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POO DA TE ROU eR URL EOS aay FOR WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY CAMPAIGN & ORIGINAL MATERIAL Carl Sargent DESIGN Jim Bambra, Gracme Davis, Phil Gallagher, Paul Hargreaves, Derrick Norton, Lewis Page, Philip Wells COVER ART John Blanche MAPS AND DIAGRAMS Charles Elliot, H INTERNAL ART Tony Ackland, ® Dave Andrews, Hf Paul Bonner, @ Mark Cordory, me Jes Goodwin, & Tony Hi Martin MeKen mie Sims, hy Kevin Walker © PRODUCED BY THE GAMES WORKSHOP DEIN STUDIO uae a hans oo Loe No pt of his ok may be rpodaced In ny for rb yee “age Ache Seno ‘a ces me by hey ae, on 8 iy a olay eumeep ISBN 1 869895 73 5 Product Code: 0026 Reference Number 00026) CONTENTS THE RESTLESS DEAD CAMPAIGN ROUGH NIGHT AT THE THREE FEATHERS Campaign Notes The Adventure AFFAIR OF THE HIDDEN JEWEL INTRODUCTION 3 RESTLESS DEAD CAMPAIGN MAP 4 NIGHT OF BLOOD. Campaign Notes 7 The Adventore (ON THE ROAD Campsign Notes The Adventure EUREKA! CCompsiga Notes The Adventure Campaign Notes The Adventore ‘THE RITUAL, Campaign Notes The Adventure THE HAUNTING HORROR ‘Campaign Notes The Adventure THE ENEMY WITHIN CAMPAIGN GRAPES OF WRATH 6 COMBAT AND MAGIC IN THE WARHAMMER WORLD PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT Basic Careers Changing Teachers a¢ NI Lesrning New Skite Gaining Skis fom Old Careers Training Times Heinz Vou Nepromp 1, HACK AND SLAY! Surprise Initiative and Effective Initiative Round Modifiers to Effective Initiative Sequencing Multiple Attacks Take-up Actions Pack Tems Anacks on Different Opponents Unarmed Combat The Whip Panrying Missile Fie “To Hit Modifiers Missile Weapons in Handtcchand Combat Firing into a Hand-to-hand Combat Firing at 2 Group Bombs and Incendiaries Placing Bombs Hit Locations and Targeted Blows ARCANE MYSTERIES Batile Magic Spells Level | Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 DRUIDIC MAGIC Droidic Spells Level Level 2 Level 3 Lael 4 ENCHANTMENTS OF THE EMPIRE Spells and Spelblke Effects from Magic Items Rendom Magic leme Amolets ‘Armoor Anows Bags Boots Bows Gloves Home Robes Rings Wands Special and Rare Items ,