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Photo © Petzl - John Evans

V/5 03.02.11

Petzl Sequoia C690F0 Petzl Sequoia SRT C69AF0

Harness designed for double rope progression Harness designed for single rope progression
techniques techniques

• Twin webbing constructed waist belt offers an impressive • Designed for both traditional as well as single rope
balance between excellent support and breathability climbing techniques
• Gated positioning rings can be opened to allow for easy • Includes a waist connection point at the front as well
replacement of suspension bridges, insertion of swivels as a shoulder strap connection point at the rear to
and triangulation adjustment of these rings accommodate a CROLL + SECUR + SCREW LINK chest
• 5 gear loops, 2 side plastic rings to attach hand saws, 7 ascender assembly, TOP or TOP CROLL chest harness
webbing slots to accept 4 small and 3 large CARITOOL • The waist connection point can also be used to connect a
holders descent control device
• Available in 2 sizes • Other features as per SEQUOIA C690F0
• CE EN 358, EN 813 • Available in 2 sizes
• CE EN 358, EN 813

Petzl Sequoia Swing C69SFA

Harness for double rope progression with integrated
seat Petzl Newton C73000
Basic full body harness
• Padded seat with unique width adjustment system
• Sliding seat connection for increased mobility • Lightweight, robust
• FAST buckle on all main straps • Dorsal and sternal attachments
• Gated positioning rings for easy suspension adjustments • Can be fitted with optional JAK vest
• Other features as per SEQUOIA C690F0 • Available in waist size 1 (75-104cm) size 2 (97-125cm)
• Available in 2 sizes • CE EN 361
• CE EN 358, EN 813

Petzl Secur C74

Shoulder Straps

Petzl Ring S C04620 • Adjustable shoulder straps for use

Small aluminium ring for installation Petzl Bridge Replacements with ventral rope clamp for rope
on suspension bridge C69200 25, C69200 30, C69200 35 climbing
• Girth hitched to the rear ring of a
• To facilitate manoeuvres • Replacement suspension bridges for SIT harness
• Equalise harness loading SEQUOIA • One size
• CE marked • Available in 3 sizes: 25, 30 & 35cm • Not PPE
Harnesses & Helmets

Petzl Navaho SIT C79000 Petzl TOP C81000 Petzl TOP Croll C81C00
Work positioning SIT harness Chest harness transforms Navaho Chest harness transforms Navaho
SIT harness into fall arrest harness SIT harness into full body harness
• 1 ventral and 2 lateral attachment for rope access
points for multiple work positioning • Single sternal attachment point for
options connecting fall arrest systems • Integrated CROLL ventral rope
• Wide waist belt with rear restraint • Widely spaced padded shoulder clamp for ascending ropes
point straps • Other features as TOP C81000
• Can be converted to a fall arrest • Integrated ventral connector • Available in 2 sizes
harness with the TOP / TOP CROLL • Available in 2 sizes • With SIT or SEQUOIA SRT harness:
• Available in 2 sizes • With SIT or SEQUOIA SRT harness: CE EN 361, EN 12841 Type B
• CE EN 358, EN 813 CE EN 361

Petzl Vertex Vent A10V_A Petzl Vertex Best A10B_A Petzl Alveo Vent A20V_A
Ventilated helmet for work at height Designed specifically for work at Lightweight ventilated helmet for
and rescue height and rescue work at height and rescue

• Features adjustable ventilation which • Features fully adjustable cradle and • Highly ventilated tough ABS shell and
can be closed with internal sliding high strength chinstrap for comfort expanded polystrene liner
shutters and security • CenterFit headband adjustment
• Fully adjustable cradle and high • Custom moulded ABS shell with side wheels give precise, quick sizing for a
strength chinstrap for comfort and slots for mounting face shield and /or secure fit
security hearing protection • Moulded slots for mounting hearing
• Custom moulded shell with side • CenterFit headband adjustment protection and PIXA headlamp
slots for mounting face shield and/or wheels give precise, quick sizing for a • Accepts VIZIR eye protection
hearing protection secure fit • Four clips for mounting a headlamp
• CenterFit headband adjustment • Integral headlamp clips & moulded with an elastic headband
wheels give precise, quick sizing for a slot for mounting PIXA headlamp • Available in various colours
secure fit • Available in various colours • CE EN 12492
• Integral headlamp clips & moulded • ABS Shell to CE EN 397
slot for mounting PIXA headlamp • Chinstrap to EN 12492
• Available in various colours
• CE EN 12492

Petzl Pantin B02 ALA / ARA

Foot Ascender
Petzl Ascentree B19 WAA • For use with CROLL, ASCENSION and/or ASCENTREE
Double handed arborist rope clamp
rope clamps
• Releases from the rope with simple backwards movement
• For ascending double ropes in trees using the ‘footlock’
of the foot
technique or with two PANTIN foot ascenders
• Not PPE
• For ropes of 8 to 13mm diameter
• CE marked

Petzl I’D D200L0

Self-braking descender and belay device
Petzl Ascension B17 WLA / WRA
Handled ascender • Locks if handle is released or if pulled too hard
• Anti-error catch helps to safeguard against incorrect
• Inclined teeth and self-cleaning slots for grip on wet, icy or threading
muddy ropes • Can be used to belay a climber or lower loads up to
• Left and right handed models 250kg
• For ropes of 8 to 13mm diameter • May be used as a locking pulley in a hauling system
• CE EN 567, EN 12841 Type B, NFPA L • For ropes 11.5 – 13mm diameter
• CE EN 341 Type A, EN 12841 Type C, NFPA L

Petzl Tuba B12

Petzl Croll B16 AAA Friction brake for descent
Chest mounted ascender
• Allows the lowering of loads over a long distance
• Special shape for mounting against the body • Designed to allow passage of knots
• Rectangular upper hole for support strap • NFPA G
• For ropes of 8 to 13mm diameter
• CE EN 567, EN 12841 Type B

Petzl Caritool P42 / P42 L

Petzl Treesbee C04110 Tool holder
False Crotch
• Slides into the slots or webbing of almost any Petzl
• Recoverable anchor strop harness
• 110cm length • Tools can be attached and removed with one hand
• 15kN breaking load • 2 sizes – standard 5kg max. load, large 15kg max. load
• EN 795 B • Not PPE

Petzl Swivel P58 S


• 85mm overall height

• Prevents rope from twisting Petzl Paw Plate P63 S / M / L
• 23kN breaking load Rigging plate
• CE marked
• For easy organization of the work area and for creating
multiple anchor systems
• 19mm holes allow the locking sleeves of most karabiners
to pass through
• CE NFPA G marked
Petzl Swivel P58 L
Large Swivel

• 105mm overall height

• Designed for two-person load
• Up to 3 connectors can be attached to the ends
• 36kN breaking load
• CE NFPA 1983 G

Petzl Mobile P03A

Versatile compact pulley

• For ropes of up to 13mm diameter

• Lightweight & compact
Petzl Grillon L52 A • Compatible with all shapes of karabiners
Compact adjustable lanyard • CE EN 12278

• Used to build a work restraint or work positioning system

• Can also be used to create adjustable anchor lifelines
• Easy and precise length adjustment
• Removable protective sheath protects the rope from
abrasive contact
• CE EN 358, EN 795 B

Petzl Fixe P05W

Lightweight compact pulley
Petzl Podium S70
Seat for all-day comfort • Designed for hauling systems and deviations
• Fixed side plates allow quick installation and coupling with
• Wide seat for stability and leg mobility a rope clamp
• Adjustable suspension straps with DoubleBack buckles • For use with oval shape karabiners
• 3 gear loops • CE EN 12278
• Not PPE

Petzl Am’D Triact M34 TL

Triple action automatic locking
Petzl Oxan M72 SL / TL
Petzl Rescue P50A Steel oval locking karabiner • Keylock system
High strength, high efficiency pulley • 28kN BL (main axis-closed gate)
• High quality steel connector • CE EN 362 and EN 12275 Type K/B
• Designed to manoeuvre heavy loads • Keylock system prevents
or for intensive use unexpected snagging of the
• 38mm diameter sheave mounted karabiner when clipping
on sealed ball bearings for excellent • 27kN (main axis closed gate)
efficiency • TRIACT LOCK or SCREW LOCK
• 36 kN breaking load • Large gate opening 19-21mm
• CE EN 12278, NFPA G • CE EN 362

Petzl Am’D Ball-Lock M34 BL

Automatic locking karabiner

• Ball-lock system
• Alloy barrel
• 28kN BL (main axis-closed gate)
• CE EN 362 and EN 12275 Type B/K

Petzl Vulcan M73 SL / TL

Petzl Minder P60A High strength, large opening steel
High strength, high efficiency
locking karabiner
Prusik pulley
• Large size allows easier connection
• Swing side plates designed for use
of multiple elements
with prusiks
• Wide opening gate 29-31mm Petzl William Ball-Lock M36 BL
• 51mm diameter sheave mounted on
• Keylock system helps prevent Automatic locking karabiner
sealed ball bearings
unexpected snagging of the
• 36kN breaking load
karabiner when clipping • Pear shape with wide opening
• CE EN 12278, NFPA G
• 40kN (main axis closed gate) • Ball-lock system
• TRIACT LOCK or SCREW • Alloy barrel
LOCK • 25kN BL (main axis-closed gate)
• CE EN 362 • CE EN 362 and EN 12275 Type K/B/H

Petzl Twin P65A

Highly efficient double Prusik
Petzl OK Oval M33 TL
Symmetrical locking karabiner
Petzl William Triact M36 TL
• Swing side plates designed for use
Triple action automatic locking
with a prusik friction hitch
• 2 parallel mounted sheaves and • Oval shape for optimum positioning
auxiliary attachment point of devices • Pear shape with wide opening
• 51mm diameter sheaves mounted • Ideal for pulley systems • Keylock system
on sealed ball bearings • 24kN breaking load (main axis- • 25kN BL (main axis-closed gate)
• 36 kN breaking load closed gate) • CE EN 362 and EN 12275 Type
• CE EN 12278 NFPA G • CE EN 362 EN 12275 Type B K/B/H
Ropes & Rope Accessories

Beal Ginkgo BCST12.200

Low stretch rope
Beal Baobab Split Tail
• Light and highly flexible BCST135.01 Petzl Eclipse S03Y
• 12mm diameter Storage cube for throw-cord, fits in
• 200m length • 13.5mm Baobab split tails Petzl Bucket Bag
• Breaking load: 2700kg • 120 or 160cm
• Weight 92g per metre • 3000kg breaking load • Large opening facilitates easy cord
• CE EN 1891 Type A • CE EN 1891 Type A storage
• Double bottom allows two throw-
lines to be stored separately
• Two attachment points to separate
the rope ends
• Four mesh pockets to hold the
throw bags
Beal Bonsai BCST13 Beal Prusik Volcano BV12 70 /
Low stretch rope BV12 90
Prusik knot rope
• Multi-purpose rope
• 13mm diameter • 12mm diameter
• 50, 100 & 200m lengths • 2200kg breaking load
• Breaking load: 3400kg • CE EN 354
• Weight 98g per metre
• CE EN 1891 Type A

Petzl Bucket Bag S41Y 025 /

Beal Baobab BCST135 S41Y 035
Beal Trunk BLT Fabric pack
Low stretch rope Lowering sling
• Bag remains upright
• Great strength & flexibility for size • 20mm diameter • External zippered pocket
• 13.5mm diameter • 3m, 5m and 7m length • Transparent external window
• 100 & 200m lengths • Breaking load: 8000kg • Two large carrying handles
• Breaking load: 3000kg • 1100kg WLL • Adjustable straps
• Weight 119g per metre • Interior ring can be used as an
• CE EN 1891 Type A attachment point for rope
• Waterproof fabric

Beal Regate BREG10.100

Prusik knot rope
Beal Top Trunk BLTT
• For use as a prusik knot rope Lowering sling Petzl Spatha Knife S92 S / L
• 10mm diameter Knife with karabiner hole
• 100m length • 20mm diameter
• Breaking load: 1700kg • 3m and 4m length • Large knife has smooth blade, small
• Weight 73g per metre • Breaking load: 8000kg knife has serrated blade
• CE marked • 1100kg WLL • Can be attached to a karabiner
Headlamps / Accessories

All products in this brochure are distributed in the UK

and Ireland by Lyon Equipment Ltd. For technical
information about any of these products, please contact
us using the details below:

Lyon Equipment Limited

PIXA 3 E78CHB Junction 38, M6
Professional multi functional Ortlieb First Aid Kit Bag OD12 Tebay
headtorch Waterproof bag with Velcro roll Cumbria
closure CA10 3SS
• 3 lighting modes: broad, mixed and T. +44 (0) 15396 26250
focused • Small pouch with or without contents F. +44 (0) 15396 24857
• 55 metre beam / 50 lumens max • Can be clipped around harness
• Easy-to-use rotating side switch webbing E-mail work.rescue@lyon.co.uk
• Lamp body can be tilted through 45°
• Very robust - excellent resistance to
falls (2 mtrs) and impacts (80 kg) Available from:
• Comfortable adjustable headband,
easily detachable for washing
• Atex Zone 2 compatible
• IP 67 - waterproof to -1 mtr / resistant
to chemicals
• 2x AA batteries (alkaline, rechargeable
and lithium compatible) Aquapac Key Master AQ604
• CE marked Suitable for car immobilisers / credit
cards etc

• Submersible to 5 metres
• Keeps out water, dust & sand

Petzl e+LITE E02 P2

Intrinsically safe, emergency
headtorch with integrated whistle
Ex 3 GD Ex ic IIC T6, Ex td A22, IP68

• Total dependability – can be stored Aquapac Phone / GPS Case

with batteries for 10 years
AQ104, AQ114 & AQ124
• 2 lighting levels; economic & maximum
Suitable for GPS, phones and two
• 2 strobe modes: white and red light
way radios
• Up to 19metres beam
• Batteries included – 2 x lithium
• Submersible to 5 metres
• Keeps out water, dust & sand
• CE marked – Weight 28g (incl.
• Equipment can be used as normal as
batteries & case)
sound and signal pass through material
• Sizes – mini, small & medium

Petzl Signal E05 P

Multi-mount red safety light Aquapac Radio Case AQ224 &
• 2 red lighting modes; continuous &
Suitable for VHF classic
• Visible for 1000 m
• Submersible to 5 metres
• 180° visibility
• Keeps out water, dust & sand
• Operates on 2 lithium CR2032
• Equipment can be used as normal
batteries (included)
as sound and signal pass though the
• CE marked – Weight 22g (incl.
batteries & case)
• Sizes – small & medium