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        ´ is the golden call of Bible.
Truth is knowledge and light. Today Earth is endangered and human
survival on earth is increasingly challenged by forces of Nature. Our
survival on earth now relates knowing the Truth of Life, Nature and
Her Master and how She and He works. The western thinking assumes
universe as material and is engaged in exploiting the material power to
rule and sustain the world. Their basic ignorance is creating havoc on
earth. The reckless material exploitation is unilaterally increasing the
temperature of earth and disrupting the climatic cycles leading to
great disorder and destruction. Einstein said ³Humanity is going to
need a substantial new way of thinking if it is survive´. Here are 9
simple facts that can change the very foundation of human thinking
and bring us the Reality of Nature and God.

Note ± The nine steps of thinking are distilled product of over two and half decades
of research and thinking form point of freedom to know truth. It is explored in depth
in my sites

! Energy or Spirit and matter are two basal substance of nature.

Everything in nature is made out of it and exist init.

"! Energy and matter is governed by two basic laws of

thermodynamics. The first law states that energy/matter cannot be
created or destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form into
another. The second law states that some energy is lost in the process
of transformation as heat. This gives a time direction to nature all life
towards disorder and death. Birth and death and the beginning of time
and end of time is inevitable by second law of thermodynamics. How
universe begins and how it ends thus has remained an enigma to
modern science.

! As all life works to maintain temperature of the body, earth is

designed and works relentlessly to maintain its temperature.

#$%   &  ' ± Earth is divided into minimum of two parts- west
and east. When west awakes to sunlight and the material matter energizes and goes
into disorder, the east simultaneously goes into darkness and de-energizes and goes
into new-order. As the sunlight peaks in the west it gives way to darkness and
simultaneously east peaks in darkness and gives way to light. The system is

communicated instantaneously and in time. An ordering and disordering cycle

coexist simultaneously and the system works to maintain its temperature.

(! The second law of thermodynamics is inevitable reality of nature.

According to it, the material nature has two possibilities. The ratio of
ordering to disordering cycle or energy/matter ratio can shift
unilaterally in favor of energy or matter. When matter looses energy it
tends to wind and collapse to a point. Thus universe is assumed to
have originated from a point [Big bang Theory]. From energy point,
the system expands eventually shears down into oblivion. The
extension of modern theories leads us to the above dead end with out
any sensible cause for origin of universe and its perpetual existence in
time cycle. From our vision of design and functioning of earth, it
means both disordering and ordering force or the forces of sun and
earth maximizes destroying much of life on earth. If you stand back
and observe nature we note that we are experiencing a destruction
form double edge sword. On one hand the shearing force of increasing
heat is lading to fire/wind bound destruction on earth and condensing
force of earth is causing to huge destruction through and water/earth
bound destructions [Flash Flood/snows and Earth quakes]. I have
spoken about this tendency of nature to destroy humanity for decades
now. The heat is making the external and internal space or
environment violent. All the ecological systems on earth thus are
getting increasingly unstable and the winding of matter is leading to
huge earth quakes. The end of it would be large scale volcanic
eruptions and volcanic eruptions are known to cool earth. Noble
Laureate James Lovelock has predicted large scale destruction of
humanity. This appears as the only means for earth to sustain her self.

s! A more sensible picture of nature emerges when we include life into

the above picture of the earth and its functioning.  '%
 %              )
  %% * +,         
    ,  ' . The second law of
thermodynamics applied to material and living system shows this

-! Let us now see how life influences the material nature and its
functioning to maintain its temperature.
y‘ Let us take plant life. Plants absorb light and heat and thus work
against the disordering cycle. When night fall, the plants
transform the light and heat into biological mass that grows
against gravity. Thus the second law of thermodynamics and its
influence on the material system is countered by green plants
y‘ The plant life if not controlled it can lead to anti-gravitational
collapse. Thus herbivore control plants and carnivore control
herbivore. The nature is designed to self sustain with out any
time direction. It is a Gaia as James Lovelock put forth

·! Most important point is that a time direction to gravity and collapse

or death emerges when we include Adult humans into the above self
organizing Gaia. All life react instinctively to change, , 
'    '   '  '   . Adult
human mind becomes self centered and he lives by information
accumulated and fed by the five senses from the external world and
fails to connect to the inner consciousness and intelligence that gives
life. It is important to note that life has inner space and outer space.
The life force and information¶s for life originates from this inner space.
Adult human mind that becomes self centered actually severs his
connection with the inner space and the living force that drives and
sustains life. Such people loose connection with the source [God] form
which the life comes into being and which binds the whole thing into
one. Thus a mind that is self centered lives in illusions, fails to
understand the inner and outer world and its oneness. He distances
from his source of origin and sustenance. He sees the opposite as
enemy and engages himself in conquering motive and corruption. He
becomes slave to matter and its force and gets preoccupied with
material force. Among all life only adult humans aligns with matter and
its force that is directed to collapse or death. In short he digs his own
grave. The modern world exists and functions on knowledge and
power that is related to material world. It knows not the power of life
and the inner world. .        /
       ' ,       
     '  . We are hindering into earth¶s
functioning to maintain the energy to matter ratio and thus the
temperature of earth within some limit. The forces of nature are thus
getting vitiated and increasingly violent. The earth is reacting to
sustain herself ruthlessly by reorganizing her inner and outer space.
Thus we are experiencing increased natural catastrophes. The only
way earth can survive is by annihilating large population of humanity
and breaking down his very fabric of existence. Probably this line of
thinking led Noble laureate James Lovelock to present pessimistic
future to humanity where 6/7 portion human population gets
destroyed by the fury of nature.

The ancient knowledge systems written by seers who conquered their

mind and directed it to the inner world of life appears for more
meaningful than what the modern western thinking has given the
world. We need to retreat and awaken to Truth [spiritual science], if
we need to survive on earth. It exists in awakening of human
consciousness and intelligence to know the Truth of Nature and God.
Knowing the Truth of Nature can help humanity take guard of earth
and learn to live in harmony with nature. The survival exists in self
realization and realization of selfless Universal Being whose
consciousness and intelligence actually sustains the universe. It exists
in knowing the Living Reality of Nature or God¶s Consciousness,
intelligence and Mind. . $        
  %    01

This invariably means we need to redefine our understanding of nature

from the point of two forces, gravity and anti-gravity. It calls us to
define how gravity and anti-gravity comes into being and how they
interacts driving nature.
! When Newton introduced the theory of gravity, he assumed a non
equilibrium. Non equilibrium is a necessity for the flow to occur.
Logically this means anti- gravity should be based on some form of
equilibrium. Life constantly works to protect this equilibrium and pays
a price to maintain it. This manifests as birth and death and continued
existence through information unfolding and enfolding and
perpetuation in time through creativity, evolution accompanied by
diversity. Now the time direction to nature can be redefined as
directed to gravity [death] or anti-gravity [life]. From the above simple
realization of human role in nature, the time can take a direction to
death or life depending on human mind and its thinking. A mind that is
self centered and separated from its inner life force, we noted creates
a time direction to collapse to a point [disorder and destruction].
Conversely a mind that is not self centered creates a life force that
expands and brings peace and order. No human mind can be absolute.
This means the whole system should emerge from one 01

 & that is pure, selfless, incorruptible and has the capacity
transform the forces directed to the center [death] back to Life.

9] Big Bang Origin now could be reinvented sensibly involving life

especially soul and mind of human being. Ordinary human soul and
mind are destined to fall as it reaches its adulthood and the self begins
to manifest. It means there should exist a 01 0  
Consciousness intelligence and mind that is pure, beyond self, beyond
time, non corruptible and forms the creating and life giving force of the
universal system. Every other soul should collapse into this soul and
reform from it form time to time. This leads us to rediscovering ,
   and other spiritual scriptures as a science of the high
order. One can now discover  as conceiving or creating point
of the universe. We can understand it as 2  of the Supreme
Soul and intelligence to awaken human consciousness and intelligence
with free will to conquer time and restore the world back to order
[Kingdom of God and Dharma Yuga] to start a New Time Cycle. This
creation aspect is well supported by Vedas. Yajurveda Vs 30-31 clearly
speaks that universe was created through the self sacrifice of the
Creator and that this was conducted by his own people. Samkya
philosophy of the east, which forms the basis of great Indian medical
systems, also speaks of this creation. The understanding of nature and
life by the ancient spiritualist is far more superior to what modern west
speaks to us.

If we care to review and reorder the foundation of the science, the

western knowledge can meet eastern knowledge to reveal Truth and
herald a golden age. The whole process of time cycle of the universe
needs to be understood as a process of awakening of human
consciousness and intelligence to know Truth or Living Light that
sustains the world. .   '     
  ,  2     % %   '
 ' . The Divine force controls the universe by virtue of Truth or
Light. When in time human self grows and he distances form the
Divine, the Truth or Light departs him. Humanity then gropes in
darkness and leads himself to destruction. What is endangered in the
process of time and human separation form God is the very existence
of the Kingdom of God. Thus creator is forced to recreate restore his
kingdom back to order. This reality has to be understood from the
biological system point, which has the capacity to conquer time and
perpetuate in time by a process of reproduction of its body. Life has
two distinct phases. The creating phase and created phase. In the
Creating phase the essence of the Father goes recessive to Mother to
create new body out of the old to rest and perpetuate in time. This is
the period when time is conquered. This is fallowed by the birth. Here
the created phase or New Time Cycle begins.

Here we need to review the concept Universal Time Cycle explained by

the east in Vedas. It says universal time cycle is a Truth Cycle. It says
that truth deteriorates in four quantum steps by certain proportion. It
says God manifests in each of these stages to protect Truth and
Justice. Time and its flow are inevitable and thus the system tends to
collapse when truth and justice deteriorates to a critical point. The only
way to restore the system now is by ð     and not by
law.     '   ,     

   * East and western spiritual scriptures can unite here. Post

Calvary is the Creation phase with Free Will. The Second Coming is the
Revelation of Truth that helps humanity enter the Golden Age to start
a New Time Cycle. Without the Living Truth revealed Human is
doomed for destruction. I am not promoting a religion here, but
speaking the Reality of Nature and life that incorporates the essence of
all religious scriptures and advances him to bring out Truth that can
liberate humanity from the clutches of darkness and initialize him to
God. It can help humanity grow beyond the clutches of religion and
help the world reduce the religious friction, which I believe is the
greatest danger to the world and human existence on earth.

When Truth reveals, individual tend to initialize to the next time cycle
by his own karmic content. God does not judge individual judge
themselves and their doing. Most of us approach God almost every
day. We approach with self and self advancement. We get judged by
the intent by which we approach Him.

Earth is endangered because of increasing heat and our intervention
into nature and its functioning to maintain the temperature of earth.
The twin forces of nature, fire and earth are maximizing causing
increased destruction through fire/wind and water/earth forces [Flash
floods and earth quakes]. We are inching to self destruction because of
ignorance of Truth of Nature. The simple realties of nature discussed
above needs to be brought out to the world such that the intellectual
world debates it and awakens humanity to quickly act to de-stress
earth and survive from huge natural catastrophes that is coming our
way from enraged and vitiated natural forces. If the world awakens to
Truth of Nature, humanity can enter the Golden Age [Dharma Yuga or
Kingdom of God]. It can give human mind a new platform to think and
work on.

It can bring transformative changes in individual and collective

consciousness of humanity thus bringing peace and order to the world
by decreasing the conquering motive and corruption. It can open flood
gate of new nature compatible technologies and thinking in all the
fields of human interest, like food/agriculture, health/medication,
economy/society, justice, energy generation and its utilization and so
on. The leads for these technologies are bound to emerge form life and
its working. It should be noted that the human heart the size of our
left fist, pumps blood carrying trillions of cells along 100000 KM 20
times per minute. At the same time it also does multitudes of other
functions, which sustains life. It does this functioning with few pieces
of bread and water and releases very little heat into the environment.
This gives us hope for new energy technologies that releases less heat
into the environment and go long way to sustain the new world. All we
need to do to step into this New World is to review of our thinking and
change the foundation on which we exist and function.

In short our thinking about nature needs to change from material to

living as the ancient spiritual scriptures spoke to the world. Our
Universe is conscious and intelligent. It sustains it self through
constant acts of dissolution and creation. The force that dissolves and
Creates, moves and sustains the whole system is the consciousness
and intelligence of the system.

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