an item block with a mushroom near here, so jump to it to get a
mushroom. In the southwest area, right by the white building, press "A" (you
have to be on the bush) to get a "precious item". Hmmm... Go up north and you'll
see a blue Toad. Talk to him to get a 1-Up mushroom. Now go all the way to the
left and you'll see a mushroom on a bush. Grab it and the kid will ask if you're
giving it to him. Say yes, and he'll let you keep the mushroom you got and he'll
also give you a super mushroom.
Now jump up to a bush with another item block. Hit it for a mushroom. Now that
you have all the mushrooms you can get, talk to the worried koopa running
around. Tell him to go north and he'll run off. Follow him and you'll enter
another part of town. You'll see a floating block with an "S" on it. Those are
save albums and they allow you to save your game, so save whenever you get the
chance. Now head north, but you'll be stopped by Toadster. He'll give you a
suitcase to hold items and then he'll give you 100 COINS to take on your
journey. Once he's gone, continue heading north. Go up to the Koopa Cruiser and
Mario will jump on. Luigi will start to say goodbye to Mario and Bowser will ask
Luigi if he's coming also.
Luigi will freak and start to run away. He'll be knocked back by a Bowser baddie
and then run off. Bowser will grab Luigi with a giant claw and you'll be inside
the Cruiser!
The Koopa Cruiser
When you're inside the Cruiser, Bowser will get Mario and... the other green
dude's attention and tell them to arrange everything in their suitcase. You can
now walk around the Cruiser and talk to everyone. Go to the next area, and hit
the block for a coin. You can't hit the block that's hovering over the two
baddies, so don't try. Head south and right to enter the next area. Try to go
north, but the photographer will stop you and ask for passports. He'll tell you
to open your suitcase and grab them, so do so. However, you won't be able to
continue since you don't have pictures. So let him take your photos (you can
strike some funny poses while doing so, and they'll be on your passport for
Go north, and smash the block by the crates to get a mushroom. Go right, but
don't climb the stairs yet. Head south and hit the block for another mushroom,
then talk to the baddie. Turns out he's the one who you helped back at town, so
as thanks, he'll give you a 1-Up mushroom. Now head up the stairs and run into
the barrel here to break it. When you try to leave, you'll be stopped. Let the
baddie teach you how to fight as a pair, so break the barrel to engage in
another training fight. Do as the baddie says, and then fight it out like you
would a regular fight when the baddie leaves. It's a very easy battle, and
you'll gain four experience points when you win. Continue down south, and you'll
encounter another barrel blocking your way.
Go and break it and two more goombas will pop out. This is the first battle
you'll have without any help, but it's fairly simply. Mario will gain a level
here. Leveling up is important, so choose wisely what you want to level up.
Next, you'll see a baddie running around trying to capture a goomba. He'll
explain to you about surprise attacks and you'll get to fight another battle
here. This is starting to get fun, isn't it? Once you win, Luigi should gain a
level. You get to fight a second battle after that, so do so. Now, head up the
stairs to the next level. The baddie here will mention save albums, so that
should tell you that there's one nearby. Go north and save your game, then
continue on.
Move on and you'll find that a bunch of cargo blocks the path to the deck. No
worries though. Go up and hit the block to activate the Pinch Crane. Not
surprisingly, it'll yank Luigi up by the head. You'll then be up at the deck.
Luigi will be hanging from the crane, looking out for anything. Luigi will
suddenly freak and a bomb will hit the Cruiser, which pisses Bowser off. The
evil witch Cackletta will appear and Bowser will tell her off for pulling an
evil plan like stealing Peach's voice. She'll leave, but her sidekick Fawful
will stay to deal with Mario and that other dude. Fawful will knock Bowser out,
leaving Mario and his disgruntled sidekick to deal with the battle.
BOSS: Fawful
HP: 30
Experience: None
Coins: None
This is your first boss battle, and it's an easy one. Just use the Bros. Action
with Mario and Luigi. Bowser will stir and tell the brothers that to dodge
Fawful's attacks, _watch the color of the text_. If it's red, he's attacking
Mario. Green means he's attacking Luigi. Remember that you CAN'T dodge the
fireballs, they'll only harm you. Fawful can also attack both brothers, one
after another. When he says "Have you ready for this?" he's going to attack
both. The color of the word "this" shows who he's attacking, and he'll attack
the other brother right after. Eventually, Fawful will lose his ability to fly
and fall to the ground. Now he'll charge at you. You're able to counter this,
but you won't be able to tell who he's attacking until he actually attacks.
In the Stardust Fields
When you defeat Fawful, he'll send bombs all over the deck and the Cruiser will
explode. Oh, nice. Cut to Mario and Luigi falling to Stardust Fields. Luigi will
be the first to jump up and he'll have to pull Mario out of the ground. Mario
will fly up and land on Luigi, pushing HIM into the ground =P Now head to your
left and you'll see all the baddies lying on the ground, not able to move. Cross
the bridge to enter a castle. You'll meet the trusty Hammer Brothers here.
They'll tell Mario and Luigi that they can't pass until they play a little
jumping game. You simply have to jump over the border line and keep jumping
until the flag in the background hits the top. However, mess up three times and
the game ends.
This game is a little tough, but you'll get it eventually. Besides, you can't
pass if you don't win :( They always stick to the same pattern, so it gets
easier as you play more. Once you win, they'll allow you to pass. Cross the
bridge but one brother will stop you. He'll give you a Beanbean Map as a reward
for being the first people to win the game and cross the boarder. You should
spot a giant warp pipe once the brother leaves. Enter it to mark it down on your
map. The game calls that warp pipe WARP PIPE ONE so we'll call it that also.
When you find other warp pipes, you'll be able to use them to get around the
Kingdom quickly. Then head south to get to the next area. Here, the sign tells
you how to jump across the Spiky Stardust Defense System (the ropes).
Just press A to jump with Mario then press B right after to jump with Luigi.
There are three ropes you have to jump across. Don't worry, you don't lose HP if
you mess up, you just have to jump over that rope again. On the other side there
is a handy mushroom that you can grab. Then head south and turn left. You have
to jump over two more ropes here. On the other side is a second mushroom. Grab
it and head across the bridge into the next area. Here, you'll finally be in a
field of enemies. These guys are called Fighter Flys, and they're pretty easy.
You should notice some blocks on a couple of ledges here, but you can't get to
those ledges yet. At the end, go left and cross the bridge to be in the next
There is a save album here, so save your game. Hop on the steps (both brothers
need to jump onto the steps or you won't be able to continue. Bowser will be
stuck in a cannon but a strange fat dude will fall down. It turns out to be
Tolstar, the king of Stardust Fields. It turns out that the coins you have only
total to about ten Beanbean coins, so you'll have to go and search Stardust
Fields for 100 Beanbean coins. Oh, exciting. Go across the bridge that Tolstar
made appear to begin your search. There's nothing in the next area, so head
north. Here, there are some Fighter Flys. Defeat them for some coins and then
you'll spot your first Brothers Block. You can get a good amount of coins from
Head to the next area. Drop down and rush to the block near the south. Hit it
nine times to get nine coins. Now head up the stairs and drop down. There's a
block here with a mushroom. Defeat the Fighter Flies here also, and you'll
notice in battle that there are some cannons as well. Defeat these guys to get a
couple of coins. Now head up the two sets of stairs to come to two strange
yellow blocks. Read the sign to learn about them, then jump onto them. Head over
to the other side to find a brothers block containing a couple of coins. Once
you have the coins, drop back down and head up the first set of stairs again.
Drop off the ledge and go across the bridge to the next area. Hit the block here
to get Syrup. Now climb up the dirt hill and stop in front of the star. Sergeant
Starshade will pop out.
Watch the extremely strange cut-scene here, and then the dudes will realize that
they're looking at Mario and Luigi. They'll teach you Brothers Action, which is
an absolute MUST if you wish to continue collecting coins. So listed to their
explanations, then they'll set up a test for you. Use the High Jump and Spin
Jump actions you just learned to reach the flag at the top of the cliff. Make
sure you grab the mushroom on your way to the flag. The two army men will leave.
Drop down to a lower area to get another Syrup, then head south to enter the
next area. Go all the way south in this area to find a save album and a Fighter
Fly. Climb the dirt here to engage in another Fighter Fly, and then a second
one right after.
Now use the Super Jump to get up to the ledge with the block. You can hit it
nine times for nine coins. Check your coin count now. You should have at least
fifty, so we're halfway done! Now climb down the dirt and use the Super Jump to
reach the ledge on the far left. Go across the bridge to the next area. The
Starshade Brothers will appear again. They'll teach you how to use the High Jump
and Spin jump during battles, which can deal lots of damage. They'll appear with
six Fighter Flys, which freak Mario and Luigi out. However, they'll instantly
KO five of them, so you only have to battle one. Listen closely, since these
attacks will benefit you greatly. Once the Starshade brothers leave, go left to
the next area.
Drop down the ledges here and you'll spot four enemies. Defeat them and you'll
gain good experience and TONS of coins. Once you've defeat them all, use the
Super Jump to get onto the high ledge near the back of the area. There's a
Brothers Block up here, so attack it to get some coins. Now, climb up the dirt.
Drop down onto the ledge with the block when you reach the top. The block has
about nine coins in it. Return to the high ledge and jump onto the bicycle.
Remember how to use these? Press the control pad in the direction you want to go
and alternate pressing A and B. Go across to get a couple of coins. Check your
coin count now. You should have one-hundred coins. Head back across using the
bicycle and take the left path, across the bridge.
You're back where Tolstar is. Make sure you save here, and then go to Tolstar
and hand in the hundred coins and he'll break his promise. He'll fly over and
attack Mario and Luigi. This is your first _REAL_ boss.
BOSS: Tolstar
HP: 52
Experience gained: 15 each brother
Coins gained: The amount of coins you collected for Tolstar.
This is an easy boss, but if you aren't careful he can take you out. Before, I
didn't think Tolstar gave any hint to who he was attacking, but it turns out he
does. Despite the fact that he claims the arm he throws with won't help you figu
out who he's aiming for, it will. If he throws with the left hand, it's going fo
Mario. If he uses the right hand, he's going for Luigi. All he has are spiked
balls, he won't run over and attack you himself. That means no countering :( Onc
you damage him enough, he'll start bouncing the spiked balls. So you'll have to
watch to see if jumping is safe or not. Once you damage him a lot, he'll make a
comment and start throwing TWO spiked balls, one right after the other. You
should have tons of healing items, so don't be afraid to use one if you get low
on HP.
As for attacking, Brother Actions aren't necessary. When you defeat him, he'll
turn into tons of stars.
Once Tolstar is gone, a dude will appear out of the yellow military star and lig
the fuse of the cannon that Bowser is in, sending him out of sight. Save your ga
and use Mario's Spin Jump to cross the gap. Cross the bridge and enter the cave.
Cross the two bridges here and go through the door. You'll be inside the main ca
Use Luigi's Super Jump to reach the high ledge and hit the block for a mushroom.
Drop down and head to the left. Hit the block here for a second mushroom, then h
south to enter Hoohoo Village.
Exploring Hoohoo Village
Upon entering Hoohoo Village, try to cross the bridge. Three guards will back
Mario and Luigi up to the cave. They'll order that the Mario Bros. return Prince
Peasly. Apparently, there's some misunderstanding going on here. Mario and Luigi
will try to explain, then Tolstar will appear and tell the guards who they are.
The guards will apologize, and explain that their town's prince was kidnapped by
a strange guy with a helmet who liked fink-rats (remember someone who spoke of
those?) Once they let you go, continue on to Hoohoo Village. When you enter, fee
free to explore and talk to people. There isn't anything you can grab, but
you'll learn that Hoohoo Mountain rests near here, and that people say that
Prince Peasly was taken up to the summit of the mountain.
Head back to the village entrance and take the lower set of stairs. Enter the
house here to be inside a cave with three blocks. Two of them contain coins, and
the center one has a mushroom. Exit the cave and head all the way left to find
another block. Hit it to grab another mushroom. Return to the top level and head
all the way to the left and into the next area. Save your game here. Don't
bother heading up the stairs and to the next area. There's nothing there (at the
moment). So enter the cave door next to the sign instead. Cross the bridge here
and hop onto the ledge. There's a block with a mushroom. After grabbing the
mushroom, head north, jumping from ledge to ledge until you reach the top. Use
two Spin Jumps to get all the way across.
Enter the next area. Drop down the ledge here and hit the question mark box for
a mushroom. There is also a Brothers Block here to get a few extra coins from.
Head south and you'll exit the cave. Hit the block to your left for a mushroom,
then head over to the bridge. The first block here has a Syrup and the second
has some coins. Cross the bridge to find two more blocks. The first block has a
couple of coins, and the second has a mushroom. Now, you see that little pool of
water? Switch to Mario and stand in front of it. Mario will drink too much and
get over-hydrated. Head south and cross the small bridge to your left. Stand
RIGHT in front of the fan and use Luigi's high jump. Mario will spit the water
into the fan, causing a mushroom to pop out.
You can spray water into the fan at any time now and each time you do it, you'll
get a coin. For now, head back to the area with the pond and jump over the ledge
blocking your way. Enter the cave and go straight up. You'll see a koopa who
looks drunk. He'll claim that nothing could move him out of the way, but he'll
add "I think..." so there MUST be something, right? Now, backtrack all the way
to where the save point was. You might have noticed a small bridge while we were
here before. So head all the way south and head left, crossing the small bridge.
Head to the next area. You can talk to the people here, but they have nothing
important to say so continue. Head forward a little and you'll meet Fawful.
He'll throw a fireball at a guard and then come over to you.
He'll taunt you and then drop a huge rock, blocking your path. He'll then leave.
Now you need to return to the area with the save point. Save if you wish, but
then cross the bridge to your left (the one I told you to avoid earlier). Enter
the house here to meet the Hammerhead Bros. They'll be trying to make a hammer
out of a stone, but it'll break. They'll explain that they need Hoohoo Blocks to
make a hammer, but they can't get them since no one can get up to the summit. So
have Mario and Luigi jump, meaning that they'll agree to getting some Hoohoo
Blocks. In return, they'll make you a hammer. Once you're done talking with the
Hammer Bros., exit the house. The bridge has been finished, so you can continue
west to Hoohoo Mountain.
Scaling Hoohoo Mountain
Upon entering Hoohoo Mountain, head to your left. You'll spot your first enemy
here, a Beanie. Hop up the ledges and you'll encounter another Beanie. Now,
instead of climbing the ledges, go north into the little alcove to find a block
with a mushroom. Now hop up the ledges and fight the Beanie. Use the High Jump
to reach the next ledge, then jump up to the Beanie. Use a Spin Jump to reach
the ledge to your right. Once you get to the other side, use a high jump to
reach the high ledge on the left. Run to the other side and Spin Jump to the
ledge with the block, which holds a Syrup. Head back across the high ledge and
enter the next area. There are lots of enemies here, and there is a new enemy
that helps: the Dry Bone.
Problem with the Dry Bone is that you can't tell who it's going to attack, so
you'll have to be quick. Drop down and fight some more enemies, then return to
the start of this area. Climb up all the ledges, using High Jumps when
necessary. Spin Jump into the whirlwind, then quickly cross over the big gap.
Enter the next area and climb the stairs. There's a weird, fiery creature here,
but pay no attention to it for now. Head to the west, past the sign, and into
the next area. Jump up the small ledges and use a High Jump to reach the ledge
with a Syrup. Now head all the way left until you reach the pond. Over-hydrate
Mario and head to the fiery creature that you just passed (not the one in the
past area, the one in this area).
Use a High Jump on Mario in front of the fiery enemy to put out the flame and
cause a Whirlwind to appear. Get onto the ledge that held the Syrup, and Spin
Jump into the Whirlwind. Now spin all the way to the left and onto another
ledge. At the north of this ledge is a save point, so be sure to save your game.
Now use a Spin Jump to cross the gap over the watering hole. Drop down to the
Brothers Block for a few coins, then start to climb up all the ledges, using
High Jumps when you need to. Enter the next area when you reach the top. There's
a couple of enemies here so defeat them for experience and coins. Now go all the
way easy and fill Mario up with water. Spit the water out onto the fiery enemy
to reveal another whirlwind.
We're not going to do anything with the whirlwind for now, so head to the right
and into the next area. Defeat all the enemies here before you do anything else.
Now go back to the area we were just in and fill Mario with water. Head back to
the current area and extinguish the flames to reveal a whirlwind. Once again,
head back to the previous area. Go to the left and jump up onto the ledges. Use
a Spin Jump to get to the ledge with the whirlwind, and use the whirlwind to get
to the high ledge on the east side. Exit this area. Use a Spin Jump in the next
area and fly to the whirlwind. Let the whirlwind send you across. You'll be sent
to a ledge with an "!" block. Hit it to turn on the water a few areas back (the
area where we first saw the fiery enemy).
Drop off the platform on your east side and defeat the enemy here. Head south
and wa la! You're in the area with the water that we just turned on. So fill
Mario up and put out the fiery enemy in this area. Use a Spin Jump and you'll be
sent into two whirlwinds before being dropped. Head into the next area. There's
a save album here and who doesn't like a save album? Afterwards, talk to the big
glowing gold thing in the center of the four pillars. It'll tell you that to
continue, you need to collect 10 Hoohoo Spirits within 30 seconds. However, you
can't fall on the ledges. Spin Jump from ledge to ledge to collect the spirits.
You can't progress until you complete this mini-game, so don't stop until you
finish it.
Once you complete the mini-game, you have another challenge: defeat the statue
HP: 80
Experience: 30 each brother
Coins: 24
This is a fun boss battle. At first, Hoohooros will disappear under two pillars.
Watch which pillar he disappears under, and attack the pillar that he ISN'T in.
Whenever the pillar that Hoohooros is in is attacked, he'll switch pillars. If
you destroy the pillar that he isn't in at first, he'll just reveal himself. I
haven't been able to beat this guy any other way. His only attack is a blue
laser beam, but it can be annoying. He can shoot it at one brother, and it's
usually Mario. However, he can also fire it in a sweeping motion, so both Mario
and Luigi are going to have to jump to avoid it. Once you damage Hoohooros
enough, both pillars will start to fire laser beams. Still, it's easy to avoid.
DON'T waste your Brother Actions on the pillars.
They can be taken out easily without using them. However, I suggest you use them
on Hoohooros, since it shortens the battle.
Once you defeat Hoohooros, he'll vanish and make a ledge pop out of the stone,
allowing you to continue. First, save your game. Then jump on the ledge that was
just revealed and use a High Jump to get to the ledge on your right. Go down to
the bottom of the ledge and use a Spin Jump to reach the tall pillar with a
block that contains a Syrup. Now return to the ledge and High Jump onto the
ledge on your right. Go to the end of it and use a Spin Jump to reach a pillar
containing a mushroom. Return to the ledge on the left and use a high jump to
reach the tall ledge here. Head forward to the next area. Defeat the enemy here
before you do anything else. Then hit the "!" box in the far left corner. This
will turn on the water here.
Head back to the right and hop over the ledge. Climb the stairs and use a Spin
Jump to reach the next ledge. Head to the very south tip of this ledge and climb
the stairs, or what's left of them. Do another Spin Jump here. On the next
ledge, use a High Jump to get up to yet another ledge. This part can be tricky.
Use a high jump, but you'll have to shift to the right a little before moving
forward, otherwise you won't be going anywhere. Fill Mario up with water and
walk all the way to the right here. It looks like there's no way to get back,
since you can't jump and the wall is blocking your way. But there's a little
cave behind the wall that you can go through. Drop off the ledge at the end and
head to the fiery enemy.
Put the fire out to make another whirlwind appear. Head up to the ledge with the
spikes above it. Use the whirlwind to be blown to another ledge, and use a High
Jump to get to the next ledge. The block here contains a Syrup, so grab it and
head north to the next area. Head west, fighting the enemies as you see them. At
the far end, there's a block with a nice 1-Up Mushroom. Now head back to the
start of this area. Use a High Jump to reach the stairs and then climb them. Now
you'll have to time your Spin Jump, so you end up in the whirlwind (it's moving
back and forth). As it starts to come toward you, spin over and you should land
in it. On the next ledge, head to the tip and Spin Jump to get across the gap.
Climb the stairs and head north to the next area.
Head left and climb some ledges here. Climb the stairs, but drop down so that
you can fight the enemies. When the enemy is down, head left and use two Spin
Jumps to get across the two gaps. Fight the enemy here, then drop down and hit
the block, which has a mushroom. Now, use a High Jump to get up on the ledge
behind the stationary whirlwind. Spin Jump into the whirlwind and let it send
you to the right. Climb the ledges and use Spin Jumps to get across the gaps. On
the other side, there's two item boxes with a mushroom and a syrup. Now use a
high jump on the ledge to your right, and then drop down a ledge. Head to the
edge of the ledge you're on and go up. Climb the stairs here and head north to
the next area.
This here's the summit. Go all the way around the lake (DON'T go to the left
yet) to find a save album. Save and head right to find a strange creature
sleeping. Run into the stone and you'll kick it, awakening the creature. He'll
yell at you that it's a Hoohoo Block. The guy will reveal himself as
Blablanadon, who the townsfolk were all talking about. Suddenly, the egg will
start to hatch, and the Hoohoo Block will roll and fall all the way down the
summit and through the Hammerhead Bros. chimney. The dragon will spit something
out at Blablanadon which will send him far away. Time to engage in battle now!
BOSS: Dragohoho
HP: 80
Experience: 100
Coins: 34
This is a tough boss, unlike the last two. You'll want to constantly be using
your Brothers Action, since they deal 10-12 damage each! You probably have TONS
of Syrup, so you don't need to worry about BP. You can tell which brother he's
going to attack by the way his head moves before he spits out the ball. If he
doesn't move his head, he's attacking Luigi. If his head moves up before he
attacks, he's attacking Mario. After you deal some damage to Dragohoho, he'll
spit out a stone, which is really close to Mario and Luigi. This isn't good,
since you have almost no time to dodge attacks then. So focus on destroying the
stone if one appears (you should have no problem destroying it without Brother
Remember, you need to keep using mushrooms to heal yourself although once you
master dodging Dragohoho's attacks, they aren't needed.
The dragon will shrink and reveal himself as Prince Peasley. He'll tell the
brothers (and Blablanadon, who has come back) that he was transformed into a
dragon by Cackletta and Fawful. He'll then tell Mario and his wimpy sidekick to
visit the Queen Bean in Beanbean Castle. Then he'll give that unworthy green dud
a rose, and explain that he can get into the castle with that.Blablanadon will
drop Mario and Luigi back down to Hoohoo Village, so you don't have to climb all
the way down the mountain again.
Hoohoo Village and descending the mountain
When you get back to Hoohoo Village, head west again and save your game. Now
head back to the Hammerhead Bros. house. They'll make you a trusty hammer,
and then they'll tell you that they made TWO hammers, so each brother gets one.
They'll teach you how to use your hammer, so listen up. When they are done
talking to you, head to the right and use your new hammer to smash the boulder.
Hit the block here for a Nut. Now go back and save your game. Remember when
Fawful dropped that boulder, blocking your path? Well return there (accessed by
the lower bridge). Smash the boulder with your hammer to continue your quest.
You should see a bridge on a ledge. High Jump up to the ledge and go across the
Hit the block here for a Nut. Drop down and head south. There are lots of
boulders in this area, but you want to make your way to the bottom-right hand
corner. Smash the boulders blocking your way and then smash the peg into the
ground. You'll activate some water here, so fill up Mario and head to the bottom
left corner. Cool the flames down with the water and then simply smash it with
your hammer. Continue on to the next area. There's a Brothers Block here, so hit
it to get a few coins. Now head down the stairs to find a save album. Save your
game and ignore the boulders blocking the cave for now. Keep going right until
you reach a bridge with four blocks on it. You can get two mushrooms and two
Syrups from these blocks.
Now head back to the previous area and smash the boulder blocking the entrance
to the cave. Inside the cave are two mine carts an old man. Talk to the man
and he'll explain that you need to ride in the carts to get to the other side.
So ask him to explain the game to you. To shine your flashlight, press A and
move the control stick up or down. You can jump with the A button once your
flashlight is out and then the man will tell you how to get some diamonds. He'll
then explain about dodging obstacles and then the man will explain about
batteries. Once he's done explaining, you'll start the real thing. To finish the
game, you need to collect 10 DIAMONDS. The mini-game is fairly simple, as long
as you avoid the few obstacles placed in your way.
Once you're done, then you can ask to ride again for some beans, but I didn't.
Just head south to exit the cave. Make sure to hit the save point outside to
save your game. The two blocks here contain a mushroom and a Nut. Smash the
boulders blocking the bridge to get to the next area. When you try to leave,
someone will tell you to wait. The Hammerhead Bros. will appear and they'll
teach you how to use the hammers during a battle. This is useful information
that will help you during fights, so make sure you understand all of it before
leaving. When they're gone, head north and climb the stairs to the next area.
Hit the two blocks here for a mushroom and Syrup. Then head all the way south
until you enter a new place (the music will change).
The Northwest and West Beanbean Regions
When you exit, follow the only path given, dropping down ledges as you go. There
are some Sharpeas here, which you can't jump on. That means you have a perfect
opportunity to try out your new hammer attacks and defense! Head south at the
end of the path to get to the next area. The sign tells you that Beanbean Castle
Town is just ahead. Drop down the ledges here, defeating the enemies that pop
out of the ground. Head to the next area, located near the south. You're now in
the West Beanbean region. This is a short area, so just wander around and defeat
all the enemies. Once all of the enemies here are gone, head to the right and
cross the stone bridge. You're now in Beanbean Castle Town.
Beanbean Town and Beanbean Castle
When you enter Beanbean Castle Town, you'll find it all wrecked, which will
freak out the brothers. One guy will take a few steps forward, then collapse.
Rush over to him to learn that the town was attacked. Talk to everyone else here
to learn that Cackletta went and attacked when the troops were looking for
Prince Peasly. You'll also learn of Beanstar, who lives in the castle. The only
thing you can enter is the item shop, which is the only thing here with an open
door. Only three things are available: Mushrooms, Syrup, and Refreshing Herbs. I
suggest getting three or four Refreshing Herbs before continuing your journey.
Now go around the shop and up the stairs next to the sign. This is Beanbean
When you enter Beanbean Castle, hit the save album. Head north up the path and
try to enter the castle. You'll be stopped by two guards and they'll ask you to
explain who you are. So Mario will introduce him and Luigi. Jump up to prove
that you're Mario and the guards will ask Mario's business. Watch the scene,
it's pretty funny. Luigi will flash the rose that he got from Peasly, and the
guards will allow Mario and Luigi to enter. When you enter the castle, you can
only head north. So do so and turn to your left when you enter. There's a yellow
door that you can't enter yet if you go north, so don't bother. Continue heading
left until you see a person lying down. Talk to him and he'll say nothing, but
Lady Lima will then appear.
After explaining the situation, you'll be dropped into a hole. She'll tell Mario
and Luigi that to meet Queen Bean, they need to repair the castle's plumbing.
Hey, no looks like that! They ARE plumbers after all.
The Beanbean Castle Sewers
First, you'll want to save (as always). Then head up onto the sewer pipes. There
are leaks everywhere, and to fix them, you'll need to smash the pegs in with
your hammer. Three are three leaks you need to fix here. Once you have fixed the
leaks, the water will start to flow and a gate will open. Don't go through yet;
we need to fight all the enemies first to gain valuable experience. Oh, and what
levels are Mario and Luigi by now? They should be at least at level eight if
you've been fighting all of the enemies. Go through the gate now. Defeat the
enemy and then jump onto the sewer pipes. Fix the leak at the top of the room
and two enemies will drop down. Defeat them, as well as everyone else in the
Now go to the red valve near the top. Use a Spin Jump while standing next to it
and the valve will start to spin. That will cause two more leaks, so fix them.
This will cause a gate next to the valve to open up. Head through and check each
brothers health. This is something you should do often, since you need to save
those 1-Up mushrooms for bosses! Okay, you'll first want to free this room of
enemies. One enemy is on a platform with three blocks. Two have mushrooms and
the middle one has Syrup. Make sure to spin the valve, since it releases one
more enemy. Now head down to the southeast part of the room and head to the next
area. There are no enemies here, but there's a valve. Activate it and you'll
cause four leaks.
You need to smash these in order. It's an easy thing to figure out, but I'll
tell you anyway: top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right. Use a High Jump
to get on the platform the appears and use another high jump to get to the top
ledge. Go through the door to the next area. Hit the two blocks here to get two
mushrooms, and then spin the valve. The water will start to flow two rooms back.
So head back there and smash all of the pegs inside (there's two) to open the
gate. Head in side and smash the only peg. You'll open two doors, one of which
is a cell. It looks like Lady Lima, and it is. However, the Lady you spoke to
earlier was NOT Lady Lima. Turns out Cackletta decided to play a little trick on
you so she could kidnap Beanstar.
Cut to Cackletta with Beanstar in her possession. You freaking idiots. Fixing
the plumbing disabled the security in the castle, allow Cackletta to kidnap
Beanstar. Hit the save point when you have control and go through the door.
Climb all of the stairs (made of pipes, nice touch) and you'll find that
Beanstar is gone. However, Cackletta and Fawful are still at the castle.
Cackletta will drop a messed up Queen Bean down that you have to fight.
BOSS: Queen Bean
HP: 120
Experience: 380
Coins: 34
Okay, this is one difficult boss. You'll notice that Queen Bean is wearing a
crown on her head. Okay, no big deal, right? Wrong. That crown protects Queen
Bean, making you deal only one or two points of damage to her. Also, Mario and
Luigi will also take damage by attacking her crown. She also has an unavoidable
arm attack. So how to get rid of this? You need to attack both arms. Focus on
one arm first, then focus on the other arm. Once you destroy both arms, her
crown will fall off and she'll back away. Now she'll spit out beans, which are
easy to avoid. However, DON'T counterattack them. You won't take damage, but
they'll turn into small enemies that also attack you. If you do counter them by
accident, don't bother attacking the Beanies.
Just counterattack them when they try to attack you. As for damaging Queen Bee,
the Brothers Attacks do 13-15 damage if you attack her, so use those. Restore
you BP with Syrup when needed. Eventually, Queen Bean will grow her arms back.
NOT GOOD. You'll have to destroy them again before you can start attacking. Just
repeat the same process over again (using mushrooms and Syrup when needed) until
you defeat her.
Once you defeat Queen Bean, Lila will run over and sob that a Belly Belch worm
turned Queen Bean into the monster that she is. Mario and Luigi will say that
they'll do something to cure Queen Bean, and Lila will tell them to go to
Chucklehuck Woods to get Chucklehuck Reserve, a legendary liquid that'll help
Queen Bean turn back to normal. You'll get the Beanbean Brooch and then you'll
have control of Mario and Luigi again. Now head all the way south to find a
Brothers Block. Hit it for some coins. Now, head back to the Beanbean Castle
To Chateu de Chuckculuck
Start to leave the Beanbean Castle area, and a guard will stop you. He'll give
Mario a BEAN BADGE and tell him how to equip it. Poor Luigi doesn't get one,
though. You'll automatically leave the Beanbean Castle Gates, so head back and
save your game. Now, head to the shop and buy a PEA BADGE for Luigi, which will
help him a bit. Now buy Blue Jeans for Luigi. That should rob you of coins, so
you're out for now. Now leave the town and you'll be at the West Beanbean
region. Cross the bridge that's located all the way south. You're now in the
Southwest Beanbean region. First off, head all the way to the southeast corner.
Go down the bridge here and to the next area. There's a warp pipe here, WARP
Now head back to the previous area. Here, head left until you see a bunch of
ledges. Jump to the highest one and cross the bridge here. When you reach the
end of the bridge (at the next area), stand on the northern tip of the ledge and
use a Spin Jump to reach the northern ledge. There are two guards here. Talk to
them and Mario will flash the Beanbean Brooch. They'll let you enter Chucklehuck
Woods. Make the U-turn around the batch of trees and go drop off the ledges and
jump up on others. Fight all the enemies on the paths for experience (the two
brothers should be at level eleven by now). When you reach the end of this area,
go to the next area. Here, go into the little house and you're in Chateu de
Chateu de Chucklehuck and reaching Chucklehuck Woods
Right when you enter, save your game. There are five statues here, and the first
four tell you how to make Chuckuluck Cola (weird instructions). Anyway, read the
directions as you head to the left if you wish. Go through the door that's right
after the fifth statue. Holy **** that's a lot of beer kegs *ahem* I mean
barrels... Anyway, head to your left and you'll see a tiny spot with beer... er,
barrels. You'll have to maneuver through some sort of maze now. Go all the way
north, all the way east, then north, west, south, west, south, west, north,
east, north, east, north, west, south, west, south, east, west, south. Even if
you get lost, it isn't that hard to find your way through the maze at all. Once
you're out, take a look at your sidekick.
Look like Luigi? Nope. The strange person following you will run off and Luigi
will appear. You'll continue on as normal. Use high jumps to get up to the top
of the barrels and you should notice a bridge in the center of the west wall. In
the next area, you'll meet Popple, who calls himself a shadow thief. He'll call
to "Rookie" and... Bowser? will appear. Bowser will think he recognizes them,
but he won't be sure. You'll engage with Popple and Rookie.
BOSS: Popple and Rookie
HP: 120 (Rookie)
100 (Popple)
Experience: 220
Coins: 34
It's a Mario game, of course you're fighting Bowser! Anyway, like you probably
already know, Rookie is the one that you need to attack first. Use all your BP
doing Brothers Attacks on Rookie. They should do about 22-23 damage to him.
Rookie will respond by throwing a hammer at you, in "slow motion" sorta. Use
your hammers to knock Rookie's hammers away. Popple is dangerous. He can steal
mushrooms from Mario and Luigi, and give them to Rookie to heal him. To avoid
this, charge your hammer as Popple approaches you and hit him. He'll take damage
and back away. Use Syrup when needed and continue using Brother Attacks to
damage Rookie. After a while, Rookie will start spitting lines of fire. This is
easy to avoid, simply jump.
Popple will run after you defeat Rookie, thus ending the battle.
Popple will get very angry at Rookie, calling him a worthless virimin because he
failed to defeat the Mario Bros. Rookie and Popple will jump up and leave. After
they're gone, go left and enter the next area. Hit the save album here and then
head to the wall blocking your way. At one point in this wall is a big barrel.
Bump it to get it out of your way. To your surprise, two people will appear
fromt the barrel. Their names are Cork and Cask and they'll explain that two
people after the Chuckola Reserve stuffed them in the barrel. Mario and Luigi
will show off a bit, and then Cork and Cask will consider that you could
probably make it through the Chucklehuck Woods. They'll then show you some new
Follow them into the northern area. They'll then show you some new techniques
for your hammer: Mouse and Mole. The Mouse technique involves Luigi smashing
Mario to micro-size so he can fit through small holes. The Mole technique allows
Mario to smash Luigi into the ground, so he can burrow under fences. You'll need
to use these two techniques in the room on your right to get two goblets. In the
room on your right, drop down the ledge. Use the Mouse move to allow Mario to
get through the little mouse hole. Jump onto the table with the goblet. This is
the RED GOBLET. Now, head back out the hole and have Luigi bring Mario back to
normal. Head to the right and have Mario perform the Mole technique. Once Luigi
is on the other side, bring him back to normal.
Jump up onto the ledge near the back and smash the red jewel with Luigi's
hammer. The gate will open, allowing Mario to enter. Now you can perform a High
Jump to reach the GREEN GOBLET. Head back to the previous area and the two will
dismiss you. Head back to the room you were in when you first freed the two
people. Save agian and and head to the back of the room. Use a High Jump to
reach a ledge with a Brothers Block on it. Grab a few coins and then head south
and exit the Chateau. Head to the left and go to the next area, which is the
first area of Chuckolhuck Woods.
Chucklehuck Woods
Head to your left and use a High Jump to reach a platform with a block holding a
mushroom. This area is big, so go to the left, fighting all the enemies you see
as you go. The enemies are worth TONS of experience, and each brother should
level up by one here (your current level should be twelve by the time you exit
the room). Head north, and up the small path. Smash the boulder and continue. Hi
the three blocks to get some coins, Syrup, and a mushroom. There's also WARP
PIPE 5 here, so activate it and return to the previous area. Head all the way
west and you'll spot a map. You can look at it and try to get it down in your
mind, but there's really no point since you have this guide to use =P It tells
you save point locations and how to get through the Woods.
Okay, now enter the next area. Drop down the ledge and use the Mole technique to
get Luigi under the fence. Once on the other side, go back to normal size and
hit the red jewl to open the gate, allowing Mario to come in. Use a High Jump to
reach the ledge here, and head north to the next area. First, head west and use
a High Jump to reach the ledge with the save album. Now go to the left on this
ledge to enter another area. This has three blocks and a drunk Koopa (remember
the other one?) The three blocks contain a 1-up Mushroom, some coins, and some
Refreshing Herbs. Go back to the previous area and drop down the ledge. Smash
the two boulders near the gate to reaveal two mouse holes. Use the Mouse
techniqe and enter the right hole for a mushroom and two Syrups.
Exit that hole and go through the other hole (the left one). Pound the jewel to
open the gate. Exit and return to normal, then head through the gate. Use a High
Jump at the end to reach the next area. Here, you'll see a floor switch, a
strange face on the wall, and a barrel. There is also some writing on the wall.
Reading it tells you (through bad poetry) to tunnel into the ground and into the
barrel. So use the Mole technique and send Luigi into the barrel. Press A, and
run over to the floor switch and step on it. The face will shoot out a fireball.
If you didn't have the barrel, you would just be hit. But the barrel will
reflect and bounce back to the face, destroying it. A ledge will rise out of the
ground, letting you continue.
Use High jumps to reach the top ledge and enter the next area here. There is a
Shu Guy looking enemy here, so defeat it to gain some experience. Jump up the
ledges and break the boulder at the top. In the next area, there's three regular
blocks and a Brothers Block. The regular blocks have a mushroom, a Refreshing
Herb, and some coins. Get some more coins out of the Brothers Block. Exit this
area and head all the way west in the previous area. Defeat the enemy and climb
the ledges. There is another map here, so read it to see where you area. You're
about halfway done. Yay. Don't smash the boulder here. Instead, take the path to
the west tucked up in the corner. Drop off the ledge when you reach the next
Defeat the enemies first. Read the sign here, and it'll explain (once again in
bad poetry) Climb up the ledges that look like a set of stairs. When you reach
the highest one, use a Spin Jump to reach the ledge with the barrel. Use the
Mole technque to have Luigi get under the barrel. Press A to begin moving
around. Place Luigi right under the jewel and then press R for Mario while
standing in front of the barrel until a barrel icon appears. You can now jump
onto the barrel. Smash the jewel with your hammer and then jump off. Have Luigi
break out of the barrel. Use High Jumps now to get to the high ledge, and you
can enter the next area here. Once you're in the next area, be sure to use the
save album to save your game.
There are three paths you can take here, but only the middle one is available at
the moment. Take the middle path and you'll meed Chuckleroot, the protector of
woods. Doesn't he look like the Deku Tree seed? He'll explain to Mario and Luigi
that only the ones who find all three kinds of Chuckola Fruit may pass. The
three fruits are White Chuckola, Red Chuckola, and Purple Chuckola. He'll open
the two gates that you couldn't get through. Head to your right and go through
the gate area there. In the next area, you'll find odd symbols on the ground.
For now, just find and defeat all the enemies. Now head to the south and turn to
the right to enter the next area. Drop down the ledge and go through the weird
The sign here will tell you in bad poetry that press start switches brothers if
they are separated. With that in mind, use the Mouse technique to allow Mario
into the mouse house next to the sign. Smash the jewl here to lower a gate.
Press Start to switch to Luigi. Go to the room that was just revealed by opening
the gate and smash the jewel. A gate near Mario will open. Press Start to switch
back to Mario. Go through the gate and smash the jewel. You'll open another
gate. Now, as Mario, head to where Luigi is. Return Mario to normal size and
then use the Mole method to have Luigi crawl under the gate. Go to normal size
and press the jewl. As soon as you open the gate, a timer will start. Jump on
the spring to reunite Luigi and Mario, and rush to the mouse hole to transform
Quickly rush through the timed gate. Collect the WHITE CHUCKOLA FRUIT and use
the jewel to open the gate. Return to Luigi, and head back to where Chuckleroot
is. Save your game and head through the gate on the west side. Fight and defeat
all the enemies in the next area first. As you were fighting enemies, you
should've noticed a pillar with a block on it. High jump to that pillar and grab
the Refreshing Herb. Now head all the way south and you'll spot two paths. Take
the path on the left first. As you rush into the next area, another Deku Tree
thing will appear. It'll introduce itself as the granddaughter of Chuckleroot.
She'll scold Mario and Luigi for entering a women's room uninvited. She'll also
tell you her secret.
She'll explain that digging into the ground with Xs on them as a Mole will
sprout beans. She'll then tell you to dig up five beans here, so use the Mole
technique to grab each one. Talk to her once you have all five and she'll open
up a gate for you. Go south into the next area. Drop of the ledge and you'll
spot none other than our favorite inchworm, Wiggler! What's he doing in Beanbean
Kingdom? Anyway, shrink to a Mouse and try to enter the hole. Mario will
instantly run out screaming and you'll soon know why. Wiggler will emerge and he
is SERIOUSLY PISSED. Bring Mario back to normal size and approach Wiggler to
battle him!
BOSS: Wiggler
HP: 34
Experience: 240
Coins: None
So how many games with Wiggler? Hmmm... oh well, who cares. First off, whenever
Wiggler's head is read, DON'T attack. He'll attack right back, damaging you.
Instead, aim for the four little balls making up Wiggler's body. This won't deal
any damage, but whenever you hit one it turns yellow. After turning all four
balls yellow, Wiggler's head will turn yellow. This allows you to attack
Wiggler's head without fear of a counterattack. Wiggler has VERY low HP, only
about 40 or 50 or something. Two good Brother Attacks to Wiggler's head should
take him out. Remember not to land on yellow balls when Wiggler is charging at
you. That'll make him very pissed agian, and you'll have to turn all four balls
yellow again. I suggest not every trying to counter, and just dodging.
Once you defeat Wiggler, he'll run off. Now Mario can enter the mouse hole
safely. On the other side is the RED CHUCKOLA FRUIT. Go back two areas and enter
the area on your right this time. Drop down the ledges and as you follow the
path, fight enemies for coins and experience. Enter the cave at the end of the
path here. Hit the three blocks in here for some coins, a mushroom, and some
Syrup. Now head right, to the next area. In this area, go all the way to the
right and hit the block to grab a mushroom. Now go back to the ledges you passed
a jump up the ledges on your right using High Jumps. There is a coin block here,
so jump up a couple of times for some coins. Now jump up the ledges on the left
Remember these bycicles near the beginning of the game? Just a reminder, hold
the control stick in the direction you want to go and alternate pressing A and
B. When you finally reach the other side, enter the next area. Drop off the
ledge here and hit the two blocks for some coins and a mushroom. Use the ledge
near the blocks to reach the starting ledge again. Now, use a Spin Jump to get
across the gap. You'll get the PURPLE CHUCKOLA FRUIT. Now you have all three
fruits! So now drop off the ledge on the south side and head to the west in the
next area. You're in the "barrel cannon" room agian. The ledge is still up, so
use it to get to the next area. Hit the save block to save your game, and head
up the middle path again.
Chukleroot will be shocked that you got the beans, but hey, you're Mario. The
other guy is just uh... there. Once Chuckleroot moves, Popple and Rookie will
appear. They'll say that they were waiting for someone to open the path, and
then they'll run off. Follow them into the next area. Hit the two blocks here
for some coins and a mushroom. To get the block on the far left, go to the far
left near the two blocks and go north. There is a blue wall preventing you from
getting the block any other way. The block holds a Refreshing Herb. Continue on
clmibing the path and you'll see another block to your left, which holds a 1-up
Mushroom. Jump up the ledges when you get to them and you'll reach a save
You're about to fight a boss, so save! Hop up the rest of the ledges and enter
the strange cave. This cave really is strange. Head north and you'll spot an old
man telling jokes to the soda. Remember what the statues said WAYYYYY back at
the beginning of the Woods? If you tell a joke to the soda, it'll heal. The man
will introduce himslef as Bubbles. Mario and Luigi will ask if the soda they're
looking at is the Chuckola Reserve, and Bubbles will say yes. Then the soda will
come alive and take out Popple and Rookie, who appear tied up. Okay, WTF is up
with that? You'll engage in a battle against a... soda. How weird.
BOSS: Chuckolator
HP: 300
Experience: 520
Coins: None
Okay, this soda is pretty simple if you know what you're doing. It first has a
wooden shield that it'll use to block attacks. Don't try to use jump attacks
here; instead, stick with hammer attacks from both brothers until the shield
breaks. Then start attacking Chuckolator with Bros. Attacks although sticking
with regular hammer attacks does the trick also. Chuckolator has two attacks:
the first is sending a blob of soda at you. Use the hammer to knock this soda
away. The second is shooting soda at you out of it's little arm thing. Simply
jump over the soda to avoid it. You can tell who it's aiming its soda at by the
way his hand moves. If it moves down a lot, it's going for Luigi. However, if it
moves down just a little, Mario is the target.
That in mind, dodging the soda shot out of Chuckolator's hand is easy. It's very
easy to tell who he's sending the blob of soda at, but timing your hammer so it
doens't hit can be frustrating. That part simply takes practice, but it
shouldn't take more than a couple of turns to get it down. Eventually,
Chuckolator will shrink a lot. Bubbles will pop in occasionally and tell
Chuckolator a joke, which will heal it's HP. Bubbles will now just move in to
chomp you, which can be countered and defended by the hammer. Once, his attack
poisoned me, but it didn't happen again. Just keep attacking Chuckolator with
Hammer/Bros. Attacks and this soda will be finished :)
Bubbles will get really pissed and stomp a hole in the ground, sending Mario,
Luigi, and the soda all falling. Mario and the soda will fall on one side of the
cave, but Luigi will end up in the other. You now have control of just Luigi.
First, you'll want to cross the bridge and save your game. Now head north to the
next area. There are two blocks here, and they both contain mushrooms. Smash the
boulders next and fight the enemy. This is Luigi's chance to prove that he
doesn't need Mario :) Cross the bridge next and fight some more enemies. Smash
the hammer south of Luigi to continue on to the next area. Cross the bridge here
to fight some enemies. Keep heading south, smashing the boulders and fighting
the enemies.
When you can't go south anymore, head west. Take the lower path first to find a
block with a mushroom, and then take the upper path. Head left to the next area.
Smash the two blocks to the south of you, which are both coin blocks. Continue
heading west to find Mario and the barrel. Luigi will bump the barrel into the
water and hop on it.
Back at Beanbean Castle and Town...
He'll steer it to the Beanbean Castle Gates, where the barrel will shatter,
throwing Mario and Luigi to the ground. Luigi will explain that Mario's gut is
filled with Cuckola Reserve. The guards will freak, even though they have no
clue what Chuckola Reserve is 0_o Anyway, Queen Bean will be sleeping. Press B
to have Luigi empty Mario of soda and spit it into the Queen Bean.
Some amazing transformation will occur, and then it looks like nothing's changed
(seriously, Queen Bean looks exactly the same as the monster she was transformed
into). Queen Bean will laugh and try to sit in her chair, but fall, causing the
whole room to shake. She'll thank the Mario Bros. and Mario and Luigi will
explain everything, about Cackletta stealing Peach's voice and kidnapping the
Beanstar. You'll learn all about the Beanstar here, so pay attention! This guy
is sorta like the stars in Paper Mario, since he can grant all wishes. So they
cast the Beanstar into a great sleep, and only one with a beautiful voice can
awaken it. I think you can figure out the rest of the story from there. Queen
Bean will laugh at hearing Lady Lima freak because Cackletta has the ultimate
She'll say that she's prepared for Cackletta and then a servant dude will
approach Queen Bean, and announce that Prince Peasly arrived. Queen Bean will
send Mario and Luigi out to meet prince Peasly. Head south two rooms. When you
start to head south in the third room, you'll spot Prince Peasly. He'll explain
that his secret mission was to figure out where Cackletta was hiding, and he
did. Turns out Cackletta is hiding at WOOHOO HOONIVERSITY. Queen Bean will jump
again, causing everyone to fly into the air. She'll realize that Woohoo
Hooniversity would be the perfect place to awaken the Beanstar. Prince Peasly
will leave and Queen Bean will tell Mario and Luigi that they are granted
passage to Woohoo Hooniversity.
When she leaves, you'll notice that the room you couldn't get into earlier is
now available. Enter it and cross the next area into a room with four books.
Read them all to get helpful information, then leave Beanbean Castle. At
Beanbean Castle Gates, save your game. Now head to the west, to the area that
was previously blocked by a white gate. Enter the house here, which is known as
the Pipe House. If you enter the second red pipe, you can learn about green and
yellow pipes. The green pipe here is WARP PIPE 3, so activate it. Now, exit that
area and head to the east area (it was also blocked by a white gate earlier). In
the next area, head north. You'll find a lady here who will take your pictures.
These pictures go in your passport, but they coss 100 coins.
You can make funny poses, which is an added touch. Now, head down to the south
exit and you'll find yourself back at Beanbean Town. The whole town has been
repaired, so you can now enter EVERYTHING. Time to have some fun. First go to
the item shop. They now sell 1-Up Mushrooms! Also here is the Useless
Information Shop. They sell wacky quote boxes with information. Costs 100 coins
though. So if you don't want any information, continue to explore the town. Now
cross the bridge to the west side of town. Enter the house just south of you and
hit the block there for a mushroom. There is the fashion shop here, too, which
sells good clothes and badges. Now head to the Starbeans Cafe, the big building
in the north.
Blend some beans and a power outage will occur. A ghost will appear which will
scare teh **** out of Luigi. Now, who should appear but non other than Professor
E. Gadd! He'll suck up the ghost with the Polterguist 3000. You'll be introduced
to E. Gadd here. E. Gadd will try some and then give you the GREED WALLET as
thanks. If you equip this, it DOUBLES the coins you get from enemies! So put it
on Mario or Luigi instantly! There's one more thing we need to do on the west
side of town. In the southeast corner, there's an old man who asks you to find
ten Beanstones. They are in the town, and can be on both sides. The reward you
get is really cool, so don't skip this little sidequest. There is an easy way to
do this.
First, enter Mouse mode. Have Mario walk around the west side until an
exclamation mark appears over his head. The exclamation mark gets bigger as
Mario gets closer. Switch to Luigi then and enter Mole mode. Press A and Luigi
will dig up a Beanstone. If wandering around town is too hard for you, here's
the exact locations:
-Wander around just south of the stone bridge leading to the Beanbean regions
-A tiny bit northwest of the two pillars (not the archway) in the grass.
-Just in front of the Fashion Shop.
-Right before the archway, in the tile.
-in between the second archway and the Fashion Shop.
-Right in front of the steps north of the entrance to the east side
-In the very southwest corner of town, near the Useless Information Shop
-Right next to the left entrance of the big house
-In the south part of town, there are two ledges just "there". It's in the
middle of the right ledge.
-On the southern tip of the ledge with the man walking around telling you to
save. There's a dark tree on a higher ledge to your left here.
Once you return all the Beanstones to the man, he'll give you the BROS. ROCK
BADGE. This awesome badge increases your BP and Power by 20!
Now head back to the east side. There's two more things to do here. Enter the
BIG house with two entrances. You can get some beans, a mushroom, and some syrup
here. Now, head to the center of town and talk to the guy. He'll explain that he
needs you to capture five Beanlets, and they are in the town. They are really
easy to find. On the west side of town, there's two on roofs of places. In the
top northwest corner, jump onto the roof of the house and fall to the back.
There's one hiding there. On the east side, one is in the far northeast corner,
just above the stone bridge. The final one is on top of the big house, with two
entrances. Once you find them all, return them to the man. He'll give you a rare
and valuable GOLDEN MUSHROOM, which fills HP and Bros. points to the max.
SAVE THIS ITEM FOR WHEN YOU _REALLY_ NEED IT! Now you're done here, so it's time
to head to Woohoo Hooniversity!
The path to Woohoo Hooniversity
In the eastern part of town, cross the east bridge to get to the East Beanbean
region. The sign says that Woohoo Hooniversity is to the south, so head south
and down a bridge to the next area. Continue to head south in the next area,
fighting enemies as you go. When you come to a bunch of trees at the end of the
area, head west to find a path with three guards standing by. Walk past them and
head into the next area. There are a bunch of enemies here that you should fight
for experience. The sign here tells you that Woohoo Hooniversity is east, so
head that way and across the bridge to the next area. You'll be in a beach area
here. Go north and hit the two blocks that are here to get coins and a new item:
Super Syrup.
Now head south and east, and you'll spot two more blocks. They each have coins
in them. Cross the bridge here and climb the steps. Save your game and enter
Woohoo Hooniversity.
Woohoo Hooniversity
Head north and you'll see a about fifty students rush out the door. This will
scare Luigi half to death, but everything scares him half to death anyway. After
they all rush out, continue going north. Go north for a while and you'll
eventually come to a student lying on the ground. Talk to him and he'll explain
that Cackletta snuck in to the university and turned all the professors into
monsters. He'll then shake a little and turn into a monster himslef, a Laser
Snifit, and you'll have to defeat it. Once it's gone, continue to head north
into the next room. There's a map in the back of this room, so look at it if you
wish. Head to the left and you should notice some blocks. Use a High Jump to
reach them.
The blocks contain Syrup and a Super Mushroom (good stuff). Now head north into
the next room. Here, jump onto the two ledges on the right. Grab the mushroom
from the "?" box and go north to see an "!" box. Hitting this disables the
electric wall blocking the west path in the previous area. So head back to that
area and continue past where the electric wall was. The next room has lots of
Laser Snifits, which is good. You need experience for the boss battle. Head
south in this room for a save album after you defeat all the baddies (BTW, your
characters should be AT LEAST level 15 by now). Now head to the next area,
accessable by the path located southwest.
There are Laser Snifits and Viruses here (the Viruses from Dr. Mario), and they
are pretty tough if you aren't at a good level (you HAVEN'T been skipping
baddies, right?). After you clear the room, head to the west room to find a
Brothers Block. However, this block doesn't give you anything, it's just fun to
practice with. Head north to find blocks used in past Mario games. Hit each one
for interesting information on that block. Next, head west. These are prototypes
of blocks. There's a fun little thing you can do with the block with the 0 on
it. Hit it once and Mario and Luigi will appear on opposite sides. Have Mario
hit it, then it'll start to go towards Luigi. Have Luigi hit it and it'll go
toward Mario.
Repeat this process to see how high of a score you can get. If a brother misses
the jump, then the block floats away and you have to start over. You don't get
anything from it, it's just a fun little thing to do. Also, as you hit the block
more and more, it starts to move faster, so it gets challenging. Once you're
done with the game, head back to the room that had the Viruses and take the
north path. There are tons of enemies in here too, so make sure to defeat all of
them before moving on. Head through the space on the east to enter a room with
one of the prototype blocks. However, this actually produces coins. Once you
have all the coins, use a High Jump to get up to the ledge with three blocks.
These blocks contain a Nut, and mushroom, and a Hoohoo Bean. Once you're done in
that room, head back out to the previous area and head north. There's a map here
if you want to check your progress. Enter the next area and defeat the two
enemies here. The sign north says the Sun Room is to the right, and that's where
we want to go so head to the right. After defeating the enemies in this room,
read the sign. It'll say:
Sun Door Release Code
NOTE: B=Blue Circle
R=Red Circle
Now head north into the next room. There are all these statues will a different
color circle in them. If you look closely, you'll notice that the circle colors
represent how the code starts. Whack the statues so that the colors look like
the second pattern shown above. Once you get it in the correct pattern, all
statues will disappear and a sun door will open. Light will shine into the room,
oepn a gate a few areas back. Follow the light into the room where it ends, and
head north through the gate. Fight and defeat all of the Viruses here. Enter the
next room, which contains a save album and a rally block. Remember that block?
You have three chances to do this before the block turns solid, so make 'em
Hop down the ledge here and then go through the door. Head west until you see a
little opening into a cage-type thing. Use the Mouse technique to enter this
room and then pound the jewel. This will lock Mario in but grant access to
another are that Luigi can enter. So press start and go through the now opened
gate. Hit the jewel here to lock Luigi in, but an "!" block will appear in
Mario's cell. Rules to a mini-game will appear. You have to jump with A and B
and hit the moving blocks. You must get 30 points in 25 seconds to move on. This
can be hard at first, since all the blocks move at different speeds, but it gets
easier as you practice. Once you clear the game, you'll be freed from the cells.
First, get Mario out.
Run to the area that just opened and jump through the hole. Grab the mushroom
and hop up the steps. Now hop onto the outer ledge. Walk all the way around and
jump across the gap when you get to it. Drop into the closed room and hit the
jewel with your hammer to open a door with a barrel inside. Now have Mario climb
the steps and escape. Switch to Luigi and run over to Mario to reunite. After
Mario is normal-sized again, use the Mole method to get Luigi under the barrel.
Press A and place it just in front of a switch in between two cellars. Switch
Mario's icons until the barrel one appears and press B. Smash the jewel to
activate more sunlight. A gate will open near the start. Now, backtrack all the
way to the room where the first beam of light stopped.
Follow the beam of light that's heading to the south all the way to the end of
it. When you get to the area where the light stops, save your game and go south,
into a new area. There's a map to the right of you when you enter the new area,
so look at it if you need to. Drop down the ledge and hit the four regular sized
blocks to get a Hoo Bean, a mushroom, a Super mushroom, and Syrup. The block in
the center is a Random Bros. Block. Once you've hit all of the blocks, head to
the left and entert the next area. Drop down the ledge and ignore the floor
switch for now. Instead, hop up onto the ledge in the corner and enter the next
area. There is an "!" block floating in the air. Use a High Jump to reach the
ledge and then use a Spin Jump to cross the gap.
If you fall down, just follow the path given (ignore the jewel for now), and hit
the save point at the end to record your progress. In fact, it's best if you
fall down once just to gain the experience you get from defeating the enemies.
When you return, just cross several gaps with the Spin Jump until you reach a
jewel. Pound it to open a small door. Drop down to where that door is and use
the Mouse technique to send Mario into the hole. Mario is now in a little maze.
It's very easy to get through, so maneuver through it until you reach a jewel.
Pound it and a barrel will fall into the room with the floor switch. Also, some
stone blocks will lower into the grouond, which grants you an easy passage back
through the maze.
Return Mario to normal size and use a High Jump to get to the ledge on the left.
Now, go all the way back east again using Spin Jumps. Drop down the ledge
instead of crossing over the last gap and follow the path west. When you reach
the next area, hit the switch. Then go east and climb up the hill. Save your
game now and look at the map if you need to. Now head back to the room with the
floor switch. Use the Mole method to get Luigi into the TOP barrel. Step on the
switch and the eletric bolt the face shoots will bounce off your barrel and then
off the other, and then into the electric reciever. A crane will be activated
and drop down into the room that Mario and Luigi are in. Not surprisingly, it'll
pick up the barrel that has Luigi.
Luigi's gone for now, so jump up to the ledge in the corner and go back to the
room with the map and the save point. Head west and keep heading west for a
while, fighting the two enemies along the way. When you can't head west any
longer, head south. You'll see the crane lower the barrel Luigi is in and now
you'll have to make it up to Luigi. One problem though: In a Donkey Kong arcade
style action, you must dodge rolling barrels. The touch of a single barrel sends
you back to the beginning. Fun. So keep trying until you reach the top. Once you
reach the top, the crane will move Luigi again. Typicial. But it'll reveal a
jewel that you should hit. Hit it and watch the scene take place. Luigi will
roll all the way down the hill and he'll go up and down the ramps in the room
with all the gaps.
He'll end up hitting the "!" box suspended in mid-air. That'll add some light
and open another gate. Now you need to backtrack to a room with the beams of
light. When you reach a room with beams, follow the light going north. It'll
lead you to a gate you haven't been through before so go through it. Drop down
the ledge here and fill Mario up with water. Head south into the next room.
There's a little roboitc mouse thing on the other side. Aim Mario at the mouse
and have Luigi hit Mario with his hammer. Mario will spit some water out and
knock the mouse into the eletrical currents, causing the fan to turn on and blow
the "!" box to a place where you are able to hit it. Hit the "!" box to cause
somre more beams of light shoot out.
Backtrack to the huge room and head west all the way into the next area. Save
your game here and then head back into the huge room. Head north into the room
where the light is going into. In this room, use a High Jump to reach the left
ledge. The "?" box here has a Nut. Hit the "!" box to shoot your final beams of
light into the door, opening it. Cut to a scene with three Princess Peach robots
by the Beanstar. Fawful will appear and announce to Cackletta that the
preparations are complete! Hurry! You don't have much time left! In the next
room, you can grab a Super Mushroom and a Nut. Use two High Jumps to reach a
ledge with a Save album and a Hoo Bean. Save and enter the next room, where
you'll find Cackletta.
The Princess robots will start to speak, but then the Beanstar will make a huge
hole and fall in it, along with the robots. Luigi will then go and smash Fawful
into the ground, which will piss Cackletta off.
BOSS: Cackletta
HP: 200
Exerpeince: 1800
Coins: 300
Cackletta will instantly send out holes in the ground. This can affect the
entire fight, so jump over them! If you fall in, youll be wighed down by weights
and won't be able to jump to dodge. Once Cackletta has finished with that
attack, she'll split into three. You have to guess which is the real one, and
there's no way to tell which ones are fake unless you attack them. If you attack
a fake one, it'll laugh and turn into a bunch of bats which Mario and Luigi have
to dodge. These bats have poisoned me occasionally, so be very careful.
Cackletta also has a dangerous thunder attack. However, you are able to tell
which brother she is about to attack. If Cackletta raises her right hand
(remember, it's to YOUR left as you face Cackletta) she's attacking Mario.
If she raises her left hand (to YOUR right) she's attacking Luigi. If she raises
both hands, both brothers will be attacked. Even if you dodge a single lightning
attack, don't think you're safe. RIGHT after she attacks one brother she'll
attack the other, so that "always jump at the same time" method doesn't work
here, sorry. As for attacking her, Brother Attacks are your best option.
However, I suggest doing solo attacks when there's three Cacklettas, just so you
don't waste BP if you attack a fake Cackletta. After you damage her a lot,
she'll get really big and send out pits again. Dodge them like you did before
and continue to do Brother Attacks. Eventually, you'll defeat her. The end?
Cackletta will be shocked that she lost and Fawful will pop out. He'll literally
vacuum up Cackletta and Cackletta will order that Fawful does one last final
attack. Then Prince Peasly will come and WON'T flash his hair. He'll then kick
Fawful out of the university with his cool sword! He'll then tell Mario and
Luigi that they have to find the Beanstar. Then he'll leave. Use a High Jump to
reach the ledge on the left and go through the door. Save your game when you
enter the basement. Use a High Jump to reach the ledge and grab a Nut. Then head
down the stairs and to the next area. Drop down here and get some coins from the
Bros. Block. There's really only one path you can take while heading down and
it's fairly straightforward.
Be sure to hit the Random Bros. Block and grab the Super mushroom and Super Nut
when you're heading down. In the area after the two Super items, you'll
encounter some enemies. Continue following the path, defeating all the enemies
as you go. When you get to the room with the Super Syrup, you're close to the
end. Head east to the next area to grab a Super mushroom and hit a save album.
SAVE! Head all the way east into the next room. Head north here and fill Mario
up with water. Watch the mouse. It stops at one point, and that's when you
should whack Mario with Luigi's hammer to knock it in place. Once you do that,
four little mice heads will appear on the screen. You have to knock other mice
into the other gaps.
Each time you knock a mouse into a wall, one of the mice heads disappears. If
they all disappear, you have to start ALL over. Once you finally get all the
mice in, the door in the previous area will open. Go and save once more, then
enter. There are two spots in the west and east corner where you can get some
beans, so use the Mole technique to get two Chuckle Beans. Once you have the
beans, use a High Jump to reach the next lege. When you get there, you'll find
Popple and Rookie. Popple will explain that the Beanstar just fell from the sky.
You'll then engage in a boss battle!
BOSS: Popple and Rookie 2
HP: 250 (Rookie)
150 (Popple)
Experience: 360
Coins: 66
These guys are pretty simple. You probably already planned to do this, but
you'll want to attack Rookie first. Attacking Popple will just make Rookie
angry. Popple simply just hits for minor damage, while Rookie uses an extremely
easy-to-dodge flame attack. Simply jump over it to avoid it. You can also jump
and counter to avoid Popple. Use multiple Bros. Attacks on Rookie to deal about
70 damage (both brothers combined) each turn. Eventually, Rookie will grab
Popple and throw him into the air. This will cause two shockwaves, and they are
both easy to avoid. That was their Bros. Attack. They will do a second Bros.
Attack, too. Rookie will light Popple on fire and throw him at one of the
brothers. It's easy to tell who he's aiming at.
Use your hammers to knock away Popple when he does that attack. Once you beat
Rookie, Popple will attack once then run away. You'll win the battle.
Suddenly, a Peach robot will drop down and start laughing. The Beanstar will get
very angry again, and Popple and Rookie will grab on. Mario and Luigi will
follow by doing the same thing. One by one, everyone will fall off except for
Rookie. He'll suddenly remember who he is, and then fall off. Then the Beanstar
will break into four pieces and fall down to Beanbean Kingdom.
Getter the Thunder and Fire powers
Luigi will not be able to find Mario after they land on a beach. He'll then spot
Mario lying in the sand near some crabs.Luigi will shoo the crabs away and you
will have to press A to get Mario out of the sand. When you do, head north and
hit the save block. Save and then head north some more, into a strange temple.
Inside this temple, head west and then north. In this next room, head east and
pund Luigi into the ground. Have Luigi slide under the gate and into the next
room. In this room, run up to the cracked stone and use your hammer to crack it.
A strange man will appear. He'll say a few things, then vanish. Run up the
stairs and near the great blue ball. Luigi will touch it and then the strange
man will appear again and teach him the THUNDERHAND POWER.
There is no way to go back the way you came, so exit the room by means of the
left door. You'll now be in a room with a ball similar to the one Luigi touched,
but it's smaller. Use your new Thunderhand power to shock it and open the gate.
Reunite with Mario and exit. Now head south, down to the first area, and then
head west. You'll be in a new area. Head north here, and go in between the two
statues. In the next area, climb the stairs to enter Fire Palace. Here, head
east and drop down the ledge. Then head north. You'll find that the next area
has a gate blocking the way, so head to your left. Turn Mario into a little
mouse and have Mario jump through the hole. Head straight up and you'll see a
cracked tablet like the one in Thunder Palace.
Break it with the hammer and head up the stairs. You'll automatically get big
again and another strange man will appear, telling you how long he's been
waiting. He'll say that the last time someone came here was 3000 years ago (!!!)
After some more talk, he'll disappear. Run up to the ball and Mario will touch
it. The dude will appear again and teach Mario the FIREBRAND. Head down the
steps and go through the door on your right. Here, you'll see a place for a
flame, but no flame is there! No worries. Use your new Firebrand to light a
flame and open the gate. Reunite with Luigi and exit the Fire Palace.
Under the Sea
Head back to the save point and save your game. Now head east to find a wall
made out of brown stone. There's a thunder crystal and a fire slot there.
Activate the crystal with Thunderhand and light some fire with Firebrand to make
a stone bridge to a yellow warp pipe appear. Go in and you'll fall to the
bottom. Press down on the control pad to sink to the sea bottom. Here, save your
game first. Then head west to the next area. A lit flame here should tell you
that another flame needs to be lit in the little hole in the wall. Do so and
some of the corral will shrink. Follow the path here and into the next area.
Look at the map here to see where you area. Now go south and swim across the
spiky things when there aren't platforms that you can stand on.
Swim from platform to platform here, and then swim all the way to the southwest
corner, where there's a yellow and white hoop. Go south into the next area here.
Here, have Luigi swim up to the ledge and use his Thunderhand to electrcute the
orb. This will give power to the gate, and it'll open. The next room is full of
spikes and Bloopers. Swim to the upper-left here and walk into the cave. If you
hit the jewel here with your hammer flames will light up. Pay attention to the
order, which is 1, 4, 3, 5, 2. The corral will shrink and you'll be able to
enter the next area. In this area, simply go across, fighting the squids if you
want. The final area has a save point and another yellow warp point. Save and
enter the pipe.
Here, hold A and B at the same time a hold UP to get to the top. Meanwhile, near
the border...
You'll find Bowser lying in Stardust Fields. Fawful will come across Bowser and
Catletta will then possess Bowsers. Uh-oh, not good.
On to Beanbean Airport
Hit hit jewel here to lower the gate. Go through and you'll spot Prince Peasly.
He'll run over and Mario and Luigi will explain how the Beanstar split into four
pieces. Mario and Luigi will say that they'll help Peasly search for the pieces.
Peasly will tell Mario and Luigi thanks, but he wants them to go to Beanbean
Airport. Mario and Luigi will be confused, but Peasly will them that Peach is
coming to Beanbean Airporpt to bless Beanbean Kingdom. Peasly will then tell
Mario and Luigi where Beanbean Airport is, which is south of Beanbean Castle.
First head north. Defeat the Bob-omb and you should see a cave with WARP PIPE 6.
Now, head east to the next area and then head head east again.
You're now in Beanbean Castle Town. Feel free to stock up on any supplies you
need here (the greed wallet should've given you TONS of coins). Once you're
ready, head to the Beanbean Castle Gates and jump into WARP PIPE 3. Use it and
warp to WARP PIPE 4. When you exit, head north into the next area. Continue to
head north here and follow the path heading west, into the next area. Jump over
the grass bush and go across. The sign here says that Beanbean International
Airport is south, so follow the stone path south. You'll see two Thunder balls,
so use Luigi's Thunderhand to shock them. A bridge will then appear. Head all
the way south, ignoring the bridge heading left, into the next area. There is a
save album and a Random Bros. Block here.
Get the coins and save, and head south into Beanbean Airport.
Beanbean Airport
When you enter talk to everyone. You'll gather information that the plane
carrying Peach was delayed. Start to head south to the next area and a girl will
run up to you, saying that Lady Lima is calling. Head south all the way when the
girl leaves and you'll spot Lady Lima on the runway. She'll say that Queen Bean
was most pleased by your efforts at the Hooniversity. She'll then explain how
Piranha Plants have dug into the runway, so no airplanes can land. While Luigi
is trying to pull one out, Mario will ask why repairs haven't been made. She'll
explain that it hasn't been a priority, but she'll then ask Mario to do
something about the plants. Talking to Lila again, you'll learn that you can't
defeat the plants normally or they'll keep appearing.
Head east and then north when you hit a dead end. There is a water foutain here,
so fill Mario up with water. Head over to the two plants and have Mario stand
next to them. Don't fight them. Make Luigi smack Mario with the hammer. He'll
spit water out and freeze the plant. Do this with both plants, then put Luigi in
front and switch to his Thunderhand. Perform Thunderhand on both plants to
electrocute their roots. They are gone for good now. Whenever you electrocute a
plant, you'll see a giant egg crack. Pay no attention to this at the moment.
Once the first two are gone, continue west to the next area. Pass the huge egg
and you'll see another plant. There is a water fountain to the north of it, so
fill Mario up.
Freeze the plant and electrictue it. Another crack will appear in the egg. Now
head north to the fountain again and use the save album to record your progress.
Head west into the next area. Go onto the grass below you and go left. You'll
see a rally block, so grab some coins from it. Now head north onto the grass
opposite the rally block. Fill Mario up with water and destroy the final two
Pirhana Plants in this area. The egg will hatch and reveal a HUGE Pirhana Plant.
So head over to the previous area and approach the plant to fight a boss!
BOSS: Mom Piranha
HP: 220
Experience: 824
Coins: ???
This is a fairly simple battle, mainly because your thunder and fire powers deal
critical damage. First, destroy the two regular Piranha Plants, since they're
just here to annoy you. Then have Mario whack Mom Piranha with the hammer and
have Luigi use Thunderhand. Thunderhand deals critical damage to the Pirhana
(like 35 points) which is awesome. Mom Piranha will walk over to you and try to
swipe you with its tentactle twice. It goes in a downward sweeping motion at
first, and then straight back up (in a sweeping motion). Have Mario and Luigi
jump at the same time each time to easily avoid the attack. Even if it does hit,
it deals almost no damage (5, maybe). Mom Piranaha will eventually change from
red to blue color and turn into an electric Piranha.
Now, use Mario's Firehand to deal critical damage to Mom Piranha while it's
blue. Also, new little Piranhas will sprout, and they'll also be blue. They
spiti out eletric balls instead of fire, so have Mario use Firehand on them to.
Luigi needs to stick to his hammer here. Also, Mom Piranha will start recovering
about ten HP each turn. Piranhas will also continue to sprout non-stop even if
you defeat them. So simply focus on Mom Piranha, dodging the other Piranha's
attacks. Mom Piranha will also toss an new attack into the battle. It'll charge
a HUGE ball of energy and fire it at one of the brothers. In a Legend of Zelda
style, use your hammer to knock the big ball of energy back at Mom Piranha to
deal damage. Keep attacking like this and dodging all attacks until you win.

The Mom Piranha will shrink and disappear. Now, head back to Lady Lima and talk
to her. Suddenly, Princess Peach's plane will arrive on the runway.
Preparations of Teehee Valley
Now you'll be back at Beanbean Castle. Peach will come and open her mouth to
speak, and Mario and Luigi will freak and start to shake (remember what her
voice sounds like?). She'll then speak to Mario and Luigi with her real voice.
Toadsworth will laugh and Peasly will come and explain that Peach's voice was
never really stolen. We'll see a repeat of the beginning of the game where
Cackletta stole Peach's voice, but then we'll see the REAL Peach and Toadsworth
hiding behind a curtain. Peasly will bring out the imposter Peach, who turns out
to be...Birdo? WTF? Anyway, that will freak Mario and Luigi out, and then Peasly
will explain that that is why the Beanstar reacted strangely to Peach's voice.
Birdo will leave and Peach will apologize, saying that she meant to explian what
happened, but Bowser got there first.
You'll now be in the actual castle with Peasly, who's saying that there's no
sign of the Beanstar. Peasly will leave to look for the pices and you'll gain
control of Mario and Luigi. Head north one room, and then north again, through
the door that was locked earlier. You'll spot Queen Bean, Peach, Toadsworth, and
Lima. Peach will request a visit to Little Fungitown, a town built by the
Mushroom Kingdom folk. Queen Bean will come and jump again, throwing everyone in
the air. She'll explain that reach Little Fungitown requires one to go through
Teehee Valley. She'll say that it's a very dangerous place for Princess Peach to
go. Toadsworth and Peach will ask that Mario and Luigi take her to Little
Mario will nod yes but Luigi will shake his head so Mario will knock him into
the ground :) Peach will leave to make preparations, and you'll now have to make
YOUR preparations. Head to the Beanbean Castle Gates and save your game. Then
exit head to Beanbean Castle Town. Your first shop is the Fashion Shop. Buy the
Plaid Trousers for Mario, sincie they really improve defense. Also, you can buy
a Bros. Badge for Luigi if you want. Now, head to the item shop. They have Super
Mushrooms, Nuts, Super Nuts, and Super Syrup now. Stock up on a lot of these
(you should have at least 1000 coins) for battles. Once you've done that, make
any preparations you might need (although there isn't really anything else you
can do) and exit Beanbean Castle town by the east bridge.
You're in the East Beanbean Region. Reading the sign tells you Teehee Valley is
north, so head north up the dirt path. Follow the dirt path to the next area.
Here, you'll see a Thunder Orb near a gate. Use Thunderhand to open the gate and
follow the extremely straightforward path through all the areas here. When you
get to an area with a pond, head left and north to enter a cave. There is a Save
Album here, so use it to record your progress. Head down all the steps on your
right and into the next room. The Hammerhead Bros. are here. They'll welcome you
then offer to upgrade your hammer. Watch them upgrade it to the Super Hammer,
which is gray. Once they reforge your hammers, head right. Smash this gray rock
and head up the bridge.
Smash the next gray rock and enter another part of the cave. There is a Thwomp
here. Pay 200 coins and Thwomp will drop three boulders down. One has nothing,
one has 300 coins, and one has Secret Scroll 1. You're looking for the Scroll.
Once you get the scroll, Mario will read it. It teachs you a new Bros. Attack
for battles! Once you get the scroll, save once more and exit the cave. Follow
the path north out here and then follow the straightforward path out into the
main reigon. Head north, and jump up the ledges. You'll see a gray boulder. Use
your new Super Hammers to crush it and continue north to enter Teehee Valley.
Teehee Valley
Head north and Mario and Luigi will look around for the Princess. Peach and
Toadsworth will appear behind Mario and Luigi and Toadsworth will ask oncemore
to take care of Peach. Mario and Luigi will leave and Toadsworth will rush over
to tell Mario and Luigi something. Peach will continue to walk, but she'll be
taken ahold of by an enemy. She'll be taken into a pipe and Toadsworth will say
that if the brothers let Peach out of her sight she'll be kidnapped instantly.
If you talk to Peach or if she encounters a dead end, she turns back and
backtracks. You'll have to follow Peach around, since she moves on her own. So
for now, head into the pipe to rescue Peach. Head down when you hit the bottom
of the pipe and then head to your left.
Defeat the two enemies in the next area and talk to Peach to free her. You'll
then be out in the main area again. Follow Peach as close to her as you can, and
defeat the enemies along the way. In the next area, continue to follow Peach
while fighting enemies. When Peach comes to a gate, she'll start to turn back.
Hit the "!" block to open the gate and talk to the Princess so she'll head
through the gate. In the next area, stay a LITTLE ahead of Peach so you can
destroy any enemies that come by. Now head back to the jewel you saw on the wall
earlier. Hit it to make a barrel appear. This part is tricky. You have to
complete the puzzle WITHOUT letting Peach be captured. If she's about to leave
your sight, abadon the puzzle and talk to her so she'll go the other way.
Then continue doing the puzzle. To do this puzzle, have {each walk on the north
side of the raised platform. She has to keep walking on the north side, so
remember: if she's about to leave your sight, talk to her to have her go the
other way. To do the actual puzzle, hop up the stairs in the center and break
the boulder. Use the Mole technique to have Luigi get under the barrel. Maneuver
the barrel under the jewel near the gate, and have Mario jump on top of the
barrel and hit the switch. If Peach was captured while you were doing this,
you'll have to do everything over again. You'll also have to do everything over
again if you break the barrel. It's frustrating, but shouldn't take you more
than a couple of tries.
Once you do the puzzle, have Peach head through the gate and to the next area.
Defeat all the enemies and then you'll be forced to do another puzzle, which is
difficult. Have Peach walk to the yellow pipe (this is assuming you are coming
from the closed gate) and then have her walk west again. Quickly jump on the
ledges here and Spin Jump from ledge to ledge. Hit the "!" located on the last
ledge and the gate will open. When you go through the gate, you'll lose control
of the brothers. Peach will notice a sign and read it. It says that Fungitown is
up ahead, and she'll go on to the next area. Be sure to save your game here. You
should notice a strange rock withi a sign next to it. That's an elevator, but
you can't do anything with it now.
Ignore it and head north into the next area. Peach will s crem for help and
you'll see Peach being cornered by some monster. A Toad will appear and tell
another to rescue her, but the other will be scared to death. Mario and Luigi
rush in here and you'll fight the monster.
BOSS: Trunkle
HP: 110 (Body)
60 (Head Tree)
Experience: 2000
Coins: 188
This guy is somewhat tough. He has lots of HP and some interesting moves, as
well as two targets to attack: the body and the head. Go for the body the whole
time, since damage the head deals almost no damage. Truckles most annoying
attack is to send boulders out at you. It looks like you're able to tell which
brother the boulder will hit, but it sometimes changes direction and hits the
brother you weren't paying attention to. You can't damage Trunkle by destroying
the boulders. If you think a boulder will hit you, get your hammer ready and
release when the time is right. If timed correctly, the boulder will shatter.
Another odd attack is that Trunkle will inhale enemies, mushrooms, and poisonous
mushrooms from behind you.
Just so you know, the green mushrooms are the poisonous mushrooms and hitting
them poisons you. If you don't have a Refreshing Herb, you're stuck with poison
until you faint or end the battle. You can jump over everything he inhales, but
don't jump over regular mushrooms. If you touch one, you regain HP. Also Trunkle
gains 10 HP each time he does this attack. Use Bros. Attacks (preferably your
new one) to damage Trunkle. Once you deal enough damage to him, he'll separate
into four smaller Trunkles. One will show an orange in its mouth and that's the
one you'll be attacking. The four Trunkles will then move around, so keep an eye
on the one that has the orange. All four will take turns hitting you, and the
fake Trunkles has very little HP.
The only attack Trunkle has when he has three copies of himself is burrowing
under the ground and popping out in front of a brother to attack him. This is a
very easy attack to avoid AND to counter, since you can always tell who
Trunkle's attacking and he always hesitates before he strikes. If you heal when
needed, this battle should be easy for those of the proper level.
Peach will thank Mario and Luigi and the two Toads will pop out. The two Toads
will allow Mario and Luigi to enter Little Fungitown and Peach, Mario, and Luigi
will hop onto an elevator that will take them high above the trees.
Little Fungitown
Enter traditional Mario music here. Ah, I love that music. After being greeted
by two very nervous Toads, Peach will go with the Toads to see Fungitown. You
can now check everything out. North of you is the nice item shop. They sell
everything the regular shops sell, but they also sell Ultra Mushrooms, powerful
mushrooms that restore 120 HP. You probably don't even have 100 HP yet, so you
don't need to worry about those mushrooms. Outside again, head north and use the
Save Album so you don't have to get through Teehee Valley again. To the left of
the Save Album is the Fashion Shop. Check out the cool badges and equipment they
have, and buy something if you wish. You can now leave. Now head east and go
across the bridge.
Here is the Game Arcade. Enter and talk to the man at the counter. Jump up on
the ledges to the right of the counter and to the open game arcade. Stand in
front and press A to start playing. This game is called The Star 'Stache Smash.
You need to beat the high score of 200 points and you'll get a nice prize. Press
start to look at the rules. Once you have them down, start playing. This is how
it works: there is a see-saw in the center. On each side are two Piranha mouths.
Items rapidly fall from the sky and onto the see-saw. You have to tip the items
into the mouths. Tip the see-saw right with A and left with B. However, the
mouths move up and down, and sometimes they close, making it difficult. Still,
it's an easy and extremely fun mini-game.
Once you win, you get an INVINCISHROOM. Mario will eat it and then faint. The
Toad doctor will say that the cause for Mario fainting is Bean Fever. The doctor
will explain that the illness is gotten by people who aren't used to the food in
Little Fungitown. The doc will say that he can't cure him since he doesn't have
the proper medicine. In three days, Mario will turn into a bean. The doctor will
explain that a place called Guffawha Ruins contains the Crabbie Grass, which
cures Bean Fever. Luigi will offer to go but then the doc will bring down a
picture of a huge monster eating a Toad. Luigi will seriously freak and the
doctore will say that frightful monsters live in the Ruins. Then the doctor will
say that the victims have their bones broken, their flesh stripped, and then all
their blood sucked out.
That's so Mario-like... Luigi's face is hilarous here, it looks just like it
does on the box of Luigi's Mansion. Peach will try to convince Luigi to go, but
Luigi will run to the corner and start to shake. Peach will keep asking him to
go to get the Crabbie Grass, and Luigi will finally step forward. When you gain
control of Luigi, you can't do anything but walk. Head out of the castle, only
to find that it looks exactly like the Super Mario Bros. castle, complete with
the flag and everything. Head south for a long, long time. When you finally
can't go south anymore, drop off the ledge and head into the house. You'll meet
Psycho Kamik here, who specializes in hypnosis. Kamik will start to hypnotize
Luigi into thinking that he's Mario, and can do everything that Mario can do.
Kamik will reveal a mirror and Luigi will look in it and see Mario's reflection.
Nice. Now, you can move freely again and jump (notice how it looks just like
Mario's jump) around. Head west, past the Game Arcade, and into the save area.
Save your game here and head all the way to the entrance of town. Get on the
lift and say you're going to Teehee Valley.
The path to Guffawha Ruins
In Teehee Valley, head south into the next area. Remember that elevator with a
capacity of one? Jump on it to go up. Check the map here if you wish then head
off into the next area. Here, follow the path and smash the boulder with your
hammer. Don't head east here, since it leads you to a dead end. Instead, go
south into the next area. Smash the boulder here and follow the path. When you
come to a split, go right. Follow the path for a bit and you'll see a map, just
in case you want to look at it. Contine heading left. There's a HUGE black rock
here, but ignore it for now and continue heading left into the next area. Go up
and down the stairs and hop over the ledges in the next area. Jump on the spring
here to make it to the ledge.
Drop down here (don't hit the spring on the other side) and head to the next
Guffawha Ruins
Cross the bridge here and head north. Hit the block to get a 1-up Mushroom. Now
head south and save your game using the Save Album. Contine heading south, into
the next area. Here, climb down the steps. The three blocks here have two
mushrooms and a Syrup. Head left and you should find two black boulders blocking
your path. No worries. Just climb up the stone steps here into the next area. In
this area, head up to the center of all the statues and bust the center statue
with your hammer. You'll enter a mini-game here. In this mini-game, you'll have
to use your hammer as a baseball bat and whack the blue balls into the northern
statue. The first couple of balls remain blue, but then a red one will drop
Hitting this will cause you to lose and start over, so wait until the ball turns
blue before hitting it. Near the end, you'll have to be patient while waiting
for the balls to turn blue. Once you hit eight blue balls, all statues will
shoot a laser at the center. This will cause a statue with a jewel to rise up.
Smash this jewel with your hammer and head north into the next area, which is
some sort of cave. Head north here and you'll see two Thunder Orbs. Shock them
both with Thunderhand to open the mouth and reveal a door. Don't forget to hit
the Save Album before you head into the next area. You'll meet your first couple
of enemies here, and you'll have to take 'em on alone. They aren't tough though,
so you should have no problem.
Once the two enemies here are dead, head down the stone stairs to the east.
Enter the next room. Climb up the stone steps here and hit the "!" block. This
will make a bunch of yellow platforms rise. However, once you land on them,
they'll fall shortly after so you don't have time to prepare for your next jump.
This isn't as hard as it seems, even though the platforms are very then. Once
you're across the big gap, enter the next room. Here, defeat all the enemies and
head down the steps. Instead of going through the door, continue east into
another room. Defeat the enemy here and hit the block for a Super mushroom.
Return to the previous area and go through the door. There are odd platforms in
this next room that move up and down, side to side, in a sweeping motion, etc.
Jump across them (if you fall, just climb back up the stairs). When you get
across the platforms, enter the next room. Head left and save your game. Now
you're faced with a puzzle. There are blue, green, and red platforms here and
they each have a jewl next to them. Hitting the blue jewel causes all blue
platforms to lower, where as hitting the green jewel causes all green elevators
to rise. First, hit the blue jewel. Climb the steps that you just made and onto
the second ledge. Hit the green jewel here and climb up the next set of steps.
On the third ledge, there are already steps made out for you so climb them. On
the fourth ledge, hit the red jewl. Now, drop down to the bottom and hit the
green jewel.
Climb the steps you made. On the second ledge, ignore the green jewl. Instead,
hop across the platforms to the other side of the wall. Hit the blue jewel here
and then climb up the new steps you just made. Climb up the steps that are
already here to reach a door. Go through to reach the next room. Here, rush down
the steps and defeat the enemiems. Head north into the next area. Climb up all
the steps here and hit the "!" block. A strange stone will drop and three
platforms will appear. Luigi will hop on one of them and listen to the stone.
The stone will explain that everyone thinks he's bad, but he really isn't. The
stone will ask Luigi to help him relieve the stress he got from everyone
thinking about how bad he is.
Here's another mini-game. You must jump from platform to platform, while
avoiding the electric balls the stone spits out. You must do this for thirty
seconds. It starts out easy, but as you progress, he'll spit more and more out
rapidly, giving you less time to switch platforms. Once you get it, he'll thank
you and open a door. Go through that door and head north. Grab the little vine
in the center, which is the CRABBIE GRASS. Now head to the next room. There's a
yellow pipe in here that you should go through. When you pop out on the other
side, save your game. Go through the next pipe and you're back to Little
A strange event in Little Fungitown
Head east, past the Game Arcade. When you go north to cross the bridge,
something will start to shake. The Toad will talk to Luigi, saying that he heard
that Luigi got the Crabbie Grass. Luigi will have no idea what he's talking
about. Seems like the hypnosis wore off after Luigi fell. Anyway, upon opening
his suitcase, Luigi will spot the Crabbie Grass inside. He'll be freaked and the
Toad will get all excited. When that's over, Luigi will head north and a worried
Toad will rush to Luigi. Then Peach will appear in Bowser's personal ship, and
Bowser will appear. Luigi will be confused and you'll hear Cackletta's laugh.
She'll say that she is not Bowser, but Bowletta, who is Cackletta's power in
Bowser's body.
He'll say that the body is Bowser's, but the mind is Cackletta's. Holy crap.
Bowletta and Fawful will escape, Peach with them. Once you have control, run
north into the next area and enter the embassay. Go to the second room and Luigi
will use the Crabbie Grass. Mario will jump up, all energized and Luigi will
start crying. The Toad you saw just moments before will shout that Peach has
been captured.
Preparing for recovery of Beanstar Piece #1
Luigi will be sobbing and Mario will be bowing his head. Not surprisingly,
Toadsworth will yell at the brothers for losing Peach. Lady Lima will announce
that a message from Bowletta has arrived. She'll hold up a Game Boy Advance
(typical... anything to advertise) and a Bowletta hologram will appear. She'll
say that in order for her to return Peach, you must bring her the four pieces of
the Beanstar. She'll the disappear. Peasly will state that the Beanstar pieces
need to be gathered. Your map will be marked with the location of the four
Beanstar pieces. Peasly will bet 99,999,999,999,999 Mushroom coins that he'll
find them first. Once you have control, head south and out of the castle. Save
your game and enter Beanbean Castle Town.
First, check out the Fashion Shop to see the latest stuff they have. Buy some if
you wish, then head to the item shop. They now have Ultra Nuts and Ultra Syrup.
Buy some Ultra items for later, and then exit. Head east, out of town, and then
head to Teehee Valley. First, let's head back to Little Fungitown. You should
remeber where it is. If you don't, then head back to the earlier part of the
guide that covered how to get there. The journey should be very short,
considering that Peach isn't with you and all the puzzles are solved. However,
there are harder enemies on the way there. Buy some Ultra Mushrooms if you want,
and head to the game arcade. Beat your high score to get some rare beans. Now
head east of the Game Arcade and then south.
Head west after crossing the bridge to be in an area with a warp pipe. Use the
long jump and activate WARP PIPE 7. Just to check, you should have Warp Pipes 1,
3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Warp all the way to Stardust Fields. Head east across the
bridge and into the little house. Remember this place? You had to play jump rope
here. We're playing it again for some beans. This is a harder version since they
have all these different types of tricks. Just keep trying and you'll get some
rare beans. Now, enter the warp pipe agian and go to WARP PIPE 3. Go to the Cafe
here and mix your beans. You should have enough Hoohoo Beans to blend. The item
you receive ups your HP by four! Nice. Now head to the east part of town, and
exit using the east bridge.
Head north a couple of areas to reach Teehee Valley again. Hop up to the Save
Album and record your progress. Head east and drop down the ledge. Now, use a
High Jump to reach the ledge on your right. In the south corner is access to
another area. In the next area head east and hit the Brothers Block. Continue to
head east and into the next area. Drop off the ledge here. You should see a huge
anchored ship, and on it is the first Beanstar piece! Go around the ship and
you'll see a couple of ledges you can jump to with High Jumps. Jump to the top
ledge and jump to the ship. Head toward the Beanbean piece and two sailors will
pop out. One sailor will grab it and then they'll both leave. Great. Follow them
into the ship.
Inside the S.S. Chuckola
At the start, hit the Save Album to your left. This is a pretty big ship. First,
enter the door on your right. There's a Rally Block here that you can use to
grab some coins. Exit the area from the same door you entered and head into the
area opposite you. Head north and talk to the captain, who will tell you that
this ship sunk into the sea, and then the sea became the desert. So they're just
skeletons now. Interesting. Continue north to be in a room with four blocks. Two
of the blocks have some coins, one has a Refreshing Herb, and the one on all of
the crates has a 1-Up Mushroom. Now head south for a while, through all the
When you reach a room with two sailors, head down the steps. The north room
simply has a sailor blocking the door, so head south. There's a Save Album here,
so use it. Now head to the west and down the stairs. You'll spot a sailor
carrying the Beanstar piece head into the storage area. The sailor says that you
need a Membership Card to get into the storage area, and to get a Membership
Card you need to do something that'll help out this boat. Now head back to the
room with the two sailors. Head north and you'll spot someone run out of the
room, saying that it can't handle the heavy-duty brain labor. It'll run out and
the sailor will come and mention that's why he hates hiring people (everyone
Talk to the sailor and say yes to his question. Then enter the next room. You'll
be talking to a skeleton, who wants you to line up some barrels. Mini-game time!
On the grid in front of you, you have to line up barrels of the same color
vertically or horizontally. The skeleton will then show an example. This is very
confusing to explain, so you'll just have to listen to the skeleton. Practice
until you get it, then start the mini-game. You have to make ten rows in 180
seconds. This is hard at first, but it'll get really easy. Just think of it as
Tetris. Once you win, you get the MEMBERSHIP CARD. Now head back to the room
where the sailor was blocking the entrance to the storage area. Mario will flash
the card and you'll be allowed in.
You'll be allowed to enter the storage. Head north and you'll see the sailor
with the Beanstar piece trying to decide where to put it. He'll make a bargain
with Mario and Luigi and tell them that if the brothers free Bloat, he'll give
them the piece. Head north to see Bloat. He's stuck in a crack and he's somewhat
drunk. Now head back five areas, to the area that contained the entrance to the
Captain's room. Get out your hammer and smash the floorboard here. Some dynamite
will fall next to Bloat. So go to the Storage again and use Mario's Firehand to
light the dynamite (you have to light the fuse). You'll free Bloat, but suddenly
the ship will be pushed out to sea due to the force of the explosion. You'll see
the captain wondering what is going on.
The Path to Gwarhar Lagoon
The S.S. Chuckola will be floating a little and then sink. The Beanstar piece
will float out of the ship, and Mario and Luigi will be thrown out. They'll spot
the Beanstar piece floating away. Use the ledges and your swimming abilities to
reach the top of the ship. From there, head north to the Save Album. Now, swim
across the small gap and into the next area. You'll notice the Beanstar piece
floating over to an area with a locked door. Now, swim across a gap. Follow this
ledge north and swim across a couple more gaps. When you reach the end, you'll
find a little hole in the wall. Use Mario's Firehand to light some fire. A door
will open, so head down to the door (in the southwest corner). Go through the
In the next area, defeat the enemies first for experience. Head south all the
way and hit the block for a Hoo Bean. Now head right, and into the next area.
There's a map in this area that you can use to check where you are. Then use the
Mouse technique to have Mario fit into the little hole next to the map. The next
area is completely empty, so just head around to another location in the
previous area. When you are in that area, walk all the way south then west.
Light some fire in the little hole to lower some corral for Luigi. Have Luigi
resize Mario, and then use the Mole technique. Dig under the little rock near
you for a Chuckle Bean. Now have Luigi use Thunderhand on the Thunder Orb in
this room.
That will open a huge door. Head through and into the next area. Here, use
Luigi's High Jump to reach the top ledge, and then save using the Save Album.
Head into the yellow warp pipe and climb up. When you reach the top, you'll be
in Gwarhar Lagoon.
Gwarhar Lagoon: Getting Beanstar Piece No. 1
First thing you want to do here is check out the map. This is a pretty big area,
so you're gonna have to do some serious hunting for that Beanstar piece. Get
some coins out of the Brothers Block south of the map, and then head east into
the next area. Talk to the two women to hear their conversation about Prince
Peasly, and then hit the Save Album. Now head north and enter the warp pipe to
activate WARP PIPE 8. Only three more Warp Pipes to activate! Head back south
and then head east. Suddenly, a girl will chare through Mario and Luigi and tell
the two ladies that someone named Hermie took the "bean-thing" (a.k.a. the
Beanstar piece) and used it as a decoration for his shell. All three women will
run off to the east.
One will stop and warn Mario and Luigi about how they'll get sunburn if they lie
in the sand all day -_- Head east and read the sign. It sasy "Jellyfish Sisters'
Relaxation Room." Head north, into the next area. Get some coins from the Random
Brothers Block and then enter the cave. Use the Save Album here and head east,
into a waiting room. Talk to the receptionist and ask for massages. Pay 200
coins and head east into the next room. The Jellyfish Sisters will head down and
they'll introduce themselves as Gigi and Merri. They'll massage the brothers
hand, but that will activate their hand powers. Gigi and Merri will jump back,
and then they'll offer to teach Mario and Luigi new hand powers! The ground
under Mario and Luigi will open, and they'll fall into a cave.
First, Merri will teach Luigi and new hand technique. When you get to try it,
attatch yourself to Mario and back into Merri. Now it's Mario's turn. You'll
have to dash into the boulder and move it. Once you do that, Gigi and Merri will
assign a new task to Mario and Luigi: to get two Pearl Beans. So head up the
bridge to your left into the next area. Take the bridge to your east first.
There's a bunch of bridges here. You'll encounter a drunk Koopa that will refuse
to move, so use Mario's new technique to push the Koopa out of the way. Do the
same with the next Koopa and head north. You can't make it past the rolling
cylinders along, but you are able to if you charge. So light Mario on fire to
charge through the cylinders.
Remember, you have to wait until there's a gap between cylinders. Otherwise,
you'll just have to start again. Head north now and into the next area. Cross
the bridge here and grab the RED PEARL BEAN. You'll instantly be back with Gigi
and Merri. Gigi will be overjoyed at the Red Pearl Bean. Now, you have to head
north across the bridge again. Take the bridge to the west next. In the next
area, you'll see a Boo statue. A sign here tells you that the Boo Statues
disappear when you look at them. So you have to touch it without looking. Get to
the right of the statue and have Luigi's back turned away from it. Attatch Luigi
to Mario and back into the statue. You'll push it to the side, and that will
reveal a bridge.
Go across the bridge and into the next area. There's another lovely Boo statue
here. Push it to the left with Luigi's back to reveal another bridge. Cross this
bridge and you'll find more rolling cylinders. The sign says that it's possible
to walk sideways through the system. Have Luigi and Mario attatch themselves to
each other. Enter the path of the rolling cylinders and walk sideways, being
careful not to touch a cylinder. Run north when you hit regular land again.
Cross the bridge here. Grab the GREEN PEARL BEAN. You'll automatically be back
with the Jellyfish sisters again. You'll then be released back into the massage
area. Run all the way to the west and save when you reach the Save Album. Then
exit the place.
Head south into the next area. Head east here and check out the map to view your
location. Then head across the bridge. There's a drunk Koopa here, so use Mario'
new hand technique (from now on, I'm calling it the Dash technique) to knock it
aside. After knocking it down, head north then east. Defeat the enemy and
continue south along the path. Head east into the next area. Use the Dash techni
to move the Koopa and proceed into the yellow warp pipe. Drop down into the sea.
Here, head north and east. Reading the sign tells you the swirling vortex here i
s a
water spout. Continue south for now and enter the next area. The three blocks he
have a Super mushroom, a Hoo Bean, and some coins. Head back to the water spout
step inside.
Have Mario use the Spin Jump to be shot up to the ledge. Now, swim west to the
ledge opposite the one you were just on. Hit the block here to get a mushroom.
Return to the previous ledge and head south on it. Enter the yellow warp pipe an
climb up to reach the beach again. Check the map here and use the Save Album
before anything else. Now go south into the next area. You'll see the cylinders
here. Use Luigi's eletric ability (now known as the Attatchment ability) to conn
Luigi and Mario and walk sideways to the left. Head south when you come to the
stones and into the next area. There are fast moving cylinders here so use Mario
Dash to get through when there's a gap between cylinders. In the next area, hea
south while defeating all the enemies.
Defeat the two enemies in the next area and read the sign. It tells you to hit
the block here while spinning and it'll move in the direction that you hit it. E
enough. So spin and push it all the way to the west. Use Luigi's High Jump to
reach the top and drop down the ledge on the west side here. In the next area he
west and grab coins from the Rally Block. Then head north. There's a split here,
and we're taking the east path first. There is a second Spin Block here. Move it
all the way north, all the way east, then north again. Climb the stairs to your
left and use a Spin Jump to get on the Spin Block. Then Spin Jump over to the le
with the Boo statue. Use Luigi's Attatchment technique to push the Boo statue to
the left.
A bridge of rocks will appear in the previous area, so head back to that area.
Cross the bridge of rocks to reach a Save Album. Save your game and head down th
path you didn't take, the west path. In this area, defeat the four
enemies. Pay no attention to the Boo statue, since you can't get to it yet. Head
south in this area to reach another place. This is a big, big area, but there ar
no enemies. Climb up the steps here and hit the "!" block. A ball will appear, a
well as another "!" block. You have ten seconds to use the Dash technique to mov
the ball and hit the "!" block. Do so and a stone bridge will appear. Head acros
it and to the next area. This area has all these Sand Sharks swimming around.
They're worth tons of experience, so defeat them all. Hit the Save Album to save
and then use the Mole technique to grab the Chuckle Bean next to the Album. Then
head west. The next area is pretty similar to the one with the timed puzzle. Hea
up the stairs south of the entrance and hit another "!" block. You have twenty
seconds to move the ball all the way to the back and hit the
second "!" block. That's not all though. Next, Spin Jump to the ledge north of
you and hit the second "!" block. Another ball and "!" will appear, so dash thro
the ball and hit the final block. Once that's done, head across the bridge that
just made. In the next area, head west all the way to find a Boo statue.
Push it to the left to make a bridge appear above and a bridge appear near the
Save Album that you used before. Head north two areas and then head west. Defeat
all of the Sand Sharks here and enter the yellow pipe. Drop down to the Seabed o
more. Head north once you're underwater and hit the block to get a Hoo Bean. Hea
north again to the next area. In this area, defeat all the enemies for experien
By the way, Mario and Luigi should be around level 29 by now if you haven't been
skipping monsters. At the top of this room is another water spout. Use the Spin
Jump to reach the top ledge. Now swim south and east to another ledge. Defeat th
enemy here and go east to the next area. There are three blocks here, but they a
out of sight.
Stand on the rocks here (there's three of them) and swim straight up. You should
reveal a block. Each one carries a Hoo Bean. Now head back to the previous area
and swim to the ledge by the vortex again. Head north here to enter another area
Here, simply head east while fighting enemies. Head south at the end and continu
to head south in the next room. Enter the yellow warp pipe and climb up to reach
the beach again. You'll be on a high ledge with a Boo statue. DON'T FALL OFF THE
LEDGE! If you do, you'll have to go through the whole Seabed again. This will ma
another stone bridge rise near the Save Album. Now you can drop off the ledge. H
east and head north when you reach the stone bridge. Make sure to save also.
Now head all the way up the bridge and into the next area. You'll see a crab wit
a tree on top of it as well as the three ladies you saw earlier. The Beanstar pi
will be on top of the tree. The crab Hermie will notice Mario and Luigi. She'll
notice how Mario looks and ask him if he's the legendary... Santa Clause? 0_o
Anyway, one of the ladies will come over to Mario and Luigi. Jump for her and
she'll recognize you as Mario. They'll rush over to Mario and Luigi and fuss ove
them. Hermie will get mad because the ladies stopped decorating thanks to the
Mario brothers. She'll then fight you!
BOSS: Hermie III
HP: 400
Experience: 900
Coins: 80
This is a relatively easy boss. Hermie III has three parts you can attack: the
left claw, the right claw, and the head. Target the left and right claws first a
Hermie III will put bandages around them. The claws can no longer attack you.
Hermie's only attack now is to spit poisonous bubbles out of his mouth. However,
these bubbles are really easy to avoid. All you need to do is hit them with your
hammer once to pop them. If you are hit, make sure you have those Refreshing
Herbs ready to cure poison. As far as attacking goes, have Luigi constantly use
Thunderhand and Mario to constantly jump. Keep attacking like this and Hermie
will go into his shell, leaving the tree open for attacking. Burn the tree by us
Mario's Firehand.
It won't burn up completely, but Hermie will pop back out so you can continue to
attack him. However, Hermie will have his claws healed. Remember to jump with th
claws shake and get bigger and smaller again. Don't bother attacking the claws
anymore, since you're close to the end of the battle. Pay no attention to the
small crabs that run by. It may seem like they'll hurt you, but they run right p
you. Continue to attack with Luigi's Thunderhand and Mario's jump and you'll def
this crab.
Once you win, Mario and Luigi will explain that they need the Beanstar piece.
Hermie will hand over BEANSTAR PIECE NO. 1. Three more left! One of the ladies
will point out a shortcut if you're heading back, so take it. Push the Boo statu
to the left in the next area to make a stone bridge appear. Cross the bridge and
head north. You're back near the start of Gwarhar Lagoon. Head north, save, and
continue to head north. Enter WARP PIPE EIGHT and head to WARP PIPE 3.
Getting some valuable items before Beanstar piece No. 2
Head to Beanbean Castle Town. None of the shops have any new stuff, but you migh
want to stock up on some good healing items for the quest to get the next
Beanstar piece. If you want a lot of beans for good items, head to Little Fungit
next. Go to the Game Arcade. They have a new game, the barrel one where you have
line up barrels. You can get beans from that and from the
other game also. If you want, buy a few items also. They don't have anything new
though. Now head back to Beanbean Castle Town via the warp pipe and go to the
Cafe to mix your beans. Now it's time to get a rare and valuable Golden Mushroom
Warp all the way to Stardust Fields. From there, head to Hoohoo Village.
You should remember how to get there but if you don't, refer to
the earlier section of the guide. Once in Hoohoo Village, go west until you reac
a save block in betwen to sets of stairs. Head up the stairs on your west and en
the cave. Get across, High Jumping and Spin Jumping as needed. Once you're out,
head all the way east, over the ledge, and into the cave. There's a
drunk Koopa here so use the Dash technique to knock it aside. Head north and tal
to the mole to get a GOLDEN MUSHROOM. Now head back all the way to the warp pipe
You can play the Hammer Bros. mini-game in Stardust Fields for beans if you want
Once that's done, return to Beanbean Castle
Save your game and head to Beanbean Castle Town. Exit the town through the west
bridge. Follow the path west, and then head down the bridge and into the next
area. Here, follow the dirt path to the east and enter the next area. Head east
through this whole thing, jumping the ledges when you need to. You'll spot a Boo
statue immidiately after you enter the next area. Read the sign here. It'll say
it's hiring and the pay is a strange bean-thing that fell from the sky. Hmmm...
push the Boo statue to the left to reveal a bridge. Head south down this bridge
then east across another bridge. Head all the way east until you come to two
blocks. One has a bunch of coins and the other has a Hoo Bean. Now go back west
then south to a new area.
Getting Beanstar piece No. 2
Use the High Jump to reach the ledge with a Save Album. Save, of course, and the
head down the bridge. Go west, then down another bridge. Go up and down the
stairs here to find a bird cage in a tree. Inside is the second Beanstar piece!
Start to head east and someone will scream. After the person runs out, an old ma
will come out. He will also leave. Now head east, across the bridge. You'll spot
strange guy tapping his foot. After he notices you, he'll introduce
himself as Harhall. After talking to him, you'll instantly accept the job
positions so you can get the Beanstar piece. Harhall will stomp his foot and thr
different colored bombs will appear. Harhall will then tell you what to do.
He explains that you need to get a drink to become a Splart water pump. He'll
then say to step on the little floor marks on the ground and spray the water out
Now you get a chance to actually try it. Fill yourself up with water and step on
the footprints. Harhall will begin to explain the mini-game. He'll say that you
first must dye fabric. Press the B button to shoot water at the blue bomb. It'll
run into the fabric, dying it blue. Whatever color bomb touches the fabric, that
the color the fabric is going to be. If you hit two bombs of different colors at
once, the fabric becomes a mixture of the two colors. The three bombs are yellow
blue, and red. Hitting red and blue makes purple. Yellow and blue makes green.
Red and yellow make orange, and all three colors make brown. There are also bomb
with different designs on them. Shoot the checkered bomb with water and the
fabric will become a checkered blue. The three design patterns are tropical desi
polka-dot design, and checkered design. Also, hitting two or more design bombs
makes the pattern a star.
~~~The designs~~~
You now need to make four different outfits for Harhall.
1. First, Harhall will ask for a RED COLOR. Blast the red bomb and make sure you
don't hit any others. Then blast any design you wish.
2. Harhall will ask for a YELLOW COLOR with a CHECKERED PATTERN. Make sure you
blast the yellow bomb only, and then only blast the checkered bomb.
3. Harhall wants a PURPLE COLOR with a POLKA-DOT pattern. Here, you'll have to
hit both the red and blue bombs. Once that's done, aim for the polka-dot pattern
4. The final design is BROWN with a STAR PATTERN. You have to hit all three bomb
here at first, and then hit two or more Designbombs to make a star.
Once you're done, Harhall will give you your reward. Head west and Harhall will
open the cage. You'll recieve BEANSTAR PIECE NO. 2! Two more left!
The three moles and getting to Yoshi Theater
Yoshi Theater is your next destination, so we need to head there. Head back to
the Boo statue (save your game on the way there). Head west, and then head west
again to another area. Here, follow the path west and north, heading up the brid
Now head east, across the stone bridge, to Beanbean Castle Town. You have no
business in the town, so exit off the east bridge. You're now in the West Beanbe
region. Head all the way north to the next area. Here, head north and then east
little. You'll spot a bunch of ledges next to the entrance to Teehee Valley. Jum
to the highest ledge and Spin Jump over to the ledge on your right. Head north,
into the next area. Here, jump up on the ledge and head east. If you talk to the
old man, he says he used to tickle his friends from behind when they had water i
their mouths.
Head north a little and you'll find a water fountain. Fill Mario up with water
and approach the second green rock that's in the dirt. Switch to Luigi's
Thunderhand and shock Mario. He'll spit water out all over the rock, which will
turn it into a platform! High Jump up to this platform and then High Jump up to
another platform. There's a mole here, so talk to him. He'll give you a Red and
Green Pepper as a reward for reaching his ledge. Now, have Mario Spin Jump over
the platform on your right. Use the Mole technique to dig under the little seed
here and you'll get a Chuckle Bean. Now, fill Mario up with water again. Head to
the green rock in the far southeast corner and spray water over it
(like you did last time) to make it grow.
High jump twice to reach the ledge and dig into the ground that's under the
circle to get a second Chuckle Bean. We're done here, so head back to the previo
area. Here, head west a little, north all the way (so you're at the entrance of
Teehee Valley), and then west agian. In the next area, head west and enter the
cave. Hop up the ledges and use the Mouse technique to fit into the small hole.
You'll now have to go through a little level similar to the ones in Super Mario
Bros. There are platforms and enemies and everything, all taking place under
spikes. When you reach the end of the little level, talk to the mole to get a 1-
Mushroom. Now jump into the warp pipe and you'll be at the start of the little
level agian.
Head out and resize Mario. Now leave this cave. Head east into the previous area
and then head south. When you come to a stone path, follow it west. Head west al
the way here into another area. Here, go left and then north. You should spot a
Thunder Orb. Shock it to make a ledge rise. Use a High Jump to reach that ledge
and then jump to the next ledge and enter the cave. The sign
here tells you about something called the Block Fortune. Head right and you'll
see two blocks. You have to hit them both at the same time, but that's pretty
simple. Have your front character jump to the highest ledge with a block on it,
have ONLY your character jump on that ledge. Your back character shouldn't jump
Position Mario and Luigi under the blocks and press A and B at the same time to
hit the simoltaneously, like the sign said. Once you do this, a path will appear
Cross the bridge and you'll have to hit two more blocks. Head to the ledges clos
to the right and have only your character jump on them all to reach the ledge wi
the block. Position the other character under the block on the ground and jump a
the same time. Another bridge will appear. Cross the bridge. You have to hit two
more blocks here. Jump up onto the ledges on the right with both Mario and Luigi
Have your front character jump the gap here, but not the back one. Position Mari
and Luigi under the blocks and hit them to reveal one last bridge.
Cross this and talk to the final mole to recieve some WOOL TROUSERS. These are
pants that have HP Auto-Gain. Equip them and then leave the cave. Out here, drop
to ground level. Head west and then north. You'll spot a drunk Koopa, so knock i
over with the Dash technique. Enter the next area, which is Yoshi Theater.
Yoshi Theater
Here, Mario and Luigi wil spot two people, one holding the Beanstar piece. Appro
the man and Mario and Luigi will try to explain about the Beanstar piece. One of
the people will come over and yell at you until finally the bigger man knocks hi
over. Mario and Luigi will start to shake once the man starts talking to him. Ma
and Luigi will say that the man looks like Bubbles (remember him? He's the one t
attacked you with his soda). The man will say that he is Bubble's younger brothe
He'll then introduce himself as Boddle. He owns the theater and is president of
Yoshi Fan Club. Mario and Luigi will say that they need the "decoration" on
Bobble's sign. Bobble will say that he can use something else to decorate his si
with and that he'll give the Beanstar piece to Mario and Luigi.
Bobble's employee will say that Bobble musn't hand the piece over. Bobble will
knock him to the ground again :) But then Bobble will say that Mario and Luigi
need to find something else to decorate the sign with. Bobble's wants seven Neon
Eggs for his sign. Bobble's employee will say it's impossible and Bobble's will
knock him over AGAIN :) After getting a little more information, head north into
the theater. Save first and then you should notice four Yoshis in each corner.
These are four of the hungry Yoshis that Bobble was talking about. Enter one of
two doors here to reach the actual theater. Head up to the front and talk to the
old man sitting down. He'll introduce himself as Fava, the man who created the
Mario and Luigi will explain their situation to the man. The brothers will ask
what food makes Yoshis lay Neon Eggs, and the man will tell you about Bean Fruit
The man will then tell you how to get a Bean Fruit. Listen to the directions and
then have the man mark the locations of Bean Fruits on your map. Now, exit the
Getting the seven Bean Fruits
I'll explain how to get all seven Bean Fruits here. The quickest way to get them
is to go clockwise around the map. Otherwise, you'll constantly have to backtrac
and take long routes. Remember that if you aren't finding the fruits, use the Mo
ability to get a more accurate location.
FRUIT 1: In the Northeast Benbean region, head near the ledges next to Teehee
Valley. To the right of those ledges are four flowers. Dig in the middle to get
the first fruit.
FRUIT 2: Head east into the next area. Here, drop down to the center and get to
the ledge with the "!" block. This will raise another ledge. Spin Jump over to
that ledge and then jump to the ledge on your right. Use the Dash technique to
knock over the drunk Koopa. Drop down this ledge and head to the right to reach
next area. Here, jump up the ledges and to the gate. Use the Mole technique to
burrow under the gate. Get back to normal and hit the save block. Now go across
brdige and you'll see a Piranha Plant eat it. Run forward to fight the Piranha.
It's pretty easy, but it has lots of health. Use your hammer to hurt it and jump
over it's easy attacks to win this battle.
When you defeat the Piranha, out will pop... Prince Peasly...? THAT's what the
Pirhana Bean was throwing at you. After some talk with the prince, press A to
bring him back to normal size. Prince Peasly will give Luigi the Bean Fruit as a
reward for resizing him. Once he's left, save and reunite with Mario.
FRUIT 3: Head back to the previous area and go all the way to the Southeast
Beanbean region (that's one area south of the east part of Beanbean Castle Town)
Head south in this area until you come to a patch of six flowers. Dig in the
middle of these flowers to get the third Bean Fruit.
FRUIT 4: Head west two areas until you're in the area with the next Bean Fruit.
Head south down the first bridge here and stand in the center of all the blue
flowers. Dig under for the fourth fruit.
FRUIT 5: Head west one area to reach the next place that holds a Bean Fruit. If
you head south here you should see a tall ledge with six flowers. Head to the le
of that tall ledge and jump up the high ledge there. Use a Spin Jump to reach th
flowers and dig in the center of them.
FRUIT 6: Head north one area to reach the West Beanbean region. Go north, east,
north, west, and north for a while until you reach a boulder. Smash it and
continue north to find a bunch of blue flowers. In the middle of these flowers i
the sixth Bean Fruit.
FRUIT 7: Head north one area to be in the Northwest Beanbean region, which holds
the final Bean Fruit. Head around the west side of the huge raised area to find
four blue flowers. Dig in the middle for the final fruit. Before you leave here,
head east. You should see a gate, so use the Mole technique to burrow under it.
On the other side, hit the jewel to open the gate so Mario can enter. Use Luigi'
High Jump to reach the high ledge east of the jewel, and head north. In
the next area, enter the pipe to activate WARP PIPE 2. Now head back to the
previous area. One more pipe left!
Getting Beanstar Piece No. 3
From this area, head east into the next area. This is the area that has the
entrance to Yoshi Theater, so head into the Theater. Now, talk to all seven
hungry Yoshis (you can tell they're hungry because they won't be standing straig
and their tongue will be hanging out) and you'll get the Neon Eggs. There's four
the lobby and three in the actual theater. Head back to the
lobby and save your game, then head out to the entrance. Talk to Bobble and he'l
put the eggs up on his sign. Bobble will give you BEANSTAR PIECE NO. 3 and then
head into the theater to prepare for his grand opening. Who cares about some
opening, you only have one more piece left!!!
Getting to Chateau de Chucklehuck once more
You need to head all the way to the Southwest Beanbean region. Once there, head
south and follow the path west. Follow it around the ledges and then jump to the
highest ledge. There should be a bridge to your left. Cross it to the next area.
Here, Spin Jump to the ledge on your north (watch out for the enemy here; if you
touch it, you'll fall once the fight is over). Follow the straightforward path
here and head north when you hit a dead end. Jump up to the ledges and head nort
some more into the next area. Here, enter the Chateau.
Getting to Chucklehuck Woods once more
Save your game here and head west, past the statues. The next area is the barrel
maze again. I'll just list the directions once more: north, east, north, west,
south, west, south, west, north, east, north, east, north, west, south, west,
south, east, south. Once you're out of this maze, hop up to the top of the
barrels. Here, head north and exit the area by heading west. Here, head west aga
into the next area. Use the Save Album in this area and south south to
exit the Chateau.
Chucklehuck Woods: Getting the final Beanstar piece
Simply head west into the next area. Continue to head west in this next area. Yo
can fight the enemies here, but they don't give you that much experience. So
anyway, after heading all the way west, check the map and head left into another
area. Here, drop down the ledge and head north. High Jump up to the ledge and
continue. Here, head west and use the high jump to reach the ledge with the Save
Album on it. After using the Album, head to your left. There's a drunk Koopa her
so use your Dash technique to knock it over. Enter the cave here. The two blocks
in the first room of the cave have some coins and a mushroom. Now head west and
some coins out of the Random Bros. Block. Then head south, out of the cave.
Hit the Save Album here. Now head west and north to see a snail. He'll tell you
that you are not allowed to pass, so head back south for now. The next area is
accessed by heading to your left and then south. Here, head west for a while and
climb the stairs. Enter Winkle Colosseum and pay 500 coins and the reception
counter. Now head north and enter the Colosseum to begin a mini-game! This game
is called Chuckola Bounce. You're supposed to beat as many Chuckoroks as you can
within the time limit. Using your Chuckola Board, deflect the Chuckola rocks bac
at the Chuckoroks. Sometimes, Chuckoroks spit out golden mushrooms. These aren't
actual Golden Mushrooms though; they're barriers. If Mario or Luigi hits one,
Chuckola rocks won't be able to hurt them.
Using the L or R buttons, you can turn the barrier off. You can use the control
pad to move, and A or B to rotate. You must defeat twenty Chuckoroks to win this
fun mini-game. Once you're done, you'll get the Winkle Card. You can also repeat
this game for some beans later. For now, head back to the snail that you saw
earlier. Hit the Save Album and talk to the snail. Mario willflash the Winkl Car
and the snail will move to the side. Enter the next area. Here, head to
your left and hit the block for a Nut. Now head east and jump up the ledges. Go
left and you'll see Popple (remember him?) trying to reach for something. A
closer look will reveal that it's the Beanstar piece that Popple's trying to get
Popple will grab the piece and Mario and Luigi will eventually back him into the
north wall. He'll attack you two, so it's time for your first boss battle in a
BOSS: Popple
HP: 520
Experience: 1200
Coins: 120
This fight against the cowardly shadow thief is a very easy one. To start the
battle, Popple will do a strange attack: he'll run over and get his bag of stuff
and proceed to throw it all at you. He has poisonous mushrooms and some Bob-ombs
but he also has coins and regular mushrooms. The thing here is that he'll throw
so much good stuff toward you at first and throw in random bad stuff, that you'l
be jumping constantly no matter what, thinking it's a good
item. After a couple of attacks like this, you should be able to grab all the
good things and avoid the bad things. Just make sure you have some Refreshing He
just in case you grab the poisonous mushroom by accident. Also, Popple rushes
forward and stops in front of both brothers.
The best way to tell if Popple is attacking is to check if he smiles or not. If
does, then he's attacking Luigi. Otherwise, he's attacking Mario. If you don't
counter, Popple will steal either a mushroom or worse, you hammers! Once Popple
steals your hammers, he can attack
you with it. He doesn't steal the hammers for the whole battle, just a couple of
turns. Still, you aren't going to be able to defend without them,
so make sure you always counter! If Popple steals a mushroom from you, he can us
it to restore HP. Still, the battle remains easy. It'll just last a little
longer. As far as attacking goes, use Brother Attacks or your hammer the whole t
and restore BP when needed.
Those two things deal the most damage to Popple. Just constantly attack him,
healing when you need to, and the battle is easily yours.
Once Popple is down, you'll instantly get the FINAL BEANSTAR PIECE! Yes! Popple
will try to fight some more, but instantly sink into the ground. Ummmmm... yeah.
Anyway, drop down the ledge to the south here and exit this area. Save and go
back through the woods all theway to the Chateau. Then go through the Chateau. I
shouldn't be a long journey, since there should be little to no enemies on the
way. Once you're out, head all the way back to the Beanbean Castle Gates.
Forming the Beanstar
Save at the Gates and head into the castle. Go to the throne room here. Mario
will release the four Beanstar pieces and the Beanstar will form once more. Lady
Lima will instantly come in and say that a message from Bowletta has arrived.
Bowletta will say that she wants "Red and Green" to bring her the Beanstar at
Joke's End, the crypt for cruddy jokes. It'll be marked on your map and Bowletta
will say that you can't get to Joke's End by walking on the seafloor. Prince Pea
will then come in and tell everyone to relax. He'll say that can just give Bowle
a fake Beanstar. Peasly will and it to Luigi and Toadsworth will ask the Mario a
Luigi bring along some clothes for Princess Peach. He'll say that Peach probably
tried to escape, and damaged her dress while doing it.
He'll give you your suitcase and in it will be Peach's extra dress. You'll then
see Prince Peasly. He'll tell you that you have to head to a beach and surf to
Joke's End. He'll start to leave, but stop. Remember that he bet you
99,999,999,999,999 mushroom coins that he'd find the pieces first? He'll give th
coins to you now and leave. Lady Lima will come out and say that at todays's
rate, 99,999,999,999 mushroom coins equal a whopping 99 Beanbean coins! D'oh! At
hearing this, Mario and Luigi will fall to the ground ^_^
NOTE: Wait a minute, didn't 100 mushroom coins at the beginning of the game equa
10 Beanbean coins? That means that 99,999,999,999 mushroom coins should
equal..... 10,000,000,000 Beanbean Coins!
Preparations for Joke's End
Before you go to Joke's End, head to the Caf . I described how to get the first
item from Professor E. Gadd, but you can get others as well. You should have at
least three of the seven items you can get from him. The more items you have, th
easier and more fun your game gets. Next, go to the Fashion Shop. They have some
awesome new stuff, especially the Queen B. Jeans. Buy some of their crap and hea
over to the item shop. They have three new items: the Max Mushrooms, the Max
Nuts, and the Max Syrup. These all heal max HP/BP, so pick up some. Make sure yo
still save money, because now we're heading to Little Fungitown! Enter WARR PIPE
and go to WARP PIPE 7. They have 1-Up Mushrooms at their item shop, but the real
nice stuff is at the Fashion Shop. After looking at the fashions there, head bac
to the warp pipe and warp to the castle again.
Heading to Joke's End
Okay, first make sure you have a lot of Beanbean Coins since we're going to have
to pay a lot at one point. If you don't, either sell stuff or win battles. Now e
Beanbean Castle Town from the east bridge. Follow the stone and eventually dirt
path east into the next area. Head east here until you hit a gate, then head
aroudnd the gate. The sign tells you that this is the "Beanbean Surfing Spot" bu
an unbreakable boulder blocks it. Head north in this area all the way to the nex
area. In this area, head all the way north again, then go left into another area
Head south, around the tress, and then go through the gate with the Thunder Orb
next to it. Follow the path for a while until you reach the Hammerhead Bros. cav
(you'll recognize it). Save your game and head down the stairs. The Hammerhead
Bros. will automatically reforge your hammer into a golden hammer.
They are called the ULTRA HAMMERS. Goody. You can now smash black rocks. Now hea
east and smash the black rock here. Head up the second bridge and smash the
second black rock. Enter the cave. There's a Thwomp here. Talk to him and pay 50
coins to play his mini-game. You must smash one of the three rocks. One has
nothing, one has 800 coins, and one has Secret Scroll 2. You want the scroll. If
you lose, just reset your game and try again. Once you get the SECRET SCROLL 2,
can use a new Bros. Attack in battle! Once you have the Secret Scroll, return to
the black rock that was blocking the surfing spot. Talk to the man here who says
you need something to jam into the little hole. Have Luigi stand on the hole and
whack him with the hammer.
Luigi will become a surfboard! o_0 So now you can surf above the water. Okay, wh
you're out in the water, it's hard to tell where you are. You can use the map to
find your location, but it's still a bit difficult. You can surf to Gwarhar Lago
here, and see if there's anything you missed. You could also go to Oho Oasis, bu
there's nothing there and you'd have to go all the way around the Seabed agian t
get back to a surf board point. For now, head south of Oho Oasis and you'll reac
h a
little island. Save using the Save Album here and talk to the man. This is a
surfing mini-game. There are Oho Balloons everywhere and they look pink with a s
on them. There are a total of 23 Oho Balloons. In one minute, you have to pop al
of the balloons.
So play the mini-game and depending on your time, you can win a variety of nice
prizes. Once you're done playing the game, head north for a while. Joke's End is
marked on your map, so it shouldn't be too hard to find. While heading there, ma
sure to grab coin balloons. Coin balloons contain different amounts of coins. So
have two, some have five, some have ten! Eventually path to Joke's End is going
have lots of rocks. When you run into a dead end, head west and you'll come to a
stip of sand that you can land on. Head north to enter Joke's end.
Joke's End
You'll start in an area with tons of boulders. Smash them all to clear your path
Climb up the small amount of stairs. To your left is the final warp pipe, WARP
PIPE 9. You should now be able to reach pretty much any place in Beanbean Kingdo
instantly. Now head north, up the stairs into the next area. Oh and hey, doesn't
this look like Crystal Palace from Paper Mario? I just thought that was cool.
Anyway, there are a TON of stairs in the next area, so climb up all of them.
You'll reach the entrance to this palace but a little guirl will run out. She'l
tell Mario and Luigi that this palace is her playground. She'll ask Mario and Lu
if they want to play. She'll introduce herself as Jojora. Mario and Luigi will
explain the situation involving Bowletta and Princess Peach but Jojora will be
She'll warn Mario about the danger of this place, then disappear inside. You wan
to go in also. The first room has a closed a door, with one torch lit. There's a
place on the right where a second torch can be lit, so use Firebrand to light it
and open the door. There's a Save Album here. Save and High Jump twice up to the
top ledge on your left. After defeating the enemies, go through the door above y
When you enter, you'll spot Jojara. She'll float over to a very high ledge and a
you if you could make it up to where she is. Ignore the ledge for now and defeat
the enemy. Now, head into the room on your left. There is Super Syrup,
a Super Mushroom, and a Random Bros. Block here. Head back to the previous area
go up to the top.
Hit the cracked door three times to crumble it completely, revealing an opening.
Head out. Defeat the enemy here and head up the stairs. There is a guy looking o
of a telescope here (he's not an enemy). Talk to him and he'll talk about how
whirlwinds occur when rotational energy is added to warm updrafts of air. Rememb
that for later. Head up the second set of stairs here and into the next area. Ta
a look at the map. Woah, huge place. You got a long ways to go! Defeat the three
enemies here for tons of experience. Now head left into the next area. There are
five blocks here. They have 2 Hoo Beans, some coins, a Super Mushroom, and a
Refreshing Herb. The north room has nothing, so head back into the previous area
and enter the room on your right.
Defeat the lone enemy here and head to the edge of the ledge, but DON'T FALL OFF
you'll be in a much earlier part of the palace.. Spin Jump to another ledge and
enter the room here. There are some dangerous cylinders here that are rolling
sideways. Use the Electric Attachment and follow them right to get across. There
are more cylinders in the next room. Use Electric Attatchment once more to reach
the other side. Hit the "!" block in the and this will open a door in the huge r
that you were in near the start. Ignore the fast moving cylinders for now. You c
get to them, but following them is just a long way of reaching the large room
again. So backtrack one area. Here, you'll have to use a Flaming Dash to get pas
the cylinders.
In the next area, just use the Electric Attatchmet again. Go through the door an
drop down the large ledge to be in the huge room agian. Head to the door that yo
just opened (it's by a map of Joke's End) and enter. Here, jump up on the ledge
the middle and High Jump to the ledge on your left. Jump in the air here to reve
a hidden block containg a Hoo Bean. Head north in the next area and use the Save
Album before anything else. Then smash the cracked door and go through. Hit the
Bros. Block and jump up on the ledge north of the block. Use a High Jump to reac
the high ledge in the middle of the two flames. Stand in the middle and jump to
reveal a hidden block containing a Hoo Bean. Drop down to your right and dig in
little hole to get a Chuckle Beam.
Now head into the room on your left. Grab coins from the Rally Block and dig int
the little hole to reveal a Chuckle Bean. Head head back two areas. Save again i
you wish and head into the room on your right. Drop down all the stairs here and
head into the next room. Hit the two blocks in plain sight to grab two Hoo Beans
Now head all the way west and you'll see a little hole with some logs. Use
Firebrand to light the logs on fire. This will cause the Joke's End boiling pot
the large room to, well, boil. Head back to the large room (save on the way). Hi
jump to the platform above the boiling pot. Remember what that astronomer said?
your "rotational energy" (Spin Jump) in the middle of the "hot drafts of air" to
form a whirlwind just like the guy said would happen.
The whirlwind will rise up to a higher platform. Head up to that platform (you
should be able to get there easily) Spin Jump inside that whirlwind and press th
control stick to the right to be shot over to the ledge (Hoohoo Mountain, anyone
that Jojora was on earlier. Head right, into the next room. Jojora will be here
again, and she'll tell you to give up and go home. After she leaves, drop down a
hit the Save Album. Defeat the two enemies here, and dig in the "X" hole to get
Chuckle Bean. Now head to your right to see a gate. Use the mole technique to sl
under the gate, and hit the "!" block on the other side of it. This will open a
door on the other side of the gate that Luigi's in. Instead of taking Luigi alon
we're going with Mario alone (FINALLY).
So switch to him and enter the door Luigi just opened. Climb the two sets of sta
here and go to the next area. View the map if you wish (STILL a long way to go)
go through the door. Defeat the two enemies in here for massive experience and h
the two blocks for a Hoo Bean and an Ultra Mushroom. Now head west into the next
room. Hit the Save Album here and head south. Stand under the block and switch b
to Luigi. With Luigi, head east into the next room. Climb the two sets of stairs
here and head south once you reach the next room. Defeat the three enemies here
hit the block for a nice Ultra Nut. Head west into the next room and defeat the
four enemies in here for some good experience. Head north to the next room and
stand under the block.
Press A/B simoltaneously to hit both blocks and open the gate. Now (as Luigi) he
south into the previous area. Here, head west. Now switch to Mario and head out
gate into the next room. Hit the "!" block to have a barrel drop near Luigi. Swi
back to Luigi and jump on the barrel. Hit the switch to open a door near Mario.
have Luigi head outside (using the door on your left) and stand under the block.
Switch back to Mario and have him head through the door you just opened. Have Ma
stand under the block and then press A/B simoltaneously once more. Jojora will p
down and say that it's cool that Mairo and Luigi don't give up easily. She'll ca
a strange thing from her wand and she'll give it to you. Blocks with an M and
blocks with an L will come shooting out of the strange thing at different speeds
You have to hit 30 of those blocks in 25 seconds or less to proceed. It sounds
easy, but it can be a little tough since some blocks come shooting out, while
others move very slowly. Once you beat it, the timer will stop no matter where
it's at and the doors will open. Now (as Mario) head through his door. Go up the
stairs here and into the next room. Climb the three sets of stairs here and in t
next room, you'll find four ****ing huge candles. Light them all on fire and a
block two areas back will move to the left. Now head back two areas and stand on
the yellow block you just revealed. Switch to Luigi now. Have him head through h
door and you'll be below Mario. Stand below the yellow block. Now, switch to Mar
once more.
Have Luigi jump and hit the block to have it rise. As soon as the block raises,
have Mario jump to the left to reach another platform. Hit the block here for
coins and then head west into the next room. Defeat the enemy here then drop off
the ledge and defeat the second enemy. Hit the blocks for an Ultra Mushroom and
Hoo Beans. Drop down a second ledge and defeat the enemy, then head east into th
next room. Stand under the block and switch to Luigi. Have Luigi simply head sou
and stand under the block. Hit A/B simoltaneously to open the gate by Mario. Now
switch to Mario and head through the gate and out the door. You're in a room wit
an "!" but don't hit it yet. Switch to Luigi and have him head south through the
Have Mario hit the "!" and you'll see a shadow of a barrell falling. Have Luigi
rush under that shadow and the barrell will fall on him. With Luigi inside the
barrell, head back to the previous room. Step on the floor switch and the face
will spit fire at you. It'll bounce back at the face, destroying it. This will
cause a series of green blocks to appear in the mini-game area. Have Luigi bust
of the barrel and head back to the mini-game area. Now, switch to Mario and make
him head back to the mini-game area. You'll _FINALLY_ reunite Mario and Luigi. N
head to to the right bridge and head south. Go through the door here and backtra
to a room with a Save Album. Save and use High Jumps to reach the top ledge in t
Eneter the door and head up the three flights of stairs here, defeating the
enemies as you go. In the next area, head north. Ignore the fountain and head ea
to the next area. Head down the stairs to the next room. Jojora will tell Mario
Luigi to stop trying and that they're really stubborn. Once she runs off, head e
and defeat the enemies. Dig in the little hole for a Chuckle Bean, and then ente
the room Jojora entered. Defeat the three enemies here while heading down the st
into the next area. Here, head west all the way and get some coins from the Rand
Bros. Block. Now, go to the logs you saw earlier and light them on fire with
Firebrand. This will cause a pot below you to burn. Now head back two areas. Hig
Jump to the platform above the pot.
Use a Spin Jump to activate a whirlwind in a different room. Now, head left and
smash the door down to create an opening. Enter and grab the Ultra Mushroom, the
Hoo Bean, and the coins from the Rally Block. Head to the previous area and head
to through the northeast exit. Head up the two flights of stairs and you'll be b
in the room with the water. Fill Mario up and have him stand in front of the
whirlwind. Whack him with Luigi's hammer once and this will spray water on the
four candles. The door north of you will open, so go through. Oh and if you chec
the map, you can see that you're almost through. Yay! In the next room, head up
flight of stairs to go back inside. Hit the Save Album in here, and then head up
the highest ledge.
Head east here and hit the "?" for an Ultra Mushroom. Now head back to the "!"
block. Put Mario in the back and switch to the Firebrand action symbol. Face the
east and hit the "!" block. Immidiately head to the plain white tiles and use th
Flaming Dash to make it across the bridge. The bridge eventually disappears, so
if you fail, just hit the "!" block once more and try agian. Once you get across
head into the next room. Check to see if you have good health and BP, then conti
east. Jojora will appear and congragulate you for being the first person to reac
the top. She'll offer Mario and Luigi to relax and have a seat. They will and th
Jojora will ask Mario and Luigi what friend do they want her to invite over. Pic
k a
name and she'll bring that friend out. You'll now figiht a boss!
BOSS: Jojora and her friend
HP: 500 (friend)
50 (Jojara)
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 180
An easy battle. Jojora will first run forward and attack you, so simply hit her
to knock her wand away. This will make her angry and she'll run off. This will n
make her friend angry, and her friend will charge at you in a rolling ball. This
seems to be the only attack "friend" has, so get your hammer ready and whack
"friend" when she gets too close. You won't damage her, but she'll fall back. Yo
need to constantly use Bros. Attacks during this battle. If you've been doing
them constantly, they should be at "Advanced" level and you should be able to
perform them at level three. This makes the fight a lot easier, although I guess
you could still do the attacks at levels one/two and still not have any trouble.
"friend" does hit you, you'll take a good amount of damage, so make sure to alwa
have your hammer out to attack.
One more thing about "friend's" attack is that you can't tell who "friend" is
aiming at until she actually begins the attack. To avoid being hit, get both
Mario and Luigi's hammers ready and release them both. Once Jojora comes back,
"friend" will do a freaky attack: she'll run in and kiss a brother everywhere. T
only does one damage, but it poisons so make sure you have Refreshing Herbs read
Jojora also has the attack of casting a blizzard on Mario and Luigi, which cause
some good damage. You can avoid this attack, but you have to rapidly jump and
you'll jump out of it at the very end.. This also heals Jojara and "friend".
Whenever Mario or Luigi hit 25 HP, make sure you heal them since there's a good
chance "friend" will take out the rest of your HP.
Once you knock Jojora away a second time, "friend's" hair will change color. Thi
GREATLY improves "friend's" defense, so the battle will last a little longer tha
it should. Just keep doing Bros. Attacks on "friend" healing and restoring BP
when necessary, and continue to knock away Jojora. Eventually, her hair will cha
back to it's normal color, which makes the battle easier. Continue attacking aft
it changes color to defeat "friend".
Jojora's friend will shrink into nothing and Jojora will run away crying (but no
before yelling "JERKS!" one last time). It may seem like you can't go any
further, but you'll notice two torches aren't lit here, so use Firebrand to ligh
them and the path will open up. So just continue to the next room. Here, you'll
spot Fawful. He'll tell you to bring the Beanstar up to him, so drop of the ledg
and head west. Use the Mole technique to get under the gate and Luigi will flash
the fake Beanstar. Fawful will blast Luigi and shatter the Beanstar, then order
Luigi to give him the real one. He'll take out your suitcase and grab the real
Beanstar, then fly off. Once he's gone, hit the Save Alubm in the northeast corn
and go through the door.
Here, hammer the jewel and the gate will open. Mario and Luigi will talk a bit,
and Luigi will start to cry. Mario will walk to the suitcase and take out Peach'
extra dress. When you get control of the brothers, High Jump up onto the east
ledge. In the next area, drop off the ledge and head up the stairs. Fawful will
come and give Bowletta the Beanstar and then Mario will appear. He'll order
Bowletta to release Peach. Mario will start to laugh and then ANOTHER Peach will
appear (it's really Luigi). Luigi (as Peach) will say that they though Peach wou
be kidnapped, so they prepared an imposter. Mario and "Peach" will turn to leave
but Fawful will grab Luigi, thinking it's the real Peach. They'll then release t
real Peach. Run over and talk to her.
She'll thank Mario and then kiss him. Oooooooohhhhh...
The Koopa Cruiser once again
Bowletta and Fawful will taunt "Peach" and then Bowletta will ask "Peach" why
he's covering his mouth. "Peach" will back away, but Bowletta will scare "Peach"
Luigi, being the coward that he is, will become frightened and reveal his mustac
Fawful will begin to fire at Luigi, revealing his true self. While Bowletta has
fit over how Mario managed to trick her, Luigi will be running for his life. Hit
the "A" button once to activate the "!" block, which will prevent Bowletta and
Fawful from continuing. Luigi will lose the dress and you'll have control of him
Head north then west and hit the Save Album. Then head to your right into the ne
room. Here, you'll see a Thunder Orb activated, but two Thunder Orbs that area
deactivated. Use Thunderhand to get them working.
This will cause a block to appear. Hit it five times in a row to get _FIVE_ Hoo
Beans. W00T! Anyway, head to your right next and then go down the stairs into th
next room. Here, head east and jump up on the crates. Hit the block for a Super
Mushroom, then drop off the crates. Activate the two Thunder Orbs, then go north
across the bridge and activate the final Thunder Orb. This will make a block
appear on some crates. Jump up onto the crates and hit the block five times agai
for five MORE Hoo Beans! Alright! Next, head west and down the stairs. Hit the
block here for a Super Nut, then head south and hit the next block for a Super
Mushroom. You're getting a lot of cool items on this ship :) Next, head west and
into the next room.
Activate the first Thunder Orb here, then head north across the bridge. Activate
the second Thunder Orb (it's half-hidden behind a board) and go to your left.
There's a final Thunder Orb here, so hit it to make a block appear with, you
guessed it, five Hoo Beans. Hit the save point north of that block, then go to
the next room. The Beanstar is here (how'd they lock it up so quickly?) so use t
Thunder Orb to release it. The Beanstar will be freed and Luigi will grab it.
He'll jump off the ship and the Bowletta and Fawful will appear. Fawful will tel
Bowletta to give chase, but Bowletta will decide to go to the Mushroom Kingdom
instead. Gulp.
In the sky
Luigi will be using Peach's dress as a parachute when some bad theme music will
start to play. And there's only one character in the game who has bad theme musi
(or any theme music, now that I think about it): Prince Peasly! He'll
congragulate Mario and then Luigi will hand over the Beanstar. A bird will come
snap Luigi's ropes, causing him to fall.
Teehee Valley: Rescuing Luigi
Back at Luigi's predicted landing site (HOW do they have a predicted landing
site?) Toadsworth will wonder if Luigi will arrive in splendid fashion ^_^ Mario
will spot something on his binoculars and it turns out to be Luigi. He'll fall
headfirst into the sand and then Prince Peasly will land softly next to Mario an
the others. After doing some talk to Mario and flashing his stupid hair, he'll r
off. Peach and Toadsworth will run off and you'll have control of Mario now. Hea
to the northwest corner and smash the boulder. Head on to the next area. Here, h
the Save Album first. Then head all the way west and hit the blocks for a Super
Mushroom, a 1-up Mushroom, and some coins. Then go back east and head south to
the next area.
Hit the "!" block here to lower a pillar in the previous area. Back to Luigi,
we'll see Popple (AGAIN!?!) and he'll order "Rookie" (not who you think) to tie
Luigi up. Now, as Mario again, head back to the previous area. Go past the pilla
and then head west all the way and into the next area. Defeat all the enemies he
for tons of experience. Then head to the northwest corner and enter the yellow w
pipe. You'll be in a cave here. Head north and into the next room. Use Firebrand
the unlit torch to open the path. Head north and jump up the ledges here. There
a Save Album to your left so use it. Then head north into the next room. Luigi i
tied up here, so press and hold A to untie him. Popple will appear and order his
new rookie to come out.
And what do you know, out comes Birdo. Birdo wants to be all emotional, but
Popple just wants to beat Mario and Luigi.
BOSS: Popple and Birdo
HP: 500 (Popple)
450 (Birdo)
Experience: 900 per brother
Coins: 495
Damn, doesn't this guy EVER give up? This is what, your fourth fight with Popple
now? Anyway, the guy hasn't learned anything new. Popple will continue to try to
simply steal items, although he can steal your hammers once more and attack you
with them. Always make sure you to have your hammers ready just in case Popple
trys to steal something from you. You need to constantly use Brother Attacks on
Birdo (never attack Popple, remember?) since she's the main threat. Again, level
three Bros. Attacks would be great to use, but use lower level ones if you KNOW
aren't good at level threes. Birdo has two equally dangerous attacks: the first
she'll run up and spit a bomb that looks like an egg at you. You can tell who sh
going to attack since a white target will appear on the brother she's aiming for
It only flashes on the screen, and it's easy to miss. She'll also run up to a
brother (you can alwawys tell which one) and try to suck him in. Let her do so,
and at the last second, whack her with your hammer. Eventually, Birdo will come
suck Popple into her mouth to "protect" him. After that she'll spit out four
giant eggs. You'll want your hammers here since all four eggs will start to roll
you and you can only avoid by using your hammer. Once the eggs are done attackin
start to attack each one. You want to find the one that has Popple inside. Once
find Popple, he'll destroy the other eggs and the fight will continue as it
normally would. Popple also has his weird attack where he throws items at Mario
The remain the same items: poisonous mushrooms, Bob-ombs, coins, and regular
mushrooms. Just continue your attacking pattern to win this simple fight.
Once you win, Popple will yell at Birdo for losing. Birdo will kick Popple off
the screen, then leave after yelling one last time at you. Once you have control
head into the pipe in the northeast corner. Climb up and head east, exiting the
area. Go east again, and then south, to exit Teehee Valley. Head back to Beanbea
Castle Town.
Bad news from the Queen
When you enter the town, Mario and Luigi will freak. The town is destroyed once
again, and it's raining Bill Bulllets. A man will come and tell Mario and Luigi
to seek refuge, then he'll leave. Head straight to the castle now. When you ente
you'll spot Lady Lima. She'll scream that this hour may be Beanbean Kindom's las
hour. Queen Bean will drop down and reveal that Bowser's Castle is attacking the
kingdom from the skies. Didn't we destroy Bowser's Castle in Paper Mario? Oh
well. So now Luigi is scared stiff and Lady Lima will blame Bowletta for this.
Peasly will appear and say that Peach is now safe in Little Fungitown. Then Mari
will offer to go up to the castle, and Luigi will ___SERIOUSLY___ freak. Peasly
will run off to the castle, and you'll gain control again.
Also, if you head to the throne room and talk to Lady Lima, she'll tell you that
you have to get to someone who can fly. Anyone come to mind? But we're not going
to fly to Bowser's Castle yet.
Preparations for Bowser's Castle
First, despite the fact that the town is gone yet again, the Fashion Shop, Item
Shop, and Cafe are still open. First, go to the Fashion Shop. They have some
great things that you need to check out, and you should have lots of money with
to buy them. Head to the Cafe next, since it's right above you. Blend some mixtu
(make sure you have blended all possible things to get the best items from E. Ga
fist) of beans, and when you can't blend any more, head to the item shop. You ha
to go through Beanbean Castle Gates to get to the east side, since the bridge is
gone. The item shop now has 1-Up Supers! Nice! Now warp to Little Fungitown.
Finally, some cheerful music! They have some new things at the Fashion Shop you
might want to check out.
Oh and if you want some coins here, go to Psycho Kamek's house and jump up the
chairs and High Jump to the top ledge to find a Rally Block. You can also visit
Princess Peach at the Embassay, if you want. The Embassay also has a Random Bros
Block and a Bros. Block. Once you're done with Little Fungitown, you have nothin
else to prepare for. Enter the warp pipe and head to WARP PIPE 1.
Blablanadon in Hoohoo Village
From Stardust Fields, head to Hoohoo Vilage. Talk to Blablanadon here and he'll
ask if you want to head to Bowser's Castle. Say yes and he'll fly you there.
The finale: Bowser's Castle
When you arrive, Blablanadon will tell you that if you wish to leave at any time
just speak to him. Remember that, since you might have to rush back to town and
recover. Anyway, there's a save point north of you when you start so hit it. The
jump up on the left ledge and hit the block for an Ultra Mushroom. There is also
a block on the right ledge with Ultra Syrup. Now go north, to the huge door, and
open it. After going through the door, you'll see a cut-scene with Fawful and
Bowletta. Fawful will run forward and inform Bowletta that Mario and Luigi are
coming, but Bowletta will laugh and say they'll never make it. She'll then call
seven Koopalings (remember, from Super Mario Bros. 3?) and the Koopalings will r
out and into random parts in the castle.
Who are these Koopalings? You'll see... In the next room, defeat the enemy as yo
jump to ledges and then open the door and go through. Here, try to not fight the
Boos unless you want a LONG fight. Climb the steps here, and jump across the
gaps. Defeat the enemy and continue. When you reach the final gap, Spin Jump or
have a good chance of at least one brother falling. If you fall, just head left
start over. Go through the door once you reach the end. Cross the small block an
hit the Save Album here. Now head north, across the bridge. You'll see Iggy, the
first of the seven Koopalings. After spinning around Mario and Luigi and making
them dizzy, he'll go to another part of the room. Mario and Luigi's controls are
now messed up.
He doesn't always REVERSE the controls. Sometimes down equals left and left
equals north. It's random each time, so just experiment with it to figure out th
controls. With those controls in mind, head across the bridge on your right.
There is a flame here and if you touch it, you're sent all the way back to the
beginning of the room and have to watch Iggy make you dizzy again. So quickly ru
to the bridge south of you. There's another flame on the next bridge, and this
seems to move in a strange pattern. Avoid it as best you can and cross the bridg
west of the flame. Once you reach Iggy, run into him to begin a boss battle.
BOSS: Koopaling 1, Iggy
HP: 550
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 99
This is a simple boss battle, and it belongs somewhere in the first quarter of
the game rather than at the end. Iggy only has two attacks, and they are both ve
easy to avoid and counter. The first attack is Iggy's favorite. He'll run up to
brother (you'll be able to easily tell which brother he's attacking) and throw a
fireball at them. Use your Legend of Zelda experience to use your hammer to
deflect the fireballs back at Iggy to damage him. If you're quick, Iggy might no
even be able to use the second attack. This attack will have Iggy spin around, s
whack him with your hammer to damage him and stop him. Level three Bros. Attacks
end the battle in a snap here. If you haven't mastered them yet, you better star
since the next nine (yes, we still have nine boss battles left) boss battles wil
be much easier if you have the level threes down.
Once you defeat Iggy he'll vanish and a portal will appear in his place. Two
bridges will also appear. One is right next to you (so you can reach the Save
Album again) and the second is in a different part of the castle. Cross the firs
bridge formed and save, then step into the portal that Iggy left behind. You're
in an earlier part of the castle, and right in front of the bridge that appeared
Cross it (stop to defeat the enemy if you wish) and open the door on the other
side. Here, head west first. It seems like there's a dead end but if you look
closely, you can see the outline of a bean hole. So grab the bean and head east.
Remember these? That last time we saw these were in Stardust Fields. Jump over
them, defeating the two enemies on your way.
At the end, climb the stairs and continue to jump over the sparks, defeating all
the enemies on the way. Enter the next room when you reach the end. Woah! Look
what's in the next room! A byclicle! Remember these? Jump on them, then hold the
control stick in the direction that you want to go. Then press A and B
alternating. There are two byclicles here, so make it across and go through the
door. Here, cross the east bridge and go up the stairs. Hit the Save Album and t
go back down. Cross the north bridge here and then head east. Morton Koopa, the
second of the seven Koopalings, will drop down. He'll then proceed to send
shockwaves over a large bridge. Have both brothers jump simoltaneously over the
shockwaves as you make your way across.
If you get hit by a shockwave, you have to start the bridge over. Once you get t
the other side, you'll start a boss battle!
BOSS: Koopaling 2, Morton
HP: 500
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 99
This guy is, like Iggy, pretty simple. However, if you have low defense and no
healing items, he can be pure hell. The reason is for his trademark attack. Mort
will jump up and do three flips in the air, then come down. This will send three
shockwaves out, dealing at least 20 damage per shockwave. If you get hit by one
shockwave, you'll lose your footing and the rest of the shockwaves will hit you.
you can basically have 60+ damage given to you in a single turn! However, be
grateful when he simply spits fireballs at you. Do the same as you did with Iggy
and reflect them with your hammer to cause some more damage. Remember, never let
Mario or Luigi get lower than 70 HP, and use healing items when you need them.
Attacking is the same.
You simply need to use Bros. Attacks (again, level threes recommended). Just kee
doing those attacks and dodging the shockwaves to win this battle.
Once you win, a portal will appear where Morton was, and a block will rise in an
earlier area. Head back and save your game using the Save Album, then go and
enter the portal. You're sent to the area where to block was raised. High Jump
twice to reach the high ledge, and defeat the enemy here. In the next area, clim
the steps and then head north, onto the raised ledge. In the northwest corner of
the ledge is a hidden block, so jump to reveal it. Inside is a Hoo Bean. Now cli
the steps and head into the next area. Here, you'll want to Spin Jump across the
gap. If you fall, just head back into the previous area and climb the stairs aga
Open the door and head on through. This room has Boos again. If you want a Chuck
Bean, don't climb the stairs and just head east.
Keep your eye out for the half-hidden hole that has the bean. Once you have it,
climb all of the steps using High Jumps. When you reach the top, High Jump to th
upper ledge. Hit the rally block here for some coins and then head north to the
little ledge sticking out on the east side of the wall. There's a hidden block o
the right with a Hoo Bean. Drop back down to the previous ledge now and Spin Jum
to your right to reach a second set of stairs. High Jump to the top here and do
second Spin Jump to reach a ledge with a door on it. Go through this door to the
next area. Here, hop up the ledges and Spin Jump into the whirlwind. Don't worry
if you fall in the lava; you won't get hurt you'll just have to Spin Jump into t
whilrwind again.
Anyway, the whirlwind will send you into a series of whirlwinds, so just go east
each time to reach the other side of the huge area. Go right, and into the next
area. In this area, there's a whirlwind moving back and forth. Wait until it
starts to come toward you, then Spin Jump into it. When you land on the next led
you'll find that another whirlwind moves toward you so you can continue to a sec
ledge. You can't just wait until the whirlwind moves toward you, then go all the
way across. You'll fall before you reach the ledge, but there's a nice trick tha
you can use to reach the second ledge. Get into the whirlwind, then head east fo
r a
brief moment, and then go back into the whirlwind. Repeat the process, going in
out of the whirlwind as you get across the gap.
This way, you won't run out of flying time. On the other side is a mole who will
give you a nice 1-Up Super. Once you have the Super, return to the previous ledg
and go through the door. Head north here and hit the Save Album. Cross the bridg
and you'll spot the third Koopaling, Lemmy. He'll spin around you and then split
into four different Lemmys. Whack the one you think is the correct one with your
hammer. If you're wrong, the fake Lemmys will disappear and you'll have to try
again. Just keep whacking Lemmy until you get the right one and then he'll start
to cry. Then you'll have to fight the third Koopaling!
BOSS: Koopaling 3, Lemmy
HP: 380
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 99
This is another simply fight between Mario and Luigi and the Koopalings. Lemmy
will start out by making three fake copies of himself again. You don't want to
waste BP, so use regular jump attacks to figure out which Lemmy is the real one.
it's a fake Lemmy, it won't take any damage and it'll fly off the screen. If it'
the real Lemmy, it'll take damage and the remaining fakes will disappear. Like h
two brothers, Lemmy knows the fireball attack. It's not any harder to avoid. Jus
reflect them with your hammer. If you don't know level three Bros. Attacks by no
you're in bad shape. Pound on Lemmy as hard as you can using level three Bros.
Attacks to deal some good damage. Lemmy will constantly make copies of himself,
continue to jump on the Lemmies until you find the real one.
This Lemmy seems to have very low HP, so it shouldn't take more than five turns
using Bros. Attacks to defeat this Koopaling.
Once you defeat Lemmy, head south down the bridge and save your game once more.
Then go into the portal that Lemmy left behind. You'll be dropped to the area
where the water fountain just appeared. Drop off the ledge and fill Mairo up wit
water. Then use Luigi's High Jump to spit the water onto the fire. This will put
out one of the four rows of flame, so head across the safe path and into the nex
area. Here, High Jump to the upper ledge and go through the door. In this area,
High Jump to the ledge and defeat the enemy. The next ledge has Ultra Syrup, so
grab it and then head off to the next area. This area has an electrical puzzle,
like the ones we had to do way back in the game. Head north and fill Mairo up wi
water, then aim Mario at the first gap in the pipe.
A little Koopa will run by and stop to taunt you. At the moment, whack Mario wit
Luigi's hammer to send some water at the Koopa, filling the gap. Repeat for the
next two gaps, but remember that if you send four Koopas into part of the pipe
(not into the gaps), you have to start over. The final Koopa will simply wander
around the area where the third gap is, so you'll have to be patient before he
actually moves near the gap. Once all three gaps are filled, the door will open.
Head north and read the sign. It'll say that when someone's tilcked from behind,
all water is spit out. You should notice that "behind" is green and "spit out" i
red. So head back to the previous area and fill Mario up with water. In the Pira
Plant room, have Mario stand near the left Piranha Plant and have Luigi shock hi
This will spit out the water, and the Piranha Plant will spit out a "!" block.
Hit this block to open the door. Not that if you made the right Piranha spit out
block, the block would just cause an enemy to appear. In the next area, save you
game using the Save Album. Head across the bridge to cause Ludwig, the fourth
Koopaling, to appear. He'll give you a mini-game. This is very simimlar to the
jump rope mini-game at the very beginning (with the Hammer Bros.). Luidwig will
into his shell and charge at Mario and Luigi. When he gets near Mario or Luigi
press A (Mario) or B (Luigi) to avoid him. Note that if you mess up, you'll have
start from the beginning. Also note that Ludwig, unlike the Hammer Bros., change
his pattern each time.
After doing this for a while, Ludwig will get angry and leap into the air. Turn
to leave and Ludwig will attack you.
BOSS: Koopaling 4, Ludwig
HP: 550
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 99
Another easy Koopaling battle. Ludwig is no different from his other Koopalings
(except for that freaky hair), so there are no big surprises. He has the attack
where he spins around constantly while approaching you, so whack him with your
hammer when he gets near you for additional damage. That seems to be the only
attack Ludwig can do (to tell you the truth, I've never seen him do the fireball
attack; he probably can though). It only took me three turns with level three
Bros. Attacks to defeat this guy, although it may take you longer if you're at a
low level or don't use Bros. Attacks.
Once you defeat the fourth Koopaling, the portal will appear and some spikes wil
lower in an earlier area. Head down the bridge and use the Save Album to record
your progress, and then enter the blue portal. In the area that it takes you,
head west and drop down the ledge. Use the Mouse technique to enter the tiny hol
On the other side, hit the two blocks to get a Super Mushroom and Ultra Syrup, a
then hit the red jewel. This will raise a platform, allowing you to continue.
Reunite Mario with Luigi, and then have Luigi resize Mario. High jump twice to
get to the ledge with the door on it (don't go west, there's nothing we can do i
that area for now) and enter the door. In this area, defeat the enemy and hop up
the ledges while going west into the next area.
This next room is very big, and there's a gate that we can get under with the
Mole technique, but don't go under yet. Head west all the way, and then north to
find a Bros. Block. Now go back to the gate and burrow under it. This is a type
maze. You'll want to go under every gate here, and when you get to the top, head
west, and then go south under the gates until you can no longer go south. Now, g
out of the ground and hit the jewl. This will open the gate near Mario. Use the
spring to get out of this area and reunite with Mario. Turn Mario into a mouse a
have him go through all the mouse holes here until he reaches the end. Use the
hammer to smash the jewel. This will open a door. Now use the spring to get out
reunite with Luigi.
Now head through the door you just opened and head into the next area. This is
another big area, but with no enemies. Head to the northwest corner, where you'l
find a jewel and a closed gate. Smash the jewel to lower some spikes, making the
entrance to a mouse hole open. Head to that mouse hole and have Mario enter it
using the Mouse technique. Jump up the little stairs. You have to walk carefully
on the walls here. Hop to the west walls here (avoid the Boo; if it touches you,
you'll go back to normal size) and jump to the two walls with blocks. One has an
Ultra Mushroom and the other has a 1-Up Mushroom. Now, drop off the ledge and go
back through the mouse hole. Jump up the stairs again and head west on this wall
Jump to the next wall and head to the west edge of it.
Jump to a third wall and simply run across it to the outer edges. There's anothe
Boo here, so be quick in running to the north part and jumping the gap. Head eas
to the ledge and you'll have to jump across a series of small gaps. Problem is,
the ledges that you land on are tiny, so take care when jumping. Next, head sout
(avoiding the Boo) and turn right at the end to reach the next area. This area i
extremely fun, since it plays exactly like a Super Mario Bros. 1 Bowser Castle
level would. At the start, jump up the stairs. Here, jump across the gaps of lav
taking care to avoid the fireballs that jump out of the lava. When you reach the
end, continue east. You'll see two rotating balls of electricity. Jump over the
first one, and run past the second one when it's overhead.
Jump up the blue platforms now and head east. Ignore the shadows for now, and
drop off the blue platform onto the lower level. Continue to head east here and
jump up the steps. Get onto the log platform, and it'll start moving. Every so
often, you'll have to jump over a blue block to continue. At the end, you'll hav
to jump over a spiky gear, and then the platform will take you to the end. Here,
jump up the small blue platforms heading west. You can no longer see Mario. Just
head west all the way and drop down. There are two shadows of blocks here. Hit e
block for an Ultra Mushroom and Ultra Nut. Take the wooden platform to the other
side once more to continue. Jump across the gaps of lava and you'll see a Bowsee
balloon hanging where you usually fight Bowser in SMB1.
Hit the axe to drop Bowser into the lava (LOL!) Now drop off the ledge and hit
the "!" block to open a door in the previous area. Enter the warp pipe to be
dropped back to the beginning of the "level". From here, head back to the previo
area and reunite with Luigi. Resize Mario and head through the door Mario opened
In this next area, high jump to the upper ledge and hit the Random Bros. Block a
the Save Album before heading into the next room. Here, head north and west. The
sign asks you what you must do to hit the blocks simoltaneously. I'm not going t
like explaining this, but here goes. Okay, you'll want to have Luigi and Mario H
Jump to the upper ledge with the first block on it. Now, have whoever is in fron
(I'll say Mario's in front) jump off the ledge but ONLY whoever's in front.
Now before you land on the ground below, have Mario turn back so he doesn't fall
to the lower ledge. Luigi should now be on the lower ledge and Mario should be o
the top. Hit both blocks simoltaneoulsy to reveal a bridge. Now, head east. Have
Mario continue east while on top, and Luigi continue east while on bottom. You'l
come to two more blocks, so hit them simoltaneously to lower some spikes. Contin
east once more, and hit the third set simoltaneously to lower some more spikes.
Continue east and hit a final set of blocks simoltaneously to drop the fifth
Koopaling down, Roy. Cross the bridge and use High Jumps to reach him, but when
get to Roy, he'll run away, the wuss. Go into the portal he leaves behind. When
land, head west.
Here, go north and cross the bridge. Approach the jewel, and Roy will drop down
for your fifth Koopaling battle!
BOSS: Koopaling 5, Roy
HP: 550
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 99
First off, there's a slight problem here. It looks like Roy is accompanied by a
Bob-omb during battle, but technically speaking, he isn't. The game will explain
to you that the Time Bob-omb counts down each turn. When the Time Bob-omb reache
zero, it'll explode and the game will end. It is set at eight turns. With that i
mind, make sure you finish the battle off quickly. Roy has a rather annoying
trademark attack here. He'll run up to Mario and Luigi, and get in his shell.
He'll then proceed to charge at Mario and Luigi...a lot. He can charge at you in
many different ways, so you'll be jumping a lot. This attack can do some serious
damage, so make sure you are able to jump. It can also cause one of your charact
to use a Nut, therefore wasiting there turn.
We need all the attack chances we can get with that Time Bob-omb here. Anyway, d
level three Bros. Attacks like you've always been doing, since those cause the
most damage. With Roy, I haven't seen him do the fireball attack, but he, like h
siblings probably does do it eventually.
With the battle won, Roy will disappear and a barrel will drop down near the
bridge. Use the Mole technique to get under the barrel and position it right in
front of the red jewel. Have Mario switch to the barrel Bros. Symbol and jump on
it. Smash the jewel to be sent up to a high ledge. Now, jump to the ledge on you
left and hit the block for an Ultra Mushroom. Now, jump to the ledge on your
right and hit the block for an Ultra Syrup. Exit and re-enter the room and use t
barrel to get back up to the high ledge again. Enter the next area. Here, go
through the big door to another area. In this area, simply jump the ledges and h
west to yet another area. Here, there are three Boos and it might be best just t
take care of them before you attempt to do this puzzle or you'll never get it do
Once the Boos are gone, have Luigi get under the barrel and in front of the
jewel. Have Mario jump to the barrel and smash the jewel to open the door. Now h
Mario jump off the barrel, but don't break out of the barrel yet. Head to the ne
room and go west. Position Luigi right in front of the Bowser pole and have Mari
jump on the barrel. Use Firebrand to light the torch here. Now head east and do
same thing to light the other torch. The door will open, so break out of the bar
and head into the next room. You have to use the Electric Attatchment here to ma
it to the other side so do so and head into the next room. In this room, there a
three black boulders. Use your trusty hammer to shatter these boulders. There is
red jewel at the end, so hit it and the cylinders will start to roll in the othe
Head back to the previous area and use the Electric Attatchment. Go with the flo
of the cylnders, but stop on the south bridge first. If you tried to go all the
way, you wouldn't make it. Use the Electric Attatchment once more and go to the
room on your left. In the next room, hit the block to get an Ultra Mushroom. Jum
up to the top ledge and hit the block here for an Ultra Syrup. There's a Save
Album next to the block. After saving, head into the next room (ignore the jewel
for now). In this room, drop down to see Wendy, the sixth Koopaling of the seven
She's in a pipe, but don't go to her yet. Go in front of the gate and use the Mo
technique to have Luigi slide under it. Now that you've separated Mario and Luig
(that's all you needed to do), have Luigi stand next to the pipe on the right.
Get Luigi's hammer out and switch to Mario. As Mario, have him move over to the
pipe on the left. Whack Wendy with Mario's hammer, then quickly switch to Luigi
and whack Wendy with Luigi's hammer. Mario and Luigi will then corner Wendy, and
she'll attack them.
BOSS: Koopaling 6, Wendy
HP: 350
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 99
This is one of the hardest Koopaling fights, mainly because of Wendy's two evil
attacks. First off, you have the Time Bob-omb counting down from eight turns, so
you have to be quick with this battle. Wendy will start the battle by sending tw
rings at Mario and Luigi. Jump over them and they'll end up surrounding the
brothers. When they move in, jump once more to avoid them. Bad thing is, if Wend
hits you with these, it'll put a one ton weight on the brothers. This makes
dodging attacks much harder, and you don't want that. The only good thing about
Wendy is that she has low health, so level three Brother Attacks can take care o
her in about three turns, maybe less. The rings isn't Wendy's only move though.
can also split into four just like her previous Koopalings did.
Again, hitting the real one is the only way to cause damage. Thanks to the 50000
readers who pointed this out to me.
Once you defeat Wendy, she'll disappear and the regular portal will appear. A
block will also rise in a previous area. Save your game, then head to the room
before this one and save your game. Then go back and enter the portal. Here, use
two High Jumps to reach the ledge with the Thunder Orb. Shock it to make a small
platform appaer. Spin Jump to that platform and Spin Jump once more to reach a
platform with a door. Defeat the enemy and go through the door. In this area, hi
the "!" block. A gate will lower and another "!" block will appear way on the ot
side of the room. A timer for 13 seconds will start. Immidiately get in front of
the gate and use the Flaming Dash. You should charge through all the walls block
your path. At the end, hit the "!" block to open the door.
In the next area, head north and stand in front of the gate. Use the Mouse
technique to get Mario under the gate. As Mario, head north into the next area.
Here, climb all the steps and stop when you cannot go any further (you should be
on a gold step). Now, switch to Luigi. Head across the blue bridge to your right
for a while and enter the next area. You're now in the area that Mario's in. Fir
head north and jump and drop off all the ledges until you come to a dead end. Ju
to reveal a hidden block containing a Hoo Bean. Now backtrack and stand under th
first golden step. Switch back to Mario. Now, have Luigi jump and hit the step t
raise it a little. When the step is at its highest, have Mario jump to the next
Do the same thing for the next two gold steps. As Mario, hit the "!" block when
you get to it to crate a bridge connecting Mario and Luigi's paths in the previo
area. So have both brothers head back to the previous area to reunite. Resize
Mario and then have Mario and Luigi go to the part of the area that Mario was in
Jump and High Jump up all the steps and go through the door. Here, jump up the
steps and save your game. Now drop off the ledge and go across the bridge. Use t
Mole technique to get Luigi under the gate. On the other side, resize and head
along the path. Suddenly, Larry Koopa will drop a boulder on you, then spin a
fireball at you. You now get to play a very fun game of tennis with Larry. Use y
barrel to deflect the fireball back at Larry, and make sure he doesn't hit the B
omb or you have to start over.
Once you win, a bridge will appear and the gate will lower, giving Mario access.
Reunite and head north across the bridge. High Jump when you need to at the end
and run into Larry to begin the battle!
BOSS: Final Koopaling, Larry
HP: 550
Experience: 800 per brother
Coins: 99
This is an VERY easy fight. The Time Bob-ombs back, but that won't really hurt
you Larry has very bad attacks and HP. To start, Larry will do the simple fireba
attack at you, so deflect it with your hammer to cause damage. Larry also uses a
tennis racket to attack. He'll throw a fireball at you. Deflect it with your
hammer and Larry will deflect it back at you. Just keep deflecting it at Larry a
it'll eventually damage him. He also has the spin attack, but you simply need to
whack him with your hammer to stop it. Simply use Brother Attacks (level three,
course) to win this extremely simple battle.
Once you win, enter the portal. Use a High Jump to your right and follow the pat
given through the areas (it's a short one with no enemies). When you reach an
area where you can take two bridges, take the right one first. Save and then hit
the two blocks to get Ultra items. Now head north across the bridge and into the
next area. Go around this big circular pit and then Fawful will suddenly rise in
big ship. After some talking and some Lakitus filming him (don't ask) you'll fig
Fawful one last time!
BOSS: Fawful
HP: 400
Experience: 3000
Coins: 365
One last time, Fawful comes out to challenge you. He's in that big ship that he
appeared in before, and NOTHING can hurt him as long as he's inside. Don't waste
your BP using Brother Attacks. Instead, just bide your time by jumping on him.
Whenever it's Fawful's turn to attack, he'll leap out of his ship and throw ball
of energy at your. Like you did with the Koopalings, you can knock these energy
balls back at your hammer to damage him. After you try to hit him after he throw
the energy balls, he'll speak to you. Watch what color the text "Try as you
might" is. If the text is red, he's going to attack Mario first, and then attack
Luigi right after. If it's green, the vice versa. These lasers will move in, so
you'll have to jump over them.
Fawful's third attack (after you try to damage him again) will be tons of energy
balls spinning around his ship. At first, you have to whack them with your hamme
when they get near, but eventually you'll have to jump over the ones you don't
hit. They actually do very little damage (one or two points) but there can be a
leftover so you can end up taking fourteen or fifteen points overall. Eventually
the ship will glow red and Fawful will burst out due to the overheated ship. Now
you can attack normally, so use level three Brother Attacks (as usual) to damage
him. Eventually, Fawful will go back into his ship and proceed to do the annoyin
laser attacks again. Use an Ultra Nut here to heal any damage you might've taken
and then just do regular jumps.
Fawful has a new attack here: he'll spawn to blocks to hover over your head, so
you have very little room to jump. You have five seconds to break these blocks,
then Fawful will use a powerful laser to attack. This laser spreads from left to
right, so if you haven't broken the block, it becomes very hard to dodge. Just
keep jumping and healing until Fawful bursts out again. Then just use Brother
Attacks until Fawful is defeated.
Watch the funny scene here and then once you gain control, _SAVE_!!! Then go
north and open the door. Here, jump up the ledges and hit the two blocks for Ult
Syrup and an Ultra Mushroom. Then hit the save point if you wish and open the hu
door. Head froard here and jump up the ledges to find Bowletta. After some talk
some fire spitting, you'll engage in battle!
BOSS: Bowletta
HP: 500
Experience: None
Coins: None
First off, both brothers need to be at level 37+ (I was at 39) and have at least
110 HP each and high defense and attack. If you have that, as well as some good
skills when attacking, you might just survive this difficult fight. Okay, right
at the start Bowletta will spawn two blocks on Mario and Luigi. This is very
similar to Fawful's attack where he spawns blocks, but this time you have only
three seconds to break them. However, the blocks are weaker. Once the three seco
are up, Bowletta sends a HUGE wave of fire at you, causing some good damage, so
make sure to jump to avoid it. After doing your two Brother Attacks (I shouldn't
have to tell you to do level three), Bowletta will crunch her teeth and then sta
to send fireballs at the brothers.
These are very easy to jump over, but they do cause some damage if you're hit.
Some of the fireballs will just stop and turn into spheres. Once your turn comes
destroy as many spheres as you can with your hammer. These spheres will run up t
Bowletta when her turn comes again and heal her, and this battle is going to go
on long enough anyway. After causing a lot of damage, Bowletta turns completely
black and will shoot stars at you. Hit the red ones with Mario's hammer and hit
green one's with Luigi. There are purple ones too, but they won't hurt you so
ignore them. After Bowletta turns black, you can no longer use jump attacks, so
you're stuck with using regular hammer attacks. Eventually, Bowletta will go bac
to her normal color and use the block attack again.
Just keep healing your characters and attacking until Bowletta stops attacking.
Bowletta will begin to groan, but then a Bob-omb will come and blow up on the
brothers, knocking them out. Bowletta will then suck the brothers into her.
You're now in Bowletta's stomach. Holy crap either Bowletta got really big or
you're really small. You'll now see the true form of Cackletta, and it looks
FINAL BOSS: Cackletta
HP: 1200
Experience: None
Coins: None
Okay, you're in some serious **** at the beginning of the battle. Both Mario and
Luigi are at one HP each due to the Bob-omb, and Cackletta starts off by
attacking both brothers. If you both die, then you'll have to fight Bowletta aga
Make sure you dodge both attacks and then use your Max Nut (you should've gotten
one in the castle) to heal Mario and Luigi to full HP. Now that you're up and re
to fight, the real battle truly begins! When you start, you can attack both arms
and the head. Both arms are seriously dangerous, so you'll want to go for those
first. The arms have very little HP, so only one Brother Attack can take care of
them easily. The arms have some good moves. Cackletta can spin them around multi
times to damage you.
If she spins low, jump. If she spins high, don't move. She can also reach out an
attempt to grab you. However, this is one easy attack to avoid, since she
hesitates for a while before attacking. Use that hesitation time to whack the ar
with your hammers, causing some damage. There is a third attack that Cackletta c
use with her arms. She'll spawn two fireballs, and these will spin around Mario
Luigi and get in their path. Jump simoltaneoulsy to avoid the fireballs (they on
do abour six or seven damage, but you need all the health you can get here). Do
this for a while (the fireballs don't go away for quite a bit) and then the
fireballs will disappear. The fourth attack Cackeltta can do with her arms isn't
dangerous as the others, but it's still annoying.
Cackletta will send a small energy ball at one of the brothers. Have the brother
whack it with their hammer and it'll move to the other brother. Once that brothe
whacks it, it'll be gone. One other move Cackletta have are equally annoying,
and they come from Cackletta's head. This move involves Cackletta charging a HUG
ball of energy and then release it. This ball moves slowly, and you'll be able t
see which brother it's about to fall on way before it actually hits. Whack it wi
your hammer and it'll change color. Keep whacking the ball until it's completely
gone. After you do a good amount of damage to Cackletta, her head will disappear
Then her heart will spawn new arms and a head, but don't attack the arms this ti
Cackletta's heart is visible now, so target that.
Besides, if you destroy an arm, Cackletta will use her heart to heal herself and
bring back her arms. Just use Mario and Luigi's strongest attacks to hurt the
heart. Eventually, Cackletta's heart will throb and then heal all parts of the b
that you have damaged/destroyed. The heart will then shrink, so you can no longe
damage it (for now). Even if you've mastered dodging Cackletta's hand attacks, y
still have to destroy the arms since you can't continue if you don't. So destroy
the arms first, otherwise Cackeltta will counter every attack you deal to her he
Then focus on the head. Once it's gone, the heart will reveal itself again.
However, this time the arms and head won't grow back. Once you attack the heart
couple of times, everything will grow back once more.
However, Cackletta now spawns Fawful's ghost. He isn't that big of a threat,
since you can easily avoid his attacks. If he appears by Mario, he'll send a wav
of energy balls at Luigi. You simply need to jump to avoid these. If he starts b
Luigi, he'll send the balls at Mario. Once that's done, Fawful will approach one
the brothers, getting ready to attack. Use this opportunity to whack him with
your hammer, and he'll disappear. Cackletta will then respond by using some of h
own attacks, so dodge them and then start beating on the heart once more.
Eventually, you'll have to destroy her arms and legs again once the heart shrink
However, after Cackletta's heart shrinks, she'll have a new attack with her, a v
annoying one.
You have to be very careful before she does this attack, or else you'll have
fifty to sixty damage given to you. What you need to do is wait for her eyes to
flash. Once they do, check if her eyes are looking at the ceiling or at the floo
If they're looking at the floor, jump. If they're looking at the ceiling, stay o
the ground. Cackletta will then freeze time, and send a laser in the direction h
eyes were looking. You should be able to avoid this attack if you jumped/remaine
stationary when you had to. Cackletta will do this three times, and then you can
cointinue attacking. Once Cackletta's heart shows again, she'll start to add a
twist to the laser attack. Cackletta will have one eye up and one eye down, so
you have to have only one brother jump while the other remains on the ground.
Just keep repeating the pattern above for quite a while (remember to keep your H
and BP up so you can continue fighting!). Eventually, Cackletta will attempt to
throw one final attack into the battle. When you see this attack, you'll know
that you are very close to defeating her. Cackletta will spawn purple, blue, and
greeen energy balls. The blue ones don't do anything, so ignore them. However, t
purple ones attack Mario and the green ones attack Luigi. Use your hammer to sen
them back to Cackletta and cause damage. Continue attacking the heart after this
and repeating the pattern you've done so many times already. C'mon! You're almos
Once you win, Cackletta will make the huge traditional enemy star explosion (but
this time Mario and Luigi will run away). Cackletta will then spit Mario and
Luigi out and then spit her ghost out of Bowser. Bowser will be knocked out, and
door will open. Yeah, you still have a little bit of the game left, so don't sta
celebrating. Start to leave and Prince Peasly's annoying music will start to
play. He'll congragulate Mario and Luigi. He'll then say that he has completed
rigging this castle with explosive devices. Yikes. Hurry up and go through the d
that opened just before (to the right of the throne; go northeast). You'll have
High Jump to reach the ledge. In this next area, High Jump to the ledge and then
drop off on your right.
In the next room, head down the staircase and use the Mole technique to get Luig
under the barrel. Quickly have Luigi go up the second set of stairs and drop dow
the ledge at the end. Here, position the barrel in front of the jewel and have
Mario jump up and pound the jewel with his hammer. This will open the door. Bust
out of the barrel and run down the stairs. Go through the door you just opened
and into the next area. Follow the path here and then drop off the ledge in the
next area. Talk to Blablanadon to leave.
Bowser will sit up and then the castle will shake and explode. It'll start to
fall into the water, sending Bowser into the air and cracking your GBA screen :)
The next scene is Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toadsworth getting ready to leave. Af
Lima and Toadsworth have an emotional moment, Peasly will appear and drop his bi
present down for the Mario Bros. Everyone (who lives in the Mushroom Kingdom) wi
be talking and laughing on the plane now and then you'll see the big present
chained to the back of the plane. Turns out to be Bowser, who tries to break awa
from the plane, although he fails. Then watch the credits (and watch Bowser fina
break away from the plane to join his baddies).
Note the weird cipyright notice where "Geno" is copyright of Square-Enix. Heh,
once the credits are done, the game zooms out to Yoshi Theater, watching the new
blockbuster "Mario and Luigi". Good job! You beat Super Mario Brothers RPG 3!
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Mini-Game Strategies %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
Well, I'm not quite sure I described the mini-games enough in my FAQ, so I set
aside a chapter for mini-games only. There are a TON of mini-games to complete
here, so this is going to take a while. Still, I want to have it done quickly, s
that means putting TONS of hours in for a couple of days! Enjoy!
Oh yes, the difficulty levels:
*= Easy
*1/2-Somewhat Easy
**1/2=Somewhat hard
****=Very Hard
MINI-GAME ONE: Border Jump
Location: Stardust Fields
Here, you have to jump over a rope... er... Royal Border Line here. You'll notic
that behind Mario and Luigi is a flag. You have to continue to jump over the
Border Line until that flag hits the top. That doesn't take that long, but when
you're first starting out with this game you'll want it to hit the top really
quickly. Mario and Luigi each have three, as I call them, "lives". If the Border
Line touches Mario or Luigi, that brother will lose one life. If any brother
loses three lives, the game ends and you'll have to try agian. If you tell them
to explain it, you'll have to do a practice run where each brother jumps over th
border line twice. It's really simple, but the real thing is a bit harder. There
are four "levels" here. For each level, the line goes in a certain pattern each
time, so I can tell you the pattern here to make it easier.
You HAVE to complete the first level to continue on with the game, but the
second, third, and fourth levels just give you beans. Still, you'll be wanting
those beans later in the game.
Level One
Difficulty: *
The Pattern: The Hammer Bros. will start by swinging the rope to their right,
making Mario jump over it. Once that's done, they'll swing it all the way to the
other side, so both Mario and Luigi have to jump. Don't jump simoltaneously;
instead, have Mario jump first, and then Luigi right after. Next, they'll move
the rope toward Luigi again and stop in the middle. After that, they'll repeat
the previous steps once more, so just follow them again. Next, they'll move it
past Luigi, and then they'll start to inch it toward Luigi. Wait until they get
close before jumping. The brothers will continue to inch toward Mario, so have
Mario jump also. After that, the Hammer Bros. will go around the Mario Bros. so
they end up on the left side again. They'll proceed to charge to the right once
more. Next, they'll go slightly faster then normal speed as they move to the
Following that, they'll go around to the right side again, and then charge to th
left onoce more. Next, they'll move the rope diagionally towards Mario, then mov
it back down dagonally. After jumping over the rope with Mario, you'll have to
jump over it with Luigi. The flage will then hit the end.
Level Two
Difficulty: *
The Pattern: These guys start by faking toward Mario, but then suddenly moving
towards Luigi, so be ready. Next they'll start to charge, but stop just short of
Luigi. They'll back up again and start to charge all the way to the right. Next,
they'll fake twice before actually charging at Mario, and then they'll stop in
the middle. This next part can be a bit tricky. They'll fake toward Luigi, and
then start towards Mario. It looks like they're faking towards Mario, but they'l
charge at Mario again so don't drop your guard. They'll then proceed to inch
towards the left, and then get a sudden boost of speed and charge all the way to
the left. They'll then charge towards Luigi again and stop in the middle. Here,
they'll fake left and right a couple of times before finally charging at Luigi.
They'll then wiggle at little to the left before going through again.
After charging at Mario once more, they'll start to wiggle towards the right
again. At this point, the flag should hit the top.
Level Three
Difficulty: **
The Pattern: These guys will start easily, faking a little towards Mario, then
going at Luigi. They'll then go straight on to the right, with no tricks
involved. After this, they'll start to move diagonally upward towards Mario, lik
they did in level one. They'll then head to the south side, and charge north.
This means that both brothers have to jump simoltaneoulsy if you wand to make no
mistakes. They'll head back south right after, so get ready to jump
simoltaneously again. This next part can be a bit tricky. They'll start to head
north in a wavy line. It looks like you shouldn't jump simoltaneoulsy, but if yo
do you'll pass straight over it. You'll then have to jump simoltaenously again a
the brothers head south. They'll then charge diagonally at Luigi, so get ready t
jump. Your flag should be around the halfway point here. The brothers will then
do another new thing.
They'll charge at Mario diagonally, but they'll continue in a circle and go at
Luigi. They'll repeat that move a second time, but they'll start by charging at
Luigi now. They'll then proceed to simply do regular charges straight to the lef
and straight to the right, and you've done those since level one so they should
be very easy to jump over. However, at some points they'll speed up so you'll
have to jump quickly.
Level Four
Difficulty: ***
The Pattern: This is a toughie. The brothers will start by inching toward Mario,
and then crossing the rope as they go over Mario. This doesn't make jumping any
harder, but it looks confusing so it can distract you. Next, they'll charge at
Mario again (crossing over) and continue crossed over while charging at Luigi.
After moving the rope to the middle (normally), they'll go diagonally downward a
Luigi. They'll then go upward towards Luigi, and continue downward towards Mario
They'll upward at Mario agian, but then go upward once more at Mario, so don't
hesitate during those two moves. Next, they'll go downward towards Luigi and
instantly head southeast to Mario. This can be a confusing move, and you might
get hit, but you'll get it eventually. After charging at Luigi agian, they'll
start to do a windmill type thing where both brothers have to jump
They'll do this two times, and then stop for a moment. They'll do it agian, but
this time they'll do it four times before stopping. This next windmill is pretty
weird. They'll (very slowly) inch toward Luigi and Mario, stopping short a coupl
of times. When the rope stops short VERY close to Luigi and Mario, jump. They'll
do this a second time, and then the flage will have hit the top.
MINI-GAME 2: Hoohoo Spirit Game
Location: Hoohoo Mountain
Difficulty: *1/2
This is a very fun, though slightly difficult mini-game that you'll enjoy. The
objective is to capture ten Hoohoo Spirits within thirty seconds. However, if yo
fall off one of the four pillars or your time runs out, you must start over. The
moment the challenge starts, have Mario switch to his Spin Jump, since that's th
only move you'll be using during the whole challenge. The Hoohoo Spirits look
like disoiented peace signs and they float in between the pillars. As you Spin
Jump from pillar to pillar, be sure to grab them. After a couple of seconds, a
spirit will disappear and appear in another place, so don't hesitate to grab
once. Some of this game is also luck, since the spirits appear in random places.
If they appear right in front of you when you start, then continue to appear in
that place for a while, then then game will be very simple.
However, they can sometimes appear in the complete opposite spot of you,
requiring you to do TWO Spin Jumps to reach them. If that happens multiple times
you can lose a lot of time. Just don't hurry yourself and pray that you get a
little lucky to win this mini-game.
MINI-GAME 3: Cart riding game
Location: Hoohoo Mountain (descent)
Difficulty: **
The object of this game is to have Mario and Luigi ride in carts, and collect te
diamonds while avoiding obstacles on their way to the end. There's really only a
few obstacles here, so it isn't that much of a nusiance. Okay, at first, you
can't see where Luigi is at all. That's not good! So what you'll need to do is
press A to use your flashlight and then use your control pad to move it around.
You have to shine this light on Luigi (so shine it left) and keep in on Luigi at
all times. If you don't light up Luigi, then you won't be able to see anything
that Luigi's doing! Okay, now about the diamonds. There are two different colore
diamonds here, some red and some green. The green ones are located by Luigi,
while the red ones are by Mario. You have to jump with A (Mario) or B (Luigi) to
collect these diamonds. The object of the game is to collect ten diamonds before
you reach the goal.
You have to dodge obstacles, too (like I mentioned earlier). The obstacles are
really easy to avoid, and there are only a few. However, if you touch an
obstacle, you'll lose some diamonds, and we want all the diamonds that we can ge
here. Make sure you get very close to the obstacle before you actually jump, or
you won't make it. Finally, your flashlight can run out of batteries easily.
There are random batteries floating everywhere, and you need to jump to get them
If not, the flashlight will slowly lose power and it'll be hard to see. Okay, no
for the real obstacle course. It is very simple, and all you have to do is jump
over the few obstacles dropped while grabbing the batteries and diamonds. It can
be difficult to tell if the batteries are near Mario or Luigi, so have both
brothers jump. Also, there are some points where Luigi will get higher than
Mario, or get ahead.
At these poins, Mario should shine the light up or ahead, but Mario will always
eventually catch up. Later, you can always replay this with a high count of
diamonds for some nice beans (and go to new levels), but that's optional.
MINI-GAME 4: Block Hitting Game One
Location: Woohoo Hooniversity
Difficulty: **1/2
This game is one out of two exact copies of the Block Hitting Game. You'll have
play the same game much later, but there's no added challenge. Anyway, you have
jump using A (Mario) or B (Luigi) and hit the blocks that come out of the wall.
Blocks with an "M" or "L" will come out, the "M" blocks on Mario's side and the
blocks on Luigi's side. You must hit 30 of these blocks in twenty-five seconds t
continue. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. The blocks come out of the
walls at different speeds. So an "L" can take four or five seconds to reach Luig
while at the same time an "M" will come shooting by Mario. You'll have to watch
both sides carefully. While it may seem like a good idea, don't jump at the same
Doing so can cause one brother to hit a block, but spawn a big delay for the oth
brother. This mini-game sounds difficult, and it is. You just have to constantly
keep an eye on both sides and you'll win after a couple of tries.
MINI-GAME 5: Star 'Stache Smash
Location: Little Fungitown
Difficulty: *
Very easy, very fun mini-game. You find the Star 'Stache Smash in the arcade
machine in the upper-left corner (it might be hard to spot the ledges leading to
it). To play, you have to tip the seesaw so that everything in it falls into one
the mouths of the open Piranha Plant. To tip it to the left you use B, and to ti
it to the right you use A. These are the values of the items:
|Bob-omb - 1 pt. |
|Mushroom - 1 pt. |
|Fire Flower - 3 pts.|
|Star - 5 pts. |
The Piranha Plants move up and down, so tipping the seesaw in one direction migh
make the items fall and hit the wall. Also, both mouths aren't open at the same
time. One mouth will open and the other will close. After you get a certain amou
of items in one mouth, it'll close and the other will open. You don't have to wo
about no items falling. Items constantly fall from above, and your seesaw can ho
a large amount. If your seesaw is holding to many items, items will stop falling
However, you should be constantly tipping left or right. The first time you play
you have sixty seconds to get a score of 201 or better. Don't try to score that
much over 201, since you can keep replaying and beating your high score to get s
It's very easy to get 300+ though, so if you always have a low high score, you
should get TONS of beans off this mini-game.
MINI-GAME 6: Baseball
Location: Guffawha Ruins entrance
Difficulty: **
Well, since the game does such a WONDERFUL job of explaining this mini-game, I
thought I'd explain how it's done for you. Right when you smash the statue, a bl
flame will start bouncing. Use the A button to swing your hammer at the ball. Yo
can miss as many times as you want (which I think makes this mini-game easier th
it should be), but it can be annoying if you miss too many times. You have to hi
eight blue flames at the statue to pass, but it gets a little difficult. After y
hit four blue flames, a red flame will drop down. Hitting this instantly ends th
mini-game, so you have to wait until the red flame turns blue. The flame switchs
colors every other bounce so watch closely so you don't accidentaly hit the red
As you hit the first four flames, the flames will start to bounce faster and
faster, but once you hit the fifth flame (which is the one that has red), it'll
back to slow speed. As you go from the fifth to eigth flame, the flames will cha
to the color red more frequently, and they'll move faster. Once you win, the pat
will open to the Ruins.
MINI-GAME 7: Dodging Flames Game
Location: Guffawha Ruins
Difficulty: **1/2
The main objective of this game is to dodge the stone's flames for thirty second
The first time you play this, it can be pretty tough. However, you'll find yours
having no problem with this game after you play it and beat it once. The yellow
platforms are moving into the stone's mouth, so you have to jump to the right on
new platforms that are coming out of the wall. You can not fall short or jump to
far in this game (don't know why), so don't worry about timing jumps. The flames
(more like balls of electricity) start out moving slowly. Simply jump over one,
then jump to the next platform and repeat. As you get further into the game, the
stone will start to spit out more and more flames at once. This can be annoying,
since you'll have to jump to another platform more quickly, and the previous fla
might be on that platform.
Still, this mini-game shouldn't take you more than a couple of tries to beat.
MINI-GAME 8: The Barrel Game
Location: S.S. Chuckola
Difficulty: ***
God, I HATE this mini-game. But not as much as I hate explaining it. Okay, since
this can be a little confusing to understand, I might not get the best explinati
through, so please bear with me. Mario and Luigi are standing in front of a 6x6
grid, filled with barrels. You have to line up these barrels vertically or
horizontally. There are blue, red, and yellow barrels. At first, only blue and r
barrels are available, but later on, yellow barrels will start appear. You have
make 10+ rows of all blue, red, or yellow barrels. Every time you successfully m
a row, it'll clear and the skeleton dude will toss out more barrels for you to u
Now for the controls. Mario can only move left and right, while Luigi can move o
up or down.
Mario has to hold the A button and press up or down to move barrels. He can only
move them vertically up and down. For Luigi, hold the A button and press left or
right to move the barrels. Luigi can only go horizontally. You can't just move
barrels one space. All of them will go all the way up until they hit an obstacle
Okay, you might want to go to "Explain" before you actually do the mini-game if
this explination wasn't clear enough (trust me, I wouldn't be surprised). Also,
you choose "Explain", you'll get to practice moving some barrels before you do t
real deal. Here, you'll have 180 seconds to get ten or more rows. I suggest gett
only ten rows at first, since you'll then be able to replay it later to get some
Each time you play, only increase your row count by one. My high score is sevete
rows, which meant that I got beans for seven of the eight times that I played.
Mario and Luigi are going to have to work together to move the barrels, since
they'll move until they hit a wall. For example, let me draw out a diagram:
|5| | | | | |
|4| | | | | |
L| |S|S|S|S|2|
Numbers= barrels lined up
S= Spare barrel
M= Mario's Location
L= Luigi's Location
So Mario is going to have to bring up all the spare barrels, and then Luigi is
going to have to pull barrel #2 all the way over to make a full, complete row.
Okay, that was a terrible diagram and example, but oh well.
MINI-GAME 9: The Splart Assitants (fashion design)
Location: South Beanbean region (in Splart Fashion Design)
Difficulty: **1/2
Okay, you're joining a fashion design company, and Harhall will help you figure
how to do it. He explains that you need to get a drink to become a Splart water
pump. He'll then say to step on the little floor marks on the ground and spray t
water out. Now you get a chance to actually try it. Fill yourself up with water
step on the footprints. Harhall will begin to explain the mini-game. He'll say t
you first must dye fabric. Press the B button to shoot water at the blue bomb.
It'll run into the fabric, dying it blue. Whatever color bomb touches the fabric
that's the color the fabric is going to be. If you hit two bombs of different
colors at once, the fabric becomes a mixture of the two colors. The three bombs
yellow, blue, and red.
Hitting red and blue makes purple. Yellow and blue makes green. Red and yellow m
orange, and all three colors make brown. There are also bombs with different
designs on them. Shoot the checkered bomb with water and the fabric will become
checkered blue. The three design patterns are tropical design, polka-dot design,
and checkered design. Also, hitting two or more design bombs makes the pattern a
~~~The designs~~~
You now need to make four different outfits for Harhall.
1. First, Harhall will ask for a RED COLOR. Blast the red bomb and make sure you
don't hit any others. Then blast any design you wish.
2. Harhall will ask for a YELLOW COLOR with a CHECKERED PATTERN. Make sure you
blast the yellow bomb only, and then only blast the checkered bomb.
3. Harhall wants a PURPLE COLOR with a POLKA-DOT pattern. Here, you'll have to
hit both the red and blue bombs. Once that's done, aim for the polka-dot pattern
4. The final design is BROWN with a STAR PATTERN. You have to hit all three bomb
here at first, and then hit two or more Designbombs to make a sta
MINI-GAME 10: Chuckola Bounce
Location: Winkle Colosseum (in Chucklehuck Woods)
Difficultty: ****
I _LOVE_ this mini-game. It's pretty easy at first, but the reason it gets a fou
is that it becomes pretty tough to get high scores later. The objecitve of this
game is to destroy as many Chuckoroks as you can in a certain amount of time. Th
Chuckoroks spit out flames at mario and Luigi, who are holding a blue shield. Th
shield is used to reflect Chuckola Rocks back away from Mario and Luigi. The goa
is to try to reflect the Chuckola Rocks so that they hit a Chuckorok. Each time
hit a Chuckola Rock using the Chuckola Board (your blue shield), it changes to t
color blue. Every so often, a Chuckorok will spit out a golden mushroom. No, thi
isn't A Golden Mushroom, that's just the color. It's really called a Barrier
If Mario or Luigi touch one of these, they'll be protected by a gold barrier. Ma
and Luigi can be hit by a Chuckola Rock (only one) if they have a barrier and no
get shocked by it. In fact, it'll reflect the Chuckola Rock just like your Chuck
Board does! You can press L or R to turn the barrier off if you don't need it. N
for the controls. You use the control pad to move around and the A or B button t
rotate you. It can be tricky to master doing both things at the same time, but o
you do you can get super high scores. You don't have a shown time limit; you hav
to watch Mr. Snail at the bottom of the screen. He'll slowly move to the "Time U
sign, getting an occasional burst of speed. Once he reachs the "Time Up" sign, t
game ends.
You first have to hit twenty Chuckoroks to get the Membership Card. This is
incredibly easy, although (like I said earlier), it is extremely difficult to ge
very high scores to get you lots of beans. Like in all other mini-games, don't
increase your high score by a lot, so you can get more beans later.
MINI-GAME 11: The Oho Balloon Game
Location: Island south of Oho Oasis
Diffculty: *****
The reason this is a five star difficult is that it's VERY hard to get the best
score. Basically, the objective of this game is to pop all twenty-three Oho
Balloons within a minute. However, if you do it in certain times, you get better
|Hoo Bean- less than a minute |
|Chuckle Bean- less than 45 seconds |
|2 Chuckle and Hoo Beanss- less than 38 seconds |
|Casual Coral- less than 30 seconds |
|2 Hoo, Chuckle, and Woo Beans- less than 30 seconds |
|after receiving the Casual Coral equipment |
There are obstacles in the water in the second part of the mini-game. If you don
jump over these, you'll fly high into the air and lose lots of time. The balloon
are easy to recognize; you'll have no trouble spotting them. Oh yeah, one more
thing: pressing START instantly quits the game. Okay, now you're ready to actual
start! You are in the perfect position when you begin, even if the arrow is abov
you. Just don't touch anything but the A button until I say so. Head east into t
second area, and you'll spot your first couple of balloons. There are four float
here, and they are spread out, so just do one jump to grab each of the four. Hea
east and into the next area, where things get a little harder. The first three
balloons can be gotten normally.
However, make sure you jump when you're right under the fourth balloon, and you'
grab two balloons at once. The fifth balloon is another easy one that's not near
anything. Continue into the next area. Here, hit the single balloon and continue
until you see the arrow ponting south. Instantly go south and continue south to
grab two balloons. The next arrow is pointing west, so head west once you go ove
the next arrow. There is a single balloon here, so grab it and continue on to th
next area. Here, jump and hit the single balloon. There are then three balloons
right next to each other over a barrel. Basically, you're going to grab all thre
balloons if you jump over the barrel successfully. This next part can be a littl
tricky the first time you do it.
There are two balloons, and they are close to each other. However, they're not a
close as some of the others you've seen, but the only way to get both successful
without having to turn around is to jump right when you're under the first ballo
You should collect both. There's nothing left here, so continue on to the next
screen. Here, there are two more balloons that you can grab in one jump. Again,
have to be right under the first to successfully get them. The final balloon is
right next to a barrel. You can grab it easily, but there's a second barrel righ
after that which can be tough to avoid (it's where most people mess up on). Once
you're done with that, continue west for a while until you reach the second isla
which is the end.
Even if you memorize this game and how to do it with your eyes closed, you can't
beat thirty seconds unless you do a ilttle trick. Each time you land after a jum
you go a litte slower than what you were going before you jumped. So if you jump
three times, you'll be going REALLY slow. Wait until you regain normal speed bef
jumping again. It's difficult to learn how to do this, since you'll probably pas
some balloons by doing so. Still, this game DID get a five-star difficulty, so w
did you expect? The Casual Coral equipment is worth your time, though.
MINI-GAME 12: Block Hitting Game 2
Location: Joke's End
Difficulty: ***
This is an exact copy of Block Hitting Game 1, but the designers have made it a
more difficult. Seriously, you still have to get 30 points in 25 seconds to beat
this. The blocks (again) come out at different speeds, but some REALLY shoot by
while others take ten seconds to reach a brother. Hopefully, this won't be too
difficult if you played the first a lot, but it still might take a few tries to
MINI-GAME 13: Morton's Shockwave Game
Location: Bowser's Castle
Difficulty: *
Strategy: This comes very close to not being classified as a mini-game. I'm stil
not sure if I should include it here, but it seemed a little like one. Anyway, t
get to Morton and be able to fight him, you must leap over the shockwaves he's
sending out. This is like jumping with one brother right after jumping with the
other in Stardust Fields, but you have to be very fast here. If you mess up, you
have to start over from the beginning (you shouldn't mess up anyway). That's rea
all there is to this mini-game.
MINI-GAME 14: Ludwig's Jump Rope Game
Location: Bowser's Castle
Difficulty: **1/2
Strategy: This comes from the very first mini-game you played, Border Jump. Mari
and Luigi have to leap over Ludwig's shell in order to fight him. However, there
are some big things involved in this mini-game that will annoy you. The first is
that there is no second chance. Once you're hit (if ANY brother is hit), then yo
have to start the whole thing over. The second is that Ludwig doesn't go in a
random pattern. Oh, he does go in a set pattern, but there are four or five in t
game and he'll do a different on every time. He likes to do the same types of
things that were in the Border Jump, except he's added a new trick: when it look
like he's going to come diagonally toward one of the brothers, he'll stop, retre
and go diagonally toward them again.
He can do this two or three times, and it can mess you up (it's messed me up).
Other than than, it's similar to Border Jump in every way.
FINAL MINI-GAME: Larry's Game of Pong
Location: Bowser's Castle
Difficulty: *
Strategy: Ths final minin-game difinitely isn't hard, and it's one of the more f
ones in the game. Here, Luigi is in a barrel and he has to play a typr of Pong g
with Larry the Koopaling. The objective here is to last long enough without the
flame hitting the Bob-omb that's right behind Luigi. This lasts for a short time
and the Bob-omb/Larry don't try any tricks, so you should complete this on your
first try.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% The Enemies %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
Okay, I'm going to try to do the best strategies for enemies that I can here, bu
the problem is that I can't determine their HP. Unlike in Paper Mario, there is
no badge that tells you HP, and it's EXTREMELY difficult to figure it out for
most enemies. For some, I'll tell you but for others, you're on your own.. These
enemeis are listed in the order that you see them, except for Beanbean Kingdom,
which is listed first.
Beanbean Kingdom
HP: 8
Experience: 4
Coins: 1
Dropped items: Woo Bean
Strategy: These guys are a little tougher than the enemies you've faced before
(assuming you just ran into them) since you have to use your new hammers and you
can't jump on them. The best thing to here is enter the battle by smashing them,
and then just run up and continue to smash them. Don't jump on them, or you'll
take damamge. Using a hammer, you'll damage them only and deal more damage than
if you jumped. When they run up to try to attack you, the best thing to do is ge
your hammer out, but wait until they actually start moving forward before you
strike. Otherwise, you'll miss and they'll damage you.
HP: 18
Experience: 9
Coins: 2
Dropped items: Woo Bean
Strategy: The Parabenies can be a bit difficult at the beginning of the game due
to the strength of their attacks. They can deal ten or eleven damage to the
brothers, and that's with high defense too. They also have two different attacks
The first attack is where they simple swoop down and try to hurt you. This is
easy to avoid, although it does do some good damage if you miss. The second is
simply running up and running into you, which is a very easy attack to avoid.
Once you cause them enough damage (I think you have to deal twelve damage to
them), then they'll lose their wings and turn into normal Beanies.
HP: 40
Experience: 20
Coins: 12
Strategy: First, you aren't ever going to be able to reach a Lakipea if you stay
on the ground the whole time. Since the Lakipeas are like Lakitus and constantly
float in the air, you'll have to be in a high location or use Luigi's High Jump
to reach a Lakipea. Once you're in a battle with them, you'll want to make sure
you kill them before you kill any of the Sharpeas, unless you want a LONG battle
to go on. The Lakipea's only attack consists of throwing Sharpeas at you, so
you'll have to defeat new enemies. It isn't really worth the trouble, since you
only get four experience for beating each Sharpea. Since the Lakipeas float on
air, hammer attacks will have no effect on them, nor will hand attacks. Instead,
use your jump attacks.
HP: 28 or until suicide
Experience: 15
Coins: ???
Strategy: There's nothing too these guys except for their dangerous explosion
attack. Whenever you first enter a battle with a Bob-omb, they'll be flashing.
While they're flashing, they can run up to Mario or Luigi and explode at any
time. If you strike them, their fuse will go out and they will stop flashing. As
long as the Bob-ombs aren't flashing, they can't explode, so you can fight them
like you would a normal enemy.
HP: 35
Experience: 16
Coins: 3
Strategy: At the beginning of the game, these guys can pack a hard punch. It's
also a bit hard to tell who they are attacking, so the best thing to do is to
have both brothers jump when the Paratroopea starts to swoop down. Hammer and
Hand attacks won't work against Paratroopeas since they are flying in the air, s
stick to regular jump attacks. Eventually, the Paratroopeas will lose their wing
and turn into Troopeas. Just like a regular Troopea, these Troopeas aren't
affected by the hammer, so stick to jumping.
HP: 15
Experience: 14
Coins: 3
Strategy: Very easy enemies. They like to hide under the ground and pop out in t
adventure field, which can sometimes trip one of the brothers. In battle, their
attacks are redicuously easy to avoid. The first has them burrowing under the
ground and popping up by one of the brothers. How many times has this type of
attack been used? Just whack 'em with the hammer. For the second, they'll burrow
under the ground and try to pop out _under_ you. Just jump and you'll dodge and
HP: 30
Experience: 20
Coins: 1
Dropped Items: Green Pepper, Woo Bean
Strategy: One of the harder enemies in the Beanbean Kingdom, the Tanoomba is
everything you'd expect from a regular Goomba, but slightly stronger. Their only
attack is running up and doing one of two things: trying to ram into you (jump t
avoid and counter) or trying to tail whip you (jump to avoid; you can't counter
this one). They can be easily destroyed in a single round.
Mushroom Kingdom
Experience: None
Coins: None
Strategy: Well, since this is a tutorial, I'm not classifying Bowser as a boss.
He's really simple, you just need to jump on him a few times to defeat him. Make
sure to jump after Toad teaches you how so you can avoid his simple fire attack.
Koopa Cruiser
HP: 4
Experience: 2
Coins: None
Strategy: These guys are probably easier than Bowser. All you have to do is jump
when they get close to counterattack, and just use your normal jump attack when
it's Mario and Luigi's turn. They have no fancy moves, so you should defeat them
Stardust Fields
Fighter Fly
HP: 5
Experience: 2
Coins: 2
Strategy: These are very easy guys, and all you really have to do is jump on the
twice (doing to extra damage, of course) to defeat them. They have only one
attack but it can sometimes trick you. They'll inch toward the brothers, and
finally try to hit them. Don't jump too early, or you may not have time to jump
agian to avoid the actual attack.
Bill Blaster
HP: 5
Experience: 3
Coins: 2
Strategy: These guys are a bit tougher than your average Fighter Fly. One, they
have better defense, so even if you have sixteen or seventeen power, the max
damaged you'd do to them is two. Also, they can only aim at the brother they're
pointing at. They fire Bill Bullets (duh), so just jump on them to take them out
Jumping on the Bill Bullets don't cause any damage to the Bill Blaster, but the
bullets can do three or four damage, more than a Fighter Fly can do to you.
Hoohoo Mountain
HP: 6
Experience: 3
Coins: 2
Dropped items: Woo Bean
Strategy: These are some more easy enemies that you fight. They have no attacks
except to charge at you, like the Fighter Flys in Stardust Fields do. However,
these clumsy attackers occcasionally trip while attacking. They'll still attack
you, but it won't be as soon as you planned.
Dry Bones
HP: 8
Experience: 6
Coins: 2
Dropped items: Mushroom
Strategy: Although it may seem like you are unable to tell who the Dry Bones is
going to attack, it's really quite simple. If its head spins up and down, then
it'll be sent in Luigi's direction, the head will be sent at Luigi. If it spins
left to right, then it'll be sent in Mario's direction, then Mario will be
attacked. You can't actually hurt the body, just the head. Still, it's all the
HP: 16
Experience: 8
Coins: 3
Strategy: Another easy enemy, although some may have difficulty due to the power
of its attacks being stronger than some of the other enemies you've faced. If yo
don't attack it, you won't be able to counter-attack it when it goes to attack
you, due to its height. However, by doing a jump, you'll cause Rex to shrink,
becoming small enough for you to dodge and counter. A positive thing about his
attacks is that you can easily tell which brother it's about to attack.
The Castle Sewers
Super Fly
HP: 12
Experience: 12
Coins: 2
Dropped items: Mushroom
Strategy: These guys, while still tougher than the Fighter Fly, aren't as hard a
you'd think they would be. They don't do that much damage, and their only attack
is very easy to avoid. It's just like a regular Fighter Fly's attack, although
it's a little bit faster and does a little more damage. No fancy attacks are
required here, just simple Bros. Attacks will do the trick.
HP: 15
Experience: 15
Coins: 1
Strategy: The Spinys can be tough, especially if you forget that they have spike
on their backs and try to jump on them when you enter battle. Don't do that,
since (while you deal a little damage) you'll simply get hurt. Instead, use your
trusty hammers to take care of the pests. They try to run up to you and ram into
you with their shell, but you should be able to easily avoid the attack if you
use your hammer at just the right time.
Chucklehuck Woods
HP: 20
Experiene: 19
Coins: 4
Strategy: These enemies are pretty easy, but you have to remember that they have
spikes surrounding them at first. Use your hammer attack to hurt the Pestnuts at
first. Eventually (when you cause about fifteen points of damage), the Pestnuts
will become regular Beanies, which you've had to destroy only so many times. The
Pestunut's first attack involves them coming at the Mario Bros. from behind. If
they are spinning in the lower portion of the screen, they're attacking Luigi.
Spinning in the upper portion will show that they are attacking Mario. Make sure
to jump right before they appear behind you and you'll avoid them. Their second
attack is very simple to avoid and counter. They'll run up to a brother and
hesitate for a moment.
Use that hesitation time to smash the Pestnut, causing some extra damage.
Chuck Guy
HP: 25
Experience: 7
Coins: 3
Strategy: These are weak versions of the Chuck Guy (there's a stronger version
later in the game), but they can still be tough if you have never faced one
before. They're basically Shy Guys with spears. It looks like you can't jump on
them because of the spear that's pointing upward, but it is quite safe to jump s
do so if you like jumping better. One attack they have (annoying or not?) is the
calling another Chuck Guy to battle. If you're weak, this can really hurt you,
but then again who doesn't like bonus experience? They have two other attacks.
The first is where they run up to you and try to poke you. This attack can only
be dodged, not countered. It's a little difficult to tell when the Chuck Guys ar
actually going to attempt to stab you, but once you've seen the move a couple of
times, you'll be able to dodge it easily.
The second move involves them charging straight at you with their spears. This
can be avoiding easily, and you can also counter the attack for some extra
Gold Beanie
HP: 30 (this is a VERY rough estimate)
Experience: 65
Coins: 32
Dropped items: Spike Badge
Strategy: These guys are the same as a regular Beanie, but they're much stronger
in every little way. They have the same attacks, but they deal more damage, and
they have higher defense and HP. To sum it all up, these guys are still pretty
simple, you'll just have to be patient with them. The Gold Beanies can be found
inside a regular Pestnut.
HP: 15
Experience: 12
Coins: 4
Dropped items: Refreshing Herbs, Bubble Gear
Strategy: This little tree looks harmless, but the attacks it contians can poiso
you. It just spits out little enemies that can sometimes poison you if they touc
you. The Fuzzbushes don't just spit one enemy out each turn; they'll spit out
quite a few, so be ready to jump a few times.
Woohoo Hooniversity
Laser Snifit
HP: 25
Experience: 20
Coins: 4
Strategy: These enemies are a little harder to attack, since before you go into
battle they can shoot a laser at Mario or Luigi and trip them. In the actual
battle, they shoot laser hoops at you. They can either shoot it at eye level,
causing you to jump, or they can simply shoot straight and you don't have to mov
It's VERY easy to avoid, mainly because you can tell if they're shooting up or
down. If they get right up close to one of the brothers, they're shooting down a
you don't have to jump. However, if they're a little bit farther away, they're
shooting up, so you'll have to jump. You can't counter the laser attacks, but yo
shouldn't need to anyway. Just use regular jumps to defeat these guys.
Blue, Red, and Yellow Virsuses
HP: 35
Experience: 22
Coins: 4
Items Dropped: Steady Badge
Strategy: The Viruses from the famous Dr. Mario series can be tricky to figure o
but once you realize what they can do, it's really not that hard to beat them.
Whenever you attack a Blue Virus, it changed to a Yellow Virus. Attacking a Yell
Virus changes it to a Red Virus, and Red Viruses go back to Blue. Viruses never
fight alone; they'll always fight with a second or third. Whenever all the virus
you're fighting are the same color, they'll be defeated. However, you can also
simply deplete their HP, but you'll gain the experience, coins, and items either
way. They have only one attack, and that involves running up to you and jumping
your head. Whack the Viruses with your hammers to prevent them from attacking an
to damage them.
HP: 22
Experience: 14
Coins: 2
Dropped items: Refresihng Herbs, Smart Pants
Strategy: These guys look tough, but they really aren't. They have two attacks,
which gives you an opportunity to cause major damage, and one where you can just
dodge. For the first attack they'll run up to one of the brothers and just stand
there, getting ready to hurt you. You can whack them two or three times with you
hammer before they finally retreat. For the second attack, they'll run up and st
a little bit away from you. After a couple of seconds, they'll charge. You can
counter this, but it's pretty difficult. It may seem like you can't jump on them
due to their candles, but they won't harm you. Eventually, the Eekers will get
pissed and turn red.
I'm not sure what this does, but if someone knows, please tell me!
Yo Bro
HP: 39
Experience: 30
Coins: 10
Strategy: These guys look really tough, but they're extremely easy to defeat and
their attack is very easy to dodge. First, they usually spend a turn charging to
some extra damage, although it's not THAT much extra. When they attack, they'll
spin one of two different colored yo-yos: Red or Green. If they spin the red yo-
they're attacking Mario. Spinning the green yo-yo means they're attacking Luigi.
Sometimes, the Yo Bros will try to trick the brothers by spinning one yo-yo, but
not attacking. Don't fret, since they'll always spin the yo-you which they're go
to attack with. You just need to do regular jump attacks for these enemies.
HP: 36
Experience: 26
Coins: 6
Dropped items: School Badge
Strategy: Easy enemies, although they look like they could take a while to defea
The Mecha-Chomps only have one attack, and it's very similar to the Yo Bros atta
On top of there head is a patch of red or green. They'll run up to the brothers
the patch will start flashing red and green. It will stop on a color, and whatev
that color stops on tells you who the Mecha-Chomp is attacking. So, if it stops
red, Mario will be attacked. If it stops on green, Luigi will be attacked. The
actual attack simply involves the Mecha-Chomp throwing their head forward, which
you can jump and counter on. The Mecha-Chomps don't have high defense or attack,
despite their appearance, so you're not in danger if you fight them.
Oho Oasis
Oho Jee
HP: 70
Experience: 4
Coins: 1
Strategy: You may look at the HP and think these are big, tough guys. But they'r
extremely easy and can be beaten in a single turn if you use Bros. Attacks. Firs
you might not even SEE an Oho Jee at Oho Oasis. That's because there aren't any
just walking around. Once you master the Thunderhand or Firebrand, you have to
shock/burn one of the little Oho people and they'll turn into an Oho Jee. I have
never seen them do any attacks. They simply stand there. It isn't really worth i
fighting one of these guys.
HP: 30
Experience: 25
Coins: 16
Strategy: There's nothing to these guys. They simply run up and attack you, and
can jump to counter. There second attack is a bit trickier, but not by much.
They'll swim up in the air, and weave from left to right. When they stop above a
brother, they'll hesitate. Whack them with your hammers when they hesitate to fo
them to retreat. After they do that attack, they'll stay in the air so hammers
won't work against them anymore. It's really simple to figure out which brother
Goomdiver is attacking, and they don't damage you that much either. The only oth
thing I have to say about these guys is that they like to drop from above onto
Mario and Luigi.
HP: 60
Experience: 35
Coins: 20
Strategy: Another easy enemy, though they can be a bit trikcy at first. The
Bloopers like to slowly approach a brother, then drop down on them quickly. When
they end up above a brotoher, immidiately whip out your hammer and smash.
Otherwise, they'll strike. Aside from that, keep in mind that hammer and hand
attacks are ineffective against them, since they are above the ground. Just use
See description for PESTNUT in Chucklehuck Woods
NOTE: Everything about this Pestnut is the same as Chucklehuck Woods, except the
Beanies float away when you reveal them.
HP: 28
Experience: 58
Coins: 1
Dropped Items: Hand Aura
Strategy: Little starfish that should give you absolutely no trouble whatsoever.
they do, then you're pretty much hopeless. Anyway, the point on the top of the
Starkisses may look dangerous, but it's really not so you can jump without
worrying. Something you don't want to do is use Thunderhand on them, since it'll
heal a great deal of HP. Just stick to regular jumps. Their only attack is easy
avoid. First, they'll run up to the brothers and wiggle left and right. When the
stop wiggling, make sure you know if they wiggled to the left last or to the rig
last. If it was to the left, they're attacking Mario. To the right means that
they're attacking Luigi. Even if you miss out on which direction they were
pointing, it's still easy to tell.
The heart they release to attack the brothers moves very slowly toward Mario or
Luigi, so you should always know which brother they're going for. Just jump on t
heart to take it out and avoid damage.
Cheep Cheep
HP: 40
Experience: 60
Coins: 15
Strategy: The Cheep Cheeps look harmless, and most of the time they are. They ha
two attacks. The first one involves them simply swimming up to you and trying to
hit you. Just jump to avoid and counter the attack. Once you damage them, they'l
get really angry and inhale lots of air. This makes them huge and spiky, so that
means that you can no longer use jump attacks. When they're puffed up, they will
swim up to you and try to poke you. This is a dangerous attack that can poison t
brothers, so you'll want to be sure to whack the Cheep Cheep with your hammer
before you are attacked. Once you hit them when they're puffed up, they'll shrin
back to a normal, harmless looking Cheep Cheep.
HP: 60
Experience: 68
Coins: 16
Strategy: Man, I _HATE_ these enemies. They have three different attacks, all wh
can cause some good damage. And they look weird too. Okay, their first attack is
as annoying as the others, since it doesn't cause that much damage (it still cau
damage, though) and can be avoided easily. The second one involves the Malibut t
charge shortly. It'll move twice, and then send a huge bubble at one of the
brothers. You have just enough time to get out your hammer and destroy this bubb
before it hits (this attack causes some good damage). The final attack is possib
one of the most annoying attacks in the game. It isn't SUPER strong or anything,
it's just that it's the Mulibut's counter attack. Every time you attack them,
they'll counter.
This counter attack involves the Malibut's throwing one or two (usually one, but
sometimes two) "bags of flour" at you (I was never able to tell what they were
throwing, but it looked like a bag of flower ^_^) Anyway, knock it away with you
hammer to avoid damage.
Beanbean Airport
Piranha Plant
HP: 30
Experience: 6
Coins: 1
Strategy: Okay, what the hell are you doing fighting a Piranha Plant anyway? You
supposed to be shocking them! Anyway, don't fret if you accidentally get into a
fight with a Pirhana Plant. Despite the fact that you're pretty far in the game
this point, these guys are incredibly easy. The only attack they have involves t
spitting a flame at Mario or Luigi, and all you have to do to avoid it is jump.
Just remember that jumping will cause Mario and Luigi to take damage, so stick t
hammers. For one final note, remember that the Firebrand heals the Pirhanas, whi
the Thunderhand causes critical damage, taking the plants out in a single hit.
Teehee Valley
Gritty Goomba
HP: 30
Experience: 30
Coins: 4
Strategy: You can have trouble with Gritty Goombas at first. First off, the litt
spike on the top of their heads damages you, so don't jump on them. Stick with y
hammers and you should be able to take them out in a turn. Their attack is soemw
odd. The Gritty Goombas will cause a sandstorm. This is supposed to make it hard
to tell who the Goomba is attacking, but it shouldn't bother you at all. The bes
way to counter the attack is to have both brothers get their hammers ready, sinc
it is usually a bit difficult to tell which brother the Gritty Goomba is attacki
When the Goomba starts to move toward a brother, release the hammers and the Gri
Goomba will fall back. There IS a way to tell exactly which brother the Goomba w
go for, but it's still a bit hard to tell.
What you have to do is look at the Goombas position. It'll always be somewhat in
between Mario and Luigi, but not exactly in between them. If it's slightly north
the middle, it's going for Mario. Slightly south means that Luigi is the target.
Spiky Snifit
HP: 80
Experience: 66
Coins: 5
Dropped Items: Red pepper
Strategy: One of the more annoying enemies, the Spiky Snifit can be tricky. Firs
off, while it may seem like the tiny spikes on top of them can't harm you, it wi
so stick to your hammer. Secondly, there is one thing you should NEVER use, and
that's the Thunderbrand. This will heal them, and you don't want that. However,
Firebrand causes critical damage, making these guys much easier to take out. The
attack is very annoying. They spit out a small, spiky ball and it either bounces
over the brothers heads or heads straight towards them. You are able to tell whi
brother they're attacking easily. However, figuring out if the spiky ball is goi
to bounce or not is, while possible, pretty difficult. You have to watch the pat
when they first shoot.
If it goes in a small arc (it is pretty small), then it'll bounce on the ground
just short of the brothers, and then bounce over their heads. To avoid this, rem
stationary. If you start to jump, even at the beginning, you'll be hit. If the
spiked ball isn't going over the brother's heads, then it'll simply head straigh
towards them. Jump to avoid this.
HP: 60
Experience: 60
Coins: 15
Dropped Items: Anuboo Jeans
Strategy: What kind of a name is "Anuboo?" Weird, isn't it? Anyway, these are
strange little phantom-type creatures. In Teehee Valley (not in battle), they
teleport if they see you, making it difficult to jump on them for some extra
damage, so you'll just have to go face-to-face. They have only one move, and it'
so obvious on which brother they're attacking. They run up to the brothers and t
the shape of one of them. This only happens for a brief moment, so pay attention
it. Whoever they take the form of is the one they'll be attacking. Their eye wil
flash, and then they'll fire a laser. You simply need to jump to avoid it. They
aren't immune to anything, so you can do any of the moves you prefer.
Guffawha Ruins
Chuck Guy
The Chuck Guys are the same as they were in Chucklehuck Woods, so refer to that
section to find out more about them.
Oucher Glass
HP: 40
Experience: 105 (this is all for Luigi, since Mario is not with you)
Coins: 22
Strategy: Oucher Glass is kewel name, lol!!!!1111! Anyway, not a tough enemy tha
you have to deal with. It remainst stationary, and has two attacks. You'll be ab
to tell what attack it's doing depending on if it flips over or not. This first
attack doesn't involve the Oucher Glass flipping over. It will form a giant ball
sand and drop it on you. This does very little damage, but you'll want to smash
with your hammer anyway. If the Oucher Glass flips over, it's about to do the
second attack. This involves calling up a giant fist to hit Luigi from right bel
him. Simply jump right before the fist comes out to avoid it. The Oucher Glass h
no weaknesses or advantages, so any attack will do here.
Limbo Bro
HP: 40
Experience: 105 (this is all for Luigi, since Mario is not with you)
Coins: 35
Dropped items: Ancient Pants
Strategy: The Limbo Bros can be annoying, especially when you are at low HP.
However, once you learn how to counter their attacks, they become extremely easy
fight. Their only attack involves them doing the limbo all the way to you, then
stabbing you with the torch. They always hesitate before they attack, so you can
use your hammer to hit them, causing them to retreat. There is nothing that can
harm you, so it's okay to jump on them.
Gwarhar Lagoon
Elite Troopea
HP: 40
Experience: 40
Coins: 12
Strategy: These guys are either really annoying or they're the God of Experience
(TM). What I mean is, the Elite Troopeas have a healing/spawn attack. They can
shoot water out of their shells and heal mutliple enemies, but they can also spa
another Elite Troopea. Since each brother gets 40 experience per Troopea, since
Troopeas only take about five minutes to appear and you'll get 400 experience.
Anyway, besides that, they simply run up and try to hit you, which is easy to
dodge. Hammers only cause one damage to them, since they hide in their shell, bu
jumping will cause full damage to these guys. There is a great thing about their
attack too. You can use the Elite Troopeas to cause damage to other enemies. Eac
time you jump on them to counter when they attack, they'll go in the opposite
If there's an enemy, they'll damage it and head back to the Mario Bros. Just kee
jumping on the Troopea to damage enemies.
Gritty Goombas
Just the same as Teehee Valley, so look in the Teehee Valley section for info on
these guys.
NOTE: These are found on the Seabed, but this part of the Seabed can only be
accessed by Gwarhar Lagoon, so that's why I'm putting it in the Gwarhar Lagoon
HP: 80
Experience: 112
Coins: 7
Strategy: I love these guys. They're so fun to fight. Basically, it's a huge,
mechanical Blooper that uses Bill Bullets to fight. Whenever you attack it, it'l
instantly counter by firing Bill Bullets. It doesn't fire all of it's Bill Bulle
(sometimes it does, but that's rare), but it fires most of them. The Bullets are
very easy to avoid. You can jump on them to knock them away, or just jump over
them. The Mecha-Blooper's second attack is the same as it's counter: it just fir
Bill Bullets. Whenever a Mecha-Blooper runs out of Bill Bullets (it has five), i
won't be able to counter, and it'll waste a turn re-loading.
Also location in the Seabed section of Gwarhar Lagoon. They're the same as they
in the other sections of the Seabed.
Boomerang Bro
HP: 60
Experience: 119
Coins: 22
Items Dropped: Ultra Mushroom
Strategy: These guys are annoying at first, but get much easier once you realize
their attacking pattern. They have two attacks, both involving the boomerang, an
both can make Mario or Luigi lose their footing. The first attack involves them
throwing it HIGH above one of the brothers. It'll end up behind them and come ba
to the Boomerang Bro, going right into Mario or Luigi if one of the brothers get
in its way. So you'll have to jump to avoid this attack, since it can make one o
the brothers slip. The second attack will have the Boomerang Bros throwing it in
sideways arc, so it goes through Mario and Luigi, making both brothers jump over
it. Again, you can slip. These guys don't have any advantages or weaknesses, so
just use regular jumps to defeat them.
HP: 45
Experience: 106
Coins: 13
Dropped Items: Super Syrup, Ultra Syrup
Strategy: Okay, first off, these guys are really name ????, probably because the
hide themselves in the sand. I'm just going to call the "Sand Sharks" for this
strategy. The Sand Sharks have two attacks. The first involves them swimming up
you and leaping out of the sand over your head. Don't jump and you won't get hur
by the attack. The second involves the shark swimming up and poking it's head ou
Just immidiately because it'll quickly try to take a big bite out of you. This
causes damamge AND has a chance of poisoning you, so make sure you never get hit
it. While it may seem dangerous to jump due to their fin, it's perfectly safe to
so. There is one last thing I have to say about these guys, and it's something t
can be really annoying.
If you are fighting three Sand Sharks, each time one of the Sand Sharks attack,
of the sharks will switch places, making it hard to tell which ones you have
damaged. Try to keep your eye on the one with the most damage, instead of trying
remember all of them at once.
Joke's End
Ice Snifit
HP: 55
Experience: 118
Coins: 18
Dropped items: Ultra Mushroom
Strategy: This Ice Snifits are one of the weaker enemies that you'll encounter i
Joke's End. They have two easy to dodge attacks, and they have low HP. If you ar
facing two Ice Snifits, they usually like to attack both brothers at the same ti
So one Snifit will run up to one brother while the other Snifit runs up to the
second brother. When they do this, they'll spit out a snowball. However, they do
spit it out at the same time; one Snifit will spit a snowball out and then the
other will spit their snowball out right after. So jumping simoltaneously will
protect one brother, but not the other, so you'll have to jump separtely. The
second attack is easy to avoid, and the Ice Snifits don't both do this attack at
the same time.
They'll spit out an ice cube, which will slowly approach you. Just get out your
hammer and smash it to avoid it. They have no weakness/advantage so just jump to
defeat them.
HP: 195
Experience: 100
Coins: 8
Dropped items: 1-Up Super
Strategy: Okay, since Mario and Luigi are split up for half of Joke's End, it ca
become difficult to figiht these guys on your own. They have SUPER strong attack
and very high HP. So if you're low on health, don't want to fight these guys, an
you're Mario, you can make these guys flee instantly. Of course, you won't get t
experience but I'd choose life over leveling up. Unfortunately, I haven't found
way like this for Luigi, so he'll just have to fight or run. THe Clumph's attack
both involve sending out shockwaves. Once you learn how to dodge the attacks, th
enemies become easy (however, learning how to dodge the attacks can take a while
The first attack the Clumphs perform will cause them to send out a yellow
The momemnt they hit the ground with their club, jump and you should avoid the
shockwave. The second attack is devastating, but it forces them to charge for a
turn. If they glow and flash for one of their turns, that means they're charging
for a super shockwave. The next turn, they'll run up and bang the ground with th
club, sending out a purple shockwave. This can do serious damage, and it might
trick you. The purple shockwave approaches Mario and Luigi more slowly than the
yellow one, so jumping right when it's sent out won't help you. Wait until it's
just about to hit you, and THEN jump. It may look like you're going to hit to
shockwave, but you'll land safely. As far as attacking, two Brother Attacks shou
take these guys out.
If you only have one brother, it'll take a couple of solo attacks before the
Clumphs finally fall.
HP: 45
Experience: 70
Coins: 10
Strategy: First, let me tell you that doing jumps and hammers cause only a singl
point of damage to these guys, so don't bother doing those. Instead, you'll find
that both Firebrand AND Thunderhand causes critical damage to these guys. Usuall
this can take the Glurps out in a single hit. The Glurps have three different
moves. The first is they'll run up to a brother and release a poisonous bubble.
is a slow-moving bubble, so you'll have to jump RIGHT before it touches you if y
want to avoid it. For the second attack, they'll get right in Mario or Luigi's f
and attack. You can smash them with your hammer here, and while it only causes o
damage, it'll force them to retreat. The final attack involves the Glurps creati
another Glurp, an attack that you shouldn't see since you should be able to
instantly KO these guys anyway.
HP: 70
Experience: 48
Coins: 20
Strategy: Another easy guy in Joke's End, the Scaratroopeas are just Elite Troop
with wings. They have the same moves, except they can also swoop down on you to
attack. Remember, hammer attacks will always miss when you're in the air, and wi
always cause one point of damage when the Elite Troopeas are on the ground. Alwa
try to elminate these guys first, since they can spawn new Scaratroopeas.
Bowser's Castle
HP: 10
Experience: 40
Coins: 10
Dropped items: Random Slacks, 1-Up Mushroom
Strategy: "10 HP? I can TEH PWNINATE OMGWTFLOLBBQ!" Yeah, problem with Boos is t
they have to most insane defense rating (well, they're a ghost, what do you
expect?), so you'll only be dealing one to two poins of damage per attack, unles
it's a Brother Attack where you can deal seven or eight points. Basically, the B
are a big waste of your time since they aren't worth that much experience and ta
a while to kill. The positive thing about them is that they don't appear that mu
in the castle. They only appear in a specific place of a room, and once you leav
that specific place, they disappear. Still, it can be hard avoiding them in some
places, and in one area, you have to kill them all if you wish to continue (well
you don't have to kill them, it just makes things easier).
Anyway, they have really simple attacks, both of which that you can avoid and
counter easily. For the first one, Boo will do its traditional taunt (with the
weird face) and disappear. It appears in front of Mario or Luigi, and that's you
chance to hit it with a hammer. For the second one, they'll copy the Patroopas a
Scaratroopeas and swoop down onto Mario or Luigi and a fast speed. Jump to avoid
and counter that attack. Since the Boos float, hammer and hand attacks won't wor
If you want to end the battle quickly, use two Brother Attacks to take them out
Hammer Bro
HP: 100
Experience: 132
Coins: 25
Strategy: How many different Hammer Bros have we met now? Three? Anyway, these a
Bowser... er... Bowletta's minions, and they can be pretty annoying due to their
hammers. Ok, for any of you who have played a Mario game with the Hammer Bros, y
should know that they always use hammers, and this game is no exception. The onl
move they have is throwing hammers at one of the brothers. They usually throw on
one at a time, though they'll occasionally throw two at a time. The hammers move
through the air at a slow pace, so you should have plenty of time to get ready t
defend. All you have to do to defend this attack is to simply knock it away with
your own hammer. The hammers that the Hammer Bros throw can cause some good dama
but the real annoyance is that they can knock you out for one, or even two, turn
This prevents you from attacking or defending, and the other brother cannot use
Brother Attacks. Make sure you never have both knocked out, or you'll be complet
open to attacks!
Gunner Guy
HP: Either 60 or 70 (I can't figure out which one is the real HP amount)
Experience: 90
Coins: 25
Strategy: The Gunner Guys are very annoying if you don't know how they decide wh
attacks they're doing, but once you learn, these guys can never touch you. But l
me tell you in advance: although I tell you how to figure out what attack they a
going to do, on rare occasions they'll do the opposite attack so don't kill me w
"YOU MESSED THIS UP!" e-mails. Okay, let me first establish that jumping on the
bullets that these guys shoot out IN THE CASTLE (not when you're in battle) are
safe to jump on. In fact, if you jump on these bullets, you'll enter the battle
with them already damaged! Okay, their first attack involves a Shy Guy moving th
up close to Mario and Luigi (not SUPER close, just a little far back). When they
this, they're about to fire a Bill Bullet.
The bullets are fast, but wait a brief moment after it comes out before jumping.
You can't jump ON this bullet, since it'll just hurt you, but you can jump over
Their second attack is a little annoying. The Shy Guy will come and push the Gun
Guys forward, but they won't be closed to Mario or Luigi at all. They'll send ou
t a
big cannon ball, but it'll roll slowly on the ground. Wait until it gets near yo
before juping. Like the Bill Bullet, you can't counter it so don't try. Also, yo
have a chance of losing your footing if you are hit by the ball.
HP: 100
Experience: 110
Coins: 20
Dropped Items: Ultra Syrup
Strategy: Dammit, their appearance rings a bell from Paper Mario, but I can't qu
figure out what it is. If only I didn't sell my game :( Anyway, these witches ca
be pretty annoying, mainly because of their abilities. The first attack they hav
is a flame spitting attack. The Magikoopa will send a ring of fire at the brothe
and it'll go through their path. Jump to avoid it. It'll then go back through th
path of the brother, so you'll have to jump again. The second attack also uses a
ring of fire, except this one will go to the side of one of the Mario Bros. It'l
then go through the path of both brothers, causing both of them to jump. The fin
attack is irritating; they'll use their wands to heal a LOT of HP.
This can be very annoying (like I said above) because they can heal 50-60 HP and
you're weak and have almost no BP left, that can put you in a bit of a jam.
Sniper Bill
HP: 80
Experience: 80
Coins: 10
Strategy: They should be worth more than 80 experience, due to how annoying thes
guys can get. You can easily tell who they're going to attack, due to the fact t
they always aim at a brother, but it is still pretty difficult to dodge the Snip
Bill's only attack. This attack can be done in two ways: The Sniper Bill can fir
shoot out a small Bill Bullet, followed by the Sniper Bill itself. Or, it could
the exact opposite, sending the Sniper Bill out first and then the small bullet.
Jumping on the Sniper Bill will prevent you from taking damage, but jumping on t
small Bill Bullet will make you take damage. It can be hard to get used to this
attack, but you'll get used to it eventually... like right before you face the
final three bosses >_<
Anyway, attacking isn't much of a problem, as long as Mario and Luigi aren't wea
Chomp Bro
HP: 130
Experience: 128
Coins: 8
Strategy: Well, here's the final type of enemy in the game, and there's a really
simple technique to avoid damage from it. While the Chomp Bros look tough (and t
really are), you can prevent them from attack entirely, but that involves dodgin
their attack first. They'll run up to the brothers and start spinning their Chai
Chomp. They'll keep spinning and when you hear a weird sound after the Chomp Bro
spin for a while, have both brothers jump. I haven't figured out a way to tell
which brother he's attacking, although I _THINK_ that it depends on the directio
that they're spinning. Anyway, after they throw it and you have both brothers ju
one of them should land on it, knocking it away. This will make the Chomp Bro st
to cry (awwwww...) and it'll be unable to attack for the rest of the battle.
They might even run away, although that's rare.
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Items %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
These are all the items that you can use in the game. I'll list them in the orde
that they appear in the shop and the regular ones you can just find on the
I'll then list the items you get at the Cafe. Next is the key items, and then th
NOTE: All of the descriptions of these items are the in-game descriptions.
Standard items
NOTE: I will not list the cost here, simply because it varies depending on your
Stache rating.
Description: Recover 25 HP
Description: Recover 20 Bros. Points
~~~Refreshing Herbs~~~
Description: Cure status ailments
~~~1-Up Mushrooms~~~
Description: Revive with 1/2 HP
~~~Super Mushroom~~~
Description: Recover 50 HP
Description: Recover 20 HP each
~~~Super Nuts~~~
Description: Recover 40 HP each
~~~Super Syrup~~~
Description: Recover 40 Bros. Points
~~~Ultra Mushrooms~~~
Description: Recover 120 HP
~~~Ultra Syrup~~~
Description: Recover 100 Bros. Points
~~~Ultra Nuts~~~
Description: Recover 100 HP each
~~~Max Mushrooms~~~
Description: Recover all HP
~~~Max Syrup~~~
Description: Recover all Bros. Points
~~~Max Nuts~~~
Description: Recover all HP each
~~~1-Up Supers~~~
Description: Revive with full HP
~~~Red Peppers~~~
Description: Boos POW & weight
~~~Green Peppers~~~
Description: Boost DEF & get lighter
~~~Golden Mushroom~~~
Description: Max HP & Bros. Points
Cafe Items
~~~Woohoo Blend~~~
Description: Starbeans blend: +4 HP
~~~Hoohoo Blend~~~
Description: Starbeans blend: +4 BP
~~~Chcukle Blend~~~
Description: Starbeans blend: +4 Speed
~~~Teehee Blend~~~
Description: Starbeands blend: +4 Stache
Description: Starbeans blend: +4 Power
Description: Starbeans blend: +4 Defense
Description: Starbeans blend: +6 Random
Key Items
~~~Beanbean Map~~~
Description: A map of Beanbean Kingdom
~~~Peasley's Rose~~~
Description: A keepsake pass to Beanbean Castle
~~~Beanbean Brooch~~~
Description: A pass to Chateau de Chucklehuck
~~~Red Chuckola Fruit~~~
Description: A fruit with a robust flavor
~~~White Chuckola Fruit~~~
Description: A fruit with a tangy flavor
~~~Purple Chuckola Fruit~~~
Description: A fruit with a refreshing flavor
Description: A small, cute, green pet
Description: A Soybean civilization jewel
~~~Membership Card~~~
Description: An S.S. Chuckola membership card
~~~Winkle Card~~~
Description: THe trophy of the Winkles
~~~Secret Scroll 1~~~
Description: A scroll inscribed with jumping secrets
~~~Secret Scroll 2~~~
Description: A scroll inscribed with Hammer secrets
~~~The Neon Eggs~~~
NOTE: In the game, they are listed as seven different items. However, I saw no
point to doing that here.
Description: Seven eggs laid by hungry Yoshis; required to receive the third
Beanstar piece.
~~~The Beanstar~~~
Description: Powerful, legendary star that's said to make all wishes come true
Description: Tiny rockstar looking for a stage; give to Hermie to receive a badg
~~~Fake Beanstar~~~
Description: Cheap, plastic Beanstar; give to Fawful in place of the real Beanst
~~~Peach's Extra Dress~~~
Description: A change of clothes for Princess Peach
~~~Woo Beans~~~
Description: Blend this green bean at Starbeans Cafe!
~~~Hoo Beans~~~
Description: Blend this brown bean at Starbeans Cafe!
~~~Chuckle Beans~~~
Description: Blend this brown bean at Starbeans Cafe!
~~~Hee Beans~~~
Description: Blend this yellow bean at Starbeans Cafe!
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Equipment %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
This section will list all of the equipment for Mario and Luigi. Some can be fou
in shops, while others have to be found by defeating enemies or completing
sidequests. Also, there is certain stuff that only Mario can equip, and then the
is certain stuff that only Luigi can wear. I'll list what Mario can wear, what
Luigi can wear, and then what they both can wear. Also, since the game doesn't
really have any specific order for the equipment, I'm going to list them in
alphabetical order. For the most part, this list is complete but if anyone has
equipment that I'm missing, please e-mail me!
Mario's Equipment
|Bean Pants |
|+12 Defense|
|Hard Pants |
|+14 Defense|
|Harhall's Pants|-----------------------------------------------+
|+60 HP |Bestows either a 1-ton weight or floating power|
|+45 Defense |-----------------------------------------------+
|Heart Slacks|----------------------------+
|+60 Defense |Raises defense during battle|
|Hermetic Pants|-------------------------------+
|+45 Defense |60% chance of poison prevention|
|Iron Pants |--------------------+
|+70 Defense|Bestows 1-ton weight|
|Mushluck Pants|-------------------------------------+
|+65 Defense |Your luck equals your Mushroom count!|
|Mushwin Pants|---------------------------------+
|+55 Defense |Win Mushrooms after every battle!|
|Parasol Pants|
|+5 Defense |
|Shroom Pants|--------------------------------------------------------------+
|+30 Defense |Gives you a greater chance of receiving Mushrooms after battle|
|Smart Pants|
|+50 Defense|
|Work Pants|
|+4 Defense|
Luigi Only
|Anuboo Jeans|-------------------------+
|+40 Defense |Move first, before Mario!|
|B. Brand Jeans|-------------------------------+
|+55 Defense |Bestows HP auto-recovery powers|
|Blue Jeans |
|+5 HP |
|+15 Defense|
|Heart Pants|
|+10 HP |
|+10 Defense|
|Peachy Jeans|-----------------------+
|+65 Defense |Move right after Mario!|
|Scandal Jeans|------------------+
|+70 Defense |Move before Mario!|
|School Slacks|-----------------------+
|-5 HP |Move right after Mario!|
|+18 Defense |-----------------------+
|Street Jeans|
|+60 Defense |
|Work Jeans|
|+4 Defense|
Mario and Luigi's equipment
|#1 Trousers|----------------------------+
|+31 Defense|Always take the first strike|
|Ancient Jeans|----------------------------+
|+40 Defense |Always take the first strike|
|Bean Trousers|
|+4 HP |
|+10 Defense |
|Beanstar Pants|----------------------------+
|+60 Defense |Always take the first strike|
|Bubbles Gear|
|+5 HP |
|+45 Defense |
|Casual Coral|-------------------------------+
|+80 Defense |60% chance of poison prevention|
|Casual Slacks|
|+20 HP |
|+70 Defense |
|Oho Jee Wear|
|+5 HP |
|+13 Defense |
|Peasly Slacks|-----------------------------+
|+70 Defense |Bestows a light-weight effect|
|Piranha Suit|---------------+
|+30 Defense |HP Auto-Recover|
|Plaid Trousers|
|+36 Defense |
|Queen B. Jeans|
|+14 HP |
|+75 Defense |
|Random Pants|-----------------------------------------------+
|+60 Defense |Bestows either a 1-ton weight or floating power|
|Safety Slacks|-------------------------------+
|+30 Defense |60% chance of poison prevention|
|Shroom Bells|
|+50 Defense |
|Shroom Slacks|
|+35 Defense |Your luck equals your Mushroom count
|Tropic Slacks|
|+12 HP |
|+30 Defense |
|Wool Trousers|---------------+
|+32 Defense |HP auto-recover|
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Badges %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
|Bean Badge|
|+6 BP |
|+8 Power |
|Bean B. Badge|
|+6 BP |
|+10 Power |
|Beauty Badge|
|+30 Power |
|Bowser Fang|
|+50 Power |
|Bowser Fist|-----------------------------------------------+
|+10 Power |Wear this badge to perform Bowser-like attacks!|
|Brilliant Badge|
|+45 Power |
|Bros. Badge|
|+8 BP |
|+25 Power |
|Bros. Life|---------------+
|+22 Power |BP Auto-Recover|
|Bros. Respect|---------------+
|+70 Power |BP Auto-Recover|
|Bros. Rock|
|+20 BP |
|+20 Power |
|Castle Badge|
|+10 Power |
|Charity Badge|
|+15 Power |
|Chuckola Badge|
|+28 Power |
|Counter Badge|--------------------------------------------------------+
|+10 Power |Wear this to increase the power of your counter-attacks!|
|General Badge|
|+15 BP |
|+45 Power |
|Grab Badge|---------------------------------------------+
|+45 Power |Wear this to recieve more items from enemies!|
|Hand Aura|------------------------------+
|+20 Power|Increase power of hand attacks|
|High-End Badge|----------------------------------------------------+
|+12 Power |Wear this to perform powerful attacks during battle!|
|Lucky Ribbon|--------------------------------------------------+
|+22 BP |Wear this to perform more Lucky attacks in battle!|
|Mari-Lui Badge|---------------+
|+20 Power |BP Auto-Recover|
|Miracle Badge|-----------------------------------+
|+22 Power |Perform jump attacks to recover HP!|
|Muscle Badge|--------------------------------------------------------+
|+25 Power |Wear this to increase the power of your counter-attacks!|
|Mush Badge|-----------------------------------------+
|+20 Power |Get stronger by having lots of Mushrooms!|
|Mush Badge A|-----------------------------------------+
|+35 Power |Get stronger by having lots of Mushrooms!|
|Mush Badge AA|-----------------------------------------+
|+45 Power |Get stronger by having lots of Mushrooms!|
|Oh-Pah Badge|--------------------------------------------------------+
|+35 Power |Wear this to increase the power of your counter-attacks!|
|Ohoracle Badge|----------------------------------------------+
|+22 Power |Wear this to recover HP by using hand attacks!|
|Pea Badge|
|+2 BP |
|+12 Power|
|Piranha Swing|----------------------------------+
|+25 Power |Recover HP by using hammer attacks|
|Power Badge|--------------------------------------------------------+
|+20 Power |Wear this to increase the power of your counter-attacks!|
|Salvage Badge|---------------------------------------------+
|+45 Power |Wear this to receive more items from enemies!|
|Sarge Badge|------------------------------------------------+
|+15 BP |Wear this to increase the power of your attacks!|
|School Emblem|
|+18 Power |
|Sledge Heart|---------------------------------------+
|+25 Power |Recover HP by performing hammer attacks|
|Soulful Bros.|---------------+
|+40 BP |BP Auto-Recover|
|Spike Badge|-------------------------------------------+
|+10 Power |Double damage when jumping on spiny enemies|
|Spiny Badge A|-------------------------------------------+
|+20 Power |Double damage when jumping on spiny enemies|
|Spiny Badge AA|-------------------------------------------+
|+50 Power |Double damage when jumping on spiny enemies|
|Steady Badge|
|+12 BP |
|+25 Power |
|Tank Badge|--------------------------------+
|+55 Power |Recover HP by doing jump attacks|
|Wonder Badge|--------------------------------------------------------+
|+22 Power |Wear this badge to increase the Lucky attacks in battle!|
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Beans %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
So you want to know where every single bean in the whole game is located? Want t
know the location of all those holes? All different types of beans you can get a
where? Well you've come to the wrong place! Sorry, but there are WAY too many be
locations for me to list them. This guide will simply list some tips on getting
beans, what kind of beans there are, and everything you need to know about the
wonderful Bean Cafe.
Help on getting beans
I have simply some general tips on getting some beans here. These should help yo
get more beans as you go along through the game.
-I'd first like to say that all bean holes contain Chuckle Beans. That is all.
-All bean locations are inside little circles that are scattered throughout the
Beanbean Kingdom. You have to use the Mole technique to get underground, then po
up in the middle of the circle to get the bean.
-Most bean circles are small circles with X's in the middle. These are very easy
recognize, but that's not the only bean spots. Every bean is in a circle, but th
can be camelflouged. For example, in Bowser's Castle there is a very faint circl
on the ground. This can be very hard to recognize, but it's there.
-There are TONS of bean circles in an area. If you see a dead end to a path, or
huge room, chances are there's a bean spot somewhere there.
-Beans are not located in Beanbean Castle Town/Castle, Little Fungitown, Beanbea
Castle Sewers, Stardust Fields, Hoohoo Mountain, Gwuffia Ruins, or Teehee Valley
DON'T LOOK THERE OKAY!!!!! Sheesh...
-You can find Hoo Beans in mainly blocks. In the Koopa Cruiser (repaired version
you can get fifteen Hoo Beans. There is also a little maze next to the Pipe Hous
(use the Mouse Technique to get through the little hole). If you go through the
maze, there's another room at the end with five hidden blocks, all containing Ho
-The best way to get Woo Beans is to defeat enemies that are in the Beanbean
regions. You can usually get one or two Hoo Beans a battle.
-Chuckle Beans are found in the holes, but you can get a whopping 27 Chuckle Bea
by doing the second Splart Fashion Design mini-game.
-Hee Beans are gotten mainly by completing mini-games a second time. Usually, th
better you do on a mini-game, the more Hee Beans you'll get.
Starbeans Cafe
This is where you go after you collect lots of beans. You can use the Starbeans
Cafe to blend beans and get different drinks. These drinks can permanetely raise
some of your status (VERY useful). Also, each time you make a new drink, you'll
a cool item.
Okay, first off, you might ask, "How do I use this Cafe?" Well, after you bring
some beans to the Cafe, you can mix them using the StarB System blender. You can
make seven types of drinks, each having a differnet effect. Here are the
requirements to create the seven drinks:
~~~Woohoo Blend: 25 Woo Beans~~~
~~~Hoohoo Blend: 25 Hoo Beans~~~
~~~Chuckle Blend: 25 Chuckle Beans~~~
~~~Teehee Blend: 25 Hee Beans~~~
Those are the four main drinks. You can use combinations of beans to create thes
three drinks:
~~~Hoolumbian: 15 Woo Beans and 10 Hoo Beans~~~
~~~Chuckoccino: 15 Woo Beans and 10 Chuckle Beans~~~
~~~Teeheespresso: 15 Woo Beans and 10 Hee Beans~~~
Okay, you need to choose "Yes" when the dude asks what you want to do. He'll the
take you to the blender. From here, you can choose what type of drink you want t
make. For example, if you choose "Hoohoo Blend", you'll want to drop 25 Hoo Bean
into the blender. If you don't have enough beans, then you simply can't make a
drink. Once you have chosen the beans you want, press "A" to make the blend. The
are the drinks you get and the things that they do:
~~~Woohoo Blend: +4 HP~~~
~~~Hoohoo Blend: +4 BP~~~
~~~Chuckle Blend: +4 Speed~~~
~~~Teehee Blend: +4 Stache~~~
~~~Hoolumbian: +4 Power~~~
~~~Chuckoccino: +4 Defense~~~
~~~Teeheespresso: +6 Random~~~
Now, whenever you blend a drink for the first time, our favorite inventor,
Professor E. Gadd, will show up. Sometimes he'll show up in his Game Boy Horror,
but he'll usually come in person. I described the first scene in the FAQ, but I'
not going to bother describing all the others. In order, these are the things he
gives you:
~~~Greed Wallet: Double the coins you get from monsters!~~~
~~~Bonus Ring: Don't lose HP in battle for an EXP bonus! (Doubles EXP)~~~
~~~Excite Spring: Hold the button to float on defense! (Hover in the air when
jumping to dodge)~~~
~~~Great Force: Double the damage you give AND take!~~~
~~~Power Grip: Never drop the Hammerhead on defense!~~~
~~~Cobalt Necktie: Double your Stache points~~~
~~~Game Boy Horror SP: Defeat foes and always get rare items!~~~
Once you get all the items, E. Gadd will no longer show up at the Cafe. Instead,
he'll put an ugly portrait of himself up on the wall for you to look at. Oh, and
save your beans for drinks that you don't have yet. All items Gadd gives you are
great (especially the Game Boy Horror SP), and you'll want them all available to
That's all I have to say on beans!
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Shop Information %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
Since most people don't know what items shops contain at certain points, I've
decided to be nice and write out this handy little shop guide. This will list th
name of the shop items, the cost, and when it appears in the shop. There are fou
shops in the game, an Item and Fashion Shop, with one of each in Beanbean Castle
Town and Little Fungitown. For the most part, the Item Shops carry the same thin
but the things the Fashion Shop carries in each town are completely differenet.
NOTE: The cost is the standard cost (what it would be without Stache points). Lo
in the little speech bubble that appears near an item to find out how much you g
off the item. The same applies to the selling price.
Beanbean Castle Town
Item Shop
~~~~~~~~~Name~~~~~~~~+~~~Cost~~~+~~Sells For~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~Appears~~~~~~~~~~~~+
Mushroom | 24 | 6 | When you first visit the shop |
Syrup | 24 | 6 | When you first visit the shop |
Refreshing Herbs | 30 | 7 | When you first visit the shop |
1-Up Mushrooms | 80 | 20 | Cure Queen Bean |
Super Mushrooms | 60 | 15 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Nuts | 40 | 12 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Super Nuts | 90 | 22 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Super Syrup | 50 | 12 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Ultra Nuts | 140 | 35 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Ultra Syrup | 80 | 20 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Max Mushrooms | 180 | 45 | After forming the Beanstar |
Max Nuts | 220 | 55 | After forming the Beanstar |
Max Syrup | 150 | 37 | After forming the Beanstar |
1-Up Supers | 240 | 60 | After rescuing Luigi |
Fashion Shop
~~~Hot Fashions!~~~
~~~~~~~~~Name~~~~~~~~+~~~Cost~~~+~~Sells For~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~Appears~~~~~~~~~~~~+
Bean Pants | 100 | 25 | When you first visit the shop |
Bean Trousers | 130 | 32 | When you first visit the shop |
Blue Jeans | 220 | 55 | When you first visit the shop |
Parasol Pants | 180 | 45 | Cure Queen Bean |
Hard Pants | 130 | 32 | Cure Queen Bean |
Heart Jeans | 120 | 30 | Cure Queen Bean |
Plaid Trousers | 300 | 75 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
#1 Trousers | 250 | 62 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Safety Slacks | 220 | 55 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Street Jeans | 400 | 100 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Tropic Slacks | 280 | 70 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Hermetic Pants | 300 | 75 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Beanstar Pants | 500 | 125 | After forming the Beanstar |
Peasley Slacks | 450 | 112 | After forming the Beanstar |
Queen B. Jeans | 550 | 137 | After forming the Beanstar |
B. Brand Jeans | 600 | 150 | After rescuing Luigi |
Heart Slacks | 520 | 130 | After rescuing Luigi |
Casual Slacks | 550 | 137 | After rescuing Luigi |
~~~Flashy Badges!~~~
~~~~~~~~~Name~~~~~~~~+~~~Cost~~~+~~Sells For~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~Appears~~~~~~~~~~~~+
Castle Badge | 75 | 18 | When you first visit the shop |
Pea Badge | 90 | 22 | When you first visit the shop |
Bean B. Badge | 78 | 19 | Cure Queen Bean |
Counter Badge | 140 | 35 | Cure Queen Bean |
Charity Badge | 140 | 35 | Cure Queen Bean |
Bros. Badge | 150 | 37 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Miracle Badge | 120 | 30 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Ohoracle Badge | 130 | 32 | Clear Beanbean Airport |
Power Badge | 160 | 40 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Wonder Badge | 140 | 35 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Beauty Badge | 200 | 50 | After Peach is kidnapped |
Salvage Badge | 320 | 80 | After forming the Beanstar |
Oh-Pah Badge | 280 | 70 | After forming the Beanstar |
Brilliant Badge | 350 | 87 | After forming the Beanstar |
Sarge Badge | 300 | 75 | After rescuing Luigi |
General Badge | 350 | 87 | After rescuing Luigi |
Tank Badge | 400 | 100 | After rescuing Luigi |
Little Fungitown
Item Shop
~~~~~~~~~Name~~~~~~~~+~~~Cost~~~+~~Sells For~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~Appears~~~~~~~~~~~~+
Mushrooms | 24 | 6 | When you first visit the shop |
Super Mushrooms | 60 | 15 | When you first visit the shop |
Ultra Mushrooms | 100 | 25 | When you first visit the shop |
Nuts | 40 | 12 | When you first visit the shop |
Super Nuts | 90 | 22 | When you first visit the shop |
Syrup | 24 | 6 | When you first visit the shop |
Super Syrup | 50 | 12 | When you first visit the shop |
Refreshing Herbs | 30 | 7 | When you first visit the shop |
1-Up Mushrooms | 80 | 20 | After forming the Beanstar |
1-Up Supers | 240 | 60 | After rescuing Luigi |
Fashion Shop
~~~Mushroom Styles!~~~
~~~~~~~~~Name~~~~~~~~+~~~Cost~~~+~~Sells For~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~Appears~~~~~~~~~~~~+
Shroom Pants | 200 | 50 | When you first visit the shop |
Shroom Bells | 380 | 95 | When you first visit the shop |
Shroom Slacks | 250 | 62 | When you first visit the shop |
Peachy Jeans | 280 | 70 | After forming the Beanstar |
Mushwin Pants | 264 | 66 | After forming the Beanstar |
Mushluck Pants | 258 | 64 | After rescuing Luigi |
Scandal Jeans | 280 | 70 | After rescuing Luigi |
~~~Fungitown Badges!~~~
~~~~~~~~~Name~~~~~~~~+~~~Cost~~~+~~Sells For~~+~~~~~~~~~~~~Appears~~~~~~~~~~~~+
Mush Badge | 160 | 40 | When you first visit the shop |
Mari-Lui Badge | 190 | 47 | When you first visit the shop |
Muscle Badge | 220 | 55 | When you first visit the shop |
Spiny Badge AA | 280 | 70 | After forming the Beanstar |
Mush Badge A | 300 | 75 | After forming the Beanstar |
Grab Badge | 400 | 100 | After rescuing Luigi |
Mush Badge AA | 480 | 120 | After rescuing Luigi |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
| |%%%%% Super Mario Bros. Classic %%%%%| |
| ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |
Super Mario Bros. Classic is the original arcade game of Super Mario Bros., and
it's one of my all time favorite things to do when I get bored of Mario and Luig
It has been on Super Mario Advance 1-4, and now on Mario and Luigi. This game ca
be done by multiplayer (my choice), but single players can also play this fun ga
Okay, let me first show you a map of the levels. This is for ALL levels, and the
layout never changes.
_______ |_| _______
|___1___ ___2___|
| |
|--------------- ---------------|
|--------------- ---------------|
| ___________ |
|------- ----------- -------|
|------- -------|
| |
| _ |
|------------- |_| --------------|
|------------- --------------|
| |
|_______ _______|
|___3___ ___4___|
1= Warp Pipe One. Some enemies come out of here.
2= Warp Pipe Two. Some enemies come out of here.
3= Warp Pipe Three. Some enemies exit through here and reappear through Warp Pip
One or Two.
4= Warp Pipe Four. Some enemies exit through here and reappear through Warp Pipe
One or Two.
|_|= POW block.
-------- = Platform
---------= Main Platform
You'll usually spend your time up at the "Main Platform", waiting for enemies to
come out of pipes. Occasionally, you'll have to drop down to the bottom to destr
an enemy, if you don't destroy it when you're on the Main Platform. When you get
later levels, you'll usually start on the main platform, but finish near the
bottom, since it gets so hectic. Now I need to tell you about enemies. There is
certain amount of enemies that come out of the pipes at the top. Once you defeat
all the enemies, you clear the level. To defeat an enemy, you have to get on the
platform below it and hit it. This may sound confusing, so let me show you in
another map:
_______ |_| _______
|_______ _______|
| |
|--------------- ---------------|
|--------------- ---------------|
| E ___________ |
|------- ----------- -------|
|------- -------|
| | |
| M _ |
|------------- |_| --------------|
|------------- --------------|
| |
|_______ _______|
|_______ _______|
E= enemy
M= Mario
|= jumping path.
If Mario jumps straight up when he's below an enemy, it'll flip the enemy over.
Once an enemy is flipped over, have Mario run into it and you'll destroy it. For
each enemy you destroy, you'll gain 800 points. DON'T touch enemies if they aren
flipped, for Mario will lose a life. Also, some enemies don't flip over the inst
you hit them once. For example, hitting the crab from below will simply make it
faster. Hitting it agian will cause it to flip. Some enemies also like to fly in
the air for a short time. You can't touch them while they're in the air, so wait
OVER!!! If not, they'll turn into a green enemy. Green enemies are faster than
normal, and faster enemies are harder to defeat.
You'll know you're facing the last enemy when the enemy is blue. A blue enemy is
fast version of a normal enemy. Once you destroy the blue enemy, the level ends.
Now I need to tell you about points. There are a couple of ways that you can get
points. The first is destroying an enemy. Each time an enemy is destroyed, you g
800 points. Once you destroy an icicle, you'll get 500 points. There are coins t
come out of pipes, too. There is a certain amount of coins for each level, and o
you get all the coins, no more will come out. Each coin is worth, like enemies,
points. Now, I mention icicles above, and you might be wondering what they are.
Well, later in the game, icicles will start to appear out of pipes. Even though
don't have to defeat them to beat the level, you should destroy them as soon as
see them.
The icicles wander around the stage until they find a platform they like. They'l
stop there and freeze the whole thing. A frozen platform is NOT good, so you'll
need to prevent the icicles from freezing at all costs. Icicles aren't affected
POW blocks, so you'll need to simply hit them from below. An icy floor will make
you slip everywhere, making it much more difficult to avoid/hit enemies. All rig
let me talk about POW blocks. You might be familiar with these, you might not.
There are two here, and each one can be used three times. Whenever you use one,
the enemies on the screen instantly flip over/react to how they would if you hit
them from below once. This can be very useful, but just remember not to dawdle o
some enemies will become green!
Okay, finally, I'll tell you about the bonus stages. Each bonus stage is pretty
much the same, but with different obstacles. Here's a map:
_______ C |_| C _______
|_______ _______|
| |
|--------------- ---------------|
|--------------- ---------------|
| CC ___________ CC |
|------- ----------- -------|
|------- C C -------|
| |
| _ |
|------------- |_| --------------|
|------------- --------------|
| C C |
|_______ _______|
|_______ _______|
C= coin
You basically need to jump to collect these coins. Remember, if you go off one s
of the screen, you'll end up on the other side, so keep that in mind when
collecting the coins. Oh, and not all bonus stages have simple floors. For
example, one bonus stage has a whole ice sheet, making it hard to go around. Aft
you complete a bonus stage (or after the time limit ends), you'll get 800 points
for every coin you got. If you got all the coins, you'll get an extra "perfect"
bonus, which is usually a couple thousand points. You'll also get an extra life
you get all the coins.
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My e-mail address is There are a few things that
you can e-mail me about, and few things that you can't. First the
things that are okay.
Information on the game. No this does NOT mean full dungeon guides,
because if it isn't there I haven't gotten to them yet but I will. It means
additional TIPS on beating a dungeon or correcting information that I messed up.
Secrets are _TOTALLY_ accepted.
Praise mail. I used to be agianst this, but now I realize how rare praise really
is. Just don't send me things like, "Yer faq is kewl, lol!!!"
Suggestions for the FAQ. Something like, "Why don't you add such and
such in your FAQ. NOT "Why don't you totally re-do your FAQ because it
sucks!" That is just plain rude and annoying. If you don't like my
FAQ, tell me things to make it better!
The things that you CAN'T e-mail me about are...
Spam. This is the NUMBER 0NE thing that you must not send. I get at least twenty
spam e-mails a day and I don't need yours it doesn'thelp. Please don't send any.
Asking permission to use this FAQ. No, you can't, so don't bother. Only four
sites, which I have listed at the top of the guide, can use this FAQ.
Hate mail. No I don't appreciate it if you send me an e-mail saying, "Your FAQ i
thebiggest piece of **** ever created! It sucks!" That just
fills up my inbox and it really annoys me.
Spelling/Grammar mistakes. I used to get about ten e-mails a day
saying, "You spelled these two words wrong." or something like, "You
used inappropriate grammar in this chapter." Please people! I can find
those on my own!
And that wraps up the contact. Once again my e-mail is:
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| |%%%%% Credits %%%%%| |
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CJayC: His aweseome game site, and for posting this guide on it.
Nintendo: For creating one of the best games ever.
tgfcoder: he created the awesome ASCII art at the top of this FAQ
Joon: He allowed me to use his hit point calculations for the boss battles.
Kylester5: He pointed out an error in my FAQ
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