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TRUE HEARTH A Practical Guide © Transl Howstoting James Allen Chisholm He, Ring of Toth RONA-RAVEN PRESS © 1993 Copyright © 1983 by Fes A. Chisholm ‘igs reserved. No prof hs bok, eter in prt rin whole, may be ‘epodced, nse oui in any form ory ny means electni, ‘vogaphic or mechanical, icafing photocopying, recording, by am> Fntomation storage and eval sytem, witout he peso in with fom the Publisher, except for ie quxaos embodies in rary atl and views. ‘or pemissons, ofr the serialization, condensation, ofr adaptation write the Publisher the aes below. Foe Truth Second Ieoved Eton 1994 Pubes by .RUNA-RAVEN PRESS PO. Box 575 Basop, Texas 78602, Printed in the Unto Stes of America ACKNOWLEDGMENTS “This work could not have been preduced withot te existence of he ‘Rane il and fe work ofits Ym right, Ered Thorson, Alo ital ‘ot have bean posible without Diane Ross ninistation ofthe Ring of Toth ait less and competent cop. [also wish hai Jobo ef oun Con, Theeeinn Tooeason, De Pye and oer Panay Chae Foner for geting me one jo ping ie at Geeawood. Contents Part I: The Household Insodton Tre Hearth ‘The Forefubers and Foremoer. . ‘The Ways ofthe Asir and Vankt vnc ‘Wights of House and Garden, ounds, Hinds and Felines, Welcome to the Mache... Blessings. 23 Feats, Dances, Drama and Games a9 Daily Holy Workings a Landi 4 ie-tides aad Tutaton, 37 Holy Wedlotknrunmancororooonnen oa Blood Brother and Sisterhood. A — a7 8 oosebold Shines sod’ Stall Yard and Garden. At in the Heart, | Hot and Taco. are Abbreviations BSS fd Sora Suasonar (= Prose Ela) [BCE Before th Common Era (= BC) (CE Comen Era AD) ONOMNore (OE O1d Eoalish vi Introduction ‘This i a book about the tue Tetoalchowsebold Iie about ving ina ‘ocr way in tne with he spit ales of oar ances, These nasal ways we call the ue ways, or ways loyal to he elder oth. The ue ‘owshold has a sength and vat not aadale in most contempocty ‘owieblls. The bears of the fli ae bosebo are nly oud the "ch eat ft estge, and tp into the spa power (amin) of ir ‘eestor, The olen can manifest and wield thes alos frgtea snd languishing forces. Tn the dys of yor te amily ox clan was the base social unit it was @ survival eam. Being tue to the ways of our beage can ring the pote and Jy of the ancient Tennichousha alive today, War our boasehold wel ‘ith de might four ly sods and anestos. Whether our bowed i made bo o sna family ora maliplicty of inivduals ad fais who have ‘ame togebe as abe, reve composed ofa single nv, te fish ‘vas ofthe tot wil give yourhome a warmth and mapc uni any thet ‘A.song household i god antdotsto the aleation tt resus a 50 ‘many of our soca il--inciing rampant drug and slob problems aa ‘ven many of or economic woes. Members of tne family ean at ‘ndviduals, but hey wil ve te suengt ofthe Rousctol! behind them, and {te bouschold wil hae bei suengih in ines of nee, Athcartmany of your values and ways ay be ier and moe bethen| tan you might think nw. This book wil make it posible for you to be war of how te you have ben allalong and be so na more concus| ‘mamet. You willbe provided with a body of waits Tevtanie hous Jo that may tis Seem qui now.” Many ofthe customs yu pace in ‘alebrating Easter, Yue Csistmas) an ter holidays rely “Teutic and beaten. So reece! Reoke and know atthe fas of a ths ‘sof our anes ways never died. us people never aly complecly ‘hndoned the elder wo. Te fading exbers of our wth br yo aed ci fs may bar eighty nour hears again we aly fee Vem wit the ‘eat fou fives andthe kindling of ou efor, nwa ato th howschold the heathen ways aed under oppression, it {sin te household they ive on in ding, and iis rom the Bouscolé the ‘tal spring fot again inal her glory. Chapter ‘TRUE HEARTH The hearth sth eat ofthe household. The res of the et ae ‘symbolic fe sou of he home. In ancient es the earth fie was the sin source of heat and light forthe home. The bear served as stove tod a eater and tended tobe the center andor sev, Folk customs indiaing lightening wll no strike a house as long ee ie ote hearth ‘aca memary of tbe importance of te eel heath ane othe wel and ‘004 lnk of the members ofthe Rousebeld. ‘AS our recent nestor gubred rou the Beart so made flks gather ‘ound the Hickerng light o he television se. It machete traveller ‘with news fom afar. n olden tes the family st aroun the bear fea the evenings to tell tales and talk of he meen’ sine. Te aly ‘hich gathers around the TV mage ody is ba dm shadow ofthis, Bodh the hearth and he teevsion ae fies around which ie Camiy might sure convivial entrainment and leming. The TY provides modern (sometimes folate os wit surogat families o households hough Soap opens, sitcoms and oter family ented programs. Unfortunate), "Boi ofthe cunt fon television Is imately sles. All he appatcat ‘moral lesson taught on the programming are made fica by the knowledge ‘tats al pai fo, and fen censored by, copoation whose oly eal ‘concem stat you buy more ders or eka eel ‘Modem living quarters ae frequently witout places and so witout a ‘arth he watonal sense. We do, bower, lave a numberof es in| ‘our ow homes ths seve some of the purposes of ancient earths. The pt 'ight oa sioveorbester might be considered he symbole teal ame of tte beat An electric stove might also be held tobe te equiva of « ‘beat, Since the earth would alo be the cater of religous ait, the ‘used sal (alr) canals serve as te heart ofa howsco. Ashe tall again bscomes the fcis of warp, tmay again become he iil place ‘or the ema hear ame thts since rered othe thea stove, ‘Some may wish wo re-stblish be etal ame the ath ese ‘symbolic of Candles or small es generates by clean bring fel sich as ‘ely fue kerosene, or alcool work fr wemporary Gres wed only dung ‘unl. Though the fe need notbe move than candle ame, a penmanct ‘ame could be best handed with kerosene lamp, ano lamp, oan ied ‘ale fame ‘To sac the etemal Mame ofthe Stal, you might tke your berth fe ‘tom its ple of reirement, te stove. You might algo tart fom need fie (a lame generated purely by ction by means of dvies sacha ae From he hearth ame oa testa on may et ame forthe ly es of Yule, Easter and ee oly days end nights. | te sacred power center ofthe hme he ert serves athe vein ce forthe cet busebold spits as wells the main place of warship. AS {och offerings othe household eis shoud be ston thes along with those forthe ancestors ni tb major Gods an Godse "The heart and i fe are lo so bound up withthe ck of te housed that ts toaght be unwise allow tanger to ake fe from Abe earth This is because ins dong thy may uniting ake Tack rom ‘be bome, ‘As sourveof household lick thas been a sure of health and healing ‘A penitent Ot coor estes ks who carry cilen over Dears and sioves forte beat and well-being f te eien. To bring lock to your land and into yor we, ke si from your newly ploughed garden ‘oe s(x otro fom your land in te sping ime). Bring i ino your ome and plae inert beat stl and also pot some in the our ‘comer ofthe house "The hearth fines have served a eaters of hous ivnaton aswel “This tsialy amounts to staring ao the Names ofthe Geto ain sme ota bolls There are various ways OF preparing the flames fr “scryng,” ba tis sul oa some Special fel ado mske an ‘fering to the wightsf the earth. The fel are tadtionlly maze of nine holy Kinds of wood. These are ye, ashen stom, ca, tir, willow, zl, and apple. Other substances nay aso be used in accordance with ‘tbls household eusom, "The houshold ies ar yzbolc of th soul ofthe Home, But ‘warm and energy come fom the souls ofthe fo who live ter. The soul (fhe home te faiy— ts moce tan the sum ftps. ‘More deal information on Sting up and using house altar sti wl be given in chapter 17 below. caper? ‘THE FOREFATIIERS AND FOREMOTHERS ‘The heart of be Rouschold sis fe and hiss he bear oF housed ‘elgon. The folk of he household my be comprised of clas made up of ‘cia fail ce peopl rm dirt families who choose tive ngeber ‘family oe, The Tro oc only areiion pectin by our tmeestors— iis alo practiced in honor of them "We aeall probey familia with te synbol of the so-called amily te. ‘Te origin ofthis conception les deep in he oo of ofl memeris. European ok ave generally thought the world andthe generations of ings ‘ofall Kinds tobe someow i the oun fa ree Thats, hings are gene thom a rot which i dep inte dak recesses of the pas rset point (ra Tne) in he preset "tk" of he ere and now, and bench out in he ‘youngest ves of existence ang of nthe "yeo be" Te dead “ncestrs are the root ofthe et, we the iving are the ta, and he ‘ranches ar the youn chido (bo arth ancestor reborn) athe eaves of th next spring athe descendants eto be bom. Al ofthis an organic vole. In ter wots the dead es mach apart ofthe Emily asthe ving, {nthe yet uabom ares tho dead—becae ey een ree (ead eo, ‘Meavovs of ancestors re sac, Th might of our forbear’ det are ‘wroebt oie ego sn made manifest in or hears al minds when we ‘hk often. We do this in ly ines and paces. There we have reer ces 1 tel pital power, The sores of ancestal dee rein us of ‘Sane values and ites of the most important and core characteristics of ‘ur ln nd tal bergen the eed ou forebears we may ind models for effete action expecially well suite o oar own temperment. "Knowledge of ou ocbears isa very special fom of or-seies— at east itis for toee deep in nowidge ofthe lore Its ese to object our ow ‘havior when we seein ater. Reflection on tbe warkngs ofa kaded teal can oller ws deep undentandng of elves and th wool Likewise We ‘ay tink onthe works wrought by our fo wien acing coectvely the {bal oe matonl level o know te tral of soul) Wt shape the ives ‘fou sores and communes. “Among those we honor as ou foreflk we may number historia and mythic igre from he pst oe whom we ela fii or admire, bu 0 ‘thom wea unable to document ie of descent Unfortnately, and tks tha thowand ose bund years of th media undoing four testa ways feof ws can docament oe beage back he pre-Christian tines, let aloe back to fst ena figures such as Veet or Armin NNeverteles, we may have good reasons to suspect or claim kinship with them and sighly Bono then a acest incur bowsebod workings. Ox a tba evel we may al be osted in caling such ures acest. a Tesla, where the gp of he Church was fay weak, itis ot uncommen orfoles to be able wace ther ances back to saga gure of the Viking Some ofthe fols we may choose t honor as or alog with our own sncestors may ince heroes fom myth nd history. Myth igares may ‘emtind us of valued or important qualities our fais, o ofthe deal for ‘which we sive. From aenans of mytologized heroes such ss Ragone Lodo igus Fats Bane, Hero, Saad, Hang, Hof Ka, and ‘bers wea find models for eeainspiitval quaitesaburacied and ‘raygeted in he myc accounts. In honoring sori figures we may "dy teiactel methods and tats in eal ad spec stations a well, ‘beh bros my be bone by seadigs and retains of heir dens, specially in working or rival comext Some, suchas Sigurd, may evea be ‘nord o film or stage. Atending preductons of Richard Wagneds Ring ses Nibelungen or watching Fritz Lang's reduction of the Nibeligentied ‘may serve a oceasions to honor Siguts memod) Respect or or fro may be expressed ina variety of ways. Especially {in the way we lve our every lives, A god life brings bor and lack 19 the family and ancestors a ch sto eat works Hake us 0g, ‘Know/odgo oftheir works strogtbens our souls opus do reat deeds and ‘thereby increase the power win ourseives and win ou ans. Photos and mementos may be ket and dsplayed o keep memories of our {ogee alive. In fat es ot at all ucommon devote sme omer cr om of te house to a small shrine in which pote albums ae kept. In this ‘Sine objects once owned by the doceaio, ood tings which serve as ‘memento and may contin lai orl baming, maybe deployed, Pope whose fais ave no terest noua pays of hi Wot, oF ‘ap oven dowadght hos may sllexpeience arial reconnection ‘rt ances power simply by going throug photo ams aside shows ‘me company of ei fais. You may note tat s you progress fom ‘he Ia the olds and most veerbl ofthe pos and ements, the eave of ave and reverence nce. ‘When toast tothe mesory and honor of the frets remade hee ‘power objets may be brought ou 1 the man Baz fhe aly shine is ‘ota partf th main urow. This drinking in memory and honor of he nestor ef toa skin 10 heir memory, oye.” The deeds of Some ancestors may bes grea ta ey are worl of pei ys of ‘eamembrance and memony-einkigs by themselves. TE yo Tail oppsd othe ways ofthe elder Toth (on a conscious level) ou cans honor the ancestors mith them without neessnty Tring in he elder Cods sd Godse, Aris family tbr eacmorage ‘od people ttl you abou ter pst nd wha hey emember about kia ‘wo lived before ten Eocouage he o write don as much ofits they tno blo roca thle words yours ter in weing rb locale ‘meas, Anglo and video technology will become more and mere import fhisand ober mates of anes earch me goes on ‘Very often wemeet people who hecome fascinated With he amy ee afer thee grandparents have die. Ifyou agplucky, you might be abe node the practice of ling sts abr Kafe pst nd preset and ‘aking fats besides, This sa eathon canbe and evryove wl enjoy i (withthe exception of wenagers whe ofa ba everyting which is part of tir generational funciona that age). With hese pacts you can = sabsh a uo and ight eer for he oramoters and fortes among ‘amy members who may have ben proammed on an outward evel 0 so non-Christian things. tte same tne yu wil be preserving family sey. Ifyou windup fading you en tance your Family istry tack «© the Viking Age, you may be able wo inoue stores bout ancient eaten Tullo your ancestors eluted ancestral esearch and something anyone ean do gutsy, ‘sresearb ino the meaning of your family name as well as hose of her selves. Ofte hisses sea insight into the xii of your family in he ecp past For example, i your name is Smit, you know with some ‘ny that a soe nein tbe distant pasta of your ants on your ator’ ld was a Wllage blacksmith Some ter Kind of metal workin England ‘On major bodys such as Yale and Easter, itis customary to eave a plo of foed and petaps some cer gts out fr te ancestors. In Tela arin the eelve days ofthe oid Yule cis eastomary in ome fies (ot necessary Asad ooo) sta place at th tbl fr one the sector and (0 dink a toast fo thir memory. ‘Ona daly basis the ancestors may be Honore by ving the shrine fora saint orto at seme point during te day — sully in he morning before leaving te house — and perfor anhovorifi gesture sch s knocking hee tines onthe ne or atow, touching one of the memento, sy Soa prayer. Tis kindof thing is probably best done inte moming so hat {the ances ow of memery can be wih You and guido you troaghou he oy, tis also customary to visit ancestral graves to commune with ir ‘pits t obtain some kind of coun or advice aswell asin mates of vlna and mage I you gather at the rave st fre purpose of none depart you may drink a mye al pour share on he gave. It was waonl forgave sites fo be load on family propery. his pace ‘vas, of cours, maintained among families of means and property nl quite _Recatly. The pactioe of deposi bois in emote locations sa sub Isiageof the anancestal spit of euent call “aor.” Tes now, of cous, largely ileal to bury our dead on our pope Ove to zoing ce "eal reson). However, te reviving practic of cremation (in and of ise a subue revival of eaten customs allows ws to ‘Sater ort teases ofthe decree fal lan. ashes are stored or ‘Satleed outdoors, you may Wish to bul a ste inthe yd. ‘One oon sto baveatunestone erected in memory of ne of your dea ancestor This stone does bo need wo Be ono ven net gravest of he pomon,Itcan be located anywere— especially ina place where many people le ely to set. Te too shoud be designed and erected by aquaiied ‘emacs, Qualified masters ofthis craft maybe contd tough the Rane Gi "Though te ancestors are honored, te Teo ot a eligi that is moc comcemed wid th oterwors ote alee. This Midl-Eat valued. ‘enjoyed in sown ight, uot forte rewards and punishmeats that might tov nan afterlife Ta fact re flk donot tend to expeiene the almost pathological fear of death so common in contanporary society. Akhough fr death cur souls, parts of hem, may i themsees in one or ame ‘of hector eight reams of exence beyond the Mid Yar the os esential eed quis of oarselves wil ely remain in te ally and te passed down tour descendents, We re or acess reba as mc as some of our descendents wil be oar owa coe souls bare ence more in Midgard. Thus we never realy le. Thee essential qualities of ur somlies and ou niu memcries wil ely isppea fon our onslousness— leaving only th oot archetypal memories © gide usin ‘ure lives, Memories of the dees fa parculr“ncamaton”arreiored trough the tachings of he cae ancestral ul eis the dat of te folks in ‘Midgard to mains he meeries ofthe an. Chapters THE WAYS OF THE SIR AND VANI At it glance, the ale ofthe elder Gods thar hae cmp dow 0 us may soem sable for enernment, ile bet spiiual vlan might eae ws. ‘omany th northern myticiogy bolls an incomparable an competing euty has wmached by that of an of the caren established religions incur society. But dogper understandings ae nacessary to incorpo te ‘mys oo daly fe experince in meaningful way. Such mdestading is 1s needed fr tetas forms of ligiousobserato ncading ways of ‘norship (giving aor to something) and besing (giving and reefing gts Deteen he han sd vine worl). Undertanting i eal on ty bli but by living acon. Atending Bessingso performing them ous sue ways of binging the religion live Otter way include medians oa ‘te Baie myths ad th sagas and other my ts of German fle such 8 Beowul or the Nibelungenid ‘Understanding of te myths hindered by the non that hey axe ‘duable ony a enetalament — expecta fr eden — and by te fact tt they ar presented asthe sly superstitions ofa lock of ignorant, ‘sages Te ery ide tht profound wisdm is ont i th tks of tho (Germanic Gods and Goddesses has een made to sem pepostrousby ou ‘tural ise. The eficuly of understanding the my snes by he {ect tat ur contemporary sci 0 very diffe fom te Viking Age calla trom which many ofthe stories sem. In the Ring of Troth thei po sch thing as a beet." There sno set cof rtodor dogmas or dotnet which one mus adhere morro be ‘tght to be gue (aya tothe Gos and ances. Anyone who professes ‘obs te and attend ssings may te sido be te Its the irdrgh of ‘ll who ae descended fom te noror Gods Logisaing bei snd lnposing ity force is to ae yransize and contol the deepest tought and feelings, te very sous to spinal ofa people. Unfomn ‘se snot posible withot uno expeicnce and mena machinery. This ‘site dsable nor possible. On some levels we all share in out derstanding ofthe Gos and Goddesses — whic on ober levels we ae ely dlr wily. ‘One question that aris fis just who ox what are the Gods yay? “Tere are many ways of maswering this question and al of tem are comet on me level for some popl. Thee a to factors 0 consi in sxking an ‘ero thi ing). The st thing wo consider is whether an dea rings ‘rus wheter you can nivel slat ito your own experience, psa ‘rattervse, The ober tig you ight onside is whether iti afitional ‘rot This means tht oi ass for he Bel can be ound in the rear of ‘at elif and proctioes of the oe in qostin. tis useless invoke he ations of “Adan "The" o any other subjective cretion in this regard. Thre sw rational bas fo tes bebe aay event, personal experince shoul always be the doing fac for adhering toa tecogia reise which sof vaue fits not rea to you If certain view ofthe Gos sem orn rv 10 You previo tpsiences withthe hoy ad with ie then i will mae ikl be eae in our sul andi will work for you al he beter. It Wodk for yu, tis tive ona base level "The Teuoaicwadton sone tha vals change en ux Is so ‘common for te fo to change ter views of be Gods and Goddesses 5 {ber Knowledge of th lore deepens as boa ogter wih he cexperionoes, Whats ela ove une, and for neve of being, may not wodk at ander tie o ve ‘Gencaly people do ot adically change hei basic understandings of tbe Gots, tr gral expend tei understandings Raa changes ae mee ‘ely in those who bea with a highly eect or no- Geman understanding ofthe religion. na pra extreme case somocne might frst interpret the Tro in terms ol Christan hology and thei Crisis religions experince. Soch prsons might at Gt allow hei pevious ‘anceps to dominate ter thinking. But he more they tink abou te ‘ore Gods and Gets and the ore he paricpte in he prem ‘rays of woship te les he old pairs ae ey to it and ter pater lls as revelaons from Wino tke tei place, Soe a person may omy escard the Christian pars of tough, or else reitere them uel in ems of nner spray Hotcally, sometimes thse who begin with Cestin pats be an casi ime dan those who have mustered the oko pilosopical wads ‘offer eno alters This bees a the fo vet Cristian ely ‘ook hold hecase i was bevily laden wih clemeat fom theo fle ‘ule. Lil, any, ofthe ata oficial doctrine thology a tbe Church ‘ver seemed tn gt incorporated note fle eign. Instead, he Cristian ‘yology and eligi mere commonly rentenpteted in tens of ave folic waye Christy was mosied to be n scar wit Geomac ‘noc td patie ad on any instances was made tue, The Charch ‘bared on conscious policy of nt only allowing, But of encouraging tis, Otberwie, folks were snply unable o asim Christan and it ‘ake rea for themelves. Fr tis reason many ofthe old Gamanic Gods vive a anand may of our ancien sites survive as fle customs. ‘There are amber of theologies prevalent among modern heats. ‘Some re ery practi nd almost nil uicoaowmod wit meapbysics. In fact some ar ot even conered withthe whole mater of what the Gods ae lke, Te simple fit atte Gods and Godse res yoo eoogh for them, To some, he core esence of te Tro amounts (0 system of eles tnd vals props wconcerol wid the Gods, Fo ese aks pater of behavior might be derived fom the sagas, Bova and ter works of beroke tnd histo ltranre which reflect pre-Clxstan ways of doing al being. To ‘many ofthe pragma who do eotcer tbemseves with theology the Gods ‘wo ole models and exempt bebavir appropiate t ota pals oie. ere he Gods and Goddesses may te taken as bos or examples. ‘Sotte might take this to be almost “aes,” whea infact sno he Gods may be ackowleged a ea, butnocedoced oe same levelot | reality the strict poyteists would bve them. ts often found tat fs pragmadst and a plytas discus tings long ough they will evennaly So themselves as aiffering as ares of ‘emants, Boh can ares hat the Gods hve an existence independent ote individ worshippers and tht they ae eter Tis jus amar of exady ‘how they accomplish is. The pragmatst might argue dat the Gods exis as ‘pit of te elie curl consciousness nd that his is tbe source of| I ie. A stictpolybest might say that he vas ae transcendent ving beings made vp of umipos energy and hat they Tie and ik noc as we Go, Some might ven sy hat al the stoies of he Gad are traly wae. However, mst would age at these events “took plac in some ahistorical ream befos tne as we knw it was in evidence and which fxtends Beyond the eal we now now as tempor This "um which flways wax, isnot which will always be. This the kind of "ime" We ‘Seok to tein sna andi the blessings when we come togeter with the (Gods and Goddesses four ances. Deity is een hy some terms of panbelsic magical fre that pervades ‘the univere, One coocepe of tis i centained in the OM Norse word gin a8 inte Engl "beginning." Before ime or pce exited tee was be Ginn-wnga-gap th magically caged voi. Int werare potentially ‘taal the possbis of existence and evolution, "Three another unending Of te Gods which needs some dicusion. Bubemersm i tbe belts the Gods and Goddesses ofthe folk were scully barman men snd women of te pst wo were immortalized 0 ‘herrea feats (heroism or wiekery). This View is istorcaly a sign of ‘decay inthe religion —or aon as no itis wea ropaganda agaist beaten fats. The Danish istran —and cede Saxo Grammadcus ld that tie elder Gods and Goddess were "magician who were overcome by the teachings of he Cor, ‘ font of monotlsm is also quite common sng ue folk. These woul ave it tht either Oi (Al Fates) o& Ty is the on tue and ely ‘God and tht al oter vine ens ar aspects of him. This is probably be terest form of te induce of Cristy on teats tard te elder ‘vines. "The Ouian vw bas that conciousness is a very are hing ia he tiverto—a gt bestowed yon hamanity and soe sea-ice wight nd tha enscousnese isthe most oly and gol thing in the ive. The 20 ats sn ost ae sic within his snes of cnscoes (ain ten etc nem gin aces In isco pte hare Sn ef be Gos sd Gales nepal eek ‘Rak stat he mul or psc worl be oo map nian, ‘Tic arma expresed wih rary engage tall Sah poe ‘cia oe Utes a expos faible eyes ‘uaa wuts The mye eve vlc express ths allo theres ite rch of ting exp by ge sry wil deen aos ceanp be The Esme tulle an Otic Sin “Gono Ts sofas te prs wh composed be oes wee Timor wit xceton themselves OB umern — Men On — ss 2am aver of poss an mapiane ut er vws en be ace fom mania ose eis were tot ely aa {gut mcentclare Dee testes int a he omen ent hy vis xs ow Tis no proben, k feasouin. “hu pn! oad you travels bv ic od wt he at 0 vel in fan acvis you chose ea) youl ih, Poros fei set be tse en hk oss ots, nan TReonet covey of Os ae vaca eat eal odo vith ct Icon no. Dire kindof peg hl iret ds of otro ms then 9 realy ty. ot “To mythology aay Do leptin tems of oct, ma soa How nna neh mtg il Ope co ‘Soret ch nul most ce a nse a Epc gre elon te eos wok cone of sey esi ners ae ht wer al sha conan nfo soe savas es 8 soca ‘Srl rlecanf emy ogh te itepreaton ofa sing myth can “Sy tacmoaty depen on wo ding te lig ar seg "esc les peso ils wil seine Ks ngs he oc she secant tends of knees poste oan inal Be ‘Sours, Ench psn monly be fa is ean ers ot SS aie marco es gna of ober. snr so ats at eps chen be dvion abe was es ono ‘Tae Gand Goteses ‘modern tems the Gemanie Gos a Godse canbe lassie vee) crea accnding to es "actions." The it nein i hat of tdxisration, the vecood i milzary, and the is redaction. This Sedeme very genera, bts highly sof tol or understanding the {oc inplications ofthe mts and Gods an Goddess i them. "Th ist functions Gully axpeted— rlrship requires bot Kings and a sess (or magicians). Kings minister law an oder in the and— wi the ies maintain the mora and iecogical balance and order (magic ay enced on occasion alter te exsting oie) ‘The miitary, or second, fonction has the respons of protecting te society tram hse forces which would be ouside aggressors toe which ‘ub be teal dupes of the vine erdaind rer Producers ensue tht het is plety of everything — good an servis needed by the society to keep it rua ina prosperous ea. ‘Management, scrity and work—these te theo principe that canbe december functions of he Gods and thei socioeconomic ‘fection. Tn the Gemanicpantcon te fst facto fins Tyr the capac of| ‘king nd On in that of he riesUmapcian In most ado European sites [ingship iste supreme aspect of he it fonction, but nthe Getanic society the priest magician sea supremacy. Tyeruls ove the goal of seckiug right (r jst ino lves~ of being lglal nou judgments he Oain ules over te goal of wisdom or inteligenc) in our experience inst supeme Godin the Germanic anton, bea he is est ale tocobie af oe dene aloft coos gs ote ‘Thor isthe Got of the second neti — tbe solr who i always oxt in (te eston a neverending campaign against enemies a he oder of ‘onscousess and mature esalsbd in Midgar Asgard He rules ver be fal of scaing might o inner seg nour ives. "Rey and Freya, the Lord apd Lady of the Vai, ost pi the third faneuon a he God and Goes of plenty, fry and prosperity. These ‘Vani dts ul ver he hoe goals fsck aes ah and love or rsp, peace and pleasure in our ies, 'As You ead te myths ofthe Gls and Godesss, ou will begin find that some myths and soae Gods have a speci aan for you. These ae tke mths and God you sould pve alenon st and ae te nes mst tly tobe of use 0 you. Formos fw, thee are some myth tht ae lays sources of sgh and guidance. Because fie Ona fe "Edi scarce, many othe myth tht scm fet oeberise lg be given ‘tm ntepretation, or make a pla that dos toting ive to your own sul, ‘Remember tate same mth may tl seerl stones to teach may fret lessons. Te stories areal ue 18 vp 48 fd he Insertions that ing tue o our ow souls. When you find contatictory ‘esos of compelling mys, chaos the one tiring rt you. Thee is aoe ea and “ight” version of any ofthe myths. hance tes valaons oesared marly a result of tbl ad fantom atitdes. Certain dees were worslpped in some regions a not ‘now noes in the elder days theta Of ta Elders ty © termine which meanings were intended by the teller of my in nent a2 times and which interpretations sr os ily to have been acepted and by ‘wom. Though ditional terpreton may seve as guides, its aow oor ‘rok od th meanings that mae he Gods nd the faith neste in ur lies today. 1a ado live iis azar ait wil row and change. “Me kinds of Gods ne chooses as pron has mich do with he ds of cvs by which a individoa denies a seme of identity. To many People this wl be inked to thei ines of employment ante fly. femeone bas a sease of having aif’ work, patron deities rain to his ‘wok wl ely serve as sponsors, Other ay ind an afi for tcl God or clas of Wight on te basis of an traction tthe essen ‘arate of te God or wig. Heel stink about he ways in which ‘eta ins of work my olinked to cerain Gas and wiht ‘Te Vani Frey and Freya se el as universally loved as ‘Thor, Fey and Freya are member ofa clas of Gods known a the Vani (x Wane). The Vane ae the Gos concer primarily with harvest (present) fh (ecu pace), and love (pleas), They ae th Gods of prosuction and of te enjoyment of the produce, They arte genes of material goods and eget seu: money, mats gin, nd pars the pleasures ofthe fs Fry seems somewhat or coocered with ares and th, while Prey isepetially concered with ove, Freya lo concomed wih wide vresy of ther tings, intding mape an ware Fea Frey, lke Oi, is seker of widen and a magician. Her pene for ois is wel known and in ft inked ober ter passions or wisdom “td gl, Like er bother, Frey, hes uo strange to wealth OF all the ‘Goddesses, Freya ems to have the greatest following in the caret phase of the revival, Heratraction seems toe greater pegs ha hat of any oter ‘diy in he parton, She had gute a flowing trooghot Scandinavia ring the Viking Age a wel Mysts, ris pets, visionars, vines and he Hike are mong a few who might ind an aneaion wo Freya. Fry Obviously the gone of thie class of Gods is most in synch wit bose of| the vast mort of people a our socket today. This is as it aways was. "The winning of weal and the pus please, if conducted i the context ‘ofthe sold goal and the nine nob vires, re good ad oly hing in| tndof themseves, The wk of te Vane typeof people shoud tring prosperity and pleasure tal In seeking wealth we cn creat isthe ‘ered fusetoe ofthe Vanirto se oe pospeity ofthe whole sci. ‘There area umber of deren types of Vani deities a tei wide ‘rst of ptf thse same gon The banker nd the fame aie may bot finda friend in Fey, ough be fame ay find Nets or ree, te "Ear Morbr, oe a cose rend, While bankers may find Nod wo their 3 ‘rey’ far, Niwa God of maritime activity especialy when his is of commercial kind. Altmough be also a Gs of Asbemen ad other naa ‘es. Any merchant, esac ones involved diet e indiecty wit ‘veseas merchandise may find Nida endl pat, ‘Thee ‘Tar is boon the most popular God inte 20% century emergence of the Trot, Tis may have much odo wth the populist of The i Iceland inthe Viking Age snd his coosequnt prominence inte Eddc mara. Thor Is th Solder of Asaard. Burin clad be was poplar with everybody and ‘ns came tobe nowt us trough te Ilan sources san honest, spe, bard-vodking ha big,bat-inking yeoman slit. Thor isthe ‘God of Might Might isthe power ta sustains and expands the curent world ‘one Itprvides the capability for victory and defence. The work of Thor te prose Gods and men alike Thr’ wodk requires giving great us and | logly in ease affecting the whole socsy, Tho sks ad limb t rotectal he society of he Gods and men-— aot ust his ova imei: fami. This much Uk the sole who ess is peck for his wank ‘out, Thor iknown for bis rstwortinest and honesty, He sahil ‘ad loyal to Gens bat meres with enomies, He is ufiehing sad ‘eaten all is wave (Of the nine noble ites, Ther isthe exemplary model or bans, tut, ot and steadsess, Tork his rete pleasure ins great ‘works, Though he can key out-ink any two ofthe other Gods togtber, be [basically very sober srt who wil his might onlin anger. Whe he ‘ter Gon ar gatred io shar in feast and sumbl, Tho is tpi in he Ene laying Ene unl heres woble, Though be pots he fith and frolic ofthe oes he not bapiest inthe enjoyment of these things. “Thos eat feats of eaing and drinking Hel ke place mow fen ate ‘eld onthe camp than ate bal of Asgard. He Is also very much a farly man. He has never bee cused of breaking wot With his Wife, Sf, crwth anyone es for hat mate. "Thor is generally popu ad revered fo ls suengt nd his unwavering steadfastness nhs du and vag ofthe nine noble vies. Thor ia ua oie freer itary personne bd vee. ‘Mingo is inert afe more clearly bound up with commere and tade— { «specially itratonal wade Working fk, eats and rads people ofall for may fad ond in Fey I tea or company isnt aleady under the eis of moter patron. People volved i the automobile industry or oqusirian cies will tio relate Wel to Frey. Frey is a God of wagons as wel as bare, so beay fan equipment rocking sd tanspaton eight ad even oad ‘ulin equipment might come under is gs. New u ye ‘Tw or Tyris the God oth maintenance of social rer He is about sect organization forte porpse offing the scot uning of Society's administrative machinery. yrs the God o wat of he thing o cour of av "Ty rpresentsscice o behalf of society an the mainnance of oder ad th satus quo Tyr gave hi ght hand to estan te Fores that lead Change inte form ofan eventual Ragnarok. Folk involved i ition, dinisvatin of justice, law enfortmen, hangement and sence wil ley be abl to eat to Tye. Tudges,policins, avyess, peop in eforeren, ni those involved in woe tha egies cael and cial ‘taking sch ae sins and oral obo types of academicians ae fen followers of Tyr. money is your greatest pleasure resulting fom your ‘work, you may find Frey or Nid more o your king. Figen ‘riggs a Goddess involved in domestic ative suchas child ering ad runing housebold wll do well ink onthe doings of Fig. ‘Though sbe fe not oflen a the forton in he myths, se basa poeta ‘hind th scenes inlurace. In er elatonship wit Oi she somedimes ‘sets 0 be the whe! bebind he wel who is eally responsible for he ‘outcome of events in wich be eal husband i volved in he webs of| lnrgue she spin, She sobs, yet flea. Thos invoted in amily ‘coumilng, soil woe, and elementary education may ida rend in Friges. Those in work eating to he faeicalon and epi of thing may tle look to Fria foe a sponsce (be is known ia tbe mythology a8 Spinner and weave) Ober ars eterally coaidred be of domestic xg, ch enon, may alo be devoted 1 bet. eiaall ‘simdal isthe watchinan of he Gods. He sally Bal athe ‘ad f the commie Bist ridge looking out and istenng ove the words— eis expecially watchful forthe enemies of Asgid d Midgord sb as Ens ‘nd he ames of thurses which heat grest Ragnar. Though he is seme ivolved in sreliance and security Work, Heindal i alo known ‘o ake an active oe in conducting investigations he reuieved the ‘risingamen (ey magical neciace) tm te euch of Loki nd fought with tim nthe sbape of sel Tye ste God of mainly high level ‘minstrel more conceoed wih eld work and actly ‘implementing he as ego by Tyre fle. Helndalls people are more “hands-on. Profession fling under iss night include ineigence, ‘vat and public nvesipatn, ple werk, detective wok, erty wore fd sich, These working Wi sureilance equipment, alam systems andthe ke may also ind thee work ecb ofthat done by Heindal, a5 on ‘Oi is the God of exeative inspiration and he sisi of inguity tthe vine madness ta bas ven ou foc make great ids i thot ‘eince and ecology, at, poe aod in so many eter hing. Osa more tan ay oer God is Sekt of wisdom, aod as sch he as more of jf han sy oe ele. His advice ede) terefre ely valued Ia leader be functions asa advisor, in bale sa segs or gener Ic the Tiss tnd Thor who implement te designs ofthe Onn. Oi ysis the {nfmaton gathered by tbo Ged Hindall od sbtats into plans and Twi fr he Tyists and hors, nd forall tober Gods an Goes in tir speial functions. The ol of te Odin i society at of ie ‘heracal hake (pilosoper) and ais ‘Many ofthe same professions covered by Tyr wil be covered by Oin— te main diterece is ine personaly ofthe individual. The Osi will ‘usually e oe whois more create and who beaks ae tet, while de ‘ysis oe who mainains the way things are and Keeps them runing sight This diferece, of cous, leas to many conti — mos of which Inve aconstractive result they are understood in his vine comet. Ei Shes the Goddes sponsoring thos who re involved with he Raling ss docs, bests, dedcans, and 0 on. ‘Shes also wo be callin he event of awit. Tis Goes looks to meres unjust Judgment fom being brought ot Dares Da Elves ‘Though hese fasion forges and tol inthe erie of times, ere {sno own wight among the and Vani so sled in craftsmanship as tedmares. These ets are nual aid to dvel in the ear and in rks sad.caes. They se slkoknown a tbe Das Elves. Practeal al he get ‘ons, weapons ote fabiaions owned by the Gos were fashioned by these dares. Thor’ hammer, the magica ship kiblai andthe Bring ‘eldce wor allmade by Dark Elves, Weyland the Smith vas of vat Kin ‘5 nos Regia who reforgst Sigucs sword Gram ‘There are many oes Gods and wight inthe Germanic panticon who may als anton a: patron ets ces family or lane Gods. As you ‘neat o he Cox and Goddesses ofthe Trot you wil id the meaning ‘inctooe of the arons vines and se how they relat fo our owe 16 apie |WIGHTS OF TH HOUSE AND GARDEN ‘Asan conduct abut te ine hat Prieta Regt te enone tt vt ni oe ope vin a esa ae aoe gia taut ae urs ofp Des rpeaiSancat win po te ancient Teenie nba cn 7 & ae coms wit evn lan) te poe oe a ano be hoagie ad he ares, st sr ty xn ith nr oe pry ant ly Jee an een nd moreno for ote oel Se een pict ele snd boca ena ne fe gat Testicle eyo el an sat we hous thei presence is nota strong in the New World, they ae hese, ‘ohne warSoen i ourowe tutto a ers: Tecan i eietnenue he wih aly cme on ewe pee fe (eh yaa Wien te Nowe cae la ‘Evtenmry be wigs came not so muc Wu ea from wi ten “he earth ane ove lara te ot fl oust gh “yp ae bet hal served xe coxkng aan lent SS, sete tc bowen clad wor, om flee ad eon epics hae ound hat ings fue best na hose test eens gene wight ignored or ofende they ay cms ‘ord isc bti ty ove thy cane ings un {Sayan wn gat ihe rope For Ue owe Seo aati ofpeceeng tem fe get i ay inmetfomolhy ot we gee tay ae pce sal opie eed as en pans ore ‘pee sagt eel te poss of be Church, Tough hey ‘erly tenant pes he hus nd a hey at ESStieew and cen downs ges when ya ps ‘rmbt hs doa brn ogo ce hosel aides, ‘hc eaten of rope ab eve ea, Treating en a ows ty wow pen or oe vl Bate Pekato como tiptoe, so ed wet tm ith pet ‘So poblow wind up wih wight hata alc In sce 78 {Seal pfloe be poet wing dacs inte ape ont tiny Now shoo tt yur ous is ware get Swami igh, Yoo dona wa uk of pis any Ba 00 uv ‘want all the kids an animals inthe nelghboeood at your bom. Tey are ako prone to thievery when illeisposed. Kyou find you ar assay Your ‘ays or some ter imporant possession, ty leaving milk an cooks or ‘other goods or tens of exe onthe arth or boushold slo seine ‘You might set aside a special place on your tarow or eat for it the vgs These may belt pentane on he brow’ oe buediaspecah lsc, oc handled in some othe manne hare wight scm to approve of. Toms } In Sweden the Beart and houehol wight ae known as tmp and hey arc known o enter the housebold through the hear, sone wits have ‘em coming in trough underground tanoes beneath the bear Aca beaten fol, however, donot eee such tunes wo be pyscally under the arth ofthe hearth, bt see he Dearth stone a a ateay tthe spn Diane of he dvarves or topes. Other wight, sich as hes ae own 10 ‘ter the household by means ofthe flames ofthe est haw, Eves re ‘ny in Scodand and some ares of Scandinavia o etre household ‘ooph knotols in wood and sametes bom lot on a sunbenm. The ‘wood ofthe hea telnel or testo and othr major housed Fumishings aso serve as gatas and homes foreve,ompis an ther ‘wis, If wight renown to abide in a thebol, ti advisable not slam te door unless you ean to wake them or case then way. Stones Ine ong teen Know as gateways tetneen Midgard and Dwar Home. Te oes ofthe heart, ote sone upon which te hasrow stands ae also ancient abodes forhousboldwighs. Folklore bas og ha i tt "ei," hat '5"eshen” spirits vel beneath the alr stones of churches. Avast ‘umber of European churches wer inteasonally ail ovr ancient ste ‘oly places in order prevent peopl rm exthring a tes sits oe Istien celebrations, A ret deal ancient power lay under th a | ‘lures and cated everywhere, jut wating for tue Fe 1 tke oot the lars and bing in the boty brows, Repional fk dons may give much Jnformation about the nate ofthe ol spss though bear in mind that hese spits Have often been diaboized over th ems by sucess Church, Propaganda Dy the time most of he tes ofthe tempts and ober bosebod spins «ame tobe write down, the sve ad cme to replete replace sain abode or gute way of te toms. Even in the 19th cena, and ky (otis very day, in Scandinavia, itis nt uncommon fo folks o mike offerings food and beet the empl, ols and eves, Houses ht harbor temps ae usally prosperous clan and orderly. The people seh owsbols are deceat with each othr and with he tmp Taps are applet if they have aoe to play an are ai or it In many Seandaavan ‘sis the tmp ake tbe sape of exdinary human bln ti bi on 8 servants and expect in payment bow of pore wih but a Abapyy {amps indusios in consbung othe g00d mood id wel ing of he 18 sci tou ty can gt i sy fede and te OPE aa eee ju mie an apement id our poms Bm ce eng se 12 0 aoe ious mp tps yds ou Fa tea aa on whe yoo ets wick of sca ou pine mane ce "Te offerings of pore and bute were typically Heft on the stove of the eee ne a med chant me CO aa eee Witever and yourorai cr sald e te se go ont et po i Bw ear fe yur pice Sometimes sil feng at mateo eee sae ep foc tgs stot ci andar fal TS yomtnte daly ong he tes yous sin kalow Suan tamer eer appro sign at eto Be ao Suede tine eat es raves nr somson gt bowl el, a ae swe aetna ces oe a Bs aan fen ey invfed wh ef of jt aos Se ey Tarlo ave an A ee ur ofen mnbere nonstate BE rae eran te oie fea pot. In st tq nob. Ths bls ee in nena, Sao Ane Tis e 2 aoa res int mia ea sic er han ngs nd peti cE 8 se ems tt sh women pH ah dace we rarely Bd nies oF infraction Detween aman an ‘Ses fo, bn he Heimstingla ee ia sory of aman who efised © avert to Ceitanty unr the pressure of Ot Trygavaso. He protested hea este ad tos longed © a eaten es of een handed doen among some families toi a. Sabet of Seandinvian amis have elven eiooms, Among ese ac dng vest, such cups, bows and drinking bors. The tres Ee aol o these ems are generally quite simi. An aneeto= eaten even folk on the oad ad pends sometime with es— artes Jaci cr ubtranean al, At some point he anesoe ‘ane ive a din em. But as be ditt tbe ink e wil ow the Tig ver oe shoulder wher i singes tea off his horse. He then ‘ube bone abaconsing wih be inking vessel. note trains the 19 vessels ar given as its. In some sts the wrath ofthe wolls over the theft ests in he ruin ofthe fay. On the ter hand many rich ausebods ae sido be bead by tev, "Te efor tod fa mono doubt dstronizoduced by Care ‘ropagandiss who taught at all such wights were vi and dealings with em wold eng only ev. One ofthe mos vila ofl in the ees of| the Church, was the sharing of food and dink with such wighs Thi the act whereby the wight nd bumans exchange and share ight and maa and ‘ind themselves w each ote. This Kind of itracton wh to elves is especialy dangerous rom te standpoin of he Church because i ‘thie gt shout te ry wei ad eoy cman vie eh ‘This oud reach point where one would not wish to comeback fom the ‘ord f these wansmundane wigs Cerally Some on wo ad stared Such Sea with he elves and gaived someting from it would at be ky to ‘tu to chute, "hes, slog with trolls and cain othr wigs, ae aso wit ‘tangelngs— atte thet of bis by on-buman beings, These wight reputed o sai babies oot oft eis and replace tem with Selrow infor chldea. This be Soest be ano distortion of ‘mother mainstay of the ancient reigon and seems tobe designed prevent, fas rm ooking at thee natve belies egarding the sequston and ‘umseence of ous I seams athe roe of th changing belie he ‘nowledge ht ancestral sous, icludng thse a ine ace may ene 2 cfd ao before theme ofthe naming. In thi oleh Peli people ave ‘wen aught wo far eves when it oomes to tei chien, This fea, iit wax soins bythe Chr, it wae most erally encouraged bythe ne ‘iin. Ody enough, however, in some Eopean oations ‘lxgymen have bon sido be goblins an cee ae warned 0 wath ot Jest parson bol them in a plc ot "Belt in tings suchas changelings she mo key rg fo the ea {ial could ake on human shape. Is simply tat th uaa form (ay) acquired a elven oa ming oft) ao nea the tine obi. But ‘tisalso possible that such an acqstion could tke place at lar tages a ‘i. Tie whats bappening in he folk as regarding ada wh vse le and of te elves and ar cfered a hom of mead. These vss wally ‘ake plc: ding anc oureys or dreams or oer mystical or magical enperences, Is inthis way that omps ols, etins and oes maybe ‘mmbered among your ancestors. Inmore ational ean the teliee surrounding changlings may also be sean a mythic interpretations or model meant explain sch lenomena ak mental rearatio rote genetic eects imply inertia fe vpreictable way from fe ancestors — frm he ees, wl Inthe Middle Ages saall tows, ows, sbocs and things cd ight ay with were often let in special place inh cellar ofthe house or he 20 clves This was date encourage tent do god ts fr the hous "Eves love muses dancing Cicalar ates of ss ht are greeber tan otc rss ate Known sc ings and rethought wo be te places Wiese thcelves ace at ight Ifyou wan encouape the presence of elves you night se pring of stone rFerlize the grass ina ing tape ner your ‘utoor barrow Tie wil ree an eavccament hospitable totem. "Tey a lo known to Uke harp musi nd idles. The dances they prio are no ely to der op much fom te round dances f te European fll adios. ncdenaly tis type a dance was banned by the (Church for years to theirhethen cxgin. These dances are ypclly fred nace moving wieshins Counter hocks) wih partes fpiming ina deo clockwise) decton. Scandinavian fk dances are Cheelleat modes, Bus too she cetal European waltz ‘Wits oe modem ef baroys we top in Sede fe ac wong bask Wane wn as aro ives eel ese {is wooing forte se thy won die wheter be sees ha bese ies ye ie and it wa i otic ts, snd fins omony Known ese” Tis teas elev hart ches can stile mga poets ino esol fare ‘cae ins Th tiarow ws olde ie tons oh harow ‘sve and wel ting pray ove ne On ao 1 sre cin ac an ede - oul then your ing ain oe wae Soucek iI deemed the nde cae be oss en hy wal do alg woking te brow oe ong ‘Thy aso Tos wing eae neig dows “ings fortes hae “harow weer (ey hve een ksowe yor anes as wel) arc he mde deca te peivesoe Ving Ae The Sof vine nt ngs scat wit eGo eye St asa ot cle cay iit a ee ad ashe ing of aes ee “ll aster coma ipo Se op Tare eek cpl bed by Chics poate asbenefiet es ‘Sttompe iene espe, hewn do mihi ens oe fe neng of tect dale Thi te sort of git a mes bem most pp, oa ge th lin sel th Cetin sen is sia te apy stall Taste ts housed as mp havchesemn be Tey moe po be ond nt lis le Seapine cmt ein tov, Sean re ey we eealy Mong w mands dull ch sone tpt btwn Ni {dome Such mun av lo er soci with se a ‘mathe ge burial mounds were typically sen as gateways in the under wordy homes. Dwarves, or Da Eves, ae another kindof wight to survive folkore ‘di be honored in folk adn. They ae especialy associated with ‘moustsnous regions and dwell in he ils. Te dwarves ares known in (is Nara svar dott: ark" “deve. They er sd 0 «dll down below Midgard in Svan, Tei main fncti i that of aflame o fabricators of physical reality. "Thay are te ones wi shape the om tht find thee way o Midgard. They ae always thought tobe de ‘mos of all sons of magical objecs— thoy made the Frey's Brsingmen, tnd Frey's ship Skibladi, or example. Inthe every household al ‘hy cat be consered the reabsorted ances sls nd ert expres aa tic fom. Dwarves are thesis of caftsnanship— altoagh in ater polar terminology the werd "ei" was used for bot eves and dwarves ‘ise (ON dsr gi) ate a clas of female land-wights that were ght honored inte Ving Age. They ae feminine coumterpart oes. It ‘we go back othe most ancient tne, hee would Beno foal "eres Jost ives. Of al oes ents, the ies pshaps ejoyed the mast active level ofa stnton. Two af he main pubic Bly festivals in he Toth, Winer Nighs and Dising, respect dedicates wo tm. —and secondly tod eles, Diss ensure the on-going wealth nd frit of the hosebod, They ‘ep the clien safe and te bouschold eat and in god working ode. ‘Diss te nt known by india! names, rath thy are always eed oa, ‘coective body. la way dey frm apr ofa parle social nivere— slong with te eves and elated eles ‘In same ways he dss canbe sen as bengs quite sia to the bane ashe in the rsh 20d Soot tao, ‘The land-wighs are spr tht spe- women, voles, and sek fk wil \wantio become mos familar with, These ae te spn they work wih vary an apical work. Those who intend owosk wit eth should Save some fact for datings with land wight, Just being ble to sence and ‘ease of the presence of ho wight i relatvely unopa inthe wer word. Formany the ability i simpy latent, or ergot, There eam o be some variety inthe Kinds of subjective expences people hive wih wight ‘wtf who know tem geal have aac frst feting thie Betence and personales. Those who spend much me in cotumnion wth ‘righs may be able gain knowledge hey can vealed yaa to sy into iden mater fa oof inthis day and age. just Dt oad test become rater "ky." ema bea hard rad back to lst. ‘bowed and many seekers may wind wp way of lnc, bc everyone deep ino sorcery is aware taco or sho sing Sanity. The Ld wight are dhe clas of wight closet othe Dearth afer he ses spits Indbed, they maybe anesral pints. As aves the 2 sat onthe tadton mounted bythe Church much af the re bas been {xl vised and stored Nevers, cough emsins a OWE ‘To we may being the tend wight ofthe land back o oa eat ros. 23 Couper 5 HOUNDS, HINDS AND FELINES ‘Toe amimals you choos olive with can affect your fe ak much asthe company you choos to keep and te people you choose we wih, They too contrite tothe ealecve soul of te et do the people who live ee, tefeshngs ae the at. Pets are par of the aly Her we shall ensie he loro nals ad thei rol he reboot. "ach kind of pet has it own "energy" or "func." This infvence bends ith in enegies of everything else inthe Boushold wo creat the overall ‘ood of te household In chosing component f the Hooseold you can Imsmoaize various elemeatso create power effete spiital oor ‘bat resnate pstvely in the ears and minds of al who expedence the ‘nuscold— tars when tho choices are mae na conscous or aly ‘mamez- propery coodinatd the ets in your house wil ind themselves in the ight moed in the ght ie and the enryes wil be right todyramize ther souls odo the sight hing a the gh tne ‘When imgating pats int your bose you might consider thle ssocations with tbe bly Germanic flkior and mytialogy "Te kinds of animals most lsely inked withthe hoaeeold, the dog and ‘atar bothasocned with Freya, as ar certain fama animals. Thvgh he og is inked wit Oc at a eave of th wol ad can be connected with ibe ets frit funtion inthe hunt. That animal cares of he ousebold shoul be associated with Prey and pera alo Fags) is Jog scing hatin the Viking Age the hoasebold was he domain of omen ad the wife wa the chit manager of the ous. ‘The eas association wth Freya is wellestbised by Ede sources and ‘hero eat athe eco and alias witches Feyas Folk is known ‘roaghout the Midle Ages "The most Nordic or Gemanc breed of cat the Nowetian Forest Ct (ort Stogtar). tsa age tect menoned in Scandinavian fk les and legends fr the pst seveal bude years. The Forest Cats very similar to the Main Con Cat more eommoa inthis coun. The toed hs been _eeognzed as an oficial one among eat Fanciers in Nara sac the 1950s, slow the fist breeding pair wat not browgtto Ameren uni 1979, Tis ‘yg of eats a rugged outdoor animal and ean of lial is ‘bo rbot also loves human company and wl even take walks long side its master ikea dog. The Forest Cat isnot a domesticated wld ‘a buts the rer of wnplanned breeding ina ha envioomet. "Mort of the sacrificial animale were domestic herd animals or wi eats ofthe hun Many are knowa to be inked wo parle divin, ile the ‘ssocitons and significances of ters are yet be revealed "Naturally i me practi to keep many of ese beasts at out | ! i ey veins ates not fr cy Taina mayb boo thee feos tenn eae wits cores, es and oir tes cma wit bens Tac we oe wis power oe {otic un Gods nto boro aoa mage nc of ou nl inages ae actly pot bl n ress ‘Secit wh , Oran sve wc” nina ia Scien Keri be puso eau when you egat ese sng a bon Tepes be oh oa ie Srrgitto aro ty ran rom ed fractal work ‘Stn ttnocige bn acc i es ia myn cei ia cern nic pyle, Snes, heaps (ys ‘Ee on wom aot font in scr or deren alm of Nisan ian te wae yen Mig Ts cet be Spon nara seep ope Te toy ccd cen uncon Tho eer na ch Temunin and Nig may crn spc a ewok clesne tutus Tea ces oe Gk ase gn, an ober foe male crates of stp tye et ove of xen lb ‘Mt ir oneond e enely ns of Aa Lip ome sod Wane ne, sea nko ohigh coos salves ea. thd plie afl snd nes ‘oe: ing ok bot wie cmsderig what il pover ving in your bone sy awn peel fay, ia comets Siar bea Tey be nw om ale, a ees into ane cases fon vse obined row ner Wok Sut inet lode geese ao pap ou we feeb pons goat you ayo seq ond mr von fom inane gen you mes, You mh isk ou ls cant con aia eo roe wo ‘ane eas nd nwt if cei se sa our Sum enon "Te mre of bans nance se ama overghan thy wee bv opal of be mse Ty proved patna rouge Inte ural al stogs et cao ofl hes Inco ‘SSmic sy he bone wa rps te pent an ois fsa Dents nds yuan lof eric se mat saved lar {cnn ental igs incly Id Euopem ator ee Secu yl ortiz or shana ig cices Our Soto atone fr fone mets rele so pels te cup fe ey ena Chae ian loo esoy ‘torte minaye of ublicheaen sci cn tt Egan 25 ‘found by Hengest and Hora Salon” an "Hone The horse is expecially imporantin he cls of Frey and Odin, Thebes ot horses in Norse mytology i Olas eight legged sed. Sep. The ‘aber Gos ao have special bres FreygoBar (priests of Fey") edo ‘exp unridden and unbroken bres allowed totic God, Fon te fs ‘ztary steed boss are known to have een ket fr purposes of dvsatcn, ‘wel ay for event sacrifice. The pest and Pelestsses who faker ‘hese horses would tke omens rom thr whining and rating ante baviors, Altes bose, cate were most widely revere Ihe bse waste ‘tombe cate were at at acs. Cate had served as uns of ‘monetary weal (obile property) i the most nce of oe, Oa word "fois derived rom te Pro German word fe cate fou This ls ‘ume ofthe fist. In ter ines, whe precious mets wok overt famcton of mobile wealth, money wa ale "Yee" Cat, cbviualy once with Frey by their asian with weats te very mic par of the calf the Vanic— especially Fre. Drinking bors and leather pcs ‘my all seve as symbols of thi anial. ‘he boar maybe connected primarily with Freya, But also with Fey and (itn Both Frey and Freya de bars— one tshionsd of gold by the das The wii boar o yesteryear was othe domes pf tay. Wid boa rer known asthe mst dangerous bass inthe frst The bor See 's Gevoured by th Eintsjrn Valhalla each night and made wine spin ibe memning,| Fordhote who woud lik the experience of retiing to a porcine eat — for by lating toa creature sacred to divinity you can understand at, vsty ona mach deeper level han would otherwise be he ee — you Iight consider geting pet ig Te sal ole Vets pbelied 1 wou bean eal choice, she lage damesite beds woul te ‘verwiealming. Even the potele, which ty be only fity pounds can te tea caleage to he unaware owner. They ae ony eotvate by feo. ‘hey donot act to please tee "maser," They ae eats o habit yo ono et your pg inthe babi of doing wat you want kt Jo wit an ‘rer you land asi pleases ‘The got most especialy inked to Thor, though itgeoms aso wo have ‘ud ins tothe Vani as wel. The wots tat dew Thor’ ebro could be ‘sctfedandeaten an hallowed with is mune and ade whole ga in ‘te morning ‘The concept ofan animal being scifi, eaten an restored to woleess agai refet the ances atitnde toward serial animal, They ‘rove sustenance — both spiral and physieal— to Gods tnd mea. Toei extence (as a species) was engtbened ad costal eee he ‘sei act—so th process asa whole ws cooperative anes ‘This tide typical of te Germanic peopl sa whole. In ancion anes 26 te ngs ac ewan Reh te ae ater a a ae ca dew ert id vl 7 da ne he Ova eae sine peo as ig nen At wae Bey Seah of asl Tea ors ane Da val Soa eh ay abeliabtGeWatiea te Cette et ac of iis nina es er eran eas tetas nl esa to veeaeats eve ocr event pes fe By Se a eye lg nop nt Sree Sowseacy cages nen mtn Vail ‘ct tay weniger ud mor ely Te wee ce enone ane tec a aor See Sayer hr a ag en nth Tf Ct mae eee ob nm, teres ie cing se oe Semel! wang a ng itn, Al i cots mp aren ned ec. test ea Se sae tn te en. Ses a ‘Ser win owes pitt cu pli an eran co it vey on n emi foo covery aa na sa sg oping ral A my Yetd an oN Ls thehy kit sce no soe sve bg ep oa Fe SE rots orl ea) Doane tv en own ee shart! Pa cal on — BAY ‘Peat pane in Sn Shc ae cata rains Thc escent cass an jr gin ineepreeneay ets Clit orewe snse wom eee ane eas a be Lng Tes wea ee i tinme nu arte he wo sts yp usps tft WaT onl ip aa et enn on ns te oan oa Mp Yuri spe me! oy hol Sng al ewe ‘isso og mm at bs te al. The sey nunc ion a sens As sh SI enc dae Ne Sone Senden 08 ea ie nctinieyouh amis ia com cos te ae owe oe me tangs an Bears ar creatures of enormous pyseal power. Some workers of weit nage ae si to ave fred forth nto combat in bear shape and to are ‘warsfoed oes int Deas. The bear’ night x sought by the "ea. shies" (esc) of Odin who would wear Bearskin in bate ad fall no superna bate ape hat endowed them wise stg nd fury ‘hetbey were actully sbape-sited ato eas, Te bea i fou ia many ‘emmen None names soch as Bera and Bee. ‘Wolves ae also Oday animals. A Swedish raion bas ita when tials spoke, the wolf said: Call me warg and wil be wroth wih the’” ‘Wild and dangeros predators were ofa calle by euphemisms cr cicunloeuon ater than by bir sightfl names in oder 01 invoke tem, Te sme ae done with the etr—all te name eal means "te town one" People walking trough te dark woods ought tat hey ast ‘ed the uue name of he animal It would ead tell tam which Wak ‘aly nota desinble thing. Ths the tue names became "buted" and rometime sls in tie. ‘Warg isa term for "wo hat can also mean “outa” In Old Nows an caw might be known a “a war moog hoy place (arg (Sun) ‘The following is ist of eer respectful names for varios sma in Sash aon: Fox: Ble Foot, or He that Goes in the Forest Bear: The Old One or Grinder Rat The Lengbodied ‘Mouse: The Seal Grey Sal: Brier Lars ‘Wott: Gold Foot or Grey Foot or Gey Tose— but ot Warg ‘Some folks ae icin to seckout Teton rsd of animals for the ‘wscold and fam Tbe Norwegian Ekboaod i pa- Scandinavian red of og. The Echound is more closely related othe wel han any ober domestic dog. Etkbounds are excepsonaly loyal and dependable In Norway ‘nd Sweden they ae sal used to bunt moose The Norwegian word eld ‘aly means “Mos Dog” Is at really “hound” in the usual sese. The ‘Great Greys have ong and noble sory of servic and hang, eH, ‘erg end oter commendable ste. They make por police or atc dogs, however. They see ove ates with humans i to dep. "Fru 14,1842 is sil membered in he Nordeove Valley of ‘Navway aon ofthe Great re’ finest hours. This was aye "Wolf Age” snd th nights elled"WolT Night" Nocway was at tis ile being Over ‘mn by packs of hungry wolves perhaps driven o desperate son due ote ‘every ofthe winter AL oa at stead here lived a pack ine up "kbounds. The pack was led by Fanarok tb toughest of tem al. One of ano’ bothers, Purven, was made a owe dog Bees be was smal. In spl of thle fernt Uf yes —one a mighty hunter te oer alovitg pet ‘=the two were flere fends. One night wen Fanarok was locked in the 28 tt goad the cat, bis ite beoter accent got locked otf the ous ore he pomaliy pen te night shor wale a oving pack of ‘hungry wolves came upon the fa tad and torte Purven to sheds in carsboto anark who stugled heroically aginst he tary ofthe ed Noewepian tare maker. Wen Feack finally 20t {eval fund were bis of fri he mad and ood ssned snow. Fanaa. toe le bis band of loyal Ekbounds tose up an ams nthe woods, owas ontlone and ed te wolves bo te wap where the hounds atacked, ‘To gat ofthe bil ought ou tele farmers aed with aes and {nowt At the end of the fay 27 Were counted veins of Fans vegan. "Fhre we crea oer dog- breeds important to Germanic ion and sone, Some ofthese include the Rotel, te Great Dane a the Geman “Fhe Rowe is actly bce of een (ania) origin which was tought west by te Romans. Roan solders ook these dogs with them on (dei epedidons othe nor, ere alge numberof them were bred ina ‘reamncu ear te present-day town of Roti in southwest German. ‘Thee doga were wed for everyting rom pling cas to Sighting alongside {oles nb Todey they are noted for tei agresiveness, bat oper {lctatzed they make wonder companions. They re gente with hings ‘rear tan themselves, bt often aggresive and eompestve with ober Tage dows. The Great Dane, o Dogg athe Geman al hem today, were te went te Vikings ook wi fan on eis. They were often wed as "poek tops" aglnst those who mighty to defend themselves from the ‘aid, or anyone who bat koown a Great Dane, hs istry is pethaps ‘ic belee, they a amoog he most gente of bends ay. fhe Geanan Shepherd is pshap on of te best known of tb nore ‘Euopean breeds, Tey a unnatced fr ineligence afr bing, Cooperative wth hunan master. THsis what has made tem afore of (ete forces arqund the word No og wll wor hades, anger, o with more Tajonmen fr his ack than Ue Geman Sbepberd—even thy thik rt” is casing atl sick across te yard. Tol tation also povies lore on eas of protecting you animals fro dscns a cident o tee tem fom runing aay. Most ofthis volves preventing elf nd td relations with he local wigs as well as ating te hep of soc wight in cringaticions. There are, of course, ‘mers fk emedis. Ove ol oso of he ead of ate regi. ‘oning tun betwee two Easter oe Midsummer irs. Acaston fr keeping, {ats ele the owner o case the ct around te rom he ins. 29 Caper 6 ‘WELCOME TO THE MACHINES se erent a eee Snore aes Smee Sane rams ce Renee eee ee ee seta emctae a really have thooghs and feeling, they neverles ave heir OWE Seat Seeger ae ge scan pease tnemrancrmra acct Strattera ert “Sen a eee Serco sees iaeasceurasaenri aa Sotho ae ives “energy” itis projecting. a TS mcmama wernt Seman seca oheoos sapere Stearic Narmene pees, Sultmepomaratirsuavaeecrmae Staiinneenmuewatee ts, Woe eta prec EoiduteeSaeirctsaear tee Sims moira eons ata ee meee rere carnitine Soumya eae Teceietierinerash meaner riecaceeatarayerenearaeae ‘one's self too seriously in doing so. Many people have a tenancy to a ‘carried away and take these belies and practices bit too far. . ich cuateeetat ee sence ct ieeeceeageea eee ee Unters 30 a1 serine beeen magia thinking and forms of schizophrenia. One ofthe (defn characte of psycho inking is the ea that ne ov nn ‘xperioc has a det effet on the objective world. At the same tne this TagJot hong s often engaged a among hey cilireo— the aul ean Iance his wth objective reality ad ave te wer fhe teal cia {he alt within sleanng the ratcal benefits of bot Kind of thought ‘Ooreede on ths mater Have fon and watch ow Part Worship 2 caper? BLESSINGS A Book of Toth bold the mast thorough weament of he public ‘ccbraion of he tons of the Tot valle Here we wil eview de Siroctue an mening of the blessing and sumble and talk about hem as -owscold ates ahr than public evens. "Te essing is ail pving of gift tod Goth andthe rising f our comsciosnes 1 ele tei cera isn ezum. Tas isthe essence of that ow frcbeas called "sri" tis ituaied and often symbolic ‘Sharing of ood rink along with nck, might and main with te Gos ad ‘Godse and with our it nd kin boob a Midgard and beyond rity he ‘Godsor ober wight ae called to ated the oeasion nd food and rink ae fallone and loa withthe might ad main of te God and men alle. Tis ietten cstibated na holy manner among the folk. "Te folowing fom provides the ctre fr Mssings. You may adap te blessings ted in A Bok of roth cx you may ws the ninefold plan to organize your own syle of blessings. The main thing isthe over all Sractre of thee which isthe ane banded doom through he wan. "Your own blessings may be as elaborate ras simples you wish and may ot inlined fetes sich as fas dancin, or amas within he essing ‘rafter it Private bosetol ts cad obese and sal, wile puble ‘oes en o Be more elabonue and grand. The purpose and efecto oth remain he sane ‘ie BsigFomula 1. tatlowing: Hee teal pce mae oly ad te cleans ov os oly ane of moe oly neues, ino a nyt fae of ference where an ects ey eps Reading: A myth eel tld comet he esiag with parr mth frm oven. 3 Ree: Meany geno the yt by dig or etaton in ‘wih he yt ead ine eating sae te pares of essing ‘The realag ds tote nape orcvocate lr, whee ds mere prosaic shoe “a Ts corte veaion othe Oa and Godless cx ensue wight wo ae nv sae ae Bes "= Lowilg: Te ood anor led wih he bly mg and min ote Gos an sea Benes tpt Drinking or Eating Te gy mihi ingested and cated ‘win Teas yours am arn awe isa ino be ‘sls elty nda sean, One of pean il uly be ‘oposie for doing eal gad Bei king casey 3 fareach person to make the sign of be hammer or some oter oly sign over the horn essing: The remaining yocton ofthe dink is poured fom he ‘nm ino te besing bow. An evegron spi sipped inthe dink nd ‘ed to sprinkle orbs” the row end he gered ref ‘Giving: The bow! is empid and sien wo divinity, Ie usally cenit on the ground tthe eto he arrow. 9. Leaving: The wor is declared dove and the gated folk eta 0 tir ortinary fame of min, TheSumble ‘oe sumbls adnkingstul hat ay ccmpny a stogo and co isovn, Asus hor psd and ang fe pate fol The ater othe sumBihaows bon a mas ta bos Ooh. Ae tse sss ithe pono hr rit Samet os a aod accordg oa an ive i int x, cch ees ee be ‘sods he oporunty speak xt ora an a Teast ate Eoin nbn ay ety Tn experince of egal nits Ho in Asin Tes, he sumble ‘asad ame prot mil tenes Wie tw {are fo fin eles ntouch th he vin an tr wort Kp and wise The wos fo on mat np eg ins such it word dso wor. The wid fie oop in eats 0 Sow unsung at kad ree a aon ad is maid ica and boast, Ths woe ld to wrk The get wos oft ‘eal he comext of sme cen ao etoson epee {pe fot math cos wih rena be gt oo end Feces Thus wrk kaso wo The ats mata sunble fe setso mocha fom of engaig non pt dot ry at stamens oF ‘ator oot on he renal st aad 0, nas 90 oni youstn ara rr of acon bef te gee fl whose ‘eps u vant wave An eat gh seins ketone hao a Sumber tne who wat make vow cnt alo tana rove a cath lok anal Beko wood on wich ie cx ar Pcs is ight ot when mang von TEsaot good gt dk a sb or you may fo youself commie ings tha eu eet next dy. Inthe Sap ofthe Sonn wares we ced no ag Cts he cn lt wl emi ny kt cles metic sable hel fora sng snes ora snal gp often Soc smb seites Knee near. ‘aig A meaning my go fore ing ound or mor deeaiog tu te mood te goo ands doiinof te suble spa tere a ‘pect eles or pes ar ewe ntl val be memory ang 34 may eel at at sie tthe contusion some of the le bol! owe ‘att the honored Go ABest “Te smb can follow a fivefold plano fort Pa Spe fk aber a acc acd able feo hing not ebetves with he sume ade or speak a he ia an lene a ce ga enka feist wile cess te spent 8 many ces ny ang the Horn: Theil aloted the bering ofthe bor (ota stayin modem contexsiftisa woman) Bangs De (eee ln sal gatherings tee fin noone person ate 12 Fertig te rman is imply passed fom one pessoa 4 tbe next singe Toe speaker gives ager iogucton te smb anaes wa i special purpose, any, e- The ales allowe a ag anor words of power it 1nd he le with vine ight incall to ind the purpose ote sub, 1 sen Tbe speker given the fist hor and makes te Gist oss ana poe Re ft founds aly ive the Gad nd bees. 1 ented have diferent customs i this Same give te Fist as Pee ond to Gs an the thd 1 tae ancestors and Bess whl Cai ata asd purl upon india nspiraons, Ano aa eo ve on ound f the Gods te second 1 he aero a ae ne sit nid nspizaion, Aner way io gee eros a ain de soc o hot, an the hed © Fey and Fea ad fs oon toast pw inlidals. You may use te opperanty 10 42 eS al magia work when te Bor OES YU Way oe a aor te rounds a compet andthe inspiron bs nc dats ctls nee (be Fouts an etre the purpose of Tommi to tave been complet. a land matary-enkng seve tke the Gods a aneestos ative in ree ad mids tobe how tans eh ose which unas tod 1 ee ears very feof ws who pact the ia suai of annette ald dye poole Kaew how tial sly an. anal won sr death a ancient ies itas the practice to beable Sy 8 te ua sh a way tat it woud feet no ter or sin in se irwee ob are byte enn wuld e ety suet (ete Gator Goes who eresponds w i eses othe til ‘peste fow ofa wi ual backgrounds re incapable of in nan appropiate manner, Tarefore we usaly get mea! fam De aie a Pe want to have meat in Our Dissing fast 35 Lig eal md ber a te ‘in blessings. We usually use the best bos wale Inport A et aes an er eal ‘from on countries where possible. = ‘Md te mos prize ridin nb nd lesingy, but ier Te en oe ches Nanya na a ‘our own, In Appendix A you will find instructions for brewing 7 cree Parton folks do not like alcobol and sme a oppo 2 it even in small quantities as a matter of princig a Setup sted, Youtay even someones saa —— fe ern ere pigaaghtietgemeat Srer oncom el ase wilt rao ene manda rl tay nhs arto nor The cote aos See ine nteaee ee iarrenrnciengeterenn Seana Secs metaeeatcemnveat, eee at ly the seas . Gieotbendton pte own rience ner aioe taints en heme ere elie ih iil ewe te Toy mie See ae eeearoeemaae perce ‘97g fb i svalow ein pig, be ming oa ea Taree uaemaicener, eta eter - cng that he very survival of our ancestors was often dependant on Easy ccaasaere bering, Ths ova tose cog eee Seacecemree eres Eeueaorennarcn ere Seeeeeeci eens eet ananeteeeetd 36 ‘Yule-Tide Winter Nights Disting Easter Harvest ‘Thing’s Tide Walburga / May Day ‘Midsummer gue 7.1 Fight Ting of the Desig Nowadays we usally gather whenever its most convenizat 0 he mos people ally on a woskend In his we ate simply recognizing te new ‘ecto our conc exisene: the five-day work week and weekend ce, ‘Te ncn agricul mode of cyclical producti cetainiy moe ‘sana hove o spa ut conceuing the cycles af how things a being but the soceconom at of ou cata existences as {tis today can wot be gnred in shaping a proctal alfr ody and temorow which en harmony with OU DS. ul olins of he performance ofthese wally policy bel Blessings auc given in A Book of Tro Using the ninefold soca supplied on Page ScD eae) pon pie re more amo pin Wie an wsng 2 ro Oe ma yen bo tow do Bsn oe make sa aha be oe om spa ron ncn frites meen lbw ee 37 oatribte wo the call by ang cals to Gods et cut by oter speakers, or by ‘xjudng on call tthe Gods and Goddesses ea med. "Typically a Hearth will ave is own schdul of sunbles and memory- “inking herces and ancesrs. Some ofthe heres inci th old ‘Asan Fie Assombly calendar ar: King Radbod of Frisia, Eyvind Kino, Raw, Ragnr Lobrok chose wh soko Linisfme, Ek he Red Lal "Enksson and the Elna. A the nisl Hof we Bld sume bose uposo sate nt known anil we are underway. ‘The Hammes Working ‘The Hammer Workings the means y which stead is hallowed and ward (guard fr holy work. Tis es the stead part tom inary fs toteing on ritual or mie tine and space. A is tie partcipans should entre ighst and most godike fame of mind. ‘hiss the st par ofthe Blessing ad begins withthe fl guthered oat ad he speaker standing atte aro feng north. The speaker os tlockwise teach of te earn ection (ast, out, wes and Bak oe ot) and males he sign of the hamier in he rin rot hh with ‘and (and), hauner ke, or oust tre ngs. Begin wth your fm sche ou slightly above your head pining nor. Daw the aod own ote the af of he hammer signa: sown a igure 7.2. See and feelhaly power rating trough te gand and at the a When you have & owing vertical lin before you, a back your tm and move te gant. {he ight ofthe glowing af and move te gand and ace a horizontal ine stunder he lower ti ofthe vertical ne ace the hammer bead, Then apne te completed bammer sign hovering before you. AS oer you trace he sign you may ropeat fom sac a Hammer in he nor (es, ‘out, west above below allow and Rod this boy ten.” Thee ae ote mula wed in Osis eles aswell begin end ‘igure 72: Tracing ofthe Hamme Sign ‘SSgning Sambo ‘rng the besing nd sumbls, is wu hat when the dik comes fo you jog wah hammer once oly ign Tis maybe done wit et ngt fist a tame ken or sme oer oly sigh The Ramet is acetone he dink and hovers overt dink lowing Fel them of te TEAS tow it the dink. As you dink imagine the mip el in be ‘rnefiling yoo up completely with sacred power. “R Bsing for Al the Gods and Goddesses ‘Ay en example of comple besing formula. which ca be we fr sy acted pspore, such as making ase oly or celebaing oe of he Grea ‘Betas (eis ond Nédsommes), we present he completa ofa formal esi sured inte Ring of Tot 1. Hallowing “Te hanes tos prfonned at he coocuson of which th pear RS stead aowe for our worker tay (ongh AS te God ‘nts ty Ba ge 0s ends war pasta aoty whan ways” 2 Reading. ay) Panna epee or le reading Som te Pet a oer moll suc 3 Rede The pater sy crue aa we uber gether in sng) of oreo ge am aan ess ates who dve a Ax We cal apo 0 a io might ad main oor es, We all upon eal —e Taycomy bing ara wine sb Od Lam” cat “iat ear mates the following cl. Ate cach cal. th gue flk shoe leane othe God or Codd beng called with rae sn a tenet We ive te wekmel™ ‘ai we are cwed they rah ‘we sty tue to thee fore, altri bright and Dlires gue 8 ‘riggs ty fat ond wisdom hep ll ihn apples ware 04” 25 Thor fy thunder ward our ms Freja, et fed fom yi, Frost nce we ge hares of ith 7 Fora ful ndertnding of be concep of “oly and tence nay") see Br Tors estay ented "The Holy" in Green Ria (pp 4550) 39 Tena any of divine atibates f te Gods and Goes just cali sec byte speaker, ter each te Weave ea aber fle sot "We gv hoe une-Lord, Onestanded God, Holder ofthe Hringhors, Lay of ie Gods and Godeses, ‘Keeper ofthe Apples, Guardian of Asgard, Holder ofthe Brisingamen Gof he Ware Again ea a oun ol your names, be on ere = the have come to give you the gifts of friendship: oe atti Coty ete Cases, al a foe i del meter & Landa ‘The speaker pous mead (or other rin) ito the Bor, ist aloft and says "We pve you te gits of our works woven an blended with the might ad main ofthis mea, It ends ws —~ Gods nd folk togeter — el nor stiving ovards the shining pain where the words and wigs wel in ‘ach ofthe ghee fol Fach makes the sign ofthe bammer of term of tte hom before dining Each nee reminder ofthe mead oa dink ‘spore ito we biesing Dolby the speaker. 7. Blessing ‘The speaker now plaka the harrow or tal and the wi : tered ft wit "The lesings of he Gods anda he Goddesses of our fo be upon st & Giving After he besing is completed, he speaker pours he contats oft essing ow! ou upon the are ground to he est of he . row vith te "73, ad eg dame ya ol Gnd -Govldesses of our folk.” bas ie 40 9, Leaving “The speaker retuasto the barrow rsa and says crn mk oneal ong Krew ro way eos, and ose toward ow goals with mighty moods, wise wens, {heats oucowm powers eve boldng oi als to ureles and 0 Our ‘okt a1 Chapters FEASTS, DANCES, DRAMA AND GAMES Indeation ines he major sings were he ies of peat tay solcsktratins Biss Ne semi gat ext which Steiff we enn Tey mig cede sera ms aod sed ance. Thugh ay of ts eves wes ly enn ty ‘ee nvr ay God er an pny toa gh eve ian od chs a sg of ascent ak at rays tae pe and post ben ei nd caf, mad a ‘days To cn The est pial flows te Bsn. Tecan be as single oas ister yor va Ifyou douschane he weal coches Slr et. low am rary wa In ding You can oe eng ‘re The scat wl tenga ys scat ih be eg itjou wat owl eyo em fo srr sith temo of he sing You mi a to mia est of tata open ot Iya ch our ods with sng coer thsean and wich aly power a sgl te sear eto hig Lok tong Es, ss doe leva ates, ‘cag Eee sid eon oan easing opel Aes othe Gods nd eso ote Deng The mir dees a own ove en acid with ai anima, sone oth scifi hat neta bess Fey ay ‘our wh ary an alfonso eealy ne tne el Fe called pr fr go ares (Cale fos nl ees we dials hyo Fey Ther let an iy proc al perk nd Stage rine, and beet ay be ene es Ste ey Frys aso Go frat oe el Bary, nha oe sae a odin lowe ads ance ya leant ad er sts soto Pork my be amen a ya east bt you maya fi den extn evga foo mae ter Apes my ob allowed woe Weddny ees mie ‘alien name dina Tym bob oor wi se enV be ihr yt ct oan pk sgh ich eps el ‘hinged. Thy men se ae, Oi als ns wi te on Soaben Biro Sach pt comune nt ses Ol Thos ro tt wh wold ene hemes air bg sie andconsncd—tha ater yee py alow y be ‘nme fthe God Mia fol, Ths goat nt does ctr bt ty we land wen sero oe pe ston (Tb mar was peal gien oe Gs ad Gus aoe Sotas ise myc pmb ag iaking nat ens eyo 2 ‘Gos) Gout meat and iy prods ae good for Tor blessings. Tor aso ten tobe ike bering and oatmeal ‘Pagan Hake sping £0 tis to sep an amb hat shes 4 woud ba get oso tr wid ame pie Bt ple er asec ree Na aight exe mex mr was Mee are ten Bone me emo a i akg nt Homo devs he Nt seen the Gao deat) you igh ext ae. vaso ane nc ek an ited plas 0h 8 oe eee an syn ke fon your allowed. i ted gy ail at Aa rons ak a ran pam. Cts ss be nce as Jeune mes for sms al he Gods ad bar aaa a ffl sas infin by Bos Goa teton tet of ebont wel a 05, bi, bl and 0 rset you might spy male he sgn te bane ve ere ts ester might low his oer shar Wi er i easy ash r long payer ov: ee On he or Ber NGuindatie deere cooks pose nto ace en and oo cach fn mage pes nite ea © eas ci Hing ad een ober ngs. aes “The clebratonof major blessage is fen accompanied by the paying of aunee Necro ges asad wit pauls boy ies have sureived {Bout camo. Oily they bad mythie meaning nd religions aipncanee eh hs ben lst ver Une or been reir in tes of ‘Christan myths. ALone me sae ges may ave Been meri 8. nortan to the celebrations a the blessings emsees. row of he beac sacrificial games ive on in America ober tha snobted communes of Gemaniceiic sock. The Ease gg Dut is one ‘Sor game pacsiced natal Acie. Many games have survive nto ‘Beton eran Europe Te Troth buses many ofits games on tes. I Tho modem vival Kindred expbasz th physic ema bat contests of vung idem wef also much prt of cor ancestral olebatos. The TE Rea Fre Assembly Alig use to feat an axe how a abe os, ‘St anctstack course know as he ut naples cous. For chile hee ‘ihc ve when te Aing was bed atte astride, The caer toss 68 [ental coment ose who can how alarge heavy poe the farthest. ‘Mostot thn games ed tobe inked i specifi seasonal rents tess Sut ests as hare pe Sram, bole kicking, iting and oars citoms and pence racing or siping ae inked with he str (tot Bowe hcking is Uke a umber of er steet games such a he Sey Hood game, ba tis played wih a small on oped barel or bt. 43 “wo ans often manda, nd not essary even nes set {t= foal ttle where to te ov goa ine, Th tans re {Sortins mate up of val tan tego mtnes wor tres ‘leap Te gun goes onl socbody win, and san ate en bau Wrtig wat anes common py coe In te Ving Age dctingeoters were someins ho et The vine oa be ced ‘eholdtis dink Suggeng dk would ot ‘Accrtng othe Reman in Tacs he Grane were fondo aibing wi ee at they woud sometines pane way vey feo Fah Goma slvr as general bel be wore an eth ‘Semana fenton ng nei, Woot ow be erat ane ot ety Goma de anes, Dut aaem ones ae ‘in the same spisit. ee “ining ist com in wich wane face meno no ci nd Ve em op allowing hemo be ced wih ives x mote. Hoskie et cy ih ee ce ow ni ‘ops aloving tem oom benscives wih money orks, The fbi ye rs ae eves aa men chase vom pene racing wore ce wil apna pa Wc hy must ‘ip a least three times before reaching the finish line, . } "Name or me se prac! oosboot cp an renin ‘ome rf ners. hse may eevee soars chs ‘Gomme's British Folk-iore. i ‘intellectual games include riddle contests, poetry contests, man-matchi i sre const Riles were a common mesa feaing wt moog te ‘ly Geman popes though hae eveop iy. Arse of ‘hing er no cay wo wile cht i forts The bt sore rte oma gt heathen Viking sto ede Saga cmt lest Cesta Te tides are reset ine fom of aie comet vec ng He end Gestanbtins, ho ely Onn in ge, Tes ies nay Be once ‘in al son mtr poner al cnn ih holy t Speer tee ng machi ings a Apa ole fn ‘egos falls ‘well in te so Taw passing scapes on a compe ter st bind up tind eae tote billows riding on ood witout beat i was Bore. “Tis ile poe, king Heidrekt Solon: A dead ene on a dead Hore onan cetiow Hating don aver, 48 Posty is cures ead more a sumbls than in contests, but as ‘amily with he messing and form of true German oct increases, 90 ‘wl he ocatens of ents ‘The mins Hot in Austin plays ore game called Mimi Head Game that ists on Odi lore contest with be giant Vath (2 *Vatbnim inthe Poetic Eda). We typically hold he game in dake by elec fait as wo woulda sumble. Whoever seems the ‘nos versed in lore dsignid the chet. "he ce bas befor him 8 ‘dnkng bor tht symbolizes his ehieCam. The chit challenges each o the ‘tor players with qursoos or ides regnding mat of eer oe. “Typically we are wo lit te game wo singe poem from the Poetic Ba ‘leo prepared. The ci fumes s questo and ask tof the firs person tobie righ I at person answers comet as judged by the ci Be says inthe cle sa payer, fot be has ost is bead and pancpates 0 more “The cit tc aks te second and third and o forth. On the second round those who answer he cietanrighy may as the chi Ihe chit answers Fig then be asks he second Ite che answers wrongly, the be is ut ‘ofthe game and the one who asked te gueston kes his pace. the chit ‘am go nine rounds witout geting knocked ut, hes led "We High One” “The lgh One sable to doce which ody fle wil be eovered om the “The High One only educed othe sas of chen he is unable to answer a questo ight. The ser of that question may then ask the cet ‘Serer question fo tempt to nek in oat and became che in bis ts be chi falls be su, ad if be answers ighly he may recovers High ‘One sais allowing he challenge to ask him thee questions and answering them righ e may oterwise cover High One sas by going tree mare rounds hit The High One may propose ne rules. Each who would tGallenge te new roles may ask he High One three question. the High ‘Onc answers all ight, tule becomes aw. We have found atin ‘paring for thes gates we windup knowing the poems gute we, We ae Proposing that we Dave a yesrly contest a which the game pent all Edi lore. We may ld these Mini's Head Games t national Osa ‘abeings Dass "Tae gure and ound dances of moder Earopean folk dancing ae survival fhe seed danes made around harrow es aol and ‘ter holy places Typical of folk dancing a ning cleo xupes who themselves spin odise while moving i large cee tat moves ‘nein counter clacewise). Those who know the sre hoogh ita Wodk il fod tat our fo dances elie ata and give an easy ink to They frame of mind. No wonder the Church was so adamantly opposed to ‘dncing By negating foe dancing back into our blsings and feasts we velco and undetand te lest anguage ctl dance and dams. 45 outave x openly epee he pl ade vaio om ema Englst an Sealant dang. gh we en pags © ‘ogre an eri he iets oe gases toting af be dances ca hn se ht at et npr Inte contest of stave sng ema aoe cha Se th te ong ot wedge a bs sae. Anca etl an iat dams sexo ini de a sive in lk das asibemanning pay Mors dining. or dag svar esas invng te ge ma he toby ba nd te ack in te Ge “he cena ne ft uern ky i cont eter wo opi a hee nde on te haps Somes combats ove a woman he Maldon Theses comes ‘teeta tn eval ete bo n ‘section tes Dgs umn ays ne raat a etn eA tuber oe da hom unsef ie Foe Ea ay beep w nen by pay 46 Chapter DAILY HOLY WORKINGS ‘The ways in whch we renew ur connection with be holy during our ly sounds vais great from on individual to aoe, Some os have 8 ‘Secof daily workings endl medaons he do at dierent ines ofthe day inowerto cor temeelves ead rae ter awareness of he pial a thor lives. Oters Tet such awareness come and gost wil. Dally workings courage eur elation ofthe divine and beng increases knowlege of ‘bebo never ite vA Book of Trovh daily workings ae given fr saing anew dy, oon ie eating abd reing wo seep Here we wish 0 expand on he aka preseted here "Waking i good time to get off on tbe ight foot, teal. Puig be right shoe on fit or he est Ou pce, slong as its done in 8 ‘onecioot and intctional manne, sa wadional way of reparing youself toe mindful of taking height tps thoughout he day, Put your right foot forward an jump int he fy. As alate fo the geting to Suna fiven in A Boot of Troth you may use the "baling of Day" ven nthe Siniunal” ofthe Poetic Hae Hail Day! Hail he sons of Day! Heil Night andthe daughters of Might! Lok onus with indy eyes and give vitory to hose sanding here Heal the sir, ail he Asya! ail 0h on he Rnd earth! Grant us healing hands while we Wve! [As you rect tis prayer strike a poste with your amas ied on high sad spc ina V-sbape, ‘Donning your Tors Hammer or oe holy token should also be done every and petbaps te acompeni by afm sch "Tis gy shall ‘ring vew woos, get doings, Poandless lick nd bapisess unending — bythe night of ths Bammer" The aesvios of he coming day might ‘wsrant a pil fori et Yur being fr the work aad andi call on the strength ofthe appropriate ites. "The days of the week ere ddicad to cu Gena Gos and sl eat tc mames, Toes te cy of Tw (Ty), Wednesday isthe day of ‘Wore (or Od), Trey te dy of Than (or Thon, wile Fay te day of Frigg (or rig). Monty and Sunday ae the days of he moon tn sn espetively, whe Satrdy sarod aftr he Raman God Sat, Telnet knowa as lagardagur, which means "washing yt 47 ‘yascstomary to ete and lean things cn that ay In peinple Serray ‘an bea dy daicated to a Godse anotr wight of Yur chosing. The ‘ginal Germanic weak had oly five ay, so ctber names were ae in ‘oe moe tines. "You can ncade an tcknowladpment ofthe deity of the yin your ‘nonin frmala. Daring the day you might also look to see the infaenes| ‘ofthe det inte events of tat ay "To bes You food o drink yo may simply make the ig ofthe ‘amer over he fae. You aight aso recite Some formal ell upon godly ‘might and visualize o el the might being loaded ino the food odin, Fel ts might eit is mgestos, Some sly sgn the hammer crete a payer ‘oremnd themselves of he sacaity ofthe event. "Te hammer may be signd wih the hand ora bamumer token. cis also eon among tv fk bis the meal nthe name of parca deity, ‘ch 8 Fey or Norns, signing witha symbol approprise tat God and {onvoke that God's power. You may also give some smal ken portion of sour food ona oan appropriate animal as ascii. Giving ito a nasol eto fo stay dog or catcan serve i you seit IFdoae rope, rowing craps in compos eap or it the garden could serve as ‘offering othe gids wish Persona len, i done consciously, has reat psa value. This is an opportuni to was avay levi an ei inuences ano make fujosments to encourage wanted intbences and moods. Washing may became an opportaniy wo wash away -wil runright inking and ways. ‘These are ways that do not move you tovar the achievement of your goals you feet any lines or iltemper, depression, and oe, you may 0 ‘wah them aay With he batho ower water. A foal sch ase folowing may accompany his neo visualizing and fekng he ddsbannonious ifuences in Your ie and mood owing dv he dain, "Water wash aay al wil om my bear and hig." ‘You ca also do tls washing in a water basin and then tke itm peered place of dxposa. You might then ern itt he earth of your own Jordan call ont ate for poten. } ‘The disposal fbr and mal pairings ls hand in a saced mn ‘Thay ace genealy given bak othe earth In he Germanic mytology the ah is sai have ado of the les ofthe primeval Pros GianRime- ‘ha, Yair, Fingers maybe considered o be sh. Tres wee fashioned rn Yair’ hair itis apyoprate to dispose of shorn a ear 8 {recor a rove. folklore Fridays are said be aaspicous days for he ‘Sipping abl cepa of mas. nthe Es earls carded nal pings tus aid tn cont to the feces Of o0-conscous choos amassing for ‘Ragnar ore fal conlagraton of tbe word a3 cet of ay 0 mee rae woe i i rere ato wast meine few te ie ir noodles pays Maino cane uy of inp ig aoe aera erica ele een on nly nd te we crue So ire sy le at lows it 0 ne ope aii st ery motte youn do yo gear godin aaa eet ew nas sn cater oul nd iA cease cay tne jmp ko be iy. ae nd eee youn at oveitac re une ch thw yr ang vn ac ict apt nate fra few monet eee auc aflame cq ely fons Gem ues pon ly acne wet Sone ee Seibert st boot cal we, wot a ty of SSE arc ay te yee a The nga ie ‘stove pt are ne ich om ceria i wd precepts to unscrew ober ner Fer once be mys oun ts Es. Tink aba wo sscog wut. You wilco p wh uber of gos ESSER SPA om il orcmpant nada mn canst sn ‘Spare tear of te my gas wi os om our mane. Se san te nines ote yh usb mong ae Sse e ium ou ova mr. Wa set 38 a made br ny td ent he mean an it Peete ents your vi a say myth eons sd sa erento, Wis yon ae ng hat ese vats Te Saati pe oft ou eon! as. The pee veo Feet maar bey se sncualy apa The sates De eae etre ie Copl get f fen sem rat [Ect upouroven re Te beter ve nan ese ‘Tern eto ecm ene pens on rae ibe ae odo htt eet sie. ab Pet Esco re lel a est mets ale le poms Macht th sear ove 0 nding Sy ata on otha th mete ice sen nt See cea constant retin be ae ea Fee ean 2st rae yu pot ae fe SHAR sr. you vats gt ing be mode ns victim eal potens Scot ne poet. a9 Chap 10 LANDTAKING “This chapters about caning new lan, leaving old property, new oases, and warding the land galas unwanted infeaces, Woethr yo ae ‘moving nto anew aparment for afew mous, oar setting dow for 4 etme, you will want wo make the land nd the space your ova forthe ene of th ay, ‘Our most stant cla ancestors — the smo ndo-Buropes ‘ibemen — were a migrating lot They moved from place to place oten— ‘ode Americans st meh ike them in many ways. But the spiral eater ‘ofthe folk — to be found ultimately not i the land bat abe Bea ofthe folie — is whereever the fo sa tat tine, The ene ofthe wl is Aamobileone— this is. fat that we ll meow andes. tis iene ‘om ou oes. ‘Viking Ag sures give ust basics nd flk-ways give ws atonal ‘acs forthe ecensteon othe andakng ceremony of he Tetons. Od [Nos this process is known as anda. During the Viking Age i ad ‘acre frat rom he old dweling were brought othe new and. The Hse ‘Some around the perimeter ofthe now teoy and te sad uur, ‘most typically th igh eat or porch plas, asta athe site of te "ew bath The highest plas Seem o have bee hoe that sod at the sids ofthe tench where the Bed f te household presided over fess in he ‘mi. They may have bee plas tat supported the oo andthe porch plas er likely dose dar stood tore the man enance ofthe ball. These piles my have been dedicated dels and be ben carved with seed med, Some ofthese — especialy ase sarod the God Thor — were alo, stud with “goly nail." You may want w cry Ge fom te head a the ‘od dling othe new ste Beart abound the propery ina procession and ‘en the ames ofthe new Dearth and tal ve way to cap the ame ‘sor sistances iby meas ofa propane Ianem or atber pote and safe fame, Anober optons wo Kode the haves aes att ne sea as you might rekindle the Name o the year atthe Yale This would met ‘rationally be a neesfire generat by tcson between to lees of WoT bymeans oa device such re-di, tough tl hay seat ‘Whe te ew fires ready, itshould be Boren a procession made up of ‘eae inhabits and pethaps some of tei ens a fail. Toe rocesson should not aly go around the Boundaries of th propery but should also go around he house ise inside and ode. Apatncat