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A Wiccan Creation Story by Silver Ravenwolf

Long, long ago, the world slept in the arms of the dark void.

From this place of nothingness, Spirit drew together and

created Our Lady of Infinite Love.

The Lady danced among the heavens, Her feet beating out
the rhythm of all creation. Sparks of light catapulted from
Her hair, giving birth to the stars and planets. As She twirled,
these heavenly bodies began to move with Her in the divine
symphony of the universe. When Her dancing quickened She
formed the seas and mountains of Earth. She chanted words
of love and joy, and as these sounds fell to the Earth, the
trees and flowers were born.

From the pure, white light of Her breath came the colors of
the universe, turning all things to vibrant beauty. From the
bubbling laughter in Her throat sprang the sounds of the
pristine running water of the streams, the gentle lapping
vibrations of the lake, and the roaring screams of the
oceans. Her tears of joy became the rains of our survival.

When Her dancing slowed and She sought a companion to

share the wonders of the world, Spirit created The Lord as
Her life mate and companion. Because She so loved the
Earth, Spirit made Her companion half spirit, half animal, so
that together the Lord and Lady could populate our planet.
The Lord's power moves through her and She showers the
Earth and all upon it with Her blessings. Together, the Lord
and Lady gave birth to the birds, animals, fishes, and people
of our world. To protect and guide the humans, the Lord and
Lady created the angels and power spirits. These energies
walk with us always, though we may not often see them.
Their speech creates a tapestry of positive energy, from
which we draw strength.

To each bird the Lady gave a magic song, and to each

animal the Lord bestowed the instinct to survive.
The Lord is the master of the animal and plant kingdoms,
and therefore wears the antlers of a stag crowning His great
head. This aspect of half man, half animal shows His joy in
both the human and animal creations of the Spirit.

As the humans began to grow and prosper, the Lord and

Lady saw a need for healers among them. And so they drew
forth energy from the realm of angels, the realm of the
power animals, and the realm of the humans to create the
Witches. The Witches brought with them the wisdom of the
Lord and Lady, the ability to heal, and the art of magic. The
Lady taught the Witches how to cast a magic circle and talk
to Spirit, and the Lord taught the Witches how to
communicate with the energies of air, fire, earth, and water,
and commune with the animal and plant kingdoms.

At first, the humans accepted the Witches and treated them

fairly; but because the Witches are different, humans began
to fear the Wise Ones of the Lord and Lady, thus the Witches
became the Hidden Children, conducting their rites of
positive energy in secret lest they risk capture and death at
the hands of uneducated humans.

As the world grew darker with ignorance and hate of human

creation, The Lady took the body of the Moon to represent
the gentle light of her perfect peace, and the Lord took the
vibrant rays of the Sun as his symbol of strength in perfect
love. And once a month, when the Moon is full, the Witches
celebrate and remember the blessings our Mother has
bestowed upon us.

We call forth Her energy to help us take care of ourselves,

our families, our planet, and our friends. Four times a year
the Witches celebrate the festivals of fire and honor the Lord
and His love for us - these are called the cross-quarters. At
the four quarters of the seasons, the Witches honor the cycle
of life and the gifts of the Earth with festivals to both the
Lord and Lady - signifying the balance they have brought us
- the Equinoxes and the Solstices.

The Lady has many names - Isis, Astarte, Bride, Diana,

Aradia, Hecate - and the Lady walks within and beside each
woman of every race.

The Lord has many faces, from the strong Cernunnos to the
delightful Pan. He guards and guides us and resides in each
man of every race.

When thunder roars in the heavens, and lightning cracks

from the ground, the Lord and Lady dance the divine myth of
creation so that we may remember them and know that we
are never alone.

When the Sun rises each morning, we bask in the joy of His
love for us, and when the Moon moves through Her phases,
we understand the cycle of birth, growth, death, and rebirth.

When it is our time, the Witches enter the Summerland.

From the Spirit that moves and flows through the Lord and
Lady we continue to learn the mysticism of the Universe so
that we may return, life after life, to serve our brothers and

In each lifetime, Spirit guides us through learning

experiences, preparing us along the way for our individual
missions. Sometimes we are born among our own kind, and
in other instances we must seek out our spiritual family.
Many of us do not remember our chosen path until we reach
adulthood, but others know instinctively of their heritage
from the time they form their own thoughts.

We are the Witches, the representation of the growth of

wisdom on our planet. We are the Hidden Children, back
from the dead. We are the people, the power, the change,
and we have incarnated in every race and every culture. We
are the angels of Earth.